Obama Calls Out Iran On Nuclear Secrets

frontpagepicepa_245028t   By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   The test-firing of a new medium-range surface to surface missile, named Sejil-2, in Semnan in north-eastern Iran on 20 May 2009. Take a look at today’s headline from Reuters, “Obama Accuses Iran of Building Secret Nuclear Plant.”  This just one day after the Israeli Prime Minister said the U.N.’s most urgent challenge “is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran  from acquiring nuclear weapons.” This is just part of the scolding Benjamin Netanyahu delivered to the General Assembly. The President of the United States was flanked by the Prime Minister of the UK and  the President of France when he accused Iran of building a secret nuclear fuel plant and demanded Tehran immediately halt what he called a “direct challenge” to the international community. This was done under the backdrop of the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  The announcement has the backing of at least France and the UK.  It is an ominous development that could signal implementation of very strong sanctions or possible military action in the future.  This is appearing  like it is shaping up to be one or the other unless Iran capitulates on it’s nuclear ambitions which seems the least likely at this point.  A “direct challenge” is usually met with some sort of  “direct response” and signals that time may be running out on the sanctions option.  In my mind, the”direct challenge” language signifies an approaching showdown in an ever escalating impasse.  Please read my post directly after this called The 2 Biggest Geopolitical Wild Cards in the World for much more on this very important world issue.  (View the complete Reuters story or check the link under “Hunter’s Top Stories” on the right side of the USAWatchdog site.)

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  1. Disgusted

    I am certainly no fan of Obama, but I think it’s an utter travesty that he is stuck having to deal with this situation. That stupid Bush had eight years to fix this problem. Eight years. Stupid worthless Bush.

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