Obama Care Upheld at SCOTUS, Trade Treason Now Law, Lost Lerner Emails Destroyed-WNW 196

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (6.26.15) 

The huge concocted lie that is Obama Care was upheld by the Supreme Court.  The majority opinion simply reworded the law because it did not want to stop subsidies to more than 8 million people.  They are involving themselves in policy instead of interpreting the law.  Now, there is talk of a bill in the House that will force the Supreme Court onto Obama Care by taking away their exemption.  Obama Care is the biggest policy lie in U.S. history, and we know that to be fact because of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber who bragged on several videos about how the Obama Care lies were crafted with top Democrats including the White House.  The Obama Administration said Gruber was not a key player in Obama Care, but that too is a big lie as new emails were released this week showing he was, according to published reports, “frequently consulted by staffers and advisers for both the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about the Affordable Care Act.”  Obama says it’s “here to stay,” and the Republicans say Obama Care will be a campaign issue once again in 2016.

The trade treason known as the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) have passed.  You think I am too harsh saying this is trade treason?  What do you call legislation that is totally secret?  If lawmakers say what is in this legislation they can be prosecuted for a felony.   They call this so-called “fast track” legislation, but it should be called neuter Congress legislation.  There can be no debate, no amendments or no filibuster.  The President negotiates a deal, and Congress votes Yes or No.  The Republicans are handing this kind of power over to the same President they are currently suing in federal court because of his overreach on other issues such as immigration.   I cannot make this stuff up.  Oh, “We the People” can find out about what is in the legislation 4 or 5 years from now—when it’s declassified.  As I said in the past, evil is done in the dark and good is done in the light.  This is being done in the dark.  One last thing, the biggest money supporter of the TPP, according to ZeroHedge.com, is Goldman Sachs, but many other companies pushed for this too. Zero Hedge figures corporate backers paid an average of $17,600 per Yes vote.   Most of the Yes votes came from Republicans, but the Democrats had some key votes to get this secret legislation passed.  I also say the Democrats and Republicans just take turns ripping us off.

The IRS now says it has accidentally erased Lois Lerner’s emails—all 24,000 of them!!  She was at the center of the IRS scandal where the tax agency thwarted political opposition from conservatives.  Originally, the head of the IRS testified in Congress that the emails were lost.  In fact, they were not lost, and during the investigation, they were being destroyed.  Did I say the IRS claims it was an accident?  Just more of lawless government of men and not laws.

The Iran deal is going south as I predicted, and 5 top former Obama Administration officials and advisors say the Iran nuclear deal is a bad one.  Even former General and CIA Chief David Petraeus says it is not in the best interests of the U.S., and he and others say the deal should be much tougher.  Iran says it will not agree to inspections of its military installations, and it also wants to have the sanctions when a deal is signed.  I don’t think Congress is going to let that happen, and therefore, I stand by my prediction that there will be no deal.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

I have a correction.  Iran is not responsible for the most terror acts.  It is ISIS and al-Qaeda.  The AP reported: “Yet even as the Islamic State and the Taliban were blamed for most of the death and destruction in 2014, the department’s annual terrorism report underscored the ongoing threat posed by Iran and its proxies across the Islamic world and beyond.

Tehran increased its assistance to Shiite militias fighting in Iraq and continued its long-standing military, intelligence and financial aid to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s embattled government and Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. While the 388-page study said Iran has lived up to interim nuclear deals with world powers thus far, it gave no prediction about how an Iran flush with cash from a final agreement would behave.”

My point is there is going to be no deal with Iran on Nukes.  This is my prediction and not my wish.


Here is the link to the AP story on the 35% increase in terror.


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  1. paul

    The huge concocted lie that is Obama Care was upheld by the Supreme Court and
    in late June early July the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on gay marriage … many believe that the Court will rule that gay marriage is a Constitutional right … but having such a “right” affirmed by the Court … is like saying if a man wants to marry his horse it is also Constitutionally legal … the question the Court should be considering is “what is the purpose of marriage”? … is it not to have children and bring up a family? … obviously marrying a horse is not conducive to having children and neither is marrying another man!

    Does this mean a man and a horse can’t be best buddies? … of course they can … and can two men be best buddies? … yes! … But the Court should realize that “marriage” is something reserved for those who plan to bring children into the world … period!

    • paul

      To break down the sanctity of the family … by destroying the true meaning of marriage is a noble goal for evil people … who want to destroy the foundation of our society and place total control in their hands … it takes “a village of moronic idiots” to allow the tearing apart of the most fundamental and precious institutions of society … the tearing apart of their families, their Constitutional Rights, their religious beliefs, etc. are all the things that bring morality and order to our world … instead we accept without question the “New World Disorder” and destruction of everything good … continual war, murder, the breaking apart of families is being imposed on us by a small cabal of “immoral” and “deviously evil” people … to further their unquenchable lust for power and money … the Bible tells us that when this occurred in Heaven … the 2/3 “good” majority segregated the 1/3 “evil” minority and made them outcasts and did not integrate them into society … so lets round up all the deviates destroying our moral way of life the way God did … and allow them a place place to live as they wish … how about all those unused FEMA hell camps behind barbed wire fences … lets put them where they can do their immoral dirty deeds among themselves … and leave our Heaven pure and clean!

      • paul

        Imagine living in a world where the Supreme Court of the land allows two priests to marry upon the alter of God … would anyone go to Church anymore and respect their teachings? … perhaps that is really the ultimate goal of it all!

        • Diane D

          The vast majority of churches today are 501c3 government corporations. Their pastors are hirelings not shepherds. They fed their sheep to the wolf for tax indulgences. John 10: 11-13.

      • Jerry

        Paul you are so right. There is a larger plan going fourth through the labors of the globalist that the majority of people will never see until it is to late. The cabal are pawns. My advice. Get spiritually ready. The show is about to start.

    • NC Gal


      I totally disagree with your assessment as to the purposes of marriage. You may PERSONALLY think that’s what its purpose OUGHT TO BE, but that isn’t consistent with either law or history. Its purpose is to define and protect property, as is true of most of our laws, going back centuries. If you don’t think that’s true, then just get a divorce and you’ll get a clear experience of how the “state” is the third party in every marriage and that dividing up property is a key provision in any divorce proceeding, according to the laws of each state.

      Women and children were considered property for a very long time, and it’s still reflected in the language when a man refers to them as “MY wife and MY children,” right along with “MY dog” and “MY house.” Some religions, including certain versions of Christianity, still teach that the man is the “head” and the woman is beneath him, subject to whatever he says is the “law” in his household. And THAT stems from the SECOND Creation story (Gen 2:4 ff, Jahwistic manuscript) and all of that garbage about Eve coming out of Adam’s side, sin, the snake and the apple. The FIRST Creation story (Gen. 1:1-2:3, Elohistic manuscript) says that men and woman were created at the same time and were treated equally before God. BOTH were made in God’s image. Neither was above the other.

      The SCOTUS decision is in, and it says that no state can ban same-sex marriage. Homosexual unions also produce children, BTW, either through donor sperm/eggs, in vitro fertilization, or adoption. FYI, I am married, completely and unreservedly heterosexual and made a decision many years ago to NOT have children, because even then, I didn’t think this was a fit world to bring them into. I have never regretted that decision and I feel for people who have children now because of what is coming.

      • eddiemd

        “Homosexual unions also produce children”

        That was very funny.

        Can you explain how two XY homosexual males or two XX homosexual females produce children? Maybe it is something I missed in medical school. I was not aware that IVF was being used past the previous 50 years of civilization.

        • Galaxy 500

          Homosexual unions can produce children?
          What bull shiite. Not without outside intervention and the donation of something from the sex they lack.
          One liberal rag has already started the push for polygamy. I expect NAMBLA to be pushing for their sin to be main lined next.
          An NC GAL, my lovely wife refers to me as “My Husband'” and her children as “My children”….it’s not about possession, it’s about partnership

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            I have to agree: that is funny to hear that homosexual unions produce children. I did not know that until today.

      • paul

        So the Supreme Court has made its ruling … the right for boy-boy (YY) or girl-girl (XX) marriage … now “forces” the entire country (50 States of the Union) to “re-define” their definition of marriage from simply being between a boy and girl (YX) of the same species … even during the time of the depraved, immoral and corrupt Roman Empire when Caligula married his horse (H) did he ever “force” the entire Roman population to change “their definition of marriage” from YX to (YH or XH) … this usuping of power by the Supreme Court today “to make laws” for all the States to follow … is clearly illegal under our Constitution … who do they think they are? (the Legislature?) … and besides … it is clearly “discriminatory” to the grey Aliens (A) who would like to see marriage defined as (YA or XA) (and therefore have similarly justifiable grounds to force the 50 States of the Union change the definition of marriage to include them) … but this then opens an even bigger can of worms … because the “reptilian” Aliens and the many other different types of Aliens will want “the definition of marriage changed” to include them … the Supreme Court couldn’t keep things simple … and make the definition of marriage before God the simple union of a male and female of the same species!!

        • paul

          All the States who now must issue “marriage licenses” to unions between people that are of “the same sex” should put a big bold letter Q on the document … similarly if the union is between a human and horse put a big bold H on the document … a big bold AG if it’s a marriage between a human and alien grey … AR if between a human and reptilian alien, etc., etc.

          Of course all this paperwork is going to cost some money … but I have an idea that when the anti-Christ comes to power (in some “secret deal” we the people won’t find out about for four years) he will find an easy way to rake in more then enough cash needed … like simply demand that the wealthy sign over all their Earthly wealth and life insurance policies “to him” in their last will and testament … before he makes them “voluntarily” commit suicide!

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            It’s telling, don’t you think, that the same court that supposedly cares so much for homosexual unions will do nothing to overturn the California law banning conscientious objection to vaccines.

            You don’t have to make this stuff up, it’s already written down somewhere.

            • paul

              The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual is a document written to delineate and limit the taking of human life … but then goes on to stipulate “there are no limits” on using munitions to kill humans … and nuking away their human right to life?

              • paul

                They care for and want to advance homosexual unions because such unions don’t create life … whereas objecting to vaccines might result in more people in the world!

            • WD


              Great post, I hope you see the light now…

        • OutLookingIn

          To all those who are being “sucked” into paying attention to this supreme court farce, you have fallen into a trap.

          The oligopoly brings this about as a misdirection. “Quick! Look over there! No! Don’t look behind the curtain. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

          Really. Whats more important? The future of the country? Or someones sexual preference?

          • Keith

            They are both important. The future of the country has and will continue to depend largely on God’s protection and provision. When people make detestable choices, and when those choices become the law of the land, He is under no promised obligation or inclination to continue to provide that protection and provision. In old testament times, in such cases He would then allow brutal foreign enemies to rape, pilage, plunder. and enslave the children and nation of Israel.

      • Charles H.

        NC Gal,

        What should I feel when my wife answers a question – if someone points a finger at me and asking “Who is he?, and she says: he’s MY husband? IF I were to only refer to my wife as – I’m married to her: I think that suggests both distance and some lack of acceptance. I would hope that your husband refers to you in intimately accepted terms like : “my darling.”

        And for your consideration… the Bible is a progressive revelation – so that which is first stated can be restated and built upon. To separate it in the matter of accounts is to destroy the continuity of narrative: and it then welcomes exterior criteria for interpretation. The continuity of progressive revelation makes the Bible it’s own and only authority, allowing it and it alone to define it’s words through progression and contextual development and enlargement. In fact, the Bible IS self-defining: and the big reason WHY people don’t understand it is because they approach it with a non-Biblical vocabulary. Imagine me coming to you and telling you the meaning of the words you use are wrong?!? But most come to the Bible with their own pre-conceived notions and word -meanings. Many martyrs went to their deaths, burned at the stake: because they defended the Bible’s correct stance of defining itself. So the Gen. 1:1-2:3 -and Gen. 2:4 ff, are the same account.
        The unfortunate fact that some define others in inferior terms will always attend humanity. Man and woman are equals being in life; but not characteristics or capacities: they form a necessary compliment.
        And in the family unit there must of necessity be a final authority in the structure or union – and whether deserved or not, earned or not: the designation went to the man. I wish more men earned their leadership, and the loyalty of those who follow. But the arrangement was not made by me.
        I too feel sorry for the young people today. They have no idea of how life was for those of us who knew America in the 50’s. And they certainly can’t guess at what is coming soon.

        • Emeth

          Well said Charles. Thank you.

      • mark

        Dear NC Gal,
        While reading your comment I came across your most regretful interpretation of the creation account which has Adam (the man) being put to sleep and the woman being “builded” from a rib taken from his side and brought to him which prompted a response of immediate recognition and identification to such a degree that he specifically called her “woman” because she had been taken out from the side of the man, unlike all the other animals who had been brought to him, which he named and from among which NONE was found suitable to be his counterpart. You regrettably have failed to note this most important fact in your disparaging remarks concerning the creation account. No need to look for explanations elsewhere. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ I have never thought of my wife (who is went to be with Lord) in the way you depict. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be unto all who share in like precious faith which He has allotted to all in impartiality.

      • FC

        NC Gal, thank goodness you decided not to have children………..that’s one way of minimizing that type of thinking.

      • brian

        you are incredibly arrogant.

    • susan

      Let’s face it. The PTB, the elitists whatever you wish to call them are all satanists. They have shown their power to be infiltrated into every part of our government, our society, and our traditions. No matter how much we carry on about what is going on, nothing is going to change. We are not in control, they are. I am even having a hard time focusing on what is important and what is trivial. Our world is not going to continue the same. I pray that we will all be able to help others and take care of our loved ones. May we guide everyone we love to a commitment in our Lord Jesus Christ. Then we can “fear not”.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Wish I’d married me orse first time around.
      Might have cost me a whole lot less when it all turned to shite.

  2. OutLookingIn

    The once great republic called The United States of America is no more.

    In it’s place is an oligopoly and should be branded a “Rogue State”.

    Totally corrupt.

    • paul

      Totally corrupt and “secret” … now that we are into “secret legislation”, “secret trade deals”, and “secret adjustments” to Supreme Court rulings … I bet Congress will next propose that we have “secret elections” … where the voting public doesn’t find out who was elected President … until his term is over … 4 years from now!

      • Silence is Golden

        Ironical that TPTB live and breathe the mantra of “Secrecy” …whilst the citizenry are not permitted any form of privacy. We are all participants and yet the Game is so unbalanced and skewed in favour of the the Elite ruling powers that an equilibrium must be found …lest there be an uprising.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is priceless: “Ironical that TPTB live and breathe the mantra of ‘Secrecy’ …whilst the citizenry are not permitted any form of privacy.”
          Thank you for posting it here.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          Most likely the equilibrium will be found by means of an uprising – the Second American Revolution

    • frank

      > The once great republic called The United States of America is no more.
      Now that sounds a bit naive, or ignorant of american history. The USofA was infiltrated by satan-adoring freemasons from the very beginning. One might guess it had been set up to be exactly what it is today. Only before the internet, information was much easier to keep away from the public.
      If you don’t believe me, just research how long did it take the US from foundation to invading Canada…
      And not that this would make the US much different from the countries of the “old” continent. Just the helm shifted westward. Now, it’s going to be shifted (far) east.

    • NC Gal


      I would go even further and, since July 4 is next weekend, propose that every flagpole in this country be draped in black mourning cloth, and that instead of the usual bands and parades, black-draped wagons or hearses bearing coffins containing the founding documents of this country be driven through the streets of every community throughout the US, adorned with figures of those who voted for this legislation hung in effigy. Our late, great nation is now officially dead and Obama and his associates were the executioners.

      There are no more new lands in which to make new beginnings, so in my opinion, the only way that this cancer can be stopped is for the host to die and a totally new form of governance arise out of the ashes of whatever is left after what’s coming has taken its toll.

    • Winston Churchill

      i don’t think anyone knew it anyway.It only lasted for a very short time.Years, not even
      decades.All else was an illusion/delusion.
      The constitution was written by oligarchs, for oligarchs, so you are pining for
      something that hardly ever was.It only ever applied to the citizen/serfs.
      The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can free yourself from the Matrix.
      You are part way there,or you wouldn’t be here.the longest journey starts with but a single step.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Quite a few years ago ( the late 1960’s) our local University had a German professor who told us that we would see in our lifetime much of what he experienced under Hitler in Nazi Germany. (We of course laughed at this notion and thought he was nuts). He said that once the Church was corrupted and state-run, we should not walk to the exits but run! For he contended that “where the spirit of the Lord is present, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17) and where the spirit isn’t you will find tyranny, perversion and persecution (inherent truths repeated thru out human history).
      With a shake of his head he would always add, “Why should I waste my breath-for my family and friends didn’t listen and neither will you.” For “we learn from history that we do not learn from history.” (Hegel) and every age and culture states with great faith that it could never happen here! His final maxim which he’d leave us to mull over was always “the truth hurts but denial surely kills.”

      • Charles H.

        Outstanding comment. Really outstanding.

        • Evan J

          Indeed so.

      • aussie jeff

        love it!!!
        It’s why I can’t find a church to worship in,they all seem corrupted in one way or another.

        • Grafique

          Refusing to go to church because they all have problems is like refusing to breathe because the air’s not 100% pristine.

    • Chris

      This “Supreme Court” is no longer valid.

      Now this subject is appealed to the true “Supreme Court” where judgement cleanses this evil.

  3. Silence is Golden

    Don’t mean to sidestep some of the important issues of the WNW…but….
    You know its serious when the mouthpiece of the Elite speaks of WWIII.

    Whilst I detest this excuse for a human being, he does have some very relevant points.
    WWIII …a planned event…………….who…would’ve ….thought ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this!! Good catch because it is important.

    • Winston Churchill

      The historians,if any survive, will say WWIII started two days after the
      Sochi Olympics ended. History rhymes, and we are replaying the Phoney war
      period of of WWII right now.
      We are already in WWIII, have no doubt about it.

      • Silence is Golden

        Manifestation requires time and acute planning.

    • diane s.

      While we are distracted by the Confederate flag and the supreme court. …..this has apparently happened

    • Chris

      WWIII is in precession now.

      This stage is erosion of foundations, later stage gets violent

      • Charles H.

        Interesting perspective.

  4. don

    It’s time to go the Article V route in the Constitution…we can’t count on anyone in Washington to do the right and honorable thing anymore…they are completely corrupted.

    Check out this site and sign the petition if you agree.

  5. Dennis

    The only way that this madness will ever stop will be
    if the people stop funding the madness. If people wanted
    to truly take control, stop paying taxes. That would
    effectively neuter this entire corrupt system. Remember
    that they cannot put everyone in jail there just is not
    enough room. Until people decide enough is enough the
    system will continue. Would Americans be willing to take
    this type of draconian action? Most likely not.
    Entertainment, sports and reality T.V. are too important
    to stir any type of change. I now return you to the powers
    that be regular scheduled programing.

    • eddiemd

      Stop paying taxes.

      That is the real answer. If enough people stop it will overwhelm the system.

      Churches need to free themselves from the tax free system and pay unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s.

    • Silence is Golden

      Taxes are THE control mechansism for the masses.
      Governments and the CB’s have the ability to print ad infinitum…and have done so endlessly implying that they can survive without the need to tax.
      Taxes, Welfare, Balanced Budgets are all lumped into the great con….that go to support the great Keynesian model madness of the world and to give the masses the impression that they matter, by having a voice, rights and privileges.

    • brad27

      We do need to push back, however there is plenty of jail space. Just not jails with amenities such as beds and mess halls. A large open field with a fence around it would do just fine for the elites who see you as cattle then fertilizer. Think about Pol Pot and how he had the people herded about and worked in the rice fields.

  6. ME

    I am not a Biblical scholar but isn’t $17,600 rough equal to what Judas was paid to betray Jesus….
    History sure does rhyme alot.

    • Greg Hunter

      ME that’s a good one.

    • Charles H.

      So what is the minimum majority in Congress to pass a Law? (435 divided by two+ 1 = 219) in House of Representative; and how many in the Senate (100 divided by 2 + 1 = 51). So $17,600 x 270 = $4,752,000.00 per law. Round that up for calls, drinks, and dinners to an even 5Mil. Pretty cheap I’d say.

      • paul

        Judas received thirty (30) pieces of silver for betraying Jesus … conservatively assuming each piece of silver was one ounce … and the 30 pieces of silver was worth $17,600 … gives us a “Biblical determination” of silver’s worth today to be about $586 dollars per ounce!

        However … if “the pieces of silver” back then were equivalent to just one-tenth of an ounce of silver … then the “Biblical determination” of silver’s worth today would be 10 times higher or $5860 dollars per ounce!

      • Galaxy 500

        To Damn cheap. Charles, you have to wonder what price they got when they sold their souls to Satan.

        • Charles H.

          G5 – I get the feeling they started slow, and felt safe; but the pace picked up: finally they were trapped to the evil side. So much wrong starts with legitimate intention, but traps the wanderer. And, yeah – Too cheap. Tens of millions per person, probably.

  7. Sven

    What’s that? September you say?


  8. Joanna

    EXCELLENT weekly wrap up! Just EXCELLENT!
    I am sick to my stomach since the signing of the TPA.
    We can not allow any of these trade agreements to be signed!
    It’s over for us if they do! I truly believe that in my gut!
    Jerry posted about Patrick Wood the other day so I checked out his video (and a few interviews with him) on the Trilateral Commission and Technocracy and all I can say is “DING, DING, DING…..NAIL ON THE HEAD!” Thank you Jerry!!!!!
    Greg, You have to get this guy on!!!!
    He has a website, The August Forecast and Review. http://www.augustforecast.com/
    Thank you Greg for another excellent week of guest, topped off with a spot on WNW!!

  9. Tommy

    The decline is picking up steam. Our whole system is completely rotted. We no longer know what the law is until the courts make it up on the fly. We have a president who can now make secret deals that we will not find out about till years later and a Congress that sits around patting itself on the back. We are truly in a theatre of the absurd. It would be humorous if it were on stage. It is quite frightening in real life.

    • eddiemd

      Certainly accelerating and now in obvious view for the masses to see.

      The problem is that the masses could care less what has occurred over the past week. The MSM propaganda and mind control electronic devices have taken control of the ability to think critically and rationally.

      Time is short.

      • Jerry

        I agree Eddie. About 3 months short.

    • frederick

      Tommy yes indeed rotted it is indeed. There is no real justice and Im not sure there ever was but it has indeed become nation of fraud and criminality. Like the late great George carlin said ‘ Its a big club and you and I aint in it” may he rest in peace frederick

  10. Calgirl

    The liquidity problem in the bond market, not to mention all the other crises just reminds me to make sure my currency is not in the banks and well hidden, that my gas & propane tanks are full, my survival gear is fully stocked and my water jugs are full. I bought additional beans, coffee, antibiotics, etc. yesterday. Today I will verify that my property security is functioning, and see if I can get another prescription from my doctor to back-up my medicine cabinet supply. I got a metal garbage can to store items like my wind-up radio in case of an EMP event. Maybe I’m overly cautious, but I don’t like to go into a weekend without being as secure as I can possibly be. Any disruption we may have to endure will surely be when we least expect. Everyone is talking about the early 4th quarter, and I’m sure the banksters and politicians are listening.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the post of a Farady cage. Never heard of that before. I myself have been canning fresh veggies and dehydrating like mad. Have little in the bank.

  11. J C D

    Greg this is a wrap for the record books. Today starts the Fascists States of America with the passing of TPP, and the collapse of America as a Republic. Sure we will still have the law thing for the slaves/ people. No laws for the governors/ corporation’s. The free world will soon follow suit to become total fascism. Freedom, along with the constitution is DEAD. Enjoy your false independence day coming up seeing it may be the last thought of freedom to remember.
    Question ? What country can I go live in that will not fall under this fascism corporate control ?

  12. dchayden

    The TPP and its components will turn out to be secret “treaties,” you know…the kind that was blamed for starting the first world war. Most the lawyers tangled up in this “trade” partnership are experienced treaty lawyers, go figure ? Also, just when the TPP couldn’t get any scarier, I am reading that it is also considered a “living document,” so any changes they want to make after its passed will be legally binding. The stupid flag debate / and trans-gender garbage was a perfect side show to keep the dumbed down masses fighting amongst themselves; a strategy taken from an ancient playbook, and we still fall for it every time… It is no wonder they (those that profit from this) keep using it throughout the ages. Through our collective ignorance and inaction, we lose our sovereignty, and personal freedoms. I am an eternal optimist, but for now at least, welcome to the league of slave nations.

    Anyone who chooses to disagree with what I am saying….I welcome it ! As in this case, I would love to be corrected !! :/


    • blamb61

      I think your right!

  13. Mason

    Great WNW once again Greg. Homerun on all points as far as I am concerned.

    I have one comment on the crisis in Greece. I am following that crisis close especially, because that one will set of the Derivative/Debt bomb in my opinion.

    Jim Rickards versus Martin Armstrong are the two financial experts that are diametrically opposed on this issue.

    Jim Rickards:
    Rickards says that Greece will hold. Rickards says that people don’t understand the dynamics and that this is politically, and not economically. He says that people don’t understand the history of Europe. He says that the Europe under supervision of Germany will hold Europe and Greece together AT ALL COSTS. Whatever it takes. Failure is not an option. He calls it the new Fourth Reich under supervision of Germany.
    See chapter 5 in his new book “The Death of Money”:


    Martin Armstrong:
    Armstrong also says that the politicians in Europe and Brussels will do whatever it takes to hold everything together. He says that they will do everything to protect their own backs, at the expense of everything else in Europe. He says that there actions will indeed lead to more totalitarianism but that they will fail, and that the European Union will fracture and that secessionist movements will become stronger:
    See his blog on: http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/

    So that is a interesting difference of opinion between two financial experts whom Greg already had as guests on USAWatchdog.

    Me, what I think? For what it is worth:
    I am undecided about what will happen in Greece. This is financially unsustainable, but it also could be Merkel’s “shining moment” if she can “control” it but that would lead to a path of totalitarianism in Europe because it would have nothing to do anymore with free markets. Greece might or might not stay in the European Union, independent of a derivative and debt explosion. Rickards and Armstrong both have a point. I think NATO probably won’t allow them to leave the EU. The derivative and debt explosion will start in Greece I think but it might be stalled until the fall. Or alternatively, it might go off a little sooner in Europe while the main effects hit the U.S. in 2015.75 (see the ECM of Martin Armstrong).

    In any case:
    I wish strength to us all on USAWatchdog for all that is coming, and
    and as Greg always says:
    Fear not, prepare yourself mentally, physically and above all: spiritually.

  14. Calgirl

    Rory Calhoun and Dave Krensler of Investment Research Dynamics discuss where the world is headed and who will ultimately be in control. This discussion is in the second half of this 15 minute interview.

  15. Russ

    Good wrap-up to a terrible week. Taking the Iran Nuclear deal in the context of TPA/TPP, there may be an Iran nuclear deal despite all the verbiage. Obama still needs a legacy in foreign policy and he seems to prefer Iran to U.S. allies and friends. Who could imagine a Republican congress giving the White House that power? I couldn’t, but… Nothing coming out of DC surprises me anymore — that’s not a good thing.

    Looking forward to hearing from Michael Pento.

  16. peter

    Dear Greg,

    Sorry but the biggest lies were:
    1- Vietnam – killed: 3,000,000
    2- Irague – killed: 1,500,000
    3- Afganistan – killed: 750,000
    4- the rest…….?

    And without any shame.
    Those are numbers.

    Regards Peter

    • Greg Hunter

      I said public policy lie. Your point is well taken and well made.

  17. Jerry

    I enjoy your weekly wrap-ups, but I must admit I no longer pay any attention to the corporate media whatsoever. Its a sheer waste of time. They manipulate the numbers and lie even more than the Wall Street Bankers do. I hope I don’t offend you, but I have even come to the point I few them as government prostitutes. The government trolls that come on your site, are more honest than they are. At least they’ll lie right out in the open, and not hide behind a newspaper. Its pretty sad when you have to go to RT to find real news.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a communist state. I have my emails monitored, my phone tapped, and my computer links continually tracked. I guess free speech is a dangerous thing isn’t it? I used to think journalist were the watchdog of the republic. I now know that they are a propaganda tool of a tyrannical government. But like you say “Fear Not”. At this point we really don’t have a choice, because faith is all that’s left.

  18. David

    Greg: Your comments about boutique journalism are so true. It’s all about which way the wind is blowing… same with politicians. I, too, was saddened by the senseless shooting that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. This story deserves coverage. But there does seem to be a real imbalance when you consider all the current world events and their associated long-term implications. En masse, America whistles past the graveyard.

    Sounds like a great line-up next week. Have a good weekend.

  19. Southern Girl

    I just tried to post a comment and it went nowhere. I will try again.
    This time I will copy it before I try again.
    Last week, Mason had a link to the “Quigley Formula”tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI. I realized my eyes have been opening a little more at a time but that slammed me into what is really the TRUTH. I feel sick to my stomach.

    Do you remember George Carlin?? Here is the link to the video that says the same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyHZ5Ru4XBo. I know..I know the language is bad, but try to listen for the content. There is a club and like he says, “AND YOUR NOT IN IT.” What he is talking about is the club called ELITE COLLECTIVISM, and we are not in it.

    Here is the definition and how it is the opposite of individualism.. http://freedomkeys.com/collectivism.htm. It does not matter whether they are D or R most of them are just playing the game. I could not put my finger on it but knew something was wrong. Well now it has a name ELITE COLLECTIVISM and the means justifies the end. Need an example…Hitlary to what happened in Benghazi, “What difference does it make????” They will do what ever it takes to play their game and to hell with you and me….literally.

    You talked about the flag issue..oh! look over here…no look over here. They are using all the situations they can to take away our rights and freedoms. You talked about the Supreme Court and their decision…they are playing the game. I don’t need to read the newspaper or hear the news because I already know the outcome. The Supreme Court will say yes to gay marriages…it fits the agenda.. their agenda. First they take Our God out of schools, get rid of the 10 Commandments, no Nativity scenes on the capital grounds, etc. and they are now going for the family values and morals. Look at what is on TV they are still using the propaganda to push what they want…..NO FAMILY where there is a father and mother.

    Had a little disagreement with my neighbor. I was telling her about an Oriental couple and she quickly said, “There are Oriental rugs and not people. The correct term is Asian.” I said well if you really want to be technical they are of the Mongoloid race. She continued, “I have a friend …who says she only wants to be referred to as Asian.” So in her mind if one person thinks a certain way….well then we all have to change the way we talk, think, etc. just to please the one person. WHAT?????????? Well she is not the only one that thinks like that…and it is called COLLECTIVISM.

    How many souls have given their verbal okay to doing what ever it takes to play the game??? They want MONEY, POWER, GREED, LIES, PROMISCUITY, …and whatever it takes to get it. What they have done is said no to Our God and yes to their god. What they haven’t figured out is they will be in for a rude awakening when judgment day comes and they see Our God. He will allow them to spend all eternity with their god. The kicker is that their god doesn’t care about them. He only want to destroy God’s Creation. He hates man and he hates how God loves us. He believes he is superior to us.

    I will have to leave on a higher note..I have my faith…and it will sustain me. I have hope that whatever happens God will give me the grace to do His will. In surrendering to Him all that I am…I will be safe.

    Greg, if my other post does somehow show up pick which one to post, no sense in being repetitious.

  20. Southern Girl

    Sorry, one more time….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI

  21. Jim Brown

    Thank you Greg, I appreciate your reports every week!

    Yep…The country took a big whack this week with SCOTUS favoring the administration on healthcare. I believe the bigger issue is the precedent set by the supreme court that will allow any judge in the country to take crisp and brilliantly smithed words (unlike ACA) call them ambiguous, and re-craft them into what he or she may call a structural context. I hope I never have to go before the courts. Statute law is no longer the driver to the decision, how the judge feels that day is.

    Jim Brown, Texas

  22. Buck

    “There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.”
    “The People’s Pottage” -Garet Garrett

  23. Art Barnes

    Greg, once again I must disagree with you concerning the Iran deal. The reason, of course, is this “can’t we all just get along” impotent Congress of ours. Iran has out foxed our State Department for decades now, this deal will be no different. Obama & Kerry want this deal at any cost and they will market it as “Deal or War” at which point Congress will cave just like the all the other “deals/agreement(s)” in the last decade or so. Congress lacks spine. They have turned that once great American institution into the servant of the executive branch; which now would be better termed the Imperial Branch. Congress just can’t be shamed because they have no shame, but they can be bought because they know stupid Americans will put them back in no matter what bribes they take or what treasonous bills/deals they vote for.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, it doesn’t matter, deal or no, because Obama and the Left get what they want either way. Iran could have agreed to anything, knowing full well they intend to ignore their obligations and proceed unimpeded however they wish. But by appearing to compromise, they get the sactions lifted immediately. Either way, we have a nuclear Iran. We all saw this coming. Enjoy your new national holiday observance, as the president is celebrating Ramadan. Nothing more beautiful than that Muslim call to prayer, don’t you know? Well, I gotta go. I think I hear Roy Orbison singing “It’s Over”. Best always. PM

    • paul

      Art … both you and Greg may be right (if a “secret deal” is made with Iran).
      So as you say “a deal will be struck” … but Greg and the rest of us won’t find out about it from Congress … for 4 years or more!

      • paul

        Don’t you just love these “secret deals”!

        I have an idea that the government has already made a “secret deal” with the bankers we don’t know about … to allow them “free reign” to do anything they want … and to only “bring them justice” … 100 years in the future!

        In this way the Supreme Court can claim that the laws of the nation were never really “violated” … and that every bankster was brought to justice … all given a “life sentence” … but only “after” they have died!

        I wonder if the bankers next “secret deal” will be to delay any taxes they owe “coming due only after they are dead” … and with life extension technology the bankers can make their lifespans close to “infinite” … thus the bankers will effectively never have to pay a cent in taxes!

        As for the “dumbed down” Americans … with the Supreme Court having appropriated the ability to re-define “marriage” … it’s easy for them to now re- define “life” (to require an IQ over 100) … therefore all the “dumbed down” Americans can be “declared dead” … and all “their” taxes due right now!

  24. Southern Girl


    Thought of one more thing. You wanted to know what was in the new legislation- TPA & TTP? Whatever they need to do before they pull the plug…think about it. Why was it done so secretively???? Because they know how it goes along with their game plan and not ours. We can’t know about it..because it was created in darkness. We will only find out how many things are going to be taken, taxed, etc. What makes me so sick is how the papers play the R against the D…they all give in…they just want you to think they are REALLY doing something. It is all a distraction, illusion, and we are just clowns. Falling for the same joke over and over and over. To infinity and beyond………

  25. Peter

    Hi Greg,

    You mentioned that Iran caused the greatest number of terrorism related deaths as per listed in the documents prepared in the US. I do not know the number or whether it is true, but any document emanating from the US should be quoted with caution.

    The US was a great nation but all credibility is gone. No-one believe the words that come from the US anymore and they are all prepared to ditch her quietly while she is not looking.

    Whilst you use documents to point an accusing fingers at others, there are documents that accuse the US of the same but these are not highlighted.

    I believe that you are sincere and a patriot, but you are still clouded in your thinking and I believe you will change your thinking over time.


  26. Buck

    David Petraeus is a traitor to the Republic. He is a Bilderberger, CFR member, and Globalist actively pushing to merge to US into a North American Union.

    I’d be very suspicious of anything he says.


    • eddiemd

      Petraeus has been a traitor for most for his life. How do you think he made it to the top?

      He sold out many years ago.

      • paul

        With a name like “Betray Us” is it any wonder he was chosen for the job!

        • Greg Hunter

          Not sure that is a fair comment on General Petraeus, but I’ll post it.

          • paul

            With all the serious issues before us … I thought we needed a laugh!

    • Southern Girl

      That was a great article but it is already a year later. I think the sands of time are slipping through the hour glass already.

  27. Donna

    So, now that we put the healthcare battle to rest, distributed faux rights like no one before us, served notice to flag wavers (exempting Mexican flag criticism), can we finally get back to fighting with everyone else on the planet?

    After all, a demoralized, gutted, chickified US military looks like just the ticket for settling scores and grudges — in a drugged up, de-jenner-ated, free falling country we once called “Land of the Free.”

    Take note of all the guns and flags. Dig those chemtrails.

    Putin on the run. Nyet!!


    • Charles H.


      “de-jenner-ated” – that just floored me! Superb!

  28. Dr Destitution

    Obamacare, too big to be lawful? Is it too late to trade DC for a handful of beads, sea shells and trinkets?

    • Dr Destitution

      Let’s not forget that God (or the universe itself for non-believers) is the foundation of all freedom and power. God entrusted humans with some of his freedom by giving us free will to create on our planet. We trade some of our freedoms for a representational state government, which entrusts the federal government with some of its powers as limited by the original constitution. At least this is my understanding of our governments form.
      Has an organized group of evil (absence of good) humans come to power in the federal government? Only light scatters darkness.

  29. Lester Pugh

    Hi Graig, maybe you can think about the Latin Mass, don’t give up on the Faith. Check the Web for the Latin Mass, Saint Pios v, Saint pius 10, and there indecent masses offered in different areas . Please stay away form Vat2 masses, I’ll be praying for you,I love your website, I’m Viet Nam vet& retired Military, May God Bless you.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, Greg didn’t give up his faith. He merely have up on the Catholic church

    • Galaxy 500

      Hes an actor? He’s a deranged lunatic racist. This just goes to prove that some people will buy anything.
      I heard he was part of some secret mind control experiment using Y rays perpetrated by Nazi aliens

    • Keith

      I don’t know whether the Charleston shooting was a false flag or not, but I don’t remember EVER hearing from victims families until after a suspect is tried and convicted. Victim impact statements occur during the sentencing phase.

  30. Mark

    What if?
    Yes, what if all the so called experts are all wrong? What if Sinclair, Holter, Williams, Rickards, Roberts, Stockman, Embry, Maloney and all the rest are wrong?

    If they are right, it is going to be miserable to live in the United States.
    If they are wrong, it is going to be miserable to live in the United States.
    The picture is gloomy either way.

    What if by some means, these corrupt politicians are able to keep this fiasco going forever.

    “Fear not”…
    NO Greg… There is a lot to fear as these corrupt politicians and Judges will make it illegal to prepare yourself in any manner what soever. Even spiritually, Catholics now have a corrupt Marxist Pope. What we are witnessing with this country is the equivalent of someone taking your favorite beloved pet and squishing the life out of it right before your eyes.

  31. nathan

    There are 330 million people in America , why are we allowing 535 to gut our future ? This is what happens in a dumbed down , drugged up nation . Grrrrr . Remember , Bernie Sanders , Rand Paul , and Ted Cruz voted “No”.

  32. Jerry

    It looks like in true gangster form Greece will “take the money and run”.
    After European investors offer cash for Greece to make its payments to the EU, I predict Greece will exit the EU and honor its pipeline deal with Russia. In the process they will get to stick to the EU (which they hate) one more time, knowing that the EU doesn’t have the backbone to go up against Russia. The countdown is on.

    • Charles H.

      Jerry, I figured Greece would stick the EU one more time too.

  33. eddiemd

    The ACA was never about healthcare. It was and is a population control method disguised as healthcare. Putting healthcare under control of the IRS was the first indicator that this is all about control. The IRS is the collection agency for the FED. Everything is tied together. Next up is the cashless society to gain complete control.

    Special Forces doctrine places mass registration at the top of the list or population control. The sequence of the list includes curfews, intensive propaganda, compartmentalization with cleared buffer zones, informer nets, party membership drives, land and housing reform, relocation of individuals/groups/towns, rationing of food and goods. We can already see many of these methods already ongoing.

    The mandatory use of electronic heath records over the past 10-15 years is also part of the control. As a physician over the past 20 years, I saw EHR as an intrusion into the doctor patient relationship within the office setting. Instead of listening and interacting with the patient, the physician now stares into the computer worried about checking the boxes. It allows the physician to check boxes and cut and paste information into the patient’s record to maximize reimbursement. The majority of physicians place information into the patient’s charts that never occurred or questions that were never asked. EHR allows the physician to cheat the system to maximize reimbursement. When was the last time that a physician actually physically examined you at a visit? You can bet that the EHR record says that an extended physical exam was done. Check your records sometime if you don’t believe me. EHR does work well in the hospital setting but medical personnel still fabricate the information in the records.

    I am curious as to how the churches are going to react to the gay marriage ruling today. I strongly believe that all churches are government churches. They are under control of the IRS just like the healthcare business. I would recommend that churches give up the tax free status and give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. No more tax breaks for churches. Pastors need to tell their congregants that they can no longer claim their givings to the church. This way the pastors can be free to speak against the corruption and refuse to be a part of this new ruling. If they don’t change, they will be punished by the government in the near future for failure to follow the ruling.

    The war on followers of Christ is coming very soon. I believe in these end days it will require the true believers to either renounce their belief in Jesus Christ or be executed by whatever means available to include decapitation. Once the world is completely given up to Satan there will be terror everywhere and the main targets will be followers of Christ.
    Some very exciting, dark times are ahead for us. I am wondering who and where the false prophet and the anti-Christ are at the moment. So many will be deceived.

    Col 3: 2,3

    “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

    1 John 5:4-5
    “For whatsoever is begotten of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that hath overcome the world, even our faith.”

    Col 2:8

    ” See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”

    • Charles H.


      Well said. Nothing to add. All true.

    • diane s.

      Thanks Doc Eddie….you just verified what many of us suspected about the medical profession these days.

      • Charles H.

        diane s, There are so many ways to make merchandise of men nowadays. Yahoo! posted an article on how Dentists are ripping people off.

  34. Matt

    Like Elaine said to Jerry about her big O”s. Fake fake fake. Fake Potus, fake Congress, Fake Scotus.

  35. eddiemd

    I would be paying attention to what the mormon church members are doing in your areas and especially in Utah. The headquarters of the NG 19th Special Forces Group is based in Utah. Detachments from this Group are based throughout the southwest. This group has been infiltrated by members of the mormon church. I suspect that their allegiance will be with their church. Remember the history between the federal government an the Mormon church.
    This will tie in with Jade Helm.

    • Chip

      As a Mormon, I can assure you that church members are largely asleep to the mechanics of what is going on. We, of all people, have the most scriptural admonitions to protect liberty and be on the lookout for a secret gang that will seek to overthrow all governments in the last days. All you need to know about Mormon awareness levels is that Mitt Romney got 95% of the Utah Republican primary vote in 2012, while Ron Paul got only 3%.

    • blamb61

      I’m Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and live in Utah. What are you trying to say? “Infiltrated”? I believe that the military recruits without discrimination based on religion. Many of the members of my church are in the military. I was a Chinese linguist and an interrogator (97E) in the Utah and California Army National Guard. Not sure what your trying to say.

  36. NC Gal


    FYI, one of my correspondents in Germany told me that NATO is advertising to hire troops to fight in Ukraine. The numbers he gave me were they want to go from 3,000 troops on the ground to 40,000. Given the high rates of unemployment, especially among the young, they will probably be able to achieve their goal without much difficulty.

  37. Jerry

    Congratulations America! You have now joined the ranks of all former great empires who fell, because of the weight of their own graft and corruption.
    What happened to the separation of church and state? Oh that’s right the globalist just knocked that barrier down. The government is God.

    • Charles H.

      Yeah. Run by the ‘god of this world’. Bob Dylan – You’re gonna have to Serve Somebody.
      Thanks, Jerry.

      • J C D

        Charles I have been singing that song all week.

      • Jerry

        Truer words have never been spoken. P.S. the Shofar is being blown worldwide.

  38. NC Gal

    To all Watchdoggers, I just have to share an experience I had today in our local bank. I was the only one in the lobby and there were only two tellers on the platform. The one who waited on me was relatively new, young, and very pleasant. I asked her if I could ask her a question and she said yes, so this is how it went:
    Q. Was there anything in your training regarding policies and procedures if a bank holiday was declared?
    A. I don’t understand the question.
    Q. Do you know what a bank holiday is?
    A. July 4th?
    Q. Have you ever heard of Dodd-Frank?
    A. No. That was probably before my time. (The other teller then called out to her, “That’s one of those questions they keep giving you on the exams!”)
    She also had not heard of the IMF and did not know anything about what had happened in 1933, or that a currency reset has been stated to occur later this year.

    If SHE, as a bank employee, is so totally ignorant, it really brought home to me how blindsided most people will be when all of this plays out later this year. I have seen it coming for decades and I don’t think there’s much that can surprise me anymore, but I also think there might be a few twists and turns along the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you NC Gal got the street level reporting.

    • diane s.

      NC Gal
      I’ve had similar experience at Bank of America
      I like to read your posts .
      Greg….I’m trying to fear not… not easy.
      Thanks for trying to inform us.

    • David D

      NC Gal & Greg Hunter, if you think the general population is
      dumbed down well, watch this short video with Mark Dice as
      he tries to give away a silver bar worth $160 for just $10.
      It would be hilarious if it were not just plain sad to see how
      out of touch people are. When this storm hits people are going
      to be financially vaporized.

      • paul

        Wow … seems we “intelligent people” are not so intelligent after all … looking at this video shows we are going to be in one heap of trouble trying to barter away our precious coins to the “dumbed down masses” … it would probably be easier to barter away a small bag of sand as a water filter then the “worthless relics” … guess we have to have some “fiat paper” under the bed … as Rick Ackerman suggests! … I personally prefer rolls of nickels under my bed … but you know … women will probably “refuse them” because they are so heavy to carry! … and even if I did find an intelligent person to sell my precious coin to … in this unethical world … they would probably “play dumb” … and offer me just $5 dollars “maximum” for my one ounce gold coin!

    • J C D

      NC Gal. My tellers are now saving silver and looking at the changes. Change come for those willing to change.

    • Jerry

      NC Gal.
      That’s how the globalist want it. Its easier to maintain control with ignorance. Ancient Chinese proverb. “knowledge of weakness is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness”!

    • Calgirl

      NC Gal,
      Several months back I went into my bank to withdraw most of my funds. I had the same experience as you but my experience was with the manager. I was told not to worry about my funds as they were insured by the FDIC. I then asked her if she knew how much money was available in the FDIC fund versus the amount of money supposedly “insured” by the FDIC. The answer was a blind stare. She also did not have any knowledge of bail-ins!!

    • Galaxy 500

      The front line tellers would be last to know

  39. Sayonara

    Thank you for providing approximately 90 minutes a week of the only sanity left in the media.
    Absolutely astonishing that the SCOTUS would uphold the great legislative lie in the country’s history.
    Absolutely astonishing that the legislative branch passes a bill that undermines the citizens and economy of this country and for all intensive purposes is blatant Treason.
    Absolutely astonishing that our government is negotiating with terrorist state that repeatedly threatens to exterminate us.
    And the only thing that the MSM is concerned about is 160 year old flag and gay marriage.
    I officially deem the United States of America SAYONARA!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara.

  40. Steven R

    Another week more blows to our nation. The supreme court has given their stamp of approval on the destruction of our nation with votes for socialism and moral perversion. The actions of our legislation is clear, its every man for himself now. For shelter you need low cost debt free property, something that doesn’t look to good from the outside. Try to keep the total cost below 50K so increasing property taxes will have less of an effect on your future monthly budget. Property with a water source such as a spring would be the most desirable. For food you need a garden and some chickens/rabbits/goats. Stockpile freeze dried/canned food, as much as you can. Job loss, inflation, and much higher taxes are heading our way so prepare your families….

    • dbcooper

      Steven, we here have felt for a long while that it behooves us to avoid the appearance of prosperity. The only thing owned by this writer as an ’87 Subaru that is dubbed the ranch car and is half full of bailing twine… all else is held in a Contract (Massachusetts) Trust, DB.

  41. Smaulgld

    Thanks for covering the important news, rather than reacting to what the MSM deems as news. Your treatment at the end of the WNW about the Confederate flag was well placed and reasoned. Have a great weekend.

    • Diane D

      Those who win wars get to write history and text books for future generations. Last week they played their ‘slavery card’ once again. Let no crisis go to waste, right? The majority blindly followed. And the minority was persecuted.

      The Confederate States of America lost over 250,000 Americans fighting against federal aggression and tyranny. The CSA flag was their symbol. One man’s distraction is another man’s example of courage to fight federal tyranny.

  42. Charles H.

    It looks like Government in America is toast.

    The president ‘has no strategy’ for the Middle-East – except war, robbing gold, leaving supplies for terrorist, and delaying action on Iran until they have their nuclear arsenal. Who could possible work on a strategy – between golf and Executive Orders?

    The Congress shows that no side, or neither side, works or represents the People; but only Corporations (since the Supreme Court ruled Big Business are “people” ). The ACA merchandizes America from the inside; the TPP & TSA merchandizes from without.

    And the Supreme Court now openly, and brazenly ignores it’s fundamental purpose to rule on the wording of Law: to redefine terms and correct the Law according to as they believe the Law was supposed to read. It is now fully a political tool; instead of a Check and Balance.

    This completes the subversion of the whole of government. It’s all rotten.
    America must be taken out-of-the-way for the One-World Government: and, I predict – the guns will have to go. To save the world – there has to be some Collateral Damage.
    Greece may be the slowest Financial train-wreck; but America’s is political. Croak!

    • Silence is Golden

      Charles H,
      You are on target my friend. Removal of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the 2nd Amendment ..is absolutely essential. The World’s largest “Private” militia is a “Real and Present Danger”…to the Elitists.

      • Charles H.


        It is the precedent of re-defining the wording, or word-meaning – so that just a few individuals can proceed to a foregone conclusion of what they want it to mean: that constitutes such a perverse danger. After the ACA and the SSM ruling: because of the degree of in-your-face boldness – it is only a matter of time before they will go after the 2nd Amendment.

  43. Lake M

    The Supremes…. a House of Tyranny
    Supporting the corpro-fascist takeover of America

    Wait until we find out what’s in the trade pacts being negotiated by this same group of elitists. It puts them above the laws, which can not be changed once enacted. Adaption will also destroy the sovereignty of its members.

    A sad state of affairs.

    • diane s.

      To all Watchdog posters
      We’re having a depressing (more so than usual) week of unfortunate events
      Let’s all pray for strength to stay calm and as Greg says…”fear not”.

    • J C D

      Lake M. I lean to the theory we will not see it until it is too late to put up a fight. Thus the need for secret operations. That is Fascism in its purest form. Today the Oligarchy announced it runs America.

    • Keith

      I agree with Scaliea’s scathing dissent. The Supreme Court’s decisions (really it should be called RobertsCare and RobertsPersonalViewsOnGayMarriage) – show how one man’s personal opinion can now override the vast majority of the voting public and become the law of the land “without even a thin veneer” of case law or legal precedent.. Just truly shocking devastation of over 200 years of the foundations of the establishment and rule of law that this country was established upon. The unraveling has really picked up speed..

  44. Jerry

    Greg its starting to come in waves now, as we get closer to September. This is so weird I almost didn’t post it.
    When you add this to Jade Helm 15, you can almost hear the Twilight Zone theme song playing in the background. Its getting surreal.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Jerry, as Greg consistently points out, the world has never seen anything like we have today. Technology has enabled the thing to reach the scale it has. See you at the new Alamo, wherever and whatever it turns out to be. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        You got it Paul. A few months ago, I had a chance to leave this country and go to Panama. I thought about it for a while and decided to stay.
        I remembered all the blood my family spilt in two world wars and in Viet Nam. I realized its not in my blood to run. Whatever happens, the NWO will get my best.

    • Calgirl

      My guess is that the article link you posted is probably more propaganda by our government to further stigmatize Putin. I have a hard time believing that Mr. Putin would spend time in this manner…..he’s probably more concerned about disbanding NATO. The demise of Amerika is occurring all on its own via corruption.

  45. Ross Herman

    As I understand the TTP, it makes no difference what the text states, as it is a ” living agreement” that once passed can be rewritten to say anything! In other words it transfers control of everything the federal government can control, to the central bankers, with Obama as a dictator. And the fact that it can be fast tracked shows that all the senate have been totally captured as well! And with the Supreme Court following the will of Obama and the NSA things aren’t looking good.
    Love you Greg
    Feel bad not donating, so I’m adding my two cents (but if I ever can get another job I pledge something).

  46. Jallen

    Wow, super Fiday wrapup!
    I believe the Amighty G-d of Abrham, Issac and Jacob and his only begotten son who lived in the flesh Jesus Christ will now put America in Judgement. With todays Supreme Court ruling concerning marriage and knowing the Lord will not be mocked, you can be sure Judgement is on the way. Shame on POTUS comments mocking G-d concerning marriage. Mark this day on you calendars. THE LORD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, woe unto them that try!

  47. eddiemd

    There was a recent F-16 crash along the border with Mexico located just outside Douglas, Arizona. An Iraqi brigadier general was the pilot flying the aircraft. As of two days post crash, they have not “located” the pilot. Very suspicious indeed.

    Apparently the body is not in the wreckage. I am wondering if he ejected? That should be easy to say. Second, what about his beacon system to locate his seat and or him?

    Two items that warrant further discussion.

    1. Why was an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general so close to the border? Was he making an attempt to flee and was shot down? Where is the body after two days?

    2. Why was an Iraqi general flying an F-16 around in the desert at night in Arizona? Where were his wingmen? What about other aircraft in the air to prevent a rogue attack on the Palo Verde nuclear plant or Hoover dam? Was his aircraft armed? Was he shot down?

    As far as I know the flying/bombing ranges are in the southwest part of the state near Ajo Arizona. Fort Huachuca is nearby Douglas Arizona in the southeast corner of the state.

    There is a large surveillance blimp over Ft Huachuca.

    This is very suspicious. No one is asking questions. The media in Arizona is getting fed disinformation and they are not pursuing the story at all.

    Get night vision systems if you can. Light smoky fires to provide cover from IR systems. Get some military issue uniforms if possible. Get military issue space blankets.
    Get a short wave radio receiver now.
    Buy two way radio/”walkie talkie” now for your family commo. Have a rally point plan for your family and/or friends.
    Be aware of water supplies in your area (swimming pools). Get a water purification system or stock up on bleach or chlorine tablets. Get some sand for gravity filtration.

    Get scopes for your rifles while you can. Iron sights will not be sufficient.

    Organize with your friends and neighbors. Be on the alert for informers.

    Ask your physician to write you extra prescriptions without using your insurance. Pay cash for generics at the pharmacy. Stockpile at least three months. Tell your physician you lost/got robbed whatever and get new scripts. Cut your meds into halves to make them last longer if needed.

    Get a generator to provide power for cold storage (medications only, insulin in particular). Get a small solar powered refrig if possible.

    Get some chicken wire, chain link roll, steel plating, barb wire if possible.

    Get ready. Time is short. Pray.

    1 Kings 17

    • Southern Girl

      Saw an article in my newspaper this morning about the pilot. It said.’ A day earlier, a Defense Ministry official gave a different name for the killed pilot, identifying him as Brig. Gen. Rafid Mohammed Hassan.’ Then it goes on to say the search teams found the body of Brig. Gen. Rasid Mohammed Sadeeq at the crash site. If this pilot had been flying here for 4 years how come they don’t know his name? Here is another account
      http://www.ktar.com/22/1845471/Search-team-finds-body-of-Iraqi-pilot-at-Arizona-site-of-military-plane-crash. This article says The Air Force Times identified the man as Brig. Gen. Rafid Mohammed Sidq. Now that makes 3 different names. Maybe they were confused because they all have the middle name Mohammed….NOT. They are up to something.

    • mark

      Thank you for your posts EddieMD. I almost responded to an earlier post you wrote concerning the water supply situation here in the Southwest (Phoenix) area as Lake Mead is at or near its historical low point (but, from what I understand Lake Powell is high, which feeds into Lake Mead) because I too currently work and live here as well. Right now things still seem “okay”. But, as you and others have warned, things can change very rapidly and when they do the cascading effect of one wave of change after another will be too much for many to navigate. I fear I will be among those caught in the chaos even though ultimately I know the Lord is faithful and I am interested in corresponding directly with you or others of like-mind who are here in the valley. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Eddie MD!

  48. Victor

    “Iran is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism”

    Wrong! The UNITED STATES OF ASSASSINATIONS is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism. Only Americans say otherwise. Learn how to be objective.

    • Greg Hunter

      I said the State Department says that. I also have a correction. Iran is not responsible for the most terror acts. It is ISIS and al-Qaeda. The AP reported: “Yet even as the Islamic State and the Taliban were blamed for most of the death and destruction in 2014, the department’s annual terrorism report underscored the ongoing threat posed by Iran and its proxies across the Islamic world and beyond.

      Tehran increased its assistance to Shiite militias fighting in Iraq and continued its long-standing military, intelligence and financial aid to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s embattled government and Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. While the 388-page study said Iran has lived up to interim nuclear deals with world powers thus far, it gave no prediction about how an Iran flush with cash from a final agreement would behave.”

      My point is there is going to be no deal with Iran on Nukes. This is my prediction and not my wish.


    • Galaxy 500

      I think Jim Jones had some Koolaid left. Try it, you’ll like it

      • Jerry

        Galaxy 500. …….:)………..:)

      • frederick

        Be in denial if that serves you galaxy but dont try to ram your propaganda down others throats please cause we aint buying it dude

        • sk

          I think Jerry and Galaxy ‘have a dog in the fight’ and, thus, cannot be objective

    • James Hastings

      I want to be objective……so, he may have a point. I was a patriot above patriots, I have 10 years active duty. So…..If you stop and reason it out, they disobey the Laws with us, create organizations to destabilize regions, directly support terrorist organizations for regional gain, bomb, assassinate, and………..can arrest and indefinitely detain you or me for political expedience…..so. If you love the truth? He may be right. Is it possible….I have met the enemy…and it is us?

      Greg, I love you man, but, I don’t think you grasp the real economic situation or the depth of our governments evil.


  49. vincent_g

    The US banks are at the lowest level in history.


    We are on our way to just one bank left standing.
    Who will be the lucky fellow?

    • paul

      Chase … they own tons of silver!

    • Jerry

      Great link Vincent. Pretty much says it all.

  50. Gene

    The Supreme Court’s latest screed attempts somehow to interpret the US Constitution as compelling the states to “marry” two people of the same sex. Kennedy’s words are actually quite amusing: ““it would disparage their choices [i.e., two of the same sex wishing to “marry”] and diminish their personhood to deny them this right.”

    This exquisite sentiment could just as well be expressed for a man who yearns to “marry” his golden doodle, or a woman who longs to “tie the knot” with her German shepherd. And what of the man who wants legal recognition for his “special relationship” with his life-sized, inflatable companion?

    This truly is life imitating art. In the words of Dickens’ Mr Bumble, “The law is a ass.”

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      If it is a right, then why do they need a license?

      Could it be because the state claims ownership over the fruits of the marriage? Revenue extraction? Have you ever wondered why the state can force your children to take various tests without your knowledge? Vaccines? Forced Vaccination? Pharmaceutical share price?

      Can you connect the dots?

      What religious figure would ever willingly marry two people (regardless of their sexual habits) acting as an agent of the state?

      “Actually, when you repeat your marriage vows you enter into a legal contract. There are three parties to that contract. 1.You; 2. Your husband or wife, as the case may be; and 3. the State of Ohio.” –With This Ring I Thee Wed, Ohio State Bar Association

      Let freedom ring.

      • Charles H.

        I’ll bite. The usurpation of legitimate authority. People exercise self-determination; and the government, intrusion? (To Serve Man – a cookbook.)

        • Gene

          Dear Charles,
          You’ve touched on an important point, one which Justice Scalia also addressed in his dissent,
          “And to allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation.” See page 6.
          My regards to a man who thinks for himself!

      • Gene

        I agree that marriage is not a right granted by any government. It is a natural right, a right from God, and not a privilege granted by the five Supreme Court justices of the majority that presume to act as if they were Olympian gods.

        The majority opinion in the Obergefell is an exercise in pretentious and verbose sophistry that, when its fat is boiled away, is left with nothing more than a wholly unsupported diktat that, “same sex couples may exercise the right to marry.” See page 12 of the majority opinion. The numerous precedents it cites are a litany of irrelevancies; it would have been at least honest to declare, which these five justices hadn’t the integrity to assert openly, that the Court was trying to assume for itself the exalted privilege of refashioning a Divinely-created institution.

        The language of their opinion is much too solicitous and overflowing with false compassion to be taken seriously. Like so many other steps take by powerful and influential people in this present, utterly corrupted age, their decision was no doubt driven by desires for greater power and influence, either their own or that of others who hold their leashes.

        And so the hubris of this execrable decree rivals that of so many of the abominations committed by others within the Federal power structure: the refusal of a lawless Justice Department to enforce the laws against criminal bankers, the endless stream of executive orders issued by the current occupant of the White House that presume a dictatorial power far exceeding any reasonable understanding of Presidential authority, and legislation passed by a Congress that merely rubber-stamps whatever proposals are presented to it by overbearing multinational corporations and wealthy benefactors.

        What the Majority opinion fails to state openly, but what is at the heart of their decision, is this: “The law is a ass; we have made it so.”

        • Charles H.

          I am impressed, Gene. I haven’t read something this well written in a long time. A long time. Concise, cohesive, and unfortunately – true. Wow.

          • Gene

            Thank you. And thanks to you, Mr. Hunter, for helping our voices be heard.

        • Cryptic Little SIster

          What is also very interesting is that even the dissenting justices never mentioned, in their dissent, the secular contract nature of the marriage itself. The license has a limited duration, but the contract between the state and each of the human parties to the marriage is the most binding secular contract that exists. Go into any courthouse in any state and ask the clerk where God fits into the contract.

          They didn’t just remove written references to God from the schools. They removed any reference to Him from the marriage contract. This, it seems to me, is where the government’s communist character is most hidden.

          At any rate, my main point in my other posts has been that the ability of homosexuals to obtain marriage licenses and the contracting ability that that allows for, are not what many people worry that they are. One ought not to worry about whether or not homosexuals can now marry legally, but rather one ought to worry about the very nature of the contract constructed around the civil law marriage.

          • paul

            Correct CLS … its the “nature” of the contract that has been changed … the Supreme Court has opened up the marriage contract to not only be between boy-girl, boy-boy and girl-girl … but has opened the door to marriage between “different species” … so that everyone now has the right to marry “a jackass” if they want … like the divorce rate isn’t high enough already!

            • paul

              I know … everyone is going to say “didn’t we always have that right? …
              NO! … not before God!!

              • paul

                Or the Supreme Court!

                • jc

                  Paul how to destroy morals 101 . By changing the laws that should have never governed them.

          • Gene

            I’ve long suspected that the State’s practice of “licensing” marriage was a dangerous intrusion into a Divine institution. Now I am convinced of it.

            It is essential to keep the Faith in these times, as all of the secular institutions established by this once-great nation crumble to dust. God will protect his faithful people!

  51. Dolly dagger

    Dear Greg: This truly seems to be darkest hour for our sadly terminal nation. . .. Thank you all on here ( the comments this week have been of an exceptionally higher caliber,/ intellect, lessreligious dogma). I just feel terrified, hopeless And it’s hasn’t even hit rock bottom yet.
    Nevertheless, Praying hard,

    • Greg Hunter

      Remember to “Fear Not” because God the father is in control.

  52. NC Gal


    Great WNW! Just a couple of comments in response.

    I think that this latest SCOTUS episode of making policy instead of interpreting laws is just the latest installment that shows that the SCOTUS is highly politicized and not the impartial judiciary we tend to expect. One doesn’t have to look back further than the “chad” ruling that handed the Presidential election to George W. Bush instead of Al Gore. One Supreme Court justice (can’t remember her name) openly said that she wanted to see a Republican President in office when she retired because he would be the one who would appoint her replacement and she wanted it to be a Republican.

    As to your question regarding whether these Trade Treason acts would benefit Americans or cause them to lose jobs, keep in mind that the second part of this deal (yet to be passed) is another act that would provide “compensation to those workers who were displaced” by the passage of these acts. The Democrats insisted that that be part of the overall package, which tells you right up front that they know it’s going to displace even more workers than the previous “trade” bills (such as NAFTA) have done. Kiss the workforce (and what’s left of the middle class) goodbye! Hello, neo-fuedalism, goodbye personal and national sovereignty. Everyone should put on black arm bands as a symbol of mourning the loss of our country to the elites.

  53. Seleucus McCain

    We all know by now there is massive corruption on a massive scale at all the various fraudulent crony governmental agencies supposedly in place to protect American citizens/consumers. This corruption extends to virtually every one of the five left over crony corporate so-called news organizations, held hostage by the present administration, controlling television, radio, newspaper and magazines. Even so called reputable journalists are corrupt, as per, [George Stephamenapausalus & Brian ‘the liar’ William’s, who by the way hates investigative journalists as per Greg hunter.] This far reaching insidious crony corruption reaches into and has financial interests in the military/industrial/corporate and pharmaceutical medical insurance complexes, were the only real concern is their financial health and nothing more and nothing needs to be said about Wall Street. Not long ago when a judge asked a firms legal team, under oath, what exactly all the legalese meant in the pertaining case, the reply was, your honor, “legally, it says we stole that money fair and square and your honor we didn’t change the laws, our crony government and you did, so it’s all your fault!

    Yes mob rule Chicago style is the law of the land in the dis United States today and the reason behind the push for a New World economic disorder. As Rahm Emanuel, architect of Chicago style political takeover of these dis United States, puts it so eloquently, “never let a crises go to waste” and believe you me my fellow Amerikan’s, we are in it deep! Deep, deep deepest do do and religious liberty is their target on your forehead! Remember, secretly, deals are being made with the heads of many of these agencies and major corporations, with the heads of the governments they own in NATO and governments all around the world. I know how the bribes, payoffs and illegal coercion work between gangster, banker politicians, government regulators and corporations, hey I’m an expert, I grew up watching Elliot Ness and his, “The Untouchables”, every Friday nights after the fights!

    The Untouchables Season 1 Episode 1 – The Empty Chair – 1959/10/15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNr2Ky3xkrc

    With Capone in prison, Frank Nitti tries to grab the open top spot in the empire. But Capone’s bookkeeper is giving him a run for his money, in the beginnings of the mob going legit, the roots of which birthed the Chicago way and the all encompassing political corruption and cronyism choking the country and eventually the new world disorder of mob rule, set up for the choke hold of world domination.

    Well we got it spades now and it must hurt Rahm’s heart to see so many crises going to waste, especially with the fact, the DONALD IS BACK! It’s ironic, isn’t it, his resemblance of Robert Stack, “Ness,”albeit Bob is filmed in his younger day’s.

    I compare Trump with Joe Valachi. Joe Valachi came forward and said he was a member of La Costa Nostra, the mafia. At the time, the mafia consisted of five families in New York. It also consisted of other families throughout America, Italy and Sicily. This criminal underground empire was reportedly bigger than General Motors. At the time, the mob was at it’s height in size and in power. Amazingly, however, there was no proof for the great American sheeple that the Mafia existed. It was called a myth by law enforcement officials and politicians. The head of the FBI stated emphatically that the Mafia did not exist and was nothing more than a fantasy and an urban legend. When Joe Valachi came forward it was the first time in history that an insider acknowledged that this huge underground criminal organization did not only exist, but flourished. He exposed how law enforcement officials, politicians and government officers and directors of major corporations all belonged to, knew about and worked with the mafia! Looking back it is obvious now why law enforcement officials, politicians and government regulators all violently denied the existence of the mafia. They denied its existence because they were part of it! Donald Trump is one of the elite today exposing the politicians, government regulators, and the heads of the military/industrial/medical/pharmacological complex’s, in cohusion with news organizations, working together to hide from you, the sheeple. He’s exposing that this runaway train is on a fast track to Hell, [Sheol], the common grave of mankind! This is not conspiracy theory. This is simple economics. The elites know the debt ridden crony corporate political community organizing welfare state is over and utter despair will soon rule the day. The Clinton’s started this meltdown with the removal of the Glass–Steagall Legislation, that will engulf us and world into a New disorder of utter disorder of rich and poor and their hope is not in freedom but slavery to retain their crony positions of power and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  54. Angie

    How is it that these large corporations funded a “top secret” bill that the public is not able to see? This is treason and any member of congress that votes for it is an enemy of the Republic. This is what a soft dictatorship looks like and we are about to shift to a hard over bearing big brother looking over us. Point of no return, we have passed it. Fly your flags upside down this 4th as our beloved Republic is dead.

    • Felicia

      Angie, I am going to fly all my flags proudly…and I am thinking of including my confederate flag along with Ol’ Glory. Think anyone will notice, outside of my very awake neighbors?

      • Angie

        Living in Sacramento CA I have noticed more and more auto with upside-down American flags and a armed forces sticker of some type (army and Marines). We may be few but we are not alone.

  55. Don

    Dear Greg, the importance of God’s truth in our society is so lost in our leaders and this generation, what can only be left is the fruits of depravity, and God’s judgment. The approval of gay marriage, and a continued rebellion against God’s reviled truth in an attempt to replace God and his ways, out of the social conscience, will continue, unless we as a nation repent and turn to God. We can look for such distorted perversion and wickedness that a social collapse into chaos could happen. All because we did not want to retain God in our knowledge, and replaced it with our own truths. In Romans, it says God will exchange our glory, and that simply put, would mean, our society will bare the resemblance of all other nations that forget God. Were, worship of man made things, all forms of idolatry, gays and lesbianism, some cultures were guilty of cannibalism, all sorts of pagan practices. We already decided to kill our unborn children, just like so many cultures have, by the millions. The continued attack on homes and roll models in the home, that reflect respect toward God. I could go on and on, but Romans chap. 1 and 2 reveals it happen all because the truths of God are replaced in society by humanism, because in his rebellion, he does not what God to instruct him, and wants him out of there lives. What a sad place for a country as ours to be. Once again you did a great job, as always. Your da-man

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very worried about equal protection under the law for Christians. The lets is not tolerant of anything it does not agree with.

      • Don

        Brother, persecution toward real believers goes along with the depravity. I held a bible study for a number of years at work, on lunch time, before having to retire early. During that time, the company I worked for, claimed we were a fire hazard because we had a box of bibles in the tornado shelter, and so we moved. We moved two or three times after that, because of complaints, each time to a more hidden place. At the same time, all other groups that were considered part of diversity of religion, and culture diversity groups were not bothered. We had our box of bibles throwed in dumpers and notes left hanging in our bible study area to try to intimidate us. I was persecuted on every side, and tactics of intimidation used all the time, though I broke know rules or did anything unethical. We did lead a few people to Christ and had a missionary come out of the group. But above all, we sought to teach people the truth, the best we could discern it. At some point, I expect your site and maybe yourself may come under attack, over anti-establishment guest that you some times have on, and also the Christian input. I believe we’re truly a nation that will be judged, and the best service we can do, is to be faithful to speak the truth in love. I still think your da-man, my friend

        • Charles H.


          This site is already under attack. And although those who would oppose Greg Hunter can go only so far (and he isn’t very vocal as a position of professional management): commenters are getting complaints and insinuations against them and their comments. A little here, a little there – push again, and later push harder.
          “Diversity” is a code-word – which presents the pretext of acceptance, and/or tolerance. But, in actuality, when statements are strong, or positions are challenged: there’s isn’t much tolerance – as you have experienced yourself.
          “Faithful to speak the truth in love”. As the world becomes nastier: that becomes harder. You are dead right, though.

  56. Mason


    The Pentagon issued the new “Law of War Manual” this month that has been 25 years in the making. In this document, the Pentagon is labeling journalists as potential terrorists, or in their words “unlawful belligerents”.

    The actual document from the Department of Defence, dated June 2015 can be downloaded from:

    On page 173 the document states:
    “In general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents.”

    This kind of makes it official then, doesn’t it? So it seems that the gloves are off then. I might be mistaken of course. I’m no expert in these kinds of matter, but I just thought you should know.

    The release of this document has also been commented on by the article “The Pentagon’s New Law of War Manual is Chilling”, which can be found on:

    A small excerpt:
    “Just when it seemed the government’s policy language couldn’t get any more paradoxical, self-justifying, and replete with inconsistencies, the Pentagon issued its “Law of War Manual” earlier this month. The manual is meant to dictate legal conduct for service members from all branches during military operations. Though the enormous tome is drier than stale bread, there are plenty of alarming entries—from designating journalists as potential terrorists to allowing the use of internationally banned weapons—which more than warrant a thorough perusal.

    This manual is the first comprehensive change made to Department of Defense’s laws of war policy since 1956 and has been in the making for 25 years. One change in terminology directly targets journalists, stating, “in general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces […] or unprivileged belligerents.” Apparently, reporters have joined the ranks of al-Qaeda in this new “unprivileged belligerent” designation, which replaces the Bush-era term, “unlawful combatants.”

    This article, amongst other things, has also been picked up by James Corbett from the Corbett Report in a very recent video from him:

    • paul

      The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual is a document written to delineate and limit the taking of human life … but then goes on to stipulate there are no limits on using nuclear munitions to kill humans … and take away their human right to life?

  57. Gina Mancarella

    While its true that Obamacare has much to be decided, the truth is the Supreme Court on this magnificent and beautiful day has admitted what we already know to be fact that all are created equal. Today, a girl can marry her girlfriend in all 50 states ! Today, a boy can marry his boyfriend in all 50 states. And a person can decide what a person wants to be ! This is freedom my friends ! FREEDOM ! Freedom to choose for oneself the alternatives of choice as Thomas Jefferson once said. It is truly historic when we can once and for all celebrate freedom ! LIBERTY ! And with freedom and liberty comes JUSTICE ! Remember this day because it has set the tone for many great days to come. Praise be to the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!! GOD BLESS HER !!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Only thing you left out is you want your so-called “freedom” to be paid for by other taxpayers. Why is it “justice” to take money from one segment of society (through the huge Obama Care concocted lie) and give it to another group of people? Obama Care is here to stay as long as the country stays solvent. The Obama Care lie is going to speed insolvency sooner than you think.

      • hoopshound

        You know who really sucks the freedom and the tax dollars out of me?? – the military industrial complex. And that ticks me off far more than the far smaller amt of my taxes that goes to ACA subsidies.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Gina, you might want to consider that you are walking into a trap. You are being used as a means to an end. Gina, you are free to be nothing.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please explain. What is the “trap”?

        • paul

          Perhaps what LCS means by “a trap” is that one day the only “legal marriages that will be allowed” will be to robots … so as to preserve Earth’s resources from an exploding population … FREEDOM and LIBERTY?? … by using gays … to re-defining marriage as something that does not allow for procreation … soon the Supreme Court will be able to take it one step further … and only allow intercourse with mechanical dolls … soon robots will be the only things “created” … and the Supreme Court will usurp the power to decide exactly what a person has to be … and must do … in order to even exist!

          Hence Gina … as LCS says “you are free … to eventually be … nothing at all”!

        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Do you knwo where the marriage license has its origin? A marriage license is defined as: “A license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry.” “Intermarry” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as, “Miscegenation; mixed or interracial marriages.”

          By requiring homosexual couples to apply for a license to marry, the state is legally recognizing the illegality of the act itself. The couple must ask for permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal.

        • Silence is Golden

          Can we say…Freedom does not exist….only in one’s own mind. The Trap CLS refers is that we (and our progeny) are owned….regardless. It may even go deeper than this…insofar as intentionally destroying the last vestiges of Morality and Christianity.

          • Greg Hunter

            Sad, but apparently true.

        • frederick

          Greg I believe the “trap” that she is referring to is the PTBs plan to fracture the people of the world and break down all religions and cultures in order to create a NWO where noone will be free whatesoever but rather 100% controlled by the al powerful entitiy

        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Greg, the trap lies in the licensing. The marriage is considered a contract, with the State being a party to that contract. With licensing comes revenue extraction and control. It is easier to track people with a single bank account. The federal court has now placed itself in the role of arbiter extraordinary, in dictating to each and every state how and why they must issue marriage licenses, something that until recently was left to each state legislature.

          The judges are unnaccountable to the constitution. That is what the dissent has told everyone.

      • Chip

        Greg, here is the trap:

        ¶The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

        Isaiah 3:9

        • aussie jeff

          excellent use of scripture chip ….short to the point without the possiblility for a truthful counter argument.
          God’s morality is unchanging
          The worlds morality continues to sink in it’s own filth.

    • Jerry

      Beam me up! There’s no intelligent life on this planet.

      • paul

        SCOTUS … beamed us on the head … no wonder there is no intelligent life on this planet!

      • aussie jeff

        amen to that Jerry

    • Southern Girl

      I had hoped you had left this site.

    • Galaxy 500

      People like you are responsible for acts that would give Sodom and Gamora pause. God gives you free will to be saved or be a sinner. What you people want is for Christians to say your lifestyle is acceptable. You seek to destroy Christians that disagree but do you no harm while you ignore evil moslems that throw poor mentally ill gays off building.

      • frederick

        There you go with blaming the Muslims again Galaxy you are a pathetic soul

  58. Donna


    A soulful, mournful tribute to the long dead. I wish I knew the translation. It rips my guts out whenever I listen.

    I see a respectful, subdued gathering of people who understand what we have yet to grasp. A price is exacted when you shake your fist at God.

    We elected our monster twice, and he is very busy at ripping the hinges off hell itself.

    Say what you will about Putin, and we know plenty enough. He will protect his own.

    • Charles H.

      TWENTY MILLION dead in WWII cost to the USSR. The defense of Stalingrad was epic… horrific. People laid down their lives for the land – no wonder they chose not to forget. America doesn’t even know it’s own history anymore.
      Astute comment, Donna.

      • diane s.

        Very asute comment.

    • M. Dundee

      Donna who would have ever thought that the Russ, the “Slavic/Vikings” would be the ones to end up thwarting the corporate fascist mob from, taking the world over. They did stop the Nazi’s you know, Krupp steel against Russka flesh!

      We are definitively living in interesting times. By the way, it does say the kings of the north and south both come to their end replaced by Gods Kingdom under his son, so all’s well that ends well. I don’t think they’ll be any complaints by either side when it’s over. So everyone, f e a r ~ n o t !

  59. Coalburner

    Greg; Magnificient!

    Shadow of Doubt;
    I have to know that professor’s name and the university. What a genius.
    My 8th grade educated father who got a PHD on his 13 month tour of Europe on the front lines, surviving most of the tour with General Patton tried to tell me these things. I was an ignorant fool!

  60. David B.

    The Greeks will choose either the EU or Tsipras.

  61. James Hastings

    Good review, as always.

    Obama care: This is just one example of our collapse. Most people just don’t clue in
    on all the signs. The rule of Law has collapsed. We are led by Liars. Our
    society, schools, government, friends, etc….are all liars. It’s accepted.

    Congress: Greg, your still in denial. Our government is corrupt.

    Corporations: The corporations are responding to the stock market. They believe
    cheaper labor means bigger bonuses, better dividends, etc…by the time
    they realize the American public can’t buy their products or services…
    it’s to late.

    Iran: Perfect example of our weakness. Our strength has been bled off. We are in
    decline. We have great people, just no robust support anymore. We are do for
    a terrible defeat. Look for a Carrier to be sunk in the Persian Gulf.

    Economy: Yep. You see reality. It’s fixing to “RESET”.

    War: Your right. As things begin to slip, to ease social disorder, in an effort to channel
    anger, our governments will blame another country, illegal immigrants, p=-098
    minorities… It buys them time. Time to steal, make deals, find safe havens…….run
    for cover.

    Thanks, love your work.

  62. eddiemd

    Another angle on the TPP involves the control of prescription drugs that are produced in China. I have heard that there is information in the trade agreement in regards to the control of prescription medications. China could destroy the pharmaceutical industry within weeks by withholding meds and/or components.

    The majority of both components of medications and the production of medications that are used in the USA are produced overseas in two main countries: China and India. Most of that production comes from China.

    It was noted several years ago that the department of defense was concerned that the majority of antibiotics used by the armed forces was coming from China. This represented a medical strategic problem. I doubt if it has been fixed. In fact, it is probably worse.

    The other question is that of quality control. We know how that works in China and we have had at least one incident of contaminated heparin coming from China.

    “BigParma’s rising reliance on cheaper imported ingredients and finished products is compounding the problem. “The race to the bottom has led to an increase of products coming from plants in China and India that may have uncertain supply and may have never been inspected,” Heather Bresch, president of the generic drug giant Mylan, told the New York Times. A 2007 GAO report found that 586 U.S. drugs were made in China and 299 in India.

    The availability and purity of foreign ingredients is a factor in the U.S. drug supply chain since — according to Huascar Batista, acting chief, Import Operations Branch, Office of Compliance, CDER, FDA — “80 percent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients consumed in the U.S. are imported.” ”

    Drug manufacturing moving overseas- 2009 article




    • Felicia

      Eddie, I would like to see the very corrupt U.S. pharma system collapse and we have a more holistic system, more like Germany’s where natural remedies are promoted, not drugs and surgeries. Gotta get away from the use of the business module as the driving force in medicine.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sure you would, Right up until a love one gets a disease that twenty dollars of prescription drugs would cure. Then you’ll be screaming because they aren’t available.
        I hate to tell you but most of those natural cures are rubbish pushed to those with feeble minds. Every time they do studies, they are proven to be ineffective at best and or down right harmful. If these cures worked, big Pharmacy would market it, just like they did Melatonin

    • Galaxy 500

      The bulk of drugs are made in India.

  63. J C D

    Greg this old song from Bob Dylan hold a brand new meaning today. Like a rolling stone.


    Greg. You have done a great service to the people who are listening and I think it is safe to say that we are listening. There is no other web site like USAWatchDog.com that has done so well a job of bringing so many experts together in one place for all to see and hear. By my count, over the last year, you have interviewed 45 economic experts who all agree that a major change is about to unfold. If my licensed doctor diagnoses a condition needing my attention, then I might seek one or two other opinions. Same with my dentist. And if my certified mechanic informs me that my breaks are faulty and will fail at any time and most probably within the year, then I might seek out a couple of other opinions. But if 45 doctors, or 45 dentists, or 45 mechanics all agree on the same problem requiring my immediate attention, then I think I might need to consider waking up, and quickly. Not in my lifetime have I ever known 45 people to agree on anything together, much less world experts in the dry field of economics. I mean, what are the odds that these guys and gals could agree on anything, much less everything? And yet they do. The inevitability of The Great Reset is undeniable! That conclusion is reaffirmed when I check the news and determine that just about every single event is bathed in a vat of insanity and craziness. Or is it just me? I have only one solution: “GREG HUNTER FOR PRESIDENT!”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Barry. You are very kind. I can’t be President because I have never been a community organizer–just a reporter.

      • diane s.

        You’re also an honest man Greg….that immediately would disqualify you.

      • Galaxy 500

        I’ll pretend to be Democratic and vote many times for you. And all of my dead relatives will vote for you too

        • Charles H.

          Golly! Some of these comments just stop me in my tracks! Sheesh! (I am still laughing…)

        • aussie jeff

          500, that was very funny:)

      • Calgirl

        Come on Greg! I can’t stand false humility! Of course you can be president….I have seen you numerous times speak without a prompter, I have heard you admit that you may have been wrong, I’ve read mediations you have written twix two opposing sides. Have you not organized THIS community you call USA WATCHDOG? Of course, you don’t play basketball or golf, but what the hell, close is good enough for me!

        • Charles H.


          It may not be flattering to make the Community Organizer comparison, for Greg Hunter: but you are spot on, page correct, and topic centered with your point. It surprised me; and took me a while to digest it. Hats off to you. This is WHY guys need girls – because you are seeing better than 20-20.

      • David B.

        You qualify, because you never went to Harvard or Yale. Common sense and no connections to George Soros or either political party would be your downfall.

    • susan

      Barry, boy, you got that right!!

  65. Silence is Golden

    Greg and fellow WD’s,
    You know I follow the Bond market regularly……..
    An update on the TNX….yield now around 2.48 as I write.
    This is ominous….given the “flight to safety” is indicating an aversion of all things UST related…where are the funds heading and why are they avoiding the bellweather especially when we have the GreXit to contend with in EUR ?
    One could now argue we are on the cusp of the Bond market going haywire.
    I stand by my earlier point…the CB’s have lost control. Messrs…TSIATHTF !!!
    We are told that if / when interest rates rise …there will be a default..either at the Sovereign level …or a TBTF Bank.
    Interest rates rising ……TICK.

    • paul

      So where are the funds heading? … don’t see it moving into gold and silver yet! … are they converting it into nickels??

      • C

        CASH for now, soon to be PM’s

    • J C D

      Sig. I always thought the economic collapse would happen before the moral collapse. It is all happening at the same time. With my hands raised to God I ask for him to have mercy on my soul. This country will surely receive the reward of the works. Tic toc said the clock.

      • paul

        Perhaps it’s time for God to set off Yellowstone … and destroy this corrupt nation! … he is probably waiting for exactly the right moment so its effectiveness will be maximized!

        • aussie jeff

          Paul I believe the latest changes in your country regarding gays being able to marry is “priming” for the NWO.[these new laws will spread across the planet as we have seen with Turkey’s gays coming out onto the streets]
          Religion as we know it will be smashed and laid bare when the entity begins it’s reign.
          While the entity has not yet come,it is hard at work laying the foundations of the NWO, and it has now just “secured” every gay on planet earth as a new conscript,giving them what they want,marriage equality.
          While most just saw the passing of this law as nothing more than finally giving gays equal rights,their were far more insideous powers at work!!

  66. Conservative conservative

    Folks, What we are going to need in the next few years is war with the usurpers and deniers of Democracy. If you need a presidential hopeful worthy of your support, look no further than Jeb Bush. Jeb understands the stakes and what is required to keep the American people safe. We dont have to just let the terrorists come into our country and take us as prisoners. we can fight back and take the battle to the enemy.

    • Felicia

      CC, the whole Bush clan is corrupt so no way in he## should he get voted into office. Sounds like you’re either a troll or drinking too much of the “koolaid” and not doing any serious study.

    • eddiemd

      Jeb Bush…why would we want another criminal Bush family member running the country? That would be as bad as Hillary.

      Anybody but a Bush or Clinton.

      I would prefer Michael Savage.

      • frederick

        Me too Eddie Borders, language, culture Viva Dr Savage regards frederick

    • paul

      The bad guys are in Washington DC … is Jeb going to take the battle there? … or treat us to another foreign war against people living in caves???

      • frederick

        Jeb will change NOTHING just like Hitlary possibly make it worse we all know that regards frederick

    • Galaxy 500

      If Jeb Bush is a conservative , I am Levi Strauss

  67. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “As I said in the past, evil is done in the dark and good is done in the light. This is being done in the dark.” Absolutely. Roaches, rats and rodents all prefer to do their things in the dark, which is why there’s dark politics, dark money and dark pools. Collectively, we are so stupid to be doing any kind of business with these people. I guess the majority of folks just like being lied-to and stolen-from. How else would they survive?

    • paul

      Now scientists are beginning to worry about “dark matter” and “dark energy” too!

  68. southernpatriot

    Today is a day that will live in empathy! To every member of Congress and to the members of the Supreme court, who voted for Obama care and the trade bill, you are Traitors against your country.
    You no longer care what “We the people” think any more. You no longer are to be trusted to the decent thing, like following the oath that you took to defend the Constitution from all enemies both domestic and foreign.
    So you got your thirty pieces of silver and you voted against your country. Is there any thing else that you want for treasonous acts that you have committed?
    Some say that Senator McCarthy was right when he stated that the Communist have infiltrated our schools,colleges, university’s,businesses,the halls of congress.the WH and now the supreme court.
    I use to respect Roberts and the other Justices of the Supreme court and the rule of law. NOT ANY MORE!! I love my country but the respect for those elected to govern us died when they assassinated President John F. Kennedy and sent my generation to those dam rice paddies in Viet Nam. This country is no longer at a crossroads,it’s at the Rubicon.
    The government is destroying America from within to prompt a fairer country. To what end and for Who? Obama!
    America prepare to defend your selves and the Republic of these here United States, before we loose any more rights. The Patriots in 1776 pledged their lives,their fortunes and their sacred honor for the cause of Freedom and Liberty. “We The People”can do no less. Prepare for what’s to come. southern patriot

    • Charles H.

      I can’t remember where I heard it – but it was said that McCarthy bought America another fifty years, in rooting communists out of the State Department. That assessment was right in the ballpark.

    • sk

      ‘infamy’ but ’empathy’ makes for a downright delicious Freudian slip

  69. Keith

    Lots of distressing insanity going on, and we’re headed for much worse. But there’s GREAT news… Oh, the love.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CACnxpRA_Ig

    • J C D

      Thank you Keith I needed this.

  70. Donna

    What’s next? Bestiality/pedophilia disguised as a free dental plan?

    Clinton/Obama were cool. That was all that was required in a nation with full stomachs and a supposedly promising future. Why, Oprah herself told us Obama was “The One.”

    The signs were all there. His mentors were Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Father Fleger, Marshall Davis, and his “GD America” minister. He was a coke head/dope head with no known arena of accomplishment. Sure enough, he was presidential stock.

    Have you every known anyone on smoke and coke who walked away without rehab on top of rehab? Have you every known a coke user who had any empathy? They tend to have all the warmth and personality of a salamander.

    Now this man flings offal in our faces, calls it pearls and challenges us to say otherwise. We have seen only a shred of his full-blown Technicolor madness.

    If we survive this, what next? An embittered hag with a sense of entitlement?

    • paul

      I thought this nation was trying and reduce “entitlements” … instead we get more?? … Why is Hillary entitled? … Why is Jeb entitled? … are they Kings and Queens of old??? … we don’t live in a Monarchy anymore [or is it Monakey] … for it seems “Money is Key” in our era!

  71. Donna

    Charles H: I believe it was Stalingrad where Putin lost his young brother to disease. I think his mother died too. Point being, he knows loss up close.

    We look at war as someone’s schmuck kid down the block who raised his hand and got what he asked for or deserved — in a progressive’s way of thinking.

    We may well be plotting out a chapter in history to dwarf all that came before.

    • Charles H.

      I am afraid you are right, Donna.

  72. Donna


    One more installment on the subject of evil. A love story in hell.

    I often wonder if Americans truly understand the consequence of inviting evil through their votes, their life choices. We all screw up. It used to make sages out of us, frighten us into getting right.

  73. David B.


    Excuse me for being off topic, but this article is Tocqueville meets Vltchek, 2015.

    Actually the writer has lived in America, but give his assessments of our national character from an outsider’s perspective.

    We’re toast, Greg.

  74. G. Berkshire

    Corruption Will End!

    “Hope in Jehovah and keep his way . . . When the wicked ones are cut off, you will see it.”—PSALM 37:34.

    DO YOU, like many people, fear that corruption is inevitable and will never be completely eliminated? If so, that fear is understandable. Throughout history, humans have tried every conceivable form of government. Yet, they have never succeeded in permanently eliminating corruption. Is there any hope that a time will come when all people will deal honestly with one another?

    Happily, the Bible’s answer is yes! It tells us that God will soon take action to rid our earth of corruption. How will he do so? By means of his Kingdom, a heavenly government that will completely transform our earth. This is the same Kingdom that Jesus taught his followers to pray for. In what is sometimes called the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father, Jesus said: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth.”—Matthew 6:10, King James Version.

    Concerning the Ruler of that Kingdom, Jesus Christ, the Bible foretells: “He will deliver the poor one crying for help, also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper. He will feel sorry for the lowly one and the poor one, and the souls of the poor ones he will save. From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul.” (Psalm 72:12-14) Note that Jesus has empathy for those who are victims of corruption, and he will do something about oppression! Is that not comforting?

    In the hands of that compassionate and powerful Ruler, God’s Kingdom will rid our earth of corruption. How?

  75. OutLookingIn

    Where’s the cash going?

    The global bond market is the largest and deepest in the entire world, well north of 100 trillion dollars. Another word for bond? Debt! A creditor lends money to a debtor who issues the creditor a bond. Just another form of debt. Money is leaving the bond market.
    TNX (10 year Treasury note yield index)
    January 30, 2015 @ 16.54
    June 26, 2015 @ 24.76

    The global bond market will have the last say as to where interest rates go and right now economic ‘Mother Nature’ say’s they go higher. Governments and banks have no say in it. They may “influence short term rates, but long term belongs to the market.

    Usually safe havens are sought to park money in at times like these. Bonds were considered safe havens. NOT any longer. Nor are stocks, as large funds are exiting equities ,along with the “smart” money. So where is the cash going?

    Watch tangible asset prices. A 1955 Mercedes Benz ‘Gull Wing’ recently sold for $2.5 million. An original Picasso sold for almost $200 million. A large pear shaped flawless pink diamond sold for $85 million. The global luxury real estate sector pricing, has been over the moon for over a year! The HNWI (high net worth individuals) are “cashing in” as quickly as possible.

    Time grows ever shorter to prepare. Wishing all “Watchdogger’s” good luck.

    • Charles H.


      Listen, I just want to say I’m sorry for being harsh. I’m sure I stepped on your toes, and I apologize. You are a good contributor here; and straight up. I think what’s coming is really bad; and we will have to face it according to our gifts. My good wishes to you and yours. CH

  76. Jerry

    Brace yourself boys and girls. The road is about to get rocky.
    When I say brace yourself, I’m not talking about buying an extra bag of rice at Kroger.
    I mean be prepared to:
    – Cut your power off when the corporate owned power companies spike their rates to stem their loses in the coming crash in the next 90 days.
    – Keep your water on as long as you can. City utility companies will not feel the impact of the crash as swiftly as the power monopolies will. Use this time to store as much needed water as you can. Buy water purifiers if you don’t have one (or use bleach), and use tarps to gather rainwater. Buy a small hose to attach to your water heater cleanout valve. It stores 60 or more gallons by itself.

    With high frequency trading, this thing is going to go down quick when it goes. They may be able to delay it for awhile, but when panic hits, and the banks in Greece begin to fold, its going to pick up speed. God bless.

    • Charles H.


      I wonder if the EU will just cover the Greek debt in entirety – foul, but no penalty. That could buy the EU more time. Crank up the presses to pay 80% – leaving a haircut only for Russia?

  77. Robert E. Salt

    It seems to me we are retiring the wrong flag. The American flag has become the symbol of slavery, corruption and aggression, while the Confederate flag is a symbol of states’ rights which is so important. This 55 minute video proves that the Apollo videos are a hoax with orange juice and a hammer (even the white spacesuits are fake):


    The Soviets never cried foul on Apollo because they were in on it. Putin has threatened to publicly expose the truth if he doesn’t get his way with Ukraine and the Middle East. Richard C. Hoagland was on the radio for three hours a week ago talking about this Putin story. Could this be the reason TPP was rushed through so quickly? Look for Obama to try and make a deal with Putin. We’ve all been lied to since the day we were born, including Obamacare, global warming from CO2, peak oil, Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, mass shootings, terrorism, Boston marathon bombing, etc. The poor patsy who apologized for the Boston marathon bombing must have been threatened to be fed through a wood chipper feet first.

  78. RTW

    Think of the US as a roller coaster. It has reached the top and as we all know, the only way to proceed is down. It has been shown to us, that there is no such thing as checks and balances anymore. We cannot count on the rule of law to protect us, as a nation any longer. We have evolved into a one party system ever so slowly, as not to make it too obvious. The republicans have acquiesced into the mindset of the democrats. This is evident from their actions of both late and previous. They promised the voters that if they were put in charge, they would start to put things back the way they used to be. Well, they are in charge and they have done nothing but help Obama get everything he wants. They lied to the people who trusted them and put them in the position of power. Lies have been and are the norm in the political arena. Oh sure, there are a handful of pols that are in office, to actually try and do what’s good for the country and the people in it, but sadly that’s it….a handful. The mantra now is, wait until 2016 when a Republican is elected to the WH…..then things will get done. Really? He is going to be too busy fighting off the MSM, who will be tearing him apart, from day one, as well as the dregs of comedy, making fun of everything he does. If that isn’t enough, Obama has vowed that he will remain in DC, just to make sure that none of his, hard fought for policies, are overturned. Everything has been done under the cloak of darkness, Obamacare, Iran Nuke Deal, TPP etc. These are not insignificant items that have no bearing on our lives and future. Just the opposite. They have a profound affect on each and every one of us. Even when they get caught, it turns into a circus and we’re afforded a dog and pony show to give the allusion that someone is watching out for us. Try giving the authorities some of the answers we have heard from Hillary, Lois, Obama, etc. and see what happens. Over a thousand IRS employees were recently discovered to be delinquent in their taxes and what is the explanation? It’s not their fault, the tax code is too complicated to understand. I have come to the conclusion that Penn & Teller are major consultants to this administration. This became apparent with the latest nonsense over the confederate flag. They are masters at illusion and this is right from their play book. We are about to go down that big hill and they have us worrying about a piece of cloth.

    • Charles H.


      I used to drive 600 miles ONE-WAY to cast my vote in person. Now – I don’t want to vote at all. It is sad.

      • RTW

        I whole-heartedly agree with you. I’ve been told, for years, that elections have consequences. Well, I’m seeing, as well as believing that now and have concluded that our vote means nothing, as evidenced by the things the republicans are doing. They are not afraid of the voters.

  79. Mike from the North



  80. Henry

    Greg, your anti-Iran bias is pretty extreme. Iran has not given you any reason to show it so much hatred. Iran has a long history of being a peaceful Nation. It was a victim of U.S. aggression when the CIA over through its popular democratic government in a 1953 coup and installed the brutal Shah, and again when the U.S. provided Saddam Hussein with WMDs, money, and intelligence during his war against Iran. I think you should stop the fear mongering against Iran and join the voices of peace and reason. The U.S. government does well enough on its own making up lies and excuses to start wars. It doesn’t need your help. War is man’s most evil creation.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not doing documentary, just the most recent news. Thank you for your perspective.

  81. Bert

    Keep the American taxpayer out of this please. If USA bails out Greece, then we also will have to bailout all of the PIGS. And just like my dead-beat brother in law, feed him once and he becomes a dependent for life. $10 here, $50 there, and before you know it a large chunk of change is blown on someone that can never and will never repay.

    Let Russia or China take in all of the defaulting EU “nations.” In a few years, Russia and China will be in defaultland.

    The only solution is to let nature take its course. Greece prints its own money and doesn’t borrow. The people will have to live like Zimbabwe if that is what the people are. I hope the Greeks are responsible hard working taxpayers, not entitlement zombies. I agree, it is the banks and the IMF’s fault.

  82. blamb61

    I think the trade deal happened and congress went along with it by themselves justifying it was necessary because of all the economic messes we are in. They must know something.

  83. David B.

    I would hope this will be a weekend in which Americans realized–by the proverbial 2×4 against the head–that we’re “not in Kansas anymore.”

    My wish is that your site’s followers would beg their friends and relatives one last, eventful time, to purchase precious metals.

  84. Don

    Greg, I have to now, more than ever, be concerned about the public atmosphere. How can we explain two women or men kissing, and even worse in public. In Romans this gay activity in society is said to be a direct result of extreme rebellion of the heart and a reprobate mind as a judgment from God. The activity has now moved from the closet, in most states to legislative and political approval. Now those that have Christian beliefs concerning these unions become enemies of the state, by law, and will be seen as the problem in society and not the other. We have crossed a spiritual line, and judgment is on the way.

    • Agent P

      You will enjoy your ‘precious metals’ for about ~90 days David B., before they are outlawed, with severe penalties for violators and $$$rewards for ‘snitches’ to turn over information on anyone known/seen/suspected-of, etc., to be using precious metals for purchases, barter, trade, etc…

      No disrespect friend — I used to be in your camp. However, that was a time when I thought we still had a ‘free’ market, real price discovery and perhaps some honesty/integrity in government. We don’t. We are now a nation adrift, bereft of moral law and moored to pop-culture rather than reason and morality. Good luck —

    • Angie

      Amen Don. Unfortunately it will be too late when they realized exactly what they have done.

    • paul

      Don … Judgement is over due! … In light of the passage by SCOTUS that homosexuality is now “legal” in America … is any Church father going to reflect on what God thought about homosexuality in their surmons? … does Sodom and Gomorrah ring a bell? … God destroyed these two cities because of the sexual immorality and perversion going on there … and now this behavior has become “legalized” in all the cities of America?

      Homosexuality was simply “wrong” in the eyes of God … and was the reason God poured fiery sulfur down on Sodom and Gomorrah (completely destroying the two cities and all its inhabitants) … when God allows Yellowstone to erupt a fiery sulfur will also pour down on all American cities destroying them and all their inhabitants.

      Sodom and Gomorrah should have served as a powerful warning to us as to how God feels about homosexuality … but as we can see SCOTUS obviously doesn’t read the Bible … they just place their hands on it when swearing to uphold the Constitution (which clearly forbids them “Legislative power”)!

      • paul

        And now by clever design … “those that have Christian beliefs concerning these unions become enemies of the state” … which Jade Helm has been created to eliminate!

    • Charles H.


      I agree, and fear you are right. Christians will be in minority and persecuted for non-acceptance and non-conformity. Words from John 15:18 “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” Read Verses 19 -21. Then “If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.”
      We are in this world; but not of the world. We read back in history and marvel at the martyrs: but for testimonies’ sake – I wonder what we might face in these End Times?
      With the “OFFICIAL” ruling for the nation, legitimizing sodomy: I expect the line is crossed too. Whereas before, I thought that the Hand of God was removed for blessing and protection: but I feel too much is happening now for even God to forebear. Believers might have to go back to churches in their houses before we get Raptured. Be strong in the Faith.

  85. Don

    Greg, the only way I can see for things to change, is the public to awake from their apathy, and engage in civil war or revolution, to establish new leadership and bring those to justice who are using us as pawn’s, a casualty of the NWO. I am in my 60’s, and am disabled, but I would do it for the next generation. Our kids and grand-kids deserve a chance. Our leaders need to be confronted now, and Mr. Obama need’s to be replaced, or any that would attempt this type of government again.

  86. Dale

    Greg, Do you know if this is true. Who actually paid them.

  87. paul

    Breaking News … 8 PM Sunday June 28, 2015 …

    Greece Will CLOSE ITS BANKS to Stem a Flood of Withdrawals beginning Monday June 29, 2015!

    ATHENS NEWS — Greece has just declared a “Bank Holiday” … and will be keeping its banks closed on Monday … placing restrictions on the withdrawal and transfer of money!

    IT BEGINS!!!

    Gold and Silver prices are beginning to spike in late Sunday trading … Upward!!

  88. blamb61

    See inspired comments 20-yrs ago:


    • paul

      Good summary Blamb61 … instead of politicians proclaiming “equal rights” … “officers of government everywhere should be promoting measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family (man, woman and children) as the fundamental unit of society”.

  89. Grafique

    Soon to come-
    Christian pastors refusing to perform “gay” marriages, then being arrested for same.

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