Obamagate Intensifies, MSM Cover Up Again, Crop Report

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 431 5,15,2020)

President Trump is calling out former President Obama about the soft coup he was pushing. Evidence is mounting the Obama Administration was conspiring to kick Trump out of office with lies about his ties to Russia. Trump is simply calling it Obamagate and is doing so to his nearly 80 million Twitter followers.

The mainstream media (MSM) falsely told us all how President Trump was a Russian spy for nearly three years. It was a HUGE LIE as evidence shows that the Obama Administration simply made it all up. Trump is asking the Senate to bring former President Obama in to tell what he knew and when he knew it.

The crop growing season has gotten off to a cold wet start in the Midwest. Is this going to negatively affect food supply and prices this coming year? Greg will talk about what’s going on in farm country.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Analyst Bo Polny will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release and will tell us all what is coming next for the economy.

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  1. Mike

    new US paper money coming -removing Illuminati symbolism. From money WWWG1WGA MAGA USA.

  2. David

    Good evening Greg,

    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” I hope and pray that president Trump is re-elected for a second term. It’ was divine intervention that got him elected in 2016 and I pray each day that God has not turned his back on us as a nation. Should the Dems get control of the White House and Senate in the upcoming elections, it will not end well since they will cheat, steal and deceive to regain power. “There will be blood in the streets”

  3. Jose Gallardo

    If the government exercises its police power and forces you to accept an involuntary vaccination, it will be classified as a “medical” procedure (instead of a legal procedure), you will have absolutely no recourse through the right to due process.

    Furthermore, the vaccination will become part of your medical records and subject to medical privacy restrictions under the federal HIPPA regulations, but you cannot get access to HIPPA medical information without filing a written request through a physician or a medical provider.

    However, federal government regulations allow for any medical provider to deny your request and withhold the information under the excuse that releasing the information to you could present “A danger to yourself or others”.

    So in other words, get ready for a police state under the guise of protecting public health.

    • Self Exiled

      I posted this late on Greg’s last interview. So President Trump takes his orders from the NWO elites and the UN????????????? What is your take on this?


    • Galaxy 500

      How do you figure that I have no right to choose my medical procedures in America?

      • Cassandra Calling

        I think its a prediction for the near future rather than a current reality.

    • Galaxy 500

      I get copies of my medical records at the end of every visit. Have for years

    • eddiemd

      Can you cite the regulation that a medical provider can withhold the information? Medical records belong to the patient.

      Mental health information/records within the VA and IHS health records are not even visible to clinicians who provide medical/surgical care. Only the medications are available. Psych records cannot be read or accessed; only by the mental health clinicians.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,such clarity.
    Here in the UK Satan and his hordes of followers are rampant,the police have gone Stasi and foreigners and their assets are being juicily looked over by our tax authorities because we sent £300Billions in the month of April to save banks and hedge funds and window dress our economy.
    Looking at the crops is like a miracle that God sends in every seed,just the beauty of that newness in the face of harsh conditions still surprises and delights me and reminds me in this era of not allowing services ,boy are the commies happy,that God is here .
    And to irritate the commies even more,”Praise be Jesus Christ,true God and true Man!”

    • LAKE M

      It is quite clear that the scam-demic is being used by the Democrats to further their agenda of a totalitarian overthrow of the US. Take a look at HR:6666, introduced by some newbie Democratic congressman which has been co-sponsored by 45 other Democrats. The bill authorizes health bureaucrats to visit your home, use a test of their choice to determine your health status as it relates to the virus. If you test positive, they can order a home quarantine for you. It allows them to seize your children and send them to wherever the State chooses to shelter them until they determine it safe to return. Failure to obey probably earns you a visit from the local swat team. They would also be able to take you away from home and send you to a lockdown facility of their choice. “Take the vaccine Sir, or come with us.” I urge readers to look up HB 6666 and see for themselves what the commie Democrats are all about.

      In Pennsylvania, the State Director of Health ordered elderly nursing home residents locked down where many died. She moved her own mother out of a care facility to protect her from the CV19. Yeah…that’s how they roll.

      And here in Michigan, we are dealing with Gov. Gretchen ‘Dimwit’ Whitmer. At a recent protest, someone was holding a sign which read Whitmer Is The Virus. Good one.A 77yr old Michigan barber reopened his shop after being twice denied for unemployment. He had to eat. The State of M decided to make an example and issued a cease and desist order. I’m guessing the Governor was aware or may have ordered the police to shut down the shop for challenging to her edicts. Armed citizens turned out and stood in the doorway to block Mich State Police from entering, protecting the elderly barber from government tyranny. The Police backed off and retreated to their bunker. Score one for the people.

      The tyranny of State actors has grown to serious proportions and if something is not done to stop these people and eliminate them from our government, we are going down.
      Look at the current internet censorship by the various social media companies.
      Remember the book burning done by the Nazi’s in the early 1930’s. History repeats itself. It’s happening again. Substantial attack on the first amendment. And the second amendment is also under attack and probably the only thing restraining the forces of evil from worse activities aganist the country.

      Fight back with the TRUTH !

      • paul ...

        Lake … How about counter attacking with a Class Action Law Suit against the people who have lab-engineered a growing arsenal of synthetic viruses … despite US and International Laws banning bio-warfare weapons and experimentation … to stop these Demons from entering our homes and dragging us to concentration camps … we need to immediately file a Class Action Law Suit … against all the parties who funded and helped develop the reckless germ war experiments in Wuhan … the amount of the Class Action Law Suit should in the Multi-Trillions of dollars … for all the damage caused by them taking thousands of lives and the loss of millions of jobs … Dr. Anthony Fauci should be prominently named in the Class Action Law Suit as “he” provided more than $3 million from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to develop this “enhanced Corona Virus” … and also name the US National Institute of Health (NIH) and all the other scientists and Universities (like North Carolina, Wisconsin, Harvard, etc., etc. for their collaboration in developing this plague upon the world … these Demons are trying to
        conceal their scientific malpractice and criminal negligence with the help of Chinese, US officials, Big Pharma, Facebook, Google and a network of paid-off global scientists … all frantically trying to cover up the lab origins and diabolical nature of “their created ” COVID-19 monster … if we fail to counter-attack and investigate and hold accountable all those directly linked to the origins of this Corona Virus pandemic … it will almost certainly guarantee our failure to protect our children and our loved ones from future even more deadly pandemics being created by these Demons!!!

      • Rock Kid

        Thank GOD Fer Michigan/LAKEM!

      • J.

        Lake M, I just read the bill, to which you refer, H. R. 6666, available here: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/BILLS-116hr6666ih/pdf/BILLS-116hr6666ih.pdf

        Could you please guide me, within the bill, to words/phrases etc, which verify the veracity of your statement, to wit, “The bill authorizes health bureaucrats to visit your home, use a test of their choice to determine your health status as it relates to the virus. If you test positive, they can order a home quarantine for you. It allows them to seize your children and send them to wherever the State chooses to shelter them until they determine it safe to return. Failure to obey probably earns you a visit from the local swat team. They would also be able to take you away from home and send you to a lockdown facility of their choice.?”


      • Pete M

        Lake M great story that you shared with us about the elderly barber. Growing up, I only knew about Floyd the Barber on Andy of Mayberry…boy have things changed.

        You are completely right about FIGHTING BACK WITH THE TRUTH.

        I have made up a list of what we can all do to fight back. Feel fre to add to it. it is in no particular order.

        1) Name drop Greg Hunter American Watchdog as much as possible and any other real alternative non corrupted news agencies out there.
        2) When you cancel your cable company, explain that you no longer believe the main stream news rhetoric any more…
        3) Boycott Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Big Pharma, as much as possible and tell others how to do the same if you know how to do without.
        4) Make Bumper stickers for your vehicle that can be seen by everyone.
        “No Label Makers or Other Thought Police, Main stream Media is the Problem”
        5) Someone needs to develop an alternative NONE PROFIT Internet System that forbids the corrupt players in our lives. An alternative to Google search engine as well. No advertising either.
        6) The enemy needs to be known, so whenever you see it taking place, tell others about it so that mobilization can take place…it’s a form of letting nature take its course, and there’s strength in numbers.

        Greg, we live in troubled times. All governments are printing money or sending it out digitally, and otherwise unlimited quantities, we need to fight globalization as much as possible. This time the enemy is a virus that has taken away a lot of our personal freedoms. Getting as many guest speakers on your show from a variety of spectrums is critical. There isn’t a lot of time left I am fearing. God help us all.

        Greg, perhaps a guest speaker could be someone who knows how to defend freedom.

  5. Stan

    Paul: What you fail to understand is that Dollar is not only a currency – it is a franchise and a payment system. It is not a third world currency. It is backed by something far better than Gold – a trigger happy military willing to destroy those who interfere with the Dollar. A military that will whack you faster than Tony Soprano would if you crossed him. .

    • Ray

      ………and you support it Stan!!!!
      Enough said.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • paul ...

      I understand it all too well Stan … that’s why I keep buying silver hand over fist … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      • paul ...

        I don’t want to own a paper currency created by criminal banksters in their “IOU another IOU” franchise system Stan … I want to own “real money” … who’s “real value” right now on the US Debt Clock is $2,628 dollars for a one ounce of silver coin … I just bought 125 one ounce silver coins “at your banksters manipulated price” for what one silver coin is really worth … that’s what I call a bargain Stan!! … https://www.usdebtclock.org/

        • paul ...

          Stan … Just imagine buying 125 Bentley’s for the price of one Bentley … and I don’t need the US Military the way the criminal banksters do … to enforce their criminal franchise system … which allows them to issue dollar IOU’s … and then pay them off other dollar IOU’s … take a twenty dollar bill out of your wallet Stan and see if there is any writing on the Fed IOU that says they will ever pay you back … then look at the writing on an older 20 dollar bill that guaranteed payment “with real money” when you turned in the IOU!!

          • Stan

            Paul: The Bentley dealers I know only accept Dollars

            • paul ...

              They are not very smart are they!!!

            • Jerry

              Here we go again with the Bentleys. That’s a grandpa car. Get something with class and distinction. Like a Maserati or a Rolls Royce. Personally I prefer muscle. Like an LT1 Camaro. But that’s me.

              • Stan

                Jerry: A Rolls is a step down from a Bentley. And what do you know about class?

            • William Stanley

              Bentleys are made by Volkswagen. As I recall, the Beetles were pretty good cars, so I can understand your loyalty.

          • William Stanley

            Paul …,
            You handled that really well!

            • William Stanley

              BTW, Paul, we had an earthquake in Nevada last night. I’ve linked to a picture that I thought you might like . . . I’m pretty sure that there is a gold mine in the hills in the upper right of the photo.
              I know the area very well. Indeed I was once almost killed in this exact spot: it’s on a long straight stretch on a two-lance road where drivers attempt to pass slower vehicles, but often misjudge the closing speeds (which are approximately 160 miles per hour).

              • paul ...

                Yeah William … you don’t want to hit a crack in the road even just going 60 miles per hour … you know buying gold and silver stocks (instead of the actual metal) could be setting ones self up for hitting a crack in the road … especially if the Corona Virus flares up again in the fall … which could put the mining sector into severe disruption … and with mining activity suspended across a number of countries due to the pandemic both gold and silver production could come to a halt as mines shut down … that’s why “already produced” gold and silver coins are a safer investment then mining stocks … the coins will be in even “greater demand” as supplies of new metal from the mines becomes scarce to non-existent!!

        • Pete M

          Regarding the Dollar to Silver ratio on U.S Debt Clock.org, this dollar value needs to be clarified. It is the total U.S M2 Money Supply (annual increase) divided by the total annual global production of silver from U.S debt clock.org. The $ Value listed is $2817, but since the U.S economy represents only 25% of the global economy, you need to multiply this by .25 which gives us a Dollar to Silver Ratio of $704.

          Doing the same for the Dollar to Gold ratio gives us a price of gold not at $23,355, but at $5,839 per oz of gold.

          Dividing $5,839 by $704 gives us a silver/gold ratio of still 8.29 to one, which is pretty much how many physical ounces of silver is produced annualy vs gold. (1 billion ounces of silver produced annually globally vs 120 million ozs of gold produced annually.

          Every day, we are seeing higher and higher physical prices for both silver and gold, and the last few weeks oil prices are rising, all of which means that the U.S dollar’s purchasing power is diminishing. Higher food prices are around the corner. Plant your gardens now.

    • William Stanley


    • eddiemd

      You are a psychopath.

    • Mike R

      How’s that ‘vice’ feel on your short gold position Stan. Its got a nice squeeze going on, and will only get stronger, as gold rockets past $1800. $1754 and now its about to really launch.

      • Stan

        Mike R: You laughed at me when I shorted Gold at $1874 a few years ago

    • Charles H


      Come on, man… You are going to do business with me because if you don’t – I pound your face. And if you do – I rob you blind. Sorry, but life is a two way street. If you think it’s cool to be behind the gun; but not in front of it – then you have no business pointing one.

  6. eddiemd

    Obamagate, coronavirus, worldwide financial collapse, disintegration of the EU, crash of oil, war drums, …what else can go wrong?

    • eddiemd

      I went back and read the various comments and links from the past several weeks.

      Thanks Greg for your great website. Your guests and comments by readers are some of the best on the Internet. Freedom of speech at its best.

      I would make reading your website mandatory for high school and college age students of journalism.

      Why don’t you try to get President Trump to interview?

      • Charles H

        You are no slouch yourself, eddie.

        • eddiemd

          Fight the good fight while we can.

      • Mike martin

        I was thinking just that recently. President Trump must realize USAW is worthy of his attention. My guess is you have tried but it would serve him well to acknowledge the contribution you have made the last decade

        • eddiemd

          Last decade plus. I would guess that Trump is aware of USAW. Some of his staffers have read this website, no doubts.

    • Freebrezer

      E – add in severe locust problem in eastern Africa up into Pakistan … Starvation, and famine coming down the road at the world! And here in the Midwest they are having to cull 10,000’s of hogs because the meat packers are closed … not good.

      • eddiemd

        China was having major problems with their hogs before coronavirus.

        No telling what else is going on over there. Hogs, chickens, ….

  7. Rachel

    Hi Greg,
    Great wrap-up. So good to see glimmers of hope for this nightmare of a political battle. Trump looks to be achieving steady progress towards some very significant milestones. I really hope he wins his election. With everything that has been done to him so far, thank god he is still running. People will eventually look back and see that he was more in control than everyone realized. Thanks for a clear summary of these events.

    Over on KWN’s website, Micheal Oliver did an interview a couple of weeks ago where he pointed out that there are a lot of active gold contracts that are due to expire on the Comex at the end of June. He believes it could lead to liquidity drying up in the gold market and a massive upwards push on the gold price. He even floated the idea of a “no sell” scenario with bids only”on the Comex causing a gold price spike… https://kingworldnews.com/michael-oliver-broadcast-interview-available-now-4-25-2020/

    • William Stanley

      I liked your comment — including the feminine tone with which you delivered it.
      It’s intriguing trying to divine the personalities of the people who comment here.

      • Rachel

        Thanks Will, I enjoy reading your comments also. Have a nice weekend.

      • Self Exiled

        I have been diagnosed inadequate personality disorder under the DSM II but I’m very content.

        • Self Exiled

          My usual sarcastic humor, oh and Rachel please don’t comment to William , it makes me jealous.

          • William Stanley

            Thanks for the humor!

          • Charles H

            I catch that Rachel uses the familiar “Will” – something I’m not confident enough to do, because I’ve paid attention to his credentials AND his experiences.

            Rachel – don’t pay any mind to us guys. Between your name and the remarkably well composed comments – imagination stirs the pot. Glad you are here.

            • Rachel

              Thank you, and I agree you shouldn’t try to be too familiar with him. I can get away with it because I am female. If you flirt with him he may not appreciate it.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      Yes, unfortunately the milestones appear to be related to vaccinations.

      • paul ...

        You know … If I was given a choice … to choose “only one reason” as to why I would not to vote for Trump … it would be because he is going to use the Military “to force me and my family to take the Fauci/Gates sterilization vaccine” and be “Marked by the Beast” … as that would be something only a false Messiah would do!!

        • paul ...

          But then again … it could be Trump playing six dimensional chess by putting “the vaccination stigma” onto the “Dopes and Babies” in the Military who won’t allow him to get out of Afghanistan!!! … https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-SGMedia-sgmedia_maps&hsimp=yhs-sgmedia_maps&hspart=SGMedia&p=Trump+to+use+Military+to+vaccinate+everyone#id=2&vid=168ce7622fa3e3f5ea0de64e370db43b&action=click

          • paul ...

            Problem is … the Demon Globalist Satanists (who couldn’t impeach Trump) gave him a much “Bigger Problem to Solve” … these Demon Globalist Satanists knew the American people wouldn’t stand for long (without a lot of pent up anti-Trump anger) for a problem that simply won’t go away (and threatens them and their children’s lives) … Trump giving Tens of Trillions of printed dollars to Wall Street will get their vote … but giving only $1200 dollars to the people may not be enough to buy theirs … for Trump to win re-election … he has to stop “playing footsy” with the Deep State Satanist Criminals … and start arresting them … and even more importantly … begin hanging the Bio-scientists (along with Gates and Fauci) who deliberately created this “gain of function” viral pandemic!!!!

    • K. Wayne

      “Trump looks to be achieving steady progress towards some very significant milestones”
      Lets see……
      “Operation Warp Speed,”…..is a GO.
      “Moncef Slaoui, a former GlaxoSmithKline executive and Moderna Board member…will lead the team involving DOD and HHS….working independently of the COVID-19 Taskforce”…is a GO.
      “300 million coronavirus vaccine doses to distribute to Americans by the end of the year”…is a GO.
      “Gearing up the Military through the presence of General Gustave Perna ..commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command…to distribute and administer the vaccine at lightning speed”……is a GO.
      “a Vaccine that is administered by focusing first on nursing homes and the elderly most vulnerable”….is a GO.
      “Milestones”……could be replaced by “Tyrannical overreach metrics”…or “Depopulation Agenda Targets”.
      A Vaccine is not required. Your immune system is the precise weapon against the virus. Make sure you have it in peak condition. If you are immuno-deficient – stay in shelter and limit your contact with others.
      The BIG TECH and BIG PHARMA have captured the narrative and ensured that the truth about how to protect oneself from the virus, is not shared or known.
      Controlling the narrative ….effectively controls the masses. Cattle to the slaughter.

      • Greg Hunter

        I heard the President say during this announcement that some peo[le would not want to take the vaccine. This is not a forced medical action.

        • donna s.

          maybe I missed it but saying that some people may not want to take the vaccine is not the same as saying some people may choose to opt out of taking the vaccine. Did he state that it would be a individual choice?

          • Greg Hunter

            The President or his point man said this was going to be forced. You are simply making this up. I actually heard what he said. Let’s all report the facts here no what your opinion you think is a fact.

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    It’s beginning to look like the Democrats will not be able to steal enough votes to keep President Trump from being reelected. He might lead a landslide that carries both the House and the Senate. Payback time?

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree William and I think the Dem party is going to have a lot of defectors because of the crazy crap they are proposing.

      • Arthur Barnes

        We can only hope & pray for such defectors. Without them its going to be a tight race with the MSM leading the charge.

        • paul ...

          Remember … “The Buck Ultimately Stops on Trump’s Desk” … Trump needs to show it is a “Counterfeit Buck” (just like the ones the Fed produces by the Trillions)!!!

        • Charles H

          Agreed. The ideological bind that Liberals share is too much. They’d rather vote for the devil himself than Trump. The derangement borders on madness.

          • Self Exiled

            Agreed, anything without God is madness.

      • Tom Wigand


        I cautiously agree with you and Stanley, BUT maintain that we must keep extraordinary vigilance. Like the proverbial cornered animals, the Globalists / Progressives / Democrats will approach this election as “we either win it all here, or suffer total defeat.” They will use subterfuge, lies, fraud, false-flags — in their phrase — “by any means necessary.”

        In that regard, please note an article I posted last evening “H.R. 6666 – To Democrats, Hell Is Just Another Voting Precinct” ( https://www.trevorloudon.com/2020/05/h-r-6666-to-democrats-hell-is-just-another-voting-precinct/ ).

        • regaleagle

          I wonder what it’s like to know you are evil and your life now in this flesh body is all you have……to know deep down that you are destined for the fiery pits of hell and that your soul is doomed and belongs to Satan. To live each day with this kind of knowledge and to ignore your own repentance and deliverance must be like living in hell on earth. Thus……what we have are millions of demons running around loose knowing they are doomed…….worse than wounded dogs suffering from diseases.

    • donna s.

      maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear him say some people may opt out. Saying some people may not want to take the vaccine is not the same as saying some people have the right to opt out of it. Did he say it would be a individual choice?

  9. JC

    Trump calling it Obamagate is perfect.
    Martin Armstrong says it’s worse than Watergate.

    Armstrong: Obama Legacy Unraveling – Worse than Watergate

    “The Obama Legacy is coming undone. It is looking more and more that President Obama was actually directing U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on Trump. Clearly, like Nixon, Obama at the very least knew what was going on. The likelihood that Vice President Biden also knew everything also remains very high.”


    • paul ...

      Trump will likely use Obamagate … to Bidengate “sleepy Joe” as the election nears!!

  10. Badenough Badenoff & Natasha

    Scum In Self Destruct Modes
    “The volunteers were instructed to take out Flynn and Trump for not. Obama using specific systems, FBI usual modus operandi—anonymously and with cash”
    The Depth Of The Swamp Is Exposed,The Shadow Government Is Forced Into The Light – Episode 2174b
    •May 14, 2020

  11. Rolf Royce

    Come on Snoopy, Lindsey Graham!
    Rand Paul on heated Senate exchange with Dr. Fauci
    485,045 views•May 12, 2020

  12. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    General Flynn’s lawyer calls out Obama. Strong stuff!

  13. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  14. paul ...

    Big Pharma and the Globalists have the world cremating bodies on an “Industrial Scale” that will soon turn out to be larger then what Hitler did!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/health/mexico-cremating-bodies-industrial-scale

    • paul ...

      The Banksters, Big Pharma and the Globalists are cremating bodies “on an Industrial Scale” so the banksters can print paper money like crazy to bail out their derivative bets (without it being hyper-inflationary because people are locked down and out of work) … Big Pharma ant to make Billions selling a vaccine … and the Globalists want a one world government with everyone “chipped” … so actually see just how much paper fiat is being printed by the Fed … just look at the price of gold and silver on the US National Debt Clock … https://www.usdebtclock.org/ … today (on May 15, 2020) one ounce of gold is equivalent to $23,255 fake paper IOU’s … and one ounce of silver is equivalent to $2,805 fake paper IOU’s … yesterday (May 14, 2020) gold was $21,786 and silver was $2,628 on the Debt Clock … that’s am unbelievable rise of $177 dollars for silver … and a rise of $1,469 for gold .. IN JUST ONE DAY … that’s the “absolute unimaginable Zimbabwe magnitude” of the Fed money printing currently going on … and it’s not going to stop until the election in November!!!

      • paul ...

        Look at the REAL TRUE “gold to silver ratio” (23,255 / 2805 = 8.29) … this means … for every ten(10) dollar rise in Gold … we should see about a one(1) dollar rise in Silver and that’s just about what happened today … Gold closed up $12.11 today … and silver closed up $0.77 … the ratio of these advances is 12.11 / 0.77 = 15.72 … so the physical market is now putting a “real ratio” of about 15 between gold and silver as they advance … if the REAL TRUE “gold to silver ratio of 8.29 was put into effect by the market … silver would have advanced by $1.46 today … we should not be sitting back settling for half a loaf … we all need to get in and buy … lets show these banksters who is boss … we set the price … by “marking it to their depreciated fiat” … not to their “manipulated market price fix” by a cabal of colluding criminal banksers!!

        • paul ...

          When the people who bought gold and silver mining stocks begin to see their mines shut down and put on “care and maintenance” this fall (because a vaccine will obviously be ineffective against a Corona Virus “that is continually mutating”) … they will wish they put their investment money into “already mined” precious metal coins (as a gold and silver “supply shortage” then becomes very apparent to all)!!!

  15. R J Wolf

    Another great commentary Greg! It’s absolutely disgusting what the deep state is doing to General Flynn. I agree, most likely Obama called the judge and gave instructions. Totally unacceptable behavior on the part of Obama & judge Sullivan. As a retired Boeing Mfg. Engineer from Boeing, it is extremely sad to see the commercial aviation in such dire straights. As I mentioned in a past commentary, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of companies and tens of thousands of people that support Boeing & Airbus. They will all be affected one way or another. I can’t think of a better person to have in the White House at this time. We definitely need to re Industrialize the U S. I think the next 5 to 10 yrs are going to be very painful for a lot of people and we on all continents should reach out if we can and help our fellow brothers and sisters. Thanks again Greg, nice haircut!!

  16. AndrewB

    People being influenced by curtailment of individual liberty (Covid-19 lockdowns) to demand a vaccine. Be careful what you wish for . . .

    • paul ...

      Your right Andrew … taking the vaccine will be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!!

  17. claude

    I’m shocked and stunned regarding the level and depth of corruption involving the Flynn case. Even now, we have a corrupt judge that just can’t let him go. As you have said, there must be a tremendous amount to hide for the criminals to go to this much trouble to keep him silent.

  18. Jerry

    The cat is out of the bag.

    If this isn’t medical martial law, I don’t know what is. The second wave of the pandemic will be coming in a few weeks. Only this time it will be for real, and people will be screaming for a vaccine. How do I know? It’s in the Rockefeller white paper I posted a few days ago. What’s the difference? It’s a new strain, the deep state has been holding for phase three.

    Greg, I love your reporting, but the things that are coming will make Obama gate seem like a Sunday school picnic. Sessions and Barr have done nothing. And both were put in office by President Trump to flush out the deep state. With the documents coming out, even a country lawyer would have enough ammunition to launch indictments. But nothing. Zero! My advice. Get prepared spiritually, and stay prepared, because the time will surely come, when you must decide what it is you truly believe in, AND WHO YOU WILL SERVE!

    • Jerry

      In his own words. Rockefeller said “ all we need is the right crisis”.

    • JC

      Jerry, this very disturbing. Mike Adams agrees.

      “We’re mobilizing our military and other forces but we’re mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly,” the president said

      It’s quite clear that Trump is describing a military-run forced vaccination program that involves mandatory injections, “to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

      Why would the US military be required to distribute a vaccine? Because, of course, the vaccine won’t be optional.


      • Jerry

        Bingo! If it isn’t mandatory like President Trump said today, then why is the military being used? They could administer the drug through local medical facilities that are already in place. My hunch is that the second wave is based on a new strain that will create such a panic, that the public will gladly roll up theirs sleeve and take the shot to avoid possible death. They have been culling us along like a herd of sheep, to avoid civil unrest, and societal breakdown. So far it’s working.

        • JC

          Jerry, maybe we should also consider Martin Armstrong’s point of view regarding the vaccine issue.

          “Trump has come out and said he will mobilize the military to administer vaccines by the end of the year when they are ready. Many see this as a betrayal of everything he has been fighting against. I have advised many, many governments in times of crisis. What trump has done is actually necessary. The media has so mentally terrorized the population that you do see people driving in their cars alone still wearing a mask.
          Against this backdrop, the SWAMP has won a decisive victory. Trump is fighting to keep the economy open but this is not easy. The BEST advice I would give is to play with the vaccine of your enemy. Yes, proclaim the military will be mobilized to provide the vaccine. There is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL authority to make them MANDATORY. I would play their game, disarm them with the vaccine issue, and then make it available on a VOLUNTARY basis for all the brainwashed people.”


          • JC

            Jerry, check out the latest post from G.A. STEWART.

            From Event 201 to Operation Warp Drive and President Donald J. Trump ordering the United States military’s involvement with a nationwide vaccination program, it is clear that the COVID-19 vaccination will be mandatory. This has New World Order written all over it.

            I see the potential for President Donald J. Trump turning into Fearless Leader. I would be very concerned about an election postponement in conjunction with a mandatory vaccine. The evolution from President to Dictator could have been Nostradamus’ intention regarding my interpretation of his Presidency ending early.

            I do not even believe in Flu Vaccinations. So by the end of 2020, many people will have some very important decisions to make, myself included. I suspect everybody’s employment, certainly mine, will demand that we take the shot.

            And the smart few of us, know what that means.


            • Charles H

              One cannot second-guess Trump. That said – the perspective of ALL those who have at every level taken a part at a seditious coup, and corruption in Congress: Trump just might override the election process. Electronic hacking can still swing too much, and needs be changed. I half expected Obama to stay in Office – which he seemingly HAS from a power/political viewpoint.

        • paul ...

          Yeah … but they will be rolling up their sleeve for a vaccine that won’t be effective … as the virus “will have mutated by then” … the vaccine will simply be “a placebo” … forcibly imposed upon all the American people to provide the confidence necessary to vote Trump in for a second term!!!

      • The Queen's Regent

        It is all becoming clear why the Democrats are running such weak candidates against Trump.

        • William Stanley

          On the other hand, Biden and Sanders are both in the vulnerable-elderly cohort and, thus, may not have required targeted delivery of the virus.

    • Baja

      Sidney Powell is THE ATTORNEY ! The info is on her website. Fast and Furious is
      being questioned by Mexico, their President wants an investigation, seems Obama is in
      More trouble, don’t forget his wingman Holdup !

  19. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    The world debts are being rolled up into the various Rothschild controlled Central Banks, ie the Federal Reserve. Once completed the debt filled Central Banks will be closed! Consider it a form of ” Debt Jubilee” or Reset.

    • William Stanley

      It’s certainly an interesting hypothesis/strategy: Force feed toxic “assets” to the central banks — and then force them to close on account of bankruptcy on the ground they have become insolvent.

      • William Stanley

        OOPS: I forgot the printing press. I guess, that will have to be confiscated on grounds of national-security. Maybe the Patriot and National Defense Authorization Acts COULD be put to good use before they are ruled unconstitutional.

        • paul ...

          For “National Security Reasons” the missing $21 Trillion won’t be investigated … and for “National Security Reasons” the criminals who funded the development of the deadly Corona Virus to shut down world economic activity won’t be investigated … how about … the people march on Washington … and lock up all our Non-Representatives for “National Security Reasons”!!!

    • eddiemd

      Interesting pick up.

      Is this your website?

      Joel 2:25
      So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,

    • paul ...

      Melinda Gates wearing an upside-down cross “SAYS IT ALL” as to what we are dealing with folks … the only way to stop being vaccinated by these Satanists … and prevent the Mark of the Beast being put on us … is to do what the people in Africa did to the the Red Cross workers injecting their children with deadly vaccines … and this … is likely the reason why the Satanists have told Trump to use the well armed US Military to distribute the vaccine to the people … the Satanists know from their experience in Africa that ordinary people will take up arms against those who force disease carrying vaccines and sterilizing agents upon them and their innocent children !!

      • eddiemd

        They are going to force it upon the children. You are correct.

        Home schooled will be the future. Online schooling so there will be no absolute requirement for vaccinations to attend public schools. Maybe we can have hope.

        They will link vaccinations to government aid. Food stamps, EBT, TANF, Section 8, MEDICAID, MEDICARE, etc.

        Or the stormtroopers are coming.

        The city of Phoenix has security guards hired to watch the city parks. Social distance enforcers and to keep people from playing basketball, volleyball, using ramadas for picnics,…stormtrooper wannabes.

        • GRitchie

          Home schooled is certainly a better choice.

          And there is nothing wrong with having people trying to get others to do the right thing. They are not stormtrooper wannabes just like attendants at the front of stores are not the Gestapo as some people are calling them.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Finally, Obamagate is a better descriptor for the Deep State antics to take down a sitting President. This was known but couldn’t be proven until recently. Chicago politics comes to DC. Senate hearings are long overdue.

    As for all the news out of China indicating they beat the virus and stopped its spread — not so fast…
    “Leaked data suggests China may have 640,000 coronavirus cases, not 80,000”

    Congratulations to Georgia and to Missouri for opening (or staying open). Cali is still locked down and Sacramento seems to like it that way.

  21. Mike

    The lockdowns were totally unnecessary in response to what looks now to be the flu. There is no scientific basis for healthy people wearing masks or the ban on hugs and handshakes (social distancing). The medical data fraud to make this event look justified is insane.


    • paul ...

      You know … there are 7 Billion people in the world right now (who will all be dead in 100 years) … that is a death toll of 70 Million people (who will automatically die each year of old age) … Trump “was deceived by Fauci” into shutting down our entire Nation because 1 or 2 Million of these 70 Million people (who are automatically dying of old age) are likely being “labeled” as dying from the Corona Virus (instead of old age) in order to sell the vaccine Fauci has a patent on!! … we have to use our God given brains and simply realize that 70 Million people die each year no matter what … and that curve will never flatten or go down!!!

  22. Southern Girl

    I’m thinking that Trump has already signed into law that person cannot be forced to take a vaccine.

    • David

      You cannot be forced, but if you refuse, you can never leave your house again. See comments of governor of Washington state.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      based on…

      • paul ...

        Based on … the the Unconstitutional orders of a Dictator!!!

  23. Jughead

    ….Bo?…..will be interested to hear his take on what happened to his proposed market implosion for April….and the “paradigm” shift…a new time……give or take a few days,…or weeks….maybe months….
    I believe in the theory of cycles, as described by Strauss and Howe in the book “The Fourth Turning”….generational in nature….but to try And call the cycle turns on a week or even month or 1 or 2 years basis is a fool’s errand…..yes he gets one right occasionally….particularly since he makes so many….but on a regular basis….um, no. …..he’s a good marketer….but that’s it….
    Don’t get me wrong, I like to listen to him….but keep it in perspective…..a seer….or an accurate forecaster on the study of time….no way Jose…

    • Dave

      The problem is that, with due respect to Bo, any two Christians can read a difficult verse of Scripture and – guided by the Holy Spirit – they will come to different interpretations. Bo’s interpretation is IMO erroneous – using the same Bible he does and praying over it. Not saying my interpretation is correct either. A third Christian will come up with a third understanding. Having been brought up Southern Baptist I saw many in our congregation leave and start their own churches over disagreements with the pastor over Scripture. I too eventually left though not to set up my own church – LOL.

      • Self Exiled

        Dave: God blessed me with three months of Wycliffe linguistics training at the University of Oklahoma in 1976. The dynamic of which you speak concerning the Holy Spirits guidance concerning the interpretation of scripture of His individual children and whole tribal communities was exactly what they emphasized. Get in, translate the Bible , get out. I thought of them as Bible commandos, next was Jungle training: our new marriage we desided could not take the stress, so we only completed the Linguistics training. The missionaries who trained us where physiologists, doctors, mechanics, janitors, nurses, bar tenders ex cetera who felt called and had translated the bible to a least one tribe or community. I wish there was space to tell each one of there experiences, each was beyond belief at times how God worked in them and people they converted. There are many unknown people who will be very near the throne of God.

        • Self Exiled

          Also I meet another missionary from Columbia [can not remember his name] who had a young man working for Him; [as he put it] the young man’s theology made his hair stand up on his neck: but his ability to convert aboriginal workers helping put up radio towers was amazing. Can’t keep God in a box.

          • Charles H

            The body being one. has many members…

            • Self Exiled


        • SolarGuy

          Praise God!
          To Him all the glory!

          • Self Exiled


    • S. Murphy

      I agree with your assessment of Bo Pony. I will further prophecy that Bo will say that he called the market move AND that the market will CRASH very soon. Let me know how accurate I am because I will be skipping the interview.
      S. Murphy

      • paul ...

        Is it religious to be Prophesier for Profit??? … Jesus may have something to say about that … have to look it up in the Good Book when I have time!!!

  24. The Ogs

    Ker-splat! Yup it’s coming… I guess they’re still (technically) kicking the can day-to-day though in the short term, as we speak…
    Greg y’know it’s just fantastic how you ‘straight run’ your communiques to us, they’re very real! Ends up being far more real than the vids clearly edited every 6 or 5 or even 4 seconds LoL found all over the web. Makes you a somewhat remarkable guy, in the grand scheme of things, so thank you for that.
    Most recent media nonsense surfacing in the great white north says “U.S. politicians gave away American manufacturing to China.” I believe this demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation? They just don’t understand corporate greed and Raging Capitalism here in Canada… or they pretend not to understand.

  25. donna s.

    Nice haircut and much better than the one I gave myself! Great wrap-up as usual.
    One thing that I am very worried about is Trump calling up all the military and I am hearing he is placing them in locations now to distribute an give vaccines when they are available. That could be a year and more if it is tested properly. Soooo…… This makes me very suspicious that more is about to unfold. Maybe the collapse of the monetary system? Maybe forced vaccines? I am not sure but my gut is telling me that with him not firing “Fraudci ” that something is not right.

  26. iwitness02

    The alphabet agencies, politicians and judges have been so successful for so long with their lies and cheating, that it is hard to believe that the truth is going to overcome all of that. I can see that truth is making some headway, but for every little bit of truth, there is an avalanche of lies to counter it. So far, I feel as though evil still has the upper hand. After waiting and watching, it still seems like we have not reached a tipping point yet, where truth can flood in and wash away the lies and bring justice. But this doesn’t mean that I have quit praying about it. I haven’t given up, but I don’t feel confident yet. Prepping is as important now as ever. Steady as she goes, till we know for sure that justice is going to prevail. That will be world changing. For the better. Although the wicked ones won’t view it that way. Tisk, tisk.

    • William Stanley

      I always pay close attention to your comments. So I’m curious about your take on the question of which side, if either, has the initiative and has forced the other side to react. Put another way, which side (if either) is inside the other’s Observe Orient Decide Act (OODA) loop?
      I think that the OODA-loop question will decide the outcome. My take is that President Trump’s forces are now — more often than not — forcing the other side to react to their moves.

      • iwitness02

        Hi William,
        Your question is actually uplifting. When put into the OODA- loop format, I can see the answer. In thinking out loud in my comment above, I was close to the answer, but still didn’t see it with any certainty.
        “I can see that truth is making some headway, but for every little bit of truth, there is an avalanche of lies to counter it.”
        This is the key. To borrow from a friend: “President Trump’s forces are now — more often than not — forcing the other side to react to their moves.” That my friend, put a smile on my face, and certainty in my mind. Thank you for helping me over the top.

    • Self Exiled

      iwitness02 William Stanley
      iwitness02: I also pay attention to your comments as your moods concerning our progress seem to also reflect mine in this spiritual struggle. I think justice is prevailing in line with Williams observations; this is a world wide battle for the souls of men. “Mans steps are ordered by the Lord. How then can man understand his way.” Proverbs 20:24 I have to remind myself constantly we have entered into a war and this is only a battle. The first half of the verse is for us, the second for the “they”: I will seek that which was lost and bring back that which has strayed, and I will bandage the hurt and the sick, but I will destroy the fat and the strong [who have become hard hearted and the perverse]: I will feed them with judgement and punishment.” Ezekiel 34:16 Christ Himself read the first half in the syn agog but not the second half. I think he is now working on completing the second half.

      William Stanley: Regarding the OODA-loop you so have aptly identified and observed. There have been so many times I question Trumps loyalty to his constituency only to do an about-face. That is why my first post has so many question marks on the statement concerning Trump. Is Trump his own strategist or some one else. I know that he has a praying group around Him. “Many are the plans of a man’s mind, but it is the Lords purpose for Him that will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 Revealing the swamp has certainly been established in his Presidency. “Therefore, this is what the Lord GOD says: Because you have drawn attention to your guilt, exposing your transgressions, so that your sins are revealed in all your actions–since you have done this, you will be captured by them.” Ezekiel 21:23 I think this is what is happening and I have come to this conclusion Thanks to you and Greg’s Gift.

      • iwitness02

        Thank you Self Exiled. You have a made a good discussion even better. We are in agreement…as you say: “I have to remind myself constantly we have entered into a war and this is only a battle.” “This is a world wide battle for the souls of men.” Yes, I agree, it is that serious. Through these ‘open heart’ discussions, we can draw strength from each other. This sort of environment is unusual outside of church or Bible study groups. Greg Hunter gets a lot of credit here. There are a lot of good people here because of him.

  27. Becky Frome

    Coronavirus: Can hydroxychloroquine help with COVID-19 illness? Vero Beach patient says so | Reisman
    Laurence Reisman |Treasure Coast Newspapers
    Published 7:23 PM EDT Apr 1, 2020
    Last week John and Marie McConnell made sure their wills were up to date.

    • William Stanley

      Paul …,
      You handled that really well!

    • William Stanley

      Sorry, Becky, for miscasting here my comment meant for Paul ….
      I had meant to post the following to you:
      The patient in your link was pretty lucky — they waited too long to administer it. Hydroxychloroquine is crucial; however it must be combined with zinc and administered early in the progression of the disease.

      • Charles H

        Early to avoid a cytokine storm – where the damage occurs.

        • eddiemd

          Add in a aspirin to shut off cyclooxygenase. I take an 81mg chewable, 2-3 per day.

          I have spoken with several people who have encountered coronavirus in the hospital. They are using heparin to shut down the clotting system. Coronavirus is causing deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms in some people.

          I took the aspirin even before the coronavirus. Cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory. Low dose. If you have no contraindications and discuss with your MD. Risk vs benefit. Older studies showed that it lowered CRP levels.

          Aspirin is one of the first meds given in chest pain syndromes.

          • Charles H

            I have a couple pounds of aspirin in powder form – ordered from a vet supply. Unbuffered and pure. Thanks for the straight skinny.

            I’m trying to obtain hydroxychlorofin – but Mexico just removed it from all pharmacies: where it was available without prescription for forty years. (Malaria prophylaxis and Lupus, etc) I won’t accept vaccine. Early treatment with HCF, Zinc, and Z-Pack is best shot for own self defenses and antibody. Dealing with infection is not a matter of “if”; but when.

    • paul ...

      Becky … no need for a Will or a Trust … simply gift your gold and silver coins to who you want … and avoid the criminal lawyers probate costs!!

  28. Galaxy 500

    All those UN-named sources that the MSM [Marxist State Media] that said they had evidence. The evidence that didn’t exist and that they could NOT MANUFACTURE.
    Now the MSM is saying, Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe us. I can tell you that people who are Democrats are turning on the Dems in power that have caused them to loose their jobs. Nothing pissed people off like a Nazi Governor that says your Rights are Forfiet?
    It will not take much of a spark to ignite this tenderbox.

  29. Barry Munro

    Sorry, this is an unrelated side to your blog today, but the fact that you are interviewing Bo Polny on Sunday has me observing that his prediction, based on cyclical behaviour, from the Bible no less, that the stock market would collapse by mid April, has not yet come to pass and we are a month beyond that date. I assume you will be addressing that point with him in your interview. Presumably, if you are basing a prediction based on historical cycles, you cannot use as an excuse that an event like the Corona Virus and our financial response to it was unforeseen and therefore accounts for a delay in your timing or perhaps reverses it altogether. I will be interested in his response.

  30. Dave

    Correction on the special elections. The Wisconsin seat is in a heavily conservative GOP area and the GOP retained, not flipped, the seat. The current rep is a Republican who retired early because of family issues. Right about Graham – he said yesterday he will not call Obama. He also said he hopes to have his hearing complete by October. Odd timing as he knows whatever the findings it will be seen as little more than an October surprise. This is what Durham seems to be doing also. Releasing his report just before the election. As to Burr, he seems to be another typical swamp creature. The notable thing is that his home was raided. Something Barr had to OK. Yet Barr did not go after McCabe or Comey or Hillary. Think about that. The Dems are on track to retake the Senate. Right now it looks like a 5/6 seat gain with the Dems way ahead in fundraising for their Senate campaigns. Usually indicating an enthusiasm advantage in the voter base. Burr fits in as the game seems to be to get him to resign. Giving the Dems another gain in the Senate as the NC governor is a Democrat and will appoint a Democrat to replace Burr. The “wish” of the Dems is to get a filibuster proof majority in the Senate which effectively ends Trump from advancing his agenda. Not to mention a simple Democrat majority in the Senate will allow them to block all of Trump’s court nominations.

    Meanwhile Trump is being led around by Faucci and Manuchan and others. They work for him and his failure to replace them will come back to haunt him in the fall as, Flynn case or not, this election will be a referendum on Trump. Russiagate and all the rest – the country has made up its mind long ago. As Armstrong and Getty pointed out this week – most people don’t care now and no votes will be changed. That is why some conservative commentators are so frustrated – they know this will not impact the election. Trump’s mistake was to not declassify things early on. Now any such moves are seen by the majority of voters as just political maneuvering. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi keeps moving the bar as yet again McConnel seems to be caving to an earlier vote on the next stimulus package. McConnel is absolutely inept as Pelosi repeatedly demonstrates.

  31. David H

    Brother Greg,
    Thanks for all you do! I’m looking forward to hearing Bo Polny on Sunday. Do you have any thoughts on Peak Prosperity’s analysis of the Covid-19? I value your thoughts.
    David H

  32. Tim

    As always, your Friday wrap is both informative and entertaining. Keep up the excellent work.

    Take care my friend.


  33. Rodster

    I hope this isn’t true but I was reading an article yesterday that says Prez Trump wants to use the US Military to distribute Covid 19 vaccines when they are available. Does that mean he’s for “forced vaccinations”? I hope not !

    • Russ F

      If this is true, I will not exercise my constitutional right to vote (for Trump or anyone) in November because of this unconstitutional “forced vaccination” if Trump does in fact support it.

      • David

        Russ, vote. You don’t have to vote Republican or Democrat or third party. Write in your choice. The write in won’t win, but you can sleep at night.

        • paul ...

          If we all write in Jesus … we might win!!!

    • Dave

      Michael Savage asked the same question today. Like some conservatives he is losing faith in Trump. As to the vaccine, Savage speculates Trump will, as he said, have the military vaccinate everyone. A person can refuse but, he suspects, that person will be restricted in certain ways. It seems all too convenient per Dr. Savage. It is all shadows on the wall. The voters are being played. Savage says he’ll probably vote for Trump again but he is suspect of them all now. From Trump to Pelosi to the Dems and to the GOP.

      • paul ...

        Trump needs to use his God given brains … he is “too easily mislead” by Deep State actors “like Fauci” … and why after almost 4 years …are we still not out of Afghanistan??????

  34. wondering

    Greg, you may be correct that Democrats are leaving the party, but so are Republicans. If they use the military to forcefully vaccinate and chip the people against their will, there will be a revolution.

    Operation Warp Speed is a betrayal. It is a death sentence for the people using a phony bioweapon virus. If the vaccine doesn’t kill you, it will track you like a postage package. They aren’t doing anything for the peoples best interest. They don’t care about peoples health. They are still spraying toxic chemtrails. These chemtrails are killing the elderly just like the criminal virus with phony stats. The numbers are fake, their concern is fake, their story line is fake.

    People need to wake up. Using the military for operations on US soil is illegal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Using force is pure speculation at this point. What somebody thinks is not a fact.

    • Just sayin...

      Yep, these dum dums that blame everything on the Democrats are easy prey for the elites.

    • regaleagle

      If it comes down to a Civil War and fighting for my freedoms, then I will have no problem pulling the trigger against any enemy of The Declaration of Independence. I believe in the Bible there are many, many illustrations where God Almighty sanctions believers to act in defense of freedom of beliefs (in God’s ordained principles) to protect themselves and others from oppressors and those that represent oppression. If I am forced to make a choice……..then I will take as many evildoers as possible in the process. My hope is it doesn’t escalate to this scenario, and that I’m not alone in this commitment to freedom.

      • regaleagle

        PS>>>>I have no military background, but have been known to drop a deer on a dead run over 300 yds away with any capable caliber that’s sighted-in correctly. I grew up on a ranch and with guns at a very young age……I’m a crack shot and always have been. I don’t even practice my skills, but I’m still a “ringer” anytime the situation requires it. Just sayin’. There’s probably a very healthy club of gun owners like me all over America. I can go guerilla if I need to…..and can survive in the wild with very little if necessary. Maybe not a great way to live and fight against tyranny, but very effective nonetheless……if it comes down to it.

  35. Loren Hoover

    Think about having Adapt 2030 on your show. I was raised on one of the largest farms in California. David DuByne nailed it! Russia I don’t think is coming to Isreal for oil I believe it’s food looks like the whole Mediterranean area is going to turn into a wheat basket in a few years with weather changing from dry to monsoons.
    Brother Hoover

  36. lightning

    Excellent wrap up. You are becoming the modern day Walter Cronkite.

    In my state (Pennsylvania) , our soy boy Governor , Tom Wolf, is proposing a “Commonwealth Civilian Coronavirus Corps). These folks will be tracers and presumably government snitches empowered to arbitrarily quarantine, and probably force vaccinations in future etc.

    Beside being a colossal waste of money, these folks will basically be thousands of red flag law type snitches….embodying the lowest form of scum (besides MSM journalists) that breathe air. I’m sure they will feel empowered to enforce the liberal will of our governor , who is excited to announce that gender identity will be a part of upcoming covid-19 data collection (BTW…I identify as Michael Jackson and my pronouns are He-he-he)


    On the subject of his royal Gender-Benderness….our transgender state health commissioner removed her 90+ year old mother from managed care at the same time she was instituting the edict that covid-19 infected seniors be forced back into nursing homes.

    C;ear;y she knew that this edict would result in a nursing home slaughter house…. but only for the rest of us…not for her own mother who she pulled out of harms way.

    3000 of our 4000 deaths in PA have been in nursing homes. Only 1000 Pennsylvanians have deaths attributed to cover-19 and likely the real number of deaths actually caused by cover-19 is much much lower. Even at 1000 , that represents only 0.008% of the state…. and we are still essentially locked down.

    Gov. Wolf is directly responsible for the deaths of 3000 Pennsylvanians.

    He should be tried for manslaughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Didn’t Cronkite have 100 foot yacht?

      • lightning

        I just donated enough for a can a wax for the SS. Watchdog

        Hope to see you having a margherita on it soon!


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Lightning for the $upport!

      • Self Exiled

        I think I once stated Walter Cronkite was number 1 and you where my number two reporter; if you can substantiate he had a yacht you are now my number 1. I hate opulence.

        • Greg Hunter

          I got it wrong. Cronkite’s yacht is only 64 feet long and not 100 feet long. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2006-09-24-0609230525-story.html

          • Self Exiled

            I to researched: I have learned from you, research the story. He didn’t need the yacht. Thou Art Number One! You’ve earned it.

            Note: if you buy a yacht so lose the title.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Self. Cronkite cried when Kennedy was shot. I saw it live. I was 7 years old. He was not all bad.

              • Self Exiled

                I too remember him crying. To me he was a great comfort, [his calm manner and voice during the Vietnam War] hence No. 1. His sign off “and that’s the way it is on this day ‘date'”. Remember when he went to Vietnam and came back and gave his analogy of the war. It is attributed by some historians as “one of”the turning points of attitude toward the war. I was 13. Thank You for your Great Gift.

  37. wondering

    Greg, force is not speculation when the vaccines are to be delivered by the military. (I guess it is speculation if you need everything spelled out). But force is implied with the use of the word military.

    Trump was anti vax until recently. They turned his views and position.

    They don’t care about our health. The vaccines are to destroy us. They are killing everything on the planet with chem trails. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

  38. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Great wrap-up and love the cartoon. Please follow the link to CAF’s website. The link is to a brief summation of an interview but look below and follow the link to the full interview below the video. It is awesome.

    Looking forward to Bo on Sunday.
    Lo Iyrah!

  39. Joe

    Great weekly news wrap up for Friday May 15th. I do support Richard Burr but agree about Tillis completely. However, unlike Omar and her many frauds, Adam Schiff for goodness sake, and other democratic senators involved in trading during Corona Virus, at least Burr removed himself from intelligence committee during this time. I do not believe any senator did (at that time) anything to warrant criminal allegations. Any investor was doing the same thing during this time. I was buying PYPL as a hedge against fiat currency, brick and mortar banks, and alternative to exchange platforms like V. I was also purchasing silver during late February and especially March. I (like any senator or knowledgeable investor) was never considering any discretionary goods/services like amusement parks, movies, airlines, cruises, nice suit, new recliner, etc. Yet some have done very well such as physical entertainment or safety discretionary goods. Order a trampoline or safe from Liberty and see the wait due to demand.

    I have performed no transactions of precious metals or equities (like SCHW or AQUA along with PYPL) nor negative oil per barrel since end of March. These were my moves against Fed’s move to destroy the dollar and failed stimulus/pork packages during and after this time. Hence my moves in hedges against dead global fiat currency centered among these three equities and moves in silver – pounds in weeks during fallout and before premium spike in late March. No F, DIS, FUN, AMC, BBW, etc. for me this go round. Other than large conglomerates (like DIS on this short list) exchanges not a great place to be vs. metals or having no or barely any debt.

    If we see a correction my LOR on S&P is 2080. However, in March S&P hit and closed in high 2190 area. Also ^vix had at least two closing highs vs. previous high 12 years prior. So this was a good sign. However, with all the fear, pork stimulus (fiat currency officially dead), and a forced vaccine by big brother Bill Gates, I can’t promise when we do see exchanges tumble – the next LOR for S&P would be 1010 to 1040.
    I hope exchanges keep going higher of course. I’d even take a flat-line right now on exchanges for many months/year vs. new record highs soon (with all the pork) and then a crash past March lows in 2021.

    Thanks for all you do Greg and your wheat looked really good. Another good sign regarding starvation fear, in my area of N.C., some land is being purchased for farming and cattle vs. government/taxed payer cheap subdivisions thrown along highways of Guilford and Forsyth, etc.

    God bless you and have a good weekend. Look forward to Polny on Sunday.

  40. Mitchell Bupp

    Our lawsuit filed in Virginia on ballot petitioning requirements… https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HU0Zig_BSCerzNBtEyf6qt4gD2hrGIbR

  41. helot

    Is there currently a cure for the Plandemic-flu?

    ‘California biopharmaceutical company claims coronavirus antibody breakthrough – A California-based biopharmaceutical company claims to have discovered an antibody that could shield the human body from the coronavirus and flush it out of a person’s system within four days, Fox News has exclusively learned.

    Later Friday, Sorrento Therapeutics will announce their discovery of the STI-1499 antibody, which the San Diego company said can provide “100% inhibition” of COVID-19, adding that a treatment could be available months before a vaccine hits the market.’

    I saw this on one alt-media site yesterday morning, why isn’t this the top headline on Every website by now? What’s up with that?

  42. Self Exiled

    Mayor of Chicago wants you to pledge allegiance to the New World Order


  43. Jerry

    Meet the new George Soros.

    He and the World Economic Forum, are apparently moving us towards a utopian society controlled by digital technology and transgenderism. And guess what? Our beloved President seems to be on par with helping them, by forcing us to take billy Gates vaccine. Greg I’m losing my grip. This is not what I elected Donald Trump to do. What happened to my body my choice? I guess it only applies when you’re killing human beings. When President Trump made the statement about using the military to administer vaccines, he’s either lying or he has sold us out. Which is it? Either way he has lost my support with that statement. Between medical martial law and inaction with Obama gate, the constitution has been ripped to shreds.The only person I trust, is the lord Jesus Christ. The rest can go to He**!

    • Self Exiled

      See William Stanleye’s post to iwitness02.

    • Charles H


      We ALL hit the wall. But lately it seems I just keep bouncing off it only to return for another good smash. By Divine arrangement and wisdom: Jesus Christ is the ONLY unassailable and true, final refuge. It is amazing that – those who have taken Him: wouldn’t trade Him for anything. And those who don’t have Him won’t take Him for anything. I’ve never sensed so much polarity in my life.

  44. Steve Courtny

    2 Washington cases of ‘COVID-19-like illness’ in December raise questions about when disease arrived in US
    By Rachael Rettner – Senior Writer 17 hours ago
    Two residents of Snohomish County, Washington, who fell ill with COVID-19-like symptoms in December have now tested positive for antibodies against the new coronavirus

  45. lightning

    Just finished reading an article in which NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo discusses the roughly $13 Billion dollar shortfall in the NY state budget for 2020 with a $61 billion structural deficit forecasted the next four years.

    The state had major financial problems before the Covid-19 pandemic, which only have intensified as a result of the governors decision to lockdown the entire state’s economy, regardless of the level of reported local covid-19 deaths .

    Most of the deaths from Covid-19 came from nursing homes where the governor mandated that covid-19 infected patients be re-inserted back into the tight confines of nursing homes housing patients with co-morbidities , virtually guaranteeing high transmission and high fatalities.

    The governor wants US taxpayers to substantially cover that shortfall via Federal subsidies.

    The shortfall in tax revenues and increased spending will result in 20% – 50% cuts in education, medicare subsidies, transportation subsidies etc.

    Interestingly, the estimated cost of illegal immigrants to NY State is estimated to be approx. $9 billion per year for the ~750,000 illegals safe harbored in NY State.

    The NY State comptroller lists state and local employee payroll for 2019 at ~ $17 Billion dollars.

    If you are a NY State resident, you could essentially fix the majority of your budget issues by rapidly opening up the State economy to generate more tax revenue and lower unemployment etc (+ $2B) , deporting the illegal immigrants to save $9 Billion a year and reducing the size of state government payroll by a modest 10% ($1.7 Billion) and you’ve fixed your budget.

    That’s not even addressing basic cost cutting at local government levels, pension reforms etc.

    So tell me again, Governor Cuomo, why the rest of us in the USA are supposed to pay for NY State when its totally within your control to fix it now?!

  46. Steve Courtny

    Newborn tests positive for COVID-19 in London
    By Jeanna Bryner – Live Science Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2020
    Doctor’s don’t know if the virus passed to the baby in the womb, or some time during or after delivery.

  47. Steve Courtny

    Newborn tests positive for COVID-19 in London
    By Jeanna Bryner – Live Science Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2020
    Doctors don’t know if the virus passed to the baby in the womb, or some time during or after delivery.

  48. Homey Comey

    Wow. “WEEEEE…… THE PEEEE-PLE”…. Will Shat has done us proud!
    Captain Kirk said it best..”these laws must apply to everyone…not just the few.”
    “they must apply to everyone or they mean NOTHING!”
    “The Thing!” As Joe biden his time, Biden would say “…No words have said this… thing of importance… in quite this way.”
    My 7th grad teacher showed this when we were learning about the Declaration of Independence.
    She exclaimed, He is talking to the Yankees! (THe YANGS (The Real Liberty Liberals) and the COMMS (the Communists!)
    Was one of the BEST, as this along with about 3-4 others were Gene’s Roddenberry’s creation & was to be one used to “sell” ST to the networks—left out of the filmed version was a statement suggesting the two parties had been the descendants of both the US and China during the “early days” of space colonization before “The Federation”—

    Lindsey Graham, this clip should be played in the Senate. THE RULE OF LAW APPLIES TO EVERYONE! It might actually get through their skulls, liberty and JUSTICE, is for the people not the government to spy on the sheeple!
    I bet 230 years later, those aliens are going to have a big mess on their hands too!
    Star Trek was written by WWII vets. They fought and saw their friends die for those words. May sound silly to you, but some people believe in them.

    Finally Shatner’s over acting paid off! Good job, one named Kirk…
    If only modern television offered such a positive and rational message.
    Only Gordon Sinclair did us a bigger “solid” …Just Saying….God Bless Canada too!

    P.S. They’re still trying to take down a sitting president and willing along with the whole wide world economy along with him and at the drop of ah hat I might add! Why should Barry be given a pass? King Richard Banished his brother from England, for trying to steal the throne. Trump in secret offer Berry the opportunity to move tpo his ancestrial home of South Africa as long as he’s alive or in officce. There he could use his charm to save the white farmers. After all Barry, you are white too!

  49. Johnny

    Hey Greg, I’m in Georgia and our crops are further along. Our wheat is starting to be harvested. Corn here is above waist high. Milk, chicken, and beef production is great. There are lots of small meat markets selling meat like they’re on fire. I don’t foresee and protein shortages here even if big corporations shut down.

    Just a side note: your wheat is in the boot stage and early head emergence stage. Next, it’ll be in the flowering stage and then comes milk, dough, and full maturity stages in quick succession. Wheat is a very fast crop once you reach head emergence stage. Take care and God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Johnny for the crop report from GA!!

  50. Bill B

    Dear Mr President
    May I put forth a suggestion
    Regarding the Grandma Nancy 3 Trillion dollar legislation she just rammed through the house. Go before the news media in the White House, stand to your feet and deliberately tear the bill just as she tore up your speech while you addresses the nation

  51. Russ McMeans

    Greg: great short news wrap up and short hair cut.
    I got my hair cut short too about 4 weeks ago. She has a back door to her salon and only does her clients and friends of clients- no strangers or walk ins!
    We park a bit away and just walk over. God bless her!
    Hopefully deep state gets busted big time by Barr and Durham.

    • Self Exiled

      I have been waiting for the emergence of the underground. Finally , the common sense approach to a totalitarian government. My first statement is both humor and reality.

  52. Russ McMeans

    Were being set free slowly here in rural northern Calitopia. Restaurants reopened today. Golfers and boating allowed this week. I got my new MRI and X-rays at beautiful Roseville Sutter Hospital 2 weeks ago. The nurses and medical staff are lonely and starving for elective patients. It was wonderful.
    My back is a mess though. Another surgery is my lot.
    I can barely work or drive so my life is pretty much the same as before virus. But I’m pissed off that people have lost their means to work. EVERY BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL IF ITS YOUR BUSINESS!!!

  53. Russ McMeans

    Kevin Shipp and the gold guru James Sinclair are truly amazing Sir Hunter Gregory.

    • Self Exiled

      Any relation to reference to Russel Means from the Oglala Lakota?

  54. Lazlo

    Hey Greg, can you drop that Early Sunday Release a little early?

  55. Self Exiled

    And I thought Slick Willie was smooth, this guy is absolutely the smoothest, listen to how he appeals to his audience: age grouping, his wordage, his ability to subtly undermine authority, always working on the agenda. He identifies all the problems he helped support or feed into. He identifies all the right morals and goals he never supported. Who ever his handlers and trainers where they were masters. Now we know where he was in the missing months and days. I would call him the shepard of the sheeple.


  56. Berry O'Donnell

    Yes, Self. The shepherd of the sheeple. He just can’t believe he cant fool all the people all the time, let alone some of the time. A real loser. He’s a chicken hawk, who’ll never grow up, unless he grows some and show his wife who’s boss. In my hard to be humble self, Self!

  57. Norlin Gutz

    You mentioned you would be addressing mid-west weather and effects on this years crop. We are located in Iowa and I think I can pretty reasonably say we have never had more ideal planting conditions. Many of us had both our corn & soybeans both planted by May 1st. The biggest concern farmers are having at this time is what kind of market we are going to have available to us this fall. Many of the ethanol plants have closed down with the price of crude oil down to record lows. So we are producing a crop for an ethanol industry that is closed down now. We are afraid we are going to be in a situation that a oil refinery got caught in several weeks ago in which they paid a customer to take product off their hands. We may not have a place to sell this crop too. There are a lot of scenario’s we have to prepare to manage through……but a least we have been able to keep working during this shutdown.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Norlin.

  58. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the report. I have family in both KC and St. Louis, MO. In KC there is a movement to recall the mayor. Horrible here in Newsom’s California. The county may allow outdoor dining this Friday in Sonoma County.

  59. tim mcgraw

    Everyone is gone so I would suggest that you wear a collared shirt for your reports. The black t-shirt is what I wear around the house and garden, but it doesn’t impress. Your haircut is fine. The world has gone mad in 65 days. It’s insane. When does the war start? When does Jesus, who ascended today, come down Fitch Street on his donkey?
    It makes me wonder about the human race. Tim

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