Pakistan Fighting is Big Trouble!

By Greg Hunter’s  

Pakistan is in a real struggle for control of the country with the Taliban.  This is an actual war, not the threat of war as we see with Israel and Iran.  I wrote about Pakistan as being one of 2 big problem areas in the world today in “The 2 Biggest Geopolitical Wild Cards in the World” post.  Take a good look at the map on this post and see how close the Taliban stronghold in the northern part of the country is to the capitol which is Islamabad.   If the Taliban is  successful in gaining control of the capitol and the country’s nuclear arsenal, then it will affect you!  For one thing, immediately higher prices for fuel.  Also, If the Taliban gains control or is perceived to be gaining control, then there is no telling what the military response will be from India or the U.S.   So when I read this headline in Reuters today “Pakistan braces for attacks as offensive continues”,  I thought I would pass it along to you.

By Augustine Anthony

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Suspected Taliban militants shot and killed a Pakistani army brigadier and his driver in the capital on Thursday as the military continued a major offensive against the insurgents in their strongholds near the Afghan border.  Exposing the country’s frayed nerves, the stock market dipped nearly three percent on false reports that a bomb had been found and shots fired at a courthouse in the capital, Islamabad.  The false alarm came as the country remained on high alert for possible retaliatory strikes by Talibanmilitants while the army attacks their strongholds in South Waziristan.  The offensive is a test of the government’s determination to tackle Islamic fundamentalists, and the campaign is being closely followed by the U.S. and other powers embroiled in Afghanistan.  On Thursday, suspected militants shot and killed Brigadier Moin-ud-din Ahmed, deputy force commander of the United Nations Mission in Sudan(UNMIS), who was on vacation in Islamabad.  “Everyone in the mission is very shocked,” Kouider Zerrouk, UNMIS spokesman told Reuters.  (More from Reuters)

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  1. Zohair

    I am from Pakistan and son of a retired officer from Pakistan Army.
    Pakistan has no issues safekeeping nukes from any talibans. its the India and Israel and US that dont like that much power in a country that can go against them at any time (read: “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan)

    So let me break down a few things (old post, i know but still)

    1. There are two main “talibans”: Afghan Talibans and Pakistani Based Taliban offshoots.

    a. Afghan Talibans are the real talibans. They started as a group of normal people getting together to fight back injustice and external invasion. “Taliban” is pashto word for “Students” as it started when a group of students (led by Mullah Omer they say) freed an innocent women who was captured an Afghan govt policemen. and then so on and so forth

    b. Pakistan Talibans are mostly just a lot of young gun-lovers who needed power. They started to get together to help Afghan talibans but then most found out that Afghan talibans were fighting for freedom to live their lives as Muslims and not really into power and money. So they took their own paths. These are the ones attacking Pakistan Govt and Army posts and all. Kidnapping for ransom and all sort of bad stuff etc.

    Both of the above have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda really. That was another game altogether.

    2. The nukes in Pakistan have NO problem from either of these. Afghan Talibans are supported by Pakistan on all fronts (morally, local money, weapons (through CIA) etc etc.).
    Pakistani Talibans are young kids. Taking a school out is one thing. Taking a Nuclear plan is completely another ball game. Pakistan Govt itself doesn’t have any idea on how the Army is handling those babies.

    3. Problem lies in this fact that no one outside Pak Army is able to get their hands on the nukes. THAT fears india who gets Israel and USA to help it. So USA lobbies to create this giant “oh talibans may threaten Pak Nukes” story and India gets the young brats from pakistan with its RAW and USA’s CIA under the banner of “some” Talibans so that pakistan is forced to allow foreign “analysts” (CIA?) to review its nukes and/or abandon it altogether (one and then same thing to me). Then only can India-US-Israel trio create a backup plan against Pakistan.

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