People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands-Tom Cloud

Wealthy People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands - Tom CloudBy Greg Hunter’s 

Hard asset expert Tom Cloud has spotted a clear trend with “the lions share” of his 2,000 high net worth clients.  Cloud says, “I had a client the other day who liquidated a several million dollar position in an ETF because he said it’s time to put gold and silver in my hand. . . . People, the wealthier they are, want to get physical gold and silver in their hands.”   Cloud is far from alone in his observation.  Cloud reports, “I was talking to a major wholesaler last week, when the price was going down, and I asked how many orders have you had today?  He said 560.  I asked how many have sold to you?  He said 20.”   Cloud says delivery times for gold and silver bullion are unusually long.  When supplies of precious metals are plentiful, Cloud says, “It would be in my hand in three to five days. . . Now, depending on the product, it’s two and a half to six weeks.”  Cloud says the only two other times supply has been this tight was “1980 and 2008.”  Cloud contends, “Supplies are tight and fear is high.  I see it getting worse this fall.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Tom Cloud of

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  1. 8Ball

    Good, informative, interview… Sig. Greg

    It is getting down to the wire in the global financial scam that is called “the markets”. The whole thing has been bankrupted through derivative gambling and the puppet masters are having an increasingly harder time with their efforts to conceal the scam and make everything appear to be normal.

    At the chosen time, the plug will be pulled and there will be chaos as people try to access whatever assets that they THINK that they possess. The starting signal will be a global bank holiday.

    FYI, the internet & cell service will go down and you will be stranded… preperato.

    • Greg

      Thank you 8ball for the comment.

    • KungFuPanda

      Do you have a source that the internet and cell phone service will go down? I mean what is your reasoning that both would be pulled? I’m going to call bull on this.

  2. Fraser

    Great Interview Greg. Interesting that all commentators hint at the same outcome – STAGFLATION.

    The Keynesian explanation is gobldygook but the Austrian school makes sense. Money printing is not wealth creation; it merely allows early money recipients (banksters) to outbid late recipients of money (you and me) for resources. Since the actual producers of wealth are typically late recipients, increases in the money supply inceases inflation but at the same time weakens wealth formation that then slows the rate of economic growth.

    So you have inflation without growth, which is exactly what we are experiencing now. So we’re going back to the 1970’s baby, yeah! And the correct stategy then was to buy hard assets (gold and property etc) and lock in the rate of interest as low as possible, before they started rising dramatically.

  3. Sanjay Kashkari

    Ordinary citizens are not looking to acquire gold and silver to store their wealth. Storage of gold and silver is the most stupid thing you can do unless you are conspiring to bring about societal collapse for the purpose of setting up black markets. Patriotic citizens are buying US Treasury Bonds and securing their future while fear mongers conspire to terrorize the populace with false assurances of the failure of our great society when nothing can be further from the truth. We have the greatest military machine ever assembled so we can secure any resource that is required for ensuring our prosperity including the capability to incarcerate or kill those who would terrorize our great nation. Mr.Snowden will come to understand the evil he has done and all conspirators will come to understand the place from which power comes from and who controls it. God Bless the United States of America !

    • Greg

      Sanjay Kashkari
      So anyone warning of danger or speaking his or her mind is a terrorist? Have you not heard of the 1st Amendment? It is you sir who is the terrorist. Yes sir “God Bless the United States of America” and the U.S. Constitution!!!!! I am not going to allow you to come to this site and FALSELY accuse us of terrorism. That is a blatant lie, and label so you can feel good about trampling the Constitution. You wrap yourself in the flag and wipe your feet on our Constitutional rights. You now nothing about patriotism, but you do know something about tyranny. I will not stand your outrageous and baseless false accusations.

      • Fraser

        So let’s get this straight Sanjay, you want to:
        (1) Refuse our right to financial protection, and
        (2) Bankrupt yourself buying TBonds, then
        (3) Kill and steal from us after you “succeed”.
        Sounds like a plan…
        But come on, own up, your real name is Obama, right?

      • jc davis

        Greg. I am glad Sanjay posted this. It shows just how some people think like oligarch’s. The powerful will not let the average American regain there constitutional money. The constitution has been shredded by people that think like Sanjay.
        By his lack of knowledge he proves the intelligentsia of your other viewers. I love this site for the correct information I receive. However I do not believe we will ever see a gold standard dollar again. There are just too many people fighting against it.
        Gold, and silver will always be money for trade. I do not hold gold to make (fake) money. Someday soon it may buy me whatever I need to survive. Thanks as always.

        • Greg

          Yes JC it is insightful. In the future “Aanjay” will be required to post a real verifiable name. I will no longer allow him to post anonymously. I hope he’s reading this.

          • Ruben

            You are spot on Greg. Who ever this Sanjay shill is needs to be on a different site. It’s trolls like this that keep Americans in the dark.

            • Greg

              Unless he provides a real verifiable name, he is gone off this site.

      • Ben

        You aren’t very bright are you?

        • Greg

          You are only as good as people think you are.

    • Rebecca

      “Incarcerate and kill those who would terrorize our great nation.”
      And the ‘terrorists’ are people who store gold and silver.

      If that ‘clue’on the direction this government is going — from a government man trying to wrap himself in the clothes of an ordinary patriotic citizen — doesn’t scare you, IT SHOULD.

      Eyes wide open, folks.

      • Ben

        No kidding. The NDAA of 2012 (and now 2013) authorizes the feds to arrest & incarcerate anyone anywhere for any reason for an indefinite time in an undisclosed location.

        That is TYRANNY and that is what Obama signed into law two times. The two sections of the NDAA that provide this “power” were authored by Senator Traitor McCain and Carl Levin (IIRC). Congress is doing absolutely nothing to stop the tyranny in this country and it’s eventual collapse.

        People must prepare. Stock up on food, water, medicine, silver gold (if you can afford it), weapons, ammunition, body armor and anything else for the long term. Don’t leave your money in banks! The money will be confiscated and you will never see a penny of it. Besides, paper money is worthless when the end comes. Precious metals are the way to go. God bless this great country and I hope & pray we survive the coming collapse.

    • Truth hurts

      My what a misinformed low information voter you are. Prosperity my dear Koolaid drinker is not slivers of paper created out of thin air as you allude to. I can clearly see the education system has done well by you, you’ve learned nothing. To even suggest that people are or should run to treasuries is even more evidence of your ignorance of the reality that is in front of you. Me thinks you are a paid shill, one who I call a true believer, well here’s some reality for you my koolaid drinking friend, its all fake! when you come to grips with that reality only then will you be taken serious. And your ” God bless America ” emotional ending rant is meaningless, you don’t care about America you care about yourself a ” Its for the children ” Progressive Liberal dolt who is blind to see the failures that Liberals have caused in this Great Country of ours. Now go watch American Idol and let us adults have a logical conversation, as this topic is way over your IQ level.

    • old nurse

      “We have the greatest military machine ever assembled so we can secure any resource that is required for ensuring our prosperity including the capability to incarcerate or kill those who would terrorize our great nation.”

      Dear Sir: Your comment quoted above is certainly true but on the 4th of July, it is something to mourn rather than celebrate.

  4. Brian

    As far as I am concerned, if it is not in your possession then it is not yours, thats the level of corruption I think we are living with right now and it is really scary to think about. 100% of my current savings stream is going into metals, about 2/3 of my paper assets are now metal……I think we are past the point where we can remedy or fix the situation, now is simply the time to prepare for what lies ahead.

  5. Kerry

    Ok, there are no amount of words to say how bad this is.

  6. Derrick Michael Reid

    He has that right! and so, is selling to china TREASON?

    Greedster JPM steals James G Rickards
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 7:31:45 AM
    Of course this is all speculation, but lets have some fun anyway. That is what life is really about, FUN FUN FUN.

    Mr James G Rickards is probably and possibly the only known six hatter, with a huge mental mass density spectral signature. The guy is simply a mental giant, and part of the would be Dream Team in Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters where JPM is the mob boss. But evidence surfaced yesterday that maybe JPM was on the sly, possibly, so lets have some fun with it. Rickards can say bullion is not manipulated because the so-called manipulators play by rules, the literal statues, meaning, his version of no manipulation stems from legal laws at-law of the King’s Bench, and he is a lawyer playing by the rules, so, to Rickards, if you comply with guns licensing laws, and the US Justices grants you further immunity by saying you are TBTJ, then that is the go ahead, to blast away, with impunity, dump 400 tons naked short, by the rules, and murder anyone and everyone and any bug, with blood flowing in the streets, while his god fearing tendencies look the other way, because there is literal compliance with the rules. Get it? It is his sense of morality.

    These fools who try to take on the manipulator JPM on the two coasts using conventional law suits are self-centered lawyers with clients seen coming. So, I wonder how much he was paid, in view of recent public notoriety by yours exposing JPM as a treasonous villain. Richards was listed as part of the dream team, in Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedster, and so, the opposition JPM must be trying to “steal” him, so, he now may be considered “hostile”, better still. Leading questions and hypotheticals are now in play, from the get go, the job of examining Rickards on cross made now much easier. These greedsters are so freaking moused trapped, so pay away JPM, Rickards and the TEAM wins again, LOL!!!!
    Rickarks might not voluntary appear, only at first, because he might raise possible conflicts, with all them buckeroos already paid by the opposition JPM, so can you imagine the vicious ruthless cross-examiner in a sworn deposition in his office, after of course, we get tons of paper exhibits on the records of his qualifications, and then we start with global beggards, currency wars, and 100,000T FRNs printing in QE, and gold, the last ditch defense to total anarchy, getting treasously passed on to China, man, it dont and wont really matter, if he is officially for or against, but it is about what he says, and by the time I get done with him, we might just pay Jesus a little visit. LOL!!!!

    So he got the loot, which is fine, really, and made the no-manipulation statement, fine, but he will need an out, of course, and that goes with the nature of the claims brought, which he has not addressed as yet, so that, the set up is complete and consistent, thank you opposition, and its now public, and this could not be better, so really, no harm to his career, with the out already in play, even if being a world class hero to our cause, while officially paid and in their camp. Be flexible, provide the outs where necessary, but get the testimony on the record, and he cant hide. That is where it counts, and turn coats are always the best to have on your side. The opposition is totally MOUSED TRAPPED.

    In summary, the opposition just dug their own hole allot deeper, if you can see it. Next, we will get madusa making another huge admission on bloomberg!! Cant wait!! Stack up them URLs, those admissible excited utterances, admissions against interest, and historical recordings, to hang em high. I mean seriously, if Turd Ferguson can eat a yellar due to bullion paper price manipulation by JPM, Rickards can eat a white paper, and madusa can eat video tape, right? So, “pass the solsa please”. LOL.

    For you Dice Clay fans, we call this foreplay, they are just toe dipping, and messing their pants in so doing, and just got alligator bit.

    So lets have some even more fun, and mind screw Rickards. Just for fun, of course.

    @JamesGRickards What would Jesus say of Fraud Naked Short Sales, selling what you dont have, say 400tons/min, buy low & treason sell 2 China

    @jamesGRickard If FRN is likely to fail, with QE & gold coinage the last ditch defense to US anarchy, is not bullion sales to China treason

    That will twist his publicly known god fearing tail. LOL!!!

    The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love”


    Cathy’s Clown – Everly Brothers

    When Will I Be Loved – Everly Brothers


    The Everly Brothers – Dream

  7. jerry

    Greg this was a really interesting interview with Mr. Cloud. I find it fascinating that Gold and Silver orders are getting tight. What does that say about the world economy? We are not the only ones planning for something. Like you have always said, “you purchase Gold as insurance, not an investment”. I agree with that, but I still think being “debt free” is a good place to be. Gold still appears to me to be a “long” strategy. My priority tree looks like this:
    1. Food
    2. Debt free
    3. Gold/ Silver
    Greg where can the little guy buy Gold if the markets are so tight?

    • Greg

      Use the link on the post and call Tom Cloud. I think he will sell you some metal.

    • Ben

      I haven’t bought gold recently but have bought silver in the last few weeks. There are many online reputable sellers of precious metals. My last order did indeed take about six weeks for delivery. Get precious metals while you can and certainly while the cost is low. Silver is at $19 an ounce right now. Great buy!

  8. george

    where is the gold coming from that the central banks are buying???
    Fort Knox??

  9. Jim H

    Thanks Greg

    Tom pretty much said there is a huge demand for gold and very little supply. Something, somewhere is very wrong if supply and demand still mean anything. Whatever is wrong has been wrong for some time. Hard to believe in the old market rules these days.

  10. Troy

    People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands-Tom Cloud, But Germany will have to wait until at least 2020 ;)!

    If Germany can’t trust the banks, rest assured your deposits are safe ;)!

    Why is the price so low? So the banks can stock up!

    Happy 4th! Enjoy your independence day! Please see 100 page fine print PDF for rules to follow:

    • jc davis

      Good stuff Troy. The pic will enter my collection.

  11. M.Smith

    Happy 4th Greg, a change is coming & most won’t like it but some will embrace it! Life is full of changes & this one will shake the heck of all those who have been asleep for most of their lives, there is a bad moon rising! A very good song & fitting!
    Thanks again for being a man, if we have a congress made of people like you we would be in this life changing event about to take place! GOD BLESS All!

    • M.Smith

      Correction, We would not be going through this life changing event! Sorry! If congress had your honor & could live by the truth & Oath they took, we would not have this mess to deal with, just setting things right!

  12. Omartin

    Great interview, Greg. Keep up the good work. I don’t hear enough stories of how average-joes like me are buying as much metals as possible, aside from the standard American Silver Eagles & RCM products. Most of the numbers/reported buys only seem to mention the ASE’s & RCM’s sold and don’t show the true demand, as many people that I know are buying the loads of “off-brand” silver bars, 92.5% Mexican Coins & $2.5 Gold Pesos (pesos literally sell out quick on the major bullion sites).

    • Greg

      This is good info! Thank you for reporting and costing it here.

  13. Derrick Michael Reid

    FREEDOM DAY, July 4th 2013

    2016 Preidential Bid, Hat in the Ring
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Thursday, July 04, 2013 10:46:05 AM

    My fellow Americans, I will stand for the presidency of the USA in 2016. I will not campaign. I will accept campaign contributions. I will not spend 300 million to buy your votes or your love or your friendship, but would accept your votes if willingly given. I will be brutally honest with you then and now. It makes no difference in my mind if you are a left handed fool or a right hand fool, you are still a fool. My fellow Americans, you have been had by two totalitarian political parties, as there is effectively no choice in the election booth, as there is a slight difference between them, as there is no significant difference, in my mind, between the devil and the devil’s helper. The biggest tragedy is the legal bench which has sold you all out to those totalitarian political parties, through plenary totalitarian rule, so as to concentrate socialistic totalitarian power in DC.

    If invited onto a major news show, and given plenty of time to address the public, I would do so only for purpose of enhancing the education of the people, but will not go to any news show for just a couple of minutes to squeak out some talking points, just to catch your ears. My heart is libertarian-green and is based in a love for freedom and conservation of mother earth. I will institute very drastic political and fiscal changes of federal government, solving the big problems facing the country today, so as to right the ship of state, so as to restore the Republic, with freedom for all, with long lasting prosperity for all, unleashing personal freedom and our innate greed and charity for maximum standards of living, in freedom and conservation.

    When the Attorney General of the USA says effectively that the Wall Street Lawyers, Banksters and Greedsters are to TBTF and TBTJ, the private section must rise up, to save the government and its people, from undue criminal influences corrupting governmental functions and its people. I am a private citizen, and will answer that call of duty, and would serve, without pay, if asked to do so by the American electorate in 2016.

  14. jerry

    Sanjak Kashkari
    “Patriotic citizens are buying US Treasury Bonds and securing their future while fear mongers conspire to terrorize the populace with false assurances”.
    Are you for real? Or do you not know how to count? We are 125 Trillion dollars in debt. The Bonds are worthless. Greg please don’t block Mr. Kashkari’s post. I need a few laughs occasionally.

    • Greg

      I will not block him but I am going to require a real verifiable name in the future. If he wants to make false and outrageous accusations, he will have to man-up and own his words. Thank you for weighing in here.

      • Devils Advocate

        Will the new standard apply to all your readers or just the ones you disagree with? All due respect but if you get all totalitarian to control the discourse….the terrorists win.

        • Greg

          With all due respect if you want to criticize and falsely call people “terrorists” then you should man-up and own your comments with a real name. I don’t post anonymously. Why should I not ask the same in return.

          • Devils Advocate

            Man up? I’m simply pointing out that if you pick and choose for a standard to be applied to those who you disagree with, you are applying a double standard. Also, some people decide to be anonymous to avoid the potential for hostile retaliation from the public. It doesn’t save us from the NSA but it may save us from a dangerous political zealot. By the way, I love your interviews with GC and am honored you responded to my comment. Even though it was a personal attack. I am glad there are people who are not anonymous and do speak up, for that I thank you. I didn’t mean that I thought you to be a terrorist. I meant the terrorists are the people who get us to censor ourselves. Once we do that and stifle discourse “they” win. Let the idiots write whatever they want, say whatever they want anonymously or otherwise. Ignore them. Responding, reacting and venting only fuels them more. Cheers!

            • Greg

              Devils Advocate,

              Good points one and all however, anyone coming here and falsely accusing me or people on this site of terrorism has to do it using a real name. You simply don’t get to come here and anonymously get a voice if you are too much of a coward to own the vile and creepy things you say. I have made many calls about material people came to me with and needed to remain anonymous. Any of the nasty comments “Dave” has made are off by a country mile. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  15. Mike R

    Gold and silver buyers. There are still reputable on line dealers who will sell bullion at reasonable premiums and delivery generally is within a week or two. Typical is a 20 coin minimum.

    I’ve personally been accumulating and not trying to “time” any sort of a bottom. You may have heard from a few to get “out of the system.”

    I truly do not know if this is the correct thing to do, but I am personally doing what I can to reduce my cash position at any bank as much as practical, and similarly exiting 401ks. Taxes aren’t ever “fun” to pay, but at some point you have to ask yourself, whether it’s better to get 80% of something, or 100% of nothing. Since around the year 2000, maybe even as early as 1999, I questioned what I had in the bank or even my 401ks or IRA rollovers as being fully accessible and “safe.” that it took another 12 to 13 years to actually witness the events we have witnessed in terms of “bail ins” is a little surprising. I imagined something worse would occur sooner.

    Now that the events are upon us, it’s still quite hard to know whether “converting” cash to something that is still so foreign or dissed by so many, is the correct thing to do. And to what percentage makes sense. However when I look at how I saved up money and the time it just seemed so natural to put it ” in the bank, ” I kind of look at the thought process that led to that. Truly there was none. It was only as a kid growing up in the 60s and 70s that I was sort of taught it to be the “logical” thing to do. “logical” perhaps bc interest rates and compounding were attractive back then. Now those two terms mean nothing. Banks have taken compounding out of our lexicon, and they throw .5% to 1% “yields” around like those actually mean something. It’s like Ditka who used to say George Halas threw nickels around like man hole covers. Given that banks have so utterly used and abused the privilege of holding our money, it’s actually quite logical to question why anyone has a dime in ANY bank, other than the fact that society has now become so reliant upon electronic direct deposit, and on line payments or credit cards.

    The actual use of cash, has been made fairly inconvenient.

    It used to feel foreign to me to convert cash to precious metals. Same thing with wire transfers or literally having bank tellers look at me funny when I ask for $3k to $5k at a time in hundred dollar bills.

    It’s like anything else though. Once you start doing it, and doing it in small steps that make you feel a little more confident, but most likely still not “comfortable”, you don’t question the logic of it quite as much. I personally don’t want to be immediately at a point where I am truly “comfortable” converting from US dollars to precious metals, as those emotions and comfort levels aren’t necessarily a good thing. One has to keep ones wits about oneself, and survival is not about becoming complacent or comfortable.

    It’s shocking to me that everyone out there in day to day dealings or communications talks so little about this country’s dire financial situation, as literally there are only 47% of our adult population with full time employment. It’s as if bringing it up at all in any conversation is so taboo, that people are more comfortable talking about whether they had sex in the past month, than anything financial or employment related.

    Lastly, I ask myself on a regular basis, why am I working for these US dollars, why is anyone else doing so ? I’d much rather be simply living, and not even have to consider working for any payment in the form of any fiat currency for services performed.

    When you have a thought like that, then you start asking your self why you don’t have close to 80% of everything in precious metals of some form. And why have a mortgage if you have the cash available in a 401 or bank to pay it off ?

    It seems silly to be letting any bank or broker have your cash, and paying you next to nothing without forcing you to take substantial risk, while you are borrowing some money from that same bank to live in a home that is more than just a shelter.

    • Tim

      Tell me more! I’m 31 and just turned onto precious metals by accident. I have read similar beliefs in other sources…what do you know??


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