People Will Be Dumping Dollars & Buying Gold – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Peter Schiff was in a small group warning of a coming financial meltdown that happened in 2008. Schiff says, “I was kind of a fixture on financial cable TV giving these warnings. My thought was the bubble would burst, and I knew that it would. Once the housing bubble burst and we had this financial crisis, I knew it would follow along with the Great Recession. I thought the Federal Reserve would try the best it could to reflate the bubbles in the stock markets and housing markets. But my thought was that their efforts would fail. The markets would not allow it and that a dollar collapse would intervene and would prevent new debt from being issued to fully reflate those bubbles. I was actually wrong. They didn’t just try to reflate the bubbles, they actually succeeded in blowing them bigger than ever.”

Ten years later, Schiff is warning of another financial calamity bigger than the last one. Schiff says, “The problem is now we are on the precipice of a much bigger crisis than before. The next time, if they try to reflate those bubbles, which they will, it will be a spectacular failure because the markets are now prepared for the opposite. Everybody, right now, assumes the Fed is going to be able to keep raising rates. They assume they are going to shrink its balance sheet and that we have this booming economy that will never bust. When the Fed has to reverse course abruptly, acknowledge the underlying weakness that everybody has been oblivious to and they start cutting rates and launching another round of quantitative easing (money printing), I think the dollar is going to fall through the floor. I think the inflationary fires that are already burning pretty hot are going to ignite. It’s not going to be like 2008 where the dollar went up and consumer prices inched down a little bit. I think the dollar is going to tank and consumer prices are going to soar, and it’s going to be stagflation. When the markets get a whiff of that, they are not going to like the way it smells. It is going to create a dollar crisis. I think the Fed has put itself between a rock and a hard place. There is no way out this time. . . . This time, you really have to be positioned because this time is going to be the end of it. This is not going to be a hat trick or third time is a charm when it comes to reflating these bubbles.”

On gold, Schiff contends, “People are going to be dumping their dollars and buying gold. . . . If you understood what the Fed was doing, you would be buying gold, but most people don’t understand. You can look at what has happened to gold prices in terms of other currencies, such as emerging markets. Obviously, gold prices in those countries measured in those currencies have gone up dramatically. So, gold has acted as a store of value and a store of purchasing power in every country where the currency has come down. The same thing is going to hold true of the United States. . . . We could do a reset. We could go back to sound money. We could go back on a gold standard, and we could devalue the dollar officially. I don’t know exactly how high the price of gold would have to be, $10,000 per ounce, $20,000 per ounce, who knows, but there is a price where we could go back to a gold standard. If we want to stay on a gold standard, that means the government would have to live within its means. That’s why governments hate gold standards because it provides discipline to government.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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After the Interview: 

Peter Schiff has two websites with free information, articles and podcasts. You can find Mr. Schiff on and

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  1. Tad

    “If we want to stay on a gold standard, that means the government would have to live within its means. That’s why governments hate gold standards because it provides discipline to government.”

    If they can’t show a convincing video of US sovereign gold or silver stores, we’re doomed. Seems to be especially indicated by elites buying gold.

    • Frederick

      Convincing video of Gold and Silver stores? I wouldn’t be convinced unless there was an independent audit Look at how good a job they did with 911 convincing the sheeple

  2. john duffy

    So the Kavanaugh accuser woman, Ford, has been exposed as a total fraud, not that any serious person didn’t see this coming from day one.

    Turns out the whole “I had a big fight with my husband over installing a second front door on my house because I had post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks from memories of being sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh” was… wait for it… exactly what every person with an above-room-temperature I.Q. thought it was. Complete bullshit. Like Mayella Ewell-level bullshit.

    Ford had a second front door installed on her home because she had a studio apartment added on, and wanted a separate entrance so it could be rented, which in Palo Alto would mean a cool $2000 per month, easily.

    I mean, DUH. That was obvious. But, now we have the documentation, AND HER OWN TESTIMONY.

    • AJ

      where were the “republicans” to ask that question???
      blake or whatever his name is, was busy in the elevators talking to stalkers

    • Robert

      If were not suppose to challenge Ford and believe her at face value, then her old boyfriend has the right to be believed at face value too.

      • paul ...

        So a women being abusive to a man by making up lies about him is a “women’s right”? … women probably get that idea from the Demon-ratic left who also tell women they have a “women’s right” to kill unborn children in the womb … or like Madeleine Albright saying she had the women’s right to condone the killing of 500,000 little children Iraq … or like Hillary laughing Hee Hee Hee as she exercised her women’s right to have a man assassinated in Libya? … and when a man exercises a man’s right to choose not to touch a women (he is labeled a queer) … and if he does lose his mind and hugs a women (he is labeled a rapist) … bet if God didn’t go and create Eve … Adam would still be living in Paradise!!

        • paul ...

          And all those Arab terrorists in Syria … killing themselves so they can have 18 virgins in Heaven … must have a loose screw mentality!!

    • WD

      Not a Word from CNN

  3. Beverly Kingsford

    Tell Peter that is the nicest picture of him I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your latest professional take on all of this.

    • Mike R

      heres a great professional analysis of Ford’s big con job on congress. faked baby voice and all…

      can see how so many were duped. even the prosecutor saw through her act, and nicely gave her tons of rope to hang herself.

    • Anthony Australia

      Looks a little like Bernanke

    • Jim Weeber

      Yes the portrait maker controlled the lighting in a way that adds modeling to his face. Multiple lighting from different angles and varied power. See how flattering a well done portrait can be? Still worth the money to get a great headshot from a pro level photographer. What a difference between this and phone pics in our “snapshot” society. Very informative message today. Thank you, best wishes.

    • Roger D

      Yes Beverly. Peter Schiff fan here. The picture reminds me of how long I have been following Peter. I use to have…… Never mind.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        I’ve been a fan of Peter Schiff too, mainly because Peter was saying the same stuff that Ron Paul was saying when he ran for President. Ron Paul was getting the truth out about the Federal Reserve, and Peter Schiff also talks openly and freely about how the Federal Reserve is a private bank. Fox News was a network that we could be relied on much more fully, back then. Then they started lying about the outcomes of the Presidential election, on national TV. Peter Schiff has always been on the truth side of the picture, and that is why the networks don’t have him on much anymore.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Peter will probably be another 10 years older and America will be even deeper in debt by the time overall public confidence in our Federal government and financial system declines enough for Gold to finally take a ride and spike up to $2,000 +/ an ounce from here.

      My prediction: It will first take some big sovereign debt default somewhere to spook the govt. bond markets or maybe a huge state/municipal insolvency on the front page headlines. This may be another 5-10 years off, as yet. All depends. Another words, interest rates will have to go way up but if its on account of increased default rates (risk) on sovereign debt issues, then both bond yields and gold can move (up) in-sync.

      So, the current monetary equilibrium between interest rates and currencies and moderate inflation is transitory to more volatility and social upheaval sometime down the road. We already have chosen our collective paths and individual paths in life. Just watch it all play-out. Not much anyone can do about it as far as the big picture. Just prepare and “roll with the punches”, as they say.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        H. Craig,
        The dollar will become worthless. I believe that the Democrats will destroy this country to the point of almost total ruination. I think what Schiff is saying here, about Trump being blamed, is very true. If the media can blame Trump and get away with it, they will, and I think what Peter had to say about politics taking a much bigger swing to the left, is very true. I think if people want to survive, they are going to have to be able to grow their own food and produce their own stuff. And, if they can’t produce, they will be trouble. People will want products more than anything. Peter is SO right in saying what he did about production coming from other countries. They work their butts off for the U.S., and the joke is coming to an end. The U.S. has suffered spiritually from being able to get cheap products from overseas. God made people to be happy when they are working.

  4. Last Man

    Watch To The End, You’LL
    See Christine Falsy Ford,
    at Back In The Day Party.
    Don’t let the black hair fool ya!

    • Jerry

      Last man.
      My ribs are sore from laughing. Thanks for posting. And yes that looks like a Ford in the wig. You know you can’t trust a Ford? That’s why I drive a Chevy.

      • Mike

        Ford- Fix Or Repair Daily.
        Ford- Found On Road Dead.
        Ford- Fraudulent Old Ruined Democrat.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff,always thought provoking.It is indeed strange to hear little or any negativity about the DOW whatsoever.It seems to be verboten to query our luck or future.
    The number of cheerleaders for Mr Trump seems to be diminishing somewhat,he has been president for two years and now owns the glory of the economy.
    Outside the USA our elite particularly here in the UK and Europe just cannot indulge in cronyism and nepotism to the point where zombie companies are as common as muck,but no fear we will never hear of them until they mysteriously collapse.
    We outside the USA will suffer much more than the USA if the Dollar were to devalue overnight,devalue against what?The Euro and British Pounds are laughing stocks,Yen a joke and the Yuan an enigma of lies.Where does serious money go?The DOW does beckon with DOW 40,000 now within possibility if not 65,000.
    The government will use their best criminal minds to disabuse all our savings and the elite will buy the necessary influence and we will passively cheer this all if recent history is any indicator.

    • Freebrezer

      MdS – so correct!!! … ” if the Dollar were to devalue overnight, devalue against what? ” That is the trillion wealth question … huge wealth (the big money that is in the tens to hundred billions $$, Yen, or EUR) where is it going to run to? Mexico? Britain (debt approx. same as USA? EU (debt worse off then the USA)? China (here it is communist controlled … if Red china wants your deposits who is going to stop them from taking it?)? Japan (Huge debt)? South Africa? Libya? Turkey? Brazil? Russia (maybe some?)? Australia (not big enough to handle this kind of inflows)? Canada (not big enough to handle this kind of inflows)? Swiss (not big enough to handle this kind of inflows)? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Pakistan ( yah! who is going to trust storing their wealth in a lot of these places)? Indonesia? Where? Maybe Mozambique, Mongolia or India? This question is never answered!

      • Freebrezer

        It screams that when the monetary system starts to go down around the world … RESET! And who in the hell knows what will come after that ????? Be prepared on multiple fronts!

  6. Shadow of Doubt

    Hmmm, I wonder how this will turn out?
    The “bad debt” that the big banks used to own—now reside with the pensions funds! Can you say “abracadabra” q-tip heads? SOD

    • Greg Hunter

      I am afraid you are correct but the wild card is how much can Trump and the treasury Department confiscate from the bad guys. This is a very big wild card.

  7. energy

    peter pic is looking good

  8. Anthony Australia


    I can now stream USAWD on my big TV at home, absolutely fantastic and when guests come over I put it on and say this is my news!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA. I guess down there I have a funny accent. I love Australia!!

      • Anthony Australia

        I’ve been accustomed to the Yank accent since I was a boy watching Perry Mason & other shows 🙂
        Audio has never been an issue but now I can see you with clarity. It is I that thank you Greg and blessed to be a part of the USAWD community, I truly mean that.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you AA!!

    • Thad Talhmich

      My girlfriend threw out my old Sony 36 inch boob tube. It was so heavy she said it would make an excellent anchor for a destroyer! She called a scraper and when I came home it was gone. Got it at the Salvation Army for 15 bucks, 4 years ago. Sold at Sears for 2500 in 2003. It had HDMI & surround sound built in, got high def off the air and would have lasted another 10 years at least.
      Costco has a 55 inch LG discounted but got to go to the store for the price. My buddies a member. Heard they don’t last like the tube TV’s, so keep your fingers crossed. I don’t put faith in luck so I’m being very careful. It’s a crap shoot, I guess. Wanted to buy old Morgan silver dollars. Pray Trump buys us more time. You like prep Aussie? Maybe Greg can interview him someday. He really seems down to earth, like you, down under. He’s coming to Melbourne soon. I think that’s were you are. If you see him give him a shout for me. If it was in Melbourne Florida, I’d take a trip. Will be maybe going anyways. Winters coming and up here in Michigan were at the same northern latitude as Tasie is southern. Cold country. By
      Enjoy your big screen! Thaddeus
      P.S. Greg dose sound funny. Sounds like a Michigander. Honk honk! Hard to believe Janda’s a Michigander. He sounds to smooth!

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Thad,
        Yes I have watched and know of Prep Aussie, switched on guy. 7,000 subscribers to his show highlights we are only beginning to wake up here.
        Take care

      • Anthony Australia

        Prep Aussie clip

        • Thad

          Anthony ,
          Prep sure does his homework, eh!

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter, Thanks.
    Mr. Schiff comes the closest of any of your guests to answering your persistent (sometimes implied) question about what the world will look like when the current monetary regime ends. However, even Mr. Schiff seems to shy away from fully embracing the question: He correctly notes that the economy is completely unsustainable as currently constituted. He correctly notes that politics are such that ameliorative actions cannot and will not be taken. He correctly notes that the dollar will become worthless, especially in international trade. He correctly notes that the US is not manufacturing enough of the stuff that it consumes. And, he correctly notes that present economic and political policies punish savings and that without savings there will be no investment in productive capacity and that, therefore, the US has no politically viable way to start making enough of the stuff it consumes.
    Yet, he — like everyone else — never comes straight out and states what the world (the US in particular) will look like when other people stop giving us stuff in exchange for our paper and we have no present capacity to make the stuff ourselves. That is, nobody tells us that the implication of all this is that, rather than a merely nasty-and-prolonged depression, what we will really get is 90% unemployment, full martial law (until the army and police cannot be paid), FEMA camps (until they, also, become unsustainable), roving gangs of outlaws, starvation, and a mass die off.
    To his credit, Mr. Schiff did tell us that this time it’s going to be different. He even told us many of the reasons why. All in all, a great interview!

    • Freebrezer

      WS – People do not give us stuff! they trade for paper that has perceived value … gold likewise, only has perceived value … it is not worth anything except what is perceived! This has been the means of trade for over 3000 yrs! Plus, Too many people over look one of the most important items – FOOD. The USA produces an over abundance and we ship out a whole, whole lot … I wish I could find the %! China – a big nope – they import a huge amount of food, along with the whole Mideast, Africa, etc.! All the other stuff is useless unless you have Food and the means of aquiring it or producing it. I personally think the USA will weather this financial hurricane, albeit with one big reset (riots, huge strife, and some death, etc) … And Yes, everyone (except the corrupt) will get one hell of a hair cut and it will not be pretty … outside the US and in poorer food producing countries … not good at all and scary. Another big question – if the USA is not buying all this foreign produced stuff (that fuels a portion of these foreign economies)… how are these foreign economies going to survive with out the USA purchases (and the export of USA food)? It gets real ugly and quick!

      • William Stanley

        Freebreezer, No and yes.
        No, people do not “give” us stuff. However, as I said, they do exchange it for paper promises (as well as for some of our stuff). We have an imbalance in trade. When they perceive that our paper promises are worthless, they will stop exchanging their stuff for those paper promises.
        Yes, China and everywhere else will implode as well when the flows of stuff and paper promises become highly disrupted.
        The fundamental problem is time. It takes time to readjust the flows of production, consumption and credible promises to pay. It took decades to get us in this situation. Unfortunately, IMO, we don’t have decades to work our way out of it. In ways similar to the way buildings can collapse more quickly than they can be built, so can economies.

        • William Stanley

          Freebrezer (not “Freebreezer), sorry for getting your handle wrong.

  10. Russ F

    Brilliant! Mr Schiff explains much of what is happening and what has happened in very understandable terms. The only thing I do not think he addresses is the manipulation going on (by someone). Such as in the gold market; it is not only because “everyone” thinks everything is great that gold is where it is today. “Someone” wants gold low to make it look like everything is great, but “someone” also wants it low so that they can buy as much as possible at basically the cost of mining it. (is that someone China/Russia or maybe even the U.S. is buying it and not telling us?) And, with all the derivatives, it is not difficult in the short term to “manage” the price of gold. Long term, gold will go much higher. Still a great interview that everyone should listen to. I agree 100% with his explanation and predictions.

  11. paul ...

    Peter Schiff says: “Most people don’t know what the Fed is up to” … seems from the conversation below Schiff is right!!

    JQPublic : “Mr. Chairman”! What’s happening with the tariffs and all?”
    Fed : ” I have a full economic report here about China.”
    JQPublic : “Great. Who is the new leader of China now?”
    Fed : ” Hu is the new leader of China.”
    JQPublic : “That’s what I want to know.”
    Fed : “That’s what I’m telling you.”
    JQPublic : “That’s what I’m asking you. Who is the new leader of China?”
    Fed : “Yes.”
    JQPublic : “I mean the fellow’s name.”
    Fed : “Hu.”
    JQPublic : “The guy in China.”
    Fed : “Hu.”
    JQPublic : “The new leader of China.”
    Fed : “Hu.”
    JQPublic : “The Chinese Dictator!”
    Fed : “Hu is leading China.”
    JQPublic : “Now whaddya’ asking me for?”
    Fed : “I’m telling you Hu is leading China.”
    JQPublic : “Well, I’m asking you. Who is leading China?”
    Fed : “That’s the man’s name.”
    JQPublic : “That’s who’s name?”
    Fed : “Yes.”
    JQPublic : “Alright … Yes or no … will you or will you not tell me the name of the new leader of China?”
    Fed : “Yes, sir.”
    JQPublic : “Yassir? It can’t be Yassir Arafat from the Middle East?”
    Fed : “That’s correct.”
    JQPublic : “Then who is in China?”
    Fed : “Yes, sir.”
    JQPublic : “Yassir is in China?”
    Fed : “No, sir.”
    JQPublic : “Then who is?”
    Fed : “Yes, sir.”
    JQPublic : “Look, Mr. Chairman. Before you give me your very clear and explicit economic report I simply need to know the name of the new leader of China. Can you get me someone at the U.N. on the phone who knows the name of the new leader in China.”
    Fed : “How about Kofi?”
    JQPublic : “No, thanks.”
    Fed : “I thought you may have wanted Kofi?”
    JQPublic : “No.”
    Fed : “So you don’t want Kofi.”
    JQPublic : “No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk. And then get me the U.N.”
    Fed : “Yes, sir.”
    JQPublic : “Lets forget Yassir he is no longer around! Anyone at the U.N.”
    Fed : “But no Kofi?”
    JQPublic : “Perhaps some milk! Will you please make the call?”
    Fed : “And call who?”
    JQPublic : “Someone at the U.N is who?”
    Fed : “But Hu is in China.”
    JQPublic : “Can we stay out of China?!”
    Fed : “Yes, sir.”
    JQPublic : “And stay out of the Middle East! … Please just get me any guy at the U.N.”
    Fed : “Kofi?”
    JQPublic : “All right! With cream and two sugars.

    • Thad Talhmich

      Paul your the who’s who @! Do you listen to the Who too? Your an oldtimer.

      • paul ...

        In China … Hu’s Who (he being a dictator and all) … If China’s Hu has a PhD … he would officially be China’s Dr. Hu … loved that show years ago … currently watching China’s Dr. Hu solve the mystery of the universe (like what to do with Trump’s tariffs) is more exciting then an old Charley Chan movie!!

    • al


    • sk

      LOLOL! Delightful!

  12. Hoosier river rat

    On June 4 /1963 pres. Kennedy signed exec.order 11110, which he authorized the U.S. treasury to issue almost 4.3 billion in U.S. treasury notes. This currency side stepped the FederalRsearve and did not incurr interest ,it was debt free money. Sadly a few months later the deep state , oh I mean Oswald put an end to it and it was recalled. The notes had a red Treasury seal on them . I have a five note and happened to see a few tens and twenties in a coin shop recently.

  13. Hoosier river rat

    Your in the ten zone Greg , the MSM considers Mr. Schiff and others that you interview persona non grata . The advertisers are afraid that if the viewers heard the financial truth they would be freaked and lower the life boats. It’s a cofidence game and unfortunately they look at truth tellers like a turd in a punch bowl.

  14. Ray

    Great interview Greg…..
    Mate, please book Schiff in for a regular 6-weekly chat…..that would be splendid…..although at this rate and the way things are going, he might only come on one or two more times!
    Agree that it is obvious that the US CAN NEVER pay the debts it owes the rest of the nations of the world, whilst it has lived high-on-the-hog for decades.
    I am all for a Glorious Trumpian US debt default……. on two irrevocable conditions:
    1) When the US defaults…..the debts of EVERY OTHER NATION on the planet are also eliminated.
    2) That the US only be allowed to default on its’ debts if it agrees to close EVERY SINGLE US Military Base on foreign shores throughout the world.
    NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER……Empire closed down……gone out of business due to bankruptcy.
    If the US defaulted on what it owes the rest of the world WITHOUT agreeing to those basic and reasonable conditions……well……I reckon Mr Putin and Mr Xi might have a quick meeting, and decide to press a few red buttons.
    Couldn’t blame them either……no one wants a nation, who admits its’ failure, to then go on cheating and bullying the rest of nations of the world into eternity.
    Better to take that nation down, like one must with any bully in the end.
    Thanks for a splendid interview Greg and Peter……wonderful honesty right there.
    God bless you both and all the good Watch Doggers here.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  15. Mike

    Peter Schiff makes a bad assumption that we actually have a functional market. He also has a blind spot for the criminal element behind the financial establishment. The market is better described as a Nintendo game and the criminal element projects massive power with evil intent. Peter has always highlighted the choice between direct default and hyperinflation. The third choice is massive asset seizures from the criminal element to pay off the national debt. Peter is absolutely correct that government must be forced to live within their means after any financial reset.

  16. Last Man

    Julian Assange Is Being Abandoned
    Jimmy Dore Show Reveals Real Reason WHY!
    Published on Oct 1, 2018
    If Julian Goes Everybody Will Know

    • Greg Hunter

      Last man,
      I do not think so.

      • Last Man

        Didn’t mean replacing Christ Greg. Meant they knocked Seth Rich off for us to know you don’t mess with the bully party. I don’t think the Clinton’s even know who did it, plausible deniability. But everybody knows why he died. I’m sure Julian, if he goes, everything will be revealed. As per his instructions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Rich is a hero.

          • Frederick

            Absolutely he is Too bad he isn’t remembered as one Hopefully that day will come

          • Greg Hunter

            No, they cannot, because they are a party based on theft and top down management and not liberty and freedom and keeping what you earn.

            • Greg Hunter

              Sure TSI and though Trump would win if Hillary was exposed. You don’t know what he was.

  17. Tim

    Mr. Hunter,

    Would you please interview Brandon Smith? I think there is a lot of merit to Brandon Smith’s view that the Federal Reserve is deliberately sabotaging the economy by raising interest rates as the economy weakens. That is what led to the Great Depression. Brandon Smith believes that the Fed will only continue to raise rates and that it will NOT reverse course and start another round of QE when asset bubbles pop. He believes that central banks around the world are preparing for a reset. He’s a really smart guy, and I think your readers would appreciate an interview with him.

  18. Jerry

    I have added confirmation of what I have been detailing for your site the past few months.

    Test or no test, our government is clearly preparing for some type of grid down situation. My sources continue to see portable communication towers being set up all over the midwest. To heighten my suspicions even more, yesterday I saw chemtrails being sprayed over wightman Air Force base that I have not seen for months. It is my theory that one of the uses of chemtrails is to shield sensitive military targets from satelite observation. If what I’m seeing is accurate, there are clearly movements going on that our government does not want to be seen

    In either case, I would keep your preps handy. Don’t venture out more than a tank of gas can get you home. And above all keep a
    survival pack in your car that has at least three days of food in it, along with a water purification straw , and survival blankets. In mine I use MRE’s that have heaters and a spare cell phone battery.

    • Jerry

      The deeper aspects of planned martial law and the Kavanaugh appointment.

      Say what you want but President Trump has a nack for matching appointments to fit the occasion.

      • WD

        WOW JERRY,

        Have we been duped?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Our citizens will now start seeing the active phase of what some in the “intel field” are calling Civil War 2.0. A number of intel officers see the fact that a package of ricin was recently sent to the White House–as the Fort Sumter of what’s to come. SOD

  19. ConcAmDad

    The latest player in the republicratic circus is Trump. Now he’s being investigated for fraud. He should have stuck with the truth and cone out with guns-a- blazing if he was really going to prosecute the criminals. Tell Peter the price of GOLD is rigged…..Just like everything else…

    • Greg Hunter

      I really do hope you are preparing for you and your family.

  20. Anhony

    While I agree with what Schiff is saying I still (while hoping I am dead wrong about this) can not help but think he’s making the same mistake he admitted to last time. The powers that be control the narrative and can and will reinstate the economy however they want and I see no reason they won’t do so again to hoodwink most of the US citizens into thinking everything is okay. I truly believe the only way you see real change (which Schiff does hunt at) is by other countries refusing to accept the Dollar, but that may be still years away from becoming a reality.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would not bet against him this time (10 years later) when debt globally has gone from about $170 trillion to nearly $250 trillion.

    • Frederick

      Anthony I’m thinking a year or two at the most but who knows

  21. Gina M Mancarella

    Gold is a commodity. PERIOD ! Our banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities if prices increase. Trump must be impeached !

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you have any idea how uneducated you are? Your comments here are like chum to sharks.

    • paul ...

      Gina … If gold is a commodity with a period like a women … why can’t men love it?? … for a man to hate gold would be like hating women … very queer indeed!!

    • Ray

      Gina…..basic fact… can only lease out that which you physically have in your possession. Try leasing a car without an actual, physical vehicle and see how far you can drive it down the street.
      When was the last time Fort Knox was audited, and why won’t the US Government allow an audit to take place?
      Insert sound of crickets here__________________

      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Beverly Kingsford

      The banks have no gold. Most of our gold has been sold to China and Russia. There will have to be a new mining industry in the U.S. for us to have gold again.

  22. Roger D

    The assumption that the Fed wants our financial system to survive is a leap of faith of galactic proportion.

    If gold standards are re-established it will be done by States (with capital ‘S’ and new borders) after the destruction of our cities and breakup of this once God-fearing nation. If you are righteous make sure there are 49 others in the neighborhood.

  23. JC

    Excellent. Schiff makes a good point about “early warnings.”

  24. Diane

    “Buy a carton of cigarettes a week…it will be currency!”
    Sent to me by a
    prepper in New Zealand worried about what’s happening here.
    Sure hope bad things don’t get there.

    • paul ...

      Why go to work to “buy” a big leaf plant? … when one can simply relax at home and grow a smaller leaf weed and use it as currency … however most people go to work everyday for “plant based paper” made by the Fed to store under their bed … the big problem storing away “plant matter” as currency … is that plant based currency has a history of eventually turning to dust (and thus does not retain it’s value indefinitely) … as for gold … it has “no expiration date”!!

  25. al

    Peter and Celente are sounding the same siren they did in 2007. Thanks to them and others I was able to keep my situation and not lose my shirt.

    I have to strongly disagree with your last point where we’re going to have a Communist as our next President because the stock market will crash. You use Bush and the 2008 crash as the pivotal reason for the change.

    Bush resided over the 2001 crash and Bush was voted in again in 2004. (no change)
    Then the NWO baton was given to obama by the establishment, remember back then elections were not only rigged but the media also had a huge bullhorn and Fake News was only uttered by those “weird conspiracy theorists”.

    In 2008 we had another crash, obama of course blamed everything on Bush but we still had a crash under obama’s watch, and the Real Estate market kept crashing until close to 2012, yet obama was voted in again 2012. (no change there Mr. Schiff)

    Peter, you live in PR, you don’t feel the energy for this President in the heart of the U.S. If you use the crash as your argument for regime change I just countered it with historical fact.

    Here is another FACT about to be Historical:
    There is a powerful movement that is unstoppable not only in this Country but in many others. The rejection of technocratic dictatorial rule and the embrace of the rule of law and sovereignty. A true peace movement between opposing Countries like NK/SK… etc.. As a result the next crash will have the opposite effect and bring on future monetary stability as people will demand an end to this madness. Your hypothesis would have worked in times past, but today we live in a World where the meme is Fake News, Government distrust along with access to a wealth of information on your phone.

    I agree with you on everything else and will listen again to your words, but I don’t think your hypothesis on the next President holds water.

    Thank you Greg for systematically bringing out the horsemen of the financial apocalypse… May the Reset come

  26. vip nobody

    pete shiff stated that the Trump “needs to increase deregulation” i have witnessed how deregulation for the past 50 years allow industry to leave, unions die, wages go to shinola, health benefits disappear, pensions evaporate, savings for kids education don’t exist, idea of paying off a mortgage is a joke, and retirement includes being a greeter at places that are now closing their doors. this is what deregulation means. shiff should change the way he spells his name to a double t at the end. i don’t care how much he seems to get right if the foundation is liquefied sand…. deregulation is a nuclear weapon of sorts to any economy.

    • Greg Hunter

      You doe realize this latest trade deal with Mexico and Canada protects UAW jobs at car/truck manufacturing plants?

      • vip nobody

        the uaw is just a token union. it is just a scrap of what it used to be. it was too big to take down with one swing of the deregulation axe. ford deregulated the train industry. small towns across the country used to have 3 to 5 railroad tracks going though them now one in ten have 1 railroad track going through them and where did all that steel rail go to? carter deregulated trucking taxed warehouse items took farming subsidies away. that was a huge blow to automotive and if snyder didnt buy international where would we be buying our trucks from? uncle ronny deregulated airlines billy boy deregulated the banks and electric companies. it hasnt mattered weather it was dem or repub. they had to use a different term than deregulate because after 40 years some people started to catch on to what that meant: unemployment, no bennies of any kind,work till you die, eat bad food(all that you can afford) peter shill must be making money from his deregulation portfolios

        • Greg Hunter

          The UAW is much more than a “token Union” It has 400,000 members:

          • vip nobody

            interesting article. i really am a nobody by the way. i guess your too young to remember the 60s. i watched how uaw members were forced into early retirement at less than full pension and the new guys had to take less and less and less as things moved to canada and mex where they made less than half of us workers in the “moving of wealth”. what a load of …. oh but thats where peter shill gets his cut in the moving. if you wanna see something about unions look for the old in search of story “in search of jimmy hoffa” narrated by lenard nemoy . or read the book”death of a nation” 1968 by john stormer
            400,000 what a laugh if it wasnt soooo sad. the leveling of the playing field isnt lifting other nations to us standard of living its lowering us to 3rd world standards in order to be level. a sheckle for a days wages and a sheckle for a loaf of bread. last time you had pete on he was against terrifs (stop the move of wealth) and this time he wants deregulation(causes the move of wealth) i pray for Jesus to come home constantly.

    • paul ...

      So Ms. Monica Lee McLean (a Deep State Agent for the FBI) and Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford are life-long friends! … that says it all!!

    • Rory Altair

      MCasey_W O W ! ,
      So we have Dr. Blasey-Ford in Rehoboth Beach, DE, on 26th July 2018. We’ve got her life-long BFF, Monica L McLean, who worked as attorney and POI in the DOJ/FBI in Rehoboth Beach, DE…. Apparently at same time she wrote letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

      Ms. Blasey-Ford and Ms. McLean, the BFF she coached on lie detector testing, together for the four days leading up to the actual writing of the letter. July 26th to July 30th.

      It would appear that Ms. Blasey-Ford was with Ms. Monica L McLean, the retired FBI agent and former New York field office spokesperson, at the time she wrote the letter to Senator Feinstein.

      That would certainly begin to explain quite a bit about who exactly was handling Ms. Ford; and how there would be an intentional effort, from a subject matter expert, on how to best position the attack against Brett Kavanaugh.

      Who better to help scrub the internet history, and know what processes and people to enlist in such preparatory work, than a retired lawyer who worked deeply inside the FBI?

      Not only did Ms. McLean possesses a particular set of skills to assist Ms. Ford, but Ms. McLean would also have a network of DOJ and FBI resources to assist in the endeavor. A former friendly FBI agent to do the polygraph; a network of politically motivated allies?

      Does the appearance of FBI insider and Deputy FBI Director to Andrew McCabe, Michael Bromwich, begin to make more sense?

      Do the loud and overwhelming requests by political allies for FBI intervention, take on a different meaning or make more sense, now?

      Standing back and taking a look at the bigger, BIG PICTURE….. could it be that Mrs. McLean and her team of ideological compatriots within the DOJ and FBI, who have massive axes to grind against the current Trump administration, are behind this entire endeavor?

      Considering all of the embattled, angry, institutional officials (former and current); and considering the recently fired DOJ and FBI officials; and considering the officials currently under investigation; and considering the declassification requests which will likely lead to the exposure of even more corruption…. Could it be that these elements wanted to do something, anything to get back at the executive branch; and possibly change the tide?

      If so, and I think the likelihood is pretty good, doesn’t everything known just easily reconcile if you think of Ms. Blasey-Ford as a tool for those ideologues?

      If Ms Monica Lee McLean and her allies wanted to strike, she couldn’t be the visible face of the confrontation because she was retired FBI. It would be too obvious. She would need a patsy; a friend who could deploy the hit on her/their behalf. It would need to be someone she could shape, easily manage and guide etc. Someone who could be trusted, and at the same time would be trusting of them.

      It is quite likely Ms. McLean selected/recruited her life-long best friend, Ms. Blasey-Ford.

      Christine Blasey-Ford Friend In Delaware Was Career FBI Agent and Likely Together During Accusation Letter Construct…
      Posted on October 3, 2018 by sundance
      In a letter released last night from a former boyfriend of Christine Blasey-Ford, there was a name curiously not redacted. The name of Monica L McLean was revealed as a life-long friend who Ms. Ford helped with polygraph preparation.

      The media has begun to focus on the letter as outlining a lie told by Ms. Ford during recent congressional testimony… But the backstory to Ms. Monica Lee McLean is an even bigger story.
      Along with pictures, files, letters, the whole kit and caboodle!

      U N B E L I E V A B L E !
      Whom ever is peeling the left’s onion, is Out of this World! Not of this World?
      Absolute, incredible, detective work! Puts the lamestream to shame! Real investigative journalism!
      The only hope for the leftist fascist bully’s is to tear up the constitution. Free speech must go! Nothing will stop them, except a free press and today a free press is a free internet. The attack of the internet has only just begun. Just ask Alex Jones!
      Remember Paul Revere’s Ride?
      Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807 – 1882
      The Bully’s Are Coming!

  27. libertarian jerry

    Mr. Schiff is completely correct in his thesis. The only problem is that in America,today,there are so many net tax consumers that they outnumber and thus outvote the net taxpayers. People riding on the government gravy train,whether directly or indirectly, will always vote for their economic interests and the politicians who reflect those economic interests. The net tax consumers,by and large, don’t care about economic reality or what is good for the nation and its economy. This is why America’s economy will eventually collapse. Once that occurs you can kiss goodbye to what is left of our liberties. History always repeats itself. And when America slides into a complete Fascist police state people like Peter Schiff and I am afraid to say people like Greg Hunter will be banned or worse. To paraphrase George Orwell ,” in times of tyranny to tell the truth is treason.”

  28. Walter Baumgarten

    “In the future people are going to have to work and get their hands dirty, they will no longer be able to simply consume and not work.” Wow, it’s about time that somebody said this. And women were liberated before they were forced to go to work to make up for their husband’s income losing its ability to pay the bills is another huge gem of truth and wisdom. Well said Peter and how true, and thank you once again Greg for bringing the truth to us all.

    • Frederick

      I always worked and got my hands dirty and actually loved doing so but I suppose I’m not the majority

  29. H. Craig Bradley


    Hoping and wishing and ….

  30. Mohammad


    Trump threatened the Saudi Prince and voila the oil is down…
    Is it because Trump fears high oil prices?
    Because with feds jacking up interest rates Trump fears GOLD price going up with oil crashing the market, and sure enough gold is smashed down AGAIN today.


    • paul ...

      The US better start learning the game of Chess … where one must look many moves ahead … if the US is not more careful about its moves (like using sanctions on Iran so they can’t sell any of their oil) … the Iranians can make one chess move that can easily turn the game against the US … Iran can simply give up their Queen (increase pumping and giving away their oil “for free”) … and by sacrificing of their Queen (drive the world price of oil way way down) … and thus Iran can (in one strategic move) not only destroy the Great Satan’s “King” (it’s shale oil and gas fracking industry) … but also the Great Satan’s “Queen” (by putting Saudi Arabia into bankruptcy) … Checkmate!

  31. Troy H

    The reason the networks wont have Peter on anymore is simple.
    They realize he was correct. Before, …they thought he was an idiot for his
    views. Now, they know he is correct and they fear that. They do not want
    the people to know the truth about what is coming., and what has been done.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Walter Baumgarten

      That’s right Troy, they do not want to spook the consuming public because if people believed that bad times are ahead they might stop taking expensive vacations or buying pricy new cars with 8 year loans and might even pay down or off their debt. Sucking the last dime out of the sickly economy and saddling the general public with debts they can never pay is what frees them and enslaves us. Every guest Greg has on here says the same thing, pay off debt save and invest in hard assets. How can that possibly be bad advice unless you are a parasite preying on the foolish consumer class?

      • Frederick

        Walter , THEY have already stopped buying cars according to the latest new car sales numbers I believe they crashed nearly 10 percent

  32. OutLookingIn


    All this Judge Kavanaugh curfuffle is nothing but pure distraction for the uneducated obese masses, to salivate over and occupy their attention, while the traitors, murderers, thieves, and criminals whom they have elected carry on business as usual.
    We in the “know” know what is coming, and its not pretty. All those who pay attention to distractions will have a rude awakening. Remain vigilant and stay safe.

  33. Jc

    The fact that Schiff was right once (10 years ago) It doesn’t mean He’s always, He’s Intentions are to spread fears and to invest in Gold. (his golden ducky)
    If it comes to a reset, There won’t be “Bailouts” Or more Fiat-Printing,..There would be a new-dollar.
    In short; the end of an Era, and a beginning of a new one to erase all debts (Internals/Externals)
    It is the only way out.

  34. Tracy Welborn

    I’ve noticed that financial people, for the most part, have no idea what’s going on in the real world. Rob Kirby and Bill Holter are the exceptions. I’m sure there are more – but this is something I’ve noticed as a generality. Our battle with the Deep State is an existential threat – they seem to be more worried about the economy. I’ve asked my two banker friends (Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch) what they think about Q Anon postings – they think its a LARP. I kid you not – grown men with college degrees that have analyzed the Q Anon postings and have come to a consensus that he is a LARP. They are either idiots, or intellectually dishonest – maybe both. I think about 20 percent of the population is unreachable.

    • Freebrezer

      TW – I think that at least 45 -50% of the population is unreachable! Look at how many countries and people buy in to communism/socialism … i.e. that the state controls the means of production and all under the guise that the state will give us all free sh!t! US colleges are producing millions of these zombies a year.

  35. Tracy Welborn

    Kevin Shipp, frequent USA Watchdog guest, had some interesting comments about Blasey-Ford.

    • paul ...

      If Ford knows how to beat a polygraph machine … playing on the minds of the Hearing Officers “pretending to be the victim of an attack by Kavanaugh” is child’s play! … if she was living in Syria … the White Helmets would have definitely hired her “to pretend to be a victim” of a chlorine gas attack by Assad!!

      • paul ...

        Ford has dreams to dream … but nothing is going right … no one hears … no one cares … could it be she wanted Kavanaugh to stay? … but he left because she had on a one piece bathing suit?? …

  36. Roger Dodger

    This battle is bigger than Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation… It’s about the Constitution…
    Mark Levin (October 02 2018)
    American Patriot Published on Oct 3, 2018

    Linda Von Haugg 54 minutes ago
    If the republicans fold on Kavanaugh our constitution is dead. I’m crying for my country. Donald Trump is doing his best. The republicans fold to dems.. they are part of the fall of America
    debra knight 5 hours ago
    LOVE from Australia… wish the World had the American Constitution and her Bill of Rights
    Bimbo Dickens 2 hours ago
    Problem is a great many people have made politics a religion and religion politics never realizing the natural chain of events are in its self a selected curse or reward of yourself or a majority
    2 Cent 3 hours ago
    Does every show have to be negative. Is there anything positive Mark can talk about….just once 🤔
    M B 3 hours ago
    Not when the dems and the swamp are attempting a coup. Progressives want the centralization of your life through gov. How autocrat do you have to be?
    Bimbo Dickens 2 hours ago
    Sure Mark could if there was no democrat party. Religion and politics the reason most don’t like to talk about either is you cant engage in a intelligent conversation with 10% of the information

  37. David H

    Peter Schiff is a smart fellow and it’s would be a mistake to ignore his warnings about where we are headed economically. Having said that Libertarians like Schiff are hard to please. Trump is doing more than we could hope for from any president and still Schiff sounds cynical. Never the less I always appreciate hearing what Schiff has to say. I believe Trump is having to deal with this gargantuan problem in the real world of politics where stealth must be employed as he is surrounded by deceitful eninimies. Blessings, David H

  38. John M.

    Peter explained things intelligently as always. He’s flawlessly consistent in his correct Austrian economic views, and he’s not afraid to admit it when he is wrong. We all underestimate the corruption in our government more than we should.
    It’s way beneath Peter to be on the fake MSM brainwashing dog and pony shows anyway. Besides, the MSM has so few viewers and ratings to make a difference.
    Pres. Trump is so much better than what we would have got with the wicked witch of Chappaqua/Little Rock/Chicago. But I think Trump is making a horrendous mistake for taking credit for our economy (he will regret it), even crowing that our American economy is the “greatest “on record. What’s he thinking? It’s fabricated as we all should know, all smoke and mirrors. Is Trump possibly setting some elaborate trap for the bankster globalists that we cannot fathom?
    Trump might consider using his extraordinary teaching skills that he does so well to educate every-day Americans about the real financial and economic condition of the United States. And he should provide some real solutions that are not socialistic, fascist, and more of the same always offered by the Deep State. Perhaps Trump has some working arrangement with Goldman Sachs in the immediate short-term, as the derivative situation is so precarious that he needs some help from those in the swamp who created the mess to begin with.
    Trump owes it to the American people to give us some TRUTH, especially as Americans must know why they will be suffering and why their living standards are going to drop precipitously. We need more honesty for a change.

  39. Mohammad


    All the narratives say Trump wants lower oil price…!
    Reference to my previous post he told the saudis that they will not last if it was not for US protection and he is blaming them for jacking up oil, so that falls in the narrative that he wants lower oil prices…!
    Can you explain it to me Greg because simply I do not understand…
    He is (Trump) on a collision path with Iran.
    If he wants lower oil price (really) what would a war engulfing the gulf will do to oil??????


  40. Toby

    Dollars will be hoarded first, next precious metals. Either way, the event that starts the collapse will be SUDDEN. There will be NO WARNING. Those who prepared will live, those who did not will die.

    • Frederick

      Probably true Toby That’s why now is the time to diversify out of the dollar and get some metals under your belt before TSHTF

  41. sammy shoba

    Greg, thanks again for having Peter on. If you combine the wisdom of Greg manarino and Peter , you get the scary truth just over the next economic hill

  42. Andrew Johnson DDS.

    Greg, Peter does not believe in the crypto currencies and says Bitcoin is in a bubble when less than 1% own any. Not a bubble. People will rush into crypto AND gold and silver when he wake up. Also, he assumes Trump is here to save the petrodollar No, he is here to do what he knows best, oversee the largest bankruptcy in history. The bankruptcy of the United States of America. That is why Trump told everyone to get extra food and water. Supply chains will fail. Supermarkets close. etc, etc.

  43. jimha

    I like Peter but please tell him to shave that beard off or trim it back as he looks awful.

  44. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Falsy Ford: CIA raised & bred, Lie detector falsifying expert? Stormy Daniels AKA Steph Clifford Falsy Ford test case?
    Russia didn’t work, Falsy failed, Trump family inheritance tax avoidance, NYT failing?

    Is Christine Blasey Ford ‘Deeply Tied’ to the Central Intelligence Agency?
    Conspiracy theorists outdid themselves in attempting to create connections between the CIA and Brett Kavanaugh’s principal accuser.

    Fact Check Politics
    Is Christine Blasey Ford ‘Deeply Tied’ to the Central Intelligence Agency?
    Conspiracy theorists outdid themselves in attempting to create connections between the CIA and Brett Kavanaugh’s principal accuser.
    Reading this article sounds reasonable at first, but quickly gets into the weeds and impossible to finish at least for me. Than the real truth comes out below;

    POLITICS Published 16 hours ago Last Update 7 hours ago
    Christine Blasey Ford ex-boyfriend says she helped friend prep for potential polygraph; Grassley sounds alarm
    John Roberts | Fox News
    In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.

    So Just What Is Christine Blasey Ford? CIA cyborg or damaged strategized actor and by whom? That is the question and where is Mike Morell?
    There is just to much at stake in all this. Just where is the country heading in all this
    Mocking bird brained Media bought and paid George Sore Ass Soros, Clinton foundation Massive Media governance failure!?
    Operation FAILSAFE IMPLICATED, of all out CIVI WAR?

  45. James Brown

    Greg, Jim Brown here. I haven’t stopped viewing all your videos. I love Peter Schiff. Peter is right on and a righteous dude. Martin Armstrong says gold will go to $5,000.00 max. Why? Because institutional buyers can’t buy gold. There will never be a gold standard. As interest rates rise, the institutions will sell their bonds. Where will they put their money? Answer: Stocks. This is why Martin says the DJIA will go to 50,000 (maybe 100,000). The bond market is what(?), 10 times the size of the stock market. When that money moves to stocks the DJIA hits 100,000. Peter is right about inflation, in a way. The inflation is in the price of stocks and real estate and the banks. Tesla stock is not worth $350 per share, more like $35. When reality hits, that stock value will evaporate. Porter Stansberry has an awesome podcast. He did an episode where he talked about Tesla, check it out, it’s awesome (call me Mr. Redundant). Hey, get Porter on USA Watchdog. Thanks Greg for your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey James,
      Is Martin taking into account the extra $21 trillion on top of the $21 trillion the USA already owes?? Better make sure of that. (The $21 trillion is a real number compiled by Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University:

    • William Stanley

      James: As you describe his analysis, Martin Armstrong seems, IMO, to have embraced The Theory of the Greater Fool (times two): Who would buy the bonds that the institutions want to sell? How can Armstrong be confident that the institutions would manage to find greater fools? And even if the institutions did find some greater fools, the bond-buying fools would take an enormous hit that would devastate their wealth and their willingness to spend in the the real economy.
      Then how long would it take for the smart money to get out of overpriced stock in companies that aren’t making profits and growing and/or distributing dividends? So both the bond and the stock markets would get whacked (at least worse than gold).
      How long after that would it be before the holders of PMs would own the only assets doing well, which would attract everyone else trying to preserve wealth in a financial economy-wide catastrophic deflationary downturn? Maybe gold would only fetch $5,000 per ounce, but that $5,000 would buy way more than it does now. And all of that presupposes that the Fed doesn’t create general hyperinflation which, if it did, would push up the price of gold even more as it would then become one of the few remaining liquid stores of value. But then again, as Keynes pointed out and Armstrong seems to agree, maybe “The markets can stay irrational longer than [we] can stay solvent.”

    • OutLookingIn

      FYI James Brown

      Porter Stansberry
      Is a convicted felon, found guilty of charges brought by the SEC for securities fraud. Being found guilty of deliberate fraud, making statements that he knew to be false. His subsequent appeal was denied by the court and guilty verdict upheld.
      His name appears again and again, connected to stock pumping and dumping schemes.
      You may trust this felon – I however do not.
      Greg – stay away from having anything to do with this criminal.

  46. Jeff Janosik

    Peter’s funds have not been performing well for years. Just go to his website and look at the annualized returns. Him and a lot of your guests are over the top bearish on the markets. Mutual fund managers that I follow are bullish. We had a great recession 10 years ago. Prior to that that the last one was in the 1930’s. What makes Peter and others think another one is right around the corner? Sure, have 10-20% of your portfolio in gold and silver if you must. But to not participate in one of the best bull markets in history is insane. It is the chicken little market. People like Peter are always looking over their shoulder trying to diagnose when it will end and the truth is nobody knows. It’s truly sad if people are influenced by this type of rhetoric and have not participated in this incredible stock market.

  47. Gina M Mancarella

    Ladies ! We need to raise our hands and raise our voices !

    Let the truth be heard !!!

    Let us make the sound of the shot heard around the world !!!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize all three of these ladies have been disproved. The Democrats/communists/national socialists have done women everywhere with serious and legitimate sexual assault clams a huge disservice with this scam on Kavanaugh. How about sticking up for Karen Monahan of Keith Ellison Fame??

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize all three of these ladies have been disproved. The Democrats/communists/national socialists have done women everywhere with serious and legitimate sexual assault clams a huge disservice with this scam on Kavanaugh. How about sticking up for Karen Monahan of Keith Ellison Fame?

    • al

      Comedy relief is needed, thank you Gina for the belly laughs..

    • Tin foil hat

      I find you on YouTube. I hope you can shoot better than you punch.

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps you shouldn’t leave home without a helmet. It was such a perfect landing that I couldn’t stop watching it over and over again.

    • Mike

      Gina – good idea. Go get arrested like Amy Schumer did.

      Get a taste of what a jail cell is like.

      Though a straight-jacket would probably be a better fit for you than an orange jump suit.

  48. Jane jones

    Take a trip down memory lane, when we had another hated president we loved so much….

  49. Hugh


    SERIOUSLY, another one predicting a collapse and gold going through the roof!! How many of these people are you going to have on that continue to say the same things. You had Sinclair and Holter on a few weeks ago telling us WHEN IS NOW. All that is happening is markets continue to make new highs and gold and silver go down.

    I don’t know about anybody else but I am sick and tired of this. Seriously, do you really think this ends anytime soon, with SCOTIA BANK admitting that they manipulated the gold and silver markets for over three year and are
    fined $800,000 dollars. Come on, what a joke!! They made millions, if not billions and only pay $800,000!!! Where is the law and enforcement! The manipulation will never end with fines like that! Its a joke in the highest order. It makes me sick!

    Again, all these people continue to say the end is close! David Stockton has been preaching the end for over 5 years. Yes, I am frustrated beyond belief the way this country has become. But nothing changes anytime soon. And those of us that have been stacking just keep losing money.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Hugh Seriously. Prepare not at your own risk.

    • paul ...

      Hugh … when Noah was building his ark … every day was sunny without a cloud in the sky … people would say to him “Hey Noah do you really think this sunshine is ending soon” … “you are a joke Noah” … “when is not now” … “so where is the rain Noah” … “you are a nut case Noah … simply wasting your good time and money stacking up on all that wood” … ans I’m really sick and tired of hearing you say “the end is close”!!!

  50. S.A.

    Maybe Mr. Schiff is right, of course he’s going to be right eventually, but to not even speculate on WHEN?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows when, but when it happens, expect assetss to be confiscated by the Treasury Department.

  51. James Hastings - Cherokee Center of the World

    I like Peter Schiff.

    If I knew, I was going into bankruptcy…….. I’d fix a couple of things….first, on credit….)

    So it is written….So it will be done…….

    Make peace with God……..LOL

  52. Peter

    In case you missed real news… Ford’s boyfriend says she never mentioned her assault or Kavanaugh while they dated for several years. Hmm…
    He reveals that she taught people how to pass a polygraph test.
    Yet on TV, before the senate she claimed she never had!
    He claims she never mentioned a fear of flying or tight places. Hmm..

    He also said he broke up with Ford when they were dating long-distance and he found out she had been “unfaithful” while she was living in Hawaii. He said she continued to use a credit card they shared nearly a year after the breakup. Hmm..

    Ford is a liar!

  53. Roger Capps

    Close Call At San Francisco, Airport!
    Those air traffic controllers have to remember their talking to non- English 1st. language speakers sometimes. Whenever I’m talking to a non- native speaker I always seem to have to slow down and be very punctual or I have to keep repeating myself. With a plane coming in the pilot doesn’t have the time to ask again and that can spell disaster. Also the younger folks are the more they seem to want to machine gun their speech. Do they think it sounds cool? Beats me. Maybe everybody is in a hurry nowadays? Haste makes waste. Don’t waste anybody San Fransisco. I couldn’t tell what that air traffic controller said to that poor Mexican pilot!

  54. Roger Capps

    Greg, Mike’s comment should be seen again!
    Mike R 10/02/2018 •
    SO Ford DID perjure herself (multiple times), just as I suspected !

    “The full details of Dr. Ford’s polygraph are particularly important because the Senate Judiciary Committee has received a sworn statement from a longtime boyfriend of Dr. Ford’s, stating that he personally witnessed Dr. Ford coaching a friend on polygraph examinations. When asked under oath in the hearing whether she’d ever given any tips or advice to someone who was planning on taking a polygraph, Dr. Ford replied, “Never.” This statement raises specific concerns about the reliability of her polygraph examination results.”

    WOW. This is HUGE. Kavanaugh should be voted in, poste haste.

    She also lied about her fear of flying, fear of small spaces, about why and when they put extra door on house, and on and on. So exactly what part of her testimony was actually TRUE ?!?

    I guess if one is going to lie during any testimony, might as well lie about every bit of it. At least that’s what Ford must have thought. Even her voice, was not her normal voice, so again that was a big fraud. She was ‘acting’ and role playing the entire way, which allowed her to subconsciously get away with the entire story, so she wouldn’t look guilty as sin. People actually thought she was credible. They were all duped, and she was laughing all the way to the bank. (half million Gofundme and counting, which is the clever way the “Dems” were able to disguise their big payoff to her. )

  55. Chris


    This just posted on Zero Hedge this morning:

    America wages war, China wages business.

    • WD

      Google is in bed with China

    • William Stanley

      I guess you were being a little ironic. At a minimum, what China has done is an act in anticipation of war. IMO, what China has done IS an act of war. And US interests that enabled it committed acts of treason.

  56. Peter Pope

    Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 10/04/2018 – 08:14

    • Peter Pope

      Something’s popping tomorrow

      — Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) October 4, 2018
      But regardless of what is said on Thursday, one thing probably won’t change: Expect to hear a lot less about Russia, and a lot more about China as the deep state’s interference myopic focus on the former shifts to the latter. As Kevin Warsh framed the question during a Thursday interview with CNBC where he asked “are we at the beginning of a 20-year Cold War?” in response to a question about curbing China’s influence – both economically and defensively. We imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more about the breach from senior US officials, including both the vice president and the president himself, in the very near future.

  57. -

    What gave “The Short Seller Enrichment Commission” the right to limit an American’s Constitutional right to free speech?? …

    • William Stanley

      Some speech is in furtherance of fraud. The speech for which Mr. Musk was fined was in furtherance of securities fraud. There is no Constitutional right to commit fraud.
      The purpose of the fine was to deter Mr. Musk from committing further fraud (and to make an example of him). Mr. Musk’s mocking of the SEC indicates lack of remorse, as well as that the size of the fine was not sufficient to deter Mr. Musk from committing more such crimes. Apparently, sterner measures will be required. If they are forthcoming –as a result of the judge refusing to accept the settlement with the SEC — his increased punishment will not be because Mr. Musk exercised his First Amendment rights, but because he, himself, has made it apparent that he does not find the SEC-agreed-to punishment sufficient for its purpose.

  58. -

    Sore Ass got screwed royaly … he paid millions to these anti-Kavanaugh protesters for nothing … Kavanaugh is going to Supreme Court … Justice is served !! …

  59. Gina M Mancarella

    Senator Daines is a hero !

    He is walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle instead of voting yes for a criminal !!!

    Say NO to Kavanaugh ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      They can just move the vote to Sunday if need me but some Dems in tight Red State races are likely going to vote for Kavanaugh after the Dem totally phony sex abuse hoax by three women.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I don’t know why you think that anybody on this site is going to take you seriously when you say: Say NO to Kavanaugh. You are wasting your time and I hate to see you get pounded on like you do. But, if you keep posting the things you do, here on this site, then you are going to get pounded on. I wouldn’t think it’s much fun, myself.

  60. Gina M Mancarella

    Respect Female existence !!! Or Expect Female Resistance !!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean like DNC #2 Keith Ellison and how he treated his girlfriend???

      • Gina M Mancarella

        You know something ? You raise false issues while ignoring a far reaching cover-up of astronomical proportions. There are good FBI agents that know the truth and somehow the President is making them silent, but the ballot box is the great equalizer and the people will speak next month. In the end, we will overcome. Watch the impeachment proceedings !

        • Greg Hunter

          Gina = Delusional and fact resistant.

    • Paul Anthony


      There are female millionaires, CEO’S of big companies, Female Senators and Congresswomen, and Mayors. Females play professional sports, start their own companies, become doctors , lawyers, famous actresses, race car drivers, construction workers. Heck even my mother was a female. There is nothing a female can’t do in this country that males do.

      Your protesting and demanding respect in the wrong country. Move to the middle east and protest their for freedom and respect of women.

      Thanks all … Troll on! (shrugs)

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Paul, with al due respect, your statement is like saying I am not a racist because some of my friends are black. Please save it.

        You know perfectly your white male privileged status. Yoou also know that many who should be able to advance are held back by your glass ceiling. We are going to break it and penetrate through and turn the tables on you though.

        We are women ! Hear us roar ! In numbers too big to ignore !

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Gina,
          You do realize we had a black president for eight years.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          So, when did being lied about, trampled on, and ignored become a “privileged status”?

  61. Luc S.

    Hi Greg,
    I see your interviews for some time now and I think you (and Mr Schiff) are absolutely right about the next crisis. It will come, but when ? It is like Titanic. Where is the Iceberg everyone knows it is there somewhere. And when everyone sees it, almost everyone is thinking: it is still far away, let’s party some time !
    I take my place in one of the lifeboat and let the others party till there is no place anymore, till there are no lifeboats available. Maybe they will win a lot of paper money or plastic coins in the casino while the water gets into the boat, but once the boat will loose its stability they will fight like barbarians for a lifevest and a lifeboat. In the meanwhile I will sit in safely in my lifeboat with my barbarian relic … GOLD !
    A Belgian lawyer, fighting the crooks (banks)

  62. C Anne

    How refreshing to hear someone who is willing to state the reality that women of earlier decades (50’s, 60’s, 70’s…) were more “liberated” than women today. The first wave of feminism was actually about elevating women so that they did not have to labor so much outside the home. The later second wave of feminism was destructive to women in many ways. Yet even women from earlier generations don’t “get” this, or perhaps some of them just can’t say it aloud. When my mother passed away this summer at the age of 75, I couldn’t believe the controversy created by some women in my family, including her own sister, about stating her occupation on the death certificate as “homemaker”. It was as if stating anything else would be better. I timidly raised my hand and said, “Gee.. I sure do wish I could have been a homemaker, instead of spending most of my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s working like a slave in legal offices for attorneys trying to squeeze every last penny from me”…. and yes, I had a great education, but that’s another story… an education is not the be-all and end-all. Not one woman in the middle class neighborhood I grew up in worked outside the home. Yet somehow most women have been brainwashed into thinking this is a bad thing? But the truth is there…. women just won’t speak it. Even some of the best female attorneys I’ve encountered absolutely hated the hours they had to work…. I remember one of them who had earlier in her life been a homemaker, complaining that she didn’t even have time to drink some coffee and read the newspaper now. … And I know it’s not just about feminism. It’s really more about the economy…. Women are sooo worse off now. I recently started attending a new church, and all the women would come up to me and frantically ask, “So what do YOU do?” It’s as if that’s all they could think about. There was a time when a woman (as the French used to say) could simply be valued as a woman, not by what she “did”. That is a luxury of the past, at least for the middle class. (And, of course, middle class women worked hard in their homes…I’m not saying they had a life of luxury… but it’s a type of work that most women would prefer, having a family and caring for that family, sheltered at least to some extent from the outside world.)

  63. H. Craig Bradley


    Increasingly, Gold is no longer the complete monetary alternative it once was. However, we are still free to bury a cache of gold coins in the backyard. X Marks the Spot.
    Check out the facts about using contemporary gold :

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