Pfizer CV19 Bioweapon Vax Public Enemy #1 – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who understands the contracts, patents and laws that Big Pharma deals with in bringing new drugs to market. Kingston also researches and analyzes many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called “vaccines.” Kingston says that data, government documents and patents show that the CV19 so-called “vaccine” is nothing more than a bioweapon. Kingston says this is how the everyone should view this injection that was forced onto an unsuspecting public. Kingston explains, “We need to call it what it is, and that is a bioweapon. Why is it important to call it a bioweapon? A vaccine is a biological agent. A biological agent that does not prevent infection, it doesn’t prevent disease and it wasn’t done under bona fide research, and the FDA admits it was not done under bona fide research. It causes diseases, disabilities and death. That is the definition of a bioweapon. . . . we need to explain to people this is a bioweapon. Why, because then we can get out of all this . . . vaccine law and we go into criminal law and criminal code. As a bioweapon,. there is no code, there is no law in the United States or in any nation that protects an organization from unleashing a bioweapon on a civilian population. It goes against the Geneva Code. There is nothing that protects them. . . . “We the People” need to start calling it what it is. It (CV19 vax) is a bioweapon. . . . There is no law that protects them. There is a military contract there, but it does not give them the right to murder people.”

Pfizer says its injection was 63% of all the CV19 bioweapon vaccines used in the world (nearly 13 billion CV19 injections). Kingston says, “The reason why Pfizer is public enemy number one is they have the greatest market share. They were calling the shots with the U.S. military. . . . In the Moderna contract, there is a clause that states you better make sure that patients are safe in your trials. It doesn’t say that in the Pfizer contract. That’s why we need to go after Pfizer because they are really acting like a criminal organization. It also looks like Pfizer is going to take ownership of all this bioweapon nanotechnology. . . . Pfizer . . . . is saying we took these 30 years of research, and we have turned it into a ‘new class of product.’ I think this ‘new class of product’ is a bioweapon because it is. It doesn’t prevent disease or infection, and it was not done under bona fide research, and it results in disease, disabilities and death. I am not saying do not go after Moderna and J&J because the more pressure we put on these three titans, the better, but Pfizer is public enemy number #1.”

Kingston says the data, patents and government documents show all the CV19 so called vaccines are bioweapons, and not a single person was helped by any of these injections.

There is much more in the 53-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives an update on the bioweapon injections and criminals behind them for 1.21.23.

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After the Interview:

To look at some of the data and documents Kingston shows to prove the CV19 vax is a criminal act of releasing a bioweapon on an unsuspecting public, go to the [email protected].

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  1. Pete+only

    Greg, I need to pass on some much breaking news regarding a whistleblower confirming that 2020 U.S Election Data from Michigan was sent to China.

    • Terry lee

      They, big pharmaceutical companies say Because it was done under a emergency directive, you have no case..

    • Shirl

      Karen Kingston is saying exactly what I have been saying since 2020 here and everywhere trying to alert warn and to save lives – Warp Speed understandably was the sped up process in name of the contract ordered by President Trump for the production of a VACCINE to save millions of lives but, only those thru their TDS Stage 4 fail to see the FRAUD perpetrated by the murderers who delivered a BIO-WEAPON instead.

      Research my previous posts explaining this for the slow learners by equating this with a messed up order in a restaurant. They wouldn’t blame themselves for ordering a nice steak, baked potato, roasted buttered garlic bread with a nice garden salad after getting a RAW FISH HEAD instead. Nope.Yet they will blame President Trump for trying to save lives during an exponentially expanding pandemic as if they would have done something different as those knowitall Monday Night Quarterbacks…geesh!!!

      I’m Glad to hear she is coordinating with a cause toward responsibility of those guilty on it…The horror and the magnitude of what has and still is happening as its still being sold is very difficult to render for most…my advice….put down that fork…don’t eat any more the RAW FISH HEAD that The Psychopaths are serving an who are still having you to you believe its a nice steak dinner.

      BTW, has anyone else noticed its the same relatively few in number of lying psychopaths who are also selling other twisted definitions from what gender is, illegal invasions are migrations, erasing borders or open borders is sound policy, war is peace, you are responsible of the weather, and on and on? Amazing bullshit too many swallow, its truly turned into a LibTarded Clown Show.

      • Michael

        I’m feeling quite isolated these days, Shirl.

        I’m surrounded by two kinds of people and I’m like neither one of them. Many suffer from what you call TDS. Actually I call that one ATDS (Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome). Those afflicted with it believe that Trump is the most evil person ever to walk the earth and could never do anything good or honest. Totally ridiculous.

        The other kind of person suffers from what I call PTDS (Pro-Trump Derangement Syndrome). Those afflicted with it believe Trump is some kind of a god who can do no wrong, is all-knowing, and incapable of making mistakes. When he massively screws something up, it is not an error but another move in the secret 4-D chess game he is playing. Even more totally ridiculous.

        The truth is that Trump, or at least his staff, were in communication with the late Dr. Zelenko since early in the pandemic (this is from Zelenko’s own testimony in an Infowars interview). No one knew better than Zelenko the dangers of mRNA, and the medical ethic that you never use a vaccine when there is a viable therapeutic. He advocated hydroxychloraquine combined with zinc, and led Trump initially to endorse it.

        Then the former president suddenly did a U-turn and announced his Warp Speed. Even after it was obviously killing a lot of people, he continued to promote it. Two weeks ago, Wayne Root interviewed him. He was still bragging about being the Father of the Vaccine and how much good it has done humanity.

        And then there is this article: Read it and learn that Trump was collaborating with Moderna on a “vaccine” for C-19 before C-19 was even announced to the world. Another case of “follow the money?”

        Maybe the fact that Pfizer gave a $1 million donation to the Trump inaugural committee in late 2016 had something to do with it. Against my hopes and expectations, the former prez appears to be serving the dark side. He is doing nothing but getting more people killed. One of the latest “died suddenly” was Diamond of Diamond & Silk. He had the gall to show up at her funeral!

        Trump is proving that we should never give a pass to ANYONE in government. This even includes a derangement inspiring figure who to this day is apparently still trying to get us all to commit suicide. We would all be safer to remember the First Commandment, as well as Jesus’ perspective, “And he trusted himself to none of them, for he knew all men,” John 2:24.

        • Shirl

          Hi Michael,
          In my book no one is perfect that has Ever walked the Earth except for Jesus some 2000 years ago and I have stated this here too before. President Trump is flawed like the rest of us and as a non-politician = not a career politician, he is by far much better than the perennials occupying public spaces election cycle after election cycle…again, though he isn’t perfect and no one in their right mind thinks that. As I see it he has a proven record and one he hasn’t finished mostly because he was u set constant attack by jackals who have all managed to expose themselves in the process, which makes him perfect for the job…just think what we know now that we would never have found out if he wasn’t there the first term…can’t wait until he returns to finish what he started and for the movement to continue on.
          Look, as I recall, Dr Z advised the White House before the “vaccines” rolled out on hydroxy zinc vitamins etc. and as we know now, only very few in number, relatively speaking, knew of the Bio-Weapon masquerading as a vaccine. Most too remember he took Dr Z’s tips and passed them along in public where he was irrationality hated for it by nearly all of the usual haters. That was my 1st clue something was up with the proposal that only the VaXXX would save you from the Kong Flu, HA!
          On the Pfizer donations they flooded everyone with $ to grease the wheels and too collaborating to save millions of lives is not a sin.
          As far as the clot-shot goes, last checked he still never mandated anything – Not sure why people are demanding he mandate Other Peoples medical choices for or against in a Constitutional Republic especially where medical decisions and the like are still supposed to be private? I’ve been reading interesting theories why he hasn’t called to ban the “vaccines” and one is mentioned below where it gets a bit involved or complicated although it logical…in the meantime, the choice is still yours to make as it should be. Now, If there are folks who STILL follow Dr Fraudci’s proven false claims and the Propaganda outlets LLM from A to Z without realizing the truth by this time…and, are STILL lining up to get their 14th Clot-Shot and BOOSTA too, they would have to be either completely brainwashed, stupid, or a special combination of sorts where they are in need someone to think for them (looking for Trump god or something?) being utterly incapable of thinking for themselves IMHO.
          Hope I answered all your Q’s as I read over your paragraphs in a hurry…its really all quite simple to me, self evident. Anyway, good luck…gotta run.

      • Lightning

        I voted for Trump twice and I do think the elections are rigged.
        However, Trump continually endorses traitors like Bill Barr , Rona McDaniel, Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy and endorses losers like Dr Oz .

        Trump had opportunity to endorse a Christian conservative veteran ( Kathy Barnette) but instead endorsed liberal Dr Oz , who we all knew was perhaps the weakest candidate possible.

        I still believe Fetterman only defeated Oz by ballot rigging, but given how many Pennsylvanian conservatives disliked Oz, the rigging seemed less arguable.

        Meanwhile Trump blames Oz’s stance on abortion as his downfall and evangelicals in particular.

        Had Pennsylvania gotten a Republican Senator , there would be no Democrat Senate majority.

        He also has done nothing for the J6 political prisoners. Nothing as they rot in Jail for years.

        Lastly, Trump continues to push the vaccines. Do you believe he is so out of touch that he’s unaware of all the deaths and injuries? Remember, Candidate Trump thought vaccines were linked to Autism, then as President , Trump listened to Bill Gates and dropped the idea of naming RFK to lead a commission to look into it.

        I personally and sadly believe he’s controlled opposition .

        • Shirl

          Hi Lightening, With Barr and the rest, he gave them all the opportunity to Stand Up for the Country…some did and others failed…I don’t see that as his fault. Dealing with some of the bad apples might just be what is needed, think Art Of The Deal.
          On the midterms he backed more who won than who lost, Monday night quarterbacking is easy even in politics, right?
          Lets try to remember that we didn’t vote in a perfect Saint for a President nor should anyone expect or want one for that job. Lets try to be realistic.
          On that last line, I wholly disagree – controlled opposition – that’s laughable 😂😂😂

        • Lightning

          Another “ thing that makes you go hmm” about Trump.
          Epstein allegedly commits suicide in Federal Prison during Trump presidency. Video cameras stop working, Guards don’t go on rounds and somehow his jail cell has means to kill himself.
          The biggest sex trafficker in history , in Federal detention, and the whole world knows he didn’t mill himself.
          President Trump himself had met the guy and supposedly kicked him out of Mar-a-lago for hitting on a 14 year old daughter of a member of the club.

          Attorney general Bill Barr, who himself had connections to Epstein through Barrs father, does nothing and none of the guards get anything more than a slap on the wrist .

          Trump should have ordered Barr to set up an independent council and put a legitimate investigator on it while forcing disclosure of all the names that visited Epstein Island along with ordering FBI to provide all tapes seized on the island to a grand jury.

          The visibility of that would have forced the FBI to act or given Trump ability to fire Barr and Wray,

    • Trinacria

      Here is some additional news, but first let me how you Greg, along with Karen and they many other guests on your show are truly doing God’s work on earth.
      I hope and pray for your wellbeing along with the many guests and Karen. I put nothing past these people. I forward the information on George Newmayr , a staunch Catholic reporter who died the other day under what many believe to be mysterious circumstances. Apparently, he was onto some very large scale corruption in the Vatican (Full disclosure: I am Roman Catholic and cannot believe the horrible turns my church has taken – like or not, the Catholic church is the only one with so called apostolic succession). Info on George:

  2. Marie Joy

    MSM has nothing good to say about DJT and nothing bad to say about DeSantis.

    • Won Witness

      Marie Joy,
      Watching Listening to MSM is hard for me now, I find myself shouting Liars! when I hear “Safe and Efective”.
      MSM is no different that the Nazi Guards telling their prisoners to walk into the showers. (the gas chambers).
      stop saying vaccine,s jabs, clot shots, etc.
      IT is a Bio weapon. We need to Call it That.
      And PLEASE, support Karen and Greg’s sponsors if and when possible.
      Christ said forgive those who sin against us. (I’m Really trying to )
      But We Must NEVER Forget those who Forced this upon us.

  3. Rant

    I like you people, wake Up>and Up!!> MMM> the beat goes on to the Birth of Jacobs Troubles! MMM> Get> Billy Crone!

  4. Greg


    Any chamce you will have Clif High back on? I like hearing the future predictions.

    • Donderbeck

      There’s nothing that Clif can “predict” that we can’t figure out for ourselves by thinking carefully.

    • Mel

      Cliff high has a bitchute channel, he posts videos there.

    • J

      Clif, in the meantime, has a telegram channel SciFi World, he also puts out videos on his own bitchute channel, Clif underscore High

  5. Jim

    Why is Trump still pushing his KillShot & claiming it has “saved millions of lives”?

    How many 1000’s of Americans are dead or severely injured because of Trump?

    Why are his supporters still supporting him?

    Can anyone answer without referencing the current President?

    • Julius C

      the Rubicon should have been when Diamond dropped dead from the vax. But nobody in the cult said anyting. It was like a speed-bump, a little collateral damage.

      • Shane

        Jim & Julius

        When he isn’t hosting fabulous Sodomite Galas at Mar-A-Lago & otherwise pandering to everyone EXCEPT his white working-class Christian base, Trump is still claiming (as recently as last week) that his miracle mRNA clotshot has SAVED 100 MILLION lives.

        At this point Trump is openly mocking his base…just to see how low he can get these country-bumpkins to degrade themselves…

        USAWD is filled to the brim w/people who are afflicted w/a severe case of Cognitive Dissonance/Trumpholm Syndrome–they are on a par w/Obama-worshippers (although Obama NEVER treated his base w/as much contempt as Trump treats his).

    • Shirl

      Jim, stage 4 TDS may require IVERMECTIN as President Trump also suggests. If you can’t think and lack discernment, sit down and swallow more RAW FISH HEAD 😂😂😂

    • jomer

      actually, I see it the other way around can anyone say anything good about Biden, without referencing Trump.

      but here is my reply:

      How do you deal with the fact that you made a decision that destroy and killed millions of people lives? If facing that reality doesn’t send you to a mental institution, then you already belong in a mental institution for the criminally insane. It is not uncommon for someone to live in the delusion that your decision was correct is the only way to deal with something when the reality is just too unbearable to face.

      Greg says he should point out and say he was illy advised. I grow up where finger pointed never got me out of the responsibility of making a bad decision. Yes, it might have gotten my sibling in just as much, if not more trouble, but I always had to face the consequences of my poor judgment.

      I hate to sound like Hillary Cliton but what difference does it make now? Is there anyone out there now who is saying “I going to keep following the vaccination regiment until Donald Trump himself tells me not to”? Yes, most of us here want to hear him to say, ‘I was wrong” and that would earn back respect, but for the left it is taken as a sign of weakness, blood in the water, and they double down on the attacks. So, don’t feed the trolls.

      This wasn’t written in so much to defend Trump. Keep these thoughts in mind when dealing with a few good doctors and nurses out there. I am sure by now they know what they did was wrong and are mentally in a very dark place, I would hate to see the good ones walk away from their careers because people keep going up to them demanding “Admit you was wrong!”. But, no amnesty for the (bad) Doctors who still spend 5 minutes trying to convince you in to getting the vax, booster, flu and shingle vaccines. My Doctor was that way. however, on my last visit he just asked “want the flu shot?” I said “no”. and that was the end of the subject and was on to my yearly physical. I was happy with that.

      I will give Trump the same chance I gave my Doctor. Come next primary if he is still claiming warp-speed was the greatest gift he gave to mankind and it saved millions of lives, I will be looking for someone else.

    • Dave Rohlman

      There is a theory that Trump knew the Covid lockdowns were planned to last many years as the deep state tightened their grip on the world. By promoting the shots Trump was able to open up the world much faster and defeat the globalists plans to enslave us. That ultimately saves millions of lives.
      Is it true? I don’t know and neither do you. Just trying to make sense of it all like you.

      • Dave Rohlman

        Here’s more from The Burning Platform:

        Why President Trump has HAD to endorse these deadly vaccines:
        (1) He is part of a military operation
        (2) The globalists’ plan involved starting COVID after the 2016 election (which they assumed Hillary would win). When she didn’t, they waited until the last year of DJT’s term to roll it out for several reasons:
        (A) It provided cover for election fraud
        (B) To start the depopulation
        (C) To begin widespread fear and control
        (D) To not give President Trump enough time to make a vaccine (so that they could present one that could be approved by the FDA and MANDATED FOR ALL)
        (3) DJT had to make a countermove: to get rid of COVID and all of the fear and control that goes with it, to expose Big Pharma, and to ensure a quick vaccine that (due to being rushed) would have to be labeled experimental and thus NOT be mandated
        (4) He had to weigh both options:
        (A) Tell America that the vaccines are a Big Pharma / globalist plan to depopulate the world, or
        (B) Endorse it
        (A) If he warned everyone, the media would mock him, call him a failure, hype COVID all the more, and demand a real vaccine. He wouldn’t be able to expose election fraud, make thousands of arrests, expose the Deep State plan, and turn things around on a wide scale with the public waking up. He would have had to stop the election fraud before it could be seen and take office for the second term, thus forcing his hand and resulting in chaos and an unavoidable civil war with the mainstream media stoking the flames and increasing public terror
        (B) By endorsing it (but placing truthful info in alternative news sights), the Deep State’s vaccine HAD to remain experimental and thus NOT mandatory (which was NOT part of their plan). If DJT can turn this around on a wide scale in the upcoming month or so, he can stop the momentum, have WAY less deaths, and get the vaccinated sheep to med beds. In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options. Given the globalists’ strategy, DJT and the military chose the path with the fewest casualties, and that is to keep going with the facade of publicly endorsing the toxic (but NOT MANDATORY) vaccine. The alternative would have been FAR more deadly for all of us in so many ways. Had an approved MANDATED vaccine been created by the Deep State, it would be killing millions more right now. God bless America and the World.

        • The Canuck

          Klaus Schwaub and the WEF was a complete publicly unknown organization prior to 2020. I thought it was interesting that they had broken through the surface with their introduction to society announcing that “this is the time for a great reset.” The IMF, the Royals, the director of the EU, even the Canadian sock puppet all followed up with their pledge of support. Forced to seize the opportunity, striking while the iron was hot ? Conspiracy theory is now accepted as conspiracy fact. Perhaps things were given a little nudge.

        • Shirl

          Hi Dave,
          Very Good information….makes more sense than what we are currently being sold on especially coming from the Brainwashing LLM.
          Thanx for posting!!!

      • Jim


        If Trump had wanted to prevent lockdowns he simply would’ve NOT declared a nat’l emergency because of cold/flu season.

        Trump, in fact, CRITICIZED American states & foreign countries for NOT locking down long & hard enough.

        So, your lame and inaccurate Q-anon talking points don’t stand up to the tiniest bit of scrutiny and application of basic logic.

        What else have you got…?

        • Frogger

          Never did I get the impression that Trump wanted lockdowns. He seemed disgusted by it, he wanted the economy open. Trump listened to his medical “experts” unfortunately. But the swamp had expanded there as well.

        • Dave Rohlman

          Sorry Jim. Did I push on a bruise? Clearly my intellect is no match for you. I humbly apologize.

          • Jim


            There is a theory that Joe Biden only issued a vax mandate in order to prevent the globalists from re-locking down until 2030.

            Also he got bad advice from back-stabbing advisers.

            See how easy it is to spew BS?

  6. Marie Joy

    Genocide by any other name is still genocide.
    Get a wood stove and a whole lot of wood, ASAP.

    • Harry

      The evil Globalists don’t want us to burn wood, gas, oil or coal (that creates the CO2 “that plants eat” to produce “the oxygen we humans need to breathe”) – the Globalists want us to stop the production of all plant food (CO2) worldwide so plant life on Earth will wither and die – thus “depriving us humans of food and oxygen” – these evil Globalists “want all us humans dead” – and Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry recently at Davos – highly commended the World Economic Forum (WEF) attendees saying: “Your efforts to combat climate change were almost extraterrestrial” – but were not there yet and he encouraged the WEF Satanists “to work even harder” to bring about and achieve the final Reptilian Goal of “HUMAN EXTERMINATION”!!!

      • Marie Joy

        At what point, America?

        • Paul from Indiana

          You ask this question all the time. The answer is NEVER. There is no point at which Americans rise up. This is not 1860. It’s going to have to play out. It’s going to rock-bottom. Plan accordingly. Even if I’m wrong, do you see anybody coming with you? No, you don’t. I share your frustration, but this is the way it is. Best always. PM

      • Shirl

        Harry, you are Correct!
        Same players with a common theme in all of their LIES delivered with care, concern emphasized in FEAR to make the knife to the throat of humanity accept it without questions… and if you dare ask questions you are a Racist or a Supremist or a Terrorist 😂😂😂

      • The Canuck

        Thanks for recognizing Rebel News here in Canada Greg. They really are doing some extremely great work globally and the sock puppet Trudeau is going to do his very best to knock their lights out this year with a censorship bill. The Rebel, while in Davos, have sniffed out the young climate princess herself, … Greta Tunberg. While being peppered with questions it’s clear, the immature young lady has not much of anything between her ears.

  7. Kendra Tilley

    Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt ARE NOT saying not to go after Pfizer. I love Karen Kingston but it appears as if these 3 women need to talk to each other. I have listened to more interviews with all 3 than I care to admit and I admire them all. But Karen is distorting what Sasha and Katherine have said. There is no sense in dividing and confusing people. All 3 of these brilliant women have a large piece of the puzzle to contribute and they need to join forces. Not any single person is 100% correct. Perhaps Karen can clarify things to Sasha and Katherine. Perhaps Sasha and Katherine can clarify things to Karen. But I too have listened and read the information from Sasha and Katherine and I believe they make extremely strong arguments. Karen does too. But again, I will repeat. Neither Sasah or Katherine are saying not to go after Pfizer. They are just proving why Pfizer is getting away with what they are getting away with. The fight will be difficult. Even Pfizer said they cannot be held accountable because they are following the orders of the US government.

    • Freebreezer

      K – go after Who? The deep state has made it iron clad that no high official from Pfizer and anyone through out the US Gov can be held accountable! Period! FYI For the readers per K’s input … … The US government is on the razor cusp of tyranny … The question is can the people stop the DOD/Darpa/FBI/Fed reserve bankers/MSM etc,. from imposing complete control? The indoctrinated sheep (especially women from brainwashed education … oops stupidifaction programs**) is vast. A glimmer of light from the other side – USA watchdog and the alternative media – Hopefully these individuals can SHINE bright enough to take the blinders off the sheep … Again, Let’s pray they see the light! **Note: Studies have shown that younger, unmarried women without kids are multiple times more likely to “go along to get along” and do not question authority.

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t lay down and give up. That’s what they want you to think. Sheriffs can issue arrest warrants.

        • Freebreezer

          I agree !! Never give up! There are some very smart people fighting on the national/world stage … way above my pay grade … God bless them! I have taken CAF advice – go very local to take your stand. Here, people like us can locally make a big difference.

        • Purple Pill

          Sure, Sheriffs can issue arrest warrants, but they need a judge to sign off on them. After the arrest warrants are issued, they then need a prosecutor. Good luck with this criminal system in first getting a judge to sign off on the warrant and then getting a prosecutor.
          Karen puts out extremely good and factual information, but we have to remember who we are dealing with. I see this going nowhere. I have been dealing with this “government” for over 30 years, I know how they operate inside and out.
          You think that the Brunson case was so important? The filing I am preparing will make the Brunson case look like a joke. The suit I am working on will have huge implications throughout the United States and will affect everyone’s life, and this case will define once and for all who you really are in relation to the “government” or the “corporation”.
          The only one you have ever had on your show that is trying to remedy the problems that are ailing this country is Karen Kingston. All of your other guests provide no solutions whatsoever. Living souls are being murdered and the best your guests have is what might happen in the future, what a joke! People are dying every day; we need to stop this insanity right now not later! What are you all going to do? Wait for them to kill you all? Now what’s more insane?
          Greg, you need to take a chance and have my husband on your show you and your viewers will be surprised I guarantee it! He will point you to very concerning information regarding January 6 and the murder of Ashli Babbitt. He has not released this information to anyone. You will look at everything much differently.
          Looking forward to hearing from you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Are you going to file this anonymously?

            • Purple Pill

              Hello Greg,
              Thank you for your time in responding to my post, you stated “Are you going to file this anonymously?”
              The answer is: Absolutely not! It will be open for all to see just like the Brunson case. That goes with all my husband’s filings with the Court, my husband has filed many. Some he has won and some he has lost. The ones that were lost were not because of anything he did, it is because of the corrupt Judges refusing to answer them. His filings are so detrimental to government existence as it stands, that they simply just do not want to answer them.
              My husband hides from no one! The information he has needs to get out to the masses. That is why my husband is willing to talk to you Greg and your audience. As I stated “you and your viewers will be surprised, I guarantee it!” The things he will tell you, you may not like, however, it’s all true! For the 30 years my husband has been fighting with the government, he has given the best and the brightest of government officials including from the FBI, DOJ, Congressional offices and judges an opportunity to respond, and let me tell you, not one of them has ever overcome my husband’s arguments. There is a remedy to this insanity and I believe my husband has found it.
              I also made reference to Ashli Babbitt’s murder in my post, take a look at the videos where Ashli Babbitt was shot, there is something very strange happening in the room, as I stated my husband is willing to sit down with you and provide you with the videos. There was something strange going on there that day and no one has ever shown it or talked about it, I wonder why? You will look at what was going on in the room much differently I guarantee it!
              Don’t ever forget what Hosea 4:6 says.
              Also read Exodus 21:16 and Leviticus 25:10, then think of the government.
              Words are the holy grail and can heal us from all that ails us today. Solomon 16:12
              Thanks Greg, God bless, Purple Pill

              • Greg Hunter

                Then say who you are here for starters.

                • Purple Pill

                  Hello Greg,
                  Thank you for responding to my post.
                  You said: “Then say who you are here for starters?”
                  My husband is a caring living soul who just wants to help, he is not relevant, it is the information that is the most important.
                  My husband has graciously offered to talk to you Greg, remember to answer the door and never forget what thy lord God said. I believe my husband has information that if taken with an open mind will help fix many of the problems that ail us. One must remember you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! Not all living souls are ready to hear what he has to say, however, with an open mind and carefully listening to what he has to say, and with just a little research you will find out what he is saying is absolutely true. This is why the government can not overcome my husband’s arguments no matter how hard they try.
                  John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
                  My husband is just trying to help, remember what thy lord God said in Hosea 4:6
                  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
                  Remember God works in mysterious ways and gifts come from the most unlikely places.
                  I once again thank you Greg for your response. God bless. Purple Pill

    • Gord

      Totally agree. Great comment.

    • Roger A. Huddleston

      Thank you for staying on topic.

      All of these people blathering about Trump, either pro or con, are dead weight.

  8. John Forgione

    I have come to the conclusion that the science behind this is super intelligent which leads me to conclude that it is Watcher or demonic!

    • Harry

      Note: John Kerry speaking at Davos on how we are becoming “more like extraterrestrials”!!

  9. Bryce

    Greg, those behind this bioweapon are one in the same, attendees at davos.
    They appear to be cornered, what’s their next move?

    • Greg Hunter

      Expect more chaos. They are not giving up without a fight.

      • Purple Pill

        What fight? No one is fighting! Show me the remedy!

        • Greg Hunter

          I am a reporter not an activist. I report the truth not propaganda.

    • Harry

      The evil WEF Globalists will continue push against us (just like they are pushing against Russia in the Ukraine) – we need to take off the kid gloves (like Putin is doing now) and smash these Globalists into the ground with overwhelming force (then cover their filthy ashes with concrete mixed with depleted uranium, garlic and silver – so the evil WEF Globalist Vampires can never arise again to threaten humanity!!

      • Harry

        If anyone needs proof that Evil Globalists are “Vampires” – just look at the silver price they have been depressing for years – these WEF Vampires don’t want ordinary people to have silver on their person or in their homes (as it limits these vampires ability to move about freely and do their blood clot sucking of the jabbed!!!

      • Klaatu

        Are you referring to Jamie Dimond?

      • zTeve.0

        Maybe splash some holy water – but hold on to your silver

      • Gord

        No not silver. It’s too valuable to waste on those ______(Fill in the blank)

  10. Lawrence V Rohrer

    Additionally questions: Have people started to receive the “comitry” version of the “vax”? Has it really passed the experimental stages that the FDA has set?

    There was also a rumor of a vaccine using tradditional methods coming from a DOD contract. Have you heard anything of this.

  11. Rodster

    These are the Real Heroes Today”

    Dumped nearly 2,000 doses of COVID vaccine down a drain”

    A Utah plastic surgeon and office staff are facing federal charges for injecting kids with saline, squirting 2,000 government-purchased vaccines down the drain and selling fake vaccination cards.

    • Harry

      What “we really need” is Doctors who will replace the saline shots they now give to our politicians (with the “real” Clot Shots these politicians want to give to our children and babies)!!!

      • Earth Angel

        Brilliant idea Harry! Let’s hope some of those doctors read this comment.

      • Rodster

        Agreed because we know CON-gress is exempt from the Death-Jabs and I seriously doubt any of these criminals who have taken the jab are getting nothing more than saline shots.

  12. Anita

    Karen Kingston excellent as usual, thank you both

  13. Anthony Australia

    The media propaganda machine has already raised a defensive article proclaiming the Caronacon is the cause.


    Fatal heart attacks have surged in Australia. Here’s why.

    • Ray

      Hi mate,
      Yes……I saw that article last night as well.
      Fair Dinkum……the very hyde of these people!!!!
      “Yes, we acknowledge that fatal heart attacks have increased massively…….but it has got NOTHING to do with those EXPERIMENTAL vaccines you all took.”
      The net will surely close on these people……and that right soon.
      How could God allow it to be otherwise?
      PS: I’ll send you an email soon mate……been very busy lately.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Love you Brother Ray.
        God is eternal love, nothing a human being can comprehend or ever fully experience on this earth.

        • Ray

          Spot on comment there mate……spot on.
          God is……..The Big Wow 🙂
          Love you too Brother……speak soon Captain.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

  14. Dachsie

    I do not think the following info contradicts Karen Kingston so am posting here because I do not believe it was made clear that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab. It was lied to the public by the government that is was a “novel zoonotic coronavirus) from nature. Moderna I thought was suing Pfizer because examination of this created SARS-CoV-2 “virus” and “genome” shows a genetic suquence code in it that is the exact sequence that was patented by Moderna several years ago. THAT was theft that Pfizer did.

    The “pathogen” that is said to be the cause of “COVID” (SARS-CoV-2) was created in one or more laboratories for the purpose of getting a synthesized “genome” upon which to base a “vaccine.” That is the foundational crime against humanity from which all other travesties and death and disease flow in this “pandemic.”

    The public was told the lie that a “novel zoonotic coronavirus”, solely from nature, was the disease that caused the “pandemic. That lie was sold to the public through fear and a plethora of other lies.

    That is the truth that I am hoping will be fully brought to light very soon to allow us all to immediately start trying to make amends as much as possible for this horrible evil perpetrated against humanity.


    Also the fake SARS-CoV-2 molecule had 29 different kinds of proteins on this molecule surface but “coincidentally” all of the mRNA “COVID vaccine” pharmaceutical companies chose the exact same protein, the spike protein or the surface of the fake genome upon which to base the formulas for their mRNA COVID vaccines. Dr. Michael Yeadon regards this to be no accident.

    Here is an article that points the finger at Moderna for “creating COVID”

    Back when you were distracted by the War in Ukraine, Documents were published confirming Moderna created the COVID Virus

    But all of the actors (pharma and US government) appear to have been “in cahoots”
    (collusion) for the purpose of making lots of money fraudulently as well as to reduce the population.

    Fraud fraud everywhere and fraud vitiates everything.

    • Bordeaux

      That’s the way I understand it.
      I had some trouble following her and appreciate Greg’s slowing it down and reframing.
      I think she was trying to say that there is no “virus’ only a bioweapon that we’ve been told is a virus and does seem to cause disease (I mean we’ve al had it by now) because the engineered entity is not a virus technically but a bioweapon in itself along with the mirrored vaxx that was co-developed with the bioweapon simultaneously. In other words they re both one and the same, bioweapons.

  15. Dillon Sawyer

    why can’t some company in China make Madurna(sp) and sell it to the world as a cure?

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no cure just treatments like Ivermectin.

      • Stephen jones

        These shots are the mark of the Beast.

  16. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    Karen Kingston the modern day ” David ” and goliath , excellent interview

  17. Bill Strilich

    Thank you so very much for what you do!!
    Your guests are authentic and knowledgeable. THANK YOU!!!

    I find it so very frustrating when intelligent liberals – who tend to vote for party instead of country – cannot see the multitude of NEGATIVE FACTORS STARING AT THEM DAILY!!!
    I have concluded that intellectuals with HUGE EGOs are the easiest to brainwash due to the fact that they tend to look down their noses at others!!!

    I taught for forty years – jhs, middle school, high school, university, adults, and lectured on teaching/learning strategies. I had planned on meeting my Maker as my exit from that profession. I had to quit because I could not stomach the ‘growth’ of public education.

    Again, THANK YOU for what you offer to our sleeping citizenry.

  18. Charles Straight

    I think it’s about time to start the public hangings let these people realize that they’re going to lose their lives over this attempted genocide with the covid-19 bio weapon that’s everybody everybody associated with it. If everybody knew what they did to the children to make it they agree hang them hang them high.

    • Harry

      This is no fictional Clint Eastwood movie – we Americans have “a real history” of forming posse’s composed of numbers of good and moral civilians to assist in preserving the peace and pursuing (and yes hanging) evil murderous criminals – the WEF and evil Globalists better beware – Americans are now strumming this song:

      • Paul

        This song is for the fighters
        Marine battle song

        Paul from the arkansas

        • Harry

          Whether done by Civilians or Marines we need to form posse’s now – and physically arrest the criminal murderers Dr. Martin has now identified (and who are still running loose jabbing our children to death)!!!

    • Ray

      + 1
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  19. Blain Shaner

    The Elite Establishment is playing two dangerous games at once…
    They are aiming to change the way a modern economy works, by mandating a complete switch to “green energy”… while paying for it with unlimited amounts of new “paper” money.
    This is going to be really bad for a lot of people—replacement theory. Replacement of large swaths of populations of the west, but it doesn’t have to be bad for you.
    Sure the elites would rather you be dead and replaced with third world subservient sharecropper’s. Yet our real real number one elitetes enemy running things down here, is an equal opportunity deceiver as even Elon Muskrat can attest. Not Pfizer, but that old crafty magician himself, Satan, also called the Devil!
    “America’s Nightmare Winter” | 4 Steps You Should Take Immediately

    Elon Musk claims he suffered ‘major side effects’ after taking the COVID booster shot
    Story by Meaghan Ellis • 3h ago
    Billionaire businessman and Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently shared claims about health complications he faced after a COVID-19 booster shot as he claimed his cousin also suffered a severe case of myocarditis.
    Musk shared his tweets in the early hours of Saturday, January 21, in response to data included in newly released Rasmussen Reports.

    Milley was one of Trump’s favorite generals. Now he’s a villain of the right.
    The four-star general had been suckered into politics as a feud between the Pentagon and conservatives escalates.

    • Harry

      No wonder Musk is so anti-globalist (they almost killed him with the jab)!! – what this shows me is that we nust somehow get all members of Congress “to take the jab” (and thus also turn them against the WEF Globalists) – perhaps Trump continually telling everyone (and everyone in Congress) that “the jab is safe and effective” will have a beneficial effect – as these Congress men and women will begin to have heart and other medical problems!!

      • Harry

        Economic dominance by the Globalists in the West won’t last – and “off the record” even New York banking sources are now admitting that the US dollar will likely be wiped out just like FTX (by about 2030) since the US dollar is simply a valueless fiat currency – – the BRICS are readying their R5 “gold-backed” central bank digital currency – where the name R5 is based on the first letters of the BRICS currencies which begin with the letter R (Real, Ruble, Rupee, Renminbi and Rand) – the new R5 currency will likely be based on real assets like gold, oil, natural gas and copper, etc. “fixed to a set quantity of gold” – for instance – the price of oil in terms of gold could be set to say a level of two(2) barrels of oil per one(1) gram of gold” [which will give (in terms of dollars) a price of about $5000 US dollars for an ounce of gold (but that is assuming oil is priced at only $80 dollars per barrel)!!!

  20. Linda Majors


    Karen is a Star in this fight against Pfizer, and our Government. She is helping good people worldwide. I’ve noticed that Pfizer sponsors nearly all the mainstream news broadcasts. Apparently, Pfizer controls the news media, as well as our Military. In California, the Dept. of Health continues to promote that poison.

    Tony Blair (former UK Prime Minister) declared in Davos, Switzerland this week at the WEF (World Economic Forum) conference announced that governments need to “Digitalize Vaccine Mandates.” Regardng Pfizer, the Editor for Rebel News of Canada managed to confront the CEO of Pfizer whiie he was walking on the sidewalk in Davos to attend a meeting. (Rebel News is fearless. Rebel defended the Truckers in Canada, also, in their fight against tyrannical Trudeau.) .

    It’s amazing that the evilest people on earth have gotten into positions of power. No doubt they made a pact with the Devil. We are in the fight of our lives. Good vs. Evil.
    Fortunately, we have God on our side. God always wins.

    Best wishes,

  21. Hard working

    2 Thessaionians 2:10-12

  22. Mike S

    I’m no word genius, but “bio” means life. A bioweapon is therefore anti-LIFE.

    How do you counter it?

    By doing what Karen’s done. Fight pro death with prolife. But that takes work and talent. Sorry Kelloggs, but Karen’s “Special KK”! And oh, btw, she’s powered by God!

    Greg’s thanks for bringing truth in a world where it’s not easy to find!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their loved ones.

  23. Paul Seward

    Ask Karen why there are new variations of the virus, if there isn’t a virus in the first place. Are there variants in the spike protein? Or is it all lies?

    • Harry

      Parasites, bacteria and fungi can survive on their own without infecting a human cell – and these pathogens were most likely added to the Clot Shots for good measure to help make us sick (and is likely why Ivermectine works to some degree) – but – when it comes to viruses – viruses need to get inside human cells in order to replicate and that’s where “the spike protein” added to the jab by Big Pharma comes in – “the spike protein” helps the virus to get into the cell – and once the virus is in – they use the cell’s own biochemical machinery to build new virus particles to spread to other cells within the body and other individuals – human cells have defenses against viral invaders (its outer coating is composed of a negatively charged fatty layer that surrounds and protects all the enzymes, proteins and DNA in the cell) – however “nano-particles” are added to the jab by Big Pharma “to help viruses traverse this protective barrier and gain access into the cell – “the spike protein” of SARS-CoV-2 virus is stuck to the outside of the viral particle “and it can mutate over time as the virus evolves”!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      It’s ALL fear-porn – lies, propaganda, misdirection. When no one has isolated the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus (that supposedly causes ‘Covid-19’) how can anyone claim to be able to identify a variant? A variant of what, exactly? Those of my colleagues who were / are totally into the official narrative were / are living in fear and trepidation of the next ‘variant’. Propaganda works – unfortunately!

  24. Pete+only

    First I heard that George Soros was a U.S citizen, and now I hear that he is a Hungarian citizen. Either way, he should be without a country, because during the Second World War, he was going around with his father along with the Nazis confiscating their properties owned by the Jews. If there really was a justice system, this would be addressed, but silly me for saying. So why is he still with us trying to take all of our rights away? The answer is because he knows how to buyor threaten the right people in government and justice systems. To those that cannot be corrupted, tell others this story, and may God be with you….and he has the gall to tell us that those against him are hateful?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Pete,
      The Hungarians hate Soros. Under premier Viktor Orbán, trams running Budapest had poster size pictures of Soros pasted to the floor – so the people could ‘stamp on his face’. Now, there’s healthy disrespect for a globalist demon! Naturally, Soros’ NWO supporters rushed to his defence with faux claims that the anti-Soros campaign was “anti-Semitic”. Same old, same old! As you point out, Soros assisted the Nazis in their persecution of the Jewish population in Hungary, so ‘enough already’ with using the anti-Semitic card to silence rebellion.
      The link verifies the Soros poster / tram story, however, it is supportive of Soros which is definitely NOT my intent. You have been warned.

    • Mike D.

      You don’t need to ask Karen. All viruses mutate.

  25. Julia Capulet

    Silk essentially rebukes Mr. Happy Vax (aka Trump) to his face:

    This is what prophet Mark Taylor should have been doing these past years. He could have perhaps shamed Trump into waking up and then begin lobbying to halt the vaccinations. But instead Taylor went into hiding, despite having made a book and movie all about Trump.

    • CJ

      Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a statement when she took the vaccine that Trump had convinced her it was safe. Sarah had cancer since taking the jab. It is in remission. Sarah recently refused to endorse Trump. Will she come out and make the stand against the jab now that she has been elected Governor of Arkansas? Does she even realize the possibility that the cancer was caused by the jab?

    • Ed

      Julie, mark Taylor is NO prophet .

      • Nika

        Taylor wrote his book in 2011, saying Trump would be President? That sounds like a prediction to me.

        • Edd

          You should look up What a prophet is And what constitutes a FALSE prophet.

    • Chip2

      Input to ChatGPT:

      How could an evil cabal take over the world by a staged pandemic?

      Response from ChatGPT:

      An evil cabal could take over the world by a staged pandemic by first creating a false threat of a highly contagious and deadly virus. They could then use this threat to gain control over governments and societies, using fear and panic to justify implementing authoritarian measures such as mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, and surveillance of citizens.

      They could also use the threat of the pandemic to justify economic and political policies that would benefit their own interests, such as seizing control of key industries and resources, or consolidating power in their own hands. They could also use the pandemic as a pretext for enacting martial law, censoring the media, and suppressing dissent.

      The cabal could also use the pandemic as a cover for carrying out other nefarious activities, such as population control, eugenics, or secret experiments on unsuspecting citizens. They could also use the pandemic to justify the elimination of political opponents, religious groups, or other perceived enemies.

      • Greg Hunter

        Now ask how we defeat them and thwart their plans.

        • Chip2

          I had to start the ChatGPT conversation over…

          Q: How could an evil cabal take over the world by a staged pandemic?

          A: An evil cabal could potentially take over the world by staging a pandemic in the following ways:

          Creating a virus: The cabal would need to create a virus or manipulate an existing virus to make it more deadly and contagious. They would then release the virus into the population to spread rapidly.

          Controlling the narrative: The cabal would then control the narrative around the virus, spreading false information and manipulating the media to create fear and panic among the population.

          Implementing strict measures: The cabal would then implement strict measures, such as lockdowns and travel bans, to control the spread of the virus and restrict people’s movements.

          Using the crisis to gain power: The cabal would then use the crisis to gain power and control over the population, using the fear and panic to justify their actions. They could create laws that restrict civil liberties, such as surveillance and censorship, and use the crisis to justify their actions.

          Manipulating the election: They could also manipulate the election by creating a situation where the current leader is not capable of managing the situation and the cabal’s candidate is the only one who can save the world.

          Profit from the pandemic: Lastly, they could also profit from the pandemic by creating and selling a cure or vaccine, controlling the distribution and access to it, and making a huge profit in the process.

          Q: How could the cabal be defeated?

          A: The cabal could potentially be defeated in the following ways:

          Exposing the truth: The truth about the cabal’s actions and motives would need to be exposed to the public. This could be done through investigative journalism, whistleblowers, and other forms of independent research.

          Building a coalition: A coalition of individuals, organizations, and governments would need to be formed to challenge the cabal’s power and influence. This coalition would need to include people from diverse backgrounds and sectors, such as politicians, activists, academics, and media outlets.

          Using legal means: Legal action could be taken against the cabal, such as criminal investigations and prosecutions, lawsuits, and human rights complaints. This would help to hold the cabal accountable for their actions and provide a sense of justice for the victims.

          Mobilizing the public: The public would need to be mobilized to demand change and hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. This could be done through grassroots organizing, protests, and social media campaigns.

          Educating the public: It is important to educate people about the issue, how the cabal is manipulating them, and the real facts about the situation. This will help the public to make informed decisions and not fall for the cabal’s false information.

          Being resilient: The cabal might be defeated, but they might come back again, therefore people should be vigilant and resilient against the cabal’s manipulation and propaganda.

          International cooperation: International cooperation would be needed to stop the cabal’s influence on a global scale, involving multiple countries and agencies.

          • Chip2

            Greg, I think they have been using AI for years to game and eventually implement these scenarios. Chat GPT actually reveals their plans. These ding dongs can go back to the AI anytime there’s a problem and use the AI to come up with solutions. The AI is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil. Now, we are getting a glimpse of what it’s capable of.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Chip, for the comment and analysis! There is much hope here!

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Chip,
            Of course, Jesus is the most important force against this evil demonic enemy of humanity.

            • Chip2

              Jesus may be the only one able to outsmart the AI. I don’t think any human can. The AI “knows” enough about humanity to come up with scenarios that most people will be thoroughly corralled by.

              The biggest tools of the enemy are the sleepy heads who, not wanting to face reality, act as prison guards against the rest.

              Someone said that the purpose of modern propaganda is not to convince anyone, but to wear down their mental faculties, to annihilate the truth.

        • Chip2

          Greg, you should have someone on to demonstrate what ChatGPT is capable of. The public has little idea.

          Watch this….

          Input to ChatGPT:

          A global-government conspiracy creates a fake pandemic and pronounces that only special vaccines under development will provide a cure. Simple existing cures are denigrated and forbidden by governments around the world. The mainstream media is fully validating the fake pandemic, causing many people to become anxious and hopelessly deceived. The Mormon church leaders go along with the crisis, as well. When the vaccines become available, the Mormon leaders declare them to be a literal godsend and an answer to their prayers. They advise all church members to receive the vaccines, admonishing them to be “good global citizens”. Members enthusiastically receive the vaccines, grateful for their prophet’s advice, since they believe God speaks through him. Some members think something is wrong with the whole situation and they refuse to receive the vaccines. The members who did receive the vaccines suppose that those that didn’t are unfaithful and disobedient church members who are not following the prophet. As time goes by, vaccinated members start to have blood clots, heart problems, cancers, and immune disorders, with some dying abruptly and some slowly. They believe that it is not the vaccine causing their deteriorating health and deaths, but the pandemic, which has always seemed real to them. The church leaders never retract their advice and act as if all is well. Some members write them letters, but the leaders never acknowledge the sickness and death. Some members realize that the vaccines are part of an evil plot, but most members remain in denial because they can’t bring themselves to think that their beloved prophet could be wrong. They actually become very hostile when members point out that a mistake might have been made.

          Write a dialog of a discussion that erupts in a Sunday elders quorum meeting. Do it in Ebonics.

          ChatGPT response:

          Elder Johnson: Yo, what’s good y’all? I just wanna say I ain’t feeling this whole vaccine thing. Somethin’ ain’t right ’bout it.

          Elder Smith: What you talkin’ ’bout, Johnson? The prophet said we should get the vaccine. Ain’t no question ’bout it.

          Elder Johnson: But what ’bout all the folks getting sick and dyin’ after gettin’ the vaccine? That ain’t right.

          Elder Smith: Ain’t no proof that the vaccine is causin’ that. It’s just the pandemic.

          Elder Jones: Hold up, y’all. I ain’t tryna be a troublemaker, but I got a cousin who got the vaccine and now she’s in the hospital with blood clots. That ain’t no pandemic, that’s the vaccine.

          Elder Smith: You ain’t got no proof of that.

          Elder Jones: My cousin ain’t lyin’, man. You can’t just ignore it ’cause the prophet said so.

          Elder Williams: Yo, y’all need to chill. The prophet ain’t never led us astray. We gotta have faith.

          Elder Johnson: But what ’bout all the folks dyin’ and gettin’ sick? Ain’t that worth questionin’?

          Elder Williams: We gotta have faith and trust in the prophet. End of story.

          Elder Jones: I ain’t tryna disrespect the prophet, but I ain’t tryna be a guinea pig neither.

          Elder Smith: You ain’t gotta question the prophet, Jones. You just gotta do what he says.

          Elder Johnson: But what if the prophet ain’t right this time?

          Elder Williams: Ain’t no way the prophet ain’t right. We gotta trust in him and get the vaccine.

          Elder Jones: I ain’t tryna start no trouble, but I ain’t getting no vaccine ’til I see some real proof that it’s safe.

          Elder Smith: You ain’t no good global citizen, Jones.

          Elder Johnson: Yo, y’all need to chill. Ain’t no need to attack each other ’cause we got different opinions. We gotta be able to talk ’bout this and make the best decision for ourselves and our families.

          Elder Williams: Ain’t no need to talk ’bout it no more. The prophet said to get the vaccine, so that’s what we gotta do.

          (The meeting ends with the elders divided and unsure of what to do, with some still questioning the safety of the vaccine and others blindly following the prophet’s advice.)

  26. Pete+only

    Greg, great show. Karen is a true patriot. Her perspectives should help spawn a new era for truth and justice as do you yourself for your work in broadcasting the truth, or the other side of normal in this day and age.
    There are 1 million lawyers in the U.S alone, one for every 330 people. I am sure that the vaccines have touched many of these people. Get cracking. FK Big pharma. This is your time to shine.
    She reveals how incidious the powers to be really are. I must admit, I will be listening to this broadcast at least another time or two to get it all in.


    The military law (UCMJ) to which Karen refers is the UNIFORM code of Military Justice; not ‘universal’ as Karen keeps repeating. It is not universal and (to my knowledge), applies only to the armed forces of the US.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am betting Kingston is right. You cannot murder people with a bioweapon and get off scot-free.

    • Glen

      You are correct Dennis. The UCMJ only applies to military personelle.

  28. jon

    Hi Greg, It is a little difficult to find a lot of information on Russia’s vaccine for covid19. I read many people in Russian do not take the vaccine and there is no heavy push on the public. I read their vaccine is a adenovirus type. Is there any opinion from your guests if this is MRNA and/or if there is the same concern with Russia’s version compared to the US versions.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi jon,
      Good question.
      Russia’s ‘Sputnik V’ Covid vaccine was one of the first to gain ‘approval’. If this is also a bio-weapon, then it places Putin in the central banker / WEF / globalist cabal. If it is not a bio-weapon – per Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra-Zeneca – then it may explain the push to ‘eliminate’ Putin and subvert Russia to the ‘One World Government’ agenda.
      Greg, perhaps you could ask Karen about Sputnik V?

    • Da Yooper


      I watch a couple of volgers who were in Russia during the scamdemic one an English man & another an expat American they both had to take a western vaccine while most Russians received the Russian i think it was called Sputnik shot & from what I remember it was not mandated in Russia.

  29. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks, but can’t watch it. Some weeks my spirit feels heavy with this news- so sad, i can’t watch anymore this week. I don’t want to be the angry old man yelling at the tv- and we stopped watching most tv. Spring is coming and i think i want to focus on planting fruit trees, couple pecan trees- i have figured out that the voles wont dig through gravel- in and on top of the soil- once and done gravel shield. I suppose my heart is seeking a homestead. With such evil things around; God still leads us and helps be where we need to be and I think we are the most satisfied and content to be in His provision and path.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang on to Jesus, jeff and “Fear Not”!!

      • Clair

        My inlaw family (from 4 years to 65 years) has 4 maybe 5 boosters now. How do I get through to them? I send them your work but it’s always met with silence. The truth is so plain to see that the shots don’t work but they always have an excuse for it. They have a vested interest in this cult and I fear nothing will wake them up. Thanks for all you do. God bless

        • Nika

          Maybe, you can buy some ivermectin for them.
          When “one” of them gets the Covid, you can send them the ivermectin as a gift. Maybe then, they would be grateful?

    • Astraea

      I know just how you feel. It is frozen here in England and there is no chance of doing any digging at present – I have our Christmas tree waiting to be planted = but I watch and talk to my geese. They are so sweet and so funny.
      I am LONGING to plant some fruit trees and I wish you well with yours – and send my love. and best wishes for a happy New Year.

    • Paul

      Hard physical work has always released, and calmed me during disturbing and challenging times in my life. Those situations keep coming, always have.

      Procrastination seems to be just as disturbing. Balance is the key. Keep yours hands busy and do what you enjoy.

      I am digging as I type a 3x3x3 hole thru
      The hardest red clay, brick soil Mother Nature ever produced. That stuff makes me stronger in every way.

      Knowledge is a burden.

      Paul from arkansas

  30. Frank Cooper

    Excess deaths in young adults, 2022 data
    Dr. John Campbell 2.64M subscribers 92K views 5 hours ago
    In 2022, 7.8% more young adults died than in 2019, this is outrageous and demands an official (credible) explanation
    @lefroy1 5 hours ago (edited)
    You’re right in your opening statement John, we HAVE gotten used to ‘Excess Deaths’ and we really shouldn’t. Every one is a life-altering event for the families involved, most pointedly for the loss of our young-ones, which seem to be happening more than most.
    There IS a common cause for all these excess deaths, and it ain’t ‘climate change’!

    This is Frank, if so many of the young die off and not just a blip, who will help to support our retired and retiring baby boomers, by paying into social security or old age pension’s? It seems there might be no retirement for the coming of old age and back to work for those cursed by Adam and Eve to be old….Because Eve had to listen to that snake that asked her that age old question. You mean God would deny you this pleasure of you enjoying this particular lusciousness, of this fruit of the vine? [Bottle of wine? My words,lol]
    Another $64.000 dollar question. There seems to be so many $64.000 dollar questions now-ah -days and this aint even the 50’s John!

  31. Neville

    Another brilliant interview with Karen.
    In the book of Revelations they mention that the head of the beast must be severed .This would now appear as they have the u.s. military in mind who are totally responsible for the distribution of the Bio Weapons of mass DESTRUCTION.
    In addition they are also responible the financing of the demonic operation, the placement of orders to produce the killer shots with total disregard for Human Life.
    As for the patents the military couldn’t care less all they want are Bio Weapons the harmful the better.
    My question for that scumbag albert bourla ,is “ARE YOU PREPARED TO MEET YOUR MAKER”
    This scum of the earth and others like him will be dealt with and will never be seen on the face of the Earth ever again.

  32. Klaatu

    The security apparatus at Davos is reduced due to fear that they will be hunted just like the elites.

  33. Mike Low

    Greg you have great guests…please let them answer your great questions.

  34. Kenneth Smith

    It is remarkable after all the truths being exposed in broadcasts like this and censored Twitter posts, etc. that forced vaccine requirements continue to hinder employment opportunities and international travel. Travel agencies are being now commissioned to harass their clients with discriminate PCR testing that Governments don’t wish to enforce. The testing may pop up unexpectedly at any leg of a given journey.
    Trade Unions like my own that endorse the vaccine mandates of Corporations in the energy industry, prevent their own members from bidding for work. A fringe benefit of the Union is the death assessment payout where members contribute involuntarily to cover funeral expenses of their dead brothers and sisters. Dropping like flies as they have been lately due to the vaccines and the Union’s complicity therein, I find it Ironic the un vaxxed members death assessment contributions continue to roll in over threat of expulsion from non payment, while these same members are still denied gainful employment!

  35. Stephanie

    Dr, David Martin from the patent office says the drug companies are front companies for companies like Ansar and you are going to sue the wrong company.
    Try to connect with him and put the attention on the real criminals.
    The companies like jab pharmas have no money. They are like the shipping companies one company pilots the boats, one company owns the boat so if you sue who do you sue.
    Please connect Karen with Dr. David Martin they need to talk.

  36. Stephanie

    Please reach out to Dr.David Martin he is the one who is flat out calling this a genocide and he has all the names of major individual investors and the big money silent companies.
    Greg this will put the attention on the true criminals

  37. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Outstanding interview with Karen Kingston. She is a diamond. I wish she would be more careful about divulging her travel plans and hook-ups with “sheriffs”. These are dangerous times!

    P.S. I love that you got her to laugh. Bio weapons are NO joke and she is weighed down with knowledge of pure evil, so to have her smile and laugh shows how relaxed she has become as a SPECIAL guest on USAW.

  38. YouKnow

    According to an article on bioRXIV dated January of 2020. The article states a combination of Bromelain and Acetyl Cysteine synergistically inactivates SARS Covid II and breaks up the spike proteins from the jabs. And the conclusion of the article says Bromelain found in pineapples and NAC a supplement taking at the same time disintegrates SARS and Covid II spike and envelope proteins.

  39. Glenn

    Dr Ana Mihalcia collaborates with Karen.

    Listen to her interview. If Karen’s and Ana’s results and research are correct, then what is happening is at a high technological and chemical level. The distraction is that we are dealing with a virus which is doubtful, rather energy – frequencies, metals and others. Listen, supplement with this information. Evaluate , reject.

    If you don’t have spotify, search for ” The way forward – Alec Zeck”


  40. Hammering Truth

    Donald Trump and Klaus Schwab Together at the World Economic Forum: 2020:

    • Nika

      I remember reading Trump went to Hillary’s daughter wedding. I aslo have seen a picture of Jeffrey Epstein and Trump talking together. I hav seen Trump shaking hands with Obama. So, it happens.

      • Harry

        Birds of a feather – flock together!!

  41. Grant Hill

    We need to stop them giving it out now!!! The truth is out and they still havent shut it down1!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Justn,
      Great links – gives one hope! Thanks

  42. Roger Stamper

    tks for post karen greg

  43. Marie Joy

    They didn’t kill as many as they wanted, this time, but you can be sure there will be another, worse, plandemic and they will shut down all travel. They closed East Germany, in 1948, and America airlifted food for decades. What would have happened if America had not airlifted food to East Germans? Rise or die.

    • Marie Joy


  44. Astraea

    I read, somewhere this morning, that Pfizer is planning to build factories in England, Canada, Kenya – and two other places I cannot recall right now – and I cannot for the life of me find the link.
    How do they have the gall> WHO are these creatures? ARE they human?
    Thank God for Karen Kingston.
    And thank you GREG¬ Thank you!

  45. Ellis

    I used to enjoy Karens interviews. I think the snippy little comment about “Men show up and do nothing so the Mom’s have to take charge” was just showing her true colors by projecting her castrating subconscious beliefs. Some men and cops as well as Women cops are definitely chicken-sh&*. What do the clot shots have to do with UVALDE ?
    The Uvalde Cops (Male and Female) were definitely told to stand down and instead of KAREN being mad at the Uvalde cops Higher ups, she wants to lump all men in the Chicken-sh&* category. Definately NOT constructive rhetoric. KAREN acts like there are NO WOMEN behind the clot shots, abortion, corrupt politics, poor policing or the demons that are destroying our world. She wont need any male support to start rounding up all the bad men, she has it all under control.

  46. Earl Thornburg

    Wow! What an interview.
    Greg and Karen make an awesome tag team of truth.

  47. Tom Grier

    Is Daimond’s death another premature vaxx death? Trump has been telling his followers to get the vaxx.

    • Greg Hunter

      Daimond was a strong anti-cv19 vax patriot. Who knows what happened. She could have been attacked by the evil ones. I have no proof of this though.

  48. cgpman

    It is so hard to understand what she is saying. She speaks too fast and too indistinctly. Greg, you should ask to to repeat herself when she says something that cannot be clearly heard. Or include subtitles.

  49. Glen

    I really am concerned about the reprisals Karen may be facing. No doubt she’s got that covered too. I’ve seen this sort of thing up close and very personal. These people don’t play. Prayerful support/protection needs to be 24/7 for this courageous warrior.

  50. Robert S Swan

    A suggestion, Karen needs to provide a very condensed informative and advisory 2 to 3 page (no more) simple to follow PDF (avoid the specific legalize language) that shows the core/critical chain of events leading up to the legal violations and the needed first step(s) legislative action(s) that lawmakers can do. This can then be used by USA Watchdog followers to send in a mass mailer campaign to federal, state, local officials (also importantly their staffs), education departments, and any applicable government officials. Helpful to have a 200 words or less one page cover letter to send along with PDF. It’s critcal that the entire package is non-threatening, can’t be construed into a legal attack against the sender and is completely fact based. Might want to reach out to Cliff High to cross collaborate using his actions in this arena. Remember, it only take 3% of the population to plant the seeds of change. Thanks.

  51. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Karen

    The Bio-weapon is a Trojan Horse being used to take down America.

  52. Dan

    When all is said and done it’s quite possible that Trump’s ‘vaccine’ will have killed more Americans than all its wars in history COMBINED.

    What is the appropriate punishment for someone who kills this many people?

    Should a mass-murderer like this be showered with adulation in stadiums by 10’s of thousands of people?

    Should he be elected President again?

    Should endless excuses be made for this LIAR who, to this day, still claims HIS ‘vaccine’ saved millions of lives?

    • Nika

      Trump did a excellent job as President, despite all the globalists in his cabinet. For example, Pence and Pompeyo. Both have aspirations of being President in 2024. Pence could have cast his vote for Trump(in the Senate) but he didn’t. So, that is why the people had to suffer, while our country was being torn down by Biden, the last 2 years!
      Then Trump also had those 2 Generals, in his cabinet, who were undermining him. One was Mad Dog Mathis and the other name I don’t remember. Both were Deep State Globalists, that advised Trump poorly. Then Trump’s AG, Bill Barr never supported him at important times. He was Deep State also.

      • Harry

        Trump was a pigeon surrounded by vultures – but “a bird none the less” – who flocked out and associated with the vultures!!
        [Trump is Damaged Goods in my Book]!!!


    World population is 8 billion; 2 billion received the Pfizer shots (1/4 of world population).
    REVELATION 6:7-8
    “… fourth seal … a pale green horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hades accompanied him. They were given authority, OVER A QUARTER OF THE EARTH, to kill WITH A SWORD (needle), famine and plague, and by means of the beasts of the earth.”.

  54. Fred Daake

    I watched the stream of yesterdays funeral for Diamond – who died of a sudden, unexpected death after having been jolly for the previous several days and months. I thought that it was unusual for Silk to spend a lot of her speaking time at the service talking about the jab and how it needed to be investigated. Especially since she never connected it to her sister Diamond. Perhaps Silk was trying to get a subtle message out without turning off people who refuse to consider the jab as dangerous?

    Article By JD Rucker on the death of Diamond and the jab:

  55. Wayne

    Greg great interview. We’re some of the VAX’s manufactured in the Ukraine ?

  56. George

    Why did General Milley say that he was going to warn China if Trump was going to nuke them wouldn’t he warn Russia about Biden intentions

    • Marie Joy

      Milley is a traitor. Treason is profitable.

    • Nika

      Milley is NWO kind of guy. He doesn’t believe in Nationalism. So that is why he would warn China. He prolonged the War in Afghanistan for 20 years, by reporting little or no success in Afghanistan. By reporting stagnation in Afghanistan, he was able to build up a $5 Million dollar bank account. Same M.O (Method of Operation) all the Washington Crime Families use.

  57. Cheryl

    Is Ms K saying: The Bayh–Dole Act or Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act (Pub. L. 96-517, December 12, 1980). I don’t get how Bayh-Dole is related to military forfeiting all or their all of their rights. Please clarify. And what does B-D have to do with any Pfizer contract? What contract? Please reference your work. I can’t listen to the rest.

    • Harry

      You need to focus more on the “ANSER” and “Justin Moskowitz”!!

  58. Kevin24

    Great show as always Greg, glad you mentioned Karen has a donation button because I missed it last time I looked at the site, I am not interested in a subscription at this time but don’t mind chipping in a donation.
    Another eventful week in my circle of friends, We lost Tanya at age 55, autopsy to follow. Kirsty was actually classified as disabled this week by her doctor and the disability was Vax injured.
    One final piece of news from Canada, Trudeau’s plot to take away hunting rifles has failed, the gun owners are pushing back.

  59. Phyllis Wallace

    My husband and & know that this is a kill-shot. Three of our close friends were murdered with it. But what we don’t understand is how some people line up gleefully for all the shots as they become available and they continue with their lives unscathed. Dave’s sister & brother-in-law are these people & in addition to the clot-shot they take the flu vaccine as well. I’m not wishing them ill will but I can understand why they think the non-vaxers are conspiracy mongers.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss but thank you for reporting it here!!

    • Harry

      The strong immune systems of some people (who think the non-vaxers are conspiracy mongers) will temporarily delay the side effects of the jab (give the jab some time)!!

  60. John

    Blackrock and Vanguard hol a majority interest, as they do most of ALL other major companies.

  61. John Maskell

    What a brave and courageous lady Karen Kingston is. This person needs our love and support . What she has done in the exposure of these crazed murdering vaccine killers is beyond belief . May God protect Karen and look after her . I really hope that in the conning months, humanity can put a stop to this bio weapon and arrest the CEO s involved with the slaughtering of innocent people .
    To this day though , I still cannot believe that people never questioned the safety of this MRNA vaccine and went ahead with it . Don’t they question anything ? Did they know that the vax was experimental ? Do they really trust the media that much ? Unbelievable isn’t it ? I’m glad the people that watch Greg Hunter are awake !

  62. larry

    Karen Kingston is the Joan of Arch in this era…She needs protection…I hope she can find full time 24 hour protection…I am not kidding around…..

    Mr. Greg, you bring a unique concentrated edition of real news that matters…..Thanks so much!

  63. andyb

    Greg: please be advised that as soon as I clicked on your site, I rec’d a warning from Norton anti-virus, which I just recently paid for, that it was unsafe . You should sue this obvious criminal misinformation site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the heads up, Andy. There is ZERO malware on USAW.

  64. Fred Daake

    Thanks for bringing on Karen Kingston. About one-hundred years ago, the Rockefeller’s ignited a massive chain reaction that displaced common sense health and gave us today’s pharmaceutical cartel. Now we have government’s and medical personnel that effectively ban useful and safer alternatives to their overly complicated, overpriced and many times harmful products. All of those who fully understand this con job are heroes for going out into the dangerous world and spreading the truth. Hopefully presentations like this one will inspire others to warn their own peers about the dangers that await them.

    • Glenn Whittington

      James Corbett of “The Corbett Report” produced an excellent documentary on the hundred year history of the Rocks control of pharma and Western medical colleges…

      • Fred Daake

        Glenn –
        Thanks for the excellent suggestion. The link below sends you to a 2013 video by James Corbett concerning the cartel takeover of Gods health.

        Everyone interested in today’s vaccine problems should watch this video of a brief history on how we got here. It talks about the struggle between homeopathic and allopathic medicine, with the natural forms of homeopathy dominating in the late 1800’s. Also at that time, one of the early Rockefeller’s was a genuine snake oil salesman, selling nonsense as effective cures. By 1910, John D. Rockefeller joined with Carnegie and Morgan.

        They created a PROFITABLE but overpriced, inhumane, barbaric “health” system and set up insurance to “protect” customer victims against medical bankruptcy. Once the corporate claws had the medical industry, they began the takeover of the food industry. They also promoted abortion, eugenics, AI and genetic control, and Marxist control. Bill Gates is a current Five Star General in this demonic army.

        REQUIRED VIEWING: A Brief History of the Barbaric Medical Cartel:

  65. Felix

    Love karen k she is a champion of humanity,ourHEAVENLY FATHER has blessed her with the knowledge to discern these documents that expose the evil of this psyop unleashed on global citizens.It is time for all patriots to stand up for humanity.The fight is on educate others because you will get pushback from people that have no sense and were brainwashed with fear.The power of GOD is with us that speak the truth.I have woken a few but much more work to bedone.I never trust big pharma they are sorcerer to the highest degree.Love to all patriots ,stand up

  66. Jaun Valdez

    The New Fascist
    Perhaps rubbing elbows with executives in Big Tech has its advantages.
    Most of what Google prioritizes in search results on the octogenarian Klaus Schwab is glowing.
    Negative press about Schwab and his agenda is often swept away by his allies in Big Tech and the project Mockingbird mainstream media whores, labeled as “conspiracy theories.”
    USA Today, Newsweek, Reuters, and many others all run predictable “fact check” stories on some of the so-called “conspiracy theories” about Schwab.
    The BBC seized upon these “conspiracies” as an opportunity to publish this bizarre defense of Schwab and his “Great Reset” agenda.
    In their telling of it, it’s all a rather benign attempt to create a better world.
    Nothing to see here, people.
    The BBC attempted to characterize all opposition to the globalist agenda as “dangerous conspiracy theories” that are linked to the MAGA crowd:
    “Believers spin dark tales about an authoritarian socialist world government run by powerful capitalists and politicians—a secret cabal that is broadcasting its plan around the world….
    “In the hands of a diverse group of online activists, the Great Reset has been transformed from a call to encourage people to think about a sustainable future, to a sinister plot against humanity.”
    Either the BBC has never read Schwab, heard Schwab, or they are in on the plot against humanity.
    Consider this Schwab-ism:
    “To achieve a better outcome [in the post-pandemic era], the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.
    “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.
    _____ “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”
    If your neighbor said this, you’d write him off as a whack ah doodle, whack job.
    But according to The Hill, the Biden administration has expressed “devotion” to Schwab’s plan.
    This is about more than putting paper and plastic in the right waste bin.
    It’s nothing less than a total global overhaul.
    In an academic paper that inspires the goals of the WEF, apocalyptic warnings of every type emerge, global overpopulation most of all.
    The writers say it will be necessary for leaders to make “appalling” decisions in the future.
    Klaus Schwab is confident he and the elitist members of his World Economic Forum are the people for that job.
    In other words. It’s a Godless club and as George Carlin say’s, you’re not in it, were not in it, nobody you know is personally in it!
    May the God of love, have mercy on their souls.

  67. Maurice

    Hey Greg,

    You’ll never guess who posted a link to this interview? Steve Bannon.

    People are starting to listen.


    • Greg Hunter

      Please show us. Interesting.

      • Jeanne

        Here it is.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Jeanne!! There is no stopping what is coming. 600 million CV19 bioweapon injections in USA alone. stock up on Ivermectin now. Demand is going to explode.

          • Jeanne

            God Bless You, Greg. I pray to Jesus every day that this nightmare ends and we can go back to living a normal life. God Bless You. 🙏✝️🙏

  68. J.Valdez

    “God is love.”​ [?]—1 JOHN 4:8, 16.
    THE Bible tells us that “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) But what does this really mean?
    Love is not just one of God’s many beautiful qualities. It is his main quality. He does not just have love. He is love. Love guides everything he does. How thankful we are that love motivated God to create the entire universe and all living things and God has kind and tender feelings for his creation. His love for us gives us confidence that his purpose for mankind will come true in the best possible way. The result will be real happiness for those who obey him. For example, because of love, God “has set a day on which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed,” Jesus Christ. (Acts 17:31) We are confident that this judgment will happen. For obedient humans, it will mean a wonderful future that will last forever.
    What would mankind’s future be like if love were not God’s main quality? Humans would continue to rule one another and be influenced by an unloving and hateful god, Satan. (2 Corinthians 4:4; 1 John 5:19; read Revelation 12:9, 12.) The future would truly be horrible, if God did not love us! Or “appalling” as our globalist leaders now at Davos say of future decisions, only they must decide on. That club were not conveniently in.

    When Satan rebelled against God’s rulership, he also influenced our first parents to rebel. He questioned God’s right to be the Universal Sovereign. Satan claimed that his rule would be better than God’s. (Genesis 3:1-5) Wisely, God allowed Satan a short time to try to prove his claim. But the results clearly show that neither humans nor Satan can be good rulers.
    Today the world keeps going from bad to worse. Over 100 million people have been killed in wars in the past 100 or so years. The Bible says about “the last days”: “Evil men and impostors will advance from bad to worse.” (2 Timothy 3:1, 13) The Bible also says: “I sure know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23 American Standard) History has clearly proved those words to be true. God did not create humans with the ability or the right to rule themselves without his direction.
    By allowing wickedness to continue for a period of time, Jehovah has also proved that only his rule can be successful. In the future, God will destroy all the wicked. After that, if anyone ever questions his loving way of ruling, God will act right away. Incoming!
    He can use mankind’s history as proof that such rebels should be removed quickly. Wickedness will never be allowed again.

  69. Neric

    well the question is how to hold OUR government accountable they hold the guns which are operated by all of US the dumb people who obey orders …what is their weapon destroying the system??? I will say get ready for temporary be uncomfortable while we rebuild from the ashes and destroy the system that allow this…there is no other way of doing this since they will NEVER BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS !!!! they have all the guns!!! we are in DESPARATE NEED of the people leader that can unite us

  70. Nika

    Surprise! Surprise! Sam Bankman Freid has the same Legal Defense Team that Jeffrey Epstein had!

  71. Glenn Whittington

    Ummm, as far as those jab components that were manufactured in China, what isn’t “made in China”? It’s obvious to me that China ain’t the real enemy here. Better look right at home to see who truly hates you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh no, godless China is our enemy. Don’t kid yourself. China hacked our 2020 election according to DNI Ratcliffe:
      The CCP in China is the enemy of freedom and of Jesus.

      • Glenn Whittington

        Greg, who f’s with the entire world? You know as well as I do. Not “We the people”, but the overlords. Anything done by foreign entities against said overlords is literally done in self defense. If the overlords were gone, it would be a better world for all.

  72. Led Skelton

    Coming soon: The Trial of Joe Biden on CNN, sponsored by Pfizer and Monsanto,
    “we’ve got the whole world in our hands”

  73. Jimbo Jones

    Sumthin don’t reckon. Trump is allegedly multi vaxed and boosted. He eats tons of McDonalds synthetic chow every day. He is obese, therefore at risk of coronary arteries being clogged. And he is old man, with natural life expectancy much lower than old women. How is this guy functioning were not he the anti-christ?

    • Nika

      Mark Taylor said Trump was annoited. So, maybe God is keeping Trump alive until he completes his Task, (his second term).
      Sorta like, Denzil Washington in the movie, “The Book of Eli”. Denzil Washington, had memorized the last known copy of the Bible in 2050? Denzil’s “task” was to walk to a far place, where he could repeat the words of the Bible to a copy machine. So, the words of the Last Bible could be forever saved. During the meantime, Denzil was mortally wounded, by a man that wanted to steal the bible from him. For all intents and purposes, Denzil was dead. God, allowed him to live to complete his Holy Task. To record, the words of the Last Bible.

  74. Joseph

    Elites’ ‘culling’ is no match for Greg’s ‘calling’. You are a journalist’s journalist.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joseph!! Jesus is real!!

  75. wr

    For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not [a]carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. This war is not fought in the flesh! Satan keeps our focus on the things that are happening while we lose our focus on Christ Jesus who is the one in control. stop looking to what’s happening and focus on the real solution who can save your souls! Meanwhile while we look to the things which we think we know there are many other things working in the background which we didn’t see coming! God help us all!

  76. Enrico

    Greg, We need Clif High on again!

  77. Onward Soldier

    Trump is king of Sodom.

    a dude in the NHL is refusing to wear the LGBTQP jersey. While Trump bows down to them all the time.

    Biden’s chosen sodomite is saying the same thing — Trump says to take the vax and get boosted:

    every time Trump dances to the YMCA sodomite theme song, just remember he had degenerates like these at his privte mansion for lots of booze:

  78. Linda Walling

    Greg, you bring us so much information already, but I would sure appreciate some truly informed information regarding how long the vaxxed people shed spike proteins. My husband and I had Covid early on, we had it bad, and we seem to be very sensitive to being around vaxxed people. Fatigue, and in my case, having COPD, I tend to get bronchitis as if I had come down with a cold or something. Yet when I search for this information online, I mostly see articles that deny this being a phenomena that lasts more than a few days or weeks. Are we crazy? Or do vaxxed people continue to make spike proteins in significant quantities for a long time (or forever)? If you have had someone on that has addressed this either I missed it or forgot it. Do you or any of your listeners know about this? Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is not known how long the vaxed keep shedding. This is why vaxed and unvaxed must be treated on a regular basis. Ivermectin is one of the main treatments Dr. Kory uses but, it’s not the only one. Ivermectin binds to spike proteins and removes them from the body. It is also anti-viral and anti-parasitic. If you listen to the current Kingston interview, she talks about the parasitic biology in the CV19 bioweapons passed off as “vaccines.”

  79. Therese Lees

    Trump owns the iconic Turnberry golf resort in Scotland which the Scottish Rite Masons gifted (allowed him to acquire) about a year after Trump ensured Obama win his second election by grandstanding his way into the birther issue and making a mockery of it; announcing the forgery looked good to him; while Sheriff Joe and experts were screaming it was obvious fotoshop forgery.

    Having a toe in Scotland, obviously Trump (who continues to encourage people to take the vax and get boosted) should know about the massive vax deaths happening just this year!!

    There have been 7,000 excess deaths in England and Wales over the last 3 weeks. This is a 30% increase in mortality. The provisional total number of all deaths registered in Scotland in week 02 of 2023 (9th to 15th January) was 2,020 (450 or 29% above the 5-year average).

    Friends, this is why Jesus says of the End Times, beware the false prophets who come to you dressed as sheep but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

    • Harry

      Interesting confluence for 15 million “lab rats” from two political buddies – Netanyahu gets his homeland of 9.5 million people in Israel “fully vaxed” – and Trump gets his former homeland of 5.5 million people in Scotland “fully vaxed”!!

  80. TheGuardian

    I believe the lines have been blurred for both the public and some journalists for the following reason:
    Pfizer began demanding collateral of military bases from smaller countries back in late 2020. The countries were of course under the fear of plandemic, and could not afford the costs projected, needed for vaccines. Reactions over the jabs had decision makers worried.
    Not to mention under the thumb, pressured by larger countries’ leaders like U.S., United Kingdom, Germany…. Well, we know that part of the story.
    Pfizer appeard to attempt securig the vaccines via contracts against military bases in order to NOT be held liable. This would set a precedent where, if they controlled the bases, they naturally had power over that country and it’s Military like a landlord, for lack of a better description. Egaging in a control operation.
    It happened during the time where Biden imposed nonstop illegal actions from CDC change over to halting the payment of leases for the civilian population, madating the bioweapon on our own military, and private businesses. Simply put; corporate takeover and blatent unlawful and anti Constitutional acts were flying.
    This in no way means Pfizer had right to propose such sanctions or enter into such contracts against ANY military, or it’s country. Pfizer could be considered commiting treason for attempting such possibe takeover.
    To Ms. Kingston’s point, it’s not leagal. They are a privately traded company that receives federal dollars for R&D when asked.
    That said, here are other exaples .
    It strikes me that, with all of the information and evidence that surfaced involving the big tech companies… F. B., half a billion dollars and the purchase of voting mmmachines. What happened?overwheming (alleged) election fraud. Or Twitter acting as a three letter agency’s information control outlet… not so alleged. It doesn’t take much imagination to say; If probed, the Biden administration may have had deals with Pfizer for a military takeover.
    Opinion, alleged, something to think about.

  81. Suzan

    Sunflower Sue

  82. David Caron

    Why haven’t you done anything with this information?? Why haven’t you partnered with a law firm to bring the neccesary lawsuits??? Why haven’t you brought lawsuits. Take action beside these interviews in which you are just repeating yourself. At some point you must take the next step!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Why haven’t you done anything with this information?? ”
      To whom is your question aimed? Greg and / or Karen? Either way, what they are both doing is disseminating ground-breaking information. We are in an information war. Alex Jones got it so right when he coined ‘InfoWars’ so many years ago. As to lawsuits – each to his or her own.
      By the way, what are YOU doing to progress the cause of truth and freedom?

    • Justn Observer

      David, how much money was donated b you to help do what you are suggesting? But to the point, many people are pushing legal action and using the fine work provided here and to other alt media. Of course, it does/did not help that so many people – like Greg and others have had to deal with the shadow banning, and takedown of their vids and sites = disrupting their revenue flows both personally and for such efforts of those interviewed on here and elsewhere who have/are taking on a quite formidable adversary that includes the ‘mockingbird’ LLM, MSM!
      There is a wide array of people like Ms, Kingston and the FLCC doctors and those in Europe pushing the ‘Nuremberg trials’ agenda along with JFK jr.
      It could/should be more centrally focused with all alt media to a central fovused group/team with the specific skills to target the efforts at specific goals, which first on my list is to STOP the ‘shots’ to children, then the military and 1st Responders we will all need, and ‘their’ plans to expand the delivery of the mRNA products into the food chains and their making ‘sprays’! The bi0-labs and PHARM manufacture base needs to be lockdown, and all the products destroyed…until the mess is cleared. All while ‘suspects’ passports pulled and their assets discovered and sequestered by a court…both here and in off shore accounts… all as a sufficently able and uncorrupted law firm can assemble a team to set up an expansive set class -action lawsuits…to move forward…is likely what it will take. one for the deaths, one for the side-effect, one for those that lost jobs, and for those that have been financially harmed via the shadowbanning and lockdowns of their businesses…. etc.
      How many still births, aborted pregnancies, and infertility were caused?
      There needs to be a centralization of effort….IMO , enough said, The Greg Hunters, and Georg Webbs, Stew Peters, JFK jr, Jeffrey Peters, CAG, and Mark Skidmores, Alex Jones, and all the other FLCC etc, etc etc. Those who ARE whether they chose ot be or not , our voice and ears that HAVE been the collection and desimination sites of information needed to move forward… NOW we NEED, along with supporting them, for them to find the place to centrally focus – be than consolidation and legal tip of the spear if we are to win this fight peacefully-legally-and successfully.
      There is no doubt…. this is going to be an expensive and exhaustive venture…clearly…a fight for humanity itself.
      Make no mistake about it, this is a war of attrition…and we are losing, dying off as we stay too un-organized. We are also being economically taken down and if all wait too long…what will one have left to send to who to take/keep up the fight? Will people only send donations AFTER they make currency worthless or AFTER the system, as some project, shuts down making sending donations ineffective or unachievable?
      What donation are YOU going to send David, and where do YOU plan to send it and to who?

      THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK…but sometimes ‘cheap shots’ are as unneeded as the ‘experimental ‘ ones!

      Time is a wasting, they are gaining ground with their deaths, and side-effects.


      AMISH LOTTERY IS UP TO 10,000 dozen eggs !

  83. Anita Shankar


    Studies done in France and Australia show that when both Acetylcysteine and Bromelain
    were administered together, they worked synergistically to break the bonds of the spike
    protein and caused it to disintegrate.

    Have there been human trials? This sounds very promising.

    (See “Bromelain and Acetylcystein Combined Destroy SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein”
    Posted Jan.17, 2023 by Dr. Jesse Santiano)

    • Chip2

      Input to ChatGPT:

      How might the cabal deal with people in a non-violent way who detected the staged pandemic and were trying to alert others?

      Response from ChatGPT:

      An evil cabal dealing with people in a non-violent way who detected the staged pandemic and were trying to alert others could use a variety of tactics to silence or discredit them. Some possible tactics include:

      Disinformation and propaganda: The cabal could use their control over the media and social networks to spread false information and propaganda that discredits the whistle-blowers, portraying them as conspiracy theorists or lunatics.

      Censorship and suppression: The cabal could use their control over the government and other institutions to suppress information and silence those who try to speak out, using laws such as sedition or terrorism to justify their actions.

      Intimidation and harassment: The cabal could use their resources to intimidate and harass whistle-blowers, using tactics such as surveillance, hacking, or even physical threats to silence them.

      Co-option and bribery: The cabal could use their wealth and power to co-opt or bribe those who try to speak out, offering them incentives to remain silent or even to work for the cabal itself.

      Psychological manipulation: The cabal could use psychological manipulation techniques to make the whistle-blowers doubt their own sanity, or to make them feel isolated and alone, which could lead them to retract their statements.

      • Greg Hunter

        We know this. How do we thwart or counter their plans?

        • Harry

          Greg – Dr. Martin says go after his list of individuals (from Justin Moskowitz on down) and “arrest them all for murder”!!

  84. David

    The method of how various parts of these “vaccines”, made in disconnected labs all over the world, finally put together by Pfizer, seems similar to how the atomic bomb was created. Most of the work is done by worker bees who haven’t any idea of the secret final solution.

  85. Nika

    They found out, Senator Joe Biden had classified information in his possession, which means he broke Federal Law.
    They found out, Vice President Joe Biden had classified information in his possession, which means he broke Federal Law.
    My question is: If a Senator or Vice President of the United States, breaks a Federal Law, is he allowed to be President? Are all Federal Laws, allowed to be broken without consequence?

  86. Spike Call

    Putin and China could DESTROY the WEF and the West if this goes any further | Redacted News / 8 hours ago
    The WEF in Davos last week spent much of their time laying out an energy agenda that will enrich the elites but destroy our way of life. While the West is intentionally crushing itself under sanctions, Russia and China are meanwhile solidifying a strong energy alliance that is becoming the envy of the world. The west is in real trouble.

    Jeremy Corbyn on Freeing Julian Assange, the Working Class, Brazil, Peru & Ending Ukraine War \ Democracy Now! 85K views 2 days ago
    In Washington, D.C., human rights and free speech advocates gather today for the Belmarsh Tribunal, focused on the imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been languishing for close to four years in the harsh Belmarsh prison in London while appealing extradition to the United States on espionage charges. If convicted, Assange could face up to 175 years in jail for publishing documents that exposed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five major news organizations that once partnered with WikiLeaks recently called on the Biden administration to drop charges against Assange. We speak to British MP and former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is in Washington, D.C., to participate in the Belmarsh Tribunal, about Assange and freedom of the press. We also cover the state of leftism around the globe, from labor rights in the U.K. and Europe to the war in Ukraine, to political unrest in Brazil and Peru.
    Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on over 1,500 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream at Mondays to Fridays 8-9 a.m. ET.
    @wat6816 2 days ago
    “when exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” Edward Snowden

    Julian Assange’s lawyer reveals how the WikiLeaks founder is coping in prison | 60 Minutes Australia \ 5.1M subscribers /400,931 views Mar 27, 2022
    Aitor Martinez, Julian Assange’s Spanish lawyer, tells 60 Minutes the Australian WikiLeaks founder has been “destroyed” by his time in prison.
    Mr. Assange will soon be released, because the image the past few years has revealed, CIA manipulation. With the the forthcoming investigations of the Biden administrations acts against the people of the United States and the CIA go-between John Brennan, covering for the criminal cabal of former president Obamas controlling interests, in the Biden administration.
    Mr. Assange’s release will provide cover and also implicate the Bush administrations use of the patriot act that started the process of disenfranchising the American peoples rights for voter integrity, privacy and protection under the constitution and bill of rights, with justice for all, forthright with speedy trials, of all under cover criminal activity, and with full transparency.
    WT*? Can anybody explain.

    Video of Donald Trump Saying He ‘Just Learned’ About Silk Viewed 1M Times
    Story by Anders Anglesey • Yesterday 8:00 AM
    Like the Energize Bunny, it keeps piling on and on and on…Where will it all end?
    $64, trillion question?

    • Leroy Washington

      every negro who refuses to be a slave for the Bourla tribe is suddenly thrown under the bus by Trump. Trump did it Rodman, then Kanye, then Candice, now Silk.

  87. Adrian Illingsworth

    Yup J. Valdez., our God has shown his great love in many ways. Think of the size and the beauty of our universe. It is made up of billions of galaxies, and each galaxy has billions of stars and planets. In our galaxy, the Milky Way, one of the stars is the sun. Without the sun, life could not exist on earth. The heavens in space and time, point to an all-powerful creator. An entity perhaps? With a distinct and independent existence. That expresses his qualities, such as his power, wisdom, and love. In mother nature, physics and his Son the word. The living and walking personification of his word the Bible!
    Yes, God’s “invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, [us] even his eternal power and Godship.”​—Romans 1:20.
    God designed the earth especially for life. Everything on earth benefits animals and humans. God made a beautiful garden home for humans to live in and gave them perfect minds and bodies designed to live forever. (Read Revelation 4:11.) In addition, “he gives food to every living thing, for his loyal love endures forever.”​—Psalm 136:25.
    This entity, our God is love, yet he hates what is bad. For example, Psalm 5:4-6 says of God: “You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness . . . You hate all those who behave wickedly.” He also hates “violent and deceptive people.”

  88. Clot Shot Botts

    Why is the US not pushing for an end to the Ukraine war? | The Bottom Line
    Al Jazeera English 9.89M subscribers 868K views 7 months ago
    Why can’t Obomber let go of Putin? SOROS!
    The real sixty four thousand dollar question?

  89. C.Botts

    Are the US and Europe uniting or drifting apart? | The Bottom Line
    Al Jazeera English 62,329 views Jan 19, 2023
    For the first few months of the war in Ukraine, NATO countries generally pulled together to confront and isolate Russia.
    But domestic concerns on both sides of the Atlantic threaten that unity.
    Many European countries hesitate to adopt the same Ukraine policies advocated by Washington. And opinion polls indicate that many Americans would rather focus on inflation instead of funding wars abroad.
    Host Steve Clemons discusses the future of the transatlantic alliance with former German diplomat, Boris Ruge; editor of The National Interest, Jacob Heilbrunn; and Al Jazeera bureau chief in Washington, DC, Abderrahim Foukara.

  90. Kerry

    Brilliant young lady!
    Greed will blow this entire evil scheme wide open.
    Jesus is my salvation and nothing else.
    Blessing Greg

  91. Mike

    Jim Price on Banned video made a convincing argument that only 650 million people live in China not 1.3 billion people. According to him you have all these ghost cities that are on the Yanzee River with a large dam that blocks water flow. China imports 90% of its food for only 650 million people They’ve had a one child policy for decades Also they make chips for phones printers servers etc and it’s not beyond imagination example when a transaction in the United States or Europe or elsewhere occurs a deepfake shadow Chinaman also makes that same transaction probably with somewhat massaged data and possibly with massaged altered time, ect hence they can go to the IMF or World Banks to borrow money and say hey look at all the transactions all the money we’re making but they’re not Also when they are ready to go bankrupt they can blow up the Yanzee Dam flood all those ghost cities and say hey a half a billion people died hence the IMF and World Banks forgive their loans

  92. S.R. Hadden

    WWIII officially begins the day NATO troops, NATO war materials, NATO aircraft, NATO pilots fighting as contractors for Ukraine attack Russian soil.

    I expect an announcement calling for 5,000 to 25,000 american troops to be called for Ukraine any day now. Biden will really be using these troops as human shields thinking the Russians won’t destroy the billions $$$$$ of NATO armaments if the NATO troops are right there.

    And when these human shields get picked off along with some $1 trillion worth of NATO war materials, Joe will use tactical battlefield nukes first over Russian forces in Ukraine and then the supply aircraft bases in Russia. European targets will get it from Russia, there will be a cease fire and then an ultimatum. Then the submarine war, leading to the all out launching the moment the first submarine is destroyed.

    Crazy thing is I only give the world three days to live after NATO sets off this WWIII.
    The final ultimatum will be coming, and Biden will treat it as a joke. We will be lucky to see another July 4th.

    • Vic L

      Sadly, it’s hard to disagree with your assessment. Read the commentaries of Paul Craig Roberts and watch the videos made by countless others and you will realize that this situation could have easily been avoided. God help us all if the situation in Ukraine escalates further. There will be no winners!!!!

  93. jsand

    Please see Carnicom Institute’s work over two decades revealing that a “novel” hybrid lifeform has contaminated ALL life. His work has been suppressed by even the alt truth media but it’s VITAL info. His recent 6 part series shows that human blood has been & is being transformed. All of this correlates w/what K. Kingston shares.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, an adamant pro-vaxer seems to now see the light and converts with an admission and now being an anti-vaxe,? = ‘the anti-vaxers are the winners!’=

    hmmm- Think he is now on the list with Elon!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Justn,
      Re the last link in your commentary: An EU (unelected) Commissioner unashamedly mocking free speech on post-Elon Twitter and stating, ‘we have the rules, and the rules must be obeyed . . .’ Just who the F do these autocrats think they are?!

  95. Wanda

    On a visit to the clinic with my Husbands primary Doctor. he asked if he had gotten his shot for cv and we both said at the same time NO. He looked at my Husband and then said “Good luck with that.” I was appalled. Now a week ago my Husband, 78 yrs old, became ill after a bad cold and had to go to the Hospital ER. They put him in the Hospital, on the ICU floor/unit. They said he had Pneumonia, just a touch of it, in his right lung. It was during this time I went to the pharmacy on line for Military, to check to see if we had any meds being delivered or to order what we were getting low on to order them. I couldn’t believe what I found there on that web site. I was scrolling thru the list of medicines my Husband receives regularly. There was a message from this Pharmacy in red type, next to his Insulin orders, and it states “Please contact your DR as he has cancelled any insulin to be sent to you.” My Husband cannot live with out Insulin. The message did include the DR’s name, and yes it is his Primary. The one who wished him good luck with that (Not getting the jabs.) Isn’t this a form of medical blackmail? I don’t know what to do. He is not getting the jabs, I pray they didn’t do it while he was Hospitalized. Now get this, the plan there was to move him from ICU out to the main floor, for a short time so he could get more PT to make him stronger. To be able to go home stronger. After the 5 days in the Intensive care unit? His Doctor said he could go home and he discharged my Husband. With no move to the main floor to gain some strength. We cant afford to take him for PT at the Hospital, so he is back to the few steps he can safely do in our home. God help us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing Wonda and I am praying to Jesus your husband will be covered.

    • D.Powers

      Wanda, go to Costco or Sams*Club and please try Qunol mega CoQ1o, UBIQUINOL.
      The active form of CoQ10. #1 cardiologist recommended! It’s a miracle that a drug company sat on over 20 years because they couldn’t figure out how to tweak it , as to patent it as a drug. You cannot patent anything natural available for free in nature. I’ve seen people who could hardy breath or walk a few feet or even lift their head off the table. Golfing riding dirt bikes ect..Being able to go back to work. It’s very inexpensive and just today went off sale at Costco but in a couple of months will be on sale again, if the system still holds together of course. So stock up! God’s speed Wanda.

      • Dwight L. POWERS

        Oop’s Wanda,
        Hardly breathe!

    • POWERS

      Oop’s Wanda, Hardly breathe!

  96. Jim

    Biden issued the vax mandate because the vax rate was so low that The Globalists were going to re-lock us down until 2030–by doing this he saved 100 million lives.

    Also, he’s surrounded by backstabbing advisers—including his wife and children—who give him bad advice.

    See how easy it is to spew ridiculous BS?

  97. Dwight L. POWERS

    Oop’s Wanda,
    Hardly breathe!

  98. Paul

    Dear Greg,

    I have been a loyal viewer of your channel for 8 years. I understand the need to have guests on like Ms. Kingston but at what point do we say enough is enough?

    You have Ms. Kingston on every other week it seems and she keeps saying the same thing. I think those of us smart enough already know that the “vaccines” are a bio-weapon.

    I would humnly suggest that you bring back some of your other great guests such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Craig Hemke, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter, Cliff High, John Williams, Jonathan Cahn, Bo Polny to name a few.

    I say all of this not to criticize you or your guests as this is your channel/web site and you are free to interview anyone you please. Many of us are just tired of hearing about C19 and the “vaccines” at this point. Anyome who has taken one or more jabs is most likely not going to be alive five years from now so perhaps we should turn our attention towards those of us that were smart enough not to take the jab in the first place…

    Please keep up the great work.

    Peace and God Bless.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      “Many of us are just tired of hearing about C19 and the “vaccines” at this point.”
      Can’t agree. The CV-19 scamdemic and everything to do with it – travel bans, closing small to medium businesses, ‘social’ distancing, mask mandates, censorship, decertification of medically qualified truth-tellers, withholding of effective medication (HCQ and Ivermectin), financial incentification of hospitals to adhere to fatal ‘treatment’ regimes, lockdowns, mandated shots of (proven by initial ‘clinical’ trials) poison – are collectively THE MOST IMPORTANT news event in modern history! Greg has done / is doing a first class job in disseminating information about this dystopian attack on ‘we the people’ by those in power.

      “You have Ms. Kingston on every other week it seems and she keeps saying the same thing.” You are not paying attention. Karen Kingston’s research is on-going and each time she is on USAW she reveals different (new) documentation. She rarely if ever ventures an opinion – she sticks to divulging sourced facts.

      You “humbly suggest” Greg brings back on some of his other guests and you include Craig Hemke and Bo Polny as examples. Both these guests have featured on USAW VERY recently. Enough said!

  99. Ed

    Hi Greg, I just want to let you know what I believe will happen in 30 to maybe 60 days. China joe will resign. Maybe a deal with doj, to protect hunter. Maybe the reason will be his health. I don’t know which.In comes Harris, who Will appoint newsom to some high profile cabinet post. I am NOT some book pusher. just observant.

  100. Shiloh1

    This is on one of those local busybody closely lib-monitored articles with curated comments.

    The ‘controversy’ here is one of the challenger candidates referenced Alex Newman!!!

    This west suburban high school district was prob one best in whole Chicago metro area for decades but has been swirling around the toilet last few years because of wokester politics. The superintendents make over $300,000 and then make that much in pension, too. Typical prop taxes between $10,000 and $25,000 / year.

    I’m afraid if people didn’t get out while the getting was good the past 3 years then they are screwed. The fat blimp Governor should be arriving from Davos soon to raise taxes more and implement more wokester agenda.

  101. Liam Bartmess

    Everything about Russia’s Massive Winter Offensive in Ukraine
    Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor
    Michael Savage interviews 42,400 views Jan 23, 2023
    Tank’s ah lot!

  102. PersonaNonGrata

    Recent commentary by Paul Craig Roberts:
    “As I have repeatedly emphasized, our time is one in which propaganda has prevailed over science and truth. Lies spewed out by Fauci, Biden, and dumbshit talking heads on TV reach more people than hard medical and scientific fact voiced under oath by the top scientists of our time. As George Orwell said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    In Europe there is a movement to hold accountable those responsible for mass murder. In the US the government and complicit medical boards and HMOs are desperately trying to criminalize those who tell the truth about Covid and the “vaccine.””

    The following link – posted by PCR – goes to a video of Dr Fleming giving sworn testimony that CV-19 and the shots are bioweapons:

  103. Lucy Luxor

    the following news item was prophesied in the Bohan Polny annotated edition of the KJV: Job 7:6

  104. LondonCenter

    France Strikes Live : France Gripped By Strikes As One Million Protest Macron’s Reform | World News TIMES NOW

    174 watching now Started streaming 20 hours ago
    France Strikes Live : More than a million people marched in France to protest pension reforms, with some demonstrators clashing with police in Paris, as strikes disrupted public transport, schools and much of the civil service.

  105. William W Jeffreys

    To you statement that people will be upset over losing loved ones to the product once the truth comes out, I’m not so sure. The product has the effect of taking over the people’s minds so they are not about to come to logical conclusions. I personally know of three deaths within my family and friends and NONE of them are the slightest bit suspicious the deaths are anything other than coincidence. One death was the next day, one death was four days later, and I’m the only one who is suspicious. It is beyond bizarre. I hope Ms. Kingston is successful in getting the lawyers the information they need to go after the people who pushed the product.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are talking millions of people sick and dying from the CV19 bioweapon. Rasmussen Poll says 73 million say they know someone who died of the vax. It’s only going to get worse. 600 million injections give in USA alone. You are dreaming if you think this is not going to get violent. I hope I am wrong.

  106. yasmin

    European excess deaths, official data
    Dr. John Campbell 213K views 7 hours ago
    There are excess deaths throughout Europe and in all age group
    Tassilago 7 hours ago Thank you, Dr Campbell.
    Serious investigative journalism ended in the ’70s – and we are sadly left with powder faced talking heads delivering nonsense in an echo chamber.
    Thank God for you.
    Lena Cummings 4 hours ago
    God bless you Dr. Campbell. You have the courage and persistence to see this through, and I am very proud of you!
    Zebra 2 hours ago
    I met a doctor and nurse couple yesterday who faked getting the shot to keep their jobs. It’s insane. They got a colleague to administer a saline shot to get a signed form for work.
    They said “everyone is cashing in. Including us”. They get a bonus for every shot they give.

  107. FIH

    I think it is time to let these Medical Terrorists know that there will be consequences for crimes against Humanity. 1st-proof; 2nd-petitions and charges;3rd physical executions for crimes against humanity if proven guilty. Stop playing with kid gloves.

  108. Justn Observer

    Greg, This story was the topic of discussion on Laura Ingraham FOX NEWS tonight 1/23/23 about the inappropriate material being provided to children in 5000k schools, to 2.6 million xhildren, in 11,000 classrooms!
    @20:20 =
    the ‘material’ is deemed ‘age appropriate porno material for 11 to 15 year old students! It sounds creepy so I looked up the man’s report since it was ‘not appropiate to be shown on the air…..and it was not! The material is being produced by Gov. Newsome’s wife and funded and put into the schools by Gov. Newsome himself….a guy with aspirations to run for President? Anyone that would vote for him after seeing the stuff….is morally bankrupt! How he is even in office amazes me…beyoud shocking! I only post this hoping, parents DO SEE THIS if they really have NO CLUE how bad the stuff is…My grandchildren wiould be out of those schools in CA. so fast the doors would be flying off the hinges and likely the teachers showing it out cold on the floor!
    It is with wonder any longer why the crazy reports and the rapes are and exposing are going on in the schools….and ‘the normalcy’ of such HAS TO STOP.! Hey, most have been exposed to PLAYBOY in the day but this stuff rivals PENTHOUSE and the like…and every man and woman has to know – not jsut hear about it…TOO EXTEME, to tolerate at all, let alone for that young an age group! So with that said here it the link to his investigation and report cited in the program…about GOV. NEWSOME AND HIS WIFE COLLABORATION….—newsom-twosome-siebel-newsoms-films–shown-in-middle-schools–feature-porn-radical-gender-materials-and-her-husband-gavin/
    AND THIS IS what the children are now being provided in the schools across America! ie per article about 1/3 of the page down click on the link = ‘ Newsom included images of naked or mostly naked women being slapped, handcuffed, and brutalized in pornographic videos. The pictures are graphic even when blurred. Screenshots of those scenes can be found HERE (VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED).’=
    When one considers the oddity of the story of what may have been going on at NANCY’S house with her husband and ‘freind’.. one does not have to wonder what is going on in that whole family it appears! Add that to ole hair sniff and squeeze and his cadre’ of misfits in his administration…ALL I can think of is Jeffrey Prather’s words, ‘They are coming for the children! ‘
    It’s not cartoonish birds and bees, innuendo – it is flat out moral sucking, and innocence destroying destruction of the youth…add the legalizing of the drugs to the mis…and its flat out grooming and debasing our society at the youngest age! PERIOD.
    I know your a Christian man, as are many on here…but this needs to see the light and to be passed along to those who have little idea of the depth of depravity in tthe schools…to those who close their eyes and ears and think it can’t be ‘that bad’ ! Like the ones that take the jabs, to go along to get along.

  109. BuckleUp

    There is so much prophecy in the Bible.

    Esther 7:10 is repeating: the toxxxic vax that Haman thought would help him gain power and vanquish his enemies (Mordecai) will be his downfall as the Israeli people realize another holocaust has been done to them.

  110. Tony Randelo

    intuitive prediction — this year many in the USAWD audience will become aware themselves, or hear testimony from others, of the following phenomena:

    Daniel 3:24-26 (4th man factor)


    Amid Allegations Of Vaccine Ineffectiveness, India Recalls The Time Pfizer Tried To Bully Modi Government
    Global pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s CEO found himself in an awkward situation in Davos where he was questioned continuously over the Covid vaccine’s alleged inability to stop transmission. BJP has now said that Pfizer tried to bully the Indian government into giving it legal protection for the vaccine deal which eventually failed.

  112. Nika

    EU Technocrat Threatens Musk With “Sanctions” Unless He Stamps Out Free Speech On Twitter
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, JAN 24, 2023 – 09:05 AM

  113. Greg Austin

    Government has long been anticipating the onslaught of suits. See:

    Just be certain to sue the government in terms of demand of payment under Art. I § 10 tender only. The great reset.

    You are welcome.

  114. Marie Joy
    The Jimmy Dore Show on Youtube
    Global WHO Treaty is Real And Will Control you
    Highly recommend.

  115. R.B

    If you have a blood transfusion from a person who has completed all the covid 19 shots and busters can you pass the mrna effects to a person who has never taken any of the covid 19 “vaccine” shots?

    • Greg Hunter


  116. Marie Joy

    They continue because there have been no consequences. None.

  117. marcus benoit spargo

    Hi Greg
    Their is a cure being examined in real time.
    An Australian professor is looking at Colodiol Gold. It directly attacks the technology In blood cells drying them and causing the technology to shrivel up and to be removed.
    I stumbled across this interview with an Australian podcast. If your interested I will find the link.

  118. Pete+only

    Late breaking news has the Epoch Times reporting that between 300 and 400 million people in China have now died from either Covid-19 or their own Chinese vaccines and the deaths are more prevelant in senior Chinese Communist Party Leaders (because many of them had organ transplants and the anti rejection drugs had shut down their own immune systems). As well, older seniors in the Chinese population were significantly impacted.
    The fallout from these events could mean less chances for a Taiwan invasion going forward, and a shrinking window to do so at the very least.
    Attached is a podcast that discusses these things. Fast forward to the 40 minute mark for the Chinese deaths, although the whole podcast has other discussions such as the Democrats recently throwing Biden under the bus, and a bit of discussion on Davos and ESG governance.

  119. PersonaNonGrata

    Paul Craig Roberts, “A Bit Of Good News:

  120. Pete+only

    Dan Bongino has just proven beyond any doubt that Joe Biden is a compromised foreign agent, and the recent arrest of Charlie McGonigal helps put things together, showing ties to China, and Albania, and even the Central America Drug Cartel.
    It is a detailed 1 hour broadcast, but worth listening to. Ironically all the people who were causing all the justice problems for Donald Trump (including the FBI and Jim Comey) are all involved.

  121. Fairford Falcons

    One way to win the war is to send the WOKE American armed force freak show to the front lines, the Russians will laugh themselves to death.

  122. infomother

    US military sentence former FDA under Trump to hang April 16 for treason and genocide and knowingly misleading Trump on the cv jabs!

  123. Colorado Cowboy


    Check these excellent videos on Covid bioweapon. Best I have seen… and adds way more information than that provided by Karen’s also excellent information.



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