Policy Extremes Maintain Illusion of Stability-Charles Hugh Smith

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and book author Charles Hugh Smith thinks the big unfolding trend is a global economy that is not being allowed to correct.  Smith contends, “Interest rates should rise, and what we are seeing is financial repression.  Instead of letting the market decide what the price of risk should be, central banks have pushed it to zero. . . . It doesn’t seem to be working.  It’s not fixing what is broken, and that is the unfolding trend.  All these things that central banks and authorities are doing are creating more problems.”  Smith goes on to say, “There are so many vested interests in sustaining the illusion of stability. . . . The trend we are really describing here is the extremes of policy that are being done to maintain the surface illusion of stability are guaranteeing it is going to blow. . . . Once you have extremes, the risk and volatility rise and explode.  That’s just the way systems work.  That’s just what history shows us.”

The illusion is fading, and according to Smith, “As a result of this, people are losing faith in the system.  They may not be able to put their finger on it, but they are feeling a rise in financial insecurity.  Even people who work for state and local government whose pensions seem rock solid, even they’re worried.  They understand they may not get their full pension because if this thing falls apart, all guarantees are off the table and the rules will change. . . . Look at recent history in Cyprus.  The government will take whatever money you have in the bank to save the bank.  In other words, it’s not really your money.  It’s the banks’ money.  The idea that it’s your money is another surface illusion.”

What is not an illusion is the extreme trouble many EU countries are in.  Besides Greece, Spain and Italy are deep in debt.  Smith contends, “Spain’s debt is a trillion euros.  Italy is over a trillion euros in debt.  We are talking fairly serious money here.”

But it is not just EU countries deep in debt, it is the world that is drowning in red ink.  The big unseen problem are derivatives that are not publicly traded and, according to the Bank of International Settlements, sits at $1 quadrillion in value.  Smith says, “. . . Derivatives are tied into a bunch of other financial institutions.  They are tremendously complex ties.  It takes months to figure out when this thing finally collapses.  Look how long it took to unravel all the Lehman Brothers trades.  This is why Germany had to ‘save’ Greece.  If Greece would have defaulted on all that debt, Deutsche Bank would be gone already.  Why are they going to such extremes?  It is to save the banks.”

Plenty of people think there could be another financial calamity as early as fall of 2015.  What is Smith’s timeline?  Smith predicts, “I see the motivation and the trend unfolding along those lines.  They may be able to save it for another quarter, or maybe it will be the first quarter of 2016.  We don’t know the exact timing, but they just keep winding the spring tighter and tighter.  It is an attempt to control the exact circumstance they are all afraid of, which is the wheels falling off.  All the spying, the manipulation and the propaganda are all about trying to control events.  So, when things spin out of control, they will have already used all the tools they have. . . . I definitely think there is going to be some sort of event, and we are starting to see it now.  Maybe they will stretch it out to September or October, which we all know is historically when crashes tend to occur.  Then, they might unleash some sort of save, QE 3,4,5,6, whatever and pull things out of a hat.  That would cover things up again for another few months, but I definitely think by 2016 that there are going to be events that they are going to be unable to control. . . . These wild swings in the market are reminiscent of 1929.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Charles Hugh Smith of the popular financial website OfTwoMinds.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

OfTwoMinds.com has lots of free articles, and Smith’s writings are featured across the web.  OfTwoMinds.com is ranked #8 on CNBC’s alternative financial news sites.  Smith has written 15 books.  Click here to go to Smith’s book buying page. Smith is also working on a new book titled “Welfare Doesn’t Work: Creating Jobs for All in the Age of Automation.”  Smith says it will be released this fall.


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  1. Thomas

    Who knows what’s coming, but it’s getting very interesting week after week. Another good interview, pretty easy to find a topic with all the crazy stuff happening every week. Still, nothing has really changed in the good ole USA, wonder when that’ll change? Who knows, prepare accordingly.

    • al hall

      Greg/Thomas- I know what’s about to happen thanks to pastor Lindsey Williams and it starts on Sept.25 of this year. New World Order begins, and Oct 20th the IMF puts new world currency into effect!!
      What this means for the dollar- and the world. All currencies will be reset- the dollar will take a 60% haircut when you convert dollars. You give them $5 and they’ll give you $2 back. Better get gold and silver now.
      Right or wrong Greg??


      • Greg Hunter

        All Hall,
        Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is on sale right not. You are 1,000% correct on all counts my friend. Food and water first though.


      • Beligarant

        Lindsey called for a currency crash back in 2012 immediately after the Presidential election. That was upwards of 3 years ago..still no currency crash! He’s been calling for the death of the dollar for 4 or 5 years. Yawn, I gave up listening to him. Like many others he may eventually be correct but predictions are off by several years if not a decade.

        • al Hall

          You gave up- you’ll pay. Lindsey is a friend and he only states what he is told. The elite’s had their time table changed by Putin in Syria- so they decided to step back and let everyone get into more debt. Lindsey stated this- but you gave up on him. He has never been wrong- on time schedules have ben changed.
          He has never ever been given dates before- these are the dates and he said they will not change this time.
          Go to lindseywilliams.net for updates and info.
          Now is not the time to be a slacker- do as he has warned- Greg’s other guests are saying the same- just no dates.
          Lindsey has told you the dates given to him by the elite’s!!
          Take it or leave it.


          • WD

            al Hall

            You just have to buy all his DVDs for the smaal price of $2995.o0.

            He is more if a sales man than a preacher….seen this been there done that….blah blah blah blah blah!!

            • Galaxy 500

              You have to go by the dates that the “elites”give Lindsey? Are you serious? Do you believe they talk to Lindsey? Lindsey it’s just the latest snake oil salesman using people’s religion against them.

          • Beligarant

            Go google this then tell me he’s never wrong:

            Lindsey Williams The Dollar Will Collapse Shortly After The Election! 2012
            The Dollar Will Collapse Shortly After The Elections 7-28-2012 Interview: The Dollar will Collapse shortly after the Elections , get out of all paper assets , secure …

        • Jerry

          I hate to break it to you, but Lindsey Williams may be right on this one. I am not a follower of Lindsey Williams, but the data I have collected the last six months, is giving the same time frame. Exact date? I don’t know, but it will be sometime before 11/15/15 that much I know for sure.

          If you’re not prepared at this point, denial may be your best hope, so go with it.

      • sk

        Bad, but compatible with life, al hall, to get $2 for $5. The big question is whether we will have learned our lesson. The lesson is as described by Ellen Brown and Stephen Zarlenga’s books. No fractional reserve banking; no creation of fiat money out of thin air and chutzpah; banks not operated by amoral private groups as cash cows, but by governments as public utilities. Will we have the brains and the intestinal fortitude to insist on this? Your guess is as good as mine. Feder tried it in Weimar Germany, but Schacht outfoxed him.

      • Galaxy 500

        Lindsey has a history of making predictions and makes a living at it. He also has a history of being wrong.

        • aussie jeff

          If you ring the bell and say FIRE………when their’s not,you start looking a little silly after a while………I’m sure Lindsey has the best intentions at 25 dollars a throw for one of his cd’s.
          If you were really out to spread the word and help people by telling them what’s coming why not do it for free????
          Does not the owner of this site do just that?
          God Bless you Greg.

      • Old Dog

        Lindsay is not God.
        God is in control, not man and not Lindsay’s “insider” friends.

        Partial right, sometimes, means partial wrong, other times.

    • paul

      Who knows what’s coming? … Perhaps ― William Shakespeare, from Macbeth
      “Out, out, brief candle! … the US is now but a walking shadow … a once great nation had its hour upon the stage … but is listened to no more by an enlightened world… it fought a civil war years ago … North invading South (to save the Union) … today another civil war is in progress … where the North is praying for the South (to save the Union) … northerners are fleeing to Texas in droves … to gain back the freedoms once granted under the US Constitution … Texas is a big state … so all 340 million Americans can move there … I know … this sounds like a tale told by an idiot … full of sound and fury … but in the end may signifying nothing (if Jade Helm is allowed to take Texas) … Remember the Alamo!”

  2. Southern Girl

    Great guest he has helped me understand a whole lot more of why Greece is in such terrible shape. He also did a really good job on explaining why the Euro was never going to make it. .. great common sense.

    Mr. Smith touched on pensions…I have known for sometime that the one I receive is from the state and hope it does not crash. Our association is in a lot of real estate. They own property, business, and land. I am not suppose to start my social security until Nov….boy! I am not sure I will even see it or if I do it will be worth pennies. I just am not counting on it. If I get some great.

    I have already told myself to make adjustments now instead of waiting for the shock to wear off. I have started doing small things at first but as time goes buy I see the tremendous benefits. About 2 years a go I bought a umbrella like clothes line. Being in the south I am able to take great advantage of the sun. During the winter I have an oil filled electric heater that is in my bathroom. When I wash towels or rugs.. anything heavy I just leave them in the bathroom until they dry. I have noticed a big difference in the amount of electricity I use. If there are just a few dishes I do them by hand and only run the dishwasher maybe once or twice in a month. I mix and make my own laundry detergent. . . boy! that saves a bunch. Doing this a little at a time is not so stressful.

    I think the thing that is so upsetting to me is I can’t seem to wake my family and friends up. I wake up from sleep just thinking about how maybe to better explain to them what is going on. I get no credence because even though I have the highest degree in my family they all think I am dumb. Can’t be that dumb if I was able to retire when I was 53. I am going to send out video’s of different people telling them that the SHTF.
    I’m with you my deadline in September 13th. Thanks to the people on this site I have been changing large bills for smaller denominations. Have bought, canned, dehydrated as much as I can. I am signing up for a class to help me make a rain barrel.
    With so much rain my garden drowned most of my tomatoes so I have had to adjust and try different crops and put tomatoes in containers on my deck.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!

    • al hall

      Southern girl- 1st let me say your great for being concerned about what’s happening.

      But, Greece is just a small part of what the global elite’s(banksters) have done to this world. The corrupt bastards! If you haven’t ever done so- listen to John Perkins-
      “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”
      There is so much more to this info.
      Keep seeking the real truth- Greg is very much part of this! There is so much to learn- and now only a short time to do it. We are only months away from total collapse.

      • Chip

        Thanks for the link Al. Good stuff. The part I think he’s missing is the connection between the international corporations and the banks. Who controls who? Also he sounds a bit like a proponent of global warming. Agree we need to take care of the planet can can do better as a world community but don’t want a central control mechanism mandating everything for everyone… Chip

      • Southern Girl

        Al Hal,
        HOLY WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!!! Thanks for the video. Wow!!
        I knew we were bad but I didn’t know we were rotten. I have never heard of The Confessions of a Hit man before. My dad worked for the CIA in most of his years in the Air Force. He worked inside of a vault in Langley. He never would discuss what he did in Viet Nam. He probably was in on a lot of things I would be ashamed of. I will watch as many of his videos as I can.

        Also you mentioned about Lindsey Williams. I did not buy his new DVD. I found some of his things here. http://americaslastdays.blogspot.com/ Let me know if there is something that is missing.
        Thanks again

      • Sally

        Greg has some great listeners – like you, al Hall.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Sally! Al keeps it lively and interesting.

    • Anne Elliott

      Even if your garden fails, you can still can veggies, meat and fruits from the farmer’s market or even grocery store produce – especially from things in the organic aisle.
      Also, many small farmers have similar goals in being self-sufficient and organic or at least being less dependent on the big corps for their productivity; when you meet them at a farmer’s market they can give good advice and/or also provide a local way to invest in a company that you can see and perhaps reap food benefits from down the road! Investing in a local company / farmer’ Co-op is better than the stock market!!

      • Janet G.

        To anyone who has misused the word elites. Please stop now. These psychopaths are Financial Terorists. There is nothing elite about them Use the term and repeat it with their name. Such as. Financial Terrorist Evan Rothscild, Financial Terrorist David Rockefeller, Financial Terrorist George Soros, and on and on to any you discover. There is just enough to fill a bus against the 330 million American people.

        Please read the article by Chris Hedges in today’s Oped News. It’s titled WE Are All Greeks Now. Print it out and hand it out.

        • NC Gal

          The Hedges article is at http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/we_are_all_greeks_now_20150712. I can understand your pain and frustration. However, appending “financial terrorist” in front of someone’s name does nothing except to make you to feel like you are screaming out of desperation at an enemy you have no way of comprehending.

          I call them the elites (or the “power elite”) in order to portray them at the top of the pyramid where they reside. They are not “human” in any sense of the word, and calling them psychopaths or any other name you want to use does not even touch how their minds work. They are incapable of love, compassion, and empathy. There are truly monsters by our measure of things, more like intelligent, robotic machines than anything else.

          Haven’t you noticed how many people who have spoken here talk about how “they” make things worse? Has it occurred to you that that is by design? Has it occurred to you that everything they do is calculated to transfer more wealth and power into their hands? The money-printing is only used to keep the banks afloat for now.

          When Greg points out repeatedly that there is no recovery, that is an understatement. There will be no recovery from the crash that is coming and the elimination of 90% of the present population, or at least not for at least 300 years or so, according to the data in “Mass Dreams of the Future.”

          It doesn’t really matter what label you choose to use. The reality is that they are taking everything, do not care about any but their own, and there is no way to satiate their insane lust for power and still more power.

          It isn’t just financial. They will lust for your minds and your emotions — everything that they can take from you — except that there will be other outcomes, too — ones they haven’t anticipated or prepared for.

          None of this is in our hands. There is a higher plan working out. All we can do is prepare as best as we can, and then bow our heads to the massive waves of change that are about to blanket the globe. Help one another when you can and “Let go and let God handle the details.” Wringing your hands in anger or despair does nothing to make things better. It only wears you out.

          • Sally

            Yes, the so-called Elite are the True Terrorists.

        • Buck

          Great point Janet!

          Words have power, as the old saying goes: “say what you mean and mean what you say”.

    • Diane D

      Southern Gal, you are not alone in being unable to motivate loved ones to take action. I hate the thought but after year of trying I basically gave up. I still pray for them.

      Why do they not see? I think the fact that 99% of them were ‘indoctrinated’ by government-controlled schools, get their news from government-controlled media (including Fox News), and get their pastoring in government-controlled 501c3 churches has something to do with creating today’s sheep.

      Keep prepping. Keep praying.

      • Vincent

        I’m in the same boat as you guys and gals.
        Just short of gloating about my “miraculous” portfolio maneuvers, savings, and my seemingly automatic ability to figure everything out for everybody, it seems nobody on my side of the family gets it.. At ALL.. They will quam about the way things are, yet be unable to even comprehend “how come?”.. They all litterly say “that’s the way it is”(drives me nuts!!!)
        They watch local news only, peppered in through other mindless T.V. Dramas and gruel. They all drink, ritualistically but not in an alcoholic nature. They all ask questions, yet hate the answers to the point of anger. It’s truly enraging to even try at times, and thoughts of leaving everybody in the dust is seemingly the best solution I can come to..

        I don’t get it either. It’s like they are all under a know it all mindset, entranced with ignorance, fear, hatred and jealousy. With complete hate for the most likely truth, they all seem to revert into a child like mindset.. Just short of kicking and screaming, they just don’t WANT to get it..
        I guess the biggest kicker here is the behavior pattern that most here I can bet could agree with.. The fact is that….they are all assholes! Nice people and all, but in all honesty, they just don’t want to be happy for you or anyone else.
        This has been a common theme in every sound sleeper I encounter, where as the awaken mindset is always happy, outgoing, and helpful..
        I apologize for the “cuss” but it’s the best term to use.. I’m merely generalizing to keep this comment short, but is everybody here picking up what I’m putting down?

        • Southern Girl

          I’m still laughing about your comments. You go guy. I totally agree with you and your wording.

        • Arthur

          Vincent, please, if I may – please be kind. Truly awakening consists of the removal of several layers. We’re all trying to become as fully awake as possible. We’re all ignorant (ie, definition as I’m using here “not know or being unaware” ) of something…none of us know it all.

          This is a sincere plea… some of us have been involved in a worldwide work to share with people, or “awaken” them, to an event that has been talked about for over 2000 years… the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. Please, before the reader of this post closes their mind to what I’m about to say… just please read to the end of my post below (again, the layers are many):

          If there is a God and he had the power to foresee the future, wouldn’t he tell us about this (ie, the end of this system of things; which must happen before God’s Kingdom can come)? Wouldn’t he tell us how to prepare for it? How to survive it?

          This is not a doomsday post. This is true hope. This truly is good news (Matt 24:14)… the wicked system will be replaced by a truly just one ruled by a Righteous king… one without greedy bankers, tyrannical governments, etc. Please, please, please… listen next time when we come to your door… you know who we are.

          PD: Interestingly, whereas in the past we were mocked by many when we’d talk about “the end”… nowadays many are “awakening” and are agreeing that things can’t continue the way they are forever.

        • rj

          Vince well said. This phenomenon is as old as history. Look at
          wjat they did to Jesus when he spoke truth, or to all the saints and holy men of all religions when they spoke truth. People would rather kill than have their idols & lies taken away from them…it has always been a minority who have eyes that see and ears that hear. For most it is eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, they become as that which they worship….
          from a clergyman…blessings.

      • Grafique

        Diane D,
        I have spent many years as Secretary and elder in my church. I have intimate knowledge of our financial/business life and I’m very close with pastors of other churches in my area. I can tell you that 501c3 status is solely for the purpose of being tax-exempt. It doesn’t mean that the government has any say about what goes on in the church.
        The federal government has NEVER so much as contacted us about ANYTHING. We are a fundamentalist, socially conservative body.
        Nor could the term “government-controlled 501c3 church” be applied to any church in my area that I know of.
        Further, my wife is a professional teacher. First and foremost, she is a Christian, as is the principal of her school. I hereby testify that there is no heinous “indoctrination” taking place in her public school.
        They’re too busy teaching middle-schoolers “reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic”.
        I am a longtime prepper who believes that liberalism/socialism will be the undoing of America – but we have to be able to distinguish conspiracy theories from cold, hard threats.

        • Diane D

          Whoa, not so fast. Here are the actual freedoms which your church surrendered when it signed up with the IRS as a 501c3 government corporation.
          Source: IRS Publication “Rules for Churches” (www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf)

          Rule 5 on page 5 clearly states that churches are prohibited from “attempting to influence legislation”, or “violate fundamental public policy” (Supreme Court ruling on, homosexual marriage June 26, 2015).

          An Oregon bakery was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. How much will your 501c3 church be fined when it refuses to marry a homosexual couple?

          Sorry but God defined churches, not government. And God defined marriage, not government. Christians cannot serve two Gods. They must bow to God, not Caesar.

          Make no mistake. Christian persecution in America is about to skyrocket, just like 1938 Nazi Germany. America’s 501c3 pastors will be forced to bow to Caesar at the altar of homosexuality. Sadly most are already bowing to Caesar. They are not taking government flack because like good sheep, they are not even flying over God’s battlefield. (John 10: 11-13).

        • susan

          grafique, you are absolutely correct. My husband is a pastor and lambastes the PTB when needed, especially lately. He also taught in the high school for awhile and whenever there was some kind of a crisis, local or national, he would pray over their speaker system. Being a 301c at least so far has brought now problems with the enforcers.

          • Diane D

            Mercy, are all 501(c)(3) pastors anonymous? As a Watchdog I value facts, opinions AND their sources. Allow me to give an example.

            Last Sunday July 12, 2015, Liberty Movement Pastor Chuck Baldwin (also National Chaplain of Oath Keepers) took a public stand from his pulpit. He stated, ”I Dr. Baldwin, nor any other representative of Liberty Fellowship, will NOT officiate at any marriage ceremony between same sex couples”. He has publicly posted such online in the church’s ‘Statement of Faith’. His church is NOT a 501(c)(3) government corporation. Watchdogs can verify this.

            If 501(c)(3) churches are actually taking public stands which in the words of the IRS “violate fundamental public policy”, please show me where they have posted such information.

            • susan

              yes we are!

      • Old Dog

        Why do they not see?

        It scares “the hell” out of them.
        It makes them feel powerless over their own lives.
        And in many cases, they are “powerless” financially to do anything to protect themselves.

        When will they wake up?
        When their bellies are empty.

        So be ready to pick up the pieces and be there for them.
        There is no greater testimony of God’s love working through you.

  3. Donna

    I attempted today to inform family about what is around the corner to no avail. They stand to lose a tremendous amount of money if the scenario described plays out. I think my family will have me committed the next time I broach the subject of financial collapse, hard assets and the like.

    My last attempt will be to send a letter listing a few web sites such as this one. After that, I am done with it.

    Their source of information is TV. Even relatives who are computer literate do not use the computer as their source of info. I feel like I am talking to villagers from the 1700’s when I call back to Pennsylvania. When I mention that I have not had TV service in several years, that proves to them that I am the one who is uninformed and probably daft at this point from not having the stimulation of a TV program.

    People seem to respond to issues from an emotional standpoint. My brother mentioned Greece in this vein: “What do you think of those lazy Greeks retiring at age 50?” There was no conversation that was going to pierce the image of the lazy Greek.

    We have so many sources of information today, and yet, some of the most backward people who react on emotions. You are pretty much speaking to the choir. I hope it is a big choir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop, you have done all you can do and anything more will only hurt you. Just spend all your time getting yourself set. I feel your pain and have a similar situation and I have stopped trying to warn family members. If you do anything get some extra food for them.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Greg and Donna
        Interesting isn’t it.
        I live in the Antipodes and I too feel exactly the same way as Donna.
        95% of my friends and family do not want to know.
        I too have given up on trying to warn them.
        They are apparently quite cmfortable in their caves and I will no longer waste energy trying to drag them out.

        • Greg Hunter

          At some point everyone will know what we know now. That’s when the panic sets in.

      • aps

        Bingo. I tell those who will listen, otherwise I keep putting more and more food back. Got to eat and I will be able to help some people who are less prepared.

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Aps! You cannot go wrong with food and water.

        • al Hall

          Aps: Please don’t forget the guns and ammo- desperate
          people will kill for your food when hungry. The unprepared will try to strong arm for what they want. Flea the cities!
          Be safe

      • ulrich sherry

        Ha, Greg, my credibility ran out with my partner when I quoted Harvey Organ regarding the expected $200 silver rise in January’15. I have reiterated several times that the timing may have been off, but the argument was sound. You can lead a horse to water….. At the end of the day Donna, if someone is resistant to quality non MSM information, there is no point in banging your head against a wall. The light has to go on in their own head.

    • Anne Elliott

      I understand your pain – My dear wealthy Aunt wrote to me recently and said their stock broker recommended a week or so ago to take all money out of the stock market and hold cash. He said the problem was not Greece, but China. That is now what they are doing.
      Although she is awake, my husband is not. I told him what my Aunt was told, and is doing, but he says he needs to wait to take any money out of the stock market unt he is older… “And if it isn’t there, then it isn’t there”. So he is keeping all his money in it. This is very frustrating, but what can one do?? I just keep my nose to the grindstone and keep moving forward. Like you, I am doing things now to get prepared, and am taking a canning class from the county farm extension. None of us are responsible for the actions of anyone else – we are only responsible for our own actions, and whether the crash comes September or February or in 2021, my goals are to keep praying for those in the dark, keep getting closer to God and keep getting more self-sufficient. That is all we can do!

    • al hall


    • dbcooper

      Donna, You do the best you can and rest assured that come judgment we can stand before the Lord and take what we have coming. My wife and I have been preparing separately and then together since we were both teenagers… I always thought that I was born at least a hundred years too late !! We are GOTS as Jim Sinclair suggests and my wife refers to all those other folks as the 95%ers; I think she is being generous!! In my mind it is akin to trying to bring people to Christ… you put it out there and do the best you can and then it is on them. Doesn’t mean there is not great sadness when it doesn’t take. Our mental preparations are of paramount importance because we are going to see such terrible times (as we as a nation deserve)… think India and dead bodies in the gutters… (been there). We must be strong in Christ, The Lord is my Shepard. Have Faith and Fear Not, Yours in Faith and Liberty, DB

      • Grafique

        We have nothing “coming” – Christ took all our punishment.
        Amazing that such an elementary doctrine is yet unknown.

    • Jerry

      Donna, Greg, and USA watchdog readers.
      Please understand that the globalist who have hijacked our government and our financial system, have no intention of letting the general public know what they have done. Why would they? Its easier to rob someone when they don’t know they’re being robbed. Burglars do not send out invitations when they plan to break in and loot your house. They prefer you gone, or at the very least comatose and fast asleep in your bed.

      In addition, they do not care about the collateral damage that they will leave in their wake as they leave in their Lear Jets. Like any parasite they will just find another host to latch themselves onto, and repeat the process all over again. My guess with the development in AIIB that China will be their next victim.

      Your friends and relatives will need your prayers in the coming months. If you can afford it, buy extra food to share with them. If you can’t, you’ve done your part by at least warning them. Even Jesus Christ couldn’t save the people who didn’t listen to him, and you are no different. Your hands are clean.

  4. Jerry

    According to my sources the Derivative market is beginning to break RIGHT NOW! Someone (??) is dumping massive amounts of paper causing it buckle under its own weight. The Wall Street shutdown last week was a precursor to a future event, and served two purposes.
    – 1. It prevented a premature meltdown of the markets.
    -2. It served as a beta test to transfer important information into a new system that is ready to go online in September. Most likely the SIP system set up by the Chinese.

    Outside the United States it is widely viewed that the main drag on the worlds economy is caused by American debt and the reserve currency status of the dollar. Anyone who thinks that this can continue on past 2015 is fooling themselves. The BRIC nations have taken steps to decouple themselves from the dollar in the fall with the creation of AIIB and the Chinese swift system. If Greece blows the European Derivative market apart it may happen sooner.

    Nomi Prins knows what we know. The ECB is trapped and has no way out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry, Hard to see how this doesn’t implode this year. I expect a big move by the central banks when the system really starts breaking up.


      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg.
        It looks like China is ready to go online with the Silk Road distribution network as well. This is how China will replace the depressed American market that has caused Shanghai markets to go into a financial tailspin the last two months.

        You have to admire their ingenuity. At their government is doing something constructive to address the global economic problem. Ours is focused on hollow point bullets, and same sex message.

        Ob by the way, that TPP that congress passed behind closed doors recently. Its a joke. Who’s in it besides Japan and a bunch of broke dick nations?

        • WD

          HI Jerry,

          Silk road is huge deal…it is about legitimate financial economic transactions.

          I think the Silk Road network more important than BRICS

        • Silence is Golden

          “Who’s in it besides Japan and a bunch of broke d@#$ nations?”…..The USA and Canada and Australia….say no more. 😉

          • WD

            It is significant b/c it is a major jaunt away from typical western economics as usual.

            Billl Holter made a big deal about this issue. Look it up. It was his last interview with Greg

            • Silence is Golden

              I’m laughing because the US and Canada are in that Elite group that Jerry so eloquently described.

      • Don

        I’ve been thinking the same thing, that is unless by design they do the reset. My thoughts were, that a QE that reaches mainstream, as a indication a collapse is near. But you know, Greg, I’m not sure they just won’t do the reset, to keep rebellion at bay, and an announcement, about a solution for all of this, a NWO solution. announcement, if you m

    • WD


      Please look at this site by Mike Maloney, he has a great educattion as to why tthere will bee collapse.

      Please look over hiddensecretsofmoney.com

  5. Donna

    Greg, thanks for the pail of ice water.

    I should know better by now, that you cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. Information is a powerful thing, but only when one is receptive. You are so spot on correct.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not trying to be mean but you need to maintain your mental health. It is you who are the sane one. It is your unbelieving family who are crazy, and will be in full panic mode when this implodes. “Fear Not” my dear as God the Father is in control. Quietly collect some rice and water for them, they are going to need it.

  6. Donna

    NC gal, I’m right there with you.

    I have never had anything but an umbrella clothesline, never owned a dryer. My dishwasher has never been used since the day I moved in. My water heater has a timer attached — I run it from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. although I could probably turn it off in this heat. My house is paid off. I will be paying my real estate taxes for the total year, instead of 2 payments, and looking into advancing the next year’s taxes. I have solar lighting (Malibu walkway lights including security spotlights) outside. I use LED lights inside. I purchased lamp oil and plentiful wooden matches for when the lights go out.

    I stood in line at JoAnn’s at 5 a.m. on multiple occasions over the decades to purchase high-quality fabrics at 99 cents a yard — so, do not need to buy clothing. That same fabric now runs 10 dollars a yard. I make curtains out of bed sheets. I learned how to replace my window sunscreens by myself.

    I have not ever collected an unemployment check, forced myself to work any dog job I could find. A big strength is that I have already been through one rocky period during the Carter years. At the time, I felt kneecapped by it, never realizing it would make me stronger, more self reliant, able to face harsh reality.

    My husband told me he never lived so well since his grandmother died, who was the family matriarch. We were living in one room at the time he said this. We always ate well and dressed well. Never realized we would live in one room for about 10 years.

    Like you, I am close to retirement, which would be Sept 2016. I did not want to be shoved into Medicare this September, but now with the Obamacare penalties, I am pretty much forced to go into that maw.

    I just updated my prescription glasses and I’m working on getting an extra 2 pairs. The skin cancer check comes next, which I hope to accomplish before the Medicare kicks in, so I can see who I want and work my own deal. Dental work comes right after that. Imagine a throbbing molar after the collapse. I renewed my Costco membership to buy goods in bulk.

    I have always sewn, knitted, crocheted, embroidered — cottage skills that every girl used to be taught. It all comes in handy, and I have built up a warehouse of fabrics, embroidery and sewing threads, and yarns over the decades. My only long-term needs are food and water.

    I got rid of TV service and my land line phone. Bought heirloom seeds in abundance. Got new tires for my 2 cars. I have always stayed completely out of debt.

    I made friends with a co-worker at the Attorney General’s office, my first job in Phoenix. She once said to me: “You know what I like about you?” I got a swelled head, of course, waiting on her answer. Her reply: You always pay your debts, you’re no stranger to a bar of soap, and you’re the best-dressed poor person I ever met. No one would ever guess you are dead broke.” I laughed until I hurt.

    • Southern Girl

      WOW!!!! I’m impressed with what you have done. I was brought up to be independent and stay out of debt. House paid off and have already paid my taxes. I figured with the SHTF people would not be able to pay them. I also made one payment instead of the usual two. Tried to think about getting an antenna and stop all the Uverse TV, but have not succeeded. I figured I will see what happens…I don’t know if when it happens people will just not be able to pay their bills (gas, water, electricity, etc.).

    • Margie

      Donna, I have always had problems with my teeth and sometimes not the money to get it handled right away. Here is what works really well. Get some really really strong drinking alcohol, take a big sip and leave it in your mouth on the side where the tooth is hurting. swish it a bit and leave it in for about 5 minutes. It will burn, but feel kind of comforting after a minute. Then spit out. Do this several times a day. And in combination, take some tea tree oil and put a drop or two on your tooth brush and brush your teeth, particularly in the area where the sore tooth is. It will taste really strong and medicinal, but that’s good. try to get the bristles between the teeth and all around. then just take a little sip of water, swish around and spit out. Don’t swallow a whole gulp of tea tree oil, just brush and rinse and spit out. Do this 3 – 5 times a day as well. In a day to 3 days, the tooth ache will be gone. And from then on avoid sugary things. because that always seems to set the tooth aches off. Tea tree oil is a very useful thing to have. I have several 100ml bottles and you can find it on ebay as well.

      • JC Davis

        Margie Herb Benet is a wild weed that helps also. There are other wild weeds that I have tried this year for the first time. Willow tree bark ect. Peppers need to know wild weeds. Thanks JC

    • JC Davis

      Donna with tears in both eyes I must say I have a new found respect for you. Your virtue is ever (good) mans dream come true.

  7. Jim Blanchard

    The bottom line is that Americans just do not care about the debt. People only accept change when they are faced with necessity. They only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them. People only see what they are prepared to see. We don’t pay attention until we have to. The most obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome. Sometimes we see what we want to see and disregard the rest. Human nature never changes.

    • Darren

      Donna…More people than you will ever know feel the same way you do as well as many others who watch Greg’s interview’s..Stay on course and keep squirreling the supplies away. When the relatives call you after the crash, it will give you an inner vindication and then help family first…:)

  8. red

    Your metaphors, stuffed canaries’ . I don’t know if that was off the cuff, but funny as heck!! Charles was laughing as you said it. I know none of this is actually funny but a sense of humour helps.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Red and it was off the cuff. I am not trying to be funny just descriptive.

  9. Anne Elliott

    Great guest, Greg, thanks for having him on – will check out his website today!

  10. dbcooper

    Greg, Haven’t listened to the interview yet but did listen to Trump in Phoenix … WHEW!! he’s going to rock the boat and the players are already getting nervous… I just may take down my BIG Ron Paul sign and put up a sign that says something like…”Tired of voting for Dumb and Dumber… Trump For President” Thanks again for your work, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  11. Mr.Lee

    Great interview Mr. Hunter. Wonderful perspective on the situation at hand. A whjile back sir, you had a Russian fellow on who commented his belief that the US – by extension the whole western world – was going to collapse much in the same way the USSR did. I am beginning to see this a becoming a reality. Mr. Smith spoke of the market not being allowed to correct itself, in essence that is a result of the Statism that we find ourselves in. Our system is more and more starting to look like fascism. Fascism just like communism is a collectivist system. History has shown us that collectivist systems all fail in the end anyway.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee for the insightful comment.

  12. FC

    It seems as though, there are a number of us out there, who are unable to convince our family and friends of being prepared for the coming collapse. Greg, I have done what you have suggested and bought extra food for my loves one, only to have them rub it in my face that they have bought new cars, new furniture and annual holidays, instead of being caught up in all these Conspiracy Theories.

    They mock me, because I drive a 21 year old car, that I have old furniture and my annual holidays are going to Costco……… In their eyes, I am a complete and certified nut case in my thinking and now, some of my family and friends don’t even call me anymore or invite me to any of their social events, because I no longer fit within their social status.

    I’m really at a point now Greg, that if the SHTF tomorrow, I don’t know whether I would open the door to let them in, because of what they have done and are still doing to me…………….I guess, when the time comes, I’ll truly know how I’ll feel, but right now, the door is bolted shut.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what everybody thought about Noah–until the door closed and it started raining.

      • FC

        Thank you Greg, it’s your website that keeps me sane in this insane world.

    • shire council

      Noah couldn’t keep the door to the ark open, what makes you think you will be able to, FC?

    • JC Davis

      FC. I think you are in the right path. About a year ago I stopped informing my folks about our fast changing currency. Strangely they started asking questions, and stocking up on food. Sometimes people have to realize no one else cares if they don’t care. I am so glad to say my sister is now researching information and sending it to me. Just tell them you bought a bag of rice for each one of them and that’s all they get. Then say no more till they ask.

    • Dale

      Stay strong FC

      • FC

        Thank you JC Davis and Dale for your support and Shire Council, I have something Noah, didn’t have back in day and that’s an automatic swing door operator 🙂

    • Galaxy 500

      If you open your house up to these people after the storm begins, you may find that they rob you and cast you out. Jealousy does that to people. Be careful

      • FC

        I’m hearing you Galaxy 500, I read an article, saying to keep your prepping a secret, as you may need to shoot your neighbor to maintain your survival………..a horrible thought indeed.

        • Paul from Indiana

          As I often say here, survival can be overrated, depending on what you have to do to survive and to what you are surviving. For as in Adam, all die. What a shame to live a good life only to sell it out for the sake of “survival”. Think it over; be mentally prepared, and when the time comes, you can face it with confidence. Best always. PM

          • Galaxy 500

            Paul, God approves ofc self defense and expects you to protect yourself and your family. Not doing so is suicide and God does not approve of suicide. Just my two cents. I’d kill the world to protect my wife or die trying. If you surrender your life to evil, how is that any different than surrendering your soul to evil?

  13. Randy0302

    That was good. I don’t know him but will check him out.
    Liked his Shawshank redemption attire 🙂

  14. cole

    My husband and i just sold a car for
    Which we received cash. I wanted to buy silver with the money and he wanted to buy a dune buggy:(! And he is very knowledgeable about all things
    Financial, however he does not believe
    Anything is going to change in the usa.
    Where is the best site to purchase silver in your opinion? Thanks cole

    • Greg Hunter

      Use Discount Gold and Silver Trading 800-375-4188 and ask for Melody. They sponsor the “How do I buy gold and silver?” page. I DO NOT get a piece of the sale. I suggest them because they have been on the site several months and I have not heard one bad thing about their transactions. Tell Melody I said to call her. That said, make darn sure before you buy anything you have good rubber on your vehicles and a good battery. Also some sored food and water. You also need to hold some cash as it will work really well for a short time (3 weeks-3 months??) Then, and only then buy some silver bullion. Tell melody and she will know what you need which are one ounce silver eagles form the US Mint. She is fair and honest.

  15. Coalburner

    Most of us face the closed ears of family. My kids just say “I can’t think about this, it is too much! I believe they will be in shock for years when it happens. The reason I am wrighting this is to say, tell the Grandkids about it . A little at a time make them understand things are changing and they can face it. It will not go deep until they realize it happened but they will be much better prepared than those who simply cannot deal with the future telling old fear mongers. Make it worth the kids time to just watch and see if you are right in the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      They think about it now or they think about it later in total panic. Either way they will not be able to avoid what is coming but you can soften the blow and stay out of the streets.

  16. Mark


    Glad you had Charles on this week. His interviews are always enlightening and his financial acumen is solid! I have to admit , as others, that telling people about what’s coming is just a huge waste of time. The complacency is maddening and when I try warn others I either speak Chinese or have leprosy! I do believe Greece is a window to our future and the manipulations won’t prevent the eventual reset. Best we can do is prepare and hope the changes happen gradually so others will catch on and prepare as well before it’s too late. The financial canaries will start dropping like flies and we’ll need a shovel to clean up the mess.

  17. waiting

    it is quite obvious one party in this negotiation scenario is simply screwing the other around,

  18. Johnnie

    We are definitely living in Koyaanisqatsi times. That movie came out 30 years ago, but it is so relevant even in the digital age.
    It seems the state of things is slowly leaking out and soon there will be no denying the lack of economic growth and the staggering amount of debt.
    I always like to re-evaluate what’s going on just to make sure I haven’t lost my marbles, and yet the crisis coming seems inescapable.
    My parents were Finnish who were kids/teens during WWII. They always ate every bit of food on their plate. When my mom would eat chicken, there would be nothing but stripped bone left on the plate. I never wanted to get too close to the grizzled portions and usually left behind traces of meat. My dad told me about when they had to literally cut their paper money in half and send in half to the government. This was shortly after WWII. They also would be encouraged to send in gold wedding bands and the government would send them steel replacements. I told him the government stole this wealth from the people, but he told me it was a sacrifice the people were expected to make. It may have been as the Finnish government wasn’t recklessly racking up debt and expecting the people to help make up the difference. It was a period of recovery after the war.
    I try to explain what is happening in the western world to my dad and he just gets all fidgety and anxious. I can barely spiel off a quarter of what I’ve read over the last few years and he can’t take it anymore. He’s literally witnessed a 50% devaluation in currency, but I wonder if he knows all too well what I’m on about, but just doesn’t want to believe it.
    The world is going through changes faster than at any point in history. People are very adaptable and will manage with the changes. The change part is hard and painful, but people will adapt and becomes accustomed to what life hands them. We are so brainwashed with what we should expect from life (from modern media), and breaking that will be hard. I think it was Confucious that said ‘Wanting is the source of all suffering.’ Worst case scenario, everyone will all have to work for their denarius and put it all towards food. Best case scenario, technology will free us all and provide everyone the same material things hopefully doing away with theft, door locks, alarm systems and a few less lawyers.

  19. shire council

    Bears Repeating

    07/12/2015 •

    The Greek people are now stunned and in shock (the same way we were when we voted “for change” and instead ended up with a bankster “puppet on a string”).

  20. Bob Hyatt

    Think “Predatory Lending” for nations and countries. Can Greece go to court for that? How about Spain, Italy, Ireland, and France?

  21. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Same here in the UK guys:Talking negative about the economy over here is a no-no. All I could do with one of my daughters in law was to encourage her over her newfound enthusiasm for growing potatoes! Just a small diversion you understand !
    As for the State pension here it is one huge Ponzi scheme which could easily get means-tested when the SHTF.
    Great new guest Greg so thanks as always. I love your image of ‘canaries stuffed up on a bar’. Perhaps we could substitute these for a row of black swans waiting to fall to earth through decomposition.

  22. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Third bailout for Greece leaves gold trailing at $1155: Only as it should be!!

  23. Mary

    Ooh, Charles, I expected better from you.

    The market mechanism for balancing between trade surplus and export is not a currency devaluation. That exists only only in the mind of Keynesian. The market mechanism is to be under a single currency (which should be gold) and then deflation in the importing nations, inflation in the exporting nations. That is what will make the export for Greece more competitive if the market is allowed to play out. But the problem with Greece is not the common currency, it is their retarded socialist governance, welfare, medieval labour law, absolute zero productivity.

    • Galaxy 500

      You don’t get deflation as an importing nation on a gold standard. However, the declining stocks of gold would cause a credit crunch. And it should cause a source of local production

  24. frank

    I would aske everyone to be not so harsh with your family, relatives and friends.
    You need to realise that TPTSB have perfected the art of brainwashing people for centuries.
    It starts with modifying and redefining the language and the meaning of words, and associate unwanted thoughts and insights with negative feeling. (For the relationship between cognitive brain processes, feelings and wellbeing/health, I suggest Joe Dispenza “You are the placebo”.)
    And that’s what shooling is all about today – implanting thought prohibitions, and force you on the desired way to function. You simply can not win any “discussion”. Even if it looks so, that person has forgotten everything, and fallen back into it’s old habit a day or even a hour later. Only about one percent of the population is capable of dissolving a cognitive dissonance by questioning and discarding theyr old world view. The general reaction is to simply suppress the unpleasant fact, and everything is fine again.
    Add to that the fact that the human brain is basically an electromagnetic device, capable of an “entrainment”. It is the same effect as a flock of birds or a school of fish – both have no real leader, they are thinking an acting as one organism. This fact had been observed long ago, just read Gustav LeBon “The psychology of masses”.
    Today it is even possible to implant thoughts or feelings remotely. You might have heard that certain emotional states correlate with certain EEG frequencies. It also works the other way. By irradiating humans with certain frequencies, their emotional state can be manipulated. HAARP is not only for weather modification …
    As I experienced, only a constant “bombardment” with reality over month and years has an effect. Just repeat a few simple facts over and over again, to keep the person out of it’s “thoughtless balance”. It took me about two years to convince my wife that things aren’t that pretty, and it is better to forego consumption, and instead prepare for disaster.

  25. al

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! What else can I say?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al.

  26. Chip

    Love CHS. Highly recommend reading his book, “Why things are falling apart and what we can do about it”. Agree with 95% of his views. Smart guy… Chip

  27. Larry W. Bryant

    == Whither Amerika? ==

    It’s called fascism,
    merging of state interests
    with corporations’:
    fueled by belligerent
    nationalism and greed
    — Larry W. Bryant (13 Jul 15)

  28. Max Meister

    Yeah we will have a crash definitely by 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016. One day these people are going to be right and the SHTF. Everybody with a brain larger than that of a mosquito knows it’s going to happen one day. You really don’t need to be a prophet nor a financial expert to see that coming. What i don’t like is that most of them try to time that event but they were all wrong so far.

    • Greg Hunter

      We should have had problems in any of those years and what was don was off the charts crazy and illegal. This is why very smart people have not nailed the timing. Nobody thought (including me) thought it would get this criminal and corrupt.

  29. Nexus

    May I join the chorus of appreciation for the marvelous work you do reporting TRUTH on your website? The MSM is a cruel joke. You give us hope for survival by being well informed so we may be prepared physically and psychologically. Panic is coming. Heads down and stay out of sight when the music stops–ALL the chairs will be taken away.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is spot on: “Heads down and stay out of sight when the music stops–ALL the chairs will be taken away.” Thank you

  30. Matt

    Beware so called close friends. They will be the ones pointing in your direction. Stay with like minded types or yourself if need be. Play dumb.

    • OutLookingIn

      Matt –
      Best advice of all. Good on you. Play it dumb.
      The less people who know your preps – the less chance of a ripoff, or worse.
      I gave up warning people after the MF Global crime scene and that criminal Corzine walking away with peoples wealth, and the general populace did NOTHING!
      I have not said a thing about whats to come, to anybody since.
      The really funny thing is, some family and friends have said how nice it is, to see me back to my old self!!! I just nod my head and smile.

    • Galaxy 500

      And watch you back

      • Charles H.

        Loose lips – sink ships. Navy veteran.

  31. dee garmon

    Great interview, tx.

  32. Donna

    Greg, bless your heart and soul. I appreciate your expression of concern and know that you meant no malice whatsoever.

    If I said my family will kill me the next time I attempt to speak to them, would you really take this statement literally? Go back and read what I said, as I have done. Would you call it poetic license, embellishment of fact, or just Irish drama? It is expression, Greg, just that — the very thing that people have been bullied away from.

    Is Trump a racist? Is Wells beyond the pale? Is Laura Ingraham truly a witch with a capital B? Is Pat Buchanan a racist/nativist? Is Savage a Muslim hater? Is Ross Perot a hand grenade with a bad haircut?

    These are all outspoken people who I have heard branded in public, not one liberal amongst them. We sure make short work of muzzling and taking out our own.

    As you remember, not long ago Greg Mannarino made an announcement, very well meaning but off the mark. It happens. I still trust that he has all our interests in mind. Never occurred to me that he was going mental, and I would never say such a thing.

    I have declined going back into service work because of political correctness. Everyone is a clinician throwing psych terms around if you dare disagree or do not use the acceptable turn of phrase — and there are fewer and fewer words and ideas permitted.

    “Daft” and “committed” are just expressions. You should see the phrases I delete. I am always hesitant at alienating a good portion of your readers, so I tune it down much as I know how. I just write off the top of my head. Should I just discuss my new toaster?

    I let your first comments flow past me. It just was not worth a tug of war over a minor, I thought, misunderstanding. The mental comment told me you were not kidding around. I apologize if I offended you in some other respect. To wave terms like “mental” is the kind of thing that the libs do to take you down. Everyone belongs in a psych gulag but them.

    Ultimately, I take responsibility for expressing myself in such manner. How’s this? “See Spot run. See how fast Spot runs.” Sterile enough? Or did I just insinuate that Spot was out to rip some little girl’s throat out?

    It is just the way I write and talk. In person, though, I could steer you toward my actual meaning if you start calling me mental. I grew up with 5 males, Greg, I do not do a good Jackie Kennedy.

    Once again, accept my apology. I still think you are one of the best in a rarified arena of thought, performance, and expression.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donna. I just wanted to make sure that I did not offend you. We are good and thank you for all your comments.

    • Faizie

      Your head and heart are well connected. My head doesn’t do PC very well either but my heart ends up toning down the strong explosive thoughts that abound; probably a good thing. Some times I say it anyway. Keep on doing/saying what you’ re doing/saying.

    • paul

      Is Trump a racist? … more importantly I’ve been asking myself is God a racist? … he segregated the 1/3 from the 2/3 … but not so in the sense of racism for color (Lucifer being red) … but it seems he definitely drew the line in separating good from evil!

  33. Lake M

    Those of us who visit Greg’s site and share his conversations with a variety of guests have the freedom to participate and engage in further discussion of the various subjects herein, courtesy of Greg. Thanks Greg !

    In Spain, according to Martin Armstrong, new fascist laws governing free speech have recently been passed. This is a bold aggressive attack on the freedom of speech and the right of assembly. Here in the US we have the technology in place to listen to, record and locate anyone who uses a smart phone or other internet device. Our freedom of speech and communication is our only weapon… exposing the truth is vital to resisting total control. Mind control is a very important tool in the elite’s bag of tricks. So, if you’re an American, get ready for an assault on your right to speak freely in a public place, whether its a street corner or your Facebook page. Oh yes, and your photos are restricted as well.

    Zero Hedge/Submitted by Martin Armstrong via ArmstrongEconomics.com,

    Spain has shown that it is fully on board with the Brussels authoritarian direction of ending democracy. Those in power have simply convinced themselves that the people do not understand what is good for them so they must impose their will upon the people but raw force. How does this differ in any what from the justification of imposing communism? This is the death of all freedom and it is upon our doorstep.

    Here are the new laws in Spain:

    1. If you photograph security personnel and then share these images on social media: up to €30.000 fine (particularly if photo exposes violence used against a member of the public). This fine could increase depending on the number of Instagram or social media followers you have.

    2. Tweet or retweet information or the “location of an organized protest” can now be interpreted as an act of terrorism as it incites others to “commit a crime” (now that “demonstrating” in many ways has become a crime). Sound “1984”-ish? Read about Orwell and his time in Spain.

    3. Snowden-like whistle blowing is now defined as an act of terrorism. If you write for a local publication, be careful what you print, whom you speak to, and whether the government is listening.

    4. Visiting or consulting terrorist websites – even for investigative purposes – can be interpreted as an act of terrorism. Make sure you use “Tor” browser, reject cookies, and don’t allow pop-ups. Not to mention, don’t post it on your Facebook timeline!

    5. Be careful with the royal jokes! Any satirical comment against the royal family is a new crime “against the Crown”. For example, “What did Leticia and the Bishop have to say after they ––“ (SORRY CENSORED).

    6. No more hassling elected members of the government or local authorities – even if they say one thing in order to be elected, but then go and do the exact opposite. Confronting them about this hypocritical behavior. Even if you see them in the street chatting to a street cleaner, dining at their favorite expensive restaurant, or having their shoes shined by that physics graduate who cannot find a decent job in the country, hassling them about their behavior is now a criminal offence.

    7. Has your local river been so polluted by that plastic factory along the edge that all life has extinguished? Well, tough! Greenpeace or similar protests are now finable from €601–€30.000.

    8. Protests in a spontaneous way outside Parliament are now illegal. For example if Parliament passes a hugely unpopular bill, or are debating something extremely important to you or your community, it is now finable from €601 – €30.000. Tip: Use Google Maps to protest just around the corner – but don’t tweet the location!

    9. Obstructing an officer in the course of their business, “resisting arrest”, refusing to leave a demonstration when told, or getting in the way of a swinging baton are all now finable offences from €601 – €30.000.

    10. Showing lack of respect to officers of the law is an immediate fine of €100 – €600. Answering back, asking a disrespectful question, making a funny face, showing your bottom to an officer of the law, or telling him/her that their breath reminds you of your dog’s underparts is now, sadly, not advisable.

    11. Occupying, squatting, or refusing to leave an office, business, bank or other place until your complaint has been heard as a protest is now a €100 – €600 fine (no more flash mobs).

    12. Digital protests: Writing something that could technically “disturb the peace” is a now a crime. Bloggers beware, for no one has yet defined whose peace you could be disturbing.

    • paul

      To confound the new Police State laws in Spain … the people should organize a multitude of “flash protests” that last a minute or two (before any police can arrive) and then disperse quickly into the crowd … similar to the way we fought the British in the American Revolution … we didn’t march face to face against British army we fought from behind the trees … similarly in a Police State to get your point across you don’t march or occupy territory … you coordinate “instant protests” and then quickly disperse … before the opposing police force even has time to respond!

  34. Kilroy

    No country that has debt-based currencies can politically reset their own economy by their own government. Their currencies must become asset-based for sustainability. That means that all governments that have debt-based economies must be totally replaced with new personnel. Like China in 1949, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) started from zero. I don’t think China can wait to collateralize their gold hoard past July.

  35. Brian Stemmerman

    When I get to gloomy and doomy, I take a moment and look at the big picture. Governments of the world that represent the 1% are doing whatever they can to keep the system going. If the 1% tomorrow decided to sell all holdings, the world would be poor and full of conflict. Yet, they don’t. All pensions would be worthless. The equity in your home would be lost. Chaos would run wild in the streets. Greece did not have a chance. The system is fragile and they’re doing what they can to stop the contagion.

  36. Matt

    There is 401k money and pension money to get grabbed. And they will get it. because they want it all as Carlin said. For their criminal friends on Wall St. It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it. Like at the last Davos meeting, their not content with half of control they currently have, they want it alllll.

  37. Zoren Sonash

    Dear Greg

    Thank you for this excellent interview

    In my opinion the root of all our worldwide economic problems is the concept of “Debt and Interest” people and nations are lured to live beyond their means and sink in huge debts then the huge burden is on the next generations, it’s a vicious cycle with a geometric sequence format

    This “Debt and Interest” will force a huge worldwide reset soon, god help us all

    • Greg Hunter

      I am with you.

  38. Hilde

    Dear Donna,
    Your comments are very interesting and spirited, and I really enjoy them.
    I think we all need to take care of our mental health. It’s always very upsetting to be told off when we try to give sincere and friendly advice. I realize I must be very lucky who have some close and good friends who I can talk about these things with.
    I have found that a good way to build a good communication with someone is finding some things one can agree with. That’s what works for me.
    I too have tried to warn some friends about certain things , and they too disagreed strongly . Therefore there are certain topics I totally have to avoid with some friends and family, to keep the peace, which for me is vital . The funny and nice thing however is that I get the impression that more and more people are starting to grasp that one doesn’t have to buy everything the media is telling.
    When it comes to topics like the criminality of the bankers and medical industry etc, I think only very few people have the interest and even guts to read and understand it. Firstly it can be complicated finding the right info on Internet , secondly the amount of evil behind is hard to confront for most people.
    That being said, in my opinion, none of the advices on this site are eccentric or crazy at all, actually they are just good old common sense . That’s why I like this site so much.
    I wish you all the best.

  39. David Morris

    Regards the Greek euro exit ‘ Welcome to The Hotel California’ the irony of the drought interesting. Regards David

  40. Julia

    I am having the same problems with my family and co workers the rest of you are having.
    One of my coworkers told me to read Krugman in NY Times. Yuk! I don’t even want to
    go to work. How do you handle their stunned faces? My family I don’t say a thing any more. Extra rice and beans for those unprepared.

    Greg, thank you so much for the work you are doing!

  41. Grafique

    I’ve been buying gold/silver/copper online for a good while. Recently my usual supplier changed its website so that now it is full of annoying, in-the-way ads and it takes a long time for each page to load.
    Can anyone recommend a good, dependable, inexpensive, online bullion dealer with a simple, straightforward website?

  42. aries

    i think i know what the jade helm is about, it is a CAN WE BLEND IN CAMPAIGN, strategic maneuvers inside citizen populus. definitely an excersize for the future.

  43. Darren

    Hey Greg,
    Great interview as always. Quick question……How long do you think it will be from the crash to the reset, whereby things go to the new normal? 3 weeks? 6 weeks? 3 months? 6 months or longer? Thanks again for everything you do 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      The time it take is how long your Federal Reserve Notes hold value. I have long said cash will work really well for a short period of time. I don’t know it that is 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. I suspect 3 months at the outside but it could be longer. This has never happened in recorded history so you simply must be ready.

      • Jim

        My dad is 99 July 30th. He said after 29 it was tuff all the way through the 30’s right up to WWII. Don’t think we can predict how long a recovery might take after a meltdown. It does appear everything takes place at a faster pace than in decades past. I know some successful professionals who say they are glad they aren’t young. Ha! Unfortunate way to look at things.

      • Paul from Indiana

        If the “change” period involves political upheaval/revolution, the premise of these conjectures is false, that premise being that the basic political structure and various political entities/functions survive/continue as usual commensurate with the status quo. Government and political expectation stayed in place during the Great Depression and the Great Recession, so it was just economic, and that was enough. If the deal becomes a cataclysm affecting society to its core, which I consider to be possible, then all bets are off. If this thing blows, it won’t be easy or pretty. Best always. PM

  44. eddiemd

    As always a good interview. The song remains the same. Problems ahead.

    I think the MSM has lost control of the narrative. Alternative news through the internet allows for dissemination of the information outside the control of the fascists. In order to control the masses, the fascists must control the narrative. We have to be careful of the disinformation agents and there are many.

    Having been down south outside the police state of the USA for the past week, I have several observations.
    1. Left the USA on July 4th. Noted that the TSA seemed to be staffed at normal levels in spite of “terrorist threats”. Back scatter radiation units are now the norm for screening at the Phoenix airport. With the introduction of the new 100 dollar bill, this allows for detection of currency that can be carried on the individual.
    2. Reading local newspapers here suggests that there is limited information on the world economic situation. Local news station rarely report on world events. Cable television has CNN in Spanish. I am not sure o how many people watch the channel.
    3. Big news story is the escape of the “El Chapo”, the drug cartel chief, who is public enemy number one. Remember that a large number of tactical cartel leaders were trained in the late 1990’s under the Mexican Training Initiative (MTI) at Fort Bragg by members of 7th Special Forces Group. The cartels pay better.
    4. The Mexican state is under the heavy influence of the catholic church. If perhaps the current pope is the Petrus Romanus, then this country will come under the delusion of the demonic forces of the false prophet. The black pope has a history with the Jesuits. This Francis dude is both the black pope and the face of the catholic church. He plans to address both congress and the UN in NYC in September. It will be horrible here in Mexico for non-catholics. I expect decapitation but no matter. It is what it is. Plenty of believers were burned at the stake so I see decapitation as a better alternative. Jesus is Lord, He will be there when the time comes.

    10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
    Ephesians 6:10-12

  45. FC

    European Central Bank have come to an agreement with the bailout of Greece, by printing future Euros on grease proof paper.

  46. eddiemd

    12For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 13Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.
    Hebrews 4:12,13

    8Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God: 9But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God. 10And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven. 11And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall answer, or what ye shall say: 12For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.
    Luke 12: 8-12

    But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.
    Hebrews 5:14

  47. eddiemd

    Sorry, it is not about happy people.

    It is about sounding an alarm that unless people repent, then they will face the wrath of God. Even so that they who are followers of Christ will suffer persecution as in the past. It means that believers will be executed, decapitated, burned at the stake, torn asunder…these are the realities of what a true believer may face. Prepare accordingly.

  48. James

    Hello Greg. Great Interview….but this time,i’m more interested in the comments of your readers. I’ve followed your great interviews for a while, and this time there seems to be a consensus that the bad times are finally arriving. Your readers seem to be moving from anger to acceptance the inevitable end will shortly arrive. I didn’t have time to read all the comments…i will go back and study them, bur the theme i found running through the comments was: 1. frustration that their peers and family didn’t understand (indicating they TRIED to warn others..as we all have)….. and 2. A personal statement that they were preparing regardless.
    Yes, i’ve seen these types of comments at other sites…but what strikes me is that there appears to be a community spirit shared between your commentors. It should be interesting to see how your site MORPHS when the great fall comes …that being there is still an internet, of course.
    If there is still an internet, I would guess the COMMENTS section of your Blog will start to look more like a bulletin board for the COMMUNITY to share their needs and help.
    Greg, think about how your blogsite will change after the GREAT FALL …and there may not be much time to plan…

  49. WD


    There is a money “guru” named Mike Maloney ( hiddensecretsofmoney.com).

    He has a series of lectures on line….simple and brilliant. It explains why the dollar will die and how. Brilliantly done. I know you have a lot of work but his videos ( you tube) are brilliant. I believ he is the bricks and mortar of how this all works.

    I hope you can get him on amazing!!

    • WD


      Mike Maloney’s site tell us why we left gold standard and why we became a wealthy nation to begin with. And shows that dollar is dying a slow death.

      Please just take a look at it.


  50. paul

    When God comes back … it won’t be to create a single nation … but an entirely new world … a world in which his people “are chosen” not by nationality or religion but by their intelligence … all Watchdoger’s would easily qualify.

    Now what name should he choose for his new world … how about ISREAL … as the chosen members of his new world only believe in what Is Real !

  51. Kilroy

    Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling!

    “The western financial media has been stating that China’s total economy is about to collapse because its Stock Markets have been having “growing pains”. This propaganda is totally false.

    The Chinese DNA has a very high propensity for gambling, just look at Las Vegas or Macao. 1% of 1,350 million Chinese equals 13.5 million Chinese; a very large figure. The Chinese National Government is primarily interested in producing fullness of wellbeing for 99% of its population, and a little less with its 1%. All investments in the Stock Markets are very risky, and the new emerging individual Chinese investors have not learned that lesson yet.”

    China’s stock market produces no wealth. Only manufacturing, agriculture, and/or natural resource extraction produces wealth. The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) saving’s wealth is contained within its Treasury gold hoard. China’s economy is not dependent on its stock market; it is dependent upon the Chinese household savings.

  52. Grafique

    So as of this morning, Hussein Obama has caved to Persia and allowed them a path to the atomic bomb.
    Not to worry – Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has the courage our muslim president lacks, will do whatever is necessary to remedy Obama’s error.

  53. JC Davis

    Greg. Well Greece gets a deal. Iran gets a sweeter deal. I cant wait till the next wrap up.
    Can you imagine how Iran is laughing. They had sanctions placed for building a nuclear site. Then Israel was going to bomb them. Now we lift the sanctions in agreement that Iran continues there program, and here is the big one we agree to remove there nuclear waste product.
    Where would you bet the end product to build a nuclear bomb will end up? It will not just evaporate. So in fact you were right about no deal on Iran. It was a surrender. Same with Greece.

    • JC Davis

      We are in deep. Obama is willing to pay for Iran’s nuclear waste yet not Americas.
      This ( Deal ) will cost billions to the tax payers. Sanctions were lifted on Iran and placed on America. We need a government folks.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother JC–the President’s very own words: we can never be at war with Islam. Tells you all you need to know. Better find your prayer rug–quick!! And east for you and Al is Knoxville. HAHA. Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          PM My knees hit the memory foam this morning right after Obama gave his lying speech. Love you bro.

          • JC Davis

            Also after I prayed I went to the store to buy some butter, and ended up buying over 1500.00 in food for 50.00. Sometimes things just fall in my lap.

          • Bob Lamb

            How do you buy 1500 woryh for 50?

            • JC Davis

              Bob every time I go into the store I ask if they have any damaged or discontinued items. They seldom do. This time they had high dollar health foods. In a discount store they sold very little of it. So I got it all.

      • 8Ball

        You might like this video on “who” it is that actually pays for this nonsense.

        • JC Davis

          8Ball That was good. Not many people see it the same. The major population will take all they can get one way or another. I for one am willing to die with my illness. I have refused all gov assistance. I could fill a room with people telling me I paid it in and deserve it. Well I will leave out knowing I fought a good fight resisting govey handouts. Thanks for posting this link. God bless you. PS If I offend anyone, sorry we just disagree.

  54. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Financial and economic upheavals are bad enough, but the continual ceding away of our principles when engaged with our international counterparties is of even far greater risk. We just gave license to Iran to manufacture nuclear warheads unfettered and unrestrained by any countermeasures. The current democrat regime is prepared to stand by and do nothing about it. Meanwhile, all the thousands of newly minted GBU 20,000 lb Bunker buster munitions are piling up at the candy store because of our failure to send them forward into the theater. When will be a more appropriate time to strike ? Waiting until Jeb is in office will be too late. Impeach Obama now ! The nation cries for war ! Lets engage Iran now while we have the greatest advantage and opportunity to avoid nuclear munitions from hitting the homeland !

    • Stephanie

      The nation cries for war ???????????????????????? REALLY ????????????

      Why ? What for ? What would we need more war for ? We just make enemies and pile up lots of debt. And that is precisely why no republican will ever be in the white house for a very long time. I’m voting democrat and even though Bernie does have a good message, I still trhink Hillary will pull through and surprise them all. That’s why I am standing up for Hillary.

      • Galaxy 500

        So you are going to put a known liar, a known influence peddler and a known minion of Satan, Hillary, in the White House? Does honour and integrity mean nothing to you? How about ability? How about not being a friend of the Moslem Brotherhood terrorist group?
        Oh, I forget…none of these things matter to people like you

      • Galaxy 500

        I know…It’s time for a vagina in the white house. Why does that impart special powers our better yet, competence? Not in Hillary’s case.
        I am happy for a competent woman to be in the WH but that excludes Hillary

        • Stephanie

          Yes she has a vagina, but in and of itself doesnt mean anything. However, as most women, she is compassionate to others including the majority of non-traditional sexually cultured people living in this country. We use to be bigger liars many years ago when we denied our identities as bisexuals and gays and lesbians and transgender. We have awakened from the nightmare of cultural intolerance and are finally allowing all people to be who they want to be. Someday, we will be able to look past the exterior in every stage of life and embrace our enligtenment as a society.

          • Greg Hunter

            The Gay and transgender population is far less than 2%. We have much bigger problems coming our way.


            • Stephanie

              Greg, Your 2% figure is way off. Studies have shown that the majority of people make up what conventional married folks refer to as “alternative lifestyles.” In addition, it is well known that the overwhelming majority of prepubescent children are bicurious by nature and have fantasies of having encounters with their own sex with still many confused about their gender with a willingness to switch genders. In the past, society has put shame and guilt on folks to get them to conform to a conventional lifestyle, but many are learning that they have the freedom to be who they want, make changes and marry who they want. We are all learning what it is to be truly free in the land of the free and home of the brave. God Bless the United States of America – a true leader to the world !

  55. Matt

    Obama does what the masters expect of him. Do i like him? About as much as any other puppet doing what their told. Remember, this is a Congress and Scotus in tandem with the CEO. The Greece No vote meant nothing and are votes mean nothing. Any puppet that gets cute gets the grassy knoll tratment. International bankers.

  56. eddiemd

    There are some credible arguments against the use of the New Living Translation Bible that you quote in the posting. This edition of the Bible changes parts of Scripture substantially.

    Each person needs to seek for the truth. Having Scripture that is not altered is fundamental to finding the truth. Newer translations of the Bible such as the New Living Translation do not provide the correct translation of the original Greek and Hebrew text. Therefore I would avoid this Bible. Research for yourself the differences between the King James version and modern spin offs.

    “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book” (Rev. 22:18,19).

    “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar” (Prov. 30:5,6).

    • JMiller

      All Bible versions including the King James version are corrupt to some degree. Just compare the underlying Hebrew and Greek, as I have, and you will see.

      • Charles H.


        One must beg to differ. First – there is a well documented history of translations from Greek and Latin manuscripts, which evidence near exactitude in one language to another. Two – God the Holy Spirit superintends such translations, so that inspiration oversees the jump from language to language. Three – man’s understanding or comprehension is imperfect: so God the Holy Spirit oversees illumination in Believers. So, that translation which bears God’s own seal of Inspiration and Preservation (KJV in English) will contain NO errors or corruption.

        Joining the litany of scoffers is a poor choice. The Bible is copied and plagiarized for profit, or perverse spiritual warfare. With those there is much evidence of untruth and error: but carrying this conclusion over to the one God approves – is completely wrong. A mountain of fakes does not make the genuine wrong. To scoff or disbelieve is to forfeit the help of God to understand; and being that the Bible is self-defining in terms and meaning – you cannot approach it with a basis of understanding it provides for itself to be understood.

        Imperfect man operates in a margin of imperfection, and it is hard to deal with the issue of Absolutes. Nevertheless, God’s Word, the Holy Bible, is an absolute work; and apart from faith – there is no way to apprehend it.
        “For without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” One can neither seek nor please God by undermining His authority, and calling His word ‘corrupt’.
        The fatal flaw is to believe that you know better than what God produces. God perfectly constructed the languages at the Tower of Babel; and He’s still in the business. You cannot use a previous language to correct a subsequent one: each is correct to meaning and usage, in it’s time, and by it’s people. The KJV Bible is Truth: and no man can rightfully be lord over it by pronouncing whether it is right, or wrong. It is sophomoric popery to allege that only learned and lettered individuals can know the truth. The Bible is for the common man to read and understand, and be Saved.

  57. Pierre

    Hi Greg,

    On an other note, have you seen this one ? Looks like Lord Monckton has it right…




    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Pierre, Lord Monckton is correct, but anyone who disagrees with the “climate change” Nazis “facts” is branded a kook or a terrorist.)

  58. Donna

    “Are you the Rainman?” Now, you are too funny, Greg.

    Good to see you and John B. Wells had a meeting of the minds and the listeners are the richer for it. I’ll keep saying it, being in the interviewee box is your strong suit. I’m usually into my REMs at this hour but I stayed up to listen to your segment of John’s usual 3-hour shows.

    The more exposure the better. And I must say, you talk worse than I do (just kidding). Seriously, you 2 guys talking together put me in mind of growing up listening to my uncles. There was a period in “AmeriKa” when people were better informed, were avid readers, good debaters — and in those times you could disagree all day long with somebody and laugh and be friends. I’ve seen and heard it.

    I miss the time when people sat around the table in the kitchen or the living room and solved all the world’s problems before they went to bed. It was a lot of laughs and I learned a thing or two in the process. Remember what they used to call “the art of conversation?”

    I listened to you and John like a starved dog. I have to replay that segment because you are all pistons firing when someone else poses the 30 questions. You cover so many topics and the comments are just priceless in a world that would prefer you don a verbal straightjacket.

    I catch some radio shows now and then other than Savage, especially if I am working in my yard. They are vapid and a waste of battery power but I do listen a little bit so that I am reminded of the incredible difference between AM and alternate news. It screams out that they are either very controlled, selling out for the big bucks, very biased, or just want so badly to be loved.

    On the subject of toning it down to maintain friends. I have always compromised my beliefs and principles to get along and be accepted. Nuts to that. This is no time for stroking each other. I am done with it. What life we have left is too short, too dear, too valuable to waste it any further. I gotta be blunt. It is who I am.

    My best friend was my husband, the dearest, funniest, toughest soul I ever had God’s blessing to know. I do very much believe he was thrown in my path from above. I repulse the uninformed, the libs, most women. Dress and heels is my uniform, but my mouth is pure Patton and that creeps people out who like to pigeonhole.

    What on earth has happened to women? They dress like bricklayers. The F-word is their favorite expression of feeling. They do not read, do not sew, seldom cook, and think they are tougher than the Hulk just because they have some creep politician and the courts solidly behind them. When the economy crashes, men will never look so good.

    OK, OK, not every woman, so do not go into vapor lock. But look around you. Women used to civilize society through something called marriage. In my kid years, only one women on our block worked — in her husband’s insurance office. She had 1 daughter. While that woman was out of the house, my brothers and me would trot over to her house and watch, of all things, “Divorce Court.” We were fascinated at the notion of parents fighting and ditching each other. We did not know anyone who was divorced. That was 1957 or so.

    Hope this transmits, spent a lot of time on heavy editing so I would not sound completely like a Trump.

  59. Dr. Don

    “Weekend at Bernie’s” economy lives!!

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