Politicians Killed Economy & It Ain’t Coming Back – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, declared back in March that the “Greatest Depression” had already started.  Now, he says politicians who are power tripping “imbeciles and freaks out of their minds” closed down the economy for political gain in an attempt to stop President Trump from winning a second term in November.  Celente explains, “They destroyed the economy.  The economy is dead.  These little liberals, I am surrounded by them here . . . Cuomo loving liberals, when it started, they all said it will come back.  It’s not coming back.  The economy is dead, and the politicians killed it. . . . They are doing this as a power trip and to show President Trump is not doing the right thing.  So, they are looking at it like that. . . . If Trump were smart, and I think this is the card he is going to play, he’s going to blame the shutdown of the economy on the Democrats.  I don’t like either party because I am a political atheist, but he’s going to blame it on them and rightfully so.  Trump is going to say the reason you are out of work, the reason you lost your business, the reason you have escalating crime is because the ‘Democraps’ closed down the economy.  That’s the way I see him playing out the Trump card.”

In previous interviews on USAWatchdog.com, Celente predicted that when gold reached $1,485 per ounce, that it would begin to take off and never look back.  It looks like that prediction has come true.  Now, Celente says look for gold to be going much higher.  Celente says, “You look at gold prices.  Look at where gold prices are going.  How long have I been saying this?  When all this began, I said boom, you are going to see gold spike, and now it’s around $1,800 per ounce.  Silver is going to follow when gold breaks $2,000 per ounce.  It’s because this economy is going down, and it’s not coming back.  According to Yelp, 53% of the restaurants will not be reopening.  On average, 43% of the businesses won’t be reopening, and the bigs are going to gobble it up.  Here’s a headline, ‘Big hotels could benefit from aid.’  That’s right, more billions and billions of dollars are going to big hotels. . . . Why are the markets up?  The Federal Reserve is going to pump money into our big guys who got richer by about $650 billion since this started.  We are all becoming workers on the plantation of ‘Slavelandia,’ and here are some crumbs for you.”

Celente says the Democrat party are now communists and Marxists, and he thinks they will employ their tactics.  Celente predicts, “You are going to see violence like we have never seen before this summer.  You are going to see police against the people, and it’s going to become more militarized as it becomes more violent.  If we don’t unite for peace and restore freedom, America is dead.”

In closing, Celente thinks Trump can win a second term and says, “All he has to do is win the swing states.  That’s it.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.

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After the Interview: 

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    • Saint Lawrence

      Serfs will be slaves of the future:

      • Bob Chapman

        Dr marc faber just released a great interview where he talks about bitcoin preciouse metals the US elections and much much more , a highly recommended interview 👉Dr. Marc Faber Exclusive Interview With The Atlantis Report 2nd July 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztC5-I2Zp14

    • Rob

      Once Trump is reelected the prophetic pieces will merge at an exponential speed! Zerohedge featured a 124 year old book that predicted Trump:


      The last 8 years will commence this decade:


    • H. Craig Bradley


      The people (voters) usually get what they deserve. If its grinding poverty, then so be it. Consider it a collective choice where the majority of useful idiots rule. If you don’t like it, try to do something about it. For starters: Change.

      Right now, hardly anyone is aware or interested in even talking about it, much less doing anything. Most Americans are busy and just struggling to pay the bills and keep their business afloat. ( Survival mode and not much more). Public
      anxiety and fear is growing. Conflicts are more apt to arise in an atmosphere of negative public and individual moods (attitudes).

      • Saint Lawrence

        You will see a holocost of “population control”
        read your Bible and say “this has happened before”
        as the empire is now corrupted. Judas goats = politicians.
        My opinion only … sheeples slaughtered
        dr. Strangelove

      • K. Wayne

        “Right now, hardly anyone is aware or interested in even talking about it, much less doing anything”….by design that is precisely what they prefer….an apathetic public….indoctrinated and dumbed-down to the point of not being able to apply reason or logic. Not by choice…its because they don’t know any better. Additional to that is that they collectively do not have the power to rule nor the ability to change it…they are governed by those that hold the keys to the printing press and the laws of the land. Frustrated and Oppressed might describe how they feel right about now, but wait until they become distressed and destitute.

        • William Stanley

          “Amazing Polly” has a new video which makes a detailed comparison between “torture,” especially psychological torture, and our present circumstances, e.g., covid fear mongering; social distancing; imposition of arbitrary and trivial rules (masks, 6-feet distancing, closing of public spaces, etc.); dependency (destruction of the economy and mass unemployment; control of information (e.g., de-platforming contrary opinion); and threats (e.g., they’ll take your children away if you don’t comply).

          I thought that you might approve of it. I do.
          See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yk3xezML8Q

        • laura mcdonough

          K.Wayne: it was like this when getting out of the UN groups had rallies in the 1960’s much was written abot communists infiltrating the state dept, etc. No one listened thru the many decades up to now, it has always been that way. Sports was a big distraction for decades before electronic games, computers.

      • Cassandra calling

        Problem is those that don’t vote get the same thing!

        • laura mcdonough

          Voting is a sham, they are all deep state incl congress. This country is dead anyway taken down by Marxists groups , while cowardly sissy police allow the burning and destruction in the cites turning them into third world rat holes like NYC, Seattle, Portland, etc.. Civil war is next with UN troops.

          • Greg Hunter

            No Laura it is not, especially with a president. How do you think we would be doing with Hillary inn the White House?

            • laura mcdonough

              stopthecrime.net (Deb. Tavares) and Celeste solum said it was too late to fix anything. They are agenda 2030 experts.

      • JR

        Texas governor is making mask wearing in public mandatory. Those damned Democrats are taking over the world – even Texas!!!


    • Christian

      Feudalism is not (!) the reign of robber-barons…….

      The robber-barons smeared Feudalism for what they did. Just like psychopaths always smear their victims.

    • Charles H

      As long as Baby Boomer parents are alive and kicking cash cows – holding the house and debts at bay: the ‘serfs’ will have refuge. But when the parents pass-on: the kids won’t be able to keep the homes – and do the easy-peasy, put money in the pocket solution of selling the old homesteads to “downsize”. That won’t last long at all, as kids now can’t balance a checkbook (if they even know THAT is!?). So I expect there will a decent timeframe of a burndown before the younger people actually know how screwed they are. And they won’t accept that they wasted the opportunity of their education, with teachers that betrayed them with false ideologies. They will blame all the wrong ones, for the wrong reasons. Does anyone think auto mechanics, or heating and cooling technicians, or electricians are going destitute?

      • Saint Lawrence

        thank you charles,
        the fourth industrial revolution or turning is as follows, in my opinion only;
        humans have been replaced by artificial programming,
        i.e. servers and voice recognition and robots.
        lookup the Rod Serling twilight zone “OBSOLETE”

        Orson Wells movie “CITIZEN KANE” clearly states you will beleive what you are told to…
        “WAG THE DOG” “1984” “BRAVE NEW WORLD” virtual reality will
        become reality and propagated:
        also refer to Noahs flood and Sodom / gamorah in the Bible.
        Most of the 7 billion will be fertilizer, “SOYLENT GREEN” “PLANET OF THE APES”, this century.

      • Jesse Liberty

        What’s considered the age for the offspring of boomers? I am a child of boomers and work for my own money. I don’t know if I will get an inheritance. I’ve worked as a cab driver, roughneck, pipe-fitter, and life insurance salesman for ten years. I know all about that July South Texas heat… 110 and 100 percent humidity. I have a business degree which I worked and paid for myself (and forgone dating… instead opting for night classes), with little help from mom, because my father died when I was 3.5. Mom raised us but never spoiled us. She was born 59, me 82, and my brother 86. Dad died in 86. Don’t categorize people… I work hard for my money and am proud of it. I deny my mom’s offers for help because dignity is more important than luxury. Perhaps you’re spoiled Sir?

        • Charles H


          You ask me not to categorize people: but suggest I am spoiled?

          I’m definitely a Boomer, born in 1953. I spent six years in the Navy, and was on ships half that time, while Vietnam was burning. When I came out I worked – Cable TV; cable installation; even pumped gas through the winter in frozen Michigan, way back when. I started with a paper-route as a kid, that I kept for five years; but gardening and lawn-mowing before that when I was twelve.
          In college days I worked in a carpenter shop, porcelain refinishing (horrible), and for two years after – in a produce warehouse – picking 100,000 pounds of fruit and vegetable a night for several trucks. I worked my way through college, exhausting the GI Bill from miltary service. And there were stretches where I slept in office cubicles, and bathed in janitor’s sinks. The last two years of college I lived out of a Volkswagen Camper van, next to a garage of some friends who gave me a key to use their bathroom. And I gave them money to be there.

          I’ve worked a couple years on the Texas/Mexico border – in the heat. I became a self-taught mechanic; rebuilding a diesel engine and fitting it into a truck I converted from gasoline. And in the last twenty years I have been laying brick and casting concrete, with welding and metal fabricating doors and protection for a house. Maybe I am a bit spoiled: but I have worked my whole life, in jobs and circumstances that most people today wouldn’t think of trying. And it is hard to think of being spoiled when I have made up the difference by my own sweat while only living under the poverty-line of Income my whole adult life. The toilets we have to use: I installed them. In fact, until I installed the plumbing for the house in – my wife and I showered by using a hose; and had to flush a home-made toilet with a bucket, for almost a year. I did get some Inheritance: but I saved half of it back to insure my wife has something if I die. The other half went into the house and the cheapest car I could find. Spoiled, huh? Sorry, kid – you mis-guessed very badly.

          • Charles H

            Sorry – that 100,000 pounds were a week’s work; not one night. It was still enough to damage my knees in under two years on that job. No compensation either.

  1. Rod Struth

    Only the Self-Sufficient Will Survive
    The Common Sense Show

  2. Rod Struth

    Get the latest information from The Luxembourg Government about COVID-19.

    • Diane

      Gotta love Gelente!

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente,love Mr Celente’s passion.
    Here in Stasiland formerly known as the UK we have lurched to utter despair thanks to our dreadful economy with building being the only game in town,now that our great leader,Boris Johnson,has dolloped money into the backers of his party.This used to be known as fascism.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Yesterday, a friend went with me on an overnight camping/birding trip. While he was gone, some people unknown to the neighborhood parked, and stood around in his driveway. His neighbors knew he was gone and thought that the behavior of the outsiders was suspicious.

    Three of his neighbors called each other and then made it plain to the “outsiders” that they were watching. No threats were made. However, as I understand it, two of his neighbors carried ARs on slings (and, probably concealed pistols as well), and the other one had a holstered .45 caliber pistol.

    It turned out to be a false alarm. But it’s consistent with my impression that a lot of people have HAD IT. They aren’t sure whether the government will protect them or their property, and more and more are getting ready to protect and take care of each other.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks you for the street reporting and for your support too!!

    • AndrewB

      Some more good news – supporting the ‘fight-back’. Florida sheriff warns he will deputise every lawful gun owner in his county in order to “fill the gap” if his forces are overrun . . .

  5. JC

    Martin Armstrong:
    “Socrates has forecast that this is going to be the most corrupt election in American history and with each passing day, there is another step toward making this forecast come to pass.”


    • Sir Manley Robinson

      He also told us that Hillary would run for election again.

  6. JC

    Gerald Celente:
    “So, whose doing it? Why are they doing it? They’re doing it because they are freaks that are out of their minds!”


    • MCasey

      Sounds crazy but give it some thought.
      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer

      • saint lawrence

        excelent post, degradation and elimination of people, culling and thinning. the fourth indusrial revolution means eliminate human workers, jobs for denizens through purely automated and computerized systems.
        not crazy, not stupid, since JFK all politicians are cooped staged puppets.

  7. JC

    This is absolutely outstanding!
    A “must watch!” I must watch it at least two times, no joke.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Exactly what I needed to hear today, thanks Greg!
    This is the best thing that the establishment have pulled off ever. Lockdown plus in Australia and the threat of fines if you don’t offer up your DNA when requested, well they are saying it is a COVID-19 test. Can’t travel interstate as there is also a threat of fines if you do so.
    Welcome to 1984

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The Ukraine of 2014 came back to roost in the form of CHAZ. That is the bad news.
    The worse news: because of that the US as we know it is dying alongside the deep state.
    The good news: Trump will rebuild the US on Quaker ideas.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  10. JC

    I love the question and answer session, Greg’s somber replies are classic!

    Hey, you’re old enough to remember Greg…

    GC: Remember when it was fun to fly?
    GH: Yeah.
    GC: Remember when you are running late for a flight, you’re running down to get to the gate and you didn’t have to get somebody feeling you up and going through X-Ray machines?
    GH: Yeah.
    GC: You remember those days?
    GH: Yeah.
    GC: Remember the day when you could go into an office building and you didn’t have to sign in and give your identification? That only happened after 911, but now everybody’s used to it…

  11. tim mcgraw

    I just read the description of the interview. Looks like a good interview with GC whom I’ve followed for years. What good is gold or silver when the society collapses? Who needs shiny discs when they are hungry? Who needs fiat paper currency either?
    Today is July 1st, Canada Day. It is also Day #105 of the California Covid Confinement Panic (CCCP). No end in sight. 7 people have now died of Covid in our county of 500,000 people. Seven! And yet, all is in disarray.
    Today I realized that it is over. America is over. Quarantines abound. Masks abound. Stupidity abounds.
    It’s over. If California is the future of the USA, well, good-bye Miss American Pie.

    • JC

      California? Hollywood?

      Martin Armstrong:
      Then the entire movie industry has been wiped out. Film making has come to a halt, as filming now requires a special COVID-19 team to oversee the movie and can shut it down at any moment. Film production is insured. The insurance companies are refusing to pay to call this a forced closure by the government, which they do not cover. This is turning into a confrontation as nobody will write insurance to cover production, and thus you can count on this killing the industry in 2020.


  12. al

    Celente is one of my favorites
    Thank you Greg, it’s a nice change

  13. Self Exiled

    Why do we even have a federal government. The entire space should be declared a historical park with tours, possibly. Every thing they do is counter productive except for the elite corporate banking syndicate, other corporate structures, or them selves. Once the conversion to a technocracy is complete they will be unnecessary. Lets just retire them all now. We won’t miss them at all, besides, and also declare every law after Glass–Steagall null and void.

    https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/under-new-law-cryptocurrency-could-become-illegal [except for them]

  14. Self Exiled

    Billy, Billy Billy what don’t you try to destroy, you must be your spiritual fathers favorite son. I must remind myself except for the Grace of God there go you or i.


  15. al

    PS: There seems to be a correlation between the increase in money printing and the increase in social unrest… just an observation

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      Because money printing increases inequality due to the newly created money being unevenly distributed in favour of the already wealthy.

  16. Self Exiled

    If this is true then we know who has the gold. They’ve stole everything else, even the future.


  17. john elsman

    Where are the protests against TODAY’S MODERN SLAVERY MORE SINISTER THAN ANY SLAVERY IN THE PAST? It’s called “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”, such a nice name for HORRIFIC SLAVERY HAPPENING TODAY!!! BLM = no one else’s lives matters or Boughtoff Liberal Morons

  18. Jerry

    Whether we like it or not, the coronavirus is being used to roll out the new world order.

    The second wave has already started, and with it a hard lockdown and mandatory testing coming in the fall. At what point will people wakeup and realize that they are no longer in control of their lives? Riots? You ain’t seen nothin yet. Wait until the wave of foreclosures hits in July. If you recall, mortgage payments where delayed back in April until July 1st to help people get on their feet from the pandemic. In addition checks were sent out to. And what did people do? That’s right stop working, and start partying. It was so predictable. That’s right. Expand that net of dependency. It’s all by design. And when the time comes to get in line and roll up your sleeve, what do you think most people will do? Party on Garth.

    The elections? It’s all B.S. to make you think you have a choice. Well do you? When a FEMA contact tracer comes knocking at your door, and says you have been in contact with someone who’s had the virus
    and now you have to report to be tested, what will you do? In a few months you may get to find out. Freedom? Rights? It all ended with medical martial law, and the globalist plan to usher in the 4th industrial revolution. Pray for your deliverance.

    • Jerry

      2nd strain of covid19 that is embedded in the second wave is designed to be more contagious.

      The globalist will not be happy until the U.S. economy is burned to ashes. The second lockdown will be a prelude to martial law as the public explodes in frustration. Guess what? It’s all preplanned as part of the second phase of “ Lock Step”. I’m surprised that none of the alternate media has taken the time to read the documents, and explore the World Economic Form? If they did they would realize that this is a global organization, and the talk of draining the swamp is just talk. For the sake of argument I’d like to hear how that’s working out. I remember in 2016 the chant of “ Lock her up” at the Trump rallies. So far, we’re the only ones be “locked up” under Lockstep. So much for promises.

    • Jerry

      In every cloud there’s a silver lining. Here’s ours.

      Imagine the idea of all of our data being uploaded to a cloud and being synchronized to a digital banking system. What could go wrong?

    • Russ

      Jerry, I really hope you are wrong…..

    • paul jr.

      Hard lockdown? Sorry but everyone I talk to says no more. And there will not be much in the way of foreclosures in July as you seem to think since most borrowers have a 6 month to 1 year forbearance on their mortgage plus it takes on average another 3 months to start foreclose proceedings on a property after the forbearance ends, that is assuming the borrower can’t start to pay on the mortgage. Back in the great recession foreclosures sometimes took years to happen. Look for any meaningful amount of foreclosures to happen next year. And contact tracers will not be coming to knock at your door. That is not how it is done.

  19. paul ...

    Everyone “should be racist” against the Dark Forces of the Deep State (which has nothing to do with color) … that have been released against our nation by Demon-rat Marxist “commies” … American’s sit back and do nothing as Deep Dark Evil Terrorists tear down dozens of statues … and these vandals face no consequences whatsoever (from the Marxist “commies” in control of local government) for vandalizing our public spaces (including memorials to our nation’s greatest heroes) … what the hell is Trump waiting for … the “commies” to blow up Mount Rushmore?? … before he puts down his “tweeter violin” (playing sweet nothings to us) while America burns??? … and I don’t want Trump to idiotically send the Military against the BLM crowds … what I want Trump to do “is arrest the Deep State leaders” as he promised 4 years ago … put Hillary, Soros, Comey, etc., etc., etc. in jail (the same way Assange was put in jail) … and watch how fast these riots stop!!!

    • paul ...

      Then … after taking care of the Deep State leaders … Trump should send swat teams to arrest all the public officials who shut down our economy as a matter of National Security (just like National Security was used to steal away our $21 to $90 Trillion dollars lets steal away the political and medical Terrorists who have destroyed our nations economy) … lock them all up at GITMO … give them Military Trials … and then hang every Traitor found (for their treasonous actions against our nation)!! … (if damn Trump would have begun doing this “4 years ago” our nation would not be burning down right now)!!!

      • paul ...

        You know … you would think that with people having their businesses and careers destroyed by Marxist “commies” trying to bring about a Totalitarian government to replace our Constitutional Republic … they would easily rise up and get out into the streets to counter the terrorists as Celente is trying to do with his rally in Kingston NY … but this should be going on around the entire nation … where are the Patriots?? … even George Washington had trouble with “sunshine soldiers” … come on Patriots … get out into the sun … it will not only protect you from Bill Gates’ virus but protect you from the Deep State Marxist Commies!!!

        • JC

          Will you be going to the Kingston rally?

  20. Stan

    All you Gold Bugs can keep waving your pom poms and cheering. What awaits you is another 2013 style crash. I warned you back then and I warn you today!

    • Greg Hunter

      We all warned you not to short gold at $1,200 per ounce!!!

      • Diane

        Yes you did, Greg

    • Free Slave

      People who understand gold don’t hesitate to buy it.

      Unfortunately, most people in America are too poor to buy it.

      • K. Wayne

        “most people in America are too poor to buy it”……exactly correct.
        It is now at a level (in meaningful quantity) that is beyond 90% of the population …even in gram form. They have allowed it to appreciate to a level that is proving to be outside the scope of American household budgets. The enormous increase in unemployed, the living off a weekly check-no savings scenario, plays directly into this scheme. Who benefits from this …surely not the masses.
        Ideally when the RESET occurs and Gold is revalued much, much higher….only the minority will take the windfall. If the FED and BIS and the Bullion Banks plan this carefully (like they did in circa 1933) the significant appreciation of Gold will be shared by few. History never repeats but it does rhyme.
        If they consider confiscation, then they will be limited to the less than 5% of the population….limited to the Wealthy, Super Wealthy, Billionaires …who have the physical stashed…and then they would have to go after some Pension Funds and the American Aristocracy….who have also been hoarding it.
        So again here we are on the cusp of a RESET, and who gets to benefit from it? If its not the FED with its printing press running 24/7…then its the PM sector.
        They can always go after the miners…..and Nationalize the Gold Mines. High probability.

    • paul jr.

      Is that when you are hoping to buy? You might have a long wait since the train looks like it left the station without you.

  21. Steve

    Looks like the DS is going for broke. Report from CNN: …Based on “hundreds” of calls between Donald Trump and foreign leaders, multiple of Trump’s own senior officials came to the conclusion that “that the President himself posed a danger to the national security of the United States…. Reports former top Trump officials “including national security advisers H.R. McMaster and John Bolton, Defense Secretary James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and White House chief of staff John Kelly” conclude “the President was often ‘delusional'” in his conversations with foreign leaders….
    Just in case the Virus/Economy situation doesn’t ruin Trump, it appears this is the next “cat” they are pulling out of the bag. It’s his own fault, for waiting for so long to go after these people. Between the Virus/Economy, BLM/Antifa Riots and violence, and now this newest attack on POTUS, there’s no way of knowing what the next few months hold for us. One can only imagine how bad it will get.

    • Charles H

      CNN? Why give such Liars a moment of your time? You discredit yourself.

      • William Stanley

        Good catch!

      • Self Exiled

        Charles H, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your enemy: also concerning your last post to me on the preseeding interview. I found this verse that I think represents your concern and my representation of the Amplified Bible [of both our thoughts]. ”For Christ is the end of the law [the limit to which it ceases to be, for the Law leads up to Him Who is the fulfillment of its types, and in Him the purpose which it was designed to accomplish is fulfilled. That is the purpose of the Law was fulfilled in Him] as the means to righteousness [right relationship to God] for everyone who trusts in adheres to and relies on Him.” Romans 10:4 How do you see this?

        • Charles H

          S E,

          My ‘take’ on Rom 10:4 is couched within the context of the whole chapter. Paul states the failure of man under the Law (no justification from God; only human self-righteousness) ascribed to the Jews. I see His purpose went beyond the Law, on to Calvary – to purchase Salvation. The Law condemns the whole world as sinners – it is a spiritual wall everyone must hit. Jesus Christ came to save sinners – not those who choose otherwise. So in this sense – I don’t see Jesus fulfilling any purpose of the Law. The Law was lower, though a perfect moral system: it purposed to condemn. Christ (with doctrines of Grace and Faith) provides what the Law cannot: justification and true righteousness. It’s a comparison; a juxtaposition; and implies an unavoidable choice.

          I am puzzled at your expression” “who trust in adheres to and relies on him”. I can do all those things to President Trump, without knowing him. And the wording of ‘a right relationship with God’ – is not a means to righteousness. Being Born-again or Saved is a spiritual event, the cumulation of Faith and Repentance in accordance to the dictates of the Gospel and God’s Word. Not until one is born again by the Holy Spirit – does relationship exist with heavenly or Divine parentage. The righteousness of God is imputed by Faith, and faith is formed by God’s Word. Beware of “doing”. Settle Faith on Biblical terms alone. It is Isa 45:22 combined with John 3:3-7. This too is either or. (1&1/2 hours to answer)

        • Rachel

          Hi Self Exiled, I think you went into a different topic although still related to the previous comment. So on this one here …spiritual law came first and our legal system was later formed based on gods spiritual laws. On the previous topic… god will only reap the souls that are already tethered to him. … The tether is a spiritual connection that every person must make for themselves and cannot be faked in any way. People have free will so the connection is voluntary only and must be genuine. …. The bible describes the method to spiritually connect to god is through his son Jesus Christ by accepting Jesus as your savior and continuing to acknowledge this bond by praying to god via Jesus or in the name of Jesus ongoingly to maintain and strengthen your bond to god. Over time god and Jesus will work though you and you will become more god-like due to the influence of the spiritual connection that you have. ….Therefore a person could be awesome and do countless good deeds on this earth and yet not be in any way connected to god and not be collected by god during the rapture at the end. This person could believe they are entitled to it but the relationship to god has to be formed by way of a spiritual connection, and this is not intellectual or physical it is spiritual. … So I doesn’t matter how well you can describe the contents of the bible, although the words in there are written to help you with your spiritual connection to god, if you have not accepted Jesus as your savior you are not saved.

      • Diane

        Anyone who watches CNN is delusional.

  22. paul ...

    Celente was right about gold … let’s look at the Fed’s latest meeting minutes when they are released later today … to see if there is any mention of “yield controls” … real yields are already in negative territory … which has has been one of the main factors for gold’s strong rally … any introduction of “yield controls” by the Fed would likely be the impetus for gold to make “its next big up move” (to the chagrin of Stan who still won’t make a move (like Trump) and simply holds on tight to his gold short positions!!

    • Stan

      Paul: By the end of the year you won’t be ridiculing me for shorting Gold. That I can guarantee

      • Ray

        Respectfully……please state the nature of your guarantee.
        I’d like to take on your guarantee in terms of the position gold will settle at come end of 2020.
        Without putting you down, I do think there would be many people at this forum who would enjoy seeing you parted from some of your money publicly.
        You have told us about your substantial wealth, and you also have the inside running of all things financial via your friends at The Fed / Wall St, so this should be an absolute diddle for you to take my money.
        I will take the side of the “Two H’s”……..History and Honesty……gold dwells in both.
        I reckon I am a good to solid chance of winning this.
        Please state the nature of the wager.
        Greg to hold the funds until Dec 31st and distribute to the eventual winner.
        I can wire my side across from Canberra to Greg in NC within the hour.
        It might be time someone called you out mate on the statements you make here…..so, if the guarantee is literal, do step up.
        Best wishes remain with you and yours Stan.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Stan

          Ray: 85k that Gold closes below $1600 on 12/31/20

          • Greg Hunter

            What kind of bet is that? You told us all you were shorting AU at $1,200 per ounce. A $175 per ounce price decline from $1775 is but a minor correction in a world where the Fed is churning $90 trillion. Not a LEGIT BET.

            • Ray

              Greg is right Stan……
              It’s a fluff bet given your previous stated positions on the price of gold vis-a-vis your previously stated short positions therein.
              Notice also that your Casino “wealth” is singularly supported via the silken thread which is UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS of central bank money printing.
              Meanwhile, gold simultaneously has to fight off the very same Casino when it is shorted by dumping completely undeliverable paper contracts, backed by nothing except blatant fiscal illegality.
              Let’s make this interesting Stanley…..
              The price of Gold on July 1st 2019 was USD $1385…….today it is $USD1773…..so it is up 28% year on year.
              Also on July 1st 2019, the Dow Jones was at 26,500…….today it is at 25,735……so it is down a tad under 3% year on year.
              Here’s a better, more fiscally prudential and honest and betting scenario that pits Honesty (Gold) versus Dishonesty (Stock Market).
              If Gold moves back to or below $USD 1385 by 31.12.20 AND the Dow Jones has increased by 28% from today to 32,940, on that same day (31.12.20), you would have won the bet.
              I was disappointed in the $85k number as well Stan…….I thought you were a wealthy man!
              Listen…..here’s a tip: Why not have a word with your mates you hopped on that Lear Jet with on the way to St. Maarten last week, and see if they would like a part of the action on your side of the bet?
              I reckon I and MANY of the other USA Watchdoggers here (Paul, Will Stanley, Self Exiled, Jerry, JC , Galaxy 500 and Al….to name but a few) would be quite interested in throwing in together to take you crocodiles on in a Mega Bet.
              I reckon between us we could EASILY round up $USD500,000…..maybe even a cool mill Stan?
              Best wishes remain with you and yours.
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • JC

        Stan, why should we believe anything you say? You never went to St. Maarten. Why have you not responded to my question? Did you mail the postcard from St. Smarten to Greg’s P.O. Box or not? You thought that my idea was great. And so?

        • Stan

          JC, yes I sent it

        • Stan

          Ray: The bet is non-negotiable. If you are afraid to take it then leave it.

          • Ray

            Hang on just a cotton picking’ moment Old Feather!
            There’s no “being afraid” of your bet.
            The thing is, I don’t bet in a scenario where the other side of the bet is able to illegally manipulate the market with simple the push of a button……kapish?
            Gold can be made to fall by dishonest people, dishonestly selling paper gold for which they have no physical possession of…….so, no bet!
            I reckon though Stan, you might be the one that is “afraid” to take my bet.
            You see, my bet is more grounded in plausible economic realities, and is a fairer bet, all things considered.
            Take care old mate……..give that Bentley a good squirt for me when next you drive down the freeway.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • paul ...

        Stan … By the end of the year … I won’t be ridiculing you for shorting Gold … I’ll be thanking you … for at that time you will be covering your short position … driving the price of gold “even higher”!!

    • Self Exiled

      Paul and Steve please post your observations of these ”yield controls” as I’m not good deciphering economic principals.

      • paul ...

        SE … the Fed steers the economy by raising or lowering interest rates … under yield curve control (YCC) “the Fed would target a rate” and simply buy enough bonds “to keep the rate from rising above that target” … however … the Fed’s recent Minutes show the Fed has “no need to control the yield curve” … they can simply QE to infinity to drive rates to their negative target!! …

  23. Gina M Mancarella

    Actually, WE THE PEOPLE KILLED THE ECONOMY to make absolutely sure that ANIMAL IN CHIEF doesnt get re-elected !!!

    More to come. Time for all my niggaz to go into the suburbs. The white neighborhoods !

    Praise be to George Soros !!! The EXALTED ONE !!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Finally something revealing without lots of “F” bombs. Thanks for confirming to us all what is really going on. It ain’t going to work because you nDe, Marxist commies get the blame.


        Yes Greg, Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
        Gina will sure find out, soon enough, whom we the people are. It’s not nice to provoke a free people, who can beat the world at anything from war to tiddlywinks!

      • Felix The Cat

        Greg she’s a leftover Obama operative bum. Trying to Gin up the civil war. Her and her ilk, think they’re going to be left to pick up the pieces. Didn’t work in Syria, Libya exposed them. Pysop’s doesn’t work against a free people Gina, or whomever, whatever you are! Go back to Libya and start running guns to your ISIS Syrian freedom fighters again. Beware though, when Chris Stevens comes back he won’t be such a nice guy!

    • Charles H

      Disingenuous tripe of a harpoon. Pitiful.

    • Self Exiled

      Gina my last post concerning your absence was correct, you have finally found an outlet for your anger, thus no more “F bombs.” I love Black Gospel music. It touches my soul like no other. May you be blessed to find Him who is the True Exalted One and the salvation of all slaves. ”Behold, we are slaves today, and as for the land which You gave our fathers, to eat of its fruit and its goodness, behold, we are slaves in it. Its abundant produce is for the kings Whom You have set over us because of our sins; They also rule over our bodies and over our cattle as they please, so we are in great distress.” Nehemiah 9:34-35 No more F bombs, it’s not becoming even for a Soros slave.

    • Beverly

      You can’t be serious. If you are, you are a crazy one. If you are saying it’s time for your niggers to go into white suburbs and start killing, then I’m afraid you will find out that a lot of your friends will in turn be slaughtered. If you think you can get away with these types of actions that you are talking about, you are crazy! People will only stand for so much before they start shooting with their AR15’s.

    • Flo

      Gina, Maybe it should be the other way around.

  24. paul ...

    As Celente rightly says … why has the world economy been shut down?? … the Spanish flu infected around 500 Million people (about one-third of the world’s population) and we didn’t kill our economy (by shutting it down) back then … so why have we done it now? … we have to ask this very important question … why? … why have “traitors killed our economy” ?? (a definite National Security Issue that should be addressed by Trump) … they have killed our economy for a Corona virus that has only infected 10 Million people worldwide??? … 50 times less severe then the Spanish Flu!!! … https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8467415/Global-coronavirus-cases-exceed-10-million.html … the answer is obvious … Gates and his Commie bankster buddies want to take control of the world … and Trump is allowing them get away with it (as he has still … has not arrested “even one” traitor)!!

    • Winston Smith

      The “Spanish Flu” was neither Spanish in origin or a flu it started at military base in Ft Riley KS. soldiers there were given an experimental meningitis vaccine derived from horse cultures ( courtesy of the Rockefeller group) and many if not all developed bacterial pneumonia which then spread world wide courtesy of |WW1 Do agree with your other points though

      • paul ...

        WS … I never knew that … thanks!!

  25. Self Exiled

    Fear creates, fosters, facilitates doubt, inability, immobility , paralysis. Fear not, be bold. “On the day I called, You answered me; And You made me bold and confident with [renewed] strength in my life.” Psalm 138:3 Amplified© Bible (AMP)

  26. Joe Lalonde

    I don’t think the police will stand in the way.
    Like in the Detroit bankruptcy, they figured out that their life was more important than the pay check and refused to put themselves into those dangerous positions of trying to protect properties.

  27. Steve Nussdorf

    another perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5dhemK4R_o

    • Greg Hunter

      My question is are the numbers correct? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/huge-massive-cdc-fraud-uncovered-cdc-grossly-overcounting-active-china-coronavirus-cases-causing-states-keep-economies-closed-indefinitely/
      The answer seems to be no. What about giving people HCQ, zinc and Z – Pack??? Science says it works especially for early cases. MSM still trashing this or ignoring the treatment that has very goof results.



      • Charles H

        The real-deal outcome of coronavirus is the surviving without damage and having the antibody defenses. French doctors PROVED the effectiveness of the early treatment: and those numbers aren’t and don’t lie. Everything from the fraudulent studies that got walked-back to the rest of the detractors – is not letting a crisis go to waste. It is heinous that the medical community and Pharma would encourage the greatest damage, because they might lose a buck. HCQ, zinc, and Z-Pak is the ticket in the early stages. It will get people over the hump; and on their own feet.

  28. Splish_Splash

    Then police departments need to begin to deputize former military and good trusted citizens with good skills with guns, make sure the anarchists are out gunned, are at the very least laying in the street wounded when it is over, AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PAY FOR THEIR CARE!

    • AndrewB

      It may just happen. Sheriff in Florida warns he will deputise every lawful gun owner in his county. See video link, my reply to Joe Lalonde, above.

    • Self Exiled

      In my home state before the computer concerns of the 2000 year turn over, the sheriffs of several counties plan was to deputize all persons having conceal ad carry permits because they had all ready been checked out to have no criminal record of any type.

  29. Billy

    Great show. Here in Australia we are investing in missile defence that tells you something about the threat of China in the Pacific. We have never done anything like this before.

    Greg pls get a new guest on who has extensive knowledge about China with thoughts on Hong Kong, Corona, Trade, US relations and their true economic position.

    China is literally on it’s own leading the World to WW3.

    • Self Exiled

      So I guess the NWO one world government still has a few kinks to be ironed out. Laughing all the way to Heaven I’m.

      • Self Exiled

        ”He catches the [so called] wise in their own trickiness, and the counsel of the schemers is brought to a quick end.” Job 5:13

    • Ray

      Brother……..from a fellow Australian, may I suggest you get your head out of the mainstream media and get into some other sources of information.
      China has been called “The Sleeping Giant” for over 100 years, and rightly so.
      A nation of 1.4 billion people doesn’t sit around and get told what to do and how to proceed with its’ own affairs…..especially one that has been around for over 4000 years with a proud history.
      China is rising…….it was always going to, so get used to it old son.
      China simply understands the mechanics of all of this: It needs to muscle up, because the US, with its’ vast array of military bases in the Asai Pacific, has it surrounded.
      LITERALLY SURROUNDED……..look at a map and figure it out for yourself.
      What would you do if you were China?
      Before you answer……have a good, LONG THINK about it.
      As for Australia committing today to another 270 Thousand Million dollars to defence (recall the imbecile PM Turnbull committed a further 200 Hundred Thousand Million to “more bombs” a few years back)……….it saddens me to see that money spent on ever more death machines.
      However, it may be that Morrison has been clued in that the US may find itself unable to fight Australia’s battles in the near future, meaning The Lap Dog Nation might have to “get in the gym” and pump some iron so that it can fight bigger dogs in the park.
      Make no mistake though Billy……the Biggest Dog in this park we call Earth is China, and they can take Australia ANYTIME they wish, either militarily or by killing us economically.
      That is just a fact…….I don’t like that fact, but still, it remains.
      Moreover……..China doesn’t want WW3.
      I think you will find it is the insolvent global financial system and imbecilic Western politicians who have that card up their sleeve, ready to kick the table over when their little charade is seen for what it truly is.
      And China hasn’t invaded nation after nation after nation, as we have seen with another.
      As Celente says, “When all else fails, they take you to war”.
      Look around…….looks like a lot of things are failing, and we’re failing LONG BEFORE this so called pandemic, that’s for sure.
      When they take us to war mate……..try not to let them blindside you with BS about “The Great Anzac Spirit”, lest you or your kids march off into YET ANOTHER pointless conflict (with others who just want what you want……..a happy, prosperous and peaceful life).
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        China is pure evil. Stop lying to yourself. Are you watching what is happening in Hong Kong? Your country is spending money on missile tech to intercept missiles. Hint: the missiles will not be coming from USA!!!! https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/australia-s-defensive-capability-to-be-strengthened-by-missile-defence-technology/ar-BB169WKc

        • Ray

          If China is pure evil, as you state, then unfortunately so is the USA. I have to put it plainly that way, apologies to anyone if they are offended.
          Consider how many people dead over the past 50 years in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Croatia, Yemen…….all victims Americas’ unfettered and unashamed lust for complete global hegemony.
          You’ve heard about a US registered company called Planned Parenthood and how they sell the body parts of aborted foetuses, right?
          Moreover, have you paused to comprehend the EVIL implications that were set into motion when the US government signed HR4310 in the 2013 National Defence Authorisation Act, where section 1078 of the bill “authorises the use of propaganda inside the US”……(which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed)?
          It means that the US government has assigned itself the LEGAL ABILITY & CAPACITY to blatantly mislead and lie to its’ people!
          Hong Kong……have China sent in hundreds of Tomahawk missiles and invaded with their army, decimating cities and killing swathes of innocent people?
          USA did with both Afghanistan & Iraq in the past 20 years, didn’t they??
          Yes they did……yes they did.
          Respectfully, perhaps it is you that needs to stop lying to yourself regarding these matters before you state the faults (and there are many) of China, it really is that simple.
          Others might be, but I am not falling for the Banksters’ usual trick when all their schemes fail (which is taking all us to war).
          Evil is as evil does…….. and both the US and Australia have certainly allowed their hands to become very, very dirty in all of this.
          By the way……the link you posted is from msn.com……do you really expect FACTUAL INFORMATION to be presented by a news service owned by and beholden to Microsoft / Bill Gates?
          These are the very people the USAWATCHDOG family are bringing the good fight up to…….and I think many will agree that we have FAR MORE to be concerned with in regard to the practices of Microsoft / Bill Gates than the proud nation of China.
          Come on mate……..please be fair and call the table as the cards lie directly in front of us.
          By the way, I received your thank you note yesterday following my recent donation. Thanks Greg for taking the time to respond as you did.
          I’ll send another donation soon…..even though we disagree here and there, will always support you.
          Your heart lies in the right place, that’s for sure.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Greg Hunter

            No Ray,
            USA is NOT pure evil. You would be speaking Mandarin is not for American protection. I cannot have a ChinaWatchdog.com website and be critical of China in China. There is no comparison. USA is not perfect and either is Australia but neither country is close to the godless EVIL that comes from China. NOT EVEN CLOSE. USA did not murder 45 million people for their “Great Leap Forward” revolution. China Communist Party murdered more than 10 million a year between 1958 – 1962. Are You Nuts man!!!!!!! Just this one fact alone say you are totally wrong. Oh and let’s not forget the measly 10,000 murdered in Tiananmen Square in 1989. That is a fact. “Common mate” please be fair and factual!!!!!!

            • Ray

              Good and fair reply Greg…..you make some interesting points, especially your comparison to a “Chinawatchdog.com in China”…..very true and point taken.
              That said, both China and the USA have for a long time, and are currently involved in, undertaking acts upon Humanity that can be considered quite evil, and that is a FACT.
              Christians invariably stand up and call out ALL evil……all evil, no matter where it is seen or to what degree.
              Most look to avoid taking nationalistic sides when observing the varying degrees of evil seen throughout the world.
              Christ would call out both China and the US as they currently stand.
              I’m pretty certain He would calmly rebuke the point you make “There is no comparison. USA is not perfect and either is Australia but neither country is close to the godless EVIL that comes from China.”
              He would probably be puzzled and ask why you make distinctions / allowances / justifications for ANY behaviour that is intolerable to Christian values and upon Humanity.
              If the government of China as you say is “Godless” (and it is)…….is the government of America by comparison actually “Godly”?
              Of course it isn’t.
              Recall also that MANY people in China believe in God.
              It’s an interesting argument that keeps me up late at night to be sure, and I am no puritan Christian either.
              I think so called “American protection” will be going away soon, as the US will have its’ hands full just keeping itself from running aground before and after this upcoming US Presidential election.
              I for one would prefer to fight my own battles. I’ve always been that way.
              If that means unsuccessfully fighting off a Chinese invasion and having to learn to speak Mandarin, so be it.
              Given the horrible choice, I’d rather learn Mandarin than live my life up to my eyeballs in left wing BS, or another type of life sustained by the filth of the Military Industrial Complex…….my champagne glass full while my nations’ military jackboot grows the grapes for my drink in some far off, oppressed puppet state, all while my corrupt government makes complete rubbish statements regarding Liberty & Democracy for all.
              But that’s just me……many would disagree.
              Perhaps Christ will return and dissolve the whole mess for us with His righteous pronouncement of fairness, honesty and justice for those that seek peace and keep to His word.
              Keep throwing out the left jab mate.

  30. Bob Chapman

    Gerry Celente is getting angrier and angrier by the day . But he is right to be angry , the economy is indeed dead , and he was spot on when he mentioned that as of today almost half the population in america is jobless , check it out here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl-F0gLHR6E

  31. Russ F

    I would say the same thing, as would Gerald Celente.

    This is written by General Flynn:

    “It is through our rights and privileges as American citizens that we challenge the political class and leverage our election process so “we the people” can decide who will govern.

    We must not allow a small percentage of the powerful to overtake our position on America’s battlefield. We, as free-thinking and acting individuals, must control how we will live and not allow a few passionate others to change our way of life.

    To the silent and currently indifferent majority: Wake up. America is at risk of being lost in the dustbin of history to socialism. The very heart and soul of America is at stake.”


  32. Homey Comey

    Inside the World’s Largest Airtanker 747-400 SuperTanker!
    •Jun 24, 2020
    Tank you for your service!

  33. Arizona

    I was sitting on the picnick bench at our little country store,AN OLD 90’s motorhome pulled up,A UNITED NATIONS SOLDIER IN FULL UNIFORM jumped out the door,IT was a hot day,he went into the store and bought a couple cases of cold drinks,THE INTEIOR of this motorhome had been gutted and bench seats installed,AND IT HAD 40-50 fully armed UN SOLDIERS INSIDE,..THESE bastards are sneaking into our country,AND their not coming to make friends,GET READY KIDS,this summer will be a WAR IN THE STREETS,NO ONE will see it coming till its to late…

    • Chris in Arkansas

      Pictures? You didn’t get pictures?

    • Gerry

      City please. What time, day? I’d like to verify this .

    • eddiemd


      What does a united nations uniform look like? I’m curious.

      Having served in SF for several years and trained “UN” soldiers abroad, I would like the description. Thanks

      • Keith wilson

        Well a number of years ago a friend of mine was sent to Malawi to train its United Nations soldiers for deployment to the congo. The average wage for a Malawi soldier was 200 dollars per year. They survived and lived on Bush meat and road kill animals. The uniforms where from the Korean War and there weapon of choice was a Lee-Enfield 303 from the great war of 1914-1918. With no bullets and no combat boots they where wearing sandals and Wellington boots made from hard plastic. The commanding officer from the battalion of Malawi troops informed my friend not to upset them and make them angry because they would kill him and have him in a sandwich within a week. As for buying beer and drinking they could not afford a bottle of water . After they deployed to the Congo a number of them where never seen again. it is thought they started consuming one another when they ran out of Bush meat and road kill. So don’t ever join the Malawi army and go on a tour of duty with them with the United Nations.

    • Self Exiled

      Was he armed?

    • Self Exiled

      Maybe they were here for training.

    • JC

      Arizona, you have not commented in a while. If I recall, your last comment some months ago was rather bizarre. In your present comment above, perhaps you forgot to mention that you were having a bad dream? Or did you drop acid? Were you suffering from
      LSD hallucinations?

  34. Dave

    Gerald Celente previously said Trump would win reelection short of an unforeseen event. That event(s) came in Covid and the George Floyd murder. Now Celente says Trump can win if he does certain things. Basically acknowledging the struggling campaign and, in so doing, seeming somewhat doubtful in his response. Will Trump made major changes in his governance and campaigning? It is needed but I doubt he does that. His pride and ego prevent him from pivoting. Even at a time when folks as supportive as Rush is are telling him tht he can’t simply do a rerun of the 2016 campaign.

    More Republicans are calling on Trump to wear a mask and to agree to the removal of Confederate names from military bases. A Senate GOP dominated committee has included that in a defense funding bill. Trump is saying he will veto that bill if it has the provision in its final draft. The optics on that are awful! Does Trump not fathom this? And, when the provision is included, watch an see. He won’t veto it. Trump is all bluster and is losing some of his base as they realize this now.

    This from ZeroHedge regarding the great divide on how Republican and Democrats see the economy. With Republicans believing in a V shaped recovery and Democrats thinking there will not be a recovery anytime soon. The Democrat position aligns with what Mr. Celente says. Hugh Hewitt acknowledges Trump would lose today but that things can change and Trump can win if the economy is booming in the fall. Not likely and indeed Mr. Celente says it will get significantly worse in October.

    ZeroHedge says:

    Defections among core supporters are part of the president’s problem: 9 percent of Republicans, 8 percent of those who approve of Trump, and 8 percent of 2016 Trump voters back Biden in the matchup.

    So Trump can appeal to the base all he wants, but he better do something about independents, race relations, and immigration.

    Instead, Trump has been going backwards.

    If Trump does not win Florida, the election is over.

    Think about the economy for a bit. How does “greatest economy ever” sound to 20 million people out of work?

    The core may be convinced, but that won’t matter anyway. What about the independents?

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t fall for the propaganda psyop of the MSM.

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC hack propaganda troll is back again.

      You must be desperate now that Biden is in rapid cognitive decline. The desperation is palpable.

      Just like you told us 4 years ago…Hillary for the win!

      Your DNC club will bring us to war and kill more Americans and innocents. That is how much you hate Trump.

  35. Arthur Willis Simpson

    This has been in the planning for decades. Satan is the king of the legs of iron. Re 7:23.

  36. Sofie Rizzo

    I reside in New Mexico (population, using round numbers, 2,100,000). As reported by the State newspaper to date 500 deaths (again a round number) giving ALL residents a one in 2,099,500 chance of dying from the ‘plague’. To further define the risk 40 to 50% of the 500 were either from the Reservations/Pueblos or from assisted care facilities (old folks) both small minorities here. Sounds like a lottery-odds number to me…or being hit by lightening.

    • paul jr.

      You mean giving all residents of New Mexico a one in 4,200 chance of dying from COVID-19.

      2,100,000 divided by 500 is 4,200.

  37. Mook de Horno

    I must recommend the Larry Elder movie “Uncle Tom”. Larry Elder would be a first class guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and I love Larry Elder!!

  38. tim mcgraw

    I just finished watching the video interview. Well done! GC was in fine form. Martin Armstrong says the elites want taxes to rise 400%! Most revolutions start over tax increases including our country’s in the 1770’s.

  39. Arthur Willis Simpson

    “hell on earth’ G. Celente. Interesting prophecy. With Satan in charge, the false prophet dictating who lives and dies, and the angel anti-Christ Apollyon crushing Christians it will indeed be hell on earth.

  40. Jerry Falsetto

    Lets see Dr Chris Martenson (PHD in pathology ) tells me I should wear a mask consistently for 4 months and lays out eloquently all the reasons why and Gerald Celente screams at me that they don’t work with no science to back him up. Who should I believe? I will wear my mask voluntarily ( note I am not advocating taking away your right to not wear a mask ) and I will walk 6 feet around Gerald and every other angry person who is denying science. Everyone keeps their freedom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s some science you should consider too! One of many posts science says there is a downside to wearing a mask all the time.

      • Billy

        Chris Martenson make some strange comments on Twitter. i have lost a lot of respect for him.

  41. Bill the Cat Guy

    He has some good information but he’s really shrill at times.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s free Bill.

      • tim mcgraw

        LOL! Great reply to “Bill the Cat Guy”. LOL! You just have to laugh at it sometimes.
        Well , our wonderful Governor Gruesome today closed down several counties in California. NO indoor dining today after all. Restaurants had hired staff and bought supplies in anticipation of opening, but NO! Gov. Gruesome on his own whim said he’s gonna keep it all shut down for three more weeks.
        This is what happens when spoiled morons who have never had a real job or run a business think they are in charge.

    • eddiemd

      He is from the Bronx. Give him a break.

      • Self Exiled

        I had 2 room mates in a 6 room mate apartment in college from New York and a Sioux Indian and a ranch cow boy who lived near the reservation. What a world that was, six months, I moved out. 4 of us did not tolerate the Bronx New Yoocrker very well, over the top angry,vocal, ect. Queens guy, we became friends. The ranch cowboy kid [who seldom spoke] told the Bronx representative; when he could say the word corn properly he could speak, other wise silence. The Bronx kid to his instinctive credit did not speak in the presence of the cowboy, only when asked to say the word corn. My third year the cowboy was my only room mate. Needless to say Greg asks Gerald precise questions, that I’m sure he knows about and could be more factual at times.

  42. Doug

    You nailed Gerald ! Yet mindlessness prevails. Things are going to get ugly and the mindless crowd is watching alone in the wilderness thinking animals are to be feared. I personally distrust all humans equally regardless of status. There’s no exit from what’s coming .
    Another good reality check! Thanks Mr.Hunter

  43. Dave

    Paul said above: what the hell is Trump waiting for … the “commies” to blow up Mount Rushmore?? … before he puts down his “tweeter violin” (playing sweet nothings to us) while America burns??? … and I don’t want Trump to idiotically send the Military against the BLM crowds … what I want Trump to do “is arrest the Deep State leaders” as he promised 4 years ago … put Hillary, Soros, Comey, etc., etc., etc. in jail (the same way Assange was put in jail) … and watch how fast these riots stop!!!

    ITA. Dr. Michael Savage tweeted today “if you don’t control it, YOU own it”. He meant that if Trump fails to put an end to the chaos (more statues were toppled today – imagine July 4th) he will lose even more of his base and he will lose the election.

    Trump has done nothing to reign in the Deep State No charges against anyone. Another set of leakers apparently as regards the Russia bounty story. The JD has done squat in finding and charging any leakers. And the leaks started within days of the inauguration. Sessions was inept and Barr is a Bushie and part of the Deep State. The Durham report won’t be out until late summer – September – and it will be seen as totally political by many/most voters. Actually I suspect Barr will delay the report past the election (and especially if a Dem landslide is in the cards) so as to “not impact the election”. The report will be watered down as Barr and Durham and those working on it will not want to risk their careers in the environment of a Democrat administration. Especially as Hillary is rumored to be on the short list for AG. If she gets that position she will not waste a minute (forget 3 1/2 years) before going after members of the former Trump Administration.

    • eddiemd

      Thanks Dave. More DNC talking points.

      Why don’t you ever speak about your man Biden’s mental health, Burisma corruption, Maiden gold theft, backdoor Chinese dealings, . Biden is at the top of the coup to take out Trump.

      Biden the criminal. You never mention anything about that. Give us your Biden talking points.

      Go somewhere else and troll.

    • Self Exiled

      ”before going after members of the former Trump Administration.” And so what is holding him back????????

  44. Chris in Arkansas

    “Cajones smaller than a mothball”. That statement made the whole video worthwhile. Mr. Hunter, I thought you were going to absolutely lose it at least twice during that interview and start laughing, but you maintained your composure. A true professional. As for Celente the more I listen to him the more I like him. He reminds me of my Italian grandmother who lived on the Jersey shore. Never knew what was going to come out of her mouth but we all loved her.

  45. K. Wayne

    Gerald’s frustration and anger at the maddening collective of the country’s politicians and wannabe Dictators is quite understandable. Other than calling it a Marxist revolution he hasn’t identified who is behind this agenda nor the ultimate goal. We well know that the Politico is bought and paid for so their actions are merely following orders from a higher level. They are not permitted to act in isolation nor out of sync. Each one has a directive to follow a given plan.
    I am yet to see any well respected writer /analyst/ forecaster clearly encapsulate the big picture…..Trump is overseeing the orderly Bankruptcy of the United States.
    But more than that and critically, America, representing the bastion of freedom and democracy to the World, has been chosen to help deliver the Sovereign Nations of the Globe, into the NWO. That is the key to unlocking the tribulations we are facing today in our great nation. Our Constitution and our people have become the sacrificial lambs.
    The Architects and Engineers have corrupted the vast armies of people…. who represent the upper echelons……those prominent Business people and Government officials, through deceit at first, then by duress and coercion….and enforced by taking oaths of secrecy. Who knew of this dastardly plan? More importantly ….who defined it in concise open text?

    • K. Wayne

      ” From the days of Spartacus-Welshaupt, to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky … this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution
      of society on the basis of arrested development and envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every
      subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and
      America have gripped the people by the hair of their heads and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire”.
      Winston Churchill …..8 February 1920

      • Self Exiled

        Another quote that may also apply: “For I know how manifold are your transgressions and how mighty are your sins – you who afflict the [uncompromisingly] righteous, who take a bribe, and who turn aside the needy in the [court of the city] gate from their right. Therefore he who is prudent will keep silence in such a time, for it is an evil time.” Amos 5:12-13

      • Charles H

        There is NO order out of Chaos. All that proceeds from Chaos is destruction – thus the word “order” is a false representation for the actual activity of a power-grab. Subversion; revolution – the destruction of one order for the substitution of a subsequent one is all it means. Those that suppose that the use of violence to over-run others is good are deluded. It works like a gun. If you hold the gun – it all seems great to get your way: but if you are at the business end of said gun – the method isn’t so attractive. The mayor of Seattle just learned this lesson.

    • Self Exiled

      What is lacking is the infrastructure to correct the situation. That is what has been stolen. The last country that could change the world for good is now spiritually, financially, morally, and appears militarily bankrupt. That is why my quote from Amos maybe applicable. William Stanley’s neighbor hood observations are telling and as long as a people in the US and even world wide have this sense of community and protectionism. I do not think a world wide mark of the beast can be employed. That will be for the anti christs employment, [my opinion]. This also supports my hope of a rapture, a pulling out of God’s people who just by there presence is a stumbling block to the NWO of which they are so aware, [hence persecution, elimination]. Imagine if the Holy Spirits Presence [His People] are remove from this earth how fast they will falsely proclaim God’s Will, and it will look to them as if it is their god’s will, deception] concerning their agenda. If we are removed [in my opinion] their plans will accelerate and fulfill the seven year tribulation time table. If Trumps only contribution was to clarify, enlighten, bring to attention this creeping paralysis of evil in our country he is a success and God’s instrument. Before we were conspiracy theorists, now we are small vanguard of knowledgeable citizens, no longer dismissed; thanks to Greg’s Gift.

  46. Rachel

    What I want to know is why the World Health Organisation hasn’t told the people of the world….”Don’t eat bats!” .Since both covid19 and ebola come from bats and started in areas where poor people eat bats,.. “Don’t eat bats!” should be a starting point and “Don’t scientifically play around with bat viruses!” should come next.

  47. Ray

    Celente / Hunter 2024………Rebuilding The Promise Of America
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  48. Courtney Smite

    BOEING MAX Flew Monday! FAA Says Boeing Max Will Start Fly Certification Flights Monday June 29, 2020 •Jun 29, 2020

  49. Jerry

    Look at it for yourself. Almost 50% drop in GDP.

    This economy will take years to rebuild. The Fed pumping money into the markets is the only thing holding all this together. I’m a bit confused though? My son who is a major investor at the Lake of the Ozark’s can’t keep up with the demand for new lake homes at the lake. People are literally calling his realtor and saying give us what you’ve got, we’ll buy anything. We just want out of the city. Many of them don’t even need financing. They are showing up with cash? It makes no sense.

  50. Self Exiled

    The news you never hear. Under Sworn Testimony, Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Infanticide Occurs In Organ Harvesting


  51. Self Exiled

    The news you never hear. Black Americans are more likely than overall public to be Christian, Protestant.


  52. Self Exiled

    The news Gina never listens to. Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer, and heart disease … combined.


  53. Self Exiled

    Lets hope this doesn’t back fire on Trump and this is what he’s waiting for,


  54. Self Exiled

    Won’t see this in the news either. Black Republican Couple Crack Up Laughing At Black Lives Matter Protest With “Zero Black People” .


  55. Dave c

    Mark Steyn went over the top this week criticizing the GOP and, in particular, members of Congress and so called conservatives for not pushing back. Steyn predicts a revolt in the GOP if Trump loses in the fall. There will definitely be a split as the GOP could be relegated to the dustbin of history if the Democrat landslide all polls indicate comes about. It will force conservatives to form a new party which they should have done a long time ago. The Tea Party was co-opted by the GOP as Hannity, Rush and Levin pushed the Teat Party groups into not forming a separate party. Those three will also be relegated to the dustbin as they have done nothing to advance conservatism in their decades on the air – instead advancing neo-con establishment “conservatism”.

    The GOP is moving towards the progressive demands with Senators Langford and Johnson proposing dropping Columbus Day and replacing it with Juneteenth. Senator Braun is proposing a bill to all but eliminate police immunity. This “establishment” behavior will cause some conservative not to vote in the fall. What is the point. The Trump GOP controlled Congress did nothing in two years. Except for giving tax breaks to the wealthier and to corporations.

    As to coronavirus, Trump’s response has been erratic and insufficient – that demonstrated today as Trump finally endorsed mask-wearing and Pence said the White House now supports the rollback of the openings.

    Thanks for having Mr. Celente on. He has been critical of both parties for a long time and sees essentially no difference between them. Please try to get Dane Wittington on as a guest again. He too is not afraid to speak truth to power.

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC hack troll is back in the house.

      I thought you were going to give us your official DNC Joe Biden assessment?

      How about your Obama assessments?

      Give us some good laughs.

  56. Diane

    Yes you did, Greg

  57. JC

    This is an interesting turn of events…
    FBI arrests Ghislaine Maxwell… Hmm….


    The competing crime families are making moves…

    • K. Wayne

      I said last year that she needed to disappear before they got to her.
      Seems like they now are about to shut the door on this episode….for good.
      The Royal Family of UK don’t need any more public enlightenment about the not so pleasant escapades of one of their Prince’s. Neither do the well known Corporate Elite of this world need their names up in shining lights. The masses have enough targets for the time being.

  58. Russ F

    So, Epstein’spartner in crime has been arrested.
    And maybe going to the same prison as Epstein was in when he “committed suicide”.
    If she also “commits suicide” or mysteriously dies, then there should be no doubt that there is no justice left in our country.

  59. Stan

    Did you see those jobs numbers today! Wow, this economy is on FIRE!

    • Ray

      I did see on telly today that old Happy Days episode where Fonzi jumped the shark on his motorbike.
      Same thing, right?
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Classic LOL

  60. JC

    Dr. Fauci warns of ‘greater outbreak ahead’ for coronavirus in US…

    I’m convinced that Fauci is a psychopath. Warnings, fear, blah blah blah, etc.

    A lot of “men” at an age of 18 years of age graduated high school and were sent to boot camp, handed a rifle, and then sent to hell holes and they died for nothing. I’ll repeat, FOR NOTHING!

    So f*ck you Fauci, your a piece of sh*it psychopath, almost 80 years old, why don’t you ride off into the sunset and leave us in peace!

    Fear, fear, fear, f*ck it, we are all going to die anyway, so I don’t care what happens to me, I’ve been on earth for more than 60 years and it hasn’t been fun.

    I am of Italian descent, and unfortunately you, NY Governor Cuomo, and NYC Mayor DeBlasio are freak psychopaths, an embarrassment to to hard working Italian-Americans.

    Gerald Celente is my Italian-American hero, end of story!

    Sorry Greg, I’m a little agitated today, if you don’t want to post this, I understand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fauci has blown every single major medical call with the CCP v iru s.


    • eddiemd

      Fauci helped to develop this coronavirus bioweapon. He and his dark side Mengele crowd have been planning this for years. Along with Gates.

      They had to take out Trump by way of the economy.

      • Charles H

        VERY plausible. And remarkable that Fauci is so close to the President!

        • K. Wayne

          Not “plausible” Charles…..its FACT.
          “discovery” ….the compulsory disclosure, by one party to an action to another, of relevant testimony or documents.
          Look into the actions of the NIH…..particularly their funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology & the sharing of Microbiology databases/scientists…more specifically the SARS Virus as well as providing guidance to use Nanotechnology in genome splicing/insertion.
          Through Dr Foul Cheese’s work at the NIAID…he became the go to expert on HIV. It just so happens that HIV was also inserted into the SARS-COV2 virus.
          The Gain of Function technology was perfected in the US….and then onsold to the numerous Biological Labs in China including Wuhan. GOF is the development of lethal biological weapons. Its only intention is to KILL humans. It was outlawed here in America It should be stated therefore the FAUCI is a criminal scientist.
          He and his counterparts (all Death Scientists)…need to be taken down and put away for life.

  61. George Posnak

    Is there anyplace you could make available on usawatchdog.com where I could download an mp3 file of the audio portion of the broadcast?

    • Greg Hunter

      I was doing that for awhile but it was ust too much work for me as I can barely keep up the way it is now. Good idea though is I had a staff. I don’t.

      • K. Wayne

        Outsource it Greg. The way of the world. You could do it for quarters these days.
        Also there are free software downloads available on the net that convert mpeg/mv4/mp4/ glv/avi/wmv or other video files to MP3 files. Very quickly too ..I might add. Type it into your search engine ….”Convert Mpeg to MP3″….some of these sites even convert the file without you having to download or install software.

    • Ray

      Use YouTube Downloader software (free on the net) to down load Greg’s show.
      Once the file is downloaded, save the file, then import to an audio conversion software (also freely available on the net), and convert the file to MP3.
      Then you have it.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  62. Clint D.

    There is a good possibility that the USA is Mystery, Babylon the Great as written about in Revelation 17, 18. Also, read Jeremiah 50, 51. If so, then those in the USA will either leave the country or stay and be destroyed. After the country is pretty much destroyed in one hour, the fanners (Mercenaries) will flock into the USA by the 10,000’s with their drones. They will hunt down everyone left as they coordinate with enemy armies and navies.

    What is happening now and what is about to happen in the next few years will serve as warnings to the wise that it is best to get out of the USA before she is totally destroyed. I figure the USA has 7 years at the most.

    Could it be that bad??? If the USA is Mystery, Babylon the Great, it will be that bad.

  63. JW

    Gerald Celente is an American Treasure.

    He’s a fearless leader that speaks the TRUTH.


  64. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

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