Record Global Debt Will Pop Record Bubbles-Michael Pento

By Greg Hunter’s “Early Sunday Release”

Money manager Michael Pento sees records being set in the financial markets. but not in a good way. Pento explains, “Let’s be positive here.  I don’t root for bad things to happen.  So, for the first time in history, we’re going to have bubbles that don’t pop?  Does that make any sense to anybody?  This is the first time in history we have a record level of debt and a record distortion in asset prices.  Again, a record amount of debt that, by the way, is 300% of global GDP.  That’s $230 trillion, and that’s supposed to turn out just dandy?  I don’t believe it.”

So, what would it look like if the central banks and the elite lost control of the markets and interest rates and the derivative market? Pento contends, “I think you have to stop saying ‘if.’  I think ‘if’ is not in question.  It is a matter of ‘when.’ . . . . Let me tell you why I say it’s not ‘if,’ it’s when.  When central banks are successful, and there has never been a central bank that hasn’t been successful in creating what they want to create, what do all central bankers want to create today?  It’s inflation.  When they get their inflation, what do they do?  They try to pull back and reverse course.  They believe that they have solved all of our problems . . . and they think that inflation is going to stop at 2% or 3% or 4% or much higher.  In Japan, they are going to have a bond crisis.  I wrote a book about this called ‘The Coming Bond Market Collapse.’ When that big inflation occurs, that is the big cathartic mechanism.  When they lose control over inflation, interest rates will mean revert (or go back to historical averages).  When you have mean reversion of interest rates, that will pop real estate, stock and bond bubbles.  That’s when the globe gets a massive reality check.  It’s not ‘if,’ it’s ‘when.’  . . . . In the U.S . . . . You could have very easily $3 trillion annual deficits if interest rates just mean revert . . . . That’s going to send a very sharp spear for these bubbles and these manipulators of assets.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Pento says the Fed has interest rates so low right now that the central bank will not be able to cut them much when the economy gets into trouble again. Pento predicts that the Fed will be forced to print money to bail out the banks and the economy and drop so-called “Helicopter Money,” which will tank the buying power of the dollar and cause big inflation.

There is free analysis and videos on Michael Pento’s website To sign up for a free 5 week trial to Michael Pento’s analysis click here.  To get a copy of Pento’s book titled “The Coming Bond Market Collapse,” click here.


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  1. This sceptred Isle

    “there has never been a central bank that hasn’t been successful in creating what they want to create, what do all central bankers want to create today? It’s inflation.”

    Agree totally. The Weimar Republic was physically still had to physically print their paper money to inflate the currency whereas now central bankers could theoretically create a quadrillion dollars by adding extra digits to a computer screen. So what will stop them creating inflation? A power cut or computer virus?

    “they think that inflation is going to stop at 2% or 3% or 4% or much higher”

    Agree again. The central bankers may be able to control the first prerequisite for inflation, expansion of the money supply but will not be able to control the second, velocity of money, which depends on consumer psychology as well as foreign government policy such as China deciding to accelerate its dollar dumping.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I have had the suspicion that a computer virus attack might be used as an excuse to bring down our largely electronic financial system and initiate an economic reset. No need for a war and the powers that be cannot be blamed. Maybe this ransomware attack is a warm up act.

      • diane

        Interesting theory TSI.
        You may be right. Makes sense

    • Russ McMeans

      The Fed’s original purpose was to protect the health of the banks and the US Dollar. They have been screwing up since 1913….

  2. This sceptred Isle

    Can anybody suggest a safe alternative to using a bank that doesn’t involve storing cash at home?

    • JMiller

      I think you mean a reasonability safe alternative to using a bank. Assuming you are looking for a place to have some fiat currency in so that you can pay bills etc… credit unions are one possible alternative. Perhaps a U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund in addition to a bank or credit union account.

      • JMiller

        Of course I am talking about a good local bank, a good credit union, one of the better U.S. Treasury Money Market funds.

    • Frederick

      Yes sure Gold bullion and a boating accident works for some

    • Steven

      Yes, take your federal notes and buy canned food and freeze dried food. At the worst in a few years you will be eating food that cost a lot more than it did when you bought it…

  3. William

    I like Michael Pento as
    a money manager due to his straight forward
    and logical approach. Just analytic logic with
    no emotional doom and gloom. That being said
    every guest you have on who has claimed that
    every market would tank by a certain date has
    been wrong. I’m not picking on your guests, I
    actually thought this entire global act would have
    blown up three years ago. Back in 2009 my wife
    and I put 25% of our net worth in precious metals.
    We agreed to watch the markets closely and to review
    our portfolios every quarter. As of March of this year
    our exposure is now 35% index funds, 40% precious
    metals and the rest in cash. We have concluded that
    it must be getting close to imploding. When the S&P
    has been going sideways for almost 3 months and
    5 or 6 stocks are driving the entire market it is most
    certainly getting close to the end. We plan on
    withdrawing the remaining cash out of the index
    funds by the end of May. Thank you Greg for having
    great guests on. Their timing may be off but the in
    depth knowledge they provide helps keep us on our
    toes and ready to move at a moments notice.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Drug addicts and central banks are willing to do ANYTHING to keep their “thing” going. I mean they will do anything! I think that’s been hard to calculate. Even now I think to myself, what is the most desperate thing possible a government or bank will do. I come up with one thing – kick over the table, start a war, and blame it on someone else.

    • lastmanstanding

      William, in your opinion, what are the 5 or 6 stocks that you mention in your comment?

    • Frederick

      William it seems to be starting to tank now DOW down almost 400 points Thursday

  4. Dr Darryl Jewett

    “…why not reduce spending?”

    Gee why didn’t anyone think of that? Spending can’t be reduced because too many parasites with inflated senses of entitlement are holding hostage important institutions and public assistance for those who deserve, earned and need them. There are many good government programs. Not all government is bad. But many worthwhile and helpful programs have been co-opted by parasites. If you try to cut the parasites out of the programs, they retaliate and deny necessary entitlements to those who deserve, earned and need them.

    And those parasites represent a large and growing majority of the population and electorate. So excising them away and separating them from these programs of public assistance will have political back-lash in and of itself. But when that majority further denies entitlements to the minority who deserves, earned and needs them, then even that minority who is held hostage by these parasites will retaliate against legislators and politicians. That’s why government can’t reduce spending.

    And no one in government is smart or courageous enough to remove the parasites without eliminating the entitlements for those who deserve, earned and needs them. The demographic to which I’m referring is feminists. It’s a hate movement. A religious cult with lots of canons like anthropogenic global warming. And other nonsense. Feminism is women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting conscientious men in exchange for absolute power.

    Feminism is the parasite that has latched onto every single institution in government and co-opted it. It’s why all these entitlements are so expensive. Because such a vast majority of those entitlements are being given to feminists who don’t need or deserve them. And it’s perfect because it manipulates the most fundamental denominator of human behavior – sexuality. Feminism is the defaulf and primitive form of social organizing typical of lower primates and stone age humans. Civilization is the suppression of feminism.

    As long as feminists continue to hold our institutions of government hostage, our society will continue devolving from civilized to stone age. The most important way to get rid of feminism from our governments once and for all is to repeal the 19th Amendment. Until that happens, spending can’t be reduced. When you look at all our waste in government, almost all of it has its foundations in feminism. From wars to child support.

    Wanting to deny women suffrage is not misogyny. It would be great if women could vote and be responsible for their vote. But they aren’t. And there is no mechanism to hold them responsible. And the reason for that is simple: women shouldn’t be allowed to play the game because they ARE the game. Women can’t have it both ways. They can be the game and not vote or they can play the game and vote. They can’t vote AND be the game. That’s what has been the primary obstacle to advancing civilization since humans started walking the Earth.

    And we’d made great strides during the first four-thousand years of civilization but in the past hundred years, it’s all been backward with feminists convincing government and the public alike that feminism is the next step in advancing civilization when actually feminism is what kept us living in caves for millions of years and civilization only started advancing when we suppressed feminism. Some people never learn.

    • Jane

      Biased much Doc Jewett? You are attempting to tar a feather an entire group of people based solely on gender. Although I agree that the feminists deserve your scorn, there are a far greater majority of females that are fully functioning productive members of society who do not. A better approach IMHO would be to deny the vote to those who do not own land, or do not work for their daily bread, which would more precisely eliminate the unproductive ‘parasites’ of all genders.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jane. You points are well made and well taken.

      • Charles H


        I appreciate your reply. You are correct – there ARE many, many women who are productive members of society. And your point of going back to land-ownership in rebuttal is sharp. Just how one would qualify working for their daily bread, though – is very nebulous.
        The point Doctor Jewett makes is more along the lines of authority between the sexes – specifically: should men have authority, general and specific, over women? Does a woman, once married, effectively and legally submit to authoritative subjection to the husband?
        The ‘family unit’ serves as a societal organism, so in a sense also as a body. And NO body can have two heads. It is well said that : “As the family goes: so goes the nation.” It is this historical arrangement, subverted by modern philosophy – which bodes ill or even threatens many critical constructs of humanity. Feminism is only the tip of the iceberg. The leavening of expectations which degrade or destroy an order between the sexes and permutates across spectrums and strata is the principle issue.
        Is there an “order between the sexes”? And if there is… should it not be observed?
        Sex, in the sense of solidarity, is in magnitude – beyond anything “racial”. If any line there was to be chosen, to divide and conquer humanity: sexual gender is THE greatest. One would suppose such obviousness should not be overlooked.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “Although I agree that the feminists deserve your scorn, there are a far greater majority of females that are fully functioning productive members of society who do not.” – Jane

        No, there are not a majority.

        Maybe a tiny minority.

        There are no rights without responsibilities.

  5. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for interviewing Michael Pento, Greg.

    Like many scholars, Pento’s arguments rely upon a false dichotomy of liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, socialism and capitalism. But these are false dichotomies with a government so large. The only real dichotomy that matters is small government and large government. The larger a government is, the easier it is for parasites to exploit it as a host.

  6. diane

    Interesting Bitcoin commentary.

    BitCoin & Alternative Currencies | Armstrong Economics

  7. Jerry

    The transfer is underway right now. When the central banks are ready, they will take the system down. The G7 finance ministers have been meeting behind closed doors for weeks.

    Jerry 05/12/2017 •
    Here is the primary reason that an alternate exchange system has been built and why your bank account will soon be locked down.
    For months, probably years, we have talked about a financial reset that for some unknown reason has never happened. We’ve watched markets become manipulated, money being printed, and Congress failing time and time again to pass a balanced budget with no apparent concern?

    Why? From my research I have discovered that an alternate exchange system that has been under construction over a span of fifteen years is about to go online. Why would the central bankers do that? The answer is very simple. Derivative debt overload. Rather than collapse our current system, they built a new one to take its place. The good news is, all the derivative debt will go bye, bye, with the old system when they take it down. The bad news is, its never been tried before, so no one knows for sure whether the new system will work or not. One thing is for sure though, when they reset the system your bank account will be on lockdown. For how long is a complete unknown. It could be weeks. It could be months. Or if the new system fails, it could be years.

    The point is, the reset is already under way inside the global banking system. My sources are telling me that new gold backed currencies in bundles of $10,000. are being distributed inside the banking system right now. Yes I said gold backed currencies. Now you know why the President of JP Morgan Chase and Allan Greenspan were telling stock holders to buy gold. They knew. Now you know why China has been on a gold buying spree since 2007 and why the Shanghai gold exchange went online a year ago. They knew. And now you know why President Trump met with President Xi in Key Largo (we’re they couldn’t be bugged) two weeks ago. He knows. Its coming folks. You’ve had 15 years to prepare for it so don’t complain if you haven’t prepared yet.

    • Jerry

      I keep hearing that President Trump is going to take the fall just before the reset takes place . My natural instinct is to blow this type of information off as total BS and then I read this headline.

    • Jerry

      Cyber attacks over the weekend were merely a trial balloon for the real thing that is coming. Does anyone doubt the National Security Agency was behind it? I don’t.
      There are parts of the deep state that will not go quietly when the reset comes. And the NSA is one of them. One needs to be reminded that the new exchange system is a Chinese built one, and not an IMF knockoff. The satellite’s they’ve put up for EFT’s are hack proof, which means the banking cabal will not have access to them to manipulate funds. In addition they have built super computers to handle trading and EFT on a secured cloud. The central banks that will not cooperate will be kicked to the curb and essentially locked out of the new system. So far over 1800 banks including HSBC and Wells Fargo have signed on, with more on the way.

  8. Jifton Pooter

    Greg, thanks again for another great interview !
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    PS Could you get Charles Nenner back on again soon ?
    He seems to shadow Martin Armstrong and has some very sobering words for 2017-2020
    about the potential for ww 3
    Thanks again !

  9. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. I think Michael was trying to play Mr. Subliminal on some of his corrections. His interviews are really good. Keep up the great work. How about having Clif High on after his next report comes out?


  10. al Hall

    As I told you many years ago Greg, I was told that Congress was told in the late 1980’s in
    a closed door meeting that the USA would default on the national debt at the time of the Banksters” choosing!! They told my insider friend that they want everyone and every government entity in as much debt as possible. So congress spends as much as possible,
    creating these massive debt bubbles. People have created there own debt bubbles.
    Debt is everywhere.
    We have already gone over the cliff of debt- it’s only a matter of when we hit the bottom??

    This will be very ugly when it happens- not “if” but “when”! Mike is correct!

    • Chip

      well seeing as how we’ve not had an actual budget for nine years you may be right….

  11. Russ

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael Pento and you too Greg 😉 Pento’s rant around the 22 minute mark when he goes on about where do you get your news is great. CNN versus Fox news… I watch FNC until I’m tired of hearing the same thing enough times that it’s no longer news and then I thank the inventor of the DVR; I watch a movie or something else I’ve seen before but really like watching again… or I get back on the internet and listen to old rock concerts on YouTube.

    At some point you realize that you’re being conditioned and that’s when you switch to fiction that you know is fiction (I highly recommend SyFy channel), and drop the fiction masquerading as truth.

    I’m out of the paper markets entirely and just waiting for the long postponed collapse. It had better be a controlled crash as Pento recommends, but I think (this is my opinion) they’ll keep kicking that can until it bounces off the hard stop at the end of the road. Then the markets will go where markets go when there is no longer any “Up” remaining. That’s when people will realize a full pantry trumps a diversified stock and bod portfolio.

    Great interview, thanks again.

    • Russ

      “Bond” portfolio — doh!!

  12. helot

    Real estate has already popped, spend awhile at for the facts.
    Rents have been dropping for about a year now in the U.S. that spells big trouble for many of the get-rich-quick dreams.

    The crash is not an event, it’s a process. It’s already in motion.

    • helot

      i feel like I should add, yeah, some houses in San Fran-sisco Are rising in price, for sure [a false feedback?] However; rents are going down. As in Boston, and in many other seemingly, ‘untouchable’ areas. Not too mention, supply is exploding. As the old saying goes, the solution to high prices – is – high prices.

      The Fed can pump out endless Yellen-Bucks for all and sundry to borrow, it is true that there is no limit to the printing, how-freaking-ever; there is a limit in the ability to pay back such loans, and THAT is key. I.e. rents, are capped by wages and the, ‘drive to buy’ is limited by paychecks and cash-flow.

      The crack-up-boom is masked by many misallocations of capital. Many will say, they never saw it coming, just like in 2003 when the guys at TheHousingBubbleBlog were saying, ‘Look Out!’ and they were given a hard time by those who bought into the system.

    • Frederick

      Helot rents need to drop dramatically in many areas to get back to reality/affordability long term 4K dollars for a one bedroom apt is NOT normal

  13. Horsenut

    Good interview, always like to listen to Pento, and like he says, you can’t predict when it’s going to happen,,,,, but it is going to happen! Unlike ole Bo. Looks like he forgot to carry the 1 again when he did his gazintas.

  14. Frederick

    Goldman Sucks love his slip of the tongue there

  15. mushroom

    Recently a clear dichotomy has developed over the future of finance. Some experts predict an impending crash – others, with unimpeachable credentials, say the Fed, with it’s worldwide trading desk, can continue to fiat the system well into the future.

    For myself – I’ve always believed in credentials.

    • helot

      RE: ‘For myself – I’ve always believed in credentials.’

      Spoken like a true believer of technocrats [fine track record they have] and their perceived abilities to fix everything. Such unfounded belief is widespread. ‘The Crash’ is taking place as I type, that you do not recognize such is happening, speaks volumes.

      A belief in the powers of those with, ‘credentials’ goes hand-in-hand with a belief that the, ‘priests in white robes with stethoscopes’ have your best interests at heart and have the solutions to all our ills.

  16. WK Swanson

    Pento is one of the best…love to listen to this guy.

  17. Charles H


    A sane and well reasoned perspective. Excellent!

  18. Southern Girl

    Greg, I cannot help but feel everyone who wants instant change is ready to jump ship….just think if Hitlary was in…..everyone would still be complaining. I read more than several of the people on this site so unhappy with Trump even though they voted for him. The SWAMP has been in place for years if not decades. Think of all the old farts who have been in office for years…bought and paid for…people like Pelosi, McCain, etc. I don’t know why people just don’t want to give him a fair shake. You cannot turn the Titanic around with just one turn…it is too big.

    I keep Trump in my prayers everyday for safety and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I think maybe people have been watching too many sitcom shoes where everything is solved in 30 minutes…that is not read life.

  19. Flattop

    In Mr Pentos opening he states, ” For the first time in history we have bubbles that don’t pop”. Then at the end he speaks, “there is a very sharp spear for these bubbles” Am I misinterpreting his words??

    • Charles H

      The bubbles don’t pop of themselves, for exceeding anything history has shown. But we aren’t in history anymore, are we?

  20. Al Gray

    As Dick Cheney said, deficits (and hence debt) don’t matter. We love Michael Pento and we remember the days of 2007 after Bear Stearns’ derivative book went to 15 cents on the dollar, when we sound money freaks warned of a crash that was delayed 5 quarters until Lehman. In the aftermath of Lehman, the central banks and Primary Dealer (there is a joke there) banks have perfected an unvirtuous cycle that might just double debt as a % of world GDP from here, as unbelievable as that seems.

    We have heard Pento and been with him now for 9 years of jointly being DEAD WRONG.

    Our trouble is that we refuse to kill this beast from the ground up, for it cannot be slain from the top down.

  21. JCD

    That was interesting. So the Japan bond failure will be the trigger point.
    Here in Nashville Tn. The property taxes have increased by a large amount. My home value increased 84,000 in two years. That is inflation under the table because no one wins a grievance against the appraisal. Retirees moving here from states with inflated prices are raising our prices. No one person can fix these problems even Pento could not with a depression. Markets don’t correct when it is this far gone. China understands this and is doing something about it. There is no preparation enough for what is coming.

  22. Wayne plusquellic

    Greg l don’t think it does much good to talk about what should be done you need get guest that knows what is going to happen

  23. susan

    Gee, that interview was over way too fast. Michael is extremely down to earth and wise in his analysis and projections.

  24. Ron

    Great interview. Pento has the vocabulary and the willingness to lay out the truth in a very straightforward and succinct way and with concrete examples. Pento is one of my favorite interviewees.

  25. Paul ...

    Pento is exactly right … and the banksters know Pento is exactly right … and that is why they won’t let “their thing” crash … just like these homosexual and lesbian pedophile banksters did 9-11 and have been able to flaunt the rules of men for decades (to prevent their indictment) … they manipulate all markets and the rules of men with impunity … but as Pento says “it is not a matter of if … but when” … and “when” moral men “find the courage” to bring these banksters to account (under the laws of God and not the laws of men) … that is when the whole bankster edifice begins to crumble … the banksters now find it very easy to manipulate the perceptions of “immoral men” … but once moral men (who can see EVIL clearly) chop it up … and rearrange its individual letters … they will make our world LIVE once again … under the rules of God!!!

  26. Paul ...

    For those who require “absolute proof” that the Government is using chem-trails “as a weapon system to induce damage and destruction” on targeted populations … here it is …

  27. Jim G

    Long story short – you are all screwed big time. Any of these supposed financial gurus who mutter the word “opportunity” as if there is going to be a period in the near future where you can line your pockets is delusional. Ain’t goin happen.

    Before this summer is over, anyone who voted for Trump will realize it was as big a mistake as if they had voted for Clinton. Trump is an egotistical buffoon who couldn’t run a lemonade stand properly. If anyone thinks he is a genius when it comes to business just do a little more research on his record. But then again, you are all going to get what you deserve – fear not.

    Something big is going to happen soon and it will be more catastrophic than just a financial/economic collapse. Get ready because it is just around the corner.

    • Charles H

      Jim G,

      “anyone who voted for Trump will realize it was as big a mistake as if they had voted for Clinton.” I respectfully disagree. Clinton is a monster; above the Law; and corrupt as the day is long. Trump is TRYING to do something right is being blocked at every turn.
      Yeah, something wicked this way comes. But having elected President Trump was at LEAST siding for a lesser evil. We didn’t cave like France, Holland, and Canada – who seem to actively want to expedite their destruction.

    • Big Jim

      I agree with you. Total nonsense.

  28. Eagle Eye

    The massive manipulation of the markets with money printing and collusion of various agencies is certainly what is keeping the world economy from collapsing. Mr. Pento mentioned something about profiting even in this set up is possible but may have nothing to offer small people like me.

  29. Big Jim

    All these guys claim Gloom and Doom. When is it going to happen ? I mean really happen ? Its not on the radar. We continually hear this worn out script. “Black Swans just on the horizon” ….. NOT. Crash is “imminent” ….. NOT. The collapse is “just around the corner” …… NOT. “The calamity will begin any minute now” …… NOT. Don’t you think these guys are running out of time to be right ? By biblical standards, these guys are all charlatans and false prophets. Todays version of a snake oil salesman.

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep Bog Jim. It’s OK, some people just cannot understand big numbers.

      • helot

        Do you suppose, that because calamity has not hit them personally [yet] they will Never recognize the two ton heavy thing swinging their way until AFTER the point of impact?
        That’s what I think whenever I read a comment such as what Jim Blob posted.
        Just Nevermind, that the two ton heavy thing already hit the guy down the street, or shows up in the balance sheet of, ‘the other guy’, as he contemplates what to do, what matters is,… ahh, what’s the point in explaining, Some people just have to learn the hard way, I guess.

    • Jerry

      Big Jim.
      The central bankers are getting ready to shut the system down. They are not going to send you a notice to let you know when they plan to do it, or report it to a newspaper. Quit bagging on Greg. His job is to warn you and that is what he is doing. If your money is still sitting in a bank or in stocks right now, you have bigger problems to worry about than proving Greg wrong.

  30. Scott Miller

    One of the most reasonable and articulate guests on USA Watchdog in a long time.

    I agree that the MSM is no different now than they were before Trump was elected. However, Trump must communicate better.

    Furthermore, the question I propose is which TERM does the recession or worse hit, Trump’s 1st or 2nd? Mr. Pento is correct. There is no way we get through another administration without an economic downturn. The math of 2008-2009 allows us to infer that you can not go through 2017-2024 maintaining the status quo.

    Historically speaking, this amount of time has never occurred, and it won’t happen for the first time now. Never means never.


  31. paul ...

    Pento says the banksters are losing control over the markets … but it seems the banksters are really losing control over the population … for now the bankster’s servants are claiming that their chem-trails are not just a “weapon system” to impose damage and destruction on the general population … but that the chem-trails are a health spray … as they have been adding “lithium” into the chem-trails … to treat people with manic depression and bi-polar disorder … and I thought the fluoride in our water supply was for that purpose?

    • paul ...

      According to a chem-trail pilot … many are thinking of going AWOL … supposedly “Indigo Sky-fold” is an “atmospheric weapon shield” against an enemy (alien?) that can cloak its weapons of war … soon he says chemicals will be added to the chem-trails so that they will not be visible to the naked eye … the assumption is “out of sight” … will put the chem-trails “out of mind”!!! …

      • helot

        i often cannot view videos, thanks for the brief description, Paul.

        …Just another day of life in The Twilight Zone, eh. Surreal.

  32. james

    would one huge default solve the problem? afterall, we are looking
    for a grande reset, correct?

  33. Jerry

    According to Reuters AIIB now has close to 80 member countries who will be using gold backed Yuan for exchange in place of dollars. I think the actual count is more like 125 member countries when you consider all of the contracts that have been signed behind closed doors.

    The dirty little secret is most of them want in on “The Silk Road Project” and in order to do that they have to sign on with AIIB. Guess what? That also incudes the U.S. Somewhere in the history books there will be penned the term”The Key Largo Agreement”. I guess the North American Union highway is back on?

  34. francis m reps

    Mr. Pento is a brilliant guest; unfortunately his counsel may be of little use since the latest mainstream news is about” Syrian Death Camps and Gas Chambers”. The Tomahawk attack did not get traction… we have a Middle Eastern Hitler to go after. With US boots on the ground in nearby countries…and Shock and Horror about this latest news { manufactured}; the stage is set for the morons in DC to bring the roof down on all of us. Finances will be the least of our worries. Putin is the ONLY statesman in the world today….but it is not likely that he will endure much more American aggression.. Trump is…..well….just Trump…..LOOK AT ME ; SEE WHAT I GOT….SEE HOW GREEAT I AM. Great at garnering publicity…..but just another bad actor. Sorry I voted for him.

    • jim

      So you would rather have the criminal hitlery, what a dumb as*

      • Frederick

        No definitely NOT Jim but he is a disapointment

  35. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    As much as i enjoy and respect Mr Pento’s opinion, I am skittish around anyone who think they can chart how all this will come down …..the entrenched powers have shown themselves to be imaginative in deception and machination…..the latest revelation of CB purchases in the stock market has pretty well given away their ‘do-whatever-they-can-get-away-with’ mentality…..there is no other rationalization than that they are quite ready to take us down in order to keep their pride of place.
    This is all a cheap novel where the good guy doesn’t win in the end, comic relief is added via the buffoon-in-chief, and the keystone cops farce between Congress, Potus and the judiciary …..meanwhile the rest of the world watches in numb shock ….

  36. Julie Tyra

    I too have grown a bit tired of the doom and gloom being preached by every wanna be analyst. I’ve recently heard Greg Mannarino speaking of crypto currency on Steemit. I can’t begin to act like I know anything about the goings on in the big banks. I’ve tried to prepare my household for economic disasters along with shortages of food and ammo for our weapons. But it frightens me because I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting ready for?
    My family laughs and quips this is the United States stuff like that can’t happen here. I stand my ground against them all because they firmly believe 9/11 happened with airplanes, and Boston was bombed by 2 terrorists who weren’t even there. And a dance club in Florida was flooded by blood from non existing victims that left the hospital in the same unbloodied clothing they went in with. SANDYHOOK WOKE ME UP AND MY EYES ARE WIDE OPEN NOW.
    Thank you Greg and God bless President Trump 🇺🇸

  37. Frederick

    Sure wish Greg would do something on the One Belt One Road mega project that China is spearheading That’s the BIG news in my opinion The rest is just fluff

  38. dlc

    Jim G: Barry is an egotistical buffoon who never ran anything. Agent Steele predicts he will become a billionaire as a result of payoffs (called speeches) for his part in kneecapping this country. And, does this buffoon really need a 14-car motorcade to go yap about climate change?

    Hillary never succeeded at anything other than criminality and treason, will never serve time for any of it, and has been richly rewarded. How about her Russian collusion over that uranium deal and screwing Haiti out of millions. We dodged a howitzer over that witch. She’s very rich, none of it honestly earned.

    I watch the concentrated effort to do a takedown on Trump and I marvel that he gets anything done. We really don’t need the manufactured press garbage right now, designed to keep him from executing change. He’s certainly not in this for the money.

    I remember the Nixon purge. All these years later that whole cast of characters involved in the break-in come across as the apostles compared to Hillary, Bill and Barry who are pure evil to the pit of their being.

    Hang in there. Trump will be a memory soon enough. Wait until you get a load of what comes after him. Till then, I’m still hopeful.

  39. Oxfarmer

    I get little tired of Trump bashers, like he is sitting in the Oval office doing nothing. Illegal entry over the southern border has slowed to a trickle. For the first time in years the law is being enforced. What about all the busts of human trafficking? In my state Federal agents, acting on Trump’s orders, broke up a pedophile ring that had been going for 20 years. And all the tax cuts in the healthcare bill? If he had a willing Congress, even more would have been done in the first 100 days. And don’t kid yourself that Trump doesn’t know there is a financial crisis coming? Whoever of you bozos said Trump couldn’t run a lemonade stand ought to check out Trump Tower, or Mar-a-Lago and educate yourself on his many successful projects. He is the President, now, and we should pray for him. IT COULD HAVE BEEN HILLARY!!!

    • Mme. Hedin

      Hey Oxfarmer,
      Perhaps you haven’t noticed in the news that farmers are unable to find sufficient labor to harvest their crops, and so their crops are rotting in the fields, thanks to Trump? Honestly – you Republicans – you don’t give a damn about anything or anyone else unless it personally affects you!

  40. Flattop

    GREG: In regards to our economy and it collapse, it reminds me of what Def Sec Rumsfeld once said. ” There are things we don’t know, then there are things that we don’t know that we don’t know”. A good word for todays financial.

  41. Matt In Pa

    Agree. Guess we will get official confirmation soon of American participation.

  42. Doug

    We,re coming up to half of 2017 is gone. Greg, had many guest on telling of “THEIR” thoughts on how this year will end . If you believe in some, you will all be in gold and silver. Others, you should be in cash. Others, you’d be in cash’ bury it in milk cans. ( problem with that is, you might have you tell someone where you buried it in case you die. ) Others, you’d be all, in the stock market. Others are telling to get out of bonds and treasuries. My tax guy, says he’s got his money city bonds or something paying 3 percent tax free a year. It cost him 8 percent up front and I don’t like giving anybody 8 percent of my money going in. So, some of they will be right, and some will be wrong. Crap shoot.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Important info @ 23 minutes about Obama/Brennan/Comey surveillance of Trump ….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you J O for this really IMPORTANT INFO!!

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      Please post this again on the Mannarino interview that will post just past midnight tonight. It applies to what we talk about. Thank you!!!

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