Record Run into Gold and Silver Coming-David Morgan

david-morganBy Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert David Morgan says trillions of dollars of negative interest rate paying bonds is a sign we are getting close to another financial calamity bigger than the last. Morgan explains, “Now, as everyone knows, we are even at negative interest rates, and people are buying into this.  They are guaranteed to get less back. . . . This is the upside-down world we are living in.  This is the scientific planet that is our reality.  So, this is the reason you will see a run to the dollar before you see a run to gold. . . . We are in the final step before another 1% of the population takes action into the precious metals.  When the run starts, it won’t be because 90% of the population wakes up and says I need precious metals to protect my financial wellbeing.  What will happen is another 1% will wake up and say I need precious metals to protect my financial wellbeing.  That will double the market.  The physical gold market is less than 1% of all financial assets, and the silver market is about .02% of all financial assets.  So, it doesn’t take a big amount of new money to put the paper price at stratospheric levels, and that’s what will take place.  When people don’t trust the dollar they are holding in their hands, when that happens, there will be a run into gold that will be in the financial record books. . . . The dollar is going up, up and up, and it will peak.  Once it starts down, it will start down kind of slowly, and then, it will build momentum.  Then, it will hit terminal velocity.  It will hit a level that it has accelerated to its maximum point and will continue until it hits the ground. . . . As that occurs, more and more people will be motivated to move into the precious metals.  The door is very narrow, and there will be a big flood of people wishing to get through that door.  It’s going to come down to you will either have it or you won’t.”

On the question of whether or not Trump will prosecute the Clintons about pay-to-play accusations and the Clinton Foundation, Morgan says, “Certainly this is like the interest rate swaps, and all these global entities in the global banking system are interconnected. I mean if you have a failure in one, it’s systemic.  It goes throughout the whole system.  That’s a good analogy for the Clintons.  This failure of the Clinton dynasty goes throughout the entire system.  They are so connected and it goes across party lines.  There is no doubt about that.”  So, there is no telling how the Clinton question will actually play out.

Will the Trump Administration have an economic calamity in the bond market because of the heavy global debt load? Morgan says, “Yes, something will take place before the four years is over.  I can almost guarantee that.  The math is just too simple to see, and you are already seeing it in the bond market.  I am very confident because how the bond market is reacting and the amount of paper that has been pushed upon the system that cannot tolerate any more.  Things will unravel in some way, shape or form. . . . I think before that four year time frame (Trump’s first term) is over, we are going to see that big thrust into the precious metals.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan, author of the new book “Second Chance: How to make and keep big money from the coming of the gold and silver shock-wave.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can find out more about David Morgan on his website, There is some free information and videos there.  His new book “Second Chance” can be found here.  Morgan also has a monthly newsletter where he gives his analysis about what is going on in the financial world.  Click here to subscribe.


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  1. David Morris

    One of the best interviews clear and concise. Dont under estimate how much US stock market will rise. The SDR’s are make From a basket of currency dominated by the dollar so how can that replace the dollar as the world reserve currency? You could add to the international dollar a domestic dollar, look at what is hapening in India. Any way you look silver and good seem to be the safeist Option! The earliest the reset will hapen is 2018.

    • Frank

      You are rigth, my oppinion a long time now.
      But, my last thought which creeping up my spine while watching this to unfold is,
      what if the int. BIG company conglomerates agree (incl. the Chinese) to accept
      SDR, will the volume be so large that it fits, regardless of whats its made of?

      What pisses me of.
      Isnt it, that once China and whoever else (who is permittet to “play” in SDRs) unwind the $$$ reserves in SDR that they offload their $$ risk onto the shoulders of the international community?
      In a way of refinancing the (US)depth in a unseen way.

      In Europe they did exactly that with the €.

      Once again, the poors get f……ed

  2. Anthony Australia

    Great to have David back on!

    So much talk about the markets here in Australia and each day it rises I am ridiculed Greg. For some reason they don’t recall the bad days only the good on the ASX.
    However I’m staying on course with the plan based on advice from the different guests you have on.

    I hope Bill Holter and Peter Schiff are next.

  3. ross

    I don’t think Trump initially expected to become President. After his record hour and a half interview with Obama the incumbent President, Trump was a very contrite man. He has 5 children and does not want to go the way of JFK.
    Trump has very little influence over the unfolding events as it is too late in the story of our economic demise to change 50 yrs of debt and inflated assets that have been disconnected from the real economy. Perhaps to some degree robotics will save a few in the upper middle class, but the masses will be jobless, homeless and in serious debt.
    If serious change is to happen, it will come from 3% of the dedicated masses, not from any billionaire or politician.

  4. Dan


    Who will Trump choose to fill these two extremely important positions:

    1) Treasury Secretary = ?

    2) Secretary of State = ?

    Now, leading contenders seem to be the Goldman Sachs guy Steven Mnuchin (death wish! – will only protect the banksters) for TS and the Satanist/Pedophile Mitt Romney for SoS (which is absolutely crazy given how he insulted Trump to death earlier in the campaign on behalf of the Republican establishment, not to mention him having no experience whatsoever to hold such a position – other than carrying out the neocon agenda). Is Romney just wishful thinking for the elites/neocons or does he have a legit shot at it (perhaps as a deal or threat towards Trump to include him)? Your thoughts?

    • Frederick

      Did you say “Munchkin”?

      • Greg Hunter

        Of course he did “H,” and he’ll have to cut many deals, but he will get some of what he wants. Trump will be a heck of a lot better than a Hillary Presidency.

        • Edmund Dantes

          never let the fox back in the henhouse. T sec is the MOST important position , it should not go to anyone associated with Goldman, Morgan or the rest of the crooks. I nominate Jim Grant.

      • Bob Lamb

        You call Romney a Satanist/Pedophile? You are a complete moron! What basis do have to make such outlandish claims? Just because he was outspoken of Trump?

  5. In Deep
    New Détente for the New Cold War: Trump and Putin Speak. Stephen F. Cohen, @NYU, @Princeton University.
    Tales of the New Cold War: The National Security Adviser Who Lunched with Putin. Stephen F. Cohen, @nyu, @princeton University.
    Editorial New York Damages Democracy: the Next Four Years of Denouncing a President. @Larry_Kudlow, CNBC. @LizPeek, @FiscalTimes.
    The First 150 Days for Trump: Republican Whips Plan Ahead. @LarryKudlow, CNBC. @StephenMoore, Trump Transition.

    • Matt In Pa

      Never trust a person with know vices.

  6. Jerry

    I have posted this many times before, but it is now more apparent than ever that the Chinese and the BRIC nations are preparing to separate from the dollar, sometime within the next few months if not weeks.

    The downward pressure caused by low interest rates, and continued stealth QE by the Federal Reserve Bank to drive up stocks on Wall Street, simply cannot be sustained by these emerging economies. In the past these countries had no choice but to continue to devalue their own currency just to stay in the markets, but with the creation of an alternate exchange system by the Chinese (AIIB and CIPS, and the SGE) that is no longer the case.

    Though the IMF will not admit it, I believe the fundamental reason they put the Yuan in the basket of currencies, is because they know this day is coming, and they want to maintain some resemblance of power with the BRIC nations. I think David Morgan is right about the price of gold going up. Once this separation occurs, the Chinese will be pegging their currency to Gold, digital currency be damned.

    There is a reason why the Chinese have bought massive amounts of gold, and purchased gold vaults world wide. And NO…..”it aint because they have a love affair with gold” as our media would have you believe. Its because its part of their ten year plan, they started in 2007.

    • Jerry

      More countries lining up at the AIIB trough.

    • Jerry

      Surprise, Surprise. Guess who one of the worlds largest holder of Gold is?
      You guessed it. The IMF.

      Do you think maybe the IMF might benefit from a gold price reset? Maybe now it makes sense why the BRICS have been on a gold buying spree the last few years and why the central banks have smashed gold prices to fill their vaults with physical metal?

      The fix is in. The game is tilted. As much as I want to believe that electing Donald Trump as president makes a difference, it doesn’t. Politicians don’t control the Federal Reserve Bank and their minions. Many have tried and it cost them their life. In my opinion once this blood sucking host has sucked as much financial blood out our financial system as it can, they will let it wither and die and move on to the next victim.
      A reset has always been their method of choice. That way they can extract from you whatever physical asset that you have borrowed from them, and liquidate it for reinvestment. The times may have changed, but the rules are still the same. He who has the gold makes the rules.

      • Sparky#1

        Jerry, I always appreciate your comments–very insightful and well-informed. I think your analysis is spot-on. Thanks, and please continue to post. 🙂

    • Diane

      Who will determine the price of pegged gold?
      What if other countries don’t agree with the price?
      It seems, this will be contested?

      • Tin foil hat

        If gold regained its global reserve money status, the price of gold between nations will be its weight. We trade one ton of soy bean, which is worth xyz dollar or one ounce of gold, for 1,000 Made in China sneakers which is worth abc yuan or an ounce of gold. Any trade imbalance will be settled periodically in ounces of gold (gold is the final settlement). If the currencies (IOUs) were reputable and stable, the trading partners may keep the currency (IOU) in their reserves instead of gold.
        The price within each individual country will be free floating depending on how much gold that particular nation possess or how productive that particular nation is.
        If we had the largest gold mine in the world, gold price in dollar will be very cheap and the dollar will be very strong. We can afford to buy all sorts of nice imports.
        If we were a highly productive nation like Germany, China and Japan, we wouldn’t need any gold because we always export more goods than we import. Gold price will be cheap due to the strong currency which accompanies the high GDP.
        If we dont have the world largest gold mine and import consistently exceed our export, gold price in dollar will be very high. If we can’t be self sufficient after we exhaust our gold reserve then we will have to invite outside investors with gold to invest in our resources.
        I hope this answers your question.

      • Jerry

        It is my opinion that gold prices will be set by the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements once the gold supply has been drained. I am 100% on board with Rob Kirby, that paper contracts are plugging the markets right now. Once delivery can’t be made, a default will trigger a price reset.

    • David Morgan

      Thank you for the vote of confidences

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you David for coming on and commenting!!

  7. Chip

    Greg, great interview. Will miss your WNW this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat, drink, and be merry… Chip

    • This sceptred Isle

      What is Thanksgiving celebrating? I have read different theories but nothing definitive.

      • This Happy Breed of Men, This England

        What does Thanksgiving celebrate? Let me put it this way, the way my grandfather used to pray…
        “Good food, good meat
        Good God, let’s eat!”

  8. Gina M Mancarella

    Dont be a goldbug jerk. Your ill gotten silver and gold gains will be taxed away.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Gina and all of your paid troll friends.

    • Frederick

      Nice try Gina but we all know the truth which is like kryptonite to your bankster buddies

    • Mike R

      Gina, you’re coming across as the ‘jerk.’ Since Trump’s election, amazing things are really happening, and it’s being confirmed by the latest soaring consumer confidence indicators. Americans are now more thrilled than ever, that the corrupt Obama and Hillary regime have been crushed. Citizen morale is hugely important these days, and the true workers that make America run, are far more important to its success than an oligarchy that your lame false hero, Hillary represented.

      I do have to wonder about your comment about ill gotten gains. How are any gains “ill gotten”, and how do you dream up such baloney ??????????????????????????

      Personally, I think you need to be on some med’s, and seeing a doctor of some sort to address that anger that is obviously eating you alive. Good luck.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is possible Gina. 🙁

  9. Russ

    Great interview, thank you very much. No comments on David Morgan’s gold, silver & dollar forecasts, –I’m with him, we’ll see when it melts.

    As for the Trump comments of him not prosecuting Hillary… My opinion is that he will leave the final decision to the new Attorney General; he’ll let AG Sessions break the news that the prosecution is back on. Just an opinion from someone who doesn’t know Jack.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Paul ...

      Sounds right to me Russ … why should Trump get in the middle of the Hillary issue … just let Sessions carry the ball and let the chips fall where they may without it reflecting on Trump personally!!

      • Russ

        Exactly. Assigning a special counsel to investigate HRC and the Clinton Foundation should be left to the discretion of the AG. Since FBI Director Comey has lost his credibility twice, a special counsel is required to get to the facts and make an honest recommendation based on factual evidence.

        Comey needs to resign and let a new FBI director rebuild the FBI’s credibility and morale.

  10. Southern Girl

    Think what he said makes perfect he said he has been on both sides and knows the shadow government. For someone like me who does not have a lot of understanding of both the stock and bond markets…I GET IT NOW. Most people have no understanding of the stock market…they think, well it is up things must be great. That alone makes me want to order more PM’s. Try to order some every month..prices are so low know compared to where their were and will be again.

  11. Southern Girl

    To all Watchdoggers…Happy Thanksgiving..with Trump in I feel we can actually breathe for once.

  12. This sceptred isle

    Funds don’t have to flow sequentially from one safe haven asset to another. Funds can flow into several safe havens simultaneously. Bitcoin has been going up as the price is not manipulated. Gold price and dollar would be going up together if the price of gold wasn’t manipulated.

  13. This sceptred isle

    I read somewhere that silver on the whole tends to be found in shallower deposits than gold. This could explain the narrowing gold – silver ratio regarding metal mined from the ground (now supposedly 9-1, down from 15-1). If this is the case the ratio should continue to narrow as all the shallow silver is mined.

    • This sceptred isle

      The point being that silver is easier to mine than gold but this might not always be the case.

  14. andyb

    Greg: David’s comments re the potential bail-ins of IRA accounts, bank deposits, etc when the bubble finally pops should be alarming to all. I must continue to pound everyone to liquidate your investments, regardless of the tax hits, and get your money out of any TBTF bank, such as Citi, BA, JPM, WF, and place it in a credit union or small community bank. For timing, it is my feeling that the FED will be key; do they raise rates next month and if so, by how much? A hike of 25 basis points will be a head fake, a full point will set the avalanche moving.

    • Frederick

      It sure wont be a full percentage point Andy unless they truly want to crash the system

  15. NC Gal

    The question about prosecuting the Clintons was settled yesterday, when Trump announced that his administration is not going to do anything further on that issue. He said, “She’s been through enough.” ( Conservatives feel betrayed by his decision (, but I think it was a good one, and might defuse some of the opposition to his presidency from Bernie Sanders and his followers. Trump has enough on his plate right now, and putting the Clintons in prison would require a long, dragged-out investigation and prosecution, and drain resources that might be better used to solve our country’s problems. I also feel it shows him as compassionate, instead of the monster dictator that he was labeled by the MSM.

    On other fronts, another step was taken toward stopping the neocons by Trump naming South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley as the US Ambassador to the UN, replacing Samantha Powers. ( So far, his appointments have struck me as wise and in keeping with his stated agenda.

    It remains to be seen if he will live to carry them out. The elites are certainly not going to accept this thwarting of their plans without trying to counter it. At the moment, a group of scientists and election lawyers is pushing for a recount in key states that could give Hillary the electoral college yet, if they succeed. ( As Bill Holter has said, the time between now and when Trump takes office is a dangerous time, and it’s still weeks away.

    • NC Gal

      Here is another post on Zerohedge (from Sprott Money) that supports my view that Trump was offering an olive branch on this subject. ( What I did not know is that Sessions, the presumptive new AG, can proceed on his own and is very likely to do so.

      I agree with David’s view that everyone should be treated equally under the law. It remains to be seen if the elites will give up their power or eliminate Trump as an unacceptable obstacle to their plans. There is also the possibility of their staging some kind of event that could be used as the excuse to initiate martial law and suspend the transition to a new administration, leaving Obama in charge and not even having to answer to Congress until normal government would be restored (don’t hold your breath!).

  16. Chuck

    Ah yes, a run into gold an a moonshot price. Been hearing this for 5 years now from all the “guru’s” as the gold price now has plunged back into the $1,100’s. Seems that they are all about as credible as King World News and Bo Polny. So as Andy Hoffman says, and has been saying for 5 years, protect yourself and do it now, or is it now, oh wait it’s now, my God what are you waiting for do it now before it’s too late. Oh, that’s right, now I remember, he sells gold. Perfectly willing to take your dead worthless fiat for priceless precious metal. What a farce all these guys are.

    • Mike from the North

      Say what you want about people’s motivation but…
      In my view Andy Hoffman is the real deal.

      Smart, articulate and speaks the truth.

      You might want to do like I have done. Bought 2 jars of peanut butter and two rounds of

    • Tracy Welborn

      You can’t sarcastic away the global debt of $152 trillion and you can’t sarcastic away negative interest rates. Gold and silver are money, fiat is debt. It doesn’t matter about the timing. This month, next year, three years from now you will wish you hadn’t been so negative. By the way, I’m a proponent of letting a professional do you taxes, especially when you have more than W-2 wages and a home. Oh, I also sell tax prepration services. Why is it so hard to believe that these guys would sell something they believe in? Should they sell something that they don’t believe is needed? What a nonsensical argument.

      • Frederick

        I agree Tracy there may be some shysters as in every business but many are honest and sincerely believe in their product

    • Charles H

      Polarity, Chuck. Antithesis. Perhaps you are too young to remember when things worked differently…? (Trite, huh?) Many of these men have worked decades in the Precious Metals business, making a living. So, you would only listen to a ditch-digger about something he has no knowledge about? What you so intellectually or otherwise DON’T mention is the MANIPULATION in PMs and how this protects the Dollar. Either you are being dishonest (to avoid overarching realities) or just plain shallow.
      What really matters, beyond being in the business of making a living: is how much PERSONAL skin they have in the game. If all these “farces” have 30% or better of their own personal or family resources in PMs: then they are true believers themselves. So BEFORE you discount and discredit these men – please get the facts, if they would tell someone like you, how much skin they have in the game. Otherwise, your muffled words are coming from where you sit. (Derived from “farce”.)

    • FC

      Chuck, it’s sound like to me, you’re just at the legal driving age and if you are, you may have been smart enough to listen to your parents, when they mentioned, that you should have vehicle insurance, to protect yourself against a costly accident.
      If so, why not look at the people you are discrediting as surrogate parents, who are advising you to insure your personal wealth against a costly accidentally on purpose financial crash…………..because history has shown, of the 500+ types of Fiat currencies we have seen, none have survived and precious metal has always been the best policy.

    • Pip

      Lol, I know how you feel chuck……

      I feel like a twit too. But the shiny stays with me……!!!!

  17. JC Davis

    Enjoyable Thanksgiving to you Greg, and site.
    I don’t see how 1% usage of gold will cause gold to become currency. Gold, and silver would have to be used by at least 80 % for the oligarchy that controls this nation to cave to change in control by paper, and digital.
    We do not have a Republic anymore if laws do not apply the same for all. Crooked Hillary is now good people ? Oligarchy control. Trump will go along with what ever they have him do. Look at the list of wolves he has put in the hen house already. My vote was a waste of time.
    Lastly what makes value = demand. In hard times food, shelter, water, guns ,ect.. all are better trade items then silver. Gold used as insurance may help pay for some big item like land, but if paper currency is used gold value can always be controlled by the oligarchy. However I have been wrong so much I will just hold, wait, and see. Thanks for all your work.

    • allen ols

      My vote was a waste of time. lol

      • Frederick

        Watch Morris Herman interviewing Larry Pinkney on his site 108 morris108 Great interview about the subject of Repubs and Dems and how they are one in the same

      • JC Davis

        Yes Allen you were right. However lets give the Trump a chance. It takes a crook to take a crook.

    • Charles H

      I try to expect much from myself – everyone and everything else… phhhhhtttt!!!! There’s no telling what Trump is facing. I’m sure he’s in a bear-trap; and now knows it.
      And don’t feel like the Lone Stranger…

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Brother Charles. May God keep you filled with the Holy Ghost.

  18. Concerned american dad

    “Something will happen within these next four years”…….

    • Guest


    • Sam Hill

      He’s right, you know.

  19. Frederick

    The dollar sure is surging today and metals are crashing so we must be near the bottom in the metals May be time to pick up some gold and silver at a discount very soon people

  20. Paul ...

    As Morgan says: “the physical gold market is less than 1% of all financial assets … and the silver market is about .02% of all financial assets … so it doesn’t take a big amount of new money to put the paper price [of precious metals] at stratospheric levels” … but what is Wall Street doing? … they are buying the Dow (probably assuming Trump won’t create a trade war with China) … and what is the Fed doing? … the Fed wants to raise interest rates (so it can continue to sell bonds to foreigners) who are rejecting negative interest rates … strengthening our dollar while our trading partners weakening their currencies does not make it easy for Trump to rectify our balance of payments problems … so Trump must find a way to weaken the US dollar … he should begin by take over the Plunge Protection Team … and then buy gold non-stop with unlimited printed fiat (to give stock and bond holders an alternative to “dollar related” assets).

  21. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  22. Mike R

    Meanwhile, gold is collapsing down to $1180 today. Clif’s prediction of $125,000 seems pretty far fetched. The dollar is going to continue to increase for years, as we have now ended the secular in (bonds) decreasing interest rates, and are now seeing the pivot toward higher rates as massive quantities of bonds are sold off. Higher interest rates on the dollar, will make it go much higher. = gold much lower. Check out the Yuan crashing yet again today. Other currencies stink, bc their forms of government stink. Our government may be messy, but its self-correcting over time. Enter Trump to help shift the balance back from leftists (socialism) toward conservative policy. = dollar strength.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The dollar is only perceived as strong because:
      1) Foreign countries absorb the massive inflation in US dollars and hold them as part of their asset reserves. Therefore, dollar strength is dependant on the good faith of other countries (actually making it vulnerable).
      2) Analysts focus on the short term and forget the dollar has been weakening for decades. The US dollar has weakened considerably against the Swiss Franc over the same period.

      • Pinocchio

        The strengthening of US dollar is also because the governments in Asia and Africa are buying alot of US dollar to pay their foreign debts (which are in US dollar although the loans are not from American banks and financial institutions).

  23. Paul ...

    As Morgan says “this is an upside down world we live in” … fiat paper without value goes up … while real money goes down … children are aborted … to improve the unemployment numbers … American jobs are sent overseas … to promote a New World Order … and our medical care is a murderous racket … look what was done to George Washington (the first President to free his slaves) …

    • Paul ...

      The clinical wisdom we are subjected to today is as bad as years ago … we are told radiation and toxic chemicals causes cancer … and this is exactly what the medical profession uses to try and “cure” you … then they put mercury and aluminum in the vaccines they inject into our children causing autism … the aluminum sprayed on us in contrails is especially dangerous because it is transported via the nasal nerves directly into the three parts of the brain most damaged in Alzheimer’s … so the malpractice continues to this day … do you think the doctors that are injecting ethylmercury into our children in the vaccines they promote have a financial interest in creating extensive damage to the brains of our children (especially the cerebellum) which causes a loss of memory?? … if it is not just pure greed to make money then consider the political benefits of having a population of brain dead people for the New World Order elitists to control like sheep … look at all the brain dead Hillary voters like Gina who wanted a perverted child molesting warmongering President as their leader!!

      • Paul ...

        So ask yourself … how can God forgive such evil done to our children for money and/or political power??? … and if he does “forgive” them … he better then place them in that “special mental health clinic in heaven” called Hell !!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Scientists have become the modern day priests. People believe everything that they say, forgetting that these people or their universities are funded by big corporations with a vested interest in the outcomes of their research.

  24. mushroom


    Gold/Silver aren’t doing well.

    HINT – time for Harry Dent’s opinions…


  25. john duffy

    One of the best and most entertaining talks I,ve seen. Greg, you should get this guy on your show!

    • susan

      I agree. He is really good.

  26. Concerned american dad

    This is awesome Greg- feel like such a fool missing out in this rally- everything is awesome- home sales surged- durable goods orders rocketed up with consumer sentiment- GOLD is guietly slammed another $30 today, on the way to dow 20000-Can’t wait to spend the holiday absorbing the jeers of family memebers.

    • Frederick

      Concerned No home sales missed expectations by 30 thousand according to a Zero hedge story that I just read so fear not and enjoy the stuffing

    • Alanon

      I do understand how you feel. Seems like what I would imagine awakening from being involved in some kind of cult and realizing that I have been fooled. looking at the current state of the economy it still doesn’t make sense to me that its still going on but whatever I didn’t want to retire anyways. The economy is crashing tomorrow…or the next day…or the next.. Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys!

    • Charles H

      This is November. There’s time to watch everything go belly-up. Problem is – it’s better that it not go belly-up. Quiet confidence is what matters. Rallies? Profits? Those in that casino also can go broke. Steady adherence to proven fundamentals. By Christmas, the jeers may be silenced. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Robert G

      CONCERNED AMERICAN DAD I keep thinking of how much I would have made if I would have bought premo stocks like Starbucks, Harley, Macy, and many, more at pennies on the dollar, 6 or 7 years ago. Or FB. for that matter a few years ago. Would have made a fortune but listened to the naysayers. Most on my list went up 8 to 10 times. While I get $2 a year in my checking account of 25 grand. I had 100,000 to invest and didn’t. I feel like a fool as well.

  27. Mike from the North

    Food for thought.
    Our future and our survival is based on one word.

    STEALTH. imho

    The dam has sprung multiple leaks.

    There is no way to stop all the leaks.

    We must let the DAM fail and we must rebuild.

  28. Reggie

    Gold and Silver Smashed Again.
    Do not panic and sell your gold and silver.
    The powers that be want you barefoot and poor.
    Cash will be eliminated. The process has already started
    in India. It is the first beta test site. Next will be Australia.
    If you can afford to by more, especially silver. This is not the
    time to panic, paper is going away and soon.

    • Frederick

      Exactly right Reggie Im a buyer at these prices certainly NOT selling

  29. Diane

    Greg told us this long time ago…here’s more proof

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane. I worked for Jon Klein. He was the one that let me go, but his secretary told me “He did not make all the decisions.”

      • Jc davis

        Greg at some point a journalist will stand for the values they signed on to do, (and) get fired. You were before your time.

  30. flattop

    GREG: Considering David Morgans comments. I am thinking of purchasing a little more PMs. Should I purchase gold or silver??

    • Greg Hunter

      Both. I like a 10 (AG) to 1 (AU) ratio.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Gold is treasured silver is trashed (as I once read).

      • Greg Hunter

        Neither is trash.

  31. Sam Banbury

    Thanks Greg. OK so what stops the US and other government banning the buying and selling of precious metals once the currency collapses?

    • This sceptred Isle

      They will probably raise the tax on them instead.

      • Tin foil hat

        This sceptred Isle,
        They wouldn’t do that if they were smart. Gold will go into hiding if they do that and the economy will be stagnated and died. If they were smart, there will be no tax whatsoever in order to stimulate the economy by increasing velocity of gold money.

    • Tin foil hat

      Sam Banbury,
      If the world embraces free gold, allowing the price of gold to float freely rather than to lock it in at a fixed price, the government will not need to ban the buying and selling of gold. The governments would need to ban gold only if they were foolish enough to bring back the old and rigid Gold Standard.
      The key is that governments don’t have to back their currencies with only gold. They can back their currencies with other assets – balanced trade (real organic GDP), natural resources, real estates and gold.

  32. Faith

    Good interview. I like that he mentioned that brokerage accounts could be frozen and used to bail out derivatives. I recall reading a few articles about the rule changes to brokerage accounts along with warnings that advised people to only place money into a segregated account. I am not sure how you do that as the big brokers normally park your money in a money market fund until you actually use it on a trade.

    • JMiller


      I want to go over and try to clarify what was said in this David Morgan interview about having a money market account at a mutual fund company or at a brokerage and being prevented from temporarily getting your money and having your money used to pay off derivatives because what was said is confusing and may be misleading.

      First lets start with mutual fund companies in which the mutual fund industry is highly regulated. I have a U.S. Treasury money market account with Vanguard which invests in U.S. T-bills. Because mutual funds cannot self-custody the assets of the funds, they need to have the assets held by an independent custodian which is usually a U.S. bank. These assets are kept separate from the bank’s assets and there are many checks and balances that are used to make sure it stays that way. Any assets held in trust, fiduciary and custodial accounts are not and do not become assets of the bank and cannot be used by the bank in any way. The only exception would be if those kinds of accounts had any money deposited in a bank account just like the average person would have. You can read more about how trust, fiduciary and custodial accounts are handled in the link below.

      Now since assets held in trust, fiduciary and custodial accounts are not and do not become assets or liabilities of the bank, they are not part of any bail-in should the bank become insolvent. The one exception may be any money that is deposited in an actual bank account. And some non-government money market funds at brokerages and mutual fund companies do have some of the assets in things like certificate of deposits which I think COULD be part of a bail-in. So that would be the only way legally that I can think of in which some of the assets in a money market mutual fund could be used in a bank bail-in.

      David Morgan also metioned that mutual fund companies and brokerages could refuse to allow you to take money out of your money market account. That is true. While it is very rare in the mutual fund industry, it has happened as was the case with the Reserve Primary Fund back in 2008 when the fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) declined below $1 and redemptions were halted for up to 7 days. There has also been recent money market reforms in which there could be a temporary suspension of redemptions from your money market fund but only if certain trigger levels are hit. This is called a redemption gate. The money market reform also includes the possibility of liquidity fees for money market funds and includes a floating Net Asset Value (NAV) for certain types of money market funds.

      Now lets take a look at money market accounts with brokerages. David Morgan said that they can use your money that is in your brokerage money market account to pay off derivatives. Sort of like a bail-in of your brokerage account. Now I have a brokerage account with Vanguard. The securities in my brokerage account are held in custody by Vanguard Brokerage Services. Not in a bank. So no bail-in using my account is possible just because some bank becomes insolvent because of derivatives. And Vanguard Brokerage Services is just that, a service. They do not have their own traders who are racking up huge losses as was the case with Societe Generale and Barings Bank. The same is probably true of many good brokerages like Fidelity, Schwab etc… So it sounds like David Morgan is talking about brokerages that do their own trading and in which your account may not be properly protected. That is why it is important not just to know what your money is invested in but with whom is it invested with. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the brokerage industry can shed light on how brokerages can legally take money from customer accounts, especially if they are segregated, to pay for the losses incurred by the broker in their own accounts.

      • David Morgan

        Thanks for taking the time to explain it so well. Lots of smart folks helping each other here. 😄

        • JMiller

          Mr. Morgan,

          Thanks for the reply. I trust what I said correctly explained what you were referring to.

  33. Anthony Australia

    The manipulation of Gold on the listed exchange is obvious, the price creeps up slowly and in a so called mini crisis it spikes dramatically. At the opposite and when in decline it seems to drop so sharply in minutes, then settles, for reasons only mentioned by guests on this show.

  34. vic

    i love you show.
    you bring on the best of the best.
    you should consider robert kiyosaki. this guy loves gold and silver. he is a self made man.
    hugely successful. i’ve listened to him-he is so unique and magnetic.
    additionally he co-authored 2-3 financial books with president trump.
    i guarantee that he would be an incredible interview.
    Again love you show. from vic in toronto.

  35. matt lusk

    That’s right, one has to get out of bonds or bills to buy gold. no dealer sells metal for bonds. Some will toss their newly converted dollars into the stock market furnace and watch it turn to co2 and some will buy gold and silver and preserve wealth, and some will be asleep at the switch and watch their reserve dollars turn confederate.

  36. Pinocchio

    The total value of all stocks in the world as of July 2016 was US$61.47 trillion. The total value of all government and corporate bonds in the world as of July 2016 was US$87.69 trillion. The total value of all investable real estate in the world as of January 2016 was US$81.0 trillion. Combined, these three asset classes amount to US$230.16 trillion. When it comes to gold, the total amount of physical gold, outside of central bank holdings, is estimated at only US$1.16 trillion, even though most of this gold is not available for sale at any price. This represents a global portfolio allocation of only 0.51% to gold.

    What do you think will happen if even 10% of $230 trillion (equal to $23 trillion) tries to buy what little aboveground gold is available? Since you cannot simply print more gold, and mine supply is already declining, there will be an enormous supply/demand imbalance. When the attractiveness of gold becomes obvious to everyone, it will be too late to acquire large quantities of gold. Precious metals will be revalued at many times today’s price. (Nick Barisheff — The Irrational Bias Against Gold)

    • Greg Hunter

      Stunning facts and statistics.

      • Pinocchio

        Egon von Greyerz and Nick Barisheff are nonconformist gold commentators who understand that a long term trend of gold price is always stronger than short term trends which occur now and then. They based their comments on this simple understanding and did not care much about the public statements of central bank governors.

    • Tin foil hat

      “What do you think will happen if even 10% of $230 trillion (equal to $23 trillion) tries to buy what little aboveground gold is available?”
      That 10% will be dead like Gaddafi who wanted to sell his oil in gold back dinar or very frustrated like former goldbug Rich M.
      It seems the puppet masters were willing to risk world war to keep the illusion alive. I hope Trump will not be influenced by the squids and set gold free.

  37. Praying & Preparing in VT

    Ok, so all is going to crash. Been hearing about this for months. The big unknown is WHEN!!!! So what do you do to prepare? First, get right with God the Father and He will direct your path. Second, Greg, this question is for you —- How does one “prepare” their 401(k), IRA, pension, savings, etc. for this crash/crisis?
    Third, Here are a few ideas…. Get out of debt NOW. Be current on mortgage /rent, insurances and utilities. Yes, have gold (coins), if you can afford it. Silver coins are probably more affordable for most people. Have cash on hand, $20 bills and smaller are best. Save / keep your change (coins), don’t convert to paper money. Stock up on food, everyday items, medicines, food for pets and just be prepared for a “long term” emergency and or crisis. Get to know and work with your friends and neighbors to survive together. Prepare to shelter in place but also be ready to leave your home if necessary. Keep vehicles 3/4 to full with gas at all times. There are lists of ways to prepare, just search the Internet. Pray always, God bless!

  38. Red

    Great show Greg,
    This banning large notes in really the story of the week IMO. This really brings home the message that you should be using metal as currency. Particularly if you want to store any wealth at all, you should not just be stacking, but actively using metal as currency, particularly in big trades realestate etc, because if stackers did this it would firstly drive up real demand for metal and secondly promote the true value of holding metal as a property hedge and bypass the fake exchange trading credit markets artificially driving down the price of real capital destroying little peoples wealth, This is an attack on the poor, make no mistake. They want to do the same thing in the west. It’s a trial balloon. JMO

    • Shadow of Doubt

      This event was put into motion to eliminate approximately 50 billion of their country’s debt, punish tax-evaders and force the users of cash and those who are “unbanked” into a system so as to ring the wealth from the ‘masses’ with great effect and ease. You are correct, it will eventually make its way west – under the guise of stopping corruption, white slavery, terrorism or the mindless meme cash is evil. Of course the political class will be immune from these inconvenient measures and will be enriched at our expense. Government is force and the people need to recognize the heel of tyranny and the expansion of the police state for what they are–dangerous impediments to our God given freedom and liberty.

      • Dan

        Question > What would happen “IF” all 2 million+ “visitors” (protestors on left, and bikers on right) to Trump’s inauguration stormed the capital building instead, and in unison surrounded it much like what happened in Moscow, when Boris Yeltsin stood in the way of tanks preparing to fire on the people, and the GOVERNMENT COLLAPSED ?

        Answer > Tiananmen Square on STEROIDS

        “Now you know the REST of the story” – Good Day !
        (paul harvey)

      • Charles H

        Spot on, SoD. Happy Thanksgivings.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Thanks Charles, may the blessings and abundance of the season be yours as well!

      • Red

        Amen, SOD hope you have a wonderfull TG & all Doggers from OZ specially you Mr Hunter & family

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Danke Red!
          Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving is both bountiful and well attended by family and friends.

  39. 8Ball

    Do something productive… buy some land and grow your own food. Do not waste time worrying about things that you have no control over…

    • Jc davis

      Nailed it 8 Ball. Life and death is not as important as what you did in the middle of it. Live now, Today !

  40. Jc davis

    Greg if you change your mind about speaking your mind on Friday we will love to here from you. You are not much different then us. Got a word for everything. Love you brother.

  41. DB Cooper

    Greg and Doggers … When I moved to the country 35 years ago I soon realized a few things: there are no secrets in the country; careful what you say about whom as most all of them are related!!; while we would strive for independence and autonomy … this all has to be qualified w/ time /money/abilities etc. … we can none of us do it all by ourselves so it is imperative to find like minded community to share the load in hard times. Do not think that in most places you can grow enough food to feed a family in your ‘victory garden’ … so stocking-up and having extended community for trade and barter are essential . Just a couple thoughts from The Redoubt.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  42. Sayonara

    David Morgan is one sharp and concise individual. Always one of my favorite USAWDG interviews. The most important point that David Morgan made in this interview is that Trump will focus on Keynesian economics to “rebuild our infrastructure” instead rebuilding our ability to create wealth for country.
    Of course the main point made is to protect your ass with real assets and not paper buffoonery.
    It is amazing how so many smart people do not get organic economic theory.

    • Tin foil hat

      Organic economic theory doesn’t work in a Ponzi economy. Organic economic theory doesn’t apply when we can print dollar out of thin air and other nations will accept it as a final payment rather than an IOU. We simply cannot, as a nation, rebuild our organic ability to create organic wealth while we are sitting on a Ponzi gold mine which can generate financial wealth out of thin air.
      I suspect Trump’s focus on “rebuild our infrastructure” is the last hurrah to exploit the Ponzi before it blows up. Hence, the Chinese did the same since 2009 but I guess the Ponzi lasted a lot longer than they expected.

  43. coalburner

    Resist the cash removal. The moment they start the game here. Everyone should take every dime from the banks. If you must, spend it on the credit card. Buy necessities. But do not just take it. Slam the system every way that you can. Resist the NWO every way that we can. I don’t think they will take out Trump because they know 50 million armed Americans are seething still and we know who to go after, not the poor cops on the beat. They will be with us. This is a Fourth Turning for the History books and it is not over. The elites will have to be crushed before a new beginning. That is the way it works, just human nature. Great article: . The Fourth Turning 1997.

  44. Oxfarmer

    I didn’t see anyone answer Sceptered Isle’s question on Thanksgiving. It started, Isle, in American Colonial times. Our foreparents starved, and those left invited the Indians to a celebration of Thanksgiving to God for their provision, because the first abundant harvest arrived. The Indians brought food, too. It was, and was not like today’s celebrations, There were turkeys, but they were encased in a dough to soften birds whose lives had been spent on the range. Corn, berries, nuts and corn were probably plentiful. Pumpkins and large squashes were probably there as well.

    The whole idea is to thank God for food and preservation. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and don’t forget the real meaning of the Feast.

  45. coalburner

    I am thinking the Clinton disentegration may simply take care of itself. Bill is in bad shape and afraid of his Orgy Island Problems and Hillery is in very poor health. I think there are things we do not know yet that are in play. Besides Trump is not President yet and is a very astute and cagey guy. He is better to not waste time right now fighting over a big loser. If the Pizza vile, evil implications turn out to be true with evidense, Sessions may have nastier fish to fry. As I once heard that Generals might say, Trump needs to spend his time shooting the nearest tanks first and getting everyone that he can. He must do that long before getting roiled into the Hillery caldron of awful. His administration would spend all their time dealing with the media and Democrap scum trying to destroy his ability to get anything done. Furthermore, watchdoggers need to take action against the media and watch none of their garbage. They get paid for every minute you watch even if you are cursing them as liars. Turn the channel and make it count.

  46. Gina M Mancarella

    The Electoral College is preparing to elect Hillary Clinton.

    Trump can eat $#!^ and die. Our dream is alive !

    • Frederick

      Yeah sure Gina whatever you say NOT

    • Frank D

      Gina, you were dead wrong about the election and you are wrong again now about the electoral college. Only in your dreams sweety.

  47. Gina M Mancarella

    December 19th ! Christmas day if you are Democrat !

    • Brat

      Hi Gina,

      Thanks for the update Gina. Yes it looks that way, I think you are right.

      Trump will be relieved because he won’t have to handle the hate anymore, and maybe one day he’ll be able to take the subway again and walk in the park before he dies.

      Clinton can run America her way and progress the demise of the deplorables (with Joe Biden’s help).

      BJ Clinton’s dream of a diverse America will come true and everyone will be so happy. Tim Wise for VP if Kaine doesn’t make it!

      I love you Gina.

    • Mike R

      Gina- The lump of coal you got coming on the 19th, is going to be SO YUUUGE, you’re gonna need a massive Caterpillar front end loader to pick it up and move it out of your house. Be sure to send Trump a selfie of you crying and wailing, begging for mercy. You’ve been quite the naughty person this year.

  48. waldipup

    I’ve been L/T holding large amount of gold and silver futures , and then stocks (had bought the futures at 5 silver and 400 gold , then sold and bought heavily into the stocks) ,

    Held at the top when I’d made a fortune on paper because was told even higher prices coming , lost a fortune when everything crashed , and now the current rally/potential new bull market seems possibly doomed .

    Would it be unreasonable for me to ask just when the new stratospheric bull will present itself ?

    Because I could have made a fortune in the stock market , real estate – almost aything else while I’ve instead been loyally holding metal investments for almost 2 decades now with a net return of shocking losses instead of profits in these other arenas ?

  49. Gay

    BTW, it looks like they will try to accuse Trump of rigging the election and they will certainly find evidence of rigging if they look.

    • Greg Hunter

      The rigging in the realm of millions of illegal votes cast belongs to the Dems. They were caught on video with Project VERITAS.

  50. Darnell Coles

    As a black man trying to figure out how not to be dragged off to the plantation in chains, I want to thank all the conscientious electors who are standing up one by one to elect the best woman for the job. Hillary Clinton !

    • Greg Hunter

      Darnell (or Gina),
      Hillary is not going to be President and you will NOT be “dragged off to the plantation in chains.” Get a grip man, and stop whining.

    • Frank D

      What “plantation”?? You mean the Democrat plantation of depending on the corrupt government to give you things? You are not a “man” if you can’t earn your living without depending on being given “free” things from the government (who robs workers via taxes to pay for your free $hit). Get a life. Break the real chains of slavery by supporting something other than the Democratic party. How’s life in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, LA and all the other hell holes run by Democrats for decades? How have the Democrats improved your life or those of other minorities? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, its been 50-60 years now and if voting Democrat hasn’t improved your life, try something different or you’re insane.

  51. Peter

    Stocks are going higher and gold and silver prices are dropping!
    Not sure why, other than Trump is perceived as good for the US economy.
    No reason to buy Gold now when it’s begging to drop in price.

    Thank God that Trump won as the US would be in great trouble if Clinton
    were elected. Trump fought all odds and came out a winner as he always does!
    Now Trump can start to fix the US economy.

  52. J W

    HERES A NEW TWIST! Greg should invite on a whole new set of guests in 2017. Why? Because none of these experts we’ve all tuned into for the last 5-10 years have hit a single nail on the head in my view. At what point does this become embarrassing? I challenge Greg to find a list of gurus who have been and still are bearish precious metals. Bullish stocks. Bullish the dollar. So on and so forth. Because face it folks. They’ve been right, and all the Morgan’s, Schiffs, Turks, mannerinos, rickards, organs, sinclairs, polnys, and the rest have been dead wrong. For a long. Long time. They’ve cost us a lot of time and a lot of money. Its time to start listening to people that have a clue and throw the rest of these guys’ inside expertise in the trash where it belongs.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you think the market is real? You think the data is real? You think the accounting is real? You think the MSM news is real? You think the markets are organic? You are in a dream world, and do not grasp the danger the global markets are in. I got a better idea. Why don’t you go over to CNBC and keep drinking the Kool-Aid. I will not serve it here.

      • J W

        Greg, I believe the market, the data, and the accounting are all jacked up. And the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda tool to keep everything jacked up. I get it. And I grasp it all. Ok? But $2200 is a real number, even tho it’s not backed by anything real. And $16 is a real number, even tho it’s not backed by anything real. And I’m not here to say I’m right and all u guys are wrong. I’m here to say that I’ve been wrong about this whole situation over the last decade and I’m finally gonna admit it. Whereas these “experts” are never wrong. They just blame the clock or the data. Never themselves. And in my view, if you are An expert in something you should be accountable for leading people astray to some degree. A simple “I’m sorry.” That would be worth something. I’ve lost a lot of time and a lot of money following these gurus. I’m not saying that’s their fault. It’s mine. But before more and more people listen to these guys spout off again next week whether silver is going to $100 or $115 this year, in their pathetic professional prose, (when it can’t even hold $20) I think they need some time away from the spotlight. Like maybe for good. Find a new bunch of people to interview. Guys that are wise, because they know they are fools. …….. Your doing a good job Greg. My comments aren’t meant for harm, but for good. I appreciate you and your efforts.

  53. Brewmaster


    A wise man once told me: “If you don’t take a profit when you have it, you will take a loss when you don’t want it.”

  54. David Morgan

    For All-

    David Smith has told me the new book is now on Amazon in paperback format. Lulu has been good to work with but it seemed to take quite some time to get the book sent to Amazon.

    Appreciate all the positive comments and constructive criticism, certainly improvement is something I can continually work toward.

    Will be doing an interview with Mike Maloney in the near future. If you get on our free email list you will be advised as we move onward during these days and years

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