Senate, Austin and Milley a Joke, More Vax Lies, Economy Crashing

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 497 10.01.21)

The Senate held a hearing this week mostly about Afghanistan, and top General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin answered questions.  What a joke.  The Senators acted as if this was all just incompetence when it was really a plan to turn over Afghanistan to terrorists and give them weapons and millions of dollars in cash.  This was the plan, and to think otherwise is moronic.  They had a chance to ask why Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller has been arrested and thrown in jail for wanting top military brass to be held accountable.  They also could have asked about the Affidavit of Lt. Colonel Theresa Long MD, who is basically claiming Army pilots she evaluates at Fort Rucker are a national security risk after they have been vaxed.  Lt. Colonel Long says many are NOT safe to fly a war machine, but not a single question from Senators who are as big of a joke as the Biden military leaders.  Don’t kid yourself, Senators know full well what’s going on, and not asking about these current burning issues is too stupid to be stupid.

The vaccines are not working and are causing more harm than good.  This was reinforced this week with many pieces of data coming out saying the Vaccines are creating sick people, and the double vaxed are the ones flooding the hospitals, not the unvaxed.  Senator Ron Johnson was out this week saying the vaccines are NOT working as advertised.  Much more negative vax data coming from Europe too.

Congress has passed a stopgap measure so the government will not partially shut down, but economic problems are far from over.  The debt is there and rising.  Many market experts are calling for a crash.  The problem is nobody is listening and thinks the Fed can keep it all going forever—it can’t.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 10.01.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned date miner and analyst Clif High will be the Guest for the Saturday Night Post.  The Deep State is losing control, and the “normies” are waking up and waking up fast according to High.

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  1. anony mouse

    I think that anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that there is probably a 100% probability that the Chinese Virus [covid] originated at the Wuhan Lab. The point is moot though. The instant cause of the pandemic is an act of war on the entire world and a crime against Humanity by CCP Chairman XI who On Purpose closed travel from Wuhan to China, but encouraged travel to the world in order to spread the virus and damage the other countries of the world and give China an economic advantage. Why is this crime not being addressed. Covid is proven to be manufactured in China. It was aimed like a gun at the World. Is it because China has allegedly given so much money to Hunter Biden and his emails show that he paid the Joe Biden family’s bills? Where are the anger of the countries so heavily damaged by this. China should be sued for 10 million dollars per death, and all the expenses accrued to fight this virus attack.

    • Marie+Joy

      Chinese communism owns the world until Americans changes that and I’m not holding my breath.

      • Astra Penny

        Seems that Biden has sold America to China – otherwise, why did he leave Afghanistan to China? China is in Afghanistan now, having made a deal with Afghanistan – and Pakistan is in the deal somehow.
        And, Biden’s son is part of it all.

        • Charles H.

          Oh, yeah.

      • Anthony Australia

        NO JAB NO JOB
        One for you Ray & Pauly OZ

        • Paul ...

          No Job … and we Stop Buying … stop buying Big Pharma’s aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol and all the other thousands of drugs Big Pharma wants us to buy …
          Note: For those who took the “jab”… and are looking for ways to keep their blood thin (to fight the clotting effects of Big Pharma’s “jab” ) … should simply eat these foods: “That Unclog Arteries Naturally”!!
          1) Berries (Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries) …
          2) Tomatoes …
          3) Onions …
          4) Citrus Fruits …
          5) Cruciferous Vegetables …
          6) Leafy Greens …
          7) Beans …
          8) Fish.

    • Rodster

      It all starts with the Deep State using Tony Fauci to fund this Plan-demic using the Wuhan lab. Look deeper and you find Bill Gates funding Pfizer by becoming an investor in BioNTech months prior to the outbreak.

      I’m looking more at our own government for creating this mess than what the Chinese did or did not do. Even at its worse, Covid 19 has a 99.8% survival rate.

      • Paul ...

        Rodster … You got it … when you effectively said: “it was our Government that is behind this extermination program” … all we need to do to confirm your statement is remember back to what the American Government did to the Native American Indians … first they “infected them” with diseased blankets … then they shot all the buffalo to starve them … then they put them on reservations … today … they are infecting us with “jabs” … they are shutting down our farms and food supply (forcing us to eat insects) … and have already built many many FEMA “reservations” they plan to put us all on (when we have lost our will and energy to fight back)!!

      • TruthWillOut

        … and drink infusion/tea made from Star Anise and Fennel to block damage from spike proteins. Get Ivermectin if you can as many are saying it can help with vax symptoms.

    • eric

      Greg, We know that masks do not protect us from viruses, but what about spike proteins. Can you find out if masks can protect us from shedding spike proteins coming from vaxxed fools

      • Charles H.

        Masks ameliorate the amount of exposure, and proportion to natural defenses a margin of time to react and not be overcome. Sometimes – some help is better than none.

      • Jane Farmer

        @eric: According to Clif High, as long as your vitamin D3 levels are optimized, the spike protein cannot get into your cells.

        • Paul ...

          JF … And if you eat a beef hamburger (that contains zinc) with a raw onion (that contains the quercetin to get the zinc from the beef into our cells) any virus hiding out deep inside our cells (where they replicate) “will be killed” … just like chicken soup with onions helps to kill viruses!!

          • Southern Girl

            Thanks, for all the natural ways to keep us heathy. I try to make sure I eat those foods that will naturally keep my body optimal. I have been taking VD 3- 10,000 IU a day for years. I found out my body just won’t absorb from the sun anymore. It is an age thing.

            • Paul ...

              Southern Girl … If you are too busy working in the office or simply can’t get sunlight to produce Vitamin D in your own skin … let the Sun of God produce Vitamin D in mushrooms you place into the sunlight … simply put fresh organic shiitake, maitake, button, oyster, shimeji or any other mushroom into the sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm (for two consecutive days) … the most vitamin D is produced in shiitake mushrooms (dried with gills up) and exposed to sunlight for two days (about six hours per day) … the vitamin D levels in these mushrooms will soar from 100 IU/100 grams … to nearly 46,000 IU/100 grams … powerful natural medicine indeed (against Fauci’s and Big Pharma’s bio-weapon)!! …

          • susan

            In other words, eat normal.

    • Tim Laurenzi

      Greg Check Out Theta Video

      • Brian

        Masks do NOT reduce risk of exposure (research size of virus vs size of holes in masks), and are extremely harmful to your health. We need a healthy, consistent supply of oxygen, and we definitely don’t need the toxins and bacteria these masks contain.

        • Dennis

          Like trying to stop smoke with a screen door.

    • charles johnson

      It originated at U of North Carolina.
      From 2002 to 2020 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ralph Baric PhD, and Anthony Fauci MD controlled the major patents and the money for coronavirus.

      Ralph Steven Baric is a Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, and Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
      PLA “scientists” took samples thru Canada to Wuhan Bioweapons lab to enhance GOF.
      Funded by grants from NIH/Fauci.
      Fauci/Gates Jr and Sr. have a long history together.

      • Paul ...

        CJ … And the gain-of-function bio-weapon research that was shut down in 2014 was “started up again” in 2017 as soon as Trump got into office and began massively funding the Military … like we were preparing for a Major War with somebody (with who we did not know at the time … until China was systematically targeted by Trump) and his good buddy Fauci then released the bio-weapon from Wuhan … so that the “China Virus” killing millions … could be used as a good excuse to go to War with China … China was probably getting a bit paranoid about what was occurring and their Military probably needed a lot of assurance that a nuclear strike upon then was not immanent … Milley provided that assurance and probably saved America from a preemptive nuclear strike on us by China … forcing the Globalists into kill us Americans with only their “jab”!!

      • Tin foil hat


    • Jeff

      Yes but what if Fauci and Gates and the rest were in on it ? We were testing these bio-weapons in Virginia before we moved them to China.

      • Warren B.

        What if ?

    • Robert

      Fauci played a big role too. There’s a bigger agenda in play imo.

  2. Marie+Joy

    PCR says, “Insouciant Americans are complicit in their own demise.” 9/26/21

    • Brooklyn


      Not only a perfect statement, but the most succinct – and might we add – IN YOUR FACE! we have yet to see. Bravo!

    • Warren B.

      Nothing spells Insouciant …… like accepting the Fake and illegitimate POTUS.
      The Fake POTUS is FAKE in more ways than the obvious vote stealing.
      Do we ever ask why the Resident Dementia patient at the WH has not been seen publicly since Inauguration ?
      Do we just accept that he is not permitted to enter the Oval Office, board Air Force One or enter the Capital Building?
      This HOAX is real folks. Not only do we have a FAKE POTUS …we also have an Actor(s) playing the role of a FAKE POTUS.
      Don’t just take my word for it…someone’s gone and done the homework using ear biometrics and photos.
      JB is either incapacitated (permanently) or Dead.
      Scroll down to the section which deals with ear biometrics. Evidence a plenty right there. Who the bloody heck is POTUS and what/who in God’s name is running this country?
      It is true what PCR has stated for 99.9% of the population.

      • Warren B.

        Suspicion …..
        Embarrassing ……

        Is it senility / dementia or simply the person playing the role of POTUS is not capable to respond outside of scripted responses.

        • Warren B.

          Things that make you shake your head….are we that stupid to accept this BS HOAX?

          Watch at your won peril.

        • Warren B.

          How does this imposter issue an EO…. Mandating Vaccines?

          Ladies and Gentlemen….please give this person a round of applause …because he is fooling (and continues to fool) every person that trusts Government….and for that he should be nominated to the Raspberry Hall of Fame. On the face of it he hardly seems capable of even discerning his left hand from his right.
          This raises many questions about who is actually running the Nation – issuing directives and Exec. Orders , pulling the Military out of Afghanistan whilst donating tens of billions of dollars in unwanted military hardware?
          I will stick my neck out here and make a comment that may not sit well with most –
          IMHO I believe we are right now in a situation of a covert (Black) COUP of the Government of this country whether that is internal (our own Military) or external I don’t know – but I do know that this FAKE POTUS is not even capable of delivering even a coherent sentence. I ask you this…..would you allow this person to have access to the codes that releases Nukes on any country deemed to be a threat to America?
          So many unanswered questions about the illogic in the litany of occurrences involving America and its citizens. The answer might be found in the fact that the Government is working under direction of another more powerful entity.

          • AndrewB

            Hi Warren,
            “The answer might be found in the fact that the Government is working under direction of another more powerful entity.”
            Thank you for your well reasoned comments and forgive me for my brief and somewhat trite response. POTUS, along with the majority of national presidents and prime ministers, are under the command of the dynastic banking families represented by the Central Banking System which they own and operate exclusively in their own selfish interests. The US surrendered it’s sovereignty, without a shot being fired, when it passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The IRS was created the following year in order to ensure US citizens paid the interest on the (to become unsustainable) national debt, loaned to the nation by the Central Bank (the Fed). Loans created out of nothing! Just imagine the cumulative interest on national debt paid since 1913, paid into the private hands of a few families. This applies to all nations who acquiesced to the banking cabal. The few nations who held out have been variously designated, ‘terrorists’ and ‘The Axis of Evil’. Get the idea?! The world’s troubles all stem from the ancient deception of Babylonian Money Magik. POTUS = puppet. JFK tried and died!
            Source historical facts: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin.

            • sk

              As they say…BINGO.

            • Brooklyn

              Thank you, Andrews,

              And, I must admit that you Irishmen know more about American history then many, make that, MOST of my own countrymen, and I commend you for it.

              And, sadly most Americans do not understand that the entire (once) free world is watching closely what’s happening in the States. They say, they can not be liberated if America isn’t – first! Americans still have the 2nd Amendment, they don’t! The future of the world depends on what is happening right now in the last real bastion of freedom, the United States of America, which as we come to realize, is a huge responsibility. And, ask my countrymen, are you prepared?


            • Warren B.

              Always nice to hear your thoughts.
              Those Unelected Rulers working in the shadows have never been underestimated in their pursuits.
              I am conscious of how these Wealthy Aristocrats , the International Bankers and the Royal Families of Europe along with the RCC are all in this together in varying degrees.
              My immediate concern (whilst fully recognizing the influence the Banking Families have had ) is centered around this theme of how the Marxists have completely destroyed the democratic process by installing not only a dementia patient pretending to be a Democrat in the form of Joseph Biden, but also to now blatantly navigate the country into a hellhole along with its citizenry. It is a given that the Puppet Masters always had control of the Government (viz-a-viz the Shadow Government) along with ability to provide the narrative / direction for geo-politics worldwide ….but we are now clearly moving in a very Dark direction – a move into Marxism – completely bypassing national socialism. This is evident in the adoption of certain policies that display extreme heavy handedness along with a lack of respect for constitutional rights – with in your face abuses, lies and outright rejection of due process. The current path does not resemble in the least that which has transpired centuries beforehand. What is foreshadowed, if we continue on this path, is destruction and death – that cannot be construed as being beneficial for the Bankers. We are very quickly approaching a Neo-Feudalistic world.
              There seems to me to be some sort of a Pact between the ruling forces – with the ultimate prize (the Earth and its inhabitants) being duly rewarded to the 10 Kings ( The Royal Families of Europe = Royal Blood Lines) – with the Bankers perhaps being permitted to issue and control the One World Currency.
              To state that the Dynastic Banking Families are the driving forces solely…. IMO gives them too much credit and power. I would argue that it is the Royal Blood Lines of Europe that have more influence, power and control. In saying that, it is well known that the International Bankers have married into the Royal Blood Lines and have therefore commingled.
              If there indeed exists a Depopulation Agenda (achieved through a fake pandemic and toxic vaccine/ numerous bioweapons) I suspect it is the brainchild of these Kings and Queens – who desire to rid the Earth of the polluters, the useless eaters, the consumers of raw materials – depleting the Earth’s oxygen and its natural resources – everything about their existence is focused around Environmental issues. History demonstrates it is not the Bankers who fight the Wars – they merely provide the Finance to undertake such. Kings and Queens have always fought to protect/enlarge their Kingdoms.
              FWIW…… Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler were almost indistinguishable ideologically, politically and economically. The question is who is the driving force perpetrating and installing Marxism?

              “JFK tried and died”…… that is what they want you to believe. Remember the power that Kings and Queens have ? Their families rule in perpetuity.

          • Coal Burner

            Obama through Jarrett!

      • Paul ...

        WB … It is easy to see the noses are different … the eye brows are different and the bags under the eyes are different … this body double scam is exactly the way Jeffery Epstein faked his suicide!!

        • Paul ...

          Anyone who looks like Gates or Fauci should be on their toes … to avoid being abducted and their bodies used to give Gates and Fauci a way “to avoid being tried for Crimes Against Humanity (by them “faking their suicide” just like Epstein did (when all the security cameras were turned off and all the guards paid to “fall asleep”) … we need to get DNA samples from Gates and Fauci now … so we can check it against their “suicided bodies”!!

        • Warren B.

          In agreement there…. Paul.

  3. SouthernPatriot

    Hello Greg.
    As always you have a great show and you are a true patriot & supporter of our country and our Constitution!
    A friend of mine work’s for the state. They are requiring shot’s in order to work there. If you haven’t had a shot you must be tested weekly. He tells me that it’s not fair that the unvaxed have to be tested and not the vaxed. He said he heard that the vaxed are now coming down with the “man made disease from China”! They too should be tested. Many are being scared into taking the shot or loosing there job and pensions!
    He also told us that his daughter – in law is pregnant and what did we think was there best course of action. We gave him your website and told him to tell her and her husband to catch up on the latest information on your show! Here’s hoping they will listen? We’ll pray for them and our country!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “S Patriot”!!

      • Jesse Sobczak

        Hi Greg,
        First I would like to say I love your show brother! You are a true American and patriot!
        I was wanting to know if you could contact Karen Kingston and ask her to site her FDA source of august 2015, CDC information, the PREP Act and all other information she has to share. I could really use the info so I can site my sources when trying to warn people of the dangers of the death jabs. I am alarmed of the number of people who hear me speak with a blank look on their faces in disbelief. They mistake the warnings from us and assume it is political stance just to prove them wrong when are mission is to try and save them. I have learned that I cannot judge anyone for their choices or actions in this world. All we can do is pray for them and try to show them the truth.
        Though we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…WE WILL FEAR NO EVIL!

        Thank you for the work that you do brother! God bless you and your family!

        • Paul ...

          JS … As we currently walk through a very dark Ally (under the Shadow of Death) …We Will Fear No Evil … “ONLY IF WE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH”!!

    • Michael Janket

      People and the “authorities” think it’s perfectly OK to run Covid tests every week in lieu of taking the death shot. This is anatomically ridiculous. The cribriform plate is thin and porous and it lines the bottom of the cranial vault. Constant rubbing, especially by technicians that are using excess force to scrape some mucus from the area and use it for testing is damaging this plate. Bacteria and other components have easier, direct access to the brain, especially on a person who has been classified as a terrorist by our governments, state or federal.
      As an aside, just imagine, and hope, the good guys win this donnybrook some day. Imagine how many traitors we will have to prosecute and fry! Why are the traitors so cocksure they will be on the winning side?


    Having trouble getting your video, just this one, in Australia can you check it out please

    • Greg Hunter

      Not finished processing yet. It will be done soon. Thanks for supporting USAW!!!

      • SymS

        I’ve noticed everything usually evolves slower than I typically expect. If I recall correctly Bear Stearns collapsed in March 2008, and Lehman brothers went bankrupt in September. I’m starting to hear people talk about how Evergrande could impact large banks like HSBC. We’ll see. Interesting times!

  5. JC

    Can’t view video. There is a small rectangular box in the center that says encoding video, with a green bar horizontal bar showing progress, but it is stuck at about 10%. Never had this happen before. On the KK interview, there is not this problem. Strange.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not finished processing yet. It will be done soon. Thanks for supporting USAW!!!


        Hey Greg just watched your video and it was just great stuff , horrible content but better to know the truth very much looking to the Clif High interview did you know that when Clif was interviewed by this English guy called Delingpole about 3 weeks ago, I watched it, and in it Clif said that there will be a massacre or something like it IN AUSTRALIA I picked up my ears of course being an Aussie and he said the whole world will be watching and that it will change events in the world, this was BEFORE the recent rioting and police lockdown in Melbourne that the world has watched Please ask Clif about this he told us the future live on air and there is proof just amazing —question would the cell phone work in Australia including the network

  6. Bruce E. Sanborn

    It’s amazing that the sheeple actually take themselves to the slauterhouse to be gutted, WILLINGLY, almost like the zebras standing around watching the lions eat their fellow zebra, totally clueless that they are next! Keep your arms and legs in on the ride at all times do not stand up and keep your safety belts on it’s going to be a bumpy ride 🤯 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Catherine

      Didn’t you ever wonder why so many Jews never fought deportation and incineration in WW2? Well it’s happening right now in our own country and around the world. Someday another generation studying this deceptive catastrophe will also question why so many people willingly went to their demise without a fight.
      So now we cannot blame any other country for war crimes due to the fact our country is committing the biggest genocide and fraud in human history and we aren’t even at war!
      Bernie Sanders couldn’t hold a candle in the fraud department compared to our government officials
      who vilified a man whom they most probably helped and admired!!!
      Life is ironic indeed

      • Warren B.

        Oh ….but we are at WAR Catherine. It is us (the people) against these monsters who have a sick dream of depopulating the planet of so called useless eaters.
        How many are being maimed and killed in order to achieve their quest for a Totalitarian State? The WAR is on us – we are being experimented on, tortured and slaughtered. History is resplendent with examples of how Power in the Wrong hands can lead to such atrocities.
        You leave no room for error or omission when pointing the finger at America for its War Crimes (this current Genocidal pact) – there is no accounting for those who have planned this sequence of events for centuries – no analysis of those who have infiltrated every vestige of Industry & Government , no acceptance of how Marxism isn’t confined to a single State (such as America). We are not in isolation with regard this Fraud, Corruption and Grand Genocide. It is being played on the Global Stage – with the ultimate reward of Global Governance. America is the world’s largest democracy with the largest private standing army. It must be dismantled before the Marxists achieve their goal.
        GC is quoted as saying “When all else fails – they take us to War” As opaque as it might seem – we are already into WWIII.

        • Marie+Joy

          Warren, They are at war. WE are bending over and taking it.

          • Paul ...

            Not for long M+J !!

        • AndrewB

          Hi Warren,
          “. . . those who have planned this sequence of events for centuries – no analysis of those who have infiltrated every vestige of Industry & Government”
          Been planned for centuries! YES! For the dynastic banking families who run the show, time is on their side. They are ‘invisible’ to the public and act with stealth. They select and groom the puppets we assume to be our leaders and these puppets take the fall if and when plans go awry. Collectively, they are the ‘Wizard of Oz’ – out of sight and ruling by fear.

      • Jerry

        You hit on a subject I know something about. My mother who was Jewish told me that the vast majority of Jews in Germany believed that if they just did what the government told them to do, that they would alright. Most of them were law abiding citizens who had never experienced tyranny. It is worth noting that once hitler disarmed the population the purge began. Sound familiar? The vast majority of the vaxed are just doing what they’re told. Dealing with an armed citizenry does pose some problems for the globalist. The moment they start the purge where I live, they will be met with resistance they’ve never dreamed of. Most of my friends and family are retired military, who know their way around an assault weapon. If we learned anything from Vietnam and Afghanistan, you can’t beat a gorilla force with technology.

        • sk

          Guerilla/ dunno about gorillas though.

  7. SymS

    The GFC happened right after the summer Olympics in China in 2008, it would be an interesting turn of events if another serious financial crisis happened right after the winter Olympics in China in 2022…

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think you are going to have to wait that long.

  8. JC

    Maybe they left all that military hardware in Afghanistan to deplete inventory, so lots of purchase orders can be issued to military contractors to replenish inventory.

    Supply the enemy with weapons to keep the permanent war on terror going forward.

    Money/cost is no problem, Janet Yellen wants to eliminate the debt ceiling permanently.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Think (perhaps to Dream) … now that your buddy Janet Yellen “wants to eliminate the debt ceiling permanently” … take a moment to “Think” what that will mean Stan … it’s all right … God gave you a brain (so you would use it) … “Think” perhaps eliminating the debt ceiling … will mean the value of the dollar will fall?? … now what horrible “Dreams” may that entail “with regard to gold and silver”???

  9. JC

    It’s an endless web of lies.

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Our time is coming, for even the fool is starting to look through all the lies. If everyone is vaccinated and they still can get and spread COVID, then why are the unvaccinated a danger to the vaccinated? None of this makes sense anymore, for they are caught in an endless web of lies. The end of this tyranny will start to emerge.

    • Rodster

      In the Chris Martenson interview with David Icke, he said that when the Covid 19 protests started in the UK, you had maybe 150 show up. Now it’s much bigger. Icke told Chris Martenson that he was off to attend a Covid protest rally in the UK with roughly 400,000 in attendance.

  10. Ken

    Treason is punishable by Death. Kill all the traitors, hung by a rope until dead. The 4th Reich is here in our own country, brought to us by the 1 party system of Aristocrats.

    • Roger

      Hang em High!

      • Paul ...

        R … Why are the American people seemingly so intent on “hanging them high”? … after all didn’t Bribe’n garner the most votes of any Presidential candidate in all of American history?? … all he wants to do is kill us??? … so what’s the big problem with these non-vaxxers???? … just because Nobel Prize winning scientists say the “jab” produces blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, erectile dysfunction, etc., etc. … they go berserk????? …

  11. Chris Chambers

    LTC Scheller was not jailed for asking about the Afghanistan debacle. He was ordered to stop attacking ‘military leadership’ on social media, which he did not. In fact he continued to post repeatedly and challenged his Marine Corps chain of command to “come lock me up”! So they did. While he should be able to criticize his leadership (within strict limits and protocols) he cannot directly challenge his chain of command and not expect consequences. I like the guy’s boldness, but he should have waited until he was completely out (if that was his intention).

    • Greg Hunter

      Lt. Colonel Scheller resigned and was a private citizen. The military did not accept his resignation, and simply changed the rules so they could arrest him. Rotten conduct from the military high command!!! As a private citizen (and Lt. Col Scheller gave up his pension to become one with only 6 months to go) there are no “strict limits and protocols.” That’s some Nazi crap you are worshiping. He has every right to criticize under the 1st Amendment even if the Military does not like it. Of course, keep in mind, it is all true and these weasels committed treason pure and simple. The military works for “We the People, and not the other way around.” You need to take a look at the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as it is the law of the land. Side with “We the People,” and not the traitors who armed and funded terrorists with pallets of $100 bills!!!!!!!!!

    • eddiemd

      As a private citizen he has every right to criticize the military. As long as he does not release restricted information.

      They have him in the brig. I used to do physical exams on soldiers on Fort Bragg who were being sent to Lejeune. They still had bread and water rations in the late 90s so Army soldiers being sent there had to be cleared for potential bread and water rations.

      On a side note. The oral “cure” for coronavirus. Another lie. We have already spoke about the Peyer’s Patches in the GI system a couple of weeks back.

      From “An independent group of medical experts “. Like Fauci Mengele.

      Don’t trust anyone who calls themselves a medical expert. The AMA and Big Pharma are part of the enemy camp. They wear white coats and carry stethescopes and use big words that the majority don’t understand.

      Get some probiotics like Kefir. And some elderberry extract. Immune stimulants. Add in a 81mg chewable aspirin daily if no contraindications.

      Isaiah 46:9-10
      9 Remember the former things of old,
      For I am God, and there is no other;
      I am God, and there is none like Me,
      10 Declaring the end from the beginning,
      And from ancient times things that are not yet done,
      Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand,
      And I will do all My pleasure,’

      Isaiah 41:4
      Who has performed and done it,
      Calling the generations from the beginning?
      ‘I, the Lord, am the first;
      And with the last I am He.’ ”

      Ecc 3:10-12
      10 I have seen the God-given task with which the sons of men are to be occupied. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

      12 I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives,

      The Most High God has put eternity in your heart.

      Exodus 3:14
      14 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ”

      • JC

        eddiemd, you wrote:

        “They still had bread and water rations in the late 90s so Army soldiers being sent there had to be cleared for potential bread and water rations.”

        There is something I don’t understand, soldiers had to be “cleared” for…

        Can you explain?

        • eddiemd

          I would do a physical exam on them. Some soldiers might have had medical or mental problems that would not allow them to be on bread and water rations. Older soldiers. Most young soldiers could be on bread and water.

          “While sailors have to be medically cleared before going on bread and water, Druck said there were other indignities that accompanied his sentence.”

          • Paul ...

            edmd … The way feeding “moldy bread” to prisoners “is a violation of international law” … because ingesting moldy bread (containing deadly mycotoxins) is linked to liver cancer … feeding prisoners moldy bread can be compared to the “jab” … as it is like feeding them a poison similar to snake venom (except its effects tend to have a longer timeline than the jab of a deadly snakes venom) … because the deadly effects of mycotoxins don’t occur through a single ingestion (like the serious deadly effects of the “jab” needs multiple injections) the ill effects of deadly mycotoxins “build up in the body over time (just like the “jabs” spike proteins)” … so even if you feel fine after eating a moldy piece of bread … the mycotoxins build up in your body … just like the deadly “effects of the “jab” builds up spike proteins in the body over time (with each booster shot) and this is “a violation of international law”!!

      • Paul ...

        edmd … The elderberry extract (as all berries in general) will thin the blood (just like a 81mg chew-able aspirin) … so screw Big Pharma … and stop buying their aspirin!!

  12. tim mcgraw

    Yes, Jesus is real. Your description of Saul’s enlightenment was very very good. Well done! Paul is my favorite writer in the Bible. I’m named after one of his followers.
    Well, giving away that money and all those arms to the Taliban is bad, but look at how much the USA gave Stalin in WWII. And then Stalin was given Eastern Europe some of Japan. Well, Stalin had all those divisions in Europe. Nukes would have been required to stop Stalin. I’m sure the Pentagon already has an enemy lined up for the Taliban to attack with all that money and weaponry.
    Standing armies are anathema for a free Republic. So is the CIA. So is the IRS. So is the Fed.
    Thanks for the report.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!

    • eddiemd

      The IRS is hiring 80,000 agents.

      Remember the IRS is in charge of healthcare under Obamacare. They have access to electronic health records (EHR). HIPAA does not apply to .gov. Don’t be fooled. They began the EHR in the late 90s under the guise of “preventing” medical mistakes. In reality it was Big Pharma and Big Insurance taking over the health industry. A form of socialized medicine that is here now. Same all over the western world (EU, UK, AUS).

      There is a new bioweapon coming soon. Hantavirus variant. In the third world it will be a hemorrhagic fever variant (Machupo, Mayaro, Dengue variant, Marburg, Ebola). The freaks at Fort Detrick can create anything. Cut and splice.

      • AndrewB

        The IRS is owned and run by the dynastic banking families* for their own ends. IMHO, they are recruiting an additional 80,000 agents because, “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY”. Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the WEF. In such dire circumstances, it will take a lot of ‘persuading’ to make you ‘happy’! My guess is that 80,000 is merely a modest start.

        *’The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin.

    • Coal Burner

      Well, Now Tim, we are getting somewhere! Very good observation. During the fiasco in Afghanistan one TV talking head slipped up and said we now had troops on the border to defend (and we would presume intentionally lose the “STan that has the largest Uranium production in the world,) yes, I will come up with their name if no one helps me out. Now think about this, my local power company is killing a perfectly good coal power plant for background base power and knowing solar panels and windmills are more a local high paying joke to help ranchers keep their land, our Power company went out and bought 20% back up replacement base power from a nuke power plant. So one of the smartest unknown investors of all time about a month ago started buying up all the available uranium in storage. He is the kind of guy that is not going to be tipped off by an insane government but is just plain smarter than them, so his company jumped in and started gathering all the loose ends around our country. Yes, he plans on harvesting a lot of that congress moronic throw away money. That nuke power may be not what the world elites want us to have but our friend is going to make a lot of their money between here and their next move. Thanks for helping put some pieces together.

  13. Paul Simmons

    Force the public and military to drink poison and you don’t have to blow up the valuable infrastructure of a nation. The military of the attacking nation or nations (as in United Nations) can walk in just to help with the chaos . Just blame the effects of the poison on a medical mistake and on whom do you drop bombs in retaliation? How do you rid yourselves of the nice nations come to help? Hence, all must be vaxed at any cost. And who cares in the OWGov advocates if the Biden admin does the most callous, outrageous things. The trump the Trump card has been played. We gave them enough rope to hang ourselves.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Paul,
      “Just blame the effects of the poison on a medical mistake ”
      Even claiming to have made a ‘mistake’ is way too honest for the Devils running the show. TPTB will blame Covid 19, as always, and the ‘domestic terrorists’ who had the sense to refuse ‘vaccination’.

      • Charles H.


        Put five guys in a room for no reason but to be there – totally random: and through conversation and posturing – one person will exert superiority over the others. To define your peer, or your opponent IN NEGATIVE TERMS is always the process. Those who do things different or even correct: will be defined as the enemy and evil. It is kind of. mud-slinging, when you think of it – just to see what sticks.

  14. Marie+Joy

    Good thing we have Runble.


    We are in deep dudu.This has been an attack on America before our own eyes. So incredible no one can can believe it. Our own country men are part of it. The commies have taken over OR THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED AND THEY HAVEN’T TOLD US.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up.

    • Spur

      Why are you so quick to blame China! If I were you I’d look towards piece of shit Gates and company for blame! This evil being is responsible for so many deaths one cannot count them… Gates, Fauci the CDC, WHO are all guilty of mass murder…!

      • eddiemd

        And China. All in together.

        Totalitarian dystopia.

        • Warren B.

          It goes much further than that – UK and France assisted China to develop and enhance bioweapons that were created in BSL3-4 Labs at Fort Detrick and Nth Carolina. The level of complicity is off the scale.

      • JC

        G.A. STEWART: In 2019, COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health were funding gain-of-function research in the same Communist Chinese Biological Warfare Laboratory that allegedly released COVID-19.

        That is a strange coincidence given the strange fetish that Bill Gates has with eugenics. This, no doubt, was acquired from his father, William Gates Sr., who was involved with Planned Parenthood.

  16. Chris Chambers

    By the way, there is a way to get Ivermectin, it’s slow because they are busy, and some of the links trigger your computer virus defense scans, but check for an online consult and a chance to buy Ivermectin before you get sick. Caution though, not all doctors on the site are in the US, some may not be reputable.

    • AndrewB

      Eliminate ‘risk’ and consult America’s Frontline Doctors. Not the cheapest perhaps, but totally trustworthy.

      P.S. Many of America’s Frontline Doctors gave up high paying careers by speaking out against the C19 medical tyranny, especially founding member, Dr Simone Gold. These honest physicians deserve support.

      • Frank D2

        Chris and Andrew,
        Finding a good doctor to prescribe Ivermectin isn’t the problem. I found a couple. The PROBLEM is finding a PHARMACY to fill your prescription. I ran into the same problem that Greg described with Costco. I have NOT been able to find a pharmacy who will fill a prescription for Ivermectin (not walgreens, not CVS, not Costco, etc.). And this may be why:
        Merck was the original patent holder of Ivermectin. It’s now off patent, so no money in it for them. This new drug is their reformulation of Ivermectin. And I’ll bet its way more EXPENSIVE.

        • Jane Farmer

          @FrankD2: Yes. Just read an article on zerohedge and the per pill cost of the new pills is approximately $350/pill…and you need 14 of them in the treatment protocol.

      • Brooklyn

        Chris, Andrew and now Frank,

        We found Ivermectin to be readily available in the states by starting with the list offered by the FrontLineDoctors website. It took a while, and yes we were charged $100 for the telemedical interview via Zoom, but the doctor and his staff were extremely professional. Asked about all the meds we were presently taking and our age, weight and other info and offered a prescription and the correct dosage with a script that they send to “competing pharmacies where the staff warned us to go with the second pharmacy since it offered compounding therapies at a reduced rate.
        On Karen Kingston’s advise we just purchased 500 NAC tablets, too….;)

        You just need to invest the time to research and find the doctor(s) that will work with you, who by the way, send the script over to the pharmacies ….

        Good luck and as Greg says, Jesus is Real, Pray to him for guidance….


        • Paul ...

          B … In the Beginning there was Nothing (but a spiritual entity we call God the Father) who wanted to male himself “real” … “a physical being” (with weight and substance like gold) … his name was Jesus (and we are made in Jesus’s image)!!

          • Greg Hunter

            No Paul,
            Jesus has always been there. In the beginning of Genesis Jesus is referred to as “The Word.” Same thing in John 1:1 King James Bible,
            “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

            • Paul ...

              Greg … I think we are on the same page … God who is spiritual, non-physical and outside of matter is the source of our universe and all that is … and God created time, space, and matter (of which Jesus was made) on the first day of Creation!!

  17. Bronson

    Internet search “YouTube A final warning to humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon”.

    • Paul ...

      Scientist Michael Yeadon warns: “We Are Standing At The Gates of Hell” … and we are being jabbed to push us in … by corrupt politicians … working for Satanic eugenicists … … we must stand firm against their jabs to end this tyranny!!
      Note: The US leads the world with a total of 695,116 of its citizens already “jabbed” to death and millions more are about to be pushed into Hell by corrupt politicians (on the take) who are imposing fines on Corporations to force their workers to take the “jab” or be fired … American Corporations must now show where they stand … are they going to be Patriots? … or are they going to be complicit in the murder of humanity? … do they do the moral thing and resist the corrupt politicians and save their countrymen (which ultimately includes their own family and children) … or do they go over to the Dark Side? … use your God given brains CEO’s of America … there is a very simple way for you to avoid the fines being imposed upon you by the evil corrupt politicians working for the eugenicists … simply fire your workers for not taking the “jab” … BUT THEN IMMEDIATELY HIRE THEM RIGHT BACK … “As Independent Contractors”!!

      • Paul ...

        As Sole Proprietors of their own business each individual will be private company … so what is Bribe’n and the “commies” going to do? … ludicrously mandate that Corporations with one(1) employee … “fire themselves” (for not taking the “jab”)??

      • JC

        Yes Paul…

        Bill “Gates” of Hell…

        G.A. STEWART: For me, the mathematics and scale of the universe overwhelmingly prove that there is a God and that God is the primary engineer. Nature is a cold blooded killer to the interlopers. Bill Gates is not smarter than God, and Gate’s disbelief is why there is a Book of Revelation.

        • Paul ...

          JC … If American Corporations remain stooges of the Globalist eugenicists … and continue to be complicit in the Murder of Humanity … they should be made to “Pay the Bill” … by both jabbed and un-jabbed individuals … who “Completely Boycott” all their products and services … if these Corporations want us to die … we need to retaliate by putting them into Bankruptcy while we have a chance … actually it’s easier for the jabbed to get back at the Corporate Murderers of Humanity (as they will be home sick … not able to even get out of bed to buy anything … for us un-jabbed … we need to be immediately boycotting the most egregious Corporations (the Drug Companies) “right now” … Completely Avoid All Their Products and Immediately Sell any of their stocks we may own … Out Of Our IRA Accounts!! … Make Them PAY THE BILL … Damn them All (from Bill Gates, Fauci, Soros and Shwab to the Evil Corporate CEO’s) … To The FIRES OF HELL … for All Eternity!!

          • Paul ...

            What will be very effective … is “a concentrated attack” on one single Corporation … if we Concentrate our Boycott Power on one single Corporation and drive them into Complete Bankruptcy … other Corporations conspiring to Murder Humanity will most likely sit up and take notice … but we must “Completely Decimate the Target Company we choose … they need to be killed as dead as they have killed and maimed our loved ones (by forcing the “jab” upon us and our children)!!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi Paul . . .
        Thanks for the link to Dr Mike Yeadon. I have listened to hi S before and the link you provide is the best. It’s on YouTube so may be taken down. If anyone knows how, please post video to

  18. Clayton Marshall Bye

    What mg dose of ivermectin should someone weighing 200 lbs take and for how long

    • Rick

      Clayton Marshall bye, as a preventive my former doctor had me taking 15 mg two days a week. Total of 30 mg. I’m 195 lbs

      • Brian

        Go to FLCCC website and they have listed protocols for both prevention & treatment.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Clayton,
      There have been many explanations for Ivermectin dosage within USAW comments over the past months. I looked one up for you, but bear in mind that what you read here is opinion only – not medical advice. If in doubt, review USAW comments archive.

      Charles H. 09/30/2021
      The idea of the horse-paste Ivermectin being 10 times stronger is pure boloney. It is fear mongering and a hard attempt at dissuading people from using it. The only confusion is because Ivermectin comes in varying doses – some 2 mg some up to 6 mg per pill. If you look up the 1.87% Ivermectin paste on (Veterinary section) THE DOSE FOR HORSES IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS FOR HUMANS per kilogram or pounds.

      The Standard daily dose is: .2 mg per kilogram of weight
      Pounds divided by 2.2 gives kilograms
      140 pounds divided by 2.2 = 63.6 kg
      .2 mg x 64 kg = 12.8 mg dose. (3 4 mg pills; or 2 6mg pills?)”

      • Charles H. sets dosage at 200mcg or .2 mg per kilogram weight per day.
        200 pounds divided by 2.2 = 90 kg
        90 kg x .2mg = 18 mg. (This is Standard daily dosage, for this weight.)

        What you don’t specify is WHY do you want to take Ivermectin? For prevention or prophylaxis is one thing. To treat a medical condition is another. Do you own diligence and investigation. One should not look for quick or easy answers here or anywhere. If you have intestinal worms: see your doctor.

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter. I love your tenacity and admire your bravery sir , so many others have disappeared . If these Communist Bolsheviks bring the USA to her knees what hope have we ,supposedly allies, if she were to die? The Communist Bolsheviks here in the UK aided by the Bolshevik Communists in the European Union and the United Nations are flooding arms into the UK,whilst our Police/Military/Secret Service are either aiding in this or looking away. Some are expecting a blood bath obviously and all the Bolshevik Communists in the Civil Service,that includes so many in the military and police and secret service, are ready to seize the property of those executed. The plans are in place aided by the tax agency HMRC. For us plebs life gets a little bit more difficult here in Central London fuel for us plebs is stretched and many goods are absent. Now the blood thinner,Calciparine, is in short supply,so those needing surgery urgently will suffer due to a shortage that should never have happened, simply because the bulk medicine is made in China. The same is happening on mainland Europe.
    As a mere cleaner I use a lot of bleach and floor cleaner which is now in short supply,our alternative is steam cleaning as long as we have power in the houses we clean.
    The attack on us plebs by the Bolshevik Communists,like Klaus Schwab our elected leaders and the poisonous United Nations, is very effective. What do the operatives with the rifles and gas chambers ,Doctors and Pharmacist, really see themselves as Lords of the Manor which is now empty and devoid of people do they think they will be allowed to feast in this food chain?I still see most of them looking for a wall to stand against as their overlords want what they have.its the Bolshevik Communist way,they want you and me dead.
    It is refreshing to hear you Mr Hunter clearly see the Bolshevik Communist threat do you see the rest of the people awakening to this Bolshevik Communist murderers’ threat before its too late and taking real action? Here in the UK we plebs are utterly supine and choosing coffins.

    • eddiemd

      Keep a back up supply of bleach in your homes.

      Water purification, disinfectant/cleaning, etc.

      In case of emergency purchase iodine tablets now. Seal the bottles in wax. The Army used to issue iodine for water purification. They were sealed in wax for long term storage.

      For larger water purification needs…you can set up a pool filtration system. It will get the sediment out of the water. You can then use one of the above to purify. It will taste like chlorine or iodine but you won’t die of dysentery. Prepare your water now. Even municipal systems will be contaminated.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Maria,
      Yes, my siblings and my wife’s are all, “utterly supine”. We try our best to awaken them to the danger but they just don’t get it! The omnipresent oracle of truth, the BBC, have them enthralled.

      • Freebrezer

        A – I never understood Germany and the people being sheep. Now I do. Most people just want to be good sheep and follow what the Government says to do! this is ingrained in most kids starting in kindergarten thru 12 grade … follow what the teacher (authority) says and get a star on your forehead (rewarded for never questioning authority and always following authority)! I am going to venture a guess that the people that are speaking out, are probably the same ones that would not just sit ‘nice’ in school? … the rebels

        • Tin foil hat

          Nazi Germany carried out a campaign to “cleanse” German society of individuals viewed as biological threats to the nation’s “health”. Racial Science was taught in schools and supported by over 90% of ordinary citizens including teachers and doctors.
          I’m astonished how the liberals don’t know they are behaving exactly like the Nazi in 1933 when they admonish people to “believe the science.”

          • Freebrezer

            TFH – !!!!

  20. Lee

    Guess what Greg–You cannot get NAC anymore. The FDA has Banned it in The United States. Good luck finding it.

    • Sunny

      Not accurate. NAC is no longer available through Amazon, but many other sources continue to carry it. Do an online search. It’s still there.

  21. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, is no surprise. Whats so amazing to me is, those supporting the democratic party, and the globalist ambition, are so blind to the totalitarian agenda of Biden and the democratic party. Hilary Clinton’s book, It take a village, though I haven’t read it, I listened to four journalist explaining how the book reflected the mindset of someone who believed the government’s place in society is to legislate everything in peoples lives. A true reflection of a hard core socialist and totalitarian. To transform the government into a control tool of the people, and rather than serving the people as a republic is suppose to be, the government controls everything in our lives, like communism or totalitarianism. The vaccines are now being seen for what they are, a control tool, and even worse, a trojan horse used to subject the citizens to continued vaccine programs of control. The trojan horse is the proteins these vaccines create. Here’s something to think about. In Gen. 6th chapter, fallen angels tried to alter the genetics of humanity to stop the promise from coming through the woman. To create a race of unredeemable hybrids. But, Noah was perfect in his generation, (one who’s genetics were still pure) and also the one whom humanity would be repopulated after the flood. AI technology and genetic intrusion through vaccines is demonic in nature. We’re seeing the same thing happening ounce again, though few will catch it, and put it all together. Are population needs to resist this genetic tampering. Farewell friend.

    • Francis Peter

      Well said Donnie! I totally agree with you! Can’t wait for the Lord Jesus to come back!

  22. Hauns A

    Thanks for good shows this week as usuall.

    I have a couple of questions that i would like you to ask some guests.

    First. Are inflation transatory IF 10% of all People die next year.

    Second. This question are for gen. Flynn. Why did he say ” what a Beautiful black sky ” during the intreview with FBI back in 2017 .

    Thanks again for the good shows.

  23. JC

    G.A. STEWART: I recently had an argument with someone over Ivermectin. All people have to do is spend two-minutes reading Wikipedia to understand that Ivermectin is not horse paste, nor was it developed as a drug for animals.

  24. John Pick

    We are definitely living “….as it was in the days of Noah”. Maybe it is time to Reflect, Repent and Reconcile with our Creator God so that he can “show His Strength in behalf of those who love Him”?

  25. Robert Coleman

    Thank you for your dedication in promoting Truth in Journalism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert for your support.

  26. Jim Ledayrd

    Jeff Prather has a good discussion about the Graphene Oxide in the jab and how it’s tied to “Havana Syndrome”. (ringing in the ears, stomach pain, burning sensation, confusion) 33:00 mark

    Graphene Oxide is like a liquid computer chip, a radio antenna that responds to microwave energy , Laser energy, etc. That’s why they want booster jabs , especially in military pilots and American troops. Disable the pilot and you don’t have to shoot down the plane.

    If this sounds like Star Wars or a “Conspiracy Theory”, that’s because IT IS! in 1865 if you would have told people that there is a small wireless device you can carry in your pocket and make picture telephone calls, they would have called you CRAZY. Covid is about getting Graphene Oxide into your body for trans-human control.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jim,
      I agree. The insane pressure to inject everyone is to include humans in ‘the Internet of things’. I have posted Microsoft’s patent application xxxxx060606 (can you believe this number?!) on USAW before, but for some reason it has failed to generate any traction among fellow commentators???

    • AndrewB

      This is the abstract from patent xxxxxxx60606:
      Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.”

      As usual, TPTB place reliance on people not reading their heinous plans.

    • c

      You have connected the dots. I read that the graphen semiconductor chips are 100 times more efficient than the silicon ones.

  27. Thomas Surguine

    That letter from Maria Dos Santos is nothing less than just heartbreaking! Oh my…sounds as if u.k. is following in the Aussie total trynanny. As one blogger commented “looks as if Oz is reverting 2 their origin “penal colony ! Having been there, yrs.ago, seeing the “remains” of one of those “camps” this many centuries later, the Spanish Inquisition had NOTHING on these total tyrants. Please pray, at least, for reason 2 apply, sooner rather than later. I fully expect SERIOUS VIOLENCE ” down under” and many corrupt cops are gonna be demised. And that same violence is going 2 be visiting Davos, time will tell. Expat tom

  28. Scottish Girl

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you so much for getting the truth out to us all. I’ve been watching your videos for 3 years since your YouTube days and have learned so much from you and all the guests you interview.
    Great preach at the end re Saul’s conversation. I imagine that’s exactly how Jesus would have sounded!

    I believe it’s time for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God to arise and do great exploits through the power of the Spirit! Can you feel the earth groaning! (See Romans 8:18-25)

    Also Jesus words in John 14:12 – “He who believes in me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do because I go to the Father”.

    The nations of the world need healing and miracles like no time ever before!

    Blessing from Scotland Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Scottish Girl for your support!

  29. John

    Hi Greg
    It appears Tom Brady got the real vax. He appears to be breaking down and looks terrible. I believe the bad guys would love to destroy a high profile superstar by giving him the real vax.

    Thanks for holding the line.


  30. Manny

    The best journalist of our time ! Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Manny!

  31. andrew healey

    I herd they are going to put the same poison in Ivermectin .So you should get it now.

  32. James

    The Nazis fought the globalists. Patton realized too late that we “fought the wrong enemy.” People need to realize that the WWII narrative is false. McCarthy tried to point out the globalist (Communist) infiltration but was destroyed.

    • Freebrezer

      J – “fought the wrong people” … you are joking? The German extermination camps for the ‘sullied’ , i.e. Jews, Catholic priest, Gypsies, the infirm, etc – 12,000,000 million murdered. Have you read the “Rape of Nanking” or have you ever heard of Pearl Harbor? Patton said that we should not stop but continue the war, this against Russia/communism. Patton Quote – “I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them. They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their supply system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for five days. After that it would make no difference how many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves going back. Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!” — Patton

      • James

        Yes, yes, Freebreezer, it’s in the “news” about 7 days a week, but I’ve grown skeptical of mainstream narratives especially ones where people are imprisoned for asking basic questions.
        FDR did everything he could to provoke Germany and Japan. He also filled the government with traitors. Start with Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History. Don’t miss this fine collection on Pearl Harbor –

        “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.“ – Patton

        During a dinner with French General Alphonse Juin in August, Patton was surprised to find the Frenchman in agreement with him. His diary entry for August 18 quotes Gen. Juin: “It is indeed unfortunate, mon General, that the English and the Americans have destroyed in Europe the only sound country – and I do not mean France. Therefore, the road is now open for the advent of Russian communism.“

        On Feb. 29, 1944 the British Ministry of Information sent the following note to British clergy and the BBC:
        Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of “Corpse Factory,” the Mutilated Belgian Babies,” and the “Crucified Canadians.”
        Your cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry.
        Your expression of belief in such may convince others.
        I am, sir, Your obedient servant,
        (signed) H. Hewet, Assistant Secretary
        (Rozek, Edward, Allied Wartime Diplomacy: A Pattern in Poland, John Wiley & Sons, NY. pp. 209-210)

  33. Peter


    What a great new phrase you’ve coined, “the lessor of two weasels.” I’ll be using it going forward.

  34. James Hall

    Look for the NASA War Document over 10 years old. Look for Deborah Traves did a report might be hard to find, but serious info.

  35. Deb

    Looking forward to Cliff

  36. James Hall

    To bad the earth ain’t spinning in space if you do the math and use perspective the earth appears to be flat.
    Understand before you remember all the A’s and B’s you got, most of what we think is to be true is wrong.

  37. James Hall

    Raw milk from grass fed cows and goats is our number one super food, not the space as pasteurized poison.
    Go to the raw milk institute.

  38. Jim Miller

    Senator Rand Paul, charged that Mr Becerra is “arrogant.” Senator Rand Paul is too kind.
    Mr Becerra is not just “arrogant.” Mr Becerra displays gross IGNORANCE and CONTEMPT for true science. What doctor can ignore the largest, and most robust scientific study yet performed on natural immunity over the largest demographic yet studied? The Israeli study is well designed, unlike the “cherry picked data lies” that come out of our CDC and our NIH. The data in the Israeli study is so well designed, that this study is one of the few foundational studies upon which the U.S. medical community can make sound decisions for treating their patients from here on and forward. But, the U.S. medical community is willfully turning a blind eye to medical truth. If only the U.S. medical community had the moral courage to do the right thing.

    As Rand Paul pointed out, Mr Becerra has absolutely no medical or scientific education in his crap resume. Mr Becerra is a petty criminal, a hate-filled political hack. Mr Becerra just marches to the orders of Commander in Chief – who intentionally and happily gifted the world’s terrorists with the biggest military defeat in our lifetimes. Mr Biden, provided future terrorists with weaponry and complete knowledge of our finest military equipment.
    Remember the defense claims of the Nazi war criminals? “I was just following orders.”
    All of those Nazi criminals, including petty bureaucrats like Mr Becerra, received a just penalty. The death penalty.


    Hi, Greg! I suspect the Chinese paid full value for the equipment. The cash can be used to purchase the equipment, resulting in a discount. Everything about the transaction can be classified.


    Greg! One Senator DID ask about the LTC’s pretrial detention and the claimed reasons for it.

    • Greg Hunter

      The entire hearing should have been about that. I stand corrected and thanks for your info.

  41. eddiemd

    Pope dope forcing the injections.

    He is a key figure in the end time scenario. False prophet.

    “Pope Francis has been a vehement supporter of the mass vaccination program, asserting that humanity “has a history of friendship with vaccines.”

    I Peter 1:18-20
    18 And we heard this voice which came from heaven when we were with Him on the holy mountain.

    19 And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation

    Numbers 24:17
    “I see Him, but not now;
    I behold Him, but not near;
    A Star shall come out of Jacob;
    A Scepter shall rise out of Israel,
    And batter the brow of Moab,
    And destroy all the sons of tumult.

    Revelation 1:4
    Grace to you and peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven Spirits who are before His throne

    Numbers 25:12-13
    12 Therefore say, ‘Behold, I give to him My covenant of peace; 13 and it shall be to him and his descendants after him a covenant of an everlasting priesthood, because he was zealous for his God, and made atonement for the children of Israel.’ ”

  42. Justn Observer

    Greg, Is it an UN raveling or a re-set…we are watching? As Carlin quipped, ‘it a club and you ain’t in it !’ hmmm would that be THE CLUB OF ROME?
    HEREIN, even a word from Mel Gibson …
    The Work of the Devil – YouTube

    Vatican To Punish Employees Who Refuse To Comply With COVID-19 Certification | ZeroHedge

    Critics Pop Champagne As New South Wales’ Premier Gladys Berejiklian Resigns | ZeroHedge =
    NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, which also took down Berejiklian’s alleged ex-boy-toy, former NSW MP Daryl Maguire.

  43. Russ D

    Read Karl Deringer’s article on the PCR test…….IT IS ALL BS!!!!

    “Do remember the admitted truth on PCR: A Ct test of 35 or more almost never results in culturable virus.

    It breaks down something like this:

    Ct<20 = Nearly always you can culture virus.
    Ct25 = 50 – 70% of the time you can culture virus.
    Ct30 = ~25-30% of the time you can culture virus.
    Ct35 = ~4-8% of the time you can culture virus.
    Ct40 = Statistically never can you culture virus.

    Why is this important? Many people have claimed that viral debris from your infection still means you had it, thus, positive is positive. Nope. This is the worst sort of fraud."

    • FarmerChet

      PCR test cannot detect any virus. (period)
      Cycle threshold can be anything and a PCR test STILL cannot detect ANY virus.

      Always been known by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and labs.

  44. Jim Miller

    Hi Greg,
    I walked into our local James River Equipment, a major John Deere dealer store.
    I said to a friend and one of the sales persons, “Your huge showroom looks so different.”

    The salesman said, “Yes, we have no equipment to sell.”
    I live in a major large scale agricultural County. James River Equipment normally carries a gigantic inventory from lawn tractors to gigantic combines.

    I asked, “I am considering upgrading my little tractor. Can you help me with the calculation?”
    This salesman and friend said, “Jim, we don’t have any tractors in that department.”
    I asked, “How long would I wait for delivery?”

    This salesman said, “We are estimating sometime in March or April.”
    We did the calculation for considering the upgrade.

    Then, I walked over to the parts department and service department. I noticed row after row of John Deere Christmas toys.

    I said to the serviceman, “Why do you have so many Christmas toys in the parts department this year?”
    He said, “We have to fill the aisles with something.”
    Fortunately, he had the parts I needed for maintenance on my tractor.

    Just a couple months ago, I could walk walk into this John Deere store, and observe a massive inventory, catering to large scale farming operations, and readily choose between numerous tractors in my small class. Today, in this enormous dealership you can buy John Deere toys.

    I am not a large food grower, just my garden and some food to give to neighbors.
    But, I live in a major produce and meat producing County.
    I just wonder, how is this lack of major large scale farm equipment today going to contribute in the near future to the increasing food shortages, and to the already steeply rising food prices. How much food can you grow with toy tractors?

    As much as possible, start growing your own food folks.

  45. Jim

    Trucking is going to get tougher for sure. Parts to keep trucks rolling arr getting harder to get., Semi tires on back order for months in my area. Wonder ifthey are on the ships off the west coast waiting to unload.

  46. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Covid news seems to be ramping up. It seems people here are hesitant to be further vaxx’d with the booster so we may soon have more officially unvaxx’d folks (ie, subject to being laid off/fired) but still vulnerable to the Delta variant because of their prior vaxx. Yes, people will die from this and yes some of them will be friends and family — for me and many others. The realization that the FDA, CDC and their own family doctor do not have their best interest at heart will come too late.

    Sad that treatments (Ivermectin, HCQ) are being withheld to remove competition and keep that profit margin up— criminal, but in this political environment who’s going to bring charges or prosecute (rhetorical ?). Besides, they’re just following orders…

    At some point there will be a Nuremberg moment but that time too will arrive late for many who have been vaxx’d.

  47. David

    “When You’re down and troubled and You need a helping Hand; and things aren’t going right,
    -as that old North wind begins to blow: You can think of Me and soon I’ll be at Your door.
    If You just call out My Name, well You wherever I Am I’ll come runnin’ to see You again – aint it Good to Know You’ve got a Friend!”
    – Jesus
    P.S. They’ll get You down if You let them, but don’t You Let them! 🙏👣🌤❗️

  48. Walter Baumgarten


    You say that this is not bungling or incompetence, or just stupid choices but has all been planned and you have hit that nail right on the head. There can be no doubt that what is being done is what the rich guys at the top want to happen and the sad part is that there is no one there to stand up and fight them, except of course for the few like Rand Paul and those of you in the “alternate” but Truthful Media.

    I have an idea that once the “leaders” of America became so wealthy and so isolated at the “top” that they looked at the Little People whose main concerns in life were recreation and procreation, accompanied by their new set of ridiculous public agendas, that they threw up their hands and decided that there was no way that we deserved to be treated any better than the herd of animals that they believe we have become. I believe that they have sold us out to the CCP because they know that the Chinese are the only ones that can straighten out the leftist loonies, and we all know how that will be done. All of us but the loonies that is they will have an interesting surprise.

    There are two consolations here I think and the first is that the mindless minions are going to get what they deserve and fairly soon, and the second is that once it gets too bad, Jesus shall return and straighten it all out.

    Until then my friend, keep up the great work and try no to let it drive you out of your mind. That is one of their goals you know.

  49. eddiemd

    They should do Pima and Coconino counties in Arizona. Recounts.

    Pima county has the two drunks in the House. Grijalva and Kirkpatrick. Both alcoholics and Grijalva was involved in the cover up payout of his sexual harassment.

    Grijalva is a cultural marxist “activist”. How he was ever elected is a mystery.

    Kirkpatrick. Drunk carpetbagger. At one time was the Coconino County attorney. Making war on the Navajo and other native peoples in northern Arizona to fill the coffers of the county. Another cultural marxist.

    “Born in the district she now represents, Kirkpatrick graduated from the University of Arizona in 1972 before receiving a J.D. from her alma-mater in 1979. She went on to serve as a city attorney for Sedona, Ariz., and became the first female deputy county attorney of Coconino County.”

    Both are dirty and compromised liars.

  50. Alexander MacArthur

    On the mark , AGAIN , Greg ! The tyrany and lies of DC become more blatant by the day .
    God bless you , and prosper you in your current ventures .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alex for your Blessings & support!

  51. eddiemd

    Ukraine is the next target for the globalists.

    “The purpose of the drills is to enhance the compatibility of participants in NATO’s Partnership for Peace project.”

    That made me laugh.

  52. eddiemd

    Ecuador in the news.

    Having spent 6 months in Bolivia with the Army Special Operations Command, Ecuador didn’t really figure much in the drug pipeline. Except for some radar sites along the border with Peru and Colombia. Most coca out of Bolivia was moved by boats on the rivers into Brasil. Peru moved by river and coastal ports.

    Colombia moved it out of Buenaventua.,_Valle_del_Cauca

    We are still in Manta Ecuador contrary to the press reporting.

    This isn’t new. There have been radar stations for decades since the early 90s.

  53. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Milley & Austin should be Tried for Treason – when Convicted put to Death!!!
    This is way beyond Sickening
    Moron is Correct – pallets of $100 bills is just the tip of the iceberg. Definitely a Plan
    Shaking my F’ing Head
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  54. eddiemd

    Opportunity for China, Russia, and Pakistan to take over.

    The black flags from the east. No surprise that we armed the taliban. They will side with Persia, Russia, and Turkey and move on Jerusalem.

    “The Islamic State ended the explanation of its flag’s design with a prayer: “We ask God, praised be He, to make this flag the sole flag for all Muslims. We are certain that it will be the flag of the people of Iraq when they go to aid … the Mahdi at the holy house of God.” The house of God is the Kaaba in Mecca, the holiest shrine in Islam, and the Mahdi is the savior who Muslims believe will appear there in the years leading up to the apocalypse. The Islamic State was signaling that its flag was not only the symbol of its government and the herald of a future caliphate; it was the harbinger of the final battle at the End of Days.”

    Declaring the end from the beginning. El Elyon.

  55. Truth in Tension

    Greg, thank you for the wonderful videos. In a world were truth is censored your videos are indispensable for those of us who are not deceived by the moochers, parasites, and pull peddlers.

    “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat.

  56. LC

    Right now it’s Google & Amazon trying to take over. To buy from Amazon you must provide a two-step verification code sent from Amazon to your email &phone text. To buy from Macy’s online you must provide two emails. One email associated with your Macy’s online sign in acct & the other email Google is tracking you or Apple depending on if you’re using Android or an Iphone.
    The Beast with seven horns. Could be the three branches of govt, plus Google, FB, Amazon, Apple IMO

    Macy’s took a big bite out of my debit card for an online purchase I made yesterday then cancelled my order for no reason other than I failed to provide them w an alternate email – the gmail I use to get GooglePlay on my Android phone to work for installing apps. Macy’s still owes me the credit for an online purchase they cancelled abruptly after a checkout online & said I wouldn’t be charged but was & the pending charge will take up to 7- 10 business days for refund on my debit card. Macy’s is treating my Visa Debit card like it’s their own Macy’s Charge Card. I think Macy’s is ruled by Google now & broke. Otherwise why the demand for an alternate email to verify my online activity w them? And a two-step verification code w Amazon to both an email & for phone text. Otherwise you can’t do business w Amazon.
    I refuse. Poor Amazon. Amazon & Google = China
    China keeps lists of everyone’s phone nbrs & delivery tracking nbrs. e.g. FedEx. What a joke.

    • AndrewB

      Simple solution. Stop buying from, supporting, these overtly globalist entities. Buy local wherever possible, seek alternatives, or go without. Don’t caress the hand that reaches out to kill you . . .

      • Paul ...

        Exactly AB !!!

  57. Rich

    I’ve heard that 85 billion number you keep throwing out as the total spent on the Afghan war. But to your point. How many billion do we have to give the terrorists before it’s treason?!?
    You’re 100% right that it was too stupid to be stupid.
    But my research is showing a sideways/downward trend for 1-2 weeks. Then a strong Santa Claus rally into January. But that is in the crypto market. And I think the stock market as well. I’m also hearing silver will explode around the end of the year and set a new 3 digit all time high.
    Anyway, great work!! I love your broadcast and the fact that I can get real news

    • Paul ...

      Rich … Silver will definitely move to triple digits … not the low triple digits … silver will move to the “high triple digits” in spite of Stan’s wishes for the precious metal to go to “zero” dollars … just the electric car market alone (in a few years) will be using the world’s entire mined silver production … what do you think the silver price will go to when electric car companies can’t get the silver they need to make cars for all the 3 baby families China is encouraging their people to have?? … look at the price of palladium!!

  58. susan russo

    My life is like most of us, very affected. Two brothers have been poked. One is staying with me and has many medical things he will not talk to me anymore about. The other who lives in another state and was close, stopped talking to me because of my mere mention of the hard times ahead. My sister is very aware, not poked. Your reference to Saul brought the correlation of the dems demonizing God’s people who do not vote their way.

  59. tom price

    Greg Hunter. I was really Blessed by the Jesus part of the video. I think it was Grace,Love, Peace and be ready to meet him in the sky. Anyway I enjoyed it and believe you will be blessed for it. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom.
      I thought about the “Saul moment” all week.

  60. Fred Engel

    I believe what God’s word says that there will be a shaking, Hebrews 12″Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Stay strong in the Lord tell em Greg Fear Not! We are according to President Trump will see the economy tank, prices rise, which will cause supply demand/shortages. Prepare food water protection. Jesus is Lord of all.

  61. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. Appreciate your weekly perspective. I will also be looking forward to hearing Mr. High on Saturday night.

  62. Keith Kasprzak

    When was the last time we heard in the news that anyone we could classify as an elite was sick or died with covid? Supposedly a few politicians or other noteworthy names were reported as getting covid19 but they all recovered. What does that tell you?

    • Greg Hunter

      The CEO of Pfizer still has not gotten his injection.

      • Tom C

        As always, thank you, Greg.

        If anything, the Elites get Saline shots. They wouldn’t touch these “vaccines’ with a fifty foot pole.

        • eddiemd


          The leaders and elite are not taking the injections. That is for the peasants.

          Trump and company probably never took the poison. They know better.

          Trump is part of the deception. Unfortunately. He can’t be trusted. He needs to come out and admit his mistake about the coronavirus “vaccine”. Until then he is another actor on the main stage of destruction. He needs to be like Jehoshaphat and bow before the Most High God.

          2 Chron 20:2-19
          2 Then some came and told Jehoshaphat, saying, “A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea, from Syria; and they are in Hazazon Tamar” (which is En Gedi). 3 And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the Lord, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah. 4 So Judah gathered together to ask help from the Lord; and from all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord.

          5 Then Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem, in the house of the Lord, before the new court, 6 and said: “O Lord God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You? 7 Are You not our God, who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel, and gave it to the descendants of Abraham Your friend forever? 8 And they dwell in it, and have built You a sanctuary in it for Your name, saying, 9 ‘If disaster comes upon us—sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine—we will stand before this temple and in Your presence (for Your name is in this temple), and cry out to You in our affliction, and You will hear and save.’ 10 And now, here are the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir—whom You would not let Israel invade when they came out of the land of Egypt, but they turned from them and did not destroy them— 11 here they are, rewarding us by coming to throw us out of Your possession which You have given us to inherit. 12 O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”

          13 Now all Judah, with their little ones, their wives, and their children, stood before the Lord.

          14 Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah, the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mattaniah, a Levite of the sons of Asaph, in the midst of the assembly. 15 And he said, “Listen, all you of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you, King Jehoshaphat! Thus says the Lord to you: ‘Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. 16 Tomorrow go down against them. They will surely come up by the Ascent of Ziz, and you will find them at the end of the brook before the Wilderness of Jeruel. 17 You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem!’ Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you.”

          18 And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the Lord, worshiping the Lord. 19 Then the Levites of the children of the Kohathites and of the children of the Korahites stood up to praise the Lord God of Israel with voices loud and high.

  63. John Robie

    Greg, have been listening for years and your commentaries, encouragement and belief in our Lord Jesus helps me get through the week. You are like an old and trusted friend whom I wait for three times a week to help explain things and bring on interesting guests who are waking up some Americans to the truth. Looking forward to the Clif High interview. Just want you to know what a treasure you are to listeners.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother John.
      Brother Greg

  64. Frank D2

    Why would anyone trust “the Science”?
    – The CDC’s 14-day rule is the latest in a long line of official sleight-of-hand. Add to that one the following:
    – CDC changes death certificate guidance, March 2020 (no distinction between died WITH vs. died FROM, and no confirmed PCR or autopsy necessary)
    – CDC changes its definition of a vaccine
    – CDC stops counting most breakthrough cases in the vaxxed and creates separate rules for testing the vaxxed.
    – CDC counts Covid death percentage for the vaxxed PER DOSE, not per person
    – WHO changes the definition of a pandemic
    – CDC changes the two-test rule for PCR (a second test required to confirm infection during past viral outbreaks, but not for Covid)
    – WHO changes the definition of herd immunity
    – WHO issues new guidance to lower the PCR test Ct threshold—on the day Biden took office
    I’m sure there’s more out there.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Frank,
      Good list and, as you say, not exhaustive. TPTB twist commonly understood definitions in order to distort the truth, and the majority are taken in. During these turbulent times, nothing can be taken at face value!

  65. Al Day

    Our system…our way of life, has always been dependent on the common goodness of our citizens and leaders. When that trust is broken, so is our system. It would seem that this is the way most nations fall into tyranny. Diligence in maintaining the goodness has been replaced by bold propaganda that destroys the ability to think clearly. Once the evil has been installed in enough high places, the rest is merely a matter of time. And justification disappears and is replaced by callous disregard for opinion.

  66. Frank D2

    I believe this explains why “the science” is against Ivermectin:

    Merck was the original patent holder of Ivermectin. It’s now off patent, so there is no money in it for them. However their new drug is a “reformulation” of Ivermectin.

    Of course! Why encourage people to take the inexpensive Ivermectin when it can be held back and via a shell game, bring our their new (patented) replacement?!?!? These people are evil!

  67. Jack Johnson

    Hey Greg,
    Do you have a link to the Medicare Covid death information.

  68. Jerry

    Sides are being drawn.

    Is there any doubt we are headed for civil war? The CDC has isolation
    camps set up for the unvaccinated. It’s just a matter of time before a major black swan event forces the issue. I for one, am tired. Tired of watching the genocide go on. Cliff says wait it out. That’s easy to say until you’ve lost a loved one to this tyranny. I wake up everyday with vengeance on my mind. There is no justice, at least not here. Who’s watching out for us? Ah nobody? Greg don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating giving up. I’m advocating action. At some point the reality is going to set in that if we don’t fight back, they will kill us all.
    We are literally weeks away from a major tipping point as these mandates take effect, and then what? More waiting? Decision time is coming my friend. Get prepared.

    • Coal Burner

      Jerry, from a friendly sympathetic person here. When people finally get angry they tend to want to hurt what is handy! You know, some useless shmuck that doesn’t matter. That is not going to help or make any difference. If many spontaneously reacted where they should, it could matter. But there is not a useless eater in Washington DC worth 2 cents. All puppets including Obumdouche. He, Jarrett, Milley, all the little twerps behind the curtain sucking the issues, those morons heading State and Defense, dumber than tame sheep, are just anothers monkey too the people doing this too the general populations around the world. These are probably getting the real thing in the boosters.
      Just trying to help with the scale of the problem!

  69. rocker54

    I would like to know where all the Chinese people that are in the U.S. are. Coming from. Every town in America has a Chinese restaurant staffed with men and women that cannot speak English and have a hard time understanding English. Are they here legally?

  70. Larry Rodriguez


  71. Roger

    Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill To Require COVID Vaccination In Order To Fly Domestically

  72. Brian C

    Greg we’re in our 60’s and have been following Clif and yourself for many years. Clif was right-on with the crypto market, this was just one of many “the man is amazing”. My wife & I are totally greatful that you are giving more time on your channel to Clif “and letting him finish his thought’s” we know that time is an issue.

    Wanted to ask about John Williams how about an update, the way we’re going we need to hear from all the top people. What about the dollar tree, their prices are going up some to $5. I know a lot of retirement people purchase food items at that store and this will put a hurting on the low income people!!!! We need more people getting this message out. Would it hurt to mention giving to your local Church/Food Bank, etc.

    Sorry Greg for the rant so much on our minds, thanks again for your time and ALL YOUR HARD WORK we so appreciate you.

    Brian & Trish C.

  73. MikeM

    Greg you do a wonderful job providing insightful and informative commentary and in interviewing very knowledgeable guests. THANK YOU!!! We need to act on the information that Greg and his guests provide but, first and foremost, we need to recognize our enemy and realize that this is a spiritual battle. We need God’s help and direction. I am proposing that all who are followers of Christ pray every day at Noon your time and fast your lunch and entreat God for direction, to heal our land, guide us through this perilous time, and grant us a swift victory over our adversary. If/When He prompts us to act, then we must be obedient to act; however, we need His prompting and favor first and foremost; otherwise, it will be wasted effort. Again, this is a call to followers of Christ to pray and fast at Noon every day.


  74. matt

    Hi Greg! Great Show, Heart felt my brother! Apostle Paul became ascended Master Hilarion. He is so powerful in my life. Much Love and Respect!

    • Charles H.


      Show us in the Holy Bible where this occurs – where Apostle Paul become an ascendent master? Your little clue of enlightenment only discloses the degree of your deception. Claim any way you want – but it boils down to Jesus Christ will either say ‘Well done’; or ‘I never knew you’. Mixing the profane with the Holy indicates you risk the latter.

  75. iwitness02

    Good, heartfelt reporting, but I have to keep reminding myself to not get angry. Instead of anger, I need faith and patience. At the same time we must be as prepared as we can be, given the brains and resources that we have to work with.
    For me, it is a rather delicate balancing act between anger and logic.
    On the other hand, it is a beautiful day here at home. A good day to give thanks for God’s providential care and count my blessings. I think it is important to enjoy the quiet time before the storm arrives in full force.

    • Ray

      Well said IW2.
      Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Canberra, George Orwell Nation

    • James Loughran

      By giving Thanks you relate with your Creator (Prayer), and, if you are practicing preparedness, you take stock. Keep listening. Supernatural and natural do not conflict but our understanding may have to be patient, very, very. Thanks for the post and reminder to joyfully carry our Cross. God Bless.

    • Self Exiled

      Yes: I also, good counsel.

  76. Blumhagen

    Your future guest….Molecular Biologist, Gina Gold, discusses the Nuremberg Code and how it will apply to all who proposed the shots or gave the shots. 10 minutes.

  77. eddiemd

    They are really going after the Marine LTC.

    Don’t be surprised if they kill him in the brig. This LTC needs the best legal assistance.

    Articles 88 and Article 133 apply to Milley. And a few more.

    It is spiritual warfare. Pray for him and his family.

    • eddiemd

      Psalm 34:6-8
      6 This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him,
      And saved him out of all his troubles.
      7 The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him,
      And delivers them.

      8 Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
      Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

  78. Stephen G Romey

    Sad, but the US Military and the entire US civilian government is no longer effective or reliable. America is pretty much over – I am not sure what things will look like in a year, but it’s going to be absolutely terrible. Make your peace with yourself and others and hope there is some type of divine intervention – not that I am expecting it. I think this 3rd dimensional reality is coming to an end.

  79. eddiemd

    More commotion in the ranks.

    There is an information blackout at the moment. The censors are trying to control the leaks coming out of the ranks.

    The destruction and purging of the military is very real. Things are accelerating. The globalists may need to pull the great reset quickly because the enforcer military is questioning the narrative.

    Watch for a major false flag. Some type of action that will put the military on the streets.

  80. Johan

    for the past several years, you have been giving people practical advice on getting getting ready. was good advice as we now head into the hard times. I bet many who watch your show took your advice to heart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Johan. I gave simple advice and simple is robust. We still have some time to get in a better position. Food and water yiou can stopre is a must!!

  81. Self Exiled

    Natural immunity doesn’t work against a bioweapon, ask Jerry. Especially one that creates variants. The opposition wants to destroy the world, not just the USA. Evil has no boundaries and I’m not talking about geographical boundaries. Guns, red flag laws supported by Republicans, I guess that’s next. Afghanistan, debt issues, political parties, audits, ships not being unloaded at docks, on and on; all carrots on a stick and the real donkeys/parties just keep going around in circles following those carrots. Like a friend of mine who took Mederan said ” Who do we shot?”. Only God can create/allow these situations on a national or world wide scale. Man without HIS Blessing destroys himself. HE is allowing us/individuals to choose our way; each and everyone. HE is cleansing the ranks.

    But I have this [charge] against you, that you have left your first love [you have lost the depth of love that you first had for Me]. Revelation 2:4

    “Thus I shall magnify Myself and demonstrate My greatness and sanctify Myself, and I will be recognized and will make Myself known in the sight of many nations; they will know [without any doubt] that I am the LORD.” Ezekiel 38:23

  82. Dee keene

    I agree with you Greg, 100%. Thank you for this Friday wrap up & all your posts this year of pandemic & Biden.😟…..Look to the world & be distressed, look to yourself & be depressed, look to JESUS & be at rest.🙏✝️🙏

  83. Martin Coombs

    Love ya Greg , God bless you & yall from uk

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Martin.
      “Never, Never, Never give up”!!!!!!!

  84. Roger

    California Becomes First State To Require Students Be Vaccinated To Attend School

    The rule, which is expected to take effect for all students in 7th grade and above as early as next semester, could soon affect millions of children in the Golden State.

    • Jeff robbins

      Jeff here in Washington, I called our school superintendent on Tuesday and talked about this very issue. Our kids are the same ages, and its his desire the those decisions are locally decided. I made it very clear my boys will not get the shots and warned him to prepare at least mentally for an at home version of school. Our governor will follow California for sure, as he has political ambitions for president. I’m starting to get concerned about the financial implications on the job side of things more than all the rest. Will employers that pay minimum wage require their people to have the shot, like fast food? That might explain the beefed up penalties in the 3.5 trillion bill.

  85. Fran Barnes

    Theme: Unity and How to come together.
    You/we are doing what we can to stop this evil genocide agenda but we/you also realize we mostly only have i-net to reach out, communicate, to find like-minds willing to fight for the morals, Justice and Truth of God and USA. But, we mal also be realizing that it is not enough to turn our nation around.
    Then I say from Genesis (Douay-Rheims) …she shall crush his proud head with her heel. You/we might respond with a pause in our forward motion with ‘OK, Yes, it is the Word of God and I uphold this Truth but what does it mean to help us/me in this fight; who is she?
    How many folk we know who’ve wittingly taken the rape jab, breathe our poisoned air, water, eat GMO chain-conglomerate walmarty foods, etc., ad nauseum. Blessings on all who pray and do works to help others understand the dilemma we’re in.
    We cry out “Enough!” that the enemy scoffs at. I’d like to say to those who know the Purity, refined as pure gold, the Faith, and the Trust in He who made us and of the mind and heart of ‘she’ need to form a think tank. May others of like-mind values form think tanks. Then, consider the courage and means to do together. Unity.

    • Charles H.

      There is no “she”, to Genesis 3:15. The reference is to the woman’s seed. “It shall bruise thy head (the serpent), and thou (serpent) shall bruise HIS heel. A bad translation and faulty exegesis gives an opening to some feminist entrance? Notice this profesy even specifies the sex of the serpent’s victor (head wound = mortal; heel wound = impediment). Sorry, this is way left field stuff.

      • Fran Barnes

        Charles. I believe the origin of your objection is because I made reference to the Douay Rheims use of “she”. Genuinely, not feigning humility, I determined a long time ago that to really get down to some nitty gritty Scripture discussion, a LOT of knowledge is necessary. Allow me to gently retort with a simple logical parameter – If you, in the Spirit of the Living Christ are the seed that bears enmity with the devil, it follows you also know who ‘she’ is. Then, allowing the benefit of the doubt that you may be well versed in the early Fathers of the church, it was known that in the Hebrew text in this Genesis 3:15 the pronouns were not clearly interpreted. So, I also thank you for your input as I didn’t know of this discrepancy in the interpretation of Jerome’s original Greek translation into Latin.
        As to the reference to a feminism play on my part or ‘way left field’ the headship of Jesus Christ is absolute…in both sexes….from the justification of both Adam and Eve in response to God’s question after their fall – Eve blames Satan and Adam blamed Eve. Thus the consequences. As Eve disobeyed, Mary obeyed and prophetically also fulfills the crushing of Satan’s head and Mothering the Son of God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’d prefer to hear it said in St. Paul’s words, “I would have you wise as to what is good and guileless as to what is evil; then the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Rom. 16:19b–20a). [–No clue as to which Bible translation was used there.] What I most wished to convey in my posting is that there is some head-crushing that needs to be done and since we surely can discern at this perilous time in the history of our nation and others’ nations is the battle is also very spiritual. Many excellent thoughts, knowledge, insight, experience have been shared in this blog and it’s just my $0.02 that we need a next step from blogging to doing.

        p.s. There are many theological treatises some by the early Fathers of the church and some more recent focused on this Gen. 3:15. Should anyone wish to delve deeper into it:

        • Charles H.

          Thanks for the reply, Fran,

          I knew you were going to the Virgin Mary, from the outset. And NO: she does not qualify as being the one who bruises the serpent’s head.

          The idea of arguing semantics (meaning, interpretation) is moot/useless, from a human standpoint. Allow me to set a few things forth.

          God Almighty has, by Inspiration, brought the Word of God into literary form of existence – first with the Old Testament, then the New Testament. He then, using Inspiration, delivered His Holy Record over time through the Language Barriers: perfectly nuanced to the characteristics of each language in succession. This is called Preservation. This means that God has provided in each language – His Record, His Word exactly as needed: and without comparison or correction to other languages. This means that the French Bible cannot correct the German; or Hebrew or Aramaic, or Greek or Latin can correct the English. (Anymore than English should correct the Greek, or any ‘original language’.). In short: God has NOT delivered His Holy Word in such terms as intellectuals are needed to comment or interpret what it has to say to the common man, woman, or child. If you cannot believe that God has perfectly produced His Holy Word in the Bible of your native tongue: then you have fatally undermined your own faith – as you don’t have God’s Word. All you have is something close, that needs correction, or interpretation – and therefore is not perfect. All God’s works are done in (perfect) righteousness AND perfection (Psalms). In fact – my Bible is comprehensible at a 3rd Grade reading level. And because the Holy Bible IS a Divine work (Inspired and Preserved): the only commentary on the Bible IS the Bible. This is because the Bible is Progressive in nature; and it is self-defining. It introduces the term and then defines it; building on the original context from there. So all you need is the version God produced in the language you speak. (But the devil. has made sure there are counterfeits.). It really is just an up-or-down, yes-or-no issue: is the Bible in your hand, in your native language the perfect, Holy Word of God? If not: you are still in confusion. In short 1) if you don’t believe the Holy Bible is truly and perfectly God’s Word: you aren’t giving God enough credit to do such a thing; and 2) man has no power, or spiritual license to correct or change the DIVINE DOCUMENT. There are warnings in Scripture to NOT change or omit.
          I understand that you have well studied languages and commentaries. I’m familiar with the Catholic orientation of Apostolitic Succession (no such thing), and a heirarchy of authority (usurping authority of the Written Word and the Holy Spirit Who delivered it.) – in papal ex-cathedra edicts. You have learned a system well: but it is a system based on human authority and not Divine. You are under a false religious system.

          In Mark Chapter Two – when Jesus Christ healed the palsied man, saying unto the palsied man: “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” Vs 6 “But there were certain of the scribes, and reasoning in their hearts.” Vs 7. “Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?” The problem was – they were wrong to consider Jesus Christ speaking blasphemies: because He was/is God; AND they were perfectly right from the legal standpoint – no one can forgive sins but God only. For this very reason man cannot forgive sins , from the Divine standpoint. Yet ‘the Church’ claims it can. In fact, ‘the Church claims a lot of false things: like promoting people to sainthood. That wasn’t enough – so they went and promoted Mary to godhood, falsely. Scripture is plain: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” 1Tim2:5 Mary’s promotion is illegitimate; she cannot intercede: because that is mediation: thus trespassing upon the Divine Office of God the Son.

          I could argue semantics and doctrine and histories and commentary no end: and to no avail. The buck has to stop somewhere: there has to be one, final Authority. You trust and believe the Catholic Church IS that authority – though it is a human institution that claims divine authority it doesn’t have. I trust and believe in a Divinely Inspired and Preserved unchanging document that possesses THE Divine Authority as the basis of faith and practice. Truth is self-evident; it proves itself. Until you come to the point of believing the Holy Bible above all else: the foundation of your faith rests only in the realms of men, and an endless search for meaning. Jn 12:48. “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”

  86. Brian

    Ivermectin: Yes, many big Pharmacies are no longer filling scripts. However many compounding pharmacies are filling and they ship. Try to find one locally and then within your State as many only ship within their State but others ship nationwide. I’m in Texas and that is what i did.

    • Frank D2

      I also live in Texas. Which compounding pharmacy did you use to get Ivermectin? Thank you in advance.

  87. Martha

    What is the life span of spike proteins?

  88. Martin Coombs

    All the planes mic names have meanings ( strings concordance) hidden in plain sight ( Greek ) even the Ai Battle Joshua ( Ai hsbc we will use ur dna data for future banking crypto ( mining your soul if your unaware) so much word play , search the scriptures, think on the word /s , & numerology gematria & you stop seeing thru the glass dimly , Gods blessing to you all in Jesus name , hosanna hosanna amen

  89. Mike and Ann Almon

    Ahhh Greg you are THE BEST! Thank you so much for your wrap up and for all the great interviews you have with such knowledgeable people! My wife and I just had our last “eat out” at a restaurant here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as starting on Oct 4, no more eating out here in Nova Scotia because we never took the jab. Doesn’t matter that I have excellent medical reasons why I can’t take the fake vaccine because it’s got nothing to do with health, but everything to do with ABSOLUTE COMPLIANCE just like so many other communist and Nazi like nations demand today. Also… such great comments on your site and I love to read through them after every episode!
    God bless you muchly Greg you dear Brother in Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike. This will be over in 5 months. There will not be customers because the vaxed will be very sick.

  90. Lynn

    Greg….the word “weasel”, replace it with weevil, cross between weasel & evil. Weevils destroy everything they come in contact with!!!!
    Cut the power off in China, big die off, and torch the Chinese garbage that we all thought we could not live without.
    As always, you tell it like it is, such a breath of fresh air. Thank you Greg.
    Inflation in medicine, another way to kill off the masses, cannot afford meds!!
    No parts, no food, no workers, WE ARE VENEZUELA…NOW, not later, NOW
    Office Space….YIKES, we need another bailout for commercial hedge funds!!!!
    We will be Afghanistan soon, masks, gender crazy, dumbed down….here it comes!!
    Please ask Clif High about the Medicare die off numbers!!!
    Costco will carry Pfizer’s new Ivermectin look alike, with a PATENT….you can have that!!!
    My drywaller who speaks very little English who just arrived in the US, is learning how to trade gold and bitcoin….IT’S OVER, the fat lady (and there are a lot of those) is singing…..time to head for the hills!!!!!!!

  91. Self Exiled

    Whistleblower Says Nearly 50,000 Medicare Patients Have Died From Covid Vaccination

  92. Self Exiled

    A secret nuclear facility by the IRGC has been attacked near the Iranian capital.

    Earth remote sensing satellite recorded an attack on a secret nuclear facility located near Tehran. An unknown missile successfully struck a facility where nuclear weapons could be stored and the corresponding development of the latter was carried out. Taking into account the location of the Iranian capital, it was assumed that the attack was carried out from the side of the Caspian Sea, and it is very likely that we are talking about the Israeli Air Force, which initially operated in the airspace of Azerbaijan.

    On the satellite images presented, you can see that the secret nuclear facility of the IRGC visually received quite serious damage, however, it is reported that the missile was supposed to strike not at the building itself, but at the underground complex located just below it.

    Official Tehran does not comment on the attack at the moment, but it became known that this nuclear facility is covered by long, medium and short-range air defense systems. Therefore, at the moment there are quite a few questions about how the attack went unnoticed and why the air defense systems of the Islamic republic failed to repel it.

  93. MC

    When they repeatedly say things such as the following they are lying and trying to destroy you & your children and Christianity:

    Trump: “The vax is safe & effective. It is saving the world. You should take it.”
    Prophet Taylor: “Trump is anointed by God.”
    Obama: “Hope & Change”
    FedChair Powell: “the inflation is transitory”
    HSBC bank: “China Evergrande risk exposure is limited”

  94. Terry Lewis

    We had a family reunion in Mexico and while there my wife and I were able to get Ivermectin, Zpac, and hydroxychloroquine over the counter at a mexico pharmacy without a prescription at a very reasonable price. Take a vacation to Mexico and come back with your insurance policy!

  95. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    when we left Saigon on April 29, 1975 we left behind 183 gold bars weighing almost 100 lbs. apiece with Hindi mint marks. The Hindu Indians controlled the black market in southeast Asia at that time. Did the NVA get the gold? I don’t know. There have been a lot of rumors about who got it. I am in Illinois right now and cannot send you my dates for the next Super Cycle but it starts @Oct. 9th, 2021 and will run to about Jan. 2nd. The peak times of concern are in November but I am thinking the 19th but i can’t verify that right now and as soon as I can i will send the you the key dates so you can watch them.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  96. Kay

    I asked my local Publix grocery store in South Florida if they would fill a script for Ivermectin that I would get from my doctor. The chemist told me that she had the right to refuse to fill it.

    I found an urgent care facility that has its own pharmacy. They give Ivermectin when diagnosed with COVID but I got my own through PUSH HEALTH. At least I found a doctor that will help with early treatments if we get sick. I know of a friend in another state that also got Ivermectin for her son when he got COVID from an urgent care facility. Privately owned Pharmacies and compounding places will fill scripts for Ivermectin.

    Not sure you are aware of this but the CDC gives Ivermectin to Refugees as standard protocol.

    Looking at 2019 CDC guidance, one has to wonder if one of the reasons why there is such a run on ivermectin is because our own government is using it. And no, not for horses, but for refugees. Yet these same government agencies are running a blood libel-style smear campaign against the drug and its users by misleading people into conflating it with a veterinarian version of the drug, leading many people to think it’s some sort of poison for humans. In the process, they are leaving thousands of COVID patients without any other options for treatment.

    It’s not clear whether the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees will be forced to get vaccinated like American international travelers, but one thing is clear: They will likely get the ivermectin that most Americans can no longer access. It turns out that in 2019, the CDC issued guidance for refugees from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East to be given ivermectin pre-emptively for potential infections.

  97. Doug

    Greg I hear what you are saying about if and when we start losing friends but to be honest I am having a hard time about what my reaction will be . Myself and would guess many others have tried to inform friends about what we have learned about the clot shot . and it usually boils down to they agree 100% with what you share or they totally disagree .If you try with those who disagree they usually get mad .I have friends that have said not to mention it again, we still are good friends but there is no talk about the jab . basically their minds are made up and they are not concerned about facts .So this is were I have to protect my own mental health and say and feel that if they go from a vax injury it will be like water off a ducks back as far as I am concerned . It might sound hard but when you have done all you can and they tell you to shut up it would be fake tears to cry for them .

  98. Mike+G

    We all know the answer to this insanity this mass hysteria. IT begins at the barrel of something that Youtube , Twitter, the oligarchs want to start or stop .Let us stop them at the airport, let us stop them as they are alone.

    • Al

      They are being booed and cursed at anytime they are out in public. Let’s ratchet up their pain, but most of all, we must do the same to the lame stream marxist enemy media. They shall not be able to walk the street.

  99. Rich R

    Greg awesome update as always. Bless you brother.
    In case anybody wants to know.
    Here are the ingredients of both vaccines that nobody is talking about. Just watch the incidents of Bladder Cancer in the coming year or years. Here is the CDC list of ingredients in all three vaccines.
    And here are studies showing that 4-hydroxybutyl has been used by scientists to induce bladder cancer in mice as part of research since 1981. See below link on Pubmed and from the NIH.
    N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine-induced urinary bladder cancer in C57BL/6 X DBA/2 F1 mice as a useful model for study of chemoprevention of cancer with retinoids.

    Cliff High is right – these things cause cell death over time.

    2-hydroxyethyl – Moderna
    N6-(2-hydroxyethyl)-Adenosine Induces Apoptosis via ER Stress and Autophagy of Gastric Carcinoma Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
    What do caspases do during apoptosis?
    Caspases, a unique family of cysteine proteases, execute programmed cell death (apoptosis). Caspases exist as inactive zymogens in cells and undergo a cascade of catalytic activation at the onset of apoptosis. The activated caspases are subject to inhibition by the inhibitor-of-apoptosis (IAP) family of proteins.

  100. Jason Thomas

    Dear Mr. Hunter
    I have written to you before about this subject in the past and received no reply . I know you are a busy man but this information may or may not save the vaxxed when it comes to there immune system. It is about COLLOIDAL SILVER, its is a natural antibiotic that may help people that are ill with covid or the vaxxed when they get ill again. COULD YOU PLEASE ASK YOUR DOCTOR SOURCES IF THIS MAY HELP THESE PEOPLE AND GET THE WORD OUT IF IT DOES. I know a company that sells COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATORS and the gentlemen who owns the company has been getting nothing but problems from the government ever since the supposed pandemic broke out. So there may be something to this. If there is any questions about this feel free to contact me. Again this may help others if we the people can not get Ivermectim and the other drugs you mention because of an over reaching government.

  101. Marie+Joy

    One way, or another, it will go kinetic. WE need to be in better shape.

  102. Mark

    Dear brother Greg,
    Regarding the “Saul moment”, Paul himself writes to his young co-worker Timothy that : ” we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully and knows this, that the law is not enacted for a righteous man but for the lawless and unruly, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who strike their fathers and those who strike their mothers, for murderers, for fornicators, homosexuals, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and whatever thing that is opposed to the healthy teaching, according to the gospel of the glory of the blessed God, with which I was entrusted”…
    (or literally, WITH WHICH I WAS FAITHED – ‘so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ’, Rom.10:17, and He Himself is called the ‘Author and Perfecter’ of faith, Heb.12:2 )
    … “I give thanks to Him who empowers me, Christ Jesus our Lord that He has counted me faithful appointing me to the ministry, who formerly was a blasphemer and a persecutor and an insulting person; but I was shown mercy because, being ignorant, I acted in unbelief. And the grace of our Lord superabounded with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Faithful is the word and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am foremost. But because of this I was shown mercy, that in me, the foremost, Jesus Christ might display all His long-suffering for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him unto eternal life. Now to the King of the ages, incorruptible, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen!!! (1Tim.1:8-17)
    As always brother Greg and all who come here and read and post who have received the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (Gal.6:18, 2Tim.1:7)

  103. David Garrett

    Appreciate your work Greg Hunter,even the old WFMY PM Magazine.

  104. Jeff robbins

    Greg, Please let us know if some comparable arm band I.D. comes along for the unvaxed, like what the Nazis did to the Jews. I just hope to maneuver my family and finances so as to avoid the worst. This isn’t going to end well, no matter which coarse we go down.

  105. jack mathers

    The last 5 min of this video was ” beautiful “

  106. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Agreed. You are right on the money Greg.

  107. Olaf from Oz

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the information.
    The following I believe is yet to come.
    Isaiah 13:11. And I will punish the world for [their] evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.
    12. I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.
    13. Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.

    Just a bit of trivia.
    The Vatican was declared a Sovereign country in 1929
    If it is Sovereign, its leaders are KINGS?
    Since 1929 there were 5 Popes that DIED.
    Pope John Paul – (ii) was the 5th
    Pope Benedict (Alive?) was 6th [King?]
    Pope Francis is (Alive) is the 7th [King?]
    The 7th would CONTINUE as SHORT Space?
    Revelation 17:10. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must CONTINUE a short space.
    How long is a SHORT Space?
    Blasphemy is what Jesus was accused of, for FORGIVING Sin.

    Revelation 13:4. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
    5. And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to CONTINUE forty [and] two months.
    Is this that SAME “7th KING?” from that sovereign country?
    ROME has 7 Hills/Mountains, and the VATICAN is in ROME.
    [Rev.17:9. And here [is] the mind which hath wisdom. The seven HEADS are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.]

    Is that 7th KING wanting us all Vaccinated? Just wondering….

  108. Mark


    I never miss one of your shows, and I have posted your last interview on, as well as sending it to family and friends.

    I had a Saul type experience at 43, I’m 71 now so your close was powerful for me. Christ changed my heart.

    We need to rise up and and wake up as many normies as possible. Civil war seems impossible to avoid as the evil will not stop unless we fight and resist.

    Best wishes to you and your family

    • Greg Hunter

      Please do not post my material on the burning platform or any other platform. I want people to come here and view my material. Please take that down. You doing that is working against me with my own material. This robs me of views and monetization. It is actually theft. Please take it down ASAP and tell people to come to Do NOT POST MY CONTENT ANYWHERE–Got it??? You are NOT helping me. You are robbing me!!!!! Take it down off The Burning Platform. They should do their own work!!!!!

  109. Lightning


    Merck has announced a covid treatment pill ( a protease inhibitor just coincidentally like the Ivermectin… but this one is patent protected!.. but I digress).

    If the marketing campaign is to be believed, can we dare call this an “ effective treatment option” and cancel all emergency use authorizations?

    While it’s abjectly ridiculous that Merck-amectin is being packaged as the “ proven” solution , while Ivermectin is “ dangerous “…. Can we at least immediately plan for the discontinuation of these EUA vaccines as well as the Pfizer “ approved” clot shot?!

    Or will the FDA demand years worth of careful clinical trials to keep these clot shots as the best and “ final solution”?

  110. Hank Magiera

    I could not see your weekly news wrap-up because your web page had some type of problem that occurred. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is messing with you. But I really want to see this report because it is the only news I listen to these days. So I hope you can get it fixed.

    God bless;

    Hank Magiera

    • Greg Hunter

      Hank, it’s on your end. Unplug your modem to clear the codes your ISP has put in to censor USAW. Also, try a different browser. It’s new ways of big tech censoring. Let me know how it works.

      • Chip

        I’m having the same problem. Have to go to the Rumble site to watch. on your site the video will start, go for a few seconds or a minute, and then progress all the way to the end of the video. I use Firefox and have had no problems in the past… Chip

        • Greg Hunter

          Unplug your modem for 20 secs, and plug it back in. This will clear any codes your ISP is putting in to censor USAW content. Yes, they are censoring this way. Also try a different browser–more big tech censoring. Let me know how this works.

  111. Da Yooper

    Greg check this link out ……go to your state & see the medical doctors & organizations – dentists – foot doctors – chiropractor’s who took money from the government to push the narrative……all the way down to township boards got payed off from covid …….such a scam. Greg your doctor who told you to get jabbed I wonder if his name is on this list & how much he received ……me thinks he is.

    See how much Covid-19 relief money health care providers in your state got

    “Congress set up a massive, $178 billion fund in 2020 meant to help mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on health care providers, known as the Provider Relief Fund.”

  112. Brian

    You were not exaggerating. I ordered a satellite phone on Friday, and they are on a 3 – 4 week back order. now is the time for anyone considering a purchase. Do not wait until the need arises. Be proactive instead of reactive.

  113. Mike+G

    Two wings of the same bird of prey. democrats/GOP prove that with their questions to generals. We are on our own.

  114. AndrewB

    ‘When they say we, they mean YOU!’

  115. Alberto

    Eliminate the socialism and there is no need for taxation. No need for 95% of the governmental “goldbricks”

    YOU are responsible for YOUR lot in life, stop picking my pockets and sending it to the inner city garbage dumps so that woman don’t have to work to feed their illegitimate bastards.

    Bastard: born to parents who are not married to each other.

    Let’s bring back proper terms, and if the words shame someone, GREAT as they should shame them!!

  116. Gerard

    Biden said Friday if it takes us 6 minutes 6 days 6 weeks we will get it done, 666 the mark of the beast. Throw it right in front of your face. When he was walking with the witch Puck to talk to his Dem friends

    • Paul ...

      According to Bernie Sanders … Joe “666” pack is the new FDR … so is Joe the guy who will scheme us into WWIII (with a new Pearl Harbor … that knocks out our Ship of State in some dark winter operation!!

  117. Riven

    Hi Greg, check this out – a friend of mine is putting up billboards in Gwinett County, GA to audit the 2020 election there:

    Please share this


    • Robert K

      They also need these in Fulton and DeKalb counties.

  118. Bible Reader

    Someone here wrote about their polio coming back. I stumbled across this earlier and thought it was interesting:

    Vitamin C and Polio
    The Forgotten Research of Claus W. Jungeblut, M.D.
    by Andrew W. Saul

  119. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, Greg. 1000% on board. Stay strong and help each other. Live our BEST Life, right now.

  120. Coal Burner

    Here it is. Kazatomprom in Kazakstan. China would love to get their hands on that company!

  121. Self Exiled

    BREAKING – 30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021 according to ONS data

  122. Claude

    There are some legitimate online pharmacies which will fill Ivermectin if you have a prescription for one. I have one pharmacy bookmarked for that reason.

    I’ve been taking Vitamin D and Zinc for a few months now, though my vitamin D levels even with out a supplement are generally high with the amount of time I spend out in the sun. Recently, I added NAC.

    • Greg Hunter

      You better get it ASAP.

  123. Paul Anthony

    Is there a saturday evewning post ? I dont see it yet ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Soon Come. It’s Clif High. It will be worth the wait. 8:45ish pm Eastern time.

  124. W H

    Here is a question for the parents out there that end up with disrespectful kids .
    Who did God in his word say should raise your kids ? YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
    So why do you send your kids to be brain washed in the demon controlled schools ?
    And then wonder what happened when they turn into what we see today .
    Just a question .
    Most kids not all i see today don’t even respect the parents much less anybody else .

  125. Allen Macri

    It is music to my ears to hear BLM turning on their masters. Hopefully, Antifa will figure out they have been fighting for the wrong side, sooner than later. Scheller and every other honest, truthful person must be exonerated and, if imprisoned, released, along with Manning and Assange, and incarcerate the real criminals who created the incidents that obligated the truthers to speak the truth while jeopardizing their own freedom.

    After listening to Karen Kingston, I think she should be sainted. And so pleased that Clif High returned from the dead to join us in this journey.

    Bless you Greg for your vigilance and tenacity.
    Gregory, of Greek origin, means ” vigilance, a watchman”.
    You, apparently, are living the very meaning of your name Greg. Thanks!

  126. Terri K

    Dear friends: I was not so much a cliff high fan with his Woo-ology…but I have to agree and accept 90% of what he is saying. With Greg it’s 110% I believe and trust and he has had cliff some.. on his show. But I wanted to share that cliff has talked about what your body needs prior and during and after the VAX shot or COVID episode. I have to say the info is invaluable. Please check out on Duck duck go and put in “Niacin Flush detox of vaccine”. That information just may save your life if you are forced to get the Vax. Even after 20 plus months of this virus…I find it absolutely amazing that people who are currently catching the virus…are still ignorant of supplements (right food like Paul is sharing and any supplements to enhance the immune system). I shake my head in sadness at the lack of knowledge in spite of all the information out there to help us . But the good Lord did say that would be abundant in our culture during the end times. Lord help us!

  127. Denny

    Greg, You are right on the money. Anout Jesys, about Biden and the new world order/deep state/communist take over, etc. We will be at war (openly) with these demons soon. There will be great tribulation and many criminals will be hung for crimes against humanity. And in the not too distant future the trump of God will sound, Jesus will meet all born again believers in the air, the dead in Christ will rise first and be given an eternal body and we who are alive will also be given a new body and meet Him in the air. Those who miss out will have to refuse the mark of the beast (likely covid or new more deadly man made disease vaccine with a chip in it and a mandatory tattoo on the forehead or right hand) which will cost them their lives. IF they take the mark they are eternally damned to the lake of fire. There is no longer any hope of salvation. God bless you for getting out the truth.

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