Sham Impeachment Dud, Dem Election Panic, Economic Warning Signs

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 416 1.24.2020) 

Why the Dems thought the sham impeachment was going to do better in the GOP controlled Senate, I’ll never know. It was a disaster in the House where Democrats had total unfair control, and it is an even bigger disaster in the Senate where Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are running the show. The House case on President Trump is so weak and fraudulent that it is doubtful even the staunchest Trump hating RINOs will vote in favor of removal.

Why are the Democrats pushing this sham impeachment that is basically a fraud on the Constitution? The Dems are panicked that their kickbacks, bribes and corruption will be exposed in a second Trump term. The Democrats do not have a serious candidate and do not have a serious plan to help make the lives of the ordinary person better. All they have is gun control, higher taxes for everyone and illegal immigration and free stuff given away to non-citizens who they want to vote illegally. The Trump wall is being built. So, the massive flood-the-zone with illegal voters strategy is sinking fast, too. Looks like the Dems will have to resort to total election and voter fraud to try to win. These are all the reasons the Dems are panicked and afraid of prosecution and jail for their crimes, sedition and even treason if Trump wins again.

The Fed continues to signal a huge warning sign the economy is in trouble. It has taken over the repo market, which gives short term funding for banks. Tens of billions of dollars are being injected into the global financial system on a nightly basis. If the Fed stops this, does the system implode?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Financial expert Martin Armstrong is the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Is what the Fed doing in the repo market a financial warning sign? Armstrong says a resounding “YES” and will explain why in detail.


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  1. Marie Joy

    America and Americans are facing 1000 Perfect Storms coming our way.

    • K.Wayne

      Yes we are Marie-Joy, but we aren’t alone !!
      A cursory glance at the themes being endlessly regurgitated at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, gives us all a better appreciation of what the Elitists/Marxists are planning. Clearly there is a sense of despair….they are literally freaking out.

      My take…..Their systems of Fraud & Self Preservation- at all costs (destroying the lower and middle classes)….. is unwinding at such an enormous rate that they now forced into spruiking false narratives- ad nauseum. Here are those considered to be overwhelming themes, to consider:
      – Inclusiveness (Inclusive Society- Government, Companies, ).
      – Empowering of every Race, Color, Religion with New Age Skills for the 21st Century
      – Importance of Migration
      – Improved Standards of Living
      – Ensuring the Well-being of blue collar workers
      – Improving Lives
      – Putting the People first
      – Building Faith and Confidence in the System
      – Trade Reform
      – Putting workers before special Interests
      – Sharing the Wealth
      – Climate Change and the 1 TLN Tree initiative

      One element that piqued my interest was the following characterisation :
      – “Rejection of Pessimism and the Prophets of Doom”
      Here, one can clearly see that the “Alarmists” are being targeted.
      But the balance of the statement is the real concern and its where the Luciferians have turned the table and deflected their MO onto those who are seen as anti-One World Government……rejection of those prophets of Doom…..
      ….. “as they always demand ABSOLUTE POWER TO TRANSFORM, DOMINATE
      Put simply it is the Prophets of Doom that wont be permitted to interfere with the stated actions of the Unelected Rulers. The Radical Socialists will not be allowed to destroy the World Economies and Wreck every Country across the planet. Hmmmmmm !!!
      Clearly when the Elite (Government and Business representatives) speak at such Forums, it is they themselves that they are addressing. No one else is listening or paying attention. Such Forums are however engineered to disseminate the wishes and plans via the Propaganda Machinery (we know as the MSM/ Assoc. Press).

      There is real and just concern amongst the Ruling Elite. Their greatest Fear is that the Populace is dissatisfied with Government and their Bogus systems….. designed to enrich the Few and enslave the rest. The free flowing rhetoric is a last gasp attempt to reassure the masses that they are not being forgotten, betrayed or neglected. My view is that they are too late with their half-hearted attempt to right all the wrongs. We unfortunately will be bombarded with the Key words from above themes from this day forward. Watch especially POTUS in this election year….and the words he chooses. I could almost write his 2020 campaign slogan and victory speech.

      • K.Wayne

        Greg, may I suggest a re-visit from Alex Newman and getting his take on the Criminals at Large at the WEF in Davos. 👍👏👏✌

    • William Stanley

      Marie Joy,
      Agreed. I’m focusing on protecting against the possibly-looming coronavirus pandemic: elderberry and turmeric seem to have strong antiviral effects; also face masks, goggles, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, bleach, and antibiotics for secondary infections, especially pneumonia and (of course) ample deep-pantry and/or storage food to minimize trips to the grocery store.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William.

  3. Stan

    Ok folks, here is a rumor for you. My contacts at the NY Fed say this rumor has been floating around recently and is coming from very high levels. Trump wants negative rates and needs Powell to go to achieve this. Mnuchin will retire on Trump’s order and Trump will put Powell in Mnuchins place – Trump doesn’t want to totally screw Powell. Then Trump nominates Mario Draghi to be the head of the Fed. My sources say Trump has made several phone calls to Draghi recently and the two like each other. Look for this to happen as soon as the S&P drop a few percentage points. This news will send equity markets vertical (and also crush Gold).

    • Greg Hunter

      This comment proves your “friends” are make believe. Rates are going down though.

      • Stan

        Greg: Just wait and see. Give it several weeks. I don’t post fiction here like Jerry.

        • Greg Hunter

          Right Stan, You just keep bragging about shorting gold ever since $1,300 per ounce. I guess you know more than Ray Dalio???–NOT!!


    • Jerry

      I’ve heard from my contacts that Elvis is playing with Ted Ritter down at possum hollow. The rumor is Led Zeppelin will be joining them before they go their farewell tour in March.

    • William Stanley

      The problem is that Mario is a loser: Despite his promise, he didn’t do whatever it would have taken to fix Europe. Sad.

    • paul ...

      Stan … wake up … and get out of the bankster and Wall Street criminal system … no one in their right mind has to invest in bankster Treasuries or in criminal Wall Streets S&P 500 stocks (risking their precious wealth on bankster “fiat paper bonds” or on corporate “paper stocks” that are currently way over priced and generating little to no earnings) … when the price of gold has increased more than 37-fold (since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971) giving a compounded annual return of 7.8% (a better return then “both” Treasury securities and the S&P 500) … and gold is not someone else’s liability … it is the ultimate safe haven … look at the following chart and wise up …

      • paul ...

        Stan … if you use your God given brains you will see from the above chart that gold is “a long-term buy and hold investment” you should not be taking chances shorting … gold is not just a defensive asset that you hold during certain periods in the market cycle … but is a very offensive and steadfast investment vehicle that outperforms both stocks and bonds!!

        • paul ...

          And don’t buy paper gold (like gold stocks, ETF’s, etc.) … you buy pure physical 0.9999 gold without any counterparty risk and hold it in “your possession” … if you buy “paper gold” like ETF’s, stocks, etc. you put yourself at risk … for example “the ETF Custodian will not be liable for any delay in performance … or any of its obligations beyond its reasonable control … including acts of God” … and “in the event of the insolvency of the ETF Custodian a liquidator can freeze access to all the gold held in all of the accounts held by the ETF Custodian … including its Trust Allocated Account” …

      • Stan

        Paul: If Gold is so great then why does Buffet not hold or recommend it?

        • Greg Hunter

          You are kidding me Stan right? Buffett??? The incompetent boob that required a government bailout to survive??????

        • paul ...

          Stan … At one point Buffet owned what he thought was even better then gold … silver … until the banksters told him “in no uncertain term” to divest of his precious metal “or else” … and he immediately complied … knowing how ruthless they can be!!

      • paul jr.

        Sorry paul … but as I have stated here before, stocks have outperformed gold since 1972. Since January 1972 the S&P 500 has a compound annual growth rate of 10.4% while gold has had a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%. If you had invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 in January 1972 you would have a balance of around $1,150,000 at the end of 2019. With putting that $10,000 in gold over those 48 years you would only have a balance of around $326,000. The site that you got that chart from states that the numbers for the S&P 500 excludes dividends and the reinvestment of dividends which is why it shows gold doing slightly better than stocks. Even though we are advocates of owning gold we need to admit that over the long-term as seen in the past, the return on stocks has been much better than for gold. At some point that may change. Time will tell.

        Even though I have stated the above fact in the past, you mat have missed my previous comments. And unfortunately you probably will miss this one as well.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s VERY misleading “Jr.” To have true valuation and comparrison you would have to weight the market with all the companies that went under. The S&P is only the companies that survived. Do you remember Global Crossing, Bear Stearns, Lucent, World Com, Lehman and many others that went bankrupt (Lucent went under but was merged with AT&T)???? This is just a few of the worthless dogs killed off in the market. Why are the earning of Microsoft the same as they were in 2012 and yet the stock has skyrocketed? Maybe you should be looking what is driving the stock market up and suppressing the PM market. By the way, there is not a single ounce of gold that became worthless.

          • paul jr.


            If it is misleading, then it is not my fault. Tell that to the writers of these article including the gold worshippers who have a habit of cherry picking dates and excluding the dividends of stocks just to make gold look better than it is.

            If these articles choose to compare gold to the S&P 500 then they need to do it fairly. I am just correcting their mistakes and reporting the facts.

            And I would not say it is VERY misleading based on what you said.

            • Greg Hunter

              Dodged the point I was making and it is a good one. Many companies went bust in the S&P. According to money manager Michael Pento at least 10% of companies are so-called Zombie companies and are being propped up with cheap money from the global central banks. The entire market has been propped up with easy money since 2009 and that is a fact. Gold and silver have been suppressed and criminals have paid fines and admitted it via guilty verdicts. Also a fact. Not a single ounce of gold went out of business or went to zero/worthless — ever. You cannot say that about the companies in the S&P. Many people lost bigtime that had these companies. I guess what I am saying is the metric you are using is wildly distorted. Oh and look at what is going on today in the repo market — more wild distortion.

          • paul jr.

            Just so you know Greg, I have 60% of my financial assets in physical precious metals and none in the general stock market for the last 3 or 4 years. I understand what you are saying by comparing some individual stocks that have gone to zero to gold which as of yet has never became worthless worldwide since man put a value on it.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are a smart guy and nobody ever said you were not.

              • paul jr.

                Thanks Greg. And I will try to do a better job of not making too much of an issue of some things going forward as I have recently. I know that I can get a little frustrated when I read things over and over that I either know or believe are wrong.

  4. Marie Joy

    Will that Executive Order about Human Rights Abuses and Corruption, include the Rothschilds, Soros, Clintons, etc? In other words, will it go that high?

  5. MCasey

    First, I read MarketWatch’s Dalio article and was mystified there no mention of gold, absolutely none, in response to ‘CASH IS TRASH’.

    Later, I read the Zerohedge article and gold was not only mentioned, but included a video in which Dalio advised to buy gold. I checked other websites and their writers also included the mention of gold.

    So why did MarketWatch deliberately excluded the mention of gold and lead the reader to believe that Dalio offered no suggestion (of gold) to a diversified portfolio?


    “…and you have to have a certain amount of gold in your portfolio.”

    On MarketWatch: (Absolutely no mention of “gold”)
    “….he’s advocated that investors maintain a diversified portfolio of stocks. He didn’t, however, specify his ideal makeup for a diversified portfolio, which has traditionally been one that holds 60% stocks and the rest in fixed-income assets.”

    • paul jr.

      Too bad that MarketWatch was not being more truthful. They really should have mentioned that Dalio recommends having some percentage of your portfolio in gold.

  6. paul jr.

    Latest from Wolf Richter on the continuing decline in repos which is not surprising.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows what the real numbers are.

      • paul jr.

        The Fed does and they are reporting that fact. Why do you doubt what is being reported? After all, they announced that they had to increase the maximum amount of the repos back in October. Why would they do that and not hide this fact since it makes it look like there is a problem? Why not lie from the beginning and make the repo amounts much smaller to being with? I sure would. Think about that.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Bix Weir seems to have an idea about the switcheroo with the repo accounts…might have him on to explain it?

        • paul jr.

          Poor Bix needs to get his facts right. BlackRock is not a hedge fund as he wrongly states at the 12:41 mark. BlackRock is the largest investment management company in the world with $6.28 trillion in assets under management. The firm mostly deals in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds. He is probably confusing them with the Blackstone Group Inc which is the largest alternative investment firm in the world. They deal in private equity, credit, and hedge fund investment strategies.

          Bix also says right after that that they are not suppose to lend to hedge funds in the repo market. He is wrong. Hedge funds are allowed to participate in the repo market.

          And as far as the FICC goes, they have been involved in the repo market since 2017. They have nothing to do with the Fed repo operations or the $60 billion a month in T-bill purchases which only began last September.

  7. paul ...

    Jesus said: “That a house divided against itself cannot stand” … and we have a disaster in the Senate and a disaster in the House … the demon-rats are panicked and afraid of prosecution and jail time for their crimes of sedition and treason against a sitting President … and for putting on this “latest sham impeachment show” … their actions reflect the evil personality of these demon-rats … who need to wake up to the words of God that he expects all his children to adopt and follow (i.e. Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor) … but Satan seems to manifest his power more and more over these demon-rats … who reject the truth … and have embraced the darkness … the topic of “demons” doesn’t come up a lot in our society today … even most churches don’t really talk of them even though the gospel is full of stories of Jesus “casting out demons” … which is what we as Christians should be doing this coming November when we vote … cast out all those in the House and Senate “manifesting an evil spirit” … or “extreme sexual deviance” … or performing “murderous and torturous acts” like bringing our nation into another “non-stop continuous 20 year war in Iran” (like they did to us in Vietnam and Afghanistan)!!!

    • paul ...

      We should also be working to get rid of that “commie” Pompeo … who is trying to destroy the God-given right to freedom of speech around the world … it has just been learned from submissions and affidavits presented by the United States at the Julian Assange trial that the people in control of the Deep State are trying to make the case that foreign nationals have no First Amendment protection … Pompeo is going around saying “that people who are citizens of other countries (and are not an American citizen) don’t have the right to free speech” … a right that is vested in everyone “by God the Father” and “citizenship” should have nothing to do with that God given right!!!

      • paul ...

        If it was up to Hillary … she would have taken away more then Assange’s right to free speech (she would have droned him like Trump did to Soleimani) … when asked about it … Hillary said : “I don’t recall … but if I said it … it was a joke” …

    • Montana Guy

      paul, ask Greg what happened to the truth about Building 7 which has disappeared from this home page. Gone. Agenda trumped truth.

  8. paul ...

    You know … over the past 5 months $415 billion of Repo bailouts have been released into a bankrupt fiat system (to prevent it from collapsing) … but it will eventually collapse … and a new system created … hopefully the new economic system created will serve the interests of all the people and nations of planet earth … for we are all human brothers … and should be treating each other with mutual respect in both our economic and political dealings!! …

    • paul ...

      The collapse of corporate cash flows that now has the Fed in a panic “can get even worse now” as shipments from China are curtailed (as their economy slows dramatically due to the pandemic) … those who have shorted gold (based upon COT data) simply don’t see the bigger picture we here on Greg’s site see … if the gold shorts now begin to panic and start to cover (Stan not included of course) … it could spike gold straight to up $1800 in a matter of weeks!!

    • paul jr.

      Just to make what you said a little more accurate, the Fed added about $415 billion in liquidity through its repo operations AND its T-bill purchases.

      • paul ...

        Paul Jr. … what is the FICC doing in the Repo market guaranteeing loans?? … they are a clearing house they have no assets???

        • paul jr.

          From what I read and hopefully understand correctly is that the FICC not actually guaranteeing loans. The are not doing repos for themselves. They are an intermediary for their sponsored members. The FICC provides repo trading/clearing services to their member firms which number over 1800 members. The repos list the FICC as being a counterparty but it is actually their sponsored members that are are doing the repos. So really they are just providing a service, similar to a middle man, between the borrower and the lender of the repo. It is called a tri-party repo.

          You can find the Sponsored Member Listing in the link below.

    • K.Wayne

      I agree a new system will eventually be created…but when ?
      In the context of the previous $29 TLN bailout of Wall Street and their foreign derivative counterparties…….$415 BLN is chump change. They can take this REPO to a whole new and unbelievable level without flinching.

  9. john

    it seems you tube will not let your video play on your site only at you tube, may i suggest Bitchute.

    • john

      it seems to work on different browser.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s playing on my end.

  10. john duffy

    Not millions, but billions

    EXCLUSIVE: Top FBI Agent Died After Uncovering Hillary Clinton Funneled
    Billions of Tax Dollars from State Dept. to Clinton Foundation and Cronies

  11. Colateral Damage


    I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that your well deserved absence over the past holidays has impressed upon me as to what an incredible service you provide to America and the world. You are truly an honorable man and the work that you perform, and that service that you provide is outstanding.

    Thank you for all that you do!



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank is very kind of you to say CD!! Thanks!!

  12. Jerry

    How far down the rabbit hole do want to go Greg?

    Burisma has investment interest with Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, U.S. bank , and a host of other players including John Kerry , Hunter Biden, and Mitt Romney.

    With these players, you’d better believe that if they can’t get trump with impeachment, they’re going to burn the whole financial outhouse down, before risking a full investigation that could land them in jail. That’s a real possibility should trump get re-elected. They can’t risk it. Period. I predict the rhinos in the senate will sell out to save their own skins.

  13. Tommy

    Years ago I remember listening to Rush and I can’t remember the names involved but the Democrats wanted to investigate GW Bush for something and when it was said that there is no evidence that Bush did anything wrong the head Dem in the House or Senate (memory has a hard time with recall of the 100’s of bogus Democrat scandals and scams) said that’s even more reason to investigate.
    Just in this century the Democrats from Harry Reid to Pelosi, to Schumer to Schiff and all those in between have stated outright lies; lies without a shred of evidence, yet the Democrats rally around them and are supported by the media. And more often than not the lies that they use to accuse their political opponents are exactly the things they are doing. Totally disgusting.
    From Ephesians 6: 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    Thanks so much Greg for continuing the battle and getting the truth out.

  14. eddiemd

    Bloomberg ads play non-stop all day everyday here on the local TV channels. The free channels which are MSM stations; ABC, CBS, NBC. These are the channels the low information voters watch since they are free. I will have to check the spanish language channels to see if his ads play those stations. I suspect that Bloomberg and other dems are targeting the latin population by playing ads.
    In 2018 Senator Sinema targeted the Hispanic population here in Arizona and especially in the barrios in Maricopa County (Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, etc.). She would send her teams into the barrios to help with applying for benefits, immigration issues, and most likely to get people registered or inform them how to vote.

    Interesting the coronavirus illness. The influenza pandemic of 1918-19 killed an estimated 20 to upwards of 50 million people depending on who you source. That was in the days of intercontinental travel on ships. The potential now for a global pandemic plague is exponential by way of air travel. One infected traveler on an aircraft can infect everyone on the aircraft. Those passengers then infect many others. The potential for disaster is great whether it is coronavirus, ebola, or any other number of respiratory pathogens that are used in biological warfare. And there are certainly many given the biotechnology to develop virulent pathogens. Bioweapons are the poor mans nukes.

    Luke 21:34-36
    34“But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

    Danger close.

    • paul ...

      eddiemd … As you say: “the potential now for a global pandemic plague is exponential by way of air travel … one infected traveler on an aircraft can infect everyone on the aircraft … and those passengers can then infect many others … making the potential for disaster great” … and it was all probably started by “one crazed suicide bomber type personality” working in a secret bio lab in China … who seeing what was being done to China (with tariffs, sanctions, incursions in the China Sea, etc., etc.) said to himself “screw it … I’m going to kill everyone”!!!

  15. Fatima message

    Great weekly summary Greg!
    Like the line, “ They can’t spend it in jail.”
    Need to pray for Trump, this country and you Greg.
    Thanks for all you do. You’re the right person, at the right time.

  16. steve pool

    what really worries me greg is what happenes to the u.s after trump. all the things that he did will be undone by the next administration. trade deals all gone tear down the wall or just stop the wall project and anything else that trump accomplished. so, the way i see it, if he doesn’t win in 2020, then it all happens now or it will have to wait for 4 years

  17. Chip

    Nice to have the WNW back! You da man Greg! Thanks for all you do… Chip

  18. iwitness02

    Without a doubt, this is the most interesting time in history during my lifetime. I love it, and I hate it. I love seeing the criminals squirm and lie. I hate all the criminal activity being exposed.
    It would seem that God has sent a strong delusion to the dems, so that they believe a lie.
    Or in this case, endless lies. 2 Thessalonians 2: 11
    A shout out to all our wonderful brothers and sisters in Richmond Va. What a fabulous rally. They did themselves and the country proud.

  19. Stan

    Shorted more at $1573 – like taking candy from a baby.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah Stan and you were short all the way up from $1,300. We all know you are stupid.

  20. JC

    Good wrap-up Greg, and thanks for getting Martin Armstrong, looking forward to that.

    Something here by Bruce Wild about America that you will appreciate.

    “The overriding advantage of a fragmented world is that it offers a competitive environment for economic, social, and judicial systems. All of these play huge roles in our culture and have been the driving force of human progress. Circling back to the issue of the above videos, if you take a gander at one or more, you might find they give you a bit more hope that things here in America are not nearly as bad as we are often led to believe.”

  21. paul ...

    As the global economy slows down (exasperated even more now by the threat of a major pandemic) we are seeing a huge jump in bankruptcies in the US Oil Shale Sector … which is going to put the banks that lent them money in trouble … word to the wise … prepare like everyone else … seems from the Debt Clock numbers the US “is also buying gold to add to Fort Knox” (like other nations are doing)!! …

    • paul ...

      This “Corona’s virus” (that began in China) is rapidly spreading … and could present a far more grim tale to humanity then people currently think … the 1918 influenza pandemic was caused by an H1N1 virus (with genes of avian origin) and it spread worldwide during 1918-1919 … it infected about 500 million people (or one-third of the world’s population) … the number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide (with about 675,000 occurring in the United States) … luckily we prep-ers can stay home and begin using our stored food supply’s (to limit our visits to shopping malls)!! …

      • paul ...

        A “Corona’s Virus” Pandemic Simulation was run 3 months ago and it predicted 65 million people could die (that’s worse then the 1918 pandemic)!! …

        • Greg Hunter

          Not on a percentage basis.

          • paul ...

            In total number of deaths!!

      • Stan

        I’m sure Jerry will tell us that the Corina virus is some type of seep state conspiracy.

        • Jerry

          Stan your comments are boring. Same ole …..same….ole.

      • Keith wilson

        Well according to Bill holter who has friends in China’s Wuhan province up to 10’000 have already died of Corona ‘s virus. The quarantine is in place to stop the world’s press from letting you know what is going on over there. People are collapsing in the street and it’s out of control. Get yourself supplies and don’t listen to CNN. When main street news tells you the truth about the virus it will be too late.

  22. Baja

    Hey Greg, the constitution is long gone. DOJ works under USC (United States Code)
    Obama and Holder used this many times including Fast and Furious. Like Pelosi, with President Trump, the US attorneys pick a target, create a case, and with the help of media friends, completely overwhelm their victim. As you know, this is a tool to discredit and destroy their target, while seizing private property, and even falsely imprisoning, entire family’s.
    Please google. Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoats
    The evil individuals will stop at nothing, Mr. Shipp and his family had a taste of this.
    Thank you for your efforts

  23. The Druid

    The Dems are saying that Trump is going to “STEAL” the election, I think this is a great opportunity for Trump to say because the Dems think we are going to steal the election we are getting rid of electronic ballots, only paper ballots will be used and you have to register with your citizenship papers. BOOM!!!!

  24. eddiemd

    Google is trying to control the narrative on coronavirus through their search results.

    Here are 2 articles from the literature. This virus can be easily manipulated for bioweapon use.

    • paul ...

      eddiemd … how do we know “it is not being used” as an asymmetric bio-weapon against Trump for him imposing tariffs, economic sanctions and doing military drills in the South China Sea? … besides … it fits in perfectly with the globalist agenda to reduce Earth’s population!!

      • paul ...

        In any case … the following simulation shows the US will be “greatly affected” … … too bad we are not using silver dollars as our money as silver kills germs (paper money spreads germs) … I wonder if people with physical silver can survive by sucking on a silver dollar or soaking their face mask in colloidal silver? … has any research been done to show that silver will kill the Corona virus??

        • paul ...

          I found this on how silver can interfere with virus replication …

          • regaleagle

            Paul…..appreciate the referral to this site on the new nano silver products. Just so happens I live within 20 min. drive of the main headquarters of this silver products supplier in the DFW Metro area. I’ve taken colloidal silver in the past, but now this new nano silver looks to be the way to go. Thanks for your research and sharing.

      • eddiemd

        It would have been better for the globalist and/or Chinese to release a bioweapon in the San Fransisco subway system or in Los Angeles, Seattle, or Vancouver.
        Even Vegas. Always tourism and people coming and going from all over the USA and world. Plenty of hotels and restaraunts.

        I doubt the Chinese would release something within their own country but anything is possible.

        Tokyo subway. The Japanese cult released sarin several years back in the subway there.

        Gates and his people have already been working on a vaccine. I have not researched this vaccine. I do know that last year they were developing a nanoparticle based vaccine against influenza. That really scares me.

        • paul ...

          If China did it on purpose … they would have to make it “not look like a direct attack” that would get them nuked … so it would make perfect sense to release the virus inside China and have it spread … but more likely … it was the act of a lone individual working in a bio lab with “a suicide bomber personality” who just got fed up with all the criminal bull shit going on in the world and decided to take matters in his own hands!!

  25. paul ...

    As soybean prices plunge to six week lows … … on lack of buying by China … driving farmers toward bankruptcy … and Shale Oil Co’s are also going bankrupt … and the overall economy is teetering on the edge of collapse … meaning Trump is going to have to buck strong headwinds in his push for re-election this coming November …

  26. Mark

    God bless you brother Greg!! Great to see you again on the weekly news wrap up!! Even if you do a shortened version of the wrap-up in which you cover what you see as the most important or two most important stories, I believe your news and analysis continues to be a huge help and a real encouragement to a lot of viewers, so thanks again for posting this wrap-up and remember, like you always say, “FEAR NOT” prepare yourself mentally,physically and above all Spiritually, Fear Not! God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are FIRMLY IN CONTROL!!”

  27. Alan

    The hapless, helpless, hopeless losers pushing this travesty of an impeachment have no prayer of removing POTUS , and as Pelosi overtly stated “it’s all about the allegations”. Thus the ONLY remaining strategy is a rigged/stolen election. I have stated this many times to those I discuss such things with and not a single one of them disagrees. Some lib family members (not immediate family thank God) on the other hand are still convinced DJT is the embodiment of evil incarnate and must, at all costs, be removed from office. When I ask “What do you mean at ALL costs???” they literally rule nothing out… 😮 God help us if these insane Dem sycophants and MSM-entranced Socialist zombies ever grab/steal real power!

  28. Daniel Rappaport

    I viewed your Friday Wrapup as usual. I am very pleased that you invited Martin Armstrong as your Sunday guest. I have wanted to purchase his new book “Manipulating the World Economy” for awhile. But the book cannot be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. How can I get a copy? I would appreciate your help. I think the Deep state is intentionally blocking sales of his book. What do you think?
    Dan R

    • Greg Hunter

      His book is going to be replenished (Now in its third printing) soon according Armstrong. Please go here and check regularly: He told me off camera that the book is going for $3,900 a copy in some circles. I’d stay on the link and get it for $95 as it may end up being a great investment too.
      (By the way, I get $0 from Armstrong or his book.)

  29. Jerry

    The banking meltdown is happening on a global scale as evidenced by this recent PBOC move.

    I agree with Bill Holter. It’s a race to the bottom as the fed and PBOC inject billions into the market to prevent a meltdown. How long will it last? As I have documented for years here, the Chinese and the BRICS have developed a new exchange system, backed by gold, that they intend to use once the gold supply is exhausted. According to Rod Kirby the COMEX is having trouble making delivery on demand, so it’s just a matter of time before default is reached. And then what? No one really knows. But I can predict, having created an alternate system, along with the development of the Silk Road project, that the Chinese will not stick around to find out. You don’t make hammer unless you plan on hammering a nail.

  30. Brooklyn

    Great to see you back in the ‘weekly wrap-up’ driver’s seat. It can not be said too many times, THANK YOU GREG FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO TO KEEP US WELL INFORMED IN THE CRAZY WORLD WE LIVE IN! GOD SPEED, Brooklyn

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brooklyn!! You are very nice to support USAW!!

  31. Sue Patterson

    Welcome back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue!

  32. JC

    It’s very sad when you think about it….. we are being played as a bunch of suckers. Didn’t W.C. Fields say there’s a sucker born every minute?

    As G.A. Stewart stated in his last post…

    “Both war mongering political parties in the United States are being paid off by the drug dealers and the arms dealers and getting rich.”

    “Since some people are apparently too stupid to grasp the existence of the Amy Goodman video, I can completely understand how today’s journalists, political pundits, and intellectual giants are still blind to the fact that James Comey and Loretta Lynch were working both sides of the mega-bank, HSBC Scandal. HSBC pleaded guilty to laundering drug cartel and terrorist money and Lorette Lynch let them off with a small fine.”

  33. Justn Observer

    Would it surprise anyone if Pelosi, Schiff, Hillary and Obama may be getting $$$ campaign contributions for weapons procurements conincidentally made by STZROK’S family connections as laid out by George Webb…also one can see Ukraine might need the help of the U.S. if one watches the vids here-in…but then as we so ardently arm the nation…juxtaposition that with the same group of Democrats desire/fever to DISARM their own nation? Yes, the same democrat party that supports abortions, is against people carrying bibles and guns, desire free speech ,sovereign borders and a strong backed currency? One might say that those ‘rights’ afforded by the Constitution…are but positions depending on the Democrat agenda both at home and internationally. too Yet, when you consider who the ‘backers’ and funders are – like Soros…that unmasking makes more clear the real intent…profit, depopulation, and control over the world resources and assets unto themselves… ‘Deplorables’ both here and over there…but cogs in the wheels of ‘their- the deep state’ progress ever unto the 1%ers.

    (This is Greg Hunter I cut this because it was too long and you are promoting live updates from another channel. I do NOT want to vet all this content.)

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg, More interesting tags to Schiff and his IP’s tie to Stzrok’s? And many of the impeachment ‘players’ residences also overlap closely on the maps? More co-incidences?
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 18h18 hours ago
    Schiff’s IP addresses tie him directly to DIA informants being presented as whistleblowers. Strzok is tied to all the DIA informants.

    • Justn Observer

      GOOD READ =
      If all is true- why his man not on the impeachment ‘witness’ list?

    • Robert

      It doesn’t matter.

      • Justn Observer

        Depends on one’s point of view… some find nothing wrong with selling drugs on the street to buy weapons- in the U.S. and to foreign nations or the endless wars for profit. Apparently AG Barr and Ollie North didn’t mind …. to me it should. The opiate and fentanyl problem in this country is horrific for many families as well as other’s patriotic youth who are killed or lose limbs for all ‘the swamp’s pay to players’ games. If you view other’s in those foreign lands caught up in the same…who and what right do these elites have to impose such, fund such…lay claim to other nations resources by fraud or force for profits?
        Yes, PFC Bergy is just an over aged PFC who patriotically joined late in because he had a skill (computers and coding) and wanted to use it for what he thought was to keep the U.S. safe…but like many who join things…sometimes the ‘leadership’ have different agendas than the faithful followers anticipated…and yeah., does matter if people working within the government have side interests that can be affecting decisions/judgments…or are deciding inside the CIA and FBI whether to ‘investigate/prosecute’ certain individual that are doing end around behind the President and others in Congress back…and using encrypted communications ‘blind’ to the NSA to accomplish that.. Beyond the ethical and moral issues …it is being done without the knowledge of and charged to the taxpayers tab !

  35. stephen

    Watching the impeachment hearing is infuriating. This isn’t just a shame, its corruption at its core. I would recommend everyone to read Peter Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in corruption. This is unbelievable, the amount of corruption in our government is staggering. And its out in the open now, still no arrests, no one held accountable. We pay for this, the middle class is being eviscerated. This is how Bernie Sanders is getting traction, academically we all know how bad socialism is, but his supporters are willing to take that risk because of his promise to right the system. It would be a disaster for him to win, but instead of saying how bad socialism is, we should be saying how bad the corruption is and how to fix it. Which is why Trump should be supported by all of us. Our system will slide into socialism otherwise. Pretending we don’t have a problem with corrupt politicians owned by the lobbyist and corporations, pretending we don’t have a campaign finance problem, is ignoring the real problem. Rich corporations buy the committee chairs. They don’t do this for altruistic reasons, they do it to exert their power and manipulate the system for their own benefit, at the expense of the taxpayers. Again, this is where Sanders is finding his base.

    • GoneWest

      Good comment Stephen.

      If you listen carefully to Bernie Sanders – watch his Joe Rogan interview which is refreshing in that it’s not all sound bites – you will hear him correctly identify the issues we are facing. I think he’s got a pretty clear picture of the problems. This is why he is getting traction.

      The problem with Sanders is that he sees government as a hammer and all the problems as the nails. The overarching problem is big government. But Bernie and people who advocate for his solutions, only want to make the government bigger.

      We need a candidate who sees big government as the problem. And a candidate that is willing to take on all the special interests and, IMHO, simply shut down major portions of the federal government, either by getting agreement with Congress or simply not signing any appropriation bills until changes are made. So far, I have not seen any candidate from any party that is willing to take this on.

      • Greg Hunter

        If we could only get him to stop being a totalitarian commie/atheist maybe the Dems would have something.

  36. James Brown

    Back in 2008/2009, the crisis was in repo. A bank would walk in with $100 million worth of bonds on a Friday and borrow $100 million. Come Monday morning, those bonds would be worth $40 million. The bank that used those bonds would simply keep the $100 million cash they borrowed and tell the lending institution to keep the bonds. Of course, what do you do (?), call the polices? No, you sue the borrower and that takes many months to resolve. Pretty soon, nobody would lend and we had us a good old fashioned crash.
    Today, the bankers remember 2008/2009 and they will not lend to one another. The Fed is taking the place of a marketplace where liquidity has EVAPORATED. The bankers know there is a lot of toxic debt out there that, today, they will not accept as collateral. There is something like $265 trillion in global debt, can the Fed cover all that?!?! Or even just $50 trillion? Let me go out on a limb here and say, “Probably Not”. It will take about 22 more months for this emerging crisis to “Swamp” the Fed’s finger in the dike. Out here in California, in the 2016 presidential election, a couple of kids from Stanford University discovered that 92% of the dead people with still active voting registrations, voted for Hillary Clinton for president. It was reported in the LA Times that their research was fraudulent, but I met with these kids and they told me it was completely legit. So, you speculate about voter fraud, yeah, here in California, it’s been a way of life for the last 20 years. And I haven’even mentioned the way the democrats have hijacked the votes of all the public employees.
    Help us Trump/Obi – Wan – Kenobi…You’re our only hope!

  37. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Greg. The televised impeachment scam is flopping, people are not even watching the show. As far as Nancy Pelosi and her group of attorneys and her and their backwards thinking about impeachment amounts to another failed attempt at the original coup against President Trump. Pelosi and her cohorts wants you to believe that you can and should convict on “mere allegations”, proof not necessary. Well there are a lot of US prosecutors in thousands of courthouses that operate on mere allegations in cases everyday, no proof necessary, the bigger the story the better for them. You just make an allegation, just say it and it’s is true in their view that is equal to being guilty. This is the result of the rule of man by politicians without any concern for the rule of law, they only want law when its good for them. Right now the rule of law is not good for Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts, so according to Nancy Pelosi you should just take her word for it and remove the President because her group wants removal because they already know they do not have a candidate that can win in November against incumbent President Trump. Nancy Pelosi and her group has failed to craft an appealing story for impeachment. The story that US Congress by and through Nancy Pelosi has crafted with word art is not even believable on any level. As far as Donald Trump goes, I could not care any less about who is offended by the words he uses, or his tweets. I don’t care about words or opinions. I see action and a President who secures results and that matters. All the talking heads and their allegations are a giant waste of time and money.

  38. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, sorry for not watching your video & just reading your introduction of it due to present time concerns, but for what its worth, you nailed it so well as to why the demogods are doing this illegal & unconstitutional impeachment of our great president: jail time after reelection, etc. God Bless You Greg, your astute analysis of the scenes behind the scenes are refreshing. As a long time blogger here, almost from the day you started, I am still out of my chair and clapping for you as my number one alternative media outlet for the TRUTH! God Speed and thank you so much!

  39. Rick G

    This is a case where truth opposes Progressives. They are driven by the Alinsky model and refuse to bend. They might appear to be insane but thats who they are. They are kind of like the Moonies… programmed!!. Schiff just stands there and lies as if it is fact. In the end truth will win. But these evil people will have their day in court. No one can make evil good and good evil. It is in Isaiah in the Bible. All this impeachment is to cover up the DNC corruption of Hillary, Biden and other players on the left. The DNC itself needs to be burned to the ground and be cleansed with more honest players. You can’t compromise with these people. These people are the opposite of your reality. Your conservative world is what the Alinsky people want to destroy, They live it and breathe it everyday in their lives. Thats who they are thats what they want. They want to destroy your existance. The only way to keep this country as the founders established it is to kick the Progressives out….period. Adam Schiff, Nadler, Clinton, etc Get the hell out of my America. Sorry but these people are just monsters. There is no other path than victory in November. Thank You.

  40. paul jr.

    Warning about James Turk’s Goldmoney of which Peter Schiff is part of. I have seen several comments recently on Alt-media sites about problems that people are having getting their money from Goldmoney when requested. One person said it took almost 3 weeks. Below is a few sites that have quite a bit of negative comments lately about Goldmoney.

    This should be a reminder that when you have your gold and silver stored with someone else that there is counterparty risk and because of that you are not in control of your gold and silver, they are. Many of these precious metals storage companies will exaggerate the dangers of storing your precious metals at home while saying how safe your gold and silver will be with them and even saying how there is no counterparty risk and that you will still have complete control of your precious metals. Do not believe them.

    • paul ...

      Excellent advice Paul Jr.!!!

  41. paul ...

    Good News: Iraq’s Parliament voted to expel all foreign troops (including 5,000 US troops from their country … this is great news for our budget … as we can close the base over there and save a lot of money … if Trump won’t go … the 5000 US troops in that country will have to kill all these people (right before an election) …

  42. Curly Curruthers

    ‘Go get another job!’ — MSNBC hosts Maddow and Hayes are outraged that Democrats are bored by impeachment trial

  43. Jane jones

    EXCLUSIVE: Top FBI Agent Died After Uncovering Hillary Clinton Funneled Billions of Tax Dollars from State Dept. to Clinton Foundation and Cronies

    High-ranking FBI officials are spilling the beans on a massive cover up involving Hillary Clinton,…Clinton Corruption, without interruption?

  44. Jane jones

    See Comment Above__ Arkan’side
    You wonder why the establishment in D.C. impeached Trump and want to remove him before the entire lid blows off the D.C. Sewer! It’s Not Hate/It’s Worse/\ FEAR!🤐

  45. Jerry

    This is a bombshell interview.

    Giuliani validates the level of corruption in the Democratic Party that you’ve been covering for the past two years. He says he’s presenting all of the evidence next week. The question is. Who will be listening?

  46. paul ...

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if immoral corrupt warmongering pedophile transgender atheistic regime-change demon-rats and fiat generating bankers and pump and dump brokers “accidentally read the 10 Commandments” … and cured the world of all it’s many ills!! …

  47. Open Eyes

    This is interesting, Greg. Apparently, there are trillions of dollars available to the government that are kept by The Federal Reserve.


    Eagle One to Wanta
    Gibby Media Group , Inc is producing  a feature documentary film entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”. It is the compelling story about President Reagan, and how he brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot. President Reagan and his secret agent, Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta, masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the  Soviet Union( Evil Empire) and put together and negotiated an  agreement with Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. As a result the Russian Federation was born and future generations throughout the entire world have enjoyed more safety from a nuclear holocaust because of this effort. Working directly under President Reagan as a private citizen, there is a man named Ambassador Lee Wanta. Lee was mandated by President Reagan under the Totten Doctrine  [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), National Security Decision – Directive Number 166, dated March 27, 1985, inter alia] as a secret agent to be in charge of this effort. In this process Lee Wanta did amass trillions of dollars that were designated to go back to the American people by President Reagan. In his effort to carry out his mandate,  Lee Wanta was imprisoned  and the monetary  funds that were his to distribute as planned  were stolen or converted  illegally  by an organization known as the Federal Reserve System and used by them to this day….

  48. Bill B

    Curious to see how rino Romney votes on the impeachment vote. He appears to me to be trying to position himself for another try for POTUS
    Another good WNW,

  49. Justn Observer


  50. paul ...

    Veterans of Foreign Wars blasts Trump for saying the 34 US soldiers suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries from the Iranian counter strike was simply headaches!!

  51. JC

    Does anybody know if Hal Turner is legit? If he is, it would great to see him here as a guest. If what he describes as his background is true….

    For 15 years, (1993-2008) I worked with the FBI. My final five years (2003-2008) with the joint Terrorism Task Force. My work was covert. I was granted full “Extra-territorial” operating authoruity by the Office of Intelligence at FBI HQ in Washington, DC. That meant I could not only work in the USA, I could also go overseas….

  52. lightning

    Good weekly wrap up.

    I’m thinking of starting a GoFundMe campaign to buy William Barr a pair of Balls , a 55 gallon drum of integrity and a copy of the Constitution.

    I figure the country needs an Attorney General who has some familiarity with those items.

    Anyone else interested in contributing?

    • paul ...

      I’ll throw a buck in … just to contribute my 2 cents to the cause!!

  53. leo

    Wow some great comments here and thank you Greg for allowing a platform for expression of first amendment freedom. Nobody else offers that. This is the second time in just a few days that I have heard that ECB was the hole in the dam. I wish I could get his book as nobody says that quite as cogent as Armstrong. My other concern is this ONE state solution that Jerrod Kushner is about to reveal. I cannot at all understand how this guy got that power and often acts as secretary of state. This Kushner ordeal is one off my huge issues with Mr Trump not to mention a few more snakes in his inner circle.

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