Stocks Cut in Half & Gold Doubles in 2016-Bo Polny

Bo Polny Photo ORIGINALBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says stocks are going to take a beating, and gold is going to shine in 2016. Polny contends, “What we’ve seen happen so far in gold is just a warm up.  We are not even close to see movements in gold, this is just the start. . . . What’s coming is a transfer of wealth.  When you are looking at a transfer of wealth, it means a huge financial shift in the landscape. . . . You are going to have the stock market crash this year of a minimum of 50% . . . and gold will double.   A $5,000 stock investment, after it is cut in half, will only buy you one ounce of gold that will be $2,500, and that will happen this year.”

Polny says the timeline is “between now and October of this year.” The crash will happen long before October, and Polny goes on to explain, “When you have a falling or crashing stock market, it is really a loss of faith, and the crash will complete the cycle.  These cycles go back hundreds of years. . . . This cycle is a currency cycle, and it ends with a cycle low in the year 2016.  This is a currency cycle.  When this currency cycle completes, gold becomes money again . . . it always was money.  The world will always run to gold because it is money, and it is the only money that has been around for 5,000 years. . . . Gold will restore the balances that were destroyed all these past years.

Polny says don’t look for safety in the bond market. Polny explains, “When the markets crashed in 2007 to 2009, the world bought dollars and bonds because they were security.  That’s what happened last time and you were protected, and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Now, let’s go to this cycle.  What happened in August?  Stocks crashed, and what did the dollar do?  It crashed with the stock market.  That was how assets both fell together, and they are both paper.  That was not supposed to happen, and it did not happen in 2007.  The same thing happened in December.  When you look at the dollar, and you are looking at a market collapse and a massive crash . . .  the dollar will not be a safe haven.”

Polny expects big losses in the bond market around the world. Polny explains, “How many countries are going to be happy about that?  Now, you want to know why gold goes vertical?  People are going to run from paper because the bonds that were safe havens in 2007 and the dollars that were safe havens in 2007, this time around, is the opposite.  So, you don’t have safety in paper.  You don’t have safety in the dollar.  You don’t have safety in bonds this time.  So, gold will be the asset class that everybody is going to run to.”

Is gold on the launching pad with the rocket boosters warming up? Polny says, “Yes, yes, there is very little time left.  If you don’t act, and your money is in the stock and bond markets . . . a transfer of wealth is going to happen, and the date in October is not a crash.  It’s something else. . . .  Before all that happens, you are going to have markets collapse.  We may have a little bounce in the markets, but that will be the final opportunity to get out.  If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with cycle analyst Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the interview:

Right now, it takes about 80 ounces of silver to equal the value of just one ounce of gold. Meaning, a silver/gold ratio of 80 to 1. Polny predicts that ratio will fall dramatically down to 10 ounces of silver to equal the value of one ounce of gold, or a silver/gold ratio of 10 to 1.  Polny says this will happen over the next few years.  Polny also predicts silver could hit triple digits in 2016.  At the very least, Polny says silver will break its prior $50 per ounce all-time high.  To watch more Bo Polny videos, go to

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  1. your fan in Japan

    Greg, As promised earlier here is what I could find out about North Korea. Now, I should say first that while the family did visit, the father, a South Korean, was under the weather and did not come to my house. Undaunted, I asked his wife, a Japanese, but a 20 year resident of Korea, her take on the situation. She commented:
    1. There is no love/respect/filial feelings in South Korea for North Korea.
    2. Many in the south don’t want re-unification, because they believe it will lower their standard of living/ wealth, etc.
    3. In the South, they have a form of ancestor worship. This system has apparently been forbidden in the North. (i.e no freedom of religion).
    4. I made the comment that North Korea is attempting to go it alone- independently of the west’s financial system. She said no one in the South has any respect for the North.
    5. Last week, North Korea launched a satellite. The media in Japan and South Korea called the launch a missile launch (not a rocket launch). We talked about what if NK had nukes. She said that the number of people in South Korea that think that South Korea should have nukes is increasing. (no solid numbers, just a trend).

    your fan in Japan
    now it’s time to listen to the interview.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        This is very alarming.
        I would like to get FREDERICKS response to this as he is WD’s man on the spot.

        • frederick

          Colin sorry but I have no input on this subject but it sure feels as though something is brewing Hopefully it doesn’t happen

      • Galaxy 500

        Well, easy to see if this is right, just wait 3 weeks

    • Mia

      I think this comment on South Korea’s attitude towards unification with North Korea maybe not quite be correct.

      There are huge Christian prayer movements in South Korea, praying for unification with North Korea, which has been going on for decades. It is an ongoing prayer focus of the South Korean churches.

      South Koreans are aware of the huge economic and social costs of merging with a nation of great poverty and a population who has suffered brainwashing and isolation for decades. But many South Koreans want to undo the enormous pain of family separation their parents and grandparent’s generation suffered when Korea divided into North and South.

      A significant number of South Koreans dream of being one nation again, and willing sacrifice and work hard to make the nation great. I have to say, many of these people are Christians, and in South Korea Christians are a big number.


      • Faith

        Mia, thank you for your post. It speaks to Christianity as a practice and a point of view, that people are desperate to be reunited and willing to forgive. That is nobility in thought, word, and deed.

  2. Marco

    I have followed almost any gold analysts on this planet when the HUI was attempting to close a huge downward Head and Shoulders in January and I must say that the ONLY guy who was able to called the bottom was GARY SAVAGE.
    He told on his blog not to sell because it was a fake move,and it was indeed!
    Bo Polny was like a sort of perma bull in gold and silver for the past two years,now stars are alligning and he finally can say ” I told you so” but he called this bottom several times.
    Another serious and convincing analyst is MICHAEL OLIVER ,his momentum and sentiment analysys are first grade.
    Bo is a nice guy and it seems that he really believes in what he says,but he was not able to forecast correctly the gold market since 2011.

    • helot

      Interesting comment, Marco.

      I’d say, you’re All About market timing. Nothing wrong with that. There’s lots of guys like that. It’s just that, not everyone is into market timing. I.e. picking the exact bottoms and tops. Just ask Jim Rogers, ‘The World’s Worst Market Timer’.
      The squabbling about it all is kind of … I don’t want to use the word, silly. I mean, for those who were buyers at $250 per oz., I imagine it all seems like ridiculous squabbling.

      Anyway, I found this to be interesting and thought you all might find it so:

      Mr. Banker says:

      For any of you pukes who care to rise up out of your own personal morass of ignorance and “educated” conditioning you might want to ponder these words of Edward Bernays:

      “In Propaganda (1928), Bernays argued that the manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy:

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

      Is that, The Struggle?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        What Bernays said is fascinating both in its arrogance and its lofty assumptions. To me, this reinforces the fact that a functioning democracy is extremely problematic to maintain under any system be it capitalist or socialist. Its very existence relies almost entirely on an informed and educated populace.

        What we see in our modern western world is the proliferation of an oligarchic/bankism model which has displaced capitalism. A numerically tiny group of elites which by lobby and unimaginable wealth have gained control over business, the media, the banking system, much of Govt and to a large degree the education system itself.

        As a result, they have gained a stranglehold on almost every aspect of our lives and much of the intellectual process of modern day society. If it were not for the internet and social media 99% of the population would be about as politically well informed as invertebrates. This marvellous tool that we all have at our disposal is Mainsteet’s power and is the game changer that will eventually bring the elite to their knees.

        RE; PMs discussion with Polny.
        I think we should be focussing on how little currencies will be worth, come the reset, rather than how high gold/silver will go. If our currencies collapse it is immaterial whether gold goes to $3000, $5000 or $50,000.

        IMHO we must remember that gold is an insurance, not an investment and that an ounce of gold will buy no more tangible goods today than it did 2000 years ago. It is highly likely that in 5 or 10 or 100 years time the equation will be very similar. This fact is the very essence of gold and the truly wonderful thing about its existence.

        Just me, but knowing only too well how completely manipulated the markets and the endless ‘jiggery pokery” [to borrow a term from the eloquent and highly esteemed Judge Scalia] of the central banking cartel and the ESF, I find it extremely difficult to comprehend the relevance of so-called 200 year trends in today’s chaotic financial system.

        If you add in the effect of new technologies like a few quadrillion in derivatives and high frequencies trading etc, etc, I really begin to question this seeming obsession with cycles. However, I did enjoy the interview and continue to marvel at the quality and the diversity of the guests that Greg brings to us on WD.

        • Fanny Flabergasted

          Good on ya Colin!

        • red

          Hey Col,
          I think you absolutely correct when you talk about how little currency will be worth. I know this sounds antithetical because one of the arguments from “socialists” is we must remove the power of “Private” banks monopolising the creation of money. Well to me logically the only way to do that is force Private banks to hold REAL HONEST capital reserves Metal. JMO But access to credit creation should not be limited to a tiny group of .Gov bureaucrats& crony private banks, corporations with no capital requirements and free to just plunder everyone elses’ wealth through legal tender laws and a STATE Monopoly. & then they Tax you as well!!! Taxes have & always served one purpose only, to keep poor people poor , yet they keep voting for them.. Property tax is the cruelest joke of all. But dont try and explain to the poor old Dufflepuds’ the first thing they’ll bark back at you is “yes but we need taxes?” They are so brainwashed into thinking thats what pays for all their free stuff. JMO

        • frederick

          Colin I hope Greg covers justice Scalias death in his next video He was a fellow Hoya alumni shared with my son and many believe he was murdered May he rest in peace

      • red

        I like you Helot 🙂

        • sk

          Me too, helot!

    • al hall

      Marco/Greg: Greg ask why we will have a big rise in gold/silver prices- remember this is a “SUPER 100 Year Shmita Cycle”. My personal belief is that Jim Sinclair is correct- gold=$50K/oz and silver $500+/oz. The elite bankster have manipulated the makets for decades- when this event blows- sky is the limit.
      I’ve been buy gold and silver for over a decade= let it happen- I’ve planned on this transfer of wealth!

  3. Michael214

    Greg, I would like to think he is right but it seems there are a lot of people making strong predictions like this, and no one brings them back for the recent calls to account, sort of like Harvey Organ, but let’s see. BTW: you do a great job of bringing diversity, but you don’t hold the bad calls accountable, I think you should.

    • helot

      RE: “you don’t hold the bad calls accountable, I think you should.”

      I used to think that way, too. However; what good is that? I mean, you know what you consider to be, ‘the bad call’ the question is, can you make up your own mind about the new call based on all the information you have now? What good is it to focus on a bad call? It’s the new call which matters. Yah, track records matter I suppose, but facts, matter more. Plus, you’ve got to have some perspective. For me, when people say things like, ‘gold is dropping/hitting bottom’ yeesh, unless it’s $200 per ounce, it’s not anywhere near a bottom.

      I hope that made sense, I’m kinda tired from a very enjoyable pain-filled snowed-in Sub-zero Valentines Day. I hope yours was enjoyable as well.

      • red

        ROTFLMAO $200 an ounce. You should have stuck with the Bernays’ gear dude….I liked you up to there…. Ch Douglas “The monopoly of credit” great book …Social credit not so much , Douglas deep down was a statist just like Keynes. JMO The Austrians have got it right. again JMO

        • helot

          Why do you say, “ROTFLMAO $200 an ounce.”? I didn’t say I thought it would go that low, I meant only that it has been near that low not too long ago. ~$250 an oz. in 1999 – 2001 time frame. Now that, was a bottom.

          Also, yup, Austrians know.

          • Mohammad

            250$ an ounce then is more expensive than current 1200 . current tag is cheaper now than ever.


          • red

            Dont worry I still really like you..Greg knows I tend to get a little testy if I pick up even a wiff of gold dissing……I’m like a dog with a bone grrrrhgggg…seriously your a pretty cool thinker in my opinion

      • BetterChetter

        I get stuck on this too – wanting accuracy or perfection (?).
        I heard Rocco Errico speak of Biblical interpretation, and I got to ask what the meaning was of “be ye perfect as your Fa