Stocks Cut in Half & Gold Doubles in 2016-Bo Polny

Bo Polny Photo ORIGINALBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says stocks are going to take a beating, and gold is going to shine in 2016. Polny contends, “What we’ve seen happen so far in gold is just a warm up.  We are not even close to see movements in gold, this is just the start. . . . What’s coming is a transfer of wealth.  When you are looking at a transfer of wealth, it means a huge financial shift in the landscape. . . . You are going to have the stock market crash this year of a minimum of 50% . . . and gold will double.   A $5,000 stock investment, after it is cut in half, will only buy you one ounce of gold that will be $2,500, and that will happen this year.”

Polny says the timeline is “between now and October of this year.” The crash will happen long before October, and Polny goes on to explain, “When you have a falling or crashing stock market, it is really a loss of faith, and the crash will complete the cycle.  These cycles go back hundreds of years. . . . This cycle is a currency cycle, and it ends with a cycle low in the year 2016.  This is a currency cycle.  When this currency cycle completes, gold becomes money again . . . it always was money.  The world will always run to gold because it is money, and it is the only money that has been around for 5,000 years. . . . Gold will restore the balances that were destroyed all these past years.

Polny says don’t look for safety in the bond market. Polny explains, “When the markets crashed in 2007 to 2009, the world bought dollars and bonds because they were security.  That’s what happened last time and you were protected, and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Now, let’s go to this cycle.  What happened in August?  Stocks crashed, and what did the dollar do?  It crashed with the stock market.  That was how assets both fell together, and they are both paper.  That was not supposed to happen, and it did not happen in 2007.  The same thing happened in December.  When you look at the dollar, and you are looking at a market collapse and a massive crash . . .  the dollar will not be a safe haven.”

Polny expects big losses in the bond market around the world. Polny explains, “How many countries are going to be happy about that?  Now, you want to know why gold goes vertical?  People are going to run from paper because the bonds that were safe havens in 2007 and the dollars that were safe havens in 2007, this time around, is the opposite.  So, you don’t have safety in paper.  You don’t have safety in the dollar.  You don’t have safety in bonds this time.  So, gold will be the asset class that everybody is going to run to.”

Is gold on the launching pad with the rocket boosters warming up? Polny says, “Yes, yes, there is very little time left.  If you don’t act, and your money is in the stock and bond markets . . . a transfer of wealth is going to happen, and the date in October is not a crash.  It’s something else. . . .  Before all that happens, you are going to have markets collapse.  We may have a little bounce in the markets, but that will be the final opportunity to get out.  If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with cycle analyst Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the interview:

Right now, it takes about 80 ounces of silver to equal the value of just one ounce of gold. Meaning, a silver/gold ratio of 80 to 1. Polny predicts that ratio will fall dramatically down to 10 ounces of silver to equal the value of one ounce of gold, or a silver/gold ratio of 10 to 1.  Polny says this will happen over the next few years.  Polny also predicts silver could hit triple digits in 2016.  At the very least, Polny says silver will break its prior $50 per ounce all-time high.  To watch more Bo Polny videos, go to

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  1. your fan in Japan

    Greg, As promised earlier here is what I could find out about North Korea. Now, I should say first that while the family did visit, the father, a South Korean, was under the weather and did not come to my house. Undaunted, I asked his wife, a Japanese, but a 20 year resident of Korea, her take on the situation. She commented:
    1. There is no love/respect/filial feelings in South Korea for North Korea.
    2. Many in the south don’t want re-unification, because they believe it will lower their standard of living/ wealth, etc.
    3. In the South, they have a form of ancestor worship. This system has apparently been forbidden in the North. (i.e no freedom of religion).
    4. I made the comment that North Korea is attempting to go it alone- independently of the west’s financial system. She said no one in the South has any respect for the North.
    5. Last week, North Korea launched a satellite. The media in Japan and South Korea called the launch a missile launch (not a rocket launch). We talked about what if NK had nukes. She said that the number of people in South Korea that think that South Korea should have nukes is increasing. (no solid numbers, just a trend).

    your fan in Japan
    now it’s time to listen to the interview.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        This is very alarming.
        I would like to get FREDERICKS response to this as he is WD’s man on the spot.

        • frederick

          Colin sorry but I have no input on this subject but it sure feels as though something is brewing Hopefully it doesn’t happen

      • Galaxy 500

        Well, easy to see if this is right, just wait 3 weeks

    • Mia

      I think this comment on South Korea’s attitude towards unification with North Korea maybe not quite be correct.

      There are huge Christian prayer movements in South Korea, praying for unification with North Korea, which has been going on for decades. It is an ongoing prayer focus of the South Korean churches.

      South Koreans are aware of the huge economic and social costs of merging with a nation of great poverty and a population who has suffered brainwashing and isolation for decades. But many South Koreans want to undo the enormous pain of family separation their parents and grandparent’s generation suffered when Korea divided into North and South.

      A significant number of South Koreans dream of being one nation again, and willing sacrifice and work hard to make the nation great. I have to say, many of these people are Christians, and in South Korea Christians are a big number.


      • Faith

        Mia, thank you for your post. It speaks to Christianity as a practice and a point of view, that people are desperate to be reunited and willing to forgive. That is nobility in thought, word, and deed.

  2. Marco

    I have followed almost any gold analysts on this planet when the HUI was attempting to close a huge downward Head and Shoulders in January and I must say that the ONLY guy who was able to called the bottom was GARY SAVAGE.
    He told on his blog not to sell because it was a fake move,and it was indeed!
    Bo Polny was like a sort of perma bull in gold and silver for the past two years,now stars are alligning and he finally can say ” I told you so” but he called this bottom several times.
    Another serious and convincing analyst is MICHAEL OLIVER ,his momentum and sentiment analysys are first grade.
    Bo is a nice guy and it seems that he really believes in what he says,but he was not able to forecast correctly the gold market since 2011.

    • helot

      Interesting comment, Marco.

      I’d say, you’re All About market timing. Nothing wrong with that. There’s lots of guys like that. It’s just that, not everyone is into market timing. I.e. picking the exact bottoms and tops. Just ask Jim Rogers, ‘The World’s Worst Market Timer’.
      The squabbling about it all is kind of … I don’t want to use the word, silly. I mean, for those who were buyers at $250 per oz., I imagine it all seems like ridiculous squabbling.

      Anyway, I found this to be interesting and thought you all might find it so:

      Mr. Banker says:

      For any of you pukes who care to rise up out of your own personal morass of ignorance and “educated” conditioning you might want to ponder these words of Edward Bernays:

      “In Propaganda (1928), Bernays argued that the manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy:

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

      Is that, The Struggle?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        What Bernays said is fascinating both in its arrogance and its lofty assumptions. To me, this reinforces the fact that a functioning democracy is extremely problematic to maintain under any system be it capitalist or socialist. Its very existence relies almost entirely on an informed and educated populace.

        What we see in our modern western world is the proliferation of an oligarchic/bankism model which has displaced capitalism. A numerically tiny group of elites which by lobby and unimaginable wealth have gained control over business, the media, the banking system, much of Govt and to a large degree the education system itself.

        As a result, they have gained a stranglehold on almost every aspect of our lives and much of the intellectual process of modern day society. If it were not for the internet and social media 99% of the population would be about as politically well informed as invertebrates. This marvellous tool that we all have at our disposal is Mainsteet’s power and is the game changer that will eventually bring the elite to their knees.

        RE; PMs discussion with Polny.
        I think we should be focussing on how little currencies will be worth, come the reset, rather than how high gold/silver will go. If our currencies collapse it is immaterial whether gold goes to $3000, $5000 or $50,000.

        IMHO we must remember that gold is an insurance, not an investment and that an ounce of gold will buy no more tangible goods today than it did 2000 years ago. It is highly likely that in 5 or 10 or 100 years time the equation will be very similar. This fact is the very essence of gold and the truly wonderful thing about its existence.

        Just me, but knowing only too well how completely manipulated the markets and the endless ‘jiggery pokery” [to borrow a term from the eloquent and highly esteemed Judge Scalia] of the central banking cartel and the ESF, I find it extremely difficult to comprehend the relevance of so-called 200 year trends in today’s chaotic financial system.

        If you add in the effect of new technologies like a few quadrillion in derivatives and high frequencies trading etc, etc, I really begin to question this seeming obsession with cycles. However, I did enjoy the interview and continue to marvel at the quality and the diversity of the guests that Greg brings to us on WD.

        • Fanny Flabergasted

          Good on ya Colin!

        • red

          Hey Col,
          I think you absolutely correct when you talk about how little currency will be worth. I know this sounds antithetical because one of the arguments from “socialists” is we must remove the power of “Private” banks monopolising the creation of money. Well to me logically the only way to do that is force Private banks to hold REAL HONEST capital reserves Metal. JMO But access to credit creation should not be limited to a tiny group of .Gov bureaucrats& crony private banks, corporations with no capital requirements and free to just plunder everyone elses’ wealth through legal tender laws and a STATE Monopoly. & then they Tax you as well!!! Taxes have & always served one purpose only, to keep poor people poor , yet they keep voting for them.. Property tax is the cruelest joke of all. But dont try and explain to the poor old Dufflepuds’ the first thing they’ll bark back at you is “yes but we need taxes?” They are so brainwashed into thinking thats what pays for all their free stuff. JMO

        • frederick

          Colin I hope Greg covers justice Scalias death in his next video He was a fellow Hoya alumni shared with my son and many believe he was murdered May he rest in peace

      • red

        I like you Helot 🙂

        • sk

          Me too, helot!

    • al hall

      Marco/Greg: Greg ask why we will have a big rise in gold/silver prices- remember this is a “SUPER 100 Year Shmita Cycle”. My personal belief is that Jim Sinclair is correct- gold=$50K/oz and silver $500+/oz. The elite bankster have manipulated the makets for decades- when this event blows- sky is the limit.
      I’ve been buy gold and silver for over a decade= let it happen- I’ve planned on this transfer of wealth!

  3. Michael214

    Greg, I would like to think he is right but it seems there are a lot of people making strong predictions like this, and no one brings them back for the recent calls to account, sort of like Harvey Organ, but let’s see. BTW: you do a great job of bringing diversity, but you don’t hold the bad calls accountable, I think you should.

    • helot

      RE: “you don’t hold the bad calls accountable, I think you should.”

      I used to think that way, too. However; what good is that? I mean, you know what you consider to be, ‘the bad call’ the question is, can you make up your own mind about the new call based on all the information you have now? What good is it to focus on a bad call? It’s the new call which matters. Yah, track records matter I suppose, but facts, matter more. Plus, you’ve got to have some perspective. For me, when people say things like, ‘gold is dropping/hitting bottom’ yeesh, unless it’s $200 per ounce, it’s not anywhere near a bottom.

      I hope that made sense, I’m kinda tired from a very enjoyable pain-filled snowed-in Sub-zero Valentines Day. I hope yours was enjoyable as well.

      • red

        ROTFLMAO $200 an ounce. You should have stuck with the Bernays’ gear dude….I liked you up to there…. Ch Douglas “The monopoly of credit” great book …Social credit not so much , Douglas deep down was a statist just like Keynes. JMO The Austrians have got it right. again JMO

        • helot

          Why do you say, “ROTFLMAO $200 an ounce.”? I didn’t say I thought it would go that low, I meant only that it has been near that low not too long ago. ~$250 an oz. in 1999 – 2001 time frame. Now that, was a bottom.

          Also, yup, Austrians know.

          • Mohammad

            250$ an ounce then is more expensive than current 1200 . current tag is cheaper now than ever.


          • red

            Dont worry I still really like you..Greg knows I tend to get a little testy if I pick up even a wiff of gold dissing……I’m like a dog with a bone grrrrhgggg…seriously your a pretty cool thinker in my opinion

      • BetterChetter

        I get stuck on this too – wanting accuracy or perfection (?).
        I heard Rocco Errico speak of Biblical interpretation, and I got to ask what the meaning was of “be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” R.E. stated a better translation was “be ye as ‘inclusive’, as your Father in heaven is …”.
        I judge others (& so, judge myself) on their accuracy, but if I can let go of that desire of perfection, then I can take ownership of my own power/sovereignty via my discernment, and not seek to blame others when they are wrong, nor profit off of them when they’re right.

        Wanting free investment advice is another form of welfare IMHO – for someone to take care of me, & say when to buy and when to sell, so I can profit (but do I ‘tip’ them back, for their tip, to me ?) At worse, it is a high expectation in my unconscious mind, leading to anger, regret, worry and a host of other depleting emotions.

      • Jeff L

        Calls matter just like facts matter. Last week someone here said he has the “best” track record”. Then he is presented in an interview as such (because he wasn’t called out).
        If like you say “who cares” then why have anyone interviewed ? We’ve all heard all of this a hundred times, haven’t we ?
        So, for the record Po did forecast that gold was DIFFENITLY going to pass $2000 2 years ago. There, I said it. We’re all adults here and it didn’t hurt that much to mention the truth. Did it.

      • JC Davis

        PFI had the comment to remember that day.
        If Organ’s predictions, or any of the others we hear routinely, even Biblical, come “true”, meaning they are accurate, Greg won’t be in a position to be interviewing anybody, and we won’t care about how “true” or “accurate” they are, as we will be in a fight for our lives, everywhere and all the time. Get real, people. If even half the stuff we are contemplating goes down, your life as you know it will abruptly end, and all of us will be in a place we never even dreamed of. Best always. PM
        Thank you Paul for your comments. JC Davis.

  4. Dwain

    But what good is gold if there is no food? Gold won’t save anyone when SHTF. What no one talks about is global economic dependency on fiat currencies. Will gold support fiat economic structures when they implode? I don’t think so.

    Food will be the asset people run to not gold. Who in their right mind would sell scarce food for gold? You can’t eat gold.

    • JMiller


      Since no one has a crystal ball to know how bad things will be, many recommend being diversified. Having at least several months of food and water, having some precious metals, having some cash, having a firearm and ammo, having some extra gasoline etc…makes sense.

    • Beligarant

      @Dwain : Well guess what, you can’t eat dollars, euro’s, rubles, pesos, reals, oil, gas, copper, stocks and bonds either. Duh?! Problem is most food does not have a long shelf life outside of canned or freeze dried veggies and soups but guessing you never thought of that one? Also, the farmers and companies that make all of this food will probably want some medium of exchange other than more food? Maybe they might want something that has been considered money for the past 4,000 years which has survived untold wars, famines, currency collapses, hyperinflation, revaluations, bank holidays and idiots stating you cannot eat gold, etc. Guess what, that would be gold, sucka! Gold!!

      • Diane D.

        @Beligarant, let me get this straight. You are going to buy food for your loved ones AFTER chaos hits, why don’t you buy your gold AFTER chaos hits? Freeze dried food (in #10 cans) has a shelf life of 25-30 years. You can afford gold but not freeze dried food?

        I pray that your loved ones know Dwain.

        • Beligarant

          Diane D. — You’re readin’ way too much into my post. Never did I state not to have a supply of emergency food but just sick of hearing the mantra you can’t eat gold?! Just like the Weimar Republic Hyperinflation gold would always buy anything you wanted no matter if it was food or a good pair of work boots. People should study history and know what gold would do during a currency crisis.
          I spent time in Brazil in the 1990’s when they had 200% and 300% hyperinflation. I learned a lot and one thing to understand is food was available at the grocery stores and restaurants were open for business. Yeah, it was pricey for the locals but it was available. Other than a few hiccups, I don’t believe it would be any different no matter where you lived unless it was somewhere remote. The problem is the food will be expensive so need to make sure you are prepared for that scenario.

    • helot

      Dear Dwain,

      Yes, you can eat gold. It’s an ingredient in the world’s most expensive desert.

      You say, “But what good is gold if there is no food?”

      That’s certainly a relative question. In this world of plenty, there is no such thing as, “no food”, there is only, denial to access food.

      When the Soviet Union fell there were numerous examples of gold being The only way to obtaining food.

      You ask, “Who in their right mind would sell scarce food for gold?”

      There are plenty of people who would do so. The question is, will they be allowed to. And, why is there a scarcity? Government price controls, perhaps? War?

      Imho, you have Much learning to do. I hope you succeed. Might I suggest LRC as a staring point to learning about free markets.

    • Faith

      Gold is not a replacement for food. Gold is a store of wealth. If you do not understand that then you probably shouldn’t be investing in PMs. Stick to food, stick to what you know.

      • Russ

        Thank you Faith. Gold is an alternative to paper assets, it is not meant to be a replacement for the basic necessities of life. We all need food, water, air and a roof, after that replacing paper assets controlled by banks and the fate of Wall Street makes sense. Pay off your mortgage, fill your pantry — after that consider how to transfer any remaining wealth from this side of a monetary reset to the other side.

        • Faith

          I am a big fan of PMs but they are not for everyone. They are not for anyone that is in debt. They are not speculation. I view PMs as insurance. Do I have extra food stored? Yes. of course.

    • Hatemail

      Can you eat paper?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      After one has a multi-year supply of food, it makes sense to consider something a little easier to store.

    • Grafique

      You can’t eat gold, but you can eat the food that is grown with seeds, tools, fertilizer etc that was bought with gold.

    • Jerry

      The game plan is the same as it was during the depression.
      – Short term investment – food, water, shelter, basic necessities.
      – Long term investment- gold, silver, diamonds, real estate.
      My mothers aunt bought Coca Cola stocks when they hit rock bottom in 1930 with silver and real estate. But that was almost 18 months after the crash.

      • Silence is Golden

        Very Astute Lady.

  5. Gina Mancarella

    People, we dont have to be fearful about what is coming. Hillary Rodham Clinton is here to save America from all evils confronting her. She wants to bring back the country we grew up on and make it a fairer gentler place for all Americans. She loves each and every one of you and will do her utmost to deliver all of us from disaster. Lets stand up for her and help Hillary to ensure our nations bounty.

    • NomadWizard

      Please get back on your medication.
      Or, do you need to get off of the medication screwing up your brain.

    • Ben

      Gina Mancarella.
      You ae joking, right?

    • Grafique

      Bat puckey. Hillary absolutely despises me and everyone like me.

      Hillary Clinton will never, ever, ever be president.
      Thank God.

    • Jerry

      Yawn………………..this B.S. is tiresome.

      • JC Davis

        Right Jerry. She is like watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

        • Silence is Golden

          Exactly …bcos you know the words before they’re spoken and the outcome before its played out.

        • Darren

          That’s a low blow JC,,, lets have a little more respect for Gilligan. lol

    • Donna S from AR

      I hope you were being sarcastic because otherwise your comments about Hitllery are a joke! You need to really get in depth with all the wrong her and her man Bill has caused…….starting in my home state of Arkansas!!! I will NEVER vote for a murderer!!!

    • gregd

      Gina ,
      She’ll tell you all about what she wants to do if you just give her $250,000 to explain it to you. She didn’t do anything in the State Debt because they didn’t pay her enough, so she had to do some side deals to get paid properly. When asked what she accomplished she said she did a lot of traveling. Accomplishing nothing. So I guess in your eyes she needs a bigger challenge. That’s how baseball works too, if you do crappy in the minors you get promoted to the majors. (sarc)

    • Steven R


    • john duffy

      You mean this loving Hillary?

    • frederick

      Gina do you REALLY want a psychopath like Hillary to run our country or are you simply a troll?

    • Gina Mancarella

      My fello Americans, let us pray for the repose of the soul of Justice Scalia. At the same time, let us all rejoice at the revival of real hope and change. In just a few months, Loretta Lynch will be nominated as the new Supreme court justice and she will be invaluable to the agenda that Hillary will bring to the white house. Imagine an America where guns are taken off the streets and we can walk in our towns in safety. Imagine an environment where the air we breathe is pure. Imagine a world where tolerance and equality are in equilibrium with perfect harmonic balance ! My friends ! We have the will ! We have the votes ! Americas dreams have never looked brighter !!!!! God Bless America ! My Home ! Sweet home ! Praise God for this day !

    • Russ McMeans

      Amen Gina! … Hillary is fighting- for us! Wow!…I never would have thought she really cared…… Who would have known? I’m really impressed….

    • Matt Jaymes

      Yes Gina, and if your stationed at a diplomatic compound in, say, Benghazi – she really, really loves you!!

    • Galaxy 500

      She’s baccckkkk

    • Galaxy 500

      Hillary loves each and every one of us like Satan does

      • frederick

        NEVER thought I would agree with Galaxy but I have to give it to him/her on this Hitlary evaluation Just perfect

    • aussie jeff

      Gina…….thanks for your input you always give me a giggle,your attention seeking posts are a scream!!!!!
      But i do fret for you when Hillary does’nt become president.

  6. Aurele

    Hi Greg, love your work (great diversity) but I’m really not a fan of this guy’s (Bo) voodoo economics and reinterpretation of other people’s work. Law of average says he’s bound to to get something right at some point.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m not a fan because of his company logo. It makes him appears to be a snake oil or gold oil salesman.

      • your fan in Japan

        yeah, I had the same feeling. Snake oil.

  7. Raymondo

    Please greg don’t insalt us. Putting bums on your show, like Bo . Gold investors are not igorant.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s just see if he’s right. By the end of March there will be a significant drop in stocks and bonds and a significant rise in gold according to Mr. Polny. This will be easy to check and these are fairly direct predictions for the rest of the year.

      • NomadWizard

        Why bother responding to these kinds.

        Off topic…What is your take on this subject.
        Came across it by ‘accident.’
        “Obama Orders euro Conversion for December”

      • allen ols


        Mark of the Beast

        Global Collapse Brings The Mark Of The Beast Into View
        Posted February 14th, 2016 at 11:34 PM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

        Courtesy of SGT

        Bill Holter from JS Mineset is back to help us document the collapse. As global credit markets seize up, US stock market breadth becomes abysmal, and Deutsche Bank goes on death watch, Bill and I recount the latest quantifiable news pointing to a cascading global economic collapse. And Bill says, the cashless society is coming into view as increasingly desperate bankers seek to keep humanity chained to dying criminal banking institutions. “We are headed toward the Mark of the Beast,” Bill says. If the Bankers are allowed to get their way, “You’re not going to be able to do business without some kind of card, or some kind of chip.”

        • Tin foil hat

          allen ols,
          They cannot keep humanity chained to the dying criminal banking system until they get cash, gold and Putin out of the way.
          All nations have to be on board or they have to get rid of all Currency Exchange offices and the FX market.

          • spirit

            Today was news, “Australia moving towards less cash society by going to ban $100 notes”.

            • Silence is Golden

              That’s news….can you post the link to the statement from the RBA ??

      • steve

        He’s made many direct and wrong predictions in the past on gold – easy to find:
        2013: gold NEVER below $1300 again – JSMineset
        2014 & 2015: Gold at $2000+ – Silver Doctors and many interviews

        I hope he’s right for 2016 but it won’t be because of his “perfect” cycle analysis. I will give him this, entertaining to listen to.

      • Smaulgld

        Bo has been making predictions month after month year after year. It’s sad to see him still at it. The comments under his interviews posted on Silver Doctors are priceless. Most of his You tube podcasts have comments disabled as the comments are so harsh. This is the first USAWD interview I havent listened to in years!

        • frederick

          yup the boys at the doc can sure be brutal Not that Pony doesn’t deserve most of it

      • Steve

        “Let’s just see if he’s right. By the end of March there will be a significant drop in stocks and bonds and a significant rise in gold according to Mr. Polny.”

        On 2/12/2016, prior to the interview:
        Gold closed at about $1238
        Dow closed at about 15974

        As I write today, 3/31/2016:
        Gold at $1236
        Dow at 17729

        If you interviewed Bo today, he would have a wonderful explanation of why he is still correct. I have followed Bo since 2013 and he has been consistently wrong on gold. I’m still hoping by coincidence that he is right for his October 2016 prediction. Maybe, the broken clock theory will work for Bo this year.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why would we bother to insalt you when you insalt yourself so very well?

  8. Raymondo

    Ignorant. Lol

  9. Larry Carter

    Greg, Bo analysis and use of cycles to predict the course of events in the world economy and stock markets gives us gold bugs reason to feel we will rise up as the non believers fall down. Great interview and Oct. is a family planned trip to Maui. Hopefully we can still go if the planes are flying.

  10. Don

    I’ve listened to Bo’s presentation of cycles, but believe his targets could be somewhat optimistic. This thing could collapse tomorrow or it could go on for two or three years, but the wedge that formed in the gold graft appears to have bottomed, and if the breakout holds, without revisiting bottom, then he may be more right than wrong. I thought 3 or 4 years ago in 2011-12 that the down turn in metals would not go as deep as it has, and was surprised at its drop. Maybe this will be the year, and Bill Holter was right about the margin calls and they’ve been able to hide it. Mr. Maloney, the other day showed the fed’s balance sheet had 20 billion of its reserve capital disappear off of its balance sheet. He believes there hiding the margin call, not marking there balance sheets to market. Well maybe this is the year I recover some losses. Good job Greg as always.

    • Tomo

      Yes Don I agree with what you posted.
      Too bad that the manipulators saw fit to
      slam gold early Monday (2/15) morning by $30.00
      Oh well, so much for predictions.

  11. Jerry

    This is what I predicted last year.

    Jerry 02/21/2015 •

    Greg I feel like I’m posting to much, but I thought this report was to big to pass up.
    According to the Wall Street Journal Deutsche bank will not pass the Feds stress test on Monday. If that happens, it could really send a ripple through the economic markets on Monday since over 62 Trillion Dollars in derivatives are tied to it. Greece may be the least of our worries.

    Considering last weeks news about Deutsche Banks collapsing stock, don’t you think this information was accurate? I do. The Exchange Stabilization Fund is to busy mopping up U.S. treasuries to bother propping up another failing bank. It just so happens that this one is holding up the entire ECB, and has 65 Trillion dollars in derivatives tied to it. Can they stall it? Sure. But the day of reckoning will come (I predict) with the Gold Benchmark in April.

    Bo is right. There is a complete transformation of the worlds economic exchange system about to take place. China and every major bank in the world are buying Gold for security and they know it. The American people? They’re to busy watching American Idol to care.

    • Jerry

      This is why the meltdown of Deutsche Bank matters. Americans are so stupid. Here you have a classic example of our congress once again putting American taxpayers on the hook to bail out the central banks.
      Why did they do it? Why now? And why America? Answer: The central bankers all know that the current global fiat system is dying and that it must be replaced with a new one. A new one built and backed by Gold.

      Gold has been artificially smashed for a reason. That reason is because the central banks and the Chinese are selling it back to themselves, in the same manner that they have been buying back their own treasuries. Its like letting your property be foreclosed on and buying back at the courthouse steps for pennies on the dollar with a corporate name. I see corporations do it all the time where I live. Usually the attorneys who file the foreclosure notices for the banks are in on the deals as well. There’s really nothing new here, other than the fact that the United States of America is about to be bought out in a foreclosure proceeding when the defaults start kicking in.

    • Jerry

      For those of you who missed it, I’m going to post this link to V- the Guerilla Economist. He has important information about the collapse of Deutsche Bank.

      Do not be lulled into a fall sense of security watching the stock market, because when this thing unravels it going to come like (as the scriptures say) “a thief in the night”.
      There will be no headline. There will be no warning. You will see talking heads on T.V. assuring you, that everything is under control. What else can they say?

      • Silence is Golden

        A sense of deja vu here… its 2008 all over again.
        How did we let these criminals off the hook. Bush and Obama have committed the most serious of crimes for which they should be tried by Jury….and when found guilty …..hung on Capitol Hill.

        • Faith

          Jerry and SIG: when this blows up it will make 2008 look like a cakewalk. I hope I am wrong. I do.

        • Jerry

          Its like any other crime. The criminals climb through the windows after you’re fast asleep. America has been dozing for half a century now.

    • Russ McMeans

      Thanks Jerry for posting too many posts. I read em all and take notes, then plan accordingly. Thank you!

  12. Coal Burner

    I am glad you had Bo on because he is a good guy, and I like different ways of hearing the messages. I watch every week and never regretted any interview you have presented.
    It is about what we can get from every knowledgable person. Bo has been right on the trends but I dont worry much about calling exact turns. I always think if I wait to a turn it may be too late to do anything. Manarino has been much better at fine point calls.
    I read today from Zerohedge that oil stock sellers were buying Treasurys, go figure! This all makes me think as I have said before, it will be a slower grind down like the thirtys. I mean slower than we think. I could be wrong and except for having more time to work, safety plans it won’t change anything. I like the talk about cycles and what it will look like in 2020.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Coal. I have had several people ask to put him on, so I did. I think the world is a mess and not getting better anytime soon.

    • Tad

      When I read Bill Holter and Doug Casey, I don’t get the impression this will be a slow turn like the thirties.

      Everything is problematic: global population, global debt, limited personal savings, low levels of home ownership, high levels of unemployment. And the neocons will make it better by starting a war somewhere.

      Terrible things will occur in 2016 that will surprise even the “prepared.”

  13. Chris

    Dwain………..Gold is just one leg of a four legged stool. Gold will get assets to “the other side”. Food storage & cash in hand keeps you out of trouble in the short term. Gun & ammo ………..well, I am sure your know why……………..


  14. diane s.

    I sure can’t predict the markets. ..except I think they will sort then selves out one way or another.
    I am a 50 year horse race bettor…over the years at the track I’ve seen grifters, touts, con artists. This man is not talking horseracing…but I sure recognize his pitch.

  15. Simon

    I’ve never commented here before. Greg, I want to thank you for the quality and diversity of guests that appear on your program. All are top tier experts. I can easily discern that you are a man who cares deeply for others. You are also a patriot who thinks much bigger than political parties or personal opinion. We can all feel that something big is coming. It’s very close.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very nice first time comment my friend. Thank you for posting it here.

      • Russ McMeans

        Mr. Hunter sure is more honest than a lot of reporter/ journalists these days… Reminds me a bit of Bill O’Reily ….. But that guy is on big time TV and his ego got big too. I prefer small town banks and news sites like this one! When I’m on Drudge Report, I’m wondering what’s up here. It’s a need to really know website…

        • frederick

          That’s an understatement actually Greg is a true humanitarian and patriot and he is lightyears ahead of the socalled mainstream journalists who are actually no more than actors/propaganda mouthpieces You have come to the right place if you want the truth

      • Terry

        Greg, You need to install a “Thumbs Up” button for comments like Simons.

        • J C Davis

          Terry, and a search to find comments posted. Greg has a lot more commenters then two year ago.

  16. red

    I agree with Bo, not all the same reasons but his ratio analogy gold vs stock vs silver is pretty good IMO I believe the wealth transfer will simply be from the insolvent to the solvent. Doggers if you have a $50,000.00 that represents 100% of your actual wealth& you use that to lever up and borrow $500,000.00, whats the worst that can happen you loose your deposit according to some windbags around here right? WRONG you are dead in the market that is coming. I don’t care what asset class you’re in , getting rid of debt maybe the single smartest investment decision you make IMO. Cause according to some around here, when you add up real numbers and stuff it cant ever add up to nothing right? Those with mortgages might want to brush up on indexation clause’s particularly investment properties again JMO. A friend of mine once stated if you want the attention of the devil or an idiot, just whisper his name…

  17. Todd

    Greg, another superb interview. We can surely see that investing has gone wacky! How can we know the true value of paper assets when they are all manipulated? We see many signs that the collapse has begun. People must study and pray for themselves. We live in critical times. We live in biblical times. It is crucial that we prepare. We are now in the storm. It is hard to see exactly how it plays out. I do believe we are about to see a dramatic change in our standard of living. Debt has grown beyond its bounds! The hangover is here. Let us set ourselves right with God and our fellow men. Hopefully you and I can help our family survive this famine. God bless you, Todd

  18. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, interesting interview. I don’t agree this person’s point of view but it was interesting, nonetheless. Am I investing in PMs, yes. For the reasons posited by this person? No.

  19. Coal Burner

    252 year cycle??? That would be 1764 half the 500 year cycle, 1512. Very interesting dates. If you get a chance to get a top cycles guy to interview, I believe it would very interesting. “The Great Super Cycle” author, David Skarica or “The Foruth Turning” authors, Strauss and Howe. They also produced the “Millennials Rising”. Would be great interviews for our education. This is not a complete list of experts on this subject.
    Most people do not realize it but that was the point of the movie Apocalypto. The 1511 arrival of the Spanish at the peak of the Mayan Civilization. It was conquered in a very short time around 500 years ago. A movie to watch more than once just to get to the last 2 minutes. That was 19 years afer Columbus first trip, so it takes a few years for these things to develope. Could Bo be right about “going around a corner in history” on October 20, maybe but if it is the 14th or the 28th or November, he will still be right in my view. Best to all you Doggers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Coal for adding this info and perspective.

      • Joni

        Greg, I thought of Charles Nenner and his work when Bo was talking. As you already know, he is regarded by many in the industry as THE expert in technical analysis regarding l-o-n-g cycles as well as short cycles, with some similar predictions. It would be great to have him on again, giving his input on 2016 and on out further.
        Best Regards,

    • Felicia

      CB, I think you (and other WDers) will enjoy a recent article from an interview with Neil Howe about the U.S. being in the Fourth Turning and the majority of the people, especially financial “experts”, being in denial that our society has entered a very tumultuous era that will change our way of life as we have known it. Here’s the link: Hope everyone had a loving Valentines Day.
      Kindest regards, Felicia

    • Jeff L

      The cycles also ” predict” war……

  20. Macray

    On vacation for a week without cell phones and internet.
    Just catching up at USA Watchdog with the Gregory M interview first! Very much enjoyed it. I believe Gregory’s Dow call will prove to be right on.
    On a side note, Mohamed you are welcome to believe and follow anyone and anything you wish. If Karen H is one of your things, go for it. I would imagine that she appreciates any followers she can attract.
    Not sure if this was commented upon last week or not but the New Allocated Bullion Exchange was launched last week. In my opinion, I agree with the ones behind this new physical PM exchange that it will contribute to new Gold and Silver highs in 2016.

    Ok, back to catching up!

  21. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Please consider yourself chastised. I have been waiting since at least noon for the “early Sunday release”. Great interview. Kudos to you and Bo.

    Bo just reinforced what I said almost 2 years ago, Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct of 2016 is a super cycle. He also mentioned how wrong Pastor Cahn was and that is because he uses the Hillel II calendar rather than the Creator’s calendar. (The Hillel II is 76 years off and Pastor Cahn uses the 7th month of the Creator’s calendar instead of the first month, Abib.)

    Look at Bo’s cycles; 21 years = 3 x 7 years; 42 years = 6 x 7 years; and 252 years = 36 x 7 years. Do we see a pattern here?

    Next, Bo mentioned Bibilical destruction, this I believe (@20 minute mark) but also mentioned the Daniel Time line which he never got back to in his discussion. (Daniel’s time line was a time cycle not a Greek linear event. Hebrews view time as a cycle not a line.)

    I have said this to you before: Dr. Stve Puetz = cycles (financial)
    Dr. Steve Puetz = cycles
    Dr. Steve Puetz = cycles.

    If you can’t find him I understand because he has moved on in his research.
    Super cycles Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct. Remember that
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Country for the Super cycle info.

    • Galaxy 500

      I’ll go with cycles ifb you give me some reason why they would be true. I do believe in cycles just not ones set to the planets.
      Still waiting for that Blood moon doom to happen.

  22. Harden Cor

    Was Donald Trump’s “emergency landing” a final warning to exit the race?
    History would suggest that it is very possible

    By Truthstream Media – February 5, 2016

    The elite have been gunning for Trump’s anti-establishment campaign – as they have for others in the past like Ron Paul and Ross Perot.

    Was the emergency landing by Trump’s private jet – just days after he accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucus – more than just a coincidental problem?

    Top Bilderberger: “Global super elite” must stop Donald Trump
    By Paul Joseph Watson |

    “The potential consequences are frightening”

    Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times Martin Wolf insists that the “global super elite” must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

    If They Could Only Stop Him!

    • Silence is Golden

      Great Stuff Harden.
      I firmly believe that if you (as Pres.) do not follow orders and steer the “Ship” in the given direction to satiate their agendas…then you will be made obsolete. If you make waves or create turbulence….you will be silenced.

  23. SJC

    To your fan in Japan.
    What are you talking about? Please refrain from over generalizing the opinion of a few as if it is representive . Why would the people in South Korea be against reunification? We were always one country now divided for over half a Century. As a result, the human tragedy is unimaginable, not to mention the anguish of the families directly affected. The opposing view that the cost of reunification would reduce our living standard is not worthy of any serious consideration. In the long term Korea stands to prosper as a nation. Furthermore, it would significantly contribute to reducing tensions and the threat of War in Northeast Asia.

    • your fan in Japan

      Hey, we get a lot of negative press about NK in Japan. As my wife’s friend and her Korean family were visiting I just thought it a good opportunity to ask them about how they view NK and how NK is viewed in South Korea. I was not making generalizations or anything else. I was simply reporting the results of our conversation. I think I mentioned ths in my post. The only way to ascertain whether the views expressed are those of the majority is to ask everyone and then crunch the numbers. I took my opportunity. Anyone else have Korean friends, go ahead and ask.

  24. dee garmon

    Gold is king. It always was and will be.
    To try to argue otherwise is akin to saying
    ” The government is not corrupt and it has
    our best interests”.

  25. sjc

    Extension to reply to “Your fan in Japan”/
    Who in their right mind would want nuclear weapons?What escalate matters to assure complete and mutual destruction? The solution lies with how China and the US decide to deal with this issue (the NK nuke problem) as NK would not last a week without China’s support. Having our own nuclear war heads is not the solution. What good is a victory in an inhabitable landscape?

    • your fan in Japan

      further reply. Who would want nuclear weapons? Who on this site would want a gun? Forgive my simplicity, but there are some who want a gun to protect their property/family, etc. The “bad guys” have guns and thus, to be able to protect oneself, you need equivalent equipment. This principle, expanded out to the country level, calls for jet fighters, aircraft carriers, all kinds of military technology, and then the granddaddy of them all,, nukes. My neighbor has them so I need them. Please understand I am not in this camp. I am very much in the turn swords into plowshares camp. However, I do believe the thinking I described is very much alive. Most unfortunate for the world.

  26. marsh

    This sounds like the Schemitah cycle thing again.

  27. Scott

    First off, props to you, Greg, for changing the line-up of guests around. You do keep the program ever-so interesting.

    About this guest, though, he refuses to give specifics on the “when” and the “what” of near-term events we should supposedly expect. Greg you do a GREAT job pinning these guys down on their nebulous prognostications (always have), but this gentleman speaks almost cryptically, sort of like, “I know something that you don’t, but I’m not saying.”

    Though you did a stand-up job interviewing him, he persisted in his evasive (non-) answers when you asked for specifics, over and over. Very frustrating.

    My take? He’s giving you vague answers just in case he’s wrong, turns out to be the proverbial broken clock, and can claim “I never said this-and-such…”

    Keep up the great work, Greg.

    • Jeff L

      You will have to ” poney up” (pun intended) upwards of $2000 (or more) for the real numbers.

  28. Andy


    Thanks for all the hard work you do. I personally do not give any credibility to Bo. Please dont get me wrong. I don’t follow him, not because his predictions are inaccurate, but he always comes up with excuses to back his false predictions. For example, cycle was inverted, red moon is causing delay or something like, seven devided by 2 that is 3.5 months… So expect top or bottom after 3.5 weeks. I find no logic in it.

  29. Colleen

    Dysentery will see your life come to an end real quick. Make sure you have this covered prior to acquiring Gold, etc..

    • Mohammad



  30. Silence is Golden

    Lots of predictions and supporting arguments in this interview.
    Bo has a long history of making predictions based on charting. His timing has proven to be off on many occasions.
    Jim Sinclair used to feature him frequently on his website up until circa 2011/12.
    Then Sinclair came out with this statement…. “Charts and TA (tech. analysis) are TOTALLY USELESS in a manipulated /manufactured market…when speaking of Gold price”.
    Same could be true for the Stock, USD and Bond Markets ….my words.
    Marco (above) posted something about Gary Savage having correctly called the bottom. He (Gary) has changed his Cycles theories/forecasts/predictions week over week …month over month….year over year….for the better part of 8 years… suit his own agendas. His track record is not perfect. He even once believed that Gold was not being suppressed/manipulated…FACT. I know this because every time I posted about it on his site, he would retort with “conspiracy nut”. I had arguments with him about that issue on many occasions. He finally succumbed when he realised that the charts weren’t working they way they should be….DUHHHH !!!! His conclusion …..”Manipulation”. Now he is playing the “Midas hand”. Wonderful for his subscribers.
    I know of a few others who were the go to people in TA….they QUIT.
    Point is …..Bo is a chartist. Gary is one too but more from a Cycle count / TA perspective.
    He (Bo) is now finding the narrative to support his long held Gold Price prediction (chart). Let me be clear (which you did attempt to be in a few instances) on what he was saying….Stocks will crash by 50%…sending the USD plummeting by at least 20% all supported by the 21/42/252 year cycles culminating this year …with a crash being entirely evident. March is D-Day for stocks….and the rest will follow.
    Coincidence….that gold has found legs amidst the decline in the Stock markets and USD of late…..NO…its normal and expected!!
    Potential for Stocks to go lower (with its buddy the USD) in light of the depressed state of the global economies …YES….rational thought process!!
    Is the USD the antithesis of Gold ….YES !!!
    What influence has the Oil price drop had on the markets and is that trend going to continue…Significant and YES !!
    I can tell you one thing without using charts. Volatility is present. That implies high levels of uncertainty. It also implies the hidden hand of government is active. With uncertainty comes fear. Repression is upping the anti on fear and forcing money into UGB….AND GOLD.
    I feel he may be onto something though with the “March” timeframe for stocks.
    I am hearing rumours that the support (think ESF) that the markets have been feeding off (AND DEPENDING ON) will dissipate and then completely disappear without prior warning. This is a very dangerous setup because of the mentality that has been steadfastly ingrained into the market by the HF and other Institutions. This smacks of an intentional market implosion.
    The rug is about to be pulled (NO MORE BACK STOPPING).
    The drops/dips will not be supported. When you see a one day drop of 8-10%….and it doesn’t recover late in the day (probably a Friday)…then the following opening on Monday….will be a bloodbath. I believe that will occur in March.
    Engineering never was supposed to be a qualification for someone who worked inside the FED/ESF/Treasury. Seems to me that they can “front load”/ “backstop” to suit their own mandates at will…to give the impression of a false narrative (healthy economy). Then when it pleases….they re-engineer everything to allow it all to unwind….so that they can engineer another course of action/solution. Hmmm that sounds awfully familiar….to me…..its as if someone stole the Hegelian Dialectic Handbook and gave it to the Elite Unelected Rulers. Damn.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG. We will see soon if his short term prediction is correct.

    • Jeff L

      sig Agree about March as they have held this together beyond belief. As you know from my prior posts I believe war will be inserted to hid the evidence (market drop and gold ascension)…. I have no respect for those who can’t/won’t admit there is “manipulation”.
      For the record, Savage called a bottom 1/2 a dozen times during the 08-09 crash.

    • sk

      “Hegelian dialectic”….I told y’all the Neocons/elites were descendants of Trotsky….y’all believe me now? When the path to the goal of power/money/control via the left flank failed after 1917-1989, they take the path via the right flank….LOL

  31. Jason11

    Stock bubble popped in 2000 and all that hot money piled into real estate. Real estate bubble popped in 2008 and all that hot money piled into stock-dollar-bond market. Stock-dollar-bond market bubble is popping now and all that hot money has to go somewhere. It’s logical to think that hot money will be piled into gold this time since the crash of dollar is triggered by the loss of confidence in central banks and their failed policies. Is it possible that hot money will be piled into real estate instead, creating another real estate bubble rather than the gold bubble? Gold is easy to understand as it is money and has been money for 5,000 years. Thus, it will go up in the coming crisis. People should own some gold, but you can’t put all of your money in gold as it just sits there and produce nothing. The only piece of puzzle that I can’t understand is real estate. I just don’t understand how it fits into the equation. According to many experts, real estate will go down in value in the coming crisis since it is a depression/deflation type of crisis. Thus, don’t buy it now. However, the dollars will crash in value and central banks will flood the market with more fiat currency. Thus, real estate should go up in value instead of down. If you can’t put your money in the banks, stock, or bond market, and you can’t put all of your money in Gold, isn’t it logical to put your money in real estate? It’s certainly a hard asset that can protect you from bank failure, stock crash, bond crash? Who cares if the value of real estate go up or down when you own it free and clear and just park your money there. It can be and should be the next safe heaven instead of gold. Greg, please interview some experts in real estate. You cover a wide range of topics, but hasn’t cover any real estate lately. Many thanks in advance.

    • Jeff L

      You need a loan to buy R.E. How many bankrupt banks will be giving you a loan when SHTF ? However, you might buy your dream home with a few ozs of gold.

  32. Occasnltrlvr

    Hmmmm…record 406 billion yuan trade surplus for January…

    …looks like there might be a bump or two in the road on the Yuan’s supposed march toward being the world’s reserve currency, huh?

    • Galaxy 500

      Funny you should mention trade deficit. When I was a kid it was on the nightly news.

  33. frederick

    Greg and fellow Watchdoggers If todays fake stock market rally isn’t the ultimate BTFDip moment in gold than I don’t know what is And on another note from Zero Hedge Justice Scalia was found dead with a pillow on his face which they are implying means he was murdered by suffocation I would think but my question is if that’s the truth than why would the perps leave the evidence in place Almost as if to send the message that they can do whatever they want and get away with it Scary times with the situation on the Syria/Turkey border as well Gregs message of “fear not” is truly needed this week

  34. glen

    a 15000 point market rises 1000 points in a single session! things are clearly not right.

  35. JC Davis

    Boom ! Great interview Greg.
    Saturday I went to buy gold from my local seller. He did not have ANY at all for sale in the coin or bullion. I asked him for silver coin… He just shook his head no. This guy has always had gold and silver for sale.

    • andyb

      THe little Local Coin Dealers don’t have the leverage of the big boys; they have very little left to offer. It appears that many Americans are truly waking up.

  36. Rick k.

    Long time viewer of your channel Greg, thanks for all you do. To be honest, this guest seems a bit off his rocker regarding gold and silver prices for this year. I agree that we are due for a stock market drop based on the roughly 7 year cycles since the early 90’s, and the general economic environment, but I don’t see $5,000 gold and $50 silver this year. His set timeline of cycles seems like a crackpot theory about as useful as a horoscope. As you mentioned in the interview, the fed will do whatever is in their power to keep this scam rolling, even if it means lying to the public and working behind the scenes. However, I do believe there will be a mad dash to gold and silver once this house of cards falls out of the control of the manipulators.

  37. jay

    have’nt listened to the interview yet, but not sure i really need to. this guy has been the biggest perma bull for gold and especially silver for the last 3 or more years. The problem i have with him is he has never said ‘oh i made a bad call’ or ‘sorry guys for my analysis which may have cost you thousands in lost calls’ or ‘do you know what i don’t think i’ve justified my thousands of dollars fee so i’ll refund for my squiffy forecasts’. No, he keeps pumping out the insanely bullish forecasts and then has the audacity to say he nailed this or that turning point to the day. I’m sorry but in my mind that is just worthy of being given air time. My point : sure listen to the guy and make your own conclusion, but don’t pay ridiculous prices for his service.

  38. Jed

    Hi Greg, am based in the UK and have started watching your interviews. Really enjoyed last couple of weeks with Peter Schiff and Greg Mannarino.

    Also share your incredulity at the propaganda being spewed out by the MSM in your news wrap ups. Could not believe the US media bias over Dr. Ron Paul in the last election! Over here we are currently being force fed PRO European views from all major channels. Interestingly RT and Al Jazeera provide more balance than Auntie (BBC), which is a disgusting state of affairs, but things have never been the same since the UK public were duped into supporting the G.W. Bush/Blair Iraq war. Unfortunately most of the public seem like zombies with little ability or interest in original thought, guess it’s no wonder as in the main we are products of state education/brainwashing. For the Eurosceptics around there is a big hope in the so called “wrinklies”, i.e. the growing demographic of the aged who view the current migrant emergency and over-reaching power of bloated Europe with increasing horror, realising that hordes of humanity flowing into Europe necessarily will result in lower spending per head on health, public services, and social housing, all of which affect them directly, not to mention increased lawlessness and destruction of our way of life! So perhaps the Mel Gibson scream of “FREEDOM!” may yet reverberate around our island shores.

    Back to your site….! This interview seems a little off the wall to say the least but perhaps chimes with Greg Mannarino’s dire stock market prediction. So, time will tell as you have stated. Unfortunately should such events occur then extreme hardship will abound as the repercussions are felt by Joe Public. Not something anyone would wish for as individual pecunary gain could be easily destroyed in violent insurrection. Perhaps the public over here have smaller exposure to stock market gyrations but they definitely feel the affect of lower purchasing power in the currency and the stealth inflationary tactics adopted by govts. and also manufacturers. Lighter food content in same size boxes etc…

    We live in interesting times and your site is clearly a bright torch in the darkness. Thank you for your efforts to banish the fog of disinformation and keep up the good work. Donated $20.00. It all helps right?

    Kind regards,


  39. Jed

    effect not affect!

  40. Dale

    I’ve been following Bo Polny for about 6 months and after researching him I’ve found him to be wrong at least as much as he is right. He claims to have it calculated to the exact day but when it doesn’t happen, he says he calculated it wrong and then he gives a new date.
    Here is a link to an interview with Finance and Liberty

    I have a lot of Silver but I am hesitant to go all in. I have about 3 times as much cash as Silver. If I thought he was correct I would go all in with Silver.

    Anyone else going all in with Gold or Silver ?

    • Mohammad

      The Babylonians want you to go all in PM.
      They are waiting to lock us in the digital every thing including currency.


      • Donna S from Arkansas

        Mohammad, what are we to “BEWARE” of? My dad just sold his house and doubled his profit. What should we do with all the money??? Do I put it in a savings account, under my mattress, in a jar buried in the ground…..etc. He has to have this money to provide for his life. I am in charge of all of his finances since my mother passed away last Sept. I need some real honest answers on what I should do with it.

        • Mohammad

          Gold/silver will not bring him CASH FLOW (anyway i said do not go ALL in PM).
          You know better than anyone else what is the best for him, You love him and god will show you the proper way to preserve what he has and make it more.
          Water that is stagnant gets all kind of nasty things.
          Water that is running brings about all beautiful things.


      • Galaxy 500

        Babel Babel Babel
        Doc, I’ll think I’ll keep some PMs, some fiat on hand forgo your warning get about currency going digital. We have reached a new high in distrust of government and this thinly veiled attempt to steal from the little guys would foment revolution.
        I kinda hope they do as I want to be healthy and young enough to be able to protect my family when this storm comes.
        The government is seeking to destroy America by allowing illegal aliens to come here unchecked and with immigration of moslems that seek to bring their Godless religion of piece here. We are very near the tipping point economically and civil war wise. The real Americans need to stand up and be counted in this election.
        Make America Great again. Stop the destruction of our culture and way of life.
        Vote Trump 2016

    • Southern Girl

      Have been full in on gold and silver….still buying…what are you waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      • Dale

        I’m a little nervous to go all in. Scarey times. Harry Dent says Gold and Silver will crash 🙁

    • Galaxy 500

      Don’t go all in. You need cash on hand [not in bank] and cash in the bank to pay bills. Just my two cents.
      Jerry would advise you to buy Yuan. I’d stick with USD as they take that at the grocery store

    • frederick

      Dale Im in a similar position to you 90%cash the rest in silver purchased in 2006 at around 12 an ounce and Im getting close to buying some gold soon I think but Im hesitant after getting slam dunked in 2011

  41. Andy

    Greg, I love most of your stuff. I trust Peter Schiff 100%. Bo not so much. I subscribed to his newsletter and this is what he said in 2014……”it now is becoming clear that the 18.30-18.50 range will not get touched and 19.11 will be marking the final low to complete the 20- year silver chart”
    If you used this to play options you would have been crushed. If you used it to pile all in on silver you would have missed $13 purchase of silver. He also said we would see 2000 gold by 2015. I agree with his direction of the sectors just not his timing. I would urge everyone on here to dollar cost average and buy gold for stability and silver as investment.

    • Dale

      I am going to buy a small amount of silver this week just to give me a little extra. cushion when things get ugly. I don’t want to give up too much cash right now because I think that cash will be important in the next few years too.

  42. Tony Gaetani

    Its all BS Golds down $32.00

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      After rising for about three weeks gold was due for a correction. Nothing goes up in a straight line. No BS…

      • Greg Hunter

        Isn’t if funny how gold got smashed while US markets were closed for President’s Day??

        • andyb

          It’s called the Hong Kong drive-by shooting; happens quite a lot; after hours, thin market.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          Point taken, Greg…

        • Smaulgld

          I called it here on Twitter! Look for #gold and #silver smash downs as the light trading over the holiday weekend will provide cover #lufttansaheist

    • Galaxy 500

      And it’s headed back up



    • Galaxy 500

      Hi, did your cap lock stick or are you attempting to imitate Cher?

  44. Russ

    Thanks Greg, interesting perspective; it should be easy to see if the markets get really ugly after the end of February 2016. As other analysts have said, the crash comes slowly and gradually, and then all at once.

    As for October — could Polny be forecasting an October surprise? Would that benefit the Democratic or Republican candidate? I suppose that will depend on the specific candidates.

    In one of the interviews on his website he’s on Dollar Vigilante and he talks biblical cleansing. I’m not into biblical prophesy, but I definitely buy into cleansing. That said, cleansing can come with soap and water such as the Pope washing the feet of the poor, or it can come with fire. Biblical cleansings of this nature tend to come in the form of fire — think Sodom and Gomorrah. But I’m not into Biblical prophesy so looking around the room, who has a nuke or three that just might be really pissed off when paper assets go through the floor. China’s buying gold, Russia’s buying gold, Iran – Gold, N. Korea … Hmmm, what is that thing they just put in orbit? Nahh, lil’ Kim doesn’t have paper either. How about what’s happening in Syria with Saudi Arabia and Turkey? No nukes yet, but all we need is a spark…

    I’d say it might be time to join Jeff Berwick in Acapulco, but that’ll be a mess too.

  45. Trude

    Russia sends brand new cruise missile ship to Syria: report
    AFP 2 days ago

    Russia has dispatched a new ship armed with cruise missiles to the Mediterranean, the navy announced Saturday, as reports said it is bound for Syria.
    RIA-Novosti news agency further quoted a security source in Crimea — where the Black Sea fleet is based — saying that the ship is bound for Syria and may take part in Russia’s campaign to support the Syrian army.
    Russian navy used cruise missiles to strike Syria in October, launching them from the Caspian Sea, as well as in December, when they were launched from a submarine in the Mediterranean. MUCH MORE;

    • Greg Hunter

      This is just more evidence that the Middle East is increasing its chances of all-out war. Thank you.

    • JC Davis

      Trude even Jim Rodgers is saying trouble ahead. The more they fix it the more they destroy.

  46. dell

    Trying to put real world principals in to the digital world will only frustrate. The markets are fixed so cycles have no meaning. Sorry.

    • Galaxy 500

      Exactly. How do you model cycles when there is heavy intervention that is unpredictable?

  47. gregd

    You do a great job interviewing your guests. I like the diversity(economist, cycles, bank expert, ect) . Might I suggest a couple? Ann Burnhardt and Jerry who contributes here. They both seem very intelligent and have strong opinions. It may be some wild interviews.
    Best of luck.

    • Galaxy 500

      So you want Greg to interview the crazy woman living by the river in a van? I followed her when she started but she appears to have developed severe mental illness.
      And Jerry?

      • frederick

        I don’t see Ann Berhardt as being crazy I see her as a caring person who wants desperately to wake people up to the corruption

  48. randy0302

    You do a great job! Thanks for all your work.
    Didn’t listen to “Bull Only”. Every 90 days he screams crash imminent I remember “Gold to 2000 in 2014” vividly. He is a clown. Of course he will be correct soon, we all will be.
    He tries to get his current sound bite out so he can say he called it. Well, he has missed every time for years.
    File him under Shemita and move on to your normally fantastic guests.

    • sk

      Shemitah wasn’t ALL bad. The guy who wrote those books ate well, I’ll wager. LOLOL

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes he did but the people that bought into his BS ate crow.

        • sk

          You’ve heard of ‘sarcasm’, Galaxy?

    • Mohammad


      It is different this time.
      It is the Babylonians that want gold up, and this is the time i wish i have a magical wand to CRUSH it and keep it down so we do not enter the shackles of digital currency slavery.
      Unfortunately to no avail …..

      The herd will follow the tune set by those babylonians and they will drive that gold up to the 4 digit numbers.
      They will enter the cage at will.


  49. Carolynn

    Mr. Hunter is right about the wait and see approach. It is better to get others perspectives on this economic issue than to think “we” have it figured out without listening. Thank you Mr. Hunter

  50. normal lutz

    I just couldn’t resist… Bo Polny got a lucky shot that’s all

  51. Fanny Flabergasted

    Did Trump finally go too far for rino neo-Con Republicans?

    Donald Trump finally hit much harder again and made some bold and provocative claims that were largely true, and the rino Republican neo-conmen and women finally closed ranks to attack him and booed the hell at him!

    Saying many Mexican illegale aliens are rapists didn’t do it. Calling for certain case’s of waterboarding didn’t do it. Calling for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration didn’t do it. Raising questions about Barack Obama’s status as an naturlized American citizen didn’t do it. Saying that thousands of Muslims on TV in New Jersey cheered 9/11, didn’t do it. Because too many New Yorkers also saw it?

    So what did it? Trump said that invading Iraq was a disaster, that the country was mislead into invading Iraq by the Bush administration, and that the claim that Bush kept the country safe from terrorism is ridiculous because 9/11 happened on his watch. ~ Read More;

    Better yet watch the full debate
    See for yourself!

    • sk

      I keep telling you all – when you start getting flak, you know you’re over the target.

  52. Mary Casey

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (Jan. 29, 2016) – Sen. Nathan Dahm prefiled Senate Bill 1296 (SB1296) earlier this week for official introduction when the regular session begins on Feb. 1. The legislation would create the Oklahoma Bullion Depository and establish a mechanism for individuals to engage in transactions using precious metals including gold and silver.

    Over time, as residents of the state use both Federal Reserve notes and silver and gold coins, it will lead to a “reverse Gresham’s Law” effect, where good money (gold and silver coins) will drive out bad money (Federal Reserve notes).

    SB1296 is based on a similar bill that was passed in Texas and signed into law last year.

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Mary Casey it is interesting to watch the daily unfolding into reality. I hope Tennessee will do some form of real money exchange.

  53. F.W.

    Bo os a contra indicator. When he says PMs go up, it wont happen.
    He is wrong every time he puts out his stuff, and he does always screeming claims which are total BS.
    And he is a standup guy and repeats his claims again and again.

    Ask at Silverdoctors, they know him for what he is – a clown.

    • frederick

      FW sounds a lot like Dennis Gartman or Goldman Sharks

  54. Craig Bradley

    BO Baloney

    Gold is NOT likely to even get close to $2,500 ounce in 2016 or 2017 for that matter. I do see gold possibly hitting a wall of resistance at around $1300-1400/ounce. Gold bugs just keep repeating the same old line: ” The stock market is doomed”, The economy will collapse ( the most overused word on the planet after 2008). ” Its not sustainable”, gold is money, bla, bla, bla. Gold does have a place and a price, but to date, its not money in the U.S.A. Anyway. Keep up the hype. Nobody is buying it!

    • frederick

      Craig I disagree things are much worse and the debt is much higher than in 2008 so I believe some sort of credit collapse is a very real possibility in the near future

  55. tulip

    Polny has been saying this for 3 yrs….

  56. Billy

    Those that use a crystal ball to make predictions,
    end up eating lots of glass.

    • Craig Bradley


      Bo is an incoherent meathead. Why can’t you tolerate the truth and leave this comment be? Spicy Meatballs?

    • Craig Bradley

      Gold “analysis” is really just golden opinions.

  57. tsb

    Bo is what the 1800’s cowboys would call a Snake-Oil salesman. He hardly ever mentions any of his wrong calls (of which there have been numerous) but brags up and down about his few correct calls. What about the fact that he has been making this same forecast for the past TWO years. I remember when he posted a chart of the HUI and the dollar showing that (according to him) the dollar was ready to break down and the HUI was just completing a huge consolidation flag and getting ready to EXPLODE upwards. The EXACT opposite happened. The dollar went from .78 to 100 and the HUI broke down. NICE CALL BO! So the question begs itself, why would anyone bother listening to this joker?

  58. Southern Girl


    Thanks for having Bo Polny on. I have never heard of him but was listening to him intently and something in my gut just said YES. I think he has been studying the cycles and knows what he is talking about. I have learned to listen to my gut and thankfully I pulled out of the market in 2008 before it bit the dust. Couldn’t tell you any intelligent answer just feeling in my gut.

    You have so many wonderful guest and by the time I listen to all of them the puzzle becomes complete. I think it takes the whole range of persons and people with gifts of knowledge to make the whole thing clearer.

  59. Southern Girl

    I sent you a personal email with some information I had on a video which I forwarded to you. I wanted your take on how you ended up on Lindsey Williams new DVD for 2016. I you did not get it please let me know and I will forward it on to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was traveling last week and my email; doesn’t work well on the road. I am back now so, send it again please–Thank you very much.

  60. Southern Girl

    Started my tomato seeds inside and now they are up about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. These were seeds from 2010 that I kept in the freezer. I planted multiple seeds in one pod and dang if they did not all germinate…now I will have to transplant or thin.

  61. Mohammad

    Here is one business cycle based on smoke and mirrors.


  62. Mohammad


    If anyone thinks for a second that the Babylonians have lost control and they are scrambling for a patch or been run over by the real money “gold” is FOOL.
    Sorry for being blunt but i say what i think and feel.

    They are now in the phase of HOARDING CASH to burn it.
    And we will fasten and quicken the entry in the shackles of “DIGITAL CURRENCY” slavery if we give up quick on cash even if it was for gold.

    BEWARE …!

    The game is cunning and i smell it.
    Cash is been declared by central bankers as the enemy now.
    That faster we will give it to them in this coming frenzy of gold bull market the faster we seal our fate as humans.
    And what a better way of hoarding that cash other than “GOLD BULL MARKET”.


  63. Jared


    I think the thing to watch for in October comes when the Chinese Yuan becomes the next world reserve currency. They will then show how much gold they truly have and the new financial system will then be enacted under the Reminbi. I believe the IMF already knows this and most likely even the central bankers of the west. Banks are starting to buy gold again and JPMorgan is hoarding silver. Signs of what’s coming in precious metals are everywhere, that’s why the bankers are wanting people in the market and not in gold/silver. This is just my idea of what’s coming.


    • F.W.

      There is something right with this explanation.
      Altough I do believe that GoldSilver is the last man standing, I strngly believe that in order to fight the criminal system, du to extensive use of cash is a true weapon.

      Imagine, at this state of things, you dont need to shed blood ( like your forfathers did) but just tell and inform everybody and act likewise – that pulling cash and using it is a fight which will hurt them, as they have to provide more of it, once it is in demand …. the basemoney of their fractional banking systems shrinks … whcih makes it impossible to banish ….
      If you hate or dont believe in what goldbugs are preaching, – at least go full into cash and bring the fight to them 😉

      so dont sleep, act !!

  64. Mohammad

    Note worthy:

    The article about Phoenix rising from the ashes in 1988 was having on it a coin that says
    10 Phoenix.

    I googled it and i was wondering what the heck 10 is doing there:
    I found this:

    Some nice coincidence is this news that is involved the most with the elections, it is the one supposedly giving Trumpet “hard” time.



  65. Jerry

    China’s Gold purchase has increased 700% since 2010. What does that tell you?
    Its either China has a deep love affair with Gold………or…. their buying it to back stop their new Exchange System that has gone online.

    In either event, we’ll soon see when the Gold Benchmark takes place in April. Did you notice the central banks had no reaction when the Chinese told them that they would either go along with it or be “Curbed”? That tells me that either the central banks are in it with them, or China has a financial gun to their head. When you consider the implications all this talk about charts and cycles is meaningless.

  66. Jim

    Most commentary surrounding gold (and silver) recommend it should be purchased before it’s too late; while others believe it is best to diversify. Both seem to be good arguments in these volatile economic times.
    I would like to understand our government’s position on the acquisition of precious metals, or lack there of, for currency valuation.
    If a need exists to base a portion of our currency on gold, countering the East’s policy of acquisition, why wouldn’t our government actively pursue this path?

  67. Paul

    Greg, great interview. Your list of guests are impressive. Doctor Polney’s work is unique applying Biblical principles. Don’t mess with GOD – he is perfect ; man ( and his corrupt ways) is not. Bo did give you a timeline for the next market downdraft in your interview dispite what some here have commented . He was not the least bit effasive. Let those with ears hear! He said the crash will be long past come October and he said it would be soon. No one can predict but those with wisdom can calculate . Time will tell! Again excellent interview and keep up the great work!!

  68. Mike R

    Bo’s calls and timing are terrible. Too many times in the past, this guy appears, and gold just keeps on dropping.

    Look, its already happening again. Gold was up around $1250, and now today its down around $1200 to $1210. Thats Bo Pony for ya. Now that he’s come out on your website, gold will likely drop down through $1000. Seriously, you just jinxed your entire audience and customer base that are holders of gold.

    Stocks are going to skyrocket from here this week. Just watch and see.

  69. Sayonara

    Great timing having Bo Pony on. His views are consistent with many of your other great guests. I have read many of his view points on Silver Docs and I find him to be more hype than analytical. None the less it is all about When. And When is happening Now! It is just a process that occurs over a period of time. And time is the most precious Asset we will ever experience as living beings. Enjoy your time well.
    God Bless

  70. aka_ces

    Hi Greg,

    I don’t understand why you didn’t ask Polny about the foundations of his cycle research. Without that background, he comes across as a snake-oil salesman.

    Personally, I see all kinds of reasons for being bullish on PMs. Unfortunately Polny did not make a case to substantiate his claims.

  71. gregd

    The number one reason I feel that things will get much worse than most people can imagine is the following.
    The 1% and the Government are buying (or rehypothecating ) gold, silver, guns, ammo, stored food, underground shelters and homes in New Zealand with airplane landing strips plus who knows what else we don’t know that they are doing to prepare. Also I heard (not confirmed) that many bought land in remote parts of Canada.
    My thoughts are, they don’t fear the debt or an EMP, earthquakes, global warming or anything like that. They fear the dollar collapse. The EBT cards not working and the possibility of gangs of people ransacking neighborhood after neighborhood when the trucks stop. I could be wrong but I think I’m at least close.

  72. Karl

    Like so many others Bo should be correct. It’s common sense when all said and done but I think what’s against this is the cognitive dissonance of the general public who believe in the status quo and the system in general.
    We are all leaps ahead of the crowd but at this point what will it take to wake the rest up?

  73. Karl

    We were in a similar position 4 years ago and Mario Draghi said he would do whatever it takes and stocks have been up and hold down since. Since he said a similar thing last week he seems to have had the same effect.
    What a cm crazy world when a criminal like this drives world markets simply by opening his mouth…

  74. Karl

    In terms of elliot waves I think this guy is the most accurate

  75. Lars Hansen

    While Bo is no doubt sincere, I find him hard to follow and his cycles and fundamentals that underlie his calls/predictions/forecasts. IMO, a forecaster (which is most assuredly is) have value and thus influence if their forecasts have been vetted and substantiated via results multiple time horizons. For the scientific foundations and underlying the methodologies of Forecasting I suggest you read the book titled Super Forecasting and the authors Good Judgement Project.


  76. Ross

    There is no doubt that gold is kryptonite to our superman banksters. Their ploy is selling us our counterfeited money as debt but now this debt has compounded over 50 yrs to the impossibility of repayment. Hence a collapse of the system. Every MSM business show demonises it even though it continues to out perform the share market.
    Gold however will only be the interim solution. If our currencies are regulated to a formula tied to growth, then banks and our Govts cannot create inflation. If new money is created debt free to equal growth as infrastructure, debt implosion will not be an issue.
    When the few who own most of the gold dominate , we will end up with the same problem as bankers having the power of the debt money system. The concept of Bitcoin refined to create new money that stays with growth , will eliminate the need for banks and contain currency depreciation. Bitcoin cannot grow an economy in its present form because the wealth goes to existing players in currency appreciation and not the new ones who add to productivity.

  77. Daniel Vigario

    I believe BO is spot on in his analysis. Read: and read “The Equation” by Malcolm Isted. This 2015-2016 is the Biblical Jubilee year. This is it!!

    I cannot wait. Finally The Lord is coming according to John 14 vs 1-3

  78. DLC

    S. Gal: Didn’t know I could freeze seeds, just learned something. I have 30 pounds of spaghetti to go with your tomatoes. My plants had golf-sized tomatoes on them at Xmas time. This winter was the coldest I can ever remember. Lost the plants in one evening although I had them covered. The ones I have now are a foot high with blossoms.

    You might try planting whatever fruit trees grow in your area. I have every citrus but grapefruit. Right now, I have a ripe crop of tangerines and lemons. Come late June, I will have figs followed by pomegranates. The bush beans are blossoming now, hope to get something in a couple weeks. I grow hot and sweet peppers, carrots, zucchini, bush beans various herbs. Just keep adding things. Grow yourself some basil to go with those tomatoes.

    Try diced tomatoes (seeds removed), sea salt, lime juice, cilantro, and your favorite type of pepper. For me, Serrano or hotter. Serve with tortilla chips or pile on a generous couple scoops with any Mexican dish.

    I’m also buying and keeping my flour rotated. Pizza crust is an easy make. One pack of yeast, 3 cups of flour, water, salt. That’s about it. I don’t flip it around. A rolling pin will do. Just put some Italian music on and tell everybody you toss yours. You-Tube walks you through most anything you can think of. Ragu pizza sauce is good in a pinch, inexpensive too. I’ve tried them all. I used to buy a 10-dollar a jar of tomato sauce, no more, it has so much filler in it. I got a Soprano’s Sunday Gravy recipe that’s basically 2 garlic cloves cooked in pot and then discard, 1 can of tomato paste cooked and stirred well to get rid of the pasty taste, then add 2 cans of whole tomatoes, cooked pork chops, hot sausage, or meatballs, one of these meats or all of them. Adding fresh basil from your yard couldn’t hurt either. I do not like onions and this sauce is great without them.

    Nice to get back to eating fresh fruits and veggies that do not look like they came off the back of a landscaper’s truck.

    If you got any pointers, I’m all ears.

  79. Mohammad

    I say to Bo
    ~900$ in 2016 before the skies are clear.
    negative interest rates by the feds and a another highs for Dow after liquidities are injected in the market.
    The supernova moment is not here yet.


  80. Mohammad

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says it’s time to bet against gold


  81. Southern Girl


    I will put that message that I sent you earlier on here…you can decide whether you publish it or not. The message was entitled: And the Oscar goes to Greg Hunter. I have been following Lindsey Williams for years and in the past have bought his DVD’s. I know others who buy them and then put them on the web for free. I did a bing search and found his latest one. I watched it and to my surprise your interview with Rob Kirby from December 9, 2015 was included on the DVD. As I went to pull up the video it has been removed because Lindsey Williams had it taken down Feb. 10, 2016. I bing searched again and found this It starts off hard to read but stay with it and there will be a summary at the 3:10 mark. I thought you would be flattered to know you are on the DVD. I wondered if you even knew. You can still purchase the DVD from his website

  82. Mohammad

    Lined up next to Puerto rico, Pakistan may default on 50 billion bill:
    Nah…..It will be patched no defaults there…!


  83. F.W.

    .. just watched the interview to the 5.000 $ example, which I didnt want, but as I know you being a great interviewer I could hold back.

    Bo is moronic as he didnt under stand Hugo Salinas which I support.

    lets take his example and lets guess the stockmarket isnt going down and gold doubles.
    Then the stock holder looses all his gains in the last couple of years withour realizing.

    Thats what Mr Polny still needs to get …

    But alone how he needs to count his stupid packed coins up 1,2,3 … 4
    is exactly how you can see the level he deals with….

  84. Allen

    Old Bo has the look of crazed fundamentalist. How can any rational person believe this Shemita nonsense. The world doesn’t work that way. If you take a short enough time frame and select a particular starting point near any number system or superstition can be ‘proved’. This is idiocy.

  85. Southern Girl


    Can I have your autograph????

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure no problem. Go to the donations page and get the address for USAW and send me a note with your return address. (Donation not expected or required, that’s just where you can find the mailing address.)

  86. ED1

    Oh no. I was just over on Fox news where I read this: “Negative interest rates may spark a recession”.

    Simply unreal!

  87. Galaxy 500

    More layoffs in NC . Wow, that economy is recovering to full employment isn’t it?
    0bamacare doesn’t have to notify you th plan you bought doesn’t have any coverage in your county. Go ‘bama, go ‘bama … go straight to hell.

  88. Steve

    Hi Greg, Thank you for all the great interviews. I just wanted to relay an observation.
    I noticed something about the h. clinton. When ever she is introduced or just before or right after. She does the exact same thing each time.
    She appears to be acknowledging somebody in the crowd, waves, smiles and pretends she is in eye contact with somebody in the audience. My theory is that this is all fake. There is nobody in the crowd she is directly looking at. It is always in the same direction and the fake expression of wonderment in her face is all a facade of political appearance.

    This is how she copes with going on stage, both as a con and as a way to give a self thought Ritual of mannerisms before starting her debate or speech. All totally fake, in a fake mind of a fake persona. Watch her enter an appearance and you cant miss it.

  89. Mark

    I can’t help it.
    I have listened to Bo Polny for some time. When I did, I can’t remember when he was ever right.
    As a matter of fact, if Bo predicts something, I would certainly be better off going in the other direction. His track record with me is zero. Then again, so is Harvey Organ’s of whom I recommended and followed also. LOL

    I for one have always asked you the question “When?” To date, everyone has been wrong as to predicting the timing if the event, even by those that I admire and respect…. Sinclair, Holter, Kirby, Roberts, Stockman, et. al.

    For certain though, someday the sky will fall. I’ll bet on that.

  90. Sally

    I like May for a big uptick in Gold.

    By the way, if you’re right Bo, and how delightful if you are, the Molson Canadians are on me when you’re here in the Great White North.

  91. Mohammad

    2016 is the year of “boomerang” ….said Jim Rickards:


  92. dan

    Might want to look up Kenneth Storey’s info on currency reset/changes on u-tube. “One world, one bank, one currency 2016” ( length 31:25) includes a timeline with key milestones, some recently completed. He has posted several others that I have not yet viewed.

  93. Galaxy 500

    Moslem updat:
    Eunuchs and Ghilman [young boy sex slaves of moslems] in The Islamic Empire. I find it bizarre so many moslem rape young boys or have them for sex slaves but don’t consider themselves homosexual. Easy to be confused when their god says it is ok to sodomize young boys but not be homo. Well, what can I say, Satan spreads evil and chaos, not love.

    Y’all ever wonder why the Islamic State guys are driving around in those nice shiny new white Toyota pickup trucks?

    You paid for them. The Obama administration bought all those trucks for the “moderate Syrian resistance”. Along with a bunch of other stuff. At which point the majority of those “moderates”, once funded and armed and equipped and driving new trucks, promptly defected to the ranks of the Islamic State.
    Our tax dollars at work, compliments of the 0bamachrist Islaminstration.
    Let’s save America. Let’s make America great again.
    Trump 2016

    • susan

      Trump is the only candidate that actually answers reporter’s questions. Go Trump.

  94. David S

    Hi Greg

    Polny has been predicting precise price rises for ages. The comments in silverdoctors say a lot about him. I cant believe anybody would pay this guy. I think Harvey Organ at least had some reasoning behind his forecast which made sense even if he was incorrect.
    I think the key issue is the manuipulation which throws all chart analysis out the window. That and the saudis/turkey going to bail out their isis brothers suggests the breaking point may be close.

  95. Ken Grakauskas

    Greg, you really need to do your due diligence on Bo. He’s been on silver doctors every month for greater than a year now saying bullion is going to blast off a year ago december, then april, then June then july, then september, then again before year end. Bo and his cycles are an absolute joke in the bullion community. I appreciate you trying to broaden you guest repetoire, but this one’s a loser. Why don’t you get Willie back?

  96. Merv

    Just saying your quality of your guests is at all time lows. BO was 100% WRONG on both metals and the markets for 2016 from 2/14 to 12/31!!!!!!!!!! After Bo made this **** the markets zoomed to all time highs. Way to go!! 100% WRONG. GREG, if you must have Bo on in 2017, please disclose his 100% WRONG prediction record. I would not have any of your guests returning in 2017 that had a 100% WRONG prediction record anytime during any of your interviews. Greg, your guests seem to be “TALKING THEIR BOOK” Your best guests talk FACTS, backed up with sources. Most of your guests are opinionated based on their feelings, fear porn.

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