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Everyone needs be looking past the Coronavirus crisis and at what governments are trying to do to counter the economic destruction and massive unemployment. Is the financial cure worse than the disease? Financial writer John Rubino says look at commercial real estate as an omen of what is to come. Rubino explains, “Sooner or later you’ve got to pay your bills, and if you don’t have anybody paying your bills to you, then you go bankrupt. Commercial real estate could just be a blood bath, which take us back to all the bailouts. You can’t let a big sector go bust in this world because suddenly everything is too big to fail. There is not a major sector out there that can be allowed to go bust. Not the airlines, not commercial real estate, certainly not the banks, you name it and it has to be bailed out. That’s where the really crazy stuff starts. When people figure out we are basically bailing out everybody from home owners to student loan holders, to car loan holders and right down the line, and then we get state and local governments with this gigantic multi-trillion dollar problem . . . and the amount of debt is off the charts to bail all of these guys out, that is when the real fun starts.”

How long will the bailouts go on? Rubino says, “We are heading into a Presidential election, which means we cannot let anything major fail. If you are the Trump Administration and Congress, you can’t let something big fail because it’s a crisis right before you need to get re-elected. So, you’ve got to bail people out. That’s what California, Illinois and Chicago, New York, Kentucky and all the bankrupt and badly run states have been hoping for all along. They have been hoping there would be a big crisis that would bail them out of their horrendous mismanagement of the past 20 or 30 years. There was no way that Illinois was not going to go bankrupt in normal times . . . or Chicago. . . . Now, they can go to the federal government and say we need a trillion dollars right now or we are going to lay off all the cops and all the teachers, and they think they have a pretty good chance of getting the bailout because the alternative is poison for the people running for office . . . . If you are the Trump Administration or Congress, I don’t see how you stop bailing people out before the election.”

What could go wrong? Rubino says, “They have control of the money supply, and they think that’s enough. That’s only half of the ledger. What they don’t have control of is the value of these currencies that they are creating infinite amounts of. . . . You can’t control what people think the currencies are worth, or what the dollar is worth going forward. Once these currencies start falling in a disorderly way, and not 1% or 2% a year, then it’s game over. They will find out at some point a printing press is good as long as the currency maintains value, but as soon as it starts falling, a printing press does you no good because the more you print, the faster the currency falls. So, that day is coming, and these never ending bailouts might be the catalyst that takes us there, and it’s been a long wait.”

The case for owning precious metals is easy to make, especially silver. According to Rubino, it now takes 100 ounces of silver to equal the value of 1 ounce of gold. That’s a near record of 100 to 1 silver/gold ratio. Rubino contends, “The silver/gold ratio says silver is clearly a buy based on historical trends and the relationship between gold and silver. . . . You would expect silver going forward to outperform gold, and you would expect gold to go up as well. . . . This is now a bull market, and they will both go up, but silver will outperform gold. . . . There is just so much more debt in the world, and there is so much more of a need for safe haven assets that you would expect silver to blow right through its previous high levels. This time around, it could be totally spectacular with what happens with silver. There is going to come a time when everyone will want to talk about silver, but that day is not yet.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, founder of

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  1. eins

    Your website is no better than youtube or other sites which censor. I have posted opposing views as facts w/o profanity etc and moderators here have shot down the post. Your website often touts fake news and censorship as being worse than bad yet your site is opinionated simply towards the polar opposite end but still oppinionated. News is supposed to be objective, ranting is not objective. Censorship is not objective .. say one thing .. do another.. yer no better than the ones you criticized.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you talking about? Enis, Your view is not a fact.

      • old bat

        perhaps he meant that he posted facts?

        • Greg Hunter

          Read what he said he said his opinion was a fact.

          • Terry kiser

            The conversation was most enlighten ing

      • Simion

        You say his views are not fact,What did he post?

        • Greg Hunter

          Read what he said.

          • Paul DownUnder

            Tell the truth Greg!
            You do censor and do not publish some comments which you don’t like or disagree with.
            You complain when YouTube takes you down but resort to censorship on your site. Stop the BS about this being a free site – don’t take the revenue from the ads that appear on your site.

    • Carol Blair

      What the hell are you talking about? No one is ranting! An objective view is being reported of good and bad information of what’s going on. Then, it’s up to you to accept it or not! Your comprehension is poor if you cant understand what exactly is being reported. Wow!

      • Mallard

        Which is, of course, why it must.

    • Reuben Glass

      eins, with all due respect, I’ve known Greg’s writing and journalism since the 1980’s and 90’s when he contributed to the Greensboro News and Record in North Carolina, which was the paper I read during breakfast before high school. I still have the utmost respect for the man, his integrity, and the quality of his work. I’ve studied journalism myself, I’ve moderated more than a dozen sites online since 2008, including, with more than 16 million members worldwide, and Greg Hunter’s work and his commitment to research and passion for faith and humanity is without parallel. You are entitled to your opinions of course, however after years my confidence in Greg has only continued to grow.

    • Chip

      eins, if you don’t like the site you are free to leave and go somewhere else… Chip

      • Bob

        That’s what Twitter and Facebook say. Sounds good until you start counting the number of sites that have been destroyed to date. They use very dirty tricks, fiddling with DNS system, hacking servers, shadow banning, and even threatening ISPs.

        You won’t know about any of this unless you read “hate”. Most won’t want to read “hate” because they are self-censoring like ideal blue-pilled citizens. Ignorance is strength. If you are self-censoring then isn’t it hypocritical to accuse others of censorship?

    • Stan

      eins: That is not true, Greg, to his credit, allows differing viewpoints. He even allows a few conspiracy theorists to post frequently.

      • Self Exiled

        Stan that’s me. He knows by the Holy Spirit that if I did not have this outlet after 2 months of quarantine here in South East Asia I would be completely NUTS. Before I got out , bought grocery, saw doctors, bought motorcycle parts, welded, designed my own side car. Driving a motorcycle here is life and death experience [exciting], now I sit and stare at kites.

  2. Todd

    The “sky is falling” redrick has been going on for 12 years. It’s hard to take this stuff seriously anymore. The Fed will print money, the people will spend it, the good easy life will continue for another 20 years, at which point maybe start worrying some.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope your right Todd but we have 40 million out of work and that is not a “good easy life” coming their way.

    • Carol Blair

      Todd, you are a sheep living in La La land. Havent you ever read history of what happened to past Empires? I guess not or you wouldnt have stated such a stupid response. Any dumbo would know if you have 33 million people not working and spending like usual, your system is doomed for failure and you cant keep it propped up forever no matter what you do. This system wont last another 20 years. After Trumps election, the financial party will be over!

    • Jerry

      Let me get this right. So when the wheels finally come off, thats supposed to somehow make you feel better thinking that people like John have been wrong for 12 years? Come on man. At that point no one will give a rats ass about how long it took, or how right people like you think you are. Living in denial city is much easier than preparing, because it requires nothing. Enjoy it while you can, because when “ IT” finally does happen, you will have nothing.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      Wow! We’re much more likely to have Venezuela level hyperinflation in the next few years. Imagine where they don’t count your money at the grocery store. They weigh it. That’s what’s coming. We could have double digit MONTHLY inflation anywhere between 3 months and 3 years. I doubt the dollar will even exist in 3 years. It’s going to get ugly out there with everybody poorer and unable to buy enough food. You have to wonder if we’ll have such a severe famine that God will pay back America 4 to 1 for the 55 million unborn babies that have been murdered in America. Like King David was paid back 4 to 1 for the death of Uriah the Hittite.

      • Nancy Flymn

        The killed, unborn infants is certainly a shame, but God, himself, probably values the lives of the millions of adults this nation has murdered, bringing “peace and democracy” to countries around the world. By my rough estimate, my own tax dollars have paid to murder between twenty and thirty-million in the past sixty years. We have a lot of blood on our hands indeed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Oh My Goodness, a real life America hating progressive right here on USAW. The big evil is America and not China or a variety of evil players around the world?


          • Charles H


            There is probably more room to accurately describe America as a bad actor than you are generally allowing for. That said, Nancy is WAY off in figures. Much of our military incursions have not been exactly good, both in SE Asia and the Middle East. Just saying.

          • Self Exiled

            That’s me again, I think, I’m one of the original generation of ”Love It or Leave It” so I left. China, all these governments are a mess. I’m waiting for the Theocracy.

          • Nancy Flymn

            I’m not saying that there are not “bad actors” around the world….there are plenty of them….but I hold us to a much higher standard. In 1939 Hitler invaded and/or destroyed nine nations…in the past twenty years, the United States of America…the “good guys” have also invaded and/or destroyed nine nations! He murdered people by the millions, for reasons which he claimed were justified…as did we! He wanted their lands and resources…we did it because we didn’t like them…or their politics. As an American, I’m saying that that isn’t good enough. If you and your family is under one of our bombs, you might not see much difference between our reasons and his.

            • Greg Hunter

              First of all we did not take land. “Bad actors” Communism killed more than 100 million people globally. China more than 40 million to get their godless red commie dream world of tyranny. Staying on top is a messy game an if America was not on top you would have a much different perspective. So, don’t get all high and mighty with this “higher standard” thinking because if Hitler could have taken over the world there would be no higher standard than raw control and power. China is Hitler on steroids. Watch want happens to Hong Kong and Taiwan in the next few years and let’s revisit the “higher standard” thought process. I agree America is far from perfect, but then, there is the Shadow Government and Deep State that is making awful decisions for us all and we don’t like it. This is part of the reason why Trump was elected. By the way, what are you doing to combat all this evil???


        • susan

          I do not believe God values one life over another. At least our military died for a cause they believed in “freedom” voluntarily. The precious babies do not get a “choice”, they are just killed and it breaks my heart.

        • marq

          in some perspectives, you are correct, but the news we get is but a bag of Cheetos under the guise of being told it is whole raw organic pasture fed cows milk…you may be eating a dairy product in its most extreme derivattive, but it is no where near the truth . Be careful in seeking that truth as most will not be able to accept it as due to their belief that no harm comes to cattle to make your burger or no harm comes to the spinach you eat.

        • Self Exiled

          Guilty as charged, i’m! Me too! People ask me here why I think US is corrupt, I give them your reasoning. No more tax dollars from me. Lower income, lower standard of living, therefore no tax dollars for them. Also no abortion here or same sex marriages; other big problems.

          • Self Exiled

            Above post for Nancy Flymnr.

    • eddiemd

      Todd, have you ever smoked pot?

    • Jim1a

      It is happening right now. Learn to see what you are looking at. The list is too long for me to have the patience to get into noe.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks! That was a wonderful interview.

  4. Anthony Australia

    A man who makes sense. Thanks Greg.
    Metals getting smashed, stock markets going up, employment and workplace reforms taking place and the talk of war.
    It’s all happening!

    • Freebrezer

      AA – Per the link, there is one very important question that the west needs answered: Why did China shut down all travel with in China from Wuhan (NO one could leave Wuhan to another Chinese city, town)? … but allowed any chinese to fly out internationally for multiple weeks, this after the internal shut down? estimated at over a million + people flying out! Again, China knew there was a pandemic raging in Wuhan and implemented controls to stop it spreading with in China, but allowed the pandemic to fly out international!?!?!?!! only 3 possibilities -1st ignorance? (doubtful – they shut down internal Chinese travel); 2nd didn’t want to alarm the world? a big uhmmmm?; 3rd – use the spread of the pandemic internationally to gain further control in the world? Most likely … don’t let a crises go to waste as the Dems like to say.

      • K. Wayne

        I would contend there are many other possibilities :
        Pre- COVID-19…China and the US were in a Trade War…which was perhaps undermining their (China’s) expansionary policies along with their technology supremacy. Can we say America was on the front foot?
        Was it payback to America for the untold damage from Trump’s policies?
        Perhaps even some consideration should be given to the unlikely event of someone or agency in our very own Government releasing the Virus at an opportunistic location like Wuhan…..which wasn’t well known to the public prior to November 19, but has since become somewhat infamous… a result of being ground zero and also for housing the Wuhan Institute of Virology – a BSL-4 Lab.
        I have always maintained that the Virus was a deliberate act. Given that, it seems rather peculiar for the Chicoms to release a virus on their own people intentionally ….to then allow it to spread uncontrollably across the globe. In saying that I am fully aware of China’s history it has….with its lack of humanitarianism.
        Call me cynical …but I don’t believe the official narrative…either from our Government…or theirs…or any of the recognized leaders in Health …WHO, CDC and especially our own Taskforce related to the SARS-COV2. The truth is out there somewhere….but we have to fight the forces of evil to get it.

        • Freebrezer

          K- good points, though the second one per some identity releasing it intentionally I would say is small. The Chinese were working with the the corona virus at these labs and looking into infectiousness of different strains. The world will never know what all the Chinese were doing in the two labs! Further, the French in 2018 detailed (and pulled out with working with the Chi-coms) because of very sloppy controls … I wish I could find the paper – it seems to have disappeared. In addition, two of the PhD workers under the lead Chi-com person (called batwomen?) have mysteriously disappeared – that always begets a big Hmmmm? Again, the MOST IMPORTANT question/aspect is – WHY did the Chi-coms allow international travel out of Wuhan for many weeks, but shut down all internal travel from Wuhan? What did the Chi-coms know and why did they act this way?

      • Tin foil hat

        Many of those who flew out of Wuhan after the lockdown were foreigners including Americans. Only the privileged Chinese, the rich and the connected, were allowed to fly out of Wuhan. Ordinary Chinese were welded/nailed inside their tiny apartments.

        • K. Wayne

          Not entirely true.
          Chinese Students, Chinese itinerant workers and Other Chinese citizens with foreign passports were in the majority class of those who departed the Hubei Province (Wuhan being the capital city) after having celebrated the New Year at home.

          • Tin foil hat

            The flow was inward rather than outward. They were going back to their hometown from Wuhan to celebrate the Chinese New Year which falls on Jan. 25. They were not going back to work.
            The lockdown was imposed in Wuhan on Jan. 23.

        • Tin foil hat

          5 million people left Wuhan before the lockdown on Jan. 23 to celebrate the New Year which falls on Jan. 25.
          China’s public holiday for 2020 is Jan. 24-30.
          The Chinese were going home to celebrate New Year, they were not going back to work.
          The flow was inward rather than outward which makes a big difference.

  5. Steve

    Thank you for having great guests and all the political and economic information that is provided on your site. It helps us to prepare for the coming economic turmoil we are facing. Would it be possible to have a guest or two to discuss home remedies for coping with the corona virus as many of us will have to ride this disease out in our own homes? Suggested topics would be vitamins, minerals, supplements, exercise, and any other preparations that may be helpful. Once we’ve done all the financial preparations, it would be nice to survive to enjoy the fruits of our labors and help those around us.

    • Choz

      Check out Dr. Andy Kaufman on YouTube, been helpful so far. Diet is going to be key for all of us in the battle for recovery or better yet, in staving off.

      • Wayne


  6. Ronnie

    15 oz silver to 1oz Gold……when it was all money.
    Then silver spoons etc , rings etc.
    Then 20 century – silver in electronics =industrial metal.
    Then Dollar paper dead…
    Gold returns as King, used by Banks and international tradings and Silver is the Money of the nation.
    Silver then blasts higher.
    Wall Street gets crushed and FANGS ALL DEAD. The return of Main St USA , family farms, Mom and Pop stores.
    Freedom from America’s “Evil Aristocrats.“
    Just don’t get a Police Officers knee on your neck as you slowly die from choking. ( That knee could be the spark for coast to coast Revolution.)

  7. Stan

    I think I’m going to start a website named “”. The home page will feature a picture of me driving my Bentley while smoking a Davidoff Double R. What do you guys think?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you start a website called “I’m stupid and I shorted gold at $1,200”??

      • Jerry

        Contrary to some of your uniformed commenters, John is right.

        My closest friend owns a chain of Hampton inns. For years I have tried to encourage him to build a hotel at lake of the ozarks ( near where I live) so I could invest in it. He has always told me that hotels need 60% occupancy year round to break even, and that with the winter months drop off here, it was not feasible. Let that soak in. 60%. But yet somehow with social distancing theses restaurants and eating establishments are supposed to survive with 50% occupancy. Go figure? This economic downstroke has yet to hit bottom. But when it does it will be timed by the globalist and central planners to coincide with the second wave of the coronavirus to finish off the Trump economy. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.

        • eddiemd

          Scottsdale was/is getting hit hard here in Maricopa County. Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa included. The early end to spring training added to the demise. This time of year until October is dead time. No tourists in the heat.

          Up north in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon it is the season. The Grand Canyon during the summer runs buses of tourists from Japan, Korea, Europe, and many other countries nonstop from now to September. So far no foreign tourists. I worked the Grand Canyon clinic as a seasonal doc in 2009/10. Ten+ buses a day coming to the Canyon. Typically they do a route starting in California or Vegas, visit the Canyon, the Rez, Zion, and other parks in southern Utah. No one is flying to the USA so no tourists. It will be a disaster summer for hotels, restaurants, and parks.
          California will be hit hard also. A friend from San Diego says that the city tourist industry is devastated. He owns a restaurant that has been shut down for 2 months. He is shut down for good. All the service workers with jobs from Tijuana dried up.

        • King Creol

          Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.
          You nailed it Jerry
          GOD’S WORD® Translation
          Be glad for this reason, heavens and those who live in them. How horrible it is for the earth and the sea because the Devil has come down to them with fierce anger, knowing that he has little time left.” ◄ Revelation 12:12 ►

          USAWatchdog’s come a long way and still got’s a long way to go and a short time to get there. Were with you all the way, to eternity Greg Hunter!!! Yee Haaa!

        • Jerry

          Still don’t get it?
          Maybe this will help. Commercial real estate owners don’t accept IOUs.

          If there any small retail stores operating by fall it will be a miracle.

        • Mike

          Ignore all gdp and employment numbers until july if u want to see a true picture of the economy. The shutdown creates a complete false indicator to the natural flow of goods and employment.

      • Ronnie

        I’m with you Greg!
        Who is Jerry isn’t that a cartoon mouse show? Where Tom?

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      I think you’re either a troll or incredibly ignorant or both.

    • Self Exiled

      This Is what I think; being you asked about thinking. I posted this to you about four interviews back.
      Fighting the gold battle from your daily position in gold, or as a counter mind set on this site has it’s limitations. I purchased gold in 1998 and 1999 from $285 to $310 and used it to supplement my income for the last 20 years, also paying medical bills, travelling, and 4 college educations. For me it has been extremely profitable not to short gold and retain it in my possession, paying taxes on it as I liquidated it; at an ounce or two a month as needed. I will admit your shorting position may have worked for the last approximate 20 years. The future ???? It’s called gambling. I feel that my only sure bet is death and God.

      Secondly an aside. My favorite Bentley’s:
      Even if it’s only a model:
      There is another I can’t find. I had a 57 Corvette [1969-72] and a 1966 Jaguar XKE latter. Only car to be placed in the Smithsonian Institute. I enjoyed them and others thoroughly , with no cigar. The most; believe it or not, a 2007 Toyota Yaris , 85 + mph on interstate was like a go kart. Re think every thing.

      • Stan

        Self Exiled: That Bentley is way too old

      • Charles H

        S E,

        I had a 2008 Toyota Yaris 5-door hatch, 5-speed manual, took the back seat out and used it ten years hauling scads of things with a carpet covered board mounted on the seat frame. Built in Japan – it was THE BEST car I ever owned. Lots of highway miles – it had 125K miles and the original brake pads were still good! Gas, oil, and tires with only one battery for all the ten years. It would sway for trucks: but it was totally stable, and dependable. The most bang for the buck. With an unexpected windfall – I got a 2018 Camry w/eight speed auto. There wasn’t room to keep the Yaris, and I miss it.

    • paul ...

      Stan … If you want my opinion … I think you should start a website named “” (and you should get your Bentley in running condition before lighting up that cigar … … you do realize Stan that the Fed has already confiscated 98% of your wealth (by bringing “the dollar down” from 100 cents to 2 cents) and are now in the process of devaluing that last 2 cents down to a value less then a tenth of a cent (talk about gold “possibly being confiscated” look at the reality of what the Fed “has already confiscated” by you holding their fiat paper dollars)!!

      • paul ...

        Sorry Stan … John Rubino beat you to it!!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … look at the following Gold/Silver Ratio Chart … … notice that there was only three(3) times in the last 100 years when it would have been prudent to “sell” your Silver (and that was when the Gold/Silver Ratio fell to below 20) … now if Jim Sinclair is correct … and Gold rises to $20,000 to $80,000 dollars per ounce … the time to sell Silver would be when it reaches $1,000 to $4,000 dollars per ounce … it is that simple!!!

          • paul ...

            Stan … say you bite the bullet and sell your “gold short position” at a 90% loss (if your initial investment was $10,000 dollars it will provide you with $1,000 dollars to play with) … take that $1,000 dollars and buy yourself 40 one ounce Silver coins at $25 dollars each … then wait (for the Gold to Silver Ratio to go below 20) … when Silver hits $1,000 dollars per ounce you will still have made yourself 4 times your original $10,000 dollar investment … and if Gold reaches as high as $80,000 … your 40 one ounce Silver coins will be worth $160,000.00 dollars (you can still be a winner Stan if you use your God given brains instead of trying to convince us to make your gold short position profitable)!!

            • paul ...

              Come over from the “Dark Side” Stan and turn every $1,000 dollars you invest in Silver into $160,000 dollars!!! … join us Silver-bugs Stan … many of us have at least 250 one ounce silver coins put away … because we need to become millionaires (which will be vitally necessary when a loaf of bread costs $25 dollars)!

    • Frank D2

      Stan, I think you’re a hopeless ostentatious tool who wishes he drove a Bentley and smoked Davidoff Double R’s, that’s what I think (since you asked). Too bad you don’t have the brains or commitment/stamina to actually start any website.

  8. K. Wayne

    I know the following is not comprehensive by any means whatsoever (it only draws data from the Big Corporates)…but there are enormous undertones with regard bankruptcies across the spectrum and the globe. All of this failure surely points to Debt Deflation …this is especially true for those in the category of small-medium size business which are at the core of the Service Economy.
    The monetary policy du jour is to save the Banks …First and Foremost. The extension to that policy implies what we all know is true…..Socialism/Communism/Marxism.
    What is the current labor force directly attributable to the Government (Federal, State & Local) ?
    Add to that the numbers of Unemployment who are receiving weekly benefits/SNAP.
    Additionally those on State/Federal pensions and social security.
    Throw in those employed as civil servants eg. Military personnel. CIA, NSA.
    What is the aggregate percentage of our population that is solely reliant on the Government for income / food/ survival? In my estimate more than a third of the population…perhaps as high as half.
    What was, in an earlier period, considered to be “Mission Impossible”….has now become a sad reality and “almost” accomplished. The Depressionary episode that is here and now will only accentuate these numbers in the near term and beyond.
    The Super Capitalism of America has combined with Communism to formulate a dark winter that will soon evolve into Totalitarianism. Unlikely as it may seem, that scenario could also imply that the ultimate Ruling Authority may reside offshore.
    A failing financial and monetary system is the playground for these works of evil and the encouragement of the worshiping of Satan….. and the furthering of this plague on mankind.

    • K. Wayne

      An not-too-obvious observation……Would it not be conceivable that what we are about to witness is the Government buying up the leaders in critical Industries that are failing.
      Is this not straight from the Communist Manifesto playbook !!

      • K. Wayne

        How is it that the Banks/Government are in such a fortunate position of having the ability to not only print but to use….an endless supply of free Money …to buy up distressed assets for pennies on the dollar.
        This makes Trump with his history of Bankruptcies…look like kindergarten playground behavior.
        Was this episode by design?
        Is it part of the Master Plan?
        What is the square root of $4096?

        • Jerry Snyder

          64 is the sq root of 4096

          • K. Wayne

            Your mathematical skills are exemplary. A-
            But is it not a question…it is a riddle within a statement…..posed as a question.
            You haven’t resolved the puzzle entirely.

  9. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino,another sobering analysis of the USA economy.However whilst the USA may have a “hiccup”we outside the USA will have major lung,liver ,heart and brain transplant.Our bonds,particularly here in the UK and the insane Europe,will NOT fail just extended indefinitely with no rollover tiny interest and all sorts of lexicons thrown at this mess to avoid the words in any language,BOND FAIL.We expect our bonds here in the UK and Europe to extend to infinity and beyond with minute interest rates,so all good for our pensions(LOL).The failure of the commie promises will be as obvious as a Californian suntan here in the UK and Europe yet no one will mention it,rather like having dog poo on your shoe at the palace.
    We here are beyond heart pumping the corpse is rotting and the phage is an asinine fig leaf whilst our security services and police have gone Stasi/Chekka,all good national socialists.Of course the famous words,”I was only doing my job”will be raising its ugly head everywhere as a defence of the indefensible The ugliness of commie green terrorism abounds,yet the elite are cramming private airfields outside London and Heathrow’s private reception has never been so busy.
    Sadly mathematics as a subject seems to elude the people and areas under curves seem to be alien ideas.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s goin to be a long slog I am afraid.

  10. Her Majesty's Regent

    Ironically it is the low price of silver that puts the big money off. If the price of silver ever hit $1000 suddenly big money would be interested as it would be an efficient way of storing a large amount of wealth in a small space.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      I think the big money likes silver but right now for the same price they can store 100 ounces of silver or a single one ounce gold coin. The real big money looks at gold as being $40 million per ton and tonnage of gold is getting impossible to find.

    • paul ...

      HMR … When the “big money” begins to invest in Silver at $1,000 … they will drive it to $4000 very quickly!!

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    The FED can not possibly bail-out every sub-sector and company. So, they must pick and choose the winners ( get bailed out ) and the losers ( small business who are on their own ). 25% of existing small businesses, especially in the restaurant sector are doomed. So are a lot of other smaller, service businesses who were weakening prior to Covid-19.

    Just about any company with too much existing debt will be going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy soon ( Hertz, 24-Hour Fitness, etc. ). Nothing will fully normalize until the day after a new corona virus vaccine arrives for all to take. Then, we can get back to normal but the government will be tracking everyone in some manner, post vaccine.

    • Chip

      Do NOT take the vaccine… Chip

      • sk

        Chip! What’s your take on Dr. Charles Lieber, (the nanotechnology expert) at Harvard, who co-worked with the Wuhan lab?

      • Self Exiled

        Because of he HIV component, and because their has never been a cure for HIV ; that’s one reason to not take the vaccine amongst many others.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      I’m concerned that the corona virus was deliberately created and released. We should expect covid 20 and covid 21 in the next few years.

      • Charles H

        Yeah, Bill

        It was deliberate. But I think it got out carelessly. I’ve long called a term – “mad science” for what appears in the movies. But for humans to engineer a virus to transmit and sicken or kill humans is real, true madness. I don’t want to be around for anything worse.

      • Self Exiled

        Wave II and Wave III. Now that it’s started it is necessary to keep it going.

    • Frank D2

      And as soon as there is (assuming there IS) a vaccine for the Wuhan virus, TPTB will simply let another, different one “escape” somewhere. I think this was a trial run and it worked perfectly for them since economies, GLOBALLY, have been destroyed. All this talk about waiting for the Wuhan virus vaccine is ridiculous. There has never been a vaccine for a virus (hence why the common cold has never been cured) and even it there was, they’ll simply “release” a new virus.

      • paul ...

        You know … we have to take the blind folds off our eyes (even if we leave the masks over our mouths) and “see” the reality that is being planned for us … you don’t manufacture 500 million needles for 340 million Americans unless the true objective is to inject “all of us” … Trump is not “God” (and we should not treat him like he is one) … he may know how to bankrupt us … “but he is no doctor” … and he should not be forcing an “experimental vaccine” on all of us (that changes our genetic code) … nor should he be using the Military on American soil “against all the American people” who have a Constitutional Right to determine what is to be injected into their body … just as all women “have the right to say no” when some man wants to inject his DNA into them!!! …

        • paul ...

          As Donald Trump now mobilizes the Military to distribute (and possibly inject) the vaccine into all of us (once it is ready) … the US Senate has voted to “renew federal surveillance powers” (that would otherwise have expired) and passed Bill HR 6666 … that will put the government in charge of Covid-19 tracking and tracing of every American … the plan is to issue digital health passports using a color code of green, amber and red to indicate whether an individual has tested positive or negative for Covid-19 … the passport is “designed to allow only those individuals who test negative to return to work” … the Government will download your test information into an app … along with key information such as your name, address, age and verify our identity using a fingerprint or a facial scan … then they will use this digital health passport to authenticate your health status … only then will you be able you to return to work, travel, etc. … but the “glitch in the entire surveillance system” is the RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction) test they plan to use “is basically worthless” since it merely detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material (not the actual virus) … and also … anyone can get infected “after you get your test results” … rendering their entire infection status verification/surveillance system and their Health Passport “commie lock-down” of the American people completely null and void!!

      • sk

        Measles, mumps, German measles (Rubella) are all caused by viruses. And we have the MMR vaccine.

    • Fatima message

      There is a cure for HIV. Invented by Dr. Beck back in the 90s. It’s called the Beck Pulser. Kind of expensive at $200, but it works. Works so good that the FDA won’t let it be sold except as a research item. It cleans the blood by an electric pulse applied externally such as at the wrist. Cleans the blood of ALL viruses, bacteria, funguses, and other parasites. Check YouTube for Dr. Beck. Beck used an HIV patient with a count of viruses over 400,000 per cc of blood. After daily use of 2 weeks the count was 400. If interested check Scada Research for their RSG-2. Pharmaceutical industry won’t let this device be advertised.

  12. Jerry

    the globalist in unison with the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization will be partnering with DARPA to administer a bio engineered vaccine in the coming months that will achieve their goal of chipping you like a pet dog.

    The game plan is to have the vaccine ready by years end following mandatory testing in the coming months. Won’t happen you say?
    By the time the second wave hits, the public will be crying for the government to do something to avoid be locked down again. Human behavior is so predictable. The globalist plan is right on schedule. Get your spiritual house in order.

  13. Michael Anenberg

    The gold and silver circus train has been rolling down the track toward our town for more than a decade now. Anticipation is killing us! But in the meantime, Americans have to live their lives! Live your life my fellow citizens. But prepare for what is coming. Try and not think about your gold and silver. Sleep well knowing that one day soon, the center pole of the precious metal “tent” will finally be raised. You see, all this hubbub is really a three ring circus. First it’s the gold ring, second it’s the silver ring, and finally it’s the suffering.

  14. Randy

    Hi Greg,
    There are two big tools in the Federal Reserve’s Banking system; interest rates and lending institution’s “reserve rate”, or the percentage they must keep on hand. If the economy heats up, they raise interest rates and reserve rates. The economy slows down they lower interest rates and they can also lower the reserve requirement. The historical reserve requirement has been around 10%. Now we have ZIRP or Zero Interest Rate Policy and NIRP or Negative Interest Rate Policy. Did you know we now have a zero percent “reserve rate”? In other words, banks can loan out or create as much electronic currency as needed. It has been reported that the Treasury Department is bypassing the “primary bond dealers” and selling them directly to the Federal Reserve”. The Federal Reserve Balance Sheet just passed 7 trillion. What could possibly go wrong?

    • K. Wayne

      The Federal Reserve Act specifies that the Federal Reserve may buy and sell Treasury securities ONLY in the “open market”. If they are in fact doing what is suggested (bypassing the primary dealers) , then they are committing an unlawful Statutory act.
      Grounds for repealing the Federal Reserve Charter.
      POTUS …you have the power to step in here.

  15. Chip

    Absolutely fantastic interview Greg/John. People fail to understand the second, third, and fourth order effects of this shutdown on an already debt laden and fragile economy. You did a very good job of exploring what we’re headed for in the future… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      What is the Fed up to?? No reserve requirement?? Thanks for posting this.

      • Randy

        The “fractional banking system” is how banks create currency. The reserve rate of 10% limited full bore money creation. A reserve rate of zero is insane. March 26th of this year it went to zero… I heard nothing on the mainstream media. If you can invite Mike Maloney he can really explain this process.

      • JC

        I remember Martin Armstrong wrote about the difference in reserve requirements of European and U.S. banks. In 2018 the Fed increased it to 10%, and now it is 0%. Something fishy is going on.

        “Reserve Requirement Ratio at the Federal Reserve was increased on January 18th, 2018. It required that all banks with more than $122.3 million on deposit maintain a reserve of 10% of deposits. Banks with $16 million to $122.3 million must reserve 3% of all deposits.”

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree JC, and it is NOT a good sign.

        • K. Wayne

          The Banks fail because they are not adequately capitalized.
          They are effectively running on thin air.
          No capital requirements implies no fundamental support for sustained operating losses or expected withdrawals…..the Balance Sheet is compromised as is their ability to function.
          AND the BIGGEST RISK is that the exposure is now off the charts ….because 100% of the Banks investments have increased the risk profile and therefore the risk of DEFAULT. The great Debt/Equity Swap is about to occur.
          What I take away from this is that :
          We are very close to the Banks closing their doors with the unfolding Bank Bail-IN scenario that I have talked about as recently as late last year.
          I posted a link to Alasdair Macleod article this past week …where he warned about the imminent Banking crisis….flashpoint being in Europe then spreading across the globe. I stated that anyone who had any investment in any Bank should read the article and act on it NOW.

    • paul ...

      RANDY … So now when people put their money in a bank … the bank doesn’t need to keep any money in reserve (just in case you request a withdrawal)?? … what this seems to suggest to me is … a “Bank Holiday” is very close to being implemented!!

      • paul ...

        Back in the darkest days of the Great Depression on March 6, 1933 when President Roosevelt declared a “Bank Holiday” … he shut down the entire US banking system for more than a week (to give the Federal Government and Fed “enhanced powers to deal with the crisis”) … what a “Bank Holiday” today will likely mean … is the Fed will be “legally authorized” to print up as much money as is necessary “to bail out everyone” … and what they obviously don’t want … is people (fearing currency devaluation) running to the bank to withdraw their money … to buy Silver!!

  16. Jughead

    Greg…..Rubino is a great,articulate guest …and you did a great job in interviewing him….kudos!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jug!

  17. Mike

    I paid up to $26/ounce for silver back in 2010 and have no regrets. I have no plans to sell gold/silver at any fiat dollar price. Greg is correct that gold/silver is good for buy and hold for wealth savings while price speculation is gambling with your wealth. When the day comes that the grocery store does not accept fiat dollars, then I will look to spend gold/silver on what they will accept.

  18. old bat

    no bailout for the cruise lines. they hire hardly any americans.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I hardly imagine that there are very many US citizens who’ve applied for the honor of serving the fat, lazy, self-absorbed, ignorant, obnoxious, loud US citizens onboard cruise ships.

  19. oqwazyme

    WOW are we ever in trouble here !! I guess when the FED gives up on printing until the cows come home, we will see the apocalyptic landscape, that has been predicted for so long.

  20. Marty

    The problem with silver is it takes 80-100 to equal 1 ounce of gold… I can put 5 ounces of gold in a pocket no problem…

  21. Diane

    2% of the US population are in nursing homes…but over 50% of the deaths from virus

    • paul ...

      It’s all working to plan … get rid of the old people … to save Social Security, the underfunded pension plans of State Governments and pension plans of Corporate America … I bet the change in our DNA the Gates Vaccine will produce in the American people “will trigger an early death” so that “no American” will ever live beyond the age of 65 … just look at the smile on Gates’ face and you know that’s exactly what these Globalists are up to!! …

      • paul ...

        Something needs to be done … as solvent pension plans in the US (or anywhere else for that matter) are rare … the pension plans in Twenty US States are less than two-thirds funded … and five US States have pension plans that are less than 50 percent funded … pension plan structures vary from State to State but most are on the hook to provide some form of defined benefit plan that promises retirees “a lifetime annuity” … so anything modifying our DNA (to make “our lifetime” as short as possible??) has State Governors (like Cuomo-tose puppets) happily supporting Gates and his “final solution” for all of us!!!

  22. Secret Sensitive

    .Black Conservative Patriot Published on May 26, 2020
    Joe hours ago
    Somebody needs to do a swat raid on the FBI and CIA and seize their files.
    Charles Atkinson7 hours ago
    Seems we are once again “Speaking softly and carrying a big stick.”
    Derk Doys8 hours ago
    Buy Only American and European goods, let them keep the cheap shit they produce
    Liberty One 9 hours ago
    LOL! The FIB’s “investigating” itself. Other than the Kenyan being elected TWICE this is the joke of the century!
    Bear Creek Realty Holdings LLC 5 hours ago
    Oh, yes & whose paying for his attorney? It better not be, “We, the people!

  23. eddiemd

    This is what is coming. War on the people by the totalitarian police state. It is not a black or white issue. It is a common people vs the corrupt government officials and the police who will follow orders no matter if they are Constitutional.

    Where are the Oathkeepers? Where are the white folk? Don’t think that the police will do the same thing to you white, brown, yellow, black and red men.

    It is time to stand up to the tyranny. They are coming for all of us; white, black, yellow, red, brown, Jew, Christian. The police, courts, prosecutors, prison industrial complex, politicians….they are not your friends.

  24. Ed

    It’s called communism.

  25. eddiemd

    I found this man of God recently. He preaches the Truth. He is nondenominational.

    Preaching out of Compton, California. The land of the Bloods and Crips. The center of darkness.

  26. Bill's Stilled!

    China warns ‘the US will not come to Australia’s rescue’ during attack on Mike Pompeo
    •May 25, 2020 Sky News Australia

    • Self Exiled

      Who owns the Global times. What is their objective? Who owns sky news? I don’t know.

  27. King Creol

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addresses husband’s boat request
    M Long12 hours ago
    Gasp! A person in power thinking the rules do not apply to them. Inconceivable!
    That Woman!

    We the people to governor Gretchen Whitmer of The State of Michigan
    Now it’s summertime You don’t want our love. You’all come!

  28. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you once again for your constant vigilance. And thank you for this great John Rubino interview. He has a voice that would calm anyone in a storm. I lived aboard my sailboat in Florida for awhile, a long time ago in a far-away land. Mayday…Mayday…all hands on deck!! Tough times, difficult to make choices. God bless.

  29. JC

    Retail Store Closures Have Huge Impact On Communities

    Bruce Wild provides the gory details.

  30. Rob

    The last 3 Presidents have each doubled the debt during their respective 2 terms in office. As soon as Trump was elected the Powers That Be started raising interest rates and stopped QE . Trump realized he could play be their rules and can add 20 Trillion to the debt and Zero rates and get re-elected. In his 2nd term he will reset and catch them with their shorts down.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump had $41 trillion in overt and covert debt to manage the day he was sworn in. Yes 2021 is going to be rough and the reset we have been hearing about.

  31. Bill B

    Have been giving some thoughta s to why the democrats want to keep our nation shut down until the election. I am sure there are several reasons, but this may be one of them.
    When Pres Trump holds a political rally, thousands of people show up, wanting in. One rally it was estimated many thousands did not get in.
    If sleepy Joe were to hold a rally, how many people would show up??

  32. Blather

    Eventually, you want all the comforts about modern life. You might say everything you have now is essential for that.

    We been spoiled but it does represent the bare minimum of what we think we should have.

  33. jb

    John Rubino: honest, accurate and professional.

    • eddiemd

      He has a calm and confident demeanor.

  34. Dave

    Single family rental properties with little leverage in modestly priced markets with job growth will be good assets to have in the coming years. I exchanged a California rental for 4 rentals in 2015. 3 in Trenton Ohio and one in Vancouver Wa. I have no leverage on any of them though friends told me to borrow and exchange into 7 or more homes. Trenton is near the largest military base in the country and 2 of my tenants are military families. The other a nurse. They have not lost their jobs and the rents have flowed. In a deeper crisis I could significantly lower rents and be fine. The key is having a 5 star property manager and I have a rock star. My Ohio manager manages over 700 properties (mostly for California investors) and, despite the shutdown, rents are being paid at close to last year’s rate. Owners are encouraged to offer a 10% rent discount for payment made prior to due date. It has worked out well. Anyway, besides gold, silver and having an off-grid place of one’s own, consider SFH rental properties. The homes I own in Trenton are in B+ neighborhoods and each worth about 250K. I went in not looking for appreciation but rather for a solid ROI. Cash flow will be important in the next few years and especially given near zero interest rates.

    • Coalburner

      Dave, Food, well, generator, gas, chickens, learn to garden.

  35. SLindung

    Just six months ago who would have thought we could be going into a depression or be forced to stay in our homes and not work because of a virus? Could it be that the far left is so far into the pockets of the Communist Chinese that the corona virus was a planned attack against the United States and President Trump or the world? Or maybe like useful idiots, the Dems decided to take advantage of a good crisis . Anyway you look at it, tough times are coming.
    Oh by the way, my sister came across this:
    The United Nations has a New World Order website and is pushing “Happytalism”.
    Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.

  36. pat

    I don’t think you get it is not the bank’s are to big to fail it is that we are to little to fail.If we fail in the ten of millions we will pull banks down to the ground! Fear the little guy!

  37. Self Exiled

    Anger level in US, anger level of police, anger level of citizens, who will protect the people from the protectors, government victimizes it’s citizens, riots in Minneapolis.

    ”When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

    Workers have no work, businesses destroyed, schools are closed, landlords no rent, regular patients hospitals closed.

    ” Those who are the pillars of the land will be crushed, and all who work for pay will be grieved.” Isaiah 19:10

    Good people , who work everyday, pay their taxes, help their neighbor, school their children, care for the the needy, watch the news, seek truth.

    ”The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.”
    Psalm 9:9-10

  38. Self Exiled

    Who referenced this interview, lost you in the commotion. Excellent.

  39. lightning

    One question that I wish you would have asked Mr. Rubino centers around ownership of the debt and the implications of worldwide money printing.

    To put it simply, will the Fed own all of the tangible assets connected to the debt they have on their books in exchange for the “printed for free” currency they generate ?

    Whats to stop any other country from purchasing tangible assets in the USA with their “printed for free” currency .

    Are we going to wake up one day, look around and see that 75% of the USA is owned by foreigners or the international banking cartels?

    As crazy as it sounds, we may need to print currency (digitally or otherwise) to secure ownership of real tangible assets, until the actual collapse or reset comes in order to retain ownership of our homes, property, etc or we will be nothing more than slaves.

    Whether its the USA or Australia or Canada or any country for that matter….. the countries will absolutely lose their sovereignty if most of their tangible assets are purchased from fiat currency printed out of thin air .

    The astronomical amount of currency being created in this manner around the globe has to be a major concern . Japan alone could probably purchase half the countries in Africa if they so desired with all the Yen they are printing.

    And on a related note, given that gold and silver are tangible assets, it sure would be nice if President Trump directed that some of the trillions the US government is creating goes to purchase and restock Ft Knox.

  40. Self Exiled

    Really want to know about masks effectiveness, from a real live attorney. Covers the other issues related to Covid. Brings you up to date.

  41. JC

    This USA Watchdog John Rubino interview is on Bob Moriarty’s site. He likes Rubino a lot. Here is something from May 4th by Moriarty about Rubino.

    “There are a few diamonds amongst all the coal and clutter. One of my favorites is John Rubino of the Dollar Collapse. When you read him or listen to him speak, you are not getting recycled pabulum. You get clear thinking and logical conclusions, so rare among the rest of the pack. I eagerly read what he had to say last week and he hit a home run.”

  42. matslinger

    The communists who control everything, also have the ability to
    temporarily or permanently dissolve the exchange vehicles !
    What makes anyone think that they will allow another PM to
    compete with the dollar, or the coming “crypto dollar” ?

    People need to read all the points in Executive order # 12919…
    with a gun to his head, Trump will click the mouse and shut
    down all international commerce for 6 months.
    I wish I had some good news to report, but you people are
    not seeing the big picture !

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your opinion “Mat” and not a source-able fact. It’s like all the other “facts” that turned out to be wrong.


  43. kherr

    Rubino makes some very good points. The Fed can print excessively until the $ begins an accelerated downtrend along with Treasury bond prices. As that occurs the end game of acceptance of the $ as a global reserve currency would be the next step. Can’t think of a society that printed its way to prosperity; but it seems the USA will die trying. The middle ground, sustained stagflation, may be the best of several outcomes that we can realistically expect.

  44. Mike

    We already live in a world where gold should be 5 to $10k an ounce. I believe its the 50to$100k an ounce we should all fear experiencing.

  45. eddiemd

    The problems in the Minnesota rioting (and in LA) are bringing out racial comments everywhere. The comments are being directed to the BLM and black people in general.

    I am not a supporter of BLM. I am a supporter of justice and from what I saw on the videos in Minneapolis, the police killed the man. The same police will follow orders to kill when that order is given. It does not matter if you are white, black, red, yellow, or brown.

    The local, state, and federal police will follow orders. That is what they do. Peer pressure will overwhelm their conscience. They will be told that Constitutionalists, Christians, veterans, BLM, or any other group that does not conform, is an enemy of the state. They have been thought shaped and conditioned for years.

    The same with the military, although the military may side with the people. The military is made up of low and middle class people of all races. I believe that white, black and brown soldiers in the Marine Corp, Navy, and Army will question the orders and refuse. We can have hope that they will not follow orders to fire on the people.

    Remember the Rodney King riots. If such rioting breaks out across the nation in multiple large cities, the government will not be able to shut them down short of using drones, attack helicopters, and other weapons. They had a difficult time in LA almost 30 years ago. They will shut down all cell phone systems to prevent communications. They will use food as a weapon. I see here in Phoenix that key cell phone towers in and around fire stations have back up power sources. Fire stations still have UHF/VHF/HF radio antennas on site for back up commo.

    Everything is in place for large riots in Phoenix. I believe the police will pull back and let people kill themselves. I am sure that they have plans to seize Costcos, grocery stores, and Walmarts to control food and supplies. If they did not already have this planned then they are incompetent.

    Papago Park National Guard base in east Phoenix has been prepping for years for the advent of societal collapse. They have underground bunkers for DHS, ammo, air assets on station, and other preps I can’t mention.

    People are asleep.

    The MENA is where the action is at. Libya, Egypt, Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, Jordan, Turkey, Al-Queda, ISIL, Saudis, Iraq, and the USA. China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan…

    The coronavirus is a distraction although it is real. Bioweapon.

    • eddiemd

      Good message out of Compton.

    • Jerry Snyder

      Eddiemd – I see the same. I am in the west valley, hopefully they keep it all inside the 101 loop.

      • eddiemd

        I am up near PV Mall area. I pass through north Scottsdale and PV routinely on the way into east Phoenix.
        PV Mall is nearly shut down. Sears closed down 2 years ago and JC Penny is now finished. They have a Macys and Dillards left with Costco in the parking lot. I think Macys is next. There will be no big box stores left. Like Metrocenter.

  46. Joe Lalonde

    I figure to have a bit of fun.
    Back in the day, nickel and dime poker was a big thing going on.
    In Canada, we have such colorful currency. I just spent $140. On getting $120,000 In fake but real looking currency in all denominations to have a higher stakes game.
    Figure it would be great fun to bet 50’s or 100’s just to get the feel of blowing cash without costing me anything. Looks very real from a distance but has big Chinese writing on it so it can’t be used in stores. Still looks very real though…
    Wanna game?

  47. Open Eyes

    Take a look at this. If Bill Gates has a computer chip that administers birth control drugs remotely then how far off are we from the mark of the beast controlling world money and killing remotely by lethal injection as in Dannion Brinkley’s near death experience vision?

    Maybe have a show with Dannion, Greg?

    • eddiemd

      We already have the 3 month Depo Provera birth control injection. Been around for decades now. It would not take much to match it to a microchip.

      There is also psychoactive drugs using the same technology. Haloperidol is commonly used in the ER and hospital to chemically restrain violent, psychotic, “uncooperative”, and unruly people. Works very well. It also comes in 3 month depo style shots. There are others also. This is the type of “medicine” that will be given to those who don’t cooperate with the .Gov agenda. Both in the acute setting and perhaps for long term restraint.

      I remember one time I had a Spanish tourist at the Grand Canyon clinic with an acute psychotic break from suspected sleep deprivation and too much partying in Vegas. He was a big dude and violent. I was able to talk him down a little to accept 5mg of haloperidol (Vitamin H). Barely touched him. Gave him 5mg more for max dose. Barely affected him. Ended up adding 2mg Ativan which restrained him enough for the federal park rangers to move him down to Flagstaff Medcen. He was a live one. I assessed him with a Chem 20, EKG, UA…I did not have much to work with. He was a young dude, late 20’s, big, strong, and spoke Spanish. I was able to speak Spanish and calm him somewhat. He kept calling me “la llave”, the key. Whatever. Pushing me in the chest. The park rangers had the stun guns at the ready and their 9mm ready for back up.

      Working at the Grand Canyon clinic was an adventure. Everyday was high alert for trauma, chest pain, burns, psychosis….Grand Canyon is a magnet for suicidal people.

      Flagstaff observed him overnight and off he went back to Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  48. Open Eyes

    Dannion Brinkley:
    BOX 12: Technology & Virus

    The 11th box was gone & I was into the 12th box. Its visions addressed an important event in the distant future, the decade of the 90’s (remember, this was 1975), when many of the great changes would take place. In this box, I watched as a biological engineer from the Middle East found a way to alter DNA & create a biological virus that would be used in the manufacture of computer chips. This discovery allowed for huge strides in science & technology. Japan, China, & other countries of the Pacific Rim experienced boom times as a result of this discovery & became powers of incredible magnitude. Computer chips produced from this process found their way into virtually every form of technology, from cars & airplanes to vacuum cleaners & blenders.

    Before the turn of the century, this man was among the richest in the world, so rich that he had a stranglehold on the world economy. Still the world welcomed him, since the computer chips he had designed somehow put the world on an even keel. Gradually, he succumbed to his own power. He began to think of himself as a deity & insisted on greater control of the world. With that extra control, he began to rule the world.

    His method of rule was unique. Everyone in the world was mandated by law to have one of his computer chips inserted underneath his or her skin. This chip contained all of an individual’s personal information. If a government agency wanted to know something, all it had to do was scan your chip with a special device. By doing so, it could discover everything about you, from where you worked & lived to your medical records & even what kind of illnesses you might get in the future.

    There was an even more sinister side to this chip. A person’s lifetime could be limited by programming this chip to dissolve & kill him with the viral substance it was made from. Lifetimes were controlled like this to avoid the cost that growing old places on the government. It was also used as a means of eliminating people with chronic illnesses that put a drain on the medical system. People who refused to have chips implanted in their bodies roamed as outcasts. They could not be employed & were denied government services.” (Dannion Brinkley, Saved By The Light, chapter 5)

  49. Michael

    Thank you for all you do. I’ve een listening to you for about 4 years. Good stuff.
    Rubino makes a statement at about 30:00 minutes in about how the states are subordinate to the federal government. He is very mistaken in that comment. The States are superior to the federal government. They are sovereign and the federal government is an employee of the States. The federal government has limited enumerated authority via the constitution. Very limited authority, which it has overeached grossly. Rubino is like most Americans, they think the same thing and that ignorance is being used against us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michael!!

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