Suicidal to Stay in this Market-Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned financial and geopolitical analyst Charles Nenner is doubling down on his prediction last year that the financial markets will crash in the fall of 2017. Nenner says, “People not positioned correctly may lose everything.”  Nenner points out, “We all know they say the market goes up 8% on a yearly basis.  That’s based on the fact if I draw a line through the markets, it shows 8%.  I don’t think anybody realizes how much we are above the line.  In order to get back to 8%, we have to go much below the line . . . So, it’s total nonsense to say we go up 8% a year when we are already 40% to 50% above that trend line that averages 8%. This is almost the longest bull market in history.”

Now, Nenner has additional research that backs up his position, and it involves the number 7. Nenner explains, “You go to my research that goes back to the 1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’s.  Go back a little, and you will see the market topped in 2017.  The next year was 2007, which was clearly a high.  If you go back to the next year that ends in 7, which was 1997, that was clearly a high.  1987 everybody knows about that, and I don’t have to go into it.  Then go to ‘77 and ‘67, ‘57, ‘47 and ‘37.  1929 was a little aberration, it should have been ‘27.  I still hold because it continued up and didn’t come down.  That’s why they had the huge crash (in 1929) . . . . Based on the past, the future repeats.  You have major correlation with major tops that are in years ending with a 7.  If you are a reasonable person, you would say this is too much risk for me.  If you are a super gambler, you say this time is different. . . . My cycle tops in September or October of 2017.”

Nenner says staying fully invested in this market is “suicidal,” and Nenner goes on to say, “I would advise people not to listen to people with all kinds of stories that this market is not dangerous. . . .This is the end of the bull market.”

Nenner predicts a big rally in bonds and gold, but not until mid-2018. On gold, Nenner says, “We always have this price target of $2,500 per ounce.  If they reverse what Nixon did, the financial system will be so much under presser they will go back on the gold standard.  If you really calculate it, the price of gold today should be $30,000 per ounce.  For the moment, in our model, gold is a bit expensive.”

On the “War Cycle,” Nenner, who is also an expert in both market and war cycles, says, “Wars come in cycles. It seems people have to have a certain amount of time so they forget how bad it was so they can start a new one. We talked about this a few years ago and said it’s not going to be the Middle East.  It’s going to be China and the islands.  In the aerospace industries in China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, something is cooking over there.  I still think the whole thing is coming from there.  It’s just an accident that has to happen.”

Nenner adds, “I don’t think there is really no clean way to get North Korea under control. I don’t think there is any clean way to keep the United States safe.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with world renowned cycle economist Charles Nenner.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. This sceptred isle

    The problem is when you take the chips of the table how do you store the money safely?

    • Frederick

      T SI The answer is don’t delay the selling too much as Yourll get slaughtered and in my opinion you should buy undervalued REAL assets such as precious metals and some cash
      Protecting your assets with lead I suppose would be advisable as well

      • Chip

        OT but watchdoggers you MUST see this video on Comey, the Clintons, Obama, Trump, and the Russians. This thing is a Tom Clancy novel in real life of biblical proportions….

    • The Seer

      Spread it around. Pay off credit cards, utilities and property taxes a year in advance.
      I think the system will freeze and the banks will not be open. It will
      not last very long in the USA. Prep for three weeks – water, food,
      natural remedies, vitamins, soap, shampoo, pet food, stored
      gas or get an EV car. Enjoy the time off and build neighbor ties.
      Don’t fret. Meditate and pray and listen to your soul’s inner voice.
      I am not fleeing to NZ even though I have residency established there.
      It’s too cold. I have relocated to FL for warm weather and easier food
      growing in the shade with rain and water supply here and northeast
      enough to not be in hurricane path. Good luck! Thanks Greg for continuing your
      website interviews!

      • dbcooper

        Seer, No disrespect intended … Three weeks of food??? Three weeks plus 72hours equals death. I know that most here cannot/will not do what we here have done but I have been preparing in one way or another since I was about 14 years old. It is a sad reality that if and when the fecal matter hits the oscillator … there’s gonna be a whole lot of dead … brace your self. I do not mean to sound sanctimonious but the reality here may well be beyond our comprehension. Build neighbor ties and don’t fret ??? I have long contemplated which of my neighbors I will have to dispatch because they did not heed the warnings that we have given for years and THEY WILL show up on our door step empty-handed. It may well be a very sad and sobering reality. As SQ and many others advise … repent and take it to the Lord in prayer.
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Freebreezer

          Db – ‘per yours in faith’ … I am a bit lost per were in the bible it teaches to dispatch your unprepared neighbors? That seems a little harsh and is not the christian background I have learned?

    • ross

      I’m not a fan of Nenner. He contradicts himself on gold saying it should be $30,000 an oz but in this market is over priced presently ? He does not address market manipulation and thus I don’t trust him. This attitude suggests Nenner is playing both sides of the fence thus having an each way bet.

  2. Oracle 911

    The problem is also systematic not just cyclical. I mean the foundation of this financial system is phony and it is coupled with a cyclical crisis which is its own.
    This mean your guest is half right.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911