Syria War Escalates, Economic Data Getting Worse, Hillary Email Scandal Update

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By Greg Hunter’s

Weekly News Wrap-Up (WNW 211 10.09.15)

The Russians are putting on a clinic on how to destroy terrorists. They are pulling off a well-planned takedown of just about anyone who stands in the way of the Assad regime. To the Russians, there are no so-called moderate rebels—just terrorists and non-terrorists. Only in the land of the “Wizard of Oz” are there good witches and bad witches. In the real world, witches are witches, and Russia sees things much the same way. They are spending big money and deploying many assets to destroy them. The latest show of force was launched from the Caspian Sea. Russian ships fired 26 cruise missiles into terror targets such as training camps and supply dumps. You can bet the missiles cost around $1 million each and have high explosive payloads that are measured by the ton. These are very big bombs, and they traveled across 900 miles and two countries to hit their targets in Eastern Syria. NATO is stunned, and President Obama looks weak and indecisive in the Middle East. This is bad news for America’s leadership role in the Middle East and bad news for the U.S. dollar.

I don’t know how else to say it. The global economy sucks, and there is no amount of lipstick that can make this pig look good. Just look at these financial headlines in just the last few days, Fed minutes: Members worried about slower global growth,” “FOMC Minutes Confirm Economy Not Ready For Rate-Hike This Year, Worried About Inflation,” “Global Risk,” “It’s Time For Negative Rates, Fed’s Kocherlakota Hints,” “Day After Deutsche Bank Admits Not All Is Well, Swiss Giant Credit Suisse Also Admits It Needs More Cash,” “Marc Faber Fears Sudden 1987-Like Crash Or Longer-Term “Sliding Slope Of Hope” “I Would Say Don’t Worry” Says Chinese Central Banker As Indian Central Banker Says “World Economy Is Looking Grim,” and “China, Russia, Norway, Brazil, Taiwan Dump US Treasuries.”  Economist John Williams from will be on this Sunday. All the real, un-gimmicked data shows the economy sliding into recession. There is no recovery and the powers that be know this.

Former Fed Head Ben Bernanke says more bankers should have gone to jail for causing the 2008 financial meltdown. He makes this claim in a new book called “Ben S. Bernanke the Courage to Act.” It should be called “The Courage to Bailout Your Banking Buddies.” I think his book is nothing more than writing a revisionist history book. He could have made his claim that bankers should have been jailed years ago, but he waited after the statute of limitations expired. This means that crooks that took down the system years ago are still running things, and Bernanke basically admits the crime is still going on.

The email scandal just keeps getting worse for team Clinton. Now, it is revealed the FBI has seized State Department servers as part of their ongoing investigation. We also found out this week that most, if not all, of Ms. Clinton’s 30,000 emails were backed up in a cloud by a Connecticut company. Of course, the server was private and unprotected. We also know that nobody in contact with the private server of the storage of the emails had the type of security clearance needed to be anywhere near these emails. As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton had the top security clearance in the U.S. government. Probably less than two dozen people in government have this high of a security clearance. The number of possible felonies for Ms. Clinton and her staff are mind boggling. She will not be President, and I wonder if she will even make it to the first Democratic debate.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “As Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton had the top security clearance in the U.S. government. Probably less than two dozen people in government have this high of a security clearance.”
    No wonder I don’t feel secure within my own country.

  2. Galaxy 500

    Dude! I waited up to catch the WNW . Great insight. I am amazed at the number of people like John McCain (unindited co conspirator) calling for shooting down Russian air assets. After letting 0bama homo-genized the military and now bring in women, our military went from the best in the world to a joke. Where our ROEs won’t let us shoot bad guys, Putin fights a war like they should be fought: he breaks things and kills people.
    Putin is doing what our incompetent moslem scum President says he is doing: destroying ISIS and as a bonus, he is killing the terrorists that we have weapons to. Now that is a win win of I saw on.
    Some people were making the call that September was going to be the crash based on secret info and some on the Blood Moon. While I think we are getting closer, I again say it is silly to worry about dates. Prepare and continue to prepare. Enjoy life. Praise God. Watch any group of moslems that are near you as they will be coming to kill you.
    Keep up the good work sir

    • art barnes

      Yea, the Muslims are coming, its a undeclared cold war at present against the West. The West believes they can assimilate them into alcohol & porn and the American way of life, you know sports & beer with pretzels. Assimilation is not going to happen, they are here to take from the infidels not to become one of them. The West will assimilate about 3 or 4 percent of them, leaving a whole bunch to help take the ship down. They hate the Great Satan so greatly that the infidel is looked upon as sub-human, a devise used by many in history, the Jews in Germany comes to mind. If you can teach your young sons that a class of people are sub-human then you can get them to kill them at will because after all they are only swatting a fly. This has been done to death, works every time. The Muslim worldwide movement is in full court press to equate Christians, Jews, & Western cultures to a sub-human status all the while they try to get in by hook or crook. Yes 500, there is reason to fear the Muslim(s), they are here, more are coming to the West, most are angry, and, the vast majority have an agenda. Sub-humans like ourselves have need to worry. PS. always enjoy your post. ab

      • paul

        The Muslims are coming??? … we have one for President!

      • Galaxy 500

        From my trip to Raleigh last week, I can tell you they are already here and I large numbers.

        • Jerry

          Galaxy 500.
          Its all part of the assimilation plan to insert the United States into the melting pot of the NWO.

        • Kerry

          I was shocked when I went to my local university to take some classes. I had not been to school there in many years. There were so many woman there wearing hijabs and many in full burkas! The majority (I would say 90%) do not speak English as their native language. Many, many, eastern and far eastern people attending. I felt like I was in a foreign country.

    • frederick

      GALAXY 500 there you go again with the Muslim nonsense My wife and her entire family are Sunni Muslims and some of the nicest most generous warmest people i have ever met and İ have lived all around the world You are just plain WRONG

      • art barnes

        Your family is the 4 percent I outlined above, the rest are not that generous and I would ask them to go home & take their religion of peace with them. Having said that, the 3-4 percent are welcome to stay. “For my family shall praise the Lord”, ab

      • Don

        Dear Frederick, I think I understand your position. My uncle who traveled throughout the countries of the middle east, told me that the Muslims from Turkey for instance and the Muslims from Egypt are totally different. While in Turkey the Muslims believe the Quran shouldn’t be interpreted literally, but apply the moral teachings, while those who are Jihadist interpret the Quran literally and are far more radical. These differences, are the difference between radical Islam and moderate. One believes he should take the world by conquest or conversion, the others believe, because they reject literal interpretation, its wrong. Since you did not say you yourself were a Christian, then I have to conclude your experience with the Islam is by exposer only. The question I’d like to ask is, if the Quran taught literally that one can justify the murder of any who will not convert, would you still have the same opinion. If your wife does not believe the literal interpretation, then she and her family, who believe the same, would be considered apostates, and should be kill, by those who believe the literal. The point is, regardless of how high a moral standard may be, according to biblical teachings, will not save that individual. Know one that believes the literal interpretation of the bible could justify murder. You can’t get away from the literal teaching of the Quran, which justifies the murder of any who will not convert. Only true Christianity, and Christ Jesus, offer the true path to eternal life. The scripture say, he who has the son of God, has in present possession, eternal life. He who does not have the son is condemned and the wrath of God abides on them. I pray God will give you the spiritual discernment you need, if you are married to a Muslim. Only the Bible, and not the Quran has the answer, to eternal life. All men are spiritually dead, from birth, and need a righteousness that is a gift from God, and is eternal life, imputed to that man as a gift. There is know moral standard, however high it may be, that will merit that person, eternal life. But those who realize that they have a sin nature that they can never escape, from birth, if they will turn from there sin, believing that Christ Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, provided for them a perfect redemption, will receive from God eternal life, and his righteousness that is given as a free gift, and is eternal life, will be given them. He that hath the son, has eternal life.

        • Reginald Denny

          How Atatürk Made Turkey Secular

          The evolution of Turkey in the early 1900s is one of the most baffling cultural and social changes in Islamic history. In a few short years, the Ottoman Empire was brought down from within, stripped of its Islamic history, and devolved into a new secular nation known as Turkey. The consequences of this change are still being felt today throughout the Muslim world, and especially in a very polarized and ideologically segmented Turkey.

          What caused this monumental change in Turkish government and society? At the center of it all is Mustafa Kemal, better known as Atatürk. Through his leadership in the 1920s and 1930s, modern secular Turkey was born, and Islam took a backseat in Turkish society.


          The Father of Modern Day Turkey _
          1st President of Turkey~ A t a t ü r k !

          Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in the early months of 1881, either in the Ahmed Subaşı neighbourhood or at a house (preserved as a museum) in Islahhane Street (now Apostolou Pavlou Street) in the Koca Kasım Pasha neighbourhood in Salonica, [Greece] Ottoman Empire, to Zübeyde Hanım, a housewife, and Ali Rıza Efendi, a militia officer, title-deed clerk and lumber trader. Only one of Mustafa’s siblings, a sister named Makbule (Atadan) survived childhood; she died in 1956. According to Andrew Mango, his family was Muslim, Turkish-speaking and precariously middle-class. His father Ali Rıza is thought to have been of Albanian origin by some authors;[11][12][13][14][15] however, according to Falih Rıfkı Atay, Vamik D. Volkan and Norman Itzkowitz, Ali Rıza’s ancestors were Turks, ultimately descending from Söke in the Aydın Province of Anatolia. His mother Zübeyde is thought to have been of Turkish origin and according to Şevket Süreyya Aydemir, she was of Yörük ancestry. Due to the sizeable minority of Jews in Selanik during the Ottoman period, many of Atatürk’s Islamist opponents have eagerly claimed that he may have Dönme ancestors (Jews who converted to Islam during the Ottoman period.) However, his grandparents were not native to Selanik, and his family had moved to this city (the largest metropolis in Ottoman Rumelia after Istanbul) in the late 19th century, from other provinces of the Ottoman Empire. There are also some suggestions about the possibility of his partial Slavic origin, based on his light skin complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Jason

      One day you will see, war is not the answer. Certainly not to the most important question of all…

  3. DLC (formerly Donna)

    Run a woman, Greg? Are you jesting?

    That worked real well for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, didn’t it? Libs will never vote in favor of a woman with an R behind her name. Never. Progressivism comes first and last. The press would eat an R-woman alive too, because she would not be the “right kind of woman.” Republican women bring Nurse Ratchet to mind from a lib’s point of view.

    Satisfy the “War on Women?” Ha!! Then she would have to be pro choice and — you know — all down the line of check-off points.

    How about an entity with a spine for speaker? Or has the NSA/DHS thrown a wrench into that possibility?

    I believe that whoever they ultimately pick, that person will have to be controllable. Look at the fit the political class is having over Trump. Whoever they choose, you will know they found a suitable rat. That goes for female rats, too.

    We cannot even get beyond our pandering tendencies, it seems. How about rolling the dice and just do the right thing for once? I’d even go for Gingrich. At least he can fight without howling in the sheets at night, “What must I do to be liked?”

    We are listing, water up to the nipples. There has to be someone in this country without a mistress, a drug habit, a swindling double life.

    We will likely settle for a rat with trendier threads. My apologies to Minnie and Mickey.

    • OutLookingIn

      “What if I told you that the right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird?

      – as viewed on JSMineSet

      • Roger Huddleston

        Exactly. A fascist bird.

    • dbcooper

      DLC, I thought Greg was referring to the speakers’ position … DB

  4. Michael

    It’s pretty obvious to me that both the Republicans and Democrats, like a Punch and Judy puppet show, are simply used to keep the electorates attention off the purposeful destruction of the U.S.A. I saw a congressman being interviewed about the 200,000 refugees the President wants to bring to America from the Middle East (after he disarms us?)…I’m sure they’re all moderates, and the congressman said congress could not do anything to stop him. I still remember the videos from the Arab world after 9/11 when they were laughing and dancing in the streets. The mainstream media is bad propaganda these days and is not worthy to be called news reporting anymore. Greg, I want to applaud your reporting of the real news, especially the “Family Planning” house of horrors last week. God truly must be merciful and long suffering. God help us all.

  5. Nathan

    Hi Greg,

    This has nothing to do with your video but Trunews with Rick Wiles is looking to expand their business and are looking for reporters to hire . I’m not sure if you have ever heard of them but you would be an absolute perfect fit for the job. You should contact them.

    Just an FYI.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have my own gig and I don’t have to answer to anybody but thank your for the thought.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Nathan, if memory serves, Mr. Hunter was (at least) once hosted by Mr. Wiles.

    • David B.

      I’ve been to his site. Supposedly news not carried by the MSM. I find it unremarkable.

  6. Miro Markovic

    Hello Greg, I want to to thank you for your honesty in reporting the news as they are instead of making and tailoring them like the MSM does all the time. The latest news blunder was produced yesterday by the CNN telling its viewers that four of 26 Russian cruise missiles dropped out over Iranian’s territory on the way to the ISIL’s military targets in western Syrian. Since CNN cheating reporters have no photographs to back up their blatant lies, today the Pentagon issued a statement saying that it has no data to proof the correctness of the CNN “fabricated news”. In spite of that apparent journalistic crime, the CNN refused to apologize to its viewers.

  7. mark

    Hi Greg,
    In response to the end of your last week’s weekly news wrap up in which you noted how September came and went without any apparent crash (although you did mention some of the very tenuous stress points), I should like to reference these links for the viewers to consider. and as well as All the very best Greg to you and to all who come here to read and post. As you say, Fear Not. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg. For God has not given to us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind. (2Tim 1:7)

  8. Occasnltrlvr

    Somebody please explain this!!

    When I first heard that Russia had used cruise missiles, then I suddenly thought, “Well, that explains why they sent so many ships into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It wasn’t simply for some kind of naval blockade of Syria.” But then I read that the missiles were launched from Russian warships in the Caspian Sea.

    Now, I understand reasons why they might do that: demonstrate technical competence (accuracy at extreme range), demonstrate allegiance with Iran and Iraq (whose airspace the missiles flew through), and to send messages to others in the ME of their capability (e.g., Riyadh, Straight of Hormuz).

    But, um, this is the confusing part: the Caspian Sea is land-locked!! What kind of naval capacity does Russia (or anyone else for that matter) have in the Caspian Sea? How did it get there? Do they have a huge shipyard in a land-locked body of water??

    • Calgirl

      I was so intrigued by your question that I did some reading:

      I read that many nations have ships in the Caspian, Russia having four. There are numerous canals connecting countries where goods are shipped. Also there are numerous oil fields and pipelines. Maybe it is more realistic to have mobile ships to protect the fields, pipelines, shipping, than numerous land bases.
      Below are some snippets from the wiki article:

      Many of the islands along the Azerbaijani coast continue to hold significant geopolitical and economic importance because of the potential oil reserves found nearby. Bulla Island, Pirallahı Island, and Nargin, which was used as a former Soviet base and is the largest island in the Baku bay, all hold oil reserves. The Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline, a major pipeline allowing Azerbaijan oil to flow straight to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, opened in 2006.

      In 1950, the construction of Main Turkmen Canal was started under the orders of Joseph Stalin. However the project was abandoned soon after the death of Stalin. The project was dropped in favor of the Qaraqum Canal, which runs on a more southerly route but does not reach the Caspian.

      Today, oil and gas platforms are abounding along the edges of the sea
      In 1994, the “Contract of the Century” was signed, signaling the start of major international development of the Baku oil fields.

      The collapse of the USSR and subsequent opening of the region has led to an intense investment and development scramble by international oil companies. In 1998, Dick Cheney commented that “I can’t think of a time when we’ve had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian.

      Although the Caspian Sea is endorheic, its main tributary, the Volga, is connected by important shipping canals with the Don River (and thus the Black Sea) and with the Baltic Sea, with branch canals to Northern Dvina and to the White Sea.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Sincere thanks, and kind regards to you, Calgirl.

      • pieter

        you might look at the caspian map and you will see Russia is one of the countries in the Caspian sea whom actually borders at this sea , hope this explains all to you.
        btw caspian sea is well known for its huge oil/gas reserves

    • paul

      Occasnltrlvr … The Caspian sea is a “very strategic” launch point for cruise missiles … putting Turkey, Syria, Georgia, Afghanistan’s (poppy fields) all in the cross hairs … and guess what … no NATO ships can enter!

      • Erma

        Mattie, you should have elaborated . . .

        Putin said that the West was developing the so-called theory of global preemptive strike.
        “There are other things that really concern us,” said Putin and mysteriously hinted at unpleasant “surprises” for “our Western partners.” “The main thing is to avoid hysterics afterwards,” he concluded bitterly. Few people paid due attention to the strange remarks about hysterics. While those “few” were wondering what surprises Vladimir was preparing for Uncle Sam, the situation began to clarify itself. When the president [Putin] asked the admiral about the range of the missiles, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet said: “More than 1,500 kilometers”. If it is true – the admiral would not be lying to President Putin in the face – it actually means the destruction of that US military strategy and a qualitative easing in the balance of power in Russia’s favor. From now on, any vessel of the Russian Navy – not only submarines, but also surface ships – become carriers of strategic weapons. Why strategic? Because equipping such a miracle missile with nuclear warheads is only a question of time and political will of the Kremlin. [In other words they could put these things on dinghy’s!]

        This stuff is major and should be front page headlines. Cant the PTB and MSM get it thru their thick numbskulls, that trying to dumb us down certainly doesn’t make us stronger, just dumber.
        Ronnie Reagan gave us the peace dividend and the evil twins, dumb and dumber [Hillary & Vicky] taketh away, “Oy Vey, Oh lay. . O la!”

  9. DLC (formerly Donna)

    Just an observation based on what little our “free press” will divulge on the Middle East.

    How many female ninja types are storming Syria under Putin — any females for that matter? How many gays and females is he mandating in the ranks of his forces? Has he banned religion for those who serve? Have his forces been forced to wear red high heels in order to get into the psyche of a woman? How many women do you see with the Syrian “freedom fighters.”

    By the way, if a soldier has to wear red pumps to assuage the females, what does that say about the eternally aggrieved female who needs to be focusing on job, duty, the enemies of this country? Put pumps on a guy, and I say you are unbalanced and unfit.

    I say mandatory testosterone shots for every US male. It seems they have been bludgeoned to silence and to fake acquiescence. There is no pleasing a lib female. Get over it.

    The progressives have manufactured strife between men and women, all but banned religion, decimated the family, intimidated the male who wears a tortured look as if he’s been wrapped in razor wire.

    Remember ROMANCE, a GOOD job, an INTACT family, a FIRM pastor?

    Russia experienced a money collapse. Woman sold themselves and either aborted or adopted out their children (Laura Ingraham has 2 Russian children to raise herself). Uncle Joe Stalin killed off 50 mil of his people — after WWII. Lately, they appear to be trying on the values we discarded. They seem to understand the connection between behavior and consequence.

    Maybe it will take female leadership when our money collapses, when the illegals blow the roof off every city, the guns are confiscated, Russia and China bearing down to settle decades of old scores. Duh, do we really get the mess we are in? This is no time for PC charades.

    “When you sue for peace (with libs), there is no peace. You will never draw another sane breath,” (Roy Masters).

    Pol pot and Mao couldn’t have done a more masterful job of beating our males into psychological submission. Hopefully, they will discover their inner Putin at crunch time.

    • art barnes

      What, no balls for our American men any longer, is that what you are saying? If so, I totally agree, the American male today is a useless weak half of a man their fathers were. The lib movement has all the balls now, and now I say their going to need them to protect their backsides because we listless old half submissive men are tired of doing it for them.

  10. Silence is Golden

    Some people can’t handle the truth and remain in denial.
    No matter the suffering, loss of lives, lies, wrongdoing, inequality, injustice ….they will continue to accept the status quo…as long as it remains functional (system).
    The day it ceases to be ……is the day the clock stops…..95 % of the population get their wake up call.
    Its a trap my friend. Everyone is affected….regardless !!
    Speaking of which….
    The Russian involvement in Iran/Syria is also a trap set by the masters of geopolitics/ conspiracy. The US entry into WWI and WWII was planned and executed with precision. This time around is no different. I would expect that we evidence a “triggering event” …a mishap if you like…..which involves US / Allies lives (collateral damage) in the not too distant future, which then ignites the fuse. Israel is sitting with clenched fists whilst all is unfolding….hmmmm. I smell a dirty rat.
    Greg, you mentioned the absolute deadly accuracy of delivering pay loads from afar (900 miles+-)…..sophistication of a powerful enemy is not to be “tested”. If the US Govt.(CIA) or Israel (Mossad) are supporting the ISIS/ISIL moderates….they had better think twice about their stance. Russia is doing this from the Caspian Sea…..what are they capable of doing from Moscow ???
    We must not lose sight of what the actions of the Anglo-American Alliance in the Middle East is telling us. The Military was and continues to be used to support the USD regime. Long live the “KING”.

  11. Smaulgld

    “Explosive year of growth in Job market”
    “Frenetic Pace in hiring”
    Massive year of hiring”
    Presented without comment

    • Tom Cunningham

      I must have laughed for 10 minutes straight. I am not sure how you posted that with a straight face.


    • paul

      Yeah! … “Employers said they expected to hire 15 percent more college graduates in the 2015-2016 academic year, according to a survey published on Thursday by Michigan State University” … what this means is instead of hiring 7 students (like they did last year) … this year they will hire 8!

    • art barnes

      Yea, the neighbor’s kid three years out of a degree in electrical engineering hasn’t found a job yet in his field, is working at fast food, great kid, just can’t find one, not a lazy bone in this boy – great future for those that can say “do you want that supersized” LOL.

      • Charles H


        This kid is better to go back to Community College and qualify for Heating and Cooling. A/C or Refrigeration will always need upkeep.

  12. JimG

    There is something I have been following that I don’t see anyone else reporting on that could foretell the “big event” could very well happen before the end of the year or soon afterwards.

    How this just dropped off everyone’s radar screen I don’t know but if something that was supposed to have happened by now still hasn’t within another 30 or so days, the cat will be out of the bag and I expect all hell to soon break loose.

    Of course, it could turn out to be nothing or it could be the smoking gun that was missed. I just wonder if anyone else can figure out what I am referring to.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      I do not know the answer, so please enlighten us all…..

    • paul

      I figured it out … but I’m not telling!

  13. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    72 of Ben’s bankers have already died (over past three years). their deaths include accidental drowning to falling off a cliff to being hit by a car and of course the old fall-back (sorry) suicide of jumping from high rise apartments. Surely going to prison would have been a preferred option?

    • Linda louin

      ANDREW (Rev):
      These bankers were eliminated, most likely because they knew too much and were high risks for squealing. Maybe these bankers just wanted out, and at the levels of corruption that they witnessed or were directly involved in, I would imagine that you never get out alive if you leave the pack. Prison wouldn’t be an option in circumstances like this.

      • Silence is Golden

        Banksters have that name because like the Mafia…once you are part of the family….you can never leave…..except…permanently !!

      • paul

        With a million of them out there … that leaves only 999,928 to go!

    • Calgirl

      In America….Next come the politicians and their staff members, corporate demi-gods and their thieves. GMO’s, vaccines, com-trails and electrical grid failure, and the military will take out the rest of us.

  14. Varun

    Dear Greg,
    Fantastic WNW ! Keep up the great work & look forward to your next program
    on Monday. Have a nice weekend.
    Thank You & God Bless

    God`s in charge as always !!!!!

  15. vincent_g

    Hillary doesn’t seem to take a hint.
    Do you think she is a threat to those that want her to fade away into the darkness?
    Will she unload on those that are in her way?

    One line comes to mind for me on this subject.
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know vincent_g but she is up against the President, FBI and Justice Department. She won’t go quietly but she is going.

      • Silence is Golden

        Has anyone made the connection with Obama, Clinton and Biden?

        • Greg Hunter

          What is it?

          • Silence is Golden

            Without going into too much detail….suffice to say …Presidents are Groomed….
            Whilst still readily available…everyone who is an American citizen…should research these three individuals collectively.
            It should also serve to remind that they (Presidents) do not possess “ALL POWER”…as they are merely Senior Executives….similar to that of a Large Corporation. They serve a higher order.

      • art barnes

        Well, Greg, reasonable men can agree to disagree, if Hillary wins Iowa & New Hampshire before an indictment there will never be one, politics being what it is even Obama won’t stand in her way as the people will have spoken. Also, remember kind sir, Hillary knows where Obama, Rice & company have hid the bodies, her and Bill have goods on them all, with the entire government included, both parties; demoncrats & the repulsivecrats.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry Art,
          That will not protect her. This is about Obama and it always has been.

      • zip a dee

        As Russia shows how to rid terrorist, the CIA finds it needs to hire more ‘contractors’ to replace those being taken out, by affiliation.
        We had to figure Hilly would be anti-gun as well as anti-Constitutional. No regard for ‘The People’.

  16. Calgirl

    Wow Greg! What a global roundup of the news & issues! Grim, yes, but also the truth.
    I am having a difficult time seeing how we extricate our country from all the corruption and fraud. Maybe eventually a few bankers and politicians go to jail, that still leaves multitudes of the corrupt standing and ready to take over any recovery of America. Just think of the fact that 50% of the electorate are cheering for Hillary and Bernie! It seems that the truth are fightin’ words to many voters!
    I have noticed that the 10 year Treasury bond has not indicated that there is a world-wide dumping of our bonds. The 10 year is holding firm at 2.10. This just proves that the Fed has a stealth QE in action. The Fed has to be buying all those bonds. Not only the bond buying, but there is DOW support happening also. We can’t believe ANY of the numbers anymore.
    My big question is how do the self-described Christians justify what they are doing? Bush comes first to mind… in the world can you be a Christian and invade/kill all over the world for political reasons?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Calgirl, concerning your big question, I trust you don’t believe everything you hear.

      Is the fruit good, or corrupt?

  17. Calgirl

    Two possible outcomes IMO:

    1. A Nuremberg type Financial Trial (where do we get trustworthy jurors?)
    2. World War

    If Nuremberg, we need to start with the Exchange Stabilization Fund portion of the Treasury and whomever in hell is directing them. …maybe the BIS (Bank for International Settlements)
    Maybe the BIS is the control center for the super global elite who desire to control all.

    If WW III…..none of this matters.
    I think the Fed takes orders from the ESF. The “worker bees” for the ESF are the big banks.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I agree with you on the ESF. I think that whomever directs the ESF also directs the BIS.

      Here’s a little “food for thought” that some folks may not be aware of. Each of the following are members of the Board of Directors of the BIS (this list is not exhaustive):
      Janet Yellen
      Mario Draghi (ECB)
      Jens Weidmann (Bundesbank)
      Zhou Xiaochuan (People’s Bank of China)
      Raghuram G. Rajan (Reserve Bank of India)
      Alexandre Antonio Tombini (Banco Central do Brasil)

      • Calgirl

        Re: your BIS Directors list:
        Someone threw some chum into the stagnant water and look what came to the table!
        Dhragi: He, and Morgan Stanley, were the orchestrators of the fraudulent bookkeeping which allowed Greece to enter the EU. Now the BIS picks all the meat off the Grecian bones to the point that Greece is no longer a sovereign nation within the EU. This should be a warning to Portugal, Italy, France, etc., etc. The EU bloc, North & South America and Canada bloc, all steps toward the NWO.
        If just one member country would leave the EU, it would be the death knell for the EU and the NWO. As you know, England which is thinking of leaving the EU is not a full member and does not participate in the EU currency. Therefore their possible exit would not have the same effect IMO.
        I hope Russia/China do not become too entangled in the EU

  18. Jeff Warren

    Hello Mr. Hunter,
    We all know that a major correction is not only emanate but needed. My self and a few people that I know feel like we are the minority in today’s social and economic changes. Even though we are preparing the best that we know how, everyone else crosses their eyes at us and laugh including family, friends and co-workers. When the time comes we will not be able to help all those who have laughed at us, and who are not prepared (including some family members). I feel sometimes that even though I will be more secluded, I will be more in danger because of my supplies. I am a former Marine but I still feel the fear of what I have to do, and devastation that is coming to our country which makes me feel vulnerable and helpless.
    I know that you do not have all of the answers and doing the very best that you can to give us updates and warnings, but is there any contacts or support groups that will also be in our shoes when the time comes that I can go to for more knowledge on surviving all of this?
    In conclusion, I am not worried about my life but the future of my kids and grandchildren. If it comes down to it we all have to fight like 1776 all over again, to not only keep what we have worked for but make the hard changes needed to protect us in the future.
    Thank you & God Bless,
    Former Marine and Patriot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeff. I appreciate you comment and service to the country.

    • Calgirl

      Hey Jeff,
      Do a Google search for your city, county, or state for “Prepper Groups”. There you will find like-minded friends and a bunch of information.

  19. Jerry

    This is a “Red Alert” for my friends on USA Watchdog. The Chinese have officially launched their CIPS system.

    What this essentially means is, this is the beginning phase of the death spiral of the dollar. Timing is hard to predict, but I can’t imagine that the Fed will be able to hold its finger in the financial dike much longer. Massive amounts of dollars will be flooding back into the market as the world embraces the Yuan for trade.

    Anyone who disagrees with this, is blinded by American hubris and doesn’t understand how much the emerging countries of the world want a new system free from American banking corruption and influence.

    At this point all I can say is make final preparations now! I have no idea how this is going to play out. It all depends on how fast the rest of the markets react. But given the fragile nature that their in, it could happen at any time. God bless, and as Greg says fear not.

    • Jerry

      The IMF spills the beans on what’s about to happen. Here’s their CYA moment.

      I personally see them setting the stage for a Reserve Yuan, now that the CIPS system has launched. I mean what else can they do? They can’t let the rest of the world sink holding our debt. You don’t have to write a book to see this. Just open your eyes.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for adding this content!!

        • Jerry

          Thank you Greg.
          I think before anyone can really get a handle on what’s about to happen, they need to understand who really runs the financial affairs of the world.

          Once you understand the dynamics of the BIS, the IMF and the G20 who runs both organizations, its not hard to understand that we are in the midst of a planned global transformation. Our fate was really sealed after WWII with the creation of the U.N.

      • paul

        Jerry … CIPS will give some competition to the dollar, euro, yen … but without announcing the critical element (“gold backing” for the yuan) … it is still “just paper” like all the rest of the fiat out there!

    • Silence is Golden

      I understand the CIPS is an important milestone…but I liken it to having a Re-Charge Station for Electric Cars on every corner of US Cities. Useful for the 2 cars (out of 100)that are powered by Electricity…. with 98 still using gas.
      Still a while to go yet before we have the required saturation point (international trade in RMB) . That wont be achieved by failure either….its a transition…and they take time.

      • Jerry

        One might think that, but you have to understand how toxic the dollar has become to the rest of the world. The BRIC nations are actually composed of over 120 countries who comprise 30% of the worlds economic trade. Imagine what happens to the dollar index when that 30% starts dropping dollars for trade? Its like a snowball going downhill. Right now time is all we have left. And we don’t have much of it according to HSBC, CITI Bank, and a number of other major banks who have set up trade platforms with China.

    • Jerry

      If you need more information about the impact of CIPS, here it is.

    • Red Flag

      Good info, Jerry. This is what shows that China is not NWO. The elites are trying to keep the US system afloat long enough to solve their own power problems. But, Putin changed the game in Syria. That was not according to the plan. The TPP is a desperate attempt to hang on by the elites.

      • Silence is Golden

        You are looking at the wrong side of the coin.
        Flip it over and you may have a different view on whether Putin’s involvement was planned.

    • Calgirl

      Thanks for the heads-up….we sure aren’t seeing this big news in the MSM!
      SWIFT has disgracefully been used by the US to force nations to conform to Washington’s wishes. Shutting a country out of the SWIFT system has been Washington’s strong arm tactic. The Chinese CIPS system will be very welcome by many, many nations to get out from under Washington. As you said, the collapse of the dollar is near, as is the inflation we will endure when all those dollars which are held in reserve by countries all over the world come flooding back. The Renmimbe (Yuan) will become the currency held instead of the dollar, or at least far fewer dollars will need to be held in reserve.
      We watch as the US loses influence all over the world.

  20. Angelo


    You don’t really believe that Clinton and Obama really hate each other do you?

    • art barnes

      Hillary resents the Presidency taken from her in 2008 from Obama, she has always had entitlement issues, the Clinton’s never forgive or forget they just use. Obama won so she used the opportunity to make him appoint her to Sec. of State for her future move for the top spot in 2016. The Clinton’s are above the law, always were, always will be, “the untouchables” come to mine. In answer to your question, yes, there is bad blood between them, that is why Obama will not take sides in the Iowa & New Hampshire primaries even if Biden get in, Obama is afraid of her!

      • Calgirl

        art barnes,
        Your comment: “Obama is afraid of her!”
        My comment: Remembering Vince Foster!!

  21. paul

    As Greg says about the economy: “There is no amount of lipstick that can make this pig look good” … the Fed obviously has QE4 in it’s toolkit to use … but just look  at Japan and the failure of doing massive QE by other global governments to generate sustainable global growth (and inflation) … we need to “find a better way” to get money velocity moving up rather than down … but it requires a major paradigm shift in thinking … instead of governments using QE to come up with the money they need to service their debt and prime the economy … they must abandon “their communistic and socialist mindset” and revert back to capitalism … we all know QE does not create wealth (it destroys it) … the way governments currently generate money for themselves is by “taxation” … but taxation “steals wealth from the very people you want to go out and spend money” … so more taxation is not going to be a very good idea (if you are looking for a way to increase money velocity) … a better solution (and this may shock some people as it requires a radical change in mindset from socialism to
    capitalism) would be for the government to actually go into business for itself “to make a profit” (not illegal businesses like drug trafficking or prostitution ) … but actually building factories and manufacturing products “here in the US” (that will not only put people back to work earning a decent wage but make it possible for people to begin spending again) which will push up money velocity.

    The question is: Does government have “the courage” to move away from socialism and revert back to capitalism? … government should not be simply signing contracts with “private industry” (to get the economy moving) as this has been shown to be an ineffective working model (because US private industry has clearly reneged on it’s obligation to US workers by moving their factories “offshore”) … “private” industry has taken away the very jobs Americans need to put cash in their pockets (to spend and make the economy grow) … if the US Congress really had an interest in keeping the US economy strong (and wanted to provide Americans with jobs and cash) they could simply refuse the bribes offered by “private” industry and stipulate that any contracts the government signs “requires that the products being ordered by the government must be produced in America by American workers” … lacking this ability … the President should act and begin to build “government owned factories” in America … start creating manufactured goods that will “compete” directly with “private” industry … this is what capitalism is all about (competition) … and as a government run factory won’t have any taxes to pay on the profits it makes … they can be “very competitive” with “private” industry “that currently offshore’s their manufacturing” to countries with cheap labor.

    So what is the point I’m trying to make? … What I want is for the US government to “earn money” not print it”!!! … think about it … by government setting up its own manufacturing industries in America … and earning a “profit” … they can pay the interest on the $18.3 trillion dollar debt we have without resorting to printing the money out of thin air! … and all they need is a profit of $183 billion for every 1% rise in interest rates … assuming interest rates eventually rise to 5 or 6 percent … it means the US government will need to build enough factories to earn $900 billion to $1 trillion in profits every year to pay the interest on our debt … if the government “earns money” it won’t need to tax people or tell the Fed print up additional paper money out of thin air (which will only lead to hyperinflation) … someone in Washington has to begin to think a little … and the solution to our debt problems becomes clearly obvious … the
    government must begin to “make a profit” … and it’s about time our government reverts to “capitalism” and gives  the “unpatriotic corporations” who deserted America and outsourced our jobs some real competition!

    The problem with government is that the “jobs” they do create … are “service jobs” that don’t generate a “profit” … those millions of civil service workers, in unemployment offices, social security offices, education, etc., etc. have jobs that the government has to pay for with “tax dollars or printed paper out of thin air” … you know … for a nation that has always expounded “the capitalistic virtues of business for profit” … what they do in fact “is the exact opposite” … they have fostered a “welfare state without a profit motive” … and have thus gotten us into very serious debt with only higher taxes or hyperinflation as the way to bail us out!

    Come on America … think a little … begin to live up to the principles you once had in the past … stop being socialistic … and revert back to capitalism!!

    • paul

      Now what is the probability that America will turn away from Communistic/Socialist economic policies and return to Capitalism? … ZIMO (zero in my opinion) … and that’s why we need to own precious metals … ZIRP and Hyperinflation are what the banking Commies want … earning a “profit” is a ludicrous thought to bankers minds … they can’t imagine that “actually earning a profit” could solve all our debt problems … it’s blowing bubbles, robbing, stealing, manipulating, etc., etc. that is “normal” to them … Capitalism? … earning a profit to pay off debts? … hog wash say they … so that’s why we need insurance against these loony tunes!

      • Calgirl

        The US already owns GM, and look how great that is! Not to mention Solyndra and that 535 million $$ we, the taxpayer, ate! Look how well they run Washington! Everything they touch dies, taking our money with it!!
        I want our government to exist in three two story buildings: Administrative, Judicial, Congressional…..period.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      A good many of the profitable enterprises in China are state-owned. Is this, in fact, the model you are proposing for the USA? Isn’t this the fascism we should hope to avoid?

      • paul

        Occasnltrlvr … The fascism “we currently have” where government supports industry and industry gets all the profits … will be replace by a fascism where the government (the people) now get some of the profits … so yes … what I’m suggesting is “a better form of fascism” then the fascism we currently have! … a fascism that will allow us to pay our bills without further taxation and money printing! … as you say China (an upcoming economic powerhouse) is doing it … probably for the same reasons … to limit tax increases that stifle economic growth and limit money printing that would devalue their currency.

  22. Chip

    Great WNW Greg! We are so very like minded it’s not even funny. My brother from a different mother. Have a great weekend… Chip

  23. Joe Citizen

    Greg…The National Inquirer gives Hillary only six months to live!! Front Page News!! Check it out!! If it is in print, it has got to be true!!

  24. Cindy Stonum

    Great job Greg. You tell us the real news and I’m grateful someone is telling us the truth.

    • Calgirl

      Wow! I just found this site:

      I’m sure we have to sort thru this broadcast looking for management of perspective, but I’m surprised at the news we are not getting here in the US that I find on this site.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is put out by the Russians and it too can be propaganda Russian style. That said, there is some useful perspectives here. By the way, they will never criticize Russia on this site.

      • paul

        Caught Amina Mohammad “on the air” … one very smart Nigerian lady … she looks beyond just “criticizing government” and works toward finding “solutions” that don’t compromise peace and human rights … the military should be working toward developing drones and “smart bombs” that don’t kill and remove these type of women and their children from planet Earth!

  25. Spanky

    I’ve long maintained that economics is a pseudo science and not worthy of a Nobel Prize. The notion that a handful of economists at the Federal Reserve can determine what the return on risk should be is absurd. The return on risk should be determined, not by a group of academics sitting in some ivory covered tower, but via price discovery in a free (not managed or manipulated) market.

    At best, I consider the economists at the Federal Reserve to be a group of egotistical fools who are completely unaware that their support for (and defense of) a failed economic paradigm (Keynesianism) is ruining the lives of millions of hardworking Americans. If this is true, their hubris blinds them of their misguided deeds.

    On the other hand, I also believe that it is possible (but less probable) that the upper strata of the Federal Reserve is working hand in hand with other influential individuals to intentionally impose serfdom (by whatever means possible) on everyday citizens of the United States. If this is the case, then those involved are committing treason, which, if I’m correct, is punishable by death and is not subject to the statue of limitations.

    My one great wish is for the American people to wake up and demand from their Senators and Representatives corrective action before it is too late to recover from the damage that has been and is currently being done.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      There is no political solution to a spiritual problem.

      A majority of legislators are already controlled. Control at both the personal, and national, level comes through corruption, and there is only one effective defense against corruption.

    • art barnes

      Hey Spanky, hate to burst your bubble but its already too late! America is lost to the bankers, have been for quite sometime, the parties in Washington are just their little peons with $1,000 suits on, which by the way, were paid for by the bankers.

      • Calgirl

        Yeah Art,
        and the bankers stole their money from us!

  26. andyb

    Greg: regarding the economy and future prospects: you or your guests have said very little about the global corporate takeover through the new treaties that have been “fast tracked”. From what I can glean from alternative media, the TPP and TTIP would be NAFTA on steroids in further dismantling US manufacturing and exports and destroying the economic viability of the US. Cut and dried treason by the bought-and-paid-for.

    Even though those of us who can connect the dots are better informed about what is happening and can discern and filter the propaganda and numerous false flags (thanks in large part to sites like yours Greg), what good does it do? Thankfully, I am in the twilight of my life and will probably not experience the final totalitarian enslavement and planned genocide although any one of the presidential candidates, whether R, D, or IND could easily accelerate the process under the control of the puppet masters who control them all.

    • Milton

      Post of reason.

    • paul

      This needs repeating … “further dismantling US manufacturing and exports and destroying the economic viability of the US (is) cut and dried treason by the bought-and-paid-for”!

  27. Allen Ols

    greg; 2 things;

    ~ A Vision of George Washington ~

    “The Birth, the progress and the destiny of the United States”

    The father of our country, George Washington, was a man of prayer. Many of us have read of how he went to the thicket many times to pray during the winter his army was at Valley Forge. However, little publicity has been give to the vision and prophecy he received at that time.

    The account of this vision was given in 1859 by an old soldier. He gave it to a writer, Wesley Bradshaw, who published it. In the vision God revealed to George Washington that three great perils would come upon the republic. He was given to know that America was going through the first peril at that time. The old soldier who told the story of the vision said the nation would soon see the account verified by the second peril descending upon the land.

    We give the account here as printed in the U.S. war veterans paper The National Tribune, in December 1880. The National Tribune became, “The Stars and Stripes”, and this article was later reprinted in that publication.

    I do not know whether it is owing to the anxiety of my mind, or what, but this afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaging in preparing a dispatch, something in the apartment seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite to me a singularly beautiful being. So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of the visit. A second, a third, and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of the eyes.

    By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I tried once more to speak, but my tongue became useless, as if paralyzed. A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took possession of me. All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor.

    Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed to fill with sensations, and grew luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarefy, the mysterious visitor also becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations I sometimes imagine accompanying death. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move. All were alike impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly on my companion.

    Presently I heard a voice say,

    “Son of the Republic, look and learn,”

    while at the same time my visitor extended an arm eastward. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon the strange scene. Before me lay, out in one vast plain all the countries of the world — Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America lay billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific.

    “Son of the Republic”, said the same mysterious voice as before,

    “Look and learn.”

    At that moment I beheld a dark shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air, between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, he sprinkled some upon America with his right hand, while with his left he cast some over Europe. Immediately a cloud arose from these countries and joined in mid-ocean. For awhile it remained stationary, and then it moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky folds. Sharp flashed of lightning gleamed through at intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American People.

    A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it out as before. The dark cloud drew back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sank from view.

    A third time I heard the mysterious voice saying,

    “Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

    I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and town and cities spring up one right after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them. Again, I heard the mysterious voice say,

    “Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh, look and learn.”

    And this time a dark shadowy angel turned his face southward. From Africa I saw an ill omened spectra approach our land. It flitted slowly and heavily over every town and city of the latter. The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other. As I continued look I saw a bright angel on whose brow was traced the word ‘Union.’ He was bearing the American flag. He placed the flag between the divided nation and said,

    “Remember, ye are brethren. ”

    Instantly the inhabitants, casting down their weapons became friends once more, and united around the National Standard.

    Again I heard a mysterious voice saying,

    “Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

    At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia, and Africa.

    Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene. From each of these continents arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men. These men, moving with the cloud marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of the cloud. And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities, which I had seen spring up.

    As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I again heard the mysterious voice saying,

    “Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

    When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast. Instantly a light, as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments of the dark cloud, which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shown the word ‘Union,’ and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well-nigh over come, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks, and renewed battle.

    Again amid the fearful voice of the conflict I heard the mysterious voice say,

    “Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

    As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped the water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark clouds rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.

    Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seem them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard cried with a loud voice:

    “While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.”

    And taking from his brow the crown, which blazoned the word ‘Union,’ he placed it down upon the standard while the people, kneeling down said, ‘Amen.’

    The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor, I at first beheld. This also disappeared, and I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor who, in the same voice I heard before said,

    “Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful for her is the third. But the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and Union.”

    With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been showed me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.”

    George Washington’s Prayer Journal

    • Allen Ols

      Ex-CIA Analyst: Attack on US Could Kill 9 Out of 10 Americans…grid…U…/644144/
      Newsmax Media
      May 12, 2015 – A former top CIA analyst says the United States is a sitting duck for a terror attack that could wipe out the nation’s power grid and kill as many as nine out of 10 Americans. … Ex-CIA Analyst: Attack on US Could Kill 9 Out of 10 Americans … And as ex-director of the EMP Task Force, Pry believes the possibility …
      EMP Attack On US Power Grid Could Kill 9-In-10 Americans ……/emp-attack-on-us-power-grid-coul…
      EMP Attack On US Power Grid Could Kill 9-In-10 Americans … Commission and executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. … that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event could wipe out 90% of America’s population. … As we reported early last year, Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst, …

      • Allen Ols

        Napolitano Warns Downed Power Grid Is Inevitable Due To ……/napolitano-warns-downed-power-grid-i...
        Janet Napolitano described her time heading the Department of Homeland Security as … is also ill-prepared for a direct hit by a solar flare (CME) or an EMP attack. … follow a downed power grid, regardless of the cause for the massive outage.
        Napolitano Warns of ‘Serious’ Cyber Attack, Natural Disaster › Politics
        Aug 27, 2013 – Outgoing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Warns of ‘Serious’ Cyber … she announced in July that she would be stepping down from her post to …
        Big Sis Says Cyber Attack WILL Bring Down Power Grid …
        Video for janet napolitano emp attack grid down▶ 5:07
        Aug 29, 2013 – Uploaded by TRUTHstreammedia
        Big Sis Says Cyber Attack WILL Bring Down Power Grid: ‘When not If’ … Former Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has warned that a … EMP Attack How It would Affect Us. What The Government Is Not Telling You!

      • Red Flag

        Ha, ha…..false flag fear porn. Our own government is our worst enemy. Look at how people are treated in this country. Stockton’s mayor had his phone & computer accessed. Like Pogo said: We met the enemy and it it us.

    • GA

      Washington was a Mason. The Masons and Christianity do not mix.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think you are remotely correct. Look at his speeches.

        • Faizie

          GA / Greg,
          Even if Washington was a Mason it doesn’t mean that God would not reveal the future through a vision or dream to him for the benefit of those who will experience a future event.
          Check it out in Genesis 41. A pagan Egyptian Pharaoh had a dream that Joseph was called in to interpret. There was 7 years of famine that would come on the land but preparations could be made in prior years to survive the famine.
          I have no doubt that Washington was given that dream for our benefit so that we too may prepare.

      • Kerry

        Washington and his family had a pew in Christ Church in Philadelphia, where they attended services. You can still see the pew today. If he was a Mason, he must have been one that attended church. He was raised Anglican (relative was an Anglican priest) and was a church warden for Pohick Church in Virginia. I lived in Virginia for 4 years and no one I talked to ever thought Washington was anything other than a Christian.

    • Red Flag

      Thank you very much for sharing this.
      It’s important to remember that the original intent of the USA was individual freedom.
      I am very grateful to you for posting this and have saved it.
      The best to us all in this struggle to defend what the founders set up for us. We are also a model for the world. When people bash the American Dream, they overlook the fact that it was based on personal freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It wasn’t about Walmart, or having an i phone. The rest of the world loved that. Our leadership hijacked the legacy, but they can only take it if we let them.
      Thanks, Greg, for this site!

  28. Ted

    Greg, the best yet, keep it up!!! But remember, don’t ever believe your own press. Angela Merkel is fast losing, Margaret Thatcher had Ronald Reagen for her counsel and guide. God created women to support and help men. Michelle Bachmann is a wonderful powerful lady, but would have been destroyed as president. Carly may be great support in an administration, but never president.

    • Greg Hunter

      You just destroyed your own point with Merkel. She has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. I think she made it whether you like her politics or not. She did make a huge mistake with the refugees.

      • Silence is Golden

        Greg, SHE didnt make a mistake. The decision was not hers.

        • Greg Hunter

          With no inside information even I can she she is toast. I mean, I think it looks to me like she is going to be charged, and at the very least Bill’s credibility and likability is going to be crushed.

          • Silence is Golden

            I am not sure everyone has a clear understanding of what is exactly happening in Europe. We have and continue to see an “Islamisation” of Europe.
            Open border policies (in Germany) satiated the passive tolerance and is now dividing the country socially and politically, perhaps forever. Germany is not isolated as France, UK & Netherlands are all showing signs of dissension and political unrest.
            This should not be seen as a refugee crisis…it is more correct to call it a migration crisis. Associated with that is the differences in religion (Muslim) who have a redically different culture.
            One must be also capable of seeing that Europe is on the threshold of losing its identity one that has its roots in Christianity.
            The Pope’s visit to the US was symbolic of a wider deterioration in christian faith and belief. The message was subtle but indicative of a wider theme already set in motion in Europe.
            We will now see a broader argument surrounding the “Multiculturalism” vs “Nativism” themes. This will instigate more social upheaval followed by political upheaval.This is all but guaranteed given there are 20 Million strong, Muslim migrants knocking on Europe’s door (with the EU Commission approval). Integration is key in this agenda (or should I say lack thereof). You can witness transformation occurring on many levels with parallel legal systems (Sharia Law) in full operation combined with increased lawlessness all leading to an unstoppable demographic nightmare.

            • Greg Hunter

              Good point SIG.

            • Red Flag

              The refugees had their passage paid. By who? NGO’s, non-governmental organizations, like Soros’ and crowd. Hegelian Dialetic in action: problem, reaction, solution. NWO is the end game, if they can pull it off. But Putin is the card they didn’t know about.

    • Mary Casey

      Hello Ted,

      Points you might consider pondering:

      That the husband rules over his wife was Eve’s “punishment”; it was not God’s original design for the relationship between man and wife. So, what was the original marital relationship? Some say, “they were equal”, but I wonder.

      At any rate, when the lessons are taught of wifely submission, head of the family, head of the church, remain silent in church, etc., remember it’s a punishment and not God’s original plan. (Although, as God’s punishment (and probably necessary for order after “the fall”), it should be adhered to by the wife in a Godly home.) Genesis 3:16: “Unto the woman he said,………..’and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.’

      And ponder for a minute that a wife’s “desire shall be to thy husband” is a punishment.

      And when it is taught that, “the woman should leave her father and mother and cleave unto her husband”, remember this is a gross misquote. It is, in fact, the man who should leave mommy and daddy and cleave unto his wife. Genesis 2:24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one….” (The tradition of the father “giving away” the daughter relates back to Genesis 3:16. That men “owned” their daughters.)

      As to the issue of a women being the President, the punishment that her husband shall rule over her, as well as, the wifely “support and help” only referred to her “husband”; not women being generally submissive to men. However, if a Christian wife adhered to this; and was elected President, then I suppose it would be her husband who would actually be ruling the country.

      And what exactly was it with which the husband needed the “help and support” of a wife? I don’t think God ever said the wife needed the help and support of her husband.

      And never forget, man was made first and from dirt; woman (wife) was made last as God’s crowning glory…..and she was not made from dirt. 🙂

    • Calgirl

      Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were great friends. I am sure they discussed topics and counseled each other. Reagan was not a misogynist.

      Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), the United Kingdom’s first and thus far only female prime minister, served from 1979 until 1990. During her time in office, she reduced the influence of trade unions, privatized certain industries, scaled back public benefits and changed the terms of political debate, much like her friend and ideological ally, U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Nicknamed the “Iron Lady,”

      They were both excellent leaders in their own right. If we only had them back today.

    • Kerry

      HMMM…how about God created women to CIVILIZE men? Without us, men would hardly be better than beasts. Ever had to take care of a roomful of little boys? I have.

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. I confess to being somewhat conflicted regarding Russia’s out-freaking-standing effort in Syria. Conflicted because while I like Russia’s style and apparent success in dealing with terrorists, I dislike that the U.S. military didn’t do the same before Russia was invited in by Bashar al-Assad, also known as the internationally recognized Syrian gov’t — giving us an hour’s notice to vacate.

    One of the first things I learned at the Pentagon was the concept of cradle-to-grave with regard to program management. War is bigger than a simple program, but the concept still applies. Requirements, funding, yada yada yada, turning off the lights when a program has run its course. You don’t let someone else turn off your lights, that’s called “losing”. We created a mess in the Middle East and now the Russian’s are turning off our lights. The Russian’s are cleaning up a mess we created and there is always a price to pay for not cleaning up your own mess.

    Speaking of which, there is a price to pay for losing in business too. “Bankruptcy is a cornerstone of capitalism” — what a concept. There is a price to pay when a business/bank fails, unless you have friends in high places who take tax payer money and paper-over the failure. Without bankruptcy we don’t have capitalism, we have crony something — fraud and theft masquerading as capitalism. Donald Trump knows all about bankruptcy and he might be just the guy we need to clean up the mess.

    To your last point, I have heard Cathy McMorris Rodgers tossed out there and from what I’ve seen, she’d be a good choice. The ego’s on capitol hill would have a fit, but they’d get over it.

  30. Willard Ferch

    Liberalism is like an onion, just layer upon layer of eye-burning stink, and when the center is revealed, there’s nothing there. It’s a world where people do what’s right in their own eyes, where evil becomes good and good becomes evil. The way we school our kids is “good”, we produce socialists with our colleges, which is “good”, and where we used to kill communists, now they’re “good” and we elect them to high offices. Christianity, once the bedrock of America, has become “evil” and humanism is “good”. Now we wonder where all the rot has come from in our banking system, government, and society in general. People like O and Hillary would be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of the country on a rail (and a lot more folks too!). Is she really done-for? Anyone taking any bets? Fiddlin

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff man. There IS something there in this comment.

  31. Todd

    Thank you Greg for the truth. Mainstream media is so far left that the average person is being blindsided. Only the truth will set us free. Our bonds are starting to be dumped. The fed is stepping in and making everything look fine. It is not fine!!!! Time to get out of Dodge. Time to become self reliant. Time to use common sense. These are critical times. The best and brightest minds are warning us. Please let us be a source of calm in the terrible storm that is coming. Let us be prepared so that good may triumph over evil. Let us live for that eternal reward that God gives to all that serve Him in truth and light. Food storage in critical.God bless you and all those who stand in His light.

  32. paul

    You know … most of the wars we “exceptional” Americans got into over the last 200 years was with these domestic “terrorists” who were fighting to preserve their homes and way of life …

    And the loony birds these domestic terrorists had to deal with not only had “two wings” but “forked tongues”!!

    • paul

      Eventually after many wars the “loony birds” rounded up all the “domestic terrorists” and put them on “Reservations” … today the “loony birds” have similar plans for “us” (domestic terrorists) … but instead of using the Calvary they have “Jade Helm” … and instead of calling their detention centers Reservations … they call them “FEMA camps”!

      • paul

        So just as in the past … the US Army is being given the job to keep domestic peace (by war) on domestic terrorists like gun owners, Constitutionalists, Christians, etc., etc. …

  33. William Carson

    Greg I think Syria is being brought under control rather than spinning out of control and it’s being done by the Russians. If the U.S. stays out of the way ISIS will be defeated.

    • Greg Hunter

      William Carson,
      Might I remind you Russia is doing this with the help of Iran and Hezbollah. Then what? I think they will then attack Israel and that is when all hell breaks lose.

      • WD

        Why would Russia attack Israel? I fail to see the logic in a Russian attack of Israel?

        What would be gained?

        • Greg Hunter

          It would be Iran and Hezbollah that would attack and that could draw in Russia. Hope I am wrong.

          • WD


            Thanks for the response….I appreciate your time and dedication.

            It just seems that Russia is really batting a thousand percent and is showing how a country leads from the front.

            I have been more impressed with Putin than anyone else on the world stage

        • Mary Casey

          Hello WD,
          Here’s one reason that Russia may attack Israel….it hit the headlines yesterday: “Discovery of oil in ISRAEL means the Jewish state could soon produce ‘significant quantities’ of ‘black gold’… and potentially change the face of the Middle East”
          Ezekiel 38:4 I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen, all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords.
          Russia may get pulled into the war to retaliate for an Israeli offense against one of their allies (Iran).

      • Spanky

        I’m not saying you’re wrong, Greg. I just hope you are.
        I can’t believe Putin (Russia) is stupid enough to allow its proxies to threaten Israel’s right to exist as a nation. Putin has to know that, if events are dire enough, Israel will defend itself with the use of nuclear weapons. If Israel did pull the nuclear trigger in such a conflict, Russia could no longer allow itself to sit on the sidelines (I’m presuming that is where Russia would be when the hostilities began). Russia would almost certainly respond with a barrage of tactical nuclear weapons. At that point, even though there is increasing animosity against Israel in this country, I don’t see the US abandoning one of its strongest and most faithful allies in the Middle East. In which case, I think all out nuclear war between the US and Russia (and possibly China) is unavoidable.
        The question comes down to this: Is Putin willing to risk a nuclear exchange with the United States? Unless Russia has some secret weapon in its arsenal that will drastically increase its chances of winning the exchange, I don’t think so. I don’t think Putin is that careless.
        Obviously, my assessment of Putin could be very wrong. After all, a lot of people in the late 1930’s were fooled by Hitler.

        • Greg Hunter

          I really hope I am wrong too but Putin is in bed with his own terrorists.

        • Red Flag

          US first used nuclear weapons. Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and don’t forget the nuclear bombs tested in CA, NV, NM , UT and other places. These The US already showed itself a first striker. They have already caused cancer in millions of Americans.

          The US is covered in the blood of other countries.

          • Greg Hunter

            Do you really think that WWII japan or Germany would not have struck first if they had the bomb. Other countries are also covered in blood.

            • Kerry

              Don’t forget, some of the leading scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project were German; Teller, Frisch, Bloch, Oppenheimer.

      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t know that Russia will attack Israel but I have to believe with Syria as an FOB and Lebanon pacified, Israel had better have it’s nukes ready to go

      • Calgirl

        I praying that after ISIL, Russia will “impose” a new live and let live order in the ME. I hope that I am not wrong, but I think that Putin may be a great leader. The polar opposite of our leader. I think we (US) are finding out that we are no longer “exceptional”.

        • WD

          CALGIRL ,

          You just read my mind…my thoughts exactly!

          • Calgirl

            The most horrific terrorist nation is the US. We are all over the world invading countries, killing innocents, installing military law, arming terrorists. If we packed up and became a Christian nation again, it would take decades to recover. The world views us negatively and Russia positively. Russia has invaded no country and has only worked to stabilize other countries such as the DEMOCRATICALLY elected leaders of Ukraine and Syria. The US has destabilized the entire ME. No wonder they chant “Death to America”. Decades may not be enough time to abrogate the misery we have caused with our war and false accusations. I wonder the difference in the German people under Hitler and the American people under Obama, Bush (es), Johnson. Just how do we stop them?

            • Occasnltrlvr

              Calgirl, I agree with this assessment 100%.

              Kind regards to Mr. Hunter, whose site many of us use to exchange ideas, but, I think this very important point was one that he was overlooking in his last interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts, wherein he repeatedly (and in my opinion, wrongly) referred to Iran as the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

              • Greg Hunter

                I said, Iran was listed as the number #1 state sponsor of terror on the U.S. State Department list (of state sponsors of terror). That is a fact, not my opinion. The U.S. capitulated (it really was not deal) to Iran. There are no words for a “deal” this stupid from a U.S. perspective. (I do a site called I also said in that same interview, this sham of a “deal” would lead to a wider war at an increased pace in the Middle East (ME). Ms. Fitts said it would be a peace deal. How peaceful is the ME now?

                • Occasnltrlvr

                  Of course, Mr. Hunter, you stated that Iran is listed as the number #1 state sponsor of terror on the U.S. State Department list, and I trust that that is absolutely true.

                  However, I would not for a moment agree that the list is correct, as the U.S. Dept. of State excuses the very United States.

                  I don’t see the ME as being any more or less violent now, as a result of the “deal.”

      • Doug Krause

        Hello Greg
        Russia and China will join forces with Iran and attack Israel to fulfil bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39 but will be protected by the hand of God.
        Bible scholars pretty much agree on this prophecy.
        The scholars really have to stretch prophecy to find the west or the U.S in any prophecy,never mind agree on it.
        My thoughts that the west will have it hands full trying calm the unrest declaring martial law and using its military on their own. So sad.
        Cheers Doug

    • Occasnltrlvr

      What does Russia have to gain by militarily controlling one of their allies?

  34. Linda louin

    You’re right. Unless the criminals that created this fiscal disaster are held accountable and thrown into jail, any kind of system that we have presently or in the future will fail. This entire situation looks so bleak. I have done all that I can to prepare myself and family, so my focus right now is to keep as informed as possible because I don’t do well with surprises. And most importantly, I’m taking special interest in my family/loved ones, enjoying the time that I have with them now.
    Thank you for all your information and your efforts in sharing the truth.

  35. Doug Krause

    Hello Greg
    Good wrap, but no mention of the Oregon shooting another dreadful headline. A lunatic with some guns targeting Christians, what a sad sad story in so many ways. These victims ultimately won in the end walking on some gold asphalt with the Lord.
    This tragedy could of been avoided with some radical Christianity but western church’s preach a watered down gospel that put the flock to sleep or have us thinking about the ball game though the sermon or teaching. If a pastor preacher ever give us sermon with a little meat most of the flock get offended and go looking for another church,which leaves the pastor just tickling the ears of his flock to keep his numbers up…so sad.
    I believe we are the generation living in the end times and we need to be prepared to meet the fire storm on the horizon.
    The bible says we are supposed to be victorious in our walk with Jesus. Jesus gave us His blood ,His name,His Word , Holy Spirit. If we choose to use these weapons along with the amour of God Paul tells us in Ephesians 6, along with prayer, ministering spirits sent forth to minister (Angels) Hebrews 1, mixed with the power of our spoken words Mark 11 , radical islam or radical nut job with a gun doesn’t have a chance.
    Greg it’s sad to see Christians tear up other Christians over doctrine and interpretations while the enemy and his band of cohorts have their way here on earth, it’s makes the church look weak. The Christians need to rise up and use their power and authority to take back this world till His return, we just seem to fall in to a stupor while we watch football and sip beer.
    Thanks for blowing the trumpet on all the other news Greg it gives a start on where we need to direct our Christian war fare.
    I don’t think Jesus will rebuke a Christian for believing to much or reading to much in to scripture but will marvel like He did with the centurion in Mathew 8.
    Cheers Doug

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug for adding your perspective on this story.

    • JMiller

      Biblical truth (doctrine) is very important and worth defending. Nothing sad about that. What is sad is when Christians set aside Biblical doctrine just to get along with each other in compromising ministries and seeing so many churches teaching false doctrines and leading many astray.

  36. VShook

    While some tend to believe the global economy is bad, I pause in that line of thinking to remember back into the 1970’s for comparison’s sake. Then I was young (20 some). We had gas lines. Similarly to today, things were said to be grim. Except they weren’t. Difficult for a few, yes. But not unmanageable or grim. Recession? Who noticed? In fact, I hardly noticed, as everyone and everything continued to function pretty much as normal — and everyone was still making money. Businesses, including mine, were starting up and expanding everywhere. Today I, like you, look at national and global economic stats and can honestly say there are problems – big ones. However, I also look at every place I visit on business and they are not only just busy, they are very busy. The young people working for me are making more money than I ever dreamed of making. They think nothing of paying $15 for a large mug of “craft” beer or $150 for a pair of sneakers. My friends, if confidence in, or ignorance/knowledge of, our economic state of affairs is key to its direction, there will be no collapse and there will be no resets, etc. Will there be future stock market declines, banking problems and national recessions? Yes — just like always. But I would not let the prospect of those things keep you from investing in, building or expanding a business or your life. Others are cautiously doing so and making money and good relationships — building a better future for their families, their workers and the country come what may. Our republic will continue to function. It may be messy, but I would not spend too much of your life or assets planning for, or reading about, collapse. Remember, with what is at stake for our central banker’s cartel, they will do absolutely anything to maintain confidence (false or otherwise) in our western financial/economic system. In reality, that most probably means a long and incremental change in the state of things. They will remain monetarily manipulative far longer than we can afford to stay defensively solvent (= staying out of the stock market, stacking precious metals, accumulating firearms/food, etc.).

    • Galaxy 500

      Reagan saved us from Carter . We were a manufacturing economy that created wealth. We are not that any more. We have not had a labor participation rate like this since the Great Depression.
      I find it astounding you think it is the same. I remember waiting in line to fill up my parents cars with gas with a note that their jobs exempted them from gas rationing.
      What age were you? Did you have a family or were you a dependent like me that was working and going to school. I don’t remember it being fun but I had a blast under Reagan

      • WD

        G 5o0,

        This was my youth too…I was too young to drive but my mom would drag me to these long gas line waits.

        Today we are worse off, we are on a tremendous downward trajectory.
        We have to crash before we can bring it back this time….

        I dont see any other way…

    • Mary Casey

      Hello VShook…

      You were fortunate to have positive memories of the 70’s recession. So “who noticed” the recession?

      For me, in the 1970’s, I worked for a state government entity……Employment Security Commission….(unemployment office). I worked in the department that collected unemployment contributions (taxes) from employers which, in turn, funded the unemployment benefits of the unemployed.

      Unemployment was so high and the state trust fund fell so low, we had to enact numerous “surtaxes”……a tax on a tax…. just to retain a solvent trust fund so we could continue to pay unemployment benefits. (As if the employers were not in enough crisis.)

      For many employers, it was a scary time. Two separate employers actually broke down and cried because they could not make payroll and pay their tax. I wonder if their employees knew how close they came to being laid off. (Thankfully, while they can’t avoid the tax, to assist an employer, there are provisions to waive interest/penalty; suppress the bombardment of tax statements and collection letters; and negotiate the filing of a tax lien (which will only further burden the employer, as his credit rating plummets and he loses his lenders and vendors; his assets are encumbered hindering his negotiation position; and the tax lien shows up in the local paper which embarrasses him and affects his local business reputation). Nevertheless, there were many employers who went under during this time. It was the mid 80’s before things began to regain a solid footing. Even worse, because employer had laid off employees, they continued to be burdened with an increased tax rate for the next 3 years.

      (In our state, in our Agency, we do value our employers and try to work with them; 64% are “small employers” who employed 10 or less employees. These employers are the backbone of our state’s economy.)

      As for me, I used to tease that when everyone else was out of work, I would be overworked and secure. Not true. In the late 70’s, government budgets were hit hard by the recession and our agency had a series of layoffs based on seniority, and with each layoff they got closer and closer to me. I came within two months of getting a “pink slip” before it stopped.

      I think the 70’s early 80’s recession will be a bright, sunny day compared to what is coming. Just because we didn’t experience the depression of the 30’s doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating and couldn’t happen again…and worse. (And remember, food stamps are the modern soup line… there are 52 million people standing in that bread line and receiving what we used to call “welfare”. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (food stamps); Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); and General Assistance (GA) Medicaid.) That’s over 20% of the U.S. population…..and I bet some of them are buying those $150 sneakers you referenced….but that’s another story for another time.

      However, I do believe there is some merit in your analysis that, “they will remain monetarily manipulative far longer than we can afford to stay defensively solvent.” Because that’s part of their plan, too. I heard one commenter refer to it as “death by a thousand cuts”. But death, nevertheless.

      And remember, regardless of what occurs in the world around us, “our world” could come to an end at any time, so as Greg reminds us, “prepare ourselves spiritually and fear not”.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Mr. (or Ms.) VShook,
      I agree with your advice: “I would not let the prospect of those things keep you from investing in, building or expanding a business or your life.”

      And, I think you express astute wisdom: “They will remain monetarily manipulative far longer than we can afford to stay defensively solvent.”

      However, something you cite as confidence, I take as warning: “They think nothing of paying $15 for a large mug of “craft” beer or $150 for a pair of sneakers.”

      One must never forget that failure of the existing monetary paradigm is an absolute arithmetic certainty. Continuously-expanding debt is a necessity, and there will come a point when net productivity cannot service the debt. Had it been forestalled to that point in time, then, at that point, it shall be forestalled no longer, and then will begin deflationary collapse.

      When? Well, isn’t THAT just the $64,000 question! Hence, my agreement with your advice.

    • Jerry

      120 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities ./. 2.5 trillion in tax revenue = default.
      Thanks for the memories.

  37. Lilia

    I’m another woman who is aghast at your thought that any party should throw a woman at a position, just because she’s a woman. Wow. What happened to “best person for the job”? I would be willing to bet that most women vote for the most qualified (in their opinion), not according to gender.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Republicans have plenty of women who would do a very good job at Speaker. All things being equal, why not a qualified woman? That’s all I am saying. It would thart the phony “war on women” argument.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Lilia, I think that you and I know different women.

  38. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg, I must disagree with you about the Hilary email scandal, no agency will pursue investigation, and she will continue in whatever illegal activities that her and her masters want, ask Trey Goudy. But don’t worry she will not be president as Obama will not leave office, in my best guess. I’m sure Obama will bomb something big so as to disrupt the next election, and thus he will remain in power.

  39. Linda louin

    I forgot to mention that your suggestion for a female SPEAKER is brilliant, but I don’t know if the House Republicans are smart enough to understand why it would be advantageous to have a savvy female speaker at this date in time, nor would they be smart enough, in a united manner, to utilize this post to their advantage in order to get anything done (they all remind me of a pack of rats running wild in a maze…nothing getting done now that benefits/will save America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda.

    • Kerry

      Or how about a pack of wild little boys running all over the place, who need a strong WOMAN to make them behave?

  40. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    The only thing that will save our nation is to make war against the radical muslims that hate our freedoms. We have allowed the Russians to get ahead of us. We must take our leading position back. We are the new Rome and we must conquer the world. That means we must bring death and destruction to our enemies. Its the only way our democracy will survive and flourish. There is nothing the Muslims hat more than our democracy and our freedoms. They are a society of repression. Against women. Against children. Against anyone that isnt Muslims and against enyone that does not embrace their so called beloved Sharia. I say we burn Sharia and we turn a lot of their villages into a fireball before they bring this hypocrysy to our shores.

    • Diane D

      As of 9/1 you urged us to kill 243 million people in 3 sovereign nations. Now a month later 1.5 billion people need to be dealt with? Now that’s ‘mission creep’ if I ever heard it!

      Yea, let’s scorch the earth! The US is spiraling down a rat hole because we just haven’t murdered enough people in 25 years of perpetual wars.

      • paul

        Diane … you are exactly right … the only thing that will satisfy USAF man would be to kill “everyone” on planet Earth … now that would make things “safe for democracy” … but then again … how can there be a democracy if he is the only one alive?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Fellow Readers, please read the message of “USAF Airman Rich Treadway” very carefully.

      In my opinion, there is not even one sentence of sense in the posting; it borders on outright fabrication. This appears to me to be a classic, but well-placed (and [almost] grammatically-correct) “bot.” “Hate us for our freedoms”? This is laughably absurd.

      My posting isn’t intended to be personal; I would dissect, and discuss, any particular point.

    • RTW

      You’ve got to stop watching “Dr. Strangelove” so much. Here”s a hint: It’s satirical!

  41. Max Meister

    Gun control…that is a knife with two edges. Ok, those who want to own shooting weapons will always find a way how to obtain them. Nevetheless, the easier it is to get them the more people will own them. The more people own them, the more likely they will make use of it and how they are going to use them is quite much out of control of the pubilc.
    Here in Europe we don’t believe it is a good idea to give access to shooting weapons to everyone.

    I mean the statistics speak for itselfes:

    The US is number 4 on the chart of murders with firearms.

    An extendet possession of firearms by the public can’t be the solution.
    The US should probably better make sure the right people carry them. You have a corrupted police system undermined by all kinds of secret services. These guys are everything else than trustworthy and they will use force against their own citizens whenever they want. That is a problem but it is a political problem. It seems you guys are electing the wrong people. The two party system is probalby the main problem because over all, none of them is really better than the other. They all just want to be in power and both of them want to keep the status quo.

    • Galaxy 500

      My daughter married a Swiss gentleman and he has an automatic weapon , a service pistol and an ass load of ammo. The Swiss have a very low murder rate, most are committed by foreigners, and they have plenty of weapons.
      I am an American, if you think guns are anything but a tool, stay home

    • Galaxy 500

      Our Police are corrupt?
      What a Macaroon

  42. Calgirl

    The Divide and Conquer agenda of our government, MSM, NWO
    The worst case scenario of a financial collapse: Notice all the hyphenated designations!

    African-Americans fight whites, Mexican-Americans, cops
    NRA fights government, elites, gangs
    Muslim fight everyone
    Mexican-Americans fight whites, African-Americans
    Almost all sub-groups against Jews
    Chinese respond to those who fight them
    Bloods fight Crips. etc., etc.
    Atheists against Christians
    Some fight but most succumb to military

    They’ve done a great job dividing us. Are we playing their game?

  43. Ted


  44. dave


    I know you didn’t say it, but Fiorina? I think not. Her comments on the CNN debate assure war with Russia if elected. We are a broke nation in a state of collapse. With her our currency would go Weimar with banana-bucks. The lady is in denial of reality. She would be as bad or worse than what we have now, and that aint good. What we need is
    someone with no geopolitical or economic illusions who can speak the truth. The closest we have now in the race are the non-politicians, who might have a more practical approach to deal with the bad hand the status quo has delivered us.

  45. don

    Word is 4 of those 27 cruise missiles crashed in Iran. Hezbollah has already told Russia they are bailing by the end of the year due to the loss in support back in Lebanon. I also doubt the Russians can maintain a long air campaign considering their economy is in horrible shape and their military is decrepit. It’s all mostly show by Russia unless they send in some ground troops.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Your opinions intrigue me.

  46. Calgirl

    Could it be that Russia, with China now entering the fight against terrorism, and the actions of the BRICS are signals (warnings)? Are they telling the West that they can not be pushed into the NWO that the neo-cons are trying to institute?

    Could it be that Russia and China are trying to actually forestall WW III? The ole “Don’t Mess With Me”?

    I read that those missiles that CNBC claimed fell in Iran actually hit within 3 meters of their targets.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      You wrote “China now entering the fight against terrorism.” While I agree with you that their public-face foray into any world-wide fight against terrorism has been exponentially raised, by their sending of their carrier to the Mediterranean, I strongly doubt that they are just now entering the fight.

      Do you recall the multiple terror attacks in Xinjiang Province? The terrible knife attack at the Kunming train station? I imagine China has been quietly fighting against terrorism for some time. But, like Russia and the rest of the thinking world, they have tired of faux-fighting, and choose to publicly support an actual effort to combat the real terroristic thugs.

    • Rezo

      Cal girl here’s my acessent I personally don’t believe there will be WW3.Psychopaths are cowards basically and they know it’s game over for them .I believe Putin told Obama We know all about 9/11 we know all about the Ukraine passenger liner shoot down ,we know all about the Malaysian airliner that disappeared off the face of the earth .We will expose you and the truth .Putin has in my opinion Met with Iran ,Israel,Syria ,Lebanon and Iraq and discussed how to rid the middle east of the Americans .Just today even Mc Cain has said we need to get out of Syria .The Russians and Chinese together in my opinion are unbeatable and if push comes to shove they will simply claim force Majure on borrowings and totally crash the western economy .in my opinion you will see from now on a total regect ion of America and a swing to Russia it’s already started .Iraq and Afghanistan have asked for Russian help to get rid of terrorists AKA get rid of America .Europe has also stated America can no longer call the shots .Cal Girl I suggest you forget CNN and similar and view SPUTNIK and RT Today to get a better feel of what’s transpiring

      • Calgirl

        Did you even read my post, or did you understand (comprehend) what I wrote? I don’t watch CNN FYI. I watch FoxBusiness on occasion only to catch Lou Dobbs. So thank you all the same for your suggestion as to how I can get a “better feel” of what’s transpiring!!!!!! Maybe you should enroll into some remedial reading/comprehending class at adult night school………it’s free.

  47. Galaxy 500

    America grew out of the Roman Empire. Funny.
    My Pastor and Bible disagree with yours. Stick to the news, You ‘ll do better

    • Reginald Denny

      No, Carly Fiorina, a degree in medieval history doesn’t qualify you to fight Isis
      And G 500, everybody who went to school knows Britain came out the Roman Empire and America came out Britain and if the bible says it, I believe it!

      Roman Invasion of Britain (1 of 3): Onslaught (with Bettany Hughes)

      • Greg Hunter

        You need a degree to fight evil? How about courage? Maybe Fiorina would just call a meeting, and tell the top military brass to to make neutralizing ISIS a top priority. She may say something like, “Knock out these terrorists, and I don’t care what it costs. It worth it.” Do you think anyone need a degree to say that? Courage.

        • Reginald Denny

          W O W Greg, Your right on the money and profound and you got it, C O U R A G E!

        • Red Flag

          Too late, Greg. Putin is solving the ISIS problem. As we know, the CIA created most of ISIS anyway. There won’t be a Middle Eastern problem in a year, except for the US loss of face, well deserved. Obama “looks” weak? No, he IS weak….he follows a script from his handlers.

      • Calgirl

        Fiorina graduated from Stanford U. in 1976. Back in the ’70’s colleges still taught students how to actually think.. There were no basket weaving or progressive women s classes back then at Stanford. This woman is very well rounded with world class experience. Read her business bio – it is very impressive:

  48. Galaxy 500

    Below spot sound like a wonderful con to me. Send me a few kilos and after I have it assayed, i’ll lte the folks here know you are on the up and up

  49. FC

    Against my better judgement…………Teflon Hillary, the non-stick politician will advance to be the first female American President, unless Obama, decides on a third term.

    • paul

      I recently heard Bill Clinton say “Hillary won’t be able to beat Trump in a Presidential race” … is this “the excuse” that will be used for Hillary to “drop out” in her run for the Presidency?

    • Kerry

      Lord help us!

  50. Charles Turner

    Greg thank you for your excellent broadcast every week.
    I come from the UK and 25 years ago America was seen as the strong, reliable big brother that would put itself out to help its allies and right the wrongs in the world. It was seen as upholding democracy, justice and capitalism and the benchmark for prosperity. driven by hard work, initiative and opportunity.

    What a change in such a short period of history. The American establishment is now seen as arrogant, war mongering, putting its interests first and being disingenuous about the motives behind its foreign policy. People can no longer understand why regime change was so important in places like Ukraine yet how corrupt regimes like Saudi are held in high esteem. Justice in Amerian is seen very much as a function of money and connections and more people wonder whether false flags have played a big role in Middle East policy that has now not only disrupted most of the Middle East, but as also had huge effects on Europe and fractured what was growing ecomic ties and political relationships with Russia. Bring back the old America that we once loved

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles Turner. We will just have to work to get back to that and it could happen.

  51. Cryptic Little Sister

    I would like to address several difficulties that many here seem to be having in understanding the events going on at the present time.

    First, the impression (one that many have gotten in the past few weeks) that the economies of the world are continuing a steady decline, with nothing happening of any significance. You need to understand that markets in Germany and elsewhere were hit in September. It was a severe hit and it has torn these markets apart. What happened is being kept from you, although you felt the shudder of it in the indexes. Many global corporations are defaulting, and the federal reserve is reaching the point of insolvency.

    I would caution the readers here, as I did awhile back, not to assume that you have a solid grasp on the events and the nature of the “news” as it unfolds.

    Second, for those of you who are preparing, you must continue your preparations. You do not have much time. You ought not to argue with others. A little less conversation, a little more action. Put your energy into every little thing that can be done now. Something as effortless as taking an inventory of the silver lying around your house. Putting it into a central location. This sort of thing requires no money, only a small amount of labor.

    Understand that whenever someone attempts to argue with you, let them talk, but go about your work. There is a great deal of pressure now to talk up the appearance of health and happiness. On the inside, people are panicking. They are finishing their final preparations.

    Third, the Senate has approved the NDAA, and it will be signed by Obama. The pieces of the puzzle are continuing to fall into place. I refer you back to my Friday posts for further information regarding the importance of the bill.

    Fourth, this tension in the air is very much like the moments before 9/11. There were voices then telling those who would listen (and those who would not) that the attacks were coming. What we are facing is not unprecedented.

    Equo ne credite. (do not trust)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CLS. Are you being told this or are you actually in the inside observing it?

    • Allen Ols


      great work, tk. al

  52. mel

    Good Work Greg,
    We never miss a presentation. There is no “rally”. There is no “recovery”. The criminals at large will manipulate anything they can for as long as they can, but the house of cards is indeed showing structural damage. I would ask if you might consider bringing on Michael Snyder, another great. Thanks for your work and insight.
    Fear Not…..

  53. Ted


    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell us more and add links and video please. Thank you.

  54. Sayonara

    Passing Comments on WNW 211 10.09.15:

    WNW is the 1st stop on Friday morning after coffee is brewed.

    Russians and Syria: Obama is passively aggressively facilitating the Islamic Caliphate and Putin will have nothing to do with it. Why hasn’t Obama been impeached for treason!?
    Answer – The pathetic Republicans are going along to get along with a Traitor. The establishment Republicans are pathetic and need to be kicked to the curb at all cost.

    Economy & Pirate Bankers: They are flying this thing off the cliff into the greatest financial meltdown in human history and nobody has or is going to jail. Their true criminality has not even been exposed yet. Welcome to the Untouchable class.

    Hillary Email Criminality: Have to disagree with Greg on this one. Hillary has already convicted the Republicans of political racism with MSM jury providing the not guilty verdict on the email scandal. Hillary is a senior member of the Untouchable class and therefore is Untouchable.

    Gun Control Cartoon: A well armed society is a polite society, especially when the good guys can carry at will. If you are a bad guy and you know everyone is unarmed, then you feast and kill people at publicized “gun free zones”.
    If you are a bad guy and you try with most of the good guys armed, you die.
    Obama and his tyrannical cohorts are all about oppression and control. Again, why hasn’t lawless tyrant been in impeached for treason?
    Sayonara over and out.

  55. paul

    Many people won’t buy gold or silver as insurance against loony tune bankers because they feel it is “too risky” … instead they keep their money “safely” in the bank and buy CD’s to collect some interest because metals like gold and silver “don’t pay interest” … what most people don’t realize is that keeping “their” money in a bank … means they are playing the “most risky market on planet Earth” without realizing it … they are actually in bed with the bankers playing the “most dangerous financial instruments of mass destruction” … derivatives … how could that be … they may wonder??

    Lets do some simple math … what is the total capital employed in derivatives trading? … from what I determine it is somewhere between $10 and $20 trillion (roughly comparable to the total capitalization of the entire NYSE) … so if you add up the value of every single stock on the NYSE we get about the actual cash invested in derivatives ($15 trillion dollars) … however that much cash is not enough for the loony tune bankers … so they have leveraged the $15 trillion up to somewhere between $1000 trillion to $3000 trillion dollars … this means that each “actual dollar” in the derivatives market is multiplied up to between 66 and 200 times … and therefore a loss of only a few percent in the face value of a derivative would be enough “to completely wipe out” even the best-capitalized derivatives traders … now do these loony tune traders care if they are wiped out? … No! … because they have covered themselves … by paying off lawmakers worldwide to pass “bail-in legislation” … that puts ordinary depositors in banks (who think they have absolutely nothing to do with these risky derivative trades) “on the hook” to bail out all the bankers derivative losses (with the money these depositors “think they own” in CD’s or cash in their savings accounts)!

    The bottom line is simple … since we have no control over “bribed lawmakers” who have put ordinary people on the hook to bail out the sleazy bankers (with bail-in legislation when the whole derivatives market comes apart) … our only option is to “take the penalty” and get out of CD’s and not keep any significant cash in the banks … the bankers hate the fact that “we have a way to screw them” … they want to do all the dirty deeds … so they are now trying to eliminate the holding of “cash” … the paper cash is theirs (Fed dollar notes) … but the coins belong to the Treasury (so the bankers may have more difficulty calling in or outlawing the holding of pocket change) … as for “that risky” gold and silver … according to the bankers those metals are “not money” … so the hoarding of gold and silver coins (that are not money) can’t be considered “cash” … but this “cashless” precious metal has a very powerful safety function … they can “hold value” even when governments fall and fiat paper becomes worthless … anyone still feel gold and silver to be “too risky a place” to keep your money?

  56. Mary Casey

    I think Ben Bernanke is still hustling us and subtly covering for the “bankers”. To say, “’more’ bankers should have gone to jail”, implies that several did. I’m still not aware that any banker did go to jail?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a single top banker anywhere in the western world–NOT one.

  57. Ben

    Do you think that they will prosecute Hillary? Will she go to jail? Will she be the Democratic nominee?
    This whole fiasco is astounding. If it were anyone else, especially a Republican they would already be in jail. I can not believe it has gone on this long.
    We out here in the real world know she evaded FOIA with the private server. And funneled money to the Foundation and bribed, blackmailed, and schemed to get money.
    The first Democratic debate is next Tuesday and it looks like she WILL be in it. You stated that she might not be in the first debate. I wish and many others wish that were true, but I think she will be there. I just hope the moderators have the balls to ask pertinent questions. However, I am not very hopeful though.
    Today I read that Hillary might have Yuma Abedine as the first lady, possibly Chelsey. If Yuma is first lady we are so screwed. She has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Family members are associated with them. She herself should be tried for treason. She would funnel info to them, secret info. That is a very scary scenario.
    The criminality of this government is absolutely atrocious. When will it stop? Every day Obama circumvents and usurps our Constitution and NO ONE stands up to stop him. Why has the military not stopped him? They have good cause to do so.

  58. DLC (formerly Donna)

    “War on Women” was just a cooked up phrase by the Boxer/Pelosi dems. What war on women? I never felt warred upon and do not need special consideration for a war that never was.

    The only real war on women will come with the country’s collapse.

    The best person for Speaker is Paul Ryan? Do you smell a fix from the get go? Even Luis Gutierrez is sending Ryan valentines of support. Ryan is in league with the lifers. He’s a climber. He will be just be a younger sell-out version of Boehner.

    I just hope we get away from voting because someone is black, Hispanic, female, etc. That is how we got Obama and kept Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, et al. Trump/Carson would be my picks simply because of their demonstrated accomplishments outside of politics.

  59. glen

    there must have been something going on in that hospital that shouldn’t have been,
    1-0 to Russia, entering halftime. scrappy affair up to that point in the game.

  60. Mike from the North


    I follow your site in great detail.

    The overall value of the guests is excellent.

    The quality of the readership here is a testament to your success.

    You are making a difference.

    The time for the great unwind is close at hand and the remaining question is…are we going to see a total collapse in common sense or will we begin the great repair.

    May God show us the way.

    My fear is not for myself but for my grandchildren.

    They played no part in this mess we created.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike! “Fear Not.”

  61. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I always look forward to the WNW. What a contrast to what one hears from the Establishment Media.

    The interview with V was interesting, but I don’t really “buy” the whole hiding his real identity bit. I have listened to him before. He laughed on several occasions talking about the numerous bankers that have died. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find any of that amusing.

    A comment V made is worth exploring, when the Collapse fully comes, do we stay and fight for our country or flee to safety? I like to believe that I would stay and resist. But I worry so much about my family. The argument about how the Jews should have fled Europe before it was too late is quite evidently valid. But I cannot stand to see what is happening to my country. The forces of oppression are so strong and so much of the populace is asleep concerning what is happening.

    • Greg Hunter

      “V” told me next time he is on he is on he will disclose his identity, and continue to do so from then on out. He says he is putting everything in place in his business life to do that. He did not give me a timeline.

  62. Diane D

    Great cartoon. They are criminals alright, and even worse they are traitors.

    Our Liberty Pastor made a good point last Sunday. The US government is hell-bent on disarming its citizens. However, guess who is the #1 Arms Dealer in the world? B-I-N-G-O! (Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). And it will supply just about any two-bit dictator or thug regime on the planet. It even supplies arms and munitions to the Islamic terrorist groups Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Al Nusra.

  63. Calgirl

    Peggy Noonan article re: Trump, and interview by Charlie Rose of Vladimir Putin

    Thoughts on two strongmen:
    Re: Putin:
    “He posited himself as a friend of world stability. Russia is in Syria to keep it from becoming what Libya is, a nation in which “all the state institutions are disintegrated.”

    “Mr. Rose asked if Mr. Putin saw ISIS as a unique terrorist organization. “Well yes, it’s turned into a unique organization because it has become global. Indeed they have the aim to build a caliphate from Portugal to Pakistan.” They are not the jayvee team.
    Is he exploiting a vacuum in American leadership? No, said Mr. Putin, he’s trying to prevent a vacuum where the government of Syria should be. “As soon as government agencies are destroyed in a given state . . . that’s when a power vacuum occurs. And at that moment it will be instantly filled by terrorists.”

    “Is Mr. Putin driven by a desire to have Russia play a bigger role in the world? “I’m proud of Russia, that’s true,” he said, but such pride is not an end in itself. Then an oblique slap at the U.S.: “But we don’t have any obsession with being a superpower in the international arena. We’re involved in only one thing, defending our fundamental interest.”

  64. vincent_g

    There are now many that are saying that those that pushed for the regime change in all these middle east countries had to know that it would cause a massive exodus such as what we see now.

    So my question is why then did they do it if they knew there would be millions of people from Syria, Iraq, Libya and others storming into Europe?

    Maybe the clue is in this video

    Could it be that this is the same central planning thinking that china is using where they are forcing the Muslims to live and inter marry with non Muslims.
    Their idiotic idea is by diluting the population in this method the problem will go away.

    If this was their intention, in the middle east, then these people that run the world are the lowest form of life in our Universe.

  65. Agent P

    Anyone with a forward-looking synapse or three, should have seen the (rapid) coalescence of the Russia/China tag-team some time ago. They are moving like a machine and with a purpose. ‘Isolation’ is what’s on tap for the United States on the global geopolitical stage. All that is left are carrier groups and flailing blowhards like senator’s McCain and Graham, along with their fawning sycophantic Neoconservative hacks in Congress and the media.

    The warhawks have been the ‘Big Dogs’ for so long (~30 years) without restraint, that they have no knowledge of a real opponent, nor defeat. What do you think would (or will?) happen, when the Neo-Cons get the object of their desires with a man like Vladimir Putin (calls for shooting down Russian planes, confronting the Russian navy, planting missile batteries hither & yon all over Europe, etc.)…? Do think he (and now Premier Xi), will quake in their boots and retreat…?

    What will the overweight, out-of-shape, untempered warmongering brigade of MMA wannabe’s in Congress, the media and the hinterlands do when the ultimate opponents say – ‘Ok, bring it’…? I only wish I could paint a word picture of the answer…

    Whether this is for the better or the worse is irrelevant at this point. The geopolitical chessboard is experiencing tectonic shifts within months, that would normally take decades. Just remember one thing while all this takes place at dizzying speed:

    Empires in decline turn on themselves. The anger formed of bitterness as a result of decay and declining standards will, in the end, always turn inward, upon its own. You are seeing that play out in real time here, with corruption, lies, deceit, brutality and the rapid growth of an ‘us vs. them’ mentality emanating from officialdom.

    Crossing this river will neither be easy nor pretty.

  66. Brian Lauzon

    As a point of view from another country I want to point out something that has been ignored for at least 4 years about the bungling US military. Yes , the military appears to be screwing up everything , putting in females and even putting an open gay Overlord in charge. However , about 4 years ago it was a common topic in the alternative media that the US would be playing the role of bunglers , weak and unable to handle simple situations to lull the Russian and Chinese into thinking the US is weak , very weak. It was a plan to make them , the Russian and Chinese , feel more confident to strike the US at a moment of perceived weakness and as of right now it would seem this playing possum is working. There is no doubt the US has ‘secret weapons’ capable of handling Russia and China and they are not nukes. The US military is not weak and has the intelligence capabilities to handle the situations they appear to be messing up in such a way as to appear weak. I think all of this is a ruse.

    • Greg Hunter

      It sounds like the scenario you describe is plausible. Do you have inside government information? Thank you for posting this no matter what.

    • Agent P

      When one considers the very ~real~ scene playing out right in front of them – corruption, lies and deceit on a grand scale – not to mention the crumbling moral decay that now defines the ‘West’ in general, it is a bit of a stretch – in my view, to think that compartmentalization of some underlying ‘strength’ could exist in the midst of obvious and historic decline.

      Your sentiments do not exist alone however, as there are many writers who subscribe to the notion that what is taking place on the global stage right now is ‘staged’ in and of itself, with the U.S. having super-duper, double and triple-cross-its-enemies plans to come out on top, etc. A bit far-fetched in my opinion, when one considers what is happening right in front of them, at ground level…

      One-world government, with a ‘peacemaker’ at the helm just at the time the missiles are about to fly between the U.S., Russia and China? That seems to me the more likely scenario about to play out.

  67. Ted



    There are not 6 to 7 billion muslims in the world – The total world population is only a little more than 7 billion

    • Greg Hunter

      I think I said there were 1.6 or 1.7 billion Muslims in the world.

  69. Ted

    Greg, I just found a new to me website. VERY VERY INTERESTING. TED

  70. CAK

    Another interesting post by CLS, though to her point about the passage of the NDAA, annual defense appropriations are *always* approved, even in recent years when the US has had its continuing cycles of “continuing resolutions.” The fact remains that the US is rapidly being drawn into Mideast tensions, and this will likely bring about more military conflict on US soil, which most Americans can’t even fathom (Pearl Harbor seems but a distant memory, and mentioned almost as an aside in modern day history books on WWII). And weapons of mass destruction will be used … does the average American have any real sense what that means? Japan fell on her knees after two nuclear bombs were used, and this from a country which (up to then) largely viewed their Emperor as a god. Well, don’t all human “gods” fail?

  71. Dolly Dogger

    hi Greg: Great reporting!
    Just wondering if you ( or your subs) have an opinion as to what may happen in a post – collapse scenario with programs such as Medicare? I ask as there are many older Americans reliant on it and on your site I’ve noticed there are numerous Boomers . I don’t want to speculate but it seems these programs would be in serious jeopardy down the road. Do we look to what other post – collapse nations have done to find clues or will things be different in USA? Thank you!

  72. Brian Lauzon

    Reply to your question : The alternative media 4 years ago was not as strong as it is today with far fewer players. However , there were plenty of guests making their rounds like today with most names being the same then as now. I spent many hours finding and listening to interviews and noticed that the more experienced interviewers like yourself asked the right questions and got much better information as a result. It was several interviews back then that brought up the idea of the US military playing possum to goad China and Russia into a pre-emptive strike on the US. It was postulated then that the US would not respond to a first strike in order to usher in chaos and the solution with the New World Order. I believe back then this idea of the US military appearing to become increasingly incompetent was seen as a ploy because at the time the US military was showing signs of suddenly becoming almost useless on the world stage after showing a much different face in other operations. As to who was making this suggestion of it being a ploy I believe , but can’t confirm , was Paul Craig Roberts and he was being interviewed on something like Infowars. The information stuck in my mind since and as I have watched over the last few years the US has done some really stupid things with their military that most have just accepted as deteriorating military capabilities. It is blamed on Obama and possible in fighting in the military divisions like the navy. However , as I have been watching , keeping Paul Craig Roberts comments in mind , it appears more like this is a planned change in the military designed to make Russia and China more bold against the US. We see that now playing out in Syria and the US is rolling over on it. Regardless of what the Russians are doing right now you have to ask yourself if the US really isn’t capable of taking on Russia. How many carriers does Russia have , how about China. Think back to the time when Obama was about to take out Syria over chemical weapons use. There was nothing on the planet capable of stopping them , except the mouth of Kerry. As Paul Craig Roberts pointed out 4 years ago the US will need several years of propaganda pretending the military is scaling back , leaders will be purged and equipment will deteriorate. You see that now and it took about 4 years. It wasn’t long ago that the US navy was defeated by a single France submarine during exercises. Possum? Possible. I don’t see how even with extreme luck that France would be able to beat the US navy unless they allowed it to happen to appear weak. Remember that propaganda like this needs to be frequent and believable to work. What we have today is mainstream media , politicians and generals all complaining that scaling back the military at a time when China and Russia are pouring everything into upgrading their military. If you were to have Paul Craig Roberts on for an interview in the future you could ask if he remembers talking about this scenario. Another source I believe that commented on this same thing came in the Joel Skousen film with Alex Jones called Strategic Relocation where he also talked about what was to happen. Beyond those two persons I can’t fully remember where I heard this playing possum by the military. Maybe others who remember back could verify or add to this.

  73. G'Berky

    U.S. stumbles trying to build Syrian ground force

    The Pentagon’s overhaul of its troubled program to support a Syrian rebel force is the latest setback in the Obama administration’s ongoing struggle to establish reliable ground forces to fight the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

    From the beginning of its campaign against the radical group more than a year ago, the U.S. military has said that airstrikes alone will not defeat the militants, who have ambitions of ruling the entire Middle East.

  74. G'Berky

    Intense fighting in central Syria amid government gains

    BEIRUT — Intense fighting between insurgents and Syrian troops continued Sunday in the country’s center amid new territorial gains for the government, backed by Russian airstrikes, activists and government officials reported.

  75. G'Berky

    Gaza official says Israeli airstrike kills mother and child

    JERUSALEM — An Israeli airstrike killed a pregnant Palestinian woman and her 2-year-old daughter in Gaza Sunday, a Gaza health official said, while in the West Bank, a Palestinian woman detonated an explosive in her car at a checkpoint, injuring an Israeli soldier and herself.

  76. Calgirl

    Some Thoughts on Getting Our Democracy Back

    Should voting rights only be allowed to those who have:
    A certain intellectual capacity or education?
    Required achievement of civics and economic courses?
    Should politicians be required to pass tests on:
    Bill of Rights
    American/World History
    Conflict resolution
    Should there be limits on time in office for our politicians and judges?
    Should our national government be required to:
    subsist on a 3% tax on citizens/corporate income?
    Maintain a balanced budget?
    Attain 70% congressional approval to go to war?
    Should ex-government employees be restricted from lobbying?
    Should all government contracts be posted in their entirety?
    Should legislation be only written by Congress and not lobbyists or corporations?
    Should a legislative bill be required to carry a realistic title? Example: is “Patriot Act” a proper title?
    Should commerce be regulated within the U.S.?
    Should All regulations be approved by Congress? Example: EPA regulations
    Should the legalese of government be translated into English for the American people to foster understanding and debate?
    Should all legislation/regulations be topic specific with no un-associated “riders”?
    Should the media be required to be fair and balanced?
    Should “Homeland Security” be limited in jurisdiction?
    Should our government be allowed to transfer our sovereignty to any foreign body?
    Examples: NATO, UN, Federal Reserve, etc.

  77. G'Berky

    By evening, a hospital. By morning, a war zone.
    The Washington Post
    Tim Craig, Missy Ryan and Thomas Gibbons-Neff
    4 hrs ago

    KABUL — The day after Taliban fighters swept through Afghanistan’s northern city of Kunduz, capturing a major urban area for the first time since 2001, six stray bullets crashed through the windows at the Doctors Without Borders hospital there.

  78. G'Berky

    Report: Iran test fires long-range ballistic missile
    Associated Press 2 hrs ago

    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran successfully test fired a new guided long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile, state TV reported on Sunday. It was the first such a test since Iran and world powers reach a historical nuclear deal.

    Iran’s Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehghan, told the channel that the liquid-fuel missile “will obviously boost the strategic deterrence capability of our armed forces.”

    He said the missile, named Emad or pillar in Farsi, was a technological achievement for Iran — able to be controlled until the moment of impact and to hit targets “with high precision.”

  79. G'Berky

    Russian warplanes strike Syria; U.S., Russian officials talk
    USA Today Doug Stanglin 13 hrs ago

    Russian military officials said their warplanes destroyed two Islamic State command centers in Syria in the past 24 hours, and their planes also reportedly helped Syrian troops seize a central village Saturday in fierce clashes with anti-government rebels as part of an ongoing ground offensive.

  80. G'Berky

    Protesters decry Islam outside Phoenix mosque: ‘They want to take over’
    The Guardian Tom Dart in Phoenix 12 hrs ago

    Demonstrators squared off outside a Phoenix mosque amid a heavy police presence on Saturday, during the highest-profile of a series of anti-Islam rallies that were planned to be staged nationwide.

  81. G'Berky

    Iraqi air force hits convoy of Islamic State leader Baghdadi: statement
    Reuters 1 hr ago

    The Iraqi air force struck a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in western Anbar province close to the Syrian border on Sunday, a military statement said.

    The fate of the militant leader, who has declared himself the leader of a Caliphate in areas it controls in Iraq and Syria, is still unknown, the statement said.

    “Iraqi air forces have bombed the convoy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was heading to Karabla to attend a meeting with Daesh commanders”, the statement read, using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

  82. G'Berky

    [GIVE PEACE A CHANCE?] Blasts Kill Scores at Peace March in Turkish Capital
    The New York Times
    By CEYLAN YEGINSU and TIM ARANGO 11 hrs ago

    ISTANBUL — Two devastating explosions struck Saturday morning in the heart of Ankara, the Turkish capital, killing more than 90 people who had gathered for a peace rally and heightening tensions just three weeks before snap parliamentary elections.

    The blasts, which officials called the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkey’s history!

  83. Stan Hartstein

    How is it that there are at least 17 Republican falling all over each other for the nomination of their party while the Democrats are putting for only ONE candidate?
    (I am not counting Bernie Sanders because he is an independent and is not beholden to the democratic party. ) How is it that there is NO other Democrat who is stepping forward oppose Hillary? It seems to me that there is some sinister stuff going on within the Democratic party. What’s your opinion?

    • Greg Hunter

      Stan ,
      I think Martin O’Malley is running for the Dems and so are a few others. I think (VP) Biden will also run.

    • Greg Hunter

      60 is a spin and thought control tool disguised as some sort of top notch journalism. Thank you for this.

    • JC Davis

      Davis. It was a toss up between 60 minutes or the walking dead. I missed 60 minutes. LOL

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