Syria Withdrawal & Ceasefire, MSM Continues Propaganda, Crop Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 406 10/18/19)

Both Democrats and Republicans are united against troop withdrawal that President Trump ordered in Syria. A meeting in the White House had Speaker Pelosi making claims of President Trump having a meltdown over the pushback he’s getting on Syria. Pelosi stormed out of the meeting, and President Trump describes Pelosi as “needs help fast.” Trump did get a ceasefire from Turkey so Kurds in Syria could retreat.

The mainstream media (MSM) is relentless in propaganda against President Trump. The MSM lies by omission of facts and outright lies in its quest of helping the Deep State and Democrats try to remove Trump from office. This week, the biased propaganda was caught on camera at CNN by Project Veritas with example after example of biased propaganda at the news outlet that once called itself “The most trusted name in news.”

The USDA is saying that there will be higher prices and lower yields for corn and soybeans this year. It has been indicating that the yields will not be that much lower, but other sources say the crop yields will decline by around 30% . Right now is harvest season, and nobody will know the outcome until the last cob is in the hopper. Lower yields will equal higher food prices.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about the political warfare going on in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Derek Sinclair

    With the end of the cold war (though the military-industrial complex would have you believe that’s not so) I see no need to have a bunch of scumbags like the Turks in NATO. They provided Hitler with his playbook for the Holocaust with their murdering of 1.5 million Armenians, they are buying weaponry from non- NATO members, they are blackmailing Europe (other NATO allies) for billions to keep the so called refugees out (though Europe could easily stop this themselves) and now this. Long past time to throw these scumbags out of NATO.

  2. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick.

  3. JC

    Greg, five key words you said today.
    “We live in bizarre times.”

    Amen. Thank you.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    It’s hard to see how stocking up on storage food right now wouldn’t be a prudent strategy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed William. It is the cheapest of insurance and you can still consume it if noting happens.

    • K.Wayne

      I fully support this concept. Without doubt in my mind we are headed for a supply chain interruption (with the prime concern being Food) all stemming from a Financial Crisis.
      I have mentioned briefly on some of my previous comments that we are not being told the truth about the Fed REPO market (in fact very little). There has been IMHO, a financial incident which caused the overnight lending to seize up. This has quietly been swept under the rug with a distraction being created elsewhere to take the focus off. The question is why?
      Clearly the NY Banks are replenishing their liquidity/cash balances. I suspect that a Large Corporate has had a failure or a player in the Fracking Business has defaulted on Debt/Derivatives exposure or some major Sovereign players have withdrawn funds on deposit/redeemed US Investments or a EURO Bank subsidiary (of DB) is in strife…..causing a meltdown in the Banking sector. It could be all of them combined with a slowing economy and Inventory build up(retail depression). Whichever way…it has caused a loss of confidence within the Banking fraternity. They don’t want to lend to each other / don’t have the capacity to.
      What is evident is the continuation of this REPO (aka QE4) where it was only meant to be short term (the market has all but forgotten it). It has now become policy to the tune of 100’s of Billions of $$$. Moral hazard never went away. Importantly the next crisis is very near. We are at 5 minutes to midnight and living on borrowed time.
      The focus has shifted to DJT – Impeachment and now Syria. The key here is that nothing is being disseminated about the REPO and the FED’s actions. Should there be a public disclosure of what actually is occurring behind the curtain, then the markets are toast. The game is up. Look at the DXY. That’s telling you exactly what this QE is doing. The FED’s action might be saving the financial system temporarily but we are headed for a significantly higher level of pain beyond that.
      Stocking up on food is paramount at this juncture (Crop losses/yields notwithstanding).

  5. Joe Lalonde

    Lots of things are going behind the scenes that we don’t know but are slowly learning…
    The big nervousness in the Middle East is due to US wanting to transition out of there and the oil industry relies on US protection. Some areas are getting so dangerous for the oil tankers that huge premiums are being added on to protect investors investments.
    Also learning of how, many companies now have been out resourcing just about everything you buy and still make it look like it has been manufactured in the US. Just slap on a fake label. Huge red flag is profit margins that have jumped drastically when still making the same product after many of the tricks of either changing the chemicals to cheaper in many products to also making smaller portions.
    Take care,

    • K.Wayne

      What makes you think the US wants to transition away from the ME ?

      • Joe Lalonde

        President Trump, himself said he was tired of writing letters to the widows for a war he did not create.
        With the advent of drones now, and everyone can get them, the US no longer has the advantage of superior military power.
        It just add to what soldiers now have to watch out for besides the IADs and roadside bombs. It is a very different war now with the technological advances.

  6. paul ...

    Isn’t it amazing how the American people (who don’t want war and want to bring our troops home) have “their” representatives (in both political Parties) pushing for more war and involvement in the Middle East so Trump will look like he has abandoned his base (who don’t want war) and will thus lose the 2020 election!! … make note of who is against Trump on his Syria move for peace … and you will know “who to remove from office” in the next election!!!

  7. Leo

    Hi Greg. great wrap up and being in the field in Missouri is a great touch. You might be the only sane humble person out there. Oh and btw i do live in a van down by the river, well its actually a 5th wheel but it is down by the river. This whole China/Hong Kong thing is a sea of confusion at times. On one side is the repressive communist regime and on the other are these paid thugs destroying everything in sight and they are obvious funded and paid by someone outside and not your average protester. All this trashing out of Lebron James seems a bit off center as confusing as this can be. What say you?

    • Greg Hunter

      James is allowing himself to be used as a U.S. trashing tool. This is more of the propaganda I am talking about. Young people see him as some sort of a hero. Shame on him. He’s gotten rich putting a leather ball through a metal ring. He’s a millionaire with barely a high school diploma living in the greatest country on earth. Hell no I am NOT “off center.” Thank you for your support.

      • LEO

        ok thanks for your reply I think i see that James has a reason to side with China as his Nike contract is worth 32 million. This is almost like Dennis Rodman being buddies with that fat face kim dumb un. I still have trouble with these professional protesters funded by Soros or somebody with motives not so clear, what am i missing here. Is the US behind these protesters.

        • K.Wayne

          China can pull the plug on NBA (within China) if any of its (NBA) representatives / players step out of line (say a disparaging word). Massive contracts with Nike / Adidas along with multi million dollar sponsorships would be at stake. The audience/consumer base is massive in China but the “Party” rules.

  8. paul ...

    Higher prices for food means higher inflation then the 9% John Williams from Shadow Stats says we currently have … so how will the Demons at the Bureau of Labor Sadistics keep our manipulated COLA down below 2% (tell us to eat more maggots??) … chem-trails are killing off the world’s insects … which are rapidly hurling down the road to extinction … so even this “food source” for human animals is being taken away from the deplorables (the Sadistics at the Labor Bureau will figure some way to keep us in economic chains … as we starve to death when all our pets have been eaten)!! …

    • paul ...

      With these additional price hikes coming … … the Sadistic men that “lowered our COLA” for 2020 … must be in all their glory (probably laughing the way Hillary did when Gaddafi was killed) … these Sadists “take pleasure in other peoples suffering” … I wonder why the Bureau of Labor Sadistics don’t give us “negative COLA’s” the way the banksters give us negative interest rates???

      • paul ...

        My error … we are getting a “negative COLA” … the true inflation rate is 9% … the sadists at the BLS are only giving us 1.6% … so in effect … we are getting a negative COLA of -7.4%!!!!!

  9. paul ...

    Notice how the Justice Department that seals the files of known crooks and delays and delays any action against them … immediately responds and goes after Rudy Giuliani “when he exposes a known crook” (Biden) for taking a $900,000 dollar bribe!! … so now it becomes “clearly obvious” who Barr is working for!!

    • paul ...

      Notice how any investigation as to where the missing $21 Trillion went “also gets sealed up” (so no action can be taken against the crooks) … if my memory doesn’t fail me … “isn’t it funny” that when Clapper was asked how many of God’s Commandments he has violated and asked how much of the missing $21 Trillion the CIA got … his response was the same!! …

    • paul ...

      Unlike Nixon who said: “I’m not a crook” … Biden is proud of being a crook and has the Demon-rats voting for him in the millions (probably to make their own thievery acceptable as part of the “commie” system of government they all espouse!!

    • Jacob James

      I agree 100% with your comment. To me, the mask Barr had on tumbled off when the whole disappearing of Epstein took place.

      It is true beyond all debate that having a President Trump is much better than having a President Clinton. However, besides the antics that you point out about Barr and the injustice of justice in general that only someone could purposely miss, let’s not forget topics like anchor babies, work visas, public assistance for illegals & eVerify.

      These should have been among the first list of items addressed, but they were not.

      Why not?

      I’m pretty sure President Trump thinks that if he allows good enough employment opportunities for the masses that we will overlook all the other areas that are not getting addressed.

      And, lest we forget, the Republican majority was there for the first two years. It all could have been done, all of it.

      I say pledge allegiance to no party, support the best option, but don’t hold out too much hope in a President, and keep vigilant. It is only to those that are unaware, the ones not looking at what is going on, that bad events come on quickly, unexpected, like a thief in the night.

      In closing, when the whole Epstein ordeal took place, I won’t say I became afraid, because I didn’t. However, I did become very concerned, and that concern has not dissipated.

  10. paul ...

    Ever notice how the people who do QE … and print more and more paper debt out of thin air … want to make all the rules … they forget it is “us” (the people who have the gold) … that will be making the rules … and those rules are not going to be good for the banksters (or anyone who invests in bank stocks like Stan, etc., etc.)!!

  11. Deb Mickinkle

    Hi Greg. There is no sound on your weekly news wrap up this week.

    • Greg Hunter

      I checked and the sound is fine on my end. You just have to turn it up on your end. YouTube has a separate control for sound on the bottom of the video panel. I have missed this in the past too.

  12. Jerry

    The Fed is increasing currency injections into the system.

    In my mind, this is a case of the Fed keeping the financial system alive. Breath…..sucker…..breath! I can only wonder what TRUE money velocity really is, when the Fed is forced to print money to buy treasury bonds? This isn’t a financial system. It’s a Ponzi scheme. My question is, what happens in November when they stop?

    FYI- The marine reserve call up is for real. I have confirmed with my contacts that they will used to support active duty troops who will be assigned to other duties. Whatever that means?

  13. Rob

    Thanks for the crop report Greg!
    Father is preparing the earth for the tribulation when He gives the book to Jesus to open the 3rd seal which will cause a days wages to buy a day’s worth of food:

    Revelation 6:5-6 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand. (6) And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

    Jacob’s trouble should commence after Trump is reelected:

  14. Alan

    So appreciate all you do Greg, you are one of the few real journalists with integrity out there today, an endangered species if there ever was one! Looking forward to your upcoming segment with Kevin Shipp too. Be well my friend…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say tis Alan!

  15. paul ...

    Did the Norwegians get this idea from the Demon-rats who told the American people that Russian women peed on Trump in bed? … I guess the Norwegians naively thought it was supposedly to save water … and not the Demon-rats way of pissing on Trump?? …

  16. Tommy

    Didn’t Pelosi and Schumer pull this story of an out of control Trump some time ago when they met with him only to have their story proven to be untrue? I would have to believe that anything the Democrats say, such as Adam Schiff releasing information from his gestapo investigation behind closed doors, is to be considered suspect. The “outrage” coming from the politicians, the MSM, and the usual suspects only confirms what WE already know to be true. Keep on keeping on Greg.

  17. Russ

    Thanks Greg. I’ve stopped listening to the MSM altogether and when something slips through FoxNews — which may have been MSM except that Shep Smith has left the building. Judge P used to be a good guy, but lately his allegiance is showing.

    Regardless, an article on Gaslighting seems appropriate since that’s what they’re doing. Telling us what they want us to believe in spite of evidence to the contrary. Believe what I say, not what you see. If they say something that on the face just doesn’t make sense, there’s a good chance it’s pure BS.

    “Bad Gaslighting Epidemic Sweeps The Elite“

  18. Chip

    Thanks for another great WNW Greg. All the best… Chip

  19. Country Codger

    Great report!
    Buckle up going into November and let’s pray nothing happens.
    Lo Iyrah!

  20. RTW

    If cnn is “the most trusted name in news” what does that say about the others? They have been caught with their pants down so many times they make Stormy Daniels blush. They should switch gears and become an alternative for SNL on Saturday nights, they’re definitely more humorous.

  21. Boris Badenough Badenoff & Natasha

    Senate-GOP-Braces for Impeachment Trial Roller Coaster
    Jordain Carney; Friday 6:30 AM 10/18/2019

    I haven’t even read the above propaganda, but it sounds like, it’s what I’m alluding to
    here. What am I alluding to?
    That were in an uncivil, Civil War and it will turn out, that our first Civil War was much more civil than this, our present Civil War!
    The Demon Rats, are determined to defeat the Trumpster, at the poll’s and will tear apart the country if need be, to stop him! They’ve been forcing Trumps hand in all this and to save a semblance of our country, as we know it today! He has turned the tables on them, having them on the run and as on a sinking ship, every Demon Rat for himself and the country be dammed, as the mud slinging intensifies. But it wont stick! They will have to know, nothing will stop the Trumpster, nothing. Yes, they can’t beat him. Never! They haven’t a snowballs chance in Hell,”Sheol, the common grave!” But they’ll think they will, right up to when, Kingdom comes!!!!!!

    Why did Socrates want to accept the death sentence?
    Can the Trumpster outsmart Soc’es?

    A little hyperbole, ” pronounced, hy’per’bal’ie”
    CNN to Speier: Wasn’t There Hyperbole from the Democrats on Nunes Memo?
    Blah,Blah,Blah,Blah, Blah. . . . . …
    So, we must all lose? No! Lock em up, book’em Dano!
    Rachel Maddow Explains and explains and explains and is still explaining, until, her dying day, she’ll be splaining!

    Bullet Mustang, The American’s, are coming, for you…. . . .
    The Demon Rat’s ass’es, can fool the Yank’s some of the time, but AOC’s aunt Nancy’s, finding out, not all of the time. LOL!!!

    Who’s chasing who now? Our guy! We the sheeple!
    Long Live the Republic!

  22. Heinrich

    Greg, you mentioned that China is the model for the future (socialist-fascist) western society. So true. Years ago the western politicians used to critisize the chinese communists for their disregard for human rights. But these times are gone :

    As part of its public relations, the German Bundestag [parliament] publishes a newspaper: “The Parliament”. Publisher is the President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU).

    The latest issue is dedicated to the People’s Republic of China – and the dictatorship with the world’s most death sentences and a total oppression of opposition and minorities (especially in Hong Kong) is read in the newspaper of the Bundestag: “The People’s Republic has proved to be the most successful one-party state proven history. About the secret of the first socialist system that works. ”

    Note that CDU stands for „Christian Democratic Union“, originally a conservative, civil party. Now, they praise the Chinese dictators. The German people and the media love it. Totalitarism and brainwash began after 9/11. The turn towards socialism took place under Obama. When this system comes down (and I hope it will, but I start doubting that it ever will), it will take the period of a whole generation to liberate the people from this madness.
    Trump is my last hope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for weighing in here Heinrich!

    • uncommon sense

      Do you think when the allies invaded Iraq illegally they had a regard for human life?

  23. Galaxy 500

    Another Great WNW, be safe heading home. Thank you for being a fair arbitrator of facts and current events.
    Best regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

  24. Hoser

    Another Great Podcast Greg. Keep Up the Good Work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Hoser!

  25. John Shipp

    I find it very interesting the both in the UK and the US , the two major democratic countries we see the system failing. The UK Brexit farce is failing because of hung parliaments and everyone voting to destroy the will of the people, and also in the US the present farce going on in Washington trying to thwart the will of the people and their elected President.
    We have seen how Socialism does not work and now we are seeing Democracy not working. Maybe the directed dictatorships in Russia and China are the future. I hope I pass on before I have to live under those systems.

    • Beverly

      If you live through the 7 years of tribulation, then you will definitely not have to live under dictatorships that are Communistic. We’re going to have some very hard times in this country. It means that people will just have to work harder to produce what they used to buy, and to travel. Electricity is something we take for granted all the time. If it is gone, then what? We just have to find ways to bring it back or get it somehow. Americans are creative though, and many are hard workers. Some are not, but they will have to amend their ways or die. We’re going to have to have lots more people growing food and preserving it for their families. If the government tries to destroy all these efforts, the people are just going to have to cling together even harder in order to survive. I believe in the determination of the people to keep what they know is theirs, though, and we must keep on believing and having hope. I know many of us wonder if we want to live during all of these terrible things. I know I do too. But, I’ve decided that we’ve got to be thankful for our lives and our time on the earth.

  26. Bob

    Hi Greg,
    I’d like to send in a small donation to you periodically, but don’t want to open a PayPal account for personal reasons. In the past, I just used my credit card to donate to you. Tried recently, but it never went through – kept asking me to set up a PayPal account. I follow your site religiously and want to support you financially as best I can. Please keep up the good work, you’re a Godsend to those of us out here who really know what’s going on in that hellhole, Washington, D.C. It’s just unbelievable what the dems and rinos are doing to our President. Bob.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can use the snail mail: Thank you for your support! If you cannot get this done this way do not worry and do not feel guilty. Enjoy USAW –It’s free!!

  27. iwitness02

    I am very grateful for the internet.
    If we only had TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, I dare say, the derp state and one world order criminals would win the propaganda battle. Tyranny would reign supreme with no opposition.
    Thanks Greg for a nice down home WNW. A nice perspective from the real world.

  28. Gina M Mancarella

    We now know that Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are consorting with Trump and the Russians to run a third party candidate in order to assure a Trump win in 2020. We are NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s time for patriots to stand up and say enough is enough !!!!!

    People need to stand up for America !!!

    People need to stand up for freedom !!!

    Slavery and treason WILL NOT STAND !!!!

    WE’LL STOP IT !!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are funny “Gina”!!

      • Rodster

        “You are funny “Gina”!!

        and pretty stupid, too !

    • Freebrezer

      Gina – Please do not “Melt Down”

    • Mike R

      Gina you dont KNOW squat. But listening to Shillary, and repeating her delusions verbatim, makes you similarly senile and insane.

    • Tommy

      This is spot on. Hillary Clinton should lead an investigation into Russian payoffs to US politicians. She is the only one with the integrity to perform a fair and unbiased investigation. Perhaps Adam Schiff could authorize her appointment to this position as part of his impeachment probe.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is sarcasm, right?

        • Tommy

          Just for laughs. Like Hillary accusing Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian puppet. No one in US history has been a bigger recipient of Russian largesse than HRC, but yet she makes these hilarious comments and CNN dutifully reports it as fact when they completely ignore the real story.

    • Chip

      Nice Hillary Clinton talking point Gina… Chip

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … you sound like a rabid warmonger threatening to attack … remember there are consequences for such actions … look at what the warmongers in Russia planned to do to the West if Truman initiated “Totality” (a nuclear first strike) on them … … if such nightmare scenario had come true … most of Europe would have be razed to the ground with both civilian and military populations decimated by nuclear weapons hundreds of times more powerful then the ones dropped on Japanese civilian cities … revenge filled Soviet warmongering generals were willing to march “their own soldiers” into the nuclear wasteland created in a “European Armageddon” knowing full well that almost all of them would have died of radiation poisoning … and like “wooden soldiers” these unthinking men would have simply obeyed orders … don’t be “a wooden soldier” Gina (simply obeying the orders of the Hillary warmongers)!!

  29. paul ...

    What’s new with the Demon-rats playbook … Hillary uses the same old strategy on her opposition … calling them Russian stooges … … and then manipulates the polls to show a majority of Americans want Trump impeached and want a Demon-rat for President in 2020 … … what this indicates to me is … Hillary wants to take out Gabbard as a Vice Presidential contender (so Elizabeth Warren will have to choose her as Vice President) … then if by chance “a lone gunman” happens to take out Warren … the elite globalists get what they have had wet dreams about since 2016!!!

    • paul ...

      Get her Tulsi … the way Jesus went after the evil people of his time in the fight for peace …

      • paul ...

        The Hillary “gang of warmongers” is out to falsely make Trump a “traitor” like the Rosenbergs by planting such false stories in the fake news papers …

        • paul ...

          You know … the American people should wake up to the fact that “there are people in this world” who will fight against evil warmongers and sacrifice themselves for the greater good of humanity … like Jesus … like Trump … like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, etc., etc., etc. … yes the Rosenberg’s gave atomic secrets to “mass murderer Stalin” … but does anyone ask why?? … was it was to stop “another mass murderer”??? … you be the judge … but perhaps they also had info about Truman’s Plan “Totality” (1945) which earmarked 20 Soviet cities for incineration and obliteration “in a first strike”: Moscow, Gorki, Kuybyshev, Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saratov, Kazan, Leningrad, Baku, Tashkent, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Molotov, Tbilisi, Stalinsk, Grozny, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl!!!

          • paul ...

            Our Founders knew that too much power in the hands of “one entity” was a prescription for great evil … so they divided the power of our US Government into “three branches” … nuclear weapons in the hands of “only one nation” is also a serious threat … as it may result in warmongers of that nation doing “a nuclear first strike” on their perceived enemy … the world is safer having three branches “ruling the world” (the US, Russia and China) … to prevent the warmongers “of each nation” from trying to do a nuclear first strike on the others … this is the only reason we ordinary deplorable useless eaters are still around drinking coffee, watching the games and enjoying life!!

            • paul ...

              Isn’t it remarkable (that even in Heaven) there are three branches to the one God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost)!!

      • Greg Hunter

        If you can only get her to stop killing babies.

        • paul ...

          Yes Greg … Perhaps someone should explain to Tulsi that if “death” is when we no longer have a heart beat … then “life” is when we do have a heart beat … being she was in the military … she should understand and be convinced by that!!

          • paul ...

            You know … women now have a lot of rights … they have the right to abstain from sex if they don’t want babies … they can demand men wear protection … and if all that fails … they have the right to an abortion (before a heart beat is detected) … but after a “new being” comes to life and it’s heart is beating … a women “does not have the right to commit murder” … politicians who commit murder every day by sending our boys off to war “continually” … are not the righteous moral examples women should be looking up to for guidance especially when these politicians declare “it is perfectly alright to kill a child who miraculously survives an abortion and then sell its body parts”!!

            • paul ...

              It’s obvious to me that the Demon-rat and RINO pedophiles “want to give women the right to kill babies” so they can also justifiably get away with murdering young children (after using them as sex toys)!!

  30. WD


    I noticed YT demonetized you again. There is a big lawsuit; Prager U. vs YT….
    Prager has shown that YT has had people ( real live bodies) deem them inappropriate to the public….Freedom of speech hangs in the balance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep WD. YouTube/Google wants the “China” governance model which is totalitarian Marxism and God (The Father) hating weasels.

      • WD

        Yes I see that now….thanks for the reply!

  31. paul ...

    Breaking News: Following revelations by Veritas the “Commie News Network” (CNN) gets sued by Trump “for substantial damages” (related to their many fake news articles about Trump … their extreme bias and outright wrongful practices)!! …

  32. paul ...

    Draghi warns of over stretched valuations … … as companies spend more then they earn … … and the Fed creates more fiat dollars then it can possibly take in in taxes … while gold is artificially held down!!

  33. Galaxy 500

    “The Voters aren’t going to decide this!”
    And this Comrade Pelosi is why we have the 2nd Amendment.

  34. Mr. Lee

    You know Mr. Hunter. Not sure why Mr. Trump just does not throw his hands in the air and be done with it. I mean really, look at all the attempts to besmirch the man. Even if one does not like or agree or see eye to eye, well then do not vote for him during the next election. Plain and simple. The man has been lied to, about while the real felons are the ones doing the lying. I agree with DR. PCR, – and just call it quits. I mean yes, 35% of the US population supports most of DJT and what he is doing. The rest is lost to the “Inverted Liberal Mind”
    You should see what is going on up here in Canada. I reside in the best province of Alberta – would be considered a true red state-. We have 4 leftist parties and one Conservative party followed by a start up Conservative party. Most of the support (65%) goes to the collectivists. Any conservative looks side ways and the virtue signaling begins. The collectivist can come up with any ridiculous action imaginable and they are still supported.
    Perhaps the time has come to divide North America in terms of Red/Blue state-provinces and go our separate ways. Because Mr. Hunter, the way I see it, the current situation is not working

  35. Justn Observer

    More unraveling the ball of yawn and using it to connect the dots…
    Fundamental to POTUS Trumps impeachment defense=

  36. Paul in OZ

    Greg … RIGHT ON …. the propaganda efforts, the lies by omission, the twisting narratives is strikingly similar to 1933 Germany … all that is needed to make the USA 1939 Germany is an overthrow of the current POTUS, which has been a work in progress since before day 1 of his election victory. The only hope for America and for that matter the remaining free world is Trump’s re-election. As a libertarian, I have never been aligned with a political party, I have seen both good and bad administrations in various parties in Canada, the US and Australia, but I have never so emphatically felt that 1 person could be the driving force behind the outcome of good or evil prevailing!

    • William Stanley

      RE: ” I have never so emphatically felt that 1 person could be the driving force behind the outcome of good or evil prevailing!”
      Yes, it’s fascinating that such an apparently flawed and outnumbered individual could become the lens which focuses so much light on our enemies and their evil networks. It’s enough to make you suspect that he really is playing 4-D chess (and that he is not really alone). Evil is mounting a desperate final assault. However, the evidence is mounting that it is going to lose in the end. Still, IMO, there is much trial, travail and tribulation to come.

    • Chip

      Agreed… Chip

    • paul ...

      We live in a world of OZ … where the most Powerful Wizards … are uncovered by “US Watch Dogs” … to be little men “pulling it” behind the curtain (who think they are gods) … they tell us “the Constitution is a useless relic … like gold” … … they tell us “life has no meaning even with a heart beat … only continual death and war has meaning” … they tell us to “forgetaboutit” … we say to the Demon-rats … it’s you who should “forgetaboutit”!!!

  37. paul ...

    Look at the price of silver folks (and Stan in particular who is short silver) … … it may look like it is doing nothing … but look closely at this short term chart … … silver has “broken out above the downtrend channel” … which would indicate silver is now gathering strength to make a run at the $20 dollar level and with upcoming strong seasonal factors I wouldn’t be surprised if silver breaks the critical $21.40 level … which will initiate a wave of short covering that could spike silver into the $35 to $40 dollar range … which is still a bargain when compared to what it is supposed to be right now ($918 dollars on the US National Debt Clock !!

    • Stan

      Paul: Aren’t you long silver at $43.37?

  38. Bill

    Ho-hum, another week of you claiming that everybody is going to jail and another week passes with no jail, no indictments, no grand juries. Greg wake up and smell the coffee! IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THE GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY CORRUPT AND OUT OF CONTROL. Trump does not have the backing to make it happen. Our only hope is a complete collapse of the economy and a subsequent uprising of the people and a return to tar and feathers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ho-hum Bill, another week of you having a loser attitude.

      • Bill

        It’s not a loser attitude, it is a realistic attitude. I’m keeping my powder dry. Hope everyone here is too.

    • Jerry

      It only happens by the numbers in checkers. This isn’t just about indictments, it’s about the future of this country and the lives of millions of people who just happen to be in the crossfire. Most people have no clue. Just be glad you’re awake.

  39. Dave

    The investigation into Giuliani is picking up. And the report due out today from the JD is indefinitely delayed?! It is too obvious. Barr will hold back the report until after the House votes to impeach and by releasing it after that will neutralize its impact. As to Giuliani, Ben Shapiro said that depending on what Giuliani answers in the investigation, what happened will be impeachable or not. Could Barr be setting Trump up?

    Then Mulvaney’s slip yesterday. He is a smart guy – did be on purpose admit a quid pro quo to undermine Trump. The White House distanced itself from his statement and he walked it back but the walk back is sloppy and has just muddied the waters more. Whether Mulvaney intended to or not, a number of GOP Congressman are now saying it is possible this is impeachable. Murkowski is troubled. Trump’s support has slipped in Congress because of Mulvaney. Kasich is now calling for impeachment which he had not done before this.

    The Deep State is going into high gear and they hold all the cards. Romney is moving forward as the “white knight” to Trmp’s “corruption”. His speech against Trump yesterday was blistering.

    The goal is to get Trump to resign. Get enough GOP Senators to support conviction – even if it is not quite the 20 needed. Go to Trump, tell him he will be convicted in the Senate and Trump resigns. He does not want to be the only American president impeached and convicted. Pence takes over, pardons Trump and chooses Romney (??) as VP. Pence decides not to run. Romney does and, as was the case in 2012, he loses the Presidential election again.

    • Beverly

      Trump will NOT be impeached. I think they will use other methods more similar to Robert Kennedy assassination. They know they can’t win in an impeachment hearing, and there are prophesies that I absolutely believe will be fulfilled. It will be kind of like what Paul Craig Roberts has outlined.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “The Deep State is going into high gear and they hold all the cards.”
      My take is that the Deep State is highly vulnerable and doesn’t hold all the cards; that is exactly why, IMO, it is going into high gear.

      That Romney is Deep State is no surprise. However, I strongly suspect that Kasich is also highly compromised from association with certain criminal-Deep-State-connected elements that are still active in Ohio and around the world. I don’t recall hearing anything about Senator Murkowski, but wouldn’t be surprised if I soon do, since so many present and former high public officials involved with public lands and energy seem to have gotten ensnared with the Deep State. See, e.g., the reporting of George Webb concerning corruption involving the uranium and oil industries.

  40. paul ...

    This is the future for digital currency folks … not the privacy everyone expected … but simply a better means to obtain a complete record of what you do with your money and share that info with police and tax authorities!! … they haven’t yet put a G5 chip in gold coins yet to find were it is buried … and even if they do put a G5 chip in gold coins (supposedly for security and anti-counterfeiting purposes) we can simply heat the gold coin in an oven for a few days to fry it (or if time is of the essence put it in the microwave for a minute)!! …

  41. Dennis Dahlbeg

    CROP SHORTAGE?? Simple solution!! Stop using our food crops for fuel in the tanks of our vehicles. Close down the ethanol plants using corn and soy beans to produce additives to gasoline and diesel fuels. Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto/Bayer and other corporations need to depart from the food chain business that supports this huge waste of our basic food items. In addition, these plants are not effective sine they use more energy (BTU) to produce these fuel additives than the additives provide to the fuel (BTU). Also, STOP selling pigs to China. Result: We Americans will all be able to live better!!

    • paul ...

      Actually using Genetically Modified Corn “no one wants to eat” to make gasoline makes some sense … and we don’t want to feed the GMO corn to our cows, sheep or pigs as we don’t want to contaminate the meat, milk and cheese we eat … remember GMO foods “have insecticides built right into the food” (and we know insecticides like roundup cause cancer) … so these GMO insecticides Monsanto scientist built right into our food products will kill our good gut bacteria (which will weaken our immune system and cause all kinds of health issues)!!!

      • paul ...

        Why else would a pharmaceutical company like Bayer that makes medicine to cure decease … buy a company like Monsanto that creates deceases?? … answer … vertical integration!!

    • Beverly

      Absolutely right about using food for fuel. And, we could use more of our land to produce plant crops instead of using them to raise cattle. Pigs though, should not be eaten by people, as they are full of parasites and germs that make people sick. We should not be raising them and polluting our land with their feces. We should use that land to grow crops.

  42. GoneWest

    Greg, you couldn’t be more correct about China being the model the elites want in the USA.

    A good listen on the topic by Kyle Bass:

  43. Russ F


    So, Hillary is calling her out.
    Why are the democraps afraid of her?
    They have tried to keep her out of the debates.
    Hillary is messing with the wrong woman.
    I hope Tulsi takes her down.
    Maybe Tulsi will go independent, and abandon the part of the democrapic platform that we all despise.
    There must be something the democraps are afraid of.
    She (Tulsi) is the strongest of the bunch, and just maybe she is not part of the deep state.
    Just look at what she said and one cannot dismiss her statement versus Queen Hillary; Democrap or whatever party you belong to, you must appreciate her candor.

    “Great! Thank you Hillary Clinton,” Gabbard tweeted late on Friday afternoon. “You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.”

    “From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, afraid of the threat I pose.” Gabbard added.

    • paul ...

      I like the way Gabbard writes her tweets … a Trump/Gabbard ticket for 2020 would be ideal to finally put the screws to Hillary (Queen of Warmongers … the Embodiment of Corruption … the Personification of Rot)!!!

      • paul ...

        We need women like Tulsi to “tell it like it is” … men like Trump using reverse psychology (“that nice lady”) is just not as effective!!!

      • Chip

        Gabbard is a refreshing break from the standard democrat talking points. BUT, do not be fooled, she’s still a socialist… Chip

        • Russ F

          Agreed, but still refreshing in the world where so few dare to stand up for the truth. Someone that does not fear the rotten Clintons. Maybe she will break from the democratic party and be more neutral than to the far left. Let’s see what develops. She is still better than Warren, Biden, Sanders and the rest. They are all part of the deep state, and Tulsi seems not to be.

  44. Russ F

    More Tulsi….
    And maybe Hillary’s calling her out and backfire.
    Tulsi is now getting MSM attention as a result.
    After they put their thumb on her for so long.
    A member of our armed forces, with ties to Russia.

  45. Open Eyes

    Jim Rickards. Auto-correct happened.

  46. al

    I consider you a Family member. Thank you for being so honest and open on your newscasts.

    As a side note: I watched every Trump Rally from the start of the first Rally on down. On EVERY RALLY he always gets interrupted by some libtard or snowflake and has to stop talking for a minute before they escort the degenerate out the door.
    I noticed no interruptions at the Dallas Rally this time, a record… I also got wind that about 20% of the people there were democrats??? THAT IS BIG NEWS! But is it truly substantiated?

    Great WNW and crop report. I’m stocking up on bacon and freezing it. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a good man Al. Good idea.

  47. Chris

    Your cartoons are always great!

    Keep standard nag for truth.

    • JC

      “Chris”, speaking of cartoons, doesn’t Greg remind you of Underdog?

      “When criminals in this world appear and break the laws that they should fear, a cry goes out both far and near for Underdog! Underdog!”

  48. Merry Piper

    Great to have you back in the show me state. I always feel good about you being here. My beloved home state of North Dakota has suffered historic crop destructions due to “climate change”. The October 2019 blizzard wiped out most of the wheat, corn, soybeans, potatoes, etc. You’ve had Dane Wigington on.

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, More ‘slap and seal’ cases to ‘hide the evidence coming in a few days… HOW TO STEAL $1T in nuclear material and get ‘State support’ to get away with via the deep state fake trials and suppression of evidence/…
    People close enough need to go to the trials – which the MSM never appear at to ‘report’ on so there are ‘witnesses’ to these sham trials…
    The Public must participate and draw awareness so these fake courts are exposed !

    • Justn Observer

      more on Harry the Greeks court findings=

      • Robert

        Justn, I find it hard to believe those two guys in the videos you’ve linked, have the influence and power to bring down or expose the CIA. They may be disinformation agents for all we know. As powerful and dirty tricks laden the CIA is, especially to eliminate their detractors, why are these guys being allowed to stand and make the claims they do is my question?

        • Justn Observer

          You might listen to them and do so research. George has decades of software design within and out of defense/banking/government program used…His father helped design and implement the first Sat phones and his brother is/was CIA.
          John o’loubghin, a retired George Town attorney who’s father (Thomas O’loughlin) was brought in by JFK to head up SACSA to break up the very thing that is going on now = SAP (special access programs) = covert op that go on behind the Presidents back, like Bay of Pigs -Phoenix – Iran Contra / Gladio set up after the WW which Sibel Edmonds exposed in her CLASSIFIED WOMAN and Gladio B = see NEWBUDS.COM or older By the way both George and John were not pro-trump but this is work to expose those using Unconstitutional means and unethical, immoral, and illegal ops to control the government…NOT necessarily just PRO-TRUMP…but PRO – Constitutional and anti- illegal, immoral acts of drugs, weapons, oil ,child trafficking and use of underage boys and girls for compromise of elected politicians and corporate leaders for the theft, transfer of resources and technology and profits from endless wars to elite world groups and bankers… as they burden ‘taxpayers’ with the debts thereof..and the patriotic youth to die and be maimed in the process… BRIDGES WAY TO FAR !
          For those that followed over three years…many bodies along the way…including Jen Moore who was George’s co-investigator. It is only their personal commitment and past and present to see justice rather that JUST US…prevail. Presently – overriding the vote of a duly elected President …be it Trump or another by a coup or assassination when the ‘deep state’ wishes to impose’their’ will rather than the electorate…
          John’s work is his life long piecing together his father’s work and suspicious death not long after JFK’s, his father was also with Gen. McArthur on the flagship in the Navy at Leyte Gulf..
          No one can be certain of another’s motives…but can be judged by their character and their work… So far I have been impressed…Hope I am not disappointed…but sometimes one has to trust. And no one says the work will take down the ‘deep state’ …but an informed public is a huge step in these days of illusions and deceptions… The last 3 year has been interesting…and am akin to research and read history… so far so good !
          Follow along?

          Want to help? Share what you know and pass it along…an aware and awake public is what MSM and ethe deep state do NOT want. ‘There’ control goal…= to keep the people the way they are…sheeple.! They are losing that ability…although they are trying to intimidate, shadowband, omit, deflect, lie, and play on emotion rather than reason. Facts matter and so do only alliances and connections … metadata matters !

          • William Stanley


  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, GW,productive night and early morning =
    Ties to Crowdstrike tightening it seems…other threads coming together also…
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Trump accuser Bill Taylor’s dad worked at Los Alamos at the AEC after being in the Army’s atomic bomb testing program Operation Sandstone. Now he has hired a small NM firm to “streamline” the documentation there for the Z Division security unit at DOE.

  51. Matt

    The deep state will start ramping up their efforts to ensure Trump loses in 2020. Watch for new scandals involving his taxes, past business dealings overseas, and his sons and corruption. The DS is going to go full-out on a smear campaign. It’ll make the first half of 2019 look tame.

  52. lightning

    Am I the only one perplexed by Hillary Clinton’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard?

    Tulsi was already irrelevant in the Democratic race. Now she is suddenly everyone’s champion because she’s taking on big bad infirmed Hillary. It would be easy to argue that the Democrats realized that the entire group of current candidates have no possible way of winning and that Tulsi is their only potential , viable, candidate.
    Given that a major percentage of people in 2016 voted against Hillary , maybe creating a viable anti-Hillary candidate is their best chance at retaking the whitehouse, getting liberal justices on the supreme court and Hillary is doing this “for the good of the deep state/socialist/communist traitors”…whatever their name is.
    I admire Ms. Gabbard for her Army Service and she is well spoken, but she is an anti-2nd amendment , big government will fix everything , free healthcare and free college liberal. It should bother everyone that she is more than willing to flip her position if its politically in her favor…she did so on Gay marriage and she certainly did not support President Trump after he pulled out of Syria . She had been advocating this for years and suddenly she didn’t like the way the president did it. She’s probably a hell of alot more serious of a threat to beating President Trump than Elizabeth ” I got fired because I was a pregnant Cherokee ” Warren. Buyer beware!

  53. Russ F

    The people responsible for this should be thrown in jail!
    This is our elected President! Leave the country if you do not like it or our elected leadership. Disgusting! What has happened to our country?

    Times Square Billboard Shows Trump Being Hogtied & Tortured

  54. Merry Piper

    Greg: I watched Rick Sanchez on the Ron Paul Liberty Report, posted today. “US media in crisis”. We have to stick together and fear not as you always say. God bless.

  55. tim mcgraw

    I was disappointed in your crop report. You didn’t mention the Oct. 11th blizzard that wiped out almost all the crops in North Dakota. NO ONE is talking about this crop disaster. The wheat crop in North Dakota is GONE! Who cares who is President if you can’t eat? Sure, here in Sonoma County California we had a near record wine grape crop. So wine for everybody, but no crackers. And the cheese is kinda iffy. Thanks for the report. Great videography. And yes, you are always very good about saying, “Thank you!” for my donations to USA Watchdog. I appreciate it very much.

  56. Maverick

    “But her emails!” Hahahahaha! Dorks!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the dork/troll. The report says”no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.” That is not the standard for “Grose Negligence.” Hillary had a private unprotected server — period. Classified information when through it — period. It is clearly “Gross Negligence” and they had a meeting to change this term in his July 2016 press conference with Comey and the FBI. This is a white wash by the Deep State reported by a Deep State publication that produces propaganda. This was not adjudicated and Hill was not “cleared,” “Dork” paid troll.

  57. Maverick

    Newsweek headline, guys,…
    “Hilary Clinton Cleared of Wrongdoing in Private Email Probe”

    “But her emails!” Hahahahaha!

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