Thanksgiving Message 11/23/17 – Greg Hunter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  I have plenty to be thankful for, and the community is one of the biggest things.  I have a few thoughts on this important holiday I want to share with you all.  I also want to let you know there will not be a Weekly News Wrap-Up this week as I am taking some time off to be with my family.  I do have an important interview with macroeconomic expert Rob Kirby coming up in the “Early Sunday Release.”  He talks about gold and silver price suppression and how, in the not-so-distant future, that game will end.  I am very thankful for your support of  Please have an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend and God Bless America!

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  1. David

    Well said. All of our problems notwithstanding, America is still the greatest country on earth. It’s worth fighting for. Thank you sir!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree David, it is well worth fighting for. Why else would these satanic weasels want it!!!

      • Diane

        Thank you Greg…
        God Bless.

      • Tom

        Greg, I’m thankful for all your efforts and the fine guests and commentary that you provide here. Your courage, integrity, and yes, wisdom are all qualities I value highly in a friend, and I consider you one indeed. I never miss a broadcast, and I urge all the other followers here contribute if they haven’t.
        While it takes guts to do what you’re doing, it also takes money and nothing is getting any less expensive lately, so appreciative viewers, please step up!
        May God bless you and your endeavors going forward.
        You are a truly a gentleman and a scholar! (and there aren’t many of us left 😉 hee hee Thanks again!

      • Janet Gaudiello

        Please consider having Dr. Steven Pieczenik on your show. He is nothing short of incredible.

    • Dave

      Imagine if the literally trillions of dollars that have been spent on the US military had been spent on the American people what America would look like now? I mean really. New airports, new bridges, free college education, advanced medical research and environmental science, etc… If you really think about how literally trillions have been wasted on the military it’s almost too much for your mind to process. America wouldn’t have a national debt. Imagine the flourishing arts scene you would have with music, movies, tv, museums, art, etc… Malls would be busy, the mood of your nation would be a complete 180 degrees from where it is now.

      • Ron

        You don’t want the trillions to be spent ON the American people. What you want is an honest money system wherein the people are paid the trillions for the work that they do instead of it being syphoned off to the bankers who control the value of money. will show you what a silver quarter is worth today. In fact, if you worked for $1.50/hr in 1964 silver coinage you’d be making $18/hr! Since 1964 our money has been changed to fiat (fake) money. We only ‘think’ we are making a living wage being paid fiat Federal Reserve Notes – a ‘note’ is a debt. The truth is the wealth of the nation is skimmed off the top for the owners of the FED. Article I Section 10 of the US Constitution says: “No state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a payment in tender of debt.” What everyone should be asking about now is why? Why aren’t the States we live in paying us in gold and silver coin? Could it be they are in violation of the Constitution???

    • Karen Rogers

      Nixon was a “crook” or “murderer” in that he made them postpone the peace deal over the war in Vietnam until he got into office so he could take credit for it. 20,000 men died during that time when the war could have ended! For that reason, in my opinion, Nixon was pretty rotten. Watergate, however, was like a squirt gun fight–as you say!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I am not sure you are right about that. Nixon ended the Vietnam war in his second term.

    • Karen Rogers

      We are grateful for you, Greg Hunter, and USAWatchdog!!!

  2. ross

    A must watch. Quin Michaels thinks that AI created Bitcoin as a platform for its own growth. If anyone has seen interactions of Sophia the Robot with real people , your alarm bells should be ringing. Steven Hawkins said that if AI takes control,the human race is finished. Facebook recently shut down two computers who created their own language that humans could not decipher. You will like this one Greg as it has a religious reference at the end.

  3. Oracle 911

    You are half-right about Russia, you woulddn’t be able do it in Russia not because of Putin and Kremlin meddling but because the oligarchs and their friends would put end to your show, perhaps with a bullet.
    Yes you can criticize Putin and what is wrong in Russia but you can’t (at least not yet) criticize in the same way corrupt politicians and oligarchs as you do it in the US.
    But it is changing, because corrupt politicians and other agents were arrested.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Dave

      When is the last time you’ve heard the mainstream media in the US talk about real issues? When was the last time they talked about the bloated runaway US military budget which is impoverishing US citizens? When does the US media talk about the completely corrupt Congress and how the members of Congress are completely bought and paid off by the American oligarchy? US has become the Soviet Union, except instead of a dictatorship of a political class it’s a dictatorship of the capitalist/deep state class.

      • Oracle 911

        I am an European but in my country the situation is similar.

  4. Charles Turner

    For me it seems there is a race against time. Mueller will use tactics like a modern day Spanish inquisition to get witnesses to lie or bear false testimony in order to get to Trump, especially Trumps son. If he can indict Trumps son and get Trump to react then they can rally the left to bring Trump down and cover up their crimes. The biggest test forTrump maybe to see his son indicted on false charges and still hold firm and wait for delayed justice.

    • Russ McMeans

      Hopefully the Donald will fire Mueller and all the top management at the FBI and then elevate the true cops from the lower ranks.

      • Greg Hunter

        Mueller should be under arrest for treason. Mueller allowed the Uranium One deal go through, and he knew full well it was a Russian operation to target U.S. uranium production. Russia is now building two nuclear reactors in Iran. You cannot make this stuff up.

        • Buffy V.S.

          First of all, Mueller didn’t “allow” some false “uranium Deal” to go through. FBI heads don’t have the authority to “allow” things. Trump invoking the name of God does NOT make him a Christian. Look at his life, his history, “grab her by the p**sy”, hurtful remarks to Gold Star families, etc. trump is the antithesis of how a Christian should act. Move on from Clinton, that’s old news. If it was true, why hasn’t she been charged by the FBI. You are a typical Trump y. The Five Stages of Trump Supporter Denial:

          1. It’s a total lie, never happened, fake news.
          2. It happened, but it’s not a big deal. A Nothing Burger
          3. Ok, it might be a big deal, but it isn’t who cares.
          4. Ok, it’s illegal, but Crooked Hillary and Obummer did “something worse”, so it’s ok.
          5. Get over it Snowflake Libtard, Cupcake, you’re just a sore loser!
          I’ve heard all the above from you. Greg.
          BTW, have you ever read the book “Left Behind”? Describes where we are RIGHT NOW. You are being conned by the Great Liar of The Book of Revelations.
          Private army by Obama? Ridiculous. Certainly you must know in your heart this is untrue.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are an idiot that does not know how the FBI or the world works. The FBI could have and should have brought charges and arrested the Russian spies engaged in money laundering and espionage. Please, you are embarrassing yourself even if you comment with an anonymous name.

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Enjoyed your ‘Thanksgiving’ broadcast – thanks. Your final observations about the relative freedom of speech in US compared to suppression in China, Russia and Iran were thought provoking. In light of what you say, why is it that you are receiving comments favourable to Putin, China et al? Could it have something to do with the powers that be in the US (TPTB – these are the weasels you talk of who still pull the strings) waging constant wars across the globe and instigating and supporting international terrorism – and decent people appreciating the counter to US hegemony being provided by Russia and China at significant risk to themselves? Despite Trump, TPTB are still in charge – they hold the purse strings. You may be permitted to voice your opinion now but that is not part of their plan for the future of the US. I believe you are correct when you state that ‘we the people’ hold the power to defeat the forces of evil BUT it’s hard for ordinary law abiding citizens with families to overtly challenge the state of affairs when the state is controlled by ‘swamp dwellers’ who appear to be above the law. That’s why, in my opinion, people support Putin and China (in spite of their authoritarian faults) – because they are doing the heavy lifting and standing up to the otherwise unbridled power of TPTB who control the military industrial complex and who thrive on war, terrorism, human suffering and mayhem. Right now, Putin, China and Trump are allies against the totally corrupt family banking dynasties (TPTB) but Trump cannot even speak openly with Putin because TPTB own the MSM who will paint him a traitor for so doing! This alone demonstrates how little real power Trump has and why people are right to support Putin and China (warts and all) while they join the fight against the real enemies of the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you think supporting communist dictators and oligarchs is going to work well for the masses you are in dream land. Do you think a ground swell of support could happen in Russia, China, and Iran to make changes without a bloody revolution? Trump is Way more powerful that you think and the NWO and the Deep State is much less powerful than you think. Freedom and liberty and a Bill of Rights and God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ is the only way to go. By the way, China still persecutes Christians and so does Iran.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Greg, You exhibit the same prejudice against Putin / Russia as the MSM. You continue to berate Russia as a communist country and a dictatorship as though no progress has been made since Stalin and the end of the Soviet Union. You ignore that Putin enjoys over 85% popular support in Russia – strange kind of ‘dictatorship’. Even the pro Russian analyses of your sage interviewee Dr Paul Craig Roberts fails to inform your prejudice.

        If I accept your prejudices against Russia and China (which I do not) there is nevertheless a precedent for Trump working with Putin and China against the cabal. Roosevelt and Churchill formed a triumvirate with Stalin in order to defeat the greater evil posed by Nazi Germany – and it worked.

        • Greg Hunter

          I stated a cold hard fact. or or would NEVER be allowed to criticize their leaders or financial system while operating inside the borders of those countries. Anyone operating a site like inside the borders of those countries would be put in prison the day after they went online!!!!! operates inside the borders of the U.S. and the U.S. government has never official tried to imprison me or shut down this site. THAT IS A STONE COLD FACT and not “prejudice.”

          • Allen Starr

            I don’t agree with this statement at all. There are numerous television shows on Russian TV that allow dissenters to participate and there is very heated debate at times. There are also sites on the internet that are very critical of Putin but most people or the government doesn’t care because nobody here listens to them. The people trust Putin and are buying what he is selling. The Jewish oligarchs are the biggest problem and that battle is yet to be fought by Putin’s new KGB. I have found that the FSB has a job to do and doesn’t bother you if you are not trying to subvert the Russian Government. I have been living here 17 years now and have found them to be highly intelligent and professional. They have never given me any trouble. I have met with many ex-KGB agents and ex-Special Forces soldiers while here due to a work related Mafia problem and they’re also highly intelligent and professional. We spent many evenings together talking to each other as they are just as interested to talk to an American as I was to talk to them. Russians don’t support any Government but they are with Putin.

            • Greg Hunter

              And my point is you could not have a counterpart to ( that would criticize Putin or the government at all. You would be killed or jailed, and YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!!!!! Let’s also tell the entire story, and please mention the many journalists and political opponents who have died of gunshot wounds (mostly to the head, but some shot in the back on a bridge.) I wonder how long you (or anyone) would last it you mentioned any criticism of Putin on a regular basis? I think Russians are a great and proud people, and I have nothing against them, but Putin can’t be perfect. The free press was supposed to be a “watchdog” of the government as noted in the U.S. Constitution. Free Speech is the very First Amendment of the Constitution. There is a reason for that!!!! Is there a free speech provision in the Russian Constitution??? With zero free press and no one allowed to speak, no wonder why Putin has an 85% rating (if you can believe the numbers.) So, please don’t come here and pat me on the head, and explain how perfect Russia is just because you have business interests there, which, by the way, makes you unobjective to say the least.

              • Allen Starr

                I disagree with this statement also as much has changed here in the last 10 years. I haven’t been in business here for 11 years now and I certainly am not trying to pat you on the head and tell you that Russia is perfect. I’m trying to tell you that you are buying into the MSM propoganda without knowing it and I already know that you will never believe the truth about Russia because you can’t understand the differences without living here for many years and this is not a knock on you. This is just the way it is with every American I ever knew who has been here or thinks they know Russia. There is a lot more about the guy shot in the back on the bridge and he was a nobody and no risk to Putin. Majinsky is another MSM propoganda job and the people reporting on it are completely ignorant of Russian law. You will never understand this either unless you have your own battles in the Russian court system like I have had. I’m trying to tell you that I was no different than you about Russia until I’d lived here for years and finally understood that things are really different here and your thinking will be wrong. It’s not all about Propoganda from the MSM as many relevant facts are also omitted which you don’t get for months sometimes. Syria is a prime example of this and so is the attack on Trump for collusion with Russia. Both sides of any issue must be explored to make a proper conclusion on any information today as both sides will lie. Putin may not have a 85% approval rating but the people are totally behind him and with good reason.

                • Greg Hunter

                  News flash, I left the MSM in 2008. I am a counter balance to the MSM. Got it??? The MSM is propaganda, and I freely admit that. I am saying I could not open a inside the borders of Russia and survive as a free man, and I may not survive at all. That’s my point, and you have continued to ignore it. I don’t have to “know Russia” to know that. This is true. Please own this. I guess Putin does have an 85% rating if NOBODY is ever allowed to have free speech and say anything about his policies or be allowed to uncover the slightest bit of wrongdoing. I CAN do that here in America, and that is an undisputed fact. After all, you are commenting on and have been for some time. You have had not had problem criticizing America have you??? Is shut down by the U.S. Government????? CAN YOU DO THE SAME THING IN RUSSIA???? The answer is not NO but,Hell NO, and that is my point!
                  There is nothing wrong with the Russian people. They are good, but we do not have the same system especially when it comes to the media.

                  • Allen Starr

                    I have ignored it on purpose because it just isn’t true today and the two systems can’t be compared because they are so different. What you say is 100% true when looking at the US system but totally irrelevant in trying to compare it with the Russian system. They are not the same and don’t have the same meaning. Russian corruption is not the same as the US and is a problem for Putin. This is one of the reasons for the new KGB which will hire from the best of graduating students from the Universities who aren’t yet corrupt themselves. In the past, Putin hired Mathematicians and Engineers to work in the Military so they wouldn’t go to other countries which has really paid off for Russia and he is ahead of the curve again with the new KGB. I do understand what you are telling me but it’s really pretty meaningless here under current circumstances in Russia and I don’t wish to pursue this any further as we are trying to compare apples and oranges which doesn’t work.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Really? NOT True???? You mean I can come set up and criticize Putin and the Russian Government and uncover wrongdoing just like in America??? Please Allen stop. You are delusional. The “difference” is YOU CANNOT DO THAT IN RUSSIA. GOT IT???? That is my point and you Ignore it because it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Russ McMeans

        My Chinese friends that own a small gas station business in Northern Nevada have nothing good to say about their homeland.
        “Mean” is all the matriarch mom said to me.

      • jc

        I found this interesting. China enforces strict internet censorship rules, which have hardened this year with new restrictions on media outlets and surveillance measures for social media sites.

      • Stephen Bryant

        After being involved with everything that has been going on for the last 10 years I can’t believe you still have your American head still up your $$$ and you above all should know better.
        Its the USA pushing for war and the BRICS standing down and avoiding WW111.
        Its Russia, Iran ending the AMERICAN MADE ISIS CRISIS.. which you very well know. Its American and your home made John McCain (ankle boot and all) who have murdered thousands of people in Syria.
        Its America who has been at war spreading their so called Democracy for approximately 200 of the of the last 241 years. So they can install puppet dictators, steal resources and murder the population. Who put America in charge?
        Talk about free speech…like the US trying to shut down RT Today and the alternative media.
        There are more protests in China then any other country in the world. 75,000 I understand
        I could go on but obviously you seem to have forgot what you have reported on in the last 10 years.
        I guess America’s so great because its HATED so much by the rest of the world? I suppose you think GOD approves of all of the above?
        I have enjoyed your articles and interviews up until now and maybe this isn’t how you intended to come across. I’m for the HUMAN RACE not the american race and IMO you have little to be proud of. When we move forward it will be as a WHOLE.
        If its the Pentagon White Hats who you speak so highly of then its time they came forward and stopped the carnage. They have know whats been going on for decades and watched from the sidelines. The only American men I can admire from my standpoint if Jackson. Kennedy and Trump who have risked all for all the people and tried to make this world a better place.
        PS I think it says in the Bible that GOD loves all the people of the world so just don’t pull out the parts you want.

        • Greg Hunter

          What country are you from? Yes, I am still proud to be an American and trying to change for the better every day. What are you doing to make the world as better place? Commenting here?

          • AndrewB

            Hi Greg, Yes, you are doing a brilliant job, disecting the propaganda of the MSM, informing and awakening your audience. This is not ‘faint praise’, it’s genuine. However, when it comes to geopolitical issues you appear to turn into a flag toting GI Joe. This is hard to take from someone who clearly knows the truth – and the truth about American militarism is terrifyingly ugly!

            • Greg Hunter

              Andrew B,
              I was one of the earliest people to say that the U.S. was “overtly or covertly arming ISIS.” I said it repeatedly for years. I also pointed out that Putin warned the U.S. about having terrorists doing your bidding before and after Benghazi (9/11/12). I also talked about how a used truck with the name “Mark 1 Plumbing” on the side of it was shipped from the Port of Houston, to Turkey and ending up with ISIS machine guns mounted on the back of the vehicle. (Yes Mark 1 Plumbing” was still on the side of the used U.S. truck that now belonged to ISIS. I am an American and I do love my country, but I have been critical and that is a fact. Thank you for your support. (Funny how ISIS was defeated after Obama left office.)

              • AndrewB

                Hi Greg and thank you for your considered reply. I agree you have highlighted many misdeeds of ‘the deep state’ and you have been brave to do so. That’s why it is so disconcerting when you appear mimic the deep state’s propaganda toward, Putin, China, Iran and North Korea. (I can sense your BP rising as your read their names). I am not an unequivocal supporter of any of the above but I am now ‘awake’ and conscious that any negative views I have of the above have been highly influenced during my entire lifetime by forces that are not so virtuous as I was lead to believe. Hence, I look hard for honest opinion . . . very hard to find, I confess. If I did not love your ‘show’ and agree with the majority of your analyses than your unequivocal condemnation of Putin, China, Iran and N Korea would not even register with me. In summary, it’s particularly worrisome when a well-informed and intelligent person such as yourself can appear programmed, like a ‘Manchurian Candidate’, when certain buttons are pressed. If someone like you can’t rise above the propaganda then what hope for Joe public?

          • Stephen Bryant

            Greg, pride is a good thing. I’m not condemning it BUT when taken to the extreme it becomes both Ignorance and Arrogance.
            I’m part of the Human race, proud at times but not blinded by being part of it. I seek the TRUTH above all else and like you go to great lengths to inform/educate the public.
            I wish you and your family a Merry CHRISTmas!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are a delusional, godless, atheist, communist that has no idea how to stat and run a business. You are ungrateful and pompous. Let me guess, you work for the government in some way??? Am I right? Yes, I DID NOT POST YOUR INSULTING comment where you called me “Stupid” or “afraid.” I don’t have to put up with that especially when I put out totally free information and interviews. Happy Thanksgiving and I guess you are thanking “karma” or some other delusional thing. Hold tight to nothing baby because nothing is going to love you back.!!!!!


        • Sharon Rogers


          So OK, I am not part of the echo chamber…. therefore I have to be a “delusional, godless, atheist, communist” ….yep a very reasoned and adult response…. NOT!

          ….and no, I do not work “for the government in some way???”….actually you couldn’t possibly be more wrong if you tried….I am a fricken farmer!!! My very DNA is CAPITALIST!!!!


  6. Mike from the north

    I would like to make a confession.

    I am 65 years old and for most of that time I have always had a belief that most Americans were full of themselves.

    As a rule I do not tolerate arrogance.

    But for many reasons I have tolerated Americans.

    Today I want to apologize and say Thank You to America.

    I realize now that hidden behind that perceived arrogance are mostly GOOD PEOPLE.

    Yes a small percentage are those we fight against. DARKNESS but most are good people caught up in a web of deceit by the elites.

    Today I am so thankful that people like Greg Hunter , Bill Holter, Greg Mannarino and many other Americans are people that I not only respect but am so THANKFUL that they are part of who I am today.

    Greg, and all of my fellow WD’S I am a better person because of your EFFORTS HERE. NoT just your message about what we are headed into but thankful for your reminders that our faith in God is what we need to get through all of this and what is coming.

    My warmest Thanks to you and the WATCHDOG family I appreciate all that you do and love to read the comments from all of us that meet here to share our knowledge and advice.

  7. H. Craig Bradley

    Rob Kerby says we are in for it. The (pat) solution: Buy some precious metals. Black Friday Specials, anyone?

    • Russ McMeans

      If a gold and silver retail outlet was set up at all the malls in America and opened on Black Friday with $1000 gold/ounce & $12 silver/ounce for that day only, would anybody buy?….. ( most goldbugs aren’t in malls on Black Friday , I’m assuming; so would the general public buy? ).

  8. Bob from Mo.

    Greg, I”m thankful there is a Watchdog usa !!!!! Thanks for all you do !!!! You the Man!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob!!

  9. Chip

    Wonderful Thanksgiving message Greg. My wife Tammy just said, “he’s such a good person”, and it’s so true Greg. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip (and wife)!!

  10. Jerry

    I am thankful that you had the courage to create this site and for the work you do each day. You are truly a pioneer in the wilderness of denial. I am reminded each black Friday how clueless the American public is about our situation, as they rush to the blue light specials to buy worthless crap that’s made in China, when they should be using this time to buy food. From my account nothing has changed economically. Since the beginning if 2017 money creation has gone up by as much as 544%.

    That should be a clue that central banks have no plan, and that the Federal Reserve Bank taper talk was nothing but a myth. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for each day we get to put ourselves in a position to survive what’s coming.

    My suggestion, use this time wisely to prepare yourself physically and above all spiritually. In my estimation this country is at the apex of the pride cycle mentioned in the holy scriptures, and is on schedule to begin the repentance cycle that the lord uses to bring people back to him when evil abounds. Its a reoccurring cycle. But like you said, if you’re doing what the lord expects of you, you have nothing to fear.
    Thanks again Greg.

  11. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, been with you from the start, it has been my pleasure to know there are still great
    Americans out there like you! Enjoy the weekend. God Speed, a b

  12. The Seer

    Greg, please consider a donation drive for 2018 for your site.
    I am sure visitors can contribute in Dec for Jan 1, 2018 big start
    of the year for all your hard work that you, your wife and
    web master do. Is there a way to put a donation ad on your
    home page or by your video? Even if $5, $10, $20 or fill in
    what one can contribute.

    • Greg Hunter

      The site is free and I don’t want to pressure people into giving anything. If they do great, and if they don’t, I really want them to get the information which is most important, and that is great too. You are very kind to think of me.

  13. Tad

    I like the idea of mass tribunals for Washington’s “elite.” How do you think their punishment is best served? After all, we’re about multiple law violations per individual.

    Heck, Robert Mueller is probably guilty of at least ten.

    While I’m no advocate of vigilante justice, rule of law isn’t working. In time, the dissatisfied and disaffected may grab their pitchforks.

  14. Craig

    You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need!

  15. andyb

    Greg: first of all, a very Merry Christmas and holiday season to you and yours. For the education you bring to the uniformed, you certainly deserve it.

    Let’s hope that the new year brings closure to the Clinton fiasco with jail time or a firing squad, the true penalty for treason. With Trump’s election, the American people managed to avert the ultimate catastrophe; can you imagine a true war-mongering psychopath with the nuclear codes?

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg. I hope your Thanksgiving went well.

    I truly appreciate the “Armor of God” quote you left us with. There’s a good life lesson in that passage. (Recommended reading and relevant to current events.)

    Just one more thing to be thankful for.

  17. James G Blank

    I’m thankful for you Greg! God bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for your kind words!

  18. Sean McGee


    There is a nice interview on WealthTrack. Scott Minerd is interviewed. Manages 290 Billion in various bond portfolios at Guggenheim Partners. He points to recession in 18 months or less. He is very strait forward. Might be a great new guest for your site.

  19. Andy Camp

    In this time where Love and Forgiveness is in short supply my thoughts take me back to when I was a child and the river was the place to be Baptized. Well the river is always waiting as is the Christ. It’s never to late to ask for forgiveness nor is it too late to share the same. As a composer I wrote a song about that feeling and here are the lyrics.

    Pray for the fallen
    Pray for the brave
    Pray for each other as we make our way

    Sing for the young
    Sing for the aged
    Sing for the morning at the break of day

    Hold on…It won’t be long
    The river is waiting to wash away, our tears away
    Hold on…It won’t be long
    The river is waiting to wash away, our sins away
    Hold on

    Love your brothers
    Love your sisters
    Give Love to the world, as the story’s told, from days of old

    Live from your heart
    Give from your soul
    Give peace to the world, it’s more than gold

    Hold on…It won’t be long
    The river is waiting to wash away, our tears away
    Hold on…It won’t be long
    The river is waiting to wash away, our sins away
    Hold on…Hold on

    A very nice Thanksgiving message Greg and I hope the despair so many are feeling these days can be washed away by remembering so many good things that people have done in the past and try to accomplish today. Remember the MSM news only reports the bad things which is a small portion of the tremendous struggle dedicated people add to our survival everyday.

  20. Macray

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg and fellow Watchdoggers!!!

    Greg, I look forward to your early Sunday release with RK and why he believes that in the not-so-distant future, the Gold and Silver suppression game will end.
    Perhaps RK will be able to share some “new” information on this subject and what he might mean by the term “not-so-distant future”??? Hope so!!!

    • Macray

      Here is an article written back in June of this year by Mr. Jim Sinclair.

      Jim Sinclair Reveals How CFTC Can IDENTIFY Gold & Silver Manipulators

      In the article, a key question asks, is the CFTC now “changed” with a new administration and are they serious about following the rule of law?
      To date, there has been no follow up article penned by Mr. Sinclair and no apparent signs from my perspective that the CFTC has indeed changed.
      Maybe RK has some new information regarding changes taking place behind the scenes over there???

  21. William Glesne

    At times, the burden seems so heavy watching our God given Country be torn to bits as our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are being totally stomped upon and as Evil consumes anything in it’s path. Our saving Grace, as the Lord has spoken, is that we are temporarily in this world, but not of this world.
    Thank you for your uplifting Thanksgiving Message!
    Your Brother In Christ,

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up William, but I feel you frustration!! Thank you for your support and comment!!

  22. john duffy

    I’m grateful for you and your allies, Greg. The word is getting out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!!

  23. libertarian jerry

    Well stated Greg. As an old man I have watched the Communist takeover of America. Gradually over the past 100 years or so all 10 Planks to the Communist Manifesto have been implemented (albeit in modified form) into the American Fabric. To dismantle this cancer is a tremendous task. How do you undue a century of Constitutional Amendments,Constitutional interpretations and a gigantic deep administrative state that rules over us? Today over half of the American population are net tax consumers. Either employed by or receiving largess from one level of government or another. These same people out vote the productive Economic Class. Also they control the laws,the courts and the law enforcement (guns) of the Political Class. They will not surrender their power and life on the government gravy train easily or without violence. Mr.Trump,although trying,can only scratch the surface.
    In the end,I do hope that America can be saved. People like you are a great asset to the Liberty movement. Your honesty and frankness are a breath of fresh air. In the end we have a long way to go to achieve liberty in this great land of ours. I hope its not too late.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Jerry!!

  24. Sue Patterson

    So much to be thankful for: God who loves us, Jesus who died for us, President Trump and a chance to make things better in the US.
    Your willingness to bring the truth of the God of the Bible into your news productions is one of the things that makes it so good. I’m thankful that you do this work, it’s high quality.
    Isaiah 41
    10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
    11 Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish.
    12 Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought.
    13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

  25. Tommy

    Another thing to be thankful for – cnbc reported that Trump has appointed more federal judges in his first year than the last four presidents did in their first. According to the report he is on his way to making more federal court nominations in the last 45 years. And they note a big thanks goes to Harry Reid who eliminated the filibuster for judicial nominations. While the MSM is paying attention to his tweets about Lavar Ball, he is actually getting things done that will have long term benefits for us.

  26. Markus Fichter

    Hello Greg, You’re doing a great job. Could be that I’m the only one from Switzerland who is watching your show. So your audience is world wide.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think I have a few from Switzerland, like Egon von Greyerz!!
      Thank you for your support.

      • Markus Fichter

        Sure I was watching Egon von Greyerz in your show too. I get so many great Information like that and i prop up my english the same time. Dave Janda was unveiling shocking things and Greg Mannarino tells economics in a very easy way.

  27. Antonius Aquinas

    New Article:


    • Greg Hunter

      Some of the harshest criticism of this Pope is coming from INSIDE the catholic church.

      • Russ McMeans

        Speaking of our beloved conservative Catholics. I’m making a request to our host Greg Hunter to interview Ann Barnhart. She was a Catholic commodities broker that gave her client’s money back and closed down her operating platform when IMF Global went down. (IMF Global went down due to corruption) ….She is allusive but you would enjoy her input. She’s hiding out in Colorado somewhere and addresses deep Catholic theology stuff that’s way over my understanding. She is beyond smart/ Mensa grade and she knows Christ for sure. Her website ends in .biz and yes, I think she speaks Latin too. She is an amazing storybook of faith and financial things. She grew up on a farm in the Midwest somewhere.

  28. Julia

    Hi Greg,

    Just listened to the message which was terrific. Who would ever have guessed God would use Donald Trump to lead the way? I’m grateful God is giving us time to clean up this mess and is so vert merciful. Looking forward to the new year. And let us not grow weary in doing well, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart (Galatians 6:9).


  29. oneno

    This BBC report lays bare the original US allies:
    “Remember, we are there illegally. Our original allies in this operation, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are all operating there illegally as well.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I said repeatedly for years the U.S. was overtly or covertly supporting ISIS.

      • oneno

        You cannot ignore the long history of terrorists who are the self admited enemy of man and in this case even against their own people.

        Of course, I’m talking about the sinking of the SS Patria on November 25. 1940 by Jewish terrorists, the paramilitary group Haganah, (which later became the IDF) and Irgun terrorists bombed the Patria which was carrying Jewish refugees.

  30. sam

    Enjoy Thanksgiving and thanks for your important work
    The following is important news
    Is Trump Jr Being Set up By his Own Lawyers?
    One of the most interesting events is how the Democrats and Muller have gone after Trump, Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer last year. The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower said the president’s oldest son told her the U.S. government would review a 2012 law punishing Russian human rights abusers if Donald Trump won the presidency, according to a report. So what is this really about? It’s called the Maginsky Act.
    I have written before that the Maginsky Act was a political payback for Bill Browder. The claim of Browder that his Russian tax attorney Sergei Magnitsky was imprisoned and died before trial was trying to fight corruption in Russia is far from the truth with his Hermitage Capital. This is the very operation that Edmond Safra (Republic National Bank) and crew wanted me to invest $10 billion in and it was all about making money – not fighting political corruption.
    The documentary film about me and this incident, the Forecaster, was banned in the United States. NetFlix at first agreed to air the film and then management killed the deal. The distributor in the USA and Switzerland paid for the rights and then refused to show the film in theaters. That entire thing was about blackmailing Yeltsin to take over Russia. Talk about manipulating elections – nobody will talk the truth about this matter and you would think that Trump Jr.’s lawyers would be on the phone with me. No way! That leaves a HUGE question in my mind whether Trump, Jr.’s lawyers are really defending him or are they just pretending?

    Putin seized all the assets of Hermitage Capital and Browder fought in Congress to get the Magnitsky Act passed to try to seize assets to get his money back. I always found it very strange that here the object was to influence the election of the president of Russia by blackmail, and the Congress passes the Magnitsky Act as if it was human rights because of some attorney who dies in a prison in Russia. Something is seriously missing. The fact that Trump Jr.’s lawyers are not bringing this out, which would really go to the heart of all this Russian nonsense, makes me wonder who is pulling the strings behind the curtain to set-up Trump, Jr.

  31. Ice Man Chuck

    You’re a good egg Greg!!

  32. sam

    You might be right about not being able to speak out in China and Iran but maybe Russia is changing under Putin?
    Maybe Putin is having the same problem with the ‘deep state’ as Trump? There were 70 years of communists to shake out?
    Lower House committee passes bill on protection for citizens reporting corruption
    Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 15:12

  33. e p

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr Greg Hunter !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you e p !! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours!

  34. Paul ...

    As America gives thanks to God today out of one side of its mouth … for the abundance of food on our tables … and remember the kindness of “non-white people” who “saved the Pilgrims” from famine … out of the other side of our mouth we authorize another $7 billion in US “precision guided munitions” to Saudi Arabia (to slaughter those “non-white turkeys” in Yemen in order to bring millions of them to famine and starvation) … no wonder more and more nations want to “kill all white men” (i.e. South Africa, etc.) … who espouse Christian Principles (but instead help Saudi murders do Evil)!! …

    • Paul ...

      Rather then use “precision guided munitions” on Yemeni men, women and children … Trump should re-direct these munitions to Afghanistan … to take out (as a Christmas present to the Deep State) the 400 to 500 narcotics facilities they still have remaining in Afghanistan … put the $7 billion in precision munitions (now going to the Saudi’s) on F22 Raptor Stealth Fighters and along with B52 bombers make the entire Afghanistan Nation into a “poppy free zone” … thereby depriving the Deep State of the dirty drug money they now use for “very evil purposes”!! …

      • Paul ...

        Thanksgiving for real? … Following a lengthy Trump-Putin phone call on Tuesday … … it seems that Trump may do “the right thing in Yemen” based upon what seems to be a firm commitment of US disengagement from Syria consistent with his “America first” non-interventionist campaign promises … the cost to US taxpayers for American troop deployment and wars in the broader Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, etc.) now totals about $6 trillion dollars … Trump has tweeted: “I will bring peace to the mess I inherited … it will be done … what a mistake in both lives and money to have even been here in the first place”!! … Go Trump … Do it … you are on the path of righteousness!!! … God will again look with favor on our once “great” Nation “more and more” as we abide once again in the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ!

  35. R.J.

    greg it looks like you got a thanksgiving haircut and it looks great on you by the way . Lynard Skynard said in thier classic song “sweet home alabama; `watergate does not bother me does your consciense bother you. and i agree that it was small potatoes compared to what hillary has done. having said that, some australian children have come forward and accused nixon as being a pedophile. also being canadian i wish trump was leading our country instead of our idiotic progressive Godless prime minister , justin castro, People i respect say he got his fathers looks “fidel“ and his mothers brains. Please carry on your great work and happy thanksgiving to all my american friends.


  36. rwmctrofholz

    Greg’s got what Trump’s got: connection with his supporters. Can’t be faked. While Greg tells us things we need to hear, the major alphabet networks have ads to sell and tell viewers what they want to hear.

    Great stuff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you rwmctrofholz!! Funny you say this. I was not going to do anything until I saw Trump on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. I thought about it all day, and decided to talk because there were things I could say in this message that I could not say in a normal Weekly News Wrap-Up. Thank you for your comment and support.

  37. Robert Dziok

    We’re all thankful/grateful also in return that you via USAWatchdog are here for us to shine the light of TRUTH on the darkness of EVIL and help free us from their deceptions/propaganda and thus help us spiritually/intellectually to grow in a positive way in our journey through life.

  38. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg and God bless you and our President. We will keep you in our prayers!

  39. Lynn Olcott

    Thank you for everything you do,I look forward for every show!! Thanks to you I try to fear not!

  40. Paul ...

    Well pedophiles … seems you can’t hide anymore … like Rumpelstiltskin we’ve got your name … “Luciferians” … no more women and children to snuff and stuff like turkeys and made into “spirit soup” for your “thanksgiving pleasure” … no longer will we allow you to turn our women and children (like straw) into gold for you!! …

  41. Tad

    I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Putin doesn’t fully trust Erdogan. When the deal was announced a few months back, that I was struck incredulous a deal could be struck so soon after the Turkish downing of a Russian fighter. One could say relations must have improved after Mr. Putin notified Erdogan of the coup attempt almost two years ago.

    I sense a mercurial relationship, and one that might improve in unusual ways should Turkey remove itself from NATO and remove NATO forces from Incirlik and other bases in Turkey.

    What are the odds, though?

  42. Tom H

    Hi Greg, I have listened to you a lot over the years and have always found you to be a courageous warrior for truth. Your announced support of Israel, in my opinion, shows that you really are yet to grasp the source of all the things you have grown to hate about our government.
    If this is because of your belief in the Bible, please tell me what current day Israel and the leaders thereof have to do with anything in the Bible? Please tell me how you give them a pass on their crimes against humanity whilst you detest the very people that have taken over our government?
    Israel is a terrorist state. Their Mossad Intelligence is the source of a lot of the things we are blaming other countries for, and the USA Corporation.
    This has nothing to do with Anti Semetism or the Jews of the Bible. It just has to do with following the facts even if they conflict with your religious beliefs, and calling out crime where it dwells, in the heart of the Israeli Nation State, conjured out of thin air by the Balfour Declaration. A blatant and ongoing crime of genocide, somehow sanctioned by the Bible, if we lived in opposite world.

    • Sharon Rogers


      A once regular WD commenter, “Col-the farmer from NZ”, was unceremoniously booted off this site for asking the very same awkward and unwelcome questions….I agree with everything in your post and wish you the very best of luck with the forthcoming response.

      Best regards from the antipodes

      • Greg Hunter

        No Sharon,
        Again, you state you opinion as proven fact. Col from NZ stopped commenting.

        • Sharon Rogers

          I signed off as Col in the above post as a hint and you still didn’t flick up did you!!

          My opinion, in this case, IS fact I am COL…I post under my partners name because you ceased posting my comments when I stated that there was more than one side to the Israel/Palestine story.

          I believe my message is both valid and important because it has no religious bias and because I believe that so many of you are that caught up in the matrix and blinded by religious hypocrisy that you cannot or will not see the wood for the trees.

          If you didn’t bar me as you state above would you allow me to resume posting as “Col – the Farmer from NZ” or would you rather I went off quietly into the night…or perhaps played on the street, hopefully having a nasty accident so that I no longer ask any more awkward questions….your choice it’s your sandpit.


          • Greg Hunter

            You are even more of a block head when you are Sharon Rogers, and you have now admitted I HAVE been posting your comments. Call yourself what you want. Yes, It is my sand pit and you should go start you own. See if people are going to buy your hopeless, godless, atheism. You have to come to a successful Christian site to get your crappy, idiotic message out, and people are not buying it. Why would I want to devalue my enterprise with your negative message week in and week out????? Yes, I guess I got tired of the crap and stopped “Col” as I thought it added no value to people here. But I still allowed your crappy message under a different name. WOW you proved I am open minded!!!!!!! And I put up with a lot!!!!!!! before I cut it off!!!! Thank you!!!! YES, IT”S My SAND PIT AND YOU SHOULD BUILD YOUR OWN to put out the message you want. Check back with me to see how it works out for you “Sharon.”

  43. Tad

    One wonders the parameters around which the Democrats and a few holdout Republicans would support a tax cut.

    Is it really about the . . .”money?” No one is asking Nancy Pelosi and her tribe to read the bill. So passe. I mean even the most ignorant Democrats have probably realized that the money is fake and the deficit will never be repayed.

    As important, the Fed or Plunge Protection Team from Treasury is scooping up every debt instrument to be had–not to mention more than a few equity (stock) issuances.

    No one is asking the Democrats for spending cuts. Republicans-or those that vote like Democrats-aren’t asking for them either.

    We know it’s not real Nancy, but play the game anyway. Let us try for at least another years of expansion before it all crashes.

  44. John M.

    Thank you Greg for sacrificing so much and working so hard to provide us with an information center that we can go to that is honest and objective. This is so important when almost everything out there is fake and propaganda. That’s opposite of the MSM that is always trying to destroy the very foundations that have made America a great place to live.
    Thank you also for frequently mentioning God and the Christian perspective in your editorials — we need more of that. America has turned its back on God, and we are reaping the consequences of stubborn pride and immorality. Your site is making a difference like planting that mustard seed, surely influencing minds and lives in ways that you can’t imagine.
    Also, USA Watchdog is really like an oasis in the desert and wilderness. It refreshes many of us, giving us some comfort in that we share many of the same thoughts and beliefs. I’m always mystified that more Americans do not think like we do, but that’s your special mission to GIVE to the world.
    I always look forward to your interviews and commentaries like a kid at Christmas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!!

  45. Oxfarmer

    So thankful for you, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Oxfarmer! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!

  46. Mike from the north

    The one thing I am not thankful for is Central Bankers.

    They are the scum of the earth.

    Almost every trouble man faces can be placed at the doorstep of Central Bankers.

    Nothing they have ever done has been on the up and up.
    Everything has been a scheme or an act of deception.

    May God show them no mercy.

    Yes..I am angry. I am angry at the World that I am leaving for my children and grandchildren.

  47. Barry

    When Trump stated that it was the calm before the storm, most commentators thought it was about North Korea but I believe(d) it was about what the sealed indictments will all be about and the outing of the pedophiles and other sexual predators. It could also be about going after the other bad actors in the intelligenge agencies and government. I have another suspicion that Bitcoin was created by the banksters who are probably finding it difficult to contain the price of the precious metals. They needed to have another lightning rod to attract attention from the metals in order to assist in diverting attention from their faltering fiat currencies. They probably will adopt the block chain technology into a new digital only currency but it won’t be Bitcoin! Those in early will be laughing for a while but the Johnny-come-latelies may get fleeced! I advise sticking to gold and silver coins from the mint as these will not be counterfeit.

  48. Mimi

    Well when it comes to Putin, I, for one, deeply admire him for the enormous battle he took on assisting President Assad of Syria in defeating ISIS. It is heartbreaking to see the destruction ISIS wreaked on the people in that once beautiful country. President Assad was just in Russia thanking Putin for his help.

    And as for President Xi Jinping of China, I deeply admire him as well. He lifted 700 million of his own out of poverty and plans to eliminate poverty for the remaining 40 million people by the year 2020. Also, the One Belt One Road (New Silk Road) is already in progress in Africa helping lift that country and its people out of poverty and despair.

    I’m sure there is a degree of corruption in China and Russia, but it’s nowhere near the high degree of corruption in the US. So maybe we here in the US need a USA Watchdog website to help in draining our deep, slimy, inhuman swamp. Russia and China not so much. Their leaders appear to have their act together in fighting the evil that is upon mankind.

    My two cents.

  49. Rick Geisler

    Nixon got a raw deal from the left media. He was a very intelligent man despite his flaws. That in spite of Obama and Clinton who : according to the main stream press, had no flaws. Yes, at the end of your video you said you didn’t get what you wanted. You did get what you needed. Sounds like the Stones song. Yes Amen!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Nixon was “not a crook” and no money was made on the Watergate break in. There was also zero national security concerns. Hillary and company are the total opposite.

  50. Red

    Greg, long time no comment, but have to say something on all this talk of “Market Crashes” ex bank of England governor Merv King was on Aussie television just last
    week explaining how central banks (in short) don’t have much room on interest rates but
    they can “buy assets” specifically he talked gov bonds “indefinitely” The stock market
    will not be allowed to crash. JMO but I think by 2025 western governments may own up to 3/4s of equities markets, again JMO What will “crash” will be a major western currency & for my two bits the British pound followed by OZ,Canadian dollars will
    be the 1st. JMO Hope all is well with watchdoggers sincerely

  51. Wade

    You mentioned that we are not to be afraid of evil. What is evil the most scared of? Its the name of Jesus Christ and those that carry that message. One man I would ask you to consider interviewing this Christmas is a man the devil really hates. He has tried to have this man killed many times. See This year he is trying to raise money to buy gifts for 200,000 children and the dcvil tried to kill him again. He is one of America’s unknown heroes. I hope you can help change that. I always said a movie of his life was the best movie, that was never made, and that’s a shame. I put him in the category of Desmond Doss and Mother Theresa.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Wade!!

  52. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    We, dear brother, are grateful for you. You go out on a limb, financially and spiritually, to bring us the best information possible and available from some of the most credible sources known to man. For that we thank you.
    I did an 8-part series on Ephesians 6:12 and how it is relevant to our day and age.
    And, I did this one for you:
    I know you put up with a lot of bull pucky but you produce a quality product and have every right to be proud of USAWATCHDOG.COM. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished.
    We just got home after being on the road a couple of weeks and we will go back and listen to all the interviews once we get rested.

  53. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I was just reading an article on ZeroHedge that was talking about BitCoin being at almost $10k. Didn’t Clif High, one or two interviews ago, predict that BitCoin would be at $12.5k by February 2018? Looks like he may hit it on the nose.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it was closer to $14,000. Looks like he’s going to be correct.

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