The End of the Bull Stock Market – Buy Gold – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says forget what the mainstream media talking heads are telling you about this market. Nenner says, “When unemployment is low, it’s the end of the bull market.  Last Sunday, I published a chart that shows every time the unemployment is around 4.1% or 4.2%, and you can see this in 1973, 1987, 1990 and 2007, and you can go on and on, and now, also, you have a market crash.  I find it amazing that people can come on television and say things that are totally wrong factually, and you can prove it is wrong.”So, Charles Nenner is calling a top right now, but the market is not going to go straight down. Market tops are a process.  Nenner explains, “The cycles saw a market top.  It doesn’t always have to come down immediately, it just means the market will not go higher.  I don’t think we will go back to the highs one more time because the quarterly cycle, and it is a long cycle, did top at the end of last year.  I also want to put in a caveat about all this talk that we are in a 10% correction.  Somebody came up with 10%, and it is not based on anything. . . . The fact is we are totally out of stocks.  What is coming is big, but market tops take time.  I don’t think it’s going to go down immediately.”

When will this new bear market hit bottom? Nenner says, “We should hit a major low in 2020. . . . I have been on record saying that the next bear market goes down to 5,000.  If you are in stocks, I say you could lose everything if the DOW goes to 5,000.  This is the price target I have had for a couple of years.”

What does Nenner think you should buy for protection? Nenner says, “You buy gold because nothing else is going to keep its value.  Gold is going, as I have said for a long time, to $2,500 (per ounce) at least.  Again, you buy gold because nothing else will keep its value.  Stocks can go down, you can get stuck with some losses in the bond market, the housing market will go down based on homebuilder stocks and the financial system can scare you.  So, what is left? Buy gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center.

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After the Interview: 

Charles Nenner points out if you look back every year that ended in the number 7, it was a market top year. He said, “2017 will follow the same pattern as 2007, 1997, 1987, 1977, 1967, 1957, 1947 and 1937.”  Nenner contends 1927 was supposed to be a market top year, but things got distorted and it was pushed off until 1929.

Nenner predicts the next market crash will not be quite as bad as 1929, but it will be bad.

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  1. gregd

    Math doesn’t lie. It’s time for John Williams. Nobody else gives us the true numbers. I’m hoping you have him soon. Thanks.

    • Anthony Australia

      Yes please.

    • CRAT

      “AMEN” to that gregd…..

    • Rob Banks

      Shadowstats shows 22% unemployment for the past 5 years. Hard to believe Mr. Nenner doesn’t know this. No doubt about it here in flyover country.

      • al

        amen and amen (as the Bible says)

      • Paul ...

        When printing money hand over fist by the Fed can’t get the economy moving … the Ponzi game is over … we are officially in a hyper-inflationary depression … where a simple trip to Disneyland with the kids now costs what your parents paid for a three bedroom house with a two car garage in 1954 … our money is becoming “Zimbabwe paper confetti” … and soon it will take a Trillion “Zimbabwe” US dollars to buy one ounce of silver!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          yep, still waiting for this deflation…

          • Greg Hunter

            What do you call the defaulted debt of Puerto Rico? ($74 billion) What do you suppose is going to happen to the massive debt in Illinois? This is debt destruction and that is classic deflation as was the deflationary forces in the housing crisis (2008) when home values were cut dramatically.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Sure, point taken, but theoretically they will just create more and more currency to compensate. There may be pockets of deflation but how come the price of everything keeps rising? Can the deflationists answer one question: what is going to stop the central banks creating QUADRILLIONS of dollars/pounds/Euros out of thin air?

              • This sceptred Isle

                this will be anything but a classic deflation. In the 1930s the dollar was still tied to gold and so money could not just be created out of thin air and so you had a classic deflationary scenario. Today money can be created to paper over this mess. I take your point that there are pockets of deflation but overall we are seeing inflation with stocks and bonds near record valuations, oil/commodity prices resuming their uptrend, utility bills going up, travel expenses going up, food bills going up (including shrinkflation).

                • This sceptred Isle

                  imagine what will happen when the printing presses really hot up and we see helicopter money.

            • This sceptred Isle

              How can we be in an overall deflation when the uk official inflation figure as of today is 3%? And as your regular guest John Williams confirms these statistics are understated.


              • Paul ...

                TSI … Perhaps this will be clearer … printing money hand over fist by the Fed is inflation (pure and simple) … can’t getting the economy moving is deflationary (as everyone cuts back on buying because the money they have won’t pay their rising inflated bills) … therefore I use the term hyper-inflationary-depression to describe the current situation … actually defaulting on ones loans and bills (because wages and COLA’s don’t keep pace with inflation) drives the deflationary side of the equation … while the Fed hyper-inflates to cover all the banksters loan losses so their Ponzi scheme won’t collapse!!

            • boris chikvashvili

              Let’s try to get terminology clear, so that we do not talk past each other. One man’s inflation is another’s deflation. If home prices go down home owner gets deflated, the one that held the cash has seen his purchase power inflated. Inflation is subject to laws of physics .. like Energy It does not disappear, it moves ( EINSTEIN). Therefore, the only thing that matters is a trade. Did you buy it low and sell it high? You made money, at least in the currency , in which transaction was executed, which does not still guarantee that you have made money against the better trade you could have had during the same time period(:-. There is another aspect of inflation , the way it is defined. Individually, nobody can say that inflation is GLOBAL concept. Individual Cost of living is subject to individuals life style. Therefore OFFICIAL INFLATION ( regardless of who OFFICIAL IS, GOV or Mr Williams ) is different. That is how the POOR and elderly on FIXED INCOME are defrauded, because Computer prices may go down, and they do not get COLA, but nobody asked them if they bought new computer this year. Certainly only few of the bought IPHONES(:-
              Thanks and ENJOY VERY MUCH all the discussions , sometimes confusing, but always educational. Thanks Greg

    • David Larsen


    • ConcAmDad

      ‘Like listening to the nutty professor……. and now we’re believing the unemployment numbers?

    • Gordon Shumway

      Amen & AMEN!
      Using the Shadowstats option @, I input what the Dow was when I was a stockbroker in 1970 (683), and asked it what the NUMERICALLY EQUIVALENT Dow would be as of 2017, adjusted for ACTUAL INFLATION, as opposed to what the Guvvamint would have us believe. Are you ready for it? (Drumroll)
      Stated another way, virtually ALL of the “growth” in stock prices since 1970 is due to INFLATION.
      And THAT, boys and girls” is what the Trumpster is actually up against in the months ahead.

      • Paul ...

        Investing in the stock market will protect you against inflation … but only up to a point … the point being where businesses begin to fail … take Disney stock for example … when people start to say “I just can’t afford to go to Disneyland with the kids anymore as my wages are not keeping up with inflation” … Disney stock will simply not earn the money needed to keep its stock rising … the same is true with other businesses … price to earnings ratios are now at historical extremes … so the stock market “is not the place to put money to protect you from the hyper-inflation of the money supply to come” … only gold and silver can offer that protection!!

        • james

          i love how people keep using how expensive it is to go to Disneyland yet Disneyland has to raise their prices every year and in addition they implement UBER like “surge pricing” on certain days to curb demand because they have too many people visiting their park. All because YOU can’t afford it doesn’t mean it’s too high, it means YOU are priced out of the market. Like an old computer that can’t compete with a newer model. My dad complains about gas prices compared to his “fixed” income and my response is …don’t be FIXED. Continue to grow and gather new skills and when you get discriminated in the market place because of your age then become a consultant where you age is an asset. No one knows if the market is high or not in absolute terms…maybe its just too high for YOU. As Warren Buffet states the biggest asset is yourself and if you put all your efforts to continually better yourself and gain skills your income will be such it doesn’t matter what the stock market does day to day

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, I do believe it will be precious metals that above all willl hold and excel in value.
    Bix Weir only said this morning that Gold will not save the world and Silver will be only for industrial usage. He claims it is Crypo’s that will ultimately prevail.
    Everyone has an opinion but do they truly know what the Rothschild & Rockefeller families are cooking up.
    Buy food, water, a generator and other essentials, a real hedge against inflation and survival certainty.
    Love & Peace to all. The hour is now.

    • al

      Bix’s claims are just that, just claims. I know a tour guide in the Canyon and he specifically said there is no go