The End of the Bull Stock Market – Buy Gold – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says forget what the mainstream media talking heads are telling you about this market. Nenner says, “When unemployment is low, it’s the end of the bull market.  Last Sunday, I published a chart that shows every time the unemployment is around 4.1% or 4.2%, and you can see this in 1973, 1987, 1990 and 2007, and you can go on and on, and now, also, you have a market crash.  I find it amazing that people can come on television and say things that are totally wrong factually, and you can prove it is wrong.”So, Charles Nenner is calling a top right now, but the market is not going to go straight down. Market tops are a process.  Nenner explains, “The cycles saw a market top.  It doesn’t always have to come down immediately, it just means the market will not go higher.  I don’t think we will go back to the highs one more time because the quarterly cycle, and it is a long cycle, did top at the end of last year.  I also want to put in a caveat about all this talk that we are in a 10% correction.  Somebody came up with 10%, and it is not based on anything. . . . The fact is we are totally out of stocks.  What is coming is big, but market tops take time.  I don’t think it’s going to go down immediately.”

When will this new bear market hit bottom? Nenner says, “We should hit a major low in 2020. . . . I have been on record saying that the next bear market goes down to 5,000.  If you are in stocks, I say you could lose everything if the DOW goes to 5,000.  This is the price target I have had for a couple of years.”

What does Nenner think you should buy for protection? Nenner says, “You buy gold because nothing else is going to keep its value.  Gold is going, as I have said for a long time, to $2,500 (per ounce) at least.  Again, you buy gold because nothing else will keep its value.  Stocks can go down, you can get stuck with some losses in the bond market, the housing market will go down based on homebuilder stocks and the financial system can scare you.  So, what is left? Buy gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center.

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After the Interview: 

Charles Nenner points out if you look back every year that ended in the number 7, it was a market top year. He said, “2017 will follow the same pattern as 2007, 1997, 1987, 1977, 1967, 1957, 1947 and 1937.”  Nenner contends 1927 was supposed to be a market top year, but things got distorted and it was pushed off until 1929.

Nenner predicts the next market crash will not be quite as bad as 1929, but it will be bad.

There is free information and videos on To sign up for a free trial of Nenner’s detailed analysis, click here.


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  1. gregd

    Math doesn’t lie. It’s time for John Williams. Nobody else gives us the true numbers. I’m hoping you have him soon. Thanks.

    • Anthony Australia

      Yes please.

    • CRAT

      “AMEN” to that gregd…..

    • Rob Banks

      Shadowstats shows 22% unemployment for the past 5 years. Hard to believe Mr. Nenner doesn’t know this. No doubt about it here in flyover country.

      • al

        amen and amen (as the Bible says)

      • Paul ...

        When printing money hand over fist by the Fed can’t get the economy moving … the Ponzi game is over … we are officially in a hyper-inflationary depression … where a simple trip to Disneyland with the kids now costs what your parents paid for a three bedroom house with a two car garage in 1954 … our money is becoming “Zimbabwe paper confetti” … and soon it will take a Trillion “Zimbabwe” US dollars to buy one ounce of silver!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          yep, still waiting for this deflation…

          • Greg Hunter

            What do you call the defaulted debt of Puerto Rico? ($74 billion) What do you suppose is going to happen to the massive debt in Illinois? This is debt destruction and that is classic deflation as was the deflationary forces in the housing crisis (2008) when home values were cut dramatically.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Sure, point taken, but theoretically they will just create more and more currency to compensate. There may be pockets of deflation but how come the price of everything keeps rising? Can the deflationists answer one question: what is going to stop the central banks creating QUADRILLIONS of dollars/pounds/Euros out of thin air?

              • This sceptred Isle

                this will be anything but a classic deflation. In the 1930s the dollar was still tied to gold and so money could not just be created out of thin air and so you had a classic deflationary scenario. Today money can be created to paper over this mess. I take your point that there are pockets of deflation but overall we are seeing inflation with stocks and bonds near record valuations, oil/commodity prices resuming their uptrend, utility bills going up, travel expenses going up, food bills going up (including shrinkflation).

                • This sceptred Isle

                  imagine what will happen when the printing presses really hot up and we see helicopter money.

            • This sceptred Isle

              How can we be in an overall deflation when the uk official inflation figure as of today is 3%? And as your regular guest John Williams confirms these statistics are understated.


              • Paul ...

                TSI … Perhaps this will be clearer … printing money hand over fist by the Fed is inflation (pure and simple) … can’t getting the economy moving is deflationary (as everyone cuts back on buying because the money they have won’t pay their rising inflated bills) … therefore I use the term hyper-inflationary-depression to describe the current situation … actually defaulting on ones loans and bills (because wages and COLA’s don’t keep pace with inflation) drives the deflationary side of the equation … while the Fed hyper-inflates to cover all the banksters loan losses so their Ponzi scheme won’t collapse!!

            • boris chikvashvili

              Let’s try to get terminology clear, so that we do not talk past each other. One man’s inflation is another’s deflation. If home prices go down home owner gets deflated, the one that held the cash has seen his purchase power inflated. Inflation is subject to laws of physics .. like Energy It does not disappear, it moves ( EINSTEIN). Therefore, the only thing that matters is a trade. Did you buy it low and sell it high? You made money, at least in the currency , in which transaction was executed, which does not still guarantee that you have made money against the better trade you could have had during the same time period(:-. There is another aspect of inflation , the way it is defined. Individually, nobody can say that inflation is GLOBAL concept. Individual Cost of living is subject to individuals life style. Therefore OFFICIAL INFLATION ( regardless of who OFFICIAL IS, GOV or Mr Williams ) is different. That is how the POOR and elderly on FIXED INCOME are defrauded, because Computer prices may go down, and they do not get COLA, but nobody asked them if they bought new computer this year. Certainly only few of the bought IPHONES(:-
              Thanks and ENJOY VERY MUCH all the discussions , sometimes confusing, but always educational. Thanks Greg

    • David Larsen


    • ConcAmDad

      ‘Like listening to the nutty professor……. and now we’re believing the unemployment numbers?

    • Gordon Shumway

      Amen & AMEN!
      Using the Shadowstats option @, I input what the Dow was when I was a stockbroker in 1970 (683), and asked it what the NUMERICALLY EQUIVALENT Dow would be as of 2017, adjusted for ACTUAL INFLATION, as opposed to what the Guvvamint would have us believe. Are you ready for it? (Drumroll)
      Stated another way, virtually ALL of the “growth” in stock prices since 1970 is due to INFLATION.
      And THAT, boys and girls” is what the Trumpster is actually up against in the months ahead.

      • Paul ...

        Investing in the stock market will protect you against inflation … but only up to a point … the point being where businesses begin to fail … take Disney stock for example … when people start to say “I just can’t afford to go to Disneyland with the kids anymore as my wages are not keeping up with inflation” … Disney stock will simply not earn the money needed to keep its stock rising … the same is true with other businesses … price to earnings ratios are now at historical extremes … so the stock market “is not the place to put money to protect you from the hyper-inflation of the money supply to come” … only gold and silver can offer that protection!!

        • james

          i love how people keep using how expensive it is to go to Disneyland yet Disneyland has to raise their prices every year and in addition they implement UBER like “surge pricing” on certain days to curb demand because they have too many people visiting their park. All because YOU can’t afford it doesn’t mean it’s too high, it means YOU are priced out of the market. Like an old computer that can’t compete with a newer model. My dad complains about gas prices compared to his “fixed” income and my response is …don’t be FIXED. Continue to grow and gather new skills and when you get discriminated in the market place because of your age then become a consultant where you age is an asset. No one knows if the market is high or not in absolute terms…maybe its just too high for YOU. As Warren Buffet states the biggest asset is yourself and if you put all your efforts to continually better yourself and gain skills your income will be such it doesn’t matter what the stock market does day to day

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg, I do believe it will be precious metals that above all willl hold and excel in value.
    Bix Weir only said this morning that Gold will not save the world and Silver will be only for industrial usage. He claims it is Crypo’s that will ultimately prevail.
    Everyone has an opinion but do they truly know what the Rothschild & Rockefeller families are cooking up.
    Buy food, water, a generator and other essentials, a real hedge against inflation and survival certainty.
    Love & Peace to all. The hour is now.

    • al

      Bix’s claims are just that, just claims. I know a tour guide in the Canyon and he specifically said there is no gold there. Bix in my eyes is delusional.
      Anthony, as a computer engineer I closely follow and contribute to the crypto ecosystem. I’m a HUGE Gold and Silver bug and they will always be money, however, cryptos are waking up our future to the corruption in finance and government and NGOs like the Rothschilds and Soros, etc… Our future leaders, our kids, are awake! I am blown away on how much they know already and how they abhor the current system.
      I’m here to tell you, it will be a different World where these entities you and I mention will be gone.
      This is not only a bold statement, I believe it to be a logical progression of humanity and we’re seeing its manifestation right before our eyes.

      • Anthony Australia

        Me to! Thanks al

    • tin foil hat

      Anthony Australia,

      If the Federal Reserve continued to resist the SDR and insisted on total control of the markets. The western central banks will step in and price control the entire yield curve. They will buy stocks directly or indirectly via ETFs and gold will continued to be collared.

      Couple of things can happen if the Federal Reserve handed over the baton to IMF:

      – Total technocratic control of the global markets via a new global reserve currency denominated in SDR. I suspect IMF will create a crypto currency denominated in SDR to be used exclusively by the central banks. International bankers will have total control of the world via the control of the world money supply. In this scenario, gold price will stay flat or collapse.

      – Gold will take a role in the central banks’ reserve to meet the need to combine the old rigid physical asset and an overly unrestricted and abstract digital derivative. The new system needs to shift the reference point of oil from a unipolar asset – dollar to a neutral settlement asset – SDR with the reference point to gold.

      For example: IMF would set the exchange rates for productive or resource rich nations like Germany and Saudi Arabia to almost 1:1 ratio. The Deutsche Mark should be as good as gold or maybe even occasionally surpass the price of gold. Germany should have no problem getting $100 SDR with $99 Deutsche Mark and $1 SDR worth of gold.

      For nation like Greece, the requirement would be 1% worth of local currencies in SDR and 99% gold in exchange for $100 of SDR. If Greeks needed SDR for foreign goods, they would either have to earn the SDR by way of exports or convert $99 SDR worth of domestically mined gold and $1 SDR of drachma. The amount of gold is needed for conversion to SDR will reduce when the drachma is strengthened with improved productivity.

      The IMF would likely utilize the Blockchain technology with each nation’s central bank equips with a block and IMF will manage the Gold & Regional Currencies Exchange denominated in SDR. In this monetary system, the international bankers would not be able to have control over nations with sufficient amount of gold reserve.

      If gold were to be used to partially back the regional currencies for SDR, gold would rise in a similar fashion to what happened in 1974 when it was decided that oil would be used to back the dollar. The oil market wasn’t big or expensive enough for the transition, the price of oil needed to be raised to around $12 from $3 a barrel in order to cover the money supply in dollar. Come to think of it, the 1973 oil embargo was probably a ploy between the Saudis and Kissinger to justify the predetermined price of $12 petrodollar.

      • Silence is Golden

        The IMF is a multilateral institution and is a construct of the Bretton Woods conference…the same one which gave the USD its “KING” status.
        Its MO is to bankrupt nations and remove their sovereignty via overstepping its authority and imposing severe conditionality to loan arrangements.
        Forgive me if I have misunderstood your point… but what you are suggesting is that the IMF ensures its existence in order to deprive every man , woman and child on Earth, of their God given freedom.
        You are Black and White in your thinking. You fail to understand the true machinations of the Politico/Banking machinery.
        As for …..”International bankers will have total control of the world via the control of the world money supply”…..I’m afraid to tell you this fact….but….THEY ALREADY HAVE CONTROL.

        • tin foil hat

          Silence is Golden,
          I know the bankers already have control but they don’t always work together in unison.

          Muslims, Christians and banksters don’t always work together: Sunnis vs. Shiites, Catholic vs. Protestants and Federal Reserve (Anglo-American bankers) vs. BIS/IMF (international bankers).

          I’m pretty sure the Deep State (Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain …..) is with the Federal Reserve and Trump is likely supported by the BIS/IMF.

          I don’t know whether or not Trump, Putin and Xi are truly independent nationalists. If they were vassals of the BIS/IMF globalists, gold likely will not be a component of the SDR after the reset.

      • Paul ...

        When the world reserve currency moves out of the hands of the Fed crooks in the US into the hands of the “even bigger” IMF crooks … the world’s Ponzi economic system will be on even less stable ground … looking forward to “a fake Savior” (dressed in paper or electronic money) will lead to our damnation … a “real Savior” will be dressed in silver and gold!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi TFH,

        Thanks for the reply. I read it a few times to get my head around it. There is one thing I don’t understand, why is the following exchange listed;

        XE Currency Charts: XAU to XDR
        Gold Ounce to IMF Special Drawing Rights Chart

        • Tin foil hat

          Presently, the SDR is not the global reserve currency.
          The aforementioned scenarios are hypothetical reserve currency denominated in SDR, one has a gold component and one doesn’t. Hence, XAU to XDR doesn’t apply in the hypothetical exchange.
          The SDR without the gold component would be similar to the dollar except it wouldn’t have to deal with the consequence of Triffin Dilemma – the dollar being both a regional currency and a global reserve currency. If the SDR were to become the reserve currency, all commody prices, including gold, and futures markets, which can indirectly affect the FX market, will be denominated in SDR. The IMF international bankers can manipulate prices just as the Deep State has been doing with the dollars.
          The SDR with the gold component would require a new formula for the exchange to deal with gold, regional currencies and SDR since gold is a piece of the SDR pie.
          For example: if Germany wanted to have more gold in the reserve instead of the SDR, the Germans can exchange $100 of SDR for $1 SDR of drachma and $99 SDR of gold. The Germans can use the drachma to import olives directly or buy real estates in Greece just as the Russians and Chinese are buying real estates in America now.
          Anyway, as long as gold is an universally recognized component of the new money and must be available for physical delivery in the exchange. The international bankers’ control of the futures markets and the world would be limited.

          • AA

            🙂 Thanks for taking the time to explain this.

  3. ross

    Charles is trying to predict the future, based on past cycles and his experience backed by Charle’s logic. We have never been here before with Central Bankers + the Exchange Stabilisation Fund intervening in all markets, so predicting anything is very uncertain. Bonds are promises to repay debt issued by Govts and Corporations but with jobs diminishing in the West as production goes off shore + the affect of robotics, where is Govt going to find the tax money to honour their bond commitments ? Corporations already do not pay their share of tax.. This will be the trifecta of property, bonds and share market collapse and there is no way it can be stopped.

    • jack

      I agree+ the Fed will continue to sit on Gold and silver for as long as they can keep printing paper gold. right now paper gold is leveraged 500:1 , and the Comex is pretty much out of gold. London is supplying deliveries on the COMEX , but very few are “allowed” to stand for delivery. I agree that there is no way to time cycle any markets now because there are no markets , there is no price discovery…. assets are priced via futures based on Political considerations not fundamentals, unless you have a seat at the insiders table , it’s all a crap shoot. I would just hold hard asserts, like gold and silver and some good free and clear real estate , everything else is a promise to pay , even stocks

    • Tommy

      You can’t analyze or predict rigged markets. The markets are rigged. Economic growth, inflation, employment, interest rates, you name, they are are make believe.

  4. john

    fear porn,
    he was never right, greg ,why you invit this freaks.
    just matin armstrong is smart.
    the dow will go to 38ooo

    • Bob

      Stewart Thompson predicted Dow 40,000 years ago.

      After that, what?

      ST says silver to $600 then crash hard and stay there. Gold is “the ultimate asset” according to ST.

    • Frederick

      John You put that jug down this minute

    • gregd

      I’m trying to get gold and silver because I believe that those who own it(China, Russia, India) with most agreeing “the power is going east” will declare the new price is 10k, 20k or 50k or more making their people the new middle class because their people accumulate it. It could be that simple.

  5. Tad

    “Nenner predicts the next market crash will not be quite as bad as 1929, but it will be bad.”

    I don’t know how it couldn’t be significantly worse. Dow down to 5,000 doesn’t begin to tell the story: simultaneous global stock crashes; likewise for bond markets and perhaps an uneven daisy chain for real estate.

    I don’t know how his cycle theories square with free markets that don’t exist.

    The year 2020 may be the low, if you use his term. Since it will coincide with severe economic dislocation, I would call it a crash.

    I can understand his hesitancy in predicting war, though he did talk about in cycle terms and said he wasn’t very good at its prediction.

    Head scratch.

    Probably meaningless in prediction terms, but does anyone seriously think a conventional war with China and Russia wouldn’t turn nuclear within a week, at most?

  6. Bruno Brunswick

    The beginnings of The Divine Miss M
    by snicks 10/28/2015
    The gay blades in the deep state are fearing for their lives when the conservative deep crepes want to jettison them to save their own necks, under the guise of patriotisum and love of country. When it is they that love power over country not the naive metro sexuals. Thats were the divine child Miss M comes in. She owes them and can save them.

    San Francisco May Reopen Its Bathhouses After 30 Years
    The city’s bathhouses were shuttered by court order at the height of the AIDS epidemic.
    by Dan Avery

  7. Bruno Brunswick
    Rand Paul (R-KY) Explains Why The Government Spying On Citizens Is A Big Deal,
    Rhett Bett.

  8. Alan

    This guy is so wishy-washy in his answers, it’s hard for me to figure out what interesting info he has. He is the most boring guest you have in my opinion.

  9. Bruno Brunswick

    WOW! Dr. Jerome Corsi Emotional End Interview with Tracy Beanz, Very Inspirational
    Trying to hand over the corruption without interruption!

    MASSIVE Q-DROP FEB 10th- The Take-down Begins
    From comments section,
    What used to set us apart from the rest of the world was that our government was relatively corruption free. Not any more. Thanks to hrc et al, sorros, et al, we have fallen under the spell of the prince of the power of the air. At least those in dc have fallen pray. No, it’s all the way down to the state and local areas. Corruption has almost destroyed our Nation. Pray for the USA. If we will realize the source of our blessings, we might just avoid the wrath of God

    Prescott bush also was among a group that planned to overthrow the american government and kill the president. Smedley Butler busted them. He wrote a book about it. Nothing happened to bush or his cronies, not even a slap on the hand. Then years later, we made his son and grandson president of the US. We can’t ever let ourselves be that gullible again. We have to run the country, not a group of elitists. Everyone must stay involved.

    Obama and Hillary did not destabilize the Middle East, THEY MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE! . Children, mothers, father, grand pa’s, grand ma’s and sweethearts. Murdered innocent people for their own selfish, evil purpose! Military court and Guantanamo is the only way, don’t stick em in America! Let’s do it!

    Don’t know if Democrats will believe anything, ever. They are being lied to by their own corrupt party and MSM!

    Prescott bush also was among a group that planned to overthrow the american government and kill the president. Smedley Butler busted them. He wrote a book about it. Nothing happened to bush or his cronies, not even a slap on the hand. Then years later, we made his son and grandson president of the US. We can’t ever let ourselves be that gullible again. We have to run the country, not a group of elitists. Everyone must stay involved.
    Show less

    View reply
    Gina Chu Cheong
    Gina Chu Cheong
    1 day ago
    Obama and Hillary did not destabilize the Middle East, THEY MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE! . Children, mothers, father, grand pas and grand mas, sweethearts. Murdered innocent people for their own selfish, evil purpose! Military court and Guantanamo is the only way, don’t stick America! Let’s do it!

    True100 Almost extinct
    True100 Almost extinct
    2 days ago
    God Bless You Jerome Corsi.

    Sandra Mendenhall
    Sandra Mendenhall
    2 days ago
    Don’t know if Democrats will believe anything, ever. They are being lied to by their corrupt party and MSM

    • Bruno Brunswick

      Greg, could you erase anything past, [Don’t know if Democrats will believe anything, ever. They are being lied to by their own corrupt party and MSM!]
      Thanks, everything after is just a repeat.

      Keep up the good work, your quiet the celeb you know.
      Please don’t let it go to your head, especially while everybody is losing theirs!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Bruno, but I am really just a humble trumpet blower (reporter.)

        • Brunsy

          Good on ya Greg!

        • David Larsen

          My favorite reporters have been Walter Cronkite, Charles Kuralt, and Greg Hunter. I’m 62 years old now for what it’s worth. That’s the facts.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you David. I saw Cronkite cry when he was reporting on the JFK assassination.

            • Paul from Indiana

              Greg, we all cried when JFK was murdered. I cried when Cronkite took it upon himself to judge the Viet Nam war (while supposedly functioning as a reporte)r and undermine all those boys fighting and some dying for an idea that the liberal likes of Cronkite were in the process of destroying, and CBS giving them a nationwide forum to do so. He’s no hero of mine. Best always. PM

              • Greg Hunter

                I just remembered him crying, that’s all.

  10. FC

    I believe the crash will be greater than 1929 because today we have enormous personal debt compared to back then.

    • Gary

      Any crash today is a debt crash. In 1929 our currency was based upon gold. The currency today it is based upon debt. Meaning, of course, that back then there was real wealth behind our money. Today, nothing but debt. The unconstitutional JOINT RESOLUTION TO SUSPEND THE GOLD STANDARD AND ABROGATE THE GOLD CLAUSE of June 5, 1933 and the Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933 dissolved our constitutional form of government and left us with nothing but a shell of what and who we, as a nation, had been. For all intents and purposes FDR declared the US bankrupt and dissolved the US republican form of government.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Gary, don’t forget Roosevelt stiffing Churchill throughout the war, kissing up to Stalin, and selling half of Europe out to communism. What a fraud that guy was. Best always. PM

  11. Marty Mc

    Curiously, not one word about The China Effect in the world gold/ petroleum yuan markets. Also Greg, in the nex 90 days , we will be looking at Israel’s 70th Year of independence as a nation, May 14, 1948. Maybe it’s time for JONATHAN Cahn update

  12. Frederick

    Goldman Sachs is out there saying not to worry that it’s only a blip So now we know Nenner is correct

  13. Jesse James ~ esquire

    On display at the Jesse James Firearms Unlimited booth at SHOT Show 2018, was a beautiful hand-made 1911 pistol that James made for his good friend Donald J. Trump. The pistol was on display at the booth (#411) till Jan. 26.
    I’m newly impressed with Mr James. If he is friends with our great President, then he is a friend of mine! And a phenomenal gun!

  14. Speedy

    Antiques Roadshow PBS
    In this web appraisal from Albuquerque, New Mexico! Grant Zahajko places an auction estimate on a pair of Elfego Baca 1912 Campaign buttons.

  15. al

    Unemployment at 4.2%? again I ask, unemployment at 4.2%, and he’s basically talking about fake news? Seems like he bought some of the fake news himself.
    The bigger question here is “where did the money go?”. Where did people selling at the top park their mother load? Answer. The money was never there, the people are algorithms and derivatives blew this bubble and derivatives popped it. Derivatives is a nice word for reckless unadulterated gambling, and as with all casino games, the money is vapor. It was never there. That’s the reality of this crash, not the rigged unemployment numbers. Someone tell this man he’s looking at a rigged system!
    I paid for Nenner’s service and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed.

    • Frederick

      You “paid” for Nenners advice Will well well

  16. Alan Dullboy

    “Death by A thousand Cuts”
    Chucky boy’s party about to fracture left, they want Marshall law and Chuck wants to be Marshall!LOL!

  17. Muslime Brother0fHoods Mocking birdbrained Media DNC puppet stooges
    Millions of Dead And Illegal Voters Discovered In Key Swing State
    ///// / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\ /\ /\ /
    CNN stunned lifelong Democrats love President Trump

    • Seth Rich,Tredway, or the highway! By by...

      What`s amazing is that most of the dead voters vote Democrat. Even those who voted Republican their entire life voted Democrat after dying.

      • Seth Rich,Tredway, or the highway! By by...

        Remember the Alamo? Dont ferget DETROIT! The Democrat stronghold inadvertently recounted and found wanting!
        The thin blue line for the Donald overwhelmed the blue fraud of the bought and paid for DNC by the Clinton family crime foundation, ending corruption with massive interruption!!!!!
        Fraud BY the Democrats HELPING the Democrats. Was this a surprise to anyone that big city Democrats cheated the system? Thanks Jill Stein!!

        • Shamus McCorkell

          SGT USMC
          ‏ @paphotog
          Replying to @gatewaypundit @OnofrejbB
          you can bet the same thing happened across the country ..reality is Trump won many more states if recounted

          joseph metzler
          Replying to @gatewaypundit
          @DrJillStein Thanks for helping get better voter ID laws. How about you recount CA next. Let’s bring that Pop vote back down

  18. Alan Dullboy

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper LOSES IT After Alan Dershowitz Issues Bulletproof Defense of Trump [Video]

  19. Boz From Oz

    Unless the FED comes back in with QE, Nenner is going to lose his money in bonds. Interest rates will go to 3 then 4 etc etc. FED will be the only game in town who wants to buy bonds as noone as well will want to.

  20. NH Watcher

    I have to agree with Jerry that mass arrests and prison time for the Clintons, etc. is just not going to happen, no matter how desperately many of us want it. Remember, Trump even said in one of his tweets during the campaign, “Essentially, they are good people.” The reality of that statements means that a deal has already been made for both of them to avoid prison or even a long and convoluted messy trial. It was great theater when Trump said during the second debate to Clinton, “You would be in jail,” if he were President … he said that in order to win the debate; now reality sinks in, and all the rumors that she is already under house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet underneath her perennially broken foot, etc. is all part of the charade.

    It also appears true that, knowing China’s intention was to kill the petrodollar once and for all, what happened in the Obama years with sales of Uranium to Russia and lucrative deals to benefit the Clinton Foundation, was all part of the efforts of those in power then to delay the demise of the United States. Now Trump is President and the only card left to play is war: war on the Korean peninsula, war in the Middle East, but most definitely, war somewhere. What frankly is left in the U.S. playbook?

    When China demands an audit of U.S. government gold, and we all learn there is little left next to none, private ownership of gold will be outlawed again. Fine, let’s all prepare to protect our gold with our guns and ammunition, but honestly, when the military tanks start rolling down the streets everywhere and into rural America, how long do you think our own David Koresh/Waco-type stand-off will last?

    Very interesting that every time there is low unemployment, the stock market crashes. The biggest expense/liability for any company is its employees: the cost of employee compensation and benefits far exceeds most other expenses in any company. So, our stock market depends on people being unemployed and on the government dole, off of their balance sheet. And since our government can only function these days in debt, those on the government dole are NOT receiving back what they put in … they are receiving in excess, and thus entirely controllable if the system goes down.

    The only thing which government and the Elite cannot control is our spiritual destiny.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see.

    • Anthony Australia


    • Neil

      According to Q arrests are under way but not publicised yet because there is much unravelling to be done and more crooks to trap by cunning. Evidently there are suicides and take downs happening too. If I understand correctly there is also a rogue nuclear sub to neutralise… I admit I am sceptical but I am prepared to give them a few weeks more – after that however and there are no results to demonstrate I would agree nothing will happen unless people take on the clean up task themselves utilising rough justice rather than the system/agencies/courts etc.

      • Neil

        BTW my gut feeling is this Q is a cunning psyop to distract/neutralise opposition…
        It snacks of the Steve Piecznik ploy near the election where he tried to convince us unknown persons were acting on our behalf staging a counter coup and we need’nt do anything.
        Remember that one? the bedside parent to child pitch…

        • Neil

          In fact the more I think about it this is to take over and control opposition. Its a co-opt play.
          People now receive misdirected and unverifiable information from an unknown middle man on the basis of a blind paternal/authority trust and their time is taken up solving silly puzzles and interpreting top secret code like easily children who need something to do on a wet afternoon. Now Corsi comes out and declares the virtues of Kissinger and his latest running interference endeavours (WTF). Kissinger holds no office, hasn’t for years, its Deep State assuming ownership of the sheep again. Same supremely arrogant herding game as we have seen before.

    • marcus

      You are spot on Trump is all smoke and mirrors , playing us all as fools …..Ill be the first to say he is a war president…….why has he signed the right for America to strike first, and then say I want diplomatic normal relationships with rush……I think If I was Russian and a president of US wants to ability to strike first that is a threat of aggression.

  21. This sceptred Isle

    I’m sure this guy said that the cycle lows would be in 2018 and that this would be the year that all paper assets would be wiped out.

    • This sceptred Isle

      in a previous interview on this site.

  22. This sceptred Isle

    If gold is money it should be worth more in a deflation as money becomes more scarce. A deflationary scenario should test gold’s monetary credentials.

  23. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, no matter if the market(s) are in a bull or a bear mode CNBC sees buy signals behind every tree. Maybe I should take my sarcasm somewhere else but I just can’t help it, CNBC & the other main street financial medias never see a rise or fall without their famous “buy signals”. One would think just once in any cycle, up or down or even sideways, that there would not be a buy signal; just once in the history of the financial media. I guess what I am alluding to is their buy signal(s) in perpetuity format. Don’t fall for it bloggers, the financial media won’t allow truth in markets to broadcast, to bad this media is just like all the other MSM’s fake news.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art! Why watch that crap? Other than election coverage (Fox Business), I haven’t watched any network news or opinion show since Obama’s 1st inauguration. It’s all theater designed to sell you BS. Best always. PM

  24. Neil

    Maybe I need a second listen here. Too much to digest. Also, gold at only $2500 at least. Should we add a zero? Very confusing week in my world 🌎.

  25. Country Codger

    Mr. Nenner I agree. The end of this super cycle is March 14th, +/- 2 days. Six months from now puts you squarely into the summer long super cycle this summer. And, a major war on the horizon I put between spring of 2019 and spring of 2021, with the highest probability in spring of 2020, the “midst of the week”.
    Remember, cycles do not go on indefinitely. There are a certain number of cycles and they are coming to a close by 2045.

    Fantastic interview Greg!

  26. Richard

    Greg I have a problem with the use of the unemployment rate when we know based on John Williams that the current rate is around 20% not low when compared to the rate used in the 70’s and 80’s. Charles reasons for a change in the market I can not agree with based on this. Have a nice day.

    • Greg Hunter

      You make a good point. Williams says it was changed in 1994 when unemployment was actually low.

  27. Jimmy Shen

    I haa had high respect for Charles Nenner. However, I am no longer sure if he deserves my respect when he bases his forecast on the highly manipulated and false unemployment rate of 4.1%.

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Charles Nenner is always good to provide food for contrarian thoughts.
    Buy gold — same advice as in the interview/discussion below.

    Another good audio for your weekend listening pleasure is Craig Hemke and Eric Sprott discussing markets, rates, gold… both fairly smart folk — more a discussion than an interview.
    “The natural instinct should be to buy gold in this kind of environment.” – Eric Sprott on tumultuous markets

    Note: It’s hard to call it an interview when the interviewer apparently works at the company (Sprott Money News) named for the interviewee. Slight perception of conflict, good info nonetheless.

  29. George E

    Greg: Everything in life and nature is subjective including (magic numbers) cycles and can be steered in the direction desired, by acts of human willpower As Nelson Mandela said, ” I am the captain of my ship. I am the master of my destiny.” Almost eight billion people wake up each morning, most but not all, are wondering how to make life better for the next generation, knowing this and faith in God will solve any and all problems.

  30. Rob

    Folks please keep an eye on the Yen for it is a forecaster of what overleveraged debt will broadcast in a county’s currency for it is their stock:

    Japan was used in world war 2 and will be used again as it is a sitting duck that is already being destroyed by Fukushima so it will be used as collateral damage in the up coming war that will mask the reset. This reset will begin with the yen and its fall that will set in motion a chain reaction of all overleveraged fiat currencies. That will force the G20 to convene and covenant a phasing out of fiat in conjunction with a phase in of a crypto currency riding the blockchain that will require your biometrics to do any commerce:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Please understand what it means to be “Israel” today:

  31. Mike R

    Nenner is a hoot ! He’s probably the most honest guest you have on, bc he mostly says “I don’t know.”
    Why is the dollar going up ? “I don’t know.” (i.e. it just is)
    Gold is going up to $2500 and the dollar is going up too. (could be)

    Stocks are going to crash, and Dow is going to 5000. Not quickly. Over 3 years. I guess thats not such a head scratcher, given he says the dollar is going up, and bonds too are going to be bought, so yield is going down. If a whole bunch of people start buying bonds, bc they are not staying in stocks, that then does the Fed’s job of not having to do QE and lower rates again. So they can arguably continue to slowly raise rates on the short end. It could be stated by MSM that the actions would result in a recession, but in reality the US is probably already in a recession, as stocks are never a forward indicator of this, but people act like they are. Stocks are only a forward indicator of ‘hope’ and optimism, until they aren’t, which is why we see them get so over-valued, and P/E’s are at record highs once again, and valuations of low margin businesses like Spamazon, get the P/E to north of 300.

    The tax “reform” was to purely to soften the blow of the coming recession and bear market in stocks, and not to help the stocks, but to bring back much needed tax revenue for the government to keep functioning. The tax reform is also re-structured for people to pay much much more in coming years in taxes. There is only a minor reprieve, and very slight reduction for some, but longer term they have eliminated a ton of itemization. If you look at the new standard deduction, its going to eliminate itemization for all but the very rich, and take a huge chunk out of the folks who traditionally pay a LOT of taxes, but aren’t super rich. (I.e. those making between $150k and $500k annually). Also they are gaining a ton of tax revenue, from those who live in high prop tax states, since they have slashed the itemization cap for prop tax and state income tax to a cap of just $10,000. Many people making $150k to $500k, have home’s who prop taxes far exceed $10,000 alone, not even including the state income tax.

    So the tax reform is just one more sleight of hand, whereby, individuals will pay a far greater share of taxes, the super rich will pay less, and corporations a LOT LESS.

    Anyway, Nenner is a hoot, and sort of reminds me of the old professor who still teaches class, and just tells you he is right because he is, and to follow his research, which he never tells you what that research is, but uses the name ‘research’ to make it sound ‘official.’ Having the thick accent just adds to his ‘mystique’ so that you don’t ever question his ‘intelligence.’ However, I would not follow this guy across the street. Too dangerous.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I have also heard Nenner claim that he can predict market cycles down to the day. I definitely remember him saying that the markets would weaken 2017 and by 2018 you would lose everything if you didn’t get out. Now this has been pushed back to 2020. From a guy that can time the cycles to the day!

  32. Deef

    Wherever the market is at any point in time, half of the participants think it’s going up and half think it’s going down. Near-term it’s a crap shoot. Long-term, it’s always gone up.

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg, The revelations and flow of money to Hillary and the DNC keep mounting…
    from guns and drug running and auto theft and uranium? Wild Tangents?
    So….if those are NOT just tangents? we need a wall or this or both?
    and of course the arrest and prosecution of all those in Congress that are part of this problem and selling out this country !

    • Justn Observer

      WOW… Greg, would you happen to have a source for the list of those that just died in the air crash in Russia? More to put on the Hillary list of the Uranium One /Clinton foundation donor list? Is Russia Russia Russia? or is it Astana Astana Astana?

  34. The Seer

    Not fond of Nennar. Too over genetalized.
    Trial subscription was not useful. Sunshine Profits much better micro analysis and useful with superior
    Platforms for metal bugs.
    Not promoting anyone but been in this since 1998 so know who are more effective IMO.

  35. Eugene DeLuz

    Charels Nenner’s prognatications and methods of market predictions certenly isn’t worthy of risking your financial wellbeing on. Genetally I like Greg Hunter show but some of his guests are bottom barrel choices.

  36. Dave

    Always love your interviews with Charles. He said something very important about bonds, which is that he is in bonds themselves and not bond funds.

    Think about it, solid companies that are not going out of business no matter what–your electric and gas company, Verizon and AT&T, whatever, are going to pay the bond interest due every quarter until it matures.

    Since Nenner is not seeing inflation ahead there is no risk (if he is right) in yields exploding higher and bond values tanking. In fact, in a deflation the opposite would occur. But even if he is wrong you simply hold the bond until it matures and get you money back in full. It might buy less when you get it back but 80% less like stocks would at Dow 5000? I doubt it unless we have gone full Venezuela.

    None of that is to suggest bonds over PMs, just working out his rationale for bonds when everyone else is talking about a bond supernova.

  37. Jared


    Hope you have Michael Pento on soon to talk about the Bond market explosion 💥!
    Have really been enjoying your guests lately, keep up the good work. Hold on tight things are going to get rough over the months and years to come!

  38. Jerry

    There is no other way to put it, than to say come March 26th we are going to have a major global economic reset when the Petro Yuan is launched, barring war with NOKO.

    While it is open for debate just how much impact this launch will have on the petrodollar, it is noteworthy to understand that China will be accepting payment for petroleum in non-dollar currency. Think about it. Billions of dollars in U.S. treasuries formally used to buy petroleum with, dumped back into the markets to make way for the Petro Yuan, just about the same time our illustrious Congress will be raising the debt ceiling AGAIN for the umpteenth time. This can’t end well.

    P.S. – Those of you who have given up on waiting for an economic collapse to happen and would like to get rid of your food storage for a cheap price, let me know. Greg knows my email address. I’m open for business. But not for much longer.

    • Mike R

      what do you mean by global reset ?
      Given what we know about the Yuan… barely anyone holds it internationally. Its pegged to the dollar. Its even only used in 16% of ALL Chinese transactions internally. It represents a paltry 1.78% of global transactions. the Euro was launched to be a counter to the USD many years ago. It only represents 30% of global transactions. USD is 40%.

      Foreign ownership of Chinese equities is a paltry .8 percent.
      Australia is one of China’s largest trading partners. But only .5 percent (1/2 of 1 percent) are invoiced in Yuan.
      Where is the Chinese fixed income market ? Next to non-existent. If people are going to exchange oil in Yuan, exactly what liquid market exists for the Yuan to be ‘stored’ for receipt? (I sell you my oil china, you give me your yuan. Where am I going to put my Yuan ? Oh wait, I’ll buy all your cheap little chinese rubbie duckies. My country needs lots of those. No other country accepts Yuan, so I am stuck buying only from you ? Thanks but no thanks. MY oil export needs are so far larger than where I can put Yuan until I can actually use them. Am I supposed to earn nothing on them until I use them, some decades later, while you debase your currency, pegged to the dollar being debased ? )

      There is no debate on the impact the Yuan will have on the Petro-dollar. Its next to nothing. Its not even a fly on the butt of an elephant. There is no there there.

      If this is causing a ‘global reset’, explain how, when there is so little Yuan, and nobody uses it outside of China, and barely anyone in China even uses it ?

      Interesting little financial science ‘experiment.’

      • Jerry

        Dollar selloff = global currency reset

        China will not be using dollars for petroyuan sales, or Silk Road projects for that matter. The dollar is systematically being phased out. Believe what you want but 10 years of currency debasement in the form of QE has done nothing to strengthen the dollar.

      • Beligerent

        @Mike R: This mirrors my thoughts on the Petro Yuan. Maybe over a period of 10 years it will make some type of impact on the Petro Dollar but it’s long term. The only near term effect I could envision is it sets off another volley of import duties directed at Chinese industry by those countries which favor the Petro Dollar. Otherwise its a big Nothing Burger news story for 2018.

        • Jerry

          Really ? Another nothing burger ?
          Wake up! Three of the top five oil companies in the world are Chinese .

          Greg I’m beginning to think I’m wasting my time here.

          • Rodster

            Please move to China

          • Charles H


            Don’t let a couple of nay-sayers discourage you. More read you than you might believe. Keep up the good fight.

            • Greg Hunter

              I agree Jerry. Thank you Charles.

          • JMiller


            The link you gave did not work. Should have been an “l” at the end. Here is the correct link.


            And yes you are correct. Three of the top five oil companies in the world (as measured by 2015 revenue) are Chinese.

            As far as wasting your time here, I do not think so.

      • Diane

        Interesting post, Mike R.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, the “petroYuan” will not destroy the United States, 100’s of countries survive each day and are not the reserve currency or have petro-currency status, instead of doomsday it will be more like a stagflation type currency like the Yen say; everyone in Japan are eating regularly. That is not to say it won’t hurt a country that is already debt ridden and cause inflation when dollars come home to roost; it will. But we can and will survive, and, I suspect after we get over the shock the American people could rally against most of China’s trinkets, a major non-government sponsored boycott if you will, and there goes your proposed eastern giant China; the way of the buffalo I might add. Surly you can possibly see the effect that this consumer maniac nation could have on China if things move in that direction should they decide to stop buying China made trinkets and buy American. My blog here is in no way intended to mean that your astute comments are not going to take place, just that unforeseen events could change your stated future outcomes. Best Regards, a b

      • Jerry

        It’s open for debate. No one has yet to answer my question. How do you fund 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion dollars in tax revenue? Believe whatever you want. The numbers don’t lie. The rest of the world is carrying our debt through reserve currency status and when that’s gone it’s going to be painful . Heck we can’t even go three months without kicking the debt ceiling can down the road.

        • freebrezer

          Jerry – Easy, Trump will just say it is not getting paid – Sorry, and that is how bankruptcy works … most every one will get pennies on the dollars, and the ugly bankers will get paid in full. Happened in 2008 and most likely will happen again … history Rhymes. Will the dollar maintain world currency – nope, but not a bad price to pay to wipe out 125 Trillion in debt … Just one possible scenario.

          • Jerry

            Sad but true. Donald Trump is following Ronald Reagans playbook. It would have worked 50 trillion dollars ago, but it won’t now. The banks are holding to much derivative debt to ever crawl out of the hole they’ve put us in. 24 quadrillion in debt and rising.

            • JMiller

              Banks have 24 quadrillion in derivative debt? I do not think that number is right. The amount of derivatives that banks have are much less than that. Less than one quadrillion.

          • gregd

            Well as long as they can do it why not follow their example and not make our house, car, and credit card payments. They can only use some of us as an example to scare the rest of us. They can’t throw us all out on the street and if they try let’s stop paying our taxes and have a bloodless revolution.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Jerry, pitiful but true about the debt. Hell I don’t know, but one thing I know is old China does not have a strong enough consumer market at home yet to support their
          consumer industries which is mostly done for export, if America quits buying their goods, lookout depression there. However, your point about not being able to buy American is well taken although if SHTF there won’t be enough money around the heartland to bye squat anyway, American or Chinese; either way the Chinese’s economy falters in my mind if we do.

          On the other note about debt vs taxable income of the U.S., I pondered that question many times over when the Trump tax cuts were proposed, the numbers as you say don’t lie & don’t support that much debt, so I wonder what happens next if America starts to go down, is a nice regional or larger war sound plausible? Regards, a b

          • gregd

            They do have a very strong consumer base to buy their stuff if they reprice gold (silver) to 10k or 20k or 50k or 100k because the Chinese accumulate gold and silver. And with the gold they have in reserves they can sell their bonds to the world and back it with gold.

        • Mike R

          Jerry – China’s debt and “unfunded liabilities are way worse than anyone articulates. and again, Global debt is over $250 trillion. The entire world ‘holds that’ and its not just in one currency.

          If you are implying that somehow the Yuan is going to address any of that, or backing it with gold, or allowing people to pay for oil with Yuan, takes care of any debt problems, then I think you need a crash course in use of currencies.
          Yes the US has a lot debt and so called ‘unfunded liabilities.’ No argument there. But the US is in a far better position, with the USD being the WORLD’s PRIMARY reserve currency, than any other nation is, that has the same debt to GDP ratio as ours. And even better than many who have a Debt GDP ratio LOWER than ours, but their currency is not even reserve status let alone a significant portion of world currency trade.
          That USD primary reserve position (more than 40% of all global transactions) simply cannot change over night. It can certainly erode over time, but we are likely talking decades. The Yuan can certainly be positioned in a way to eventually become a larger part of the world’s transactions. But it simply cannot happen over-night. So whatever happens on some day in March with the Petro-Yuan as you say, is not some immediate sea change tsunami that is going to come crashing down on us, or the world. Its rather a very subtle change, one of thousands of subtle changes occurring dynamically every single day. I’m trying to explain this respectfully, as I would to any student in a class room, and not subjecting everyone to some sort of hysteria, which we already have enough of these days on every topic from Trump to Russia to NK to Bitcoin to the Obama portraits.

    • marcus

      Jerry Mate
      I once followed your train ride with so much news coming for us to read about the Chinese deals, no doubt it all makes sense and in a fair world why should one not be able to trade oil for goods or in your currency, or for Gold !.
      Jerry: and all that follow this topic to a new alternative system.
      ASK yourself these question.
      1 Is America the world power………Yes 🙂
      2 Have you ever known Americans to back down from a fight…….No 😉
      3 Do Americans like to lose…….No 🙁
      3 basic questions and you think China will take away America power without a fight and we all live happily ever after.
      I see Paul Craig Roberts story clearer then water.
      oh sorry you don’t have clear water in the US any more, the fluriod has really brainwash most in the US hegemony.

      • Jerry

        What country borrowed 3 trillion dollars from the Chinese in 2008 to avoid economic collapse? That’s right the United States. Who is setting up yuan trading platforms inside U.S. banks? Timothy Geithner and Hank Paulson . Both former treasury secretaries . iE The Working Group. These are facts. Believe what you want.

        • JMiller


          You said several times in the past that the U.S. had to borrow 3 trillion dollars from China back in 20008. Could you please give me a better idea of what you are referring to since I found nothing about even from ALT media sites. Thanks.

          • Jerry

            Actual bailout money was 700 billion .

            I’m factoring in the 2.5 trillion dollars in U.S. treasuries they bought after that. They have since sold off a large majority of U.S. treasuries and bought gold.

            • JMiller

              Thanks for the explanation. I thought that it probably did have something to do with China’s Treasury holdings.

    • Jerry

      I would highly recommend that your readers educate themselves on the impact of losing the petrodollar system. Here is a good place to start.

      • Jerry

        This is how easy it is to place a petrolium order from the shanghai energy commission.

        If you don’t think the chinese are planning on undercutting the petrodollar with this exchange you are sadly mistaken. Name one single time the United States has outbid China . As far as needing us to buy their products. Just try buying “made in America “ and see how far you get. American manufacturing died with NAFTA thanks to the globalist agenda.

        • JC Davis

          Jerry for what its worth I agree with you because the borrower is servant to the lender. I ask with 7 billion people in the world to sell goods to how important could 325 million be.
          Demand never disappears, supply does. China would be fine without America.

      • marcus

        Everything changes when the war card is played, War is coming my friend and that is the way America plays, they will never give into fair play and take a back seat of peace.
        We all would like to see a fair system but fair is way gone, 2008 was meant to be the introduction of fair, 10 years later and the war drums are pumping in Syria. Syria is wear it will start. N K is the flash point for China….. but Russia is who they want, can’t you see this Russia this and Russia that……the war lords never play down who they want to attack…..listen to all the hype Russia Russia Russia…..on the 10’th Russian jet shot down……wake up mate war is in play.
        spend your time researching the war cards…. start with Paul Craig Roberts, and you will see he is spot on , but no one listens .

        • Jerry

          Marcus ,
          I know what you are saying is truth. One of my sources has a son who is a Sargent in the marines. For the past month they have training in the snow in Japan for winter warfare. As soon as the olympics is over all hell is going to break loose ! Most Americans are totally clueless . Eisenhower was right.

    • marcus

      war is coming not with N K……middle east Russia Russia Russia can you not hear the beat.

  39. Michael214

    Greg, with due respect to Mr. Nenner he is at a minimum not telling the same story he was all over the media with in 2013, or worst. Please review the Bloomberg video, his claims begin at the 1-minute mark; then he was saying the same thing but with different data.

    First, he said his cycles called the top in 2013 using the same language as today with “much lower to go”, i.e. 5000 DOW. Next, he claimed that is was because his cycles had topped and would not bottom until last quarter of 2017, today it is reverse, so which is it?

    IMHO, his public calls have been anything but accurate, or course I am not a paid subscriber so I can not speak to all his calls.

    Link from Bloomberg:

  40. Lake M

    Mr. Nenner is always interesting, whether one agrees or disagrees.

    His call on war seems prescient.

    In the last days a Soviet fighter was shot down. Turkish lost a helicopter
    while engaged in N Iraq. They responded with lobbing artillery shells into Afrin, Kurdish northern Iraq. Innocents died. Israel attacks 12 locations in Syria near Damascus and says it was in response to an Iran drone over flew Israeli territory. (Really?) Israeli jets used Lebanese territory to attack Syria. One Israeli F16 was shot down. They also violated the Golan Heights which is Syrian territory. False flag alert posted.

    The aftermath is becoming visible, wholesale destruction of cities unveiled along the path of war, littered with the dead souls which lived there. The profits, bags of loot also litter the path. Private and MIC arms dealers flourish.Millions displaced slowly start to return to the rubble, the result of perpetual war. The survivors are permanently scarred, disabled from the violence they experienced, and the children.. with wounded souls. Its past time to stop this bullshit. Stop meddling in the affairs of other. Stop the Greed.

    Note: Dr.PC Roberts has an interesting post on American actions and war posture.

    • marcus

      read the latest war card
      make sure you use duckduckgo or it will shut down.

      • JMiller

        Some things on that site looks like it belongs in the Globe or National Enquirer.

    • Charles Shoop

      Greg, I would have to agree with Michael214. Nenner actually called DOW 5000 starting in 2013. The interview Michael214 posted was recorded in 2011. That was the exact time to be buying the DOW! But your interview today, Nenner says he bought in 2009 then sold everything in 2017..Hmmm.. I know back then he pushed back his call to 2017, but ironically it was pushed to 4th quarter 2017 in this interview, instead Q3 2017. If you go back to your interview with him on Jan 14, 2016, he said Q3 2017 the DOW would start to rollover. In that same interview he mentioned he dollar was topping, euro cycle bottoming. Now he is calling for a major high in the dollar? My final point with Dr. Charles is he mentioned in this interview that he is buying US bonds. Ever since I can remember he has been talking about the 30 year bond rally cycle ending and that bond yields go up for the next 30 years. Why the sudden change to buy bonds? Maybe it would be helpful to the audience if Nenner clarifies his time frame for buying or selling because he changes frequently, other than his call for DOW 5000.

      Greg, I love your site. Keep up the good work and continue to share the faith. Don’t be afraid to challenge your guests.

    • sk

      Wouldn’t it be a tragicomedy of cosmic proportions if life was wiped out on this lovely blue/green marble called Earth by nuclear war because humans could not give up thousands-of-years old fairy tales conjured up in humanity’s infancy.

      • freebrezer

        SK – you have it tragically backwards! It is called raw power to control. I do not Believe Stalin was murdering millions and millions because of ‘thousands-of-years old fairy tales’ … He murdered millions and millions for raw power! Same for Hitler – raw power to conquest and control – millions murdered … even back to Genghis Khan – raw power/conquest/control, millions murdered. Don’t be duped by what is taught at leftist schools and colleges – ! … 🙂

  41. Mohammad


    Your guest is a genius and the info is invaluable….THANKS for it.

    No doubt the Dollar will go up, he is damn correct, it should go up before it smashes down to dust. WHY?

    1-It is linked to energy…
    2-It is the reserve currency..


    Please keep those two points in mind to understand why.

    We know that there are tremendous zeros created to slash down the debt by paying it with a weaker dollar, at the same time we all know that EVERY TRANSACTION IN THE world is settled in dollars since it is the reserve currency.

    The creation of this huge amount of dollars slushing around in the world and its link to the energy for settling contracts made the INFLOW of dollar to the oil/gas producing countries GO DOWN….(makes sense?..they need to increase production of oil to make it up for weaker dollar)

    That decreased inflow of dollars will create a problem to those oil producing countries, after all, they need dollars for their other necessary transactions (you see…they need it because it the world reserver currency) so the demand for buying dollars will increase.

    VICIOUS CYCLE it is..
    Decreased dollar value triggers increased demand for it to unwind transaction.

    That increased demand will swallow the dollars in the overseas eventually increasing the dollar price.

    Federal reserve HAS TO DECREASE VELOCITY of what they are printing to keep inflation’s lid on, otherwise they will run into frightening inflation, those measures to decrease money velocity and keep dollars parked in the banks will add to the SHORTAGE of dollars overseas even if federal reserve prints more, so another factor raising the dollar price in the end game.

    So Mr.NENNER is elegantly and beautifully explained those interlinks:
    1- dollar is going up in the end game.
    2- oil/gas/ is going down because those countries has to crank up their production to make up for the decreased value of the dollar which increases oil / gas supply and further decreasing price of energy.
    3- They will demand more dollars to be able to unwind their books that show low inflow of dollar because of decreased prices of oil (vicious cycle)
    4- Feds trying their best to keep dollars parked in the banks to decrease velocity to control inflation leads to shortage of dollar
    5- shortage will lead to increased dollar price in the end game. before it goes poof when the alternative system is in place and ready to go live.

    Did I get it right mr. Nenner.?


  42. Lake M

    Nenner’s Bond Comment

    Bond Yield Reversal. If there are not enough buyers for US Treasuries, a crash of the stock market could very well cause a flood of cash to move to bonds, reversing the trend and saving the FED’s bacon. The risks from the dollar devaluation from the Yuan/OIL contract and shifts in payment options in world trade could certainly be offset by a huge demand from FRN’s flooding in from a serious stock market collapse. What about if the Eurobond market pops? That money could flow into dollars and the US bond market.
    Things could go the way Mr Nenner hypothesizes.

    Gold and silver would likely go up as an alternate safe haven for those trusting neither bonds or the dollar.

    • Apollo

      Que Sera, Sera!!!!

  43. Jak

    I like Charles but have but watching him on this site for several years. His forecasts have been unreliable. He says low unemployment is criteria for crash. We’ve had “official” low employment for years now. How does he square that with his forecast? He can’t.

  44. H. Craig Bradley

    Needless-mier. 5,000 DOW in two more years ? Big war in Asia by 2020. Believe it when i see it. Yes, eventually gold, the dollar, and interest rates on Government Paper will go up considerably, but not necessarily all in the next two years. Economist Martin A. Armstrong says this may unfold according to his forecasts in or about the year 2032 A.D. when public confidence in Government collapses. We are not there yet. Timing is everything, as their are many forecasters and wannabees out there.

  45. Johnnie

    The US shale revolution may be a desperate attempt to prolong the US dollar as reserve currency. As OPEC becomes more wary of selling oil in US dollars, the US decided all of a sudden (within 10 years) to become oil independent. This way it is not a hostage to OPEC for oil and since the US is no longer a customer, the price crashed since 2014.

    I think this has gone the next step by trying to export oil abroad. You are going to have to use US dollars to buy oil from the US! It seems like the next stage in the desperate attempt for the US to remain #1. I say its desperate because China and Russia are changing the playing field. Also these shale wells have unpredictable life spans and the cost of getting the oil out of rock and sand is so expensive, it may not actually be profitable.

    If Charles is right and the Dow goes to 5000, then this might occur when you have that once or twice in 100 year event where an ounce of gold is worth the value of the dow index. That would put gold at $5000 which may be the minimum high it makes. Gold is highly correlated to oil, so a high oil price means a high gold price. The price of an ounce of gold is worth what it costs to mine a new ounce of gold. There is likely a fear premium on top of that cost of mining.

  46. Tad

    Hope to hear about this story next week. Content or sufficient detail is lacking, but it appears promising.

    Not be a lawyer, I would have never know the distinction between inalienable or unalienable.

  47. Peter

    The stock market made a top in 2018, not 2017. The 4% unemployment rate of today is much higher than the 7% unemployment rate under Reagan. Clinton changed the way it was calculated, so that he could benefit, although it was pretty low, compared to today and the stock market did well also. The guest ignored some of these obvious data points in history.

  48. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Good to see Nenner again! This looks like his Twitter account.

  49. Tad

    The last time a country rejected the petrodollar or leveraged their global position with nuclear weapons, Qaddafi and Hussein were taken out.

    I think Kim Jong Un’s overtures to Moon Jae-in are probably sincere. After all, the West claims he’s killing and starving his
    citizens, all the while he’s trying to stave off Western intervention aimed at plundering North Korea’s rare earth minerals.

    All that effort just to make western efforts at regime change and pillaging that much easier for Kim’s Washington friends.

    Makes perfect sense.

    Somehow, I don’t think we’ll see that meeting between Kim and Moon. Nothing is necessarily won or lost by one perhaps two meetings.

    The US would prefer not to see a peace momentum which would lift spirits and optimism of North and South Koreans.

    The burden isn’t on Kim. If peace and reunification break out, more North Koreans might have a slightly longer lifespan.

    As to Moon Jae In, well it depends on his intended legacy, isn’t it?

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, New whistleblower with ‘inside’ banking files? Maybe the ‘missing money’ Catherine Austin Fitts wonders where and what banks were involved?
    Enter C.I.A analyst- Harmon Wilfred as he joins Charles Ortel and Jason Goodman and is offering massive evidence and files to President Trump…and is ‘serious’ about draining the swamp ! 25 years of evidence and paper trail on Clintons since their earliest days forward…? and the set-up of the shadow government banking system used for what is occurring today ! $MEGA BILLIONS Amazing he sent a letter in 2016 and …..’crickets’ ? You’d think President Trump would send a plane for this guy ASAP… but natta? But Obama is heading their this week to get the country to turn him over? Or what? Make sure he never makes it back to U.S.? If President Trump does not collect this guy and put him in a safe place…many will doubt Mr. Donald’s sincerity to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…and will be seen as a ‘puppet’ and likely NOT get re-elected…or worse…lose his battle to not be impeached ! Anyone else agree ?

  51. Barry

    Mr Nenner cannot decide weather to fish or cut bait. Not your best guest when it comes to consistency unless you count “I don’t know”. Your show is always worth the time. I, however, will probably pass on Charles next time.

  52. Tim McGraw

    At the 5:09 mark your guest says that there are no laws of nature to look for in the free market… and then free will or choice is overwhelmed by billions of actors in the market… am I getting this wrong? So what does your guest believe in? If our own individual choices don’t matter in the markets… what is the point? I wish you’d pressed your guest on this point when he said that free will doesn’t matter in the markets.

    The whole point of Western Civilization and Christianity is based upon free will.

  53. Doug


    Others have already opined on this but Charles is unable to tell us the ‘why’ of his predictions and suppositions and can only say that he follows the cycles. If there was no direct market manipulation and no manipulation of gold/silver then I would be tempted to agree with him and just follow the cycles. I’m admittedly a simple man but Charle’s world view here is too simple.

    If there is massive manipulation among all asset markets and we KNOW there is then technical analysis doesn’t really mean that much. All sorts of predictions are around us but a man who can’t explain his predictions, well what can I say? He is calling for a higher dollar as an example because his cycle calls for a higher dollar and yet we realize that the Fed is going to print the dollar into infinity with exploding deficits as far as the eye can see and we also see Russia, China and many others dumping the dollar and yet Charles is calling for a higher dollar….and he can’t explain his predictions to boot.

    I do appreciate you having guests who are not all in lock step with each other and it’s good to have opposing views in order to make you think a bit. It’s just with the open and in your face manipulation going on my ‘faith’ in technical analysis is less than my faith in honesty in politics.

    Keep up the good work!

  54. Wayne Swanson

    Nenner is an interesting guy, but I can’t decide if he’s a genius or just plain nuts.

  55. Robert

    Buy Food! Fondling bits of metal won’t cure your hunger.

    • Arthur Barnes

      So true, good advise.

    • Frederick

      Robert Why not own some of each Just in case

  56. Diane

    We live in a very different and confusing world, it’s difficult to know what to do.
    I’ve decided to release it to GOD. …his problem.

  57. Paul from Indiana

    Hey guys, Quit fighting over Nenner. Doesn’t matter if he’s wrong or right! He gave the perfect solution to a dodgy future: own gold! Now, I don’t own any gold. I’m 65. How did that happen? But I’d GLADLY own gold, if I could. In fact, every time I’ve owned stocks, I’ve had to sell them for some reason, mostly to get by or educate my 5 kids, and I paid insult tax for the privilege. I now have no stocks. I’m still here. How is this possible? I’m not vested in this idea that America must take a whipping (although I’m surprised we’ve escaped it so far). I don’t live in fear of the Petro-Yuan. If the Chinese “kill” the dollar, they go with it. It is possible we see BOTH 40,000 Dow AND 5000 Dow. Even so, I bet we are still here the day after each. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, good outlook, a few years or should I say decades of life one get used to getting by. Regards, a b

    • JC Davis

      PFI my storage food is turning to powdered food waiting on the day it is needed. Love you bro.

      • Charles H

        I’m hoping my canned chicken lasts!

  58. Independent

    The Transitional Flight to Quality
    Posted Feb 11, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

    QUESTION: Hey Martin, … My question is: is there an influence of the Dow at this moment on the cryptocurrency market and the precious metal market? As you say, gold is not ready yet… Will the possible correction of the Dow play the confidence game and scare a lot of markets off?

    ANSWER: Yes. With Dow declining, we are failing to see a rally in cryptocurrency or gold and the long-touted flight to quality is not unfolding as most have expected.

    When Equities typically decline, people run to the government bonds, and this we call the Flight to Quality. Others have touted that gold would soar when the stock market crashes. That too has not unfolded. Others have forecast that the dollar will collapse when the stock market crashes. Hm, even the Euro has declined.

    What nobody seems to be talking about is what happens when the crisis is confined to government? Is that when gold rises? But then what about stocks? When CONFIDENCE collapses in government, the Flight to Quality becomes the opposite of tradition sell equities and buy bonds. Even when gold was rising moving up into 1980, bonds were declining.

    So what is going on this time? We are in the midst of the Transition from the confidence in government to the private sector but nobody seems to understand what is unfolding. This is why we are getting mixed signals and strange relationships.

    People will invest in the private sector and sell government bonds, smelling a default in the wind.We are more than likely going to get the first kneejerk reaction, where equities will DECLINE and people will rush into government bonds, even with negative yields. This should create the final bubble top in debt, and then it will reverse in a Flash Crash type move. Traditional people will buy bonds and lose a fortune. Others will sell their stocks at the lows and jump on short positions. This will set the stage for a crazy period that comes around every so often, measured in hundreds of years.

    • Jonathan

      Words of wisdom from a very wise man! Thank you for posting the reality in the midst of wild and reckless predictions based only on opinion from all else.

      Greg- now is the time to guide people with facts..please bring back Martin soon!

  59. Bill

    I understand that we should go light on the stock market and heavy on PMs. Can you direct me to someone or someplace that might answer these following questions.
    How much money do i keep in my checking account
    How much should i have in my savingsaccount, or should I not have a savings accout
    I realize specific dollar amounts would be different for each person, but would there not be general dollar amounts or percentages?
    For silver and gold, what denomination would we be advised to hold?
    Are there percentage of PM coins verses bars to be held?

    • JMiller


      You should have as much in your checking account as you feel comfortable to have. There really is no general dollar amount or percentage since we are all have different needs. Some say to have only one months living expenses or just enough to pay bills which is fine to do. I myself have no problem having way more than that in two different bank checking accounts. It is commonly stated that everyone should have an emergency fund to cover at least 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses. Probably half of that though should be in physical cash.

      I would however avoid having money in savings accounts, money market deposit accounts and certificate of deposits. This is because the Federal Reserve’s Regulation D which allows banks the right to require that the depositor give at least 7 days written notice to withdraw or transfer all or part of the balance of any savings accounts, negotiable order of withdrawal accounts (NOW), and money market deposit accounts (MMDA).

      Demand deposit accounts, such as checking accounts, are not subject to the 7 days written notice. However many checking accounts consist of two sub-accounts – a checking sub-account and a money market sub-account. The bank has the right to require at least 7 days written notice prior to the withdrawal or transfer of any funds from the money market sub-account.

      Certificate of Deposits (CD), which are time deposit accounts, could require advance notice in cases of an early withdrawal prior to the maturity date. However the bank has the right to deny your request.

      Granted banks normally do not require depositors give them advance notice to withdrawal money from their account but if there is a bank run, the banks could exercise their right and require that the depositor give at least 7 days written notice for most accounts. And in the case of CDs, deny any early withdrawal requests.

      The same goes for most credit unions.

      Some credit union websites that I have seen state that they have the right to require at least 7 days and up to 60 days notice of any withdrawal from certain accounts. One example is below:

      “SECU reserves the right to require a member intending to make a withdrawal from any account (except dividend checking, non-dividend checking, HSA or CPG accounts)
      to give written notice of such intent not less than seven days and up to 60 days before such withdrawal.”

      Another example:

      “We reserve the right to require you to give not less than seven (7) and up to sixty (60) days written notice of your intention to withdraw funds from any account except checking accounts.”

      And some people say credit unions are safer than banks.

    • Jodyp

      Bill, the best deal going now is 90% silver. Pre 1965 dimes,quarters,halves. I consistently buy below spot silver prices on eBay with ebucks from reputable dealers. I’m too far from coin shops. After paying the bills, I pull out cash to live on for the month and put the rest aside. And don’t forget stacking the food. Sam’s Club has some of the best deals going on emergency food. Free shipping and Auguson Farms is very good.(Moo Milk is the best) Just get started now! It’s insurance you can’t live without!

  60. Shamus McCorkell
    Federal abuses on Obama’s watch represent a growing blight on his country!

  61. marcus

    Greg please get someone on that is not a Bill Pony.
    I believe we are heading to WAR. You would have to be deft not to hear the war drums pounding……The black Swan is just outside your door, so much pressure on to hang our bad guys, Has everyone forgot they are Bad evil, somehow justis is going to be served.
    Remember This when all else Fails We will bring You To WAR………I say bring on Gerald Celente ……. A man that says it as it is and has always called it right.
    Book him in Greg , your followers deserve to hear the real game in play.

  62. Ivan

    Greg , please get Jerome Corsi on and ask him about the war behind the scene taking place between military intelligence and the deep state ,F.B.I. ,C.I.A.,etc ,etc . Q anon , the economy , the Rothchilds , the war between good and evil .

  63. Jerry

    For years I have tried to illustrate to your readers that the central banks have sold us out to the globalist, by supplying links and information to back up my statements. Some get it. Some don’t. My question to you is this. Do you think with the launch of the petroyuan on March 26th that the timing of this agreement is one great big coincidence ? I realize as a reporter that you try to present facts and avoid opinion, but one must conclude in this case that there must be some kind of reason that J.P. Morgan Chase would first sell its corporate building in New York city to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar and then establish a yuan clearing house. I smell a buyout. What say you😊

  64. Jerry

    Heads up! Crazy train is about to leave the station.

    I guess debt no longer matters? Heck, why stop at 4 trillion . Why not make it 114 trillion? It’s only numbers in a computer.

    • Mohammad

      As long as they are parked in Banks…(no velocity)


    • JC Davis

      Jerry…. JERRY send more paramedics.
      Your link was from CBS
      Cant make this stuff up. Print more dollars .

    • gregd

      I’m only taking an educated guess here but I think they are running up the credit card because they know they won’t be paying it.

  65. Mohammad

    Breaking the Trump_Netanyahu alliance to isolate Trump:


  66. Seth Rich,Tredway, or the highway! By by...

    Attorney Irina Rostova received a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Michigan and a PhD in law at the University of Miami. Irina Rostova was a highly-qualified professional economist, due to her education, and the experience gained in the largest financial institution of the USA – JPMorgan Chase Bank.
    Knowledge of economic processes and immigration law made Irina Rostova irreplaceable both on the analysis of EB-5 investment reliability side and on the Green card obtaining side.
    The experience of Irina Rostova gave her extensive exposure as she was regularly consulted by colleagues, and she often conducted seminars and presentations on immigration in the United States for investors at international and American conferences. Irina Rostova spoke fluent English and Russian.
    Conspiracy theorists falsely linked a deadly Moscow plane crash to Uranium One, a debunked Hillary Clinton “scandal?” You Be The Judge
    New Living Translation
    They shouted to the Lord and said, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you judge the people who belong to this world and avenge our blood for what they have done to us?” ◄ Revelation 6:10 ►

  67. Bill

    GREG: Crypto currencies, stock market/bond market crash, war, dollar valuations/ velocity, none of these are important to me. Whats important? My relationship with GOD, my wife, my children, my neighbor and my church family. If we can keep these a priority, we will do well

  68. Rodney

    Nenner says buy gold. If gold is going up, would gold stocks follow?

  69. Lewis Abahaxy

    I am not saying that gold will not increase in price, but to say it will never lose all of its value is, at best, misleading. Think back to the 70’s when gold and silver increased from $250 per ounce to over $650 at least… After the sell off, when gold dropped back to $250, it took 30 years for the PMs to reach current prices. When the most recent price surge took place, Silver did reach $50 per ounce before settling back to its current levels. I believe both the equity markets and PMs are as rigged as a crooked casino and I reluctantly remain on the sidelines.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is you who are misleading. Gold and silver has a 5,000 year track record as money and store of value.

  70. Lore

    Heh. The cagey bugger absolutely, steadfastly refuses to provide a direct answer in response to Mr. Hunter’s repeated requests for explanation: “It’s complicated.” Heh.
    It isn’t, but it would also defeat the purpose of attracting subscribers. Reminds me of my last FA, back in the 90s. BS baffles brains…

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