The Last Bill of Rights Day

By Greg Hunter’s

Earlier today, I wrote a hopeful article about how the language in the “Indefinite Detention” bill (otherwise know as National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA) might be changed to not gut the Bill of Rights. I was way too optimistic.  It appears to be over, and the reconciled bill is on its way to President Obama’s desk to sign into law.  It also appears there is zero chance he will veto the bill.  I think this effectively means America has had its last Bill of Rights Day. Our mainstream media is totally down playing the importance of this historic legislation, but the foreign press sees this for what it is.  Russia Today reported,”Exactly 220 years to the date after the Bill of Rights was ratified, the US Senate today voted 86 to 13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, allowing the indefinite detention and torture of Americans.

After a back-and-forth in recent days between both the Senate and House yielded intense criticism from Americans attempting to hold onto their Constitutional rights, NDAA FY2012 is now on its way to the White House, where yesterday the Obama administration revealed that the president would not veto the legislation, cancelling out a warning he offered less than a month earlier.

Obama has finally brought about change to America, but it’s nothing to be hopeful about.

Speaking before the Senate this afternoon, Sen. Lindsey Graham (Rep-SC) told his colleagues, “I hope you believe America is part of the battlefield.” The United States is at war, he insisted, and anyone alleged to be in opposition to the US government’s game will now be subjected to military-style detention indefinitely.  (Click here for the complete RT story.)

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  1. Steve

    A sad day indeed. Ha, even the Russians know it. I keep thinking, that even though Bin Laden is dead, he is still winning the war on terror. He must be laughing in his grave, or where ever he really ended up.

    A sad day indeed.

  2. Steve

    Forgot to add Greg, do you have the voting link, who voted yea and na?

    • Greg

      I don’t but a few more voted against it. I think nthere were 13 no votes in the Senate this time.

      • Steve

        Greg, I just wrote the White House and asked for President to veto the bill. Even though he probably won’t, he doesn’t know unless we tell him our opinion.

        • Greg

          Fight the good fight Steve!! What else can you do.

          • Steve

            After I made the above post I remembered a story. It’s about how can one person make a difference. A friend of mine told the story about how some starfish washed up on shore when the tide went out. And this person starting throwing them back so they wouldn’t die. Another person seeing this asked, “what good are you going to do they are going to die”. The person responded, “not that one” as he kept throwing one by one back into the ocean. It also reminds me of the OWS crowd, one at a time joined that group and now look at the change they are having in the WORLD!! It can be done!

  3. rio

    My country is dead.

    • William

      Rio, Its been dead. Now it is decomposing. A country absent of the one true God of the Bible will automaticlly drift into the abyss.

  4. Agent X

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (Rep-SC)… Will the real terrorist please stand up! Here come the lawsuits! The USSC better get involved!

    • Jim

      Sadly the USSC is bought and paid for the same as the Congress and the White House.

  5. Jan

    A sad day in America. Citizens will need to think carefully about what they buy or how they buy it, cash, debit, credit or check. Which is safe? Is buying precious metals, freeze dried long-term food or a gun going to put us under a microscope?

    Do we cease voice our displeasure with government actions and would that just be the federal government or state & local too?

    Is Homeland Security the American KBG? I think from this day forward I am afraid of my government.

  6. ROY

    The American government and the powers to be, have just declared martial law and suspended the constitution. It is my gut feeling they are preparing for something very big which is about to happen. With the high percentage of congress who voted for this new law, they must expect something terrible is about to happen. These new powers that the military will have will allow them to have martial law without actually proclaiming it at the present time, and scaring the general population before this near future event happens. I doubt the supreme court will review the new law, as they will be in the need to know loop and know the government is going to need this powers to slap down “Joe Six Pack” real hard and fast. Only way to cope with this is to invest in gold, food and small arms and hunker down till it is over.

    • wayne

      It should be no surprise that many members of Congress know what’s coming….after all, theyre responsible for shipping millions of jobs offshore while importing untold numbers of people who have no skills, no education, can’t speak our language and are almost totally dependent on welfare style benefits from our fedgov which under any legitimate analysis would be considered bankrupt. I don’t think it would take too many missed meals to cause some of major cities to experience major ‘disruptions’.

      They’ve also been instrumental in tying our financial markets (and future) to several European countries whose socialist style spending imperils the 401K’s and pensions for millions of Americans and by passing several ‘constitionally questionable’ types of legislation it’s pretty clear they’re very aware of what’s coming….after all, they’ve been front and center in orchestrating our march to national suicide.

  7. rrrobert

    sad…sad…sad…here comes the second revolution…lot of people don’t even know about it, MSM definitely playing it down…gives creditability to those FEMA camps that i been hearing about all over the country

  8. gibbo

    who would ever have thought that the good guys might be russian? I’m still sickened by the notion, but more sickened by the passing of this act into law…

  9. Kevin

    Do others find it strange that the current laws about detention and due process are not first overturned or repealed; Congress simply votes for new and additional legislation. So obviously there remains a contradiction. The political process is incoherent. This kind of behaviour from elected representatives needs to be punished.
    And, please don’t grace what may happen if the military begins to detain Americans and interfere with civil law by calling it martial “law”, an obvious propaganda term to infer legitimacy. It is not “law” – it is the suspension of civil law and the substitute of martial control.

    • Bob

      words like incoherent has no meaning in a lawless land. using a word like that could put you on a watch list.

  10. Roderick Pagnossin

    Thats change you can believe in.

    The good news is the last of the troops are leaving Irag. The bad news is while they were there supposedly defending our rights they are coming back to a country without any. Welcome home troops.

  11. slingshot

    Interesting that we all now worry what is about to happen to this nation. This is not B.S.! This Bill is fact, when signed by the President, becomes the Law of the Land. This is not speculation or the distant warnings of some fringe group. This is REAL.

    Those who give up Liberty for Security, Deserve Neither!

    I want you to take a look around you. See any difference? Do you hear anything? No. Not untill you hear the shouts of, “This is America, You can’t do this!”. That day is coming.

  12. Gillian Grannum

    This is a traitor’s bill. It is worth no more than the power invested in it and I give it NO POWER OVER ME! It demonstrates a great deal of fear of the citizenry by the lawless, venal, corrupt, banal, utterly compromised, bought-and-bribed government.

    What a travesty!

  13. g.johnson

    pogo was right. we have met the enemy; and he is us.

    a blatant act of treason has occurred by those we have elected to protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

    every senator and congressman who voted for this grave travesty have done more harm to America than ten thousand al qaedas and ten thousand Taliban’s could do in a hundred years.

    we have been taken down from within by turncoats who have chosen to serve the desires of their campaign financiers over the will of their constituents.

    loving your country and the constitution now makes you an enemy of the state.

    Merry Christmas.

  14. Jeff S.

    Lindsay Graham and John McCain: a pair of useful idiots marching Amerika towards its bitter end. Truly tragic.

  15. Todd

    So its a game…. I love games , especially ones that keep me from becoming obese from eating too much processed food and sleeping like a caged animal.i love games where you no longer play on the same team . Kinda makes one feel free and independant and in complete control of their life. So is this why theyre printing up so much funny money so everyone can play. They can keep my share ,it has nothing to do with the real world which is somewhere between my garden and the driveway.

  16. Frank Brady

    The content of the NDAA is bad enough. What is more frightening is the deliberate and arrogant campaign of lies employed by Congressional offices on both sides of the aisle to mislead the public about what our Senators and Representatives have passed and what our President has signed.

    The political establishment has now completed building the foundation of a totalitarian police state. It intends to protect its iron grip on power at all costs. As the financial collapse of the Welfare/Warfare State’s layered structured of Ponzi schemes accelerates, all that remains is the “triggering event” required to justify complete repression. May God save the people of the United States.

  17. Michael R.

    I suppose that the Second Amendment is next on the list. The tragic issue here is that MSM is not up in arms about this. Let me get this straight, John McCain looks the other way on illegal and uncontrolled immigration and supports the military indefinetly locking up American citizens suspected of terrorism. This man is not an American hero. He is a treasonous mentally disorded idiot.

  18. johnny apple seed

    Torches staves and spears_ that’s what you’ll have left

    I wonder what the patriots were thinking prior to the fight for liberty and independence?

    sending political vote, messages has no effects_ they want to place under the power of the “11th horn” which is of the seven and is now the eight. He will rule until the Lord is satisfied with our repentive crys It will be a while until you see liberty again.

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