The Two Headed Monster

I have long said the main political parties are really just a two-headed monster that take turns ripping off America.  We are not getting discussion on the enormous problems facing the country during the GOP primaries.  We need serious banking reform and criminal prosecutions.  Neither party will touch that issue because the banks contribute to both parties equally.  You cannot grow jobs until you get Wall Street out of politics and stop them from rigging the game so they win and we lose 100% of the time.

I think the election process has also become a rigged game where you get to chose between two people that the big money interests both accept.  Look at Obama and Romney; billionaire investor George Soros said there was “no difference” between the two.  I agree.  Someone like Ron Paul is different, and both Democrat and Republican leaders fear he will bring some real change.  The change will not benefit the powers that be, and I think that is why Dr. Paul gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the corporate controlled media or the mainstream media.  Today, I bring you two videos.  The first one is a spoof on the election process.  The second is a short clip from comedian George Carlin called “The American Dream.”  This prophetic clip is from 2005.   Both would be a lot funnier if they were not so true.  Enjoy.

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  1. Barry

    Carlin is vulgar. I think we can do without his filthy mouth.

    • Scott

      Speak for yourself Barry!

    • Denarius

      Bernanke is vulgar. I think we can do without his filthy lying mouth.

    • Mike

      I’m sorry, we’re all being done in left right and centre and all you care about is foul language? WAKE UP!!!!!!

    • g.johnson

      i think he just did scott. for some folks, sadly, affecting propriety is more important than being honest and passionately truthful.

      thanks for the carlin sample greg. always refreshing to watch a master at work.

      • Greg

        Thank you G. Johnson for your participation in this site.

  2. Nathan Hale

    This fellow Carlin could use some classical education; Excellent speech becometh not a fool.

  3. Jan

    It is more than the big banks fleecing the public at every turn. The now want to control & tax sugar like they do alcohol & tobacco. Who is behind this? Follow the money to the special interest: Who owns the patent on the new sugar substitute? Johnson & Johnson the drug company. Who pays for these studies and awards grants to “grassroots” groups to lobby for this rent seeking legislation? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with an endowment funded by J&J stock.

    Wake up people: Do not vote for this or any tax that hits the other guy, you only feed the trolls.

  4. slingshot

    George, really put it out there and the audience seemed half asleep Slow on applause. I do not think we have the time, money or the patience to try and explain just what is happening in politics or finance. I want to know, WHY! Why nobody pays attention to those who are sounding the alarms. Is it the floride in our drinking water or the Prozac/Ritilin concoctions. Is it an overdose of Botox in our heads or fast weight loss diets? How about all those preservatives in our food chain? Chemical leaching from plastics or we have been cooking with aluminium pots too long. Something is not right.
    Have we come accustumed to having so much at the supermarket, high end retail stores and TEN THOUSAND CHANNELS of entertainment that the choices that really matter for the sake of the nation, become mundane? Has our critical thinking no more than reactions to soundbites and herd mentality?
    Why has the Republican Party only capable of mustering up old drawn out policies. McCain,in the past election and Gingrich are still the old guard. Romney is a good old boy crossing party lines. Ron Paul is just not acceptable by either party because he is a threat to both.
    I have heard that we lost this generation or that generation. We better wake up soon. If not, we are going to lose the whole nation.

    What happens if gold passes $2000 and Silver $50. Just around the corner in my opinion. Wonder what the candidates will say about that reality.

    • D. Smith

      The audience wasn’t asleep. They just didn’t make the connection. Few people did in 2005, and few still do today. I’m surprised, frankly, that Carlin did. Maybe hollyweird is more with it than we thought, in that regard. It’s just that the average Joe thinks everything is fine because that’s what the media leads them to believe. A long time ago I learned a phrase which has stuck with me for a long time, and I even had a bumper sticker made. It says “question authority”. I rarely watch TV news. Even what I read I sometimes don’t believe right away. I have to be convinced.

      But I think Carlin, even though the language wasn’t great, was on target then, and Ron Paul is on target now. But the media has made the general public leery of Dr. Paul because of his positions on foreign policy. His position is perfectly logical and more than acceptable, but few will bother to check into his reasonable thinking, and that is sad. We will all lose because of a few blowhards who don’t want Ron Paul elected because he KNOWS what’s what. He knows how to fix it, too, and THAT really scares WADC, the Fed and the Wall Street bigwigs.

  5. Sean

    This Is a MUST read on the current state of the US economy. As usual, Paul Crag Roberts breaks it down to real numbers that all of us can understand.

    Recovery? Take a look:

  6. Jan

    George Carlin? I thought you had Christian values. I won’t be passing on any more of your stuff to friends and family.

    • Greg

      I do have Christian values and I am sorry you took offense, but Carlin hit the nail on the head in graphic terms. I do not agree with Carlin on God, the Bible and I am NOT an atheist. I am using whatever tools I can to wake up America and Mr. Carlin was just a tool. I do agree with Carlin on what is happening to this country, and I assure you it will be much worse than ANYTHING George Carlin says. Thank you for the feedback. You point is well made and well taken, but please don’t stop supporting this site. Thank you again for the comment.

      • Nathan Hale

        Greg, does your Mother know your listening to that stuff?

        • Greg

          Nathan Hale,
          Carlin language is nothing compared to the criminal activity of the bankers, and hey, not a word was said to them. They were nice and polite when they robbed the country of $trillions!!

          • norcar survivor

            I bet both these guys use this salty language when they find out their bank account is empty and their cash is worthless. People have to be able to see the forest through the trees.

          • Nathan Hale


      • Denarius

        Not to worry, Greg. Dealing in the T R U T H will cause your eyes to
        sting and your ears to ring and your hands to suffer third degree burns.
        More power to you and all the others who daily face the hell fires of lies,
        deceit, ignorance, denial and, worst of all, indifference.

        • Greg

          Thank you Denarius.

      • FredQuimby

        Jan & Greg,

        I am a “non-believer” and I have all the proper values a decent person in society should have. It just happened that it was my parents who taught me them, and not a religious person as it was in your case.

        Please don’t lump us non-believers of the supernatural (I always say I have a naturalistic world view) into the “he must be a bad person” pot. Not needed. Not necessary and Each to his Own!


        If you need more proof of this, visit and see what I mean.

        ….Keep up the good work Greg!!

        • Greg

          Point taken. Thank you for making it here.

    • Blt

      Jan, remember, we have brains on this site. Uf u want to be christian great, but not everyone is on board with the whole “my religion is better than yours” thing. Lighten up, its not a sin I promise.

  7. Doug Cowlthorp

    Great video’s. George Carlin was a very smart man that wasn’t affraid to say it like it is. People in the western world,(U.S., Canada, and Europe etc.) are all way to worried about what is on CSI at 08:00, or the new Iphone is in, the new Iphone is in. It’s to our own detrament. Luckily there are web sites that people like yourself give a, shall we say, different slant to what is going on. A different take, that the MSM is either affraid or too stupid to see. I agree that if Romney is elected there will be nothing different in U.S. policy compared to what Obama is doing. No arrests of bankers, no reduction in spending, and like Carlton say’s, No giving a shit about what the regular people want or need.
    Keep up the good fight Greg, but I am affraid it is of little use in the big scheme of things (election wise anyway).
    From a Nervous neighbor to the north.

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug,
      Not everybody liked the video but it is enlightening and that was what I was looking for.

      • FutureVoter

        I agree. While Carlin was loud and vulgar (personally I found it entertaining, but I’m low browed like that) he did make many valid points. I certainly don’t agree with everything an author like Ayn Rand says,for instance, however she is still a very perceptive person and a lot can be learned from her novels. The same can be said of Carlin in this video.

  8. FutureVoter

    This is both funny… and very sad. That reporter looked and sounded like every anchor woman I’ve ever seen on the big news networks (and just as oblivious to what she was saying as well). Great actor. Thanks for the clips.

  9. FutureVoter

    By the way, did you watch Jon Stewart’s interview with Yale Professor Jonathan Macey? I know I’m preaching to the choir on this site, but it seems outrageous that the only interview like this to be found is on a comedien’s tv show, on a network focused primarily on comedy. Do the actual news networks and their anchors look at this and bow their heads in shame, or do are they too busy enjoyng their nice pay checks from corporate america– not to mention free trips around the world (where in the world is matt luader?).
    Btw, Greg I hope I do not offend considering your background as a network reporter, and the fact that you most likely still have friends there.

  10. matt


    I loved the Carlin video! It appears that Carlin could see into the future, because he had it dead on. I make sure to visit this site everyday in my quest for knowledge and the truth. I passed this site on to some of my friends who do not believe in the Christian dogma and they love your site too. So for the few you lose because you offended their faith, don’t worry because you will gain educated critical thinkers in their place. Keep up the good work!

    Furthermore, I guess Jan hasn’t read her bible in a while because Christian values can be down right scary! If you don’t believe me, then check out the following passages. These are just a small snippet of “christian values.”

    Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB

    If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB)

    All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT)

    A priest’s daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB)

    • Greg

      Nothing wrong with being a Christian, but sometimes you got to raise some hell to get people to listen. There are stories about God doing just that in the Bible too. Thank you for your support!!!

    • Steve

      For me, Christian values come for Jesus and the New Testament. Jesus came to complete the Law, the OT. Christian values come from the life and teachings of Christ. Just my point of view.

  11. Scott

    I always look forward to your blog, Greg. Keep up the great work!

    In spite of some strangely negative feedback you’ve gotten, I think the Carlin clip is great! It’s one of my absolute favorites; and I’ve also shared with others a number of times. So what if he embellished his routine with some obscene language? Personally, I’m tired of people watering down the message for fear of offending a few who are too timid to deal with the heaviness of the material or a few vulgarities. What other comedian could possibly express the anger so forwardly and effectively as Carlin?

    Thanks for posting, Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Scott for weighing in and for your support.

  12. Sean

    I’m offended that people react more harshly to a little bit of foul language than they do to an elite who control opinions, thoughts, votes, and the lives of people around the world, often resulting in all out war and the death of millions. THAT is something worth getting offended and worked up over.

    You fakers who put up with mass murderers controlling and destroying our nation yet wining like school children over a few adult comments need to grow a pair. And yes, I called you fakers. Can’t handle little bit of “potty mouth”? Am I dealing with preschoolers here? Seriously? Placing the rule of the law over the spirit of the law. Like the pharisees. If that offends you then I’m glad. We need to collectively look in a mirror and make hard choices every day to ask ourselves if we let piousness and societal “virtues” stand in the way of doing the right thing. Like using a little bit of vulgarity to emphasize the evils of the globalist elite.

    I’d raise my children in the company of a swearing, cussing, honest, and fair person in a heartbeat before ever allowing them in the presence of a polished and polite lying cheater. Criticizing and dismissing an honest man because you don’t like his choice of vocabulary is the mentality of mindless drones. Clearly you are not mindless and clearly you are not drones so use the brain that God gave you and stop letting convention (societal categorization and avoidance of foul language is convention, not virtue) prevent you from hearing and recognizing important truth when its spoken.

    One more thing and I’ll stop my rant: Imagine a Christian right voting for a candidate who claims Christianity and speaks politely, yet talks openly about an intent to bring war against a foreign nation. Just like Jesus would do. Right? Nice and Christian, right? I’m not bashing Christianity. I’m saying we need to step back and think about what our beliefs really mean before we act or react. George Calling would be welcome to my table for dinner if he were still alive. Evil well spoken globalists who bring murder, poverty, and death to millions, like Obama, Bush, Clinton, and their taskmasters, wouldn’t get the privilege of eating with the dogs.

    • Scott

      Very well spoken, Sean!… I hate it when people threaten to cut off from Greg’s site just because they can’t tolerate some adult content. There’s some heavy stuff going on in the world, and it’s a shame that people expect him to gear his material toward a few G-rated Puritans who post the refrigerator with lame “Family Circus” cartoons.

    • g.johnson

      sean, beautiful 🙂

    • Blt

      Shocked and offended dont u mean?

  13. jay

    Words of discription are sometimes offensive, but not always wrong.
    culture should never dictate the morality of discriptive words.
    when a robber says your money or yor life (please), dont make him a good robber.Just a pollite one…i lose either way,unless i have my gun on him first.
    Everything else has been said. Hey how about going on the daily show…looks like you would have a good time there.

  14. josh

    i love the carlin clip. the vulgarity is not gratuitous but justified by the content. I met him once. his first hbo special was handled by my employer, unitel video. he gave the entire crew tickets to the show which was taped in union city, nj. afterwards he invited us back to greenwich village for a lovely dinner at a cozy italian restaurant which he personally paid for. he went around from table to table and greeted each guest like someone would do at a wedding. when he asked me what i did on the show i told him i was just free-loading off my date which got a good-natured laugh off of him. i was sad to hear of his early demise.

    • Greg

      Thank you for sharing this story!! I like Carlin too. I disagree with him on the Bible and God but I don’t have to agree with everything about someone to still like them. I always say, “If you are trying to find the perfect friend, you will never have one.”

  15. Alan

    I was watching Buddy Roemer last night on Al jazeera a channel I do not watch very often. He sounds like a very good person seems to me that the US media has already decided who they want as the next president as Buddy stated the whole of the system is totally corrupt.
    This is what happens when people like Murdoch and his mates take over the media and just want total control over everyone’s lives.

    What next for America and the rest of the so called free world

    • Greg

      Good stuff man!

  16. William

    Wow Greg, you really hit a nerve with this one. I’m a Christian, read your site daily and loved this particular post.

    What is it with people who, every time someone says or does something that they don’t like, through the “Christain” card. Really people!?

    Christianity is about having a personal relationship with Christ and following His word in your own life. Worry less about other people and learn to show love even to those that offend you. If this nation was truely Christian, it wouldn’t be the empire it currently is.

    • Greg

      Thank you William.

  17. czzi

    Funny you Ron Paul supporters, have you not heard the news??? His campaign spokesperson confirmed that he and MITT ROMNEY have a strategic partnership!!!He supports Romney on the tax issue and R Paul has lived off the government teat for over 20 years, with great medical care,and has had minimal impact in the congress (see how many laws he has had passed!).
    Of the 620 bills that Paul had sponsored through December 2011, over a period of more than 22 years in Congress, only one had been signed into law — a lifetime success rate of less than 0.3% And you want this guy to be president? So you R Paul supporters going to vote for Romney??

  18. Herman Gerbils

    I have always said American politics is like watching professional wrestling done with marionette puppets, the fake outrage and competition overseen by the same puppet masters, the man behind the curtain you aren’t supposed to pay attention to. Carlin also pointed out that you have plenty of choices about things that don’t matter (50 brands of chocolate chip cookies)and none about things that do. I was telling somebody about that American Dream clip just last night, 3 minuets and 5 seconds of unvarnished truth, my worldview in under 4 minuets. But unlike George, I have not given up on my species yet…..yet.

    • Greg

      Herman Gerbils,
      Great stuff man!! I have not given up either. . .yet.

  19. Craig

    Thanks Greg. I need to laugh again, at least once in awhile. I agree with Glen Beck. I do not condone Ron Pauls policy in Iran, but ….with the latest Non Farm Payroll print, I am opting out of the Government run world. No more. It is pure BS, BLS. Please Greg continue to march on. I tell anyone who will listen which if very very few. Most of the Americans are exactly what Carlin jokes about. We need a nation of Patriots. Thank you tea party. Thank you Greg

    • Greg

      The most recent unemployment numbers is a total lie and that lie was repeated all ver the mainstream media. Two sins were committed here and I don’t know which one is worse. You just helped me write my opening line to Monday’s post!! Thank you.

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