This is Bigger than Gold & Silver Manipulation – Chris Powell

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Chris Powell, Treasurer and Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says price manipulation of all markets is a major problem the world faces. Powell explains, “This is an issue far bigger than gold and silver. Gold and silver are just minerals, atomic elements. The issue for us is much bigger than that. The issue is free and transparent markets and having an accountable government. You cannot have those things unless you have freely traded monetary metals markets and freely trading currency markets as well. We don’t worship the golden calf or the silver bull. We are pursuing a much more justice oriented agenda here. We want government to tell us what they are doing in the markets. We want them to be open and accountable, and that requires a free and transparent monetary metals market.”

No matter how much financial manipulation is occurring on a global scale, you cannot suppress the outcome of those policies. One of the outcomes is inflation, and yet the new cover of Bloomberg/Newsweek asks the question “Is Inflation Dead?” Powell says, “This is worse than a prediction. It’s a delusion. Inflation is all around us. I don’t know what world the government is living in where they put out monthly reports saying inflation is tame. These people are not paying medical insurance premiums. They are not paying college tuition. They are not paying state taxes. They are not going to the grocery store and seeing prices rise monthly and, of course, they are not noticing the inflation that has manifested itself in the stock market. . . . Inflation is not dead. It’s all around us, and it has been all around us.”

GATA has been trying to get the U.S. government to come clean about massive market manipulations. GATA says they have hit a stone wall of silence. Powell concludes, “Presumably, the U.S. Treasury is secretly trading in any number of markets and refuses to say which markets they are. . . . I heard a U.S. Assistant Attorney move for a Summary Judgement dismissal of our lawsuit saying, without admitting the U.S. government was rigging the markets as we complained in our lawsuit, the U.S. government does claim the power to do what our lawsuit complained of, and that was to secretly rig the markets. I think we have established this now to the satisfaction of any reasonable person . . . . Especially since the CME Group, which operates the major futures exchanges in the United States, has just renewed what it calls its central bank incentive program, which gives enormous volume trading discounts to governments and central banks for surreptitiously trading all the futures markets. . . . So, we know the CME group has created mechanisms for secret trading by the U.S. government and other governments to get discounts in all of the futures trading in the United States.”

In closing, Powell reminds us, “At some point, manipulations do fail . . . . Manipulations only work because of deception.”

Powell contends that global financial powers are trying to suppress inflation through the manipulation of all futures and commodities, but it’s not working.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Chris Powell of GATA.

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  1. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The press needs professional liars. If you will not lie for the State, lie for the Feds, lie for the Corporation Churches, they only have use for liars for the slightly news media. You ever notice how the snewz media ignores child trafficking by the State and Church, but covers the child trafficking by the un-affiliated. Its all the same bad actors of officialdom that need the services of liars.

    • paul ...

      Liars from both political Parties don’t see their own contradictions … the Democrats supported ISIS terrorists against the Syrian government … now the Republicans support the 9-11 terrorists (the Saudi’s) against the Yemen government … as Gregory Mannarino says: “Republicans/Democrats are two heads of the same snake with a dark agenda.”!!

  2. Anthony Australia

    Very educational Greg. Thank you.

  3. Uncommon sense

    When the government inflation measures exclude the goods, services and assets that are subject to the most inflation it is no surprise that inflation seems low when looking at the statistics.

    • paul ...

      Uncommon Sense … Inflation measured by the government CPI is 2% (William’s has it at 9%) … until we people demand of our government the moral discipline to finally begin telling the truth to the people … the criminal politicians and banksters will continue their “overt and in our face fraud” upon us … into infinity!! …

      • kevin

        Inflation rate for the average person is more like 5%.

  4. H. Craig Bradley


    The premise here is if you had a gold standard, then you would have a corruption free government, if not society. Unfortunately, there is no standard other than a Biblical Standard that can ever come close to a perfect government or monetary system. As a secular government today, the U.S. can not do either so I say we are doomed. Better get your bug out shelter ready for SHTF because we are way overdue for the proverbial reset. The president that comes after President Trump will probably be a Gay Man. That is when we get ours.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” H and Happy Easter.

    • Uncommon sense

      I suggest that a biblical standard would suffer the same fate as a gold standard: a moral straight jacket that would eventually be cast aside for greater freedom.

    • Nick in UK

      You just replaced a gay president, keep up it’s the worst kept secret ever.
      We even know about it over here !

      Happy Easter to all

  5. andyb

    .Greg: I have been a fan of GATA for some time and certainly applaud its efforts for transparency in the PM markets which, unfortunately seems to be anathema to our corrupt government bureaucracies and the criminals they serve at the FED. Thanks to GATA. we are aware of the manipulation, the obfuscated government statistics and the obvious fact that our sovereign gold has been stolen and is long gone. I certainly share CP’s frustration, but there have been recent signs of hope, the foremost of which is the seeming recent failure of COMEX and the ensuing contagion spreading to the LBMA.

    Just waiting for the first major delivery default. It is definitely coming.

    • OutLookingIn

      “It is definitely coming”.

      It’s here. Inflating the currency supply eventually comes back and bites you. Hard!
      Case in point:
      Spain requires energy and turns to the US for the best deal, since the US is now an exporter of oil and LNG. Problem being oil is priced worldwide in US dollars. So Spain buys US dollars with euros, in order to pay for the energy. Now those petro- dollars come home to the US, further inflating the currency supply. This is occurring around the globe by those that purchase US oil or LNG. Starting to bite HARD!

  6. Robert E. Salt

    If globalists succeed, the price of precious metals and everything else will be whatever globalists dictate. If banks and countries are hoarding gold, it means they don’t believe the globalists will succeed this time around. When I was a kid I knew what I could buy for a penny. I knew what I could buy for a nickel, and I knew what I could buy for a dime. Kids today don’t even know why coins exist. I remember when a bus or subway ride cost a nickel here in NYC. Now the fare rises faster than I can keep track. I think it’s almost $3 now.

    • iwitness02

      Robert E. Salt,
      That sure brings back memories. I knew what I Could buy for a penny, nickel, and dime.
      On the rare occasion that I had a half dollar, I always got change. I never needed that much, that I would spend the whole half dollar in one visit. Sure is a different world today.

    • paul ...

      Robert … If the globalist neocons succeed in shutting down the flow of oil it will create a huge inflationary spike in the prices for most everything … if they want to keep the price of precious metals down … perhaps the neocons should strike a deal with Iran whereby they stop helping Hezbollah and we stop helping the Saudi’s kill women and children in Yemen!! …

  7. Jerry

    This is one of best interviews you have ever done. Chris Powell hit it out of the park on every point. It is not conspiracy theory when you personally know people who are moving their money off shore to banks in the Bahamas. It is not conspiracy theory when you personally know people who’s sons are being trained for civil unrest in the military. It is not conspiracy theory when the BIS declares gold as money. Chris is right. Some Monday morning, in the not to distant future, the markets will be shut down. The banks will be closed. And martial law will be announced following a presidential broadcast in which we are told that a new financial system is being installed into our governments data base. Can’t happen? Think again. Cyprus was a beta test for just such an event. The truth is they have prepared for this reset multiple times, only to delay it, making the rest of us look like fools, because the banking exchange systems were not compatable . My contact at Wells Fargo confirmed that a few months ago. But guess what? Their persistence has paid off. A new quantum system has been tested and installed, and once again we are at the point of reset. When? Like Chris said. When debt begins to overwhelm the markets. The trigger will be, as Bill Holter has said, when gold can’t be delivered. Slaves like us will work for paper. Global elites want gold.

    • Jerry

      Debt is beginning to overwhelm the markets.

      The reset is imminent.

    • OutLookingIn

      Jerry –

      Agree. But what would happen if a new crisis were to occur, before their planned reset was put in place? The US could be forced to impose martial law, in case of a large scale revolt as a result of a full market collapse.
      Many will say won’t happen. Oh really?
      As early as 2006, the US government secured a $400 billion contract with Halliburton to set up internment camps spread over the US. These will be utilized to “house” malcontents and trouble makers. Funny that former vice-President Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton between 1995 and 2000. Hmmm…

  8. Da Yooper

    Happy Easter Greg & everyone

    “We dont expect the press to lie”

    Oh my God how flippen naive can you be ……… The Corrupt US media live on through their lies, they make money through lying. How can he say this after what has happened over for example the last 2+ years. Lying for the MSM is part of their religion.

  9. Tin foil hat

    @realDonaldTrump: “138 people have been killed in Sri Lanka, with more that 600 badly injured, in a terrorist attack on churches and hotels. The United States offers heartfelt condolences to the great people of Sri Lanka. We stand ready to help!”

    The Knights Templar disguised as Muslims again.

    • paul ...

      Tin Foil Hat … It’s nice that the US stands ready to help Sri Lanka … so how about now helping the people being killed by the Saudi terrorists who did 9-11?? … if anti-Semitism is bad … what makes anti-Yemenism good???

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Paul as long as the Iranians who fund and supply the terrorist Houthi’s can do the same thing. It’s only fair.

        • Mohammad


          I do not understand this and I am trying to get my head wrapped around it but I do not get it. I was raised in Damascus where most of my neighbors are christians and Armenians (christians orthodox) we Never had any issue like this crap, we had jews in Damascus and we were trading with them and that is the way I know it all my life up until nineties or so. My mom sent me to a catholic school when I was kindergarten and I remember the nuns with the cross in the play yard, it was an Italian missionary that had a school and a hospital in Damascus.
          This is an intelligence agencies made.

          If the intelligence agencies are able to get to Merkel’s phone and spy on it, if they are able spy on the president himself, if they are able to communicate and spy on every transaction in the world to nail tax evasion, HOW THE HELL THEY CANNOT SPY ON ISIS and get their finance ruined, or are they the financiers?

          My heart is ripped when I read what happened in Sri Lanka, and in Islam those perpetrators are going to hell for what they have done, THIS IS NOT ISLAM ….We condemn that and we are as muslims hurt by those despicable actions, but I can tell you right now, if the powers that control banks and intelligence want really to dry up the resources of those fanatics they would of done it in a blink of an eye, but there is a hidden agenda that uses those maniacs as pawns same goes for the other side killing scores of millions of muslims over the last decades .
          Some one is hell bent on igniting a fire in the world , And I pray to god that this entity is brought to justice. It needs to be exposed first.

          I am praying to the victims and their families may god bless their souls, we as muslims are killed by ISIS as much as those god fearing christians and jews, if you count how many souls they claimed in Syria alone you will be shocked, we are all victims.