Trump Blowout Coming, More Blacks for Trump, Economy Sinking

By Greg Hunter’s (9.11/2020 WNW 448)

All this talk about the November 2020 Election being close is pure lunacy.  My prediction is it’s going to be a blowout for President Trump in November.  Here’s why.  The 80 million mail-in ballots and attempted voter fraud that is planned by Democrats is just too much to pull off on this short of notice.  We all know the voter fraud is coming, and it is simply not going to work.  Much of it is going be detected and thwarted.  The violence is going to go on, but that is not going to work either and has already backfired on Democrats that let their cities burn down.  Arrests are coming, and don’t think they are not.  Biden is a wild card, but only bad performances are coming in his declining state until Election Day.  The real question is how bad will he get, and will he even be able to debate President Trump?  Get real people.  Dems are desperate, and desperate people do stupid things that don’t usually work out well.

To add insult to an already disheveled and desperate Dem Party, the “racist” Trump (sarcasm) has been gaining support with registered black voters.  In one poll taken during the RNC convention, Trump’s support with black voters was up to 24%.  How many will vote for him in 2020?  Way more than the 8% that voted for him in 2016, that is for sure.  I suspect that number could double, and that alone is game, set and match.  That said, how many of the nearly 40% of independent voters do you think Democrats will get with Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters supported by Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats?  I say another blowout for Trump and the pollsters won’t touch these folk because I think they know how lopsided it really is.

Another 884,000 filed for first time unemployment benefits last week.  All you can say for good news is it is less than 1 million for the second week in a row.  In the last 25 weeks of Corona hell, nearly 60 million people have filed for unemployment, and that is not a sign the economy is getting much better.  I’ll tell you what’s coming your way, and it ain’t pretty.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Money manager and economist Michael Pento will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He has some stunning economic numbers that show the direction of the economy in the next several months.  Let’s just say this is not a good time to take on a lot of debt.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Get ready for the left to show up in your neighborhood. Do NOT show your firearms until, absolutely, necessary. Stealth is best.
    Stock up
    Train up
    Ammo up

    • K. Wayne

      *****This is something for all to take note of …especially Jerry.*****

      The DAVOS Meeting previously scheduled for 25th January 2021 has been re-scheduled until early Summer 2021.

      What is interesting here is that the previously stated “URGENCY” ….has now dissipated.
      Could it be that TPTB have considered in their infinite wisdom that they should defer …until a more “demanding” requirement presents….in order to initiate a “Great Reset”.
      What conditions could possibly preface that?
      – On-going Global Plandemic Economic destruction
      – Mass Global Unemployment
      – Grand scale Global Bankruptcies including SIFI’s
      – Collapse of Stock, Bond and Real Estate Markets
      – Failure of the King USD – Global default Reserve Currency
      – Election Fraud in America
      – Mass civil unrest and potentially Martial Law.
      After all ….the Unelected Rulers don’t act out of haste…..they require a cause or two…!!
      Their actions after any/all of the above ….could be very well justified…in their Eyes.
      Said differently….they desire a global meltdown…the foundations of which are already set.
      Bringing back the Gold standard…..may in fact be part of the solution. But be careful about how that may be interpreted.
      Given the very plausible blueprint as outlined…..time is now of the essence. Pray and plan accordingly. These Marxist Globalist Luciferians are performing works of Evil and a scale that is unimaginable.

      • Sid"Cookie"Heylin

        Sound’s good Kay, but what we want to know is what does your alter ego’s, Gina,Treadhead, Rich Treadway and Jack the flasher, and the rest of that mob in your cone head think? We must admit your good. Right out of psy-ops 101! Didn’t you do two interns with Andy Cooper, back at Langley? We’ll keep up the good bad and ugly psycho warfare. We here at, will put you in fer the Putin medal of meritorious bull Shiite! You certainly deserve it. Pinned by the man himselfie. Get that chute ready. Butt, leave the parachute, home. You may be sent into enema territory, Washington, with out it. Do you know how to say Geronimo?🤗

        • K. Wayne

          You boys are working overtime.
          Personal attacks are key markers of your overt ops.
          Your comment is deficient on many grounds but grandiose on BS. More effort required shill.

  2. Stan

    Remembering 9-11, I was in Secaucus, NJ about to sign a huge real estate deal when we got news the fist plane hit the trade center. We all went to the roof of the building where we had a clear view of the towers. We were watching the plumes of smoke coming out of the tower. We just kept looking at it and then we saw the second jet shortly before it hit the other tower…..then BOOM! Holy [expletive] we all said. The silver lining was that I never signed the real estate contract as we went to the roof right before I was to sign. Thank God I didn’t. The seller of the property had the nerve to ask me to go downstairs and sign the deal and I told him to go fly a kite. Real estate in the area tanked for several months after that event. I wasn’t going to be a bag holder that day.

    • JC

      Stan, it seems your postcards from St. Maarten and Vegas still haven’t been delivered to Greg. How about sending a postcard to Greg from NY?
      Or maybe you’re not really there either.

      • Stan

        JC: I think Greg got them.

        • Greg Hunter

          I got nothing in the form of any mail from you.

        • Self Exiled

          Okay Stan, you said to me “You need help, Dude.” Implying you are perfectly well adjusted: and I’m not. You have completely failed your authenticity verification on your treatment plan twice. JC just gave you a third objective to prove yourself as a viable treatable candidate and it has been charted. You must follow your treatment plan in order to graduate to authenticity. Now I know it is difficult for you to understand what I’m saying {imagination deficit} but unless you comply with a card postmarked New York, I must recommend to Greg the head of this facility that you; until said card is received remain on the Trols list.

      • Self Exiled

        Kim Jong Un’s Wife Missing In Korea this has cultural implications.

      • BetterChetter

        When we mistakenly perceive the world as “either-or”, instead of “both-and”, then we are blind to the gains Stan could make on gold shorts, when the market did drop in price of gold. When prices rose, he could have cashed out by then n not taken the losses u assumed he did. It’s a “both-and” world, folks, not an either-or. Anything is possible …

        All the Stan-haters have something in common with the Trump-haters … you’re trying to put down a man who is immune to the hating. It’s good entertainment though … Peace 2 all.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      When the 2nd plane hit on 9/11 I was immediately on the phone to my mutual fund company—“Everything to Gold!” Of course trading was halted that day and the stock market didn’t reopen until September 17. Oddly, physical Gold and Silver were pretty much the same price one year later and didn’t start the big move higher until 2003. And so I kept loading up. Like they say—Better to be 10 years early than one day late.

      • Stan

        Some great derivative traders were lost at Cantor Fitzgerald that day. Very sad.

        • Ray

          There is no such thing as a great derivatives trader Stanley.
          Ray, LDN

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          Like I said for years after the February 1993 WTC Bombing–“Who the hell would ever go back up in there again without a parachute?”

    • Paul ...

      Stan … When the criminal traitors within our government/industrial complex did 9-11 (and took down 3 buildings with 2 planes) … it shook you to the core (and everyone else’s confidence was shaken) … and that 2001 “take-down” sparked a major rally in Gold … as seen in the following chart … now use your God given brains Stan as to what is happening with Gold once again (after criminal traitors within our government/industrial complex did Corona 19 (and “took-down” the entire world economy)!!

      • Stan

        Paul: I shorted Gold on the pop after 9-11. Then I went long on housing and airlines.

      • Rodster

        Well maybe you didn’t get my postcard or memo but here’s a hint. Stan is trolling you and you continue to bite the bait.

    • K. Wayne

      ….”and then we saw the second jet shortly before it hit the other tower”…..
      Amazing. Stan and a group of business associates sighted the “Plane” that “hit south tower” ….1 hour and 42 minutes after the north tower was hit.
      You really have an innate ability.
      How is that AIR Traffic Control lost contact with all planes (went off-radar)…and not even the Air Force could scramble Jets to intercept….but Stan and his mates did the unthinkable. All transcripts of Air Traffic Controllers have been destroyed.
      Lets see…..what was the actual loaded passenger percentage of all flights?
      Very low…in fact all 4 flights averaged 33%. Does that number mean anything to you.
      All 4 aircraft were discovered (intact) and in working order after that fateful day. Apparently and miraculously they all had unscheduled landings at other airports.
      But Stan….you keep plugging away …..make sure you get those deals sorted. Stop worrying about the distractions. Focus on the issue at hand.
      I would like to say that I managed to short United / American airline stocks the week before and also put in place call options on Raytheon.
      But alas …I’m not connected enough. My name is not Stan.

      • Lord Garth

        No, it’s Stanislavsky!

        • K. Wayne

          Says he /she without a verifiable name .
          Lord of the …..Ring stingers….Garth.

  3. Bill

    Great job keeping people informed!

    • Stan

      Paul: Some people I know at JPM were imploring me to short airline stocks weeks before 9-11. I should have but didn’t. Since then I no longer ignore them when they give me tips.

      • Paul ...

        So what are you saying Stan? … that the evil banksters were a part of the 9-11 conspiracy?? … or simply knew what was coming and immorally did nothing to stop it???

        • K. Wayne

          You know too well that 9-11 was a False Flag event contrived by the Shadow Government to not only usher in more surveillance …more removal of privacy …..and to promote the MIC with its War on Terror (never ending Wars) . It was also used for their benefit and those of a selected group. Stan is playing on the theme and fact that there was insider trading …not that he even remotely knew about it ….nor was he told.

  4. Marie Joy


    • Russ 2

      Absolutely vote in person, but don’t destroy the mail-in ballot you receive; there’s something hinky going on and the ballot may be required to show that you aren’t voting twice. Guard it so it can’t be used by anyone else. When you leave the poll, take it with you.

      Greg was running on all cylinders today. Yes, Biden is a basket-case the Dems are running because he’s easy to control by the hard left; they knew there was no one they could run that was palatable. So they are running a former centrist who can be controlled. Drugged up? Ya think??

      Not only do I think there will be a blow out, but this time around President Trump will have coat-tails that candidate Trump did not have — a whole lot of folks believed that Hillary was a slam-dunk — ya, NO she wasn’t. So the Trump Tsunami may also bring in a pro-Trump Congress and then the swamp cleansing will begin in earnest.

      As for the Marxists burning it all down after a Trump win, let them try. The populace will not be so gentle and laid back after Trump is reelected. They will be fired up and LE will know that the people have their back after these Dem mayors who let the cities burn are turned out of office. The scare tactics the left have used have backfired and there will be hell to pay.

      • Self Exiled

        Your last paragraph I hope is true and accurate and I can sight many reasons to support your thesis. My burden of thought takes me to the agencies that truly are the US government power structure. The President is no longer the chief executive of these agencies of government and Trump also has become aware of this. They have manipulated and subvercified decisions of presidents since Kennedy and abandoned out right assassinations of those not under their direct control until the office itself has been neutered: including the media and military. SO! What is there next option to further agenda: as many here also suspect false flag, [against the US people] I agree with many on Greg’s Gift as long as the US remains some sort of healthy vision of freedom their plans are compromised. They have to destroy the concepts of free speech and the right to bear arms. If the US succeeds with the election and starts prosecuting and while the people are saying, “Peace and safety [all is well and secure!]” then [in a moment unforeseen] destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains on a woman with child, and they will absolutely not escape [for there will be no way to escape the judgment of the Lord]. False flag: I’m using Bible quotes because I can not word the concern any better. But for us who believe we must remember; But since we [believers] belong to the day, let us be sober, having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet, the hope and confident assurance of salvation. For God has not destined us to [incur His] wrath [that is, He did not select us to condemn us], but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ 1 Thessalonians 5:8-9 I can not underestimate the evil of the day. We did that and now we have abortion and same sex marriage, therefore judgement.

  5. Gina Moorehouse

    Donald and Melania Trump as newlyweds (2005 CNN Larry King Live full interview!)
    Donald and Melania Trump talk to CNN’s Larry King Live just months after their extravagant wedding about the couple’s relationship and what the future has in store. (From May 17, 2005)
    She speaks flawless here. This shows the amount of constant anxiety and pressure she is under, in office. Wow
    Larry King was born at the age of 50!

    I am amazed that all these people and magazines revelled in the wedding and the Trumps…until he ran for president. Rainy day friends! It shows. Before the presidency, everybody loved Trump and Melania…..: /
    CNN even interviewed him here, Trump! Now SapSuckerberg fear’s the man, without passion.
    Funny, how much things have changed, then and now. What they gave up for us, we the sheeple. Hillery’s deplorable. Bill’s trailer trash! Strzok’s, smelly Wal*Mart folk’s! My God. This couple is a gift, from from above. What an unlikly pair, to save us. The little people of these once United States of America? But yet considering it’s history, maybe not so strange?

    Yes, and considering the truth….
    Remember the bare shelves of food, material. Supplies, water. Even toilet paper! We were in panic mode! Even the Covid models said millions would perish! Yes, like the good pilot he is. Donald Trump assured us like he always does, not to panic. We’ll get thru! He never said we’d all make it. Heck he eventualy lost his brother. How many people have you lost my friends? Nada? Most likely. So Trump was in his leadership role to take on the responsibility, to sieze control of the narrative of calm, for the nation. For it’s own sake of civility and not like now, where our mockingbird brained media whores are only thinking of they’re own selfish selves! Because they do know for the good of the country, they too. Must go the way of this dreadfull viruse and will, most assuredly bury themselves along with it!
    Produced shortly before the more well-known Twilight Zone, this series fed the nation’s growing interest in paranormal suspense in a different way. Rather than creating fictional stories, with supernatural twists and turns. This program sought out ‘real life’ historic, stories. Of the super-natural and re-created them for us today, when most of us were not among the living. No, no explanations fully. Will ever be found of these mysteries and viewers can only scratch their heads and wonder, “what if it’s real, what is the meaning and why did it happen?” Stay tuned USAWatchdogger’s, fasten your seat belts. As Donald J. Trump takes us_ and Greg Hunter tries his darndest to explain it, to us. One Step Beyond, the darkness of an evile world, soon to be replaced by a world of righteouseness and order. You have his word on it, the word himself! Yes wonder my friend, wonder. We are not in a twilight zone, we are in the truth! Truth! Here that mocking bird’s!
    P.S. When Trump downplayed the Covid plandemic, the models from England were all saying that they projected millions of death’s. We were all in a panic. As Sweden has proved and Dr. Fauci backed president Trump up. The President was right to down play the plandemic political takeover of covid-19.

    Life as Donald Trump’s Wife: Ivana Trump Speaks Out!
    UK Television Exclusive: Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, Ivana was his wife for 15 years and raised three of his children. She joins Good Morning Britain to give her views on Trump’s Presidency and pulls back the curtain on what it’s like being part of the Trump family?.

    Piss on a Trump sign, and instantly regret it. Shot, while pissing!
    September 9, 2020 by IWB

    • wm.jnana

      Thank you for your comments–really appreciate the links you provided.

    • Self Exiled

      Trump’s first wife showed no signs of bitterness, she seemed objectified. Trump also displays objectivity rather than emotional collusion: the usual manipulation tool of a politician. I suspect she could be fearful of the media and their ability warp comments to fit their agenda. She also being a co manager with her former husband displays his brief but effective, no room for misinterpretation communication style, absolutely necessary when in management or residential treatment. Conclusively the same in my opinion.

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter, a severe dose of reality..
    Here in the UK our beloved leaders have gone totally Bolshevik and our police and security services have gone Stasi.Chekka.Total Bolshevism is now required,we are expecting the royal family to be slaughtered by these wretches and a Kaganovich figure to emerge ,with the help of our Pravda media,to slaughter anyone of Christian faith.Our leaders here in the UK Catholic Church have just exposed their Bolshevism and are left scratching their buttocks as to why the pews and coffers are even more empty,Judas Priest abound.
    The Bolsheviks have tasted blood and want more,Professor Horby kills patients and is applauded.

    • Paul ...

      To prevent smelly pews we Chistians

    • Paul ...

      To cleanse our world of all the smelly pews we Christians are going to need more then holy water … we need to get up off our asses and dunk the buttock scratching “commie” Belch-evil-iks in a vat of some good Kentucky whisky!!

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      So you are a royalist? You have nothing to say on prince Charles’ connection with Saville and prince Andrew’s connection to Epstein? How can you be so naive as to defend the evil British royal family? I am also UK based and would love to meet in order to understand your affiliation.

  7. JC

    In memory of NYC and Broadway, I present, for your listening pleasure, George Benson singing his rendition of ‘On Broadway.’

    • Farley "Fritz" Gunther

      This man I call, brother Benson.
      I’m a white, blue eyed devil. As some of my black brothers call me affectionately. But this summer, determined to get a tan, to load up with vitamin d., to fight the virus. Black friends now say I got pretty skin. They say it’s golden, I say it looks brown to me. But what do I know. I’m no longer white and makes me think. They’re right to say Jesus wasn’t white either. In the mid-eastern sunshine.
      Read more on my brother George;

    • al

      I saved it
      We as a Nation are richer with people like these to lift our spirits, no matter what color. And that is why everyone in the World wants to be like us but can’t.
      Thanks for the link.

      • JC

        All the people in the audience are close to each other, smiling, no social distancing, no masks…
        Are those days gone forever?

        • al

          This is just a bad time period pushed by Marxist forces.
          This has to happen (in my opinion) before people get so sick and tired of all the BS that in the near future, if you even utter the word “communist” or “antifa” or “blm” you will find yourself a fugitive with a target on your back.
          case in point:
          My Wife’s relative was a self proclaimed Marxist Communist while in College in the late 60s /early 70s (surprise surprise). The FBI was keeping an eye on her and she was ultimately targeted and went to jail for committing a crime similar to what you see now.
          I’m looking forward to true justice. Apparently Marxism = Unpunished Crime.. All of those people are painting a large target on themselves. I think things are going to turn around soon as this is the end of the extremists.
          Frankly, I’m glad they are finally showing their true color (no pun intended).

      • Ray

        Hope you are well Al, and I always enjoy your posts.
        But gee…….I have to say I came away disappointed with your comment:
        “We as a Nation are richer with people like these to lift our spirits, no matter what color. And that is why everyone in the World wants to be like us but can’t”.
        The belief “Everyone wants to be like us”, is an approach that, in my view, the world population doesn’t actually hold to be true, and is tired of being beaten over the head with, quite frankly!
        What about the rest of us on this beautiful blue orb?
        Looking at the current state of “life in America”, I think many who live outside of the US might form the opinion “We are very glad not to be like them”
        I mean no insult to you Al, or any American……..just stating an opinion for you and others to consider. Perhaps I have read you wrong on this…….
        Over to you Al……..I await your wise reply sir.
        PS: Love George Benson……one of The Great Men Of The Galaxy.
        Thanks JC for posting!
        Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • al

          Yes, it was a bit American Centric coming from an immigrant (legal) like me. I’m just trying to be positive amidst all this negativity.
          No disrespect to other Countries, I just appreciate this Country the most maybe because I live here.
          Take it from me, I didn’t feel this way during the last 4 administrations.

          • Ray

            Al……your reply to me is full of grace.
            Thank you sir.
            I stand in admiration of you.
            Best wishes,
            Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • Harley Strutton

          Ray, as far as the world goes, I must agree. But Australia has no room for talk. To the rest of the world Oz and the US. Are one in the same, blood Brothers. The difference is we fought for our independence. Which by the way enabled you to eventually secure yours. You had a few rebellion’s, but failed. So the difference is we have an independent streak down our backs and it ain’t yellow! We’re always fighting somebody or even ourselves. Whether good or bad, it is what it is. After independence, all prison ships were not accepted and diverted to your country. With covid you guys have been shown to be much more authoritarian in your draconian measures to keep your people in lockdown and the easiness of your giving up your guns so easily shows no IN HOUSE, fighting spirit. As far as us Yankee Doodle dandy are concerned. Ya the British laughed, yet we whooped em. You’ll always be our little brothers down under and as you know Mum always loved you more. Even your indigenous didn’t fight back. Hey, maybe that’s why yer called the lucky country! Lucky to for the force for good in the world, most of the time and now it’s time for the Trumpster. PEACE AND SECURITY, INCOMING!

          • Dondusit

            I am an Aussie Harley, and agree with you 100%

            • Harley Not Davidson

              Good on ya bro! I agree with about 99%!

          • Ray

            Hi Harley,
            You make some interesting points, and I would agree with around 90% of what you have said there.
            Regarding the so called “disarming” of Australians though…….
            I really don’t see that card being played and “taking a trick” (if you play the card game Euchre, you might know what I mean by that.)
            So America stands at the opposite end of that spectrum….that being “armed”, right?
            When will we see that fabled “well organised militia, so wistfully enshrined in the US constitution, stand up against your governments’ tyranny?
            I can answer that……..likely never.
            It isn’t happening now, so again, this line argument of Australia being “disarmed” and unable to fight back is, in my view, very well rebutted when those who have the guns (and making the statement) are not firing any bullets themselves (but, we shall see.)
            Moreover, whilst we are talking about guns Harley, I heard a few weeks back that a little, defenceless five year old boy was shot fair in the face by his neighbour while innocently riding his tricycle in his own front yard.
            That crap doesn’t happen over here mate.
            Because the potential for it to actually occur in the first place is extremely limited (unlike in the US)……so yes, WE ARE THE LUCKY COUNTRY, AND BLOODY PROUD OF IT TOO.
            (Even if in the end we are Lap Dogs to The Global War Machine)
            That said……..I admire your Second Ammedment…….. it would be nice to see it utilised as your Founding Fathers envisaged (fat chance).
            All that said Harley, I do wish you and your nation well……we do have many good things in common, that’s for sure.
            Ray, Canberra, LDN

            • Harley Not Davidson

              Raygun, ya got me thinkin. There’s a lot of talk here about un- civilian war. Sounds biblical, doesn’t it. If that’s the case, it just might engulf the rest of the English speaking world. I personally think it is. Jehovah seems to have given much free reign to the demons to do their dirty work to divide us, as either sheep or goats. I always figured I see these day’s, there’s been to many people knocking on my door warning me. Even Alex’s Jones has said, those JW’s don’t look so crazy any more. All I know is, I tell myself. It’s either old age and death, or ARMAGGEDON. I’ll take God’s war and a new heaven’s and earth. Maybe we can do some fishin together on the Darling in that new world?

    • Paul ...

      Just goes to show you how much talent and happiness was robbed from our world … by the evil immoral criminals at planned Parenthood abortion clinics!!

      • al

        That’s exactly what I keep thinking of too Paul. How many of those dismembered assassinated babies could have been the next Einstein or Tesla?

  8. Marie Joy


  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:

  10. JC

    NYC Risk Alert! Warning! Danger! Run!

    Mayor Issues Warning on NYC Indoor Dining as New CDC Report Links Eating Out to Higher Risk!

    • Paul ...

      Commie Mayor Diblasio “shuns” the CDC’s recent admit-shun that less then 10,000 people (out of a population of 340 million) have died from the Corona Virus (that’s less then the number of people that commit suicide each year) … an his action betrays the massive conspiracy put in place by the authoritarian surveillance State of New York and other States to control and enslave the American people lead by a Globalist Cabal and their henchmen Gates and Fauci … American’s need to begin using their God given brains and stop going along with the traitors enforcing the “commie” Cabals “mask-querade” … by wearing masks we are willingly submitting to the “commie subjugation” of our fellow Americans “which makes us traitors” … we need to rip off these “commie masks” which identifies us as brain dead pawns in a global “medical” Ponzi scheme … let’s stop supporting the traitors and begin repairing the damage that has been inflicted upon us … by going out to restaurants and theaters once again without wearing those ineffective “commie masks” … that simply identifies us as traitorous followers of Hillary and other Marxists now living an unreal warped and contorted life in this insane “commie” Village they have created for us!!!

      • JC

        Brain dead pawns, you say?
        I like that, and you are correct.

  11. R J Wolf Jr

    MR GREG HUNTER! “WOW” You literally hit this commentary out of the park! Outstanding, just outstanding. I couldn’t agree with you more about the 2o20 Presidential elections results. It could just be the 1984 Presidential election Scenario between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. Reagan won 49 out 50 states with over 500+ delegates. If President Trump can keep the Senate and re-capture the House,OMG. He could really kick some serious “political axx”. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch. I’m really looking forward the second half if that happens. It’s really sad to see what’s happening to NewYork and New York City as well as other major cities in this country. This could be viewed as battle scars between the “Deep State” and a Constitutional Republic. No one said it was going to be easy. Thanks again, Greg!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks RJ!!

  12. W.T. Ford

    Sadie Tomkins 09/10/2020 •
    LIVE: President Trump Rally | Freeland, Michigan [Saginaw]
    Trump Supporters Line Up Before Michigan Rally
    918 views •Sep 10, 2020
    Sadie Tomkins 09/10/2020 •
    Lefty Frizzell on the Porter Wagoner Show – Saginaw, Michigan
    Trump’s always late:::Enjoy! I did!😉

  13. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for USAW448 – one of your best!

    Like you, Robert David Steele is speaking truth to power and bravely names names in his latest video:

  14. Jerry

    Meanwhile….. the central planners are making plans.

    I love Anne Richards quote “ radical was much easier to achieve than thought possible” . And where have you heard “ build back better”?
    Question. If mask really work, then why six foot distancing? Answer: Condition/ response. I laughed my ass off the other night watching a football game. The officials couldn’t use a pea whistle. A digital one? Come on, they’re fifteen yards from the nearest player? Again: Condition/response. I’ve even noticed that mask have become a fashion statement. I guess Anne Richards was right. Radical was much easier to achieve than ever thought possible. Get ready to roll up your sleeve, and pray that President Trump is really on our side and not pandering to the globalist new world order. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    • JC


      Hillary Taymour:
      It’s no surprise, that the protective face coverings we’ve been advised (and in some cases, ordered) to wear outdoors to curb the spread of the coronavirus have quickly been embraced and beautified by the fashion world.
      “It just felt like there was a need [for a stylish face mask],” says Hillary Taymour, founder of the sustainable clothing brand Collina Strada. “I was wearing brightly colored masks walking over the bridge daily to the studio and it put a smile on everyone’s face. So why not bring that to the general public?”

  15. David

    Trump certainly has impressive numbers at campaign stops. Reminds me of the 2016 campaign. Trump: Massive crowds. Biden: Zzzzz…Zzzzz…Zzzzzz. One big snooze.

    I am beginning to actually feel sorry for Biden after the “impromptu” and “unscripted” question from a union member, and his “off-the-cuff” response via teleprompter. He looks confused and tired… almost disoriented. The campaign’s effort to hide and obfuscate his health problem is dishonest. I am convinced, after his latest FUBAR, that Biden will not debate Trump. How can they let him on the stage in front of cameras?

    The demonstrations and violence in democratically controlled cities is backfiring on the democrats. They have totally miscalculated the impact. Americans see all this and realize it could happen to them in their neighborhood. The Biden campaign is over for all practical purposes. “Turn out the lights, the party is over. Turn out the lights and lets all go home.”

    And people are now seeing the farce of BLM. Where are the blacks? Even blacks are telling whites, who make up BLM, to stop telling them how to feel. Oops. Rewrite the script. I am standing by for the Che Guevara and Lenin posters/T-shirts to show up. They are all spoiled punks who apparently didn’t gets spanked when growing up.

    Thanks for the excellent wrap-up and “reality check”

  16. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg
    We MUST show up at the polls. We must ask family and friends to show up. Take the elderly to early voting.
    This election is really about the soul of America.

  17. Galaxy 500

    What does BLM really stand for?
    B = Burn
    L = Loot
    M = Murder

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      What does Galaxy 500 stand for? “A thousand points of light” a phrase coined by your globalist hero George H W Bush.

      • Sir Manley Robinson

        X 2 of course

    • Charles H

      Good one, G5!

    • Paul ...

      G500 … In Matthew 6:24 it states “no man should serve two masters” … but the “commies” in the BLM movement don’t read the Bible and serve both “B”eeizebub and “L”ucifer for “M”oney (Mammon) … thus BLM is the appropriate designation for these devils who do evil for money (I hear Soros pays the most violent BLM protesters $1000 dollars per day)!!!

  18. Marie Joy

    One reason this is happening is because decent people do nothing. There has been, absolutely, no pushback. None. They know we will do nothing. They are more vicious, more organized and well financed. Get rid of the financing and this dries up.

    • Paul ...

      We need to set up a Charitable Fund like Hillary did … but for a good purpose … where ordinary people contribute funds to pay for a hit man “to take out” the evil slime funding BLM (to burn down our cities) … as contributions roll in (we can be up to many millions of dollars very quickly) and as the pot grows and grows … more and more hit men will be competing with one another for the prize (all the millions of dollars donated into the Charitable Fund) … and thus make the world a better place … then we can do the same thing to get the evil people who did 9-11 and the Corona Virus!!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … hiring gunslingers to get rid of criminal elements was the very effective way our ancestors used to clean up the Old West … remember the movie “The Magnificent Seven”? … just a few hired gunslingers was able to take on a big gang of criminals and free an entire town … we need to hire a few of these guys to help clean up our Nation (Trump can’t do it alone)!!

      • JC

        Yes, great movie Paul.
        Based on a Japanese film, The Seven Samurai.

  19. Tom McLaughlin

    I live for these wrap ups, great job Greg. I’m praying that Trump take the election with enough to overcome the fraud and cheating that is sure to come.

    Anyone else notice, about 7 days after California legalized some pedophilia those fires got biblical, the sun is blood red at high noon from the smoke and flames, it’s a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah.

    • Self Exiled

      “The anger of the LORD will not turn back
      Until He has set in motion and accomplished the thoughts and intentions of His heart;
      In the last days you will clearly understand it. Jeremiah 23:20

  20. James Hastings

    We are in the process of paying for our sins. It will get so bad, suicide will explode.

    One third of your people will die of the plague… perish by famine……
    One third will fall by the sword

    Great job Mr. Hunter. No, I’m not fearful. I see the reality, everybody desperately ignores.

  21. al

    Critical race theory.. THEORY !!! ???
    How about calling it Quantum Racism? Sounds more fancy, still RACIST but more “scientific”…LOL!!!!! LOL ROFL!!!! WHAT BULL-DOOKIE!!!

    THANK YOU GREG FOR TURNING IT AROUND FROM WHITE TO BLACK! That is a perfect way to show the systemic racism of the Marxist Left. PERFECT!!!

    Just like HITLERy, Kamala is hated by women! Even more! She’s an itch with a B squared! Her hatred is too obvious.
    And the Marxists (self proclaimed democrats) think they will twist everyone’s arm to vote for Buffoon Biden? On November 4th all of this will be forgotten ! PERIOD! Remember, it took less than 1 hour to stop the BS in WI.
    Then the crosshairs will be pointed to the Enemy Media.

    My polls are the same ones I looked at in 2016, “rally numbers” and from what I see… IT WILL BE A MASSACRE !
    I see MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE BLACK CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS ON YOUTUBE!!! Check out Jericho Green, he’s a bit rough but hilarious and 100% for Trump.. and yes, he lives in California!!! The new red state!

    BTW: Cuomo looks possessed. Just sayin’

    Thank you Greg for another awesome WNW

  22. tsuki

    Sorry, Mr. Hunter. That is Boardway, not Broadway.

  23. Mike

    The delayed action against coup plotters may be due to threats of violence from people like George Soros if any action is taken. Of course there would be no serious violent response possible if groups like Antifa, BLM, and MS-13 are effectively destroyed first.

  24. Tom Wigand

    Dear Greg:

    I agree that if we define the election as votes cast by legitimate voters, it will be a blowout for Trump.

    But I remain not just concerned, but frightened, concerning what the Democrats (and the powers behind them, such as the intelligence agencies) may have up their sleeve to steal the election / successfully consummate a coup. As you point out, they are desperate — some of them may even face the death penalty for past crimes (treason / sedition), should Trump win a second term. So who knows what those cornered rats might be capable of?

    We must not let our guard down; we must vote in numbers to decisively overcome the “margin of fraud.” In a piece I posted on Trevor Loudon’s site yesterday ( ), I said this (and very much believe it):

    “Third: Approach this election as if it is not Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the ballot, but ‘The United States of America’ vs. ‘The Democratic Socialist States of America’ on the ballot – for all intents and purposes, those actually are the two candidates.”

    Finally, if I may say so myself, I think you’ll enjoy the embedded video in that piece, and find both entertaining and poignant the comparison I made between today and a 1968 episode of Star Trek.

  25. notyourpatsy

    Mr Hunter, great reporting as you always do.

    I have no skin in the game with regards to this book, other than to say I grew up amongst all of these players for 25 years during the 1960-80’s……People PLEASE get yourself a copy of this book and READ IT COVER TO COVER. It describes in detail how AMERICA was ruined by the DEMONCRAT political machine of New England!

    ‘The Prince of Providence’, the rise and fall of Buddy Cianci, America’s most notorious mayor’, by Pulitzer Prize winning auther, Mike Stanton!! 2003/4 Random House Trade Paperback

    I direct your eyes to the top of page 39…I could not help but wonder “Where have I heard this/that phrase before?”

    Pgs 60-67 detail Exactly what the DEMONCRATS have done to President Trump during his term in office!

    Pg 76 you can’t make this Sh!t up folks!

    Pg 81 the first paragraph…’The Senate….

    Pgs 82-83 Chapter ‘The Art of Politics’, Look at these names! These are the Family Dynasty’s that have destroyed the core of Our Republic, America!!

    If this book does not keep you reaching for it to read night after night, I’ll refund your purchase price myself!! It’s unbelieveable the HISTORY you are about to read! This book should be REQUIRED reading in every school in America! Buy copies and share with family and friends! If we are to save The Republic, America, it must be with the knowledge of how deeply involved certain families are in politics….cronyism run rampant right in front of our eyes!

  26. notyourpatsy

    As students of Greg’s we’ve all had our eyes wide open for the past 20 years, so we’re mostly all prepared for come what may, both spiritually and financially. So we owe a debt of gratitude to Greg and his family whom he takes time away from to bring us The Real News in America. Greg Hunter IS The Voice of Americans!

    So with that I urge everyone to read ‘The Prince of Providence’ by Mike Stanton before November’s election, so you can speak with knowledge about the corruption in politics to family and friends. Every vote counts and we need President Trump to guide us in saving The Republic, America…Which IS NOT the same as a Democracy run by corrupt families as a cartel for their sole benefit.

  27. Doctor Smith

    (Gateway Pundit) – Billionaire George Soros is tight with the Democrat Party and perhaps its biggest donor. His organizations were connected to many anti-American actions during the Obama Administration and many more anti-America and anti-Trump actions since the 2016 election.
    Now we know that Obama’s State and Justice Departments were assisting George Soros in his attempt to control the Ukraine.

    George Soros is a major Democrat donor and at the same time connected to numerous actions around the world that are very suspicious, if not corrupt and criminal. At the time of the 2017 Inauguration, we reported that Soros related groups were related to every major protest since the November election.

  28. Jeff Martin

    The government is going to do BUTKUS about protecting the average citizen. You are on your own. No one in the government cares about you. Both sides of the political fence are Deep State. Deep State and Deep State Lite – take your pick. Congress is a circus and are there to make money. This election will be a three-ring circus…Bring in the clowns. At least we’ll have one last laugh.

  29. john duffy

    Good on this priest!

    You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period.

  30. jim

    Hay greg , I think it is a mistake to tell people that trump will win in a landslide, let everyone feel fear full of losing, to make sure they go to the polls and vote trump, Thank you , you always do a great job.

  31. jim

    Hay there Greg, I think it is a mistake to tell people that trump will win in a landslide, let them be fearful to make sure they go to the polls and vote trump. Thank you for the great job that you are doing .

  32. Jeannette Rowden

    It seems to me that Mark Taylor told us about 2 years ago that the Democrat party would veer so far to the left that is would cease to be a party after this election. It looks like this could happen.

  33. St. Clare Seeds

    ‘In the last 10 years, we see an average of 500,000 acres burn in an entire year. We’ve seen that nearly double in the past three days,’ said Oregon Governor Kate Brown

    I wonder, is BLM and Antifa responsible for these fires?

    • Charles H

      Any enemy could do this.

      • Self Exiled

        An enemy would do this.

  34. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    Not only are your Friday wrap ups informative, but they are also entertaining. Please continue to keep your sense of humor. Also we need to keep praying for Trump, Barr and his administration. You are the man. Still need to have Mark Taylor on.

    God bless you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim. I most certainly will have Mark Taylor on again.

  35. iwitness02

    American politics has become Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: Greatest Show on Earth. The whole world is watching.

    • Charles H

      The whole world is in the tent… hoping the clowns or animals don’t hit the poles.

      • Self Exiled

        Because of Your word (promise), and in accordance with Your own heart, You have done all these great and astounding things to let Your servant know (understand). Therefore You are great, O Lord GOD; for there is none like You, and there is no God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears. 2 Samuel 7:21-22

    • Self Exiled

      And all we would have to do as a nation is:

      Come and let us return [in repentance] to the LORD,
      For He has torn us, but He will heal us;
      He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. Hosea 6:1 I’m proof of it: yet

      Their [immoral] practices will not permit them
      To return to their God,
      For the spirit of prostitution is within them
      And they do not know the LORD [they do not recognize, appreciate, heed or cherish Him]. Hosea 5:4

  36. Greg Hunter

    Hope you are wrong Robert but fear you are correct.

  37. Ed Milligan

    The malevolent incompetence of the the left is on full display,. The mask is completely off.

    Thanks for your labors Greg.

  38. JC

    You made me think of ‘The Greatest Show On Earth.’

  39. Coalburner

    Just a great job. And I appreciate the reports from Maria das Santos.

    TIme to get more Toilet Paper. A roll will cost $50 in the next crunch, just like a good pistol round jumped to a dollar each two or three months ago.
    The state of Oregon is burning down to go with Portland. A lot of decent people have been hurt there. I have a kid and know some friends who have some civilized kids up there. Some in the city, some in the country fires. I keep thinking that if the polls do not burn up Trump and the Republicans are going to get some votes for unhappiness with way Oregon has operated the last thirty years. We shall see!

  40. RTW

    Absolutely correct. All the major players have taken rags to all their devices and wiped them squeaky clean thus adding “obstruction of justice” to their other crimes. However, none of them will be charged …..GUARANTEED! It’s how things are done in our nations capital.

  41. John M.

    Trump wins in landslide, if elections happen.
    Biden has less animation than a dusty mummy found under a pyramid, and Camel-a Harris is more unlikable than HRC — if that’s even possible. Harris could also pass for Karl Marx if she grew a beard and injected some testosterone, although Willie Brown did enjoy her as his mattress when she was younger. (Read American Spectator’s “Kamala Harris Did Not Quite Sleep Her Way to the Top” by Dov Fischer)
    Trump also happens to be the best GOP candidate in decades. He’s an exceptional public speaker and can pack stadiums like a rock star, even in a manufactured sensationalized pandemic.
    Which leads me to the remaining strategies of the Left before the election:
    1.) Physical violence to our President
    2.)Crash the stock market to blame the incumbent Trump (Which the Fed can do because it controls markets with the printing of money)
    3.)Blame the “fake pandemic” on the President, after all, he should have known better as our leader has the best intelligence and resources at his disposal. This would be a long shot without proof, and a complete reversal of their recent accusation that he did not take CV serious enough.
    4.)Shut down the nation with an EMP, because without electricity nobody will be able to do anything, or vote. (This would be my pick if I was a globalist sitting around the conference table at HQ.)
    5.)Start a War, or another false flag of some sort. Something to think about on the anniversary of 9/11.
    Something else to consider.
    Gov. Newsom of Calif. just said at noon today (Fri) that we have a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. He says we can see with our own eyes what this “climate damn emergency” is doing with these fires, burning 30 times more acreage than last year. He says our droughts are becoming drier and our wets are becoming wetter. We cannot deny science any longer. We must fast track green energy and get rid of carbon fuels, and not forget to wear our masks and keep our social distancing. How could Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend (Kimberly Guilfoyle) ever have married this slithery chump with the slicked-back greasy hair? Newsom is just another sock puppet of the globalists, who must love styling his hair as much as his SF bon amour Nancy Pelosi.

    I think that Climate Change is a hoax. A bigger scam than Covid and BLM combined. These CA, Oregon, Washington fires are probably being started by these same globalists, using HAARP, DEW, or the Antifa henchmen/henchwomen with matches.

  42. Paul ...

    Well … it worked … Q has been taken down!!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not “Q” but a site that reports on “Q”. Patriots one and all are good Americans woorried about the country. “Q” not so much.

  43. Paul ...

    You know … the Saudi’s are a bunch of dumb clucks … they have very vulnerable oil fields that can be easily attacked and yet they start a war with Yemen and foolishly think the opposition won’t retaliate??? …

  44. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, So what if Trump wins in a blowout victory? Will he end the FED? Will Trump bring back sound money and the middle class? Will Trump now end the wars overseas? Will Trump end the lockdowns? Will Trump walk on water and save us all?
    The USA is OVER! The states will secede from the Union if they wish to keep their wealth and their freedoms. Our liberties are NOT protected by Trump.
    The only vote that really matters are those of our feet.

  45. ivan

    President Trump will ‘lead America back to God,’ according to 1983 prophecy

  46. eddiemd

    Excerpt from plandemic.

    Coronavirus bioweapon.

  47. Jerry

    While many missed the 9/11 predictions ( me included ) I won’t miss this one. According to the globalist projections we will be hitting the second wave about November 1st.

    I find the timing very curious. Don’t you? Look at the curve of each state. It shows a huge uptick in November that will no doubt lead to lockdowns again. Couple that with a promise of a hydrogel MRNA vaccine, and you have the making of a election time bomb.

    • K. Wayne

      That would play into the delayed Great Reset theme.

  48. eddiemd

    “If you have been addicted to smartphones or other gadgets with an on/off switch, then how can you avoid getting an implanted RFID chip when everyone around you is upgrading? And if smartphones have controlled you, then how will you resist the Beast system that requires everyone to get chipped in order to buy and sell?”

    1 John 5:4-8
    4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. 5 Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

    6 This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth. 7 For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. 8 And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.

    Jeremiah 12:5
    “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you,
    Then how can you contend with horses?
    And if in the land of peace,
    In which you trusted, they wearied you,
    Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?

    When the persecution begins, will you stand for the Jesus Christ of Nazareth? You head will be required. Read your Bible.

  49. Self Exiled

    Kim Jong Un’s Wife Missing In Korea this has cultural implications.

  50. eddiemd

    Article 88 UCMJ should apply to Mattis, Powell, McChrsystal meth, Allen, Dunford and the rest of the traitors. They should be arrested, perp walked and moved to Gitmo. Now.

    They are commissioned for life. They are seditionists and traitors.

    Where are the leaders of the American Legion, VFW, and Special Forces Association?

  51. eddiemd

    More news from the MENA. Getting closer to the Ezekiel war?

  52. eddiemd

    Naval Fleet tracker.

    Are the majority of the fleet aircraft carriers in dock?

    • eddiemd

      Incirlik AFB Turkey

      I hope that they have a QRF on standby or a contingent of SF or Marines to help protect the base when the Turks decide to overrun it and grab the nukes. Or perhaps the plan is to bomb it when this happens to prevent the nukes from falling into the hands of the Turks. This may be the first salvo in the upcoming war.

      Fix bayonets.

      This video will give you a view of what it will look like when they use the military against the patriots here in the USA. You will need to hide underground in pipes to hide your heat signatures. Even when wounded or even early death there are still heat signatures.

  53. Marie Joy

    Greg, Please have Ice Age Farmer, from YouTube, on. He has an eye opening take on all of it. Thank you.

  54. Truth Seeker

    Greg, let’s get some facts correct – Maxine Water’s challenger’s name is Joe Collins and not Joe Clark! Get his name straight for those who want to give him support!

    Secondly, Kamala Harris is NOT Black! Many American Blacks do not consider her Black. Her father is Jamaican with White ancestors who owned slaves, and her mother is Asian Indian. She spent her youth in Canada. She is NOT Black, and many Black American do not like her due to her anti Black history as prosecutor in California where she systematically treated Blacks harsher giving them longer jail sentences, tried to keep Blacks in jail longer due to a shortage of forest fire labor (slave labor), and jailed innocent Black men knowing they were innocent! She is basically Hillary Clinton part 2.

  55. Marie Joy

    These happenings may be what Deagel, on YouTube, refers to when they say our American population will decline 80 – 90% by 2025. All we need, now, is a long term grid down situation. Everything, else, is happening. It seems, only, natural, grid down is coming. Get ready.

  56. Myriad

    Greg, I agree re a landslide for Trump but I don’t think it matters. The Dems must know they can’t win the election even with fraud so they will just simply attempt to taint the election and nullify it. In the ensuing chaos they will attempt to take Dem controlled states out of the Union. Your answer to this chaos is that “arrests are coming”, but by who? – A deep state controlled FBI or Justice Dept? And can we really rely on the military whose commanders are Obama appointees who oversaw the purge of patriot generals? I do not believe in unicorns and rainbows which is the world of Qanon.

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