Trump Fights Censorship, Vax Lies Collapsing, Inflation Going Higher

By Greg Hunter’s 12.16.22 (WNW 560 12.16.22)

President Trump had a big announcement on his Truth Social platform, but the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) will never show you this because it about the LLM colluding with the government to censor “We the People.”  In short, they suppress the truth about all sorts of things.  From the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop to the dangers of the CV19 injections, these are some of the truths they censored.  Trump says, “If we don’t have free speech, we don’t have a free country.” He’s right.  This is a big part of Trump’s 2024 campaign platform.

The CV19 vax lies keep getting exposed with each new “Died Suddenly” report and new data showing the vax was a deadly and dangerous fraud from the very beginning.  There is no stopping what is coming.  The rage from the millions who are injured and families whose loved ones have died are not going to stop stacking up.  Now, more and more, there are calls for prosecutions of all the people who pushed these clot shots.  The truth about the CV19 shots was also censored by the government and Big Tech.  The so-called “Twitter Files” are exposing the criminals who hid the truth.  Much more is coming out.  Count on it.

The Fed is still fighting inflation by raising a key interest rate by another .5%.  Is raising rates going to stop inflation?  Not according to economist John Williams of  Williams says surging inflation is caused by extreme money printing, and with a fresh $1.65 trillion just passed in Congress, don’t expect inflation to retreat.  It’s just the opposite, according to Williams.  Brace yourself.

Join Greg Hunter od as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.16.22.

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After the Interview:

World renowned economic and geopolitical cycle expert Martin Armstrong will be back for an update on the economy, war, social unrest and a few predictions for 2023.



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  1. Russ D

    You cannot allow communists to live in your country. Their goal to take your freedom never ends. America made a horrific mistake allowing these people into our country and now they are taking it over which started with their take over of the important institutions, i.e. our government, media and education systems.

    • Marie Joy

      The long term agenda of communism is worldwide genocide.

      • Arizona

        MARIE,THIS is why we have the US MILITARY,they all swore to GOD to protect THIS country,ITS their job to round up anyone IN VIOLATION THE US CONSTUTION,put them on TRIAL, if their found GUILTY of violating their OATH, THEY ARE GUILTY OF TREASON,and SUMMARY EXECUTION,the only cure of TREASON…..

        • Christine

          So where is our military, they should be acting NOW!!

    • Falls Church

      The commies are in the state and federal level of govt. There’s a federal law for quota benefiting Hispanics, Blacks, and Chinese/Mongol extracts: Vietnamese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Thai, Hmong, etc…

      We need to remove the law making corporations “people” because the commies control nearly all corporations and elections.

      A Caucasian American man asked me why I don’t eat at at Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and when I told him due to sanitation issues, he still found it unacceptable, even after I pointed it to him of the recent news from the police that a local Chinese restaurant burned down because the Chinese owners didn’t clean their microwave.

      These people can’t be reasoned and are the ilk that would welcome illegals, BLM, and take the clot shots even though the clot shots are genetically sequenced from the same Mongol hordes.

      The same ilk that built a large shopping center for commies called Eden center in Falls Church, VA where State Dept. employees stay…

      One Hispanic attorney in DC told me that she will do whatever it takes to replace the local population with illegals and mix all Whites with Latino.

      It’s as though millions in USA want to self destruct, even those professing to be patriots.

      • Adam M

        Yep. It’s the people of the “right” who keep telling everyone to wake up, that themselves need to wake up.

    • Alex

      Operation WARP (White Anglo Replacement Program) SPEED (Spike Protein Embolic Early Death) is all part of the Great Reset, let’s all pray that it fails, that instead all the commies get knocked off

    • Sam

      True Russ D, and how do we recognize COMMIES??? Look at their ACTIONS.


      President Trump has Many RINO’S upset because they do not wish to change their GRIFT MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEMES OF SELF ENRICHMENT ON THE PUBLIC DIME…how do nearly ALL of THEM end up multi-millionaires??? Shouldn’t they be demanding a look at their own Tax Records as one of the latest examples??? mmmm…

      Anyway, those faulting Trump for his perceived imperfections do so at the country’s peril. Almost the entirety of the Demonic Party is compromised – we all know that for what they do and for what we see them actually do as some have doubled down in the Swamp.
      I could care less of the Trump Cards and from what I have noticed, LibTarded RINO’S and DEMONIC Party members out there are experiencing HEAD EXPLODING OUTRAGE – AGAIN – and to me that’s a GREAT THING…America and the WORLD needs Superheroes…including real legal citizen voting people with their heads screwed on straight to fight the CORRUPTION Top to Bottom in all areas as he pointed out in the reveling speech he followed up with = AWESOME!!!

    • Bub

      Don’t forget the military for the Globalist New World Order – the American military.

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    WNW not up just yet.
    Hopefully, you will permit a re-post . . .

    ‘ The Whole Coronavirus Nonsense Destroyed In Under Three Minutes’ by Dr Vernon Coleman:

    • Paul

      Anybody that has studied history from government approved text books or the controversial views of history that have been published can understand the tactics employed for conquest of land, money and religions. It’s best to look for the nuggets of hope amongst all the rancor of doom and gloom. Don’t buy their hyperbole, resist, fortify and press on. Goodness will prevail.

      Paul from arkansas

  3. Rodster

    “Growing 30,000 Babies in a Artificial Womb”

    “Schwab’s Fream coming true – eliminating families and growing genetic clones just as in Star Wars – the Clone Wars. Just think of the possibilities. No families. Cloned to carry out orders. The perfect total control of society – a dream come true.

    This scientific advancement can change society, although perhaps not for the good. Now the world’s first ‘Artificial Womb Facility’ is claiming that it can grow 30,000 babies in a year in an artificial womb or a ‘growth pod’. Of course, this facility does not actually exist just yet. Gates and Schwab might still object because they exhale CO2.

    Perhaps EctoLife can come up with a workaround for that. They are claiming it can help with the declining population in countries such as Japan, Bulgaria, and South Korea.”

  4. Rodster

    “Here’s The Latest Sign Americans Are Going To Eat Bugs And Be Happy”

    “The latest sign Americans will one day be eating insects is that a top bug producer announced Tuesday major expansion plans in North America. 

    French insect producer Ÿnsect signed two agreements to expand production facilities in the US and Mexico in 2023. The company “entered an accelerated phase of international development with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Ardent Mills for an industrial facility in the United States and the signing of a joint development agreement with Corporativo Kosmos in Mexico.” 

    Ÿnsect’s development plans include 10-15 insect farms worldwide by the end of the decade that can meet the feeding demand of hundreds of millions of people, if not more. The producer of bugs uses highly-automated vertical farms to raise Buffalo and Molitor mealworms to create insect protein. 

    Many Americans have already been conditioned for the brave new world, one pushed by the World Economic Forum of a so-called ‘sustainable’ future where you’ll eat insects… “

    • Jeffrobbins

      I’ll like to see lower bug prices. Any one with chickens knows they love meal worms, but you can’t afford feeding them that. My guess is that at some point the celebs will be paid to push eating bugs- personally i don’t see why someone would eat bugs instead of a vegetarian meal and why aren’t ‘they’ pushing vegetarian foods?- if they were worried about all the talking points. It’s likely that eating bugs and worms have a demonic appeal. I am sure that as a society we are getting dumber. If we want Bible blessing we need Bible order.

    • Nancy Potomac

      Eating bugs is what the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and Thai do. Its part of their eating habit with eating dogs, cats, birds nests, and anything that moves.

      They do it not because of poverty, but because they crave for it and to keep them “warm.” It’s called the communist diet.

      With all the wealth from the West, they do what they naturally have done for centuries, exterminate anything and anyone in their way for world dominance regardless of its their own, the West, Muslims, or Buddhists.

      Made in China, like the WuhNguYen virus.

    • Wom Witness

      I’ll tell you what keeps bugs me…
      Did not John the baptist eat locusts and honey ?

      Humans are omnivores BUT I’ll be stockpiling a few cans of meat.
      beef, ham, and tuna.
      I’ll sell my bug rations to someone hungrier than me, say for felon Klaus Schwab and his cabal’s prison meals after his trial for genocide. (He’ll own nothing and I’ll be happy.)
      All kidding aside, If our un-jabbed livestock survive the mrna contamination better than jabbed humans, there should be plenty of animal protean available in 2 years.

  5. Ed Siceloff

    With accelerated death rates, inflation should go down. Elevated prices may not subside though. The volume of production has gone down. As the volume continues to go down and less people are working, the volume of tax money should go down as well, across the board–federal, state, and local. Look for things government “pays for” to be destroyed.

    • Rodster

      Yes and that is something Martin Armstrong has eluded too. With a reduced population in the workforce either due to vaccine injury or death, that is less tax revenue for governments Federal, State and Local.

      There goes those promises of social security, medicare and other handouts. What will probably be waiting in the wings as Armstrong has suggested is to replace Social Security with a universal basic income, to keep the angry Plebs from crashing and storming the Palace Gates.

  6. fred bannon

    Its the Trump Card

  7. Frank Murphy

    Trump in my humble opinion, needs to start appearing in front of a Constitutional US flag, as opposed to the usual military/government flag which is always a turn off for me. There is a a difference which is fundamental to taking back ALL rights, which I can only assume he is aware of.

    • david

      he likes the vaccine so he is not all-knowing

  8. Kerry Funk

    When do you play the Trump card?

  9. david vanwart

    looks like 855,000 votes only have couple weeks left ..

  10. Bill Heuschele

    Would you consider listing all the RINO republicans in your posts?

  11. Chance the Gardener

    My daughter showed me a post of a newborn in Washington state, who had a 95% recoverable congenital heart defect, died of a blood clot when the hospital ignored the parents arrangement to use unvaxed blood.

  12. John Pick

    Please keep in mind that these Satinists worship the Pheonix. The Pheonix rises from the ashes of total destruction.
    The Build Back Better Green New Deal Great Reset goal is to totally and completely destroy all facets of 22nd Century Judeo Christian civilizations. The satanist goal is to make the target populations absolutely lawless when the current system fails to provide even basis services thr people will demand a new system then like the Pheonix the WEF, CCP. and the UN will be there to rise up from the ashes of their machinations.

    • Adam M

      Nailed it!

    • Pete+only

      John, what a great definition for the word insanity, but it is allowed to manifest itself by society’s total ignorance, and the left’s allowed rejection of allowing any debate whatsoever…

  13. Smith-Mundt Propaganda Legal

    Trump never mentioned Smith-Mundt Modernization Act (legal domestic propaganda).

    That’s how propaganda, censorship, etc. is legal. IT’S LEGAL. Sorry but your feelings and political leanings don’t matter.

    So, with what legal standing would Trump’s actions proceed without addressing Smith Mundt??

    Basically, Trump is selling something and promising you your dreams. Prove me wrong.

    How many times can you fall for the dialect (trump bad/good) ?

    Your wishful, Q reporting is getting unwatchable, Greg.

    PS: Didn’t Bo Polny say Trump is coming back September 25? Yes. He did.

    • Adam M

      Polny’s optimism is refreshing, but way off the mark. And yes, Q has got to be crushed. The fact that so many on the “right” repeat such nonsense shows why they are losing. And what do you have against Trump? Just buy an electronic picture for a hundred bucks, cause you know, computers don’t have “copy and paste”. And don’t forget to read the disclaimer, cause you don’t actually own the NFT and any future sales you make of it take 10% off your top and give it to the originator of the NFT. Wow! Trump loves lawsuits I guess.

    • William Wilhelm

      Smith-Mundt, you do know who was responsible for reducing the rules of the Smith-Mundt act. Try looking during the Obama administration. It was Obama who stated that he was going to radically change America! Seems his statement is coming to bear fruit.

  14. Curt Downing

    So the unvaccinated are responsible for increased car incidents?
    Consider this logic. If roughly 60% of drivers are vaccinated shouldn’t accidents have decreased by at least 50%? (Given that accidents amongst vaxxed went up say, 10%, for whatever reason)
    The notion is absurd.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Not all things are documented to reflect the truth. I have an older friend that is fortunate to be able to walk from a head on- several operations later. The other driver crossed the middle line on a rural road- a much younger man- engineer that worked at a government research center that had required vaccinations. He died at the scene- middle of the afternoon- nice weather. Dead people tell no tales, but is safe to assume this fellow was either distracted or blacked out. I personally know a couple people that have had blackouts- its temporary, but not the cause of it.

  15. al

    I knew Trump’s stupid Superzero card move was a diversion of sort. The real message was related later and it was a tough one. However, the Stupidzero card stunt overshadowed the message.

    Was this done on purpose to reduce credence of his overall message so that the deep state would laugh and ignore? Possibly. Just like they laughed and ignored Trump until he won the election. It’s possible.

    What I don’t get is he keeps saying “when I’m inaugurated”.. EVERYONE especially the Democraps know the election was stolen and he is President.

    Frankly I’m angered over the whole thing and the wait … while good people are rotting in the DC gulag without a trial as monsters like pelosi and biden walk free.

    • Shiloh1

      Trump would be a lot better off with Nicholas Fuentes as his son-in-law rather than Jared Kushner.

    • Shirl

      Hi al,

      America and yes the world NEEDS SUPERHEROES, imho. The LAST thing the world on the brink of WW3 needs are MORE SWAMP CREATURES doing the same thing and expecting them to deliver different results. Some call that the definition of INSANITY.

      It’s an Uphill battle and it’s been raging in all of our faces for 6 years.

      Bravo to President Trump!!!

      PS: ( the distortions in the clip posted by errors of software or whatever are unacceptable. Please scrub it and post the original if possible and maybe have a link to it if cannot fix it. ugh…Thank you Greg)

  16. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for your reviews but your dogged determination to bring the truth to us who are gasping for that same truth.
    Here in the UK the lies never stop and are rarely reported on. recently our new Chancellor of the exchequer has changed banking law to allow the City of London more leeway,this will end badly for us and Americans whose money has been hypothecated and re-hypothecated into London via your banks and pension funds.
    Our BoE assured us in September 2022 that our pension funds were safe now December 2022 eh not so much!
    We really need a revolution that terrifies the commie elite but I don’t see it yet. Hope the USA leads the way soon.

    • GunnyIsPissed

      Please get off the TRUMP thing already.
      Trump is CANCER.
      Trump is a LIAR and a CHEAT.
      Trump is friends with the Clintons, Bidens and Epstein.
      Trump is SLEAZY.
      Trump thinks his death vax is “beautiful”.
      Trump is the death of any conservative movement.
      Move on already.

      My only daughter would have turned 29 today.
      The Gardasil Vax killed her 9 years ago.
      RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  17. Thomsen

    Greg President Trump’s speech was tampered with. This is censorship, but it is not you, it is the black hats behind the scenes. 1. The voice and video were taken out of sync. 2. The voice was manipulated to be of a higher pitch. 3. This was no doubt to discourage listeners. Just wanted you to be aware of the process.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was some sort of tech issue on my end that I did not know I had. I mixed two videos for the first time, and it did not mix well for some reason. It is that simple. I loved the trump message, and I wanted people to see it. It is that simple.

  18. Matt

    Greg my man! I follow you for the news in general, for me to see the news that is coming out in general. Your not seeing the comm’s that were put into Trumps Card release, there are many. You should get SGAnon on your show. He will enlighten you, and the audience.

  19. Michael Low

    When can we expect to see Cliff High back on for an update?

  20. andyb

    With the revelations from Twitter, it seems appropriate to examine the plethora of lies the Government has spewed to the American people, i.e. extreme gaslighting. My list is by no means exhaustive; feel free to add others.

    1. Illegal creation of the FED and IRS (see the Creature from Jeckyl Island); both of which are private corporations
    2. FDR’s knowledge before the fact of the Pearl Harbor attack
    3. the JFK assassination.
    4. the MLK and RFK assassinations
    5. the OKC bombing
    6, 911
    7 . Sandy Hook
    8. the Boston Massacre
    9. fraud in the last 3 elections

    • Pete+only

      10) The FBI + CIA attempting to remove Donald Trump from office.
      11) The FBI Covering up the Laptop from Hell just before an election.

  21. James PTY

    aah, my Friday morning fresh cup of outrage…thanks
    LLM = Lying Legacy Media OR
    LL.M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree.
    The “devil is in the details” and where is the average person more ensnared by complicated details needing interpretation done for them than man’s law: The Law of God is essentially the opposite.

  22. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    Nothing is what it appears to be!
    President Trump’s trading card is his announcement that he is; PLAYING THE FINAL TRUMP CARD!
    I guarantee you the evil opposition gets it!

    • Adam M

      You have got to put down the Q pipe. Please. For the love of God.

  23. Gary

    You are missing the point of the ‘trump card’ announcement. Check Q posts. Check the 1700 day delta. Check Q post references that specifically mention ‘Trump Card’. The first announcement was a signal. The second announcement was a policy communique.

    • Adam M

      Q is more fake than COVID-19. Please…realize nothing Q has said has happened. Please, I am begging you to wake up. Do you still “trust Sessions”?

  24. ron martin

    Like a**holes we all have opinions. My 80 year old opinion is that neither Trump nor DeSantis can save this former republic. Only a bloody violent civil war could drain our swamp and that will not happen either. Greg, I know it’s hard for good youngsters like you to accept this fait accompli but most importantly you also know in your heart that our Father and His Son will someday make all of this right again. Meanwhile, prepare, persevere & pray.

    • Adam M

      A man of truth. You are absolutely correct.

  25. alan

    The trading card is a way to receive donation to his campaign without the identity of the donors being made public.
    Since you are a enemy of the state to support Trump those cards will have value if Trump can win another election. This is how politics works!

  26. Stinking Bull

    I’ll say this more than once. That’s NOT TRUMP.
    I don’t know who or what it is but the is not the original copy. No fn way.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think I had a tech issue that I now realize is there. I combined my video with the Trump video and it did not mix well. Not intentional. The trump message was great by the way, and I wanted people to see it.

    • alan

      It reads on the last line that the money is not going to his campaign. He is a politician now and a hated one by the insiders. So i am thinking in lawyer speak , no the money is not going to a campaign today but eventually it can and it will not be illegal. If you do not like it change the law but they will not because a law change hurts his opponents worse. IMO

  27. Jeff


    Do you think the trading cards are a bait and switch method with President Trump? I agree I thought it was stupid, but then he makes his real announcement. Remember immediately after the 2020 election he stated We Caught Them All. Maybe these last two years have been a mop up of catching and ensnaring all these deep staters. Maybe this takeover of Twitter by Elon (and the revelations coming out of the government involvement in fraud) is part of the net they are using to catch the whole bunch of them. I am not giving up hope yet. Whatever is going to happen will unfortunately end up with violence as these people are not going away willingly.

  28. bill

    My senator was there. He said, “Hi, goodnight.”

  29. Fred Engel

    Trump likes to play the deep state and fake news. It might of been to get the deep state to use their ammo. Usually they will counter Trump news with likes of the Ukraine missile
    strike in Poland. I believe he’s baiting them.

  30. Nick Leddy

    We the people have been lied to constantly. This was just released
    this morning by Karen Kingston via Stew Peters.
    We are all targets of a bio weapon and should protect our health with all
    available supplements. This is a war and these sick demonic beings are our
    enemy. Stay Frosty.

    • Phil

      Pfizer Makes Stunning Admission (This Seriously Needs To Go Viral)!! –
      Pfizer States: “Obviously We Don’t Have A Complete Understanding Of The Way The Vaccine Works In Relation To Creating Immune Response”!!

      So: The mad scientists that created the “jab” don’t completely understand how their “jab” works – But YET – we have politicians from Trump to Biden, thousands of news reporters, and heads of State at the UN to retarded comedians on television (without any medical training) explaining “how safe and effective the “jab” is and are promoting the use of the killer “jab” (without a medical license) to a public that has been so dumbed down (by the addition of fluoride to their drinking water) that they are no longer even able to think for themselves!!!

  31. jonny sic

    This gentleman proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, 5G IS THE CORONA VIRUS.
    Just what was said by Karen Kingston.

    In fact, “they”, are killing off the Anglo nations populations.

    Heat map of the world shows Mexico, Africa and India have very few cell towers and very few deaths from the fake virus.

  32. Marcy Castaneda

    Trump is playing them😂😂😂😂 There is a plan to catch all the 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐁🐀🐁🐀🐀🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁

    • Adam M

      No there is not. Stop with the Q bs, please. Please stop.

  33. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    All so very very true.

  34. Paulette Hansen

    I think the Trump Cards are nothing more than a good troll against corporate media attacks, financial takedowns, and debates over new digital currency and/or decentralized banking using secure blockchain. Also, note Trump’s censorship speech given in front of the US flags and a clipper ship painting may be a reference to John Paul Jone’s “I have not yet begun to fight”. I don’t know if he will return to the official presidency role but certainly still is a disruptor in getting people to think. The truth about everything will come out.

    • Adam M

      It shows Trump likes digital currency. Be afraid, be very afraid. And Trump also wants to kill drug dealers. The govt has no business interjecting itself into peoples lives, so there’s that.

  35. Dean Winchell

    This was a republican: The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.

  36. Frank

    hi Greg, I am watching your video 12-16-2022 and it cut off at 1:52.
    Cut you off in mid sentence. I tried 3 times to start the video again and it started but each time it cut off at 1:52.
    I guess you know this. What is going on?
    Please inform me if possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like
      So sorry you are having trouble.

  37. John Blatner

    Trump is full of hot air. He sensored Karen Kingston on truth social. Pushing killer vaccines. I think he sensor the Last American Vagabond. Trump pushing the bioweapon.

    • Adam M

      Yep. He isn’t who or what people think he is. And he has the nerve to come out about free speech after blocking Karen, one of the greatest researchers to date.

    • Craig Yeargin

      I gotta agree with this. He has not yet stepped forward and admitted he was given bad Intel. He has also not down played the death shot at all. Good way to start loosing support of future voters. I don’t get the super hero playing card. Will we have to collect all 8 to get the decoder ring or what. He needs get more involved with the program as the people of this nation are suffering across the board everyday and it’s getting worse. The video was definitely a disaster.

  38. Catherine

    What a great Christmas gift if TRUMP is able to RECLAIM his rightful office of presidency!!!
    In response to the digital card sale, I believe that is a possible signal to some powerful person or group that is waiting for a signal. Its highly possible because TRUMP follows THE ART OF WAR. If you read that ancient book the key is winning without firing a shot. In addition it talks about saying or doing one thing with your enemy and another to your friends.
    So as far as joining Twitter believe me it’s not entirely fixed yet. I was censored for saying Biden should be electrified.
    We need his presence NOW!

    • kay

      Catherine, I read that the Trump cards sold out within 24 hours and it raised 4.5 million $$$ . If true, that shows that citizens are still with President Trump. What do you think?

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Kay. The Psyop is trying to convince you otherwise.

    • GunnyIsPissed

      OMG…. Please get off the TRUMP thing already.
      Trump is CANCER.
      Trump is a LIAR and a CHEAT.
      Trump CHEATED on EVERY woman he ever met, dated or married.
      Trump is friends with the Clintons, Bidens and Epstein.
      Trump thinks his death vax is “beautiful”.
      Trump is the death of any conservative movement.
      Move on already.

      My only daughter would have turned 29 today.
      The Gardasil Vax killed her 9 years ago.
      RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

    • GunnyIsPissed

      You are nuts lady.
      We need Trump like a bad case of Herpes.
      Trump is a scumbag who left the J6 prisoners to ROT IN JAIL.
      Trump is CANCER and will never “win” again.
      He is the Titanic that you are playing violin on while sinking into the freezing ocean.
      You can have his cheating, lying tricks.
      I voted for him twice, I will not be fooled again.
      #GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  39. J.P. Morgunstun

    Deep State Planning New Bioweapon Release Ahead Of Next WHO Treaty
    The Alex Jones Show / December 15th, 2022, 4:12 pm
    The globalists will stop at nothing to accomplish their Great Reset agenda
    The next plandemic will usher in the New World Order technocracy

    Attorney Thomas Renz joins Alex Jones live via Skype to share new intel he’s received from whistleblowers concerning the next bioweapon attack to be released on mankind by the globalist cabal, but first they want the World Health Organization’s treaty to give absolute power over medical emergencies to the U.N.
    Renz explained the global establishment is afraid of the people looking into the involvement of the DOD and American intelligence apparatus in the creation of Covid-19.

  40. John Jauregui

    Go to to download, tailor, print out and mail a letter to SCOTUS supporting their decision in favor of the Brunson. We are shooting for at least 1,000,000 letters arriving at the Supreme Court by Friday December 23rd, before they recess. Get hot, take action now. Use the link below. All the information you need is at this site.

  41. Marie Joy

    IF justice is to be had, it will have to come from patriots because traitors will never prosecute other traitors. It is ironic, these “useful idiots” support the people who are, purposely, murdering them.

  42. Jeffrobbins

    Honestly Greg, i don’t know how you sleep at night. I am sure there are lots of rabbit trails with each one of these stories and lots and lots of facts to double check. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself. I don’t think Jesus periodically withdrew from the people because He needed to, i believe it was to give an example of what we are to do. Stay strong- lots of people out here are hungry for the truth.

    • mark deacon

      It is also not possible to flush the 100% current corrupt government from within or employing new people because only the corrupt can be allowed into the intter corrupt core.
      Everything needs to be flushed and start again.
      A republican congress needs to defund all the gov ernment agencies and set up new bodies outside of the current ocrruption and let them operate a clean system.
      Republicans do not have the b@lls for this is the problem and if anything they are uniparty.

  43. J.Cornell

    Sudden Death After COVID Shots / Medicine with Dr. Moran
    In this video, I talk about sudden death after COVID shot looking at a recently published German autopsy study. Their study is about sudden death autopsies, and Myocarditis. I also talk about vaccine induced myocarditis including a brief review of a prospective Thailand study. / 341,285 views Dec 6, 2022

    World’s Tallest Man Celebrated 40th Birthday by Posing with A Statue of The Tallest Man That Ever Lived
    Story by India McCarty • Yesterday 10:00 AM
    The world’s tallest man just celebrated a pretty major milestone—his 40th birthday! Sultan Kösen stopped by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in Orlando to pose for a picture with a statue of the man who previously held the title.

  44. Karen Merritt

    Greg, I love your heart and the devotion you have had to bring truth BUT I cannot accept your continued support of Trump. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”
    What has he done to free the Jan 6 “ protesters” and when is he going to change his stance on the bioweapon? And his digital cards announcement is a total embarrassment. We thought it was a SNL skit.
    When he ran in 2016 he had a lot of great “talk” against Hillary and all the other miserable cronies and then he sang their praises. And look at the creeps he surrounded himself with!
    Greg, I still listen and I love your promotion of Jesus Christ but I cringe at your super of DJT.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump will change his stance on the Bioweapon. He will have too. Trump did good things for “We the People” this is why the LLM and Dems and RINOs are trying to destroy him. Don’t be a fool. Yes, trump made some mistakes. If he was one of them would they have worked so hard to get rid of him and keep him gone?

      • Adam M

        Yes. To further divide the people and to give hope to one side so they don’t find their own strength and take out the evil themselves.

      • Shiloh1

        I’d be good witk Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy.

      • GunnyIsPissed

        @Greg – WHAT ABOUT THE J6 PRISONERS???
        Not ONE PEEP from DJT.
        You can push him all you want, this is YOUR website.
        But I will not be fooled again by a cheating Man-Whore.
        You are dismissed,

      • MWard

        Good on ya Greg! When Trump comes back, it might just be as big as the second coming of you know who! I’m not trying to be sacrilegious, but we humans are not running the show and it’s not gonna end till the fat lady sings!
        So don’t listen to the cry baby whiners. Your record is impeccable and your on the right side of history.
        Keep on keepin on and keep the faith and your integrity. It’ll all come out in the wash and his truth is marching on!
        Just ask a couple of brothers;

  45. Pmort

    The Trump video, did they hire Micky Mouse to lip-sink Trump? The voice is not Trumps unless they sped up the audio. Any one else hear it?

  46. Liber8tor

    “Neuralink” chip implanted in your brain. Won’t it be convenient! Hurry…limited supply..get one while available. Only problem, the software will be controlled from Davos, leaving just enough useless eaters to cook their meals and service their private jets.

  47. Marie Joy

    John Williams is much smarter than I am but I buy the groceries and pay the bills and it looks like it’s much more than 15% to me. No disrespect intended.

    • Marie Joy

      Speaking of Inflation.

  48. John Maskell

    Greg , great weekly update. Love watching your shows. I’m from the UK and when you spoke about car insurance being expensive for youngsters it struck a cord. We have the same issue here in the UK. My daughter, aged 18 had to get car insurance as she passed her driving test in July this year. The cost was £810 on a Toyota Aygo ( 10yr old car ). The policy had to have a black box fitted by them with a limited mileage of 3000 miles per year . Without these restrictions the quote was double. A joke ! My daughter is not spoilt and has a weekend and evening job as she is hoping for university . She bought the car and half of the insurance out of her working money , she knows the value of a pound. Fearing next year as inflation is bad in the UK and how expensive everything is ! The British economy is dying , just look at our bond market. Forget about pensions. Interesting in how this plays out. People need to reduce their debt but for young families it’s easier said then done ! Thanks Greg .

  49. sean

    How can people NOT SEE the Trump WAY after all these years as POTUS ?
    Its like gigilling a set of car key’s to a toddler, he draws attention to where he wants it. Every time you see him do this, while everyone is looking in that direction, he quickly turns away and dose what needs to be done while NO ONE is LOOKING.
    Allmost every executive order he singed was while the MEDIA was in MELT DOWN about some sort of Grenade he lobed into a packed room.
    He is not KNOW as a stable genius for no reason.

  50. Stan

    So all of you Crypto Bugs are a little nervous after the Crypto and FTX crash? Did I not tell you there was no need to hold any currency other than the US Dollar? I can sleep soundly at night knowing my money is held in Dollars. Can you Crypto Bugs do the same?

    • Pat

      No problem here. BTC is a long term strategy.

  51. Pmort

    I listen to the speech on Viva Friel and was ok at the normal speed.

  52. Earth Angel

    I just checked into actress Kirstie Alley’s recent death on December 5th from ‘recently diagnosed’ colon cancer. Hardly heard anything about this from the LLM. If I hadn’t seen a ‘Remembering Kirstie’ frame on ME tv, or some other station, (I can’t recall exactly which one it was) I wouldn’t have known a thing about it..the question is: Was she vaxxed?! Curiously, not a word about it since.

  53. Paul

    The NFT card thing wasn’t the announcement, it was the 6 min video about censorship. That was the announcement. You have to admit, if the economy is truly failing (and it is), the NFT thing is a decent way to get people to make a digital wallet for bitcoin. Prob alot of people that don’t even know how crypto works and now they could. If you think that Trump and his people are just going off half cocked, you are looking to close at the subject. You need to have a much broader view. Everything he is doing has ripples that effect other matters.

    • Paul D Anders

      Spot on!

  54. Jaun Valdez

    Republicans Release ‘Unclassified’ Report of COVID Origins Before Taking over House Majority
    Inside skinny on the P4 laboratory in Wuhan in 2017.
    JACOB BLISS 15 Dec 2022 Washington, DC
    House Intelligence Committee Republicans released an unclassified summary of their report on the origins of the Chinese coronavirus Wednesday night, less than a month before the party takes control of the House.
    The report, released on Wednesday night by the minority staff members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was led by Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH). It concluded that there have been “indications” that the coronavirus was “tied to China’s biological weapons research program” and had “spilled over” to the human population during testing. However, the committee did not see any indication that it was “intentionally released” by the Chinese military”;

  55. Marie Joy

    Does ivermectin protect against the flu?

    • Greg Hunter

      Ivermectin is an excellent anti-viral drug.

    • Margo

      Myself, my husband and my 76-year-old mother have all used this over the last several months if we felt we were becoming sick. It has truly been amazing and turned what potentially couldbe a flu into a few days of minimal discomfort. The FLCCC website has guidelines on dosing. I will always keep this in the medicine cabinet!!!

  56. Vince

    Love everything Trump said but he could have done this stuff when in office and didn’t. I believe Trump is a patriot and a very brave one at that. But man what horrible decisions he has made. Desantis on the other hand has done and is doing darn near everything right. My nephew and wife who live in Florida took the Monoclonal antibody therapy when they caught covid and it worked great immediately. Both refused the MRNA shot however. Trump is still “full retard” on the clot shot while Desantis is starting a grand jury investigation. I could go on.

  57. Gloria Evangelista

    Trump was trolling the main street media, his “Trump Card”.

    • Ed Mustafo

      Exactly. When do you play the TRUMP CARD? Message sent. Creepy Uncle Joe is going DOWN…. Trump is coming back soon, and he’s gonna clean house. Let’s see what all the Trump haters have to say then….. Enjoy the Show.

  58. iwitness02

    The “Truth” is always my goal in life. The “Truth” however is making it harder for me to hang onto any sort of happiness. I am not having a crisis of faith. I am having a crisis of patience. That is to say a lack of patience.
    All the corruption in our government does a good job of illuminating God’s Wisdom. It also illuminates my own ignorance. I would never believe all this evil could exist, if I were not seeing it. I’m am very thankful for the truth, even though it upsets me.

  59. Sue Smith

    U.S. News
    ‘The CIA Was Involved in the Assassination of President Kennedy,’ Top Source Tells Tucker Carlson / by Sputnik December 16th 2022, 3:45 am
    “We can’t see classified information about maybe the pivotal event in modern American history — and now we know why.”
    An extremely high-level source verified that the CIA had a hand in the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson has reported.
    In an episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which aired Thursday evening, the Fox News host said a source – who is “directly and personally familiar” with internal documents that the CIA is refusing to disclose – confirmed the records do indeed show the CIA was responsible for killing the popular US president. BLASTARD’S!

    I live in remote Alaska where I get my groceries by plane every few months. Here’s what it’s like and what I buy. / Salina Alsworth Dec 6, 2022, 11:15 AM

    From Alaska to our neighbor, 2.1/2 miles west. From these United States, Russia!
    I kid you not.
    Forget the warmer stuff, not true. It still freezes over and they still walk to visit relatives in Siberia, 2.1/2 miles. North America 2.1/2 miles Asia!

    Further west;
    Christmas Lights in KAZAN, the Third Capital of Russia on Friday Night! LIVE / Baklykov. Live
    387 watching now Started streaming 110 minutes ago
    Live stream from Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan of Russia. Founded in 1005.
    Kazan is considered to be the third capital of Russia, after Moscow and St Petersburg.
    In this stream enjoying the New Year’s (Christmas) atmosphere of Kazan – Kazan Kremlin, Kremlin Embankment and Bauman Street.

    • Shiloh1

      JFK/CIA – only person on earth who didn’t remember where he was on 11/22/1963 was Bush I , who was seen and photographed leaning on a nearby building at the time.

  60. Doug Fox

    It is disrespectful to play Trumps speech at high speed. I know its Christmas but our
    President Trump is not an Elf and you shouldn’t make him sound like one. Disrespectful!

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not realize this was the case. It was sent to me by a friend. It is a simple as that. Don’t make a big deal out of everything.

    • Galaxy 500

      Get a life Greg is over worked and under paid. He is the Correspondent, the IT guy and the Janitor

  61. Carol

    Something is off about Trump’s voice.
    I taught Speech Communications at the College level and I am sensitive to when someone’s
    Speech patterns change.
    Especially a change in their voice pitch.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a tech issue that I now realize I had with cutting in the video. Why it came out that way I do not know but iot was not intentional. I thought it was great, by the way.

  62. Gaylene Muir

    Chinese massive spread
    Dr. John Campbell 309,398 views Dec 15, 2022
    Download free high-res PDFs of the posters, download free copies of my two textbooks.

  63. andrea

    i sent in MY letters and donation to the law office for the brunson Bro’s/ DID Y’all??

  64. Loren

    Why do you think Obama went after sheriff Joe Arpaio? Once they got rid of him the fix was in. I think you should start promoting the blockchain technology on voting the post office has a patent on? Why don’t you promote cash? Add it with your religious statement at the end of your broadcast.

  65. Greg (not Hunter)

    Remember JFK said he was going break up the CIA into 1000 pieces. Six months later he was dead. President Trump might be signing his own death warrant making these claims. The swamp can say what they are planning because the swamp is above the law. Donald Trump is not above the law. This speech is putting Mr Trump in harms way. I hope he makes it back into office.

  66. swimfinz

    Thank you Greg Hunter!
    You are the REAL news now! I gotta admit, my gut sank when Trump bandied about as a “Super Hero” with his NFT nonsense. People hate this kinda crapola. Disingenuous and not needed.
    Great podcast–as per usual– on more pressing matters facing the world today.
    Who needs Trump’s Beisbol Cards anyway?

  67. K. Lake

    Special Thanks’ to The Aussie Media,
    except for Lambast Bartlett of course!
    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan
    Sky News Australia / Premiered Sep 27, 2021 13,232,901 views
    Tim Sexton 7 months ago (edited)
    I watched this piece three times and even went down the rabbit hole and read Sharri’s book. Thanks goes out to Sky News Australia and Sharri Markson for doing the work that was ignored by most in the American media. To the extent that cockroaches scramble for safe crevasses as light illuminates the room, you can count on those directly involved and those who stand to lose their funding will link arms and push a choreographed alternate narrative. All under willing support of social media & corporate media in place of a proper debate.
    Respect & recognition to those Chinese health professionals who gave their lives trying to get the word out in the early days and other people today willing to discuss it. At 54:30 John Ratcliffe stated there is additional intelligence not currently in the public sphere, that which the Biden administration could declassify.
    Get Sharri Markson’s book ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ here:

  68. T

    NOT ENOUGH..NEED TO HANG ALL OF THEM FOR TREASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Bill's Stilled!

    Europe IN CRISES!
    Get ready! A FALSE FLAG attack in Serbia? Is NATO to blame again? | Redacted with Clayton Morris / 88,047 views Dec 15, 2022
    Tensions are rising again in Serbia. Over the weekend, stun grenades were thrown at EU police in North Kosovo. Serbs and police opened fire on each other according to reports. What’s the truth of what’s happening in Serbia? For that we turn to Serbian journalist Tesha Teshanovick.

  70. Southern Girl


    Listen to what Trump is saying, he is saying to us he is control and is returning any time, even tomorrow. Here are some excerpts from President Donald J. Trump’s speech – (DEC 15, 2022) ‘FREE SPEECH POLICY INITIATIVE’ ——
    ‘Here is my plan : within hours UPON MY INAUGURATION, I WILL SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER banning any federal department or agency from colluding with any organization, business or person to censor, limit, categorize, or impede the lawful speech of American citizens…”
    ‘Second, I WILL ORDER THE DOJ to investigate all parties involved in the new online censorship regime….”
    ‘Third. UPON MY INAUGURATION AS PRESIDENT, I will ask Congress to send the bill to my desk, revising Section 230 to get Online platforms out of censorship business….”
    I believe he will be in before the 2024 election. You don’t think he just played the TRUMP CARD for nothing. THIS IS HIS PLAN!!!! I’m thinking he will be in in the not too future. He is letting his digital soldiers know his plan.

  71. Kathryn Hartleroad

    I look forward to your weekly news wrap-ups every week! Please Please Please have on Tom Luongo. A friend recommended him, and I am intrigued with his analysis about the Federal Reserve.

    • Shiloh1


  72. Marie Joy

    At some point, we are going to find our backbones and that scares the hell out of them. A baby in WA just died from blood clots after the family paid for a special protocol and procured unvaxxed blood for their baby through their church. The hospital “lost’ the blood and gave the baby vaxxed blood. IF that were your baby, what would you do?

    • The Seer

      Yes sad and in violation of spiritual, multiverse and do no harm medical and parental rights. The same has happened to Baby W in New Zealand. They even took the baby into custody prior to surgery. Patents had 100 pure same blood type donors waitung outside.
      The doctors and nurses and hospital CEOs need to be exposed in the public eye more along with the Judges, lawyers etc. The NZ parents also lost other relatives to the clot shot.
      The evil doers are burying themselves deep in heavy karma and will be held accountable in their post life reviews that will seal their fate to be kept in “The Trap”
      Which subjects them to the bottom of the heap and forced reincarnation to Earth, again with the veil on. Those of us who have broken through the veil are seen and known and infused – to be welcomed when we pass over.

    • GunnyIsPissed

      My town. Spokane, Washington.
      Used to be a conservative haven in Washington State.
      Now a morass of liberal scum.
      Don’t move here, the weather sucks and so do the neighbors.
      18 degrees and 8″ of frozen snow.
      Has not been over 32 degrees since late October.
      I hate it here now.
      Moving to Birmingham Alabama ASAP.

  73. Sylvia Sires

    I thought I heard that the Trump digital card is a NFT

  74. Kay

    I voted for both Trump and DeSantis. I have some concerns about both but mainly with DeSantis at the moment. Not only did DeSantis give FL hospitals legal immunity, he also voted for the CURES ACT, which gave the NIH $8.75 billion. The winners were the Drug Co., Medical device manufacturers, and Joe Biden, who wanted “cancer moonshots” which compressed 10 years of medical research into 5. There were several losers in it; the biggest was randomized clinical trials due to the adoption of real-world evidence standards.

    You can also see that DeSantis votes with the Military Industrial Complex, most likely because he was a JAG. Specifically Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2017 (HR 1301)- Bill passed (371-48) on March 8, 2017-The $577.9 billion fiscal year 2017 defense spending bill proposed $516.1 billion in base budget funding and $61.8 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations/ Global War on Terrorism funding.

    Will DeSantis continue to support war? Will he send money to Ukraine? Someone needs to ask or report on this.

  75. AH


    Your original letter could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: SCOTUS of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.
    A copy could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd, Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403.  *Add $1 dollar to say thanks.
    A copy could be framed on your wall to remind your posterity of their Patriotic duties and God-given rights to defend freedoms outlined in the US Constitution.
    For more information:
    INSTRUCTIONS: How to write my two letters to the SCOTUS and Brunson Brothers?” Instructional video:
     1. Get 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 2 pieces of paper.
     2. On each piece of paper write attention to the 9 SCOTUS Justices. Express support of Brunson vs Alma S Adams et al, No.: 22-380. You can write more if you so wish. Sign your name and date it.
     3. You now have either 2 handwritten copies or 2 printed copies.
     4. One copy goes into a stamped envelope addressed to: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.
     5. One copy goes into a stamped envelope addressed to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd., Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. They’re counting your letters! *Add $1 dollar to say thanks.
     6. URGENT, the case is slated for JANUARY 6th. Mail your letters!
     7. Share with friends & family.

    I followed the intsturctions and wrote them and I am sending them today.


  76. Dedra

    The poor vet should have her able body 20 something daughter work and pay her own insurance.

    Happy Christmas.

  77. Paul in oz

    Another excellent measurement for inflation other than Mr. Williams work is the Chapwood index … very instructive for major American cities.

  78. alfy

    I’m old to the point of being ancient, seen much over the years. too old to be a fan of any grown person and that goes double for celebrities’, sports stars, and politicians. Is easy to see, Trump is both highly intelligent and a grand master at the game of politics. the view that his advisors made him think or do this or that is at best a foolish view to hold. when trump does something that appears to be misguided, know that it is not. been such a long time since we last had a man both brilliant and savvy as the leader of our nation, that we can easily fall into thinking trump is like all the imbecilic puppets we have seen for the past 60 years. something else about trump, he has no ego. he loves other people, especially the everyday man, far more than he loves himself. Trump is a deadly opponent to those who are his enemies. that his enemies are also the enemies of humanity makes much sense. he will go down in history as one of the greatest leaders our nation has known.

  79. Rick

    If you remember, Donald Trump made outlandish comments when campaigning against Hilary. MSM was constantly talking about Trump and what he was saying. All the while, Trump was getting his name in the media, on television and in the newspapers, without paying a dime for advertising. He bamboozled the MSM. I believe his newest ploy is the digital Trump Playing Card. Everyone is talking about Trump and his childish card, but, I believe it is another masterful ploy by Trump to get the country talking about him.

    • Nika

      The Trump Playing Card would attract the 15-32 crowd.

  80. tibor

    great show..truth matters
    thank u

    • Kay

      The Trump card sold out within 12 hours and brought in millions of dollars. The story is interesting but Deace would have to become an investigative journalist to find out the facts. Since Deace and Co. got their Blaze TV contract, they have just coasted on stories. They did a smashing job on COVID with Horowitz, but after that, they are falling flat.

  81. Deacon Whitherson

    2022 – Trump vows if elected to crack down on left-wing censorship, reclaim free speech in America.

    2015 – Trump vows if elected to build a border wall.

    • LondonCenter

      He did and they tore it down! Deacon don’t let them steal another election. Sign up those in the nursing homes, at deaths door.

  82. Realist American

    Why is trumps voice a few octives higher? Is his team playing with him to make him sound 12 years old?

  83. Anita

    Thanks Greg. We are witnessing the battle amongst the ‘kings’ and ten will rule. Then 3 will be taken out by the Antichrist & he himself will be the 8th.

  84. Mark Cregan

    Hi Greg, The first time I viewed the Trump speech I noted two things right off the bat: He went from an orange coloration to tan which is a much better look. The second thing is the voice sounds like he is breathing a bit of gas which raised the tenor or the speed from the original was increased for the same result. His breathing was different too.

    These got me wondering if this wasn’t some kind of CGI manipulation or an actor in a mask playing Trump. He looked physically very good in the clip, not having aged at all or showing any signs of advanced age. That may just be the magic of a better make up artist. Still, with all the deception going on today, especially with things electronically generated, I wondered if it didn’t look too good.

    But something else about the speech itself bothered me. Not that it wasn’t a good speech, a rousing speech about a cherished American value of free speech. It was that. It wasn’t because the jabs weren’t mentioned even though they are killing millions or any of the other major sins of the Biden regime. The speech topic was free speech and it stayed on point.

    Still I had this nagging feeling that there was something else missing from the speech. So I took a nap to refresh myself and then listened to the speech again to confirm the missing factor that was nagging me.

    Before I get to that, it occurs to me that the speech and the NFT card of Trump as Superman are intertwined. I’m old enough that I grew up on watching the Man of Steel and in black and white. One of the tag lines in the lead in to each episode was ‘powers and abilities far beyond mortal man’. Perhaps you are old enough to remember the original episodes. Most latter generations than ours won’t have seen the original series and so will miss the implied transference. Nice bit of psychological work by someone and I can see it playing well with Trump’s view of himself. It will also play nice with a major part of his base which is looking for a savior to ride in and save the day.

    But the major part of the speech that was nagging me, now that I have buried the lead, was confirmed with the second listening. Trump made the speech about what he will do upon inauguration. ‘I will’ , ‘I will direct Congress’, and ‘I will order’ was the thrust of the speech. What’s missing is ‘With God’s help’, ‘With God’s guidance’ or ‘By the Grace of the Almighty’. The acknowledgment of God and the good things that flow from God is totally lacking. The only reference to a higher power was a perfunctory ‘God bless America’ at the end.

    In a Christian nation the proper order of things is God, the people, the government. In the speech these things were out of order. That, and its implications, are what was nagging me.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Liam Bartmess

      Don’t let it nag you Mark, the Trumpster does not have to. [Preach to the choir.]
      Advocate something to people who already share one’s convictions about its merits or importance.
      Trump has to talk to all Americans, so get off the high horse and preach the good news of God’s kingdom. We will all have an eternity to learn about the king of kings, our LORD and Savior. Those that endure to the end, of course.
      So lets keep encouraging all here, to endure and endure together. Here on, As we witness the conclusion of this system. The end of the age, the real reset. The greatest reset ever to occur, for evermore and you have his word, the word. He’s on on it, mate.
      It’s Yahweh or the highway! Me fellow school Mate’s! Yes, welcome to the school of hard knocks. So’s keep on knocking and you shall find.

      Teach Yourself to Echolocate
      A beginner’s guide to navigating with sound.
      Atlas Obscura / Jessica Leigh Hester

  85. John Swain

    Remember to include CHLORINE DIOXIDE (MMS) as another treatment option to Ivermectin…. I am taking CDS and noticed it was also recommended by DR. EADS…

  86. Eli

    I appreciate you so much, my friend. Thank you for continuing to bring the truth in News week after week, not to mention, fantastic guests. God Bless you! ☦️🙏🏻😊

  87. Jackie Pollock

    Trump will always be the target of leftists and democrats and the globalists because they do not want him in the 2024 elections and they will keep on doing all that they can to make that happen. Another term for Trump would put another delay in their end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it timeline. I think Trump is playing his hand against them with savvy tactics as in The Art of the Deal. He has things that need cleaning up (“vaccine”) but he still outdoes all competitors and he won’t quit. He works For America, not Against it like the current crowd in control.
    Jackie from Texas

  88. stanley skrzypek

    I wonder if President Trump had that snake Jered Kushner in mind when he made that speech?



  90. James Hall

    Maybe not a bad idea.
    Donald Trump’s ‘Digital Trading Cards’ Sold Out In One Day — Netting $4.4 Million

  91. Frank S.

    Another site featured an article outlining a way to tell whether donated blood was vaxxed or not (they ridiculously promoted using the useless and unreliable PCR test), But a possible solution occurred to me. The vax (and vaxxed blood) shows self-assembling nano circuitry which appears when in an EM field, but disappears when the EM is shut off. Further, its been proven that vaxxed persons each have a unique IP address. Assuming the two subjects are linked, would donated vaxxed blood display an IP address, especially if it is placed within an EM field, where Pureblood would show no IP address, at all.
    Thoughts, Greg? Anyone?

  92. Craig Yeargin

    I gotta agree with this. He has not yet stepped forward and admitted he was given bad Intel. He has also not down played the death shot at all. Good way to start loosing support of future voters. I don’t get the super hero playing card. Will we have to collect all 8 to get the decoder ring or what. He needs get more involved with the program as the people of this nation are suffering across the board everyday and it’s getting worse. The video was definitely a disaster.

  93. Linda Majors


    Thanks for your weekly update!

    I plan to vote for President Trump (if he gets the nomination), but his endorsements are really annoying. I wish he would stop. He endorsed McCarthy. Most members of the House dislike, or despise him. In Steve King’s book he describes how McCarthy ran him out of office, and tried to destroy his life. (Steve King was one of my favorites.) That woman at Mar A Lago, who advises him re endorsements, needs to GO!

    Further, his speech was excellent, but those tacky “baseball cards” diverted everyone’s attention away from it. The timing was terrible. I believe it is in poor taste to hawk those things in the midst of a campaign. Very unpresidential. Needs to concentrate on critical issues, and apologize for the vaccines.

    It seems that MAGA supporters are constantly rescuing him from his advisers. No doubt we will have to drag him across the finish line in 2024, IF our country survives Biden, Open Border Invaders, and the Great Reset cabal.

    Best wishes,

  94. Marie Joy

    For a view of nature and to forget your troubles, see Brownville’s Food Pantry for Deer on YouTube. There are different views such as Tough View (my favorite), Close View, Road View, and more. It’s just started for this year but when things pick up there are many deer in view. This has been happening for years, starting in December and ending in spring. Recommend for nature lovers.

  95. Keith wilson

    Reports from Kiev in the Ukraine. The army requires 300 new tanks. 700 armoured personnel carriers and 500 new pieces of artillery. Plus billions of dollars in ammunition to continue the war against Russia. Croatia NATO member votes to no longer train and equip Ukrainian troops. The end of Ukraine if the Biden democrats don’t give them what they want. Reports that billions of dollars of us supplied equipment is appearing in Nigeria and other African countries.

  96. Elsie

    Anyone have a link to the Moderna release about oh, maybe we forgot to tell people the results of our tests right away and the full truth about our vaccine? I heard something that they sent in their report to the CDC (?) but cannot find a link to it if it exists. Thank you.

  97. Tod Mills

    Gee, Trump is saying what his supporters want to hear, isn’t he? Kinda like an updated version of “I’m gonna drain the swamp!”

    Well, I have news for those of you getting excited by his talk: It is just that, talk. Same as his talk about draining the swamp. It isn’t going to happen; politics is just show business for ugly people and Trump is just another political actor playing his “outside reformer” part which is designed to get a sector of American society excited about politics. It is a con-job.

  98. Coal Burner

    If Trump has advisors and he listens to them, he needs to fire them. He should have fired any one leaking and back stabbing him. How he could have let Vindman and Wray, almost all of fbi and DOJ stay ten minutes is blind stupidity. Who was that bald headed lying xAdmiral staffer? The one with three names. That treasonous SOB.

    That was Trumps one major blind spot you could drive tanks through.

    I think Tom Luongo is right, I have been reading his stuff and for a while commented when he hit the target which was often. I would like to see him on USA W . He may be a difficult interview. When he gets going he is hard to get a new question to him but he is a fantastic thinker about what is going on behind the scenes. I think he is right about Jamie Diamond and the FED. If the WEF and the UN get their way, these guys are out of business and the WEF will get a real World War to eliminate those tyrants unless that last ten percent of Patriots decide to be their Serfs.

  99. Saved Data

    Poland Blocks Ukraine Aid After Hungary Clears the Way | European Union | Russia Ukraine War / Firstpost 194,732 views Dec 15, 2022
    Europe is realizing, to engage in war. You cannot have both guns and butter, like the United States can. Why? The US., as having reserve currency status. Own’s the paper Petro dollar printing press, giving it ability to print endless amounts of cash, like its gold backed. But not. But creating the real tax burden, of worldwide inflation. The SWIFT system, that the BRICS nations, with Russia in the lead. Are attempting to exarchate itself from. Thus, not contributing to the west’s military industrial complex. Ponzi scheme, of endless war and stagflation. Leading to total economic collapse.
    Days after giving in to pressure from Hungary, the European Union thought its troubles were over. It thought it will seamlessly pass the €18 billion aid for Ukraine and project the facade of a united bloc once again. Not to be. This time it’s Poland that has brought to light its share of grievances. Like Hungary, Warsaw has gone public with its anguish – this time over a minimum corporate tax rate plan. Poland has thrown a last-minute spanner in the works for the EU, as a diplomat said, “like any abusive relationship”.
    Guns, butter, or crutches?

  100. Coal Burner

    I believe machine cheating occurred in New Mexico. Republicans are afraid to talk about it because they believe the election was closer than it actually was. I just do not believe people voted to re-elect a governor that killed so many jobs, ruined a hundred thousand businesses, locked down the state under fraudulent circumstances and destroyed school systems damaging students. The Governors idiots in the Health Departments are still trying to kill people with the poison shots. Now, tell me who would vote for this kind of destruction.


  101. Cynthia Wilson

    Greg, I just love you and your show and am so glad you are a believer in the Lord Jesus! But I don’t understand how you can speak anything positive about Trump while at the same time, be so upset about the vax deaths and maimings. Surely you remember that it was TRUMP who installed “Warp Speed,” and he has NEVER RESCINDED HIS SUPPORT FOR THIS! Trump may throw in a few good things like his so-called wanting free speech but based on the unspeakable harm he has already done, there is surely an agenda behind this too! Please, Greg…WAKE UP! Trump is NOT ON OUR SIDE! He is going to mislead countless Christians into the lion’s mouth through his deception! Please don’t be a part of that. This country is under God’s Judgment for all of her sins and corruption and it is not coming back. I know you are a Bible believer and this is what God’s Word says! Trust in NO MAN, esp. TRUMP.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize trump has been out of office for TWO Years NOW!!!!! The idiot in the office for the past TWO years mandated the shot for Millions!!!!!!! Trump would have never mandated it. Not a word about that???? Are you a troll????? Yes, I have said repeatedly that Trump made a mistake and trusted his medical staff. I have also said MANY TIMES he needs to do a 180 on the VAX and say “STIOP THE SHOTS” But you just see what you want to see. I ask again, ARE YOU A TROLL??????? The people “not on our side” are everyone who cheated Biden in and Trump Out. Why don’t YOU Wake UP!!! Did God tell you we were under judgement? Are not MILLIONS of Americans praying every day for God’s help Not Good enough???? Is that how our Heavenly Father works??? Is that how Jesus works??? Please give up someplace else and stay out of the way!!!!!

  102. Linda Majors

    Greg, follow-up to comments made earlier this date, 12.16.22. In the interview with Steve King on the Frank Gaffney Show (Securing America), he talks about Kevin Mc Carthy and why McCarthy should not be Speaker of the House. Steve says McCarthy is a “squishy RINO,” similar to John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Will do deals with the Democrats and then force them on the Conservatives in the House like Mitch McConnell. Also, McCarthy focuses on skin color and LGBTQ ideology, instead of merit. Steve describes McCarthy as a “narsacisstic abuser. Linda

    Interview with Steve King, R, Iowa, House of Representatives on Frank Gaffney’s Securing America. There are five parts to the interview. (Ref. link.)

  103. Linda Majors

    P.S. To watch the interview with Steve King, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and scroll over to page 7. Then go down approcimately half way on the page. Linda

  104. Watchdog fan :)

    The Senator Johnson round table on 12/7/2022 was excellent, well worth the time.
    There’s no informed consent.
    Wall. Cigarette. Blindfold.

  105. tim mcgraw

    Why do people on this site still trust Donald J. Trump? I don’t understand it.
    As for getting some kind of justice for those who promoted and continue to promote the masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and injections…. I don’t think that will happen. They still promote the injections here on TV in the SF Bay Area. They still promote fear of germs.
    Inflation is real. That will continue. I’ve always liked this website for its economic outlook. I find the facts and opinions expressed on this website to be true economics.
    And it’s always about the money, eh? (Well, fiat currency. Money left the building long ago.)
    Let’s have a survey/poll:
    Odds of a nuclear weapon being used in a war in 2023:
    A: 0
    B: 20%
    C: 50%
    D: 80%
    E: 100%

    I pick B.

  106. Tommy

    Several weeks ago I was accused of being a troll because I believed Trump was on the wrong track and people were just plain tired of him. That is the truth. This does not mean I do not want Trump as president. It just means that he is on the wrong path. The trading card fiasco is just one more nutty thing. We can’t just keep blaming his advisers.
    So, that said, the video you played of Trump was excellent. He was talking like a normal person and making good points. He has plenty of time to get back on track. Here’s how.

    Stop talking about the stolen election. Was the 2020 election a shame? Of course, but there’s nothing that can be done about changing the results. And people don’t want to hear it over and over.
    Talk about what needs to be changed so the elections are fair, like doing away with the sham of mail in voting.
    Hammer the Democrats over the border. It has never been worse. Remind people how Biden has totally destroyed our border security.
    Mention how crime is completely out of control. Show examples, there are thousands.
    Hammer the Democrats on the economy. It’s only going to get worse.
    Bring up the Hunter’s computer with evidence that implicates the big guy. This will be an issue when the House begins it’s investigation. Point out the 50+ security experts that said it was Russian disinformation.
    Make a U-turn on the vax. Come out and say the truth was hidden and he was lied to.
    Show all the evidence that exists on all of the above;there is plenty of it.
    Like you said, get back on Twitter.

    Trump was persecuted while in office and it continues to the present. But he shouldn’t whine about it, it makes him look weak. Be on offense, be positive and tell us how you will clean up the mess that the Democrats have made of a country that was in pretty good shape 2 years ago.

  107. Michele

    Greg, please go to “Burning Bright” Substack . Excellent article explaining the Trump tactic of Counter Strike.
    It describes Trump and what appears to be lunacy is actually an art of war method of eliminating your enemy.

  108. John

    The trading card was a coded message that cryptocurrencies/nfts are a joke without a punch line, and we should see them as a grift.

  109. John

    The trading card was a coded message that cryptocurrencies/nfts are a joke without a punch line, and we should see them as a grift.

    David Lester Straight provided a testimony of a man who participated in a 2013 mRNA vaccine study in 2013 with 2,000 vaccinated volunteers. I’m horrified because, other than me and a couple kids, my whole family was vaccinated. Anyway, after five years, only five survived. After ten years, he was the only survivor. And, that was because he had enough money to pay for three heart transplants.

  110. Jennifer Smallin

    If you gathered the information from the Q drops…you would understand why Trump makes these “big announcements”… only to dribble out some nonsense. Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) on Rumble is reposting the drops and his ana!ysis of them. Has also written two books explaining Q and the purpose of the drops. Trump is not crazy. He is a genius and is likely one of very few who can take down the deep state. Do the research. Follow Q.

  111. Bill Tinsley

    It’s the first amendment, why do we need more laws. Prosecute those that have trampled on it. There are too many laws, laws are not a product!!! This is bullshit political talk!!! If a politician says anything against our Constitutional law, off with his head!!😁

  112. Nika

    I find it hard, to think, of Sam Bankman Fried as a Financial Genius. Instead, of being a California “Valley Girl”, I think of him as a California “Valley Boy”! I put Sam Bankman, in the same category as Joe Biden, and Senator Fetterman of Pennsylvania.

  113. Galaxy 500

    This looks like a cheap way to raise funds that can be used for campaigns that doesnt involve Mitch the Bit(# . Think about how Mitch pushed several races toward his fellow Minions of Satan. We are on a razors edge as a Nation, so close to total subjagation that it gives me nightmares. 3% of the American population fought for Freedom and defeated the Mightiest Empire on Earth.
    Our problem, more than 10% of our population are illegal aliens who will fight to make us serfs. If we are going to save ourselves, we need to get our state’s in order and vote out these daemons.
    Merry Christmas

  114. PersonaNonGrata

    Ugh!! The mass murderers receive honours. TPTB love to rub our noses in it. Chief of Astra Zeneca gets knighted by Charles. At the end of the article you will see many other scamdemic promoters who have received honours from the utterly contemptuous British Royal Family. I end as I started – ugh!!

    Lest we forget, Charles’ father once said he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to reduce human population.

  115. Kathy

    Ever listen to The David Knight Show? It is outstanding. I agree with you. Find his show & tune in

  116. Nika

    Ron Kamenakov-of United Railroad workers tells Jimmy Dore about how, Railroad workers Never had any paid Sick Days on their job. So, the Railroad Workers Union talked about how they were going to get them 15 paid sick days in the new strike!
    The Railroad Workers Union, ended up getting: “Three unpaid sick days with 30 notice, to be taken on a Tueday, Wednesdat or a Thursday.” So, the Union Workers, decided to quickly Fire their Union President. Their Own Union President, must have thought, his own Union Workers were too stupid, to know when they were being screwed! The Union being in bed, with the Company seems to happen a lot.
    Jimmy Dore, quickly concluded that it was time for Railroad workers to Rise up against the Billionaire Oligarch Owners of the Railroad and the Politicians that were working with the Oligarchs.

  117. Kevin24

    We lost mom last week at age 88

    Not sure if vax related but suspect.
    She was having signs of memory issues for past year, since vax.
    She passed out and got bleeding on the brain with the fall.
    They were going to treat it but could not due to clotting on the lungs.
    Just old age or vax injury?

  118. oneno

    The manager of Canada’s response to COVID has dropped dead at 35, without one word about it from the “free press” in that bio-fascist hell

  119. Norman Byler

    Trump as far as I know has nothing to do with the Trump Cards!
    Don’t buy the Cards, they are a Scam!

  120. Norman Byler

    Sorry to report my wife has 3 shots plus Booster, I begged her not to take it, now has a Leaky Heart Valve, not sure what that really means, but Dr put her on Baby Aspirin so she don’t get Blood Clots. Just went to the viewing for young 35 yr old Father of 2 Vaxxed, he got a Blood Clot Died. I hear people in my community having Stokes, more now then ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      You too are at risk from shedding from your dear wife. Please take Ivermectin on a regular basis as Dr. Kory says to do.

    • bernard

      I’m seeing this more and more where the Wives took the jabs while the husbands didn’t. There is something in women psychology that so susceptible to propaganda and obedient to the Authority.

  121. clarissa mckone

    I have been shadow banned since Obama, Im always in jail on facebook. I was banned by twitter. They killed my friends and censored me, now I wait for my family to die that trusted the jabs, all are sick

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