Trump Fires Comey, DNC Stopped FBI Russia Investigation, US Drought Over

By Greg Hunter’s

(WNW 283 5.12.17)

Just like on Trump’s hit TV show, the words “you’re fired” hit FBI Director James Comey like a ton of bricks. President Donald Trump fired Comey because the White House says the Trump Administration has “lost confidence” in the FBI Director.  Democrats, who asked Comey be fired because of the Clinton Email probe, are now outraged over the firing and want a special prosecutor for the so-called Russia collusion investigation.

Meanwhile, you may remember that it was the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that stopped the FBI from looking at its servers during the reported Russia hacking attack on the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Why didn’t Comey take the servers anyway if this “Russian hacking” was of such profound importance to U.S. election integrity?  The Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have been blaming the Russians for their 2016 presidential loss.  Others say Clinton was a bad candidate that lost all on her own.

The drought plaguing America, especially the Western U.S., is over. Now, there is plenty of rain, and in some places, way too much.  Some areas in the Midwest received more than 11 inches of rain in less than two days.  Now, fields are too wet to plant for farmers, and there is concern that it won’t dry up enough to get the planting done in time.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. allen ols

    Consumption And Taxes, Eh?
    Posted May 11th, 2017 at 9:26 AM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.
    Usually it is too much beer that leads to a bar fight, in this case it was “unfairness” and exploitation of the poor!
    Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100…
    If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this…
    The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
    The fifth would pay $1.
    The sixth would pay $3.
    The seventh would pay $7.
    The eighth would pay $12.
    The ninth would pay $18.
    The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.
    So, that’s what they decided to do..
    The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve ball. “Since you are all such good customers,” he said, “I’m going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20”. Drinks for ten men would now cost just $80.
    The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes. So the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his fair share?
    They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody’s share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer
    So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s bill by a higher percentage the poorer he was, to follow the principle of the tax system they had been using, and he proceeded to work out the amounts he suggested that each should now pay.
    And so the fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% saving).
    The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33% saving).
    The seventh now paid $5 instead of $7 (28% saving).
    The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% saving).
    The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% saving).
    The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% saving).
    Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But, once outside the bar, the men began to compare their savings.
    “I only got a dollar out of the $20 saving,” declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man,”but he got $10!”
    “Yeah, that’s right,” exclaimed the fifth man. “I only saved a dollar too. It’s unfair that he got ten times more benefit than me!”
    “That’s true!” shouted the seventh man “Why should he get $10 back, when I got only $2? The wealthy get all the breaks!”
    “Wait a minute,” yelled the first four men in unison, “we didn’t get anything at all. This new tax system exploits the poor!”
    The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.
    The next night the tenth man didn’t show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had their beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn’t have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!
    And that, boys and girls, journalists and government ministers, is how our tax system works. The people who already pay the highest taxes will naturally get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas, where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.
    David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D.
    Professor of Economics. posted on jsmineset

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Wow… I don’t even know where to begin deconstructing this sophomoric and pretentious hokum.

      • Paul ...

        How about starting with Clif High … who sees Soros beginning his “cultural revolution” in the United States by September … to further the “control” the bankers like Rothschild wield over humanity backed by an alien entity that uses fiat like a religion to manipulate the way people act and behave … seems according to High a war between the US and the “aliens in Antarctica” started in 2003-4 and we are now establishing a beachhead on that continent the way we did when we invaded Europe to fight the Nazi’s in 1942 … and once again we will need the Russians as allies in this fight to exterminate the evil ones who are intent on destroying the Hebrews and Christians so as to make the world safe for the “tall blond reptilian clones”!!!

        • Paul ...

          Doc … before I make a case that Hillary was never locked up “because she is dead” … you should begin your “deconstructing of hokum” by commenting for us on what Clif High has suggested … that the Hillary “we see” may be some sort of an “Avatar” …

          • Paul ...

            Say Hillary died under brain surgery … and the Demon-rats figured the American public was to dumb to notice they were putting up “actors” and/or an Avatar into the Presidency of the United States … and suppose the surgeon who saw her die wouldn’t go along with the hoax … don’t you think it would be a good reason for that surgeon to commit “suicide”???

    • JQP

      Tell me where to go to get free beer daily paid for by the wealthy… and I will show you a place where the beer is filled with carcinogens and toxic waste from the wealthy’s factory down the street. The wealthy man pays no taxes because he deducts the cost of his charitable free beer taverns… knowing full well that he is saving millions through the illegal disposal of the toxic waste.

      But not to worry, the symptoms of the sickness the “free” drinks create is taken care of by a handful of pills provided by another wealthy person (friends with the greedy factory owner). The pills will surely kill you in a year or two but make you feel better today. This wealthy person is paid countless millions to create and distribute these pills and has had our government pass laws protecting him from any harm that may be related to the pills.

      The free beer drinkers don’t need to pay for the pills because a third wealthy person owns an insurance company that provides insurance that pays for the pills. Don’t worry the insurance company is getting paid handsomely through government subsidies.

      The few people who still have jobs – have to get a second mortgage from the bank to pay for the pills because the insurance they have just doesn’t cover the full cost of the pills. The wealthy man that owns the bank collects interest and fees and knows that eventually he will own many of these peoples homes. The bank didn’t actually have the money to lend to these people… so, the bank made a deal with our government to give it to them for free or even pay them to take the money so they could in turn lend it to these people.

      Whatever money the wealthy pay in taxes (if any) is returned to them plus interest and fees.

      Tell me where in this world the evil wealthy can run and hide…

      It is easy to make the wealthy appear to be evil just as it is easy to make poor people appear to be the problem. The real problem is there is just too much bullshit and not enough real jobs that pay a living wage.

  2. Oracle 911

    There are several reasons why and why this way was Comey fired:
    1st Upholding the rule of law.
    2nd Getting rid of the neocon influence.
    3rd Sending a message to neocons, satanists, child rapists, cannibals and their corrupt and compromised puppets.
    Which means this is the end of the sanctuary cities and the beginning of the clean up. 🙂
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • diane

      Good call Oracle
      Hope you’re right

    • Freebreezer

      O-911 … this is the reason that they (washington swamp suckers) are outraged … Trump just beheaded one of the swamp creatures … And a big one at that. Let’s hope Louis Lerner and Hillary are next!

  3. Paul ...

    The malignant narcissistic biased Demon-rats keep demanding a special prosecutor for Trump but no special prosecutor for Hillary … Trump has had enough of their craziness … no more Mr. Nice Guy … Hillary is going behind bars!!

  4. Paul ...

    Chaffetz is being forced out of Congress by the Rothschild’s because he sponsored a bill to audit the Fed … the Fed has stolen 0.95 to 0.99 cents out of every dollar since they were formed in 1913 … and don’t want some upstart Congressmen to force them to account for all the money they stole from us! …

  5. ED1

    Greg, you do an awesome job of reporting. The USA is in bad need for more reporters like you.

    • diane

      I agree…Greg should be on cable news shows every night.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Does anybody else find it more than coincidental that Greg is in the “Show Me” state?

  6. Rick Hester

    Excellent summary of Dirty Comey deeds.
    Now I hope Trump drags the Clinton’s into the ring for another knockout.

  7. Frederick

    It seems obvious that the Clintons are nothing but foot soldiers for the BIG money people who rule the world and we all know the names That would explain why they are basically “untouchable” Same thing applies to all the perps from the 911 false flag who are mysteriously still walking free amongst us

    • Wayne D

      Here’s an excerpt from an interview with an ex-banker now talking about such “untouchables.” The 8,000-8,500 who “run the world” are ones we will never see, never know the names of, allegedly the real puppetmasters.

      Interviewer: How high in the pyramid did you get? Were you close to the top of the pyramid?
      Ronald: My ego would have loved it to get to the position of belonging to the top itself. Nowadays we still talk about 8000-8500 people who run the entire world.


  8. Paul ...

    Weather modification dial has been turned from drought to flood … the goal … first burn the farmland … then destroy the dams the farmers need to water their crops!! … and keep poisoning the land with nano-aluminum non-stop!!

    • Paul ...

      With all the gold the government supposedly has locked away in the Grand Canyon … why doesn’t the government use gold nano-particles in their chem-trails (which are “health friendly” to not only humans but all other species) since the government is so hell bent on spraying nano-particles into our atmosphere because it supposedly “uncloaks alien space ships” !!!

  9. Tommy

    Comey should have been fired when he usurped the AG’s job in making the decision not to prosecute after laying out the case for such prosecution. This decision coming days after Lynch met with Bubba on her plane showed a level of complicity with the administration that crossed the line. Corrupt or incompetent, doesn’t really make a difference for justifying his firing. As for Hillary’s gross negligence but not having intent, that is pure bs. There are plenty of lawyers and accountants that have been nailed for criminal negligence who didn’t have intent. The definition isn’t intent, it’s the conscious disregard for the need for due care knowing that such can have bad results. And after all, Hillary being the smartest woman to ever walk the planet and being the most qualified person in history to be president according the then genius occupying the Oval Office at the time should have been a slam dunk that she should have been prosecuted for her actions. Thank goodness we have the fourth estate to protect our liberty. Wait, what?

  10. Elusive Joseph

    Psychiatry is a pseudo science that has been attacking traditional, Christian, patriarchal values since its inception, while normalizing perversions and encouraging false egos. It is used as a weapon and political tool to push cultural Marxist agendas and demonize any opponent to world government. Psychiatry has ruined many lives by deliberately misdiagnosing people with (invented) “disorders” in order to put them on big pharma (poisons) “medications” that only cause more harm, while these psychiatrists and big pharma very wealthy.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      It’s true, Joseph. A real mental illness is like any other physical illness. Although not always easy to diagnose, there are real and objective symptoms. The cause and effect are real and objective. And the cause, effect and symptoms can be qualified and quantified. It has a physical cause and effect. Most “mental illnesses” described in the DSM are a bunch of subjective nonsense designed primarily to excuse women of responsibility for their deliberate and premeditated crimes and to manufacture evidence of conscientious and responsible behavior by men for imaginary thought crimes. It’s a form of population control and psychological operations. Implemented primarily against men in a population. Look at the DSM and how it’s applied in courts of law. Especially family courts but not exclusively by any means. The same “mental illness” is used to give women a free pass for the most heinous crimes that is used to ciminalize responsible and conscientious behavior of men.

    • Wayne D

      Here are some remarks from a prior reply I’d posted that relate to your comment:
      “… I think we can safely say that the inmates are indeed running the ASSylum.

      “Seriously, we are fairly close to the point where the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) would allow classification of virtually any cognition-emotion-behavior as a “mental illness.” … The quest to eat healthful foods is now being considered as the disorder “orthorexia nervosa.” You have a problem with GMO-poisoned food? Then you are clearly ****** up.”

      Unfortunately, tampering with the (American) psyche is just one facet of the neo-feudalism the “elites” wish to impose, some say have already imposed, for interim control of this mass of serfs/“useless eaters.” Here are a few others, although the list could easily be expanded:

      The medico-healthcare monopoly wants all on prescription drugs (from childhood) and is now pushing for mandatory vaccines, which have shown evidence of causing disease. The fiscal world tells us that debt is good/debt equals wealth and is now trying to move us into an electronic-cashless society. The higher education scam enables this debt for acquiring credentials to secure jobs that no longer exist. Omnipresent surveillance by the intelligence-security apparatus promotes acceptance that personal privacy no longer exists. The military-industrial complex creates a mindset that endless warfare is necessary to protect you from their self-perpetuated enemies.

      Why, it’s enough to make you want to see a psychiatrist! The end: a point of beginning.

  11. Chip

    Great wrap up as usual Greg… Chip

  12. Larry White

    This is a news note that may be of interest. Dr. Judy Shelton (adviser to the Trump campaign in 2016) is proposing a “new common currency linked to gold and silver”:

    Dr. Shelton is also someone mentioned as a possible Trump nominee for the Fed. She wants the US to issue bonds convertible to gold at redemption as a first step back towards a monetary system linked to the real economy.

    • Macray

      “Larry, I am thinking of a new common currency, voluntary, linked by gold (and silver) resulting from sovereign issuance of debt securities”.

      Thank you Larry for your post!
      Dr. Judy assumes the US has sufficient Gold and Silver for such debt securities. She may be correct. IDK
      But, I am happy she is including 2 of my favorite investments!

    • Tin foil hat

      Dr. Judy Shelton is wrong. She is making the most common mistake to bring constraint against the runaway fiat currency – the bad old gold standard.
      The moment gold or silver is linked to a currency, its price would no longer be able to fluctuate in a free market. Keeping gold at a fixed price will eventually drain gold from the gold reserve in the Central Banks and inadvertently create unnecessary economic depression due to shortage of gold link fiat currency.
      The problem which Dr. Shelton should focus on is the misconception that money equal wealth. It’s not a big problem when common people believe fiat money, mostly digital account in fiat numbers of IOU, equal wealth. It’s a huge problem when nations believe fiat digital dollar as wealth and accumulate excessive amount of IOUs.
      The problem could be solved when nations acknowledge that fiat money is not wealth. When Central Banks start accumulating wealth/gold as the reserve instead of money, a much healthier monetary system will emerge.
      The idea is FreeGold and it took me a very long time to get it. If you have the time, I mean a lot of time, knock yourself out –

      • Tin foil hat

        Come to think of it, as long as the Federal Reserve can retain the exceptional privilege of dollar equal wealth, FreeGold or any gold link currency is not going to happen.
        So, unless you really have a lot of time to kill, it’s likely going to be a waste of your time understanding FreeGold. Hence, nobody should have more than 20% of their wealth in PMs, a mere volatile investment in commodities in the current environment.
        Within the foreseeable timeframe, dollar is wealth under the watchful eyes of our financial and military industrial complex.

  13. Roger D

    Better late than never to get rid of Comey. Like former Constitution Party presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin said, now Trump needs to fire all of the Goldman Sachs banksters, CFR globalists, New World Order Zionists, and warmongers that he has filled his administration with. Greg, Baldwin would be an awesome guest on USAWatchDog.

    • wondrouscat

      Agree. Everything we work at in this life somehow always serves as useful experience later on. Trump’s firing expertise demonstrated on his show should now serve him well as President. So yes, Mr. Obama, weighing the merits of firing Meatloaf was pertinent after all.

  14. Teeter

    Got my blood boiling, good wrap up GH. If this country is to heal, Clinton needs to be held accountable to the same laws as everyone else, LOCK HER UP!

  15. andyb

    Greg: it’s obvious that the Email scandal was birthed by both the need to cover up the corrupt practices of the Clinton Foundation to fill the Clinton’s pockets, and the gun running to ISIS via the Benghazi consulate. All the Clinton Cash allegations should be fully investigated. Ironically, in light of the unsubstantiated Trump/Russia collusion, it is the Russian uranium deal that is the most egregious. Why no special prosecutor for this? I would hope that Trump will pursue an indictment, but I am not holding my breath. There seems to be an unwritten rule that WH personnel or appointments are not to be messed with by successive administrations. That Clinton is guilty re the Emails alone is given and I would imagine that more than 50% of the population would agree. But as we know, unfortunately, there there’s a different set of laws for the politically powerful.

    • Freebreezer

      Andyb – I also think a large part of the Russian collusion story is to cover up for the young Democratic insider that was shot in the back and killed … this right after the leaks to wikileaks. I wonder if this was another Clinton killing to silence and send a message to all that are associated with the Clinton Crime Family. There is no doubt that the Russian collusion story is purposeful and to cover tracks … what tracks is the question.

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Hillary lost because she was the most crooked, dishonest, immoral candidate in modern history. Also, her loss was punctuated by outdated policies of political correctness such as illegal immigration and liberal entitlement banana republics type government. The thought that she lost because of Russian election inference is ludicrous. On Comey, his so-called incompetence was just a shield for his own mingling in the election, he was, in reality, working hard on hurting Trump; he needs a civil 101 high school course on the separation of powers under our Constitution. However, I doubt that Comey’s ego could ever get along with the President Trump in the first instance, so good riddance Comey, you are lucky your not going to jail for Federal election violations of your own!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

    • diane

      Hillary was all of the above you mention she was probably the most unlikable candidate , like John McCain was.
      They both are mean and nasty unattractive people.

  17. Jerry

    This is big. The Silk Road Project is nearing completion and next week over 100 financial leaders will be meeting to facilitate the roll out.
    According to my sources (which can’t be confirmed), this meeting will correlate with the release of a new global reserve currency that will be used for trade in the new exchange system with AIIB. According to these sources redemptions are occurring right now on private exchanges in preparation for a public disclosure within a matter of days. We will see?

    • Jerry

      The title if this article tips the hand of Saudi intentions.
      Only a few days ago the Saudi’s signed a deal with China essentially putting them in control of oil production in the gulf states. What does that say about the future of the petrodollar, and our reserve currency status? The Chinese have not only seized control of the global banking systems, they have now put themselves in position to control the worlds oil supply. FYI. I know for a fact that all of the major farming operations in this country are owned and operated by the oil corporations. So with the control of oil comes food production as well. You can forget any idea about playing the food production card with the Chinese. They now have a full house, while we are playing with Jacks.

      • Jerry

        Here’s a picture if you need something to reinforce the point I made in my last post.

        • Charles H


          Bix Weir is toying with another book he’s working on – that reveals more of the Grand Canyon Gold Reserves. He’s suggesting BILLIONS of ounces that were clandestinely obscured and militarily isolated a year before the FED was formed. IF true – this could be why the Comex never has to worry; and the US will have something substantial to step-up to the table for a new currency peg. To me – it’s too good to be true. But – it could be bad enough to explain an hundred year rip in fiat, only to corner the riches and power in a new paradigm?

          • Macray

            IF true/ IF NOT true
            Real News/Fake News

            As you say, “To me – it’s too good to be true”.

            To me, it makes for a Great Book!
            I give the gentlemen credit for that.
            Perhaps he can get Jim Willie and Karen Hudes to write the forwards for his future book?
            As for the Billions (How many?) of gold ounces, I would actually bet everything I have that this is more of the Paper Gold oxides type of Gold that you can find on your local Comex Exchange : )))

            • Macray

              For the record, I am not implying that you agree with Bix Weir.
              I just am not that impressed with Zero evidence behind this propaganda. I know nothing of Bix Weir. However, I do know Karen Hudes, who also promotes the billions of gold ounce propaganda is a Fraud.
              Here is article from the SRSrocco rep0rt that disagrees with Bix Weir’s revelations.

              • Macray

                I wish Bix Weir well should he actually decide to write the subject book : )))

              • Charles H


                I have no idea – and am skeptical. The idea of pledging underground reserves toward the reset or new paradigm – has been around awhile: but in itself can be noise. I would like to know what percentage of earth-crust is calculated to be precious metals, from old, reliable source.

          • Paul ...

            Subtract 8 billion dollars (or more) from all that Grand Canyon gold … as it will be used up as nano-particles to cure cancer (or in the chem-trails to uncloak alien space ships) … gold has the ability to go directly to cancer cells … and thus can be used as a vector to kill the malignant cells and stop them from rejuvenating and growing out of control!! …

          • Kim

            I saw the Bix video about the billion gold ounces in the Grand Canyon. It is tough to wrap my mind around that, but Bix has documented proof. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on the economy and I am definitely open to it!

          • Wayne D

            I have heard Bix Weir many times refer to at least 2 million metric tonnes of Au in the Grand Canyon and California’s Chocolate Mountains. I assume this is deep storage, not yet mined.

            This is at least 11x the generally estimated *total* mt of Au ever mined by humans. The ratio noted for millennia in mining of Ag : Au is 10 : 1. So if Weir is correct, this means that Au is not really that rare.

            If such untapped Au deposits do exist, why are they so disproportionately distributed in the earth as never assayed/mined before? Any geologists out there to shed some light on these issues?

            • Charles H

              It’s like… too much in one place to be true.

        • Macray

          Jerry writes “We will see”?
          No doubt you probably posted this link 18 months ago!

          We have to be getting real close now.

          • Macray

            Do you have any thoughts on H.R. 1644



            • Macray

              H.R. 1644 still needs to pass the Senate before it arrives on the Don’s desk.
              Many have suggested that the Don is a brilliant person. Should this bill arrive on his desk and he actually signs it, I believe it will remove all doubt what is current mental state is. JMHO

      • Tin foil hat

        I suspect it was done with our blessing. The Saudis knew there would have been a “Color Revolution” within their land in a nano second if they had tried any funny business with the dollar.
        Russia may not submit to the petrodollar hegemony but she has no choice but to work with the petrodolluan

  18. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I nominate Catherine Austin Fitts for FBI Director.

    • Jaybird

      I second .

    • diane

      No….Catherine is too honest and courageous…the bad people would try to assassinate her.
      If we could protect her…she sure would turn us back into a human society and drain the swamp.

    • wondrouscat

      That would be too, too cool.

  19. Charles H


    It’s not who votes; but who COUNTS the votes that matters. You think Michigan stuffing Ballot Boxes, and falsifying Count Results is ALL that goes on?!?? Geert Wilders of Holland and Marine Le Pen of France – to me – only shows how inscrutable Political Machines have become. Trump’s election is the last sigh of the free World; the last, labored breath of the death rattle of the vestiges of the Judeo-Christian Ethic – which made America great. Bill Holter said it straight, and said it right: there is a battle between right and wrong, good and evil – which involves the whole world. The US is the last battleground, or impediment to a One World government. America IS a villain – economically and militarily, for having been badly used. And like the Great Generation: the Baby Boomers will see a corner turned – which generations before would NOT believe to have seen.

  20. Rodster

    “The drought plaguing America, especially the Western U.S., is over. Now, there is plenty of rain, and in some places, way too much. Some areas in the Midwest received more than 11 inches of rain in less than two days. Now, fields are too wet to plant for farmers, and there is concern that it won’t dry up enough to get the planting done in time.”

    Weather people like to call that “weather weirding”. Dane Wigington prefers to call that Geoengineering or weather modification/warfare.

    • Diane

      I hope this isn’t an evil globalist plot to first create “global warming” droughts and then create floods to destroy our food supply.

  21. Corleone

    No matter who will be the next FBI director, the production and distribution of bingodollar (counterfeit Federal Reserve Note) should be continued. Without it, FBI can no longer run its domestic terrorism programs.

  22. Russ

    Thanks Greg, right on regarding the demise of former FBI Director Comey; I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. Now if we can get Trey Gowdy confirmed as FBI director, maybe we can get on with draining the swamp.

  23. Ross Herman

    Poor Comey will now have to suffer with a large pay increase and position as Vice President of one of Golman Sachs banks. It looks like No traitorous criminals will be punished in my lifetime.

  24. francis m reps

    Let us NOT continue to focus on minutiae. Comey is a sideshow. Maxine and the other brilliant representatives of the insouciant American public are all anyone with functioning “Stem Cells ” needs to know about the end of the experiment in self government that began in the late 17 hundreds. A clear headed remnant will arise after the scheisse has been washed away. Do not put your faith in Trump …or any other loud mouthed politician. Have faith in yourself and start speaking truth { no matter how painful } in a polite manner to the remaining thinking people who are willing to listen. It will not be long before the maxxed out credit cards of the banksters get refused.

  25. Jerry

    Here is the primary reason that an alternate exchange system has been built and why your bank account will soon be locked down.
    For months, probably years, we have talked about a financial reset that for some unknown reason has never happened. We’ve watched markets become manipulated, money being printed, and Congress failing time and time again to pass a balanced budget with no apparent concern?

    Why? From my research I have discovered that an alternate exchange system that has been under construction over a span of fifteen years is about to go online. Why would the central bankers do that? The answer is very simple. Derivative debt overload. Rather than collapse our current system, they built a new one to take its place. The good news is, all the derivative debt will go bye, bye, with the old system when they take it down. The bad news is, its never been tried before, so no one knows for sure whether the new system will work or not. One thing is for sure though, when they reset the system your bank account will be on lockdown. For how long is a complete unknown. It could be weeks. It could be months. Or if the new system fails, it could be years.

    The point is, the reset is already under way inside the global banking system. My sources are telling me that new gold backed currencies in bundles of $10,000. are being distributed inside the banking system right now. Yes I said gold backed currencies. Now you know why the President of JP Morgan Chase and Allan Greenspan were telling stock holders to buy gold. They knew. Now you know why China has been on a gold buying spree since 2007 and why the Shanghai gold exchange went online a year ago. They knew. And now you know why President Trump met with President Xi in Key Largo (we’re they couldn’t be bugged) two weeks ago. He knows. Its coming folks. You’ve had 15 years to prepare for it so don’t complain if you haven’t prepared yet.

    • JMiller

      Thanks for that link Jerry. Here is a recent article by Wolf Richter concerning derivatives.

      Jerry, please explain what exactly do you mean when you say that your bank accounts will be locked down. Do you mean you will have no access at all, where all accounts are completely frozen? Or just partial access like what happened in Greece and Cyprus were they could get a limited amount of money at ATM’s and could electronically transfer some of their money to others to pay bills? If you mean no access at all, then most businesses would probably fail and most people would probably die if it lasted more than a few weeks.

      • Jerry

        I’m just going by what I’ve heard. I do think the exchange system will be completely shut down to finish the installation. Its hard to overall an engine when the car is running fifty miles an hour.

    • JCD

      I have to say Jerry you are one smart guy.

    • Tin foil hat

      Regarding the new currency from your source, it’s probably going to be back by a combination of petrol (Chinese buying Saudi Aramco, Saudi buying U.S. Refineries), toxic subprime mortgages (real estates to be developed by the Chinese yuan), technology and R&D (Tesla) and gold.
      I suspect there will be a huge infusion of yuan into this new currency. Hence, “The Workong Group” is an exchange exclusively for the dollar and yuan only. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new currency were the “Trade Currency” in the new two tier monetary system.

      • Jerry

        Tin Foil Hat.
        I think you are spot on.

    • Macray

      A good 5 min. appetizer read before tomorrow!
      Should be many more articles on what happens starting tomorrow and Monday Beijing time!
      Oh wait, it’s already Sunday in Beijing : )))

    • Kim

      Thank you for your insights on the bigger picture! It actually makes sense to return to a gold backed currency and it does look as if other countries are heading that way. Do you know how silver will fit in this currency scenario?
      Greg- Will you please consider having Bix Weir on? Thank you!

      • Jerry

        Silver will follow gold in the reset. A few years ago I was going through an estate sale with one of my wife’s relatives that was a bank notary during the depression. We found over 100 silver dollar coins hidden in a bank box she owned. I think she knew something.

  26. El Capitan

    Greg, you are the man. You are what I once imagined reporters were supposed to be.

    You are so right about HRC and her claims that she didn’t know what color the sky was… either she is the world’s stupidest person, or she was lying. We know from her myth which it was, seeing as how she is the world’s smartest person who ever lived (ever).

  27. Ivey

    It’s been plain as day who’s court Comey’s always been in. From his Whitewater days right up to the present. Paul Sperry in the NY Post wrote today,”Anger boiled over Monday, after two ex-officials, Obama intelligence czar James Clapper and holdover Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, testified that nobody at the FBI had talked to them, four months after the leaks, even though they’d be key witnesses in any probe.

    That suggests Comey either never opened an investigation or has been dragging his feet. The next day, Trump fired Comey.”

    Comey was not about to investigate the illegal leaks that have been undermining the Trump Presidency. He is and always has been a rank partisan.

  28. Flattop

    GREG: The louder the msm and the democrats cry about Prez Trump, the more encouraged I am. He is picking off the creatures in the swamp, one at a time. When he gets rid of the dangerous ones, he can reach to the bottom and pull the plug. God Bless Donald Trump, our President.

    • JCD

      I hope to see at least one oligarch go to jail for a long time. Bill Clinton first for giving national secrets to China.

  29. sam

    Maybe consider getting Gerard Ludi for interview
    He has 1st hand experience of how the communists work and they ar alive and kicking in the USA. Marxist state.

    PS hillary only won popular vote because of California. Without California Trump would have won it

  30. GoneWest

    Greg, I would recommend you stop talking about the popular vote. It is meaningless in our democratic republic. It’s like saying the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl because the Falcons were ahead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Meaningless.

    Best wishes for a great weekend. I’ll look forward to your reporting next week.

    • Charles H

      IF ‘the popular vote’ wasn’t a hot button topic of the Left – I’d say, let it alone. But it still is. And BEYOND that – the factor of illegals voting is a very real issue which is THE probable reason Clinton registered a ‘majority’. To DISMISS this snowflake, crybaby issue; AND to end a serious serious threat to the national legal process of governance – illegal voting: is a worthwhile endeavor.

  31. John M.

    Greg, I agree with you 100%. I would have fired Comey and thrown him out on his butt right out of the gate if I were the president.
    Even though most of America is not plagued by drought, we Americans have much bigger problems coming down the pike. California reservoirs are quite full over here, and snow-pack runoff has barely started. As a farmer, I’m always more concerned with the tyrants in Washington and Sacramento than with bad weather and low farm prices.

  32. Randy Hitt





    • Randy Hitt

      here it is again Greg…converted
      After 8 months of ‘investigating’ Russian interference in election 2016, not the trump campaign, and finding no evidence to support the allegations that trump colluded with Russia to steal election from HRC, Comey asks for more resources.

      Senate intelligence committee chair Grassley and minority head Diane Feinstein confirm there is no fbi investigation of the trump campaign or of trump or any of his advisors

      But while testifying to congress about Hillary Clinton’s criminal investigation comey says that the fbi didn’t prosecute HRC because, and I’m paraphrasing, ” the claim that Hillary was too stupid to understand what she was doing was illegal and put the national security at great risk was highly plausible” but what about the other secret communicators? Obviously the “brain dead smartest woman in the world” excuse won’t work for them. So why isn’t the fbi investigating president obama and the other members of his administration for exchanging classified information on a secret illegal unsecured network?

      Evidence also suggests that this network was a place where influence was bought and sold. Bribery is a politicians go to crime, not investigating Hillary’s aide Huma and other known Obama admin members who clearly exchanged government information and records on the bribery network and instead focusing on and attempting to escalate the phony investigation into Russia/trump collusion demonstrates clearly that Comey and Clapper cannot be trusted

  33. Flattop

    GREG: Gov moonbeam is really upset that Janet Napolitano has a stash of a couple hundred million at Cal Univ. HE is upset because he cant get is hands on it for his bullet train. And the democrats just keep on getting elected in Kalifornia

  34. Wayne D

    There is an overriding concern here amidst all the ongoing domestic and international insanity. Paul Craig Roberts, who served in the Reagan Admin during the height of the Cold War, believes more strongly than ever that Russia and China are convinced the US neocons have targeted them for first-nuclear strikes and so are now more likely to preempt these themselves (see ).

    But if PCR is wrong — and if he isn’t, then all else is a moot point — perhaps President Trump is working behind the scenes with these neocon targets to produce real potential for positive global changes. It’s a terrifying juggling act, given the potential for unintended consequences. But maybe all the deceivers are on board with a behind-the-scenes script. In this non-lethal scenario, consider this sequence of actual events.

    About a month ago, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping met with Trump in Florida. Of the 59 launched US Tomahawk missiles into Syria, only 23 (mis)hits did no real damage to the al-Shayrat airbase “intended target.” Russian-Syrian personnel were pre-warned to vacate the area. Could US weaponry really be this bad? Would Trump insult in-person a world leader whose culture considers face-saving sacred? (Don’t answer, MSM distraction: “chocolate cake for dessert.”)

    This week (Tuesday), Trump fired FBI Director Comey. The *very next day* Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov (#2 to Putin) visited with Trump. But Trump also met that same day with *Henry Kissinger*, who has maintained close ties with Putin (and also the Bilderbergers).

    Was Trump giving or getting marching orders? Could he now be confirming with Russia and China his real intentions? To further diplomatic relationships and to coordinate global trade/commerce? Perhaps through the One Belt One Road (the new Silk Road), which could extend its terminus into Europe? And if so, could eventually end the EU-Euro-NATO?

    Who’s really in control of the US military in the Middle East? And why has the constant screaming about the war imminent with N. Korea suddenly become so much quieter? Would the additional troops to be sent to Afghanistan put an end to the rogue CIA heroin revenue that’s been sustaining ISIS?

    Is Comey’s firing a signal that Trump is dropping his rope-a-dope ploy to come out swinging in a “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” style? Is his 180 about to 180 into a 360, now that he knows he has some traction?

    As with most situations, the eventual outcome lies somewhere between these two extreme scenarios. Barring the PCR worst-case, we continue to live in these most “interesting” of times.

  35. Paul ...

    Do we finally get peace in the Middle East?? … Trump is going to Israel to “force” Netanyahu to agree to a two-state solution (which is obviously in Israel’s best interest as a one-state solution would eventually turn Israel into a “Palestinian State” by demographics alone) … Netanyahu better get on board and finally end the bloodshed (that has been killing women and children on both sides for years and years) and allow the Palestinians self-determination!!! …

  36. dlc

    True story of a man named Victor Herman, once dubbed the Lindbergh of Russia, but then sentenced to a work (death) camp in Siberia for daring to put a voice to his thoughts, as simple as refusing to give up U.S. citizenship to compete in sports on behalf of the Soviets.

    His father moved the family to Russia to work for Ford Motors for a period of 3 years. Victor was sentenced to 10 years in the Gulag system. He survived in the work camp on starvation rations and roasted rats. It took him 45 years to get back to the U.S.

    I very seldom tolerate a Hollywood film. This was an exception. I liked John Savage in “The Deer Hunter” and he did an exceptional job here. I thought Willie Nelson would be a bomb, but I was surprised at his ability to play a fellow U.S. prisoner in the gulag.

    I like a good story with a good message. Survival under severe deprivation was played out here. Also, John Savage was quite a gorgeous latka in his prime. (Latka — a potato pancake.)

    • Frederick

      Latka wasn’t he the immigrant mechanic from the serial “Taxi” from the 80s

    • Wayne D

      A potato pancake is a latke. Maybe a couch potato could be a latka? Yes, Latka Gravas was in the sitcom “Taxi.”

  37. tinku

    US makes U-turn, to participate in One Belt One Road initiative, China dictate every where and supporting islamic terrorist country. What u think Greg.

  38. Christopher Earl Strunk

    Chris Kobach was a good choice for co-chair of the Fraud Commission

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