Trump Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Mexico Tariffs, Crop Crisis

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 386 5.31.19)

Like a supernova flaming out, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller announced he’s closing his office and stepping down. Before he did, he gave a short press conference to trash President Trump on the way out by not giving him the presumption of innocence. Mueller said he would not “exonerate” Trump, even though his own report did not find any chargeable crimes. Mueller did give the Russians he charged with crime the presumption of innocence. Slimey Mueller proved it was a partisan “witch hunt” all along, and gave the Democrats new reasons to try for an impeachment.

The President just hit Mexico with a brand new tariff because it is allowing massive amounts of illegal aliens to cross Mexico to get to the USA. The tariffs are scaring the markets, and stock futures are tanking.

On the crop front, more bad news. Corn and soybean planting is still way behind. Agriculture experts are warning of lower crop yields and higher prices.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Please have more farm scenery. Thank you.

    • St. Clare Seeds

      In Central Wisconsin where I live there are a lot of fields that are not planted. Lots of water in the fields yet. Corn is supposed to be “Knee High by the 4th of July”.

      • susan

        In eastern Montana the farms average 2000 to 5000 acres. Luckily the weather has cooperated up here and especially for us living here. We can get quite a bit of whatever we need and process it ourselves. We do that here. Of course, much of it will be shipped to the market so many Americans can partake of the bounty.

        • H. Craig Bradley


          Over the years, I have noticed a number of long term trends in Agriculture. First, Farmers and Ranchers, especially small operators are being squeezed out with every cyclical downturn in commodity prices. In fact, it has intensified after 2007 with zero percent loans and QE galore. Let me explain how financial socialism has weakened independent operators in the Great Plains in recent years.

          Cheap money has encouraged more debt formation at the same time that investors have pushed the valuation of farmland way up. Farm commodity prices have not gone up proportionately and farm income has been depressed for some time.

          For example, the price of a bushel of corn is about $3.80, the same as it was in 1998, until recently when a long winter (Global Cooling) has delayed spring crop plantings of grains. Grain futures prices have now moved up a bit because the market crop yields will be lower this year and supply more limited. Farm income has remained stagnant while input prices (fertilizer, water, labor, electricity) have at least doubled in the past 20 years.

          Farm operators have had to take out more and more debt in recent years to fill the gap and now their credit lines are being discontinued by their bankers. More farm bankruptcies, foreclosures and auction sales soon follow.

          Its a financial trap and now, It would appear, the trap has been sprung and the small farmer has his food on the pan and trapped in the jaws of the trap. No way out either. DOA. The net long term consequence is farm and ranch concentration in the hands of fewer, bigger owners such as high net worth individuals ( “Family Offices”) out-of-state or absentee owners, private equity and of course, Big Ag.

          Eventually, the retail consumer will be paying a lot more for his/her groceries and the consumer will suffer a proportional loss in disposable income, causing the velocity of money (M2) to decline even further ( not reached a bottom, as yet). Its worth noting this is EXACTLY what happened to Rome so long ago. The elites in the Roman Senate hogged the ownership of farms in a Agrarian economy and the ex-farmers had to migrate to the city ( of Rome). Emperor Julius Caesar was actually a reformer who attempted to reverse this deleterious trend, but the Roman Senate instead murdered Julius Caesar. He made the fatal mistake, like the late President John F. Kennedy, of crossing the elites or Oligarchs. By the way, only 400 American Families contributed 1/2 of all the campaign funding for Congressional elections in 2014-2015.

          So, we now are an Oligarchy today and history appears to be repeating right down the line. You can see the future by looking at the past and making an educated forecast as to what you should expect in the future.


    • Rob

      Two Christian men claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit and teachers of our Father’s Word but disagree in most of the core doctrines.

      How do we determine which one is teaching correct doctrine?:

      • Stephen

        Time will tell I suppose. As it did 400 years ago when the institutional church punished those not believing the earth being flat and the center of the universe. When the doctrines come from man and not from God they will be false. Those who proclaim “God spoke to my heart” and then transmit doctrine not supported in the scripture but used for their own personal standing, it satisfies Christs prophecy in Mathew 24:5

        • sk

          The Catholic Church is the church of man as evidenced by the non biblical teachings of the Catholic church. Where does it say in the bible that man can be absolved of sin by another man?

          • Fatima message

            In the gospels, Jesus gave the church, His Church, the power to forgive or retain ones SINS! The problem now-a-days is His Church has been taken over by Satan! Our Lady said at La Salette that Rome would become the seat of anti-Christ. The Evil in this world is so huge as to be unbelievable. The miracle at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 portrayed an “extinction event” where the sun appeared to increase in size as if it was “falling to earth.” Scientists have known, and governments have covered up, the fact that our sun has gone micro-nova on a cycle of about 12,000 years. As the sun travels around the galaxy, it accumulates a layer of dust in its outer shell. Every 12,000 years it “blows”away this outer shell in a huge explosion. The last occurrence destroyed the last civilization on earth such that almost all evidence of its existence has been wiped out. When our civilization became large enough and our telescopes became capable enough – ie 1940s 1950s – astronomers witnessed many stars in the galaxy producing what they termed a “micro-nova.” In the late 50s our government principally the CIA, began to hide this fact. Check out physicist Paul LaViolette’s book “Earth Under Fire” especially chapter 12!
            The strange weather patterns occurring across our planet are being caused by OUR sun entering an event termed a Grand Solar Minimum which will cause tribulation on earth described by Our Lord in Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew. Check out the work of scientist John Casey. Many of his presentations can be found on YouTube. Please remember, only God has the power to clean our civilization of evil and corruption. Pray much!

            • paul

              Jesus never gave the Catholic church nor anyone else the power to forgive sins.

        • tom compeau

          Rob, test any doctrine with what God {bible} says.