Trump Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Mexico Tariffs, Crop Crisis

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 386 5.31.19)

Like a supernova flaming out, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller announced he’s closing his office and stepping down. Before he did, he gave a short press conference to trash President Trump on the way out by not giving him the presumption of innocence. Mueller said he would not “exonerate” Trump, even though his own report did not find any chargeable crimes. Mueller did give the Russians he charged with crime the presumption of innocence. Slimey Mueller proved it was a partisan “witch hunt” all along, and gave the Democrats new reasons to try for an impeachment.

The President just hit Mexico with a brand new tariff because it is allowing massive amounts of illegal aliens to cross Mexico to get to the USA. The tariffs are scaring the markets, and stock futures are tanking.

On the crop front, more bad news. Corn and soybean planting is still way behind. Agriculture experts are warning of lower crop yields and higher prices.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of The Solari Report will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Please have more farm scenery. Thank you.

    • St. Clare Seeds

      In Central Wisconsin where I live there are a lot of fields that are not planted. Lots of water in the fields yet. Corn is supposed to be “Knee High by the 4th of July”.

      • susan

        In eastern Montana the farms average 2000 to 5000 acres. Luckily the weather has cooperated up here and especially for us living here. We can get quite a bit of whatever we need and process it ourselves. We do that here. Of course, much of it will be shipped to the market so many Americans can partake of the bounty.

        • H. Craig Bradley


          Over the years, I have noticed a number of long term trends in Agriculture. First, Farmers and Ranchers, especially small operators are being squeezed out with every cyclical downturn in commodity prices. In fact, it has intensified after 2007 with zero percent loans and QE galore. Let me explain how financial socialism has weakened independent operators in the Great Plains in recent years.

          Cheap money has encouraged more debt formation at the same time that investors have pushed the valuation of farmland way up. Farm commodity prices have not gone up proportionately and farm income has been depressed for some time.

          For example, the price of a bushel of corn is about $3.80, the same as it was in 1998, until recently when a long winter (Global Cooling) has delayed spring crop plantings of grains. Grain futures prices have now moved up a bit because the market crop yields will be lower this year and supply more limited. Farm income has remained stagnant while input prices (fertilizer, water, labor, electricity) have at least doubled in the past 20 years.

          Farm operators have had to take out more and more debt in recent years to fill the gap and now their credit lines are being discontinued by their bankers. More farm bankruptcies, foreclosures and auction sales soon follow.

          Its a financial trap and now, It would appear, the trap has been sprung and the small farmer has his food on the pan and trapped in the jaws of the trap. No way out either. DOA. The net long term consequence is farm and ranch concentration in the hands of fewer, bigger owners such as high net worth individuals ( “Family Offices”) out-of-state or absentee owners, private equity and of course, Big Ag.

          Eventually, the retail consumer will be paying a lot more for his/her groceries and the consumer will suffer a proportional loss in disposable income, causing the velocity of money (M2) to decline even further ( not reached a bottom, as yet). Its worth noting this is EXACTLY what happened to Rome so long ago. The elites in the Roman Senate hogged the ownership of farms in a Agrarian economy and the ex-farmers had to migrate to the city ( of Rome). Emperor Julius Caesar was actually a reformer who attempted to reverse this deleterious trend, but the Roman Senate instead murdered Julius Caesar. He made the fatal mistake, like the late President John F. Kennedy, of crossing the elites or Oligarchs. By the way, only 400 American Families contributed 1/2 of all the campaign funding for Congressional elections in 2014-2015.

          So, we now are an Oligarchy today and history appears to be repeating right down the line. You can see the future by looking at the past and making an educated forecast as to what you should expect in the future.


    • Rob

      Two Christian men claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit and teachers of our Father’s Word but disagree in most of the core doctrines.

      How do we determine which one is teaching correct doctrine?:

      • Stephen

        Time will tell I suppose. As it did 400 years ago when the institutional church punished those not believing the earth being flat and the center of the universe. When the doctrines come from man and not from God they will be false. Those who proclaim “God spoke to my heart” and then transmit doctrine not supported in the scripture but used for their own personal standing, it satisfies Christs prophecy in Mathew 24:5

        • sk

          The Catholic Church is the church of man as evidenced by the non biblical teachings of the Catholic church. Where does it say in the bible that man can be absolved of sin by another man?

          • Fatima message

            In the gospels, Jesus gave the church, His Church, the power to forgive or retain ones SINS! The problem now-a-days is His Church has been taken over by Satan! Our Lady said at La Salette that Rome would become the seat of anti-Christ. The Evil in this world is so huge as to be unbelievable. The miracle at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 portrayed an “extinction event” where the sun appeared to increase in size as if it was “falling to earth.” Scientists have known, and governments have covered up, the fact that our sun has gone micro-nova on a cycle of about 12,000 years. As the sun travels around the galaxy, it accumulates a layer of dust in its outer shell. Every 12,000 years it “blows”away this outer shell in a huge explosion. The last occurrence destroyed the last civilization on earth such that almost all evidence of its existence has been wiped out. When our civilization became large enough and our telescopes became capable enough – ie 1940s 1950s – astronomers witnessed many stars in the galaxy producing what they termed a “micro-nova.” In the late 50s our government principally the CIA, began to hide this fact. Check out physicist Paul LaViolette’s book “Earth Under Fire” especially chapter 12!
            The strange weather patterns occurring across our planet are being caused by OUR sun entering an event termed a Grand Solar Minimum which will cause tribulation on earth described by Our Lord in Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew. Check out the work of scientist John Casey. Many of his presentations can be found on YouTube. Please remember, only God has the power to clean our civilization of evil and corruption. Pray much!

            • paul

              Jesus never gave the Catholic church nor anyone else the power to forgive sins.

        • tom compeau

          Rob, test any doctrine with what God {bible} says.

        • paul ...

          If this is “true” news … … then with today’s DNA and genetic engineering technology used on Jesus’s bones … many shall come … saying “I am Christ” … so there better be “no bones” in Jesus’s grave (otherwise evil scientists will have the genetic code of God the Father)!! … but if there “are bones” … we better make very very sure they are placed in the hands of “good moral scientists” who will have the ability to re-make man in God’s image … and bring us Heaven on Earth!!

      • Uncommon sense

        If they are ‘channelling’ it is likely to be demonic possession. Good to see someone using some logic. At least one of them is lying or being deceived.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are an atheist correct?

          • uncommon sense

            No I believe in an unmanifest god and a creator god

            • Greg Hunter

              So you don’t believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ?

      • H. Craig Bradley


        I suggest you ignore AND disregard the teachings of both of these two “Christian Men” and instead revisit the History of the new, initial Christian Church of the 1ST Century . Its fascinating and educational. It will really “make your day” too.

        You will then better understand why Christianity is so fragmented, divided into innumerable churches or theologies and often in disagreement as to what the Bible is saying or means. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and remains unchanging (eternal). Only man changes or morphs from era to era. Do not be deceived. Read scripture on your own, learn for yourself and prepare by “trimming your lantern” in the darkness just before the dawn. That is the same Biblical advice the scriptures give us all for all times but especially for the End Times.

  2. Brian Stellhorn

    Hi Greg, just wanted to let you know the 5/31 video only has audio in the right speaker. Not sure if you are aware of it. Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a great one. Brian

    • St. Clare Seeds

      When you clapped your hands at about 17:00, suddenly audio on the left started working!

  3. Brabantian

    Robert Mueller’s voice and face showed fear and tension, as he made excuses for not going further against Trump in his Dept of Justice 10-minute presentation this week

    A filing against Mueller with US Dept of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, was made last fall, alleging Mueller’s involvement in very serious crimes when he was FBI director, crimes including judge bribery and helping law firms defraud millions in client funds

    Shortly after that, Trump confidently tweeted a photo meme of Mueller in jail, with Trump saying that “Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller”

    Mueller’s past came back to haunt him, and this is why Mueller exited the public stage with tremors in his voice … Mueller faces indictment himself

    ‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents, implicating United States Special Counsel Robert S Mueller III as a criminally-tainted agent of foreign & racketeering interests’

  4. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Another great report Greg. Thanks.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks again!
    We’ve got to stay focused and IN the game . . . no matter how crazy it gets.

    • paul ...

      Yes William we must “stay focused” … “Man shall not live by the Fed’s fiat IOU dollars alone … but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (His Ten(10) Commandments” … Matthew 4:4) … focus on one Commandment like “Thou Shall Not Kill Women and Children” and this means no more wars, no more abortions, no more regime changes, etc., etc. … focus on (“Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness”) and this means not manufacturing false dossiers to bring down a sitting President … etc., etc. … we Americans must focus on what God the Father “told us to focus on” … and not do crazy neocon things … so we can remain IN the game and finally win over Satan and his helpers!!

  6. Anthony Australia


    The panel over at CNBC are now confirming what Gerald Celente said on your show months ago.
    It’s a global slowdown!

    • paul ...

      During this global slowdown … put not your trust in fake paper IOU’s from the Fed or digital/electronic currency … but put your trust in “real” physical gold and silver (not mining stocks)!!

      • paul ...

        Trump just slammed Mexico … and now he is after India … at this rapid rate (of inflation producing) tariffs … gold can be above $1400 “in a month” … and silver could be pushing $20!!

  7. uncommon sense

    I am surprised all the capitalists and free market advocates are not on here complaining about how Trump is ruining the free markets with tariffs and market rigging.

    • Greg Hunter

      So the massive illegal alien invasion is OK with you? Keep trading man, and making $ until it collapses? Happy “Un” is not in charge.

      • Tin foil hat

        There is nothing wrong with trading and making money. I’m trading, making money and prepping until it collapses. Hopefully, my prepping would be a complete waste of time.

    • Tin foil hat

      The trade war and tariffs did not create economic weakness, economic weakness created the trade war. Chicken and egg.
      The market rigging, if anything, it’s nothing more than an effort by the Trump Government to manufacture a scapegoat for the inevitably severe economic recession engulfing the system.
      Nominal GDP growth over the past five years would have been negative if U.S. public debt had not increased. Analysts and financial journalists seem to not understand that the growth in the GDP looks pretty good on the screen but is really based exclusively on debt – Government debt, also corporate debt and mortgage debt. Trump is not going to take the fall for the end of this great debt cycle.

      • uncommon sense

        So it seems Trump is not a superman and is moulded by the economic and political forces around him.

        • Greg Hunter

          Aren’t we all. These are problems that took decades to make.

      • K.Wayne

        The Trade War should be seen for what it is….. A CHARADE, A FABRICATION & A BIG FAT LIE.
        Without money creation through the issuance of Debt = Counterfeiting in this highest order….our economy is DEAD.
        POTUS knows this extremely well. He will max out the country’s credit limit just to keep the ball rolling….or perhaps the PARTY going.
        Who are the real criminals in this equation? I ask you.
        Without doubt in my mind, the consequences of the so-called Trade War (Technology War)….are far and wide.
        The deflection of the REAL issue (US deflation and economic downturn) to China’s IP stealing, will not achieve its desired outcome(unwinding the trade deficit). Quite the opposite in fact. What will transpire from here is a prolonged period of sub-par Global Economic Growth brought about by the retaliatory measures on both sides. This will create recessionary trends and bubble bursting events. I would envisage a decade or more of unresolved international issues of major significance. A currency event (hyperinflation) would not be uncommon in this time. As will the move towards Electronic Money with a Gold foundation.
        The US will seek to exert whatever hegemony it still retains over the remaining users of the USD in global trade. Recent agendas of the POTUS’s economic advisor suggests Sovereign Nations using currency manipulation as a weapon, will be dealt the Sanction Card. Desperate measures of desperate Elitists.

  8. Brenda Teagarden

    Hi Greg,
    I love your show. Please keep me apprised should they take you off of YouTube.


  9. Elmer G Haettich

    Just a simple THANKS, you always say how much you appreciate us. We appreciate you even more.

    Intersted in gold fractionals at reduced price, please advise when that happens.

  10. Daniel

    Greg i listen to all your youtube videos but cant always spare the time to just watch. Have tou considered a podcast for those of us who want to hear everything you report but want to stream it it in The background while we multitask?

    • Greg Hunter

      I run a free site and I have all I can do to keep putting out the content I am putting out now.

      • Uncommon sense

        A lot of the information you put out is top notch. Good luck to Spurs and Liverpool!!!

  11. Robert E. Salt

    We know from 9/11 and the “wildfires” that free energy exists. It doesn’t cost a cent to operate these lasers, and they’re capable of supplying all our energy needs. What we pay for electricity, gasoline, heating oil and natural gas is merely another form of taxation. We’re fortuate that we don’t have meters attached to our noses charging us for the air we breathe. Do you realize how large some of our deserts are, the Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback, etc.? Imagine if they were all green producing food.

    • Soul Searcher

      What I find strange is the faux outrage over Ilham Omar’s comments on 9/11 when Netanyahu said
      “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor”.
      Is the guy a psychopathic weasel or what?
      Don’t suppose you will post this Greg but this comes from a respected Israeli newspaper.

      • Greg Hunter

        Everything in context. Your interpretation is a little different than mine.

    • paul

      Lasers had nothing to do with 9/11 or those wildfires.

  12. Justn Observer

    Greg, You covered the maze of MSM omissions well again as usual. Such a time of deception we do live it -eh? And thank you for speaking up for the ‘yet born and just born’ souls.
    As for ‘THE MULE’, and his speaking out …more a cry to the DEMS to do what he could not = get rid of POTUS Trump. One does wonder if anyone bothers to profile the people the MSM paints as upstanding and well respected. Maybe the art of reading has left us as a society? Of course the MSM just keeps pushing from one crisis to the next so people do not dwell on a topic to long so a to question the event…but to only listen to their narrative and opinion and move on. Thank God we do have alt media and venues like yours as well as people putting the leather to the pavement like George Webb, and historical perspective like John O’Loughlin.

    Do hope your viewer caught the posts on the last interview and will spent a bit of time mulling over these …as to what is being omitted and deflected in the MSM and Mueller report…and also dissected by the court trial so as not to make sense of the facts.
    Yes, it is highly UNLIKELY that there is NO CONNECTION to several consecutive CEO’s of the same company, Transport Logistics was paying a bribes to the same guy? That would be the no show of most MSM at the Paul Lambert trial … and…
    Question…when did Trump start running ? And didn’t the Mueller report say there were no U.S. citizens involved in the coup or spying? She (Butina) was ‘collecting’ compromise files since 2011 and being invited around DC by elites to meet and greet, take pictures with and ””party”’ with Congressmen , lobbyists, and other’s that it might be nice to have a ”’handle on”’ for what 7 years?.. Anyone wonder why Congress wants POTUS Trump out since he trying to ‘clean up the swamp’? and lets not forget who the swamp is and who they answer to… So was the motive of Mueller (the Mule) CIA ASSET to cloud the water and hope to get an impeachment to do what he could not = protect his CIA boss Brennan and crew and keep the DNC connections and elites unmentioned as to what they have been doing in the nuclear (Uranium One) and pipeline deals in the Middle East….which our young soldiers are dying and getting their limbs blown off….just oil and gas pay to play schemes…..along with selling mis-directed nuclear materials to U.S. enemies along with technology? Guess the we the people will never know IF they can get rid of POTUS Trump?
    NOTE in the article and court papers cited =
    • At the same time, the FBI said Butina was working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). She worked on the campaigns to help elect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton President.
    Butina has plead guilty to being a Russian spy.
    * What else is in the other 1.5 million documents, 102,000 hours of video, thumb drives, diary, and other evidence seized by the FBI from Butina’s apartment in two raids?
    •Butina’s sentence of two years was reduced six months for ratting out George D. O’Neill Jr., 70.
    His indictment is under seal.
    He is John D. Rockefeller’s great grandson.
    According to the FBI, O’Neill, the NRA, and the Central Bank of Russia are all co-conspirators with Butina.
    Corporate entities like the NRA (National Rifle Association) may be held criminally responsible and subject to fines and other penalties.
    O’Neill used the Center of National Interest to sponsor non-public events for Alexander Kislyak, the former Russian Ambassador.
    = O’Neill’s network dates back to President Richard Nixon.
    He was on Nixon’s campaign staff with David Keene, former President of the NRA.

    HIGHLY RESPECTED GUY or just a PHOENIX PROGRAM killer and fixer for the CIA …covering up guns for drugs…and regime overthrow? any wonder why JFK was opposed to such behavior?
    What is probably really clear is Mueller and crew DO NOT want the people and what she had on them de-classified…so that is why it is under reported, and like the Paul Lambert case…the evidence will be ‘covered up’ to protect the truth from coming out ab out what they have on many and what and who was in on the Uranium One Clinton deals? And still….why has the public not been allowed to see the ‘insurance files’ on x-rep Weiner and his wife’s laptop that the NYC police had and turned over to the FBI?

    THE MULE =
    Will end with these links to tie it all together… and do hope POTUS Trump is getting the whole picture of who/what he is surrounded by… a lot of good cop/mostly bad cop going on with vested interests in not allowing the swamp to be exposed or drained as to present as well as their past conduct?
    The wrop of above for now =
    The MULE read:
    The truth is being revealed regardless of the real ‘obstructions’ and ‘omissions’ ?

  13. Jerry

    Silently the pieces are being moved into place for the final act.

    In my estimation, ( based on The Art of War) President Trump will use the deep states next false flag attack to implement the final phase of his plan, which is to restore the republic. This will be the hallmark of his presidency. The trap is baited. Let’s see if the rats take the cheese.

    • Jerry

      I can’t say I believe this theory, ( Mueller part of the plan )but it does seem plausible.

    • susan

      After finding out son-in-law Kushner is attending the Bilderberg “get together”, I am afraid the US is down the tubes. Jerry, can you speak about this? I would greatly appreciate it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please do not think that way. I am sure Trump wants to know what they are thinking. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”!!

      • paul

        Why ask Jerry? He does not know what is going on behind the scenes though he sure makes it sound like he does.

  14. David

    Spoiler Alert: Families with children did not choose abortion.

    It’s amazing what Disney is saying about Georgia. A lot of their entertainment is geared toward children and families and Disney may just find families boycotting them for supporting abortion. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  15. St. Clare Seeds

    Hi Greg,
    I think it would be neat if you had a guest on to discuss Glyphosate “Round-Up weed killer” and its effects on people and your health.

    • St. Clare Seeds

      Their a many people “leading the charge” against Round-Up, but the two who really stand out are: Dr Stephanie Seneff of MIT and Dr. Zach Bush, MD.

      • Fatima message

        Glyphosate is so prevalent today that it is being found in our ground water. Dr. Zach Bush is being proclaimed worthy of the Nobel prize for his product Restore4Life. Now sold on Amazon.

        • uncommon sense

          People need to understand that glyphosate is not only used as a herbicide but is also a dessicant. It is applied to crops prior to harvest in order to dry them out and render them more easy to the cutting process.

          It is important to understand this as a herbicide is not sprayed directly onto the crop but a dessicant is.

          • uncommon sense

            Be particularly careful of oats and try to buy these organic.

  16. paul ...

    Mueller said he would not “exonerate” Trump … implying he just couldn’t charge Trump with the crimes he supposedly found … I believe the American people have an absolute right to know “what the crimes were” that Mueller couldn’t charge Trump with … under existing US law a sitting President is exempt from prosecution for most crimes … “unless the crime is so egregious” it would require impeachment proceedings by Congress … and this is what Mueller is suggesting Congress do … so what was the crime?? … was it Trump simply saying “take it easy on Flynn or something way more egregious??? … why are the American people being kept in the dark???? … we have an “absolute right to know” what we spent millions of dollars on for Mueller to do his investigation!!!

  17. Stephen

    So Mueller has proven he is a member of the swamp. If Micheal Horowitz is also part of the swamp, which I am not convinced that he is not, this country is in deep trouble. What is taking this guy so long? How corrupt is our government and our media? I really don’t know. What I do see are massive crimes being committed in front of us and the media is not covering them, but will strain at the gnat to impugn Trump. This country is already at war. We all need to say a prayer for AG Barr.

    • RTW

      I agree…. What is taking so long? It seems like John Soloman and Sarah Carter have cracked the case wide open with their investigations. Every week they appear on Fox News with Blockbuster/Bombshell information against Comey, Brennen, Clapper and the rest of the cabal. Either it’s all true or it’s BS. If it is true then Horowitz/Barr’s job has been done for them. All they need to do is interview both those individuals to find out what exactly they know and how they came about getting it. Let’s get on with it already, it’s getting exasperating.

  18. Davina

    From market action this morning it looks like your guest Bo Polny may have
    hit a home run with his prediction of a crash in June. This are scary times Greg
    so I want to thank you for all that you do. The corruption in the system is simply
    unbelievable. Sometimes I think I liked it better when I was asleep and didn’t
    understand the depth of the corruption.

  19. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. I saw this AM that the Democratic governor of Louisiana signed the states’s heartbeat abortion ban.
    “Louisiana’s Gov. Signs Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Breaking With Democrats” Apparently his reelection chances were better by going with Louisiana’s voters than Democratic party policy. I s’pose That means no Disney in Louisiana either. Color me disinterested in what Disney does. Who cares…

    IMO you are right on with thinking the trade negotiations are about the reset. So are a lot of other items in the main stream news. It’s a diversion to keep us looking left while the real action is elsewhere. “Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat.” Then suddenly on Monday morning there’s a humongous rabbit sitting where the debt used to be and relations between us and China will be great, all the troops in the ME come home and gas is way more expensive… there will be a price to the reset.

    The inflation will suddenly come all at once rather than the 2% (really closer to 10%) we’ve been seeing. Gold goes to some crazy number but so does energy and food. They didn’t get more expensive, the dollar was just reset lower. But what do I know. The alternative is we keep getting nickel’d and dime’d with the FED’s 2% inflation target.

  20. Russ

    BTW, you should clap your hands at the beginning of your broadcast like you did at 15:44. It should reset your mic’s so we hear you better rather than in just one ear. That clap put you back in stereo. 🙂

  21. paul ...

    Bloomberg report: “Russia’s President Putin has rejected a controversial Iranian request to buy S-400 missile defense systems” … is this good news? … remember what happened after Russia refused to supply Iran with their S-300 missile defense systems back in 2010?? … on Thursday Oct 15 2016 Iran announced that it had “domestically made” a missile defense system “with exactly the same capabilities as the S-300” … do you think perhaps people with such intelligence (or secret help by the Russian KBG) are likely planning to do “exactly what they did in the past” … and domestically build their own S-400’s (the way Turkey is now planning to build their own S-500’s domestically)? … the only “good news” I see from this Bloomberg report is that unlike the CIA the KGB is secretly arming their proxies with defensive (not offensive) weapons !! …

  22. paul ...

    Gold prices post double-digit gains as world equity markets wobble!! …

    • paul ...

      Recently imposed tariffs on Chinese, European, Mexican, Russian, etc., etc. imports will dramatically push up inflation in the US … so Trump’s plan is obvious … debt will be “papered over” (not destroyed as the deflationists believe)!! …

      • paul ...

        Trump feeding the tariff monster … can create an “out of control mean green mother of a problem” … especially for people chained to the CPI … but the banksters will be fine with “all the new greenbacks” created … as all their loans will be paid off and the Ponzi monster can continue to live!!

        • Mike R

          Trump’s Mexico tariffs are timed precisely as needed, and multi-strategic fold:
          1) the tariffs help put major pressure on Mexico’s lack of accountability for immigration. Check.
          2) the tariffs also target US businesses, that keep shipping jobs to Mexico. especially the cheating Automotive sector, after massive tax payer funded bailouts !
          3) Its being done near market highs so any stock sell off can recover well prior to 2020.
          4) The sell off helps put political pressure on the Fed to start cutting rates, which Trump desperately wants as a ‘tailwind’ going into 2020 campaign season
          5) the tariffs on Mexico put more pressure on China, and show he is not backing down.
          6)the tariffs on Mexico put more pressure for a more favorable Mexico-US trade agreement AND a more favorable Canada-US trade agreement.
          7) there remains plenty of time with this added pressure on multiple companies, and multi nations to have to sh*t or get off the pot in terms of coming to the table on trade, and/or sourcing outside of China, and even start seriously considering more LOCAL US based manufacturing to bring back even more jobs. trumps very serious about bringing more jobs back !!
          8) the US markets had gotten quite frothy and ran up way too quickly since the last sell off, and with the usual ‘sell in May, go away’ mantra of many fund managers, and CNBC morons, the sell off right not isn’t really scaring many people. it makes noisy/useless and dumb headlines, and happens every single year at this time.

          You will learn to LOVE these tariffs way more than Trump does.

          • paul ...

            And like deer’s in an inflationary tariff headlight … most Americans are frozen … and can’t move to save their lives by buying gold (or silver) … they will stand still and die (economically) as inflation hits them with full force … as prices for everything imported … rises by double digits!!

    • K. Wayne

      Gold is the Watchman.
      Take note when it starts talking.

      • paul ...

        But silver is the one who can have a rip roaring Bitcoin moment … look at how delivery volume has been ramping up!! …

        • paul ...

          The huge volume of silver buying that is now ramping up like an exponential curve … is currently being successfully counteracted by the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) … but rest assured … as ultimately we the people will defeat the evil manipulators (who hate free markets) … and the silver market “with common people backing” will prove more powerful than any opposition the PPT can array against us!!

          • paul ...

            The reason the Fed banksters and the PPT want to control the price of gold and silver is because they want a continual devaluation of the purchasing power of the dollar … while they falsely show inflation is modest because gold and silver prices are low and the CPI is artificially kept in chains … the evil banksters and their PPT do NOT want gold prices spiking higher (as in 1979-80 and 2011-12) … because higher precious metal prices clearly demonstrate “the evil central banksters collusion” and intent to purposely devalue our currency toward zero (to keep their Ponzi debt scheme alive)!!

  23. Galaxy 500

    F#(K Mexico. They declared war on America three decades ago.

    • Soul Searcher

      because you are a pacifist nation?

    • paul ...

      Mexico loves killing our “gringo” kids with drugs … while we save their “dreamer kids” and provide welfare checks to the parents who manage to sneak them across our border!!

  24. paul ...

    All is not all that “honky dory” with Turkey as Russia and Iran now move against the terrorists (that Turkey was supposed to force to withdraw from the demilitarized zone in Idlib last October)!! …

  25. Rory

    Hi Greg – great update as always – as soon as you clapped your hands the audio changed and went to stereo instead of being monotone on the right side only – scared the begeegus outta me but it improved the audio.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t know what happened Rory.

  26. AH

    You have mentioned US energy independence in your reports a number of times. Trouble is that this too can be an illusion. That’s because it is based on the fracking boom and these unconventional wells, unlike conventional oil wells (whose depletion rate is generally slower), fracking wells can go into depletion in a heartbeat. Chris Martenson, who has often been your guest here, has gone into this in detail on his site. Besides causing earthquakes and polluting the water table in some regions, many of these wells are *NOT even profitable*….the big banks are floating loans to the producers anyway. Perhaps they are doing this to kick the can further down the road to postpone a crash as an energy spike on top of everything else will not be a good thing.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have more energy production after trump than before. This includes coal and that was part of the plan to cushion the reset in my opinion. That’s the point. I always get this sort of comment every time I mention increased energy production, and yes, the banks suck.

      • uncommon sense

        Greg, water is more important than expensive energy. All the water will be polluted from this rubbish process. And yes I am sure it will kill a lot of birds.

  27. Ross Heman

    Hello Greg,
    When you talk about the “21 trillion” extra money found in an audit of just two federal agencies, just imagine the extra ” hundreds or thousands of trillions” the that are probably being produced by the central banks around the world. They could bail out the banks for another decade, as certainly the average Jo or Jane will just never care to know more than their beloved media programming.

  28. Galaxy 500

    So the Kevin Shipp YouTube was de-monetized right out of the gate? Because?!?
    Greg, better dust off those alternatives players. I predict you will not be welcome on YouTube in 2020. With the election going full bore they do not want reason and Christian values to have a platform.
    God Bless you Greg and your family. I know about inertia but if you don’t pull out the alternate platforms and players now, you will be off the air until you can get everything worked out.
    Please do it NOW. I don’t know about others but I NEVER get an ad on your website YouTube. If they are going to demonetize your website, get something else set up now.
    I now about the difficulties but you really need to do it.
    Best regards,

  29. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up. The Marxists are now in open warfare against us.
    Time is short. At least get a few weeks food and water. 3 months if you can swing it. It isn’t that much money. Most canned goods are good for 5 years and then 5 years after expiration date.
    And if you do not have a firearms and ammo and you have the money BUY them. When you finally realize the need for them, you won’t be able to buy them.
    A word to the wise is sufficient. No matter how many words you use, the assclowns won’t get it as they are WILLFULLY ignorant

    • sk

      Don’t worry about all that. Keep your eyes firmly where they want them: Iran.

  30. Mark James

    Excited for Catherine Austin Fitts! Cannot wait. Please ask her about 5G. Thanks Greg!

    • Mark James

      Sorry, sounds like you already did the recording. Still VERY excited. Great WNW! Thanks Greg!!

  31. RTW

    What are these dumb o crats going to do after the House gets their impeachment vote and Trumps approval ratings go through the roof? I pray they nominate Biden as their candidate because it will be a cake walk for Trump not to mention a hoot.

  32. Justn Observer

    Of course the public gets the ‘nothing to see here- just move along’ !
    consider adding Campbell’s offerings ( Hannity whistleblower that didn’t show and Victoria Toensing’s client)
    Campbell was a:
    •lobbyist for the Russian owned company Tenex
    •an employee of Transport Logistics, the company with a monopoly on moving uranium in and out of the U.S.
    •and an FBI informant since 2009
    Here is how Butina would cover the bribery scheme.
    She would take a $100,000 bribe and break in down into odd lot payments of $28,395, $42,994, and $26,611. Who would notice the bribes?
    Except the numbers were bigger.
    The FBI only admitted finding $2,126,622 in bribes. The Uranium One cases dealt with $150 billion of uranium contained in 20,000 nuclear war heads.
    SURE SEEMS LIKE ALOT IS ..NOT…IN THE MUELLER REPORT ABOUT ”the REAL” RUSSIAN COLLUSION…LONG BEFORE POTUS Trump started his run for the Whitehouse…and one can only wonder WHY he has not /does not release all the Uranium One documents and evidence if he has the power this article suggests he does….
    Or – is that why they are punting the sentencing…to keep them under wraps until they hope to get POTUS Trump out of office?
    Rather like the recent carpet in the shower commercial – ” Something just doesn’t seem right!”
    Do hope retired Bob ‘the MULE’ Mueller can find the time for one more Congressional hearing so they can ask, ‘Bob, tell us about Judge Chuang, U.S . Enrichment and Transportation Logistics, and were the rest of the $148 billion in bribes went…’
    Greg, does any of this seem odd to you?
    ‘‘The Mule,” by Chip Tatum, part 2 reading and comments=
    Seems clear that the plan is to keep things compartmentalized and segmented so people find it difficult to follow and understand… Mueller does not lie but half truths and parallel construction it appears and says Seth Rich was a ruse? =
    Who is where, at S of S, at DOJ, at FBI…seems all are under CIA management just as JFK was opposed to…

  33. iwitness02

    At the age of ten, I climbed a tree just as high as I could get. Then I took a rock out of my pocket and threw that rock as far I could. Watched hit the ground and bounce and roll… until it came to a stop. Then I made a promise to myself; that I would always remember this moment, because it would help me to remember later in life, how smart I was at ten. That way I would treat my kids better, because I would know how smart they are.
    The world of that ten year old is so different from the world we live in today, that in all honesty, it is hard for me to believe that there are people in this world who embrace the the ideas and intentions that they hold dear. Citizens in general, and veterans in particular, be damned. Give us illegal aliens, from all over the earth, give them free stuff that goes beyond what a tax paying citizen could ever hope for. Strip everyone of every right that you can get away with. Regulate their thinking, their freedom, their money, their education, their very lives. Forever. To the masters of the universe F U forever. To Greg Hunter thank you forever, for letting this merry band come together and discuss current events the way we do.

  34. Patt Hill

    Another great WNW! Can’t say you don’t inform folks with what is really going on around them. Prayers and blessings to you and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Patt!

  35. wondrouscat

    Greg – Enjoy all of your guests. Would like to ask if you could have Warren Pollock on again soon – thanks in advance.

  36. Dave


    I am a 68 year old retiree who spent most my life in Management and studying Financials.
    A crazy but not crazy thought occurred to me this morning. The talk of Impeachment has picked up speed in the last 48 hours. I now believe the Dems are going to try to do it. When that decision is made, I believe the Market will crash! After listening to Bo Polny a few days ago this whole impeachment thing would bring the crash in the timetable Bo was talking about.. Further, after the smoke clears the Democrats will be blamed for the whole thing! The party will be in shambles and a new democratic party will emerge that will be capable of the cooperation that will needed to try to repair the catastrophe. There must be a major event to start this whole mess in motion and I think this may be it. One thing.. The American people are not stupid but a lot of groups can be!
    Throughout my life I have seen God work in so many ways and he always does it in his own time. God will not make the crash…WE WILL! And He will always be there to help all of us through it…..Those who believe in Him. Much misery will be ahead!
    Pray for the safety of America…AMEN!

    • Mark James

      Dave, I had the very same thought. And Trump keeps taking credit for the “record” stock market — which we all know is rigged. Crash that baby and everyone will be holding him accountable. That is what scares me.

      But daily I pray for President Trump and his administration. I believe GOOD will triumph!! But good things sometimes take time… and the “swamp” or whatever you call DC these days is rooted deep for decades.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • susan

        Mark J., Franklin Graham has called for a special day of prayer for our President on June 2. This is for every American, minister and those who care about America in the world. I hope everyone will join in this endeavor.

  37. Gary

    Someone summed up Muller’s remarks this way: “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

    • Justn Observer

      Gary…LOL “Great” !

    • iwitness02

      I read that too. That’s a good one!

  38. John M.

    Greg, good stuff as always.
    Here in California we have also had unseasonably cold and wet weather. Ruined a lot of early hay and cherries, etc. I think the colder weather will delay the normal harvest time in fall, which means that production has a greater chance than usual of being much lower then normal. Watch out if any hiccups occur along the way.
    I’m also watching our reservoirs as rapid snow melt of so much snow may cause some problems. I know Dave Hodges is reporting the real dangers at Oroville (earthen) Dam way up north, which no one is reporting. Maybe it’s real, maybe not. My bro-in-law lives next to it.

  39. john duffy

    Police protecting homo priest predators

  40. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    Perfect song to explain the economy

  41. Nika

    Hey Greg, please turn up volume 1-2 notches. I am straining to hear you. Last time, you had a guest on, I could hear your guest Fine! You, however, I had to strain to hear you!

  42. FreeOregon

    Is it time to get rid of the FBI entirely? They’ve been fabricating cases against ordinary citizens for years, so the culture encouraged them to fabricate a case against Trump. What occurred is not limited just to this one instance.

  43. kevin Osborne

    There is a gigantic soybean field just south of where my mother lives in Indiana. She said half the field is swamped and sitting idle. The other half has been planted but there is standing water on the plantings. She sad it has rained nearly every day for weeks.

  44. Bill B

    GREG: Mueller.
    I just have this gut feeling we have not heard the last of Mueller and his report. One of the things that struck me as odd, he keeps mentioning about Trump, saying he maybe did, but no charges now while in office.
    Might they ( Deep State ) be laying in wait for him as soon as he gets out of office ?

  45. Prophet

    Just came back from a farm in Illinois…They have just under 10,000 acres , thus far only 1700 planted ….They tell me if they cant get the crop in by the end of next week, they wont plant anymore….They say government assistance should cover there losses this year ,,, not to mention the fact there will be no wear and tear on machinery…..And guess what rain is in the forecast….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the real world farm reporting!!

    • Mike R

      yeah, last week here in IL, average planted was 28%, versus 89% in a typical year. this week finally dried up a bit, and next week supposed to be mostly sunny. however many fields are not going dry out in time.
      the corn here is mostly used for ethanol, a huge waste and heavily gubmint subsidized. no one will starve bc of this.

  46. Linda

    Mark Levin is on fire !!!!

  47. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    Thanks for the farm Report from PROPHET.
    In New Mexico we seem to have plenty of water needed to irrigate. We are on target to produce a lot more animal forage this summer for livestock.

  48. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    We need to raise the cost to send money around the world from Post Office Money Orders. Not a big raise but gradually raise the cost to collect lots of money to help with the Wall. The invasion is hurting the citizens of our state (New Mexico). It has killed a summer of education for New Mexico citizen kids at the State Fair Grounds and impacted the summer education of rural, farm and even high dollar horse training for kids. We are angry and disgusted with State Government and Federal Catch and Release! TDS is rampant here from people running from California and other states. Go figure! Our Congress-critters are totally worthless and say nothing for the people. Both fresh and old Democrats that run our state couldn’t get an audience with Trump in the restroom. Totally Worthless to us.

  49. paul ...

    Here is one for the history books … the country that used “all means on 9-11” to get the US into a shooting war with Iran … is now calling for using “all means once again” (to get their enemy) … how about the Saudi’s using “their own troops to attack Iran” … and stop having the American people sacrifice their sons and daughters for them!! …

  50. paul ...

    When ordinary people see politicians getting away with charity fraud, treason and murder … they are incentivized to begin acting just as bad … which now has so overloaded the current “unfair justice system” (set up to keep the big crooks and murdering politicians out of jail) … that now ordinary people are acting just like the politicians … but how about the “good people” (who still pay the high prices for food and don’t steal) … shouldn’t they “also get fair shake” (by removing the chains off the CPI)?? …

  51. paul ...

    Social collapse is evident in America … it is the price we and others in the world have to pay because people just don’t want to abide by ten(10) “very simple rules” handed down to us by God the Father! …

  52. paul ...

    Good News … Looks like Trump is trying to break the stranglehold that powerful drug gangs have on Guatemala and Mexico and finally put a stop to the drug cartels who are now bringing death to our American children!! …

  53. Justn Observer

    Greg, Did you watch Hannity last night ! Yep – Clean up on isle nine as predicted…Hannity got a cream pie in the face…. Carter Page finally admitted he has been an informant much longer than he has been saying….and likely after declassification more cream pies for Hannity when Pa Pa Dap will have to do the same….! Fox is getting caught up in its ”’omissions”’ and lack of depth as are many other ””contributors”’….the ALT media is being proven right day by day now… and even Huber is getting thrown under the bus on Ingraham for setting aside his criminal investigation in Utah…to give Mueller’s crap more validity… Fox and crew may like also be let down with the AIG Horowitz report…as he has been shown to be inbed with the cover up crews as per the Harmon Wilfred case in the past as see in Jason Goodman interviews… Might be interesting interview with Mr. Wilfred as he is still an American refugee in New Zealand without a passport to re-enter the U.S. likely to keep him away from the U.S. and his story about corruption and the Clinton’s and their workings with the ‘five eyes’ side of intel = Canada and Australia and funny bus. with pension funds, Clinton’s, Albright, Janet Reno, and Gregory Craig? where have we seen that guy name lately? and the shadow gov. funding? And Mr. Harmon Wilfred calls Horowitz the consummate decade’s long ‘fixer’ for the shadow government @ 1:00:00 + =

  54. Brian

    I don’t know if it will help, but consider
    as a secondary fall-back place to post your videos if banned from Youtube, rather than just holding on to only.

  55. Theta Lion


    Get him on your show!!!

  56. paul ...

    I previously suggested … a Donald Trump – Dianne Feinstein ticket for 2020 (to get the crooks at the CIA) … perhaps Trump should also consider a Trump – Pocahontas ticket for 2020 (to get the corporate crooks trying to destroy our First Amendment Right under the Constitution)!! … Trump has to bring the people who vote Democratic over to his side … and polls show long time Democratic voters are “looking for an acceptable excuse to leave the Party of Demon-rats who kill babies” … so putting a women like Dianne or Pocahontas on the Trump ticket may be all that is necessary to put Hillary’s DNC (hot dog and cheese selling factory) out of business for good!! …

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry Paul…. Pocahontas died and is buried in England…one of her lineage is of Thomas Jefferson’s family genealogy… If your thinking of Liz Warren, she just had to be of another relative , or is she claiming to be of the Jefferson family tree? lol

      • john

        which branch – mine is from the Randolph’s of Virginia

  57. paul ...

    Unlike Teddy Roosevelt “who spoke softly and carried a big stick” … Trump “talks loudly and carries a big baseball bat with a nail sticking out of it” … Trump may not have a few friends out there in the world … but his enemies are mow sleeping with one eye open and have bought or made domestically plenty of S-400’s and S-500’s!! …

  58. paul ...

    Question … if the 1799 Logan Act makes “unauthorized diplomacy with foreign powers by a private citizen illegal” why isn’t it being enforced? … unless … the Trump administration needs “some way to talk with Iran” and is secretly using Kerry for that exact purpose?? …

  59. paul ...

    Snowden warns humanity … effectively saying: “That humanities strong natural desire to interact, connect, cooperate and share is being transformed into a weakness by means of mass surveillance that is effectively putting (a few men) in control of our entire species”!!… so what can we as individuals do about it?? … well we are not defenseless … we can “over-ride their surveillance system” with a multitude of messages about freedom of speech for instance … so as to make it impossible to lock everyone up (sort of like what Canada recently had to do by not criminalizing small thefts) … to fight the new Surveillance State we will all have to become an Assange or Snowden … making it “too burdensome” for the “few to lock-up the many” … there are other ways to screw the evil neocons in control of the Surveillance State … we can begin to use the neocons surveillance technology “against them” … like turning on some loud power equipment like a saw or drill, etc. near the microphones they planted in your dishwasher and TV and leave the room … or simply face your TV toward your computer screen and turn it on when you leave the house and have the NSA watch CNN all day long!! … being creative “is really easy” … for instance you could simply mail your cell phone to a foreign land … or leave your cell phone on an airplane for a trip around the world … simply find a thousand ways to screw those who think they can arbitrarily and capriciously screw around with your Constitutionally protected right to privacy under the 4th Amendment!!! …

  60. paul ...

    “Acting” Pentagon Secretary Patrick Shanahan goes on the world stage and states: “Perhaps the greatest long-term threat to the vital interests of states across (the Pacific Region) comes (from actors) who seek to undermine, rather than uphold, the rules based upon a legal international order” … I bet more then a few people are scratching their heads and wondering how a couple of dredged islands can be compared to the hundreds of military bases the US has in the same region?? …

  61. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    When we were children we stood with our hands over our hearts and pledged our allegiance to our flag and our republic, “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. The words indivisible and Justice ring in our ears today as we watch in complete disbelief as our own Attorney General thumbs his nose at the authority of congress. Mitch McConnell Stood on the senate floor today as the majority leader and said “case closed” regarding a special counsel report, but the report is just that, a report. Clearly the senator believes Barrs misinterpretation of the Mueller report is word enough to close an investigation without congressional oversight or approval, in short, without considering the will of the people even a little. He cares not for your insignificant, puny, opinion.
    As though all of that were not hard enough to swallow our president mocks us and has made us the laughing stock of the world stage as he deploys our fleet to Iran to distract us from his problems here at home. What did I pledge my allegiance to? How could this be the country I grew up loving? But America is still ours, each and every American has the responsibility to read the report, to scream to our representatives, to get involved, to right this wrong, to vote.
    The authority of congress is the authority of the will of the people, congress is our voice in this democracy. When that authority is challenged it is an affront to our laws and our way of life, it is a threat to your job your house and your family. The actions of the White House, the Attorney General and the Senate majority are a clear and present danger to the American people. Congress must move to impeach the AG and the President. Further the sergeant at arms must arrest and detain Barr for contempt of congress. No more waiting, enough is enough.
    Please go to your representatives page and speak your mind, apparently the calls are not enough. Writing on their page is there for all to see, its permanent, its personal. Congress needs to know what this means to us, what our country means to us. -Micah

    Here is the pledge we all took (give or take a word or two changed to be more accepting of all Americans).

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  62. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    Look at what the Democrats did to these two major cities:

    It’s time we listen to law enforcement officers about what they see in society.

  63. paul ...

    Fetus to Mom!!! … “my” heart is beating! … so I am no longer “your body”! … I am an independent entity! … and “it is no longer your decision” as to whether I want to live … or be put to death by you!!! …

    • Justn Observer

      and yes Paul…it appears too…that though a Fetus, well beyond an embryo has a heartbeat, a will to live, and a soul… and apparently as to your link should have no rights…or only so if someone ‘says so’….that an inanimate object, a corporation does have legal status and standing in a court = rights…though it is a mere piece of paper in a file cabinet… Then too, we hope to hold believes in those thoughts and visions of our founding fathers Republic…while these same Progressives now hope to proclaim that ‘those’ very thoughts are ””living and evolving”” and able to at whim replace right and wrong…with ‘their fancy’ of what is ‘legal and illegal’ instead… Humanism replaced but CULTure, and with the ‘spells and magic’ of legalese they can conjure up what is to be believed what is living or dead…ever changing now as to ‘their’ intent and goals… God’s freewill and the teachings of Jesus be damned… These Progressives, I leave scripture to those more well versed, have succumbed to a reprobate mind…
      That said, one hopes they refrain from calling such areas Sanctuaries…unless it is in the context of entering a place thru the Arch of Baal as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn gave attention with Greg quite some time ago…

    • paul ...

      Mom!! … If it’s not your body … it’s not your decision!!!

  64. Not So Free

    Interesting thing about the lack of corn planting; I just read that TPTB have approved 15% ethanol year round.
    Yes, it’s a boondoggle.
    No, it probably won’t end any time soon

  65. Gina M Mancarella

    As Maureen Dowd who was the winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize has pointed out, Bill Barr is Trumps lackey and Trump is guilty of obstruction.

    Where is your Pulitzer Greg ?

    You cant even be the beneficiary of a good recommendation in Fareed’s take. Fareed thinks you are a moron of the highest order. A total bullshitter.

    What say you Greg ? You will probably just delete my post and dummy up as usual.

    • Greg Hunter

      He got the Trump “Russia collusion” story WRONG for more than two years. He is working for “Very Fake News,” and last I checked, CNN was laying people off on both sides of the Atlantic. I’ll bet I get more views than his crapy show where he lies and paints a false globalist narrative weekly. I don’t know what Dowd is smoking but her award was 20 years ago you can’t live on that forever. Now, she is also painting false narratives on Barr instead of reporting on the massive and historic spy operation to take down Trump that DID NOT WORK. She can write all the garbage she wants for the racist (Sarah “I hate white people” Jeong) paper of record. You are backing dead and dying horses. NYT won’t even come on CNN anymore!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  66. H. Craig Bradley


    A former fan of America’s Newspaper, USA Today writes about a fraudulent account of the Kennedy presidency and how USA Today some liberties while revising history to agree with their political “opinions”.

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