Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On – Ed Dowd

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Former Wall Street money manager Ed Dowd is still a skillful number cruncher.  His recently updated and wildly popular book “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023” has been correctly documenting the huge numbers of deaths and injuries caused by the CV19 bioweapon vax.  Many are waking up to this crime against humanity, but many remain in the dark because the government and Lying Legacy Media (LLM) continue to cover up the worst murder and disability fraud in world history.  Dowd says, “At this point, it’s overwhelming and has become almost comical. . . . This is asymmetric information.  So, we have governments and media continuing to pretend a massive health crisis with chronic illness, deaths and disabilities is not going on.  The data would suggest otherwise. . . . The data we have made public is free, but some people want projections and decision-making ideas.  These are things we might end up starting a business from.  I would have never thought we could.  This is what asymmetric information does, and the government and the media are suppressing this information.”

A quick look at the overall casualties from the CV19 vax reveal an unparalleled medical disaster.  Dowd explains, “I went before Senator Ron Johnson in February to talk about the ‘pandemic scorecard,’ which is abysmal.  Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on, we have had 1.1 million Americans die excessively, 4 million permanently disabled and another 28 million injured.  It’s 33 million people who have been negatively affected now.  The question you have to ask is why are these institutions not screaming from the rooftops?  I think the reason why is, it’s all because of the (deadly) vaccine.  It’s all circular, and I think it’s a joke at this point.”

Is the worst over?  The short answer from Dowd is No.  Dowd contends, “Let’s just look at the disability data.  We surged to a new high in June of 2023.  We have not gone to a new high since.  It kind of backfilled a little bit, but the last two months we have seen back-to-back increases.  This is a called a plateauing effect.  If it was all clear, I would like to see that number come down.  Unfortunately, it’s not.  It can start to go back down, or it can have another consolidation and another spurt upward.  The bad news is it is plateauing at a new high level.  The good news is it has not gone up to a new level, but if it does, we have problems.”

One big problem Dowd has spotted is an explosion of cancers and, yes, you cannot get the truth about this either.  Dowd says, “The fact that people will not even say that cancers are on the rise is pretty comical to me.  Doctors were reporting it anecdotally, and now we have the data to prove it.  This is where we are.  In 2022, I said that ‘60,000 millennials died excessively between March of 2021 and February of 2022.  That was a Vietnam War.’  That tweet went viral, and Reuters and AP fact checked me and said no, our experts say that’s not true.  Now, even the establishment is saying there is excessive all-cause mortality.  So, we are now in a stage where cancers are not rising.  They are now denying that.  The lies are just unreal.”

There is much more in the 36-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the recently updated book called “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021, 2022 and 2023” for 4.13.24.

(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your Cache and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview:

You can order Dowd’s newly updated book called “Cause Unknown” by clicking here.

If you want to go to Dowd’s website called, click here.

Dowd’s work on compiling data on deaths and disabilities caused by the CV19 bioweapon/vax is all free at his website.


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  1. Michael

    Well….there is no waiting for someone to rescue you. They aren’t coming. Time to “saddle up” and take matters into our own hands. It really doesn’t matter if you like the sound of that or not….it’s the ONLY way, at this point. The choice is yours.
    Think about how “ballsy” those gents were, in the 1700’s when they decided to take matters into their own hands. What if they had not made that decision?
    🤔….nobody said life was going to always be easy and comfortable. The only question is….will your discomfort be your choice, with a light at the end of the tunnel….or foisted upon you, with no hope of anything but misery.

    • Anthony Australia

      Mike you might be right about one thing and wrong on an other.
      A man wielding a knife attacks people in a shopping plaza, killing a few, yet some people that have the ‘balls’ and capacity to help just ran away or decided to film the incident.
      There’s hope for you if you repent and give in to the ultimate salvation.

      • Keith

        Since the roll out of the vaccine I also have noticed how macho-men have become weaker and feeble. It took a women to take down the mental health man stabbing and killing women and children in Sydney Australia. 40 years ago men would have knocked this knifeman out with a single punch and given him a goodbeating before the police arrived. Today’s macho-man grows a beard ,takes steroids and spends all his money on tattoes and acts like a Chicago gangbanger. When trouble turns up and his services are required. He shits his pants and runs away and hides in a women’s hairdressers. Generation Z. No wonder the Russians are
        laughing at our NATO army.

        • Nave

          Watch Tuckers interview with the German scientist and MD from April 1. It will shock you as to WHY people are more sheeplike. Jab caused it!

      • Michael

        Why do I need to repent? What is it that I have done that requires that?
        I do think that if we stand on the sidelines looking for someone to save us, we are foolish. Just as those peeps who died from the knife wielding man in Bondi experienced. In that case, someone eventually showed up….but not before some had to leave the physical plane.
        You are responsible for you….it’s not another person’s responsibility to save you, provide for you, or take care of you. Observe nature….what do you see? There are no zebras wearing badges with nightsticks patrolling the Serengeti. Each zebra is responsible to be aware of their surroundings, to “fight or flight”on their own, or to band together for protection….but they certainly are not just hanging out, waiting for another species or another zebra to come by and take care of the hyenas.
        We are surrounded by hyenas and they sense the weakness in the herd….and have tested that weakness with the Covid-19 debacle….like Pavlovian dogs, every time they ring the bell….the weak ones of the herd salivate and fall in line. The hyenas will not stop….they cannot stop….this is how they live. Those gents in the 1700’s understood human nature….and knew they had to band together to stop the hyenas of their generation. There will always be hyenas….but we do not have to accept their way of life….here!

        • Greg Hunter


          The black hole of nothingness awaits you. Seek Christ as you are lost. Jesus said he would “shorten the days” for the “Elect.” At this moment, that does not include you. You think we are fighting humans? Ephesians 6:12


          • Dave

            Michael is correct. We have to do it. Not Jesus nor God nor anyone else is coming to save us. Jesus and God are leaving that up to us. They want us to do it. They want to see what we are made of.

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants – Thomas Jefferson

            • Greg Hunter

              This is beyond human on human. I love America but I love Jesus more. No black hole of nothingness for me.

              • Dave

                None of us are going to a black hole of nothingness, except maybe the people behind this genocide. I also love America (and I’m not American), the rest of the world and Jesus.

                I’m not saying that there needs to be blood, I’m saying that people need to stand up and say NO! to these criminals and push back hard. Like the farmers are doing in the Netherlands. The people in all countries need to do it.

                People need to push back against these injections, digital ID, CBDC’s and all the rest of it. The problem is that most have no clue what is really going on. So those of us who are awake need to keep trying to wake more people up, like you are doing with the guests that you have on. The rest of us need to be getting more people to watch your videos and other videos like them.

                One thing that I have done is put website addresses, like yours and others, on the back window of my truck canopy. Also, I’ve put up signs about the injections so people can read them at a stop light. I also just ordered 4 of Ed’s books to give out to people. All these little things add up big time if a lot of people do them.

                I’m not going to just sit on my A double S and hope that someone comes to save me. I’m going to fight tyranny to the end, because I believe that is what Jesus wants me to do.

                • Galaxy 500

                  I believe God YHWH will help us prevail as he did our Forefathers but the 3% must rise

                  • Laura

                    Please look up tactical civics. A way to push back and restore our republic.

              • LINDA J CREAN

                Greg this might be beyond human but if we are Christians we are more than Conquer’s in Christ Jesus we are not mere humans we have Lord Jesus Christ living inside us we have the Mighty Holy Spirit living inside us. The same Holy Spirit who raised Christ Jesus from the dead and Lord Jesus Christ our Commander in Chief said for US to rebuke the devil to tell him to leave our children, grandchildren,our families, our states our country our Earth alone NOW! Also I know that ” God’s” name is Jehovah but I have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father so when I speak of Jehovah or to Him, I call Him FATHER or FATHER GOD. I KNOW HIM PERSONALLY and He knows my name. If you would listen to the song ” I have a Father He knows my name” before the world 🌍 began my life was in His hand. He knows my name He knows my every thought He hears me when I call”. We have to stand up like Dave said. 😭 King David stood up against the Globalist of his day and what did Jehovah say to him? ” Go after the enemy you will win and you will recover ALL”. ALL of CREATION is crying out for the SON’S of GOD to take their stand in Lord Jesus Christ name. God bless you Ed Dowd for speaking up I pray for your children I remember you saying that their mother got them the shots 😭 my children and grandchildren are also injected so I know the concern you are facing and you being raised a Christian, Father God says HE WILL PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS YOU. So the Lord Jesus is perfecting your children. IN LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 WONDERFUL name.
                Thank you Greg

                • Laura

                  Please look up tactical civics.
                  A plan to restore our Republic.

          • Michael

            How am I lost?
            I see very clearly where things are headed.
            I see very clearly what has become of the America that has been my home since 1963.
            I see very clearly, the mountains of debt this country is in.
            I see very clearly, the millions of illegal immigrants that have been brought into this country by our own Federal government, contrary to the laws of that they are supposed to enforce.
            I see very clearly, the pharmaceutical companies that were given freedom from liability for a drug that was poison to those who took it.
            I see very clearly, the indoctrination of the youth to question they’re own gender in this country.
            While I do appreciate the effort you put into your show and the guests that you have on….you are doing a great service by doing this….and I applaud you.
            It does not mean that I have to agree with everything or every thought that you have. That, my friend….is the beauty of freedom….and the desire for freedom is inherent within all of us.
            Our ability to disagree and have a conversation about it, is a big part of what makes up a civilized people. There are no hard feelings in disagreeing….but an opportunity to see a different viewpoint or thought that we may not have considered.
            With that being said, I must disagree with you that I am lost.

          • Frank Cooper

            Good on ya Gregster! We are in a fight for our life! We most likely will lose our comfort zone. Though we must not be cowards. Praise the LORD YET PASS THE AMMO! That woman cop did the right thing, nailing that demon! Your right Greg, our fights with demons in high places! Manifest in government, intell agencies, the military industrial complex, a man of God Eisenhower warned us about and worst of the lot, Big Bad Pharma!
            Retired police officers should be allowed to keep, conceal and carry they’re service pistol’s. Former officers of the military too, perhaps! If we want freedom we must allow a good man with a gun to take out a bad man with a gun or machete and of course lady’s welcome.
            But there’s a hidden agenda. When there’s freedom, the fat cats fear the people, when the people fear them it’s tyranny!

        • Dave

          I agree Michael.

        • Eileen

          Exactly, Luke 22 Jesus told the Disciples to sell their coats for a sword…He will go with us into battle but don’t sit on your west-end waiting for someone else to do what you (me) needs to be done. God is a Warrior not a Pacifist.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Amen 🗡️ the sword of the Spirit which is the WORD OF GOD.

        • Peter

          Repenting, in the context of salvation, means to change your mind from rejecting Christ to putting your faith in Christ. Why you or anyone needs to do that is to have eternal life.

      • Lori

        There is huge difference between a man wielding a knife in the streets and and the establishment wielding lots of money in front of the health care industry that is bought and paid to lie!
        The only option left is to take Greg and Ed’s approach and warn the masses!
        There is a reason the Greek word “pharmakeia” is translated “sorcery” in the book of Revelation as we are living in the end times and the “sorcerers” are everywhere:

        • LINDA J CREAN

          It’s not a knife 🔪 we’re talking about using the sword 🗡️ of the Spirit which IS THE WORD OF GOD. SO we’re all supposed to lay down and take it, here we are anti Christ do whatever you want to us and our families rape, plunder, kill
          oh that’s right you’re already doing that.Oh it’s the End of the World so who cares? NO we’re supposed to stand against the Globalist with the Sword of the Spirit Word of God like Lord Jesus did when He faced satan what did our Lord do? LORD JESUS SAID “IT IS WRITTEN then He spoke the Word of God pertaining to each of satan’s temptations. Find the WORD you need in the Bible and tell it at the devil and tell him to take his hands off of God’s property in Jesus name. NO satan not on my watch I command you satan to take your hands off of my family, my State of NJ, off my country the USA and off of my Earth. Because I’m a Son of Almighty God Jehovah and I we have authority to tell you to STAND DOWN ON YOUR MANEUVER AGAINST LORD JESUS CHRIST’S PROPERTY YOU’RE FIRED satan 🔥🔥🔥🔥 you looser you don’t even get a capital s. King David ‘s Mighty Men met in a cave Adullam they were broke, disgusted, lost everything and they weren’t going to take it anymore. Nowadays we are to use the Word of God- Bible as our two edged sword.🗡️

      • Rob

        People ran away because most of the people of today are dumbed down cowards. That’s why so many couldn’t wait to get an experimental injection. The good news is that in the 1700’s it only took about 15% of the people to get the job done. Maybe we will need more than that today but many are getting fed up with everything and they are pushing back in many parts of the world. We need to keep it going any way we can. The little things add up.

      • Dave

        So do we do nothing and let the globalists take over? When the government fears the people there is freedom. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jesus comes first.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            What does that mean Greg? Jesus comes first. How are we putting Jesus first? I knew a woman who always wore a pin 📌 that said JESUS FIRST
            as she lived in sin then had another child she already had 2 from a marriage that broke up then that 3rd child became a 🧹 witch and a blessing of the broom and she made all the dress’s for the event but she kept that JESUS FIRST pin on every day.

            • Greg Hunter

              Acccwpt Jesus Christ as your lord and Savior first. It is as simple as that.

              • john

                i bless my spirit to keep me and mine safe, knife or no knife the men should of stepped up quicker, he who helps himself etc amen

          • regaleagle

            God Almighty is in complete control according to His plan for the redemption of humankind. There are many demons, demon-possessed, and non-human descendants (nephilim) in the earth today. All is written in the Book of Life and of course God’s plan of wrath for those that are not really human. Then there are the humans that choose to side with the demons, fallen angels, and nephilim. God created Hades before he created man…..His plan to restore the dominion of this earth to mankind is in full force at this very moment. Will YOU be included???

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes, I will as Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Will you?

              • regaleagle

                I was not asking you, Brother in Christ Greg……I was putting the question to your readers.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Brother “Eagle,”
                  My bad. Forgive me. The comment was addressed to me. I thought you were talking to me personally.
                  Brother Greg

    • Brian P. Gorman

      Thanks my friend have succinctly out it… It’s up to the Individual to act now. Regards

    • Galaxy 500

      Our Forefathers, Great men one and all, would be busting caps long before now.
      It’s our time to stand and deliver.
      First at the ballot box voting Trump.
      Then rolling up our sleeves and making things right. He can’t do it alone

    • Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed!

      These WEF (New World Order) criminals really planned ahead to ensure their new disease made an unbelievably loud entrance – to maximise the need for the Safe & Effective injections (unproven experimental mRNA – Gene modifying).

      An injectable ‘cure’ which was probably already created and available for release. This farce was so transparent, my hunch is that the injection (which they incorrectly refer to as a ‘vaccine’) was already manufactured in the adjoining Wuhan laboratory, next door to the Covid bio-weapon lab!

      First step back towards reality must be to STOP Big Pharma insisting in ‘NO LIABILITY’ for their dangerous drugs and injections. They must accept responsibility for their poisons that are called ‘vaccines’ and ‘medicines’. No LIABILITY is a ‘LICENCE to Kill’!

      Those involved must be terminated by CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. My choice is to hang them all!

      Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

  2. Led Skeletor

    Just thinking out loud, I’m sorry for being off topic most of the time but I love this channel. Apparently no one in the American government is thinking about anything except spending a few trillion dollars on a needless endless war.

    Next move, Iran will retaliate against American troops stationed in the middle east.

    And after Iran does so, USA will be at war with Iran. Iran to get support from Russia and/or China.

    It will be to Iran’s advantage to be quick merciless and decisive. Iran obliterates Israel using Russian/China war non-nuke material.

    NATO may join in, risking European military targets and cities.

    I bet the USA would do a “call up” of all past military members up to age 70, as the USA can’t make even reduced enlistment quotas during “peacetime”/lol. I bet most boomers will also give the Joe Biden the finger, and will not be part of their clown show.

    What will USA then do with a leveled and defeated Israel. USA flies round the clock sorties leveling Iran, and Russia/China sits on the sidelines?? It will be a boon for CNN and their love of 24/7 round the clock WAR. I bet the stock market goes up 25% on the news of Iran’s next retaliation against US forces. UPSIDE DOWN CLOWN WORLD.

    And then European targets are destroyed by Iran using Russian arms… I give civilization less than 12 hours at that moment.

    • Ken Yu

      When Iran calls the US “The Great Satan” they are lying to their people the way the Lying Legacy Media does here to us in the US, right??


        Agree 👍

    • Steve Bice

      “It will be to Iran’s advantage to be quick merciless and decisive. Iran obliterates Israel using Russian/China war non-nuke material.”

      Before Israel allows this to happen, they will invoke the “Samson” option.

      They have nukes and they will use them (reports say they have around 380).

      As an aside, somewhere in this process either as a prelude to, or an outcome of the Gog war, I expect Damascus to be nuked. Munitions and supplies flow through Damascus to arm Israel’s enemies. When their survival is threatened, they will do what they must to cut the flow.

      When that happens, we move to the end game.

    • J.D.

      What will the US do with a leveled and defeated Israel? Probably the same thing they are doing with a leveled and defeated Ukraine – keep sending tens of billions of printed dollars there, some of which will return back to the politicians. Ukraine (aka US) has been outed for organizing the terror attack on Russian civilians. Since Ukraine has been defeated, NATO will be moving the “get Putin” campaign to Finland and Sweden. US Already pouring in arms there. Swedish government telling the people to prepare for war. I thought all the WW3 talk was hyperbole, starting to think it’s entirely possible.

  3. Dianne

    Trump is on the side of the Globalist Deep State —he’s still pushing the KillShot!

    • Ken Yu

      We are finally awakening from the illusion and the untruths being thrust upon us by our evil politicians and evil medical establishment – still from the choice we are given this November Trump is the “least dirty shirt in the hamper” that we are forced “by necessity” to wear!!

      • Jared

        Sorry Ken, but this kind of rationalizing on the part of Conservatives is why we’ve reached this point of American collapse.

        Conservatives have allowed themselves to be ratcheted so far Left that 1990’s Bill Clinton now looks like a staunch Right-winger!

        For decades I’ve watched Conservatives “hold their noses and vote”, always claiming that the current election is “too important” to allow principles to get in the way of defeating the Democrats.

        For decades I’ve seen the same Conservatives claim that “next time around we’ll nominate a real Conservative”.

        This has led to the current situation in which Conservatives now view a Clinton-supporting Liberal Democrat from NYC (Trump) as their champion—the same man who, as President, needlessly imposed Medical Tyranny upon America as cover for the largest-ever wealth transfer from the middle class to the 0.1%.

        With all due respect, you’re insane if you still believe in pursuing the same strategy that has gotten us to this point!

        Conservatives have retreated to the cliff’s edge and now have nowhere left to retreat to…still supporting Trump is equivalent to total surrender or jumping off the cliff to death.

        • Ken Yu

          Jared – I understand your argument and it makes a lot of sense but what choice do we have? – the only real choice have is as Michael above states “to take things into our own hands”, but are we really ready for such a revolt against the Evil Globalists who are clearly out to Kill Us? Pfizer already has Trump on board “to jab us again” with an m-RNA “vaccine” (to supposedly cure us of the cancer they jabbed into us the first time around). Unlike our Founding Fathers who found the courage “to defy the King” (over a tax on tea), Americans today say absolutely nothing when our school taxes are exponentially increased (to accommodate additional millions of illegal children that “King Bribe’n” has seen fit to flooded our Nation with”!! So what I’m saying is – the American people are not really ready to take matters into their own hands and simply want the easy way out by voting once again for the “least dirty shirt in the hamper” (Trump)!!

        • LINDA J CREAN

          So who do you think is going to do anything about anything 🤔 in our country. Pres Donald John Trump is still the Commander in Chief of our military they are cleaning out all the tunnels under our cities, colleges because of all the human trafficking. Read Dr Jan Halper Haise sub stack if you want more information about this. Also look up Derek Johnson 1776 on Rumble he gives All the Laws & Orders that our country is working under at this very moment if you want to know the truth.

        • Galaxy 500

          What a crock…
          Do you plan to give Biden another 4 years? Paid troll or merely and idiot? THERE is no choice but Trump. Anyone that is pushing anything else is a minion in hiding.


        Agree 👍 Pres Trump’s shirt is pretty clean to me. Derek Johnson 1776 young guy on Rumble also Dr Jan Halper Haise sub stack. Pres Donald John Trump is the ONLY CLEAN SHIRT 👕 WE HAVE.

      • Earth Angel

        Ken do not forget that we also have RFK jr. as a choice. A fact the establishment would rather we didn’t consider. I like Trump- and truly believe he was robbed of his landslide national victory in 2020. He SHOULD rightfully be our president now- and for the last 4 years, imo. It disgusts me to watch the circus carnival witch hunt that crooked & treasonous bas*@r&s on the left have been using to go after him, (basically since he took office) but especially after THEY STOLE the election FROM HIM. Using the Cloward-Pivens method from Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ book; they accuse HIM of doing what THEY themselves did. Sadly, it does seem to be creating chaos and distraction they wish to derail his campaign. Perfectly timed, just prior to the 2024 election cycle. RFK jr. could be a refreshing alternative for all who are sick of the drama -regardless of political stripe- red OR blue. That’s provided we are able to get through another election without it being rigged, hacked or stolen. Any bets on that being possible?! All that said, in the end we may have to vote our conscience and be able to live with that. Its tough living in a dishonest world.

    • Galaxy 500

      Right! Trump bad, Biden and Kamila good.
      What a load of crap.
      Yeah, Trump is on the side of the Globalists. That is why they are trying to bankrupt him and put him in jail. That is why they want him off the ballot.

      Who are you really? Jen Psaki? General Milley?
      I am not sure who you are but I do know what you are not: Someone on the side of America and the Little Guy. Some in the side of the righteous

      • Mikey

        Galaxy and Linda are obviously bots or paid shills who are still promoting ridiculous Qanon fairytales.

        Or they could just be Trumpies who really are this dumb.

        Greg, you should censor the kind of garbage posted by the likes of Galaxy and Linda instead of censoring everyone who criticizes Dear Leader Donny!

        How on earth do you allow people to claim that DJT is still in control of the military???

        Greg, bud, this kind of nonsense doesn’t reflect well at all on USAWD…

        • Greg Hunter

          500 is NOT a bot. I know this person.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Mickey Im not a bot nor paid to write anything and I do believe Pres Donald John Trump is our president still
          and has a clean shirt and Greg doesn’t have to censor me I’ve been born again before Greg was born ” so I don’t need to get BORN AGAIN, AGAIN. ” Jesus first”. Think what you want I won’t cast any more
          ” pearls before you or others”. Let he who is ignorant be ignorant still.

          • Galaxy 500

            Hi Linda
            I would be smarter if I was a bot. I loved your response.

  4. lou

    Red light runners, can’t add or subtract. Or just acting crazy, I see this in the metro Detroit area all the time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Lou!!

  5. Claude Ramains

    They’re all denying it because to admit it is an admission of personal and institutional guilt on such a level that the population won’t wait around for any kind of due process.
    They know the judicial system is guilty too.
    Any admission will green light a massive world wide version of the torch wielding villagers hunting down the monsters and burning them all at the stake….
    And they know it.
    They know what they deserve.
    They just want to save their own necks.
    So the deny and delay the inevitable.

    • Ken Yu

      But the American Population is awakening – – to the fact that our Evil Politicians and Evil Medical Establishment have worked together “To Kill US “(and turn us “into dust” at a rate so alarming it is hard to cover up all the cancers and disabilities any longer) but they still keep trying – saying to us: “The Kill Shots are Safe and Effective and People Should Believe in Taking Even More of the New m-RNA Vaccines Evil Pfizer is now Concocting (to supposedly Stop the Cancer they have already Purposely Created)”!!!


        Ken yes the people are waking 🥱 up even though we would like to shake shake shake them awake but we can’t but Almighty God is waking them up in Lord Jesus Christ name EPHESIANS 1:18 – 23 The eyes of your (their) understanding being enlightened, that you(they) may know what is the hope of His calling – And hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him (LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 ) to be the head over all things to the Church ( NOT THE POPE). Which is ( meaning the church) is HIS body, the fullness of Him that filleth all and all. Lord Jesus Christ please speed it up, wake them up.🙏 There is a Vision on line you can read that was giving to a man named TOMMY HICKS by LORD JESUS years ago, “THE SLEEPING GIANT” Lord Jesus Christ explains what is happening now and 😭 that we are waking up and we will all eventually get up standing and lifting up our hands to our KING OF GLORY TO COME IN 👑. LIFT UP YOUR HEADS OH YOU GATES THAT THE KING OF GLORY MAY COME IN. LORD JESUS CHRIST 👑 IS THE KING OF GLORY. LORD JESUS CHRIST IS COMING BACK FOR A GLORIOUS CHURCH not a running scared barely getting along, hiding in a bunker church that lives down on Grumble Alley. Lord Jesus Christ did not die in vain for us to be sitting on the fence and crying the blues most Christian’s should be Court Martialed from the Lord’s army. The Dems DEMON’S have more guts than most of us they know their evil one satan is helping them, what a sad excuse for an army. Our Captain is Lord Jesus Christ the CAPTAIN OF THE HOSTS IS JESUS and HE SAID “I GIVE #YOU # ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER THE ENEMY and whatsoever YOU bind will be
        bound ( above the earth, on the earth, under the earth) and whatsoever YOU loose will be loosed ( on the earth, above, under) and nothing in any means will harm you. ” Wake up, Stand up, Speak up, push back the enemy or they will have their way.”

  6. Erick

    14.40 many projects sorry hard of hearing what is the website?
    thank you

  7. Thomas Fiust

    Ed Dowd, fellow economist, econometrics, ordinary least square regression model (OLS).
    You could hash out his findings on a cocktail napkin, in a 4th Ave. pub like Gentle Ben’s, in Tucson, to see the correlation.
    Thanks Mr. Dowd for your perseverance and integrity.
    Mahalo from O’ahu.

  8. Neville

    All very crisp and clear and no grey areas that corvid 19 was ,is a murderous scam created by the government ,CDC , FDA , the lying legacy media,C I A ,FBI and other government organization’s.
    Thanks Ed for giving us your brilliant analysis .
    Now we have to wait for another Bird Flu scamdemmic to come.

  9. Jochen Knaebel

    A Light in the darknes ,ed dowd.

    • Ken Yu

      Dowd may feel safe on his island near Hawaii but for “extra precautionary protection” against the Demonic Satan Possessed Globalists (who will do every sort of criminal act to achieve their evil goals) perhaps he should begin painting the roof of his house “Blue”!!

  10. Donna Brazil

    Check Out This Massive Crowd, You’ve Never Seen Anything This Big!
    They love Israel, hate Lula…From Brazil

    • Ken Yu

      Brazil is a BRIC’s Nation along with Russia, India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates – with such deep support from Brazil I bet all the other BRIC’s nations also contain many hundreds of thousands of Israeli supporters – perhaps it is time for Israel to make peace with Iran and join the BRIC’s Nations and get away from the Deep State Neocons in the US who support the NAZI’s in Ukraine!!

  11. Peter E

    INPORTANT. TO. KEEP. TALKING. ABOUT THIS. AND. UNCOVER. ALL THE. ACTORS. – I here that the. Pentagon. wantsed this as an exercise. and. that. Pentagon. Swamp. gets. Under the Table. Money. from. the Drug. Companies. Profits.

    Still — it. is. Stunning. and confusing. we could have. so. many. criminals in. gov, pharma and. medical Industry. ” Medical. Industry ” Mafia. Media. Propaganda, We are in a Crime Scene in the USA. What are the reasons why. the. Pentagon wants to. harm and Kill Some many people. — Spirtual Warefare Evil. and What else. Why the Heck did they do this ?


      Peter, In 2009 Obama made all the generals swear allegiance to him when he took over the USA and made all the others general’s quit or retire 😔 because remember what Broke Husain Obama said” I am going to fundamentally change America” with token Uncle Joe Biden (isn’t that what the USSR called their Dictator Uncle Joe), Eric Holder, Susan Rice SHE just moved to Arizona UNDER THE RADAR ,and that woman Valerie Jared Obama’s chief of staff that got mad at Roseanne Barr and Hillary Clinton what a wicked evil staff. So that’s who was left in authority to do what they wanted to do to all of us. JUST THANK OBAMA and his crew. First black president WOW he hates America just like his mom and dad 3 commies oops Michelle 4. How did they get so many million dollars mansions if the USA is so deplorable, despicable, and us white people are so mean. NOT !

  12. Rodney

    “Reuters and AP fact checkers”….now that’s funny, two of the most contemptible lying outfits known to man at the moment.
    Well done Greg, stay the course.

  13. Really Awake

    “And the one seated on the forth horse had the name ‘Death'”…

    I still don’t think the vast majority of so called “Christians” (who are in name only) understand the times they live in. Really, the name of the forth rider tells you everything you need to know. The Holy Bible has a way of coming straight to the point.

    The Bible also explains how to avoid being trampled by the Four Horsemen. And even if a real Christian does happen to die under the steely hooves, the Bible assures both a resurrection and a reward.

    Perhaps we are in the Days of Kingdom Come. Perhaps not. Maybe we have to undergo
    another Great War and a subsequent Dark Age 2.0…. first before The Son of Man arrives with all His angelic army to cleanse the earth. “Nobody knows the day or hour”. I say they don’t even seem to know the decade or centry. What I do know it that “Death” seems to be all saddled up and ready to break into a full gallop. I also know that tens of millions of so called Christians aren’t as “good people” as they think they are. Not even close. Perhaps that sounds too self-righteous of me and you’d rather have your ears tickled with Satan’s guile. That’s up to you. The Death Rider likes lukewarm Christians, Revelation speaks of lukewarm Christians and that they are really nothing more than “vomit”. “I shall vomit you out”, says the Christ.

    The Son of Man isn’t coming the second time to offer himself as the passover sacrifice. This time He arrives in great glory to clean house. No flesh will be saved unless the few righteous are spared.

    The secular men like Ed Dowd, Marty Armstrong and Dane Wigington only confirm what The Four Horsemen shall do. Hopefully, more secular men will come to understand that political solutions won’t solve spiritual problems and it only makes it worse from now on.

    And anybody who really believes that a stone will be left upon a stone in.places like Washington D.C. have got another think coming. If you haven’t figured out yet that D.C. is ruled by Satan himself, then you are really, really lukewarm.

  14. geo

    I used to think that all vaccines were safe and effective, then in 2020 alarm bells went off as i know that it’s impossible to safety test a medicine in one month. I then got a list of all vaccines and their side effects, the main side effects being neurological problems, allergies and obsessive compulsive disorders. Interestingly many of the side effects turn up months and years after the vaccination. Going back to the 1800s the doctors were accusing vaccines of causing insanity, cancer , heart disease and many other problems. I think that they have used vaccines to cause genocide before and then they started WW1 so people wouldn’t remember.

    • Lorenz

      I totally agree with geo on that note!
      Have shared similar thoughts on this with many family members.

    • Agnes

      Good decision. On Pg. 131 of Ed’s new book there is a listing of some of the “side effects” of the small pox “vaccine”, which has been the poster child of the vax indoctrination. Brian Hooker/Bobby Kennedy’s book shows that all the poster-child “vaccines” were administered after the diseases had died out., but were given credit for ending the diseases.

    • Agnes

      Good decision. On Pg. 131 of Ed’s new book there is a listing of some of the “side effects” of the small pox “vaccine”, which has been the poster child of the vax indoctrination. Brian Hooker/Bobby Kennedy’s book shows that all the poster-child “vaccines” were administered after the diseases had died out., but were given credit for ending the diseases.

  15. sam

    When we go out driving somewhere, my wife would critique my terrible driving…..for years she swore I was a “Bad Driver”……this last couple a years now, …she is screaming in the car as usual….but NOT at ME…….she is appalled at the other Crazy, Terrible drivers on the road… me that is proof enough that Mr. Greg Hunter is RIGHT about His Observations……I owe the saving of my life alot to Mr.Hunter…we Never got any shots thanks to USAWATCHDOG.COM

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam. This makes me Very happy!!

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I remember when you had Dr David Martin on. He said that the US will see 70 to 100 million deaths in the US bb2028/due the bioweapon death jab. Do not want to see this, but if he is only half right, you’re talking 35 to 50 million deaths. This of course does not count the injured/disabled. I do not know where he gets his figures/ data from?

        Let’s hope he is wrong, but time will tell.

        Thanks for having Ed Dowd on.


        • sam

          maby That’s Why….they are letting the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADERS in…to replace whitey?

      • sam

        What would make me happy is, Mr. Greg Hunter, You ACTIVELY Seek a Position with the Trump Organization as a “CREDIBLE” addition in the Press Secretary Department…..Not giving Mr. Greg Hunter the “Honor” of Serving His Country, representing America’s Finest in Honesty , Integrity; and Knowledge of the Complexities of News Reporting, would be as big a BLUNDER as taking Jarred Kushner into the inner sanctum….the Absurdity of not working with the best is just as bad, if not worse as giving the mediocre the tools of Power that has been Proven so with the Kushner debacle……..
        With all due Respect..

  16. Neville

    I forgot to mention that I was of the opinion that the death and injury rates from the murderous injections will be amplified as they will be assisted by the GEO ENGINEERING AND G5 RAYS WHICH ARE WORLD WIDE NOW……These may be accounting for all the assaults on women being randomly punched around the world and also the aggression on flights around the world
    Below is the prayer to St Michael
    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


    • J. Kimble Allen

      NEVILLE, if you really believe praying to St. Michael, is going to help you in any way, you are deluded.

      • Greg Hunter


        Pray to Jehovah in the name of Christ Jesus. That’s what Jesus said. Ps 83:18.


      • catherine

        hey J….St. Michael is one of the archangels. considering we are indeed fighting evil and demonic creatures that are murdering us, and the FACT that no one is taking up the battle against them and even those that are trying…its not making any difference yet…., then I think praying to the archangels MICHAEL, GABRIEL, URIEL AND RAPHAEL is extremely powerful and important. Unless you have a plan to fight this evil possession of our country somewhere, maybe using some esoteric knowledge is the way to fight it. Prayer may inspire someone to take the mantel and really get the world to WAKE UP before it’s too late.
        Can’t hurt.
        So please don’t judge someone’s faith toward prayer because it’s rather unbecoming. Its been know by people far more intelligent and connected to God for thousands of years that the Creator uses His creations: angels, humans and nature to carry out His wishes. Those that believe in HIM know that. Deluded? I think not.
        the problem in this world is that people have supplanted God with science. while in reality Science actually proves God exists. The amount of perfection that goes into the perfect creation and continuous running of the cosmos and our globe is so wonderful and beautiful that it quite obvious it couldn’t occur without the Supreme Artist of All Creation continuing every moment to ensure we are here. God will NOT allow these monsters to change it in any way. The monsters believe they are god so obviously they don’t have a clue what is going to happen to them….it’s not going to be pretty but it will be measure for measure.
        I am not waiting for the chariot with Jesus at the helm but a Messiah like him or actually he will be here in some fashion, and then we will see the world change for the better. It will take Divine Intervention to stop the monsters from thinking they are succeeding because they are god. God is waiting, I believe for them to stop or for someone to stop them but if it doesn’t happen then He will get involved and its going to be a very very scary event for those who wont know what is happening.

        • sam

          “, then I think praying to the archangels MICHAEL, GABRIEL, URIEL AND RAPHAEL is extremely powerful and important.”………DANGEROUS Thinking….One must pray ONLY to our Heavenly Father……you must he related the “Eve”…..

          • Greg Hunter

            Pray to Jehovah in the name of Jesus. That’s what Jesus said to do.

          • Catherine

            And you my friend may be a fallen angel. But of course whom one prays to is up to one’s beliefs. And since you pray to Jesus then all your bases are covered. No need to worry.

        • Eileen

          It is very easy to discern the understanding of other’s faith & practice. God’s Word tells us to receive the whole counsel (guidance, direction, & instruction) to receive His wisdom in all matters. To dismiss the supernatural assistance of His archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel as told in sacred scripture reveals the absence of the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially wisdom & knowledge. Recognizing why those blocks exist & abandoning such bias enhances one’s prayer life significantly. In these troubled times I call on our BVM, the archangels, & my personal angel to carry my intentions to Jesus to our Father. I have Peace that passes all understanding & you can as well.

        • J. Kimble Allen

          Catherine, No offense intended., but based upon your comments regarding praying to angels, you too, are deluded.

          My comment is not judging, I am simply stating a fact, based upon your comment, as compared with Biblical scripture.

  17. Marie Joy

    Apathy kills

  18. NH Watcher

    Good interview, Greg. I keep tabs on Ed Dowd’s work through his Twitter feed regularly. And he is very careful about making predictions. The data he presents, of course, clearly show that the COVID vaccines have done harm and will continue to do harm; however, the COVID vaccines are only one aspect to the world elites’ depopulation agenda. The elites know that they cannot simply kill everyone they want to in a mass nuclear war, which would make the environment uninhabitable for decades afterwards. And their preferred method is people willingly (or unknowingly) killing themselves, through suicide or other health and lifestyle choices which accelerate one’s death.

    We have yet to enter the phase of mass financial crisis. When people no longer can access the money in their bank accounts, or log in one day to find their retirement account balance is zero, and the governments can no longer afford mass stimulus payments to replenish the losses, only then will we reach the “tsunami of deaths” which some are now predicting. I am glad you focused with Ed on psychological changes in people (driving erratically, giving out wrong change, increased irritability, etc.), as that will all play into peoples’ reactions when their finances and life savings are … simply gone.

    And when all is gone, you will be left with only one real choice: trusting God through His son Jesus Christ or trusting the world’s elites (through their governments) who took it all away from you. If you choose the latter, that is when implementing the Mark of the Beast will be easy.

    May we all make the right choice, not just for our remaining life but also our eternity.

  19. christine reeves

    In the past month listening to the weather report ,they have had the days of the week in the wrong order on their graphics, and on Thursday, they showed a graphic that had Easter.I was watching QVC on Friday where the expensive earrings being shown, were all out of order. They were not placed correctly for the host to present them.And the driving really is getting worse, people not staying in their lane.But the mistakes , like reporting the weather and things on QVC not being right, and websites not current with their products………..I have never seen these issues with professional work places.And because these people have taken the shots………they don’t seem to be aware everything is not right.They just go along.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Christine for the observations and reporting. Keep it up.

    • Coal Burner

      I completely agree! That is causing the lousy driving, the Road Raging, Red Light Running and the loony bin Karen’s and Kenny’s going whacko in all these videos.

  20. cosmo topper
    Dr. Phil McGraw On infanticide, either right or wrong? NOT!

  21. Clay Lane

    ‘Less than 1% of Iran’s missiles got through’ – Michael Clarke
    Sky News 4,609 views Apr 14, 2024
    Security and defence analyst Michael Clarke has told Trevor Phillips that less than “1% of missiles got through” during Iran’s attack on Israel.
    According to IDF figures, 110 ballistic missiles were launched and seven got through and hit a key airbase in Israel which Clarke says is “symbolically important

    • Ken Yu

      This is bad news for Israel – because if Iran launches 110 nuclear missiles at Israel “7 will get through”. Seven nuclear weapons going off inside Israel is not something Bibi will be able to avoid taking the blame for and thus him expanding the Gaza war into a wider regional confrontation with Iran is something he should be reconsidering!!

  22. Duke Nukum

    Vladimir Putin’s chilling new warning to the West as Russian despot
    tests an experimental nuclear-capable missile that could level London
    Story by Will Stewart • 15h •

    • Ken Yu

      The retards running England are likely delusionally thinking that just because Germany could not destroy London during WWII that Russia can’t destroy London during WWIII!! They better wake up fast before they are vaporized!!!

  23. James macareo

    I would like to meet you in person just to shake your hand and see my face with a shit eating grin which means in translation GOOD JOB!
    You and your guests are in a class of your own.
    My kind of people!
    James Macareo
    Pure Blood

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, James. I’d like to meet you too someday.

  24. DUKEE Eyeball Em

    Spying On Americans WITHOUT A Warrant Okayed!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 47,986 views Apr 13, 2024
    After much contentious debate pitting neoconservative foreign policy hawks and deep state supporters against defenders of privacy and individual liberty, the House has passed a bill gutting the 4th amendment by allowing the government to spy on Americans foreign communications without having to first obtain a warrant from a judge.

    • Ken Yu

      Every Amendment from the 1st to the 4th and beyond is under attack by the Demons (in Rat infested AC/DC)!! Trump needs to get out his flute and like the Pied Piper play a tune that will lead all the Demon Rats into the sea (or better yet lead them onto a Space X rocket ship and launch them all into that “lake of fire” called the Sun!!

    • sam

      WHAT COUNTRY ARE WE IN ANYWAYS?……it sure ain’t the America of yesteryear when we had a Culture….an American Culture…built by AMERICANS………NOT the Slaves like some Low IQ Affirmative Action race baiting Grifters Claim…… wish we were back on Gilligan’s Island., Father Knows Best, the Beaver, Dobbie Gillis and Manard G, Grebbs, Granny and Jeb Clampett, Ellie May, and the Brave Capt. Kirk……along with Martin Milner, George Maharris in their ’62 Vette……and cant forget …HEEEEEEEEEERS Johnny!….. Ed Sullivan, with I LOVE LUCY……Beach Boys , Dean Martin.Frank Sinatra….and the Ultimate TRAITOR of that time…..Jane Hanoi Fonda.

      • NotOfThisWorld

        Thank you for this comment. One can’t even go into a store to buy dog food without hearing a degenerate rap “artist”‘s love of rape, prostitution, and murder. Meanwhile, pretty much everyone under the age of 25 worships these demons.

  25. K Bailey

    Geert Vanden Bosshe’s prediction of a highly virulent coronavirus resulting from immune pressure from the vaccines is a whole new ballgame. Geert believes highly vaxxed countries will be taken completely by surprise when a fast moving virus results in sudden severe illness and death in the vaccinated. In his mind there won’t be any warning from increased disability numbers. I pray he is wrong. So does he. Some people suspect TPTB think Geert may be right and Disease X is their red herring to continue to deny any culpability for the tragedy they’ve created with the vax.

    • Greg Hunter

      I quoted Vanden Bosshe in the very beginning of the CV19 plandemic. He told people NOT to get vaxed and it was a VERY bad idea to get the CV19 vax.

      I am totally betting Geert is correct!!

  26. Galaxy 500

    First time I have ever had to delete everything and restart modem, etc. You are over the target Dude as the flak cannons are going full blast trying to shoot your message from the airways…
    Changes your essence? I believe this trans nonsense accelerating is due to personality changes caused by the bioweapon.


      They put so many hormones in the meat, milk and only God knows what else these poor children nowadays have all their hormones messed up no wonder 😔 they don’t know what they are. Father God made no mistakes when HE sent them they are WONDERFULLY MADE . Jeremiah ” I knew you when you were in your Mother’s womb”.
      LORD JESUS CHRIST makes NO mistakes. The children are being used, abused and taken advantage of . Where are the men? This is why women are getting punched in the face evil knows men won’t do anything about it. It would be better that these evil people were never born than to harm ONE of our Lord Jesus Christ little ones. Millstones are ready.

      • sam

        Where are the men?……….SHOPPING at TJ MAXX for some nice dresses and eye shadow……or in the “Bath Houses”….”City Hall”….try “Police Stations”…in the Chief’s chair…

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, heads up…possible false flags are in the making?=

    For those that like to chew on events based on a more biblical sense, might put a slice of this on your plate to think about

  28. Steve Bice

    Trouble in the Middle East. Israel is poised for a counter-attack.

    Biden says this:
    “US Will Not Support A Counterattack Against Iran After Hundreds Of Drones, Missiles Sent”

    Why does it matter?

    The Bible suggests Israel will have no support from other nations when the Gog war breaks out. The whole account can be found in Ezekiel 38.

    “This is what the Sovereign Lord says: On that day thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil scheme.11 You will say, “I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people—all of them living without walls and without gates and bars. 12 I will plunder and loot and turn my hand against the resettled ruins and the people gathered from the nations, rich in livestock and goods, living at the center of the land.” 13 Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all her villages will say to you, “Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?”’

    The other nations…including the USA will talk…but stand down. This opens the door to the full on invasion of Israel called the Gog war.

    Is Biblical prophesy unfolding before our eyes? Are we on the cusp? I will be surprised if Israel does not respond in kind.

    We will know very soon…

  29. Joseph Volz

    I also noticed the links weren’t there for the video but I have a bookmark to USAWatchdog and just use that link. It seems easier than to unplug the modem and trying all the other things. Just a thought But I’m far from computer literacy. If this is a dumb thought please excuse me I’m old.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Joe.

      This is Big Tech and government trying to censor. It really is that simple. You can also try this in my tech note:

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

      Thanks for supporting USAW!!!


  30. Galaxy 500

    “If you would introduce a bioweapon, this is what you would get…” Wow, Greg, thanks for having Ed on.
    19 std deviation? Dramatic change. Like an asteroid hitting earth event…

    Also, I work for a company that manufactures stuff and as such, needs people to show up… We are losing a lot of people due to excess absences… at a level the company has NEVER seen. Even in my position, as part of support staff, we lost someone Wednesday due to excess absences. People are sick, people are dying… people were murdered. And they suffered mightily before they died.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, and this is why I got him to explain what he meant by “deviation.” a 3 or a 4 deviation is a huge trend change in and of itself. We are dealing with pure evil that meant to Kill and severely harm people NOT CURE THEM.

  31. Linda

    RE: Martin Armstron’s prediction that excess deaths will level off around 2025. He may be right, but if they keep pumping out mRNA vaxes, I have my doubts. Maybe, there won’t be many people left after the bombs drop. Our overlords just cannot stop with the attempt to start WW3.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t mean to correct you but Armstrong said peak disease in his “Socrates ” program would peak sometime in 2026. We have a long slog to go.


      • sam

        “Don’t mean to correct you “……….Why?….apologies not needed from the Captain…… on your, Ship Captain Hunter….YOU are the Ultimate……What YOU say GOES! …..don’t go soft on us now, Captain!

  32. Alan

    Outstanding segment with Ed Dowd once again Greg, kudos to you both for not backing off one nanometer from reporting on the undeniable and unforgivable/unimaginable horror story the numbers tell. If you are not already endeavoring to do so, I would strongly urge you to try and arrange a segment with Dr. Michael Nehls, MD, author of “The Indoctrinated Brain”. He provides the irrefutable scientific evidence of brain injury & neurological changes brought about by both the unrelenting fear campaign as well as the mRNA assault on humanity worldwide. Tucker recently conducted & posted an interview with Dr. Nehls, the book is even more riveting & frightening re the implications of the internal structural damage inflicted and harm to people’s sense of self/individuality, critical thinking capacity, interpersonal relationships, and more. In many ways, Dr. Nehls presents the neuro-physiological evidence to explain Mattias Desmet’s observations described as Mass Formation as shared in his many interviews as well as his own book “The Psychology of Totalitarianism”. Hope you can have Dr. Nehls on, I believe your audience would get a lot out of it. Thanks again Greg for all you do and have been doing with USAW!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Alan,
      With 700 million CV19 bioweapon vax injections in USA alone and around 14 billion CV19 bioweapon injections world-wide this is the biggest death and disability story in human history. Any so-called reporter ignoring this is no journalist. Not reporting on the real facts is “too stupid to be stupid.”

  33. Arth Grace

    Russia is Destroying Ukraine’s Army and at a Decisive Advantage over NATO
    Larry Johnson 1 hr.
    __________ THEY’LL BE NO WAR FROM NOW ON!
    I advise you to prepare for the surrender of Ukraine! Very soon the capitulation of Ukraine will be the only topic for any international meetings! 7,276 views 2 hours ago
    Unconditional Surrender…once its said. There is no going back.

  34. barbara

    36 and counting
    of my friends, family, and associates
    that have passed since this all began-
    turbo cancers, heart issues, strokes, aneurisms…
    it’s been heartbreaking to witness.

    then let’s talk about the diminishment of people’s mental faculties
    showing up as:
    quick to anger, lack of reason, rude, rage, aggression, loss of concentration, and downright insanity;
    heavy metals, snakeVenom, and bits of theRabiesVirus in vrxxxx
    amongst other nefarious elements
    all contributors.
    God Help Us All.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stay strong, Barb, and thanks for sharing and reporting what you have been seeing.

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      So sorry to hear this.. and just to think.. tribulation hasnt even started- can you imagine what existence will be like when it does? Feel like each day will be hell and you will wonder each night when you try to sleep if you wake up the next morning. So many vectors of genocide- 5G irradiation, chemical attacks by planes dumping chemicals on us (chemtrails), poisoned food/water. And the superinflation rendering many of us unable to keep shelter/food. Plus, a populous that seems to be getting more mentally ill by the day. I can not even partake in culture much anymore- it has become so evil and so much cognitive dissonance. Multi vector warfare

    • Earth Angel

      I’m truly sorry to hear your story barbara. It must be mind numbing to you also, to lose so many people you have been directly connected to in this evil campaign of suffering, torture and death. All of us have been harmed in some way or another even if we didn’t take the deadly jabs. Its hard to fathom evil on this scale. I know a woman whose son in law and his mother died within 5 days of each other after they were vaxxed with the bioweapon kill shots. Her 8 year old grandson lost his father AND grandmother in the same week about two years ago when they were rolling this all out. The child’s mother now a widow with a small boy to care for. They live in Florida. So much heartache; Jesus we pray for Your peace and comfort for all of us and wait for you to wipe away every tear- for there’s an ocean of them.

  35. Colorado Cowboy

    Chemo drugs and radiation are not solutions to cancer.
    Just ask any Naturopathic Doctor.
    The chemo drugs carry surcharges that go directly to the manufacturers which is why they are very pricey but do nothing to cure your disease.
    Medicine is a scam of monetary proportions. Modern doctors are the equivalent of executioners for the pharma industry, elite, and financial companies while Americans die off. And we are in big numbers thanks to Operation Warp Speed and Mr. Trump.

  36. Point Of Know Return

    I’d like to add two more items to be aware of. One is a new phrase in recent obits: “after a period of declining health”. I’ve seen this one becoming more common.
    Also, one thing I did notice early on the in the jab implementation was that people seemed to lack perception of depth and hugged the double yellow line when driving. Hence, this could be a factor in the majority of the vaxxidents. If you look at the majority of the current accidents on the road, it always seems to be the relegated to the driver side front portion of the vehicle. Having been in a vaxxident, the panel truck behind me clipped the rear, driver side of the car as I was stopped at a stop light. When the driver was asked, he said that he had no recollection of what happened. He stated that he momentarily blacked out. This was two years ago.
    The officer at the site of the accident was recording our statements, to which I was on film informing him that he will see more of these, and this is what is known as a vaxxident. God’s hand was on the car, because he clipped the side where the gas tank is. I only felt a slight jostle of the car, yet it was deemed as totaled, due to the damage of the axle to the tire. Because of all the vaxxed people out there, pray yourself up, prior to leaving to go anywhere.
    Oh, and one more thing to note about the vaxxident. It occurred on a busy corner where a new 5G array tower was installed in 2020. Coincidence? Ummmm…no!

  37. Wendy H.

    Lancaster Squadron | “Journey Together” (1944)
    @pingpong5000 4 months ago
    Outstanding, it takes the British to make real war films, WW2 in the RAF, every aircrew member was a volunteer, I am so proud of them all.
    @samrodian919 1 month ago (edited)
    RIP to all those brave volunteer aircrew who gave their lives for our freedom. I wonder if looking down on our society now what they would think of our situation, versus their 55,573 collective sacrifices? Would they think it was sacrifice squandered by later politicians who get us into all sorts of messes? I for one am grateful to all of those brave boys, to have given me a peaceful upbringing, all be it during the Cold War that fortunately never was.
    @wendyhughes8740 3 months ago
    My Grandad was Bomb Aimer in the 149 Squadron flying in Lancasters in WW2. He was an extra in this film waving off the crew in the truck as they went off. I found a newspaper article talking about the lump he had in his throat seeing the film, watching colleagues he would never see again. On his last flight his plane was shot down over Niederbrechen and him and two others managed to parachute down but eventually became POW. He said some things he would always remember, some he would rather forget. A very good film, treasured not only as he is in, but as its wonderfully done.

  38. Karm

    Where is Falsey????????? May he choke on every dollar he’s made off the deaths he has responsibility for.

    • Ken Yu

      Foul Chi is probably in China preparing the next m-RNA vaccine Pfizer already has Trump promoting as a cure for all the turbo-cancers they created with their first Kill Shot!!

    • Don't Squeeze the Sharman

      You mean Dr. Fraudci?

  39. NATO Backed Up

    Putin Winning Indisputably and NATO Will Fall Apart – Israel Faces Huge Challenges | Larry Wilkerson Dialogue Works 8,405 views Apr 14, 2024
    Col. (ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson’s last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02).
    Before serving at the State Department, Wilkerson served 31 years in the U.S. Army. During that time, he was a member of the faculty of the U.S. Naval War College (1987 to 1989), Special Assistant to General Powell when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93), and Director and Deputy Director of the U.S. Marine Corps War College at Quantico, Virginia (1993-97). Wilkerson retired in 1997 and began work as an advisor to General Powell. He has also taught national security affairs at the George Washington University.

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg, another cons-piracy theory that isn’t ?
    Dane should luv this! lol =

  41. Naomi from Israel

    A very sad reality. I would just like to remind people that the tax payer paid for the horrible shots. The same as the tax payer in Israel had to pay for protecting Israeli citizens early this morning, when the Iranians attacked Israel.
    Government has no problem spending our money.

  42. jay schaffrick

    “They” are thinning the herd.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Thinning” that a nice way of saying mass murder.

      • Galaxy 500

        Great Satanic plan. They kill off this that might rise up against them. They have basically damaged the DNA, dumbed down the population before they die and the children born from those that got the shot, if they can have children care this change with them.
        Greg, mass murder is the least of the evil that these people have done.
        PS Thanks for making sure I didn’t get the bioweapon 😉
        Praying for you and our country


        Greg that’s what Henry Kissinger called it. I read the contents of a speech he gave to some large group of Globalists like 20 years ago he said we’ll start giving them injections/vaccines over and over and thin out the herd🐑🐏🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑🐑🐏🐑🐑 🐏🐑🐑 then we’ll use the rest for blood and body parts. I’M NOT KIDDING IT WAS DISGUSTING what a horrible man and Kissinger was the on who picked Clous Swaub for the WEF I know he’s in HELL and it is 🌑 dark there BUT I don’t believe it’s nothingness that to good for these people there’s screaming 😱, torcher, dismemberment, killing, every evil thing they all did here is being done to them over and over and over and over and over again for eternity. SO THAT’S NOT NOTHINGNESS. THAT’S ETERNITY IN HELL. PEOPLE HAVE TO GET A BETTER PICTURE OF HELL THAN NOTHINGNESS.

        • Hell No'WeWontGO

          On Cam: Ukrainian Soldiers Bash Zelensky After Surrendering Before Russian Army In Donetsk / Hindustan Times 18,096 views Apr 16, 2024
          Nine Ukrainian paratroopers from the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade reportedly surrendered to the Russian army near Avdiivka in Donetsk region. The incident, captured in footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry, shows the troops accusing Kyiv and expressing their decision to surrender rather than face uncertain circumstances. This latest development underscores the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, highlighting the complexity and challenges faced by Ukrainian forces in defending their territory for over two years.

    • sam

      they are also “Culling the Herd”

      • Greg Hunter

        Sam as a farm boy we would cull the heard by butchering. They are butchering people.

  43. Daniel

    Brother Greg,
    Thanks for your input. I’m following up on your suggestions. I’m determined not to be poisoned by our former heroes. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to working with Dr. Betsy.

  44. Steve Bice

    The other obvious smokescreen for vaccine harms is the constant publishing of selective data showing cancer rates over time.

    I have seen numerous reports showing rising cancer rates…with the end date for the data set being 2019. On the surface, this seems to be a transparent attempt to normalize increasing cancer rates…before the shots were rolled out.

    In other words, the message is to convince the public it is not the shots, since cancers were already rising. The obvious implication is that there are environmental (food, chemicals, etc.) factors driving the increases.

    One more time, the narrative is designed to protect the interests of big pharma and big government…and prolong the effects on the world population.

    This is no accident…

  45. Nick Leddy

    K-Pop star Kim Park Bo Ram dies from sudden heart attack
    after recieving M-RNA booster shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      She was just 30 years old!! heart attack?? That’d normal?? Yet another, Murder by CV19 Vax!! By the way, OJ Simpson was vaxed too.

  46. Edd

    Hi Greg, another really good show, thank you.
    Just to follow up on the conversation about the media ignoring cancer rates, I came across this a couple of days ago.
    If I remember correctly,it’s from the NY post and saying that the cancer explosion is because young people are ageing faster for some unknown reason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Edd, for your kind words and for adding this.

  47. Michelle

    God bless you for presenting this information. I believe for many it’s becoming apparent that something isn’t right. Just as you and much of your audience avoided this bio-weapon our family too refused the shots. Even though we avoided the so-called vaccine we are still affected by it. My husband developed cancer and needed a blood transfusion of 4 units. Nearly everyone around us is vaccinated and he ended up receiving blood from out of state, from an unknown donors. It was literally life or death if he refused the transfusion. He has since recovered and we have him on a vitamin and ivermectin regimen. We pray daily that he didn’t receive vaccinated blood and that God will spare him. We all are affected by the bio-weapon vaccine regardless if we took the shots or refused them. Thank you for featuring Ed Dowd and other truth tellers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sharing and I just said a prayer to Jehovah in the name of Christ Jesus that your husband does not have any ill effects from the blood he received.

    • Joseph

      Consider this:

    • Ken Yu

      Someone should look up all the people on the jury that set OJ free to see if “Poetic Justice” was also dispensed to them!!

      • Ken Yu

        Under the Demon Rats we have a “Poetic Justice System” that locks up the innocent (like the J6’ers) and allows the criminals who did 9-11 walk free!! Even “our not so bright” savior (Trump) allowed Hillary to walk free (and he is now paying a dear price for not acting responsibly)!! Hopefully Trump learned his lesson and will go after the Deep State this next time around (but I’m not so sure about him doing anything about the Kill Shot) but we can’t have everything in this world!!

  48. FreeMpg

    Western governments must be backstopping insurance companies.

  49. Satoshi Nakamoto

    Seems like the flu branded as Covid and nursing homes kileld off those at or past life expectancy- I saw that 95% of all deaths during the “pandemic” were people 80 years plus- so they were well past life expectancy and in “bonus years” But the shots seem to be killing those younger than Boomer.. the VAST majority of death in Dowd’s cumulative work is 18-55.. now the cancer deaths are heavy 40-55. Yet the cancers for Boomers falling. Qorking in the medical industry, I will tell you Boomers received entirely different batches of the vaccine and boosters than did those under 65. They have separate batches (boxes of vials) for Medicare/Medicaid recipients (aged 62/65 and older) and the younger populations.

    • Ken Yu

      What part of the Medical Industry do you work in? You are stating you actually know which batches are specifically manufactured for killing the old and for killing the young?? Does this mean when we enter a Doctors office he knows exactly which vile to use on his patients (one vile for the 18-55 year old’s to produce Heart Attacks, and a different vile for the 62/65 year old’s to produce Turbo-Cancers)???


        Ken I’m pretty sure there is a website called something like HOW BAD WAS MY SHOT 💉

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not a fan of it. So much more to the shots that this simple data from this site.

  50. Cancer Survivor

    Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
    Proverbs 24:11

    And have mercy on those who doubt;save others by snatching them out of the fire; to others show mercy with fear, hating even the garment stained by the flesh.
    Jude 1:22-23

    Every ingredient in the Exo. 30/James 5:14 anointing oil – made with cannabis, not “calamus,” per the mistranslated NIV – fights cancer, per multiple published studies.
    Yet, cannabis is still federally illegal under President Josef Mengele during this surge in cancer deaths since 2021, and the CDC stopped publishing cancer death rate data since then. This isn’t a Christian turbocancer psyop, it’s an Nazi New World Order Jesuit-led Catholic TurBOcancer experiment, with Pfizer, Bayer/Monsanto, Drumpf & Biden insanely, proudly leading the way in lock step toward depopulation. Cannabis anointing oil is the only thing that stopped glyphosate sprayer-induced cancer from spreading on my TurBO-vaxxed hand last year after one use, which is biological PROOF RoundUp is carcinogenic and that annabis anointing oil is anti-carcinogenic! My own body was the laboratory, and I can confirm that cannabis-cassia-cinnamon-myrrh-olive anointing oil fights cancer five ways. Just schmear it on whereever you have pain, and you don’t get “high” when it is applied through the skin; unlike eating it, which causes your liver to chemically strengthen the THC from Delta-9s t0 Delta-13s, which are much stronger and discombobulating. The Pharaonic Cancer Industry Nazis and their mass murdering minions are cruel and evil to censor this information and to hold back this Biblical anointing oil medicine with the lives of millions of citizens currently at risk.

    Meanwhile, the evil clown show continues…

  51. Galaxy 500

    I know I am preaching to the choir but here goes. Someone asked me what they needed to do. First and foremost, be right with our Lord and Savior Jesus and pray to His Father, our God YHWH. There is so much more that one could do but if you haven’t started, you better hurry

    Minimum needs:
    3 months food and water. By the time everyone realizes things are bad, it will be too late. I recommend 6 months to a year, can veggies, soup, dried beans rice, spam is all cheap stuff all things considered. Readymade Resources has some nice high quality kits. That can be a start and add can goods, rice, beans, Water? Dry Element has a kit you can use to drink rain water or creek water. You can do without food a whole lot longer than water. And you don’t want to drink unfiltered rain or pond water…
    Can you boil water, prepare a meal? Camp stove and 5 or more sealed gallons of fuel.
    Shelter? Roof over head. Can you stay warm in winter? Can you stay dry. Not so much worried about cool in summer but that is really nice…
    Do you have power of your fridge? Lights?
    Have a Bible or Two
    Eyeglasses? Have extra
    Medicine. Start with basic first aid kits. People don’t realize if things get bad, that store isn’t gonna have anything on their shelves.
    Coin of the realm? Something of value to trade. Never trade food unless it’s a last resort. Buy a few half pints or pints of cheap booze every week or two. It going to be in demand. Extra bottle of aspirin will be worth its weight in gold if things get really bad. Cash on hand in small bills. Most people may have a C note stash but what if there are not banks to make change? Silver and gold eagles. Again by the time people realize it’s a good idea to have you won’t be able to get it or afford it. Discount Gold & Silver will sell you a little or a lot.
    Safety? Can you protect your family? A modern sporting rifle 10 loaded high cap mags and a few cans of ammo. 9mm with same. A 22lr… go to range and learn how to use. It ain’t like the movies. Unskilled People don’t just pick up something and successfully defend themselves
    Buy extra ammo every time you see it. In the old west, cartridges were “cash”. Ever heard of a “Shot” of whiskey. Give the bartender a 45 Colt or similar cartridge and you get a glass of whiskey.
    Communication? Not count on our cell phone. Satellite Phone Store. Bivystick anyone?
    There may still be time. Start now and start small. Add to it as you have extra funds.
    I know… ” I don’t have extra ” cancel that stupid Netflix, other silly stuff, downsize and use that for what is gonna keep you alive.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, even 30 days of food for your family will give you breathing room to see what shakes out. To plan.
    And for goodness sakes, don’t brag to people about how prepared you are, what you have stashed… just puts a flashing neon “rob and kill me” sign up when things get bad. And they will get bad. Bad now and only will get worse

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting the 500!!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I bought 5 x 5lbs bags of flour for less than $10. It’s the store brand…who cares. Both all purpose and self rising. I bought several 4lb bags of sugar. Bought salt, pepper and other spices. In the old days these things were worth their weight in gold. I finished by vacuum sealing everything. Can veggies and soup on sale.
        Get it while you can

  52. Desiree D Effner

    Greg and Ed, I’m reading now about the hit Lloyd’s of London took in the 80-90s over the several catastrophes then. What I’m curious now, is how will ANY insurance company survive when the people finally wake up. Seems to me this is asbestos+environmental superfunds times a million. This will lead to so much litigation, we’ll have to find more lawyers to take it on! Wait, no. Not that. There is simply no way to cover all the loses coming. Right?

    • Greg Hunter

      DDE, They don’t survive what is coming.

  53. Joseph

    Consider this:

  54. LoriQ

    Most family members took the poison jabs. One, in particular, took the second jab and her health has begun to decline. It seems, every six months, she is having to deal with a new “health bomb” detonating inside her body. I remember begging her NOT to take the second jab, but she “knew best”. Her and her husband were bragging how they took the jab in one arm and the flu shot in the other. The husband took 5 jabs! Five jabs plus the flu shot, the shingles shot and anything else his doctor directed him to take (many times taking 2 at a time). Ironically, the shots just seemed to preserve him, he has had no medical issues thus far.

    This may seem harsh, but I feel no sorrow for the adults who took them, relentlessly pushed them on those of us who said, “No!”, and tried to threaten us with all types of sanctions (can’t shop, can’t return to college, can’t participate in society, some even wanted us refuseniks executed!) when we refused. The children succumbing to these poison jabs, I feel much empathy for, and pray that those still alive do recover to lead healthy, productive lives. Their hysterical, maniacal parents are to blame, they bear all responsibility for putting their children in harm’s way.

    As for our death care system and our compromised government, industrial, military, big pharma system, all trust in them is gone. The jack-booted bureaucrats who serve and worship the system do not work for, We the people. They work for another entity that is going to rear its ugly head in the next year or so. This entity only wants our deaths – all of us are useless eaters who must be mindful now. We must discern everything that we see and hear, knowing that if something or someone sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.

    Pay attention to the Watchmen on the wall, sounding the alarm. Thank you for doing just that, Greg Hunter. I pray God keeps you and your family under His cover at all times.

  55. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you greatly for having Ed Dowd on again. I never miss a chance to listen to him wherever I can find him. He told Tucker Carlson in an interview that he prayed to God to be of service. May God bless you both.

  56. Operation Warpig

    Evangelicals claim that UFOs are instead demons, not space aliens. It’s been said on USAW many times.

    That makes more sense, after this weekend, because there is now proof that them demons are fighting alongside the Israelies:

    • Ken Yu

      When that Damn Demon Satan was thrown out of God’s Heaven and marooned here “on Earth with the rest of his Demons “it really bothers me” that we Humans could have been considered “acceptable collateral damage” (like that demi-god US Neocon Marilyn Albright considered the killing of 500,000 Iraqi children “acceptable collateral damage to get rid of Saddam, or like the US dropped hydrogen bombs upon a civilian population they likely considered an inferior class, or like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates considers almost the entire human race “extermination worthy”. But Almighty God “obviously had a higher purpose in mind” by putting Satan down here among us Humans, most probably he did it to “strengthen our resolve against Evil”. The time has come (before we are completely exterminated by the Demonic Globalists) for us to show God the Father that we Humans “do have the moral strength to round up all these Demons and put them on a Space X rocket and “Toss Every One Of These Demons Into The Sun” where God could have easily disposed of them years ago. But God the Father either by design or because he is kind hearted (gave them a free pass like Trump did to Hillary)!! Well, we Humans (that God created) have a reputation “for not being so kind hearted” and thus We Can Do what God probably wanted to do years ago “but had a reputation to uphold”!!

  57. re Shelton

    CIA Targeted Alex Jones To Shut Him Up! – Says CIA Agent
    Jimmy Dore

    “Fauci Should Be In PRISON!” – Sen. Rand Paul, Dr. Peter Kory Jim Dore

    “Pfizer LIED About Covid Jabs” – Watchdog Accuses Pfizer Of Promoting ‘Unlicensed Vaccine’ Jimmy Dore & Dr. Peter Kory

  58. James Carter Pillston

    Billionaires are pillaging America. How do we fight back?
    Chris Hedges 186,964 views Apr 5, 2024
    The resurgence of the labor movement in 2023 galvanized and emboldened unions around the country—and sent capitalists scrambling to squash the nascent militancy of their workers. Among the attempts of the billionaire class to retaliate is a major legal challenge to the National Labor Relations Board, the government body that has protected the right of workers to collective bargaining for 89 years. This latest attack on the rights of workers is the culmination of a decades-long assault on the working class in the US, which has been caught between an economic system hemorrhaging jobs and a political system that refuses to address their problems. Les Leopold, executive director of the Labor Institute and author of Wall Street’s War on Workers, joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the full-spectrum assault on worker power taking place before our eyes.
    We must stop jobs from going south of the border and instead bring those workers north of the border, to work for peanuts. To help our peanut farmers!

    The Deep State is Real, Here’s Why it Matters
    Johnny Harris 4.6M views 1 month ago
    Trump was Right, the Deep State is Real

  59. Felix Lietner

    Wow, got a different take on Mike Johnson, concerning FISA and illegal’s voting. How were gonna turn this country around.
    Speaker Mike Johnson: ‘President Trump is 100% with me’
    Fox News 106,981 views Apr 14, 2024
    House Speaker Mike Johnson talks his recent discussion with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, his expectation for the Biden administration’s response to Iran’s attack on Israel and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s threat to oust him.

    • Ken Yu

      Is Trump really supporting House Speaker Mike Johnson 100%?? I don’t think so as Johnson just allowed the Deep State to spy on Trump (and every other American) without a warrant!! The Demon Rats in New York City are clearly out to destroy Donald Trump (and their criminal trial starts today) – every American with half a brain “already knows the outcome” [Trump will be found Guilty and the Demon Rats will imprison Trump on Riker’s Island and then have some inmate kill him like they did to Jeffery Epstein]. When Trump is killed (largely because he failed to imprison Hillary when he had the chance) a Revolution will begin in America (sort of like what happened when they Crucified “Innocent Jesus”). And this Revolution will either tear down our Republic or “Restore Equal Justice For All” (meaning Republican prosecutors will begin to do the exact same thing to Demonrats like Hillary and Bribe’n as the Demon Rats are doing to Trump. Such a Revolution “That Restores Equal Justice For All” is very badly need “right now”!!!

  60. Samuel Chase

    Has anyone heard about the “Patriot Pacification Program” run by US Intelligence?

    It relates to the narrative surrounding Trump, Qanon, White Hats and the alleged “secret plan to save America”.

    Influencers in the Magasphere, with varying degrees of knowledge of the PPP, have promoted the fairy tale of Trump-as-savior as a way to lull Patriots into complacently “trusting the plan” as the Globalists finish America off.

    By the time real American Patriots finally come to realize the awful truth about Trump (he is an absolute traitor who stabbed them in the back), it will be far too late to do anything.

    At this point I doubt Trumpers will ever be able to accept the bitter truth of Trump’s treachery…

    • Rolf Stare

      Sam, It will be far too late to do anything? Your wrong Sam.
      “[Jehovah] is the stability of your times.”​—ISA. 33:6.
      TRAGIC events can change our life overnight. As faithful Trump supporters, we face difficulties and infirmities that are common to all Americans. We may also have to endure opposition or persecution from those who hate Trump. Though Trump or even God himself does not shield us from such hardships, our God does promise to help us. (Isa. 41:10) With his assistance, we can maintain our joy, make good decisions, and stay loyal to him even through the most difficult situations as you mention. God helps us during dark times in our life even though most don’t trust him or even believe in him. We do need to benefit from the help that he provides.
      Sam, have you faced an event that suddenly turned your world upside down?
      When we go through a tragic event, what may we find difficult to do?
      The challenge. When we experience a tragic event, we may find it difficult to think clearly and make decisions. Why? Our heart may be in extreme pain. Our mind may feel weighed down by anxiety. We could feel as if we were wandering through a fog, uncertain which direction to take.
      After the hurricane demolished the Trump presidency and after all that it had accomplished, a lot of the American people felt lost and completely overwhelmed. I felt more than disappointed. I felt a pain that truly crushed me from within. I didn’t know how to function normally anymore. What seemed unbelievable had happened.
      What God does. He promises to give us what the Bible calls “the peace of God.” (Read Philippians 4:6, 7.) This peace refers to the calmness and tranquility of mind and heart that result from a precious relationship with him, not a politician, government or country. This peace “surpasses all understanding”; it is more wonderful than we can imagine. Have you ever felt Sam, surprisingly calm after praying fervently to a higher power or something? When the rubber hits the road, as in a fox hole or the trenches of some God forsaken war torn land, such as the the breadbasket of Europe. Ukraine faces today, where there are no atheists in foxholes and that may be the only feeling of peace you got, “the peace of God.” Ive been there! It’s scary!
      The same passage states that the peace of God “will guard,” or protect, “your hearts and your mental powers.” The original word for “guard” was a military expression and was used to refer to soldiers who guarded a city and kept it safe from attack. The inhabitants of a guarded city slept in peace, knowing that troops were posted at the gates. Similarly, when the peace of God guards our hearts and minds, we feel calm, knowing that we are safe. (Ps. 4:8) As in the case of Hannah, even if our situation does not change immediately, we can still feel a measure of peace. (1 Sam. 1:16-18) And when we feel calm, we often find it easier to think clearly and make wise decisions.
      We can’t get this from the stupid politicians of today getting us into world war. Not even Trump, who promises to end this non-sense if given the chance!
      Facing nuclear annihilation and a nuclear winter of two to ten years if we survive!
      What we need to do. When you are troubled, summon the guard, so to speak. How? Pray until you feel the peace of God. (Luke 11:9; 1 Thess. 5:17) Like, mentioned earlier, a friend wounded explained he and his wife were able to cope when they learned that he had only a few months left to live. He said: “In a moment like this, it is extremely difficult to make decisions about health care and other matters. But prayer has been indispensable in bringing us peace during this process.” He and his wife said that they prayed intensely and repeatedly, asking God to give them peace of mind, a calm heart, and the wisdom to make good decisions. And they felt his help. If you are facing a crisis too Sam, persevere in prayer, and you will experience God’s peace as it guards your heart and mind.​—Rom. 12:12.
      I’m not finished Sam, keep a look out. I’ll be back with more on this touchy subject of our times and hopefully some peace of mind and hope, were not all doomed. Maybe I’ll say something brilliant, lol!

      • Ken Yu

        Rolf – I also believe there is hope for humanity (not because I think Trump will come totally through for us this time around – as his current support for Pfizer’s “new Jab” shows he is not totally on board) but because within “us all” we have a Genetic Inner Moral Code (placed within us by God the Father) “to instantly tell us what is right and what is wrong” (and this Code is in us whether we believe in Jesus/Joshua or in the Black-hole of Nothingness)!! And I believe it is this “God given Moral Genetic Code” that the Satanic Demons “desperately want to change with their JABS”. The Globalists number one priority is to make every human “Into A Corrupt Demon” just like themselves”. An interesting scientific study should be done to see if those who took the Jab are now “More Prone To Rob, Steal and Murder” (and if the results is more then 3 – Sigma (like the deaths and injury’s from the Jab that Dowd has found) we would then have proof of the real goal the Satanists have in mind for those who somehow manage to survive their Kill Shots!!!

  61. Jeffrobbins

    You know who wasn’t early and looked wrong, to spot this catastrophe in the making? This channel/site wasn’t early- USA Watchdog was right on time. And the comments other folks leave are very interesting too, some not so useful, but others are very thought provoking. If you’re new(ish) to this site its a good one to keep as a favorite. There’s a lot more unbelievable news out there where this comes from.

  62. Lawton Hornsby

    Folate isn’t just for pregnant women – we should all be eating more of it to avoid these health problems
    We all know we should be eating a balanced diet, but one vitamin in particular is having an identity crisis. We should all be eating more folate – here’s three recipes to show you how Hannah Twiggs 1 hour ago

  63. Zepadia Magruder

    The Propaganda Fiction of Hope_ of Nuly, Blinky, Sully,
    they’re reputations on the line, they’re desperate and dangerous to world security.
    Miley was on the money, Blinkin wasn’t listening. He listened to fatso Tori…

    Zelensky has Finally Lost it! w/John Mearsheimer.
    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive 29K views 3 days ago
    From the comments;
    “If we DON’T give them $60+ billion they lose. If we DO give them $60+ billion they still lose.”
    Yeah, but if we do give them the $60b it means that when they lose, they also owe us $60b with interest!
    That’s all very well, but won’t somebody PLEASE think of the arms manufacturers? Those executives are struggling to afford a second yacht.

  64. Klaus Fuchs

    THE FIRST CASULTY of WAR is the TRUTH! That’s the Truth!
    ‘Iranian Missiles Hit…’: Tehran ‘Exposes’ Netanyahu’s ‘99% Strikes Foiled’ Claim Hindustan Times 19,783 views Apr 15, 2024
    Claim versus counterclaim over Iran’s strikes against Israel is currently underway. Tehran has dismissed Israel’s claim of resisting 99% of Iranian drones and missiles. Iran has stated that “all hypersonic missiles used against Israel hit targets.” Iran’s Press TV also released a video showing an Iranian missile evading Israeli air defence. The clip shows an Iranian missile not losing track despite being hit by an Israeli projectile.

  65. Roger Markly

    China, Russia Surpass USA: What Happened?
    Fastepo 18,834 views Apr 14, 2024
    China is substantially aiding Russia’s military expansion, marking the most significant bolstering since the Soviet era. This collaboration includes increased sales of critical technology such as machine tools and microelectronics, which Russia is using to enhance its capabilities in producing advanced military hardware including missiles, tanks, and aircraft. These developments have significant implications for the conflict in Ukraine, as they enable Russian forces to be better equipped.
    In this video, we will explore Russia’s military expansion, focusing on the technological support provided by China and Russia’s extensive collaborations with BRICS nations.

    Inside Russia’s Frontline Cutting-Edge Battle Drone Factories
    Patrick Lancaster 52,891 views Apr 11, 2024
    Drone warfare is a form of aerial warfare or marine warfare using unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) or weaponized commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
    In the Russian Ukraine War both sides have utilised drones in combat and for reconnaissance, and drones have played an important role in offensives.
    In the Report I give you an exclusive tour of one of Russia’s Frontline Battle Drone Factories.

  66. Wade Shackleford

    Cat Saves Childs Life, Unbelievable!
    This cat has more sense than most politicians in congress.

  67. W.Shack

    Don’t miss the boat, get a jet-pack!

  68. Sphinxie

    My boyfriend was telling me how his car insurance went up 20% this year and when he called the agent to find out why, the agent said it was because of the increase in car accidents in the past couple of years and how all the insurance products are now losing their shirts. Sadly, my boyfriend still cannot accept the truth, even though I dropped Ed’s name to back up my comment about anomalies in deaths in all age ranges. Thankful for the USAWatchdog community that understands we cannot force the truth on people as hard as it is to stand by. They will see when they are ready to see. Oh, anecdotal report #2: more of the obituaries in the very rural area where I live mention “died unexpectedly” in the narrative. Truly heartbreaking to see when the survivors are young children. We’ve wrecked a generation with fear and outright trauma.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Sphinxie!!

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, have the ‘co-morbidity’ problems leading to earlier deaths been a result of the Food Industry’s LIES and HOW they are Slowly POISONING US… | Calley Means ?

    ALONG WITH THE CURRENT PROTOCOLS…MAYBE MANY PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF THEIR DIETS? and their ‘prescriptions’ that are in conflict with or dissuade the uptake of essential vitamins and minerals. Because many doctors take little to NONE nutrituion courses, they are treating symtoms and NOT the causes that are leading to early disease, diabetes, chronic pain, inflammations, and weakened immune systems…even BEFORE the jabs are taken…
    Might try to follow a few others, Peter Osborne, Lustig, Hyman, Haberman, Rhonda Patrick, and others on You Tube to get some more insight on how to best address one’s health concerns prior and now…

  70. Harley Spangler

    Monday LIVE: World Braces for Israeli Strike on Iran That Could Trigger Next World War — WATCH LIVE
    The Alex Jones Show April 15th 2024
    One of the most accurate analysts in the world, Jack Posobiec, joins today’s broadcast to discuss geopolitical developments in the Middle East, Islamic attacks on Christians in Australia, the criminal trial against Trump and more!
    Tune in & share this link! Today’s broadcast is LOADED with bombshell news & exclusive intel globalists DO NOT want you to hear!

    Watch: Bill Cooper Reveals Israel’s True Purpose is to Usher in World Government April 14th 2024
    “Israel was created as the instrument to bring about…a war that will be so terrible, where nuclear weapons will be used, so that [people] will get down on their knees and beg for no more war,” says ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ author.

  71. H.Spangler

    Watch: Massive Protests Erupt in Japan Over WHO’s Pandemic Treaty / by Jamie White April 15th 2024
    “Our health is being used as a weapon, and now we’re in the midst of a third world war fought with information, questioning whether responsible adults are aware and able to protect themselves accordingly,” says Prof. Masayasu Inoue.

  72. Citizen1988

    Thank you, Greg, for your interviews. There are very few sources keeping people updated on the present darkness we are facing. Grateful for the updates from Ed Dowd and some of your other repeat guests. Real facts, real analysis, without all the sensationalism. Reality is sensational enough! You’re all in my prayers.

    Lots of comments about standing up and pushing back, but truthfully one of the only effective ways to change things is to continue to wake people up. That’s why its critical to share, share, share these interviews and the many others like them.

    Critical mass is necessary to save lives, but sadly, the political outcome is already assured. Stop trying to figure out how to save the country. You can’t save America, but you just might save your neighbor by sharing this information.

    Support people like Greg and his sponsors. I’ve owned a gravity water system for years, but just switched over to Dry Element filters because Greg has earned my dollars and I want to support him and those like him. I will continue to buy DE filters.

    Get local. Find fresh, safe food. The war on food is here already. Know a farmer or be one. Learn to raise, grow, & preserve your food. Start small, but start if you haven’t. Learning how during a disaster is not the time to learn.

    Relocate if you can. Get educated about it. I consider Joel Skousen and his book strategic relocation as the best information on this subject. (But maybe God wants you on the frontlines right where you are at! Prayerfully consider His will, but don’t discount the common sense and rational ability God gave you. Don’t be a victim of cognitive dissonance)

    I also wanted to offer a couple of clarifications regarding our present troubles and those that will come during the prophetic tribulation:

    The current pandemic we are experiencing is not a part of the four horseman of the apocalypse. That will come, for sure, but the first horseman that comes is the white horse with the one who was given a crown to conquer – politically. This is the final Anti-Christ. He may soon be revealed, but this hasn’t happened yet.

    The second horseman to be revealed is the red horse, which is war. This horseman takes away the peace the first rider achieved with his political conquering. It is the third horse which brings famine, and finally the fourth horse, which will be death from war, famine, pestilence and wild beasts.

    What we are experiencing is horrible, but we are not in those final days yet. Read Revelation 6 for yourself. In other words, the four horseman of the apocalypse will be much, much worse. God’s wrath is coming upon all ungodliness. Here is what Jesus said,
    4 “I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. 5 But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!”

    6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before God. 7 Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

    8 “And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man will confess him also before the angels of God; 9 but he who denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God. 10 And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him.” Luke 12:4-10

    I pray for you who know He is the great I AM, that you will align yourselves under Christ in all things; put away worldliness, since Christ came to take away lawlessness. Come fully to Christ. Be the witness we were called to be. I pray God will give you the faith to trust your life and your families lives to His care, and that you trust in His unshakable promises. Why should we fear? Is He not sovereign in all things?

    Thank you Lord Jesus, that though we experience tribulations in this world, you give us your peace. And we can confidently take rest in you, the true sabbath for our souls, because you have overcome the world. Amen.

  73. Susan R

    Ed Dowd was great as usual. This got put up on Zero Hedge also with very interesting comments. Being kicked off you boob was an honor for you Greg, there is less and less there to go after.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan. You are very kind to say this. I wonder how many of the Google/You Tube employees are sick now?

  74. Shiloh1


    Statistically significant increases in age-adjusted mortality rates of all cancer and some specific types of cancer, namely, ovarian cancer, leukemia, prostate, lip/oral/pharyngeal, pancreatic, and breast cancers, were observed in 2022 after two-thirds of the Japanese population had received the third or later dose of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-LNP vaccine. These particularly marked increases in mortality rates of these ERα-sensitive cancers may be attributable to several mechanisms of the mRNA-LNP vaccination rather than COVID-19 infection itself or reduced cancer care due to the lockdown. The significance of this possibility warrants further studies. This article was previously posted to the Zenodo repository server on September 18, 2023.!/

  75. Shiloh1

    Dr Mike Yeadon’s Open Letter to the Metropolitan Police.

  76. Prospector

    While everyone is looking at the Middle East war pending, the WHO is pushing ahead with the sovereignty stealing ” PANDEMIC TREATY “. Late April.

    The WHO’s Road To Totalitarianism

    MONDAY, APR 15, 2024 – 11:40 PM
    Authored by Bert Olivier via The Brownstone Institute,

    Against this backdrop, reflecting on the looming possibility that the WHO may succeed in getting compliant nations to accept the proposed amendments to their health regulations, yields greater insight into the concrete effects this would have. And these aren’t pretty, to say the least. In a nutshell, it means that this unelected organisation would have the authority to proclaim lockdowns and “medical (or health) emergencies,” as well as mandatory “vaccinations” at the whim of the WHO’s Director-General

  77. Cancer Survivor

    And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”
    Genesis 2:16-17 ESV

    “Glyphosate is the active principle of the most widely used herbicides worldwide, so development of glyphosate-resistant plants could have a great economic impact. Its mechanism of action is based on inhibiting the action of EPSP synthase, an enzyme that is only present in bacteria, fungi, and plants, preventing the formation of aromatic amino acids: phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine. Glyphosate displaces the natural enzymatic substrate, phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP), preventing the formation of the EPSP intermediate. Bakhsh et al. modified four potato cultivars for resistance to glyphosate by integrating the bacterial CP4-EPSPS.”

    How many people do YOU know that don’t need amino acids, phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine?

    “Potato improvement through genetic engineering”

    Every ingredient on the [non-organic] McDonald’s menu contains glyphosate-finished wheat and glyphosate-soaked GMO beet sugar and/or high fructose GMO corn syrup, including their beef patties, buns, ketchup, and “go dark” French fries:
    “Although generally seen as an infection in plants, Agrobacterium can be responsible for opportunistic infections in humans with weakened immune systems…”
    Effect of Endocrine Disruptor Pesticides: A Review

    We conclude that glyphosate satisfies at least 8 [of 10] key characteristics of an Endocine-Disrupting Chemical:

    The Bizarre Aftermath of Super Size Me | McDonald’s Documentary (26:51)

    Would you like glyphosate-soaked potatoes & GMO beet sugar French fries with that?

    But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says,

    “Awake, O sleeper,
    and arise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.”
    Ephesians 5:13-14 ESV

    And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.
    Genesis 1:29 ESV


    • Prospector

      Friend , if you wanted to kill off billions of people by starvation to advance insane globalist plans , attacking food plants through chemistry and terminator seeds would do it. It would be foolish to think TPTB – cabal do not see the Great Irish Potato Famine and the like as ” how to ” manual.
      In their own words :

      ” In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. ”
      THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION – Report To The Club Of Rome by Alexander King.

      Pure evil.
      We cannot even comprehend !

  78. Shiloh1

    CDC Gaslights Public On Fatal Clot Shot: Releases Bogus Study To Cover Up Bioweapon Crimes

  79. Kris

    That’s why the are bringing in the illegals 33million people cant work. God help us.

  80. Pete

    I’m grateful to Mr Dowd and Mr Hunter for their incredible work on this subject; however, I find it difficult to be shocked or infuriated. In a sinister sort of way, it all makes perfect sense. Peak Oil (resource limits) > Limits to economic growth > Global Financial Destabilization > Reauired Creation of “Demand Destruction” > Reduce Human Poulation, and the rest is, as they say, hysteria. Easy Peasy.

  81. Slide

    100,000+ MURDERED IN CANADA by Justin Castro and his deadly genocidal bioweapon inoculation. The satanic world economic forum Bootlicker has accepted bribes and payoffs to increase his net worth over 1000% from the day he stole his first “election” using Alex Soros’ rigged “vote counting machines” eight years ago.
    Our police are bribed by Castro obviously because he has not been arrested for crimes against humanity. Canada no longer has “rule of law.” It is a horrible nazi wasteland after this liberal scumbag stole all of his elections and is now canceling all of our rights and freedoms. He lies constantly and is the most hated pos in Canadian history.

  82. byron alblas

    I bought Ed’s book when it first came out. It’s a very well researched and written book. As a grown man it brought tears to my eyes, as you realize that every single person mentioned is now tag on the toe dead.
    This winter it was my vaxxed friend’s and family pointing out to me that us unvaxxed were not catching what they were calling the 30 day cough.
    I can see for myself that I now know much more people who have gotten turbo cancer, (all vaxxed), than people who actually caught what they claimed was covid. Double that are friends and family that are now on disability, again all vaxxed.
    I personally believe that it was started out as incompetence and greed. However the current vax push and coverup is now murder. They know what’s going on and only hide it to protect their bank balances and backsides.

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