Trump Has Declared War on the Deep State – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former “high-level” CIA officer Kevin Shipp says President Trump has “declared war” on the so-called Deep State and the shadow government. Shipp explains, “I differentiate between the ‘Deep State’ and the shadow government.  The shadow government are the secret intelligence agencies that have such power and secrecy that they act even without the knowledge of Congress.  There are many things that they do with impunity.  Then there is the ‘Deep State,’ which is the military industrial complex, all of the industrial corporations and their lobbyists, and they have all the money, power and greed that give all the money to the Senators and Congressmen.  So, they are connected, but they are really two different entities.  It is the shadow government . . . specifically, the CIA, that is going after Donald Trump.  It is terrified that some of its dealings are going to be exposed.  If they are, it could jeopardize the entire organization.”

President Trump’s December Executive Order on “Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” is a major way Trump is turning the tables on the people trying to take him down. Shipp says, “Donald Trump, very wisely, starts out calling it a ‘threat to U.S. national security.’”  That one term brings in the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence agencies, domestic law enforcement and the whole U.S. law enforcement into enforcing these laws.  The amazing thing about the Executive Order is now it extends to foreign persons, foreign organizations and even foreign government officials.  So, this is a national security threat, which means it includes anyone inside the United States or outside the United States.”

The very people that have been attacking Donald Trump are now feeling the Trump counter attack. Shipp says, “They are terrified, they are terrified right now.  They did not expect Trump to do what he is doing now.  The reason they tried to get him even before he was elected is they knew he was uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in there, they would not be able to manipulate him, and that is exactly what’s happening.  There are some people, and there is no doubt about it, that are running scared right now. . . . Donald Trump is questioning the Deep State and the shadow government.  He’s rocking that place left and right.  The news media is terrified of that.  Their editors are telling them to attack him just like they are attacking him from the inside.  It’s just dirty pool because they want him taken out.”

In closing, Shipp says, “Trump s making tremendous progress despite tremendous resistance. They have already done a character assassination on him, and I think they could go further than that. . . . Trump is making progress, and he has them running scared.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Kevin Shipp.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    I knew it!

    I’m also glad but hopeful that we the people don’t suffer too much.

    Thanks Greg

    • A. HALL

      Greg: I knew this also and what he says is exactly what I’ve been told by “you know who”, and it goes even deeper than Mr. Shipp is saying. “Deep state” is exactly what it says, and it is very deep!!
      Great new guest- as usual- good info for those not in the know about what really is going on- as I have told you- people “are living in a total fantasy world- NOTHING is as it seems!!” ie: what this man is saying- the truth!


      • Paul ...

        Until we end the Fed … the Deep State banksters can simply print money out of thin air and give it to the Fake News Media to keep them in business … like they keep their failing banks in business even if every person draws their money out of the corrupt banks and even if every person stops tuning in to the corrupt News Media … to truly collapse the Fake News outfits … Trump must begin to address the Fake “Economic Numbers” by getting John Williams on his team … we will know we truly have begun to put the “Fakers” on the run when we begin to see retired people get a “Real” Cost of Living Adjustment in their Social Security checks!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      At the 29.00 mark in the interview, Mr Shipp made the comment….
      To paraphrase….”how we will know if Trump has been co-opted by the Deep State is to see if he continues to support the Free Syrian Army”

      Sadly if you read the outrageously hypocritical comments in the below link made by David Satterfield [head of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs and acting Assistant SOS], this question has already been well and truly answered.


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        Goodness me…. a member of Congress that doesn’t echo the Neocon narrative and speaks from the heart!!

        …. Greg, you need to listen to what Gabbard has to say about the Iran deal.

        • Frederick

          Colin It’s shocking I know lol Cheers

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Hi Fred

            Yep…. almost fell out of my rocking chair when I saw that interview !!

            Stephanopoulos was as shocked as I was! ….result….yep, immediately cut the interview off….the audacity of this woman…. [not to parrot the Neocon Narrative].

            Nice to know you still breathe that good clear Aegean air!!

      • AA

        Thanks Col

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        I did a small amount of research on Satterfield’s background because quite frankly this creature made the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I watched the hypocrisy of the above hearing.

        Turns out that he was none other than Susan Rice’s senior adviser on Iraq during the Bush regime!
        ….goodness me, what a resounding success that campaign turned out to be….NOT.

        My call….pretty good evidence that this is just another rabid Neocon conducting ‘diplomacy” and probably on about the same level as the despicable Nuland.

        Methinks this is pretty alarming when Trump has appointed him to this vitally important diplomatic position. It looks like business as usual to me and strong further evidence that Neoconservatism still rules when it comes to Washington’s ‘foreign policy’….NB I use this term very loosely!


    • ross

      I like many others lost faith in Trump. I hope this is all true. London Paul backs up Shipp’s claims . The cabal will now do desperate things as witnessed by the Hawaii nuclear scare.

      • Paul ...

        You know … Trump can easily take down the Shadow Government by simply declaring Truman’s EO creating the CIA as being null and void as it is Unconstitutional to give an Agency the power not to abide by the Constitution of the US … the Constitution is the highest law of the land and for a President (Truman) to give an Agency privileges “beyond the highest law” of the land (like for instance the States Secrets Privilege or the Privilege to lie to Congress or the ability to remove a President from Office i.e JFK ) was never in Truman’s power to give … thus this UN-Constitutionally created Agency by President Truman … should be declared illegal and abolished under the highest law of the land (our Constitution) by Trump!

        • Paul ...

          The Agency is like a tape worm that is sucking the economic life and our Constitutional freedoms out of the body politic … we must apply some very strong poison … an Executive Order declaring the Agency “an UN-Constitutional” and therefore an illegal entity will be such poison to have “this swamp worm” release its grip from the intestinal bowels of our Nation!!

        • Silence is Golden

          The question is ….Who coerced Truman into creating the CIA?
          Do you honestly believe he acted of his own volition.
          Trump is no different….he acts on the same principles.
          His EO is about eliminating “Corruption” and “Trafficking” …but in reality it is about removing threats / competition…domestically and globally.
          The Agents of these Satanists are working overtime.
          Control over the global population / natural resources …is at stake.

          • Paul ...

            If Truman was coerced into doing it … it still does not make his action legal under the Constitution … nor was it justified genocide for him to nuke civilian men, women and children without at least making a real effort to have the Japanese government evacuate all their civilians before demonstrating the destructive power of our nuclear bomb!

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'



              What the US did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki was terrorism pure and simple…..there is no other word for it.

              If they were so eager to demonstrate the power and fury of their new weapon then why could they not have done so on an uninhabited island nearby.

              The Japanese were ready to surrender anyway, and this mass destruction of innocent people could have been avoided.

              This is the single most horrendous and disgraceful act of terrorism in global history.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are absolutely wrong and history says so. Maybe New Zealand soldiers should have been forced to lead the chard taking Japan, island by island. I’ll bet you would sing a different tune. You would be speaking Japanese it the U.S. would not have gotten involved in the Pacific war. Enough of the commie/Marxist think. Oh and your Iran Houthie friends are shooting ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia but that OK with the godless globalists???

              • Foley Hund

                So what Japan did to the populations they invaded gets a pass. Apparently, people like yourself would rather be speaking Japanese, or German, or Russian, or some other language of evil empires who have plundered the civil populations. By the way, Imperial Japan was in disagreement on a surrender to the USA. Proof they did not care how many of their civilians died, suffered, or otherwise. Very similar to the deep state cable of our current times.

            • Silence is Golden

              Again you point the finger at Truman for this action …he was following orders….notwithstanding the illegality aspect you refer to.
              Messages are sent to those who do not fall into line (following the Globalists playbook for a NWO)…from the TPTB….a.k.a. those who pull the strings from behind the curtain.

              Regarding the genocidal nature of the act….one has to consider what these so called humans, who have a fixation on their “Superiority”, actually want to achieve….and by what means.
              I call them Satanists….and for very good reasons I might add.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      We all need to pray every single day for Trump. That is so important to help him stay alive and keep him doing this good work.

    • Pao

      Where is our Constitution, this is our Country??? The gov is just an Organized Crime, with pure evils in power… the real power, this monsters, need to be put in jail, is disgusting. Deep state is real and is dangerous and evil .

  2. Reynolds Wrap
    Were in the middle of the Second American Revolution!
    Why we fight the mockingbird brained media stooges.
    It’s all here, this guy is brave. One of Francis Marion’s [Donald Trump’s] men,
    in this second time of American revolution! Were under fake new’s assault, of Mockingbird shadow Maddow’s deep state handler’s.!
    We want J U S T I C E !/ Justice with Judge Jeanine 1/13/18 |
    25 Things You Might Not Know?

    • Charles H

      Dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and revolution: it never changes. Such cycles are universal to humanity; but then only the worst of humanity purpose to take advantage of such conditions.
      Before stirring the pot of death and destruction – give us a real name; not some pithy suggestion. Otherwise – the Net is a big playground; and other sandboxes can be played in. Francis Marion used “scorched earth’ tactics against the Cherokee. Bad reference.

      • Ray

        Hey Charles,
        You mention “only the worst of Humanity purpose to take advantage of such conditions”.
        You are correct, sir.
        I will go further…..,,,,CIA = The Worst Of Humanity.
        Their sole aim is the continual subjugation of the entire planet to further the interests of a morally broken nation (no offence to those Americans who are “awakened” to the situation as it stands)
        Karma will come a’callin……..AND THAT RIGHT SOON.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Reynolds Wrap

        Before stirring the pot of death and destruction – give us a real name; not some pithy suggestion. Otherwise – the Net is a big playground;
        Your argument is with Mr.Disney, Chuck, not me!

        Karma will come a’callin……..AND THAT RIGHT SOON.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.
        Raymond it’s come! In the name of Donald J. Trumpster to drain the swamp sir, in that American dumpster, Washington D. C. sir!
        and Chuck,
        p.s. My prison mates gave me that name back at Folsom

      • Rebel Yell

        Charles if not for men like Marion you’d be speakin British today.

        • Charles H

          I get your point… but we both speak English. Marion – the father of special forces. Even Eisenhower fought and dispelled the Bonus Army from Washington; then after WWII became president. Most issue have a bigger picture than one, focused point. The question is – who looks for the bigger picture?

  3. T.Bone Pickens

    You think it’s bad down here on Earth,
    take a little trip down memory lane.


    • Paul ...

      Mankind’s search for “limitless energy” is over … no need for nuclear reactors that have polluted our oceans with radiation and created nuclear weapons of mass destruction … no need for oil, coal or gas and an energy cartel that has prevented our economic freedom and subjected us to “energy slavery” for profit … the Rockefeller’s have sold off all their energy stocks … the Saudi’s are selling off theirs … in a few years “silver” will provide all the energy the world needs with the help of sunlight, water and nickel … every man and women in the world will be able to produce their own fuel to heat their homes, run their cars, etc., etc. … by using a silver cathode and nickel anode in some ordinary water with electricity generated by the silver in solar panels … water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen gas and used as “an unlimited and cheap fuel” to power our entire world … as God intended when he created his elements … so everyone needs to buy some silver now “while it is cheap” (and save those “nickels” in your pocket) and you, your family and loved ones will be economically secure on this Island Earth “that God supplied with limitless energy” and that the Satanists have held back from humanity for far too long!!

      • Frederick

        Paul Looks like it’s time to get some more silver brother The dollar is in deep doo doo and it looks like it may continue

    • Matties

      Memory lane…

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    The Intelligence Committee needs to call out those FISA court judges. They need to be questioned out in the open. It’s a crime to “lie” to an FBI agent (even if they lied to you first) but it’s apparently ok with the FBI if they lie to federal judges to get warrants. The blatant abuse of national security to conceal crimes must be dealt with.

  5. dachsielady

    @ 2:07

    “…the DNC paid somewhere in the area of twelve million dollars to a former intelligence officer, if there is such a thing…”

    Are you not a “former intelligence officer”, Mr. Shipp?

    Once CIA
    Always CIA

  6. al

    As you know I have no TV, I just upgraded to a 60 inch flat screen Internet monitor others call a TV. The very first multicast was your weekly news wrapup and my Wife and I watched it with a smile.
    My Brother in law said FOX (in the hen house) NEWS was making a big deal about this “S— hole” comment. He was upset about it because it was so blown out of proportion. I believe it was Roosevelt who was known as a terrible potty mouth. If that’s all the lame stream media has then they are toast. Yes, FOX too. Shame on FOX!

    Greg you astound me with your pick of interviews time after time. Awesome journalism! Bless you and your Family and please consider widening out and getting some other similar minded reporters under your network. Maybe you can have a comedy relief section of your multicast with Matt Lower. (I purposely misspelled it )
    Stay warm.

  7. JC

    Top shelf interview !
    One thing the Clinton Foundation is not closed down completely. Otherwise this interview should be put inside a documentary.
    To donate to the corrupt Clinton foundation

    • Dave

      Re : Clinton Foundation

      I just called and was unable to donate (NOT!) to the foundation. Spoke to receptionist live, and got the run around several times, as I made considerable effort to submit donations over the phone via credit card (again NOT!)……it appears, for all intents and purposes, “closed for business”.

      • JC

        Good one Dave.

  8. Jerry

    We are living in uncertain times. According to my sources (which can’t be confirmed) the supposed attack on Hawaii by the Deep State was an attempt to trigger a war with North Korea and stall a coming global currency reset.

    I also find the timing of a sinking Iranian oil tanker off the cost of China a bit suspicious also given the launch of the petroleum benchmark by China this week. Could it be coincidence? Maybe. But when it comes to a desperate deep state, anything is possible. Lets not forget that the criminal central banks and the deep state are joined at the hip in this Ponzi scheme.

    • Charles H

      Technology has shrunk the world too small for coincidence, anymore.

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – I agree that the Hawaii Nuclear attack broadcast was purposeful … My question was it a left wing nut trying to cause a panic or is the answer buried in a deep quagmire? I give it a 80/20 odds it is buried in the deep quagmire (D-state). Per the Iranian ship sinking, sure a lot of ships colliding over by China. How many High tech US navel ships loosing control? I think it is up to three. The Iranian ship sinking … definitely not a coincidence!

  9. Roger

    The PTB have Trump right where they want him, thumping his chest and taking credit for the stock market and fictitious economy. They can pull the plug anytime now that they have their scapegoat in place. The people will turn on Trump and conservative values (which have been cleverly linked in the simple minds of Americans) in a heartbeat.

  10. IVAN

    Donald Trump Cyrus Messiah in bible code Glazerson

  11. daniel turner

    Treason gets you a lot worse than jail right ? If so the treason’ts are fighting for their lives. I hope they get what’s coming to them but the corruption is so deep and widespread I have doubts they will, not in this world anyway. Even the constitution has been corrupted. Hard to prosecute such a huge undertaking when in the middle of a major war or investigating a (false flag) horrible “terrorist attack”. We are talking about pure evil and I have no doubts they would try to pull off one or both.

  12. Diane

    The deep state always turn the truth to lies.
    The Luciferic inversion.

    • Diane

      Wow, Greg
      I just tried the link to Kevin’s site…blocked twice with unsafe website warning!
      I’m on Google.

  13. Tad

    Countries and buildings are built from the ground up. One could hope lower level underlings within the CIA directorate might supply info to Mr. Trump and Mr. Sessions for which they would received personal security from the military.

    I don’t see it happening any other way. I’m not sure CIA computer
    systems can be independently hacked without the alleged hacker risking his or her life.

    • Madi

      I tried to log in with DuckDuckGo and brave and it was unsuccessful too.

  14. BHLiberty

    Wow …. Thank you Mr. Hunter for this incredible interview! Mr. Shipp said more in one interview than any news show can disclose in one month (or a year for that matter)! I always felt that President Trump was under tight security but never as much as any president before this! The fact that he has the Military, Secret Service, and his own private detail says much about how much danger he is in. In my humble opinion, Trump is doing God’s work for the people and I pray that he and others, can finally put an end to the corruption as we know it in DC! Again, thank you!

  15. Lauren

    Great interview, Greg. The lingering question that you did not followup with your guest is the same one. Where is Jeff Sessions?, and what is he doing about any of this and who pressured him to recuse himself?

  16. Larry G Carter

    Greg, Your guest skipped over the fact that a supposed charitable organization like the Clinton Foundation, before they can shut down a charitable operation, must put forward a complete final financial accounting for all incoming money and out going funds. If that
    financial statement were done, it would for sure be the down fall of the Clintons.

  17. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    here is another great interview with Catherine Austin Fitts…

    Catherine Austin Fitts former assistant secretary of housing… around 10:00 mark they discuss Oprah’s business of “the story of I am good”. How the private prison scam started via the Clinton’s & company with the blessing of Wall street. “Obama and Oprah’s pretty faces” helped get black people short changed to help move in the Hispanics. The 21 Trillion + gone missing is an engineering financial coup during the previous few administrations. 15:30 mark culminates with how they let their black brothers and sisters go down the shoot.

  18. Charles Turner

    One of the best interviews ever. The only downside was it was just 40 minutes. I suspect that he could have spoken for hours. I hope people like Sean Hannity pick up on this guy and he gets more coverage, because he needs to be heard in the mainstream. Please invite him back on a regular basis. He has knowledge, can provide context and presents it in a such a simple way.

  19. Brian Marsh

    I’m concerned that I have heard a number of times that the Clinton Foundation shut down after Hillary left office. However, when you visit their website it looks like it is alive and well with upcoming events. What to think?

    Brian Marsh

  20. Russ

    Great interview, good information. Kevis Shipp is a good candidate for a repeat in about 6 months.

    I don’t know how deep the Deep State really is; I have a gut feeling that the Deep State players are few but in positions to make things happen and influence non-Deep State actors. Comey and a few associates, John Brennan and a few associates … and then there’s the media, leftists with an ability to influence by pushing one set of opinions and suppressing others. If all you ever hear/read is the MSM and you never hear/read an opposing view, of course you would think and truly believe everything the MSM says about President Trump is true and the Trump Dossier is a legitimate, factual intelligence document — nothing could be further from the truth, but you’d have no way of knowing.

    There are people who know, but many are scared of being “Seth Rich’d”, so they stay silent. IMO, there’s a reason that all of a sudden Julian Assange is apparently being moved to Switzerland. I recently received an email which spelled out the logistics and if true — bombshell when it goes down. If this does happen, a lot of folks who are too scared to talk today, may come out of the shadows. Film at 11…

    • Russ

      Apparently Julian Assange has already been moved (past tense) “offshore”. Dr Dave Janda (of USA WatchDog fame) has a YouTube out that discusses a soon to be released DOJ IG report and the news on Assange …
      “THE STORM Hits January 15”

  21. eddiemd

    I wonder what his opinion is concerning the false alarm in Hawaii. Should we expect a false flag on the west coast? Maybe Long Beach? Japan?

    Here in Arizona we have endless DACA media coverage. It is a smoke screen covering up larger issues. It should not be linked to the budget. It was illegal to start with. Obama’s end around the congress.

    We have the far left green party candidate masquerading as a democrat Krysten Sinema running for Senator Jeff Flake’s position against USAF fighter pilot McSally next November. Sheriff Joe is going to run; still stating that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery (which I believe to be true). Maybe that will be one of the truth bombs this year; Obama was foreign born and unqualified to be president. That will really trigger the left snowflakes. Add that to the Trump Derangement Syndrome along with Hillary in an orange jumpsuit. We can only hope.

    I want to see Comey doing a perp walk along with the rest of the criminals in the DOJ, IRS (Lerner), State Dept, and FBI.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, He was unqualified, alright…birth certificate had nothing to do with it. His mission, and he chose to accept it, was to cripple the USA. Through debt, illegal immigration, the “deal” with Iran, his phony redlines, coddling and promotion of radical Islam, and shameless pandering to his base, he largely succeeded. Actions have consequences. Best always. PM

      • Paul ...

        Can someone explain to me why the “deal” that keeps Iran from developing nuclear weapons that can counter Israel’s strategic nuclear weapons is bad?? … are you “for” Iran to begin building nuclear weapons??? … looks to me that trashing this deal is a psyop by the warmongering neocons so as “to dilute the power Israel” which currently is the sole nuclear power in the region … remember these same guys “against the deal” gave N. Korea nuclear weapons so they could sell their anti-missile missiles to S. Korea and Japan … seems to me they want to make Iran into a nuclear threat so they can sell their anti-missile missiles to Israel and Saudi Arabia!!

  22. Paul ...

    We have been “blessed” with Donald for the “love of freedom” … perhaps I’ve been to harsh on the Military for standing down on 9-11 when America was attacked by traitors “within our own government” if what Kevin says about the Military now supporting Trump … funny how all those FEMA Camps the neocons set up to imprison us Patriots will now likely be used by Trump to lock up the pedophile drug running traitors and use the RICO laws to take their illegal money away … and Homeland Security will likely be used to make sure we have a fair election in 2020 (by requiring ID and eliminating dead people from the voter rolls … probably the reason the CIA won’t release the rest of the JFK files is because it will show that JFK’s body was replaced in the morgue by the police officer (supposedly shot by Oswald that same day who looked exactly like JFK) so the autopsy “bullet wound photo’s” would show the bullet to have come from behind (when in fact the back of JFK’s head was blown away by a bullet from the front) … what is probably most embarrassing to the Agency is likely the fact that JFK’s body was never buried under that eternal flame at Arlington Cemetery! … if the CIA refuses to release the documents I guess Trump can always ask to have “JFK’s body” exhumed and do a DNA test on it!!

    • William Stanley

      Paul …
      Here are some videos supporting your assertion of a front entry wound. One is by someone who claims to have seen autopsy photos, one an interview of the admitted grassy-knoll assassin in prison, and one by a Green Beret who refused the assignment to assassinate a doctor at Bethesda Naval Hospital who saw the body. The doctor later died at the hospital by what was ruled a suicide. However, he was left handed and his bullet entered the right side of his head, which is inconsistent with suicide.
      The video recreations of the Zapruder Film seem to focus on the “magic bullet” theory and, in my opinion, do not disprove the second gunman theory, especially in light of other evidence.

    • John


      JFK was shot from the back and multiple recreations of the event confirm this. You just can’t look at the head wound and say because the parietal and occipital bones were blown out that the shot came from the front. You have a recording of the event aka the Zapruder film and it clearly shows brain matter and bone being blasted upwards and forwards with great velocity- this would not have happened on a frontal shot. In addition, there was no angle for a frontal shot. You have to know the area where this happened – I was born in Dallas and my mother and father were there when he was shot. I have the papers from the event and the school book building depository was always the suspected source of the shot. Furthermore, if the lethal shot came from the grassy knoll then the other side of his head would have been blown out and Jackie would have been hit as well. I am not saying that there was not a conspiracy but for people to think that the head shot was from the front do not understand ballistics and the amount of energy that hit the back of his head from the 6.5 x 52 mm carcano round and the resulting pressure wave within his head. The pressure wave is directed up and forwards – not to the rear and the Zapruder film confirms this.

      • Paul ...

        John … I didn’t say the fatal shot came from the grassy knoll … look at the Zapruder film once again … when the bullet that blew his brains out entered his head it pushed his head backward … scientifically impossible if the bullet entered from behind!!

        • john

          But you forget that he had a back brace on and there was no further forward movement that his body could go after the first shot to the throat – he was already as far forward as he could go – and he WAS leaning forward and to the left with his hands to his throat – almost in a decorticate posture. The shot to the head with its movement backward is a recoil as the energy had to go somewhere as the body had no more ability to move forward. You have to take the whole Zapruder in its entirety and not parse out the data that does not support a particular position. For example, the head snaps backward yes but brain and blood material are forced upwards and forwards despite the car moving forward! Also, there was no bullet hole through the windshield and the left side of his head was not blown out nor was Jackie hit – all going against either a frontal shot or one from the side. Sorry, the shot that hit his head came from the rear – proven by several forensic recreations using lasers for trajectory analysis and specialized ballistic gelatin simulating brain tissue – results of which give similar results seen on the Zapruder film.

          • Paul ...

            So what you are saying John is that the bullet that entered his head from the back did not blow a hole out of his face and squirt brain matter out his eye sockets but simply pushed him forward and his back brace acted like a spring to push his head back?? … what Zapruder film are you looking at??? … the bullet that entered the front of his throat was a classic Mafia execution … they wanted JFK “to know he was shot” … before hitting him with the fatal head shot … you better re-look at the Zapruder film again … JFK was leaning forward “before the head shot” (he was not pushed forward by a head shot to the back of the head as you claim) … it is very clear in the Zapruder film it was a head shot “from the front” that pushed his head back (not his back brace)!!!

            • Silence is Golden

              Not Mafia Paul…
              This is the work of the Freemasons.
              Location of the Execution and style of Execution are the telltale signs.
              You are on the right track though….more than 1 shooter and a frontal (Head shot).
              Read my link in post below..I think you will enjoy it.

          • Silence is Golden

            So why was the front windshield of his limousine replaced ?
            Was the hole ….such a NON-ISSUE….blowing the lone gunman theory out the door ….!!!
            According to the Scottish Rite…there should have been 3 shots….
            1 in the Shoulder
            1 in the Neck
            1 in the Head.
            Here is a good account of what transpired.
            The best witness …the Windshield !!

    • William Stanley

      allen ols: That was incredibly interesting. Did someone say that Bill Holter has a source confirming this? If so, I can’t wait until Greg has him on again!

      • allen ols

        The interview was by Dave janda/Bill Holter then offered the info, reluctantly, and said a source of his in Canada, who has dealings/contacts in Bangkok, confirmed it was so. I am sure Janda/Holter will come out later and offer more info.

        I am listening to John MacArthur/Erwin Lutzer , both of which have preached in their, openly declaring Gods Judgement is coming to America. Go to 8:25sec. on this site.

  23. Julia

    Thanks for the interview which is the most creditable source on what is going on within the government. Sounds like there are more White Hats the I thought. I wish there was something We the People could d0 to help clean the government up. Maybe its just a little to early in the process. Hope he will be back.

    • AJ

      The guvernment is us, We the People should also do our part and not expect everything from the government.

  24. Jared

    I’m just very worried President Trump will end up like President Kennedy, he was the last person to try and rock the Deep State boat and we all see what happened to him.

  25. Lore

    Everything changed when Trump took office. Look at all the people behind bars.

    • Occasnltrvlr


  26. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: You’ve given us an enormous number of incredible interviews. This was among the very best. It took us much further into the depths of corruption, especially in the intelligence services, especially the CIA.
    It was encouraging and dismaying at the same time. It was encouraging that Trump is making so much progress against such deeply entrenched opposition. It was dismaying that Mr. Shipp is pessimistic that the top echelons of CIA can be brought to justice. That leaves us with the question whether the CIA can be reformed, or whether it must be closed down altogether. In my opinion, it must be closed down altogether. Then we should rely on our other intelligence agencies. Of course that is a drastic step but, I think, the rot is so deep and widespread that it is necessary. Sadly, however, the other agencies also need thorough housecleanings and/or reorganizations to properly function going forward, especially at DEA and ATF. The Federal Reserve, unfortunately is also corrupt, and it’s legitimate functions need to be transferred to Treasury.
    The Department of Justice, including the FBI is key: if it can be sufficiently cleaned up, we can win this war, even if many miscreants escape justice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William for your Comment and your $upport!!! You are very kind on both fronts.

    • Charles H

      Mueller needs to go.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let me finish your statement . . .TO JAIL for TREASON.

        • jc


        • Arthur Barnes

          Comey needs to go first, then Mueller, then maybe the other FBI’s agents may think about returning to law & order not politics.

        • Frederick

          Greg I thought death by firing squad was the penalty for treason

        • Paul from Indiana

          Hillary and Comey first. Best always, PM

        • Charles H

          Dog-gone – did I laugh hard reading your finish!

  27. Ross Herman

    Wow! What an interview! Such a great new source!
    The world is waiting to see if Hillary ever goes to jail
    Thanks Greg!

    • AJ

      Hillary for all her faults dedicated all her life to public service.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hill and Bill used their public position to get rich while pretending to care. End of story.

      • Frederick

        AJ please you are giving that monster WAY too much credit

      • Charles H

        Hillary dedicate all her life to USING public service to enrich herself, and power. BIG difference.

      • Paul ...

        Yes AJ … Hillary dedicated her entire life to serving “vice” to the public!!

  28. McKonica

    Great interview with a great guest.
    I was disappointed that you skittered past the Q Anon topic. Given that Mr. Shipp is former CIA, I would have liked to hear his opinion about the Q posts. You have been very clear about the Q phenomenon…paraphrasing, no sourcing / no reporting at USAWatchdog. Fair enough! My take, the Q-thing is fizzling. I did appreciate his direct statement that the U.S. Marines landing at CIA HQ in Langley, VA was not true. We live in interesting times.

  29. Diane Carol Mark

    Hi Greg,
    This is a very important interview, and surely one of the most important you’ve given since the launch of your site several years ago. I’m sending out prayers of protection for all involved. The powers of darkness have wormed their way like parasites into our world. Harming children is one of the most heinous crimes a “human” could commit.
    Please take care,
    🙂 Diane

  30. Mike R

    Sadly, sounds like there are only two outcomes here. Trump either wins, or he get’s Kennedy’d. I doubt there is anyone as ‘bad ass’ as Trump who’d be willing to even attempt what he is doing. And he might actually succeed. For the people, of the people, by the people. Long Live Trump !

    • Charles H

      Yup! I see it this way too.

  31. Jerry

    Four more days and we’ll see what impact the Petro Yuan will have on the Petrodollar.

    Please forgive my analytical mind, but I think we’re about to find out a whole lot more about these petroleum contracts than just trade. For example: Why would China want to take a dump in their own financial mess kit by sticking it to us? What’s in it for them? And better yet who’s backing this launch? The Saudi’s? The Russians? The Iranian’s? Venezuela ? Who knows? But I find it particularly interesting that the globalist have keep this this story virtually unreported for over five years for a reason.

    • Jerry

      Could this be why the Chinese are fiddling with the Petrodollar?

      Who knows, but true to form the Chinese appear to be readying themselves to rush in and fill an economic void. In this case it could be the dollar and the euro both which technically are tied to the petrodollar for trade. Can you say replacement?

      • Mark Maples

        Nothing will happen in 4 days Jerry.

        Same as it ever was

      • Charles H

        Why trip a stumbling man? The financial “race to the bottom’ is like watching kids run down a sand-dune. The one who backs-off survives.

      • AJ

        everybody …even a diplomat … is a money expert these days. incidentally none claims to be a pilot on a plane.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the signal we’ve been looking for.

      China is injecting huge amounts of currency into the ECB for a reason. Hint. Three years ago China bought the largest gold vault in Europe which just happen to be in Frankfort. London and New York are the other two locations. The writing is on the wall.

  32. a. bona, m.d.

    just viewed jfk autopsy photos at they are horrific.

    • Greg Hunter

      Links please?

    • Chip2 is a click-bait trap.

  33. Bondo

    Great interview sir.
    I wish President Trump could get rid of the CIA cabal. They are the worst.
    Lady Justice has been raped and pimped out on the streets. Things are so rotten I don’t know how it can possibly go on much longer. Maybe the military will have to play a role.
    Thanks for all your work and information. You are one of only a very few websites I visit anymore.

  34. Mohammad

    Very interesting how his compus to know Trump’s allegiance was Syria……..How long I have been saying this on your site Greg? Syria is the deciding factor in the world’s equation.

    Here is what every one is missing and been blind to, it is the same play book, same scenario, same director , same producer, just different actors and different stage.
    Nothing good is coming from this war on the deep state, if the deep state is to sink it will sink the whole country with it and US is no more, only fractions and pieces here and there and nothing to be euphoric and happy about.

    Listen to me and realize they are playing you all out with this.
    What does it take you to see?

    So Trump now is the savior?
    I can tell you right now it is civil war II he is after with this reckless declaration of war on a competent powerful deep state.
    You are all played
    You are not learning the lessons from Middle East that is unfolding in front of your eyes.
    What can I say more.

    Time will tell.


    • Frederick

      Mohammad Did you actually write “ competent” deep state? That makes you sound troll like sir Be careful with your wording please

      • Mohammad


        i meant exactly what i said, competent in what they do is true. they ran the country since the coupe de tat on JFK and since then their roots got deeper and deeper underneath the house of USA, if you unroot them ( if you can) you will unroot USA upside down, it happened in Syria, so far they could not unroot the Assad and the whole country got unrooted, same will happen here.


    • sk

      Can you be a bit less cryptic, mysterious, veiled , indirect? Repeat what you said in clear, short sentences in simple English. Thanks.

    • Charles H

      It is called “the Apostasy”, doctor. The Evil One pulls the strings through all human history, to infiltrate and corrupt – little changes. And we certainly are heading toward a conclusion.

    • tin foil hat

      Caspian Sea or Eurasia, is the deciding factor in the world’s equation, not Syria. Hence, the New Silk Road would connect China to Europe through Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey ….

      Trump is the savior unless you want the U.S. to remain the world’s sole superpower at all costs.
      There may be a Civil War II only if he were JFKed.
      Time will tell.

      • Mohammad



      • Tin foil hat


        Tin Foil Hat

  35. Susan

    WOW. I know this stuff was all going on in the seventies. Let us all pray for President Trump daily! Seriously, it is the best thing we can do for our country as our families.

  36. Christine Marais

    Many people agree with Kevin Shipp. Tom Horn is one of them.
    When so many observe and see the same thing, can they all be wrong? The more President Trump does and the harsher the attacks against him. That, in and of itself, would tend to lead credence to the fact that the deep state is… losing ground. It might get ugly for a while but it will get better. I am convinced of it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Christine! Good link and sound analysis!!!

  37. John M.

    Another great interview Greg.
    This interview just strengthens my suspicions that the Deep State and/or Shadow Govt will have to resort to doing anything within their power to cause enormous amounts of chaos on a massive scale.
    If they can collapse the economy with many of the bad guys in charge of the financial system, then they might do that.
    If they can use an EMP or a computer hacker to shut down the energy grid and national computer system, they might do that.
    If they can detonate a nuke or nukes in a false flag terror event to start a big war, then they might do that too.
    Pres. Trump is a courageous man to take these people head on. It’s like the cinematic Mad Max Thunderdome: Two Men enter, and only One Man leaves.
    We must pray for our brave President, and America!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John!

  38. rwmctrofholz

    Stay focused. Is it possible that the mainstream media is self destructing on purpose so the case for a state run media in the United States seem more acceptable? Question everything.

  39. Mike M

    Can’t post the truth a$$#@!3? You’re one #$#@#ing idiot that hopefully won’t be around much longer.
    (This is Greg Hunter. This is why I do not post your comments. I blocked the curse words with characters so people can get how foul you are. Oh and I’ll be around longer that any paid troll anonymous commenter.)

    • FC

      MM, did a rubber band snap inside your head?

  40. gregd

    Perfect guest, perfect interview. In fact, it’s a blockbuster interview. It should be the biggest story on tv news stations and in the papers. But they would rather talk about shit hole countries. Perhaps Haiti wouldn’t be a shit hole country if the Clintons gave Haiti the money people sent in for them.

    • Bondo

      Haiti is a hell hole because they worship the devil.
      We’ve been throwing money at them for decades

  41. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, I’m currently reading “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot. What a sad and horrifying book to read about the evil Allen Dulles who headed the CIA and killed JFK. I just can’t listen to anyone from the CIA even those who have repented like Mr. Shipp and Ray McGovern. They can take their apologias and put them in a sack.

    Right is right and wrong is nobody and if these CIA guys couldn’t figure that out before they joined the CIA; then, to hell with them.

  42. Silence is Golden

    As POTUS….Trump remains an employee of the Establishment.
    He was elected by a Board of Directors and his given mandate is to steer the ship in a predetermined direction. He cannot deviate from that path.
    There are (and always have been) agents working for the various factions …all vying for control (OF THE MASSES).
    The Deep State (aka the Military Industrial Complex) is but one appendage of one of those factions …..that being the Vatican. Thats where Trump’s true allegiance lies (as with all past Presidents).
    The Alphabet Agencies and working groups that litter the globe (aka the Unelected Government)……represent another faction. The invisible government use the tactic of hiding in plain sight….their chosen weapon is …INFORMATION.
    It would be remiss to omit the third faction …the International Bankers.
    The “Corruption” is unfathomable….as is the Power and Control vested in the Ruling Elite.

  43. Tom

    Do you think you could get Ben Swann on for an interview? I would imagine that would be quite an interview. He was definitely onto something. Evil cannot stand up to daylight and he was getting really close.
    Thanks for all your hard work


    • Paul Anthony

      SO Silence is Golden ..

      This Board of Directors goal was to make main stream media full of crap leading to its eventual demise? Put out an all out attack without any evidence against the President that he is Evil, Racist, Degrades women, Hitler clone, who wants to be a dictator. Then they are going to pass a tax plan that takes less from the middle class and more from the rich . Then the boards goal was bring back jobs to America. While doing all this they had plan to continue to keep the country divided by lies all while behind the scenes “Making it Great again” while the constant 24/7 of every second of every day is nothing but bash Trump. This is the boards plan all along – to have things going just like they are now? Or maybe he jsut want suppose to win and “They” (the white show boys club) hate him and would love to see him vanish .

      Guess what my opinion is of this so call Board of Mysterious directors.

      • Silence is Golden

        Ignorance, Arrogance and Denial are your issues….not mine.
        Unfortunately I suspect you will play follow the lemming crowd and be lead to the slaughter like the majority.

      • Silence is Golden

        Are you not aware of Trump’s true agenda ?

        His is to advance the Globalists interests/plans…..not those of the American Citizenry. In 1 year of presidency what has he done to remedy the plight of the lower and middle classes, to rectify the Depressionary Unemployment levels….”bring back Industry and Jobs”….to “make America great again” stimulate the economy……to “build a Wall”…to “Drain the Swamp…(that is Washington)”….NADA…..NIL…..ZERO……!!! Its all rhetoric until there is actual material evidence.
        The Tax Plan is a fabricated LIE. It services the needs of the Multi-Nationals…whilst impoverishing the other 99%.
        In fact….he has done more harm than good in creating ill-feeling amongst the world leaders and isolating the US from its trading partners.
        His soon to be expanded protectionist policies will in time create Trade and Economic Wars that can only lead the Nation down the path of destruction and War (on a global “Fighting” scale). Does that not sound like advancing the interests of the War Machine….the Military Industrial Complex. The same ones who have shown tremendous support for POTUS. You believe POTUS is not aware of the Black Budgets…the syphoning of money from the American Public’s purses?
        What has he done to plug that HOLE ?

        Don’t expect any deviation or change of trend from POTUS either.
        If you are so blinded as to not see the real POTUS…..then you are not observing. Crticial thinking is what is required to interogate the information that lies bare in front of you.

        Attacks on Trump are from those whose interests are not being protected or preserved….or are being threatened.
        The MSM is the propaganda machinery of the invisible government.

        Recall if you may….to a time prior to the election…when the alt media was littered with gross manifestations of criminality….crimes without punishment. None of which was taking traction in MSM. Was there not a swelling of public interest in such matters with a surge in sentiment against all things government/judicial.
        The groundswelling was cause for concern….a POTUS was required to satiate the growing unrest. Enter TRUMP. He had won presidency even before the so-called election. Was that not obvious ?

        If I am not mistaken….you still believe that the USA is a Republic.

        God Speed Sir.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are stating your twisted logic and opinion as proven fact and it is NOT, but I will post this drivel even though I do not agree.

          • Silence is Golden

            Thank you ??
            You don’t have to agree Greg !! Isn’t that the whole point of remaining impartial.
            I know you are Pro-Trump and its hard for you to hear the truth.
            How does one “Drain the Swamp”…while simultaneously making it deeper and wider?
            BTW….I don’t need lecturing about Hillary as the other option for POTUS. This is what we have. This is reality. I don’t deal with hypotheticals.
            Just for the record its not my opinion or twisted logic when I have stated facts about pre-election promises made and the LACK of credible evidence of any of them being remedied. Until I do…Trump remains in the same ilk as his predecessors. You don’t have to like that opinion either. That’s fine with me.

            • Greg Hunter

              Again, this is what you think SIG. It is NOT proven fact.

  44. Rick K.

    So our elections are NOT rigged? And Trump was truly elected NOT selected? That would have to be the case for him to be a threat.

    More smoke and mirrors. Trump is president because they (Global Elite) want him to be. The reason has yet to be seen. I think it’s because of his association with money and maybe they want him in office for transition from FIAT currency.

    Or maybe he’s a symbol, to them, of everything that is wrong with America and want him to be a scapegoat for the downfall of the U.S.

    Kenedy stepped out of line trying to expose the people who were behind our “government” and he was “dealt with”.

    Trump can’t be bought because he’s already owned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rick K,
      More total fact-less paid troll lies. I’ll post to show how desperate your bosses are.

      • Frederick

        For a paid troll Rick’s spelling is pretty awful It’s Kennedy

      • Rick K.

        Thanks for posting Greg. I don’t know what a paid troll is and the wife is my boss LOL. I’m just a retired guy who lives in Florida.

        I really enjoy your site. It seams to be Trump leaning and that’s Ok. I loved Reagan and both Bushes (although I voted for Perot). I once considered myself a conservative and the old ignorant Rick would of loved Trump but I’ve come to believe, over my lifetime, that U.S. citizen’s representation in Washington is just an illustion.

        Mark Twain said, “If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”

        After studying the history of the Rothschilds and the Global banking system among other things, I’ve concluded that ALL our polititians are just place holders. That, and a ton of research, is why I made my statement.

        I could be completly wrong and sometimes am overjoyed when I am!

        I enjoy all points of view. I find this time in history exciting.

        Although I plan for the future, all this stuff pales in comparison to what’s truly important; relationships with God, self and others.

        Like is says on the Zero Hedge website, “On a long enough timeline, no one survives.” I hope you, as I do, have developed a faith that transcends the temporary nature of Global power.

        Keep up the good work and God bless!

    • Charles H

      Trump won because his was a landslide that not even the most corrupt political machine in recent history could overcome. The voter fraud is WELL documented – with most all of it on the Democratic side. Wake up and read!

  45. Chip

    Great interview Greg! Interesting times… Chip

  46. BRValentine

    Some History. Long but, a good read.

  47. George

    Greg, To Reynolds Wrap, “Were in the middle of the second American Revolution!” Does this mean the deep state, the swamp, is the same enemy we faced in the Revolutionary War? Christopher Steele is or was Ml6, could this attack on Trump be a British operation?

  48. Solomon


    Has hope porn replaced fear porn as a social engineering and manipulation methodology of the day?

    AIs hope being used against the masses as a weapon?
    Weaponized hope?

    If the puppet masters that backed Killery and B. Hussein and their ilk are not brought to justice, then there will eventually be multiple uprising and armed revolts.

    Bringing the Bush Crime Family, all of the Clintonistas, and Barry Soetero and his communist handlers before a military court on charges of treason is not enough. They will be made to be disposable.

    Unless all of the international banksters and the puppet masters in the Vatican have to be held personally accountable for their crimes before the bars of justice, then there will be peace, or MAGA, or a mass elevation in consciousness.


    • Greg Hunter

      This is based on the 12/21/17 EO by President Trump and massive arrests. So sorry you are falling into the “delusional fact-less porn” realm.

      • Solomon


        I have been very thankful that DJT was elected POTUSA instead of the kildabeast. I have read DJT’s EO of 12/21, twice. I can read between the lines.

        My points are that he may prove to the asleep, kool-aid drinkers, and blue pills exactly how criminal the Bushes and Clintons have been and still are. However, unless he addresses the crimes of the banksters, then American can never again be great when its people remain debt slaves.

        Given the DJT has quietly pardon all of the banksters for their financial crimes, then he will only be getting rid of some of the criminals and a few of his political enemies.


        Respectfully yours,


  49. foggygoggles

    Given Mr. Shipp’s background, I’m more than surprised that you didn’t ask for his take on Q Anon.

    • Justn Observer


  50. Mike R

    If the Dollar index breaks down below $90, and gold makes it above $1350, this week even perhaps, you could see some fairly significant fireworks coming in gold for the next few months. It could quickly go over $1500, and by then (if it does), I suspect stocks will be taking a major hit. The level of froth in the markets, coupled with the epic complacency, (super low Vix), could lead to a fairly nasty and even deep drop in the markets. What precipitates it ? No clue. But the dollar is hanging on for dear life right now just above $90.

    With all thats going on early in 2018, a dollar break down, say just a couple below $90 and down to $88, could set the stage for a very messy year. The Fed could ‘panic’, and do some surprise hikes, and some larger increments than just a quarter point at a time, and literally all bets would be off on the stock market, faster than you can say “get me the heck out of these ETF’s” to your broker.

    Japan is actually considering tightening, and if the Yen breaks upward, then you can kiss just about every carry trade on the planet, Adios Amigos. Derivatives of all sorts would melt down, and take world markets right down with them.

    For me, all this talk about Trump and deep state, is completely meaningless if the dollar starts heading downward at a faster pace than we have seen in recent weeks.

    Mainstream media is out to lunch, and Trump calling Dicky Durbin his new name, is indicative to me that everyone is totally focused on all the wrong things right now.

    • Mohammad


      I concur

      Could this be the reason for the Trump’s executive order (other than the obvious- putting Hillary in Jail as he promised in his election debates-) to include the military so if any chaos commences it would implement automatically martial law in US, enforced by the generals?


    • Mike R

      So is Bitcoin headed to $100,000….. or $1,000 ?

      Well its at $10700 as I write this, down from $19000 at its peak. So it has to go up 10x from here.

      $1000 seems to me the more realistic 2018 target, but WTF do I know about hyper-mania crazed BTC hope buyers ???

      Buffet came out once again and said, its pure FOMO, and a ‘joke’ that it has any intrinsic value whatsoever.

      One Bitcoin exchange has more trading accounts now than Charles Schwab. It’s already a bogged down piece of garbage from a transaction perspective, so having so many new accounts opened in such a short time, makes it even worse. And, already 80% of the coins have been mined. SO what’s the next trick ? Split them into smaller bits ? The entire concept of creating ‘scarcity’ by limiting coin counts is a completely sick joke on the people who actually believe that.

      I’m wondering now that when BTC falls below $5000, if it doesn’t take down the entire US stock market with it ? Thats a parabolic hype filled mania too, and often when one bubble pops, and psychology turns, babies all get thrown out with the bubbly bath water.

      • Silence is Golden

        BTC down to $1000-2000….that’s where its cost of mining is.
        The exodus will make Gold shine…..not the stock market (supported by the FED / ESF….AND INSIDERS).

    • Silence is Golden

      Several weeks ago I said that the DXY was heading south and the Gold would strengthen. (look no further than the JPY and EUR for the usual warning signals). The signs are ominous for DXY …perhaps down to 85…then 80 if that is taken out…and if that eventuates …it will fall to circa 70. What does that mean in terms of “INFLATION”?
      Hey presto….!!!
      Who was paying attention….??
      All the news was about BTC…taking a bath.
      Keep in mind though…Trump has been spewing the “lower Dollar” mantra for some time now.
      Why the lower dollar….and why now ??? …INFLATION……higher rates….RECESSION.
      Watch what the TNX does. I favor the Bond Market having hit its apex. This is the beginning act. Everything financial is priced off the TNX.
      Gold has only one place to go….not just over the next few months……that’s only just retracing the 5yr correction. We are in a Gold super cycle that will last for 40-50yrs.

  51. Justn Observer


  52. Mohammad


    From jsmineset”s Bill Holter commentary:

    “…and only days before they start trading oil for yuan, is this a coincidence?
    Chinese agency Dagong cuts U.S. sovereign ratings to BBB+ from A-”


  53. Frederick

    Greg I just watched a video with Dr Dave Janda and he claims Julian Assange is in Switzerland and the Podestas are incarcerated offshore somewhere( Guantanamo Bay Perhaps) Hope hes correct

  54. brian

    I don’t know, I guess I’m just a simpleton, but I’m not so sure I understand Mr Shipp’s comments regarding Mike Pompeo being a generally good person. I don’t understand this because if a generally good person is sitting anywhere near the top of a corrupt organization wouldn’t a generally good person either blow the whistle or GTFO? As a matter of fact I don’t see how a generally good person could even find it within himself to do what it takes to find his way to the top of a corrupt organization.

  55. Chris Hastings

    Outstanding, you really have done a great job in this interview. This is my first post but have followed you for years. You’re getting better and better every week,

    All my love and respect to you and your family.


  56. Westcoastdeplorable

    Great show Greg! Just saw coverage with a link on ZH. Good job, keep it up! If you were still on teevee they would charge you with hypoing the ratings. Excellent job!

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, Think President Trump would put out a bit-coin donate code…then he might not even need to bother dealing with the criminal cabal in the Senate and House. He should at least ask? Give a write off for donations of some of the crypto currency he might be surprised…. And end run around the FED / Central banker globalists plan to obstruct is plans and policies?

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg… as the events ramp up in South Amercia….the push now of Russia in Venezula and the very likely election of a heavily Russian influenced President of Columbia , the mysterious collapse of the bridge cutting of Bogota from a large part of the country and military bases…the Russian navy on based on the Pacific side north of Costa Rica.. and China’s economic structure there with the Venezula control of the canal locks… the free and easy pass thru of U.S. shipping from and to the gulf and eastern seaboard and commerce will be easily disrupted. And what ‘funds’ all this? Massive drug and sex trafficking across the U.S. borders is a large part…and who wants to shut that down = President Trump…..and who has spent decades running those rat lines? Bushes and Clintons? The deep state? The shipments thru Hondurus to Haiti to Mena and South Florida= Clinton and Jeb? and who was running with Hillary? Oh -yeah Tim ‘the welding class instructor’ Kaine in Hondurus? lol So possible Columbian President trained in Russia and a coming President in Venezula from the Middle East? What could to wrong? lol other than maybe a drug pipeline from there up and into every ‘sanctuary city’ in the U.S. of illegals – and visa programs for minority dock workers and transport truck drivers and MS -13 gang members supported by the DNC and leftist Marxists! Reports are from an ex- army intel officer assigned to South America so appears to some cred in that area …so take watchdogger can take it for what it is worth…and consider it if planning vacations or bus. trips heading that way !

  59. Madi

    Excellent interview Greg,
    I appreciated I am a « better informed deplorable » listening to you.
    stay safe ,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Madi!!
      “Fear Not”!!!

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