Trump Jr. Treason – NOT, Russian Lawyer Worked for Democrats, Fed Rate Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 292 7.14.17) 

There is still no there there with the Russian collusion story in its latest version featuring Donald Trump Jr. This looks more like an episode of “Punk’d,” but there is no crime and no treason according to renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz.  What this really is all about is a fight between good and evil.  It’s that simple.  The Deep State and the MSM are doing everything they can to destroy Trump and his team.  This is why President Trump held a prayer meeting at the White House where ministers laid hands on him in a prayer circle. is out with a new story about how the Russian lawyer at the center of the Donald Trump Jr. Russian collusion hype has a long history of working with Democrats. Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave Natalia Veselnitskaya a “special” visa extension in 2015.  The question is why? The other question is how many traps are going to be set and debunked before the Deep State and the MSM accept that Donald Trump is the rightful elected President of the United States.

Fed Head Janet Yellen says the Federal Reserve may not raise rates much more, but that might not be enough to keep them from spiking when the Fed unloads its balance sheet of all the “toxic” mortgages it bought in the 2008 financial meltdown. Gregory Mannarino of says the Fed will not allow rates to rise because it would melt down the financial markets—again.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Gregory Mannarino of will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”


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  1. Don Snotts

    What is Paradise?
    Some think that Paradise is nothing more than a myth. Others believe that it is a gardenlike utopia where good people live forever and share in joyful and productive activities.
    The word “paradise” has been used to designate mankind’s first home, the garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:7-15) The Bible presents that garden as a real place where the first human couple lived free of disease and death. (Genesis 1:27, 28) Because they disobeyed God, the first couple lost their paradisaic home. However, many Bible prophecies describe a future in which humans will enjoy Paradise restored.
    If God is loving, then it would make sense that he would reward his faithful worshippers with a good life in such a place as Paradise. It would also make sense that he would inform people about what they need to do in order to gain God’s approval. The Bible says that you can gain God’s approval by taking in knowledge of him and obeying his commands.—John 17:3; 1 John 5:3.
    God planted a garden in Missouri, . . . and there he put the man whom he had formed.”—Genesis 2:8.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      In “The Fall” Stephen Taylor suggests that Paradise was/is the pre-ego consciousness where humans experienced a connection/union with the whole cosmos. The development of the ego allowed us to experience separation (the fall), develop our discrimination and intellect. However, we also suffered a spiritual isolation which we now attempt to overcome through material pursuits.

      Personally, I believe the ultimate game the powers are playing is to keep us trapped in this ego state of division and spiritually castrate us in order to maintain control. They do this by attacking us chemically (e.g. calcification of the pineal gland through fluoridation), stimulating perpetual warfare, encouraging racial tensions, making us feel inadequate without material items, keeping us distracted through entertainment such as sport and films etc, etc, etc…
      However, this is probably part of some even grander cosmic plan as no meaningful growth can be achieved without obstacles and dark forces to overcome.

    • Paul ...

      Don … Perhaps the search for Shambhala (Paradise) is over now that we have found Antarctica … and what light will stream forth into the minds of men? … for instance … what purpose is all the mountains of refined and cleaned coal found stored there? … is it for us to burn? … to warm the Earth and prevent an ice age? … Newt Gingrich recently visited Antarctica as an emissary for Trump and those who would prevent global warming were slapped down … Shambhala was a world once hidden but now revealed with technologies beyond human comprehension … not for neocon use in mass killing and warfare … but for the benefit of all mankind … if man has the will to use this knowledge in a spiritual and enlightened way … he can defeat the forces of evil on Earth … and establish a Golden Age … where “teachers” will work among mankind for the advancement of spiritual growth … like finally stopping these continual wars and the killing of thousands and thousands of innocent women and children!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Paradise begins as it once ended by the Divider, the devil…..the masterpiece about this is “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. It portrays a lost soul and a redeemed soul with similar names. The soul is divided with frivolity and foolish vanity and ends it hatred. The redeemed goes through humility, hardship, and sorrow, ending in concord and innocence.
      Hollywood skipped over the “religion” of course and made the lost soul seem romantic…when in fact it’s a dreadful portrait of folly and psychopathogical hatred that never ends.
      The delights of Paradise that are material and emotional all begin where they once ended….in the human heart. This world still has gentleness, innocence, and meekness…hiding here and there…what Garrison Keiller called “the campfires of the gentle people”. That’s the place to look for Paradise…Bethlehem. It came here to us.

  2. This sceptred Isle

    It is a fight between nationalists and globalists. Americans have been subjected to the worst propaganda through the media and chemical assault through the pollution of their food and water supply. The reason? In order for a one world government to come to fruition, America, as the only superpower needs to be muzzled.

    • Bone setter Brown

      Why is the earth not a paradise by now?
      Adam and Eve disobeyed God, so he/she/it, put them out of the garden. Paradise was lost, and no man has succeeded in restoring, it. The Bible says: “The earth has been handed over to the wicked.” You/me/them—Job 9:24.—Read Genesis 3:23, 24. Why is the earth not a paradise now?
      Even though our founders gave us the closest government to the bible fallen men could come up with, were not going to have good government till Christ returns in kingdom power and drain’s the swamp!

  3. vincent_g

    Most interesting is that it seems Obama and Hillary are responsible for this Trump Jr. fiasco.

    This lawyer was blocked from entering the USA
    Along comes the Obama administration and Loretta Lynch approved her Visa!!!

    Why was her visa approved?

    • Paul ...

      As the cartoon Greg showed at the top of this report so aptly portrays … “were is the meat”!!

  4. vincent_g

    Correction – Loretta Lynch let her in without a Visa!

  5. Russ

    Thanks Greg. For a nothing burger the Russian collusion story sure is sucking up a lot of oxygen in the MSM newsrooms. When I turned on the tube yesterday it immediately fell to teh same nothing burger BS so I decided to do myself a favor and turned the station to watch reruns. It’s still fiction, but it didn’t hold itself up as news.

    As for the FED, I hear a lot of talk but really, “Will they ever unwind that balance sheet?”. I think they’re stuck. We’ll see.

  6. Kim

    God bless Greg Hunter and all USA Watchdogs! God Bless President Trump and his family!!!

    No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Joshua 1:5 NIV

    • susan

      Thank you Kim for pointing out the truth!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      In many ways God was driven out when “moral” Americans stood by when soldiers came back in body bags full of heroin from Vietnam and Central American countries were secretly invaded and tortured for corporate greed and Iraq was starved and blown up…..
      Now when the USA is getting a taste of these things, howls of moral indignation are going up from left and right.
      Suddenly we’re the virtuous victims….
      If God saves this country it will be because of the prayers and honesty of the few who never joined the orgy of sanctimonious justifications when it was about other people, not us.

  7. Tommy

    I only wish the MSM and democrats would have had 1/10 the interest in Hilary’s selling of US uranium to Russia and the establishment of the Skolkovo tech center in exchange for more millions in donations to the family fund as well as speaking fees for hubby in Russia. But they didn’t and they don’t and they won’t. Up is down, right is left, good is bad and so on and so on. Fortunately many in the great unwashed are onto the game and recognize that the Dems, Reps, MSM and academia are lying and the lies have become so outrageous and obvious that the public not only ignores them but mocks them.

  8. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Of course this is sooooo obvious. The shrieking, the finger pointing, the silliness, the total loss of dignity. Somebody’s rice bowl is cracking….and some of the law enforcement is having a born again experience. Pray folks….

  9. Kim

    Here is an interesting video that compliments Greg’s wrap up.

    • Kim

      Here is a video that has two people I follow for cryptocurrency information.
      The comments about buying silver from crypto profits is interesting.

      • Paul ...

        Buying cryptocurrency can be very rewarding … but buying them implicitly assumes the electric grid won’t go down, ATM machines will continue to operate, banks and financial institutions won’t close and the internet will stay up and running … as for silver … it won’t be affected if any of above events happen … thus simply based upon the probability one or more of the above events will happen … silver is the safer bet (and banks that are shut down can’t manipulate price)!

  10. Southern Girl

    What a great take on what is really going on…your are right this is just evil (hate) trying to kill good (love).. I have stopped watching the fake news and really don’t read my communist rag owned by Gannett. Did catch a photo on the front page and it was Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania, BUT they did not print that they printed..President Donald Trump and Melania…they don’t even want to give her the title she really has…it’s like a slight of hand…no one will get that.

    I pray every day for the President and his family to be safe and guided by the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

    Wish you were on everyday to give us the real news. Maybe when the others fold you can get more people with your same ideals to work for you. You are the future. Have watched some of the others but they seem to lose their tempers and you don’t you stay level headed. AND your a Christian…that is what draws me to your site. LOVE YOU SITE AND WORK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!

  11. Larry White

    Related to Trump Jr. – Jim Rickards gave me this quote to publish:

    Another news item that may be of interest. John D. Mueller talks a bit about Lewis Lehrman and his book – The True Gold Standard –

    He tells me that he believes we will eventually return to a gold standard after much pain.

    All best,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry!

  12. noman

    New question. Why a Russian attorney would need a circle of democrat lobbyists. And, a foundation to remove the Magnitsky Act. Obama’s signature made it law. Was it a chance for blackmail? And, Did Trump and advisors smell the trap? And allow the meeting to happen, with a provision to not discuss anything Russian? Why is the Magnitsky Act so dangerous to democrats? Where will that answer take us?
    Did you notice the abundance of Truth that President Trump spoke in Poland.
    And, the Truth to the act of not visiting the Jewish site.
    And, a reference to South and East. The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia? And unmentioned allies.
    Little steps can be the route to enormous outcomes.
    Yes he works in mysterious ways. But time is also the great revealer.
    Greg follow the light and believe. Thats all he asks.


  13. Chip

    If they were toxic when the fed bought them up they are still toxic and there’s no way around that. MBS’s based on faulty mortgages or mortgages that have been defaulted on are still toxic period… Chip

  14. Brian D.

    Hi Greg,

    As a 12 step person, I used to walk apart from God for the most part, thinking I was on my own to manage things in this life. In my recovery I have learned that not only was God walking with me the whole time, but when I invite him into my affairs and sincerely surrender my fate to his design and direction (not mine) the protection and help is multiplied to infinity. I am so glad to see Trump accessing this divine love as shown in the prayer circle picture, words just fail me.

  15. donna s.

    I am so sick of hearing the Russia collusion fiasco. How much is it costing the taxpayers for this to continue both monetarily and in man power invested in this rather than real issues. Can we the people sue for misappropiation of funds?

    • This sceptred isle

      Especially when there are more worrying links to S.Arabia and Israel on both sides!!!

    • DRE

      Well, it seems interesting that ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, CNN, CNBC, all are covering it. If you listen to FOX News, well, then you believe the way you do. According to Fox it’s a “Nothing Burger”, Witch Hunt, Retribution because Hillary lost (Ha Ha, that’s a funny one), Wild Goose Chase, Waste of Taxpayer Dollars, etc…
      You need to give equal amounts of time to the other news channels or you will be going through life with blinders on.
      I’m sorry, but, Fox news is extremely slanted.

      • Greg Hunter

        I worked for CNN and ABC news as an investigative reporter for the better part of 10 years. I document each week on how “ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, CNN, CNBC,” are not “news” but pure propaganda. Why did not any of these so-called “News” organizations cover the real and legit story of Clinton selling 20% of US uranium production to THE RUSSIANS!! These so-called “News” organizations would not cover the Clinton Global Initiative (GCI) that was a money laundering and bribe machine that is now reportedly shutting down. Billions of “donations” and shutting down with no reporting from “ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, NPR, CNN, CNBC,” I call BS on the “news” organizations.
        I am sorry but YOU are an “extremely slanted” paid troll.

        By the way, I must be over the target because you weasels trolls are out in full force!!!! (and working on Saturday.)

        • Robert G

          Greg how many times does the fact that she alone could not do anything on her own need to be stated. There were 8 or 9 other agencies involved which also had to give their approval. Anybody not agreeing with you is a troll.

          • Greg Hunter

            Wrong Robert,
            Lynch can and did supersede them all and remember ALL were under the Obama Administration when Lynch did this.

  16. Roger D

    The self-serving laying of hands photo makes me sick. Pastor Chuck Baldwin said it best, “President Trump has killed more innocent civilians in the first five months of his presidency than ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, and North Korea combined.”

    How did Christians in America become so bloodthirsty? Trump and the US military are today’s golden calf.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really? I would have to disagree. Trump just arranged a cease fire in Syria to stop some of the killing he inherited. The “Swamp” is quite deep. Give him a break.

    • susan

      Roger, as a fellow Montanan, I was totally taken in by Pastor Baldwin. He absolutely made sense when Obama was president. The only problem is that now we have a God-fearing president which undermines all of Mr. Baldwin’s prophecies about our country. This will make a deep cut in his financial goals so, of course, he must demean our president. Please pray for our president regardless of what you think. Our God is in control.

      • Roger D

        Susan, I will pray for innocent civilians being killed by the United States. Neither you nor Greg have responded with the countries/groups specified that have killed more innocent civilians than Trump in the last 5 months.

  17. Flattop

    When will the deep state/msm finally realize they are beating a dead horse, or will they ever?

  18. Marc Picou

    Dear Greg, For years I could not wait for your Monday, Wednesday and Friday video release. I never missed one. I also liked your program so much I sent money to support your program. However since Donald Trump’s election I have found that I can just watch Fox and friends. You have become so political and rarely cover topics that I always enjoyed on your program. I find that now I will start watching hoping that it will be like the Greg Hunter that I loved so much. It doesn’t take very long before you are defending Donald no matter what he does, what he says, no matter how outrageous his actions are that I simply can’t watch any more. In words that you may understand, SAD.
    Bring back the old Greg please.

    • Greg Hunter

      The “old” Greg never left and I do what I think is important. You may not realize but, I am under constant attack for what I say and point out. Comparing me to FOX and Friends is a bit of an insult.

  19. Tin foil hat

    If I watched this video two or three years ago, I’d stop watching and probably laugh out loud the moment I hear the terms Luciferian and Dark Power were used in the tape.
    Now, I casually nob in agreement and then I realize how screwed up the situation we are currently facing.
    It used to be the sane vs. the insane (Republican vs Democrat). Now, it’s truly good vs. evil.

  20. Diane

    Good report Greg..
    Question for Greg and Jerry:
    If there is a global currency reset…and the dollar is no longer the leader, what happens to our assets in dollars?

    • Frederick

      Diane simple They become worth less

  21. Jerry

    No grand conspiracy theory to replace the dollar? So you say.
    Then tell that to “The Working Group”. I’m sure Hank Paulsen and Timothy Geithner are working for free. I’m sure the quarterly meetings held with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are just to talk about golf. Tell that to J.P. Morgan Chase (who’s building is across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank) who sold their executive office in New York City to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar. Who believe this tripe?

  22. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, I always appreciate your weekly news wrap-ups. I am relieved that Donald Trump, Jr. committed no offense. But now I have a question for you completely out of left field (or should I say out of right field?). My question is: now that we have a real man in the White House, and now that we have a real man running the EPA, when can we go to the store and buy real light bulbs? I know that those LED lights are cheap to run, but I heard that they bad for human eyes due to a narrow light band emission. It has to do with something about the blue band only that LEDs emit, whereas human eyes need part of the red spectrum to function safely. I know that you have more important issues to deal with, but the greater question is this: how has the left changed the little part of our lives to such an extent that we don’t even notice how hot the pan of water we are sitting in is getting?

  23. plowshares

    The US State Department is responsible for visas and visa extensions. Lynch worked in the Justice Department. Nice try, though.

      • Galaxy 500

        You would think he would have researched THE facts..
        yeah, I know facts don’t matter to trolls

      • pioneering

        NYT reports that your view is not correct. However, I know you’ll just call them fake news so I won’t bother to post link.

        • Greg Hunter

          I’ll go with one of the greatest legal minds in the nation (Alan Dershowitz) as opposed to a propaganda fake news organization that is laying people off by the dozens.

          • poolboy

            I’ll wait for Bob Mueller to see what he thinks.
            Times is doing good work but I am LOVING the WAPO. There is no better commentator on the Trump presidency than GOP conservative Jennifer Rubin. NONE.
            It’s fun to see you defending a Harvard lawyer – aren’t they part of the northern “elite” that are regularly trashed on this site?

            • Greg Hunter

              Rubin is a scam, and Republican in name only, and a “Never Trumper.” I have burned her down in the past with her lopsided false narrative fact distorted and lie by omission commentary. Rubin IS the Deep State and does not engage in news but propaganda just like her employer WaPo which is the fakest of fake news.

          • Robert G

            Greg. Yea he’s a Trumpster, of course he’s going to defend him. Isn’t he the one that got O.J. off. There are brilliant legal minds out there that don’t agree with him. We will see what Muller comes up with. Unless Trump fires him too. Watergate took 2 years. The internet is taking jobs away from newspapers. My daily paper is ridiculously less than what it used to be.
            Let’s not forget this is all a well orchestrated effort to remove Donald trump because he is acting against the will of the swamp, Deep State, Dems and Luciferian NWO. This is made up crap and we are supposed to believe it real–It’s NOT.

            • Greg Hunter

              Even though Water Gate was a weak story it was a real story. How in the world is Mueller going to prove collusion when nobody has seen the DNC servers? Who has possession of them? This is where the hacking was done, and the DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI and Homeland Security. How do you make a “collusion case??????? ….when you cannot prove the crime ever happened.

              • Robert G

                Greg for some reason this part “”Let’s not forget this is all a well orchestrated effort to remove Donald trump because he is acting against the will of the swamp, Deep State, Dems and Luciferian NWO. This is made up crap and we are supposed to believe it real–It’s NOT. “” was added to my comment..I did not write that but understand that you are very busy.

                • Greg Hunter

                  So sorry Robert. I meant to write a separate comment. So here it is all by itself: “Let’s not forget this is all a well orchestrated effort to remove Donald trump because he is acting against the will of the swamp, Deep State, Dems and Luciferian NWO. This is made up crap and we are supposed to believe it real–It’s NOT.”

              • Charles H

                Innuendo, used to draw to a false conclusion. It is what you want that matters; not facts – for those with no training or education to think.

  24. Dan

    It’s telling that you always proclaim that there is no “there” there when, in fact, YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW! And why the rehash about Hillary’s crimes? She’s old news. Just because she committed crimes doesn’t mean it’s o.k. for the Trumps to also. By the way, if you sell powdered sugar represented as cocaine, you HAVE legally committed a crime!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary Clinton is the best comparison anyone could give of collusion with the Russians. Money exchanged hands ($145 million) and 1/5th of US uranium production fell into Russian hands. show me where selling powdered sugar as cocaine is a crime? source??? I call BS on that. Besides who would report that. “Hey officer I thought I was buying cocaine but I got ripped off and bought powdered sugar instead. Arrest that man!!!) Stupid!!!

  25. evan trofholz

    Feel like I post this same thing every week: Greg Hunter is the best in the business.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Evan for your support and kind words each week!!!

  26. Linda L.

    Yes, the deep state, far left and MSN are doing everything that they can to destroy Trump and his team without addressing or caring about the real issues that concern law abiding, contributing Americans. They have completely destroyed their legitimacy in all the fake news, with nothing left but sensationalism, in an absurd attempt to boost sewer level ratings. Thank you as always for your time and information.

  27. Paul ...

    As Greg says … this is “a fight between good and evil” … which ultimately always results in evil losing the battle … note the victory of Trump and America First over the neocon, pedophile, narcotic drug cabal and the dismembering of their MSM propaganda outlets … the Fed is next on the list to be neutered …”nationalizing the Fed” will finally stop all the illegal rigging of markets they do and break the chains on gold and silver … setting them too to be “free at last” … to find their true intrinsic value in our world!! …

  28. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg!
    Personally, I do not believe that the Trillions of MBS are at anywhere near face value. My buddy in Las Vegas bought a nice house in a gates community. Then about a dozen houses went into foreclosure. Now they have squatters in them. They are falling apart.
    Greg M. is a smart guy. I just don’t see them getting 30 cents on the dollar much less face value. What percentage are even performing loans? These were loans with property as security. People could not pay the loans and the banks got the property at severely elevated prices. At least 25%, sometimes more, over real value. Plus what % of people are paying?
    If you believe there is going to be a reset, smart people know one is coming, who would buy this?

  29. Ross Herman

    They will not stop with the nothing burger and I afraid that with people are so mindless now that it just won’t mater. After both the directors of the CIA, and FBI testified before congress that not a single vote was changed (of course they are both liars but I don’t see that a relavent here) and the very fake news stations always begin or end with the comment. “As the Russian investigation moves forward, Donald Trump”, has a meetin, eats lunch, steps on to Air Force 1, or whatever action he takes.
    Now one of our wonderful California Representatives even starts Trumps impeachment. My mouth is just hanging on the floor. I guess Mr. Brad Sherman is confident that proof will never be needed?

  30. john duffy

    Powerful video of former child bride exposing diabolical stupidity of Islam. A must watch.

  31. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    A truly great sight to see President Trump having hands laid upon him. How the enemy must tremble!

    • poolboy

      We’re not the enemy and we do not “tremble” when we see that silliness. It degraded the WH and it degrades our country. That belongs in a church, not in a taxpayer funded building. What is it about the first amendment that you dislike so much?

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes, You are the enemy of “We the People” and freedom.

      • Charles H


        “Separation of Church and State” is an opinion of a judge: and has NO BASIS IN FACT as it is stated in the Constitution. The First Amendment is to insure no officially approved religion is sanctioned by government; like the Church of England. That it is misinterpreted on purpose; and misapplied – to the conditioning of a generation of Sheeple, like yourself: only proves ignorance and propaganda CAN be fed to the young successfully. You are the degraded one here.

  32. pioneering

    Here’s how we know that team Trump is in trouble. Propaganda Barbie for months has said there were no contacts with Russians, there was no evidence, there was no collusion. Today, she says there was no systemic, sustained, furtive collusion.
    Jr’s story has changed at least four times. This group is bad at government, they are bad at business, and many of them are bad at crime. The laying on of hands isn’t gonna help any of that. You were duped but like the Nixon years, there will be a core group of 25-30% who will stay loyal to the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      I must be over the target. Look at all the new troll comments!!!!! This is probably the same person because they all sound illogical, stupid and evil.

      • NY Currency Trader

        Hate to point out that you are the only one saying there is no there there. In fact the there is very much there. Now ! Top that ! Who’s the troll now? Who’s the troll now ?

    • Flattop

      PIONEERING: This group is bad at government? I sure hope so. They are bad at business? They are only billionaires. They are bad at crime? Well they have classic examples of bad at crime in the Clintons and the Obamas.

  33. Flattop

    I am really getting tired of this Russia thing, and the slow dribble of information coming out. Now its Donald Trump Jr. There needs to be a big meeting at the white house asking everyone including the campaign staff to reveal any and all contacts with Russia, Russian people, and get it all out in the open. This constant dribbling out of information is hurting the Presidents agenda, and consuming too much time in Congress when they should be doing the nations business.
    I realize our battle is not against flesh and blood, but they are shooting themselves in the foot. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Tired of it too and they look so stupid and hateful.

    • souffletime

      Good insight and good idea. Only it won’t work out so well for Trump, Inc. Because if the Trump family reveals all contacts with Russia, including financial dealings with the oligarchs AND agrees to the release of all relevant documents AND if they tell the truth [LOL], they’ll collectively be in prison for, oh, about 1,000 years. Be careful what you wish for.

      And, BTW, the ONLY people responsible for this Russian mess are the Trump family and Trump political associates. It’s ridiculous to blame the Democrats, Clinton, Obama, the media, etc. Do ANY republicans remember being the party of “personal responsibility??” Apparently nyet.

  34. Rick Hester

    If you will not submit to Righteous authority, you are under the control of unrighteous authority, which is Satan himself. (John Hagee)

  35. coalburner

    Great Job Greg: I am and have been all in on the Devine Intervention for Trump and I tell my Liberal Pastor every chance I get. My top question is why hasn’t the time been right yet to take down Soros, and many of the treasons forces alligned against the President? It just dawned on me, are we shaping up for a big happening that is clearly done by powers greater than the President or any human power to take down these evil people, thieving, pedophile, murdering haters? Referring to the Presidential speech in Poland, there is going to be enough blood to flood the Islamified Europe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Does your pastor think abortion is OK??? If so, he better check the Bible on spilling “innocent blood.” Than he should read the last paragraph of the Good Book. It is warning about leading people away from the true word of God.

    • Paul ...

      Coal … have no fear … Soros will not be allowed to complete his “Color Revolution” in America! … and Trump has all the phone calls and e-mails ever spoken or written by the pedophile neocons … compliments of the very NSA these evil neocons used “to spy on us” … isn’t that true justice by a God we trust in … these gay pedophile heroin pushers are now running scared and don’t know what to do (except tell us Trump and Trump Jr talked to the Russians)!

  36. Bob


    Not sure how to write you otherwise, so I will apologize upfront.

    However, would you consider doing a story on this topic material:

    Scary as all get-out………..

    Thank for considering my question.

  37. Rock

    Greg, another great week of work. Rock on brother!

  38. susan

    Greg, you are absolutely fantastic. You help give me strength in my faith in God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you!!

  39. Don

    As always good job Greg. I had to throw my two cents in. It should be clear to all Christians that God intervened in the elections, and by all other evidence, his providence continues to play a role in the exposure of evil and wicked attempt to uproot Trumps administration. You’ve hit it on the head, by saying, the battle is simply against good and evil. And God always uses truth to expose the evil. So, Trump is doing good to ask for prayer, as he fights these forces, because its truly a spiritual battle. It’s my prediction, that before Trump’s administration ends, we’re going to see a radical Christian President, who has seen God’s supernatural hand at work in his life. At some point, I look for such spiritual power behind Trump, and God’s providence at work, that the deep state and democratic, satanic forces, to crumble in full public display. God is fixing to prove to this nation, that he is standing up for the Christians and a government that honors him, and nothing can withstand his providential grip on this nation. I would wish no harm on anyone, but God’s ways are such, that a judgment good hit the globalist mainstream and take out a large number of the power brokers who have sought to destroy this nation. I truly look for Trump’s life, to be changed forever, for the good. As for you, my friend, truth is the only side a man is safe in, as theres no defense against truth, and you have always sought to be on that side. So hang in there, and if the Lord tarries, you will surely be one of his voices.

  40. LiZ


    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Sister Liz!!
      Brother Greg

  41. dlc

    S. Gal: The FLOTUS carries herself well, represents this country with grace, is always stunning in a classic manner. I’m just glad to see such classiness. She seems totally unmoved by the ham-handed press, outright oblivious. It is a much different style than the former carping ingrate.

    The O’s and the Clintons were total zeros/grifters who were bolstered by the press who created a fantasy image of them out of whole cloth. They were unknown bozos who the gullible voters accepted, 2 terms’ worth. They came away multimillionaires as we became part-timers for dog wages.

    I wished from the start that Trump had kept his family in NY, and now we are seeing the folly of providing the press with a bigger bullseye. No controversy over Tiffany. She has managed to stay out of the public eye. The rest could learn from her. Jared hovers over Trump like Rasputin, and we know what that got the royals.

    A lot of people in this country are living on fumes. All of this distraction is not helping. I had to sell off a few rolls of PMs this week due to a series of unexpected expenses. I took a beating on the buy-back price but had no other way out. At what point does wishing, and hoping, and voting, and waiting serve to address some of the hurt in this country — for its actual citizens in the middle class?

  42. Bill G.

    Great news every week Greg. I tell everyone to go to your website to be really informed. God bless you.
    Bill G.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill!!

  43. Todd

    The presence of liberal trolls this week shows their desperation. Your obviously hitting your target Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd.

    • souffletime

      And on my twitter feed, people are commenting that the alt-right, Trump supporter trolls have been out in full force, too.

      The definition of troll just depends on what side you’re on, amirite?

      • Greg Hunter

        The big difference is folks like you are paid trolls. The Trumpers are not.

  44. Larry Galearis

    Yes, they want to destroy the Donald. And apparently at any cost – even to sacrifice their own MSM. Does that make sense if that sacrifice represents a rejection of the narrative? This is only one reason most of the rest of world thinks that the US government is composed of insane people. Well, let’s tone that down a little: composed of stupid people.

  45. Sayonara

    I am no longer amazed by the magnitude of the extreme corruption. Everything coming out of the politics these days whether local, state, federal or global is absolute corruption to the benefit of the narcissistic political and corporatist elite. These evil narcissistic predators could give a bleep about the people.
    What can I say, only that it is good to be back in the USSR.

  46. dlc

    Medicare revelations:

    I finally received my billing for a minor surgery, that of removal of a cancerous lesion from my arm. The charges ran for 2 pages. Lucky me, only 20% obligation for a padded bill. Did not receive the pathology bill yet.

    I used to pay out of pocket at time of service. This time, with Medicare, I was given 6 months to pay this bloated bill. I called the billing office to ask if the follow-up visits involved further charges. I was told yes, but hey, lucky me, I would only have to pay 20%. I told them to cancel the 2 future appointments and we could all save 100%.

    In the future, I will pay out of pocket even though I pay the premiums for Medicare and have met the deductible for this year. What a racket, more like Soprano-care where you’re forever trying to shake loose from their burdensome demands. You are forced into Medicare from the get go, otherwise pay penalties down the road. The reason for this is the same as Obamacare, pay the premiums so that they can afford the 80-something crowd.

    In effect, it is one big transfer payment scheme. You are never done shelling out for the masses, citizens or not. I can see why Obamacare and Medicare are entitlements that will only metastasize.

    Will need to burn these pirate ships down to the water line during the upcoming collapse. Nothing else will put these income-thieving scams out of commission.

  47. Randy Hitt AKA America1ster

    Okay, with what we now know thanks to Jim Hoft at the gateway on june 6th of last year Donald Trump Jr. was set up by a Russian who apparently was a Democrat operative and who’s mission was to entice Donald Jr into meeting her by claiming to have juicy political dirt on HRC,… and to leave a digital trail that appeared to bolster the claim that Putin wanted to help Trump win, and that team Trump was eager to play along. This indicates to me that the DNC/HRC campaign was aware that the DNC server had been breached and they would need a narrative powerful enough to take the focus off the emails that would soon be exposed. The murder one month later of DNC staffer Seth Rich indicates the DNC knew that Mr. Rich was the person who breached it and gave the emails to wikileaks and that his silence on the matter was critical to the narrative.

    The fact that top US intelligence officials announced that there was evidence Russia hacked the server and leaked the emails to help Trump win, when in fact no agent of the US government, to this day, has ever analyzed the evidence directly but instead has relied on the accusation of the Hillary campaign EXCLUSIVELY in making that determination indicates the intelligence community leaders are part of the operation too.

    The Russian operative who sought an audience with Donald Junior may have been helped by the two men known to Jr in her quest to arrange the meeting, Emin Agalarov who helped set up the meeting and was seen sitting next to her in a congressional hearing on Russia and the Ukraine just one week after the meeting, and Rob Goldstone who apparently worded the email in such a way as to support the narrative.

    In addition to the references above that expose the narrative as a false flag psyop, three recent developments add serious weight to this expose by Mr. Hoft. #1 Internet heavyweight Kim dotcom has recently announced that he had proof that Seth Rich removed the emails from the server and gave them to him to give to wikileaks and seeks to testify under oath to congress. #2 is an analysis released a few days ago by an entity known as the ‘Forensicator’ which indicates the emails could only have been removed from the server locally, absolving Russian hackers. and #3 Wikileaks documented evidence of CIA hacking tools called ‘vault7’ that can be used to make it look like whoever the CIA wants to blame is responsible.

  48. C romana

    I can no longer watch the drivel coming from MSM pawns. I have to remind myself that as it goes from attack dogs to donkey stupidity, they will only expose themselves the more for the sickness they harbour, which is pure hate and envy. The more they cry foul, the fouler they become.

  49. Ray

    No offence Greg,
    I support Trump to a certain degree (I live in Australia)…….FAR, FAR better choice than Hillary Clinton.
    That said, I cannot, in my wildest imagination, see Jesus Christ smiling whilst Donald Trump sells HUNDEDS OF BILLIONS of dollars worth of KILLING MACHINES to Saudi Arabia, which will be used to decimate innocent humans within the Middle East……yeah…..Jesus and God The Father doing big High Fives for Donald over that course of action, whilst Donald receives a laying on of hands……Pfffttt!!!
    And let’s not even go into the EXTRA military bases Trump wants to build in Syria and Iraq……you know……”for those US Advisors”.
    Moreover, Trump,in my view, MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to just walk away from the outrageous debt mountain that the US owes the rest of the world.
    America has ridden high on the fact that , as holder of world reserve currency status, can simply print it’s own money and export debt at will, whilst other nations must actually produce real goods and services.
    A 1990’s Trump style “walk away” from US debt obligations is simply not on mate.
    More like a massive apology. But, let’s start first with the money.
    It’s either that or war.
    And if it’s war, I am reasonably sure which side God will sit on, and it won’t be those looking to walk away from their debts, whilst they have over 800 military bases, keeping the US military jackboot on the throat of His planet.
    Keep up the good work Greg. Apologies if my post upsets, but that the way many people across the planet see things.
    Take care mate.

    • Greg Hunter

      You points are well made and well taken. I will tell you Australia has a debt problem as well. Not near as large as the US but lots of personal debt: Also, Australia has been an ally to the U.S. in the Middle East and committed troops in the past. There are no clean hands or clean balance sheets.

      • Ray

        Well said mate…..I take your point 100%.
        Australian personal debt is OFF THE SCALE.
        The Sheeple hear are neatly farmed and fleeced by our bastard Masters. Australian Lap Dog Government to USA naturally is in lockstep to US Miltary subjugation of this planet.
        But that WILL change………
        As I said a few weeks back, you are a good man, with a good heart.
        Let’s hope such men and women like us can lead this world to far better days.
        Frosty beer always waiting for you here in Canberra mate.
        Keep going Greg.

    • Frederick

      Ray I am American and agree with everything you said Not all of us are in denial brother

      • Ray

        G’day Frederick,
        Thanks for your support sir.
        People like yourself are THE REAL Americans.
        Best wishes to you and yours.

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