Trump Racism More Fake News, KKK & Antifa Both Violent, Fed Melts Dollar

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 297 8.18.17)

The propaganda mainstream media and democrats are now trying to paint President Trump as a racist when he clearly is not. The Democrats are out of ideas, and the only thing they have to offer are lies.  The Democrats also want to erase our history and attack the Founding Fathers as racists.  The Democrat Party, which has all the earmarks of communism, wants to tear up the Constitution because it was written by racists, according to them.  It’s one lie after another from the party of liars and cheaters that does not have a single idea to help the average American.  This is not going to work either.

If you watch the propaganda media, you would think the only evil people at the recent Charlottesville protest that turned violent were the KKK and Nazis. In fact, the counter protesters, such as Antifa, were equally violent, reckless and evil.  Both sides came to this so-called peaceful protest with bats, pepper spray, shields and helmets.  There was no way this was going to remain peaceful if both sides are ready to hit one another over the head with a baseball bat.  Trump was spot on when he said both sides were to blame, and there is evidence that some of the counter protesters to the KKK were paid by people like George Soros.  The media is only reporting one side to try to paint Trump a racist to score political points, which is the definition of propaganda.  Don’t fall for the MSM con, they all lie and are approved and paid to do so.

The Fed revealed they are worried about the economy and are very reluctant to raise interest rates. Gregory Mannarino of says the Fed knows all too well the economy is much weaker than they would like to admit and is probably not going to raise rates.  Mannarino says he thinks they will continue to melt down the dollar and melt up the stock market until it pops.  Mannarino says keep an eye on the bond market for signs of trouble.  He says that’s where a crash will start.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

I promised links to some of the source material, and you can find it below:

The Charlottesville Mercury News and photos of the tragedy of the KKK, Nazi and Antifa violence click here.

Antifa chanting for George Soros to give them their money click here and watch the very beginning of this broadcast.

Video of Charlottesville counter protesters chasing KKK protesters with bats and attacking them click here.

Economist John Williams ( is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Williams is out with a rare economic alert of impending danger for the financial system and the economy.  Don’t miss it.

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  1. Jim C

    I always love your work. I wholly agree with your report. Those rioters are paid by Soros and Gangsters. Communists kill so many people around the world, i.e.,Lenin, Stalin, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Polpot, Jose Maria Sison, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Evo Morales, etc.
    Pres. Trump is not perfect but yes he needs support and many prayers for his life. I hope he also takes back the Office of the President i.e., foreign policies should be exclusively for the executive branch of the government and not abdicate his office to the unelected officials and to the Congress. He is really cornered since he attempted to please the opposition by bombing the Syria.
    Infrastructure is crumbling due to several decades of neglect and corruption. People are living in desperate condition. Nobody reports there are so many people are homeless. Only some news coverage like Keiser Report shed the light of homelessness in some part of the country. It is the economy silly! President Trump has well intention to rebuild the nation but the commies wants prevent implement the President’s domestic policies.
    I do not want to sound like radical but at this point the President has made lots of enemies, and he should consider a unicameral government for temporary.
    The United States of America is fighting for its soul and hopefully the country will continue to be beacon of light and freedom across the world. We crossed beyond the rubicon and hopefully Americans will not be insouciant any more.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … as you say Trump is not perfect as he tried to appease the neocons by bombing Syria because of the children … but he is still learning on the job right now … getting rid of Bannon was a good move because Bannon wanted to start hostilities with Iran which would have made Iran dig their plutonium reactor out from under tons of concrete and quickly build a bomb … notice how the neocons and their shills the MSM were all for regime change in Syria because some children were killed … yet there is absolutely “no talk” about regime change in Saudi Arabia for the slaughter of children in Yemen?? …

      • Paul ...

        And what about all the South Korean children’s lives that will be lost to satisfy the evil neocons desire for a war with N. Korea? … these neocons warmongering minds are fully in sync with Madeleine Albright who thought the killing of 500,000 Iraqi children was justified to advance the flames of war!!

        • Galaxy 500

          The South Koreans are hostages to a mad man. I don’t believe you appease a madman. I don’t believe it is even possible if you wanted to..
          We should have let the General nuke North Korea during the start of the Korean war. You do realize that the Korean war is not over right? What we have is a cease fire. And thanks to people that cave and appease mad men , now they have nukes.
          Pray tell how you think it’s going to end? At some point, he is going to either burn Soel to the ground or nuke Guam or maybe, San Fransico.
          He is worshipped as a god by the people there.
          There is always a tipping point with the mentally ill or the wicked. And it has little to do with reality.

          • Paul ...

            Lets wait and see what he does before we start a nuclear war … that is going to kill millions of normal South Koreans … to save some perverted homosexual snowflakes in California who want to seceded from the US anyway!

          • sk

            Ahem…that famous ICBM with the nuclear warhead that was supposedly able to reach Wisconsin actually fell into the sea about 50 km off the coast of the Korean peninsula….must NOT swallow whole all you read in the Western press…

      • Galaxy 500

        Paul, if you think that Iran isn’t going full speed ahead on building a nuke… Based on their beliefs that Satan commands them to create chaos in the world to bring about the return of the 12 Imam… I just think that is a foolish idea. The Øbamachrist, whose father was Shiite, gave them 150 Billion dollars.
        Do you really believe that they are slowing down? Based on their dogma and prior aactions, the only reasonable and rational conclusion based on evidence is they have firewalled the throttle on their nuclear program. They can buy things now, due to a lifting of sanctions, that they could not get before.
        I think it is fantasy, folly and wishful thinking to believe otherwise. And it is reasonable to be prepared for war with Iran. I was alive during the hostage talking. We may not be at war with Iran, BUT they have been at war with the USA since 1979.
        Just the way I do the math. But then I believe while Bannon was flawed in many ways, I believe he was on the people’s side and right that Iran is our enemy.

        • Paul ...

          We made Iran our enemy when we sent our puppet Saddam to war with them and had him drop chemical weapons on the Iranians murdering millions … they won’t forgive us “the Great Satan” for that!!

        • this sceptered isle

          So according to you the USA should be at war with half the globe. America is not the all powerful force you believe it to be.

    • Tad

      While the North Korea crisis seems suspended momentarily, one might think the next neocon target or false flag is Iran.

      Maybe, but I think not. The hue and cry is about appeasing Israel and defense contractors, so that money flows into new weapons systems, leaving readiness as the last resort.

      Perhaps the new status given to cyber reveals the said reality: The US would be ineffectual in a conventional war, anywhere, and probably a nuclear conflict; thus the perceived cyber capabilities.

      One shouldn’t discount Russian and Chinese cyber capabilities either. It is probably well and good that US MSM outlets haven’t reported on these details-even if they could.

      Which brings me to interactions of Federal Reserve and the military-industrial or security state. How does one create sufficient inflation to boost domestic (military) spending to float this debt-ridden mess for a few more years?

      When one realizes the military doesn’t fight to win; with bloated budgets for unending disaster ( Afghanistan)and sponsor by proxy, wars in distant Middle East conflicts; it becomes clear the dollar dies. Whether we become militarily involved anywhere else or not.

      An SDR or scheiss currency sends the same message.

      A default across government, corporate, and personal debt could have been declared by presidential decree years ago. Doubtful Mr. Trump will seriously consider it.

      I’m not a supporter of Nazis or White Supremacists, but I bet they have a better handle
      on gold and silver than the Antifa gang.

      • James

        We should stop calling people who try to fight White Genocide such names as Nazis or haters.
        Why don’t you try countering the global White genocide agenda and see how long it takes before you get attacked?

        White genocide is real. The true founder of the European Union said, in a 1925 interview “We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race”. That is the EU’s purpose.

        He wanted to bring in immigrants by the TENS OF MILLIONS from Asia and Africa. He said “The man of the future will be a mongrel” and “We will replace the white races in Europe with Afro-Eurasian hybrids”.

        This is the man who desinged the EU flag and helped select its anthem. His name is Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Angela Merkel has won the Coundenhove-Kalergi award – now do you know why she is bringing in millions of immigrants?

        These people are serious about erasing the White races from planet Earth and all idiots can do all day long when someone tries to fight this is parrot the anti-white media and say NAZIS!!! HATERS!!!

        • Paul ...

          This is the reason the snowflakes want unisex bathrooms … and will call us “racist” if we won’t allow “cone headed three fingered hominoids” in the same bathroom with our daughters … they want to produce hybrids (such cone headed three fingered hominoids have been found in Peru and their DNA extracted) … they just need willing (or unwilling) young girls to be artificially impregnated to bring them back to life!

        • Cole

          This is true, James. But I don’t think they care over there. Look at those of us who voted for Trump. They hate what we stand for and they despise our President for supporting us. It is a sad time and in God’s hands.
          I pray daily for our country and our President.

  2. G. Berky

    “Pilot Who Heard Every Word of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence” – Now Dead!

  3. dlc

    The above illustrates the hypocrisy of this whole issue over the delicate sensibilities of the left regarding slavery.

    After the latest killing and maiming incident in Barcelona, Savage came up with a new pigeonholing expression for terrorists. This weekend we learned about alt-left, alt-right. Michael coined alt-muslim.

    He also played old-time Southern tunes for his intros out of defiance. I wish he could debate Acosta or Blitzer just once. I look to people like Lionel, Savage, and others for comic relief, their ability to verbally moon the press and politicians.

  4. dlc

    What are the American people going to do about the manufactured hysteria served up every day by the press in league with our lifer politicians? Will the people continue to re-elect the usual 98% in 2018? Are the politicians already 10 jumps ahead of us and not waiting to take a chance on 2018?

    After this scorched earth play by everyone who wants to take out Trump and negate millions of American votes, what is left when the smoke clears? Who could possibly make this gov’t function afterwards? What civility after a coup?

    • Paul ...

      dlc … the evil pedophile globalists think we Americans are so stupid they can turn the world upside down and tell us it is normal … they have Nazi lover Soros calling Trump a Nazi lover … they have Russia loving Hillary and Mueller calling Trump a Russia lover … and their Main Stream Media shills promote new wars around the globe to kill even more children while Trump is trying to stop the killing of children!!

    • Cole

      If they do this, I’m out. I won’t vote again. This was our last stand. There are too many dark forces against us, only God can intervene.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Never, never, nerve give up.” “Fear Not.”

        • Cole

          Thank you, Greg, for your encouraging words. God bless you.

          • Greg Hunter

            Hang in there Cole, and don’t lose your faith. “Fear Not.”

  5. jodyp

    Whew! That was brutal in the best of ways.Hay-ell Yay-ah!

  6. Clark Kent

    Hope to see all USAWatchdoger’s at Selfridge’s Centennial Celebration this week-end. 100 years of active duty service. It’s gonna be a really big shew!
    2017 Centennial Open House

    The Selfridge Advantage
    Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder!

    • Corleone

      Your screen name is interesting. May I use it on some other websites?

  7. Paul ...

    Just as Satan would call God the Father a racist for tossing him out of Heaven and rats would claim putting a mouse trap in your home as being racist act … the Demon-rats make the same claim … but cleaning the swamp in defense of liberty is not a racist act … now Hitler could have used the same argument to kill the Jews … and there is the rub … but as long as we don’t burn the Demon-rats and just trap the rats to be released outside our home … then this so called “racism” … is perfectly valid in the defense of freedom … of course this won’t stop Satan fr complaining or make the rats stop protesting their removal from our home … as that’s what Demon-rats do … but to drain the swamp of such creatures God and homeowners never hesitate … nor should Trump!

    • Ms. Wrench

      You are truly a naive person; I have some swampland in Florida I can sell you at a really really great price; I’ll be building the biggest, best, hugely popular resort ever consucted, with neighbors just like you. Just lije you! It is such a deal. A big deal. A deal only I myself can make you. Are you in? Or will you believe the “fake news” that what I’m offering is just a big scam?!? Don’t listen to fake news. I myself am your savior!!!

      • Paul ...

        Ms. Wrench … better tighten those loose bolts on your head … your Burka fell off!!

  8. Frederick

    The Clintons are far more racist than Trump will ever be Farrakhan spoke about Hillaries disdain for black people He reminded his flock that Hillary called them “super predators” Hillary sure is her own worst enemy


    Nazi is short for the National Socialist Party. Fascism and Nazism are subsets of Marxism. They are all left wing, socialist thinking groups.

    The “accepted” narrative is that the far right protesting at Charlottsville, the KKK and other far rights, are “Nazis and Fascist”. However, this makes no sense, as Nazis are left wing groups…National Socialists. Atifa, aka the Democrats, are the left wing, and therefore the Nazis. The Marxists. The Fascists. All left wing thinking.

    Not the KKK.

    • Charles H

      Excellent and accurate summation!

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Loved you Werkly News Wrap-Up. You’re reference to George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and the central theme of re-writing history to control the current narrative is spot on. The only thing Orwell got wrong was the year (1984). The dire WARNING at the conclusion of his novel is, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”. Not a pretty picture! This is why decent people need to engage in the ‘fight’ for freedom. Since most decent people are non-violent by nature, one effective thing we could do would be to totally boycott the MSM. Stop buying their fakenewspapers and turn off their TV channels, especially the ‘News’. This would not only impact the MSM advertising revenues but also help clear the mind of the relentless MSM propaganda.

    P.S. Just the other day I had not one, but two, comments deleted on Facebook – within minutes of posting! This is the first time this has happened to any of my comments on Facebook. There was nothing inflammatory in the comments but they both contradicted MSM stories. This is the censorship predicted by Orwell and it will become more and more oppressive unless people act to defend their hard-won freedoms.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Facebook is shooting itself in the foot with this…the kids are going to Instagram and other places. The censorship only reveals their weaknesses. Also, many are sick of being data mined for ads.

  11. Donald

    Greg, I can see lots of frustration in your commentary. You and others can talk all you want about this and you will not change these extreme left people. Its impossible to reason with a narcissist. I know this from personal experience many times over. Its some form of mental illness and its very destructive. From what I have seen, these antifa folks are no different from the fanatical Nazi’s in Germany in the 1930’s to 1940’s. They are of the same mindset – sociopathic and narcissistic. This is the same mindset as those in ISIS and all the other Islamic extremists. You cannot reason with people like this. They are the product of how they were raised, education, television/movies, video games, etc. What does all of this mean? It means big changes are coming soon. Read Jeremiah chapter 25. As for these statues in Virginia, they mean little to me other than being a part of history. But they meant a lot to those who put them up – you can tell this from the dedication inscriptions. And its those hardworking honest people that came before us over a hundred years ago and even farther into the past that I admire and appreciate and respect. We today benefit immensely from their hard work and extreme sacrifices that have made possible this comfy world we live in today. To be so disrespectful to what they held in esteem, is to disrespect them and everything they did that makes possible what we have. If they were alive today they would be stunned at what they see. As for this ongoing comment about slavery, it originated in Africa as it had been practiced there for centuries on end. In fact the Christians (puritans) of England moved the British government to put it to and end (by using the Royal Navy to do so at great cost), which also involved putting pressure on African chieftains to end it. America later joined in on this as well (due to the puritans here).

    • Charles H

      ” Its impossible to reason with a narcissist. ” This is the other side of the coin to “dumbing-down” conditioning. Half a nation brought-up to be irresponsible snowflakes, rather than mature and tolerant workers. Without a return to the conditions and values of the past – I can see no recovery or improvement from here on out.

    • William Stanley

      Donald: That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone defend the Puritans. Thanks for the information!

    • Galaxy 500

      I do not think Greg is trying to change the Leftist’s minds. I think he is trying to reach people that are saveable

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen 500!! Never give up!! America is worth fighting for!!!!! “Fear Not”!!!!

      • Diane

        You can’t change these brainwashed programmed people.
        Greg Hunter is trying to give those of us who want freedom, the courage to stay strong and fight if we have to. He also is telling us to trust in God to help us .
        Thank you Greg

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Donald, I don’t think the Methodists and Quakers of the abolition movement in England would like being called puritans. But you’re so right about slavery in Africa…the Arab trades were beyond cruel to the blacks, who were often sold by local chiefs and tribal enemies.
      I think this is all theater now…there are more slaves today of all races than any time in history. If there were a boycott on sweatshop goods and a protest against all American corporations who sell them I’d be glad to join. But it’s just theater and the actors on all fronts care nothing for historical facts or modern slavery.

  12. Nestor

    I for one cannot even stomach to watch or
    listen to any mainstream propaganda .
    This entire made up B.S. is intended to distract
    the uninformed and comatose in the population.
    Please be aware that the dollar has major support
    @ $91,88. If that support breaks (closes) on a weekly
    basis it is lights out. Don’t want to steal any of Jerry’s
    thunder but the Chinese may gold back the Yuan before
    the end of 2017.

  13. vincent_g

    Your spot on with this weeks wrap up.

    Last year I posted here that we were seeing both parties collapsing.
    People don’t seem to see it yet but they are both no more.

    Trump did not win the republican vote in the primary.
    Trump won because the republicans were overwhelmed with a popular vote.

    Trump has taken over the republican party with support that was never seen before.

    We have heard them say that Trump has shown his true colors.
    The past few days we have seen the true colors of those that are trying to take back power from the people.

    Also Greg if you need help with your site let me know as that is what I do.

    • Charles H

      “Trump did not win the republican vote in the primary.
      Trump won because the republicans were overwhelmed with a popular vote.”
      That just smashed a home run outta the ballpark! Wow.

  14. Dan

    The sad truth is, they may in fact go after the George Washington monument and such.
    We have come to the crossroads of our lives where we are more divided than ever before, The last eight years was not about the first black president, but was the way they played the masses to divide and conquer and form a world citizen with open borders.
    If American people would join together and stood up for what is right for AMERICAN people as a whole, forget about color and stand for your rights, the politicians of this country would be out on their butts, but instead, they use racism, they push racism, they get the MSM to make up false stories, the gather hate groups and tell them that they are fighting Nazi type white people, when in fact they are being racist and hypocritical towards ANYONE that does not believe the lies they are told.
    We have come to the point where civil war is not to far off, but civil unrest is here now. Project Veritas, has revealed the corruption and lies they are telling and printing in their fake news, but they are not getting the attention they should get, anyone who watches on video, the lies,deception and out right illegal agenda that was uncovered by Project Veritas would see just how corrupt the establishment and MSM really is.
    They are sitting back laughing at every one of us, they are pushing towards a more divided country than ever before, they are pushing Americans towards a civil war, they want it so they can declare martial law, remove your constitution, and keep you dependent on them and their New world order agenda, while they shove down our throats more suppressed laws and create more hatred towards anyone that show any hint of being proud to be American.

    • Faith

      Civil war 2.0 began 8/12.

    • Paul ...

      Forget the Washington Monument being taken down … the banksters have already attacked by moving to remove Washington’s portrait off the dollar bill … by moving to a “cashless” society they effectively get rid of Washington from the public consciousness … to be replaced by a bit coin that supposedly keeps a ledger of all monetary transactions … the problem the bit coin “block heads” don’t want to consider is that as the ledger grows larger and larger all the computers in the public’s hands won’t have enough storage to keep the entire transaction ledger open to scrutiny … only “quantum computers” run by the guys at the NSA and the CIA will have access to the bit coin transaction ledger … and we know what these guys do “to fix things” in their favor … look how they steal our money now through their black budget operations!!

      • Paul ...

        The only money that is morally sound is gold and silver … once the immoral crooks are the only ones with access to the bit coin transaction ledger on their quantum computers … watch how fast your “electronic money” begins to disappear!!

  15. J marty

    Thank you for all that you do. It is because of you we have a voice of reason and truth. I recently found a video that I think many of your viewers would like:

    Fake News, Fake Money

  16. Jeff Poindexter

    WikiLeaks offers $20,000 for information on former DNC staffer’s murder
    Maxwell Tani Aug. 9, 2016, 1:31 PM

    • Charles H

      Seems the Democrats are not as tolerant as they try to portray themselves, huh?

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, wow, wow, wow, you are on fire this Friday! You made another outstanding comment about the 33 minute mark about a reporter just standing in front of the White House just giving his opinion instead of the reporting the news – not uncommon at all now, in fact, its widespread in our MSM. It then dawned on me that both Lenin & Hitler used the same techniques in the last century to gain power: fake news, opinion as news, etc. What is really striking is the attack on the Constitution is gearing up – once the founding father are marginalized as racists, bigots, or elite hate mongers, etc. then what they founded, the Constitution, will follow in step. America I am sorry to say is coming unglued at the seams, a division within the culture has developed and as history has recorded many times in other societies a revolutionary soup is the making. All it needs is some more heat to boil it and I suspect the Democrats & their splinter groups of discord are standing at the stove.

    • Paul ...

      You nailed it Arthur … “once the founding father’s are marginalized as racists, bigots, or elite hate mongers, etc. then what they founded, the Constitution, will follow in step” … tearing down their statues and doing away with their portraits on our money are the opening shots of their war on our Constitutional Republic … the banksters and their shill Soros think they are going to win this war by creating a “color revolution” here in America … as they see how easy it is to get people enraged by citing “racism” … the opposing groups should join forces against the “evil ones” trying to incite a revolution … beginning with the pedophile perverts and the drug cartel!!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Paul, thanks, its people like you who gives me hope because I know you are out there, WE SHALL OVERCOME, but we must stand up and be counted first!

  18. Jerry

    Greg according to my sources, Barclays in England has sent out a memo to its customers telling them that their computer systems will be shut down over the weekend to install a new exchange system. As I have been detailing for months the banks are installing a new system internally to accommodate a new currency exchange mechanism. Those believing that a currency reset is not on the horizon are sadly mistaken.

    • Jerry

      Just as I have said, the banks are prepping for a currency reset. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but its coming.
      Folks. I’m not selling a book. I have nothing to gain by giving you this information. Its free. I’m just giving you a warning. Sometimes it takes a truck falling on people before they wake up. Don’t let that be you.

      • Jerry

        Beginning August 30th, this is how block chain currency will be transmitted.
        As Paul Harvey used to say. “Now you know the rest of the story”. This is what the Chinese Quantum satellites will be used for. Can you imagine what will happen when they reset the gold prices and back Zen crypto currency with gold? Goodbye dollar. It will slowly fade into history like the buffalo nickel.

    • Nick in UK

      I posted the entire email from UK barvlays bank in the comments under the interview with Lynette Zang dated 16th August.
      The official term used is ” ring fencing”.
      There is a planned shut down day every month for the next five months.

      • Jerry

        Thanks for the info. It confirms what I’m hearing from family members who work for WELLS FARGO as well.

  19. Paul

    Greg If GOD your father is in charge like you say, FEAR NOT Why do you get so riled up. Everything must be going on as he has planned. Just sit back and relax and let it unfold. Nothing happens unless he wants it to, so be happy with his plans.

    • Gene

      You imply, without stating, that Mr. Hunter’s anger is motivated by fear. But indignation is another possibility.

      What is your motivation?

      • Diane

        Greg is not afraid of anything.
        He’s a decent hard working white male who sees what’s happening to our freedoms and will fight to protect his family and his country.
        It’s called VALOR.

    • Paul ...

      Paul … how long can we sit back and allow Satan and his pedophile followers to stir up violence against Christians and our children by calling us “racist” because we have a sense of morality and don’t condone perverted sex … they say “making America great again” is just a code word for white supremacy and that evil pedophiles and Satan worshipers have a right to do what they do as “their lives matter” and they will kill us to maintain that right … the reason we can’t just wait for God the Father to pack them up and get rid of them the way he got rid of Satan and his followers years ago is because Earth is where God the Father threw Satan to get him out of his hair (it’s not his problem anymore) … it is now “up to us” to deal with Satan and his minions … and draining the swamp is what “we must do” to remove evil from the fabric of our Nation!!

      • Neil

        From my view point the situation as it is and as it threatens to become is largely the result of people not banding together and being an effective opposition to this orchestrated evil . We simply have not run an active game but been spectators. We need to take on the problem at the source i.e. the brains not the brawn. We could have run a sophisticated multi pronged pincher movement and crushed the NWO 6 months ago. Now we have provocateurs not just fermenting riots but pulling down statues with what looks like the start of a cultural purge/revolution. They are enabled by a generation of brainwashed snowflakes willing to be a sacrificial zombie army. It would be a terrible mistake to let this run on any longer. I know Christians would like to turn the other cheek or let faith in God be an umbrella but if you don’t see the times are changing to where you may end up being the hunted you aren’t really with it. I have said the longer this runs on the worse the economic and social outcome. Please consider being an active defender of your country and your family and take some initiative. Do not be a victim. Do not wait until it is too late.

        • Paul ...

          The land of the free … is the home of the brave … we all need to stand up to these snowflake’s … or this will be the land of the slave!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        There was a lot of “Jew” bashing from the swastika/Rebel crowd….how does such screaming make America great? If those people cared a damn about America they would have waved the Stars and Stripes and called for fair play and justice. Both groups came spoiling for a fight, but the hate screaming came from one in particular.
        The soldiers in World War II didn’t carry Confederate flags. I’m a born and raised southerner. There’s so much to love about the south. These fascist clowns are no real southerners…they are making us look ridiculous as a Hollywood movie with lousy southern accents and bloodhounds. Puke

    • William Stanley

      Paul: I, too, am not religious. Yet I love Greg all the more because he is. Maybe that’s what makes him so darn likable, and credible. Paradoxically, perhaps, I just love his “FEAR NOT” sign-off and sometimes I get on edge toward the end, worrying that he might forget to add it.

    • erv

      God works through us. If we want it, we have to make it happen, with God’s help. If we do nothing, nothing will happen. We are the hands of God.

      • Paul ...

        Yes erv … we the moral decent people “are the hands of God” … and in God we Trust to set things right!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes, because we are dynamic creatures whose energy must go into the world…pro or con. When God finally acts directly, He lumbers up with great reluctance, heaving a deep sigh and asking, “Why did I create these bums??”

    • Jan

      If “everything must be going on as (God) has planned” then why did Jesus teach us to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”? Someday God will fulfill this prayer, but until that day we must align ourselves with God and His Will against everything that works against it.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up.

    There is an excellent article at:
    There is one quote by Maine Gov. Paul LePage, that’s right on point.
    “They’re trying to erase history. How can future generations learn if we’re going to erase history? That’s disgusting,” …
    “Whether we like it or not, this is what our history is. To me, it is just like going to New York City right now and taking down the moment of those who perished in 9/11. It will come to that.”
    He goes on comparing the protestors to the Taliban and IS and the destruction of statues and history in Syria and Afghanistan — a valid comparison.

    In no way does that justify using a car to drive into a crowd, but that seems to be trending in terrorist circles. This has got to end. Who is bankrolling these people? Murder — follow the money.

    • Russ

      Interesting discussion between Tucker Carlson and Nigel Farage in the video at:
      Most of the discussion centers on the Barcelona terrorist attack and why we aren’t seeing such attacks in eastern Europe. — just say “No”.

      Toward the end the topic shifts to the US and taking down of historical statuary. Islamic extremism to Antifada. Both seem determined to erase the past by removing all symbols.

      Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

  21. Joseph Baxter

    About time this country gets back to WORK. ” Idle hands for the devil’s work shop.”

    • Faith

      I agree. I am afraid that won’t happen until welfare dies.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Faith, until we stop giving all those handicap license plates out to people who look like they can run the 100 yard dash in under 10 seconds, etc., no one will ever want to go to work again, the system is making all way too soft; work never hurt anyone!

        • Frederick

          If they’re out of work how the heck can they afford wheels Something doesn’t add up with that

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Many Handicap signs are for the caregivers who can’t leave home for very long….is that all you have to complain about?

  22. Chip

    WOW Greg! One of your best EVER! Chip

  23. Chip

    BTW, Bannon said in an interview yesterday that Korea is a side show. He basically said that our hands are tied militarily because there is nothing we can do that would not lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands or even millions in Soul SK. He said the trade war with China is the biggest threat. That whomever “wins” the trade war will be the global hegemon in the next five to ten years. Rush was talking about it on his radio show yesterday afternoon… Chip

    • Arthur Barnes

      Chip, Bannon is out now but he made a good point about N. Korea and no options, go back about a month and Sec. of State Tillerman and Sec. of Defense Mathis said the same thing. Tough talk from our President without an military option is just that much more bullshit that N. Korea won’t buy into; Bannon simply restated what the Secretaries already said and, unfortunately its true. So what N. Korea will do is what Iran did, keep quiet, keep building, and take the money, the deal I believe is in the works. Even MSM is reporting now secret negotiations between the Trump Administration and N. Korea. I suspect a deal will be made but mark my work, they will keep their bombs and improve their missiles all the while the money will flow to them. I love President Trump but frankly he is being isolated by his own party and the U. S. hasn’t the stomach for bloodshed/war any longer anywhere. The end result is we have a real enemy with real nuclear power on our Western side; don’t let the military convince you they can get every missile sent our way, that is the line they will use when they try and sell us a “deal” with N. Korea. The future N. Korea “deal” will completely
      destroy all diplomacy with future “military options are on the table” as just more
      imperialist paper tiger roaring – America military policy: APPEASEMENT unless actually attacked by known state, and even then, of course, surrender is always a possibility as well as a fight.

  24. Macray

    Thank you for your follow up with R. Kirby earlier in the week.
    Very much appreciated,

    • Macray

      BTW – I agree with you assessment that the 1.5 quadrillion number is bogus.

    • JMiller

      Your welcome Macray. I never did believe that the amount of derivatives was as much as some were saying especially since some said it was 600 or 700 billion, some others said it was 1.2 quadrillion, some others said it was 1.5 quadrillion and a few said it is 2 quadrillion. That sure is a wide range so someone must be wrong. The 600 to 700 billion in derivatives was believable and could be supported by the data. The other amounts over that could not. But I always wanted to know why some people were throwing out those high amounts and now I think I know why. I trust you did see my comments on the Lynette Zang interview about Jim Sinclair’s claim that the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) had reported 1.44 quadrillion for two reporting periods and that number was reduced by 50% back around 2009 or 2010. I looked at the BIS reports and saw no such large number ever and no such large decline.

      Now the BIS does adjust all figures for double-counting. The notional amounts outstanding have been adjusted by halving positions vis-à-vis other
      reporting dealers. So for example, if bank A has a total of 1 trillion in derivatives contracts with bank B, that would mean that there are 1 trillion of derivatives on bank A’s book and 1 trillion that is on bank B’s book. Does that mean that the total amount of derivatives is 2 trillion, 1 trillion for bank A and 1 trillion for bank B? The answer is no. The total amount is only 1 trillion. You do not want to count the same contract twice by counting 1 trillion for bank A and 1 trillion for bank B. The BIS has always adjust all figures for double-counting. I think some people mistakenly doubled-counted the 600 or 700 billion in derivatives and got an exaggerated 1.2 or 1.5 quadrillion.

      • JMiller

        Correction. In my above post I meant to say “some said it was 600 or 700 TRILLION”. Also meant to say “doubled-counted the 600 or 700 TRILLION in derivatives”.

  25. Penn Hudson


    I appreciate this video. I was in Charlottesville visiting my girlfriend. We were not at the tragedy but the end result was after a two year relationship and talk of marriage she has ended our relationship. Why? Because she sat there and watched CNN for hours and became incensed with with me for my beliefs. I voted for Trump, don’t like him that much as a person but understand the tough job he has and pray for him daily. I am a life member of the NRA and consider myself a libertarian, at least as I understand its definition. The reason I am telling you all this is that there is no way my ex-girlfriend or my daughter for that matter would even watch your show. It is like they are brainwashed zombies. The way you ended your show has really made me feel a little better knowing God is in charge. I just wanted to thank you for that.

    Penn Hudson

    • Greg Hunter

      She did you a favor it would have never worked out. So sorry it did not work out.

      • Diane

        You’re a good guy Penn….you’ll get a much better girlfriend. Greg is correct, she did you a favor.
        Her LOSS

      • sean

        Grg, You wanted to know what was up with Muller’s team?

        In addition, removing the Rhodesian history and renaming streets did Zimbabwe a world of good didn’t it! (/s)

    • Charles H


      Hooking up, as in marriage, with a woman is – next to Biblical salvation – THE most important decision in life.
      A woman with like religious belief; emotional and psychological maturity; a simular work-ethic level; and good communication skills is where you want to go. Greg Hunter is right: she did you a favor by showing her real colors. The man/woman relationship is a form of a yolk. Find a girl your equal, who will pull with you.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Penn, sorry for your loss, the MSM gets many in their sticky web of lies. When you heal, and you will, make sure you are evenly yoked with politics & religion. God Bless and God Speed, my best regards, a b

    • Tad

      Try to find out your next girlfriend’s political beliefs by the second or third date,
      Life, really is too short.

    • Ms. Wrench

      She did the right thing by dropping you. You voted for “flim-flam man” Trump, even though “you don’t like him too much as a person”, which means you’re not too smart;you are a “life member” of the NRA, which means you don’t understand how guns kill so many more people in the U.S. than most countries, because most countries don’t have an NRA; she watches CNN, a news organization whic has been around for DEeCADes, while you probably watch Breitbart News, which has been around since, like, last year. Gee which one is fake news ? Hahahaha! And you vote libertarian because of course, only YOU got yourself to where you are now -not your parents, your neighbors, your teachers, your wife, or American tacpayers – its all anout you, right?!?! Sorry – but she made the right decision.

      • Frederick

        The fake that CNN has been around for a long time has zero relevance as to their “fakeness” Sorry Mrs Wench The New York Times has been around for a very long time and is mostly left wing propaganda The way you spelled decades makes me think your drunk

      • Paul ...

        Subliminal monkeys on CNN … see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil … have Penn’s girlfriend brainwashed and also have you behaving like a monkey Wrench!!

  26. Macray

    What do you think, Fake or Real News???
    Gold Production At Lowest Level Since Financial Crisis, Future Outlook Bleak – ANZ

  27. Southern Girl

    One, if not the best piece you have done. I’m going to have to watch this twice. Will certainly give a donation to someone who is so passionate about what they do…the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG. The site is free but I really appreciate your support!!

  28. BHLiberty

    BOOM! This has got to be one of your greatest roundups to date by simply stating the obvious as to what is going on in the U.S.A. As it states in the bible, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”!

    I will to continue to pray for our President who has been assigned to do God’s work!

    Thank You!

    • Frederick

      But but but I thought that was Lloyd Blankfein

      • this sceptered isle

        Ha true!

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Reports the market is now rolling off ….first round likely -25% to start ….controlled slide just as Catherine Austin Fitts seems to have suggested… Russell late to game now will lead the fall….as all indexes will fulfill the percentage of gaps that ultimately fill ! Low volume…as they will try to ‘pump’ options and futures…to snare in buyers as the ‘insiders’ hope to sell. But as Michael Pento warned… the up and out of their chairs might make it thru the doors… but sellers can’t if their are no buyers ! Watch for the blood in the streets as the sell off escalates ! And no – it was not Trump … North Korea…or Charlotteville….The realization of the recovery -non-recovery and the ‘OBAMA illusion’ will be revealed…as Germany now leans towards Russian and China…and the ‘deep state’ attempt to create war …even and internal ‘race war’ fades…
    Interesting analysis on that part =

    • Arthur Barnes

      Justin, what the market is seeing now is the strong possibility of a failed Presidency – meaning, no healthcare reform, no real tax reform, no immigration reform, no “buy America” trade reform, and the list goes on & on. Its not that Trump isn’t supported by the people (I support him) its just that the Democrats, deep state, and the elite may get the upper hand and deny his Administration any real reform(s). This will mean, of course, more slipping towards a stalled “stagflationary” Japan like economy. Look at Japan the last 25 years and that is what is happening . The market in my mind is just sizing the real possibility of more of the same O same O, a downward trend towards a type of a very weak third world economic machine. The market might just be right, the politics of our day seem to be leading in that direction; N. Korea, Iran, healthcare, tax reform, debt ceiling, the Wall, etc. all seemed to be stalled and going nowhere. Love our President, but he can’t do it alone and is being isolated by his own party. That is my mind is what the “markets” are evaluating, if they decide it going to be a failed Presidency then look for a rather large correction. Continue to look at the declining value of the dollar as well, its an indication of what the “markets” are headed for, don’t let those Wall Street no it all tell you dollar value and markets are not related. If one or both of them should go up for a brief while all in the face of the outlined issue above, you probably will be starting in the face of a BARE RALLY, and, as Charles Dow said at the turn of the last century, BEWARE THE BARE REALLY! Frankly, its the way the elite get the suckers to come in so they can get out!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, the crash is our salvation. Without it, we become serfs. There is no fight left in this “country”. Sorry, Bro, but that’s the way I see it. Best always. PM

  30. A. Conger

    Thanks so much for your dedication to finding the truth in today’s confused world. So often the truth is not what it seems, history is not what it seems. Today David Duke is being portrayed as a major standard bearers of the alt right. You say you are an arbiter of the truth….why don’t you invite him on your show? Challenge him and his unorthodox views. Cross examine his claims regarding jews, race, Nazism, KKK. If you do it, just avoid making it a M. Kelly gotcha piece. YBIC

  31. This Sceptered Isle

    Also, why didn’t the police intervene or proactively separate the two groups? You have to wonder if they wanted a violent confrontation.

    • Charles H

      The police were retired just as the counter-protesters got on scene; then told not to engage. It’s pretty clear.

      • This Sceptered Isle

        and the media never criticise the lack of action by the police. The same thing happened in London when there were riots and they started trashing shops – the police just stood and watched. Why did they even bother turning up?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The order came from Higher Up as the British say. Higher Up is a busy guy these days!!

  32. John

    Well Greg, I certainly feel a bit stressed after listening to your emotionally charged weekly wrap-up! Though in all fairness I have to tell you that prior to your wrap-up I read a couple of more chapters of the new e-book “Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars” by G.A. Stewart (website is which is without a doubt a contributing factor. Incredible interpretations of the writings of Nostradamus, includes a lot about Trump as well as Obama and Hillary , unfortunately it seems that “they will be back”. Also covers The Second American Civil War and a lot of other stuff. Check it out.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Our Father only allows prophecy to warn….just as Nineveh changed, so can we. Things that are ordained are only hinted by parables and quiet intuitions.

  33. JQP

    Great Show as usual Greg… thank you.

    I would love to see President Trump just say something like… “You know I’ve been thinking about this whole confederate statue situation and I’m thinking about signing an Executive Order. This order would show everyone that I absolutely agree with everyone who wants to remove these statues. The order would also mandate a replacement for those statues because I think ART is very important. In a related move I had my son open a new factory and it will employee hundreds of artists. These artists will be creating new statues of all sizes … of me… President Trump.

    Priceless genius… 😀

  34. john duffy

    Interesting discussion and explanation of bitcoin

  35. Barry Munro

    I hope I am not the only one to comment on this misspeaking. You said that Google was demonetizing certain people. You of course meant demonizing, not demonetizing because I’m sure these people were not “money” to begin with! LOL.

    PS. It is so great to have straight shooters like you in the news business!

    • Markp

      Barry, organisations like Google, Youtube, Facebook etc. are purposely “demonetizing” independent media because this is how “the establishment” stifles independent thinking and opinions other than their own, so I am pretty sure GH said and meant “demonetizing”, and didn’t mean demonizing.

    • William Stanley

      Barry: People who put up YouTube videos receive money from advertisers on their channel. However, Google blocks that process from happening for videos with which they disagree — thus trying to starve their producers out of business. That is called “demonetizing.” Google doesn’t need to demonize those with whom they disagree, they just try to destroy their source of income. If you want to fight back, you need to donate directly to USAwatchdog. Go to the black bar at the top of this site and hit the donate button. Then, if you want this site too survive, donate until it hurts.

  36. Shamus McCorkell

    The Elephant In The Room
    Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 08:00 AM EDT
    What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all? A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore
    A group of intelligence pros and forensic investigators tell The Nation there was no hack— the media ignores it
    Danielle Ryan

    • JimH

      Thousands of security professionals know that Guccifer 2.o is Warren Flood from the meta data of the documents. Warren Flood is the IT director of the Obama administration.

      The timestamps of the documents are USA (eastern time) when made. Not in Romania as salon indicates. Metadata is data describing the document. An example would be a word document with the authors name and computer information and time of the document.

      Why doesn’t the media ask about Warren Flood was in the Obama administration?

      Obama signed the NDAA allowing propaganda with this made up narrative of Guccifer 2.0 The real

      • William Stanley

        JimH: Fascinating!

  37. Flattop

    GREG: So all of the sudden the Russian collusion story has gone silent in the msm. Whats their new assault on our President?

  38. F Vevaina

    As always, your website is very informative and very truthful.

    How do I know it is truthful? Beleive me, most people who are truly open to both views without any bias will come to to the same conclusion.

    I have never missed any of your postings for the past 5 years.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “F V”!!

  39. Flattop

    GREG: Now that we have heard from Lynette, lets hear from CAF.

  40. Gene

    Are events like Charlottesville planned and executed to distract and dispirit the masses and further erode President Trump’s influence? Is the ruling class desperate and frightened as they face collapse of the financial system and the dollar, the real source of their power? Do they fear a revolt of the citizens, so that they are scrambling to tighten their grip on our political perceptions in order to manipulate our public actions? I feel that all of these questions must be answered “yes”, but it’s just a feeling based on almost seven decades of observing people and their base motivations. Facts seem so hard to establish.
    May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless and protect us all, especially our families, in these perilous times!

    • Paul ...

      Gene … To know thy enemy is required to defeat him … Jesus was not tempted by Satan’s offer of riches … thus we too must not be tempted by the banksters offer of bit coins, more and more war, more violence, more killing of women and children … and Jesus will bless and protect us!!

  41. JimH

    Mueller and all the lawyers will declare victory with the hoards of lawyers at $1000 per hour. Billable hours are going thru the roof. The lawyers have already won again taking tax money to support their kids college education. The outcome does not matter. Politicians are all lawyers and they love billable hours.

    Lawyers create the problem then study the problem then charge 1000 an hour. Mueller is probably deleting with his team any documents that support war crimes from past administrations. When the wh asked about 911 evidence from the past Mueller was then hired the next day.

    • Arthur Barnes

      JimH, Muller is bought and paid for by the Demogods. His investigation is not worth a dollar an hour much less $1000. He is, rather and on the other hand, a remarkable self promoter, having designed and carry forth a unique cloak of impartiality as his reputation. His new quest has revealed his hidden underwear however, and guess what: THEY NEED TO BE CHANGED!

  42. F Vevaina

    Destroying all the Confederate symbols is the mantra of the left. Many of these guys feel these are symbols of slavery and thus abhorrent.

    Slavery today is undoubtedly abhorrent but slavery hundreds of years ago is history that cannot be changed by destroying statues in public places. These are reminders of the past that ensure that such things do not happen in these modern times.

    How come these leftists agree to “debt slavery” but cannot get their head around the fact that human slavery that existed hundreds of years ago that was the norm of the times? Even Benjamin Franklin owned slaves (though he is said to have renounced this concept of slave owning in latter years).

    Maybe the liberals should also consider destroying all their own currency notes that display images of Benjamin Franklin as well. That way their misguided program will be complete their circle of lunacy.

    • Charles H

      “Circle of lunacy.” What a truly masterful composition of few words!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I was laughing over Walmart’s joining the fray….Walmart! 80% of their merchandise is made in sweatshops by slaves or near slaves who get no holidays or weekends. The liberal protesters wear clothes, watches, and carry iphones all courtesy of debt slavery and sweat.
      And to top it all off…free blacks all over America owned slaves themselves….how do they know their own ancestors didn’t?
      It’s a pity, because there are still serious issues on these subjects that deserve much better discourse. Anyone know the chances of that?

      • Arthur Barnes

        Walmart = China, even the American flags they used to sell near the 4th of July are bought from China. Nothing China has is too good for Walmart to pawn off on you, their products are cheap, poorly made, and many times dangerous such as their dog food. Walmart is up to their necks in helping make this county a debtor nation and subservient to China. Folks, real the labels when you shop at Walmart! Buy American if you can!

        • Charles H

          “Making Merchandize of men”. Debt is slavery-light.

      • Paul ...

        Deanna … these Antifa people fighting against slavery are the very ones who want to put their wives in Burkas and stone them to death if they don’t listen to their husbands orders!

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          The husbands mustn’t quote St. Paul…they wouldn’t like that!!

    • Diane

      What a great post…FV
      Love it

  43. Buddy

    Great explanation of the facts ,Greg !!!!!!!!
    I wish everyone would hear the way you piece everything together every week.
    You give me hope that America has a chance to wake up.
    Please keep the truth front and center regardless where it takes you..

  44. Judy Kay

    Are you kidding me, Greg? !? Trump’s own FATHER was a member of the KKK….there are photos! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

    (This is Greg Hunter. I cut out your “sources” because they are total propaganda crap. HYou fell for huge lies and you have been had.)

    • Gene

      Of course, if there were any colorable evidence that, “Trump’s own FATHER was a member of the KKK,” that meme would have echoed throughout the MSM for months before and after the election. And we would have had a dozen Robert Mueller’s investigating the matter by now. The mere assertion of this fantasy disproves it.

    • William Stanley

      Judy: Even if you claim were true (which it isn’t) it would’t make Donald Trump a racist. You’ll need more than false claims and innuendo to be persuasive here. If agitation propaganda is your game, you need to refine your technique and take it to a site where everyone won’t recognize it for what it is.

    • Arthur Barnes

      J. Kay, KKK, is that why Donald Trump has given millions and millions to the poor & disadvantaged minorities? Get real, get a life, you troll! Trump!

      • Robert G

        Arthur Barnes do you have a link or any kind of proof of that…

  45. JimH

    The NDAA National defense Authorization act allows both republicans and democrats to use propaganda against the Russians and the american people because of the Russian interference in the election. the law was signed by Obama last December. The rigging of the Presidential debates by clinton and the rigging on the republican sides were exposed. No one talking about rigging the debates. No one talking about the media colluding taking money to cheat Clintons way into the white house. Its all about Russia. Propaganda. Lawyers getting paid $1000 an hour to make up stuff.

    Both the republicans and democrats are scared that the American people now know that the system is rigged. Democrats and republicans do not want outsiders like Trump who are non lawyers. the reason the propaganda law was created to save the swamp.

    The media is pushing the propaganda (law) to protect republicans and democrats and themselves who are all compromised. The law was made so these politicians and the media do not go to jail allowing Propaganda to save themselves.

  46. C

    We cannot erase the past but we can change the future.

    • William Stanley

      JimH: I sense that you may have inadvertently left out the fact that the “rigging” on the Republican side was largely aimed against Trump — remember the “Never Trumpers”?

  47. Robert E. Salt

    The Civil War was all about states rights, and the states lost. There wouldn’t have been any point in killing the Kennedys if the the states had won, because each state would have seceded with a coup of the federal government. Agitators outside the country started the Civil War by outsmarting Americans. Can they do it again (Fool me once; fool me twice)? Slavery has never been worse worldwide than it is today through human trafficking. Both Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman have said separately that the world is run by pedofiles. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose by making such a statement, but turning your head the other way makes you as guilty as the criminals.

  48. Diane

    Great report Greg.
    Missed you past few days..finally got you on YouTube and thanks for information.

  49. JimH

    A special counsel needs to be appointed to investigate Mueller activities in the Uranium One deal.

    Why did Mueller bring Uranium to Russia ?

    • Paul ...

      Hillary and Mueller know it takes a lot of uranium to build those “Satan Nuclear Bombs” that Russia needs to totally annihilate the Great Satan … both Hillary and Mueller just wanted to make sure Russia had “enough uranium” to build 50 of them … one for each State of the Union … seems Hillary and Mueller have exactly the same thing in mind for America that Hitler had in mind for the Jews (incineration by “nuclear” fire)!!

      • Paul ...

        And we have “conspirator” Mueller who wants Russia to have “enough uranium” to kill us all … investigating collusion between Trump and Russia “to prevent war”??

  50. brian

    We have a biased media likely and loosely serving the interests of God knows what, a system of justice that for all practical purposes is symbolic at best and a government commonly referred to as a swamp………..ummmm why does it look like we are we all still pretending that this does not go to a really really really really really really bad bad bad place that 10 years from now we would chew our own fingers and arms off to get out of?

  51. JimH

    Can the Russian sanctions hurt the USA economy? I thought it was 300 Russian banks pulling 7 Trillion dollars out of the Swift system. This must put some pressure on the dollar. The politicians trying to pull down the Trump Economy.

  52. Marvin Vander Molen

    In response to a comment at 29 :47 sec. I would encourage Mr. Hunter to listen to a posting of a subliminal message in the National Anthem that supposedly happened in the 1960’s of a TV station sign off at the end of the day. I can also remember there was a big stink that in the rock music back then, was also accused of having subliminal words.

  53. Paul from Indiana

    Believe it or not, a “crash” or “reset” is really our only way out and should be viewed as a positive despite the dislocations and disasters it will cause. In this case, we must truly destroy the village in order to save it. I am eagerly anticipating seeing Dr. Numbers make his case. He has been right all along. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yea Paul, sometimes you have to tear the old barn down in order to rebuild it as its just too far gone in order to save it. I fear that is where we find ourselves. regards, a b

  54. Dave


    Why don’t you report on the Baltic Dry Index like you used to. It bottomed in Feb 2016 but is up substantially since then, after reaching a near term high in Dec 2013, only to consistently fall to Feb 2016. Dave

  55. Tin foil hat

    I’m usually stingy with praise but you really knock this one out of the ballpark. Bravo!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Tin”!!

  56. John Stariha

    Greg, I just posted this on my favorite forum (timebomb two thousand )

    Gitche Gumee Kid’s Avatar
    Gitche Gumee Kid
    Gitche Gumee Kid is online now Veteran Member

    Join Date
    May 2001
    NW WI

    Folks, if you don’t take the time to listen attentively to Greg Hunter’s video you’re short changing your self. Then save it to favorites for future reference.

    Pass it on to all your friends and enemies.

    Can you tell I like this video?


  57. Flattop

    Our nation has become very busy tearing down statues which might be offensive to blacks. Ok lets take them down, and when they are finished with Robert E Lee, maybe they could remove the statue of Malcolm X in Harlem who is offensive to whites!!!

  58. evan trofholz

    Do I really have to say this every week??: BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!

    Fantastic analysis as always, Greg.

    If you keep going after the Clintons, you may want to avoid the nail gun section at Home Depot or wandering out onto the top of any tall buildings at night. There’e precedent.

  59. Brad Skiles

    Exceptional commentary, Greg. I am deeply appreciative of your perspective. Thanks for being an example in confronting the media.

  60. Floyd Bilderback

    Have you ever visited Main Train Station in Frankfort Germany. There is one BIG restroom for everyone to use. Men, women, boys, girls — everyone.

    • Paul ...

      Everyone??? … what about alien reptilians who shed their skin and pee from the chandeliers? … we have to draw the line somewhere … when everyone has different ways of going to the bathroom is it being “racist” to require different bathrooms for beings that go to the bathroom differently? … some people see no difference between a man and a women (so men are now marrying men and women are now marrying women) and even the aliens are interbreeding with humans (creating giants)!

    • Frederick

      That’s very interesting I travel in Europe a lot and have never seen such a crazy thing as you describe I guess the Germans truly have lost their minds

    • Frederick

      Floyd I just looked it up on their website and they show that both male and female rest rooms are available so I think your information is wrong

  61. Jerry

    The month of repentance ends on September 30th. And you know what comes next right?
    Just kidding. Congress will raise the debt ceiling for the hundredth time. Lord knows we have no other choice since we’re broke. But what the heck, the rest of the world owes it to us to continue to carry our debt……right?

  62. Roger D

    Got to love your passion and thirst for truth.

    This old coot doesn’t even recognize this country. It’s rate of America’s fall is now exponential. If you have children, relocate them far from any city NOW.

  63. William Stanley

    JimH: I sense that you may have inadvertently left out the fact that the “rigging” on the Republican side was largely aimed against Trump — remember the “Never Trumpers”?

    • JimH

      Democrats and republicans are one in the same. The Republicans love Obama and voted for Obamacare which is a tax. There is no need to replace the tax with a tax. Republicans have the senate the house and the white house. Yet they are the resistance.

      If the republicans and democrats love Obamacare then they should receive Obamacare. There should not be one set of laws for the senate the congress and another set for the American people.

      If the Russia gate is so bad why have the Republicans been so silent. Why hasn’t the Republicans demand the FBI swat team raid of Clintons house with all the SAP programs in her basement. The FBI not looking at the DNC server.

      Yes the rigging was against anyone especially Trump who are not part of the establishment. They are also the never Trumpers.

  64. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you so much for the work you do. I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better and I did notice an unusually large number of trolls this week. That indicates their level of fear and desperation. Encouragingly, I think, it was this very this week when we reached the inflection point in the battle with, yes, evil. For the non mathematicians amongst us, that means the rate of decay just started to slow down and the tide of battle is now in the early stages of actually turning. Moreover, because of people like you, more and more people are waking up to the nature of that evil. As a result, we are going to eventually win.

  65. zteve.0

    lately i think they want slavery buried in the past because there is slavery now. debt is slavery and the level of national debt now will have us enslaved for generations.
    Certainly whats going on now around our country and the world is not freedom

    • wondrouscat

      Dick Cheney, when he was Vice President of the United States, scoffed at the U.S. Constitution, saying it was “just a piece of paper”. Some things you never forget.

      • Paul ...

        His mother gave him the right first name!!

  66. zteve.0

    Animal Farm too is a timely read – when you talk about re-writing the constitution – wow unfortunate times constitutionally

    • Galaxy 500

      The Dems have been saying for decades that the Constitution was a “Living” document meaning they could reduce the word and or concepts to be what ever the Demoncrats want it to be.

      • Paul ...

        Right G500 … now the Demon-rats have made our Constitution into a “living racist” document written by slave owners who’s portraits on our dollar bills must be gotten rid of by going cashless along with destroying any statues of our founders!

  67. Diane

    We should all boycott the propaganda main stream media.
    That now sadly includes FAUX NEWS.
    Watch Fox Business Channel. ..they are still fair.

  68. Linda L.

    Have you seen this info. regarding one of the sources who provided the organized, paid crowds for the riots in Charlotteville? Read the fine print in the information ad obtained by The Phaser and then go to The Crowds on demand CEO Adam Swart is a political activist who helped to get CA’s Jerry Brown elected. He offers his services, according to his own website to EVERY CITY in the United States (real sicko):

    • Paul ...

      We should look into this guy to see if he also provides children on demand to pedophiles in every city of the US … and women on demand or gays on demand, etc.!!

  69. Keith wilson

    Greg,thanks for posting my comments. Sometimes I get carried away, with my emotions. To think that Nancy pelosi wants to remove statues in Washington, which have stood for many generations longer than her family have been in america takes the piss. Eventually she will want the Vietnam memorial wall removed. The Arlington war graves closed, ,the statue of liberty taken down.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Every revolution wants to erase all consciousness of the past…communist, fascist, democratic…all the same. The New Order demands it. How many statues and signs relating to King George and British heroes were torn down during the American Revolution? When Constantine made Christianity (a new, ‘improved’ version) the Roman Religion the past had to go, including thousands of poor souls who didn’t know what the heck it was all about…many of them probably thought Jesus was a cool rabbi.
      That’s the way of violent revolution by decree of the winners.
      It was done in 1776 and 1789 and 1917 and all over the place. The past has tradition, sentiment, and history. People who love those are blocks to profit and power…they are like the soldiers in the 1914 Christmas Truce, refusing hatred and the tide of the future.

  70. marsh

    Michelle Obama speech given in San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 14, 2008: ” Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children.”

    • Paul ...

      They have changed our conversation (everyone is racist now) … they have changed our traditions (with the Patriot Act) … and taking down our statues will complete their goal of changing our history … they have moved us to a different place as a nation (from a Constitutional Republic to a Communist/Fascist state) … to provide the kind of future the globalists want desperately for our children (slavery)!!

    • William Stanley

      Marsh: Interesting, “change our history”!

  71. JimH

    Bannon out – Pence’s coup and the real story of those “pro-Trump super PACs”
    Mike Cernovich

    • JimH

      Trump studying options for new approach to Afghan war

      WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is “studying and considering his options” for a new approach to Afghanistan and the broader South Asia region, the White House said Friday after the president huddled with his top national security aides at Camp David.

      White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a brief statement saying Trump had been briefed extensively on a new strategy to “protect America’s interests” in the region. She did not specifically mention Afghanistan.

      As Cernovich talked about today in the Pence Coup – 5k-10k more troops

      • Paul ...

        Trump should start by burning down the poppy fields!!

  72. Rick Geisler

    Bravo, excellent summation for the week. I have nothing to add.

  73. al

    In 2016, “movie extras” ads on Craigslist showed up for several months and we had Charlotte and the pre-election paid protests.. then magically the ads disappeared on election day.
    Fast forward to today… 2017 we have the same ads show up in Charlottesville and we got the riots.
    People, WAKE UP! These people get paid $250/day to riot! Period!
    Riot money paid both sides. In 2016 Soros was the backer of the riots and protests. Who paid for these protesters/riots? Huh? I ask you! Who paid off both sides?

    Thank you Greg, this was excellent. People have to wake up more.

  74. al

    The Nazi party called itself “the progressive party”.

    • Paul ...

      More like the Pro-agressive Party!!

  75. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, thanks for mentioning the possibility of the system crashing on its own & not by intent of TPTB. Yes, the Elites could crash it deliberately, but they seem frustrated at not getting as much inflation as they want, and (if you look at meeting reports) Fed members disagree with each other over whether or not to raise rates. In other words, they don’t seem able to control things as much as they would like to.

    Have to disagree with you, though, about the Antifa idiots chanting for Soros to pay them. Looks to me they’re being sarcastic and chanting to underscore that they’re *not* being paid. Soros only needs to pay a few agents anyway. There are always plenty of idiots who’ll join in because they’re conditioned/propagandized/brainwashed or because they think they can get away with violence & vandalism if they’re part of a crowd.

  76. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, I just wanted to press the like button and call it a day. But you don’t have one. So: great weekly wrap-up, sincere commentary, and rockin rant.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 4321!!

  77. Arthur Barnes

    Greg & bloggers, and so this Friday as all Friday’s just more detail about the future American banana republic as it marches on to fruition & its destiny as a third world country. Bush, Hillary and Obama’s Religion of Peace struck again in Spain. So don’t change any policy towards Middle Eastern immigration as that would be politically incorrect to do so; just live with the terror from time to time, in 3 days all will be back to normal until the next time as its now becoming only a 3 day news cycle. To the victims & their families my sincere and heartfelt condolences.

  78. Sayonara

    It is very clear we have passed the breaking point for this once great nation. The Communist Left are determined by what ever means necessary to destroy this country and install fascist tyranny with the support of most of the elite class, especially the MSM. There is no real adversary to stop them. They control the narrative and the Conservatives are scared to death of their own shadow much less confront them. The Left is using violence and the media to brutally punish the Conservatives into submission and there is no fight back. The Left is extremely well organized and funded. The Conservatives have no organization nor funding. And now Socialist Corporate America has chosen to side with the Left. This is a 10-0 ballgame at the top of the ninth, 2 outs and no Conservatives on base. Time to say Sayonara to the United States of America.

    • Roger D

      Sayonara, this old coot agrees. Why are we obsessed with squandering precious time and resources on saving a system intent on destroying us? Admitting we ‘lost’ does NOT mean we quit!

      Chaos and probably anarchy are coming and nationalists (and Trump) will be the scapegoats. The globalists may ‘win’ but their greed and egos will divide their house. Priority #1 is surviving to that point. That starts with a home location based on James Wesley Rawles’ advice and limiting your choices to only areas UPWIND of nuclear targets:

      • Sayonara

        RogerD, I will never quit. I am just very disappointed that the people who love this nation are not willing to organize, fund and fight with ferocity that the left is fighting to destroy this nation. Especially when the ideology of the left is directly responsible for the most atrocious acts in human history. I am just sitting in my hole like a Inland Taipan Snake ready to strike when the moment is right.

    • Charles H

      Nations come and go. It is a shame though, as nothing in human history has ever stood for so much. There are higher principles than nations.

    • William Stanley

      Sayonara: It sure does look cold, dark, and stormy; and our cause is underfunded. It reminds me of the night Washington crossed the Delaware River, and changed the course of history.

  79. ABC

    Please address the CERN issue.

  80. Paul

    Everyone who thinks Greg knows what he is talking about will appreciate this … those who may not be sure should be convinced!

  81. Sam a Morgan

    The evil swamps, fake “tolerant” executives and very fake MSM are not yet personally threatened. Yet, they do recognize President Trump is an actual existential threat to the swamp. Hence the overboard reaction to his incredible election victory.

    What would happen when the “executives” the ‘they’ the MSM start to recognize WE’RE COMING FOR THEM PERSONALLY. As of now all the treats of assassination and destruction, riots, etc. are aimed at Trump and his supporters. Will we have a Fort Sumter moment?

  82. Charles Turner

    Thank you Greg for being the only channel in the Western world that can articulate the current circumstances in a calm, reasoned and intelligent manner.

    What surprises me is the lack of support for some of Trumps statements either from Republicans or grown up politicians from both sides of the isle. You don’t have to like or support Trump to call out what is truth and what is lies. Clearly his statement about both sides is true and is evidenced in film. Why the silence? One person dies at the hands of one madman. If this madman had been ill and not attended and one of the club wielding Antifa members had hit one of the other demonstrators who then died of a heart attack, would there have been any media coverage? It could just as easily have happened.

    Trump is one of the strongest people ever to hold office and with support could make America great again. I say this as an outsider and not something who warms to him. I watched the primaries and saw him cut through what would normally have been considered strong candidates like a knife through butter. Not only did he have the 17 other candidates he also had hostile interviewing. He then defeated the odds on Hilary Clinton fair and square. That is before all the attempts to take him down since he became President. Whether these other politicians are Trump supporters or not, can they not see how dangerous it has become. If they can remove someone of Trumps gravitas and teflon skin, they can remove and control anyone. Someone like Marco Rubio would be a baby in their grasp of the deep state and any future President would merely be a figurehead that is there to make the politically correct (propaganda) public statements and smile for photos. This will effect both sides of the isle. Candidates like Bernie Sanders will never be allowed to win a nomination and whoever gets elected in the future will be fully owned before they take the first day in office. If America truly wants democracy it needs people from both sides of the isle to stand up and make a stand. But first Pence should make a stand, because if they remove Trump and put him in place, it will only be temporary. They have smelt blood and take him down afterwards. He may not have Trumps strength to protect his family. Their first target is Trump, after that there will be no stopping them.
    On a further issue, in the UK a major television channel is reporting that Confederates were fighting the civil war on the issue of slavery (nothing else). It is amazing how history can be whitewashed. I am wondering if the statues are first then what about art. I guess their are pieces of artwork in galleries that not only have confederate generals, but also past dictators like some of the Roman Emperors, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. Do these all go as well? Do you destroy art or memories in the Holocaust Museum and the National Civil Rights Museum as well? in the past propaganda has been a much more subtle twisting of the truth. All subtlety has now gone.

  83. Steve T.

    The person who filed for the permit, and also who organized the supposedly alt-right group, is Jason Kessler. The SAME Jason Kessler worked for Obama and only recently reinvented himself to be the controlled opposition and set up little scuffles like Charlottesville in service to the DNC and to help advance the socialists’ agenda. Look up Kessler and you WILL find out he’s a traitor-infiltrator and not genuine right-wing of any stripe at all. Charlottesville amounts to an attempted false flag to drum up public support for the ongoing erasure of history. Don’t believe anything the Southern Poverty Law Center writes; they’re just a front group for the socialists. Need proof? Here’s the link:
    In other words, the whole Charlottesville situation was a set-up planned and coordinated by enemies of the USA.

  84. Justn Observer

    The nation is at a point in time it has to make a decision…..and act.
    Will it take the path of MOST resistance…or surrender it’s will to one of LEAST resistance? The people will need to claim their nation and stand up for it now…and drive the evil out…or succumb to it. The people see there is something wrong with the moral and ethical character …and they can no longer set idle and allow what is being done in their name. Sadly, the premonition is much blood in the streets and no clear outcome as to who might win this war on our culture.
    John B. Wells and and Dave of X22 were hit with similar attacks to their sites…so it is obvious now that someone does not like the alternative media around to AWAKEN the people to the exploits of the ‘deep state’ and are using their social media providers to ‘selectively’ edit and suppress , or restrict free speech via algos…and demonetization…


  85. Marie Joy

    Please, have London Paul as a guest. He was on X22Report Spotlight and he was excellent. He’s very informed.
    Thank you

    • Justn Observer

      Yes Marie Joy….THAT was quite an interview !

  86. Russ

    This is a worthwhile read from Scott Adams regarding the ongoing mass hysteria about President Trump. He uses terms like “cognitive dissonance” and “confirmation bias”, which many of us sorta understand in the abstract, but here we get to see these terms play out in real life.

    Dilbert’s Scott Adams Explains “How To Know You’re In A Mass Hysteria Bubble”

    In closing, Adams poses a question:

    …”I present this filter on the situation as the first step in dissolving the mass hysteria. It isn’t enough, but more persuasion is coming.

    If you are outside the mass hysteria bubble, you might see what I am doing in this blog as a valuable public service.

    If you are inside the mass hysteria bubble, I look like a Nazi collaborator.

    How do I look to you?” …

    • Russ

      “…”The reason you can’t easily identify what-the-hell is going on in the country right now is that a powerful mass hysteria is in play. If you see the signs after I point them out, you’re probably not in the hysteria bubble. If you read this and do NOT see the signs, it probably means you’re trapped inside the mass hysteria bubble.” …”

  87. Charles Turner

    Sean Hannity is now being targeted in the UK via paid for google adwords at the top of the page.

  88. Dan

    Frankly there are too many people willing to let the USA collapse either willingly or because they are too cowardly to do what is necessary to save it. We should try to save it but we also must prepare for the collapse so that we can at the very least separate from those left wing retards. Only then can we write the more precise language in the constitution and put more restraints on government. We need Individual rights of property more codified. We also need to have an amendment protecting society from communists and LGBT freaks.

  89. Flattop

    Over 150 comments on you Friday WNW, you hit I out of the park again. Keep on keepin on. God Bless

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg… Was the Charlotte incident a ‘staged’ movie set?

  91. Willard ferch

    Better get John l Casey or Robert Felix on quickly.

  92. Neil

    How Bannon’s departure is spun for a remote NZ audience courtesy of a Washington Post article reprinted in a national paper.
    The sidelink for this is ‘Bannon: Trump’s campaign a fraud’
    The propaganda rolls on…

    • Greg Hunter

      The “Stuff” publication it the real fraud. Thank you! Bannon is no going to be more powerful than ever. Bannon is more useful outside the WH than inside. One report says Breitbart now has 10 X’s the reach it had before the 2016 election. Now he doesn’t work for the WH and I would not be surprised this is the plan between trump and Bannon. Bannon can say what needs to be said and trump can sat Bannon no longer works for me. Fantastic game Trump and Bannon are running on the ignorant propaganda media. I can’t prove it, but that is what I think.

  93. John M.

    Great Wrap-Up Greg!
    There is no real difference between fascism and socialism, they both take away natural rights and freedoms. Many Americans do not fathom that we are flirting with the absolute end of our nation if we do not stop the MSM and thought police from what they are doing. We are not fascist Nazis to try and stop them from destroying our sovereign America.
    Pre-Hitler Germany had Nazis and Communists fighting each other constantly, and both are purely evil and militant ideologies. We must pray for Pres. Trump because he represents us Americans who have not gone mad.

  94. John M.

    Some of us Americans believe in God, limited government, and our Constitution.

  95. john hassion

    greg, the bad guys are here in bentonville, ar. circulating petitions to remove the statue on the sguare. they are being countered by petition to keep it. i think it will stay, but will keep an eye on it. ty john

  96. RTW

    These liberats in Washington State have painted themselves into a corner. They’re riding around the state on the national, hysteric, bandwagon defacing, destroying, and demanding that all the symbols of racism be erased from the delicate eyes of the offended. They’re looking in every nook and cranny to find a picture, name, or statue, of a past slave owner, that must be removed, lest someone’s psyche be irreparably damaged. The conundrum is, the name of the state, it’s flag and a goodly amount of highway signs, which all have George Washington proudly displayed on them. While they are on their knees searching, ole George is looking down on them smiling.

  97. Rusty

    I don’t see how Antifa can stand to have all the Martin Luther King Jr. streets, highways, bridges, statutes, and even the Federal holiday – MLK day based on his position of gays and gay marriage. Just seems so wrong to glorify a person who takes this position

  98. john duffy

    Are there any adults left in the room?

  99. Dan S.

    What’s this I see!? An antifa sign demanding Soros pay them the money {$25hr} they’re owed to show up at the protest. Who’s the slaves now? Oh the irony is laughable.

  100. IRgnarly1


    What an awesome WNW. You really hit this one out of the park. I will be sharing this with some of my friends who don’t fully understand what is happening around us and how our freedoms are being attacked on so many levels. Michael Savage (radio host) has a saying: “Beware of the government media complex”, this situation going on with Charlotte, NC is a perfect example of this. When you see the media change the reality of the situation and how even the republicans in congress fall in line with the narrative to come against the president (that we elected), you know there is COLLUSION there. I am reminded of what Catherine Austin Fitts said in one of your earlier interviews, to the effect of… our leadership will do whatever it takes to keep their privilege, and I firmly believe that is what we are seeing here. Donald Trump is a threat to that privilege and they are attacking him as well as our freedoms and well being so they have total control. It is almost as if our leaders are using the book “1984” as a template to accomplish this. What a coincidence that this book is no longer required reading in our schools and here we are, erasing our history by tearing down Civil War Memorials and statues. It reminds me of how ISIS and “militant islamists” want to tear down the pyramids of Egypt and other religious monuments so their ideology can flourish without question or remembrance of a better way of life.
    I have been watching all of this come together in amazement. Not just the attack on our freedoms but (in my opinion) the engineered destruction of our financial system as well. Rham Emanuel did say: “Never let any good crisis go to waste” and with all that is happening in the present time both politically and financially, things seem to be heading towards crisis. It seems as if our elected officials are deliberately allowing all of this to get out of hand. Why do the governors and mayors keep telling our law enforcement to stand down? Aren’t our law enforcement agencies supposed to keep the peace and keep things from escalating so people don’t get hurt? I listened to your interview with Lynette Zang and what is happening behind the scenes with all of the new electronic currency and the control it can have over our lives and how it fits in with current events. Lynette is so smart and full of knowledge, you can tell she has done and is doing her homework. People need to wake up pay attention and learn about what is being done so we can preserve our history and way of life. Our country is the best on the planet and if we lose it much pain will follow and the efforts of our forefathers will be lost.
    I thank you Greg and all of your guests for your insight and knowledge and the ability to share it with all of us and make it understandable. I absolutely pray for Donald Trump. He is fighting the good fight for all of us and needs all the help he can get.

  101. Marion Mucci

    Mr. Greg Hunter you are soo very awesome!!!

  102. Galaxy 500

    Here is an interesting exchange on line. At least, I found it so.


    Moors enslaved my ancestors and my family of US legal immigrants had nothing to do with black slavery here in the US…
    Where are my reparations, dammit?

    Deplorable to  Quinn3 hours ago

    Sorry, no soup for you…
    I mean no reparations for you.
    Only blacks, even blacks that families were slave owners. A lot of free negroes own more slaves than the average white slave owner. A fact that blacks gloss over. Another inconvenient truth such as those the leftists are so fond of either ignoring or rewriting.
    Quinn to  Deplorable

    Well then, if Antifa/BLM/BAMN, Black Caucus, Black Panthers, SPLC, Uhurus, World Workers, Occupy whoever/whatever and their ilk are gonna hold a grudge for no reason, I’ll be holding a grudge for REAL reasons.
    Sounds fair to me. 👍

    Deplorable to Quinn

    I agree. I hold a grudge against those that seek to deny me freedom. I care not their colour, their station in life. My position is based on reason, on my God given Rights, and on the insidious, creepingn evil that is Totalitarianism. Whether you name it Communism, Islam, Socialism or the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, it matters not.
    They all seek one thing: the total dominance of the people. Their repression, compliance and ignorance is mandatory. Free thought, free speech and reason are not only discourages, but forcible punished, via media degradation, loss of employment and even physical harm, including death.
    So my grudge is very specific and damn righteous. My grudge has the force of the US Constitution and the force of arms as a free man.

  103. Tommy

    The left is grasping at straws. Unfortunately there are still people who buy their crap and others who are intimidated into giving them verbal support. Let’s face it, the KKK is a relic. The SPLC estimates that there are no more than 8,000 members nationwide. So even the SPLC acknowledges that they are a dinosaur. The reason they are dying is because they have been allowed to freely speak and express their opinions. The public has repudiated them. The best way to defeat hate is to let the haters do it themselves. So why the panic now? Because the left has nothing. What they know is that by doing so there are three possibilities; 1) a majority will succumb and voluntarily surrender their liberty, 2) you will push people into a corner and they will react with violence so that the government can suppress our liberty with force, 3) it will fail to launch and they will fabricate another issue. But one thing is certain, they will never stop. Thanks Greg for doing what the media refuses to do; their job.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy for not falling for the propaganda and lies of the dying legacy media. The MSM could not stop Trump from getting into office and they certainly will not take him out of office.

  104. Ms. Wrench

    Are you still in total denial, Greg? How about this new piece from Der Spiegel?
    Or is Der Speigel “fake news” as well?!? Clearly, whatever you and your minions don’t choose to believe is “fake news”, eh….

  105. Mr. Wench

    Imagine the American people, you and I giving Maid Marian’s speech.
    Maid Marian’s

    This pretty much sum’s up the situation of what we the people face with these traitorous cut-throats in our government!

    And Ms. Wrench we wont hang like Hamman in the gallows you and your fellow Obama intell holder’over henchmen are conspiring for us!

    Haman – Wikipedia

  106. Mr. Wench

    A documentary featuring footage of real life civil war veterans, it shows a different time in the early 20th century when confederate and union veterans were able to reconcile with each other before events later in the 20th century reopened old wounds that had never fully healed. It also reveals the real reasons why confederate monuments were put up in the first place.

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