Trump Racism More Fake News, KKK & Antifa Both Violent, Fed Melts Dollar

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 297 8.18.17)

The propaganda mainstream media and democrats are now trying to paint President Trump as a racist when he clearly is not. The Democrats are out of ideas, and the only thing they have to offer are lies.  The Democrats also want to erase our history and attack the Founding Fathers as racists.  The Democrat Party, which has all the earmarks of communism, wants to tear up the Constitution because it was written by racists, according to them.  It’s one lie after another from the party of liars and cheaters that does not have a single idea to help the average American.  This is not going to work either.

If you watch the propaganda media, you would think the only evil people at the recent Charlottesville protest that turned violent were the KKK and Nazis. In fact, the counter protesters, such as Antifa, were equally violent, reckless and evil.  Both sides came to this so-called peaceful protest with bats, pepper spray, shields and helmets.  There was no way this was going to remain peaceful if both sides are ready to hit one another over the head with a baseball bat.  Trump was spot on when he said both sides were to blame, and there is evidence that some of the counter protesters to the KKK were paid by people like George Soros.  The media is only reporting one side to try to paint Trump a racist to score political points, which is the definition of propaganda.  Don’t fall for the MSM con, they all lie and are approved and paid to do so.

The Fed revealed they are worried about the economy and are very reluctant to raise interest rates. Gregory Mannarino of says the Fed knows all too well the economy is much weaker than they would like to admit and is probably not going to raise rates.  Mannarino says he thinks they will continue to melt down the dollar and melt up the stock market until it pops.  Mannarino says keep an eye on the bond market for signs of trouble.  He says that’s where a crash will start.

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I promised links to some of the source material, and you can find it below:

The Charlottesville Mercury News and photos of the tragedy of the KKK, Nazi and Antifa violence click here.

Antifa chanting for George Soros to give them their money click here and watch the very beginning of this broadcast.

Video of Charlottesville counter protesters chasing KKK protesters with bats and attacking them click here.

Economist John Williams ( is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Williams is out with a rare economic alert of impending danger for the financial system and the economy.  Don’t miss it.

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  1. Jim C

    I always love your work. I wholly agree with your report. Those rioters are paid by Soros and Gangsters. Communists kill so many people around the world, i.e.,Lenin, Stalin, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Polpot, Jose Maria Sison, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Evo Morales, etc.
    Pres. Trump is not perfect but yes he needs support and many prayers for his life. I hope he also takes back the Office of the President i.e., foreign policies should be exclusively for the executive branch of the government and not abdicate his office to the unelected officials and to the Congress. He is really cornered since he attempted to please the opposition by bombing the Syria.
    Infrastructure is crumbling due to several decades of neglect and corruption. People are living in desperate condition. Nobody reports there are so many people are homeless. Only some news coverage like Keiser Report shed the light of homelessness in some part of the country. It is the economy silly! President Trump has well intention to rebuild the nation but the commies wants prevent implement the President’s domestic policies.
    I do not want to sound like radical but at this point the President has made lots of enemies, and he should consider a unicameral government for temporary.
    The United States of America is fighting for its soul and hopefully the country will continue to be beacon of light and freedom across the world. We crossed beyond the rubicon and hopefully Americans will not be insouciant any more.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … as you say Trump is not perfect as he tried to appease the neocons by bombing Syria because of the children … but he is still learning on the job right now … getting rid of Bannon was a good move because Bannon wanted to start hostilities with Iran which would have made Iran dig their plutonium reactor out from under tons of concrete and quickly build a bomb … notice how the neocons and their shills the MSM were all for regime change in Syria because some children were killed … yet there is absolutely “no talk” about regime change in Saudi Arabia for the slaughter of children in Yemen?? …

      • Paul ...

        And what about all the South Korean children’s lives that will be lost to satisfy the evil neocons desire for a war with N. Korea? … these neocons warmongering minds are fully in sync with Madeleine Albright who thought the killing of 500,000 Iraqi children was justified to advance the flames of war!!

        • Galaxy 500

          The South Koreans are hostages to a mad man. I don’t believe you appease a madman. I don’t believe it is even possible if you wanted to..
          We should have let the General nuke North Korea during the start of the Korean war. You do realize that the Korean war is not over right? What we have is a cease fire. And thanks to people that cave and appease mad men , now they have nukes.
          Pray tell how you think it’s going to end? At some point, he is going to either burn Soel to the ground or nuke Guam or maybe, San Fransico.
          He is worshipped as a god by the people there.
          There is always a tipping point with the mentally ill or the wicked. And it has little to do with reality.

          • Paul ...

            Lets wait and see what he does before we start a nuclear war … that is going to kill millions of normal South Koreans … to save some perverted homosexual snowflakes in California who want to seceded from the US anyway!

          • sk

            Ahem…that famous ICBM with the nuclear warhead that was supposedly able to reach Wisconsin actually fell into the sea about 50 km off the coast of the Korean peninsula….must NOT swallow whole all you read in the Western press…

      • Galaxy 500

        Paul, if you think that Iran isn’t going full speed ahead on building a nuke… Based on their beliefs that Satan commands them to create chaos in the world to bring about the return of the 12 Imam… I just think that is a foolish idea. The Øbamachrist, whose father was Shiite, gave them 150 Billion dollars.
        Do you really believe that they are slowing down? Based on their dogma and prior aactions, the only reasonable and rational conclusion based on evidence is they have firewalled the throttle on their nuclear program. They can buy things now, due to a lifting of sanctions, that they could not get before.
        I think it is fantasy, folly and wishful thinking to believe otherwise. And it is reasonable to be prepared for war with Iran. I was alive during the hostage talking. We may not be at war with Iran, BUT they have been at war with the USA since 1979.
        Just the way I do the math. But then I believe while Bannon was flawed in many ways, I believe he was on the people’s side and right that Iran is our enemy.

        • Paul ...

          We made Iran our enemy when we sent our puppet Saddam to war with them and had him drop chemical weapons on the Iranians murdering millions … they won’t forgive us “the Great Satan” for that!!

        • this sceptered isle

          So according to you the USA should be at war with half the globe. America is not the all powerful force you believe it to be.

    • Tad

      While the North Korea crisis seems suspended momentarily, one might think the next neocon target or false flag is Iran.

      Maybe, but I think not. The hue and cry is about appeasing Israel and defense contractors, so that money flows into new weapons systems, leaving readiness as the last resort.

      Perhaps the new status given to cyber reveals the said reality: The US would be ineffectual in a conventional war, anywhere, and probably a nuclear conflict; thus the perceived cyber capabilities.

      One shouldn’t discount Russian and Chinese cyber capabilities either. It is probably well and good that US MSM outlets haven’t reported on these details-even if they could.

      Which brings me to interactions of Federal Reserve and the military-industrial or security state. How does one create sufficient inflation to boost domestic (military) spending to float this debt-ridden mess for a few more years?

      When one realizes the military doesn’t fight to win; with bloated budgets for unending disaster ( Afghanistan)and sponsor by proxy, wars in distant Middle East conflicts; it becomes clear the dollar dies. Whether we become militarily involved anywhere else or not.

      An SDR or scheiss currency sends the same message.

      A default across government, corporate, and personal debt could have been declared by presidential decree years ago. Doubtful Mr. Trump will seriously consider it.

      I’m not a supporter of Nazis or White Supremacists, but I bet they have a better handle
      on gold and silver than the Antifa gang.

      • James

        We should stop calling people who try to fight White Genocide such names as Nazis or haters.
        Why don’t you try countering the global White genocide agenda and see how long it takes before you get attacked?

        White genocide is real. The true founder of the European Union said, in a 1925 interview “We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race”. That is the EU’s purpose.

        He wanted to bring in immigrants by the TENS OF MILLIONS from Asia and Africa. He said “The man of the future will be a mongrel” and “We will replace the white races in Europe with Afro-Eurasian hybrids”.

        This is the man who desinged the EU flag and helped select its anthem. His name is Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Angela Merkel has won the Coundenhove-Kalergi award – now do you know why she is bringing in millions of immigrants?

        These people are serious about erasing the White races from planet Earth and all idiots can do all day long when someone tries to fight this is parrot the anti-white media and say NAZIS!!! HATERS!!!

        • Paul ...

          This is the reason the snowflakes want unisex bathrooms … and will call us “racist” if we won’t allow “cone headed three fingered hominoids” in the same bathroom with our daughters … they want to produce hybrids (such cone headed three fingered hominoids have been found in Peru and their DNA extracted) … they just need willing (or unwilling) young girls to be artificially impregnated to bring them back to life!

        • Cole

          This is true, James. But I don’t think they care over there. Look at those of us who voted for Trump. They hate what we stand for and they despise our President for supporting us. It is a sad time and in God’s hands.
          I pray daily for our country and our President.

  2. G. Berky

    “Pilot Who Heard Every Word of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence” – Now Dead!

  3. dlc

    The above illustrates the hypocrisy of this whole issue over the delicate sensibilities of the left regarding slavery.

    After the latest killing and maiming incident in Barcelona, Savage came up with a new pigeonholing expression for terrorists. This weekend we learned about alt-left, alt-right. Michael coined alt-muslim.

    He also played old-time Southern tunes for his intros out of defiance. I wish he could debate Acosta or Blitzer just once. I look to people like Lionel, Savage, and others for comic relief, their ability to verbally moon the press and politicians.

  4. dlc

    What are the American people going to do about the manufactured hysteria served up every day by the press in league with our lifer politicians? Will the