Trump SOTU Speech A+, Democrats Push Socialism, Economy Teeters

Greg Hunter’s (WNW 370 2.8.19)

President Trump earned an A+ in his State of the Union (SOTU) address in Congress this week. He laid out his vision for America, and according to the mainstream media polling, he received as high as 76% positive ratings. This is surprising because 90% of the coverage (Harvard & MRC research) of the Trump Administration has been negative since his inauguration two years ago. Will the Democrats work with the President and give him what he wants to build a wall on the southern border. It’s not likely, and that means another government shutdown.

Democrats are now openly pushing for socialism. You need to look no further than the failed state of Venezuela to see what happens when socialism blows up, as it always does historically.   There are huge political and economic struggles going on there. Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous countries in South America before the socialism experiment, and the experiment has clearly failed. Trump says America will not turn into a socialist country under his watch.

On one hand, we are told the economy is great, and on the other hand, we are seeing evidence of debt crushing consumers and governments alike. How much bigger can the debt bubble be blown? We may be finding out this year.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Mark Taylor, author of “The Trump Prophecies,” will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    You tell me if things are okay with the economy in Australia . The MSM here are now all over it, only to protect their own bacon and whatever credibility they have left. Greg I know this is USAW, I’m just trying to draw parallels with common issues ruining us all globally.

  2. Fredrick Getzschman

    Right on Greg.

  3. Fredrick Getzschman

    The debt is five hundred trillion United States dollars which is released to debtor number one under the uniform commercial code.

  4. Ivan

    Venezuelans To Americans Who Want Socialism Invisible Empire A New World Order (FULL MOVIE)

  5. Mark James

    Hi Greg,

    Amazing WNW as always!! Trump’s speech will go down in history as one of the very best State of the Union Addresses. Best I heard in my lifetime! I believe that was truly magnificent. I am anxious to hear what Mark Taylor says on Sunday.

    At first, I didn’t believe in the “additional” $21 Trillion found by Dr. Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts — despite my enormous respect for them. But since the FASAB came out, I read it. You are all right, governmental financials are now not worth the paper they are printed on! I always believed the US Treasury was the keeper of the debt. The US Treasury **should** know the exact outstanding debt of the US. However, why should we believe the US Treasury? Their work basically proves we cannot.

    Doing a little math, taking the $2 Quadrillion in TOTAL Global debt across the 7.7 Billion people alive in the world = $260,000 for every person in the WORLD. This goes from the wealthiest .01% person down to each children of a humble farmer in a third world country. And how many Americans live paycheck to paycheck in one of the wealthiest nations… who had to go to food banks after 1 government paycheck was not paid? How could that much debt ever be repaid? It simply cannot.

    The Green Deal or Green ‘Pipe’ Dream (whatever it is called) what shot to pieces in a quick piece on Fox News with a REAL congressman, United States Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). He obliterates AOC and her ridiculous plan in 10 minutes.

    I am a Catholic as well. Why didn’t the Pope react to the 3rd Trimester and Post-birth abortion infanticide in NY and Virginia rulings? Where was he? Did anyone pick up on a horrible irony of lighting up the World Trade Center in Pink to celebrate this? Celebrating more death at the sight of one of the worst things in the last 50 years?

    The Pope says walls are bad, but lives in the Vatican which is surrounded by them. I loved when Trump called out all the hypocrites in Congress for living in walled and secured homes while the rest of us do not. When I heard the boos from the Reps about the migrants, I thought it was Republican support. Instead it was the Democrats. How is Trump keeping our Nation sovereign a bad thing? They cheered for themselves. Not for record employment, best employment for minorities, free enterprise / business expansion, our freedoms, etc… just themselves.

    Thank you Greg! You do an amazing job! I cannot wait each week until you post your WNW on Thursday night. Thank you! God bless you! Fear Not!

    • TSI

      The Pope doesn’t care about children why would he care about the unborn. There is absolutely no point in the Church being pro-life if they mistreat babies and children after birth hence the mass child graves in church run orphanages.

  6. Derek Sinclair

    Democracy (or at least the one person one vote variety) is well past it’s sell by date. If you allow people with the minds of naive children to elect other people with the minds of evil children, your country (or at least the freedom of speech, rule of law version) is on borrowed time. This nonsense has got to stop. Peter Schiff favors raising the voter age to 35 and that’s one way of doing it. I still favor voting power according to age, employment and the number of people you employ to a ceiling of 10 employees. In other words a 20 year old long term unemployed person would get one vote while a 20 year old employed person would get 2 votes and a 20 year old who employs 2 people would get 3 votes and so on. It seems pretty obvious that the people who put the most into a country and pay the taxes should have the most say in how it’s run. And as everything would be based on age and employment, nobody would be barred from having greater voting power. Whatever altered voting policy you favor it will always be better and fairer than the one we’ve got.

  7. Derek Sinclair

    You’re spot on about the POTUS getting attacked from abroad Greg. The BBC and C4 here in the UK never let up on the attacks. It’s quite pathetic. Luckily most sane people ignore these idiots and their fascist propaganda. That’s why the POTUS is very popular in the UK and the rest of Europe – with the people, not with the majority of “progressive” traitorous politicians.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Derek!

    • paul ...

      It’s obvious that the Shadow Government has outposts in many other countries and can manipulate their power worldwide … this beast is like a cancer killing our world … it is like a snake with many heads … to kill the beast … “every head” must be chopped off … McCain, Bush, etc., etc.. …

      • paul ...

        Secrecy is the glue that holds the Shadow Government/Deep State together … releasing their secrets to public view and shining a light on their evil and sorted doings is the way to kill this cancerous parasite that has metastasized throughout our body politic as Dr. Janda explains …

        • paul ...

          Breaking News!!! … from the GITMO Military Tribunals currently taking place … remember how Osama Bin Laden was said to be alive but was really dead … well hold on to your hats folks … supposedly … Hillary died (from her cannibalistic activities eating human brains “with prions” in them) but her body was kept alive on life support by the Deep State to finish her run for President in 2016 (using a double)!! …

          • paul ...

            The only problem I have with the above is … who was the woman sitting next to Bill Clinton at Bush’s funeral?? … and why would Trump have to give an envelope to a Hillary double???

  8. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, let me help you out. Islam is not a religion it is a violent political ideology that co-opted parts of Judaism and Christianity to give itself some credibility. As far as I’m concerned the only “god” that could be of interest to muslims (when you look at their behavior) is Satan.

    • arthur barnes

      Derek Sinclair, I agree with you; islam is not a religion. Its uses religion for its political agenda to control the world for a one world order regime, aka, a “caliphate”. Now I do believe there are sincere kind & loving Muslims in the Islamic world, but their dogma is demonstrated in a religion to manifest in disguise of its real agenda; its political agenda (control of the world). My understanding of the Bible is that the anti-Christ will do the same in the end time(s), be a political leader backed by a false prophet (aka a religion of one type or another. Mohammad used the same technique quite effectually for his political goals of vast conquest; a religion hiding his political agenda for power.
      I appreciate your comment and enjoy other comments you make from time to time to time. a b

    • paul ...

      Only the Muslims?? … we have the Catholics looking for “god” in the heavens with their Lucifer telescope … and the Jews won’t even look for that “god” as they don’t believe in Hell!!

    • DB Cooper

      DS, Thank you for your post. As I have said numerous times, islam is not a religion but is in fact a fascist ideology. I have been around many muslims for a lot of my life so I speak from experience. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Mohammad

        Try to be around me and I will show you what Islam is, you will be surprised.



        • Major Payne

          Mohammed –
          Please give us the list of quotes from the Koran that instruct muslims to respect Christians and Jews. I have looked for these and cannot find them. I’m sure many of us will find these passages to be of interest. Thanks.
          Carry on.

          • Mohammad

            Greg won’t allow.
            I tried in the past.


            • Greg Hunter

              If you have a verse from the Koran that talks about Muslims loving Christians and Jews please post it.

              • Mohammad


                1/3 d of Quran is about Moses/Sulaiman/ Dawood and the jewish believers.
                If I quote it, it will take me literally pages, Am willing to do that and I will do it in separate posts with Arabic verses and its English translation.
                Same applies to christians, a whole verse in Quran is about the Virgin Mary and Jesus, same, I will post a thread if you wish to elaborate on what is mentioned that is absolutely LOVE.
                Before I do that I need your word to allow me to respond to any argument thrown at me and not to botch me half way down the road like what happened in the past, if you are OK with that I will proceed.


                • Greg Hunter

                  And the verse about Christ and believing that Christ is the Son of God burning in hell? That is in there too is it not? And cutting the heads off of non believers? Is that in there too?

                  • Mohammad

                    No Greg,
                    there are verses about fighting back who fights you.
                    And there are verses about peace with whomever peaceful to you.
                    There are verses about defending your self.
                    And there are about respecting peace covenants with disbelievers, even prophet Mohammad struck a covenant with disbelievers and respected it until they attacked so he was free from it and fought back.
                    You can pick and choose all day long. That will not change the fact that it is a religion of peace … If it was not and it was really like what you claim, 3.5 billion muslims in the world would of been with a totally different behavior since the “lovely peaceful” christians have been killing more than 10 million muslims in the last two decades only….think about that.


                  • Tin foil hat

                    The fact that if it was not a religion of peace, 3.5 billion muslims in the world would of been with a totally different behavior only if their heads would not be chopped off for Apostasy in accordance to the sharia.
                    One question: Why Muslims play victims of free speech but make excuses for Apostasy and Blasphemy?

        • DB Cooper

          This a rare occasion … don’t get used to it … on the day that you admit/accept to the fascist nature of your ideology is the day that you and I might stand side by side and compare our faiths and beliefs. In the mean time Christians are suffering pain and death for not converting to your hateful/tortuous ideology. In the meantime you are a sham and I would prefer to die a miserable death than have your “medical hands” anywhere close to my person.
          Yours, a Christian unto death and a patriot as well,
          FN, DB.

          • Mohammad

            Full of hatred , full of darkness you are.
            And you claim you are loving christian?
            What a crap…!

            Moving on..


            • sk

              Jesus said: love one another, as I have loved you… please let Mohammad speak!

    • TSI

      and I have said the same about the Vatican – “ye shall know them by their fruits”. Paedophilia, torture and genocide are the work of Satan. Constantine poisoned the well of Christianity by mixing paganism up with Christianity. This guy was a piece of work.

  9. FC

    The website name is available, any takers?

  10. Ivan

    A woman 8 or 9 month pregnant is not carrying a glob of goo around in her belly . It ‘s a fully formed human being that can feel pain ,but now legally a woman and her doctor can kill a baby and call it abortion or a woman’s right . It doesn’t matter what they call it. they can call it anything they want to call it,but in reality it’s murder. Killing a fully formed unborn baby human being is murder ,and anyone that takes part in it should be charged with murder.

    • arthur barnes

      Ivan, so true, lets start with charging/indicting the Supreme Court with indictments of now over 50,000,000 murders and go from there. I can think of about 350 Congressman and Congresswoman and about 60 Senators in the Senate which I would include in the murder trials. The good news is that I believe the babies when to heaven and they will never be subjected to meeting their killers do to the fact they will not be going there!

    • paul ...

      Exactly Ivan!!

      • Ivan

        arthur barnes , I think indicting and charging the Supreme Court and Congressman with complicity in the murder of babies is a great idea .

      • Ivan

        P.S. arthur barnes and anyone else that’s involved in it .

  11. David

    SOTU: Democratic women dressed in white… it was like watching a bunch of high school girls at a pep rally, giggling and all. Sophomoric. And these are the people who want to lead the U.S.?

    Still waiting for Spartacus to comment on allegations against democratic Lt. Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax. Shouldn’t be too hard to investigate since it happened this century, just 15 years ago, when he was 25 years old? And his accuser: a college professor from California who was 28 years old at the time of the incident? She seems credible to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      A coven of witches is my first impression, but I like your take too!!!

      • FC

        It was the KKK un-masked.

      • Mike Strohmier

        Both you and David are both right. That begs the question: does that make AOC the new Sabrina?

      • arthur barnes

        Greg, second your impression. What on earth are we going to do with all these American hating, baby killing socialists during the next election; hopefully, vote them out!

  12. oneno

    “Air Travel Stops Becoming Necessary…”
    Now that’s interesting… Why do they not want us sheeple traveling by air? Is it that Global Warming thing again? I thought they needed some pretext to allow them to collect more taxes?

    “Rebuild every single building in the U.S….”
    Now that’s a waste of resources and energy already spent. If everything is rebuilt over again “Green”, how is that going to work without drawing on more resources and energy?

    “End all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years.”
    What are we going to use instead? Designed-to-fail 3-blade turbines at best provide 10% of their design energy capacity, and require tax-payer subsidies to build.

    “Build trains across oceans and end all air travel”
    Don’t we already have an extensive rail infrastructure? Warren Buffet is heavily invested in rail. Oh, I get it, he wants to sell his positions to the guberment and move on to more profitable ventures like in outer-space.

    “Big tax increases?…”
    We don’t need more taxes!

    “Cost estimates? – None”
    Without a favorable cost-benefit analysis in favor of the tax-payer, sorry we don’t want it!

    “Fed money printing is one solution.”
    Sorry! We have enough debt and inflation already to warrant more debt creation.

    Cortex: “The question isn’t how we will pay for it but what will we do with our new shared prosperity?”
    Oh! She wants to impoverish the entire nation with even more debt? What happened to financial responsibility and discipline?

    How did AOC get elected? Oh! I remember. It was the fraud polling stations.

    Venezuela has more oil resources than all of OPEC and still can’t afford Socialism.

    Maybe AOC is holding 10,000 tons of GOLD per year to GIVE Americans each and every year for the duration of her policies…

    AOC is pushing for a failed state and is a danger to civil society!

    • paul ...

      Good one Dr. No … “Venezuela has more oil resources than all of OPEC and still can’t afford Socialism” … excellent!!

  13. Robert

    Greg, I’m sad to see you going along with the victimization of Venezuela. It speaks to your credibility. Given your position on the propaganda at CNN and other MSM outlets, I thought you would have been more objective.

    Venezuela is not a failed state because of socialism. They are a failed state because of US sanctions, interference and theft. This is yet another crime perpetrated by the US on the world.

    If you wish to learn more about Venezuela, why not seek out facts? You can find some decent info here:

    The channel is not 100% (not even close), but it’s far, far better than the 100% BS propaganda coming of D.C..

    • Greg Hunter

      You put up a source that appears to be anonymous and anti American. This anonymous person also uses RT (Russia Today) as one of his “sources” which is Russian propaganda and you think this is credible? You and your video channel source jump to big conclusions on opinion. Like this one: “Venezuela is not a failed state because of socialism. They are a failed state because of US sanctions, interference and theft. This is yet another crime perpetrated by the US on the world.” (This is your propaganda. You feel comfortable hating America and will over look any error in fact because it makes you feel validated in you opinion.)

      I guess it’s OK for Russia and China to split up Venezuela and be involved there but NOT the evil US??? Give me a break!!!! I am not pitching war in Venezuela, but my point was, and is, that it is a mess and you cannot blame every ill on America when the socialist have been voting for what they have now. America did not vote in Maduro, and it did not vote in Chavez. So, stop blaming America for everything that goes wrong there. They are voting for this stuff, right? Venezuela voted for socialism and it blew up. Now they can eat their zoo animals. You simply posted the propaganda you are comfortable with.

      • TSI

        Chavez was virulently anti-American. Socialist or not there was no way he would have been allowed to succeed. Cancer was always a bit suspect.

    • arthur barnes

      Robert, nonsense, utter lies and bull crap from another American hating socialist who wants to take down this country and give it to the dogs (that should fatten the dogs up for a good old fashion failed socialist meal); dog & brown gravy, yum!

    • Galaxy 500

      They failed because of the corruption that Socialism causes. Because competence is not rewarded but cronyism is.
      They forced businesses to sell stuff below cost.
      Yes, the USA did it / sarcastically

      • TSI

        Yes, because the CIA has never interfered with a South American country before cough, cough, Augusto Pinochet…

    • Freebrezer

      Robert – Because of American sanctions, interference and theft??? Please … first off – Know your history – boy! When the Great Hugo Chavez took control of Venezuela he nationalized all foreign oil producing assets, companies, and all the hard equipment (refineries, oil terminals, oil wells and de-sulfurization plants, etc,.). Exxon, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum had invested tens and tens of billions $$$ in to refining the heavy sulfur crude that Venezuela produces a lot off. The US oil companies lost big, and everything that they had invested in Venezuela (V) … the big Hugo said it is ours! … by the way that is called theft! The USA responded by saying F-you and placed heavy sanctions on the Hugo regime (and rightly so!) Quick economic lessen – it takes capital, human capital and knowledge and a quid pro quo (something for something if you do not know what it means) arrangement to make new wealth. Again, the original Sanctions by the USA on Hugo and his thugs was to say F- you for steeling tens of billions of $$$ of capital equipment from the USA Oil companies. That specialized equipment is what enabled Venezuela to refine the very heavy, sulfur laden crude in to exportable crude … i.e. money! Thankfully Exxon and Chevron got the the critical elements of the technology out (!) and told the Great Hugo figure it out for yourself! The Jackboot thugs never did and the oil exports have fallen off a cliff! Robert please explain how the Great thug Hugo’s daughter is worth well over 2 to 3 billion!!!!! She was a hair dresser before he came to power … … are you that lame to believe that these banana Republic thugs are there to give power to the people ? They steel the wealth from a country! That is all they do!

      • TSI

        Are you for real? Yes we should all feel sorry for those parasitic multinational companies that bribe, threaten and murder leaders of developing countries, start wars and drive indigenous people off their lands in order to secure cheap access to a countries national resources. Boo hoo. Perhaps Hugo Chavez is corrupt and kept the wealth for himself and his cronies but please enough of this moralising nonsense about how the poor multinationals got ripped off.

        • Freebrezer

          TSI – I feel sorry for the people of Venezuela. They are the ones that got the royally shafted by this fraud called socialism. I empathize for their plight … the Venezuelan people got sold a big, BIG fraud! You obviously misunderstood my point towards Robert- The USA did not impose sanctions because of the socialism, the USA imposed sanctions because of the egregious violation of international law via Hugo’s blatant breach of contract. TSI – Was life better for the people of Venezuela before the big multi national oil companies had all hard assets nationalized in the name of socialism via Hugo Chavez, or after? And you comment “Perhaps Hugo Chavez is corrupt and kept the wealth for himself and his cronies” are you daft? Perhaps his daughter made billions and billions $$$ cutting hair! Yish!

  14. al

    O-CRAZY-O is showing the true face of the RADICAL LEFT.
    The more radical the better. The dumber the better.
    It’s a failed negotiating tactic based on “the shock factor”. The laughable theory goes like this: If they go far left radical they may pull some people to think left a bit more and accept radical thoughts.

    IT’S NOT WORKING! They are turning their support base against them, it’s happening now… THANK YOU O-CRAZYO!!! THANK YOU!!
    Now if anyone says “I watch CNN” or “I’m a democrat”, they admit to total stupidity and immorality. JFK is turning over in his grave.

    Oh Oh!! I have an idea, let’s build a train to the moon so we don’t have to use those rocket thing-a-ma-gigs any more O-CRAZYO… there’s an idea for you.
    Total stupidity! It’s a clown show!

    Trump has to wipe them off the face of the Earth forever, he knows that, it means his life and his Family’s future prosperity. He knows it and so does the Deep State which is why you see them acting O-Crazyo like. Apparently it will take 2 terms for this to happen.
    The man basically gave up his life for this Country, you bet I’ll be voting for him again!

    Greg, I too was a CatLick, but I ran away in my teens! This Pope proves my hunch that it was not true Christianity. Vatican 2 is total satanism in my book.

    God Bless you Greg, you’re on fire!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Me to Al and every blond in the country too!!

    • Open Eyes

      I didn’t have time to listen to the wrap-up yet, I was just skimming through the comments. If you look at These Last Days Ministry website, which has a Catholic orientation, it says that the Catholic Church got infiltrated by satanists and communists in the 20th century. Around Vatican II, it was compromised.

    • robert

      BTW, I’ve been watching RT for a decade and I’ll compare them favorably with the best of the alternative media. RT is what the US media used to be 40-50 years ago. In case you’re wondering, I watched news reported on TV 50 years ago. I’m not amused with the propaganda that has overwhelmed our country on the idiot box since that time.

      The link I posted to the Florida Marquis is not anonymous. It’s a regular youtube channel. The man’s identity is available for anyone with a few minutes to look. Kinda shocking for an investigative reporter to miss it.

  15. Robert Dziok

    Cuomo’s just announced NYS $2.3 billion revenue shortfall and New York City’s nearly $1.0 billion lose in tax revenue are about to get worse.

    Christians and anyone of moral/ethical fiber opposing the recent New York State and Virginia late term abortion laws will TOTALLY abandon the Democrat/Socialist Party on that one issue alone. Why? Because these FOOLS did not even comprehend or care what an extremely touchy issue it is nationwide/worldwide. Such individuals would NEVER accept or want to associate with any Party taking ( or attempting to take as Virginia did ) such a Draconian/Extreme action.

    These individuals (nationwide and worldwide) will also very likely BOYCOTT NYS and VA with regard to tourism, products made and businesses. Such a boycott will make the Target and Dick’s/Field & Stream boycotts look like small change. They may even think they don’t want to spend their money to “Feed the Beast” so to speak.

    Last year alone some 180,000 NYS tax paying residents left the state. Any states that do similar to what NYS and VA just did are TOAST and they now KNOW it!

    • paul ...

      Robert … you say: “Last year alone some 180,000 NYS tax paying residents left the State” … is it any wonder why Schumer is fighting so hard against building the Wall … perhaps Trump should call his Wall “a Street” (where only certain people have privileges to suck on the US tit) as the New York bankers and brokers now do on “Wall” Street!!

      • Robert Dziok

        The 180,000 figure I quoted came from a Full Front page article (with pictorial drawing of a moving truck) entitled “Leaving New York – Population Loss Steepest in U.S”. It is in the 12/20/2018 Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. New York State has “Sanctuary” cities. I have been a lifetime resident of upstate New York except for my time in the Army during the Vietnam War Era. The article also points out there have been some 70,000 “immigrants” into the state. Cuomo wants to bring millions of illegal aliens into the state. They do not contribute to the tax roles and are a drain on the states financial, medical, educational, etc. resources. However, they do add to the Democrat/Socialist “We’re Entitled” ( to what others have worked hard for all their lives ) base. So yes, Schumer fights against the Wall. NYS/NY City will be a “basket case” after the Reset/Restructure because Democrats/Socialists since the Fall 2018 elections now control the House, Senate (used to be Republican controlled) and Governorship in NYS. They now “run wild” with such power (e.g. recent NYS late term abortion law). They live/govern oblivious to the reality of the soon to come Reset/Restructure and as a result NYS will “Reap what it Sowed”. I’m sure many NYS tax paying residents are now giving serious thought to an emergency exit plan from NYS as conditions worsen.

    • robert

      I watched that resignation when it happened. I don’t believe the story at face value. The event reeked of political theater.

      It appears the US has been involved in over 60 “regime change”, low intensity warfare over 60 times since WW2. It’s unconscionable that you would wave the banner for these criminals.

      It’s time for regime change here in the US. If the US continues this BS, it’s entirely possible that one of Washington’s many victims will take it out. We can only hope.

  16. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for another great podcast. I have been retired for awhile. I retired as an IT Manager for a state university, where I had to submit HR EEO reports. HR kept track yearly of ethnic background to meet federal reporting requirements. At the time I inquired with HR how do they confirm the actual racial makeup of the individual. They said, the way the definition standards read. The marking of the racial background reflects “Cultural Identity” Which by logic does not mean actual blood. They also told me that the employee does not have to prove any check box response.

    • Greg Hunter

      Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed she was a native American to game the system–period the end. She got a job for Harvard and stopped an actual person of color from getting that job. She should be sued for fraud. She has never apologized for the huge lie she has been living to enrich herself. Now, this liar wants to be president. Prediction: Liawatha does not have a chance and won’t make it pate the first primary.
      Thank you for adding this to the comment section. Good info!!

      • jon

        Hi Greg, I agree. I was only relaying the actual criteria regarding race reporting for AA. Whether she fell into that category of reporting for her particular race question. We do not know if it was illegal to fill in that blank with whatever she wanted. AA is a complete farce as any thinking person understands. This is a lot like taxes, if there is a loop hole, then people take advantage.

      • TSI

        The left claim that you can identify with either gender so by their own logic you should be able to identify with any race, which means that cultural appropriation can’t really exist.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg–this is precisely why Obama’s academic records are off limits. I believe it is possible he claimed to be Kenyan or Asian or whatever in order to game the system, just as Warren did with her laughable genetic claims. Think about it. Best always. PM

  17. Tom Deplorable Raleigh

    Thanks Greg for continuing to shine light against the darkness that may be coming soon. When the financial reset occurs, we will need as many patriots, deplorables, and citizens to work together and who believe in restoring the constitution, law, order, and civilized relations between men and nations. We need to go back to the ideals of our founding fathers. And those who will have caused the crisis will need justice. At that time most of all, our elders need to teach our youth what has not been learned in the socialist education camps we call schools and or from social media or MSM. Our youth will be in shock. We must always show mercy towards children. If I can survive this tribulation, I will feed any child who comes to my door if they will listen and learn. They will need to learn from the mistakes the elite rulers have made to prevent it from happening again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom. Good to know you are close by here in the Tar Heel State!!

  18. Paul Anthony

    Great Wrap up!

    God Bless you Greg Hunter!

    In Him,

    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul!

  19. Montana Guy

    Trump should get an Emmy Award for his SOTU address. Mercy conservatives have been cleverly played. ‘Republicans v Democrats’ was the old ‘Good Cop v Bad Cop’ trick.

    We love to talk ‘isms’. But in reality, the Democrats’ Welfare State is no different than the Republicans’ Warfare State, Police State, Security State and Surveillance State. All are Big Government programs used to steal our liberties. All steal the wealth of producers and transfer it to non-producers.

    Conservatives have so abandoned their values that they actually believe Trump ‘is on their side’. And the Whopper of Deception, they still think they are free. This old man just shakes his head.

  20. Jim

    Socialism is government by labor unions. Ever level of American government is unionized. Totalitarianism is central control of every aspect life. The Totalitarian Tyranny comes when government workers insist on receiving their pension benefits. The USA IS SOCIALIST. Government workers don’t like to talk about that and try to divert attention by defining totalitarianism as socialism.

    • Galaxy 500

      Socialists are communists without guns

      • Greg Hunter

        So what do you call them when the figure out they are going to need guns?

        • Shadow of Doubt

          The Professor sez heed this truism: historically its always been easy to waltz into into either a, “high promise, no-lose” communist, socialistic, or tyrannical regime; the reason these types of governments confiscate your guns early on, is when the people realize they been sold a load of bs, the ruling elites don’t want the people to be able to shoot their way out!!! SOD

  21. arthur barnes

    Greg, Chief Justice Roberts just sided yesterday with the liberal side of the Supreme Count shutting down an abortion limiting type law from Louisiana. You get to hear this firs: Chief Justice Roberts is a closet liberal, after all, if you will kill children what else are you capable of? I have been watching Roberts for a while now, and this guy is a closet Democrat, & you can think the Bush family once again for this Demogod. He got into an exchange with Trump about “Obama” judges, which is outside of what a Supreme Court Justice should be doing; playing & speaking politics. Roberts is a liberal Hollywood loving leftist who should get the next academy award for acting as a conservative. You heard this first here as well: Justice Roberts will join the liberal Court on border security when that comes before the court by way of the Presidents right (authority) to Declare an Emergency on the border issue. Sorry, but I have to say Roberts is a baby killing creep disguised as a conservative. Sorry that we will have to live with maybe another 40 years of his leftist agenda. Here is how he does it: on small insignificant no starter issues he leads the conservative majority, but on real issues such as abortion, border security, Presidential authority and gun control, etc., he goes with the liberals. Remember “Obamacare wasn’t a tax?: The native Americans of the Great Plains have a saying for such people; He speaks with forked tongue!. Just thought you all should be aware of this leftist maniac disguised as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Borther Art, Yes, it was definitely a “bait-and-switch” deal. Now what? There was a guy back in the 30s (I think) that was a forger busted by the FBI who signed his checks “U R Stuck”. Guess who is holding the proverbial bag now. Best always. PM

  22. Paige Barent

    As I have previously mentioned, Francis is not the pope because he preaches and teaches heresy and engages in public acts of apostasy. According to the dogma of the Catholic faith, Francis isn’t even a member of the Catholic Church because he has automatically severed himself from the body of the Church through his manifest acts of heresy and apostasy. Furthermore, to claim that he is the pope is a denial of the Catholic faith because one is stating that a non-Catholic can command within the Church. See Satis Cognitum, the Council of Florence, Mortalium Animos, the First Vatican Council, and Cum ex Apostolatus Officio. All of these documents can be accessed via

    • William Stanley

      We knew he was a communist from the get go. Some of us suspected that he was an atheist as well. What else is he?

    • paul ...

      In the old days … would they have burnt a Pope at the stake for heresy???

    • TSI

      praying to saints is a heresy as Jesus is the only way o God. Necromancy is not tolerated in the bible and neither is Mary worship.

  23. paul ...

    Religious leaders have finally gotten together to profess they are for “peace” … hopefully this doesn’t mean a “peace” (of a child ) as in legalized abortion … or the cutting to peace(s) a child “right after it is born” ( so the child’s organs can be sold) … let’s hope peace means killing (like Cain did to his human brother) will now be considered “murder” under God the Father’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” … nor should peace be considered “as a pervert right for a peace of ass by pedophiles” who rape children from birth to 18 years old on secluded Orgy Islands or in the back rooms of God’s house … nor should we be putting military uniform’s on kids at the age of 18 and then send these kids out around the world to kill other kids (who are playing in the wrong sandbox) when simple negotiation can be used to determine what sandbox different kids play in (i.e. like Trump is doing now with North Korea) … it is about time religious leaders are getting a little religion!! …

    • paul ...

      Now … even though these religious leaders don’t know who they should be calling “God” … the fact is … at least after a thousand years … they can agree on one thing … that it is not right to kill your brother (i.e. like Cain did) … so we are making some progress!!!

  24. Jerry

    The next few weeks should be one for the ages as global events come to the proverbial head.

  25. arthur barnes

    Greg, your astute comment as why President Trump is adamant about building the wall and the curtailing of the illegal votes which the Democrats want which the wall will help to keep out needs to be fully understood. In my mind until the issue is decided that if one comes here illegally and drops babies on our soil that child is not a U.S. citizen period, the wall will only help so much. Listen, no other country allows you to come into it & drop babies on that soil and “wa la” a new citizen is born with voting rights! The founding fathers did not want that to be the law. However, it appears to be the “practicing law” of today, albeit without legal precedent or authority from Congress and or our Constitution. Old Justice Roberts has been dreaming of ruling against the conservatives on this one for a long time now & he will do so should the issue come before the court. The only hope then is build the wall, have a big majority next election with House & Senate majorities, pass legislation which clarifies that immigration practice as illegal, appoint a new “real” conservative to the Court when the next vacancy comes which probably will be Ginsberg and move around and or outvote baby killing Roberts on the issue. If you want to give the leftists a bone allow all who are already in citizenship but make a date certain when that practice stops.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, one of the cardinal rules in sales is: Customers Buy BENEFITS! Get rid of the benefits and you get rid of illegal immigration. None of this gets fixed without an economic calamity that forces the US off the funny-money carousel where we must live within our means, or a physical revolution. The medicine will be almost as bad as the disease. We need to re-evaluate our political process. Are elections what they once were when illegals and dead people vote, no voter ID, and the Left only abides by the result when that result is favorable to them? How long do you think that can go on? Best always. PM

  26. Joe Barnes

    Hi greg I just wanted to say thanks for the job your doing. Is there anyone you can contact on this I followed the debt clock and never before did I see at the bottom right side them showing 294 to 1 silver paper and 94 to 1 gold also 5900 gold to dollars. When they start putting that on because I know for sure I would have seen that. Are they putting on now so they can say we always showed you paper silver is paper over 294 to 1 because to me its showing in public it’s a default. I showed my wife she even said that was never on there before.

  27. paul ...

    As regards “Universal Basic Income” it does fly in the face of individualism and having a work ethic … this is why all the money being printed up for the 1% (the Banksters and the Wall Street Gang) is not fair to everyone else … why should Wall Street, the Banksters and the Military Industrial Complex be privy to Guaranteed Universal Basic Income when the rest of the common people have to work like slaves without a guaranteed pension, without guaranteed health care, etc., etc. … this is why it is so easy for a Demon-rat commie to get elected in America “by promising to level the playing field” … but we don’t have to level the playing field by giving “everyone the right to free money” … we simply have to “take away the right to free money” from the crooked 1% that are continually being bailed out with trillions and trillions of free dollars the Government and Fed continually drop on them with helicopters … so … bottom line … we don’t have to embrace Communism to level the playing field … we simply have to “stop giving free money to the 1%” and by doing so save ourselves from hyperinflation … but as we know the crooks in control of doling out free money won’t ever stop (unless we send them all to GITMO) we ordinary people need to own gold (as an insurance policy) against the commies taking control of the White House and Congress and passing a Universal Basic Income Law along with a tax rate of 75% (that takes 3/4 of it back) so you still can’t live on what is left in the out of control hyperinflation they create!!

    • paul ...

      Results of implementing Universal Basic Income in Finland resulted in the finding that:
      “If you give the 1% free money for doing nothing (with no conditions) … they will be happier but will sit around all day in a state of non-productive utopia … so Universal Basic Income can’t be given to ordinary folks as society will collapse!!

  28. Mohammad


    I will start off this post by saying I really do respect you and I respect your honesty and sincerity that really shows on your face and in the tone of your voice, I think your inside is like the outside, all is good and pure. That is my impression, I always follow my heart, it never lead me astray.

    I can quote many verses from Quran where we as muslims are instructed to respect christians and Jews, out of respect to your wish from previous experience i will leave it there.

    What you have said about no grey zone is true, it is either you believe in Jesus as god or the son of god (christians) or you believe that Allah is the creator and has no wife and no son hence Jesus is a prophet (Muslims). You are correct Greg on this account that those two beliefs do not intersect, there is nothing in common, and by the same token as you questioned the pope, I am questioning the Imam and the conclusion is likely both are not genuine representatives of what they claim they believe in.

    That does not mean we do not tolerate each other if we differ, that is a whole different matter , and humans at the end will be sharing this earth no matter what they believe in.

    Life is a test, and god gave us the freedom to choose, and when the test is over we will be held responsible for our choices.

    That is the greatness of god, you see Greg, some think that Adam was demoted to earth because he sinned, I see it totally different , Adam was PROMOTED to earth because he was able to make a choice and he was ready to represent god on earth , he has the option to repent to god for the sins he commits and when that test is over we will all stand in front of god to answer questions, and then we will pass or we will fail depends on what we have written in the exam paper given to us (our life).

    I love all god’s creation because I love god.
    What comes from the heart reaches the heart, and what comes from the mouth does not go beyond the ears.


    • Greg Hunter

      I respect you too but my comment really pertained to the Pope. We do not believe in the same God. That is a fact. The Pope is supposed to be the “Vicar of Christ.” That means the Pope is to stand in the place of Jesus Christ and possess His authority in the church. Christ is the Son of God and the pope just signed a deal with folks that do not believe that Christ is the Son of God. Do you understand what is wrong with this picture for Catholics and Christians? This is my point. If You top Imam just signed a deal where it said Christ is the Son of God which contradicts your religion, would you be a bit upset? That is my point. If Muslims do not believe Christ is the Son of God, it is fine with me. I wish you no ill will, but to me be Christ is, and always will be, the Son of God who took away the sins of the world by dying on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Peace and love to you.

      • Mohammad


        If you read my post again you will find that I am having the same position you have towards your pope but towards the Imam who is striking a deal that contradicts our belief too.
        So we both are on the same page as far as questioning the intentions of this meeting although we are approaching it from different corners.

        Yours Greg,


        • oneno

          Mohammed, please read the book linked here And please study this genealogy table.

        • Doug

          I like Greg’s God…capital G…rather Mohammad’s god…little g. It’s a honor thing when you talk about the Alpha and Omega…just saying.

          • Mohammad



        • Tin foil hat

          You wil never convince anybody with a sane mind that Islam is a tolerant religion of peace. Sufi’s may be the reformed version of Islam and how their humanistic teachings and philosophy can assist the Islamic world. Sufism is closely related to the Mithraism in rites and rituals which closely resembles the modern Freemasonry. regardless of what many may say about Freemasonry, their guiding principles were illumination and removing the shackles of humanity from the mind control techniques of organized religions. If we have a corrupt Freemasonry lodge and for that matter corrupt Buddhist and Sufi sects, we can not blame the original ideas and concepts for enlightenment.
          The fact is all good institutions, will become corrupt and will get infiltrated and finally hijacked for other people’s causes.

          • Mohammad

            So far from what Sufiism is, so far.
            Only I cannot elaborate because that is Greg’s site and he has the right to champion his site’s dialogues.


    • Major Payne

      Mohammed –
      Please give us the list of quotes from the Koran that instruct muslims to respect Christians and Jews. I have looked for these and cannot find them. I’m sure many of us will find these passages to be of interest. Thanks.
      Carry on.

      • oneno

        Sufi’s do not believe in GOD but are forever engaged in the search for Truth in the gross material, the fine-matter (energy), and the spiritual worlds. The Sufi’s recognize Prophet Jmmanuel and Prophet Mohammad as teachers of the Truth and as having the knowledge of a King of Wisdom.

        • Mohammad

          You are Full of crap and misinformation.
          Sufi’s are muslims believe in Allah.
          They cured their hearts from diseases (greed, envy, …etc) so they see …
          I refer you to the master of Sufi’s IMAM AL GHAZALI he is the best representation of them.
          Please, if you do not know a swat do not put false info here.


        • Tin foil hat

          Sufi’s are perhaps in several hundred as schools if not thousands and they have totally different values and constructs as majority adopted their own unique socio-cultural needs and customs and each nation. However, we can consider the general ideas relating to Sufism to be very closely associated with the Buddhist and Zoroastrian philosophy and almost identical to Christian concepts of charity and loving-kindness to fellow man. As such very much unlike the harsh Islamic tradition and jurisprudence.

          Sufism is not a religion and is supposed to have no dogmas, depending to which order you will come across, as each is different. As such, any person regardless of what religion they believe in can join. Sufism, therefore, is regardless as a spiritual path and at its core, it sees all mankind capable of rising up to the highest levels of human consciousness.

          Sufi and Sufism for that matter are a generic name that is referred to a school of mysticism and it relates to such schools in the Islamised lands. However, Mysticism also exited in the Christian world and perhaps we know them as Gnostic Christianity.

    • arthur barnes

      Mohammad, you said: “I can quote many verses from Quran where we as muslims are instructed to respect christians and Jews…”. I bet if you wanted you could also quote many verses from Quarn where muslims are instructed to convert or kill Christians; get real Mo, that is the mission of the Muslim faith; become one or die! Why don’t you try telling all the facts/truth at lease one in awhile it would be a breath of fresh air to say the least.

    • Galaxy 500

      Funny but the Bible written before the Koran said Jesus is the Son of the One True God, Jehovah.
      Moslems do not worship Jehovah

      • Mohammad


        I had Jahova lady who visited my house numerous times with her trainees or something like that, am saying this because she was teaching the Bible ( kinda of a summary book and not the full bible book, I still have it in my house) to that person while she is dialoguing with me, she came with the trainees numerous times and last time she came with a person who looked older and seems higher rank than she is. It was the last visit since we reached the conclusion that each side is committed with the utmost respect to the other, that person had the larger bible book.
        I have never seen such humbleness and elegance with courtesy since I landed here in US in 1990 like this lady and her students, they are a class of their own, I have been harmed many times by your comments and others here, I will suggest to you to take a look at the way you and others conduct yourselves when talking about my religion because it is never anything close to what I have seen in this marvelous lady, she left an impression on my house that is unforgettable and am sure I left an impression on her and her students that is unforgettable too.



        • Mohammad

          Interesting Galaxy, no response is a response and I admire that in you.


  29. Chip

    Great WNW Greg.
    Trump DID hit the SOTU out of the park! Even CNN couldn’t mask it with their own fake poll.

    But, I believe he was wrong about one thing, not sure how he can call us a net exporter of oil. From my research our consumption is roughly twice our production. MAYBE one single day we exported more than we imported. But the average daily figures by month tell the real story. These are the latest figures available for November 2018…

    We consumed an average of 20.8 million barrels per day.

    We imported an average of 9.6 million barrels per day.

    We exported an average of 8.0 million barrels per day.

    We produced an average of 11.9 million barrels per day.

    I haven’t heard an explanation for the difference in our consumption versus the sum of exports, imports, and production. But the figures reported do not support us being a net exporter of oil. If anyone can explain this and/or provide additional sources I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say… Chip

    • Chip

      Here is the best explanation I’ve been able to find. Although the figures are from 2017 it is illustrative of uncertainties included in the figures. But as the US uses over 20% of world oil production, it is hard to imagine that we are a NET exporter…

      The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) cannot determine how much of the crude oil produced in the United States is then consumed in the United States. Most of the crude oil produced in the United States is refined in U.S. refineries to make petroleum products. The United States exports crude oil, but EIA is not able to determine exactly how much of the exported crude oil is produced in the United States. The United States also produces and exports non-crude oil petroleum liquids and refined petroleum products, but EIA is unable to track how much of these petroleum exports are made from domestically produced crude oil.

      In 2017, the United States produced an average of about 9.35 million barrels per day (b/d) of crude oil, about 3.78 million b/d of natural gas liquids, and about 1.20 million b/d of biofuels and oxygenates, for a petroleum production total of about 14.33 million b/d.

      Total petroleum consumption averaged about 19.96 million b/d in 2017. The difference between petroleum production and consumption is mainly made up of net imports (imports minus exports) of petroleum, changes in petroleum inventories, and petroleum refinery processing gain.


  30. paul ...

    And we thought the IMF printing up “paper SDR’s” was going to fix everything?? … now we find it is just another weapon of war!! …

  31. Larry G Carter

    Greg, you are our modern day Paul Revere! Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry!!

  32. iwitness02

    For the elects sake, these days shall be cut short, or no flesh would survive.
    With the new green deal, no flesh will survive.
    With the central banks firmly in control no flesh will survive.
    With one world religion no flesh will survive.
    With one greedy, wicked and cruel world order no flesh will survive.
    Not even the earth can survive. All life forms suffer under the present evil world that Satan controls. No insects, birds, fish, wildlife, or people can survive if evil is not brought to an end. And soonly. Mankind will end up fighting each other to the death of everyone. There is just to much division to overcome without bloodshed, in my opinion. When the slave masters and the slaves enter into open warfare, the end is near. The earth will be left with a remnant of humanity to carry on. Just like in Noah’s day.
    And that’s how I view current affairs. There are most likely several billion counter points, and thats ok. Nothing new there. As in the days of Noah, there will be a new beginning.

    • iwitness02

      The Antediluvian Age, The Patriarchal Age, The Gospel Age, The Millennial Age.
      Right now might be considered the transition age.

      • Greg Hunter

        How about the good vs evil age?

        • iwitness02

          Greg, that sounds perfect! Fits like a glove.

  33. paul ...

    I don’t agree with Bo Polny’s thoughts about crypto currency (as I just don’t have any faith in “non-tangible” wealth) … but his analysis of the stock market and precious metals has been good as Greg says … with 2000 trillion of debt in the world … and limited amounts of precious metals … the debt per ounce of gold, silver, platinum and palladium combined has to be enormous … Rickard’s says $10,000 gold, Sinclair says $20,000 gold … I think these guys are trying to be conservative (because they don’t want to be labeled with a tin foil hat) … but Bill Holter is not afraid to go out further on the limb then anyone else by saying $100,000 per ounce gold is possible … but in a commie Demon-rat driven hyper-inflation … who’s to say gold won’t go to a million dollars per ounce!! … listen to Bo Polny below … he makes a lot of sense as to where the markets are now and where they are going …

    • paul ...

      Now what Bo Polny sees happening is what the banksters have “all set up” to destroy Trump … a massive crash (just like the ones they set up and created in 1929 and 1987) … if things go as planned by the banksters … the Dow will crash to 10,000 and gold will go to 10,000 ( a Gold/Dow ratio of 1) … but don’t count Trump out … he can overturn the banksters tables … just as Jesus did 2000 years ago … he can shut down the Fed … bring in a gold and silver backed dollar … and put the banksters in a straight jacket (by using the PPT to keep the stock market from falling) … listen to this Steel interview … interesting counter to the CRASH the banksters have all set up planned to take effect this month …

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure you are right about this Paul.

  34. paul ...

    As Greg points out … 90% of the coverage of the Trump Administration (from research done by Harvard & MRC) has been “negative” since his inauguration two years ago in the face of overwhelming approval of Trump by the people … the twenty-eight traitors behind this Trump smear campaign must be indicted, sent to GITMO for trial and hanged (after fully reviewing the facts) by the neck … until dead dead dead!! …

  35. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was fun!
    Now please leave my pension alone. I worked really hard — and sacrificed way more than you know — to qualify for it. Yup, my bad for trusting government promises.
    On a somewhat related note, I see more and more signs of social disfunction: for example,
    This past week tried to get a prescription refilled at a major pharmacy/retailer chain. They said they need to fax my doctor. I checked back a couple of days later. They claimed the doctor’s office hadn’t replied. I checked with the doctor’s office and they said they had sent the script to the pharmacy. This repeated four times over a period of a week before, after some unpleasantness at the doctor’s office, they gave my a physical script which I then took to the pharmacy. They then said that the problem hadn’t really been not receiving faxes from the doctor’s office but, rather, that the insurance company wouldn’t pay for the full number of pills. So I said, fine, let them cover what they’ll cover and I’ll pay cash for the rest. When I went to the window to get the pills, they had charged full price for all of the pills. So I asked why? They then tried to say they weren’t allowed to do that . . . before they finally admitted it was that THEIR computer system that made that impossible for them. In short, the pharmacy was willing to lie to me about the problem and everyone was willing to leave me in limbo. So, my next step was to call the insurance company to change pharmacy chains. But their automated answering service offered no option . . . until I started screaming “give me a person,” which it finally did. The person was wonderful; indeed, she was so wonderful that I asked her to marry me — I’m a sucker for Southern accents . . . so far I’ve married two women with them.

    • Tin foil hat

      William Stanley,
      I’m not counting on my pension and S.S. for my retirement. As the matter of fact, I never expect that I’ll get my S.S. and I never include that in my retirement plan. Now, I’m taking my pension out of my retirement plan. Yup, my bad for trusting government promises too.

    • DB Cooper

      WS, IMO … you are a hoot !! DB

  36. Mike Strohmier

    Another great wrap-up (you spoil us). Since you mentioned Pope Francis, have you come across any info about him being wanted for human rights violations in Argentina? Apparently, Kevin Shipp had a podcast of his own and interviewed someone that this was the case and also went into some of the particulars of the CIA’s Operation Gladio as it involved the Vatican. Keep up the good work in the meantime.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have not but thank you for your kind words!

  37. arthur barnes

    Greg, after much thought on America’s future, I shutter to think of its ending but watching the State of the Union Speech last Tuesday it was apparent just how many millions of votes the witch covens have magically tricked into their agenda. When and if this great country goes down, as the witch covens wish, history will record it was the true American patriots who allowed it to happen, they failed to stand up and be counted because they didn’t want to appear to be against the America’s new religion of political correctness. Frankly, the witch covens should have wore black instead of white as it would have been more to their traditional taste in clothing.

    • Freebrezer

      AB – per the witch covens in congress … I found them incredible racist in that wearing all white during black month? What the hell was that about? Soooo, so racist of them!

  38. Gary K


    I pretty much agree with all you say, but your statement that our freedom is the first thing to go under socialism is not true. The first thing to go is truth, and because truth goes away it is possible to take away all forms of liberty.

    Truth is the foundation of liberty. Without truth we have nothing real in our lives and socialism becomes attractive because truth has been suppressed.

    • Tin foil hat


    • DB Cooper

      GK, Truth is also the basis of our Christian Faith. Yours, DB

  39. Bernard V


    when I studied theology (yep that is my background) I wrote a thesis that got me in trouble with the rector of the faculty…
    “The biggest mistake of the catholic church is to have a Pope,
    the biggest mistake of the protestant churches is not to have one,
    because every minister is a “little” pope in his own church”

    The whole crusade against the Holy Father is perplexing to me….does he ruffle feathers, yes, but Saint John XXIII (The Good Pope) last encyclical was PACEM IN TERRIS.
    He stated that the most important gift , duty we can bestowed is peace. Is this an evil comment?

    The whole idea that God communication with us is the scriptures and that it ends with the last verse of the Apocalypse is also perplex. So you have all these protestants ministers, “prophets” that claim to hold the truth and yet they dispute biblical words spoke by Jesus to Peter: “Thou are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” Matthew 16:18.

    The Pope is not preaching for a world religion, he never said such a thing.
    Having said that , years ago I read a beautiful book “the keys of the Kingdom” by Cronin, Gregory Peck played the Priest in the movie of the same name.
    At one point the Priest say that there is one Heaven (while assisting his atheist friend passing) , but that there are many doors to access it.
    So yes, Greg you are correct is stating Jesus that he said “He is the door…”, but he also stated the beautiful parable of the Samaritan, and tells his followers to follow his example!
    (And a Samaritan was no Christian)

    The Lord our God, The Lord is One; Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”, before also referring to a second commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”


    • Greg Hunter

      My problem with the Pope is he says things that are opposite of the Bible. Such as “having a relationship with Christ outside the church is dangerous and harmful.” What do you think the “veil is torn” is all about? A personal relationship with Christ. Christ dying on the cross was a “failure.” Really??? And my favorite reason to think the Pope is evil is where he implied atheists can get to Heaven by “doing good.” Pope apologists all have answers to every quote that say the Pope (Francis) was “taken out of context.” I say BS!! I also say if you cannot talk clearly to your flock of more than 1 billion people, then maybe you should not be Pope: Pope also said it’s OK to be gay: While agree it is OK to be gay, the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, says homosexuality is a sin–period. I did not write the Bible. I am just telling you what’s in it.

      We can all agree on what Christ says, I just disagree with what this Pope says and does.

      • Bernard V


        as you so kindly stated, you grew up catholic.
        So you must know that the pope can only be infallible if, and ONLY IF
        he declares a dogma. That means that the pope can say a lot of things but those sentences can be interpreted.

        You also mention the gay issue in, the bible
        1) Jesus never,said a word about it. If it was such an issue , truly, one would assume that his words would be recorded.
        2) ask your pastor to explain the following verses (quoted from the KJV since , I assume this would be your preferred version..

        2 Samuel 1, 26: (David speaking about the death of Jonathan):
        “Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.”

        Ecclesiastes 4, 11: “Again if two lie together , then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?”

        Interestingly the KJV was authorized under the reign of King James I,
        (King James VI of Scotland then King James of the Union of Scottish and English crowns (1606-1625). This king is known to have been gay.

        Finally there are a lot of things the bible says, like St Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:34 : “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak”
        Oops that is not going to “fly” very well these days.

        The point I am trying to make is that people are trying to pull out sentences when it suits them and forget about the purpose of the Gospel, the spreading of Love and Peace.

        Thank you Greg for all your good work!

        • Greg Hunter

          Bernard V,
          I am not buying the “dogman” angle. Jesus Christ said what he meant and meant what he said no matter where or when he was speaking and teaching. Nobody had to apologize for Christ, or tell people what he really meant to say. The Pope is the “Vicar of Christ.” What he says has to match what Christ says in the Gospel and the Bible “dogma” or no “dogma.” Christ was a scholar and an expert in the Old testament by the way. The quotes you provided do NOT condone homosexuality. “Two people lie together” for “warmth” is not the same as “lie together” for sex. The Bible (again, in both Old and New Testament repeatedly) clearly says homosexuality is a sin, and that is the inspired word of God. Jesus basically says, you can hate the sin but you must love the sinner. In this case, “dogma” is crutch and excuse for misleading people. The Pope should say homosexuality is a sin in the Bible. The Pope doesn’t get to make up whatever he wants. If you are teaching people that the Bible says homosexuality is condoned in the Bible, you are misleading people. You should also check the last page of the Bible to see what is says about adding to or subtracting from God’s word in the Bible. It’s Revelation 22:18.

          I am not a scholar, but I am a sinner that is no better than anyone else. That said, I can read and understand the major points of the Bible and that it the reason the KJV came into existence. King James did not want the Bible to be secret and only accessible to priests and church officials who could read Latin. He had it translated to English so common English speaking people were be able to read it. I am a common person.

          I have no idea where you got your training, but the Purpose of the Gospel is much deeper than “spreading of Love and Peace.” Once again, you are misleading people. Please stop this. The reason why the Gospel is preached is to save the soul of man (Mk. 16:16). This from the mouth of Jesus Christ: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”

          End of discussion.



  40. john hassion

    greg take a look at new anti gun laws proposed in senate and congress.

  41. RTW

    We should get on our knees and gives thanks for AOC. She is exactly what the Republicans need to forge ahead, since they haven’t figured out how to do it themselves. Every time she opens her mouth, she creates another Republican vote. The Dems seem to be enjoying her NOW, but just wait. They will regret this “genie” as she becomes more and more unhinged. When the time comes that she scares even them, it will be impossible to put her back in the bottle. She hasn’t been in DC long enough to have unpacked her suitcase, yet she’s out pontificating every chance she gets. The longer she’s encouraged to empty out her head the more insane her ideas will get, yes, even including an electric train to the moon.

    • Chip


    • Freebrezer

      RTW – I am on the fence trying to understand the motive behind the big guns (or TPTB) that have bolstered AOC to such prominence. Think – why have the left wing Media given her so much air time? Why her? Why now? What is the plan? The big guns that control the MSM are not dumb, thus what is her purpose and what is their motive? Again why is she being allowed to spew her stupid rhetoric on coveted air time? There are a lot of radical dems spewing similar garbage all the time (Bernie Sanders) … but no air time! I am sure they can see her stupidity just as easy as the right can. Again why her and why now? My thoughts are that she is a prop that the Dems are going to use to gain back the control … TPTB have a person, a plan … a communist who purports to be centralist already groomed. When the time is right, they parade this person out, and just before the primaries. This person denounce the hard left and use AOC as the sacrificial pig to show that she is a dunce and does not represent mainstream America! That demonstrates how reasonable/mainstream they are and that gives the dems a good chance of winning! Or they have just gone bonkers?

      • Tin foil hat

        I’m beginning to suspect we are being setup. The Deep State probably wants us to fight when things begin to fall apart. They don’t want to get blame for the economic disaster and war is always a great distraction. However, WW III in the atomic age is suicidal, the next best thing is a civil war.
        I have been wondering why BLM was replaced by ANTIFA. Could it be BLM is too violent and too difficult to control? Why have the confrontations between the ANTIFA and Proud Boys not been escalated beyond bat and stick? Why has Soros kept firearms away from these confrontation?
        Perhaps AOC is merely an additonal ingredient to keep the pot hot. Perhaps they don’t want a full blown civil war yet but they have to maintain the set stage when they are ready to pull the plug.

  42. Ken

    Greg ,
    You have brought up JFK and RFK a few time in reference to Trump and 21 trillion of debit. Here’s a little tid bit most folks are not aware of in Jim Marrs 1989 book Crossfire on page 275. I have several Kennedy bills myself. You can still find them in coin shops. See link.
    “ Another overlooked aspect of Kennedy’s attempt to reform American society involves money. Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the Constitution,which states only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest.
    He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11,110 which called for the issuance of 4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of the one-and two-dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. Currency.
    Kennedy’s comptroller of currency, James J Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Reserve Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve System. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds, again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks.
    A number of “Kennedy bills” were indeed issued –the author has a five dollar bill in his possession with the heading “United States Note” but were quickly withdrawn after Kennedy’s death.
    According to information from the Library of the Comptroller of the Currency, Executive Order 11,110 remains in effect today, although successive administrations beginning with that of President Lyndon Johnson apparently have simply ignored it and instead returned to the practice of paying interest on Federal Reserve notes.
    Today we continue to use Federal Reserve Notes, and the deficit is at a all time high.
    Considering that the battle over U.S. Monetary control by a monolithic central bank is an issue that dates back to the founding of the Republic, some assassination researchers believe Kennedy’s little-noted efforts to reform the money supply and curtail the Federal Reserve System may have cost him much more than just the enmity of the all-powerful international bankers”

  43. Wade Waters

    This New Green Deal… can you imagine the tremendous amounts of fossil fuels would have to be used to build “trains across the oceans”? And to maintain the infrastructure for them? Completely insane…

  44. Eileen

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for this WNW. Found myself with a lump in my throat, almost wanting to cry over many things you said. For example, why you were not a Catholic anymore. I was once one of those too, not by choice but by upbringing. I left over 40 years ago due to the hypocrisy. Heard to many stories from my elders that women were only valued for the pleasure they gave men and/or their ability to make babies. Later, I knew in my bones that something “was wrong” with the priests. These daze (intentional misspell) I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vatican intervened in the Jeffrey Epstein case for a pardon, or helped finance the purchase of “Orgy Island.” Most likely their are many from the Vatican vacationing (perhaps there are little boys there too) on this isle of disrepute.
    Finally, count me in on one who was thrilled with the President’s speech while at the same time APALLED at the antics of Pelosi, etc. Awful to think what children might be learning from the likes of her. Its okay to disrespect another person just because you are from a different political party? I don’t know. Feeling inspired to go and re-watch the movie Spotlight (about the Catholic Church raping little boys).

  45. Liberty

    When you said you give a A+ to Trump, sorry but I totally disagree. This speech was not exactly the truth and I personally think that people have a right to hear the truth. The economy is not going well and we know it. Meanwhile, the citizen don’t prepare for what is coming.
    No one has been arrest, the corruption is still going on, the file have not been declassified, common core is still on, the main stream media are still manipulate the people
    Following a good video from Peter Schiff

  46. Liberty

    Concerning Venezuela,
    Granted, Interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó is, by all accounts, much more moderate in his socialism than the barbaric Maduro-Chávez regime. But Guaidó’s political party, known as “Popular Will,” is nevertheless a leftist member of the Socialist International, the largest and most powerful alliance of socialist and communist political parties in the world. This dangerous network has openly called for a global socialist government. And its members include parties with the blood of millions on their hands.

  47. John M.

    Greg, don’t give up on the truths of the Catholic faith. Modernism and secularism has even infected many parts of the Vatican and the hierarchy itself, and they will surely answer to God for not shepherding the souls of their flock. (Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick currently comes to mind.)
    It has been prophesied by many Catholic saints and mystics, and Mother Mary herself, that the Church would undergo great apostasy and sufferings in the end times, possibly with a pope that may be a false prophet causing much division, and preparing the way for a great One-World religion. Emeritus Pope Benedict may be the true pope, and good Catholics may have some rough times like the early Christians. (BTW, I think we have a WW3 and other things way before Armageddon and the Second Coming.)
    But God always opens a door and helps His people. I’ve been watching many new, younger Catholics who are doing a fantastic job defending the faith and critically examining everything that is wrong in the Church and in the pagan world. It’s really hopeful. You, and others, really should try and listen to them via internet.
    I highly recommend Michael Voris at, in particular his interview: Mic’d Up — The Pope and the Homomafia. Special guest – Milo Yiannopoulos. (I cannot post link.)
    I’m reading Milo’s interesting new book: Diabolical: How Pope Francis has Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims like Me – and Why He Has to Go. (He’s openly gay, as many of you know.)
    Use your favorite non-Google search engine to also find Dr. Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon, where they discuss many issues together as a truly Christian dynamic duo.
    I’m seeing identical problems in both Catholicism and in my country. Both are abandoning their core principles and traditions, and both are being viciously attacked from within and without.
    However (as you always say) : Fear Not as our Triune God is in charge!!!

  48. paul ...

    This could be something to worry about … farmers are a large part of Trump’s base … and they are going bankrupt … which could result in a lack of food production … if things escalate into a catastrophic food shortage … it could easily become a big liability to Trump’s re-election chances in 2020 …

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – This is the crux to all revolutions – starving people! Kill the rich/elite people that have food or die trying … if you are starving that is your only option.

  49. Golden Plain

  50. spkrmk

    greg, your work is greatly appreciated. I have been a fan since your days with the networks. that said, maybe you can put the Light of Truth on some other equally important topics. yes, the state/future of our economic well being is important, however, there are other issues that need our attention and deserve quality speakers as well.
    God Bless

  51. Jerry

    Folks with the caravans approaching the border, I would be preparing for the implementation of Rex 84.

    If you have been reading my post the past several months, i should’nt have to go in detail about what this means. Friday is February 15th. Either way the caravans are coming.

  52. WKSwanson


    Your work is much appreciated. Peter Schiff has an interesting take on the SOTU speech (spoiler: he is not crazy about the speech –

  53. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, I think that you would agree that killing is wrong and as you probably know …. GUNS KILL !

    The 10 Commandments instructs us … “THOU SHALL NOT KILL.”

    Guns kill. They are for killing. Therefore guns are immoral. We need a comprehensive ban on all guns. If it is good enough for the UK, then it should be good enough for us. The UK is relatively free of murder. However the US has tens of thousands of lives taken by gunfire every year. You need to be responsible if you are going to be a journalist

    • Greg Hunter

      Planned Parenthood murdered (aborted) 321,384 babies in 2018. That is more than 6,100 a week! You want to stop murder, stop abortion. Who are the killers? That would be Planned abortion-hood.

    • Diane

      Are you the new congresswoman AOC?

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … this “gun” … … kills more humans then this gun … … you give up your gun first!!!

    • Nick in UK

      ……. You need to educate yourself…….

      1. About 1 person in every 60 has a gun in the UK. The UK is very careful about who can own a gun and thus there are very few fatalities involving legal gun owners.
      2. Switzerland has one of the highest ratios of gun ownership to population and again has very low incidents of firearm related fatalities.

      If you consider fact 1 and fact 2 you will conclude that the gun itself is not the problem, rather it’s the person holding it that’s the problem. You need to be responsible to be a gun owner.

      There are an enormous amount of deaths in the U.K. caused by stabbing, cars and motor bikes. The UK government has yet to ban kitchen knives and forms of transport which I assume you would also be advocating. A high percentage of murders are committed by spouses so perhaps we should ban marriage ? Muslim terrorists in Europe like white vans ramming people should we ban those coloured vans ? Lots of kids bodies being dug up in various church properties should we ban churches?

      The common denominator in all of these examples is people. Some are good, some are bad, some are educated and some are stupid which brings me neatly back to my opening line.

    • WKSwanson

      Guns never take ANY action by themselves. Someone has to pull the trigger, and most of those triggers get pulled in large Democrat-controlled cities (Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphis, St. Louis, Newark, Oakland, etc.). If you take those Democrat-coltrolled cities out of the US statistics, all of a sudden the US murder rate falls to one of the very lowest in the ENTIRE WORLD. Meanwhile, back in the UK, guess who is armed -as usual, the criminals, who couldn’t care less about your laws. Now, there is a rampage of knife violence in the UK…39,000+ stabbings a year (
      So, you probably want to ban knives also, as some idiotic doctors want to do in the UK. Perhaps you Democrats simply need to learn self control and not shoot and stab people every two seconds.

  54. Dan

    I’m not sure how you define “socialism”…but here’s some commentary from

    “Socialism, social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources. According to the socialist view, individuals do not live or work in isolation but live in cooperation with one another. Furthermore, everything that people produce is in some sense a social product, and everyone who contributes to the production of a good is entitled to a share in it. Society as a whole, therefore, should own or at least control property for the benefit of all its members.

    This conviction puts socialism in opposition to capitalism, which is based on private ownership of the means of production and allows individual choices in a free market to determine how goods and services are distributed. Socialists complain that capitalism necessarily leads to unfair and exploitative concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the relative few who emerge victorious from free-market competition—people who then use their wealth and power to reinforce their dominance in society. Because such people are rich, they may choose where and how to live, and their choices in turn limit the options of the poor. As a result, terms such as individual freedom and equality of opportunity may be meaningful for capitalists but can only ring hollow for working people, who must do the capitalists’ bidding if they are to survive. As socialists see it, true freedom and true equality require social control of the resources that provide the basis for prosperity in any society. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels made this point in Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848) when they proclaimed that in a socialist society “the condition for the free development of each is the free development of all.”

    The economic and I might add, legal system we operate in today is a KLEPTOCRATIC PLUTOCRACY. The wealthy and connected have, over MANY decades, managed to CAPTURE our government and legal system to further their interests at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE.

    Once “our” congress sold us down the river by abrogating their constitutional duty to regulate “our” currency, and gave control over this nation’s money and credit to a “private” corporation (Federal Reserve), “our” republic, if it ever existed, ceased to exist. Fast forward to present times, and only an idiot cannot see that our so called “elected representatives” are nothing more then highly paid lobbyist whores who JUMP when their masters call because they know the MONEY SPIGOTS for their campaigns for re-election, and their perks doled out while they are both in office and once out of office, come from the BIG MONEY HONIES who bankroll the PACS and SUPER PACS which fund them.

    President Trump’s claim that we will NEVER have socialism in this country, and YOUR syncophantic ravings are a joke. SOCIALISM has been alive and well in this country at least since the (theretofore ILLEGAL) graduated income tax was imposed.

    In EVERY instance throughout world history, NO “system” of government has lasted indefinitely, because NO system of government has been able to survive the inherent CORRUPTION from within, no matter how many “purges” and how many deaths were racked up trying.

    And what’s infuriating, but understandable, is that morons like YOU are more worried about not paying for some DMV employee’s pension then you are worried about the fact that criminals have seized complete control of our government, and run it like their own private candy store. That’s exactly what the criminals in charge depend on, and so far, they have never been dissappointed.

    And the end game is very simple…check out 1984 or Animal Farm for more details.

  55. Mr. Lee

    Hello Mr. Hunter,

    Any way to get Warren Pollock back on your program?


  56. James Brown

    Greg, I love you man! Hey, there will not be a direct default. There will be a devaluation of the dollar. This devaluation will reduce the confidence in the dollar/U.S. economy. China will become the economic capital of the world by 2032 (I learned this from Martin Armstrong). Capitalists will choose to do business with China instead of the United States. I have a friend who owns a pancake house. He makes $2 million per year after he covers his overhead and pays his staff. His food is just OK. I make the best waffles in the history of waffles (my secret is sugar and butter – GO FIGURE). I’m thinking of a new career. Hey, it’s health food – MENTAL HEALTH (yeah, I like my waffles, syrup, extra thick bacon, scrambled eggs – $10 a plate – after 4 million pI can retire). Do you think my pancake/waffle house would survive economic armageddon? Keep up the great work.

  57. Norm

    Hi Greg,
    I noticed that you went over the “blocking of funds” again today,
    Did you get that document I sent ? The pdf file had over 1,000pgs dealing with funds blocked from “overseas”?
    If not. we can try again.
    Email me so I can send it back that way.
    God bless you brother.

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