Trump Walks On NK, Senate Baby Killers, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 373 3.1.19)

President Trump said he “walked away” from signing a deal on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. He said he would rather have “no deal than a bad deal.” He did get a commitment from North Korea to not test nukes and not do any further missile testing. No timeline was given for new talks.

The Senate could not get the 60 votes needed to pass legislation to protect the life of a baby born during an abortion. 44 Democrat Senators voted against legislation that would require doctors to give same care to infants who survived abortion that any other baby would get. How are these Senators going to run on killing babies in 2020?

One big theme of the economy is debt and lots of it. Do you ever hear of any politician in the world talking about paying any of this massive debt back? Of course not, and that should scare the heck out of you.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and much more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Catherine Austin Fitts from will be our guest on the Early Sunday Release to talk about massive U.S. debt and Constitution destroying secret budgets.

To buy a copy of The New Testament of “That Which is Perfect” click here.

Update on Rob Kirby:  I called him and he said he is out of intensive care and doing better, but he is going to be in the hospital for a while yet.  He thanked everybody for the prayers!!!!!

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  1. Hurrah Boy's, Hurrah!

    New York Volunteers
    Your Governor wants to dissolve the Union!
    In the next election, your state aims to assign all electoral votes to the winner of the national Popular Vote, rather than to the individual states. Somehow, this makes sense to 12 governor’s!
    For the sake of union and Liberty, not the mob. Don’t let them invalidate the will of the Union, in Union.

    Eleven more states are currently working through similar legislation. If successful, some 261 electoral college votes would end up being decided by the national popular vote rather than the traditional electoral voting system used in previous elections.

    While the U.S. Constitution establishes the Electoral College as the method by which a President is elected, it does not specify how each state chooses to assign its Electoral votes.

    This will likely lead to Constitutional challenges from both sides.

    Flyover view: This is how a Republic dies, should the Supreme Court fail to uphold current laws surrounding how votes are assigned and calculated.

    The electoral map linked below shows exactly why Democrats, once again, have to move the goal posts to win.
    New York Volunteers! Don’t fall for elitist Northeastern treachery! Fight for the Union.

    U.S. stand’s for your Uncle Sam!
    North Eastern Elitist’s, mind your Uncle Sam! For Union and Liberty!
    Our father’s and great grand father’s died to set men free! Let us now live, to keep it that way!
    As he died to make men holy, let us live to make men free! His truth is marching on!

    • al

      Voter ID and true voting systems will decimate leftists either way. That’s why Trump is going after voter fraud. It will be a massacre!

      • paul ...

        Not only do we have to eliminate voter fraud Al … but we have to eliminate the “Tools of Satan” (those guys in Congress who won’t even protect a baby struggling to survive being murdered) … we couldn’t get 60 Senators to vote to protect the life of a baby who made it out of the womb alive while struggling to survive the knife of a murdering doctor … 44 Demon-rat Senators were simply Hell bent on not giving any care to infants who outwitted the murdering abortion doctor and made it out of the womb alive … such is the Satanic Evil in the Senate (that must be “removed by us” in the next election) … lets put these Satanic Demons on the chopping block the same way they have done to infant babies … and make sure they don’t survive when we elect “their abortion” … and so as to never forget who they are … let’s mark the name and number of all these Satanic Senate Beasts on the back of our hand so we can “trade them out” next election for God guys!

        • paul ...

          We also have to abort and eliminate the evil neocons surrounding Trump … if he hangs around with this flock of evil birds much longer he will be contaminated (and start growing similar neocon feathers)! … like Trump ludicrously supporting the overthrow of Maduro “a Constitutionally elected President” who has been made into a Hitler (exactly the way Trump has been made into a Hitler by the Demon-rats)?? … Trump has to get back to listening to his Base where the Rule of Law “is Key” … the Rule of Law is not something that operates just here in America (but internationally as well) … Trump must get out from being under neocon control by significantly reducing the number of neocons surrounding him … only then can Trump garner more support from his base (who do have eyes to see) and successfully fight off the Demon-rats that are also trying to overthrow our Constitutionally elected government! … the neocons have somehow manipulated Trump into working to “overturn a Constitutionally elected President in Venezuela” … now I’m not saying Maduro is a “God guy” … he likely very far from it … but he was the choice of the people … the same way Trump was … and no matter how much certain people believe “he deserves to be removed” … the Rule of Law should take priority … so as to bring a certain amount of “morality back” into the affairs of Nations!! …

    • paul ...

      After seeing all the evil Demons who want to kill our babies and dissolve the Union … this picture is more precious then gold …

  2. Hurrah Boy's, Hurrah!

    Today The Debt Is Demanding! Yet Then. . .

    The Debt Was Demanding,
    __________________The Price It Was Paid.

  3. Mark James

    I was physically ill when I heard about the failed Senate bill. Democrats saying that it is because it is ‘already illegal’ haven’t looked to New York or Virginia. Ironically, the “Freedom Tower” at the World Trade Center was lit in Pink in celebration of killing BORN children… the site of the 9/11 massacre. Sickening!

    Catherine Austin Fitts will be the guest on Sunday!!! Very excited!!!!!!

    Thanks Greg!!!

    • TSI

      Agree!!! No point in being pro-life unless you can look after babies and children post birth. This is a contradiction that runs through the heart of the Catholic church and rabidly pro war Republicans. Is the Catholic church unaware of the mass child graves in their own orphanages? Do Republicans not understand that babies and children die in war, along with other civilian casualties?

      • TSI

        The conspiracy is ultimately one of a spiritual nature. The outer appearance of each pathway may look different but the inner core, the ascension technology, is the same. The promise that “ye shall be as gods” is a false one and in reality initiates are unbuttoning the seals of their soul, which enables demonic possession. I believe people are well aware of the perils of the dark paths (satanism etc) but less knowledgeable about the false light paths that may appear charitable and good. The Demiurge and its minions have cast the net as widely as possible to ensnare both “good” and “bad” souls. The well meaning seeker must particularly be aware of the light pathways.

      • Dale Gallup

        TSI, what is your source for the mass child graves? Let’s stick to facts please.

      • William Stanley

        1. Is consciousness dependent on contradiction?
        2. If you weren’t conscious would you be?
        3. Is knowledge of contradiction part of original sin?
        4. Is original sin escapable?
        5. Are institutions conscious, or is that affliction reserved to individuals?
        6. Is Donald Trump a “Republican”?

        • TSI

          1) I would say after the fall we live in a world of duality. Concepts are only defined by their opposites eg. we need to experience cold to understand hot and evil to understand good. So perhaps these events are there to deepen our understanding.
          2) Probably but on a more subconscious level.
          3) I would say original sin is the fall into dualistic thinking (eg. knowledge of good and evil). So yes, contradiction is part of original sin.
          4) Maybe original sin is escapable if we can return to a unitary form of consciousness. However, the search for this has many pitfalls and many people end up surrendering themselves to the ‘great spirit’ or ‘architect/creator’ god.
          5) Hmm…the leaders of those organisations definitely should be conscious. I believe there is a form of tribal consciousness, as displayed by football (soccer) fans and Viking hordes etc, but I don’t know if this applies to larger organisations where the members are spread wide geographically and contact is minimal. If you become initiated into a spiritual group you may share some form of consciousness.
          6) I am vaguely aware that Trump considered running as a Democrat so I believe his political allegiance is somewhat ‘flexible’. Some degree of flexibility is good but when it is used to deceive and offer false hope it is not good.
          These thoughts are just off the top of my head William. I hope they are ok.

          • TSI

            Sorry William, it just occurred to me that in answer to question 4, perhaps the only way to experience unitary consciousness is through what they call ‘love’ as this seems to be a mode of consciousness that does not require experience of the opposite emotion of ‘hate’. Again, just off the top of my head so it could be all BS.

            • William Stanley

              Thanks for taking the exam! (I’ll need even more data before I discuss your case with my psychologist friend. Just kidding . . . maybe).
              I don’t get the notion that you’re an “atheist.” Non Christian — maybe, but you seem to accept too many fundamental Biblical assumptions to say that either.
              I’ll need to dig a little deeper to avoid Rule 11 sanctions for making a filing without meeting my due diligence obligations to the “court.” However, if you agree, maybe we can file a Petition for Reconsideration with Greg (if you can let up, a little) .

              • TSI

                Ok, I get the feeling that Greg has a more inclusive definition of ‘atheist’ than you though.

            • TSI

              William, I think also that our ‘fall’ into dualistic consciousness created our sense of ego as it created a distinction between self and other.

              • William Stanley

                RE: “Ego as distinction between self and other”
                This is really dangerous territory, as you may have alluded to earlier in your comment about “false light paths.”
                As you probably know, some (e.g. Otto Kernberg) consider a “failure” to distinguish between self and other as an “object relations” problem that is associated with narcissism, even pathological narcissism, and other psychopathologies. (See
                I may be way off base here (and I am wildly speculating), but inducing Dissociative Identity Disorder (which we touched on in a previous post) could possibly be seen as a fracturing of a personality by damaging the ego — and may have been a tool of the CIA in its MKUltra mind-control experiments.
                All that said, it does seem that the state of nirvana in Buddhist psychology requires an egoless approach whereby “oneness” with the world is attained. One is tempted to ask the difference between Buddhist nirvana from Christian beatitude.
                Clearly, I’m in way over my head. Maybe someone else here will throw us a lifesaver.

            • William Stanley

              Well, done (especially that part about “love.”
              Okay, TSI, some more questions:
              1a) Did I abuse the word “contradiction”? Is the concept that we’ve been discussing dealing with consciousness better expressed using words/phrases more like “trade-off” or “in tension with”?
              4b) Why is a “unitary form of consciousness ” (unconsciousness?) more desirable than accepting the nature of the world (and ourselves?) by adapting to “tensions” inherent in the world and by making wise “trade-offs, e.g., by embracing moral improvement and self discipline”?

              • TSI

                1a) Maybe it was I who distorted the meaning of ‘contradiction’ in order to mean opposites or dichotomy. The ability to discriminate between same and different seems fundamental to awareness. perhaps awareness arises in the tension arising from difference.

                4b) Yes, your second question leads on nicely as, if one assumes discrimination as the basis for consciousness it would be natural to equate an inability to discriminate as unconsciousness.
                Perhaps you are guiding me towards the conclusion that it is impossible for humans to fully appreciate God (as I had erroneously implied was possible in a previous post and which you wisely challenged). Perhaps it is a desire for order in an otherwise chaotic world that motivates us to seek unity and oneness in a different form of consciousness.

                • Dale Gallup

                  WS , TSI, how did you Get here after the stories of children’s homes mass graves???!

                  • William Stanley

                    One thing just led to another, although it’s kind of like FASAB 56 (and it’s origins): While we must disclose that we MAY be lying, we can’t tell you IF or How we may be lying about how we got there.

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Can you do another interview with Cliff High<

    Best regards
    Oracle 911

    • Tracy Welborn

      Cliff “gold is WAY to heavy for spaceships” High?

  5. C. Hewlett


    The Unknown Contributions of Brits in the American Civil War
    Historian Amanda Foreman discusses how British citizens took part in the war between the Union and the Confederacy
    By Megan Gambino
    Though often overlooked, more than 50,000 British citizens served in various capacities in the American Civil War. Historian Amanda Foreman looked at their personal writings and tells the story of the war and Britain’s involvement in it in her latest book, A World on Fire, recently named one of the New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2011.

    A Union Captain Nearly Dragged the British Into the Civil War In 1861
    I spoke with the author—born in London, raised in Los Angeles and schooled at Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University and Oxford University—about the role Britain, and one particular Brit, Henry Morton Stanley, played in the conflict.

    • Keith wilson

      Amanda Foreman wants to write her next book on Canadian involvement in Vietnam. During the war 30,000 Canadians joined the us military and served in South East asia. As these great men where fighting and dieing for America. George Bush. Bill Clinton. Donald Trump. Plus 50,000 Americans where dodging the draft and hiding from there duty to serve there country. How many serve as congressmen and senators but dodged the draft in 1960s america ?

  6. Vernon L.

    This Is A Battle Between Good And Evil
    “I lied, but I am not a liar!”

    • paul ...

      I lied I’m a member of the Democratic Party … I am a member of the Demon Rat Icky Party … unpleasant and distasteful as it is … I’m not a liar!!

    • Freebrezer

      Vernon – the Cohen affair is way more entangled then any in the press has let any one know. Cohen is doing what he is doing solely to protect his his wife (My take). His wife had signed on two of the fraudulent loans and could have faced up to 30 yrs in prison. Watch a video when he is around her – it is obvious … there is a deep love there. What kind of scum would force a man to choose between protecting his wife or protecting Trump? Only Pure scum! Do not for one second forget what a scum bag Mueller and that piece of sh$t Weismann would do to turn someone!

      • Freebrezer

        And might I add the demorat leaders!

  7. Vernon L.

    Economic Storm Is Coming, Gold Will Destroy The [CB] Debt: Bob Kudla

  8. C. Hewlett

    Greenspan warns US budget deficit will ultimately lead to higher inflation
    Greg Robb 11 hrs ago
    The yawning federal budget deficit is ultimately going to eventually lead to higher inflation, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Thursday.
    The federal debt-to-gross domestic product ratio is on track to be as large as it was during World War II, Greenspan said during a talk at a National Association for Business Economics conference.
    “Unless you believe in fairies, that is not an economy that can function without inflationary instability,” Greenspan said;

  9. JC

    Baby Killers.
    Is “Dead Babies” by Alice Cooper their theme song?

    Dead babies can’t take care of themselves
    Dead babies can’t take things off the shelf
    Well, we didn’t want you anyway

  10. Olaf

    Well you Americans may wonder WHY things are NOT – politically, going as anyone expected since George Bush Senior was buried.
    There is a great article posted on “State of The Nation” –

    We can expect a VOTE at the UN, on ~ 26th February, – to – in effect, Commence the UN run New World Order on ~ 26th March 2020.
    (This is my own private calculation on Bible Prophecy.) – Sorry …Mark Taylor!
    Keep up the good work, Greg!
    Olaf, – Down Under

    • abbey Rhodes

      You old Aussie Viking, I’m afraid you nailed it my friend! Just remember old son, Olaf. It isn’t over till the fat lady sing’s! She still has a lot of singing left in her. Her song’s will bury the swamp! There is much more to come, then theses criminal families can endure. This is just only the big inning! This whole stinking corpse will be buried by the Trumpster! There is more on our side and we shall overcome!
      Don’t Fool Around With, We The Sheeple!

      Jorge Ramos thanks Fox News after being freed from Venezuela
      Set me as a seal upon thy heart, As a seal upon thine arm: For love is strong as death; Jealousy is cruel as Sheol; The flashes thereof are flashes of fire, A very flame of Jehovah. SONG OF SOLOMON 8:6 ASV

      Airstrikes, Tanks Heading To The Border And Planes Shot Down – India And Pakistan Are In A State Of War
      Michael Snyder 1 min ago
      War has erupted in Asia. India is the second largest country in the world by population, and Pakistan is the fifth largest, and they both possess large nuclear arsenals. If this conflict continues to escalate, things could get really, really bad very quickly. On Wednesday, military aircraft were shot down by both sides, there was shelling across the border by both armies, and in recent hours videos have been posted of Pakistani tanks and Indian tanks both heading to the border. Once one army crosses the “Line of Control”, it is going to be very difficult to get the two sides to sit down at the negotiating table. War is one of the elements of “the perfect storm” that we’ve been warning you about, and I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the conflict [WWIII] that we are going to see in 2019.
      The Unseen Powers That Be, Got a Tiger [Dragon?] By The Tail

  11. Derek Sinclair

    AOC the evil idiot doesn’t want “people” to stop having children, she actually wants white people to stop having children.

    • paul ...

      I thought the Demon-rat-ic Party was against discrimination and racism??

  12. Ivan

    Things we should all know . (1) The constitution is the supreme law of the land. (2) The constitution is a written agreement. It is a contract/compact . (3) They say the supreme court has ruled . Kings rule. The supreme court does not rule . It hands down an opinion on whether or not a law is constitutional ,and if the supreme courts opinion conflicts with our constitution, then congress and all of the lower courts are suppose to ignore it(null and void it) as if it never existed ,and if they don’t then we the people are to null and void it when we sit on a jury. ( Any law that is in conflict with the constitution is null and void of law. It bears no power to enforce, it bears no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as though it had never existed, for unconstitutionality would date from the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded by a court of law. No courts are bound to uphold it, and no citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a mere nullity or a fiction of law, which means it doesn’t exist in law. Marbury vs Madison ) (4) Ownership ,rights and freedom go together .If you don’t own your car ,you have no rights or freedom to do anything with it . You would have to ask the owner for his permission to drive it, paint it a different color ,sell it because you don’t own it,so you don’t have any rights to it . (5) Satanic bankers have indebted the U.S . for trillions of dollars and made we the people believe we are responsible for it . Now , they think they own our country ,and we are living on their land and breathing their air ,but we owe them nothing because the whole thing is a unconstitutional fraud ,and the Fed has never paid a dime in taxes on the trillions they have unconstitutionally created via fractional reserve banking,so they owe us way more then we could ever owe them . (6) Our rule of law is the constitution ,and it says We hold these truths to be self-evident ,that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE Rights, that among these are LIFE , Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The UNALIENABLE Right to LIFE IN OUR CONSTITUTION has not been amended, and no court, legislative body, or person in our country has the authority to create and enforce unconstitutional laws .They have no authority to legalize the murder of babies , and anyone that kills a baby is a murderer and needs to be punished for it. Remember there is no statute of limitations for murder,and because someone renames it abortion or a woman’s right and says it’s legal doesn’t make it so .

    • iwitness02

      Ivan, you really nailed it with your post. The constitution is our bottom line.

    • TSI

      Apparently, Maduro is an evil dictator, yet the crown prince and Kim Yong Un are cuddly wuddly teddy bears that embrace democracy and Trump just wants to hug – AHH how sweet. Propaganda turd alert!

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Yep, we even continue to embrace a traitorous ally like England that tried to assist in unseating our duly elected, President Donald J. Trump with their third-rate spy craft. Unfortunately, we have grown use to dealing with turds (those from without as well as those from within). SOD

        • TSI

          Well I will say the same thing that I have said to Clinton supporters complaining that the 2016 election was rigged by Russia – you rig other countries’ elections – don’t complain when it happens to you.
          Similarly, I would remind you that it is an American pastime to remove democratically elected leaders of other counties (eg. Allende in Chile) by masterminding coups and replacing them with monstrous dictators (Pinochet).

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Is that the simpering ‘don’t you dare point fingers at us, you are very the devil himself ‘ argument? I’d have no problem going back in history when the “sun never set on the British empire” and compare your country’s sterling track record (sarcasm) versus ours. It seems to me, with the sorry state of your tiny island nation you’d be far better off trying to resolve your country’s own endless string of blunders. We really don’t need another ‘outside consultant’ to trouble shoot for this country. In case you haven’t notice “we” already retain a parade of idiots uniquely unqualified for honest, meaningful work–we are however required to pay them (they go by the name of the U.S. Congress & the U.S. Senate)-most lack even a modicum of common sense and are easily bought off—they rarely contribute anything meaningful to the operation of our government–but hey that’s our burden!! I can see why you enjoy Greg’s site, unlike England you aren’t censored or treated like a boot licking serf. SOD

            • TSI

              George Galloway once remarked that “the sun never set on the British empire because God would never trust the English in the dark”. America has had no problem using our intelligence services to spy on its own citizens (to circumvent domestic surveillance laws) So is Britain your ally or your enemy? It depends on whether you are part of the ruling class or the ruled class. In fairness, I should point out that this is a reciprocal relationship and that American intelligence spies on British citizens for the same reason.
              Now anymore of this and I will be forced to call William Stanley to mediate.

              • Shadow of Doubt

                England; the home of Neville Chamberlain diplomacy, walk-back-the-vote democracy and the spineless, bumbling leadership of EU lackey, Theresa May. Yep, come to think of it you’ve got it all. SOD

                • TSI

                  Right!!! I warned you. I have William’s number on speed dial…

                  • William Stanley

                    Was that you calling? I was taking a nap, sorry.
                    It looks like everything is okay. He just doesn’t understand that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love us deep down in your heart.

      • Freebrezer

        TSI – Kim Un sits on ~ 60 nukes. That should get some credit why they are trying to deal with him. Per Crown Prince – the Petro dollar. It is the old adage when you owe the bank a million, the bank owns you. when you owe the bank ten billion, you own the bank.

    • Tin foil hat

      George Bernard Shaw in His Own Words

      At 2:38, Shaw praised FDR and bashed the Constitution. In a way, Hitler saved us from going down that distructive path by being the very first to practice progressivism instead of just talking about it.
      I wonder how many self-proclainmed progressive Jews know that Hitler was a progressive socialist.

  13. Marie Joy

    Please become more politically active.
    Or become an election monitor to keep things honest.

  14. Bruce W Vetter

    I’ve scheduled my week for years now, staying awake until midnight or so to be among the first to catch Mr. Hunter’s new informative interview. It’s like in WW2 when the civilian Germans used their secret and illegal short wave radios to know the truth about their failing nation. It’s more valuable than gold folks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce!!!

    • TSI

      USA watchdog is compulsive viewing. Greg has kindly provided a forum for us to share all of our eclectic opinions.

  15. Jerry

    The New Democratic national anthem.

    Let’s just call it what it is. Satanic worship. I posted on my Facebook site, for anyone who supports late term abortion to unfriend me. I was accused of drinking the Trump Koolaide. My response. It has nothing to do with politics. I find yanking a baby out of a mother’s womb and selling off the body parts utterly disgusting and anyone who has half a heart should to. Democratic care more about bird eggs than human life. Ancient Chinese saying. Knowledge of ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness.

  16. paul ...

    As Greg says: “Massive debt will never be paid back” … the Fed will soon be printing more QE (along with gradually lowering interest rates) … this will make gold shoot up past it’s old high … but more and more States and Cities are in need of bailouts just like Puerto Rico … if Trump gives in (to make America survive so it can be Great Again in the future) and tells the Fed to print up all the money needed to bail out bankrupt States and Cities … QE to infinity will result in … Gold to infinity! …

    • paul ...

      Gold to infinity is something Warren Buffet “will never understand” … because his entire universe is simply a paper mache hologram … and when a match is put to it … everything burns and is gone forever … put a match to gold and your money remains … when the re-set occurs and Buffet is handed a paper check for One Trillion dollars … like a Zimbabwe Trillion dollar bill he likely will only be able to buy 3 gallons of milk with it … it is then … he would wish he had bought three ounces of gold!! …

  17. andyb

    Greg: The Dems use distraction and projection to deflect, confuse and defuse. Just watch the magicians right hand while the left hand steals your wallet. The latest example is the Cohen hearings while Trump is trying to accomplish a diplomatic tour de force on the Korean peninsula. I hope everyone realizes that the Russia/Trump/Russia and the dossier claims were to deflect away from the Clinton treason and the actual DNC/Russia collusion, the Clinton Foundation criminality and the Uranium One scandal.

    But will we ever see indictments? Lots of proof out there in plain sight.

    • paul ...

      andyb … I caught a spelling error … Dems should be spelled “Demons”!!

  18. Robert Doser

    Dear Greg, March 1, 2019

    Are you aware of a Danish Lady Catholic Theologian who works independently as a journalist named Eben Tranholm? I think she would be a sensational guest for one of your interviews. She focuses on spiritual matters and its relationship to the health of our Western Civilization, which I’m sure you are aware is in peril and that the end game is its extinction along with that of Christianity.
    Here are three sample interviews for you to decide.
    Iben Thranholm / Stephen Molyneux interview
    Iben Thranholm/ Herland Report interview.
    Iben Thranholm/ Herland Report interview
    Watch these three interviews and decide if an interview with her would be ok for your USA Watchdog. I know that you are the architect and framer of your interviews.
    God Bless,

    • john duffy

      Robert, thank you for the links. One smart lady. Yes I think she would make a good watchdog interview.

  19. al

    Democrats are different than DEMONcrats. We probably all have one or two democrats in our extended family and they usually are nice people for the most part. What we have in Washington are DEMONS! And don’t rule out the RINO Satanists.

    I am a proud independent supporting Trump. I find this appalling legislation a gift to conservatives. Couple this kamikaze legislation with voter ID and we won’t be saying the word “democrat” after 2020.
    Cortez is our friend, the more 0-crazyo she gets the better for conservatives.

    As usual, excellent WNW Greg.

    • paul ...

      I agree!!

  20. Louis-Philippe Godin

    Elections in Canada are in October… it’s a looooooong time for canadians to forget… and they probably will when Trudeau promises the moon to ‘buy’ votes…

    • paul ...

      But will all his promises be paid with “true dough” … not likely … Canada has no gold in its vaults!!

  21. Mike Rinehart

    Hey Greg,
    Isn’t any baby born in the United States an American citizen? Can the president step in to protect Americans, all Americans? It seems like an anchor baby gets more protection and rights. This is very wrong. 10 commandments were given for a reason. Yes, Democrats be Dammed.

    • paul ...

      To protect American babies … Trump has to round up all the murderers of children and put up a Wall (around them) … compose of four(4) sides with a big steel door we can see through so we can know exactly where they are … and keep the baby murders behind this Wall for life!!

  22. Alanon

    I pray SOMETHING happens related to the sealed indictments, FISA, tribunals, JUSTICE………..SOMETHING!

  23. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, who ever heard of a lawyer recording his own client, this guy was out to get the President and make a name for himself early on, I think he knew D. Trump would be President and wanted he become famous, he is but he is also a scum bucket lair. On another note, all of these type of things, Cohen, Muller, Senate testimonies of collusion or other fake negative news are going to come back and bite the demogods this next election cycle. Many out there realize that every time the demogods cry impeachment time and time again its proved to be nothing, eventually if not already the general public will grow tired of it and see the good things this President has done and pull the lever for him on election day. I believe the American people, at least a vast majority of them, still have a sense of fairness in them and they have witnessed the MSM and the far left Pelosi & company relentless and non-excusable assaults on Trump and it will backfire at the ballot box. As to the N. Korea no-deal, you are right Trump told Kim that the U.S. was aware of the “secret” bases and it shook them up and they had to punt for the time being as their side was not ready discuss those bases which they though were not known by our side. The N. Koreans now need some time to re-evaluate their position(s), but I think a deal with happen. Remember that Kim has to appease his generals to a certain extent and it takes time to let it all sink in to Kim’s military that if they should go to war that “all the sites” are going to be hit not just the ones they thought would have been targeted. We shall see, but this President I support like no other, and as to the abortion loving Senate of our country I know He is going to judge them harshly for their contempt of life, the most sacred thing He made & declared as good. Notice how the Virginia Governor has gotten a pass now for being a racist & and killer of babies, you can bet one thing: He has not forgotten and you other doctor killing atheists are on His chopping block as well; paybacks a bitch!

  24. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, one more thought on the baby killing Virginia Governor, he should be tried for murder, found wanting, and sentenced to death. But the good news for him is that we will keep him “comfortable” throughout the procedure. Oh, and we can bury him with his Michael Jackson white glove as well that way he can do the Jackson moonwalk in hell!

    • paul ...

      Hillary has been doing “a moonwalk” since the election … to keep Trump continually distracted … and thus avoid her being sentenced!!

  25. Diane

    The mainstream news has been so full of BS, we dont even turn it on anymore.
    Thank you Greg for your report.
    That’s all we need to know about the week in review.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane.

  26. Jerry

    Money velocity now going horizontal.

    It appears that whatever lift President Trump gave to the economy is beginning to subside. While it is apparent that the velocity can go either way, we are clearly at some type of tipping point.

  27. DBCooper

    Greg, I started shooting when I was 6 years old (supervised), owned my first gun (.410) at the age of 10 years old and I have not yet ever shot another human !! Now with the possible unfolding of civil war in the United States this could change. I have always had a justification for killing anything. We taught our children to shoot safely at a young age and they all received their first gun at a young age and (who would believe it ??) none of our children have ever shot another person !! I am not a pacifist and fully intend to defend my family and my country.
    In regard to the murder of babies … I hold the position that a woman has the choice to “Not Get Pregnant ” … but once a woman does get pregnant she now has the obligation to protect the Human Baby inside of her and she does not have the right to murder the child. How in the world did we ever get to the point of thinking that a baby in the womb is not a Human Baby ?? Communist Propaganda. Very pervasive and very persistent … tell a lie long enough etc. If we have Faith in God we must know that there will be a day of reckoning, it has happened many times before and I believe it will come again. It is kind of like getting old, it is a fact of life that everyone knows will happen but you don’t really see it coming until one day you wake up and you are not 25 anymore. Just some thoughts, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • iwitness02

      Amen to that DB!

    • paul ...

      Couldn’t have said it better myself DB … excellent!!

      • paul ...

        You know … the Demon-rats won’t support saving the life of an “infant American” … but will tell us that we must support the infants of aliens coming into our country who are “not Americans” (because they are dreamers) … are these perverted immoral evil Demon-iraticky “tools of Satan” telling us with a straight face … that a American baby fighting for its life from the scalpel of an abortionist …. does not have a dream the way illegal non-American babies do???

        • paul ...

          I know this infant Americans dream … Life … Liberty … and the chance to pursue Happiness!!

    • William Stanley

      Well said, DB!

      • William Stanley

        You’ve had me thinking about you dog, Amos. I can really picture him behaving exactly as you describe.
        The hose thing is pretty funny. I guess it’s the equivalent of waiting for the rabbit to come out of his hole.
        The shovel thing reminds me of a defensive back playing close coverage on a wide receiver (when he’s got a safety backup): He’s going to have to chase that sucker (the dirt, in Amos’ case) if he lets him get too far off the “line” (the shovel) without bumping him off balance right away. Pretty good strategy in a way . . . except for the part where he gets a metal shovel in the face. Funny and scary at the same time. I imagine it takes a really firm hand to keep Amos from playing that game.

        • paul ...

          Let’s put a shovel in the face of the Demon-rats in 2020!!

  28. iwitness02

    The governor answered and said unto them, Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you? They said, Barabbas.
    Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.
    Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.
    Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged/whipped Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified. Matt.27: 21, 22 and 25, 26.
    A short history of the demoncratic party. Alive and well to this day.

    • iwitness02

      I like Gregory Mannarino’s idea. Let’s skip the political parties, and simply be a member of the human race. Stop with all these divisions, which is the highway to hell.

    • paul ...

      So true Iwitness02 … so very true!!

      • paul ...

        His blood … his sacrifice … is on our hands … as surely as the sacrifice of babies on Satan’s alter by Demon-rats!! … as we can see right in the Holy Bible “Jesus didn’t sacrifice himself” … he was sacrificed by evil people to free the Hillary of their day … then they use reverse psychology and say Jesus “sacrificed himself” … we know Jesus did not sacrifice himself because he asked God the Father … “Why do you forsake me??” … then the evil Demons go even further and say “Jesus sacrificed himself to save us murderers who killed him” … from what?? … Justice???

        • iwitness02

          Paul… you are correct when you say that Jesus was sacrificed by by evil people. But, He allowed it to happen. In that regard, He did sacrifice Himself. I know it seems like I am splitting hairs, but the Bible speaks a little more about this when we read 1 Timothy 2: 5, 6
          For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
          Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.
          The way I understand our Lords last words when He cried out Father! why have you forsaken me? is this: For the first time in Jesus life, He was briefly cut off from His Fathers Holy Spirit or presence. It frightened Him and broke his heart, which is what actually killed Him. He knew that if He failed in anyway to be obedient unto death, that He would be lost and the human race would be lost to death, with no hope for a second chance. He literally had the weight of the world on his shoulders. That fact that He was resurrected on the third day is our proof that He did not fail. Therefore our hope is not in vain.

          • iwitness02

            Jesus satisfied divine justice when he gave Himself as a corresponding price: The perfect man Jesus, for the perfect man Adam. He died for our redemption.

            • paul ...

              You know … it is very obvious to me that Jesus “did not have suicidal tendencies” … I think the Deep State “back then” simply called it a suicide … like they say today that someone who shot themselves twice in the back of the head with a nail gun committed suicide … they didn’t have nail guns back then so “they” hammered the nails into Jesus … then they tell the people “he killed himself to save his people” … Jesus told that neocon Punches Piglet that he did nothing wrong and although PP knew Jesus was innocent “He still had him killed” … Jesus never asked for death … so I won’t buy the lie that Jesus “wanted to die to redeem us” … God the Father brought Jesus back from the dead because “he was outraged at what evil men did to his Son” and wanted to show the world they did not win over him … I won’t accept the sugar coated Op Ed story back then” that Jesus committed suicide to save his people” … Jesus “Was Killed” because he was annoying the powers that be (just like JFK, Bobby, JFK Jr., MLK, etc., etc. were killed because they got in the face of very evil men not because they were suicidal)!!

  29. Sherrie

    Thank you for all you do Mr. Hunter, I heard yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court has stripped the World Bank of their immunity, opening the doors to law suits. It seems that this is a shot across the bow of the World Bank and things are going to get extremely interesting.
    PS… More information can be found on this issue at and Investment Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sherrie.

    • paul ...

      Somewhere in this scathing indictment of the Clinton Foundation … David Steele states that Trump can shut down the Fed … and the whole process can be over within two weeks!! …

  30. Mohammad


    What you are seeing is using law to destroy law.
    They will get Trump on what they got Al Capon in the past…TAX EVASION.
    It will be just before elections and it will be damaging.
    You are seeing the preview of it in Israel, Canada….etc



    • Greg Hunter

      No “they” won’t. Trump was audited by the IRS every year for 15 years leading up to the 2016 election.

  31. Mohammad

    And regarding abortion Greg…Oh boy …You will never have better allies than muslims.


    • paul ...

      Mohammad … the highest rate of abortions is in a Muslim country (Pakistan) … the best solution to all this murdering of babies may be to sterilize all women who show up for their first abortion … and then find the man who made her pregnant … and automatically sterilize him so he can’t create kids “outside of marriage” which will foster more abortions by women who don’t want to support a kid outside of marriage! …

      • Mohammad



        • Major Payne

          Yeah, right. I guess we’ll just have to take your word for it. Just like when you told us Muslims invented the concept of ‘zero’. chuckle, chuckle…

    • susan

      Mohammad, that is a good thing, but not the democrat muslims.

      • Mohammad


        You have no idea how much I am embarrassed from the two muslim congress representatives that are so naive and so ignorant to the degree of disbelief.
        How could she be a vehicle to jab at a congressman in a hearing with false accusations of racism? SHE IS TOTALLY IGNORANT.
        The other one who was questioning Abram on his South American policy then thanking him???? what the heck? if her line of questions indicates rightfully that he used massacres for regime change, why would the hell she thank him at the end, another TOTALLY IGNORANT.


        • William Stanley

          What is it that makes both you and Ray Canberra embarrassed over what some other people do, say, or believe — in particular, people over whom you never had any control and with whom you mostly disagree?
          Do you identify more with them than you identify with the people with whom you mostly agree? Properly identify your “tribe”!
          Give it up, man. Really, you’ll be okay.
          Viva la France! (except for the Global Fascists, like Macron).
          “We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.” (just kidding, you’ll still be you . . . in all of your Islamic “glory”).

  32. Southern Girl

    You are SOOOO right that there were 44 senators who voted to kill the baby. I’m kind of thinking God will use their evil to sink everyone of them. Just like the President, they (Demonrats) keep trying to come up with something and I believe God will turn it all back around and it will bite everyone involved in the butt. So far that is what I am hearing.

  33. Southern Girl

    Also Mark Taylor in 2015 Oct. 7, 2015 Reread the prophesy on America America,,,God talks about the 2000 miles of boarder that He must have a wall and He will use President Trump to do it. I had not remembered that one. So if God wants a wall we are going to get that wall and the Demonrats will be videoed again just screaming like after his election. These are possessed people who like you said are GODLESS.

  34. Mohammad

    Not for the lost gold, but for what they did to keep the game afloat…


  35. Mohammad


    Russia/China vetoed today a resolution put by US in the UN security council on Venezuela giving them US warning shot across the bow that Venezuela is going to be defended by them the way Syria was, Abram got a bloody nose and he was licking his tail whining about the Veto but I think deep inside he knows what that really it means…


  36. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; Great as wrap up as usual.
    The cartoon says it all and it is truly a great cartoon.

  37. Matt

    I just found out this morning my governor, Jay Inslee (D-WA), is putting his bid as a candidate for the United States President in 2020. He is running on the ticket of climate change; the only candidate, as purported by himself, in which its his sole focus.

    This is the same guy that turned Memorial Day, in, I believe 2013, at Evergreen Washelli (the Arlington of the west) into a political stump speech. I was there. I’ll never forget hearing him speak praise about the Obama’s, and especially Michelle’s tolerance towards coordinated, unprovoked attacks. He went on and on and on about the Obama’s during a time when the sole focus should have been about those veterans buried in these hallowed grounds and those still living.

    After the speech, when he was working the crowd, I walked up to him and asked, “What’s today?” He looked at me perplexed, as he thought I was some sort of wack job. I then said, “It’s Memorial Day — a day we are in memoriam for those who sacrificed for our country.” He smiled and agreed then started walking off. I stopped him by saying “Mr. Inslee, one last thing” in my booming voice. Since there were news camera’s around, the usual smattering of cell phones taking video, and a whole crowd of ears, he said, “…what is it?” I said, “This is a non-partisan day. It does not give you license to push partisanship because there is a crowd. This day is about our veterans. Never forget that.” I walked off with many people clapping.

    Don’t let anyone in your circle of influence vote for Jay Inslee. He is a snake, is on the globalist train, and will be one to assist with continued government growth/control and the continued annihilation of our liberties. God bless you all!

    • DB Cooper

      Matt. WHEW, your post is over the top, Thank You. I have to collect my thoughts to respond … alot to address. DB.

  38. Norm

    As always, thanks for what you do Greg.
    I love your endings…. we need to remind each other that this life is NOTHING compared to what is in store for those who love Jesus.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Norm!!

  39. Jerry

    Military tribunals going on secretly behind closed doors.

    • Jerry

      It’s on like donkey Kong.

      • paul ...

        You know … if it is now going to become public how the dossier got into Senator McCain’s hands … it makes me wonder … consider this random thought … perhaps it was the Deep State that murdered McCain to shut down any incriminating evidence he could have provided … remember McCain was wearing a leg iron and Trump had him waiting for his scheduled tribunal (so why would Trump knock him off??) … this leads to another random thought … what if the Deep State now puts out more contracts on Hillary, Comey, etc.,etc. to cover their tracks … and then tries to pin the blame on Trump to have him impeached??

  40. Robert

    Greg, I appreciate so much that you make an effort to inform people on the pressing issues that are critical to all of us. There is so much deceit and deliberate misinformation today in so called “journalism”. Important and vital stories are never 1st broken anymore by the news organizations that USED TO BE the flagship names of news reporting. That day is gone. It’s people like you that care enough to get the word out each day, that are the true Americans in this country. I urge those visiting here to please support Greg in his important work. Send $10, or $20 bucks or $100 or $500 if you can. Getting through the dark will take a little light from each of us. You are an example to me of the true American spirit, in the every day service of giving voice to the truth.
    Thank you!
    Remember people, that America is not all those talking heads – it’s you and I that make the difference. Get up today, and do your part. All those small acts add up to a powerful force – believe it. You matter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Robert!!!

  41. C. Hewlett

    Rep. Jim Jordan explains why he wants the DOJ to investigate Michael Cohen for perjury

  42. Jeff Martin

    I don’t want to appear cynical or callous; but if we as a society, we as a culture, we as a Nation – kill our babies or refuse to have children – where are the future taxpayers going to come from to pay for this Communist utopia nonsense?

    If we do not stop this GODLESSNESS and do grab these mental midgets by the ears and throw them out of our Government – then we have no one else to blame but ourselves for the Wrath of God that befalls us.

    • paul ...

      Exactly Jeff!!

  43. DB Cooper

    Mr. Stanley, In regard to the sprinklers and those pesky vegetables … “Good fences make good neighbors”. Yours DB.

  44. Matt Jaymes

    About a year or so ago Chuck “S### bag” Shummer openly wept at Trump’s insistence that we refrain from accepting flights from certain Muslim countries. Well Mr. “Bag,” where are your twisted tears for the murdered children?!?! Where’s the outrage you soulless, hateful, miserable excuse for a human being? Where?

    Looking forward to CAF!!

  45. R.Wolf

    I bet they don’t abort anchor babies that come across the border from Mexico, gee, I wonder why??

  46. Gary

    People scoff at the idea that Bible prophecy is coming true. However, if you’re willing to read and learn what God wants to teach us through His word, you can see what has been foretold is coming to fruition right before our eyes. Mr. Hunter mentioned the issue with Chase closing people’s account for political reasons. Well, the Bible tells us in the future that the same will be done for religious reasons. Consider:

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17).

    Remember, the tactics we see being practiced now will be honed for the future conflict. As Solomon tells us: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

    • Greg Hunter

      I scoff not. Jesus and the Bible are the real deal.

      • paul ...

        Greg … Now even scientists are believing more and more in the Bible “as the real deal” … as their many theory’s about the Universe are being found to be “thoughts of fantasy”! …

        • Greg Hunter

          Amen to that Paul!

  47. John M.

    A pornstar makes a lot more sense than almost all of the Democrats, who also happen to be more Marxist than Lenin or Karl Marx himself.
    Bravo Jenna Jamison, for having the courage to proclaim the naked truth!!

    • Major Payne

      It’s good to see that she has skin in the game!

      • iwitness02

        Good one!

  48. Harley Barr

    Clinton-Appointed Judge To Texas: Stop Removing Non-Citizens From Voter Rolls
    Daniel Greenfield DANIEL GREENFIELD 14 HOURS AGO

  49. Harley Barr

    Maryland Sheriff Mike Lewis: “We Will Not Comply” On Gun Confiscation Bill

  50. Harley

    Former Federal Prosecutor: America Is Growing Into A “Civil War” – “I Vote & I Buy Guns”
    Tim Brown TIM BROWN 2 DAYS AGO

  51. God, gOLD, gUNS & gETAWAY PLAN

    Criminal Illegal Alien Opens Fire On American Police Officer – Gets Put Down Like The Dog He Was
    Tim Brown TIM BROWN 2 DAYS AGO
    A criminal illegal alien is now dead after pulling a handgun on a police officer who had stopped to check his car in a parking lot. After firing at the officer, she then pulled her weapon and shot into the car, killing the Mexican national who had been previously deported three times.
    HE MISSED AND HIS LAST SHOT! ¡Ay, caramba! !@#$%^&*()_+

    • June Bug

      Mr. President, give this brave lady a medal!

    • paul ...

      As Pelosi and Schumer would say: “This is a gross case of Police brutality and in no way should deny the obvious fact that we don’t need a Wall” … and the Demon-rat commies in Congress all agree … along with the neocon warmongers … and some Military surrounding Trump who signed a petition saying they don’t want to use the Military to keep illegals out our country … because … the intentional killing of Americans … the selling of drugs to our children … and the human trafficking “only harms American citizens” … and is therefore “not a military threat to our Nation”!!

  52. Face Crook

    Ocasio-Cortez Hit With FEC Complaint Alleging She Laundered Money
    Alicia F. Luke ALICIA F. LUKE MARCH 1, 2019 5.1K VIEWS
    Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets hit with FEC complaint alleging she funneled thousands in campaign money to her boyfriend Riley Roberts.

  53. GM

    How about we all stop using the term “abortion” and start using the more honest term”baby murder”. Why should we use their sanitized medical version of what is really taking place. From now on, for me, I will do my best to eliminate the the word abortion from my vocabulary and call it what it is. Please join me.

  54. Peter

    Trump proved his honesty by walking away from the talks with N Korea. OBama probably would have agreed to a bad deal just to score political points as he did with Iran. Trump could have done likewise, but instead he did what was best for the US.
    The democrats and fake news media paid more attention to Cohen than the Korean negotiations.

  55. Archie Leach

    NY Abortion Worker To Expectant Mother: ” ‘Flush’ The Baby Down The Toilet, Or ‘Put It In A Bag’ If She’s Born Alive” (Video)
    Who let this trash, in our country?

    Ann Coulter Responds to Michael Cohen’s House Testimony

  56. Wiseguy

    I agree with Paul 100%. When Trump takes the neocon council of war mongers like John Bolton and engages in counter productive regime change efforts against the imperfect but legitimate leaders of countries such as Venezuela and Syria and also by the knee jerk support of Israel and Bibi no matter what it does, he risks being contaminated by association. I’ll say it again. Trump should be and act fearless of Pelosi, Shummer, the Democrats and the MSP. On the flip side he should be deathly afraid of losing the only thing that matters to him, his base. I support Trump by default if nothing else, but to claim that he’s playing 3D chess and is incapable of error is wishful thinking and delusional.

    • paul ...

      You know WG … it only took one traitor to have Jesus killed … Trump is surrounded by many more then one traitor … and I don’t believe Trump has suicidal tendencies … and if a day comes when the Deep State tells us “he killed himself for the benefit of the people” … I won’t buy it!!

  57. Doug C.

    So you deleted my comment about Israel being a country NOT a religion?
    Hmm. I guess that makes my point then.

    God bless you anyway Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Doug, go somewhere else with the Jew hating, and man up next time and use a verifiable name. Let all your friends and neighbors and people you work for know how you really feel. Do you really think God the Father does not know who his chosen are? Hating people this much proves it makes you stupid and blind.

  58. Nancy Flimn

    My heart goes out to those newborn infants that might die at the hands of stressed parents. And how about the twenty to thirty million foreigners that this nation has murdered since WWII ended? Boys, girls, fathers, mothers, sister, brothers, wives husbands, aunts and uncles…all dead in the name of our “Humanitarian Interventions” and “Making the World Safe for Democracy”. When are we going to stop killing THOSE people?

    • paul ...

      NF … And those who do manage to survive … then get to have their life savings robbed … by crypto currency thieves …

    • Doug C.

      I do use a verifiable name Greg.
      It’s Doug C owlthorp from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
      I do man up and speak truth to what I see in the world and Israel is a Country NOT A RELIGION.
      I am Neither Stupid or Blind (as you have called me, something I have never called you by the way!).
      Just because I do not follow blindly the whole notion that “YOU CAN NEVER QUESTION ISRAEL” does not make me blind. It makes me a realist and the reality is that the country of ISRAEL is ran by Ashkenazi Jew’s, NOT the HEBREW JEWS of the Bible.
      For someone who preaches the bible as much as you do (which I have praised you for by the way), you do not seem to be willing to see the DEVIL’s work that the ZIONIST JEWS of the country of ISRAEL do on a daily basis.
      Will you ever agree that Israel (the country) kill’s innocent people for their own gain? Do you think the Palestinian People that occupied the area, now known as the country of ISRAEL, before WW2 deserve to be forced off their land and shot by their neighbours? Honestly, I would like to hear your justification for what the Country of Israel does. Again, this is nothing against the Hebrew Jew’s of the Bible. The Zionist Jew’s that run Israel (the country) are not the loving, chosen ones of the bible for crying out loud. They are using people, such as yourself I fear, to run the world. NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORD HAS THE POWER OVER OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE ISRAEL DOES. Why? That is not biblical, that is Greed and blackmail.
      I await your answer, and please don’t just call me names, I know you are better and smarter than that.

      • Keith wilson

        Doug c. Calm down. According to Simon Schama a specialist historian in Jewish history. The British Rothschild banking dynasty own 80% of Israel. The Rothschild own the major stock of the federal reserve bank. Also the Bank of England. The European central bank including the Bank of international settlements. Anything Israel does in the world is because it is controlled by the Rothschild dynasty. To blame Zionism and Israel for all the problems in the world is wrong. Israel like America and most of europe is controlled by the Rothschild banking empire. Israel does what the bankers tell them. The banking cabal runs Israel not Zionist jews. They hide behind Judaism and give Israel and Jews a bad name. They work for the devil and hide in the shadows behind the Jewish state. Please don’t blame the ordinary Jews living in Israel. They probably don’t understand what’s going on .

  59. Major Payne

    Here’s an important link detailing how AOC, the two Muslim reps from Minnesota, and a few others were recruited by casting call by a group called the Justice Democrats. They are doing whatever they can to infiltrate the government. Well worth your time to listen.

  60. Eileen

    Hi Greg,
    Am late on this latest weekly wrap-up. Excellent as usual. Thank you. Just by co-inkeydink, I read an article in the Weston Price Wise Traditions Winter 2018 issue this week that said “some parents (when choosing whether to vaccinate their children) had moral objections to vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue.” (p. 47) Wonder where the vaccine maker’s who are indemnified against the harm caused by their vaccines are obtaining the aborted fetal tissue? At the same time wondering how the money flows between the 40 Sen-Satan-tors and the vaccine makers who voted against protecting life? So disheartening that elected “leaders” in the U.S. have chosen this path of destruction. These very same “leaders” most likely find it more beneficial to their greed to oppose the wall, let in the “new slave market” from the south, and let babies be aborted at will. After all, it will take too long for a newborn to mature and most likely wouldn’t be willing to be used as a slave.

  61. Dan

    “The Senate could not get the 60 votes needed to pass legislation to protect the life of a baby born during an abortion. 44 Democrat Senators voted against legislation that would require doctors to give same care to infants who survived abortion that any other baby would get. How are these Senators going to run on killing babies in 2020?”

    Can you please explain to me what the hell the difference is between making it LEGAL to “ABORT” (MURDER) an UNborn baby (“In Utero”) and making it ILLEGAL to “ABORT” (MURDER) the SAME baby once it exits the mother’s womb ?

    You claim it will be difficult to run on “killing babies in 2020”, but almost ALL of them will be doing so…the only difference between them being as to WHEN the murder should be permitted. KILLING IN THE WOMB … OK ! BUT DON’T KILL IT ONCE IT EXITS THE WOMB ! Praise the lord.

    Stop covering for your “REPUBLICANS” because most of them are as DEMONIC as their counterparts in the DEMOCRAP party.

    And while you’re at it, please explain to me why the deaths of 6 million in the HOLOCAUST of Nazi Germany is in any way more of a HORROR then the FACT that over 55 MILLION …that’s right….55 MILLION UNborn babies have been MURDERED in COLD BLOOD in the last 50 or so years in the GOD FEARING UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    What exactly are WE supposed to do ? You can pray all you want…but the killing keeps going…and the slide into total depravity is gaining momentum year after year after year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Dan.

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