Trump Winning Trade War, Iran Used US Dollar, Media Propaganda Continues

Greg Hunter’s (WNW 338 6.8.18)

A very big story has emerged out of a Senate probe that uncovered a secret deal to allow Iran to sidestep U.S. sanctions and use the U.S. financial system. The Obama Administration continually told the public it would not allow Iran to use the dollar for transactions, but did so anyway as part of the Iran nuclear deal that was supposed to curtail its nuclear programs. This is on top of the fact that the so-called “Iran Nuclear Deal,” or JCPOA, was never signed – by anyone.

There is a trade war brewing, and it involves Germany, France, Canada and the rest of the G7 nations. It seem all the world leaders are down with the one world government and New World Order except President Trump, who is for “America First.” Trump has backed out of many “deals” supported by the New World Order, and that is exposing them for the crooks they really are and they do not like it.

The mainstream media (MSM) is not letting up on Trump and continues to spew fake news and ignore the real news because they are just part of the Democrat Super-PAC. The latest insult comes from Time Magazine depicting President Trump as a king. This is why almost all MSM, especially CNN, are tanking. Let the lay-offs continue.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Steve Quayle will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will talk about technology and the dark places it is taking humanity, among other subjects.

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  1. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    Would you think that we will fall for the US trick? In America they are living for years on there credit cards. So who is fake?

    No this war you will lose. Sorry.



    • Greg Hunter

      The US is becoming the #1 exporter of oil. Are you going to turn seaweed into oil for the Netherlands? I like the Netherlands by the way, beautiful people and lovely country.

      • WC

        Greg. Here’s another point of view on US oil production.

      • Jughead

        Greg… you and your work….wouldn’t miss an episode…..but you must really do some research on the oil issue… know the experts Chris Martenson, Art Berman, Steve St Angelo…have a very different take on the oil issue….fracking has very different characteristics from regular oil drilling….much faster depletion rates resulting in far less total oil available….plus the costs involved are not sustainable…the entire fracking industry as a whole has not been profitable , almost all save a few sweet spot frackers in the largest fracking area, are potentially defaulters on their junk bonds……..and virtually all the major companies have cut way back on their exploration……many other factors come into play that do not paint a bright future for the energy sector….costs up,and EROI …energy returned on energy invested doesn’t make sense……..

        • Greg Hunter

          Not talking about just fracking, but drilling on dry land in Alaska and in many other places.

      • susan

        Greg, #1 many people are turning from the “big banks” to the smaller banks in flyover America to put their money to be safe. #2 the Christians across America are supporting and praying for Donald Trump. He has brought many people back to the church, Bible based churches, searching for a God based country. #3 we are all totally tired of people from other countries trying to degrade America and its people and its God. This is how we feel where I am and those who I am in touch with. I am so tired of the crap of other people from Godless countries trying to put America and our wonderful president down.

        • JMiller

          “many people are turning from the “big banks” to the smaller banks in flyover America to put their money to be safe. ”

          Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case. According to the FDIC, the generally larger Commercial Banks gained more in both the dollar amount of domestic deposits and in the percentage of total domestic deposits when compared to the smaller Savings Institutions over the past year. At the end of the first quarter of 2017, there were $11.81 trillion in total domestic deposits in all insured institutions, of which Savings Institutions held $931 billion or 7.88% of total domestic deposits. At the end of the first quarter of 2018 there were $12.26 trillion in total domestic deposits in all insured institutions, of which Savings Institutions held $958 billion for an increase of $27 billion, but their market share dropped to 7.82% of total domestic deposits.

          The same is true if you compare Community banks with non-community banks. The following dollar statistics are in millions. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2017 there were $12,081,403 in total domestic deposits in all FDIC-insured institutions, of which Community banks had $1,804,020 or 14.93% of the total. However at the end of the first quarter of 2018 there were $12,256,800 in total domestic deposits in all FDIC-insured institutions, of which Community banks had $1,811,520 for an increase of $7,500, but their market share dropped to 14.78%.

          • susan

            JMiller, you are probably correct. However, where I live there truly are many (it is all relative) depositing their money in our small podunk banks.

            • JMiller

              I see. So you meant to say that many people who live in your little part of the world are shunning big banks in favor of smaller banks.

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        Greg, there are more countries who has a lot of oil.
        Something like: Oil for gold.

        Thanks and yes the Netherlands is beautiful and…. we have a RULE of LAW

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        Sorry, you mean ‘shale oil’ ? or too be shamed -oil?

        • Greg Hunter

          No I mean liquid oil in Anwar.

    • Bill

      Hey Peter from nowhere:
      You forgot to tell us we were becoming a banana republic

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        Sorry forgot:


  2. Oliver A. Twister - a cross fire cyclone

    Paul Ryan Defender of the Deep State Shadow Maddow Government

    Paul’s a plausible denier, extraordinaire!
    If you don’t hang together the spookes will hang you seprate!

  3. Oliver A. Twister - a cross fire cyclone

    How Long will This Lame Duck, Duck?

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a great analysis of the decrepit state of the media and the bureaucracy.
    Sadly ,here in the UK our government bureaucracy are just a combination of NAZI,STASI,KGB and so much more.Instead of heeding the warnings of history they are using it as a handbook.They are targeting Jews and Catholics here,aided by the police and their number one target is anyone who brings this to attention.The Muslim Brotherhood is deeply embedded in the police,judiciary and bureaucracy using clothing and emblems as a sign of membership and untouchable.Snatch squads are even on our streets never mind in crowds at demonstration.So fearful are the Catholic bishops of Islam that they refuse to admit any attacks,good shepherds eh!
    Still our economy sucks and the banks,particularly the Trustee Savings Bank(TSB subsidiary of Sabadell Bank of Catalonia Spain and Miami USA)have now resorted to simply stealing money without recourse and the Banking Ombudsman is utterly silent and complicit.So another great short for the clever .
    Mrs May,our Prime Minister,and her beloved husband are gorging on the carcass of the UK never daring to admit to the cronyism and nepotism that is even more rampant.Meanwhile we peasants have to endure theft from our bank accounts and abusive work conditions,if we can find a job,and a media that cannot believe our silence.Even now,thugs patrolling the streets of London were able to take a camera off a mainstream media reporters with little fuss,obviously they are now open season and few have any sympathy for their plight.What the MSM has planted has now taken root.
    Whilst our undergraduates and school children are in the throng of exams here in the UK and those few brave Americans swarming over the capital are wary,really wary.Most seem to think they are welcome whilst privately they are aware they are most unwelcome.Just sad.
    Spying on the people is an accepted occurrence pretending its all for terrorism,which after last year’s Manchester Radical Islamic attack is a joke,the reality is to track each tax penny off us “deplorables”whilst giving MR May,the PM’s beloved,and his ilk a pass.The Muslim Brotherhood via charity status collects money from our tax authority.It is beyond parody.
    So another sweat inducing week here in London where murder is de rigueur and its prevention is negligible and those responsible are scot-free to carry on their trade.
    The G6+1 debacle clearly illustrates the contempt these so called allies have for the USA,how amusing it would be to see Mr Trump not bother to turn up and close the USA to their goods.Whilst painful for us perhaps it might jolt our populace from our lethargy.

  5. Steven Poloncak

    Greg, I know that you are doing the best you can. Trade treaties go back to the 1940’s. That is the problem. The only way to start fair trade would be for Trump to stand in front of everybody and rip up every single treaty and trade agreement starting with the GATT treaty from 1948. And how about getting somebody on to explain this money system as to how it works. Who owes what debt to who? Money is an idea, it is not real!

    • Greg Hunter

      Let the ripping begin!!

  6. Ray

    Greg……another good report there.
    Thank you.
    That left jab is snapping out sweet and hitting the mark in several areas.
    The only thing I would change……just a minor criticism: Where you call out Iran as a major terrorist nation, you could, in the interest of balance (you have a global audience now), point out that the US is no clean shirt.
    The US engages in terrorism via the CIA, the US engages in financial fraud (too many examples to list here), the US (Deep State) is the greatest danger to global peace on our planet at present (because the US Deep State insists on controlling everything that happens on our planet, no matter what the cost in terms of human misery)
    The point I am trying to illustrate here is, if this report were dug up in 10,000 years from now, the viewer might think that the US is some holier-than-thou nation that is lily white.
    That’s not the case…….
    Fact is, the US has done FAR more bad than Iran…….and USAWATCHDOG would be a much improved news service if it gently reminded people of that.
    That aside…….Hunter continues to “maintain the rage”!!!
    Let’s all keep supporting him……in the end, he is one of the Good Guys in this fight we are all in.
    Regards to all,

    Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is a fact that Iran is listed as the top state sponsor of terror. I think the Obama Administration committed massive crimes with the Iran Nuke Deal and was a no signature lie on “We the People”!!

      • K in Maryland

        The US, UK, Saudi, Israel fund, supply, train & support terrorism. It’s now an established fact. Iran looks like a peaceful dove compared. I agree w/the guy from Australia, Greg… this is the only chink in your truth armor… you never criticize Israel despite their numerous crimes in past and present. I think your spot on in most other areas and generally do a fantastic job of fair reporting.

        • Greg Hunter

          “a peaceful dove compared.” You have to be kidding. Iran has built 10 military bases in Syria for the express purpose to attack Israel, and they have a long term plan (in writing by the Supreme Leader) to wipe them out:

          • K in Maryland

            Syria has the right to protect itself from aggression just as any sovereign country. Israel/US is bombing Syria – not the other way around. It’s a fact that Israel/US are actively conducting regime change ops in Syria. If I were Syria, I would ask for help from other countries as well. The Syrian people overwhelmingly voted for their current leader and the we have no legal/moral right to force any change on anyone. Should we not focus our time/money on fixing our own corrupt country vs. destroying others like Iraq, Libya and now Syria? Do we not have a plank in our eye while pointing out the splinter in our brother’s?

            The article you ref was a deliberate propaganda fake-news translation of the Iranian leader’s words. The more accurate translation was that the “…occupation regime must vanish over time.”

            • Greg Hunter

              You are correct and so does Israel have the right to protect itself from Iran’s master plan to destroy the Jews laid out by the Supreme Leader: If an Israeli leader published a book to destroy Iran you would go crazy, but if Iran does is it’s not a big deal? It’s not a mistranslation. You weasels have been touting that crap for years.

              • K in Maryland

                Greg – why don’t you have Paul Craig Roberts on to speak the truth about Israeli land theft and genocide of the Palestinians? Then you can ask yourself if it is prudent of Syria to ask for help to protect itself from violent aggressors. The US is broke and we should stop funding all foreign countries and mind our own business. Wouldn’t that be a good start to Peace in the world?

                • Greg Hunter

                  I’ve had PCR on many times.

      • Ray

        Agree with you on Obama…..terrible president.
        Iran nuke deal…..beyond ridiculous.
        However, the “list” you refer to regarding top state sponsors of terror…….pretty sure that list is compiled by the US government (or some puppet thereof).
        If we are going to fix this planet, ALL NATIONS need to clean up their act. ALL NATIONS.
        There’s no use every other nation on Earth being called to change their ways yet remaining under the MILITARY JACKBOOT of the US and the ECONOMIC JACKBOOT of The Fed…….won’t work.
        People of nations subjugated will rightly rise up against it, using whatever tools they have at their disposal. The US (via corporate media to imbecilic sheeple) will call that “terrorism”.
        Those on the opposite side would call it “fighting for liberty against oppression”, and of course, they would be entirely correct, and eventually WIN.
        In such a scenario, the US would rightly LOSE.
        The work you are undertaking, will awaken your nation, and stop it from falling of a cliff…..that’s why I continue to support you, even though we don’t always agree.
        Peace be with you and yours Greg.

        • K. Wayne

          A good Revoultion is what you are suggesting. There is more potential for the other alternative path, slavery at the hands of the Elitist Luciferians. We cannot discount the rise of the Dragon either, as the supplant of power takes hold in the 21st Century.
          Fixing the planet unfortunately will require “fixing” the DNA of Homosapien. Only the work of God can change our course.

  7. Jerry

    Canada IS a communist country and president Trump has every right to tell them to stick it.

    I have spent considerable time in Canada. God forbid you should ever get sick there and have to use their ridiculous healthcare system. Death panels? Yes they have them. I know a lady who was placed on a two year waiting list waiting for surgery because of her age. National healthcare? Yes they have it. But you can still buy a separate major medical plan if you want to move to the front of the line and get service. Taxation? Don’t send anything packaged in containers or you will pay 100% taxation. Socialism? Does it work? Only in the minds of Marxist. It’s called shared misery.

    • Jerry

      Boy, talk about a knife in the back?

      The real stunner will come when Saudia Arabia sneaks in a back door deal with China. Goodbye petrodollar. Goodbye world reserve currency. When thst happens all that U.S. oil Greg is talking about had better come through.

      • Tinfoil hat Canuck

        Knife in the back you say? What like Trump slapping those giant tariffs on his closest historic trading partner and then having the audacity to say it is because of security concerns? From little ole Canada, population 1/10th of his and militarily 1/ quadrillionth of his juggernaut?

        We may be going legal with grass soon, but ole Donald is smoking the good stuff!

        • Jerry

          Educate yourself before you attack me. Canada thinks so much of the United States that they made the Abrams tank part of their standing army. Wrong?

          Try the German leopard tank. Like it or not Canada has become part of the NWO. As for me. My family had to flee Canada in the late 1800s because of persecussions by the Canadian government. They settled in Oklahoma during the land rush. I am by blood French Canadian, but Sooner first. Because of that I don’t have a deep love for Canada. I’m sorry.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Wow, and I thought you were on the ball. As Greg would say to anyone ( Ray are you paying attention here) who dare not glorify the American Empire — you must be a (insert country being criticized) hater.

      Communist ? Talk about hyperbole. Yes we have high taxes, no doubt. But aside from unreasonably long wait times in Emerg rooms, I don’t have to fear losing my home or life savings should I become ill. Our teachers get paid a good wage and do a fine job as evidenced by international scores as yet another example of where we invest our taxes.

      I DO have complaints with our gov’t and can air them freely. One large complaint is our sycophant relationship with the almighty USA as our economy ( and defence) rely heavily on a good relationship — which to the Empire unfortunately means on our knees or bent over.

      So please, refrain from a pissing match as the overwhelming majority of people outside the US would gladly choose living in this sycophantic country than the US — primarily for the reasons listed by Jay ( see above).

      • Jodyp

        And who has to fear losing all due to an illness? A serious cancer victim? Save your family and check out. Why fight the inevitable. Think about it. How many here have watched loved ones die an agonizing death. Chemo has been the ” cure ” forever. Suck-you-dry . I’ll give myself up for the kids and go with God.

    • Bob

      Jerry, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. If you have spent considerable time in Canada it must have been under a rock. Is our health care system perfect? Absolutely not. Can there be waiting lists? Absolutely, for non-emergency procedures. Is health care available to all without having to sell your home to pay for it? Absolutely! No one system is perfect but I’ll take ours anytime.

      And Greg, you have to chill. Your rant about Canada was a little out of line (and I too despise our Prime Minister, the clueless twit that he is). I am a Trump supporter but he is very, very wrong when it comes to the balance of trade with Canada. According to your BEA, the US ran a trade surplus with Canada the last 3 years so why start a trade war with one of your strongest allies. And remember that the miniscule trade surpluses/deficits are impacted by the strength of the US dollar. Your battle is with China and when it comes to NAFTA it’s with Mexico. So let’s back off the criticism and get the facts right first. This is not how you treat a neighbour, friend and ally. Sometime in the future when your shale oil runs out the US may regret their stupidity of 2018.

      • Jerry

        My first experience with socialist Canada was having to pay 100% taxation on new clothes I sent my son. Oh and by the way, I had to make a 1500 mile trip to transport my sons friend to a hospital in the United States because the doctors in Winnipeg refused to remove,a cyst in his neck. Frightening to say the least but what do you expect from a system that expects doctors to work for peanuts?
        FYI I have been in the health care system in the U.S. for over thirty eight years. What has killed our health care system is government mandates and litigation. It currently cost the United States $1400. A month per person to administer Medicare. Medicare will be insolvent by 2024 it major changes are not implemented.

        Yes the United States in not perfect , but 100% taxation? Come on man.

  8. David

    President Trump taking on legacy, propaganda, mainstream media. An epic battle.×360/3j42P0YtBnK81gSd.mp4

    • susan

      David, Please give us the address so we can pass it on!

      • David

        Susan… you should be able to right-click on the link and select copy. The above format is all I have. Hope this helps.

  9. RogerK

    As an investigative reporter, maybe you should contact the Iranian government and ask for details on the bribes and politicians? It would be the bombshell story of the year ….

    • Greg Hunter

      I need a staff for that, I am one guy.

      • Charles Wayne Brown

        Well Greg, you do a lot with a little. I love your confidence there will be many indictments. lol … I suppose we are all entitled to our dreams. I dream that too but when I wake up I still see Sessions in his job with Trump too embattled to fire him. I think most of these creeps will walk and eventually Trump will be assasinated. I’m not scared, as you Quote, “Be ye not afraid” butttttt. .. evil has been rampant for too long while people sleep or partake, and now has far to big a foothold to be pushed out by a few good men. Love your work !!! Chuck

        • Greg Hunter

          Please come back on when the indictments start. By the way people laughed at me for a year when I told them Trump would win in 2016 and the polls were all rigged.

  10. Chet

    DT would be JFKilled if he truly went against the PTB, wouldn’t he? The elitists must be profiting off of DT’s actions somehow, unless DT is truly a Divine emissary … (?) … just wondering ~*~

  11. Jallen

    After World War I Germany was financially broke and had to pay War reparations.
    So, the questions arises how did Germany build its war machine? Answer, follow the gold.
    In my financial studies, I found much gold left the United States and sent to Germany prior to World War II.
    During the war many countries would not take in the Jews from Germany, including the United States (Let in some) and this left Israel as the only place they could go.
    Greg, you constantly tells us about what happened to the Jews in Germany, why do you not mention the Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution where approximately 30 million people died and did they not kill the entire Czar’s family, including his daughters. Germany was used to keep Russia (Bolsheviks) in check. After the war the United States executed ‘Operation Paperclip’ where the German rocket scientist were taken in by the United States. Was it not the German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun responsible for putting the first American satellite in orbit? It is my understanding Jews were very successful and many loved living in Germany. I leave you with this thought, was it the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob calling or was it World War II (Theodor Herzl Father of Zionism) that caused Israel to be repopulated?


    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know if any of this is true. Sounds like you hate Jews as you blame them for everything.

      • Jallen

        No I don’t hate Jews!!!. I love the truth! Perhaps it would behoove you to study the Bolshevik revolution. Jewish people have made many contibutions to society and are very intelligent. I have attended a Synagogue for a Bat Mitzva. On the other side Jewish people can be prejudice i.e. Dr. Zhivago was a great movie for its time (About the Bolshevik revolution) and the academy voted for Alfie. The star of the movie was played by an Arab named Omar Sharif and hands down should have won Best Male Actor. He lost because he was an Arab. P M Netanyahu is a local product of Cheltenham Pa. very close to where I grew up and I would not trust him as far as I could throw him!!! I forget his name, one of the Israel Prime Ministers was going to make peace with the Palestinians and they assassinated him! Blessed are the peace makers.
        Greg, the slightest criticism of Israel and you will accuse the writer of being anti Jewish.
        In closing, others writing on your site have stated good points and you immediately accuse them of being anti Jewish.
        I will leave you with this thought, Jews have called other Jews Anti Semites not knowing they were Jewish. This much I know, the Palestinians deserve better living conditions and need help from Israel and they are not going to get it from P M Netanyahu.
        If Israel will not help the Palestinians then America should deal directly with Palestine and this will bring Israel into line.
        No rocket science needed here !!!


        • Greg Hunter

          Whatever you say, but it sounds like hate to me.

          • Jallen

            As a Christian how can you accept the deplorable living conditions Palestinian children are living under? America needs to wake up and take control of the Israel / Palestine situation. If Israel wants our money then they need to accept our terms. I believe all G-d fearing Jews want the living conditions in Palestine to improve. As Christians we need heed Jesus Christ’s words not to hurt the little children.
            Greg, something we can all agree on; Pray for peace.


            • Greg Hunter

              How can you accept Hamas and Palestinians teaching their children in their schools to hate Jews and are instructed to kill Jews? How can you accept the Palestinian authorities giving monetary reward for killing Jews and stabbing Jews? Takes two for peace.

        • Robert Zionist Lykens

          If the Palestinians (who actually aren’t “Palestinian” because there’s no such thing – mostly they’re Jordanian) deserve better living conditions then maybe they should throw off their terrorist “government” (which appropriates all the money and resources the world donates to help the poor civilians), stop blowing themselves up in terrorist attacks, recognize Israel’s right to exist, and ACT LIKE DECENT HUMANS SHOULD ACT!

      • Somedayitsover

        Greg, its not the Jewish people which are fun loving, generous, caring, beautiful and wonderful. Its the bankers, neo-conservatives, and the money interests many of us object to. It seems to many your under there thumb because you know the power they have… Yes, I would be worked also. However, you keep mentioning the 6 million number as you have 2 weeks out of the last 4. Maybe stop cheerleading it

        • Greg Hunter

          “It’s Over,”
          Fact is “cheerleading”? The sick Germans were so proud of what they were doing they numbered them. Rah, rah (Sarcasm)

        • Robert Zionist Lykens

          “Neocon” = “Someone who’s willing to fight, sacrifice, bleed and die for those who aren’t.”

          • Roger D

            Zionist, you mean someone who’s willing to let SOMEONE ELSE fight, sacrifice, bleed and die. Why do you think Washington ended the draft and now the US military offers the best pay and benefits to high school graduates?

            I challenge you for facts to make your argument. Name some Neocons who fought, sacrificed, bled and died for their beliefs as you claim.

            • sk

              Well…..Wolfowitz had a hole in his sock…remember that photo?….sort of went without a new pair of socks for the cause….LOL

      • sk

        Don’t think he hates Jews at all. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together”. A wealth of information. (If you can find the book in English, that is.)

    • This sceptred Isle

      History is only interested in one genocide. Genocide of Christians, Chinese and indigenous peoples don’t seem to matter. Racism.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true. This is just your anti-Israel and anti-Jew perspective.

    • This sceptred Isle

      oh no all my comments got wiped again!

  12. H. Craig Bradley

    Money Sure Talks, doesn’t it Greg ? ( Iran “has money” and lots of it: Cash). In fact, it might embarrass even Jed Clampet.

  13. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg, totally on point.
    However, in breaking news, in order to feed the hate at the G8 (doh!, G7 LOL, but it rhymes) …
    Trump Says Russia Should Be Back In The G7; Italy Backs Trump

    “It used to be the G-8 because Russia was in it and now Russia’s not in it. Now, I love our country, I have been Russia’s worst nightmare. I think Putin is probably going “man I wish Hillary won” cause you see what I do, but with that said, Russia should be in this meeting. Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting. And I would recommend that Russia should be in the meeting.

    Whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, we have a world to run and in the G-7, which used to be the G-8, they threw Russia out they should let Russia come back in cause we should have Russia at the negotiating table.”

    • Russ

      Meanwhile on the other side of the world, two non-G7 members have their own get together…
      As G-7 Fractures In Canada, Putin Meets Xi In China
      They will probably get a lot accomplished while Trump exits the G7 meet early to fly to Singapore and meet with Kim Jong Un. I wonder if the Trump-Kim meeting will be a topic of discussion between Putin and Xi…

  14. DBCooper

    Greg and Doggers, As I write this post the sodomites are preparing for the largest Homo fest in the world … in Israel … how long will GOD the Father tolerate His chosen people promoting or at least allowing this to go on? Are they tempting fate once again?
    All of your observations today are correct Greg and it is high time that people recognize that the communists in whatever form are alive/ well and are destroying our western culture.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • Robert Zionist Lykens

      ¶ And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.
      – Joel 13:2

      DB, God sees the unclean spirit. He knows it’s an abomination and he has promised to cleanse his people of it.

  15. PonziUSA

    Trump is winning #$#@, except more enemies. Take off your blinders.

  16. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for another great WWU.

    I’m compelled to correct you and your audience and commenters about terminology used.


    Liberals are no more communists than (neo)conservatives in the US.

    The problem is the oligarchy of that communist gov’t and to whom resources are directed for its benefit. Liberals and conservatives in the US are both communists (at least as you seem to define communism). They just represent different demographics. The fount of resources that their respective oligarchies direct at those different special interest groups all come from the same demographic: slaves.

    Conservatives are just as bad as liberals when it comes to slavery (communism). At least as you and the large proportion of your audience defines communism. (But it’s not really communism; it’s slavery or usury.) The only difference is the mechanisms and the beneficiaries. And there’s nothing wrong with communism. Any more than any other other kind of gov’t. It’s not the kind of gov’t. It’s the size. Any kind of gov’t will work, depending upon the population, demographics, geography, resources, etc… As long as the gov’t doesn’t get too big.

    And there’s nothing wrong with socialism. Anyone in a country who has participated in or contributed to the economy (or can’t do either for no fault of their own) should be afforded a minimum subsistence, if for no other reason but so that they can get back on their feet (I’m disgusted by the number of homeless in this country, including military veterans – it’s unacceptable). But that’s not what’s happened in the US. A significant proportion of the population has been enslaved to do all the work and lives in squalor to support the profligacy and excessive life-style choices of another demographic (oligarchy – either represented by liberals or conservatives).

    In case you haven’t heard, there has been a growing demographic in the US called the “working homeless.” It’s actually quite large and getting bigger every day. Of course you don’t hear about it in the liberal or conservative mainstream media. People who work 40 hrs a week (or more) and still live on the street. Why work? you ask. Because if they don’t, they’ll be thrown in prison to be ass-raped. The only reason that more aren’t in prison already is because the gov’t(s) have run out of prison space.

    For your benefit, Trump is a conservative oligarch. He made his money by usury. Slavery. Nothing he has done will benefit me or any other slave in this country. My standard of living is just as bad as it was before when Obama was President. The pay of me and any of my co-workers is just as bad as it’s always been. And compensation for the oligarchy (liberal and conservative) is as great as it’s ever been. The only difference is to which of those oligarchy demographics almost all my pay is given. Not how much. When the differnce becomes how much, then there will be evidence of real change. None of this will end well. For many of us, it already hasn’t.

    I appreciate your sentiment, “fear not.” But it’s a lot easier to not fear when you’re not sleeping on an asphalt bed with your head under a concrete pillow. Many people, including some of your audence and guests, don’t understand where their money comes from. So they don’t understand that they’re part of the oligarchy and as much a problem as the people about whom they complain (ie Clinton, Obama, etc…).

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Doc,
      Look at the Dem leadership it is Marxist/communist, So WRONG, Dems are commies. You also said, “there’s nothing wrong with socialism” WRONG!! The Germans were the National Socialist German Workers Party that is the Nazi party. There comes a point when you have to kill people to take their stuff to give it to people who vote for you. Look at the socialism of California and Illinois. Their economies are disasters. You want socialism, then YOU pay for the social nirvana. People in society have to work and Jesus Christ said that too.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Thanks for replying, Greg.

        Any society must be inherently “socialist” to some degree. We’re a social species (unfortunately, we default inherently to a matriarchy – and that’s what the Bible is for and then later the Constitution of the US – these were created to suppress that matriarchal disposition).

        People who can’t take care of themselves shouldn’t be left behind (just because they made a small mistake or for a reason that has nothing to do with anything they did wrong or for reasons beyond their control). An important reason why people gravitate to the “socialist” predisposition of liberals and Democrats is the general philosophy embraced and practiced aggressively by conservative Republicans of dog-eat-dog, every man for himself, winner-take-all mentality.

        (Remember: Republicans don’t have a monopoly on stupid but many stupid Republicans believe that no American has ever died because of lacking access to medical care – but it’s the primary cause of declining life-span for Gen-X and Millenials, longevity of which has declined on average from 74 yrs to 68.)

        This wrong-headed delusion among Republicans is a primary reason they don’t have more support. Liberals do understand the dilemma health care but manipulate it dishonestly. So Republicans have become the “stupid party” and Democrats have become the “evil party.” Hard to know who to support.

        But conservative Republicans are just as socialist as liberal Democrats. Conservatives instead of victim politics and welfare promote borrowing large sums of money from central banks that borrowers know can’t ever be paid back. So the banks in collusion with gov’t get other people to pay back those debts (that’s what QE is).

        Democrats may have a monopoly on victim politics but Republicans have a monopoly on privatizing profit and socializing risk (socialism). Both are usury (victim politics and welfare and fractional reserve banking). Our central banks have corrupted the fundamental philosophies of both liberals and conservatives, both of which have had merit throughout history of the US.

        Socialism as bad as it is looks pretty good after you walked miles and a hospital turns you away because you don’t have the “right insurance” to be treated for kidney stones. Republicans are their own worst enemy.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          Correction: Decline in life-span of Gen-X and Millenials is only for men. Women from those generations have seen no decline in life-span. And average life-span for women remains 80 yrs.

    • susan

      The far left and the far right are pretty much the same. They both will completely control. They are both bad. The in between — the left lean towards Government control.. The right lean towards People control.

  17. flattop

    GREG: AG Sessions;
    I heard at a different site that AG Sessions has hired 500 prosecuting attorneys. Is this true?

    • Greg Hunter

      It was reported that Sessions hired more than 300 attorneys. So I am unsure on the number but yes it is a very large amount.

    • MCasey
      On the 500th Day of the Trump Administration, Attorney General Sessions Announces 311 New Assistant United States Attorney Positions
      Largest Increase in AUSAs in Decades Allocates Prosecutors to Focus on Violent Crime, Civil Enforcement, and Immigration Crimes
      Today, on the 500th day of the Trump Administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice is taking a dramatic step to increase resources to combat violent crime, enforce our immigration laws, and help roll back the devastating opioid crisis. In the largest increase in decades, the Department of Justice is allocating 311 new Assistant United States Attorneys to assist in priority areas. Those allocations are as follows: 190 violent crime prosecutors, 86 civil enforcement prosecutors, and 35 additional immigration prosecutors. Many of the civil enforcement AUSA’s will support the newly created Prescription Interdiction & Litigation Task Force which targets the opioid crisis at every level of the distribution system.

  18. Larry G Carter

    Gregory, The media elite have already made the transofrmation. They are making Hitler and his crowd look like Sunday School teachers.

  19. Tony denBoef

    Trump imposes 10% and 25% tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel for national security reasons although Canada is a strong US ally. Remember also that Canada provided safe-haven to US embassy staff during the Iranian revolution and arranged for their escape out of Iran. I am sorry to state that Mr. Trump’s idea of free and fair trade is: “Heads I win, tails you lose!” And, that idea is just plain dumb and stupid!

    Tony denBoef, British Columbia

    • Greg Hunter

      You have a new leader and he has a New World Order/One World government agenda. Different times my friend from the north.

      • Bob

        Greg, he’s only here temporarily. The idiot won a protest vote and will be gone next election. Our only hope is that not too much damage is done before his exit.

        • susan

          you evil troll, Mr. Bob!

      • Tony denBoef

        Hello Greg,
        Yes, Trudeau Jr. is our new Prime Minister, and I do not like him or his policies, which include the false issues around climate change (previously known as global warming). But our mutual dislike of our current Canadian government does not make Mr. Trump look much better either.

        Mr. Trump has surrounded himself with “YES” men or women, who think the same he does. The problem with that approach is that he will suffer from tunnel vision and lose sight of of alternative views from his advisors.

        However, on a positive note he has a better barber than Kim Yung Un.

        • Frank DiTullio

          You don’t know what you are talking about. Trump has a history of surrounding himself with people who have divergent views so that he gets data/opinions from all sides before he makes a decision. He did this in his business career and he is doing it now in his administration. You need to stop watching only CNN or MSNBC who continue to try and push the false narrative about “YES” men and women.

          • Tony denBoef

            Frank Di
            I do not watch the Clinton News Network (CNN) or MSNBC and I stand by my statement that Mr. Trump surrounds himself with “YES” advisors.

        • Jodyp

          Since when has an elected leader of any country surrounded themselves with the opposition? Duh?

          • Icarus

            Since Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with his political enemies so he could keep an eye on them!

    • John


      You make a valid point in that Canada has been a good ally to the US. I am an American citizen but my father’s side of the family are from Montreal, Quebec so I understand your statement. In addition, Canada has a large Jewish population and has been a safe haven for many Jews around the world for which I am one. Canada is special no doubt. However, the US has been a good ally to Canada as well. The military and economic umbrella that the US has extended over Canada is huge! This shield has helped Canada financially for a long time. This country – the US – is in bad shape and President Trump is trying to correct decades of poor management on so many fronts in order to prevent it from collapsing. Canada needs a strong neighbor to the south or the benefits that have extended to Canadians for decades are going to evaporate thereby placing aspects of the Canadian economy/way of life in peril. I hate to say it this way but the free lunch is over for many of our other great allies as well.

      • K. Wayne

        There are no so called “free lunches”. There is always a COST. America didnt provide the “Umbrella” gratuitously.

        • john

          Give more detail and I will respond – I doubt very seriously for example that many of our allies would have socialized medicine if a greater % of their budgets were allocated to defense – a COST that is primarily absorbed by the US taxpayer in defense of North America and Western Europe. The “free lunch” of socialized medicine in many of these countries evaporates if the US pulls in its military umbrella. Therefore, my point is that these countries that would balk at trade negotiations need to get a clue – their free lunch is another countries bill. Trump is starting to look at the bill because our situation is dire.

          • Tinfoil hat Canuck

            Nice try. Your oversized gigantic military machine’s purpose is for much, much more than defence. Since the Cold War ended, its there to PROJECT power, to enforce the global hegemony of Empire parasitic capitalism requires. Mind you the financial benefits accrued do come home to Americans, but largely the top, top elite.

            • Greg Hunter

              You do realize that America protects you country right? You do realize you would be toast with out the USA covering your socialist butts? Just to give you how pathetic Canada’s military is : You have 60 fighter aircraft and 80 battle tanks. (source: Again, you do realize America protects Canada?? You’re welcome.

              • John

                Hey Tin,

                Nice try eh? My father was French Canadian, a Jew, served in the Royal Canadian Marines and was educated at McGill – I lived in Montreal and British Columbia – born in the US but strong ties to Canada. If for one minute you think that Canada has not prospered under the military strength of the US since the end of WWII you live in an alternate reality. If you think that the Canadian medical system has not benefited from the ” parasitic capitalism” of the US then I will have that discussion with you as well – I have been in medicine since 1985 and have lived in both The US and Canada – bring it on. If you think American corporations have not positively benefited the lives of many Canadians via the products the US makes or the Canadians who are employed then that also is a departure from reality. Listen, Canada is a great country – like I said earlier in this thread – we share one of the longest unguarded borders in the world – a testament to shared objectives. However, just know that it was America’s entry into WWII that saved the west – not Canada, not Britain and not France. It was that country with “parasitic capitalism” that landed a man on the moon not once but several times. US technology has transformed the world. Seriously Tin, the US is the largest economy in the world and Canada sits just to the north – it does benefit from the US presence. If America went away where would Canada be – still there and great people abound – I agree – just not as wealthy.

        • K. Wayne

          Whilst it may be very true in terms of Canada, I speak more in terms of the Global picture. The “COST” is hidden but ever present nonetheless. It isn’t necessarily measured in Dollars although your point is one of economics. Acceptance of our Dollar in world trade and our Military presence is synonymous the world over. We take for granted our privileged lifestyle but even us citizens, have done so at enormous cost too. Whether it be a Foreign Sovereign nation or an everyday American, so called free lunches do not exist.
          Trump, when speaking of trade imbalances, has explicitly avoided any discussion around having the world’s reserve currency…..which in my mind is undoubtedly an even greater Trade Imbalance. Willing to discuss this further with an open mindset.

    • flattop

      Tony denBoef; Would you think 300% tariff Canada has placed on US dairy products is not something that should be considered. Also, German automobiles enter the US with a 12% tariff while American automobiles are charged a 33% tariff. Do you not think that tariffs should be balances as our Presidents is requesting. Being a strong ally has nothing to do with trade.

      • Tony denBoef

        I agree with your statement on tariff on imports of dairy and poultry products into Canada. I dislike them personally. However, the US subsidizes US producers of dairy and agriculture products with US taxpayers paying the bill. (not fair). Moreover, US charges 300% tariff for imports of tobacco. Charging a tariff on the US import of Canadian lumber products hurts US consumers by increasing the price of housing. A bi-national panel of experts (US and Canada) has ruled every time that US duties are unjustified. US lumber producers must become more efficient.

  20. iwitness02

    Amazing to watch the legacy media look so hard for Trump crimes and collusion.
    At the same time they can not discern Clinton or Obama crimes and collusion.
    It is easy to understand why Julius Streicher was hung by the neck until dead.
    Real life truth or consequences. Julius was as blind to the truth as our present day media.
    Fraud is so prevalent, I would have never believed it could be this bad, if I didn’t get to see it for myself. Wow!

    • Greg Hunter

      Great comment and analysis!!!

  21. Diane

    Friday morning’s USA Watchdog is always first on my list for news.
    I don’t watch TV, I don’t read papers.

    Another great wrap up Greg.

  22. iwitness02

    Just like in the days of Noah. The giants are only evil, and continually. Except todays giants are the huge multinational corporations. They take or destroy whatever they want. Can’t wait for the flood to come. Only this time the flood will be the Son of God and His influence on the whole earth.

    • Paul ...

      We live in a world of uncivilized “kings” who believe in and worship Satan and “blood sacrifice” … mid-April is their holiest month (when they suck blood money out of US taxpayers and when they kill women and children “by burning them in fire” (Waco, etc., etc.) … blood sacrifice and the burning of women and children as a sacrifice to their “god” Satan must end … keep mid-April in mind as the likely time for the Satanist’s to plan nuclear WWIII (where millions of women and children will be burnt alive for Satan in thermonuclear fires all around the globe)!!

  23. Charles H


    The Bottom Line is Truth or Lie. Truth demands Observance, then conformity or Obedience. In negation or ignorance to Truth – the Lie allows all the iniquity and corruption anyone wants to develop. Rule of Law is modeled on unchanging Truth – for fairness and across-the-board equity; the Lie is the perversion, which serves the interests of the Few, or the one.
    Is it any wonder that the First Amendment – Freedom of Speech is being removed? Because Truth, words, and Law – are what reprove Lies and corruption. Stop the expression or promulgation of Truth: and no one will have any reference to determine Lies. There is no coincidence this was made the FIRST Amendment.
    “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20.

    If you want to stop ‘tearing down America’ – outlaw GMO foods; bad to deadly vaccines; Big Pharma control of the Medical profession; Chemtrails; the Federal Reserve: and reform the Liberal Public Education Institutions; America’s Electoral processes; and Congressional term limits and salaries. You might throw in preventing G5 – but that’s as likely as fixing Fukushima.
    Trump is like Reagan – a good meaning outsider, who is somewhat misdirected. But can he turn a tide? If ‘military-style tribunals’ are used, in a French Revolution like sweeping exorcism: it could later be used by those subject to them, against those who employ them. But it is different this time, right?

  24. Ruby

    Everytime I think you have done your best ever WNW…you prove me wrong!..:) Excellent WNW.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ruby!!! I posted that around 4:00 am. I ran way behind with some tech troubles. Finally had to switch computers and start over.

  25. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Obama, Hillary, Kerry & the Biden gang sold the U.S. out to Iran, thank you for leading with that story, too bad the MSM won’t discuss it. If I was a betting man, I would give odd more sellout is on its way with the so-called “Iran Deal”, and, you can bet the more we find out about this “deal” the more it will stink! Obama = liar – liar = Obama.

    • susan

      Obama + Esau.

  26. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, will never buy or read Time again, fake news I don’t need anymore.

  27. eddied

    Hopefully the meeting next week will reach an agreement for disarmament in Korea. Perhaps a reunification. Would this mean a US withdrawl from Korea? It would save billions.

    Next would be withdrawl of forces from Germany. Let the Germans defend themselves on their own dime. More money saved. The EU is already talking about a “EU” army.

    The Visegrad Four will continue to defy the EU on immigration. Good on them. The Hungarians are a people well versed in history. They remember the Ottoman turk invasion. No revisionist history perspective. I believe that would rather have good relations with the russians than the EU.

    World Cup is next week. Major false flag on the horizon. Ukraine, Syria, Chechyna, Russia, Armenia, Georgia? British, American, Israeli intelligence agencies are up to something. It is not a coincidemce that Sweden has mobilized their guard, major war games in Eastern Europe, … Something is cooking behind the scenes.

    Recent US movements in the Ukraine. Five KC-135 tankers moved to Lviv with 150 support personnel.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Never going to happen. The US will NEVER willingly leave S Korea, Germany or hundreds of other countries is has stationed its Empire muscle. The MIC is now established as an economic cornerstone of US GDP , not to mention “invested” billions in political favour over the decades. Dream on. Hope like this is basically for election campaigns only.

      • eddiemd

        When the petrodollar collapses completely the US will not be able to finance its imperialistic goals or stationing of military forces overseas. Who is going to finance it? China? The Fed Reserve? Japan? The only alternative will be war under questionable circumstances. That is what we are preparing for. When all else fails, they take us to war.

        Military forces in foreign lands will be stranded and left to fend for themselves. Overextension with no capabilities for resupply or support. This will be the future. They will have to rely on the goodwill of the host nations. In many situations there will be no goodwill.

        The US cannot wage a war on multiple fronts against multiple foes unless it goes nuclear. This is the reality.

        When the muslims begin to attack the US military and family members in Germany, Italy, and England there will be calls to vacate Europe. This day will eventually arrive.

      • eddiemd

        When the system collapses, the mercenary armies will no longer be paid nor supported overseas. They have no real allegiance to any nation state. It does not matter if the are US, British, Aussie, or any other citizenship. For example, the Green Zone Baghdad security forces are mercenaries recruited from central and south american militaries. These men can be paid less than the expensive western english speaking mercenaries. No pay, no work.

        The question will be whether the private contractor forces will be used when martial law arrives here in the USA. These mercenaries will be used against the civilian resistance inside the USA. They were used during the Boston Marathon bombing, Hurricane Katrina, and in other situations as required.

  28. dlc

    Fear and intimidation.

    Create a national gun registry, and we are all Tommy Robinson/Gerry Conlon. If you can imprison a man for 15 years knowing him to be innocent from the get go, you can hold Tommy Robinson and take him to the edge and beyond in 13 months.

    I just want to see justice equally applied or something close to it. So far, the Marxists are living large and we pay. Notice how all the Marxists do not live like us comrades. For us, swift justice, even outright injustice. The hordes invade the US, UK and the EU, and we Tommy Robinsons are the problem?

    CA now has a permanent water ration of 50 gal/day. My pet theory is to push the citizens out of CA, load the state with illegals replacements (future voters). I expect life to be made unbearable in places like NY, FL and TX also, the big electoral states.

    Good to see Italy fighting back. Looks like Australia is giving notice to the hordes. This is one contagion I look forward to. New blood too. Tired of all the 70 and 80-year-old tyrants.

  29. Jerry

    The real reason the G-7 is mad at President Trump.

    Are you getting it? The EU is trapped. Trapped between cheap QE money, and the luxury of low import tariffs to the U.S. Its a crap shoot over who push’s the ECB over the edge first. Deutsche Bank or loss of revenue due to U.S. tariffs. These countries have all spent beyond their needs with their socialist policies.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      It seems to me ( unless I have mis-read your dozens of posts over the years here) that you have made the same shift Greg has. That is, straying from digging for the unvarnished truth to a more biased point of view in presenting opinions.
      It saddens me that Greg’s unfettered support of Israel and Donald Trump sees him regularly show his contempt for Democrats, any critics of Israel et. al. via name calling and dismissal.
      You yourself in his last post ( and the one about Canada previously) tipped your hand . It seems we are dealing with an ideologue spouting blanket negativity for any system not good ole American style capitalism — some labelling it as predatory capitalism. There are shades of grey as no system has been proven ideal for organizing huge chunks of humans for theirs and the world’s benefit.
      Oh well, just this guy’s viewpoint. Not sayin it is any closer to truth than yours or Greg’s.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey “Tin,” don’t hide behind the Democrat name. Call yourself what you really are and that is Marxist/communist. That is the “unvarnished” truth.

        • Robert Zionist Lykens

          When anonymous leftists criticize you for your faith and obedience to the Word, you know you’re on the right track.
          Keep it up Greg!

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you RZL!

          • sk

            Sometimes the Word is quoted selectively in a devious fashion for totally selfish. private reasons, Mr. Lykens. Sad, but true. Who was it that said that even the devil may quote the Scripture to promote his ends?

        • Tinfoil hat Canuck

          Gosh Greg, I have never really thought of myself as a communist. It is a deeply flawed system imho. If I was an American I certainly wouldn’t vote democrat, Rand and Ron Paul make more sense to me. That I think Canada’s brand of capitalism with significant socialist tendencies superior to America’s Uber over the top capitalism is just my digestion of the pros and cons of each.

          • Greg Hunter

            You may not have thought that but looking at the leadership and the platform of the Democrat party that is what you are. The Dems are supporting MS13, abortion, Universal Basic Income (UBI), take away all gun rights, free speech and religion to boot by the way. You let your leaders disarm your countrymen in Canada. Let see how that works in the extreme. Oh, we can, look at Tommy Robinson in the UK. Taking the proceeds of labor by one group and giving it to a group of people who vote for you is always a disaster. Everything is great until you run out of other people’s money says Margaret Thatcher and she was correct!!!!. If you want to look want happens in the extreme of “socialism” look no further that the National Socialist German Workers Party. (Hint: Hitler loved this party.) You can ram your socialism where the sun don’t shine.

      • Jerry

        Read my last post. It’s personal. My family was driven out of Canada, so I don’t share the same views that you do. I agree with Greg. Canada has been a large part of the Rothschilds empire going back to the Hudson Bay Corporation. So was the U.S. until the revolution. Canada does not have second amendment rights and we do. What does that tell you?

  30. Peter Patterson

    I believe the news ignores the economy because it’s so complex that only the 10% smartest monkees can understand it. But look the economy is what both the dumbest and smartest can both agree on that it should be fruitful. The dumb but complexly intelligent might believe that by impoverishing their neighbor will make them better off. They would like to see themselves rich in a miserable world. So here are the steps for a rogue tsar department of economy to make footsteps.

    Legalize cannabis and allow profit to flow into banking system. Nationalize big pharma and utilize federal government funds to fund ongoing understanding and cures of disease. Wind down overseas military budget. Tariff imported finished goods when necessary, keep tariffs on imported raw material at 0%.

    • Peter Patterson

      Colleges should study cures, treatments, and diseases and health. Private companies just want to make profit. The young will study their future while in school studying human health, why else find college education?

  31. Da Yooper

    Good rap up Greg

    When you were talking about MaCabe & other traitors getting 50 years is a death sentence …..a…no it is not …..because as soon as a democrat is elected president again they will all walk free with a Presidential Pardon ( the rule of law only applies to the little people quote Leona Helmsly & appears to be the case in America today ) so a 50 or even 500 year sentence is not a death sentence. Unless these people are tried for treason and pay the ultimate price they should be paying for their crimes they will walk free at some point down the road.

    • K. Wayne

      Once upon a time…….!!!

      • Da Yooper

        Sooooo you think another oboma or clinton type democrat would not free criminals & traitors they would look at as political prisoners ????

        Really ????

        The rule of law is a joke in this country.

        • K. Wayne

          You misunderstood my comment. I was agreeing with you. I concur about the “rule of law”.
          Once upon a time = fairytales.

  32. Scott

    When did McCabe ask for immunity? I missed that. Thanks

  33. Robert

    Its starting to come out in the msm about the sham deal the Iran deal was. This was printed in the Oregonian today. Usually that paper is pro Obama and anti Trump.

  34. Diane

    We want our money back!

  35. flattop

    GREG: Charles Krauthammers passing
    What was your opinion of him?

    • Greg Hunter

      I, like millions of people, am sad.

  36. coalburner

    Greg; I want to thank Maria das Santos for the update. It is as I expected. Just a matter of time. Real Brits better start leaving now while it is possible to get your hide and some of your wealth out of there. Most have more than they think after working a lifetime but if you stay till it is too late, you will be lucky to leave with your life. Plan a vacation now.

    If the UK can be saved it will require a lot of blood to do it. I suspect all the EU will align to destroy Italy for its resistance. Austria may be able to turn the tide because of its location Near the eastern European countries who have said no to the bully un-elected ultra rich EU Globalist Criminals.
    Go Trump!

  37. winston911

    I continue to puzzle why you obsess about the lack on signatures on the “Iran deal”. Listen, if it would have mattered for the nefarious purposes, it would have been signed. As it was, it didn’t matter so quel surprise, no signatures. Actually, when it comes to signed deals, we have to rank at the top for breaking same, and the world knows it. Signatures in these treacherous self-dealing days MEAN NOTHING!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are delusional, fact resistant and frankly nuts. Signatures mean something especially in a $150 billion “deal” that is supposed to save the world from an nuclear armed Iran.

      • sk

        Remember the Gorbachev-Reagan deal? After Gorbachev helped dismantle the Soviet Union, Reagan promptly moved NATO to Russia’s borders, RENEGING on one of the points in the signed deal.
        Gorbachev complained about that, but the Western press didn’t give this news item much coverage. Deals must be kept. even with nations one does NOT like. Otherwise, credibility gets lost. QED.

  38. Jodyp

    Dang Greg, that wrap-up was inspiring!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jody!

  39. Tim McGraw

    Greg, why do you keep going on and on about the Iran Nuclear Deal? Who gives a damn? We live in the NEW WORLD. To hell with the Old World. Isn’t that why our ancestors LEFT the Old World? I don’t give a damn about Europe, Asia, or Africa. “We’ll save Australia. Don’t want to hurt no kangaroo” Randy Newman. “Let’s Drop the Big One Now.”… “They don’t love us anyhow.”
    Screw them! The CIA gave Israel nuclear material from the Savannah Nuke Plant so that Israel could build its nukes. Don’t tell me that the idiots in DC want to denuclearize the Middle East.
    To Hell with the Palestinians who supported Hitler in WWII and Saddam in the Iraqi War. To Hell with the Mullahs in Tehran and the Imams in Riyadh cutting the heads off of the supporters of liberty.
    And Africa…. don’t get me started on the stupidities of the leadership there. The most successful country in Africa was Libya and Obama and Hillary destroyed it.
    Let’s take care of our American continents and people.

    • Greg Hunter

      The Iran “deal” was fraud on “We the People” in the new world you want.

      • Tim McGraw

        Hi Greg, I see your point, but why not make the simple point to “Walk Away” from Iran. Pull our troops out of the Middle East and don’t give the Mullahs in Iran any money except in trade.
        The CIA and the British started the mess in Iran by overthrowing Mossadegh in 1953.
        Blowback is a bitch.

  40. Donald

    “There is a trade war brewing”

    Yes, and its been going on for decades now. And over time its evolved into a very one sided situation with the US being the main bag holder. But there is also market manipulation and a whole host other similarly significant issues going on. What a mess….

  41. bob

    doj report released on trumps birthday… hahaha.. what a gift to trump

  42. FC

    20% of the comment section is missing.

    Paul… where are you?

  43. Russ McMeans

    Excellent news wrap up Greg. Rush Limbaugh said about a week ago that Donald Trump is accused of many/ everything purportedly bad, but he can never be accused of not loving America and wanting her/us first. Hopefully these tariffs will level the playing field substantially-we’ve had decades of getting ripped off in trading and they don’t want that party to end! As for Obama; him sending over billions in US Taxpayer cash to Iran- that’s pure evil! I wish I were his personal jailer. Btw: where is Jeff Sessions? Is he still sipping his tea pondering what to do? What a joke. We can only hope he’s quietly building a massive case against this massive corruption ( that can take quite some time) or else we are screwed. Notice the Jew haters are at it again in here. Get over it! Everyone is guilty. Scapegoats are just a cover for everyone’s guilt.

  44. Oliver A. Twister - a cross fire cyclone

    plausible deniability
    When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause many problems.
    Plausible deniability is a larger version of a white lie.
    John the American people perceive your calculated white lies as much worse than Trumps guffaw’s, what you call outright lies. In other words they believe Trump not you and they stopped believing your mates in the mockbird media long before you came along.
    The Hunted Became the Hunter!
    The Chase
    The Chase (Part 2)
    This Is How It Ends When The Hunters Becomes the Hunted.
    Good eventually conquers the evil that men do, you have his WORD® on it jOHN!

    John, Trump is the right man for the job at this time in history. Ever since Ronald Reagan, every president has been working towards a new world disorder of Corporate Dictatorship, National Socialism. Even if Trump is all the bad things you say he is, he is the Hammer that will break up the New world disorder, of which you are a large part. Thanks for listening.


  45. Oliver A. Twister - a cross fire cyclone

    Yes Robert,
    Truth prevails! What these lying knuckle heads just cant understand!

    How bad is this? Remove the words “Obama” and “Iran” and replace them with “Trump” and “Russia” and imagine the outrage that would ensue over the same revelations. Democrats [& John Brennan] would be holding news conferences, and the story would be front-page news.

    We hear a lot these days from the media about the danger of presidential lies. Well, when it comes to the Iran deal, the Obama administration [John Brennan, James Clapper & Jim Comey] took lying to new heights. And no, that’s not Fake News.

    His Truth is marching!
    They can fool the American people some of the time but they never ever, will fool us all the time. You have his WORD® on it!

    Roger Stone: Armageddon For The Deep State Is Just Around The Corner

    The People John, try and lick that! You never would if God gave you a million years!

  46. Oliver A. Twister - a cross fire cyclone

    The Divide and Conquer Game Is Over!
    Power to the sheeple!

  47. Open Eyes

    Hi, Greg. I thought you might like this video. I know you’re a man on a mission.

    A Mission and a Mortgage-Free Home

    Gary and Saundra spent most of their life on the mission field but dreamed of owning their own home. Through an amazing series of events, they were able to garner real estate and pay no mortgage.

  48. Jerry

    I don’t need a following. Don’t want one. I don’t have anything to sell. Or an ideology to teach. What I post, I post for people like me who know something is wrong, and want to know the truth. Here is truth,

    Thanks to Greg’s hard work, I have to come to realize that much of what Donald Trump is doing is preparing a place for the United States at the global reset table. I also realize that a purge is underway to cleanse our entire economic system from theft and murder that has gone on a global scale. Having said that I am hearing from several sources that we are close. Very close to a major event happening on the eleventh of June . We’ll see ? Its all tied together with the NOKO talks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am following you Jerry!! Keep posting here.

  49. Steve B

    People want it all, and they want it now…. They don’t understand that President Trump faces the almost insurmountable task of rectifying 180 years of Corruption, Deficit Spending, huge National Debts, Trade Deals that favor the super-wealthy (not the Country), and Private Central Banks stealing the wealth of the Nation. This will most definitely take some time! I think Trump has done an excellent job to this point, given the obstacles he faces! The last President to take on these monumental tasks was Andrew Jackson. Jackson was the ONLY President to pay down the national debt; and once paid, he maintained zero debt for the country, and ended his presidency with a financial surplus.

  50. Big Brain

    Dear Greg and Trump voters in general, you are not victims of Canada, or Mexico, or people who kneel, or the “gay agenda”, or people who believe in the separation of church and state. You are actually victims of your own willful ignorance. Wake up! Robert Mueller has indicted and brought criminal charges against 24 persons to date in connection with Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, including 14 named Russians. Several of these 24 individuals, including former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, have pleaded GUILTY to the charges brought against them. And several high ranking current or retired Intelligence community heads, such as James Clapper, have determined and publicly stated that Trump was elected with Russia’s help and is an “illegitimate President”. Will you please get your heads out of the sand and join the rest of America in removing this sorry excuse for a President and replacing him with someone more competent and with higher moral principles? Even Pence would do for now! But Putin’s puppet has to go!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Big Brain”
      Not a single charge of colluding with the Russians unless Mueller charged Hillary and the rest of her buddies. You liberals always tout your brains but you are fact resistant and quite the “useful idiots.” This is just an idiotic comment that is too stupid to say anything more about. Oh, and I think you are a paid troll too.

  51. Tim McGraw

    The nukes will be used. “On the Beach” will happen.
    Whether JC shows up again on a flaming chariot from the heavens or not will be interesting to see… or not.
    If the human race is here 100 years from now would surprise me. But then, I won’t be here in twenty years.
    Good luck

  52. Robert Dziok

    According to REDDIT there are currently 35,000 sealed indictments averaging 5000 a month over the last several months (Also on REDDIT is pointed out lawyers say more than 6 for a district is unheard of so even 400 total is something never seen before). On 12/21/17 Trump established Executive Order seizing assets of those involved with Human Trafficking (Children in particular ) AND corruption. In March there was Executive Order clearing the way for civilian prosecutions via military tribunals. Some 300 plus additional prosecutors were also brought on board. US Treasury now has 1100 pages with three columns per page of individuals etc. that are identified for asset seizure under 12/21/17 Executive Order. In his latest interview at X22 Spotlight guest Dr. Jim Willie points out Trump has made it known that is where the 21 trillion owed by the federal government will come from. Also, Dr. Jim Willie points out in that interview Trump let it be let out that he has recovered the 8000 tons of Fort Knox gold stolen by prior administrations under Clinton and Bush. That leaves the issue of the yearly trade deficit involving several hundreds of billions of dollars. As Greg points out in this weekly news wrap up there have been significant moves towards that end.

  53. Atul Saini

    Hi Greg (and everyone else). I’ve been an avid follower of yours for a few years now and you have many find guests. I’m from India and a Hindu, so not a Christian, Jew or Muslim – so I (lime *many* others) am a totally unbiased party in the whole soap-opera of semitic religions trying to destroy each other! In most cases, I find your comments and analysis quite balanced. You have said several times that “ISIS was created by the USA, UK, and West (with the support of Israel, which you refrain to say for some reason). And Yet, you claim that ‘Iran is the #1 sponsor However, you keep saying “Iran is the #1 sponsor of state terrorism” and you turn to comments in the MSM and government for ‘proof’ of this fact. How do you reconcile/defend your contradictory views (The WEST created ISIS vs. Iran is the #1 sponsor of terroism)? Can you please provide a detailed and honest answer? Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not claim Iran is the #1 state sponsor of terror I point out that is the U.S. State Department position under every administration since Reagan Administration.

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