Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer Bill Holter says 2017 is the year of the “truth bombs,” and along with the truth comes pain. Holter explains, “Unfortunately, the truth coming out will mean a crashed system.  It will mean a nonfunctioning system.  When truth finally comes out, and it will one way or the other, credit will cease because credit is based on trust.  Credit is handed out on trust, and when the truth comes out, credit will cease.  Then the system is going to have to reboot.”

What will our world look like when credit has stopped? Holter says, “Basically, with a credit seizure, that means distribution breaks down.  If you have seen any pictures of any of the Walmarts and grocery stores in Houston, the shelves are empty.  I live outside of Houston, and all the bread is made there, and there is no bread.  Now, forget about a flood, and imagine that there is no credit.  Without credit, nothing gets done.  Farmers can’t plant.  Farmers can’t harvest.  They can’t ship it to the silo.  The grain can’t be manufactured into bread, and once it’s bread, it can’t get shipped to the final destination because every one of those operations involves credit.  So, when credit stops, you are basically going to see a seizure of all goods making it to markets.”

What other truth bombs are on Holter’s truth bomb list to be revealed? Holter says, “The biggest truth bomb I’d like to see come out would be to get to the bottom of the human trafficking and the pedophilia.  I would just like to save the children that are being molested.  I am basically 100% convinced that this is one of the biggest problems.  Other truth bombs would include the news services.  You have outlet after outlet throwing crap against the wall, and they all throw crap against the wall hoping some of it will stick.  None of it makes sense, and they are the ones that came up with the term ‘fake news’ when somebody tells the truth.  What they are doing is trying to brainwash the public.”

On gold and silver going up in price, Holter, a precious metals broker, says price is irrelevant to the average investor. It is possession that is most important now.  Holter explains, “I think the streets are going to be completely cleaned of gold and silver, and they are going to go ‘no offer.’  There will be bid, bid, bid and higher, higher, higher, and there won’t be any for sale.  Gold and silver will go into hiding until new currencies come out that can be trusted.  I think that’s where we’re headed.  You should buy it now because it’s available.  At some point in time, it’s not going to be available, and you are either going to have it or you won’t.  The price won’t matter.  You will count your wealth in ounces.”

In closing, Holter contends, “The timing on this is who knows? September or October or next year, I don’t know.  I do know what the ending is.  The ending is a financial collapse where credit stops and people figure out the asset they hold is someone else’s liability. . . . Why not have an asset with no liability, which is gold and silver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

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After the Interview:  

Bill Holter is a prolific writer and puts some of his original work every week on for free with other information and analysis. For all of Holter’s writing, market analysis and access to weekly podcasts with legendary market and gold expert Jim Sinclair, you can become a subscriber.  Click here to subscribe.

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  1. Peter from the Netherlands

    Greg: the return of the Rule of Law in the USA. Please, please: tell me first: who killed JFK?

    Maybe, maybe this will help you Americans the see the truth what is happening in your country. FRAUD, fraud and fake news is your motto. Sorry.

    Regards from Peter (from Europe)

    • William Stanley

      Peter from the Netherlands:
      I was intrigued by your post, but remain unclear as to your meaning. Did you mean to imply that Greg (or any of the rest of us) might have some way of knowing and proving who all of the conspirators were?
      Many of us who have studied the issue, even a little, know that it was a conspiracy — even a second investigation (in 1976, I believe) by the House of Representatives concluded that much. Many of us think the original investigation was a sham and a cover up. Moreover, many of us are pretty sure who many of the conspirators were, from where the fatal shot was fired, and who did not fire it. As far as I know, proof beyond a reasonable doubt still eludes us. But why cannot we return to the rule of law without first knowing, for sure, who of the still living need to be tried for that crime?
      I also remain unclear if you are indicting Greg and the rest of the alternative media (and Americans generally) along with the mainstream media for all the fraud and fake news to which we are all subjected, or just joining him and us in our frustration and anger about the lies the government and the mainstream media have perpetuated all these years. I am genuinely interested in your views, and would appreciate a somewhat more detailed restatement of them.

    • Bill Holter

      it’s OK Peter, Americans with their eyes open know the answer to this…

  2. Charley Sturt

    Kudlow 9-2-17; Trump On Taxes, Harvey Funding, Latest on Jobs and
    Roger Stone on the stone cold truth, the real skinny on Kelly/Trump soft coups d’etat. \ˌkü-(ˌ)dā-ˈtä, ˈkü-(ˌ)dā-ˌtä, -də-\ : sudden decisive exercise of force in SWAMP POLITICS [1:15:50] then Betsey McCoy and Steve Moore!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    Father’s Day here in Australia and with all the NK news on full alert across the networks, this is exactly what I needed.

    I absolutely love this man and he is my all time favourite above all.

    Thanks for the generous lift in sprits.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you for such kind words and Happy Father’s day Anthony!

      • AA

        Thanks Bill

  4. David

    At some point Bill, among a host of others will be right. When I first realized that I’d been lied to my entire life and started reading alternative news a few years ago I went on a panic buying spree. I bought $1000 worth of physical silver, lots of food, an AR, Glock, and a Remington .22 rifle along with about 2500 rounds of ammo between the three guns. Probably about 4K all together. What do I have to show for it? Nothing of value……for now.

    If I wound have taken that 4K and put it in bitcoin or ethereum I’d be sitting on a mountain of cash right now. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    I bought into the “world is going to end at any time” narrative bc I didn’t know any better. I’ve noticed recently that most experts are admitting that they don’t know how long the system will last bc it’s all fake which is true but it’s been fake for years yet most were giving dates or months when it was all going to end. The next prediction is this September but it was supposed to happen last September too. Why the change? Losing credibility with readers?

    I take everything in stride and mostly just listen to alternative news for truth but I don’t buy anything major anymore. I recently switched career paths into IT so in won’t be obsolete in 20 years and have a garden in my backyard.
    Things like that is how I prepare now. In a mad max senerio I give myself 15-20% chance of making it through all of it.

    Greg, just a suggestion for a guest in the future try to get “London Paul”. He’s on every Monday with “V” the Gorilla Economist and was recently on the X22 report. If anyone here hasn’t heard him I highly recommend him.

    • Bill Holter

      who told you 2008 was coming in the first place and has anything been “fixed” or changed since then? Keep digging for the truth, you will learn what is true, false, and “air”.

    • freebrezer

      David – thanks for the heads up – real, real, informative!

      • freebrezer

        I forgot to add London Paul – well worth the listen!

  5. Paul ...

    When there is no bread coming out of Houston, the food stores are closed and fiat money can’t buy you anything to eat from people who have stored away some food … it is time to look to the things God provided to us (for our survival during a famine) … attached is one of ten(10) “truth bombs” that may just save your families from the extinction the Lucifarians have planned for humanity … take heed and learn well …

    • Bill Holter

      make peace with your maker now, “negotiating” later is not an option.

  6. Frederick

    Geraldo Rivera is “definitely” a deep state kinda guy He is a 911 truth denier of the worst type He’s covering for a lot of very bad people No doubt about that

    • Justn Observer

      Geraldo … what a joke of a journalist! His ‘reports’ especially in the ‘war zones’ quite a laugh… I remember the one he is leaning behind a vehicle as if he is being shot the camera man films him…. NO DOUBT those ””’snipers””’ were the worst shots ever ! lol
      But over course there were no rounds even hitting the vehicle, the ground around him or even any broken glass.. so my opinion… just someone firing a gun off camera…or maybe from Al Capone’s cave?

    • Bill Holter

      he’s an apologist used to blind the masses…

      • Frederick

        Seems he’s doing a great job in that case

  7. Rick Hester

    I recall reading that the Chinese manufactured a lot of the micro chips in the F-35. Which leaves me with the thought “in a war, could the Chinese just push a button and render the F-35 incapable of defending itself.” Could Chinese chips possibly be the cause of our Navy having collision problems? And then there is the report from Cuba that 19 Americans working there have developed headaches, vision problems and permanent deafness. Sounds like a possible high energy attack on them. Why didn’t the Japanese shoot down the North Korean missile? Perhaps the American/Japanese defenses were jammed. It doesn’t look good for the USA if our technologies are compromised.

    • Bill Holter

      can you say “back door”?

    • Paul ...

      When the Deep State violated God’s moral rules and put back doors into our computer chips to spy on our private conversations and read every e-mail were they so stupid as to think others could not do it to them and put back doors in all their warmongering weapon systems? … seems the fools were that stupid seeing how the USS Cook in the Black sea was put out of action and now the destroyers in the China Sea became dead in the water … obviously if the ship had any power it would have “been moving” to avoid collision … but look at the puncture hole in the destroyers side … there were “no scrape marks” … the destroyer was dead in the water!!

  8. al

    I’m glad to hear Bill is doing well. He’s a great analyst and the originator of the term “truth bomb” over a year ago, way before Trump came in to office and look at it now. Truth bombs are going nuclear! It’s amazing! Look at the short life the Antifa terrorist organization has. Boom Bang!!! Truth bomb after truth bomb and I love it!!!

    As for precious metals, like Bill states it’s monetary insurance. Cryptos may be the next monetary phase but with all these central banks getting in on the blockchain bandwagon, can you trust it? The media is pushing for Cryptos, that’s a red flag right there.

    When you expect an imminent tragedy you prudently look to get insurance (ie:Precious Metals), and like any insurance policy, when the tragedy hits the insurance protection is GONE! NO MORE INSURANCE! YOU CAN’T GET IT EVEN IF YOU WANTED IT AT ANY PRICE! TOO LATE! SORRY.

    Bill H. is 100% correct! He’s a legend.
    Thank you for having him on Greg.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Al, you can see the pain is gone just by looking at my face. Am walking 2 miles now less than 2 weeks after surgery!

  9. Jerry

    Thanks for having Bill on. I really hope people will listen to Bills advice as our time to prepare is quickly running out. If you need further proof to convince you go no further than this article.

    While most people have taken the weekend off to celebrate the end of summer, the Chinese have essentially sent a financial torpedo into the side of the petrodollar. Take it for what it is. A signal that the dollars days of being reserve currency are essentially coming to a close.

    My sources (which can’t be confirmed) have given me a date of October 1st as the date that the economic reboot will take place. Do I believe them? I honestly don’t know what to think. But consider this.
    1. The international banks have finished installing their patches to use the Yuan for high frequency trade with CIPS.
    2. The 1st quarter of 2018 officially begins on October 1st.
    3. AIIB is said to receive a record shipment of gold from an unnamed source on or before October 1st. ( which I can’t confirm).
    4. The Chinese are preparing to back the Yuan with gold.
    Before you blow this off as speculation ask yourself this question. Why would the Chinese come out and set a NEW oil benchmark backed by gold NOW if they didn’t already know something? Bill is absolutely right. There is no gold in Fort Knox. If there was they would have already come out with an audit to prove it. Come on what are they hiding? The truth.

  10. vincent_g

    After the democrats give up on trying to bring Trump down they will turn to a new target.

    Along comes Google ripe for the taking.

    I can foresee that the democrats will put all their efforts to breaking up Google.

    This will let them steal the limelight from Trump which is what they need.

    Google made a mistake which will come back to hurt them big time.
    If you are a monopoly and everyone likes you then things are fine.
    But when you upset people then things can change quickly.

    • Chip

      Why would they do that? Google is part of the deep state intelligence apparatus… Chip

    • Bill Holter

      google will not go down easily.

  11. Jerry

    The real reason why the United States military won’t attack China or Russia and now possibly North Korea.

    • Tin foil hat

      The Tomahawk missiles attack against Syria air base finally makes sense to me. I have always suspected there has to be another reason for wasting 59 Tomahawk on an empty airbase, and it definitely isn’t to end the slaughter against the civilians.
      The missiles attack served no military purpose whatsoever. It will cost us about $60 million to replace the cruise missiles just to make a few holes on the runway.
      I believe the purpose of the attack is the response to the USS Porter incident. It was a middle finger to the Russians that they may be able to disable some of our missiles and destroyers but not all of it.

  12. Tony Gaetani

    Greg you always ask the best questions on your interviews. I always look forward to your interviews ,Thanks !!

  13. Neil

    Greg Hunter + Bill Holter = Real education , in my opinion. Education for life.

  14. James Hastings - "Cherokee center of the world"

    “Behold, your troops are women in your midst. The gates of your land are wide open to your foes; fire has devoured your bars”….Nahum 3:13

    We are too dysfunctional to survive. Quietly position your family to slip through the cracks. Our society is about to thin out the weaklings.

    • Bill Holter

      it is called anarchy…

  15. Russ McMeans

    What’s nice about Gold and silver is it’s virtually indestructible. I’m out in Calitopia and my friends had to evacuate his home due to another wildfire. They have an enormous safe and didn’t have time to grab the contents. No big deal though cause no one is going to steal it. Luckily the fire missed their house but it got me to thinking: even if PM’s melt they still retain their value. Also a good storage method would be to store the silver and gold in separate cast iron kettles because cast iron is virtually indestructible also. That way it’ll just melt in one place. Safes also have a fire rating but it’s not for very long.

    • Bill Holter

      nothing else like real money.

  16. Tim

    Was Mr. Holter affected by the flooding in the Houston area?

    • Greg Hunter


  17. C spokane

    Thank you Mr. Holter and Mr. Hunter, for this interview. I watched an interview with ms. Prins and she towards the end stated the next currency would not be backed by gold. I am confused over that statement except for listening to ms. Zang as she reported the currency will be ACchain based off your own assets. Could you find out which of the two could more likely take place please and thank you from the woman on the street.

    • Bill Holter

      I would not be so sure gold will not back new currencies on a ratio basis after the reset.

  18. C spokane

    The ank you Mr. Holter and Mr. Hunter, for this interview. I watched an interview with ms. Prins and she towards the end stated the next currency would not be backed by gold. I am confused over that statement except for listening to ms. Zang as she reported the currency will be ACchain based off your own assets. Could you find out which of the two could more likely take place please and thank you from the woman on the street.

  19. randy0302

    Here is a great report on new Russian Tech from Sirius Report:

    • Bill Holter

      he who falls behind in military technology has always been the loser…

  20. Roger

    Bill Holter is such a straight shooter. Like the popular saying in Maine, ‘The ice is very thick under him’.

    A couple comments: I am all for gold and silver, right after faith, food and firearms. Also, claims of pedophilia keep being made. But have any victims come forward with verified proof? Greg, what do you make of that?

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Roger, can only call ’em like I see ’em!

  21. eddiemd

    Greetings from eastern Europe.

    The dollar is much weaker now. In February the exchange was 290 forints for one dollar, now around 250 forints.
    The news off the radar is that the russians are building a second nuclear reactor along the Duna. It seems that the magyar government is looking to east and keeping good relations with the russians.
    The Visegrad 4 (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) will most likely break away from Brussels when the time is right. I don’t see these nations as being part of the 10 nation end time union.
    The time is for revival in central Europe in preparation for the tribulation.

    • Nick in UK

      I agree having just spent a month in Hungary with my wife`s family. I also expect Germany to swing East to Russia/China as well. Having spent my last nineteen summer holidays in Hungary and driving there every year, from the UK, I have never seen as many road works as are currently being undertaken throughout Germany. (A3 Cologne to Passau is about 700 kilometres and I would est1mate 75% is being worked on)
      I think Merkel knows the EU is collapsing and the Euro currency is toast and she is exchanging it for as much major infrastructure as quickly as she can. We may have left it too late, to avoid coming property crash but are seriously discussing moving to Hungary and selling up in UK. (home, businesess etc) .
      I am sure he is not perfect, but Mr. Orban does seem to have his peoples long term interests at heart.

      • Frederick

        Nick I love Hungary and Eastern Europe in general If my wife wasn’t Turkish I would be somewhere over there living for sure I own a rental flat in Warsaw and love the city A lot of improvements were obvious on my last visit in July I think you should go for it brother

  22. ecobel

    You say things are a joke, maybe you and partner Jim are the jokes. No? Where is the $5000 gold? You have been saying these things about dollar and China for years and nothing really ever called out!has changed. N

    • Bill Howland

      Well, hummm, this is a case of being delayed, but not wrong.
      Mr. Holter however does bring up in every interview that commerce will totally cease in view of a credit seizure. The problem with this is – two buisnesses who want to do intercourse will work out private cash/credit/barter relationships with themselves.
      It is rather the same as if the water is shut off at your house. Things are not totally bleak at that point since you still have water stored in the house in the water heater, and it assumes that you will do nothing to make alternative supplies available for yourself.
      So while I respect Mr. Holter, in the past he has definitely over-reacted – taking his family out of the country until realizing the obvious that if there ARE problems he’d be a sitting duck in a foreign land as the only foreigner, and that he is safer in Texas.
      AS far as Mr. Trump goes – I reluctantly voted for him – but as Steve Bannon says “As far as the voters who selected Trump as their president, the reason for the Trump Presidency as far as those voters are concerned, is OVER”.
      So meet the new boss, not all that different from the old boss, unfortunately.
      Mr. Trump apparently owes too many favors to Mr. Soros.

    • Bill Holter

      I did not say “things”, I was referring to the belief that American gold was actually in Ft. Knox. THIS is a joke. “Nothing” has changed? Really? Where do you get your news from ecobel?

    • Paul ...

      ecobel … why in the world do you want fiat paper for your gold? … the value of precious metals is not the amount of paper fiat you will get for it … the value of precious metals is in what it can provide to you (precious metals free you from Satan’s control by providing you with the means to “live free”) i.e. silver turns sunlight into electricity, electricity flowing through gold plates in ordinary water provides you with HHO gas to run your car … HHO gas passing over platinum and palladium to generate heat without flame needed to warm your home in winter … if are you seriously waiting to trade away your precious metals for the banksters fiat debt paper (or crypto currency in virtual computer space) you are dooming yourself to slavery by the globalists in control of all the necessities you need to live!!

      • Paul ...

        As Bill Holter says: “Truth revealed will crash the globalists system” … that truth is simply that God’s “precious metals” will provide you with all the necessities of life that fiat paper and crypto can never provide!!

  23. Paul ...

    We know what the Fed wants to do … digitize the “deep storage gold” in the Grand Canyon and issue crypto currency against it … the same way the Chinese have just stored tea in a warehouse and issued crypto currency against it … but what if there is a warehouse fire and all the tea is destroyed? … what worth does the “tea crypto have”? ZERO! … look at Fort Knox … what worth does the gold there have if can’t be audited because it was all stolen? ZERO … the same with the Grand Canyon … who is going to audit the gold there? … the lying Government who can’t give us the correct unemployment numbers or the correct inflation numbers and uses the (fake news) MSM to lie to us etc., etc.? … and what is all that “gold crypto” backed by the Grand Canyon going to be worth when Yellowstone erupts? ZERO … the only money “that is money” is the physical gold (or silver) “in your hand” (not stored somewhere) where it can be robbed, stolen, destroyed or easily confiscated!!

    • Paul ...

      We know that “free energy” exists in the “vacuum of space” which has vast monetary worth … so why don’t the world monetary authorities issue crypto “backed by the vacuum of outer space” the way they issue their fiat out of thin air? … likely because physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium are needed to “release that free energy!!

      • Paul ...

        OK people … sit down and really think … say the electrical grid goes down … you will need electricity to light your LED bulbs … therefore you will need solar panels (silver) to charge your batteries (lead, nickel) … say there is no gas at gas stations … you will need fuel for your car … therefore you will need non-corroding plates (gold) in your HHO gas generator to produce the gas to run your car … say you can’t get firewood to heat your home in winter … therefore you will need “gold” to produce your HHO gas from ordinary water (powered by electricity produced by “silver” in your solar panels and feed that HHO gas into a reactor containing “platinum, palladium and nickel” to produce a 900 degree heater to keep your home toasty warm on cold winter nights … crypto is not going to produce the electricity you need to light your LED bulbs and power your HHO generator that will make the fuel to power you car and heat your home … but “precious” metals like silver, gold, platinum, palladium and nickel will power your car and your home … get some now so you can survive a societal breakdown!! …

        • Paul ...

          So part of everyone’s survival kit you should own as many one ounce silver coins as the number of solar panels you will need to power your electrical and HHO gas needs … you will need as many one ounce gold coins as the number of HHO gas generator cells you will need to power your car and heat your home … and you will need as many one ounce platinum or palladium coins as the number of radiators you have in your home to heat it … how much will crypto will you need to survive? None, Nada, Zero!!!

    • Bill Holter

      what “deep storage” gold in the Grand Canyon? It is also reported there is ocean front property in Arizona but you could have fooled me …

      • Frederick

        I think by ” deep storage gold” Paul is referring to gold ore still in the ground as its rumored to exist in large quantities in the Grand Canyon

    • Flattop

      According to Wayne Jett, the Ft Knox gold took a walk on Bill Clintons watch. Sound familiar??

  24. Nick

    I do honestly think that getting into cryptocurrencies is a way to go to avoid the worst of the crashes that are coming.

    • Bill Holter

      not sure farmers or owner of real goods will barter their products for “air” in a Mad Max scenario?

      • freebrezer

        But Bill … a gold coin vs. some 100101010010 digits for food! Hmmm … I know what I would take! Unfortunately there are a boat load of unwise, uneducated college grads that will go for digits. And if times unfortunately get tough, I can only imagine the look on a farmers face when some young grad offers to transfer some digits!

    • Frederick

      Nick I wish I truly understood these Cryptos as I fear you may be right and I’m going to be left out of the bonanza

    • John

      Cryptocurrencies are not stable at all (December and January’s crash reduced the market cap by almost 50%) and unless you really believe in Cryptocurrencies and have money that you can afford to lose, you should never invest in Cryptocurrencies. And to anyone who is planning to invest, the internet is full of fake reviews and there are tons of scam coins, so before buying, research about the coin on BitcoinTalk and Reddit, and read the comments.

  25. Southern Girl

    I finally got someone in my family to make their first purchase of PMs. Oh! Happy Day!

    • Greg Hunter

      Congrats SG. Get them some food and water too and Pb.

      • Paul ...

        Good advice Greg … food to live … water (and gold) to make the fuel to power our cars and heat our homes (using platinum) …lead for our batteries (powered by silver and sunlight)!!

    • Bill Holter

      good job!

  26. eddiemd

    Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever!

    The pouring out of the Holy Spirit is now.

  27. Larry G Carter

    All I can say is Gold will be KING and SILVER will be Queen when the smoke clears.
    Another fine interview with Bill Holter who has away with identifying with few words the real crux of the problem. You go Bill

    • Corleone

      Gold and Silver = Batman and Robin ????

  28. eddiemd

    The promise of the Holy Spirit. Baptism in Fire.

  29. wd


    Will the fire fighter Mark Taylor be on your show soon?


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes WD, and YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT. Wednesday morning early in AM.

  30. Tad

    I think about Mr. Trump’s economic sanctions imposed on various countries, and wonder if a master plan exists to ban all imports–the exception being refined oil products and rare earth metals.

    Jim Willie talks about a schiess dollar and most have a gut feeling about dollar destruction, so somehow this seems like a start over strategy to rebuild the country.

    Taken with recent actions against Russian diplomatic facilities, and one wonders about intentions about Russian expats, or expats in general living here.

    I wonder if Deep State operatives are observing National Prayer Day? Psychopaths probably deem themselves above and separate re penance and contrition. certainly explains Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan,. . . and the list is endless

  31. petedivine

    I thought it was interesting that Steve Mnuchin visited Ft. Knox the same day as the eclipse. First time a Secretary of the Treasury visited Ft. Knox in 70 years, And the full eclipse over the U.S. is a 100 year event. Coincidence? Aug-21-2017.

    • Bill Holter

      interesting? no. comical? yes!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for a great Interview and for coming on and answering questions. You sir, are a stand up guy!!!!!!!!

  32. Southern Girl

    Listening to you intently and something triggered in my brain about you saying credit would freeze up. Followed John Paul Jackson for many years. He died in 2015 but all of his prophesies are still online. preparingfortheperfectstorm. Here is the link to the list of Headlines he was given over many years.

    Look down toward the bottom. CREDIT MARKETS FREEZE UP. I have not been able to put all of those headlines into perspective but what you said about people being angry because of the truth bombs, might just lead to riots. If people cannot get food I think they will riot also. Some headlines are about food prices going up so high and Sisco and Kraft thinking about putting guards on the food deliver trucks. This all sounds like what you were talking about today.

    Also The Rise and Fall of the political parties – New third party gains ground…It must be because of TRUTH BOMBS that will come out. I think when the public knows how we have been lied to it will lead to more riots.

    Just wanted you to know how right on you were. Thanks so much for the interview. I had forgotten about those headlines until I listened to you.

    • helot

      RE: “credit would freeze up […] CREDIT MARKETS FREEZE UP“

      I live in the Northland. After a freeze, there is a thaw, which slowly gives way to a Spring.

      What are they doing for ‘credit’ in Houston, now?

      Awhile back, at we would often get into discussions with a fella by the name of Bischoff. He would go on and on with enthusiasm about how, ‘historically’ credit of a form, was handled. I’m talking 1600’s. I’m sorry, but for the life of me I can’t remember what he called it, Bills of… something, he called it. REAL BILLS, I think it was. I wonder if that could be used as a bridge to sound money and the catalyst is devastation such as in Houston or what Jerry writes about? [Thank you for your input Jerry.]

      What? You’ve never heard about, ‘Real Bills’ before? Yeah, there’s a lot about history the history teachers never tell you about, like how the Korean missle flown over Japan was on the anniversary of Japan invading thier country in 1910 and treating their people like dogs,.. but, I digress again.
      . I don’t think Real Bills are a cure all, But, they might make for a good bridge, perhaps. …Or, awe, f-it, just do metals. That would be ok. …Just thinking out loud.

      All I know is, ‘CREDIT MARKETS’ might FREEZE UP, but between friends and those who trust each other a bit, ‘credit’ will not. As ‘they’ say, if trade can’t happen between borders, war does. Or, something like that. Que: Gerald Cilante.
      Consider how, ‘The West’ was won, guys like those portrayed in a 1970’s film, staring Robert Conrad, I forget the name of the film, Pascanel, a Frenchman, he went before the Indians, with – no fear – he traded, everyone benefited and wanted the trade to succeed. Thus, trade happened. Mighty heroic stuff.
      As it was, as it shall always be, until Satan gets in the way, I suppose.

      Progressive/Marxists/Communist/Globalist whatever bast-ards would say things are different from those times. “Ha!“ a Pascanel would say: ‘some things, they Never change’.

      Imho, the answer is not to be found in any political party, but it culture, in locals, in families… that is, if they are not too fractured.

      …But, what the heck do I know? I’m just a helot. Have you ever looked up the definition of a helot? You might find you’re one, too. Such is life, in an empire. I wish I could always say, ‘I am Not afraid’ like Pascanel does. But, sometimes, I am. I am weak. Or, as a famous explorer who traveled all over Africa and faced down lions, tigers and charging bull elephants and such said on The Johnny Carson Show, ‘What scares me is: flashing red and blue lights in the rear view mirror.’

    • Bill Holter

      the world will not nor can run without credit.

  33. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks! I think the resilience of the gold and silver prices in the face of the continuing overnight attacks is very significant. Something has definitely changed.

  34. stonewall

    I feel somewhat sorry for the masses of brain dead, brain washed people
    who haven’t a clue what is coming at them like a runaway freight train.
    These fools drank the cool aid and fervently believe in their hearts and souls
    that everything would be wonderful if only President Trump would disappear.
    The main stream media and academia are entirely to blame for this sad state
    of affairs. There is no free lunch and most people are about to find that out
    the hard way and as a result precious metal prices and mining company shares
    are destined to launch to much higher prices as the greenback collapses.

    • Jerry

      My father always told me there are three types of people. Those that make things happen. Those that watch things happen. And those that wonder what the hell happened?

    • Bill Holter

      will be a complete shock to 90% or more?

  35. Diane

    Bill and Greg
    What do you make of the North Korean hydrogen bomb test?
    Very frightening that they have this capability.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very big problem. This is not fake news.

    • Keith wilson

      The united nations world food programme ships millions of dollars worth of food every year into North Korea. Most of this money is provided by uncle Sam. North Korea can not feed its own people correctly,and thousands of children die due to shortages. At the same time they hold a gun to the USA . Threaten the region with a nuclear bomb.

    • Bill Holter

      EMP possibility is the scariest because no one knows how to survive without electricity any longer.

      • Frederick

        That’s very true People freak out when they lose power for a few hours Can you imagine all those teenage phone zombies not being able to recharge their phones and text while driving The humanity

    • David

      Bread and circus my friend, bread and circus. N Korea is sitting on 6-7 TRILLION dollars worth of rare earth minerals which is why the MIC is licking their chops trying to get in and start a war. N Hailey got on the UN floor and stated that North Korea is BEGGING for a war…… Pretty sure it’s the other way around. China and Russia are the two biggest powers in that area and would be easier to strike than the US but they don’t seem to be calling for war.

      Trump campaigned on no regime change but the MIC is changing his mind. Don’t give in. IF N Korea attached us it would be suicide for them. They are not that stupid. Watch what the msm is not talking about to see what is important.

  36. SOD

    Say Greg,
    Perhaps Bill Holter or Jerry can verify what I am hearing from the spook: He contends that “World Money” which made its debut last September is now waiting in the wings and will replace the US Dollar in the very near term. Strangely enough he said his source for this was a known Pentagon insider.SOD

    • Bill Holter

      there will be new currencies no doubt. What they will be is the question?

  37. Flattop

    GREG: Is there a site where one can go which will inform us as to what is going on in the real estate market. All I seem to locate are sites predicting the future of gold, silver, and the dollar.

    • helot

      Dear Flattop, The site you’re looking for is a freedomista type of place, it’s called They called the crash in ’08 long before it happened and they are on top of things now, imho. Every time I think of buying a house, I go there,… then I take a nap, or run, or pound some metal. Things are crashing as we speak, ‘er, type. Oh, the joys of being screwed over by Mr. Banker and his buddies,… it’ll prolly be doubly so for those who already bought and owe. It’s worldwide, too. So nobody will be left out. As if it were on purpose.

      Insert chart of the increase in mortgages bought by The Fed, here: X. A.k.a. price fixing.

    • JMiller


      You might want to take a look at Wolf Richter’s Wolf Street website. He covers a wide range of financial and economic topics including real estate.

  38. Tad

    I believe Bill was referring to the USS Cook, not the USS Cole.

    • Bill Holter

      yes correct, my error.

  39. Jodyp

    Love Brother Bill.If he was smart enough to come to the Lone Star State, he’s well worth the listen.

    • helot

      Dear Jodyp,

      I too, have lived in Texas for a time. It was a nice place and the people I met were wonderful, however; when you say, “If he was smart enough to come to the Lone Star State“ it comes across – As If – it were any different from any other state in the union which Violently violated The Constitution and the humanity of people.

      Texas, in form, is the same as the rest, unfortunately. There’s nothing special about Texas, even IF the gold depository has meaning, the state government still helps The Feds violate the Constitution and rips off The People via such things as asset forfeiture, vaccinations and a continuation of, ‘The War on Some Drugs’ resulting in the destruction of the family unit. Ungodly acts! which far too many false imperial christians cheer. When will the ‘Brave New World’ war against families stop?

      Yeesh, when will christians stop supporting the war against families via the power of The State?

      Does the film, ‘Vaxxed’ ring a bell,… anyone? Are we truly surrounded by Monsters? Are there any significant numbers of Humans left in America or do we live on The Planet of the Apes void of reason and logic?

      • Jodyp

        “there’s nothing special about Texas”???? I beg to differ.lets compare with Cal or NY.Real Texans at least have pride.And ‘True Grit’!We will overcome!

    • Bill Holter

      wasn’t born in Texas but got here as soon as I could!

  40. Paul ...

    Kim Kong of N.Korea just set off another hydrogen bomb … it’s time to negotiate … not threaten … invite Kim Kong to the US and hold a meeting at the top floor of Empire State Building … then when he is out on the balcony overlooking the city … have a plane piloted by a Saudi terrorist go after Kong (so no one can blame the Deep State for killing the beast)!

    • Paul ...

      You know the warmongering neocons think nothing of killing a million N. Koreans, a million S. Koreans and a million Japanese “just to get one man” … didn’t we put Trump in office so as to prevent Killary from starting a massive global war? … how does Trump justify in his mind “conventional bombing” to save a few hundred children in Syria … with a massive preemptive “nuclear bomb strike” in N. Korea that will result in the deaths of millions of children? … if regime change is considered necessary to save us from “a mad man” why doesn’t Trump (instead of becoming a mad man himself) simply focus the secret “microwave death ray” the Deep State has in space on Kim Jong Un’s Palace and turn it to dust along with his him and his generals like the Twin Towers and the people inside were turned to dust!

      • Paul ...

        And what of the 16 year war in Afghanistan? … Trump tweeted in Jan 2013 “Lets get out of Afghanistan … we are wasting billions there” … why are we killing children there?? …

        • Paul ...

          Multiply what you see in the photo above by millions … simply collateral damage to the Satanist warmongers … what is it to “normal human beings”?? … why can’t God’s people cry out “No Women … No Children”!!

          • helot

            RE ‘why can’t God’s people cry out “No Women … No Children”!!’

            That might be out of character. History, and all that, ya know. What I mean is, in The Book of Romans, Paul mentions how unbelievers are filled with, ‘the spirit of sleep’ … do you think many who call themselves Christians [and many who don’t, head down, looking at i-gadget] are filled with that spirit today? For example, how many congregations pray for the end of geoengineering? zzzzzz….

            • Jodyp

              My God,you are bitter.Sincerely hope you find some peace.Our states,our country,our world are not perfect.Look for some good.Its out there.Good luck dude or dudess.

        • Justn Observer

          The products of Afghanistan are = opiates, gold, lithium, and rare earth metals and copper mines… drugs = $300 billion cash crop…any wonder we helped ‘TIM OSMAN’ and the Carter Doctrine… get the ‘Russians’ out of there? Maybe a pipeline from the north ‘stans’ territory to south Gulf in the offerings later too? hmmm

  41. Diane

    What about the poor people who prepped for a catastrophic event and had to escape the floods with their lives? Breaks my heart.

    • helot

      RE: ‘What about the poor people who prepped for a catastrophic event and had to escape the floods with their lives? Breaks my heart.’

      On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, have you read the recent bit from David Stockman about how the the goobermint enabled all of it to happen by their disastrous policies? It’s shameful!

      I live alongside the Mississippi River, it floods all the time, fools build houses in flood zones and act as if it’s unexpected. Or, maybe they are smart? Stockman mentions one person with a hundred thousand Dollar house who got reimbursed by you, and mostly me in Iowa, eight hundred thousand Dollars in repairs over many flooded years. They basically live on a sea bed, it’s a nice place to visit, but not a place to build a home! Not in a rational capitalist society,, anyway. But, I digress.

    • JMiller

      Yep. All the prepping in the world can’t guarantee that you will be safe when a catastrophic event happens.

    • Bill Holter

      is not a “bug out bag” your fist and foremost “prep”?

  42. Fred T

    Greg, Holter & Sinclair are totally wrong when they talk about when the last physical gold is gone from the COMEX, LBMA, etc, then gold will skyrocket in price. For a few years now, the COMEX has already cash settled gold futures contracts because they didn’t have the physical gold to deliver. Force Majeure has ALREADY happened but the COMEX is surely not going to put out a public press release about this because it would be self-destruction on their part to do that. Just like the U.S. Gov’t doesn’t publicly tell the world that there is NO gold at Fort Knox. So in both cases, it is a U.S. Government perpetrated fraud at the COMEX and Fort Knox. Rob Kirby has previously told you I believe that the COMEX cash settles gold contracts and has been doing this for some years. Rob Kirby has also said this in other interviews with other people. You need to do more investigative reporting on this and expose it in the media as best you can.

    • Nick in UK

      Fred T……You are 100% right the Comex CANNOT default as it can always cash settle.
      The bankers are currently cash settling comex contracts once we enter an active delivery month. There is an obscure private contract called an EFP which allows a banker to enter into a contract with a long to receive a bonus fiat along with a roll to the next active delivery month. The transaction is private so we do not know how much bonus they receive. Therefore the Comex scam is supported with unlimited amounts of FIAT currency or imaginary digital numbers and the “enter” button.
      This PM scam will need to be ended away from the Comex, probably by a foreign nuclear super power, who are out of other options.
      It would be better for everyone to understand and promote the truth about Comex, than ignore the cash settle fact.

    • Bill Holter

      …and what will you say when “cash” is finally refused for settlement?

      • Nick in U.K.

        Bill you may well be right and nobody will accept the cash as worthless.
        I just don’t see the Comex as the catalyst that sets this FIAT collapse off . The golden truth bomb will be dropped elsewhere.

  43. This sceptred Isle

    It appears that the only possibilities are anarchy, totalitarian governments or mass spontaneous spiritual awakening.

    • helot

      RE: ‘It appears that the only possibilities are…’

      Don’t box yourself in so much, maybe. Myself, I’m hoping for anarcho-capitalism due to mass spontaneous spiritual awakening in a, “Spirit of ’76” way. Could you imagine knowing what you know now, in say, 1986? We’ve come a long way, baby.

      Gary North makes a great case for optimism, here:

      “The free market is doing its work. Personal responsibility, private ownership, the right to trade, and optimism about the future has steadily increased in the West and the rest. The last 200 years are the forerunners of the next 200 years.

      If you want to see this in one photo, here is the Korean peninsula. [That map is something else, now! One I’ll never forget.]

      I realize that there are Christians out there who do not accept this. They reply: “I don’t care what Mises said, or Rothbard said, or Rosling said. The Bible teaches that things will get worse and worse until Jesus comes again.” No, actually, it doesn’t teach this. For evidence, click here. For more evidence, click here.”

      There needs to be more optimism like that. I talked to a 19 yr. old recently and told him houses will be plentiful and cheap as the years go by based upon what I’ve learned from and [I dropped a ton of truth bombs on him and he took them all in stride, I was amazed. It’s what I thought Americans were supposed to be!] That’s good news for him. But, what of Gen X? They need something to look forward to as well, they are dropping like flies and their life expectancy is said to be falling off a cliff. What, ‘good cheer’ do they hear? ‘Totalitarian governments’, and ‘1984’ mixed with, ‘Brave New World’ what kind of life are we who are older trying to leave, or allowing, to the younger generations?

      There is no GOOD military solution to North Korea, Afghanistan is a lost cause, Iraq is it’s own, Syria is lost [face it] and the unitedstate is Not, and should not be, the policeman to the world.

      I’m not even sure How to be optimistic, it’s difficult to even envision, it used to quite common in the USA, it’s not anymore, but it Needs to be, but Not in the FAKE way it has been, a.k.a per George Bush, ‘go out and shop til you drop’ and the poseur Oboma and his false hope and no change.

      The warmongers among us must be seen for what they are: the tiny green space alien on the old Loony Tunes cartoons who quested to dominate the universe. Or, the chickenhawk at LegHornFoghorn’s feet. What happened to, “Let Freedom Ring“? Did a mouse get in everybody’s pocket?

      I’m not going off on you personally, This sceptred Isle. Just hoping to make waves in the world towards true freedom and not his fake ugly plastic sheet everybody has been waving around.

    • Bill Holter

      pretty much…

  44. Chuck

    Very nice interview Greg. Good job!

  45. Bruce Maclean

    I think you Americans are in serious trouble. Please watch the youtube video “What is the Awan Bros. Doing Behind Trey Gowdy?” @

  46. marcus

    Hi Greg
    I understand you’re not that fond of Jim Willie {Golden Jackass}, but boy oh boy all are now barking his predictions now. KWN are trying to be the first now saying oil to be traded in Chinese currency. Even big Bill is chanting the same swap of power from West to East……let it be known Dr Jim W has been going on about this for 5 to 6 years now, and all say he is so often the mark that he is crazy, but funny how everyone now is singing his song.
    Crazy goes a long way today, and if you are crazy your probably not contaminated with all the toxins that are floating out their brainwashing and killing the human warrior that lies in us all.
    I have not drunk water from a tap or a produced supplier for now 8 years and belive it has left my brain in full electrical conductivity. When president Putin travells he takes a trusted live water supply……I suggest to all your followers to follow the light you must be pure in all you do.
    1. Pollution , every breath you take contaminates our body. ( I know most that live in big cities can’t change their quality of oxygen .)
    2. Water, We are electrical beings and our connections are based on the water we drink. Contaminated water is the reason why so many get cancer. (you can do something about that.)
    3. know what you put in your mouth. We are all Ferraris put crap in the tank and you will clage up.
    4. Become a warrior of light, Light cut through all the BS and fuels your soul. As you say trust in Love ( God, Jesus, Mankind) LIGHT and you have a shield of Gold
    My 2 cents worth is be prepared we are only weeks away from a reset.

    • Frederick

      Jim Willie is alittle too controversial for Gregs taste evidently His predictions on the dollar sure look like they may be coming true

      • Greg Hunter

        Not the reason.

  47. Gary

    I’d like to see you interview the author of the The Creature of Jekyll Island, as I’d like to hear his input on what is going on today. Maybe you have and I just missed it as I’ve only been following you for a few months, but if you haven’t it’s one interview I’d really like seeing.

    • helot

      RE: ‘I’d like to see you interview the author of the The Creature of Jekyll Island’

      Yah, me too. That guy dismissed geoengineering big time per Wiggington’s website. In contrast to, ‘The Creature of Jekyll Island’ it’s really bizarre how he seemingly came out in favor of our overlords. Over. The. Top.

    • Bill Holter

      I believe he already has Gary, check USA W’s archives.

  48. pat the rat

    Do not buy gold and silver $20 and $1 coins, $1 and $20 bills are same face value . Buy gold and silver bars instead can”t exchange them at face value.

    • Frederick

      One hundred ounce bars is what I buy mostly and some one ounce rounds

    • john

      gold and silver eagles are given a dollar face value to protect them from being counterfeited – a good thing. The true value of the coin is based on the weight of the metal in the coin – aka bullion.

  49. Kevin Wright

    Sooner a later one of these schills will be rigjt….”I told ya it was gonna happen!!!” I predicted it….never mind that I made the same prediction every week for the last 20 years….want more info?? Check my website for free ….which really means visit my website so I can lure the worthless dollar bills out of your pocket. Rinse repeat.

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg,—- Nuclear test in North Korea set off huge earthquake that could trigger a fault shift across the Pacific and even into U.S. in a few days… CHECK IT OUT @ 46:02 in this video
    from dutchsinsevolcano/earthquake report site .

  51. helot

    Dear Greg Hunter, Thank you for providing this free forum. Pardon me for marking up your comments section and giving people a hard time as I try to get them to Box outside the Think.
    People are afraid of me, because I think too much, present them with uncomfortable facts, and am too aware, to far too many people – and, to many of them – I must appear to be thoroughly un-American and a Frankenstein… which, couldn’t be further from the truth, as is Mars…. I have become a target.

    While we don’t agree on everything, we do agree on enough of some things. I, like Fred Reed [probably too late] shall go into hiding, now. It’s what people do in war-time. I’ve done my, ‘White Rose’ two bits.
    Farewell. And, may God guide you and those who read your words which I hope lead to the peace which our Master requests of us all. Love your enemies.

    Also, pardon my bad grammar, I’m the product of sucky government schools. Don’t EVER send your children to one.

    • Jodyp

      Yes.I am afraid.

  52. Si Turner

    Very knowledgeable guy, hope he wasn’t too put out that you kept asking him for somebody else’s opinion Greg?

  53. Chip

    Greg, great interview. I noticed the trolls have done an all out assault on your site or at least the poll where 60% believe MSM polls are accurate? AHAHAHAHA… Chip

  54. eric

    Everyone is blasting Mnuchin for his tweet but nobody read it.
    “….Glad gold is safe!” Fed speak, baby. Gold is safe, not THE gold is safe.
    Everything all Mnuchin detractors including Bill Holter have been saying.
    I believe we have been duly served warning.

  55. Hatemail

    NK has obtained rocket engines from the Ukraine and now a Hydrogen Bomb? All this is happening at a very fast pace, much faster than what the “experts” predicted.
    This is not “homegrown” technology. A cabal of nations are facilitating these events. Next, NK will begin exporting nuclear weapons to Iran.

    • Frederick

      Hate mail I don’t think they got a hydrogen bomb from the Ukraine with Porky in charge there unless it was clandestine under the table which is possible

  56. Tad

    Woke up this morning to learn Trump has give Dreamers (DACA) another 6 months grace period.

    Given that this was an Obama executive order, Trump could have erased it in January.

    He’s compromising too much. Perhaps this is part of a larger plan to rebuild Houston with immigrant labor.

    Among my brethren in trades-oriented jobs , I can well remember being unemployed during the initial years of “the last recession,” due to overwhelming numbers of illegals having preference over white and black job seekers in limited jobs available.

    I sense that not a great deal has changed.

    • Frederick

      Nothing’s changed My old boss has 15 Latino youths working for him doing renovations and landscaping in the Hamptons He’s ALL for immigration of course as he pays them next to nothing and nearly works them to death

  57. Jerry

    If anyone needs a timeline as to when the currency reset will reach critical mass, look no further than the U.S. debt clock .
    If you scroll down to the lower left hand corner, you will see a bracket in red titled “U.S. debt held by foreign countries”. If you look closely you can see the selloff in real time. It should be a major clue to you that they are selling off American debt to purchase something else. What might that be?

  58. Jerry

    It’s becoming more apparent day by day that China is prompting NOKO into intimidating the United States in order to erode global confidence and expose our economic weakness. Here is the latest example.

  59. Bill Holter

    this advice is not correct.

  60. Flattop

    Pat the rat; Don’t understand your comment concerning 20 and 1 dollar coins and 20 dollar bills. Explain please.

  61. Elusive Joseph

    Geraldo Rivera = modern day Operation Mockingbird shill

  62. coalburner

    You do such a great job! Also I really appreciate Jerry and what many of your commentors provide in information and thinking. I can’t say that I have a true tribal “Center of the World” But I would like to have James Hastings in my tribe along with a bunch of these people. Maybe we are all in the USA Watchdog Tribe.

  63. coalburner

    Let me help out Larry Carter! Lead will be the trump card. Have plenty of lead and the proper dispensers.

  64. Bob Rohrer

    First of all let me state, I am no Nazi or Neo-Nazi! I also despise Hitler for many of the things he did, especially to the Jews who had exhibited the finest culture in the arts and science Europe had ever seen. Just a couple of examples: in music, Felix Mendelssohn, in literature, Rainer Maria Rilke and medicine, Sigmund Freud not to mention the incredible Sabina Spielrein! I could keep naming dozens more, as like Nietzsche, my respect for the Jewish intellect is deep! And thanks to his Sister, Nietzsche was to be tarred as an anti-Semite and proto-Nazi by the ignorant! Anyway I digress…

    It is amazing to me all the vitriol still being spewed against the Nazi and Hitler; while the MORE hateful Communists and Stalin are almost not even mentioned. Even current articles would lead one to believe that ANTIFA is a new thing! No mention that Hitler was in street battles with them in the 1930’s. Why? Because along with being a Psychopath*, this Fascist National Socialist was also virulently anti-Communist! He wanted to destroy communism on the Continent, and even hoped Churchill would join him in doing so. Instead American Communists, led by FDR, made sure the Soviets, and their communist economic ideas, would survive!

    So today we are surrounded by domestic Socialist, Progressive Communists called Democrats! They fear the appellation Communist and what it would communicate regarding their agenda, and the agenda of their proxies, so all the focus MUST be on the Nazis!

    Trump was right. There is, and was, blame on both sides! And how is that statement wrong?! Only because the Left, the Media, and the Communists were NOT satisfied that he did not totally blame the Neo-Nazis! I mean to a Democrat, how in the world could an ANTIFA (anti-fascist) Communist have any blame, it must all be blamed on the Neo-Nazis; and because Trump said “both”, he must somehow be protecting the Nazis! In the meantime Communist Democrats are fast destroying America under the mantle of being simply Progressive! Worse it appears the FBI and DHS want to be sure ANTIFA are just Terrorists and not Democrats!
    * And yes, I have studied The Mind of Adolf Hitler, The once Secret, 269 page, Wartime Report by the great psychoanalyst Walter C. Langer.

    • Flattop

      Bob Rohrer;
      The KKK originated out of the Dem0cratic party. The Democrats are the ones who brought slavery to our shores. The southern army during the civil war was democrats. So all the statues that they are tearing down are democrats

  65. Dan

    What did Mnuchin say? “Gold is safe”. What does that mean? He didn’t say the gold is there and there is no problem. If there was no gold there and you didn’t want to admit it you would say “Gold is safe”. You would say THE gold is safe. Actually he states correctly no matter what transpires. “Gold is safe” Invest in it. It’s the REAL money.

  66. don

    Come on, the ships were hacked?…Were the seamen’s eyes hacked?? Seriously, Greg. When you downsize the navy but increase the deployments, major breakdowns are inevitable…add in PC training instead of military readiness and you have a recipe for disaster.

  67. Cassie Hare

    Dear Greg
    I am a first time commenter. First of all, I need to tell you that my husband and I are more than blessed to have found your wonderful website. We always so look forward to your next transmissions…. the next one always seems even better than the last, if that were possible. (My favorite part is how you remind us at the end of each wrap-up of Who is really in control.)

    Have you heard of George Webb, an investigative journalist who is exposing the spy ring in Congress? He is good at bringing all the pieces together of the sordid corruption we have allowed to happen in our country. He is found on You-Tube with several videos per day showing the progress of his investigation. Here is a link to all the evidence needed to expose high crimes involving Awans, Wasserman-Shultz, McCain, and company who are running drugs into our country and weapons out for Isis.

    Thank you again for your courage and shining faith!

    Cassie and Richard

  68. Hamms

    Next week the S&P will break 2,500 and break 2,600 by xmas. With all these tax cuts, weather disasters and the coming municipal and State bailouts, the national debt is guaranteed to go up at a higher rate% under Trump than Obama. $27T to $33T by end of Trump in 2021. Zero = the number of campaign promises Trump will actually fulfill. IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND: Handing out money that doesn’t exist is the final ‘growth industry’ of the USA, and as long as the trillions all get hovered [and kept only on bank ledgers, not exchanging hands] by the billionaires of Wall Street, London, Tokio and Hong Kong, there will be no inflation, there can be no collapse, the money supply in the system for the bottom 90% remains constant. Should the billionaires want to pump their money into the system they will be committing economic suicide, and therefore, they won’t. They will endlessly just collect more money.

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