U.S. Has Plans for Preemptive Nuclear Attack- Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the U.S. has plans for nuclear war with our rivals.  Dr. Roberts explains, “Washington not only has war plans for launching a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia, and also possibly China, but Washington has a cadre of people who advocate nuclear war.  We have people running around Washington saying things such as ‘What’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them.’  . . . These weapons are so lethal that if just one percent of the inventory of the U.S. and Russia were used, the death toll would be at least 2 billion people.  Also, if less than half of the inventory of either the U.S. or Russia were used, life would cease to exist on planet earth.”  Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “I have been warning about this for some years.  I pointed out years ago that the Bush regime had changed U.S. war doctrine such that the role of nuclear weapons was no longer retaliatory to be used in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States.  It was elevated to a first strike position.  It is now our war doctrine that we can initiate a nuclear war on somebody we don’t like, or who we think might not agree with us, or who we think might be prepared to go to war against us.  This doctrine applies to countries that do not have nuclear weapons.”

Why is Russia the target for U.S. nukes?  Roberts says, “Russia is a country that is large enough and has sufficient resources that it could rise to the position to being a barrier to Washington’s exercise of hegemony over the world.  So, Russia has always been the target of this nuclear war doctrine.  How are they implementing this?  The United States is now putting, on the border of Russia, anti-ballistic missile bases, or ABM’s.  In the Regan years, it was called ‘Star Wars.’  These missiles are designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles.  So, if we were to attack Russia, and Russia were nuclear devastated and pushed the button and sent ICBM’s headed to the U.S. for retaliation, the anti- ballistic bases would shoot down the incoming Russian ICBM’s and leave America untouched.  The doctrine is now prevalent in Washington that the United States can win a nuclear war because we have the shield of anti-ballistic missiles.”

So, America is safe?  Robert’s says no-way and explains, “Even if every American city is spared retaliation, all the Americans would die too due to the radiation and due to the nuclear winter. . . . all of the temperate climates would have freezing temperatures every day of the year for three years.  So, clearly there wouldn’t be any food grown.  This is over and above whatever the radiation does to people.  This is a very serious situation that the United States actually has plans for nuclear war and thinks it has to wipe out Russia and China so nobody gets in the way of Washington dictating to the world.  This is blatantly evil.”

Why isn’t the national media reporting this?  Dr. Roberts, who was also a top editor at the Wall Street Journal, contends, “The New York Times and Washington Post are part of it.  They are all for these wars.  The answer is they are all bought off.  They are bought off or they are intimidated because if you say anything negative about Washington, you must be an anti-American.  The whole thing is at the point of absurdity.”

What about Russia and China making a first strike of their own?  Do you think that is far-fetched?  Dr. Roberts points out, “What I am telling you is in the public record.  This isn’t an opinion.  This is all in the public record. Anyone can read it.  The Russians and the Chinese are both fully aware of it. . . . This is very dangerous for Washington to have this doctrine and to be implementing it by putting ABM bases in Poland. . . . The bases are already established in Poland and there will be more.  The Polish government has signed the death warrant for humanity. . . . It gives Washington the confidence that we can attack Russia without any consequences. . . . Of course, these systems never work like people think they will work, they never do.  There are no winners.  It is impossible to win.  This is ignorance, and the belief you can win a nuclear war makes it possible, makes it likely.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts’ work is featured on his website, PaulCraigRoberts.org.  His site is free, and Dr. Roberts offsets the expense of running his site with donations.  If you’d like to support Dr. Roberts, please go to his Donations page by clicking here.  Dr. Roberts’ latest book is called “How America was Lost.”  If you would like to buy a copy, please click here.

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  1. Darren

    You wonder why the rest of the world despises the USA more and more; not to mention the financial chaos and criminals it manufactures and employs……….USA you were once the envy of the world now a cesspit of serpants……….

    • bahmi

      It is, I believe, incorrect to label the United States as the culprit in these matters. When we say the United States wants to attack Russiam preemptively, does this mean that John Doe in Peoria wants to do it, or Mary Smith in Stuttgart, Arkansas? No, it does not, decidedly so.
      We have a nasty core of warmongers at the highest levels of government and the NGO’s along with our core of Israel firsters that are issuing forth with these doctrinal abhorrences. There are people who stand to gain immense power and vast wealth already added to their stockpiles of same by instigating these wars of imperialism. They will start the wars of the future, they will endanger humanity, they will subjugate the losers of this world to a life of misery and penury.

      Americans share blame in these matters in that they fail to RESIST these scourges, they fail to attack the motives of these nightmarish warhawks. As such, Americans share much of the blame for the movement of the warmongers toward world enveloping wars of offensive nature. You, Mr and Mrs. America, are to blame as much as these diabolical dangers to life and prosperity on this planet. What are you going to do about it, go along with the warhawks because you are basically lazy and fail to oppose them?

      Each American must do his/her part to stop the rush toward war by these vicious criminals and economic opportunists. I’m talking to YOU! Now get with it…..

      • Galaxy 500

        Oh…those evil wicked “Israel firsters”. I knew the evil jews had to be responsible. What is it with the anti Jew wackos? And a litle note for your file, the Jews know Obama has sold them out. They will.do.the needful thing

      • JCN

        Agreed!! I stood all day at the 2012 polls holding a large sign that read, “Fool you once, shame on Obama; Fool you twice, shame on YOU”! Many people gave me thumbs up (although many seemed to not want anyone to see them doing that), yet others got angry and actually said that I should not be allowed to hold such a sign. Appalling! America voted this guy in (not in NC thankfully) so they do share responsibility for these outcomes.

    • mijj

      most people in the world know that the Regime of a nation isn’t one and the same as the people of the Nation. They know that US Regime behavior isn’t the result of democracy.

    • Terra Tear

      I am not as ‘educated’ as these people, but this I know for certain. If the US does something stupid with nukes, you will have approximately 30 minutes to say your good-byes [approximate time of a incoming IBM with a nuclear warhead]. Does anyone actually think the world will not destroy the US? We would have so many countries fire at us there would be no defense possible. Why? They would assume they are next. And rightly so with our ‘war mentality’. If you were the leader of let’s say China, what would you do? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

      • BHR

        China has been building subs for over 16 years capable of launching nuclear missiles. They build 10 to 12 a year.

  2. Cry Me A Ruble

    When I first listened to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at first I thought, really, after all I grew up doing drills where we kids hid in the school hallways or under our desks to avoid nuclear annihilation. Now with this joke in charge and his cronies I have to worry about this again!! No way!! Then the better part of my common sense took charge. If you are a megalomaniac like Obama where you dictate like a King instead of a President of a Republic then your will versus human life is of no consequence. You are the center of everything i.e. the emperor has no clothes. This President has shown disdain for the citizens he professes to protect so what should it matter if we are all killed while he is protected. That is my take and agreement with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts comments.

    • Terra Tear

      Mexican War, Spanish-American War, World War 1/11, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Grenada, War on Drugs, Desert Storm, War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, 911….and you blame Obama for the current state of affairs?

    • JAFO

      You mean those subs that are copies of old Soviet subs? hahaha. They’re too noisy and I’ll prepared to fight a modern navy like the US Navy.

      It’s obvious you didn’t put any thought in your 5th grade level post. No worries, kiddo. we’re here to correct you and educate you.

  3. Dwain

    Greg, great interview with Dr. Roberts.
    I still think US warmongering is tied to our financial predicament. When all else fails they take you war. History is replete with examples of wars being associated with economic failure. If the economy was hunky dori would we be in this mess?

    One important point not brought up in the interview. How many detonations does it take to bring about conditions Dr. Roberts alluded to.

    If sociopaths go nuclear I think they would resort to EMPs before ground detonation. If I’m not mistaken, Knocking out the power grid serves the same purpose but without disastrous side effects

    I went to see the new Godzilla movie with my son the other day. The main plot was about creatures battling Godzilla. These creatures created EMPs by stomping their legs on the ground which knocked out the power. It seems odd that movie produces would choose such of weapon. It also odd the movie spent so much time on military controlling social chaos resulting from creature inflicted devastation. Is someone trying to tell us something?

    The new Captain America movie manifests a plot dealing with battles over globalism, with a twist but not unlike the real. Of course Captain America saves the day.

    Are propagandist now focusing on cinema to psychologically condition the public? It appears they are.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hollywood has been a propaganda tool of Washington for

    • Charles H.


      Not just Hollywood… Main Stream Media is , of course, polishing the Dumb-down Conditioning of Public Education: the whole Internet is a sandbox for the NSA to condition and collect data. Wikipedia is politically and New Age culturally correct; YouTube prompts choice-suggestions, and can filter or drop posts: you only get so much info. So many of us not only have been classified with dossiers of our own – for participating on sites like this one: but all our surfing and comments serve as training for upcoming technicians working psychological profiles and analysis. Types like us is what junior interrogators will be practicing on. What frightens me are the movies dealing with machine/human integration, and genetic modification mad-science. Now that’s an itch too deep not to scratch.

    • woody188

      If you understand Full Spectrum Dominance, then certainly they are and have been for some time. All information is subject to scrutiny and manipulation under this doctrine.

    • e sutton

      Obama is just following orders from a cadre of neocons. Like Clinton and Bush Jr., he has been told that he will be incredibly wealthy if he simply does as he is told. What is truly pathetically ironic is, he will be able to enjoy none of it if the U.S. commences with this insane nuclear annihilation plan.

    • MCYesa

      Dwain, Since movies and TV began, “they” have always used them to “re-think” the public….glad you got wise to them! They will always foreshadow the direction “they” want to go.

  4. Vortex


    The US is a country that cannot function with-in the greater world community on any level and is completely unrecognizable as the place I was born and grew-up in.

    How in gods name did we as Americans allow these sick demonic Marxist degenerate neo-warhawk freaks to overthrow our Constitutional governance and nation.

    The average family member, friends and peer groups are unable to discuss any of these important issues at all, they will hate your guts in the end if you dare try to expose them to the current state of affairs. The denial is so profound that life long friends will not speak to me anymore because I brought critical issues up with important subject matter that has to be acknowledged.

    Its every man and woman for him/herself now. Forget trying to save the brainwashed left-wingers, right-wingers, koolaid drinkers, welfare thieves or any other useful idiot.

    The Rubicon has been passed! Now its just the timelines that are unknown.

    • Charles H.


      Your comment is one of the best summations I’ve read in a long time; and it is ahead of where most people are at – even most for this site. Nevertheless, I must agree. The rest of the world is not going to willingly submit to US dominance – they aren’t conditioned as we are. I’ve characterizes America as Disney World, and the rest lives in reality. I worry about the denial and disconnect mentalities both in public and office. The US once was the World’s Policeman, after WWII: but now it is the immature, spoiled rich bully. At some point, even her allies will have to turn away from her.

      • e sutton

        That might be the most frustrating thing about this whole thing. People simply do not want to hear or believe any of it. I’ve nearly got into some bad arguments and lost some friends over it as well. So I keep my mouth shut and prepare the best I can.

    • allen ols

      welcome to my world, jim willie wxpresses the same delemiha sp. I just talked to my grocer, manager at food lion, he stopped me in one isle, and expressed the wild price increases coming to usa, and global. I started talking to him yrs ago.
      One of his workers, told me never talk to her again, 4 yrs ago, after i spent ten minutes sharing her need to stock up on food. I saw her in the next isle, she avoided my eyes, why, she sees the price increases. did u read Dave Hodges article on http://www.shtf.com concerning food prices, and on his common sense web site, using food as a weapon. see this site.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Al, on our way back to the ’30’s, we are going to make an extended stopover in the ’70’s to visit and get to know once again our ol’ buddy, stagflation, where productivity and wages stall but prices just keep on rising. Gas at $3.999 is common in Louisville, KY and so. IN right now. 4 bucks: That’s where it all starts in earnest. Best always. PM

        • allen ols

          hey paul, great, onward

    • bahmi

      Terrific comment, Vortex. Ultimately, the nation fails when each individual that refuses to learn the facts of our existence contributes to a pan-America malaise. People don’t want to be bothered by studying the 911 event, the killing of JFK, the Waco horror, the Sandy Hook hoax, the Boston Marathon myth. They want to remain in their cocoon of ignorance, they want to dream their life away with fictions they learned from the movies and TV shows.

      I am sure most of us are struggling to get these messages through to our friends and acquaintances. I know that I am…..I have nearly come to blows with people I’ve known forever….this is denial of the maximal impact, this is the way lemmings act.

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote,”Sandy Hook hoax, the Boston Marathon myth”
        Dude, I suggest you start taking your thorazine and tighten up your tinfoil hat.

      • allen ols

        to all of the above;

        I talked to a guy , from the church, I told him of the coming delimah, sp, his first response was “ah but al, i know who wins i read the last chapter of the bible” I told him what are u going to eat between now and the last chapter when your food prices rocket and your job fails like 110 million other americans. He then quickly asked “what are YOU doing with your savings, I said I used it to prep stuff.
        He took down usawd.com and said I will have to do some home work.

    • Lee

      Vortex & replies,
      Excellent comments and you are not alone. I got burned in the prior real estate bubble, learned a lesson as there were warnings, been listening to alternative media since 2007. Since that time, I have tried to warn my siblings, dozens of good friends and 68 year-old spouse, by forwarding articles, short phone chats what is going on in the U.S. and global. Only one friend is on board, my family, friends and spouse tell me I am being brain washed by these videos and articles. My husband watches Fox hours a day and reads the WSJ. He has said to me several times if the info is not on Fox News, then it’s all lies.
      I gave up trying to help others, preparing for myself.

    • Terra Tear

      @Vortex. What a short dose of reality. If you haven’t already, take the time to study the rise of the Hitler and the Third Reich. Not just the story we all know, but all the pyschological conditioning and methods that were used on the unsuspecting German people turning them into willing accomplices. When you fully comprehend this, you will see your family, friends in a different light. Now a word of advice. Please refrain from trying to ‘get them to see what’s being done’. You are on dangerous ground my friend. It is time to be quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself. Start planning for what you know in your heart is coming…

  5. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Having incompetent aggressive fools as “leaders” of the nuclear power is threatening for the biosphere of the Earth not just for the existent of humanity on this planet. These fools think they will be the winners, well they win a radioactive wasteland which will be un-supportive for most of the life forms. Even after they will emerge from they bunkers after thousands of year.
    If I recall Russia, China and India have ICBM (Russia and India are friends) and Russians and Chinese have nuclear subs which can shoot nuclear missiles. Some of them can come and go as they please to the US coast undetected as they want.
    BTW if BRICS and the Gulf nations move away from US$, what can the US gov do, bomb them with nuclear warheads?
    Even the Israelis are more sane. So they rather switch sides then commit suicide for the US$, as they recently did because some of the Israeli troops are went fight Nazis in Donetsk and Lugansk (without silent approval from the Israeli gov side it is impossible to do), Russian language source: http://www.isra.com/news/173632

  6. vincentg

    I recently found out the FBI has a threshold number which if the crime goes over that number then they will investigate.

    If it’s under that number they do nothing.
    So small town crime runs high where Political figures and lawyers and judges get away with all kinds of crime.

    How does this figure in to what Paul Craig Roberts is saying.

    When you have corrupt small Town officials and it becomes wide spread this can have an effect on who runs for higher offices. Then crime spreads to Cities and it’s possible to spread State wide.

    It seems to me if you don’t want the FBI looking at you then you push to set a threshold high enough so they would leave you alone.

    Is that the way it works?

    • Galaxy 500

      What number do you have. The former mayor of Charlotte, NC took $48k in bribes as part of FBI investigation. He plead out today I think

    • Toyaweh Yamiwe

      Russia, China and India does not have the capability to lunch nuclear attack on U.S. They don’t have the experience and have never tested their nukes on any battle. U.S is always ahead of them combine. U.S is not threatened by the formation of the so-called BRICS, they can never deter U.S from achieving its goals. I hate Russia and China for one thing: They empower Islamic countries to terrorize the world as we saw in Syria, Afghanistan and Iran. Hezbollah, Hamas, Al sabab, Al qaeda and other terrorist organization have never threaten either Russia or China because these nations are protecting their interests and encouraging hostilities against the west.

  7. Justin King

    The NYT and Washington Post “are all for these wars”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Justin King,
      They don’t report on any of this. That’s for sure. My reoccurring them with the MSM is it lies by omission. Look at 9/11 and the reporting with Building 7 falling down and not being struck. Only the official government story is pushed when it is full of holes.

  8. FWM


  9. Paul

    I suspect that to people in the USA Administration winning or surviving a nuclear only means that the apparatus of the State survives. Surviving does not mean survival of the population. In the end all governments are committed only to their own survival and if that means that the population must perish then so be it. This is really not that controversial. Governments have often sacrifices the lives of thousands or even millions of their citizens. The only thing different here is the scale.

  10. Smaulgld

    DPCR mentioned the internment of Japanese during WWII. A little known fact is Italians were also interned (even though Italian Americans represented the largest percentage of US combat troops)
    Re DPCR source on US nuclear plans- Russia Today. RT is equally capable of issuing propaganda and it seems many like DPCR wish to believe RT prop.

    Certainly there have been things and secret plans that have gone on behind the scenes with Russia and the US since the start of the cold war at the end of WWII , however, it’s a safe bet there has been plenty of disinformation coming from both sides.
    DPCR seems to place 100% faith in Russian state sponsored RT while dismissing US media entirely, just the way some Americans dismiss Fox News but believe CNN.
    Indeed DPCR argues in his article not to watch or read US media http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/06/03/ready-nuclear-war-paul-craig-roberts/. Ironic, as he bases his arguments on and cites state sponsored Russia Today as his source.

    • woody188

      I have to agree. One has to take some of PCR’s comments with a grain of salt. His economics are sound, but some of his sources are questionable.

    • Rick

      Good point, smaulgld. Paul also doesn’t believe there is a secret cabal of organized elite. he thinks there are good elite and bad elite, and the governments are really in control. I have no idea who is right…but one thing struck me that he may have not looked into. What about the fact that so many are Luciferians and are involved in weird rituals, such as those at Bohemian Grove? When you look at the direction this government is headed in…it sure seems like ultra wickedness is directing it.

      DPCR is spot on with most of what he writes. I know of no other website or blogger much more accurate than he. He is another voice in the wilderness….glad he is there…

      no hope but God’s Kingdom Dan 2:44

      • smaulgld

        Woody and Rick
        DPCR is sharp and his analysis is sound. I think he is perhaps rightfully bitter how his country for which he served has botched things so much since he left the Reagan administration. Keep in mind there must be some really bitter people about the fall of the Soviet Union as to how that was allowed to fall (Putin is one of them!)

    • Galaxy 500

      I.dont buy the “nuke them” crowd is running things. I respect PCR but some of what he say is as ridiculous as some of the others. I do.believe our govt is despicable and wants to put that tightly laced black jack boot worn by their thug on our neck. But even the tin foil hat wearing morons know that if the USA and Russia start throwing nukes that the.game is over. I dont care how deep your bunker is.

  11. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I have immense admiration and respect for Doc Roberts.
    He is extremely wise, utterly genuine, and devoid any hidden agenda.
    His bravery in speaking the truth is unparalleled and I detect genuine sadness from him as he chronicles the rapid degeneration of his once great country and economy.
    It is scary to hear what he has to say regarding Washington’s thinking on nuclear war. However I have to admit that judging by the Obama regime’s recent ridiculous diplomatic actions just about anything is possible. In less than 12 months they have on two occasions seemed intent on starting WWIII only to have the situations defused by Putin’s infinitely superior diplomatic skills. The Obama regime is delusional and completely out of control and constitutes the the biggest threat to world peace in modern times and severely threatens the very survival of the human race.
    Obama’s recent speech at West Point was a thoroughly disgraceful display of hubris arrogance and hypocritical ignorance. With this complete pratt at the helm of the most reckless and dangerous country in the world it is a miracle that we have so far avoided WWIII.
    Except that we haven’t avoided it have we.
    WWIII [financial] is well underway. From where I am standing, down under, there is not a snowballs chance in hell that the US emerges from this scrap as the winner.

    • Charles H.

      Thank you, Collin. You are a great voice, with a heart and mind behind it.

      • Charles H.

        Excuse me – Colin. My mistake on your name.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Thank you Charles I appreciate your complement.

    • smaulgld

      Woody and Rick
      DPCR is sharp and his analysis is sound. I think he is perhaps rightfully bitter how his country for which he served has botched things so much since he left the Reagan administration. Keep in mind there must be some really bitter people about the fall of the Soviet Union as to how that was allowed to fall (Putin is one of them!)

  12. mrpm

    Definitely a different take on the outcome of a nuclear war than what Joel Skousen (Strategic Relocation) presents and Dr. Roberts backs up what he says. I would offer a slightly different conclusion than Dr. Roberts by saying a nuclear war would in fact serve the global “elite” in that they would get rid of everyone else (useless eaters as they call us). Once they’ve robbed us out of everything anyhow what good are we to them? They will have their underground bases or plans to evacuate to the Southern Hemisphere with enough stocked food and water, and as Dr. Roberts points out, in their minds they will be able to survive it-and they may be able to. They will have their robots to do the manual labor once done by those killed in the war. These people seem to have little regard for anyone else or anything and certainly not to America. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dont worry you.are…wrong.that is

    • Clive Crashcup


  13. News hound

    What good are anti ballistic missile installations when Russia has subs with nuclear warheads that can be launched miles off the US coast.
    Situation no Win

    • Galaxy 500

      And we dont have enough ABMs to come close to stopping a full blown strike, first or retaliatory

  14. Wayne

    I would be far more concerned about an EMP strike rather than an all out nuclear strike. Less damage to the environment and probably harder to tell who did it…This worries me more than any war. With all the satellites constantly going up into space, I feel it would be to easy and unforeseen.

  15. art barnes

    Greg, whether Dr. Roberts is right or wrong regarding his premise of war, he at least is bringing out a debate about it; in alternative media for the most part. ABM’s in Poland is provocative to say the least, but I believe its all a game by Washington and Russia to keep their people nationalistic, marching around with their respective flags waiving, and, of course, their leaders in their respective offices of power. Washington hasn’t caught up with the fact that Russia is coming back or is back as its thought it was gone forever. Please remember that Washington is not brim full of geniuses but of psychopaths of one degree or another and because of their psychopathic nature it wold not surprise me if they would take us to war believing it could be winnable even though the MSM and the Government has been telling us for 70 years its a no-win mutually assured destruction (MAD) event. A new debate is a good thing and I appreciate you bringing back Dr. Roberts for it.

    • HeavenKnowsMr.Allison

      Revelation 11:18 “God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” Earth will make it, will you and me? That is the question.

  16. Jo

    “Uber” great interview! What clouds the minds of these fools in Washington? Don’t they realize that the conditions they create and the consequences of their decisions also affect their children and grandchildren? There will be no one left to be “exceptional”!!

  17. Mark

    Dr. Roberts is on the top of my list of people whose opinion I respect.
    Greg, It is a pity you didn’t bring up Fukushima as what Dr. Roberts warns us about is happening now. The Pacific Ocean is already being destroyed. You might want to follow this site periodically http://enenews.com/

  18. Jay

    These people have the idea that they can go underground and survive the conflict, then come out in a few years and things will be fine.

    The Bible says “except those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved.”
    It also says that the captains and the mighty men of the earth would cry out for the rocks to fall on them.

    • allen ols

      I was thinking the same thing, lol, u got to it first, well done, al ols

  19. Rumplestiltskin

    Sorry, I don’t buy your theory. Stop with the hysteria and get a serious grip you two. America has weapons in it arsenal that wold curl the hair on the back of your neck. Nuclear weapons are passe’ and you should know that. If the agenda is to depopulate the earth by 75% then maybe, but I don’t believe for a moment that humanity would allow that without a fight, even if our government was doing so as a preparation for the invasion of an alien race who would inhabit our planet and use us a slaves.

    Everyone seemingly is trying very hard not to address this situation, and I find this more than curious. UFOs are swirling all around us and are being seen all over the earth, thanks to I-phones and the like as they are being photographed every day. You people really do need to get your collective heads out and wake the “H” up, as the agenda is not what you believe !!!

    • Galaxy 500

      “UFOs are swirling all around us and are being seen all over the earth”
      With a billion plus cellphone cameras, show me some REAL proof instead of an optional illusion. I have a really clear picture of a flying monkey. I’ll trade it to you for a good clear ufo photo

    • Charles H.


      I would say – stop with your own brand of pseudo-science hype. It may be a longstanding suggestion via Hollywood, and X-Files, Area 51 conjecture; and all the Alien Abduction is really thrilling stuff – so: show me your little green friend!
      A third of the Angelic host was drawn out of Heaven when Lucifer, the covering Cherubim was cast out. Born-again Christians, after the Rapture, will receive spiritual, bloodless, and sinless eternal bodies – like as Jesus Christ now has. It is the ex-angelic, now demonic hosts which counterfeit the aliens and their crafts. You speak of technological weaponry that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up – well, as a matter of hierarchy : the Supernatural is greater than the Natural. In times past, the devil was not concerned with revealing his power in either or both realms. As in the contest with Moses – he can imitate or counterfeit even physical manifestations of live beings, snakes and such. But for the most part his work has been subtle and behind the scenes through history. But now, he is preparing an advent of his own – an End-times showdown with God Almighty. All this “alien life” seems so avant-gard; but you are way behind the herd on this one.

      As to your opinion about “Nuclear weapons are passe” – please go to Japan and work on the Fukashima clean-up; then inventory the nuclear arsenals in the world – before poo-pooing the matter-of-fact, in existence Weapons of Mass Destruction currently deployed throughout the world. Just because there are better weapons then a Mini-gun, like Metal Storm technology: doesn’t mean people won’t pull the triggers they have when they think they have to. This is WAY beyond a ‘My Dad is bigger than your Dad’ analogy.

      • allen ols

        charls H;

        u are correct !
        It is the ex-angelic, now demonic hosts which counterfeit the aliens and their crafts.

      • Gerald

        Religion is one of the major problems in this world anyway. Too many people think there is pie in the sky and they are headed to it. So most don’t get very concerned about it all blowing up. They believe some supernatural being is going to protect or deliver them. Let me show how foolish this line of thinking is. You see very often after natural disasters how people thank god for sparing them through the calamity. That is like thanking a serial killer for killing the family next door. I don’t mean this as insult. What we need is to come together and not rely on supernatural entities to deliver us. The grave awaits us all, but hopefully we can emerge through this and become one with each other in the world. As John Lennon put it “Imagine”.

        • Greg Hunter

          “They believe some supernatural being is going to protect or deliver them.” I do and John Lennon is dead. Did he die when he died?

          • Gerald

            Greg. I guess I should explain somewhat where I am coming from. I,like you and many others had a real faith. I was deeply in love with Jesus and for over 20 years He was my life. I took everything He said as truth and did my utmost to live by it. I was a minister for a few years as well as an adult Sunday school teacher. Most people say I never knew Him. I say if I didn’t,then no one else does either. They merely convince themselves of it all. They ask if I had a relationship with Jesus. Well, I would say it was always one sided though I did not think so at the time. If believers would be truly honest with themselves,they would agree. There is no two way communication. Only us speaking and no one talking back. As I said,I was a devout Christian, but after 40 years of faith,I lost it. I cannot explain exactly how that occurred, but I can tell you I was devastated. I lost the love my life,my only reason for living. I was suicidal for about 2 years,but finally got over it. I know the Bible better than most Christians. I will not go into the Biblical problems as I do not want to deter your faith. I wish no one to experience what I did. I am sorry if you got offended and I wished after I submitted my comment I could have withdrawn it. Anyway,I come to your site daily and really appreciate the news you deliver. If there is truly a God ,then all I can do at this point is hope that I have been changed for some ultimate goal. You do not have to post this, but feel free if you want.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not offended. You made your point and I made mine. I have zero hard feelings for you. You say there is “no two way communication” and I say there is. It doesn’t have to always be words. I am sorry for your loss.

        • Charles H.


          You have a point about Religion being a problem: but not in the way you express it. If you find a fifty carat, flawless diamond: you have something of worth. Find an identical Cubic Zirconia – then not so much. There is a Belief System that is that diamond: and everything else is an imitation. I’ll give you a hint here: it ain’t Science.
          You are terribly wrong in your conclusion that believers in God “don’t get very concerned about blowing it all up.” That is a jaded conclusion you put into the mouths of others: and it is patently untrue. You completely ignore the fact we have kids or family or loved ones we would not want them to have to go through such a thing.
          As to the idea of “coming together” – you will excuse me from trying, thank you. It is not to my benefit (or inclination) to move from a standpoint of Truth – toward a system of continually revised theory: one always based on changing observation, based in turn by life which is dynamic and changes. Drugs that were the ‘cure’ no longer work.
          The Truth is hiding in plain view. God is NOT micro-managing the world through Nature either. God has revealed Himself in that way which not only fulfills the requirements of respect to His power and Glory; but also addresses the requirements to recognize and respond to Him in His way. And the deliverance He offers is not as you portray either. Saved from disease, or suffering, accidents, fate? Not likely, though there are miracles. No, Gerald – being a real, true Biblical born-again believer in Jesus Christ: brings light and life through Truth – but even then: God does not protect us from ourselves or our own bad judgment.
          I accept Science, and study it avidly: but not where it conflicts with Biblical Truth. Salvation is restoration to God: only, only His way; and only to Him. Death is supposed to be the very issue to sober us to this very issue. It is not a matter of ‘us’ moving in agreement toward you: it is about you moving toward God. If you find Him in the way He prescribes: He proves Himself – not to some doubter, or denier’s satisfaction; but in a way that is apt for both human and God. CF

          • Galaxy 500

            Science never conflicts with God. However, scientists do. God spoke the universe into being with all its intricate and arcane properties. Science is just man trying to learn the rules of God’s creation.

    • art barnes

      The problem is once a nuclear strike happens the cat is out of the bag and who knows where it will lead from there. Remember, when the strike hit Japan in 1945 no other nation had any such weapons to retaliate with; now they do. Washington is not beyond anything I can imagine any longer although there was a time I thought our Government would never throw out the 4th Amendment, which in effect is gone now; NSA, etc.

      • Robert Stahl

        Metaphysics does comport with mythology. Given the hagiography, one should consider the mythologies, instead of the epistemology, that end up supporting the hagiography by default. As for the nuclear argument, perspective is lost. One must (m u s t) look for perspective. There are two contrasting points of view that expand the horizon immeasurably concerning how to move past this issue, so related to fear, about nuclear energy. Before much more is said, it is important to know that 90% or more of the universe’s chemistry is dark matter, which is 200 times more stable than anything heretofore known (the “base” state of hydrogen). Dark matter is nothing more than hydrogen where the electron is closer to the nucleus, thus does not radiate.

        So, there is a third energy domain never part of the discussion about science, occupying a place of stability never known. Plus, it can be ‘excited’ to produce pollution free energy at less than a tenth of what it costs presently, which is under development now (GUTCP). That is the first point.

        Commensurate with this fact is James Lovelock whose work comports with GUTCP, and provides a scientific response to the fact that radiation in steady, fairly high doses, has been around from the beginning of the evolutionary cycle, with the last naturally made fusion reactor going dormant only 13 million years ago. I think the analogy of the damage is correct for the exploding of so many warheads, but, don’t you think it is time we looked for closure through learning, education based on learning, which has to have a protestant component to it, even for atheists. I think of myself as a protestant atheist similarly to the late Gregory Bateson.

  20. Steve A.

    While this interview sounds particularly sensationalistic, the simple reality is that ALL nuclear powers have first and retaliatory strike plans in place for these weapons. China has them for Russia, Russia for China, Russia and China for the U.S., India for Pakistan, Israel for [ _enter lunatic Islamic nation here _ ], etc… Tis but a matter of time before someone decides their strategic interests are sufficiently threatened to warrant their use.

    • smaulgld

      That is true. All nuclear power have and MUST have a plan and scenarios where they would be “forced” to use nuclear weapons- its not hubris to have those plans, but reality.

  21. Jerry

    As I posted 3 weeks ago, that my source said that Russia will come to blows with NATO sometime between now and July 15th in Eastern Europe. When I see NATO massing forces on the Russian border it doesn’t seem out of the question to me.


    According to him, Russia will crush NATO forces within 2 weeks, followed by a 30 day dust up. When the smoke clears, countries throughout the world will recognize that the United States is no longer a superpower. and will begin to line up in mass to back the new Gold backed Yuan system that will be launched in Shanghai.

    When I see Obama stumping in Poland, making provocative threats to Russia, and against Putin, I’m beginning to think he is correct in his prediction. Greg the Washington Bank puppets don’t realize who their dealing with. The Russians mean business, and Putin will have no second thoughts about launching an attack if they view the massing NATO forces in Poland as a threat. Lets not forget that Russia has full backing by China, so we are basically taking on two superpowers. Greg this is for all intensive purposes where Eastern Gold, will meet Western Fiat money for the right to dominate the worlds economy. This isn’t going to end well .

    While I do agree with Paul Craig Roberts that a conflict is coming, I have my doubts whether or not it will go nuclear. I think in the end, back room deals will be struck between the Cabal and the East, and at the end of the day, the Cabal will buy themselves a place at the table in the new economic paradigm based in Shanghai.
    How can I predict that? Its not hard when you realize the elites love money as much as they do power and will do anything to keep it. Lets face it. Bunkers are just places to go to await death. Hitler found that out.

    • Thea

      Jerry, how does he know Russia will crush NATO? Is it so easy to predict the result or is it going to be staged? Sorry if it’s a stupid question. Thank you.

      • Jerry

        Its like the stock market. Its manipulated. This man invest for some of the most powerful people on the planet. They always hedge their bets for profit. They could care less about who wins or loses. Its about money and power. People didn’t think the stock market was rigged until 60 minutes did a piece on it. People didn’t believe their computers and phones were hacked by the NSA until Snowden came out of the closet. Follow the money. It always tells the truth.

        • allen ols

          hey paul, great, onward

        • allen ols

          follow the money

          good one

    • Charles H.


      I see it that way too. The US will parlay to a minor part of the new Round Table of World Leadership. Gain entrance, then corrupt from the inside. Only, I don’t think they will pull-off the position or role they are angling for.

    • wd


      I agreewith you on this. Russ has been making very strategic moves for the past 3 years. They are not as weak as our phony econ advisors say. A phonix is rising out of the old USSR. They will have a fundamentally strong currency which will give them a major edge.

      • Galaxy 500

        Have you checked the.value of your world class currency the ruble lately? Russia has oil but the currency is shiite. The country that prints it is as lawless as ours.

  22. JC Davis

    Greg. You covered it all in this interview. Great questions. You are the best.
    Those who don’t believe a oligarchy rules this so called republic are way behind the times.
    Thanks for all you do Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC for the support and kind words.

  23. Mr.Lee

    Dr. Roberts is a true American Patriot and a person whose opinion I regard to the highest level. In the case of a first strike option on Russia and China, we need to look at the facts. A majority of Russian Strategic Nuclear armaments are mobile, unlike the US, silo launched ICBMs are few and far between in Russia and most likely China as well. The missile defence systems in Europe have been targeted by Russian Iskander missiles. So their effectiveness has been neutralized. Most of Russian missile defence systems are based on aerial particle beam platforms. So Russia is in a better position to inflict a first strike collateral loss on the US.
    With this in mind and the fact that US corporate revenue would be adversely affected even by a limited nuclear engagement, nukes have turned into a redundant weapon. If a nuclear exchange were to take place, at that moment, the US would lose its hegemonic position in the West….period. I am not going to get into the loss of life and environmental damages that would be of epic proportions.

    Purely from a power point of view, the Status Quo the controls this country could not allow this sort of exchange to take place because at that point they would be in a position of weakness…..they would have lost everything. If this is truly a serious consideration by some in Government, then I would suggest the very Status Quo would engineer that Government’s removal as they have engineered so many times in history.

    • Galaxy 500

      Mr Lee
      You wrote, “Most of Russian missile defence systems are based on aerial particle beam platforms. ”
      So what you are saying is that the Russians have a miniature particle accelerator and put it in a plane. Based on the power requirements this is not possible with our current level of technology or theirs.

  24. lastmanstanding

    Think I’ll go to work now. The sky is blue, light breeze from the south, grass is green (we could use some rain) and the air temp is warming…today.

    There are only a few things that we can control folks, do them best you can.

    • Old Dog


    • allen ols

      “fear not for i am with u always, even unto the ends of the earth” Jesus

      • Greg Hunter

        The phrase “Fear not” is used 365 times in the Bible. One for every day of the year.

        • allen ols

          greg yes, and hell is spoken of more than heaven. 🙂

      • lastmanstanding

        Thanks Al…hanging on the same thread with the rest of you.

    • Galaxy 500

      LM Everything ok?

      • lastmanstanding

        Just referring to PCR’s comment about the fact that there a fheads on this earth that will wage (nuclear) war, lie, manipulate forces, etc. w/o any remorse for humanity or the earth…just to remain in control of …others who really deserve to be here.

        500, only one way to stop them from continuing the money printing and the power that comes with it. Just a matter of time for the earth to correct this.

        Were I live in Montana is spectacular. Going to work each day is getting more difficult due to the fact that our govt hates those of us that want to contribute and be productive in our communities. I see sleeping people nearly every day. It is very difficult to explain to them that things are not what they seem because our economy seems to be booming…It is because we are at the end of the road. The last stand, the last best place, the place where arming yourself is totally accepted, where growing a garden is awesome. Our economy is good because people are rushing madly to escape the madness…and only a few of us see it. Growth here is death elsewhere.

        So, at the end of the day, it is way more important to me to get home to see my pets, work in my garden and have a beer. (My wife usually gets home later than me and she knows how much I love the pets and our garden, so I am in the clear on that one…and if I have a glass of wine ready for her!)

        Sorry for the babble, but I am tired. Everyday I see my hardworking friends (who get it, ground down a bit more by the system) They work tirelessly to provide our community, the earth and the Lord an honest days work…one at a time.

        Thanks for your concern…it is people like those of us here at Greg’s site that will inherit the earth.

        A friend of mine once said, “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken…but sometimes we can fade pretty fast”…my SEAL buddy said his teams mantra was “don’t go down without one helluva fight

        God bless all of you. I am really not much of a techy…I have spent about 4 years doing way to much “surfing” for info…I am oversaturated at this point. I have been cutting back but the reason for being here is all of you.

        “don’t ANY of you go down without one helluva fight” lms

  25. Rezo

    Hi Greg, I agree 100% with your interview particularly that Obama does not get it and is jusy bei g told what to do.I question however that the first strike initiative proponents are unaware of the implications of the climate change and radiation risks to the planet, that said is does not stop them believing otherwise. The point missed is that if the US launches a preemptive strike against Russia other neuclear armed nations WILL understand the implications and launch their own neuclear weapons . ie North Korea against USA or Japan .Israel against Iran and others etc etc. This would ensure an almost permanent neuclear winter and massive radiation , probably for 100 years or more..The notion that elites can live in a safe area with stored food etc is absurd not to mention the advent of disease and polluted water systems for over 1000 years , not to mention the stench eminating from all that is dead .But all this does not mean they wont do it , but it must be on their feeble minds. HOPEFULLY .

  26. Smaulgld

    Here is a surprise
    IRS investigating Voice of Russian for Tax Fraud

  27. Chris

    Greg, gonna have Jim Sinclair back on anytime soon? Guest suggestion: V The Guerilla Economist

  28. Jerry

    This is why NATO will lose against the Russians.
    NATO is nothing more than a rag tag assembly of mismatched misfits from countries like Belgium, Poland, and other former Soviet block nations using a patchwork of leftover cold war military hardware. Its like the Duke football team playing the New England Patriots.

    • St. Roy


      Please don’t disparage Duke football. They are on the rebound:-)

    • Galaxy 500

      The French and the British have nukes too. Japan and Germany could cobble one together in a month or less. Just something else to add to the calculation

      • allen ols

        g5 and japan, is also, secretly putting parts together also, to assembel when needed.

  29. Max

    Greg –
    I always appreciate listening to your interviews with
    Paul Craig Roberts.
    It is disappointing to see our country slide to this depth.

  30. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Thanks a ton for this great interview Greg. Am wondering whether Russia could have the last laugh (although hardly a laughing matter) in all this. Many in the western world outside of those with Russian keyboards had their computers zapped with a botnet virus that stole money from businesses as well as individuals. Although information etc is retrievable through blackmail, it seems that people’s bank accounts can be depleted regardless. So I’m wondering if Russia was shooting a warning shot to the U.S. to say don’t mess with us, since we’re now in a position to take out all your military systems wholesale.

    Have just bought Dr Roberts’ book How America was lost. Like you Greg, Dr Roberts is an ace of a gentleman!

  31. brian

    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”–WOPR

  32. Larry

    Dr. Roberts historical perspective gives belief to the idea that the US has behaved badly through out our history and it is very likely to be repeated by todays’ government. All of the perceived democratic rights we had are all gone. We either rise up or become become cannon fodder.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why do you think DHS bought two billion rounds of 40 cal HP? It aint for yearly qualification at the range.

      • allen ols

        g5 to keep control on ammo indus. and out of the publics hands.

  33. Nina

    Hello Greg, In my heart I have absolute certainty, that this won’t happen. The ideology is there for sure, but it’s power is waning. All the best to you and thank you for your wonderful work in interviewing all those Experts, I apreciate it very much. Lots of love, Nina

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you I hope you are right.

  34. dchayden

    This whole thing is sheer insanity. 7 billion of us sit idly by, while a very small select few by comparison, plot and scheme this kind of disgusting evil action. Psychopathic, and Narcissistic, their twisted interpretation of the world they live in, could be the end of us all. Not to be religious here, but I finally get what Christ was saying in revelations, when asked about the end of the world ( as we know it) …Christ told us to be watchful, lest it came while we are sleeping; And sadly, humanity is very much a sleep to what is really going on. It leaves only one conclusion….these people are diseased and completely insane, in the truest sense of the word. Sadly, if we all allow this to happen, we too will have played a major part in our own demise. Complete madness.

    • dchayden

      In my opinion, this could also explain the Obama admin purge of top military generals. Wish someone would explore or touch on this topic : /

      • allen ols

        dc hayden;
        correct, my thoughts also, u just got to it first here at comments.

  35. Diane Ryan

    We are not the first generation to believe they are in the end times. We don’t know that. In any case, it is our responsibility alone to protect our love ones and the innocent.

    Our treasonous government is purposely LIEING to us when it comes to nuclear war survival. It wants its sheep to believe 1) that a nuclear war would be such a terrible catastrophe that it is an unthinkable impossibility and 2) that if a nuclear war were to break out, it would be the end of mankind. This is NOT TRUE, especially for those located (or can evacuate to a rural retreat) outside major US cities. Many millions of Americans COULD SURVIVE an all-out nuclear attack and live through the difficult post-attack years.

    EVERY FAMILY NEEDS THIS .PDF FILE PRINTED OUT. Great plan with one exception: GATHER SUPPLIES (Item #7) NOW! DO NOT WAIT until nuclear attack is imminent!

    Another approach for those in rural areas: I highly recommend Cresson H. Kearny (former Oak Ridge National Laboratory) book, ‘Nuclear War Survival Skills’: Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition. It has many pictures/diagrams for easily and quickly building basic effective family nuclear shelters. It is best to build your simple shelter now, especially for living in frost areas.

  36. St. Roy

    Great interview. PCR is right when he implies that the USA is no longer. It’s now just a collection of oligarchs propping up a bunch of sociopaths with dreams of controlling the planet. To what end?

  37. Thea

    Hello Greg! I’ve been watching the interviews and reading your wrap-ups and your guests comments for a long time. I don’t have anything to contribute, I am still learning, but I want to say that I appreciate your work very much. You are like a breath of fresh air in this world’s madness. Thank you and thanks to all the people who comment here – I’ve learnt a lot thanks to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support and kind words. This too, is contributing in my world.

  38. Galaxy 500

    I have read about so called mininukes that were for bunker busting. Truth is we dont have anything to penetrate and destroying a modern hardened bunker except for a low yield nuke. This is why it is my belief that the Israelis will be forced to give the Iranians a few nukes to destroy their bunkers. Why risk your aircraft and pilots that are needed for the defense of your country especially when it is unlikely that even double tapping the bunkers with the biggest non nuclear bomb made wont do the trick?

  39. John M.

    I have mentioned on this site at least a couple times that a nuclear first strike by Russia or China, or both, is a real possibility, especially with the blundering and hubris of Washington with these serious geopolitical matters just like they have screwed up our U.S. Dollar and the American economy beyond any hope of salvation. My sources for this terrible event are not Dr. Roberts or the expert he frequently referenced.
    This is all serious stuff: that Americans will not have the freedoms to think or speak (which is already happening), as Dr. Roberts correctly cited from America’s past with the War of Secession and our other major wars. Just think of how much more heightened the emotional state of the country will be with our first experience with nuclear war. This may lead to tyranny and fascism of the highest degree.
    I think Russia and China would prefer to beat the U.S. in an economic war like they are currently doing, but they may prodded into attacking first should our American rulers get desperate and push the envelope with war.
    Neutron weapons and other highly-advanced secret weapons may also play a big part in the “West” or the “East” deciding to attempt a first strike. So much disorder seems to be in our future, from economies and money to the existence of human life.

    • allen ols

      John M.
      I think Russia and China would prefer to beat the U.S. in an economic war like they are currently doing

      me too

  40. woody188

    Hmmmm, might want to add a greenhouse to my prepper plans. Also explains the lies about global warming. Have people thinking things are going to get a lot hotter when they are really going to get significantly colder. Great way to wipe out a large portion of your population.

  41. Ken

    Hello Greg,
    Perennial war is official US policy. One country after another is ravaged and destroyed. Millions of corpses of children, women and men attest to America’s savageness.
    We have a psychopath for a leader of our once great nation. The baton was handed from the previous rogue regime of psychopaths. We have lost our way folks and we have allowed our constitution, the greatest document ever written, to be mothballed.
    His West Point address showed it. He glorified war in the name of peace. “America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world,” he said.
    “(T)he United United States is and remains the one indispensable nation.”
    “…America’s willingness to apply force around the world is the ultimate safeguard against chaos.”
    “Here’s my bottom line: America must always lead on the world stage.”
    “If we don’t, no one else will…(H)istory and hope (are) on our side.” America’s agenda is “right and just.”

    Translation: America’s corporate interests usurp humanities interests. We have the right to plunder the planet’s resources, subjugate the global inhabitants and determine the destiny of all people and sovereign countries because we are the “Exceptional” country.
    The insanity of our new Aryan leadership is bone chilling and if history is to have taught us anything it is that power is corrupting and absolute power is absolutely corrupting.
    The countries of the world look at our country as the biggest threat to peace the planet has ever seen. They don’t hate us because of “our freedom”. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called “war on terror” is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of western Asia and ultimately the entire planet.
    The Republican – Democrat blame game religion is used against us, in fact it is needed to keep us fighting while the powers that be operate with impunity. The people who are really running the show need to give us the illusion that our little vote actually has some kind of political capital at the table of the elite. It doesn’t, but once a side is chosen it gives us the impetus to vent, defend and fight amongst each other which keeps us out of the way and relying on the presstitues for the news that frame the latest False Flag to guide and manipulate the herd. They have us divided, distracted and in fear. It is the good cop bad cop they play to distract the sheeple.
    It has become very clear to the American people that We the People don’t influence much less control our government. The illusion that a vote affords us any leverage at the table of our politicians has been shattered by the revelations that both political parties have been working in concert to spy on the American citizenry and they got caught lying to us. They openly admit that they lied and now say they have to do it “to keep us safe.” They don’t even care to hide their agenda any longer. We are slaves to these people and they don’t think we have the courage to stand up for our rights.
    The insanity is growing. Are we to follow in the footsteps of the German people whose apathy and acquiescence allowed this same philosophy we are embarking on to destroy their nation and identity?
    We are better than that and our forefathers showed us the way.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Ken you nailed it again!

    • Dan

      UNFORTUNATELY, you are right about everything you said!

  42. John

    I’m going to respectfully disagree with Mr. Craig and think he is tainting his credibility a bit by crying wolf like this. I know there are a bunch of idiots in Washington (no doubt), and it’s possible the USA may one day strike first with nukes but this is not happening anytime soon due to M.A.D (mutually assured destruction). The USA would need a VERY, VERY good politically correct excuse to strike first and that reason has not come up yet (not even close), even with our world in chaos. Also, our anti-ICBM system is nowhere even close to full proof as it is unable to have a 100% hit rate in testing. Surely even our politicians, as retarded as they are, know this. My opinion is that nukes will be used within my lifetime unfortunately. But I do not think the USA will unjustifiably fire the first one just because as Mr. Craig is suggesting.

    • allen ols


      russias anti missle defense system is superior to ours, gogle sa500’s

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, one of your biggest flaws is you tend to believe everything you find on the internet. We grossly overestimated all of their weapons for decades. Dude, just because its on the internet doesn’t make it try.

    • tsuki

      Go to that stink tank The Council on Foreign Relations and read what they have to say. There is no more MAD. We hold nuclear primacy. We could wipe out Russia and China before they could fire a shot. We have first strike capabilities, let’s use them.

      And these are the people the pols in DC listen to.

  43. Patricia Griffin Ress

    What we do not understand is that the US is ruled by aliens(from other planets and other dimensions,etc.) Think I am crazy? OK-why no concern about the chemtrails in our atmostphere? They contain aluminum compounds and aluminum is implicated in Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Also, if we all die of nuclear radiation(war or Fukushima,etc.) there is no concern. Every NORMAL human SHOULD be concerned! Same with the use of COREXIT in the Gulf, and the huge numbers of species dying out each year! People like “Heinz” Kissinger and the Bush family,etc. have been promised power and unlimited wealth by these aliens(whose ultimate goal is to kill off the Quislings of the world.) Even the Bible says these so-called humans would rule with the anti-Christ for one hour!(Before they burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity!) They think that somehow they will be protected and will carry on their rule with business as usual! Here’s a question for you: What do you think of an alien with an IQ of 500? Think they will fear or respect a Jay Rockefeller whose main accomplishment in life is inheriting money and making certain YOU never get that chance? Not much! Would be my guess! Our so-called leaders are being used. And when the aliens have the earth, our dear l;eaders will be ‘offed’ ASAP!(Which they richly deserve!) Unfortunately, we have no place to go! To survive, we have to convince these ‘rulers’ that it is in their best interest to help us survive! That will be quite a trick when Henry Kissinger et al declare that anyone over 60 is a ‘useless eater'(which aptly applies to him as well!)

    • Galaxy 500

      So.the.USA is ruled by aliens , the extraterrestrial one, not the illegal ones?
      And then you.ask.if I think you are crazy? Is that a trick question?

  44. smaulgld

    China wants to “”to punish severely the pawns” of the U.S. government for monitoring China and stealing secrets. The “pawn”? US technology companies like Yahoo! Google, Cisco, Facebook and Microsoft.

  45. Suzanne

    Bought off or intimidated? Really? How about full-on psychotic? We have a foreign-agent president with an assortment of mental disorders… not just a pathological liar and narcissist, he’s a sociopath and psychopath and he’s gay and married to a gay man in drag. As such, he has entrenched a cadre of nutjobs willing to uphold the mythology no matter how nonsensical.
    Washington is a corporate pirate’s den, like the City of London. The quicker we round these nuts up and put them away, the safer the world will be.
    Notice that when Obama gave his speech at the WestPoint graduation, that very few applauded. The kids know they’ll be the next into the meatgrinder and they are paying attention to the alternative media.

    • allen ols

      the jackass agrees with u. me too, he is a gay, can i use queer here?

  46. vincentg

    To change it is simple

    Do not vote for anyone that has big money behind them.
    After all if someone can raise 100 million the odds are high they have big favors to give out.

    An office should not be bought and unless people change how they view voting then nothing changes – it only gets worse.

    Since the two major parties are corrupt then best look at third parties.

    I for one would vote for Paul Craig Roberts as President.
    His views are 100% on target as to what is wrong.

    He also believes that the Glass Steagall Act should be restored by repealing the Gramm Leach Bliley Act and that the Federal Reserve should be Removed.
    I know this because I had an email exchange with Dr. Paul Roberts.

    In fact having asked the same questions on The Fed and Glass Steagall to Peter Schiff I had the same answers. Yes to restore Glass Steagall and yes to get rid of the Fed.

    The problems with news people is they don’t ask important questions.
    I’ll bet you will find many will answer the same as Dr. Paul Roberts and Peter Schiff.

    Of course Peter’s view on the FDIC was to end it but seeing how that can’t be done repealing Gramm Leach Bliley is something he agrees should be done.

    If you ask questions you will get answers.
    Let’s not hunt for dragons – lets fix the problem.

    • allen ols


      I quit voting after reagan

      • Galaxy 500

        If you are.not voting.dont complain about the govt. Are you.telling me you no longer vote?. With intelligent people sitting out elections its.little wonder how Barack got elected twice.

        • allen ols

          cauz, they are ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, including romney, bush, cliton, etc. there is no one out there, that promises one thing, and once in office, changes, and becomes like the others. it will take a revolution.

          • Galaxy 500

            I disagree. I think its my duty.to oppose the evil doers and I vote to do so. Its disheartening to think that you.sit by and watch.the.world go by. But this is America and you have the right.to vote. I wonder if anyone that knows you and that.you dont vote is exercising that right for you? Its far.more.common in NC than youd think.

      • Charles H.

        allen – I’m almost there myself; and it pains me to admit it.

  47. Soxtory

    Actually I wish a lot of what he is saying would happen but Curtis LeMay is long dead. We have always had contingency plans for pre-emotive strikes. Obama and his fellow Marxist Muslims would surrender before they get into a missile pissing contest.

  48. Mohammad


    The more time passes the more my respect to you increases!

    The interruption of ballistic missiles is not a battery of some old fashioned missiles, rather it is Tesla based dome of micro waves that fries those oncoming missiles in mid air, to the disappointment of US admin., Russia masters this art, and it is still balanced check between the two so I am not afraid of imminent danger from that angle.

    The fear is the collapse from within that happened in all empires throughout history.
    The chaos that follows until a new system is installed is the what i fear.


  49. MagenD

    Dr. PCR’s is “Pretty Smart” – but no “Rocket Scientist”!!!
    Most Rocket Scientist are catching on that “Mur’ka” is the Prophesied End times Babylon that is Utterly Destroyed in an All Out Nuclear Holocaust that turns HER from a Prosperous Mighty Nation into a Hallowed Out Desert (RadioActive) Wasteland in the short span of an HOUR!!!
    It is brought on by the Hand of G-d. She does not retaliate. She does not survive. She is NEVER again rebuilt or even lived in. She is Utterly Annialated in ONE HORRID HOUR that will shake the Earth to its very foundation.
    There will be nothing left of Her even for Dr. PCR to carry away to show to his new friends – if he survives.
    And even if it weren’t Biblical and/or Promised by God — Russia itself has enough Submarine Launched and Hypersonic Cruise Missiles to Burn the Lady to Hell 20 times over if even somehow the Motherland did cease to exist in a millisecond.
    America is Babylon and She BURNS 1st!!!

    • allen ols

      I might, or think I agree w/u, i will do more thinking, tks!

    • Galaxy 500

      Last time I looked Babylon was in the middle east…you do understand that the jews were held captive there.

      • allen ols

        I think she is refering babylon the great whore,and the most powerful at the time. today america is the great whore.

        • Galaxy 500

          While our govt is a whore, its a greatly diminished whore. If you’d vote Republican, maybe we’d have a.chance. I think saying they are all.crocks is a cop.out but that just me.

      • Galaxy 500

        That was the.Babylon of old. Some like to.think.its the.US. I for one.dont find any.compelling evidence that is the truth. There are many people peddling many things making wild claims and.trying to back.it up.with.the Bible. If you check, most are trying to.sell.something or other …then you have the cults like in Waco. I.stick.to whats in the Bible

  50. Jordan Hrodniak

    Cmon Greg,

    Clearly we must be prepared to confront all threats including foreign and domestic. Yes we have nuclear missiles and yes there are situations where we may need to use them. Dont forget we are still a growing nation with a lot of mouths to feed so to get the energy and resources we need we cant simply rely on what we can develop domestically. Bombs and bullets are a great inducement to all the countries of the world to allow us to take what we need. The Caspian basin is very important and I’ll tell you what Greg. The resources in Africa are soon gonna play a paramount importance to our national security if we expect to live the kind of comfortable lives we have enjoyed for the last 5o years. The project for the new American century is already underway and we cant let the threats of Russia or China deter us. We are the United States and we are the most powerful nation on earth. Noone can even attempt to approach us in terms of military strength and they dare not try so take heart that you live in the greatest nation that history has ever known. And if it comes down to it war is not necessarily a bad thing. War clarifies things as well as who the good guys are (thats us) and who are the bad guys (we know who they are).

    • allen ols


      oh, ok, i didnt see this, ha, tks.

    • Galaxy 500

      No I dont need more to.call those nice young men in the white coats to come take you.away

  51. Beano

    So what’s the REAL plan then?

    • Saint Lawrence

      I would like Mr. PCR to cite some believable sources,

      Nothing but fools- idiots- puppets in D C.
      Verbal bull means nothing anymore: it is mostly uninformed acting.

      The oligarchs of Russia, USA, China are not the target, the commoner is,
      Bundy ranch example.

      That the main stream media is scripted, directed, controlled is true,
      based upon my working for a radio station several decades ago.

      Nuclear attack is not even a possibility,
      Russia has shown it can shoot down anything launched

      Conflict with China? I don’t think so.
      Look at the back of your computer, under the hood of your car,
      behind the dashboard of any military firecontroler, craft, or vehicle… “made in china”.

      • allen ols

        saint L.
        I agree, remember, God said by John in Rev. HE would put a hook in the mouth of the bear from the north and bring them to armageddon and HE would destroy 1/3 of the armies that comes against ISRAEL, and the rest would go back and cry, “THERE IS A GOD IN ISRAEL.”

      • ThirteenthFloor

        RT ran a US First Strike on Russia story on June 1st…it adds to the PCR’s interview


  52. HeavenKnowsMr.Allison

    Ours is an age of anxiety. The marriage of science to warfare has produced thousands of weapons of inconceivable destructive power, indiscriminate killers that have the potential for annihilating humanity.
    That man is so willing to slay his fellowman is disquieting. Yet, man’s murderous tendencies were manifested almost from the beginning. “So it came about that while they were in the field Cain proceeded to assault Abel his brother and kill him.” (Genesis 4:8) Man has been killing man ever since. And while it is true that since 1945 man has restrained his hand from using nuclear weapons in warfare, this century has only seen continuous warfare and now with the return of the cold war, clearly, the problem is not the weapons themselves.
    Some scholars feel that since it is men who fight wars, the causes must be found in the nature of man himself. According to this view, men fight wars because of selfishness, stupidity, and misdirected aggressive impulses. Prescriptions vary, but many feel that peace can come only through changing the outlook and behavior of man himself.
    Others say that since wars are fought between nations, the causes of war lie in the structure of the international political system. Because each sovereign state acts according to its own ambitions and desires, conflicts inevitably occur. Since there is no consistent, reliable way to reconcile differences, war breaks out.
    In his analysis of the causes of war, scholar Kennith Waltz observes that “a world government is the remedy for world war.” But he adds: “The remedy, though it may be unassailable in logic, is attainable in practice.” Others agree. Author Ben Ova stated in Omni magazine: “The nations must unite into a single government that can control armaments and prevent war.” However, he also says: “Most people regard such a world government as pie in the sky, a science-friction dream that can never come true.’
    The failure of the United Nations underscores this dismal conclusion. The nations have been unwilling to give up their sovereignty to that organization or any other!
    The Bible, however, assures us that God himself purposes a real world government. Billions have unwittingly prayed for this government when saying the Lord’s Prayer:
    “Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.” (Matthew 6: 10) The head of that Kingdom government is the Prince of Peace himself,
    Jesus Christ. The Bible promises regarding that government: “It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,” or human governments.__Daniel 2: 44.
    This world government will bring in true peace and security, not by nuclear deterrence nor through a sophisticated system of high-tech defensive weapons or shaky political treaties. Psalm 46: 9 prophesies that Jehovah God “is making wars to cease to the extremity of the earth. The bow he breaks apart and does cut the spear in pieces; the wagons he burns in the fire.” This means the destruction of all weapons, including nuclear devices.
    But what about the warlike nature of man himself? Under God’s heavenly government, earths inhabitants “will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2: 4) Millions already live by this Bible text!
    These people are in all the nations and ethic groups all over the earth. Before becoming true Christians, some of them were warlike, perhaps even vicious. but as a result of taking in knowledge of God, they now refuse to take up arms against one another or anyone else. their peaceful stand testifies to the fact that a world free of war and nuclear weapons is possible.
    Billions of people living today were born in the nuclear age and expect to die in it____
    If they do not die because of it!
    Many watchdogs do not share in that gloomy outlook. Their trust is put squarely in the Kingdom and in their God, with whom “no declaration will be an impossibility.” _Luke 1:37.

  53. Coalburner9

    I am not so worried about an exchange but a suitcase nuc, now G500 you are getting into the worry zone. Rather than an exchange we would do an EMP to them. Why do think Russia did that to our Navy ship in the S Pacific. To show us they have one too and make us wonder if they have one on a satelite or rocket too. If we leave Russia alone they won’t attack us and neither will China. They are more into business now than we are. Remember we are the ones killing every US business that our Gov can kill. Remember yesterday EPA came out killing coal, even wood stoves. They want us to freeze in the dark not Russia. It is the evil within!
    I played golf with my big chain grocer today. He had ordered some filet and his meat guy called yesterday to tell him it was in. The bad news is $14.95 a pound. He only got 700 dollars worth into the store. Drought and Endangered species water allottments have caused a beef kill-off the last year and it has come home to roost. By this fall when the harvest is preserved, I predict average minimum 30% higher costs. Anyone notice Quoina(a premo and storable seed grain with protein) jumped 30% when the South American harvest arrived here a month ago.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not worry friend. Lot of crazy talk going on. I am more concerned about a terrorist attack than a nuclear war.

      • allen ols

        I am concerned of the false flag emp, janet napalatno said when not if, and jeanne piro nailed in “lights out” 53 min vid. on you tube

    • allen ols

      i TALKED TO MY GROCER YESTARDAY AND, he cornered me and gave the same gloomy report of skyrocketing prices for food.

  54. Richard Townsend

    Great interview as usual Greg ! I’m a big fan of your site and the ongoing writings of Doctor Roberts !
    In response to an earlier posting on Dr. Roberts website, I sent him a question concerning the Reagan S.D.I. (Star Wars) program of the 1980s and he actually responded to my question by stating that Star Wars was never intended to be a reality but rather a proposed action to offset the Communist Leadership of the time. Considering that the U.S.S.R. collapsed a few years later, one would think that the U.S. had prior knowledge of this event and never intended to proceed with this scientifically challenging and extremely expensive project !

    • Galaxy 500

      I meet a few PhDs that worked on warhead detection and other parts of Reagan’s Starwars program. Also, the fall caught the CIA and all.other govt agencies by surprise.

      • Richard Townsend

        Didn’t mean to imply that no research was done on this questionable enterprise, there was a token taxpayer funded effort undertaken in some universities and a site constructed in Alaska to convince the Russians that this was a real effort on our part. The Main Stream Media was given animated videos showing conceptual versions of this system in an attempt to convince average citizens that this fantasy was real. No doubt that most of the government was in shock over the collapse of the U.S.S.R., most of the population in this country and Russia was in shock. But there was a group of private individuals and organizations who were primarily responsible for government’s strategic planning and private Think Tanks whose primary objective was to keep fully informed concerning all aspects of the former Soviet Government of Russia over the forty years of the Cold War. It’s virtually impossible to think that no one expected it !

  55. Coalburner9

    So, if Jordon is right we are not going to need any jobs that the government won’t allow to be created , we will just take what we need from everyone else. Uhm wonder how long before that backfires?

  56. Coalburner9

    Mohammad, are you sure the Tesla domes are already advanced to the point you make? I guess if HAARP can make weather they may be.

  57. Doug C.

    Great interview as alway. Mr. Roberts is always insightful. Do you suppose that TPTB may be already equiped to last for years in bunkers around the world until radiation levels are within safe levels? I have read in a few places where things like “Golden Rice” etc., that could save millions of people in undeveloped countries, is being denied because, again, the powers that be, want the population of the world to shrink, so they can have all the natural resources for themselves. It’s a little out there I know, but wiping out most of the population and living in a bunker for 2 or 3 years is of no consiquence to these idiots. Like Mr. Roberts says, we mean nothing to them. Scary time. I am 50 years old and this is the second time in my life that Nuclear War is a possiblility. If only the population wasn’t so dumbed down there could be a new revolution, but that, I don’t think will ever happen. People are WAY too used to the Government doing everything for them, even thinking. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug. There is some real evil in the world.

  58. pdog

    God help us all. Is this the end?

  59. Neil

    Thanks for your reporting Greg.
    Someone should tell Mr Obama not to make speeches telling us all what a God blessed, exceptional country the US of A is. The man is standing there with an empty wallet acting like he is emporer of the world. Always there is this assumption of the right to walk to the front to lead, while taking the right to sabotage and dispense misery across the globe to perpetuate the interests of the divine few incumbents. The preposterous justification and cover of their own evil and greed is the bringing of freedom and democracy to the unwashed. These BS statements from the President reveal the extent that ordinary people are manipulated and abused by power. They greatly antagonise those who do not share the perverse self admiration or buy into the matrix of self serving lies. If there is a war either because a few people kick over the table on the way out or try to manufacture one to project the blame elsewhere do not expect that the world come to the aid of the US, indeead there may be some unexpected and surprising alliances. Change is indeed coming but it will because good people take the opportunity to rid themselves of the plague on humanity that the US has become. Don’t expect

  60. Laura

    OT but I don’t want to forget to post since I enjoy the “field reports” from others — just got back from town – Staples now closing at 7pm instead of 9pm, and a grocery store will now close at 10pm instead of midnight. That cuts into the hours those second-shift people were booked to work, so fewer dollars for them to spend.

    • wd


      And multiply that by millions of hours over millions of workers, it just keeps adding up. Good post.

  61. Coalburner9

    Take a look in the public domain. http://www.boeing.com/Features/2012/10/bds_champ_10_22_12.html

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow!!! Now that’s “Star Wars”!!

    • woody188

      Think about this as a covert action against nuclear power stations. We would effectively nuke a population via their own power generating systems and there would be no proof particularly if next generation stealth craft are used to fire the CHAMP.

    • Galaxy 500

      Really nice piece. The question is whether to believe it or not. But we are putting prototype rail guns and lasers on ships with nuclear reactors to power them.and some smaller ships with big.gas tanks and jet turbines.

  62. Coalburner9

    Mohammad, what is your read on this?

    • Saint Lawrence

      It was pure fiction in 2006, and it still is.
      The number of ergs and kilowatts required
      would be in the billions.

  63. art barnes

    Bloggers, don’t worry the next election will solve all the countries problems, just vote Republican or Democrat as usual and expect the same-0-same-0 as usual.

    • Galaxy 500

      So art if you.dont.vote Rep are you going to vote for the green party.or the communist part. If you dont hold your nose and vote.rep you.might as.well just vote.for Hillary outright

      • Saint Lawrence

        The programmer of the voting machine can determine the winner. The “computer” counting machine decided the last election. No more hanging chads since Gore-Bush, many voting places will now scan the “ballot”; then they will schread the source papers “for security.”
        Why spend a lot of money on a campaign, the company that makes voting machines-tabulators programs the machine. With a keystroke programmers code the alogrythms.
        I care not who votes, the counter decides.

      • Charles H.


        It is an ugly truth – that a vote for anyone else than a Republican might as well be a vote for Hillary. One must even further question whether the Voting Machine is not corrupted, and whatever it takes are the stops they will pull out as needed.

      • John Galt

        I am ashamed I voted for McCain. Same as the B.O. or maybe worse.

  64. Lewis

    America has sold her soul to Satan and God has removed his blessing that was once upon her. America and Americans by in large are now functioning in an environment controlled by evil that is apparent and rampant.

    • allen ols

      lewis,”my mothers maidan name’

      u r correct!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        All.it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to stand idly by whether in the fields or the voting booth

  65. Ambrose


    Dr. Roberts is right – there is no winner in a nuclear war.

    According to the World Nuclear Stockpiles Report by Ploughshares, Russia has 800 more nuclear weapons than United States.

    Country Total Nuclear Weapons
    Russia 8,500
    United States 7,700
    France 300
    China 250
    United Kingdom 225
    Pakistan 120
    India 110
    Israel 80
    North Korea less than 10

    Total Nuclear Weapons = 17,300

    Washington clearly does not understand the devastation of nuclear war. When we talk about nuclear war, we are not talking about the explosion of just one or two nuclear missiles. A nuclear war is like a street fight with guns except tiny guns are replaced with much greater destructive nuclear warheads (real WMD). With thousands of nuclear warheads flying between Russia and United States, Most people in the two countries will die in the war. People who survive will join the rest of the world to face deadly radiation, nuclear winter/ice age, toxic pollution, and starvation caused by the damaged eco-system.

    A famous quote from Rodney King, “Can We All Get Along?” Nobody will survive if we blow up the Earth.


  66. Lew

    Nothing new except the Amateurs in charge.
    I don’t think it will be long before “everyone” realizes the trouble the incompetency of this POTUS has brought us. He didn’t start this, but it sure looks like he will end it (U.S.).
    Like it’s said, it isn’t the fall from the sky that kills you, it is the sudden loss of momentum.

    Thanks Greg!

  67. Veronica

    Dear Greg,
    I’m a regular listener of your site and I would like to say to you: Thanks for the interesting interviews! Good work and keep it up! I also have a request for a quest. Please inteview G. Edward Griffin! Among other things, he is the author of ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ (about the Federal Reserve), he is a very respected man in the non-mainstream media and he has a lot of insight on a whole range of topics. Apart from the things you can look up for yourself on the internet about him, I would like to mention that I thought he was one of the most interesting blue ribbon lecturers on the Casey Research Summit ‘Navigating the Politicized Economy’ two years ago. In particular I think you will be very interested to ask him about ‘The Quigley Formula’ (I suggest you see a lecture from him on this subject that can be found on YouTube for example. His work is very thourough). It explaines a lot about what is going on behind the scenes, and I think it needs to be highlighted. I promise you it will blow your mind.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I echo your thoughts on Griffin and have my own hard back copy of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. This book is truly fascinating and will shock 99% of readers. Personally I regard it as probably the most important book I have read in my lifetime. It exposes the whole conniving and sordid treachery of how the Fed was created and its journey in becoming the worst central banking model as well as the most evil financial creation in the history of mankind.
      I would love to see Greg one on one with GEG – they are two of the bravest and most enlightening people of modern times.

      • Veronica

        Hi Colin,
        Thanks, I hink an interview with Greg and Edward Griffin would be great too! The only thing I am afraid of is that Greg perhaps might not have read this suggestion, since it probably is one of the last comments. Therefore I have entered the suggestion of Greg interviewing GEG again as one of the first comments on the Weekly News Wrap-Up. Finally, if you think the book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ is important (as do I) then I guarantee you will find the lecture from GEG on the ‘The Quigley Formula’ on YouTube very important too. If you do watch it, and if you do find this is indeed to be the case, then I only ask of you that you pass on the information.

    • Felicia

      As an interesting connection with Mr. Griffins work…he holds
      up W. Cleon Skousen- Joel Skousen’s uncle- and his book “The Naked Capitalist”.

  68. Jerry

    For those of you who care about the proverbial straw that’s going to break the dollars
    back, here it is.
    When they are done with their audit of Deutshe Bank, Germany will get in line with the Gold backed Yuan system, and the rest of Europe will follow. The fat lady may not be singing yet for the dollar, but she warming up. Shanghai Exchange. July 15th

    • Galaxy 500

      What makes you think that Germany is getting in line for a gold backed yuan? You do understand that for a gold backed currency to work, you have to be able to walk into a bank and get gold on demand. While we used to be a nation of laws, China isnt a nation of laws. I do believe that at some point in the future, gold and silver will be a medium for exchange cutting out the need for fiat.

  69. Angie

    Keep in mind who our enemies are – Russia, China and others who all share the Communist philosophy – the ANTI God philosophy . The USA has been and still is to a pint, a torn in the sides of these countries and keeps them in check. What will happen when the USA no longer can do so – does anyone really believe that peace will be obtained?! OH NO – it will be just the beginning.
    Many in the US have turned away from God and that is what is destroying this county. We are no longer a Christina nation as we would not be having all these social issues being debated (not going into to them). The same Christian values that founded this country are not present in our government, our schools, and most homes today yet they are in our military. The anti God agenda is pushing its way into our military now and when they have succeeded it will be over as there will be nothing to fight for.

    It is just amazing that Roberts sees the USA as THE bogyman and has nothing to say about our enemies and even takes the word of our enemies. What made us a force to be reckoned with was our ability to counter attack and attack – we need not make any apologies for that nor for having plans for certain scenarios. In addition, the clam of, “what is the good of having nuclear weapons if we can’t use them” was grossly misused in his scenario. When you look at the rules of engagement over the last 5 decades and our dead and manned brought home the idea of not using all means at or disposal including a nuclear bomb. Yet Roberts would just laugh and twist that last comment – what a disgrace he is.

    • Charles H.


      I don’t think that the world fits the terms you assign it. No doubt Russia went through the Marxist and Communist phases: but Catherine the Great was Russian Orthodox, which takes it’s heritage as a branch of Catholicism. Putin, I believe wishes to return to those roots without making it a State Religion. And Russia is somewhat paranoid – but in WWII it faced annihilation, and suffered terribly in a way America has never experienced. Putin is no saint, and Russia is not a Good Samaritan: but they have settled down after Afghanistan, like we did after Vietnam.
      China, with it’s Maoist Communistic totalitarianism, has also has had its share of tyranny and abuses: but Japan treated them HORRIBLY in WWII – and they have settled down to bring the country from the rice patty to the factory floor. China is ahead of the US in Smart-grid Electrical technology and train transportation. It has shouldered the industrial development to supply the WORLD with products. And it isn’t firing drones at other countries.
      I am not in favor of either of these countries getting the ascendency: but they are working, mainly, for the infrastructure and good of their own nations. It is America that has changed course to become the warring one. The US is no longer policing: it is subverting. I cannot say whether the behavior of the US in the phase it has entered will turn out as bad as the phases Russia and China went through: but I simple cannot write the USA a blank-check signed and sealed in patriotism. This whole world lies in darkness, characterized by godlessness; and America stood for a Judeo-Christian ethic and value system for only so long – maybe one hundred years. But now it is Christian in name only; and our leadership is vile and corrupt. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts calls a spade a spade and is able to look past Cold War rhetoric of this enemy and that enemy. I feel you judge him too harshly: and that he has served this country in such a way that to call him a “disgrace” is unwarranted – no matter what idiosyncratic tendencies he may exhibit in speaking, or differing points of view he may maintain.

      • Galaxy 500

        China isnt.droning. China is putting oil.platforms in another nations territorial.waters and then rammed and sank.the protesters ship.

      • Thea

        Russia has been an orthodox country for more than a thousand years. Even during the soviet time, although the government was communist, people still believed in God. Charles, orthodoxy is not a branch of catholicism.

      • Angie

        Wow, just a phase…. Mass killings occurred under Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 and 100 million. This of course does not include deaths due to starving and poor health — just a phase. You sir are what is considered as a useful idiot.

    • Geoff Lewis

      I believe your theory is that the U.S. is vulnerable to a nuclear attack because it has turned away from God. This theory is evil and horrible and untenable because it implies that the actions of men and women are not determinate. This is patently false and destructive. Three men control the buttons – one in Washington one in Moscow and one in Beijing. Men not Gods. Men. Mortals. God is great and all that but only one of these three men even believes in God. When it comes to avoiding nuclear war, God is irrelevant. What matters is what these three men decide. Leave God out if it. He will only confuse us.

  70. EyesWideShut

    What cheery thoughts Mr. Roberts has left us to ponder over! In fact, both China & Russia knows very well what the US would like to do to both of them, and this is they have teamed up of late – and have been displaying their displaying there military power. However, neither one wants a military confrontation with the US, however, I do believe they want to financially cripple the US by refusing to use the dollar. US is doing most of the destruction of its economy all by itself! All Russia and China have to do is put a little pressure on US economy and there it goes.

  71. Robert Bodendorf

    Anyone else notice that G 500 is the only one who ridicules other’s comments, like he is the posseser of all knowledge? I say again he is a tool. Again, also, watch ” Agenda 21 Explained” on youtube, pay particular attention when it is noted that it is unsustainable for the earth to carry more than 1 billion people. Then look around at the exploding disease rates. While you worry about nukes, a genuine concern, the earth is being depopulated in front of your eyes through food and medicine. Oh, I bet G-500 makes fun of this comment, because he knows better than everyone.

  72. rltmlt

    President John Kennedy summed it up in a speech he gave over fifty years ago, “the survivors of a nuclear holocaust would probably envy the dead !”.

  73. David

    Well, this first strike insanity does really go pretty far back. There was a “plan” circulated in the late 1950’s, and then it got an airing at a national security meeting with JFK in 1961. He asked a few pointed questions, of the type that Dr. Roberts was kind enough to air once again. When President Kennedy got his answers from the warmongers of his day who were peddling that nonsense, his answer was basically, “Just as I thought…I’ll be taking control of nuclear weapons, and from now on, any launch authorization will go through the President’s office first.” This could be a reason that he was shot down like a dog in Dallas, although standing up to the bankster scum was also a very good reason (to them anyway). You don’t stand up to the Knights of Malta in any serious way and then live long enough to tell the tale.

    The plans that Kennedy saw stipulated that the Pentagon wouldn’t be ready to start the party until late 1963, when the arsenal of nuclear weapons would be of sufficient numbers to overwhelm the Soviets. They called it the “missile gap” back then and some of you may be old enough to remember that term, but the young guy, Greg Hunter probably doesn’t 😉

    Thankfully, those plans were never used, but the Soviets caught up to us in the arms race. Then, during the 1970’s, they went as far as deploying sub-surface launchers off both our coasts, and in numerous other locations near other countries, like UK. Those missiles were confiscated by the US Navy. I don’t know what they did with them after pulling them up, and assuming they were dismantled is a risky bet. There were a lot of nasty things going on, back and forth during the so-called “cold war,” most of which were not reported then and will be denied today. But confining to nuclear arms it was in the latter part of the ’70’s decade that the United states was preparing for game-on with the Soviets. The NASA Columbia space shuttle figured into this because prior to the orbiter program, all the US spy satellites had been shot out of the sky by Soviet space weapons, and so our surveillance of Soviet targets was a bit dated. They needed fresh reconnaissance in order to target the missiles. Two shuttles in Columbia livery were destroyed by Soviet intervention to prevent over-flights of their territory. The third was successful but came back with disquieting information that prevented green-lighting the nuclear attack: There was evidently a new, secret weapon installed around their silos, and we didn’t know what it was, or what it did. They decided to fail safe and scrub the operation.

    History buffs may know about these events. I have tried to condense the whole story into one paragraph, so don’t go busting my chops because I left out a lot of stuff. I know I did, but I’m not writing a book here. The important point is that this first strike insanity has been on the table for a long time, it is not something new, but we are drawing closer to actually doing it now than we have ever been before and I am profoundly grateful to both Dr. Roberts and Greg for reporting this skullduggery once again.

  74. ThirteenthFloor

    Representative Charles A. Lindbergh wrote a book in 1917, “Why Your Country Is At War, and What Happens Afterward”, during printing of the book, government authorities stormed the printer and demanded all the plates be destroyed. A few copies got out and there is an electronic copy on the internet. It is really no different today than 1917. Lindbergh was one of the staunch opposers to the Federal Reserve Act, and he understood where that would lead. Wars start as economic systems fail, WWI was no different. Reading that book today is insightful.

    America today is really a giant ‘British West Indies Company’, as you recall the company created it’s own Navy to defend itself from ‘pirates’….the economic interests of the global financial elite are now protected using the US armed forces, and countries (i.e., Russia and China) that are trying to expand productive economies with creative science and future growth technologies such as H3 and Fusion are a threat to the current economic elite, while at the same time trying gain independence from the soon to collapse dollar system.

    Greg, the last three interviews were great, and in the right order I might add….Kirby on the fraud of US speculators and US asset(gold) depletion, Fitts on the ‘slow burn’ of America’s middle class, and Dr. Roberts on the war plans. RT did run a news story in Russia on EXACTLY this subject on June 1st…which adds to Dr. Robert’s points.


  75. Lu San Chin

    No wander People hate USA when they believe an Idiot like this one. USA had many opportunities to destroy Russia or China and instead of that saved Russia from financial collapse after the USSR fell in to pieces, scrambling to help Russians and Ukraine, Kazachstan and so to get the nuclear arsenal under controll and away from terrorist groups. Thanks to US, China has prospered ever since Nixon days. I prefer US to police the world, rather than Russia or China. If someone has to be in charge I am OK with it, because any war no matter how big or small leads nowhere!

  76. Jaffafa

    Someone need to stop these 3 mad men – Obama, Cameron and Putin. If they want a war with nukes then let them go to Mars and nuke each other. The question we should be asking ourselves is do we all want to die and also take billions of innocent civilians with us. These 3 psychos are leading the world to its end.

    Because of them 3, we would all have to die or suffer the after effects of a nuclear war. So, before it gets to that stage someone either needs to get some sense into their head or lock them up in a psychiatric unit.

  77. Eagsworld

    putin and Obama should meet and ultimately decide the fate of this world together. We should be cooperating together against isis instead of each other. Nuclear war is not an option! We will all be killed. It’s time to fix this madness. Time to be men and stop thinking of what the world would think if you stand down. Forget reputation, concede to each other and work out a plan we both could agree upon. Russian and the U.s should be the world police until we get rid of terrorism and then throw all nuclear bombs into space!

  78. Eagsworld

    as people we need to establish a petition that requires Obama to meet with Putin and squash all this nuclear talk. We as the people have the power to do this and as long as our citizens are uninformed and living everyday with confidence because it’s America we will never get to this. We need to confront Washington ASAP. I’m ready now. I will sign the petition getting the too together. I encourage a world leader to have all Americans vote on piece ASAP before it’s too late. The way I see it if 80% vote for a meeting between Putin and Obama to establish piece than he would have to listen.

  79. Cyruwan

    On Hegemony, as an African, I am always amazed by the fact that some people on this planet truly believe that they have the “higher rights” to dominate others yet this selfishness and disregard for diversity will be our worst undoing as a race, unless of course sanity prevails before the big dusk comes

  80. Geoff Lewis

    I believe Dr. Roberts may have been liberally misquoted.

    To argue that the U.S. has weapons systems that can shoot down Russian or Chinese intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles is to lie. While the U.S. does have the ability to intercept and destroy 1) tactical (battlefield) ballistic missiles via its MIM-104 Patriot program and 2) short- and medium-range ballistic missiles via the Navy’s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, it does not have an anti-ballistic missile system capable of intercepting Russian or Chinese intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons en masse. The U.S. is currently deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, which is designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate ballistic missiles. This system, however, has limited unproven capacity against intercontinental ballistic missiles. All or almost all Russian or Chinese intermediate ballistic missiles that are launched (not destroyed by a pre-emptive U.S. strike) would successfully reach their American targets.

    It is misleading to state that “all the Americans would die too due to the radiation.” While a large portion of the country would receive radioactive fallout, the intensity and extent are dependent on whether or not the opponent choses to detonate bombs at ground level (which produces enormous fallout) or in the air (airburst – which causes comparatively little fallout). There are too many variables to estimate how many Americans would die from the effects of radioactive fallout. Millions and millions of Americans would not be directly effected by radioactive fallout because of geography, and a certain percentage more would successfully shelter and avoid most of the ill effects.

    Likewise, the extent of nuclear winter is also dependent on the amount of fallout produced. Airbursts inject infinitely less material into the atmosphere, which leads to less global cooling.

    The likelihood of a preemptive first strike by the Russians or the Chinese is difficult to evaluate but it seems much more likely that a nuclear war would result by accident or because a conventional war and a tense political situation spiraled out of control.

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