UN Goal to Destroy West with CO2 & Education Scams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State,” is back from the recent so-called COP28 conference in Dubai, UAE.  Newman continues to report on the not-so-secret plan to destroy everything in America by pushing scams on the West in energy and education.  Let’s start with what Newman calls the “scam” of CO2 reduction.  Newman explains, “The thing that really jumped out at me with this whole UN COP28 summit, my big take away . . . is they were talking about phasing out carbon emissions and phasing out fossil fuels, but that’s just for the suckers in the Western world.  That’s just the United States under Joe Biden.  That’s just for European Union under their treacherous leaders.  The communist Chinese, the Arab dictatorships, the Russians and all the different socialist kleptocracies, they were literally making oil deals at this summit.  That’s not my opinion, speculation or even exaggeration.  We have the leaked documents showing the COP28 President, which was held by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) . . . that show they were plotting to make oil deals with Beijing.  They were plotting to make oil deals with the Columbians.  They were plotting to do oil and gas deals off the coast of Africa.  So, on the one hand, the Western media and the United Nations are telling Westerners that you need to dismantle your energy systems.  You need to stop all your coal fired power plants.  Biden said he wanted to get rid of methane emissions. . . .  That would take out all the natural gas plants and take out 60% of our power generation in the United States.  The Arabs, communist Chinese and the globalists are laughing all the way to the bank.  They are not really working on phasing out oil or phasing out fossil fuels.  They are working on phasing out the Western world, which is also known as Christendom or the ‘Free World.’”

While Newman was there, he saw several U.S. Senators at the conference.  Newman said, “I confronted multiple U.S. Senators about this.  I said, hey, the communist Chinese are bringing two new coal fired power plants on line every single week.  The Chinese CO2 emissions are massively larger than the entire Western world combined.  Are you saying we need to jump off a cliff and beg the Chinese to jump after us?  And the response was basically, yeah, we are going to ask them real nice.  Give me a break.  They all understand this is a scam.  They want to deindustrialize the Western world.  They want to shift economic and, ultimately, military power away from the United States and what used to be known as the ‘Free World’ towards the other pole in this multipolar world order that they are building, especially Beijing.  The third world kleptocracies are going to play ball with the New World Order. . . . John Kerry (who was at the COP28 conference) says, ‘Nothing can stop this transformation.  This is the biggest transformation in human history.  Nothing and nobody can stop it.’  The United Nations had all these billboards and placards in Dubai that said the transformation was unstoppable. . . . All I can think of when they are saying this stuff, and I am seeing all the billboards, is that is very similar to what they said when they launched the Titanic. . . . The Bible says, ‘Pride goes before the fall.’  We will see about that, but they certainly want the people in the world to believe this is unstoppable.”

Newman is especially worried about what the UN has planned for education and brainwashing the children of the world.  Newman says, “We actually got there on the COP28 ‘Education Day.’  The first ad I saw said ‘Education Transformation COP28.’  This was a huge part of the festivities.  They are openly telling us that they are going to brainwash the next generation of Americans, Germans, Japanese, South Koreans and the West to believe this hoax with all their heart. . . . The brainwashing of our children and the dumbing down of our children is the most significant weapon in their arsenal.  They will never be able to get this to pass unless they can brainwash enough of our children. . . . We’ve got to protect our kids.  If we don’t stop the brain washing of our kids, it’s all over.”

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of LibertySentinel.org and author of the new book called “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death.”  Newman is back to report on what he saw at the demonic anti-America UN COP28 conference in Dubai, UAE, for 12.23.23.

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  1. Gordon

    If there’s climate changes, it’s due to all the geo engineering they are doing.

    • neil

      Nailed it Gordon.

      • ivan

        Alex made 17 references to China, and 15 times added “communist” I wonder why? I hope he does not admire the communists!

        • Greg Hunter

          Newman does NOT admire the communists. I remind you he owns a website with the name LIBERTY in it. https://libertysentinel.org/ Greg

          • Arizona

            GREG,unless the MALES,WHO CLAIM TO BE MEN,GROW A SET,AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED BY 2030,and the Russians and Chinese will already have left to go back home,AND very few will still be alive,GODS remenant,that won’t be many..

            • Tommy

              Marxist corruption perpetrating itself by the corrupt Marxists, not surprised….its what they always have done and are doing today with citizen Smith illegally let loose by Corrupt GarlandTard and O’Briben.


              • LINDA J CREAN

                Arizona, I also have been praying that men will stand up and be men again men let the women liners control and manipulate them. If more men had been thoughtful and not so greedy in the workplace this obnoxious women lib thing would have never gotten this fat even Elon Musk says his father was evil cruel violent and despicable. The deciples were men that loved God and our Lord Jesus Christ and TAUGHT the goodness of God there are 7-8 women in Church compared to women. People who complain about the state of our country did they have children (9 months each) and struggle to deliver, up late nights, feed, clothe, house, taught to be kind to other, help with their homework, teach them of God and our Lord Jesus Christ and how to pray, take them to church regularly as a family. No most people who complain about everything have never done any of these things just complain about others. The public school system is not hopeless nothing is hopeless unless you give up on it. There are many many great teachers in the public schools I graduated from the public school system and my 4 siblings and all became excellent members of society. I miscarried 5 babies and have 3 live children who are lovely adults who went to public schools it schools weren’t great but I prayed continually over my children and the teachers and the school system and prayed for Christian teachers to get into the schools to help the children not abandon them. My one son Daniel went to college for years and worked 2 jobs one working at a nursing home making the food and sitting with the elderly to choose there meals Dan was also substitute teacher all that time he made sure the middle school children and highschool children always had food in the morning he bought breakfast bars and cases of water for them he’d keep his old car trunk full. When my children were little and going to the public schools the people at church (we would go three times a week) would say to me, ” your children go to public school that’s terrible, 40 years ago). I cried when I got home and prayed and said “Father God I don’t have any money to send my 3 to Christian school because my husband left me for a Vet student my parents are feeding us and clothing is my tithe is $12.50 a week what am I to do 😭)”. I heard Father God audibly say to me” I took care of Moses in Pharaoh court I can take care of yours”. Daniel is the kindest person I know 3 Bachelor’s and 3 Masters and all the teachers he works with are loving and caring people. So I wish Alex wouldn’t put all the teachers in one boat, Lord Jesus Christ spoke of many little ships. Parents need to teach their children how to be good people and pray with them and not leave everything up to the teachers. When my children told me of a problem at school I was up to the school the next day. Parents need to get involved and not leave it up to someone else their your children.

            • Laura Ann

              America has fallen and embraced nihilism, sports, social media and video games and care little about much else. Americans won’t act until they are forced into boxcars, but most won’t act even then. Less than three percent have a clue about agenda 2030 enslavement. Politicians are shills for the globalist and voting is a farce. Nothing will get “fixed”.

              • Katy Bar

                In the final analysis history has always shown that a Nations ultimate fate and destiny is determined by its Military – in the US our Military was behind the distribution of the Killer Clot Shot to 80% of the American people (and to 100% of its own troops) at Warp Speed!!

              • Pete+only

                Laura, Jim Rickards had 5 predictions for 2024, and one of them was that Donald Trump would win the election, but be in jail at the time…if you only have a bit of time, fast forward the podcast to about the 42 minute mark. He is also certain that Biden won’t be running, and he may just get pardoned by Kamela Harris, who would be installed several months before the end of the Biden term.

        • Rob

          But who’s counting.

        • DJR

          How many times is Satan referred to in scripture? In fact he is labeled as an “Angel of Light”. Hell is referenced in scripture more often than Heaven and I’m gonna say it’s likely not an endorsement?

          How can we ever root out evil if we aren’t able to openly talk about it and identify it for what it is?

          This is a tactic of the left. To try to make loose associations that at their core have no connection. When a group with a history of pro Nazi rhetoric supports Trump then Trump is by default a Nazi? That is the tool of the left and we need to be very careful we aren’t working from the same toolbox. or it gives that tactic credibility.

          I’m not saying you are doing that but I’m merely pointing out that in this day and age if you want to see the truth look to opposite of what the “majority” are saying.

          I would point to what he said that I believe is completely accurate but to late to address and that is the indoctrination of our Children.

          The time to fight that was 30 years ago when this evil started to be planted within the school system. By evil I mean the entire concept of progressive theories which they have slowly embedded into the brains of our children while we were apathetic to what was occurring.

          What we are seeing now in our society is the fruit that was produced by those teachings.

          The only reason they are no longer being covert and insidious is because they have so much power and control over the culture now in a world where making people “feel good” is the priority over logic, reasoning, common sense or actual facts”.

          This is the once slow but quickly growing descent into the final stages of this planet before Gods Judgment is going to come down on us. There is no denying it at this point with all the current signs that we are truly living in the end time.

          Nothing we can do will alter or deter what is to unfold according to scripture. The best we can do is to try our best to not participate and try to be a light to world as it grows increasingly dark because there is no way out of this through out own efforts.

          I’m not saying the fights are not noble in themselves and being carried out with the best of intentions but ultimately it is not going to change where this is going.

          We need to make sure our affairs are in order with our creator because the day of inventory is approaching.

          • S. Revere

            DJR You are soooo right. There is absolutely no way to change what is going to happen…….because ”it has already happened”.
            The bible is a book of history of this world, past, present and Future. The Future has not been
            predicted, the bible is simply foretelling us the future that God fastforwarded and saw what happened, what mankind was going to do, and the outcome.
            It is high Time to wake up and realize none of the human race is going to ”do” anything to change any of it, or to fix any of it. And yes, it is way too late to be trying to change ”what has been done to our children”. Yes, that should have been tended to at least 30 yrs ago. Now, forget it.
            Actually, it is not only the education system that is sick; its every aspect of Life here on earth, itself.
            ”Everything’s wrong and nothing aint right,” like that old song said.
            In a nutshell, this whole world is now in ”stage 5 terminal cancer” . The Time to ”do” something, is as soon as the doc tells you; Not after ya get on your deathbed with no cure.
            For those that dont believe the future is already ‘past’……….go read the book of Revelation and see
            where God took the Apostle John Up and showed him what was ”going” to happen. John saw it with his own eyes, in that ”fastforward” and he wrote what he saw. (it was after that, that John
            penned his book of John)

      • Trinacria

        Well said Gordon!
        Greg, this was an excellent interview, lot’s of info. I will order Alex’s new book. Well said Greg, that Alex can pack in more info into 30 minutes than most people can in 90 minutes!
        We all need to act, we need to all do something, no matter how small, as together it all adds up. I encourage people to do something and not cancel themselves out.

        Greg, if you allow it, I am putting a link down from Dr. Rima Laibow that I just heard the other day, where all of us can hopefully do something. I hope you have time to look at it as I am familiar with these folks and they do seem legit. James Roguski is also involved. He is trying to blow the whistle of the W.H.O. about that treaty where countries surrender their medical sovereignty. You, of course, are the judge as this is your site:


        Here is the interview from Maria Zeee (Zeee Media from Australia):


        I will write a second comment in another post in case you, Greg, don’t think this is appropriate. The second post is on Alice Bailey, she was mentioned by Alex. She is a real evil cook and I am glad Alex is on to her stuff (she is dead, but her garbage lives on).

        Merry Christmas to all!

    • Cookiesncreamintraveneously

      Planet7x’s return is the main factor..

      And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

      And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

    • Richard Cranium

      The use of adenovirus in vaccinations such as covid in conjunction with light to modify and control people. It can also be used with EMF such as 5G.

      This is the goal of the one world order.


    • Lesley

      And over population

      • Tommy

        leslieTard WRONG.

        • S. Revere

          Tommy, Lesley is entitled to his/her own opinion, just as you are. When I was born in the u.s. we only had 120 million people and I can tell you life sure was a lot simpler. Now we have wall to wall people, every faction imaginable and its a mad house.
          If you prefer this madhouse, thats your choice, enjoy Nutville.
          But as a sidenote, this world has reached its ‘expiration date” and it is my own opinion that it would be unfair to bring children into a world that is this ”sick”.

          • Tommy

            over population is a psyop buzzword term used by the same pulling the covid genocide, wake up !

            • S. Revere

              Tommy, go back to sleep.
              Better yet, give me your address and I will send you a dictionary.

          • Earth Angel

            Totally agree with your observations S. Revere. Tommy must live on the top of a mountain in a W. Virginia backwoods hut not to notice the overpopulation crushing American cities, suburbs and continuing to threaten our rural farm and ranchlands with overdevelopment and sprawl. This is happening everywhere you go except for the remotest and most uninhabitable areas to live. God help any future generations able to survive this mess.

            • Tommy

              Is that you Hellery Killery?

              How many more clot-shots do you recommend?

              What about Dr Fraudci’s Boostas are 5 of them good enough to do the job?

              How many more culling wars should O’Briben start?

              Again…Wake up REVERSE 🤪

  2. Jo Silva

    Merry Christmas Greg. Thank you for all that you do and all the hard work of bringing hard truths to our lives. God has His fingerprint upon your heart. God bless you and yours this Christmas and always.
    With gratitude,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Jo!! Merry Christ mas!
      Brother Greg

  3. Monica H. Warren

    I got Mr.Newmans last book in my Christmas stocking ❤

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Monica!!

  4. Christine

    Alex is a great guest. But could he just slow down his speech a little. He speaks so fast its hard to catch it all. I’m not sure why he needs to rush so much.

    • stanley skrzypek

      All ya gatta do is… find that little wheel look alike on the bottom right…click it…….and slow down the PlayBack speed…..it’s so Easy….a Caveman can do it!

    • jol

      Yes, he speaks so fast, I catch only half of it…..so sorry. I know he means well.

      • Greg Hunter

        Watch it twice.

        • Tammy

          Everything that is happening is for a reason….God set this plan in motion before he even chose Trump to be our president in 2016…this is about restoration and taking down the deepstate players and their systems, all the world, not just here in america…we are witnessing the fall of the democratic party as we speak…their last to try and stop Trump is not working…it’s bringing them out from behind the curtain into the light…and we the ppl are witnessing it. This was the lords plan all along to wake the ppl up to what has been happening, to all the evil players that are trying to destroy this country… the lord chose Trump for such a time as this… he is the lords chosen vessel in the natural to carry out this plan…Trump will stop it all, he will turn this country around again, with the lords help…we must continue to pray for Trump and keep supporting him and his family. Yes, things will get scary and seem very dark next year…but it is the storm that we must go thru to get to the light…do not fear…the lord is in control of all this.

          • S. Revere

            Tammy, you are in your own little world of Dream State of wishful thinking. In fact, None of what is happening is ”Gods Plan”. It is the plan of satan who is the god of this world. (2 Cor 4:4)
            All of it is the mess that Mankind is making, and will continue to make. The Demo Party is not falling, all of politics is in a drunken stupor and none of them have “our backs”. Trump did nothing in 4 years and he is not coming back.
            Its Time to put await trump-mania; he is not anyone’s savior and the Lord does not need Trump for anything at all.
            Where is it written that one has to ”go thru the dark to get to the light”? Where do you get that from? Only in your own wishful thinking; Trump is not coming back after your supposed ”dark ’24 to get to ’25 ‘
            From all that we can see culminating, it seems a certainty that dark times are surely coming, but will last for 7 years, with each year becoming worse than the one before.
            Even CNN is now talking about black swan events which is quite unusual.
            I strongly consider there wont even be any more ”elections” in the u.s. What will you do then?

            • Kathleen McKeon

              Listen to DOD Halper interviews, learn what has really happened and how it’s happened to the US.
              We do not have an overpopulation problem, we have an elite psychopath problem, they believe they don’t need the people anymore they have robots and AI now and don’t need so many slaves to rob. Finally we are in a Solar Maunder Minimum, not global warming, these better than you and me people lie about absolutely everything all the time. Enjoy your fetal cell food and grasshoppers.

    • Laura Ann

      I hear him fine with his other videos. I am 78 and hear him after surviving the disco era with loud music blasting with amplifiers for hours. I talk fast also raised in major city.. A slooow patriot talker is Doug Hagmann on Brighteon, too slow for me tho’.

  5. Edgar

    Merry Christ mas to you and your family Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Merry Christ mas to you too Edgar.

  6. Wade Gayle

    Brainwashing children? We needed to offset this. This is can be duplicated worldwide.> https://www.metroworldchild.org/ The script has been written. The vision is there. An excerpt below. Will the influencers step up to the plate and help? Will God’s church come out of hibernation? This will be the Deep States worst nightmare but its up to us who have been given the light.

    168 EXT-Jesus riding into Jerusalem

    ( In the background Hosanna music is playing as the people
    wave palm branches.)

    They thought he came to set them free from
    the Romans. He should have been carried to
    Jerusalem on a throne or accompanied by
    stallions that had men with armor, swords,
    and spears. But he could see things they
    couldn’t. He would become just a foolish
    thing to them. Abused and rejected. Just
    like the foolish thing he rode that day. But
    God chose the foolish things of the world
    to shame the wise; God chose the weak
    things of the world to shame the strong.
    And so it was the highest honor that could
    bestowed upon creation was given that day
    to the Ass. To carry the most significant
    man in all of human history upon his back to

    (Camera focuses on Jesus and slowly pans down first
    to the cross on the back of the ass and then to
    the face of the ass as the camera fades out.)

    (A slowly rolling screen comes up with the following)

    When you are close to Jesus there is a cross you must bear. It was no accident that the Ass carried the cross on its body and the man who would bear that cross. There are men of the 19th century that bore that cross, that shared in the sufferings of Christ. Men like David Livingston, whose impact on the African people affected them so much that after he died they cut his heart out and buried it in Africa, before his body was shipped back to England. During his last five years nobody from England came to see him. Nobody knew where he was. Discouraged and sick he took one more journey to one of the thousand villages Robert Moffat spoke of. He had to be carried and propped up to speak. The Africans knew where his heart was. Then there’s George Mueller, who took in over 10,000 orphans off the street. These children were treated like rats, homeless, dirty, diseased ridden, the dregs of society. Many times it seemed like they weren’t going to make it and at the very last second God would come through. He outlived his first and second wife and all 4 of his children. He, like Livingston, knew pain and suffering. And now we join a third name to the list. A man of the 20 and 21st century. A man who survived abandonment, 2 heart attacks, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, 4 stabbings, 2 gun shot wounds, 3 plane crashes, hip surgery, a brick to the eye, broken ribs, collapsed lung, rickets, surgeries for a deformed jaw, and thrown off a building. Having endured much psychological trauma by personally seeing 23 people get murdered, he stilled pushed forward and helped abused and neglected children all over the world from evils of terrorists and the sex slave traffickers.. Today Metro World Child reaches 500,000 children worldwide. In addition to that he showed love and compassion to the homeless, the prostitute, the gang member, the transvestite, the homosexual, and the drug addict. Those that were thought as worthless as that little boy and Balaam’s Ass. At Christmas this year a program he initiated, Operation Holiday Hope, will give away over 300,000 gifts. Where will his heart be left? His heart will be left with all those that he brought hope to with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His heart will be carried in their hearts and to their future generations. History will always remember the hearts of David Livingston, George Mueller, and Bill Wilson.

    • TheReason ForTheSeason Armageddon!

      The Finance Zone 12,865 views 13 hours ago

    • Dr. Livingstone I Presume?

      Wade, here’s the rest of the Dr. David Livingstone story!
      Stanley and Livingstone (1939) Spencer Tracy, Walter Brennan (Adventure film directed by Henry King) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9ZjYFiaIKs&t=157s

      • Nadezda Bennett

        Today, I heard Elon Musk on Infowars. I heard how he plans on fighting for humanity and saving mankind from the clutches of the evil globalists!
        After watching this old movie, I realized that God always raises up men for times like these. Musk is such a man today, men like Stanly and Livingstone and countless others. Unsung heroes.

        • George Burwash

          We fought a revolution and a civil war to set us free and two world wars to keep us that way. God’s not going to sell us out now to Alex Soros and Barry Obama to put us back in chains! You have his word on it, the living word of God Christ Jesus and yes, his flesh was black/brown a Semite from Ham, Noah’s son-in-law.
          I hope he wasn’t a lawyer!

        • Earth Angel

          I don’t trust Musk any further than I could throw him. He may talk a good line but his words do not match his actions. He seems hell bent on dragging us further down the path to our demise via ‘technocracy rising’. We should be moving AWAY from the ‘tech fix’ for everything and embracing GOD’S WAYS to live for His Creations on Earth. My feeling is musk is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I do not trust him at all.

    • Laura Ann

      God’s true church folks have been doing house churches, home family church , ZOOM on line and/ or stream a solid fundamental church service too far to travel from their areas. Real sermons are found @ sermonaudio.com America has fallen. A tiny few less than 5 percent, know about UNagenda 2030, the WEF or who the players are or that the nation has fallen. Few even care. Voting won’t fix a thing. People won’t do anything until they are forced into box cars, but most won’t even then.

  7. Deal

    Pride goes before DESTRUCTION!
    A haughty spirit before a fall!
    Proverbs 16:18
    Please quote the Lord correctly. Rarely does one quote this Scripture accurately. It is very important to do so. Destruction is completely complete!

    • Katy Bar

      The Gay Pride Movement leads our Destruction – where we now live in their Happy One World Globalist Commie Utopia where Gay School Teachers destroy Education, Gay Doctors destroy our Health, Gay Lawyers destroy Justice, Gay Politicians destroy Freedom, Gay Lying Presstitutes destroy the Truth while Gay Priests practice Sodomy and Gay Witches practice Satanism along with the Gay Banksters destroying the value of our Dollar – and in this Klaus Schwab World where everyone is Happy and Gay – “They Own Nothing”!!!

  8. Ron

    I’ll pass on the cold dead planet with little CO2. It’s all a scam to control people. My daughter went back to public school because she wanted friends but now is going back to home schooling because she realized the school was horrible and she learned more without the teachers and the gangsta influenced kids that bullied everyone and interrupted classes. Funny it’s like this in a small hick town.

    • Earth Angel

      YES! HOME SCHOOLING by parents with values of Freedom & Liberty, Good Moral Consciousness, Christian Values and Respect for Mother Earth will be the Salvation of this Nation’s children if there is to be any. We know a few families doing this for their kids and their children are some of the smartest, kindest & thoughtful, well mannered kids we know of. Get your kids OUT of the commie government indoctrination centers and you’ll never be sorry.

  9. Naomi from Israel

    Season’s greetings.
    Thank you very much for this informative interview.
    What is the purpose of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza in this whole scheme of things? I would very much appreciate a reply to this question.

    • Felix

      Naomi because evil men make money from all these false wars and it has a dual purpose to depopulate the earth.If you look behind the scenes it is the Zionist bankers that fund all these wars.The war in Ukraine is because Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and they have vast resources.Naomi go to the srapeum.com and watch some of the videos by Dustin nemos on the seed war,these evil doers hate YAHWEH children.For those who proclaim to be Jews they are not Jews they are from the synagogue of satan, I say these things in his name JESUS CHRIST amen

    • Ruth Gordon

      Dear Naomi!
      TODAY it is more urgent than ever before to pray, “Deliver us from the wicked one”—the closing words to the model prayer Jesus Christ gave his disciples. (Matt. 6:13) They are a petition to your Jehovah / Yahweh God for deliverance from wicked spirit forces. But who the heck is the “wicked one” whose attacks we need to repel?
      Jesus Christ messiak/ Son of God, gave us the identity of this “wicked one.” In his illustration of the weeds in the field, he said: “The weeds are the sons of the wicked one, and the enemy that sowed them is the Devil.”—Matt. 13:38, 39.
      The “wicked one,” then, is Satan the Devil, a powerful wicked spirit, concerning whom the Holy Bible says: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) Jesus’ instruction on how to pray shows, however, that deliverance from the power of this “wicked one” and other wicked spirits is possible. Also illustrating this is the Bible account that describes all the troubles that the Devil brought against the righteous man Job, and yet Job came off triumphant. This is encouraging, for Job was an imperfect human just like us, and still he came off victorious over all the malicious attacks of that “wicked one.”—Job 1:1–2:10; 42:10-17.

  10. Paul Reverence

    Alex forgot to rebuke the scallywag who continues to blaspheme the Lord Jesus. Many souls are being groomed by Clif High in preparation for the anti-christ. When the anti-christ arrives on the public stage, Clif High will tell you to follow him because the anti-christ will favor UFO “disclosure” and crypto currencies, i.e, the chip……. You heard it here first. Consider yourself forewarned.

    • stanley skrzypek

      sorry…PR……you ain’t the First

    • PersonaNonGrata

      IMHO, the majority of Watchdoggers are capable of critical thinking. They can sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ when listening to Clif High, and others. There is much ‘wheat’ in what CH has to say. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      P.S. I have never heard CH directly “blaspheme the Lord Jesus’. Please provide evidence.

  11. Leonie

    That was brilliant…thanks Alex and Greg.

  12. Randy Best

    Another ten or twenty years? Surely we don’t have that long.

  13. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report guys.

  14. Rodney

    ‘Nothing and nobody can stop it’, so says John Kerry….wrong answer. The God of Heaven, will have everything to say about it.
    These self-proclaimed rulers of the world will find out just how powerful and important they’re really not and that right soon.

    Merry Christmas Y’all

    • S. Revere

      Rodney, yeppers, their days are numbered and their plans will never come to fruition. They just dont know it yet, Lol.

  15. Jeffrobbins

    Merry Christmas everybody. There is always hope. As for this climate none sense, i remember seeing a video about a car that ran on water, Stan Meyers i believe. I’ve wondered about that- bucket list? Lots of possibilities. At some point, a mass awakening will need to happen, and maybe it starts with all the lies: the shots, to lies about our money, lies about so many things. The more absurd, the easier to see- As an example, just ask a Pro Vax person why none of the migrants are given the same shots that our liberties and jobs were threatened with?

    • Ken menegay

      L BJ had a car that traveled on water. Just saying

  16. Rebecca

    If I may I would like to respond to Mr. John Garner’s comment on Bo Polny’s video, in regard to the LORD’s name.
    I respectfully disagree with your understanding of the LORD’s name and with your spellings for the LORD’s and Jesus’ names. The Father’s sacred name is spelled by four letters, known as the tetragrammaton. In ancient Hebrew there are no vowels. The rabbis added the vowel sounds to aid (or perhaps prevent) the pronunciation of the sacred name. Without the vowels added, the tetragrammaton is Y-H-W (or V) H. It does not mean God. It is the three facets of “to be” or “being”: He who is, He who was, He who will be – The All Existing One. The Orthodox Jews do not pronounce the LORD’s sacred name, in fear of profaning it (by making its use common). They say instead, Ha Shem (The Name.) The KJV Bible also respects the sacredness of the LORD’s name and when the tetragrammaton is used in scripture God’s name is spelled as LORD in all capitals. Yahweh is not the same as Allah. That equivalent would be Eloheim. More people are becoming aware of the Father’s sacred name. I prefer to reserve its use in prayer and not in common conversation, that I may not make it “common”, i.e. to profane it.
    Jesus’ Hebrew name is Yeshua, meaning Salvation. Christ in Latin and Messiah in Hebrew mean “Anointed One”, which has the expanded connotation of One Anointed to Serve God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let call bull crap on the bull crap. Let’s start with the Sin of praying to Yahweh or Jehovah by name. It’s NOT a sin. Yahweh/Jehovah is OK to pray to Yahweh/Jehovah and do it in the name of Jesus. LORD is not a name. It is a title, like reporter is a title. Look no further than the statement on the cross by Jesus that in his blood sacrifice when he proclaimed “The veil was torn.” (KJV Matt 27:51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom;)
      This means you can pray directly to Father Yahweh/Jehovah. You do not know what you are talking about when it comes to the name LORD, Check out the KJV Bible in Psalms 83:18 (Psalms 83:18 “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth.”) Again it is right there in the King James Version (KJV) Jehovah. That is His name. Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy NAME. What is his name? It is hallowed. It IS Yahweh (YHWH) or in English, Jehovah. Jesus taught people to pray to Jehovah or Yahweh and do it in the name of Jesus. The evil weasels took the actual name of LORD Yahweh or Jehovah out of the Bible more than 7.000 times.

      • Rebecca

        Mr. Hunter,
        That was my typographical error.
        “reserve His name ‘in’ prayer” should have “reserve His name ‘to’ prayer” and not to use the sacred name as one would throw any other word around in daily conversation.
        It is not a sin to use YHWH’s name in prayer.

        No, it is not a title. Scripture clearly states that the tetragrammaton is the LORD’s name.

        If you will look in the concordance and look up the word Jehovah, you will find the four letters of the tetragrammaton (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey). You will also find that those four letters mean “The existing one.”

        Jehovah is for pronunciation. The vowels added to aid in pronouncing of the four letters of the tetragrammaton. There were no vowels in the Old Testament Hebrew language. The rabbis added vowel markings under the consonants to aid in pronunciation, because the Hebrew language is formed off “roots” of two or three letters, but those roots can have many different meanings with different pronunciations. The rabbis put the vowel points under the Hebrew letters, and in English translations the vowel points are printed as vowels in our language.

        You can research this all out yourself by searching the term tetragrammaton.

        My learning on the Father’s name came from the late Dr. Dwight A. Pryor of the Center of Judaic-Christian Studies. Dr. Pryor was himself learned in Israel.

        • Greg Hunter


          Look no further than the KJV 83:18. Jehovah or Yahweh (YHWH) is HIS name. This is IN the Bible. I understand the Hebrew part, but we speak English.

          You said LORD was YHWH or Jehovah’s name. Lord is a title. I pray to Yahweh (YHWH) or Jehovah every day and I do so in the Name of Jesus my Lord and Savior. No debate on YHWH or Yahweh but Lord is a title.

          • Waynel Sexton


            No, his name is Joe Biden or JOBI, US:46.

            Dr. Waynel Sexton

          • Ted Green

            Greg, be careful where you say that name,
            especially Hollyweird or Israel.

          • Cole Davis

            It appears to me that both of you are on the same page. Rebecca consistently uses LORD as a title to refer to YHWH, i.e., “the LORD’s name is YHWH.” Both of you are speaking truth. When LORD is capitalized (or Lord), it is to let readers know they are referring to YHWH (God, Jesus) and not just any lord.
            Blessings in Christ.

            • Dan Dee

              Jesus refers to the father as Father. And he teaches his followers to pray that way in Matthew”s gospel. The Bride of the Holy Ghost, appearing on earth over centuries, always refers to Father, not by first name.

              American men refer to their fathers as dad or father. Most gay men tend to refer to their father by his first name.

              There is something unmanly about whining about this topic every week.

          • Trinacria

            I think we are all on the same side as the God of Israel, the God of Abraham calls us by our name. Satan calls us by our sin.

        • Joe's Garage

          Elohim Avi or Avi Ad. Orthodox Jewish Bible

          Padre Eterno=Eternal Father=Avi Ad.

          El Roi. El Elyon. El Shaddai. El Kanna. El Ro’eh. Jehovah Shalom. Jehovah Rapha. Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Tsidkenu. Jehovah Nissi. Jehovah Shammah. Jehovah Sabaoth. Atik Yomin. Ancient of Days.

          Elohim Elyon, Elohei Mikarov, Elohim Machase Lanu, Elohim Nekamoth,

          His Name is Marvelous.

      • Larry Serflaten

        After all that has happened how can people not realize when they are being gas lighted?

        But Greg; “he proclaimed ‘The veil was torn'” That is the first time I have seen that. Where did you get that from? Can I also suggest you consider the source when you read the Psalms and then consider who is speaking at Exodus 34:14.

        I would advise, give God his due respect, but don’t make a religion out of His name.

        What scares me is how they slipped GMO into our food chain and are now doing the same with that mRNA time bomb. On the bright side, God has shortened the days….

        • Greg Hunter

          I got it here Matthew 27:51-53 King James Version 51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; ” More here: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Matthew-27-51/

          • Larry Serflaten

            Greg, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I was aware of the earthquakes and the tearing of the veil and its meaning, however this is what I read in the KJB for Matt. 27:50-52

            Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,

            I do not see: “he proclaimed ‘The veil was torn’” which is what my question was about. Your post indicated Jesus said that, but that whole book is the narration of Matthew. I do not see where Jesus commented about the veil and was wondering where you read/heard that he did.

            • Greg Hunter

              https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Matthew-27-51/ “50Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. 51And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

        • Holy Baloney

          Larry behold,
          On the day of Jesus’ baptism, God’s heavenly throne had taken on new features. The identification of a perfect human sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world emphasized God’s holiness in contrast with man’s sinfulness. God’s mercy was also highlighted in that he now showed his willingness to be appeased or propitiated. Thus, God’s throne in heaven had become like the innermost compartment of the temple, where the high priest entered once a year with animal blood to atone for sin in an illustrative way.
          The curtain in the temple that separated the Holy from the Most Holy pictured Jesus’ fleshly body. (Hebrews 10:19, 20) It was the barrier that kept Jesus from entering into his Father’s presence while he was a man on earth. (1 Corinthians 15:50) At the time of Jesus’ death, “the curtain of the sanctuary was rent in two, from top to bottom.” (Matthew 27:51) This dramatically indicating that the barrier preventing Jesus’ entry into heaven had now been removed. Three days later, God performed an outstanding miracle. He raised Jesus from the dead, not as a mortal human of flesh and blood, but as a glorious spirit creature “continuing alive forever.” (Hebrews 7:24) Forty days later, Jesus ascended to heaven and entered the real “Holy of Holies,” “to appear before the person of God for us.”—Hebrews 9:24.
          Thus, as Christians we no longer are in need of a royal priesthood. The veil in the temple separating us from the holy of holies was torn in two, Jesus went through. Now before God the father and we make our petitions through Jesuse to his father. Better than a priesthood or even mobile cell phone!

  17. J J Quinn

    Another Jim Rickards, sell fear, can’t say comunist China enough, who’s less comunist than usa at present, shill with capital S, these globalists are allready finished, I’d belive Bo Pony far more, if Newman is right then Pony is wrong, Europe is more comunist than China , I’m in Ireland barely unelected clowns running the place, turning the country into a shithole, if trump was any good he would have freed julian Assange when he was president,

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi JJ
      Before becoming POTUS, Trump used to say, “Don’t you just love Wikileaks!”. Why then did he allow Julian Assange to languish in solitary at the request of the CIA. Good question! Julian Assange is dying in a top secutity British prison for speaking TRUTH to power. Every journalist should be demanding his release. His demise is every true journalist’s future . . .

      • S. Revere

        Persona NG, You are sooo right. I voted for the trump twice, but when he went to his last day in office and still did not pardon Julian, that told me the ”rest of” the story – – After it was really Julian’s risking his life that was the underlyer of Trump’s getting elected, and then he ”threw him to the wolves” like he did – – – WHAT makes any trumpster think for a nano-second that he cares at all about them and ”going to come again and fix stuff for THEM” ??

  18. Self Exiled

    Please name the senators who where there. Trump I’m sure he is not aware of the greater dynamics of the enormity of such deeply ingested in play forces. This is his weakness which was evident in his cabinet choices and his lack of awareness of the depth of the deep state US government.

    • Greg Hunter

      He has a list (I think 8,) and they were all Democrats except one RINO Republican. Sen Murkowski. Check https://libertysentinel.org/

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You Greg. On the news here in the Philippines there was a legislator announced that there had been 273 thousand deaths since the covid inoculations. He had purposed legislation to form a committee to investigate and report on these inoculations. The legislation passed. The Philippines has been a victim of big pharma before. Dengue fever shots, many children died. The health minister of that decision is still in prison.

  19. Roger Stamper

    tks alex greg merry christmas greg

  20. vulture

    Put a phone in every childs hand, they can easily indoctrinate anyone they want, Americans are so stupid, tell them they will get a free Happy Meal, Americans will gladly accept the next vaccine, and vote any way they are told.

  21. Gordo Langston

    Germany’s self-induced collapse started. Property prices plummet as housing bubble bursts. Emil Cosman 75.2K subscribers 8,700 views 7 hours ago

  22. Keith

    Every year there is about 50 volcanoes that erupt worldwide. There was one last week in Iceland. According to the best scientist’s they give out more carbon emissions than 8 billion people on planet earth. The super elite 1% of the population are responsible for 15-20% of all human carbon emissions. If you look at all the political leaders worldwide they seem to all have a private jet or a private yacht. Plus property all over the place. Merry Xmas to you Greg and all your listeners………

  23. Colleen

    Off topic: iIt seems as though it’s been a year since the reported coma of the Thai kings daughter. Has there been any update on her health condition? I can’t seem to find any updated information?

    I pray for you daily, Mr. Hunter, and I wish you and your family a very blessed and merry Christmas.

  24. kluce6

    Thank you! Merry Christmas and only the very best in the New Year!!

  25. Fancy Yancey Yates

    The Real Reason the Dairy Industry Adds Vitamin D To Your Milk
    The calcium would be wasted without it.
    By Julie R. Thomson Mar 29, 2017, 06:00 AM EDT Updated Jun 4, 2020
    Next update; The Covid-19 killer!
    P.S. Vitamins K1, K2, k4 & K7 keeps the calcium out the arteries!

  26. Steve Carter

    God Bless You and all your family Greg. You have made a Hugh difference in waking up our people ! Folks like you and all of your guests bring us REAL News ! Thank you so much.

  27. Bennet Cecil

    Man made climate change is a transhuman scam. Humans thrive in warm climates. Ice Ages kill humans. CO2 increases the oxygen output from plants. We need our oxygen to live.

    This is the CO2 news article. https://essd.copernicus.org/articles/15/963/2023/
    Fist look at the CO2 maps
    This is the article.

  28. Lili

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Greg.
    Thank you for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lili! Merry Christ mas to you too!!

  29. danknight

    Merry Christmas! …

    Alex is a treasure.

    Some of us have known this for years and even decades. When read the first IPCC reports and the first climate agreements, it was obvious to me that the whole thing was a scam to attack the West and destroy our fossil fuel infrastructure. Back in the 90s, however, no one understood it outside of a few radical engineers and scientists. I remember that even climate skeptics thought the goal was to reduce CO2, and that the ‘diplomacy’ had nothing to do with destroying the West and Making Communist China Greater. To be fair, when life is good, it’s hard for individuals whose religion is ‘Atheism’ to understand how wicked and evil our leaders actually are. The clincher, of course, was the litany of ‘reductions’ (economic decimation) in the West’s energy sectors while promoting economic escalation in China.

    Over the years since, I’ve only been proven “wrong” again and again … in the sense that the scheming, evil, murderers always manage to surprise me with some new dastardly deeds that I would never have contemplated in my wildest dreams. Of course, as my daughter likes to remind me, … I still have a soul.

    God bless, and Merry Christmas again!

  30. CraigMichael

    Merry Christmas Greg,
    My doctor of 20 years retired awhile ago. I was going to another doctor for routine stuff for about 4 years or so. I didn’t see him for 3 years during the “pandemic”.

    I saw him last week for a routine physical. The whole experience was surreal. He came out wearing a mask.He kept pushing me to get the Flu shot and Covid shot! I told him I hadn’t been sick with the flu for almost 10 years. I told him I never had Covid. I mentioned about the immunity boosting supplements I take along with Vitamin D, especially during the winter. He said there was no scientific proof that Vitamin D is effective and that I was wasting my money on supplements. He also said that myocarditis was rare, always mild and that it healed on its own. This guy is a medical doctor!
    He also said the videos of young people collapsing, especially during sports, happens all the time and the videos were being used by those trying to discredit the Covid-19 shots! He actually became abusive and insulting. I called off the exam and told him I was going to leave his practice.

    He is with OneMedical that was bought by Amazon.

    The “pandemic” and Covid shots have changed the course of human history. God only knows where this is going.

    The medical community has become a menace.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Craig, for your street reporting. Many EDs have succumbed to pure evil and murder for cash.

  31. Watchman on the wall

    Good morning brother Greg, and USA Watchdog cadre,

    Thank you Greg for your efforts, having written description of your interviews are helpful. Thank you! Also, the comment section and keeping it USA Watchdog’s and not someone else’s is to be treasued. The brave people you interview, interviewed are very kind to us. And I am very grateful Greg.

    Here is a golden nugget, written by David Murrow. FOREWORD by Richard Blackaby.



    Please remember Jesus is the reason;

    You are Loved- dje

    Merry Christmas, and the best is yet to come to those who are Born Again.

    Greg truly, truly thank you.

  32. Don

    ” …. he saw several U.S. Senators at the conference”.
    Why didn’t he name them ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch the video. He names some of the ones he confronted and talks about what they said. Newman is doing an article for the New American and you will find it all on https://libertysentinel.org/

  33. Frjar Tuchman

    BREAKING VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Warns of Hostile Interdimensional/Spiritual Forces Influencing the Human “Ant Farm” by Ben Warren December 22nd, 2023
    “There is good and evil that we are being acted upon at all times … You are subject to forces from outside yourself.”
    Carlson has come to the same conclusion Alex Jones discovered! This is all part of The Great Awakening!
    Based on his research, Tucker Carlson has concluded that good and evil interdimensional/spiritual forces are influencing humanity in such a profound manner that the controlled environment where mankind exists can be compared to an “ant farm.”
    Answering a question about aliens, UFOs, and the spiritual war many are now finding themselves in, Carlson delved into what he believes is the true nature of these entities.

  34. Susan R

    Wishing everyone here a very Merry Christmas filled with all the blessings of the birth of our Father’s child, Jesus. (Excuse my mislabeling, I know you know who I mean)
    This conversation awakened me to a much higher level than I have ever been before on the subject of the takeover of children’s schooling. I have known somewhat of what is happening, but this was CLEARLY spelled out. There IS an ONGOING process to dismantle humans (and children), which Greg covered thoroughly reporting on the shots. Alex Newman is also a passionate reporter who needs to be listened to and comprehended. Human’s future is limited unless we all understand this. The assault is on every microscopic level that exists. Any human who allows themselves to be paid off to take part in this is an ignorant fool, for this planet will go down taking them with it. It would be annihilation of us ALL. I would not be surprised if a fool such as this exists, and we can all come up with names. A bunker may extend life for a few, but as one by one climbs out the real controllers will squash any who can still crawl like a bug!

  35. Armed_Strong

    Tbe idea is very cyclical. Bring prosperity and destroy it, build it back up on lower prosperity places. It is like buying the low, sell the high.

    In few hundred years, China will fall like the US, and perhaps India is the next one in line. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. While the power at be they keep skimming on each change.

    The circle/cycle need to stop. It will stop when the Babylonian Bankers are rooted out of the world.

  36. R_Head

    Genesis 6:5
    5 The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time. 6 The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. 7 So the Lord said, “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.”

    This passage tells you that Yahweh the El experiment is out of hand. Yahweh the El fears that Humans will dethrone his ass. Just like in the movie Stargate. Yahweh the El, modified the humans to be smart enough to be slaves but dumb enough, to stay as slaves. Now, is worry that we the Humans, are not buying the lies any more and we are too many that we can put a fight.

    Now… We are back at it again, destroy as many Humans for the Second Coming of the Elohim to rule the planet. i take my chances and denounce these beings. It is all over the Bible, why God needs a Chatiot, a Spaceship if is the Almighty?

  37. Alaskan Homesteader

    Well we are almost done with 2023, and people are dropping like flies, most of my coworkers are getting very ill now, in our inner circle of friends we’ve had about 7 deaths.

    We made the decision to leave our 80 acre farm in Northern Maine and relocate to Alaska as Maine has turned into a commie state with like 98 % vaccination rate. You can see the flood of foreigners as well not as much as in southern Maine but it had changed greatly in the last 5 years from when we had first moved there, many businesses closed permanently after COVID, healthcare turned to complete crap, so much ambulance traffic from people dropping was insane. We felt as though we needed to get far away from the lower 48 because it will become overrun with migrants and that we were very close to the Canadian border which has become an entry point.

    Alaska north of Anchorage is populated with the non vaxxed, independent thinking, hardcore salt of the earth type of people. Alaska is so vast that it would be easier to bug out than in the lower 48, yes there’s alot of big Apex predators out here, even the moose are more aggressive than in Maine. I don’t see as many migrants here and I think it might be too cold and too far to fly them out here. No place is immune from what’s headed our way but at least we’re in a place that has many people that have our core beliefs.

    Merry Christmas Greg to you and your followers, I enjoy the articles and the comments section even more. Hope y’all have a “Plan B” as time is running short and things are moving faster than ever before!

    • stanley skrzypek

      I envy you…

    • S. Revere

      Alaskan, I have a Plan A and a Plan B.
      My Plan A is so complete, that my Plan B is the same
      as my Plan A.
      Kewel, huh !

  38. Karen Queenston

    the likely reason Bo Polny has become vulnerable to the diabolical attack from Clif High is that Bo Polny has been a recurring guest on this blasphemous occultist site:

    what is so CREEPY about this site is how during their presentations, Clif High lurks in the chat and prevents them from saying anything contradictory to his propaganda. There have been many times when the card reader Janine was to say something, then bit her tongue, because it was something contrary to Clif High’s program. Newagers always operate as a coven, or like a masonic lodge, and there is always a grand master who dominates the others.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t see Bo Polny on this site.

  39. Diana

    Thank you Alex. I hope you have a blessed Christmas Greg and I really appreciate all you do. You keep being you, it’s working.

  40. Trinacria

    Hi Greg: I am trying to post something, but getting this message:

    Error 404 Not Found
    Oops! We couldn’t Found this Page.

    Please check your URL or use the search form below.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Trinacria
      I have often received the same ‘Error 404’ message when trying to post on USAW. I associate this with attempting to post content TPTB don’t approve of. I use a PC, so, when this happens, I copy my post to a word document, split it into two separate posts, and then post to USAW in quick succession. This tactic appears to fool the AI surveillance . . .

      • Steve Bice

        Me too. Only certain posts…

  41. Randy

    A>Greg> All your BUDS>That say silver and gold>MMM> What does the bible say about saving themself with it??>
    According to the Bible, in Ezekiel 7:19, people will throw their gold and silver away in the streets like garbage12. This is because neither silver nor gold can save them when the Lord pours out his fury. They cannot use it to satisfy their desires or fill their stomachs. Gold and silver led them into sin>Enjoy

    • Greg Hunter


      Are you stupid. We all know this. Virtue signaling and judging, are we? Merry Christ mas.


  42. James Hascomb

    Hey Greg,

    First, Merry Christmas to you, your family, Alex Newman, his family, and every Watchdogger that reads this, and their families.

    You guys hit it on the head by seeing the the Christian nations are being purposely targeted for destruction.

    What is happening now is exactly in line with the death of Christianity that is conveyed in the Book of Revelation. Of course, Christianity eventually resurges to the highest level of prominence, but make no mistake, if must go by the wayside first.

    Once one understand that all that is documented in the Gospels is a carbon copy of what will happen to Christianity during the End of the Age.

    I have a video series, it’s called Tge Shortening of the Days, and it can be watched here:


    Scroll down and find the series. Everyone should watch. Yes, Greg, I know you won’t watch it, but those Christians that watch you should take the time.

    In the series about 10 signs are identified that will signal the start of the Great Tribulation

    Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  43. Prospector

    Maurice strong ( U.N. environmental leader ) was quoted as saying, ” Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”


    War has been declared , it’s that simple.

    • Paul

      Nice link
      Sums it up and shows why to resist or your fertilizer.

      Paul from arkansas

  44. Wayne C. Scott

    About people’s being especially targeted. I’m still working on a free picture video showing how Native American Indians and other indigenous groups are being targeted with the bio weapon as Dr.Brian Ardis recently reported.
    The angle I’m covering of the bio weapon push comes from the Watchers / Beast of Revelations, (there is an actual Beast, it’s not just governments).
    I suppose one of the reasons this far out subject was appointed to me, we wrote a Sasquatch book
    13+ yrs ago about them, (and later human Sasquatch) approaching us. Yet since they were later exposed as to who they are, they are not pleased.
    The Beast is an endless mixture of beings, “those who mingle in the forest” Will limit it to about 200 quick images of the Native Americans and a few indigenous ones.
    The Watchers / Beast also use in their electronic images which they also push towards humanity, (and we see the influence works on some), the head feather of Indians, replacing it with needles, to push and encourage the bio weapon shot to the simple minded Beast. They perceive the images of guns and bigger Arms plastered in many places, as shots also.
    Wondering if Indians are perceived also as some of those who would be big in resistance, as Alex mentioned.

    • Illegal Demon

      Interesting you should mention Sasquatch.

      There’s a fella who is discovering and documenting wooden stick pyramid yurt structures or “Chums” all across Europe and the UK in many woodlands he visits.

      His research led him to discover that these Chums may be a type of “tabernacle” where offerings – such as human sacrifice – are placed within. He believes that these offerings were made to appease Yeti’s or Sasquatches who were preying upon villages.

      That these stick structures are still being built suggests that maybe the worship of these creatures – and human sacrifice – became a religion / cult and that it is still operating even now. Everywhere. In secret… or not so secret if one considers how many kids go missing each year.

      Fascinating tangent I thought. He’s also got a wild hypothesis that this cult is attempting to bridge the gap between human and animal souls. That the cult is CREATING yeti’s… maybe trying to create a vehicle of consciousness that is not born in sin? Or that doesn’t carry the “taint” of human DNA?

      I wonder if these peculiar cryptids, yeti’s, sasquatches, Wendigo’s and the like, began as genetic experiments that still possess DNA “of the gods” and that this (druidic?) cult wishes to acquire the genetic features of these creatures for themselves?

      As opposed to a technological transhumanism… this (druidic?) cult may seek to evolve their own human vehicle by hybridisation and chimerism with other cryptid beings?

      OK, it’s a bit far out. Just a bit of gentlemen sciencing based upon what I’ve seen of this guy’s research so far.


      • Wayne C. Scott

        According to many hundreds of pictures, there’s a lot of mixture among Sasquatch, humans, other animals, and unfortunately fallen seraphim. They ride the Beast, help raise them (litters), train them, and
        control them to some extent, that’s where their Mark comes in, the shots keep them under control and more, according to the Sumerian cylinder seal pictures. People are actually taking their Mark, the Mark of the Beast which they push 24/7 at them.
        Gone Missing, yeah had a forest picture of a red headed naked man standing at the end of a human conveyor belt, which ended at many tables of Beast waiting to eat him and others. He was really scared looking.
        Too much persecution, so got rid of some pictures. Though I went out and got some more later, haha
        One of the females went around with a camera constantly, so many Sasquatch children were put on one of my cameras, they having a massive electric gunfight among themselves. When adult human males saw me coming they electrically shot me 4 times in the gut, which it quickly dissipated. Crazy stuff. They have also stolen 2 pistols, and one pistol magazine, which they put that on camera.
        Thought Greg might get a kick outa these goofy experiences. Or shake head and roll eyes, haha.

  45. Shaner Grayson

    WOWSER!:::::::::::::::::::::HOLY MOLY /STRUTHER!
    CNN ADMITS Jack Smith’s Trump Prosecution Is Political!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 66,921 views Dec 24, 2023
    During a recent segment, CNN host Michael Smerconish and the network’s legal analyst Elie Honig discussed the unavoidable conclusion that Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is attempting to influence the 2024 election in his prosecution of former president Donald Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZewAFmsO0sc

    “Get Ready to Feel Some Pain” – New Argentine President to Country
    The Jimmy Dore Show 124,244 views Dec 24, 2023
    Newly elected Argentine President Javier Milei was swept into office on a promise to fix the nation’s stagnant economy by reversing the woke, socialist policies of his predecessors. Now that he’s in office, he’s telling Argentinians to prepare for pain while he imposes shock on the nation’s economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSluPLLN_HM BOOM SHOCKA BOOM’SHOCKA DOOM BOOM GLUMMSHOCKA

  46. Illya Kuryakin Jr.

    Russian ISKANDER Destroyed NATO and US Army Officers During Their Meeting In MYRNOHRAD / BORZZIKMAN 8,300 3 hours ago

  47. Timothy

    A Gator of a report.

  48. Andrographis paniculata

    Bo Polny appears for special Christmas Eve podcast with Nino Rodriguez:

    Bo says beware, Dec 27 the collapse of the stock market begins

    Bo also mentions 4 days of darkness. ( compare with the Catholic mystics longtime prophecies: 3 Days of Darkness prophecy & The Warning – Illumination of Conscience prophecy. Charismatic & patriotic, prepper priest Fr James Blount also calling for days of darkness (cf. youtube). )

  49. Elena Burima

    NATO Tanks are Already in Moscow🧨Walking Tour Among Thousands of Tons of Metal🧨Patriot Park
    VIDEO MADE IN RUSSLAND 686,746 views Dec 6, 2023


    BRITAIN Goes All-In Amid Putin’s Confession That RUSSIA Would Take Back ODESSA and NIKOLAEV! BORZZIKMAN 31K views 2 days ago

    West’s economic war on Russia backfires, destroys EU industrial base, fuels Eurasian integration /Geopolitical Economy Report 85K views 3 days ago
    Western sanctions over the Ukraine war have backfired, rapidly de-industrializing Europe while accelerating Russia’s economic integration with Asia. Journalist Ben Norton explains the historic changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkuKnYdtW9w

  51. [email protected]

    Liz Cheney Gets Called Out And Shows Her True Colors In Trump Deranged Rant On Live TV! Doc Rich 81,763 views Dec 19, 2023

  52. Harry Claymont

    Jesse Watters Primetime 12/24/23 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS December 24, 2023 DUC DUONG CHANNEL 196,558 10 hours ago

  53. Marie Joy

    Ammo up
    Nice people will NOT survive.
    Women are in danger. Harming women is acceptable, these days. My proof is that men can call themselves women , rape women and it is legal. Your government has turned against you. It’s way past time to get ticked off (Keeping it clean).
    Women should CC and train up.
    Men should, already, be trained up.
    Stop whining and accomplish something.
    B*tchy is Better.

  54. Shirl

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!!!

  55. Marie Joy

    Train up

  56. Caren N

    Jesus vs. the synagogue of satan
    https://youtu.be/EWrsMfqu-zU (Chosen season 4)

    the Bible rebukes the propaganda of the TD Jakes and Pastor Hagee

  57. Jay Cordone

    Douglas Macgregor: The mystery of the -monster- power of Russian Su-35 and the collapse of Ukraine / AEK Media 78,045 views Dec 25, 2023
    Stupid, pointless war of fool’s and knaves! Praise the Lord and pass the US. Moola!

    Scott Ritter: Russia would be okay Ukraine join NATO – Ha.mas Hezbollah is crushing Israel in Gaza AEK Media 26,008 views Premiered 7 hours ago

    Russia Destroys NATO Weapons In Ukraine; Norwegian NASAMS, French Crotale System Obliterated /Hindustan Times 17,094 1 hour ago
    Russian forces destroyed ammunition and equipment provided by NATO nations to Ukraine. Russia obliterated a French Crotale NG short-range defence system. This was reportedly the first destruction of a French Cortale NG while in combat. Russia has warned the West for its military support to Ukraine. Moscow aims to destroy all foreign munitions donated to Ukraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sXR9pKbdUM

  58. Lancaster Bomber

    Russia Takes Territory in Intense Artillery & Frontline Battle Under Fire from Ukraine
    Patrick Lancaster 82,204 views Dec 24, 2023
    See Russia Take Territory in Intense Artillery & Frontline Battle. Under fire from Ukraine. In this Report I go to the frontline in the heat of battle near Bakhmut / Artemovsk in Donbass with the Russian forces, “Wolves” volunteer brigade, to cover the Ukraine war in Donbass. I show you how “Wolves” volunteers in intense Artillery battle support the taking of Ukraine controlled territory near Bakhmut / Artemovsk & Soledar frontline by Russian assault teams.
    Watch until the end as there is something special.

  59. L.B.

    Russia Takes Territory in Intense Artillery & Frontline Battle Under Fire from Ukraine

  60. Sheva Diva

    Russia’s arsenal of super weapons | Hits target “like a meteorite” – Vladimir Putin |Game Plan WION 52,665 views Premiered Dec 22, 2023
    Apart from the huge stocks of weapons and missiles that Russia boasts, it is the sheer severity and advancements of its weapons which also make it a feared enemy to have.
    On this episode of Game Plan, Shivan Chanana presents Russia’s super weapons, which as per Vladimir Putin, descend upon targets like meteors.

    Russian Brigade’s Post Confirms Use of Chemical Weapons in Ukraine? ‘Didn’t Even Have a Second…’ Hindustan Times8,951 views Dec 25, 2023
    Russia claimed that it used chemical weapons against Ukrainian soldiers. It described the move as a “radical change in tactics” against Kyiv’s forces in Krynky. Russia released a video showing a drone drop a K-51 bomb onto a Ukrainian position. Is Russia trying to start a chemical warfare? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_ZuKaaVNMo

  61. Raymond Browning

    Greg,I appreciate your work brother, God bless you!

  62. Dale Buss

    Col Douglas Mcgregor: They have lost in every possible way! There is no going back…
    Begin Your Journey 14,367 14 hours ago!

  63. quincy bones

    Putin’s strong mistrust of the west
    The Duran 36,062 views Dec 25, 2023
    Putin’s strong mistrust of the west

  64. Rick

    Wow, that was a very good interview. It has the enemy shaking in fear.
    Great work!

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those with some time to listen to an interview chalk full of interesting perspective and information on many present ‘crisis issues’ …recommend the whole of it especially on why ALT media now winning the messaging…and why MSM ratings are as the lowest since JFK, and people lack trust in it as much as they mistrust the governments, for instance @ 1:28:00 =
    Rising Skepticism of Institutions & Media , Patrick Bet-David – Why Does No One Trust The Media Anymore?

    IF, what Patrick Bet-David says is true = that only two nations in the world allow Pharma advertizing on their TV’s….if might explain the MSM/LLC in U..S, ‘ vested interest’ in promoting shots and pushing the pro-shot meme?

  66. steve

    Brilliant interview- Alex is first class, thanks

  67. Roger Witson

    Get past the first two minutes of Hare Krishna Gobbell’d de gook! You’ll find a surprising amount of mobile phone cell tower info that can save your bodily energy from microwave frequency radiation stressor’s that agitate your cell’s DNA and Verizon can turn up that power enough to make you want to crawl out your skin! Believe it, or Not!

    Georgia Guidestones Depopulation Agenda Cell Tower Killers
    Watchman’s Duty 8.80k 1 year ago
    https://rumble.com/v1134ai-georgia-guidestones-depopulation-agenda-cell-tower-killers.html Don’t forget to check out the comment section a storehouse of information and reference.

  68. victor lee

    you cannot be a Christian and visit Disneyland or listen to Clif High.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “you cannot be a Christian”…………..if you blog stupid stuff like you know who is and isn’t a Christian…….”you cannot be a Christian” …if you Purport to know a persons heart….”you cannot be a Christian”……….if you leave very STUPID Comments ….like you have an Inside Knowledge of a persons heart………

  69. Self Exiled

    When standing on sacred ground (abiding in the Presence of The Almighty) that autonomous white knuckle striving to control and manage everything disappears. This belief that the functionality of the world rest with my participation in the NWO concepts is nothing more than a form of functional atheism.

    • Greg Hunter

      YHWH and Jesus are real. Never lose faith and never give up.

      • Self Exiled

        Never! I was describing a globalist. The first concept was me standing in The Shadow of The Almighty. The need to control and manage everything is them. I should have worded it better. I look forward to our meeting in HIS future.

  70. Katy Bar

    Hope you had a pleasant Christmas Greg – Well now we must all batten down the hatches as we move into an “Unfixable Inflationary Depression” (because it will be impossible for the US to refinance the 7 Trillion in T-bonds coming due this year without simply printing it up out of thin air) – and such run-away printing is going to result in the final fleecing of the American people (who will ultimately own nothing) but they will likely still feel happy “because they will feel rich owning millions of worthless paper dollars”!!

  71. Mom & Pop NOT'terrorists'Wray

    CTI League Censorship Originated to Stop Trump & Brexit now from Happening Again! Whitney Webb The Jimmy Dore Show 130,056 views Dec 25, 2023
    The establishment response to the dual threats of Donald Trump and Brexit has been to crack down on dissent by ramping up disinformation — in particular online censorship. Author and security state critic Whitney Webb talks to Jimmy about how a global cabal of elites is seeking to squelch any commentary that diverges from the approved narrative.

  72. Ron Broadsword

    Democrats’ SECRET PLAN To Hijack 2020 REVEALED: Zaid Jilani
    The Hill 66K views 4 days ago
    Reporter at Public Zaid Jilani weighs in on his recent reporting on Donald Trump and the 2020 Presidential Election. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX6FWHc5jzE

  73. Original Prepper Noah!

    For decades—perhaps half a century—“Noah proceeded to do according to all that God had commanded him.” Noah did so “by faith,” without knowing a precise date. (Genesis 6:22; Hebrews 11:7) Jehovah left him uninformed about the exact timing of events until one week before the Deluge was due to begin. (Genesis 7:1-5) Noah’s implicit trust and faith in Jehovah enabled him to leave time factors in God’s hands. And how grateful Noah must have been when he felt Jehovah’s protection during the Flood and later stepped out of the ark onto a cleansed earth! With a similar hope of deliverance in view, shouldn’t we exercise such faith in Jah? Hallelujah not Ya, at least in #England!
    @stefanielorimer9693 1 year ago
    I’m not American – I hardly know this song, but this morning, in the middle of my devotion, God said: look up the Glory Glory March and you will hear about my coming…. so I did. I didn’t know the words of the verses. Wow.

  74. BajaBryan

    1. CO2 is currently 420 ppm, which is 0.042%.

    Humans are responsible for 3% of that, which is 0.00126%.

    Thus, 99.99874% of all CO2 is created naturally.

    2. At under 270 ppm CO2, plant life dies, and everything else dies with it.

    3. The atmosphere has had periods where CO2 was up to and higher than 4000 ppm. During the Triassic period 215 million years ago, both plant and animal life thrived and Alaska was a jungle.

    4. When Mt. St Helens erupted in 1980, it released the same amount of pollution as 270 years of human industrial activity in 1970.

    That’s 270 x 1970 industrial activity – IN ONE DAY.

    * volcanic eruptions release water vapor (H20), carbon dioxide (COz), sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen chloride (HCI), and hydrogen fluoride (HF) into the atmosphere.

    And the 2022 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai eruption was nearly twice the size of Mt St Helens.

    • Marc Trailer

      1). if grass is left alone and rots in the pasture, microbes and bugs will consume it — producing the same gases as were beef cattle allowed to consume it. Therefore, the globalist attack upon cows is unwarranted. . . . Not only that, but livestock roaming the land improves the soil microbiome. In India the soils have died and are no longer fertile; so they are reintroducing/cycling cattle to the grain farmland.

      2). since CO2 is essential to green plants, how can one be “green” and anti-CO2.

      3). Joe Biden is Obama in white-face. The body frame is similar.

    • tim mcgraw

      BajaBryan: I was in Seattle the day that Mt St. Helens blew up. I heard the explosion that morning while playing tennis near Green Lake. It was a beautiful May morning.
      That was the end of summer that year in Seattle.
      The volcanic eruption made it cold and rainy, not hot and sunny.

  75. DeGeneres Woman's Group

    BREAKING: It’s Official:::::::::::::::::::::
    Dr. Jill Biden Will Be President 2024
    Michelle Obama Vice President
    Wild Card: Donald J. Trump
    Stay Tuned Here at USAWatchdog.com

  76. Trinacria

    Interesting that Alex Newman mentions that demon Alice Bailey:
    This movement has been discussed for a very long time and, we can see today that at some of the highest cultural, “spiritual” and political levels in our world, Alice Baily was and is held in very high esteem as one of the “high priests” of the New Age Movement. Below is her 10 point plan to destroy Christianity, which are very obviously being employed today throughout the world:

    9. CREATE AN INTERFAITH MOVEMENT (this is a false ecumenism)
    10. GET GOVERNMENTS TO MAKE ALL THESE LAWS AND GET THE CHURCH TO ENDORSE THESE CHANGES (possibly the synodal way happening now at the Vatican)

  77. Trinacria

    More on that demon Alice Bailey from my writings that I sent to friends:

    Given the time periods involved, I suspect demon Saul Alinsky received some his inspiration from Alice Bailey. Bailey was born in the United Kingdom in 1880. Moved to New York in 1907 and died there is 1949. So, she preceded Alinsky who was born in 1909.
    Some brief information on Alice Baily: she was a writer and apparently one of the founders of the New Age Movement. This is an occult movement originating in the 19th century with roots that can be traced to ancient Gnosticism – a prominent heretical movement of the 2nd-century Christian Church, partly of pre-Christian origin (this will be explored in future writings). A main agenda of this New Age Movement was to become the dominant religion for the entire world. In order to effect this, all other religions, especially Christianity must either be destroyed or made to become much less influential in society. In connection with this goal, Bailey wrote a 10 Point Plan or Charter to destroy Christianity so that New Age philosophies may convert the nations and become the one world religion and, to even introduce a “New World Order”…. this truly stinks of something that does not fall within the realm of humanity! It is truly “spiritual JUNK FOOD” of the most harmful and poisonous variety!

    We can also surmise that these points blend nicely with the ideas of demon Karl Marx, who was born in 1818 and, obviously preceded Bailey. I am very sure that he influenced Bailey just as Bailey most likely influenced Alinsky.

    From 1 Timothy 4:1 – Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.

    In fact, Alice Bailey claimed to have received inspiration for her New Age writings from a demonic spirit being that actually went by the name of Djwal Khul. It is therefore evident there is a demonic inspiration to the New Age philosophies and practices. These maniacs love to boast about these matters and, we truly need to pay attention to their words as they are not hiding their ill intensions.

    Moreover and once again, Ephesians 6:12 seems to corroborate this directly:
    For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.
    It is “interesting” to note over the ages, how many want to destroy Christianity and especially the Roman Catholic Church. Some people in high places have indeed spun a very tangled and deceitful web over the centuries. Again, all with the goal of establishing dominion over human kind and adapting God to the world, instead of the other way around. It will require much study, understanding, perseverance, faith and prayer to metaphorically “turn the tables” and kick these people once and for all out of our temple as Jesus did with the money changers.
    I urge people to make positive changes in their lives no matter how small.

  78. Blazing Satellites

    But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins.
    Matthew 9:6 (KJV)

    Nothing can $top Jeffrey Epstein from donating hooker money to John Kerry!

    I conveniently blame Al Gore for this COP CO2 nonsense…

    If the atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide – the alleged “greenhouse gas” – then why is the Martian surface temperature averaging about minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 60 degrees Celsius)?!


    Mars is a frozen, dead planet with 2 moons and almost no oxygen. The Phoenix lander detected CO2 snow falling from clouds! Jesus said he has authority to forgive sins on Earth, not Mars; and God, our Father, wrote the end from the beginning. Therefore, Elon MUST carefully consider his true mission in life before he seeks to “Occupy Mars” with dead astronauts and to implant Neuralink™ in paralytic humans, which could UNreasonably become the dreaded mark of the beast!


  79. bert

    Dang! this guy’s good. Thanks for having him on. Everything education in a nutshell. God Bless Brother. Happy New Year.

  80. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I made my usual annual donation to your site. I’m cynical nowadays about Americans and Western Civilization in general. Christianity I believe in, but where are the leaders of the Faith? Certainly not in Rome. Maybe leaders are a bogus idea anyway.
    WWI was the death knell of Western Civilization as Christians murdered each other by the millions for aristocrats. WWII was worse.
    Where were the priests? Where was the Pope? Where were the rabbis?
    And after the past 3+ years of the Covid Panic, I have NO faith in Western Civilization.
    Maybe the Indians and Chinese deserve the Earth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much for the help and good to see you comment again!!!!!

    • Brian V

      Tim, if I might make a suggestions. PLEASE read the book, Letter To The American Church by Eric Metaxas. It is an eye opening comparison of the silence of the church in America to the silence of the church in Germany during the Nazi regime.
      I highly recommend this as a must read for everyone.

    • Joseph Boudreau

      Never give up, Tim. For the sake of our children, never give up. It’s good folks like you that gives us a fighting chance. Stand tall, my friend!

  81. Clown Show

    AT THE end of the first century C.E., the apostle John was in a distressing situation. He was elderly, confined to the isle of Patmos, and likely the only apostle left alive. (Rev. 1:9) He knew that opposers were misleading congregations and causing divisions. It may have seemed that the small flame of Christianity was about to be extinguished.​—Jude 4; Rev. 2:15, 20; 3:1, 17.
    Amid these dire circumstances, John received an exciting prophetic vision. In it, angels are told to hold back the destructive winds of the great tribulation until the final sealing of a group of slaves, (Rev. 7:1-3) who will rule with Jesus in heaven. (Luke 12:32; Rev. 7:4) Then John mentions another group, so vast that he exclaims: “Look!”​—an expression that may indicate his surprise at seeing something unexpected. What does John see? “A great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” (Read Revelation 7:9-14.) Wow, imagine how happy John must have been to learn about myriads of people practicing true worship in our future!
    That vision no doubt strengthened John’s faith. How much more should it strengthen our faith, since we live in the time of the fulfillment of that vision! We have seen the gathering of millions whose hope is to survive the great tribulation and all its shenanigans of our replacement transhumanism and live forever on a transformed earth under Gods kingdom! A-Team humanity event and not a new world disorder of knaves and have nots! These points should strengthen the faith of all who hope to be part of that blessed group, A-Team habitat for HUMANITY!
    Christendom generally forgets that one day obedient meek humans will inherit a reupholstered brand spankin new earth. (2 Cor. 4:3, 4) Today, most religions in Christendom teach that all good people go to heaven when they die. It was different, however, with the small groups of Bible Students who in the late 1800’s understood that God would restore Paradise on earth and that millions of obedient humans would live here on earth​—not all in the spiritual realm of the heavens. However, it took time for them to discern clearly who these obedient humans would be.​—Matt. 6:10.
    Of course, those Bible Students also discerned from the Scriptures that some would be “bought from the earth” to rule with Jesus in heaven. (Rev. 14:3) That group would be made up of zealous and dedicated Christians who had served God faithfully while in their earthly course. What about a great crowd?
    In his vision, John saw a group “standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” (Rev. 7:9) Those words led those Bible Students to conclude that, like the great crowd would reside in heaven. The Bible Students thought that the great crowd must be made up of Christians who had not been fully obedient to God while on earth. Although leading reasonably clean lives, some of them may have remained in Christendom’s churches. The Bible Students concluded that such ones demonstrated a measure of zeal but not enough to rule with Jesus. Because their love for God had not been sufficiently fervent, the great crowd would qualify to be in heaven before the throne but not to sit on thrones. Big thinkers in those late 1800’s eh!
    Who, then, would live on earth? Those Bible Students believed that if the great crowd were gathered to heaven, millions of others would be granted life on earth to experience the blessings of Christ’s Millennial Reign. The Bible Students did not expect those millions to serve God before the start of Christ’s Reign. Rather, it was thought that this group would be educated in God’s ways during the Millennium. Thereafter, those who conformed to God’s standards would be blessed with everlasting life on earth, whereas those who rebelled would be destroyed. The Bible Students also thought that perhaps some who would serve as earthly “princes” during that time​—including the resurrected “ancient worthies” (faithful normies who died before Christ)—​would somehow be rewarded with heavenly life at the end of the Millennium.​—Ps. 45:16.
    Well let’s try to figure it out later. Stay tuned!

  82. Thomas

    Jimmy Dore & Whitney Webb discuss the infiltration of US infrastructure and information systems by Israel/Mossad and their role in censoring free speech in America:


  83. Garrison

    Clif High has been wrong about Bitcoin, and he is wrong about Jesus Christ.


    The dude is wrong a lot, but never recants. Do not follow him into hell.

  84. Sally K

    capital controls

    “My bank stopped allowing transfers to crypto companies. Will market rally when no money can enter?”

  85. Marcus

    Biden,Trump, RF Kennedy, all are on the same teams.
    The only way this ends is with War, no matter who rules America, the majority of humans have lost touch with humanity and are possessed with matirilistic values.

  86. Teddy Dreiser

    African Roman Catholic Bishop Rejection of Same Sex-Blessing

    All that you see happening with Bergoglio in Rome and other modernist bishops was foretold by Our Lady of Attica and Our Lady of La Salette. Get ready for the chastisements upon the world, because she mentioned that also.

  87. Bill

    Did anyone notice that the DOLLAR is “Slowly” Falling one point a Day! About 8 days ago, the Dollar was about 106.20, today the Dollar is 101.20. At this rate, the Dollar should be less than One dollar New Year’s Day. Did One of the Guests on the show, say when the Dollar breaks 94, that breaks the Trend line, on the Dollar Chart? At that point, we have problems??

  88. Justn Observer

    Greg, remarks about de-balloting Trump i CO from a GOP former Rep. from CO. =
    Insider REVEALS Trump Ballot Removal Masterplan!

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, wonder what Karen Kingston or Dr. KORY or EADS think about this ‘narrative’….seem a bit CYA to me for what they might know is coming?

  90. J Harper

    The west is already destroyed, we are one election away for a total dismantling.

    Let us see where we are…
    Financial Ruin: Checked
    Weakened Military: Checked
    No Border Protection: Checked
    Propaganda Filled Education: Checked
    Government Filled With Incompetency: Checked

    We are hanging by a thread, waiting for that final snip.

  91. HJ Cannon

    if this is Christianity now with young people, it will be 10x worse if Clif High gets his way,

  92. Marie Joy

    Gun dealers are told to sell guns to illegals. Civil war. Get ready. My father had us shooting when we were 5 years old.

  93. Self Exiled


    I find it interesting the exact same forces that called for the creation of the state of Israel are the exact same forces that are destroying man kind. Notice the author in the document shown briefly, just for a second. I think the so called Zionist (banking interest of Europe) should not be confused with the nation of Israel. They hide behind the title of Zionism as if they where part of God’s chosen people. Not so. The Zionist have so confused the labeling terminology again to cause confusion and conceal their agenda. Isn’t it interesting also how they are bring about their own demise prophetically.

  94. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg:
    Think about the Biden /Obama gang destroying the German fuel supply underwater pipeline. They must have been paid by the UN /WEF to do that! It was just before the Center and Left in America began to wake up and start saying, No. It does no good for the Conservatives to say no. The left hates us for being correct, giving them Clean Water to drink , a sewage treatment system to keep their disease down, heating in the winter , cooling in the summer and food on their table. And they hate white men for doing that for them. Why do we do these things and also defend them from being made slaves by evil tyrants of the world? Why?

    • Greg Hunter

      Biden/Obama great at destroying –everything.

  95. Joseph Boudreau

    Great interview. I signed up on Twitter / X about 2 weeks ago for the first time and I’ve ‘followed’ your channel right away and reposted your most recent interviews. Expect more reposts!
    Oh and LOLOL at those new U.N. ten commandments. Not funny at all though.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Joe, for the viral promotion.

  96. Doly Garcia

    >They are not really working on phasing out oil or phasing out fossil fuels. They are working on phasing out the Western world, which is also known as Christendom or the ‘Free World.’

    That’s because nobody needs to work on phasing out fossil fuels, when there is a limited amount of them. The Earth is running out of fossil fuels anyway. And there are two camps: the people who own most of the lands with the remaining fossil fuels, who are aware of this and agreeing between themselves what they are going to do with the remainder, and the USA, that has been ignoring environmentalists forever, when they first warned that fossil fuels were an issue because they were fossil, that is, guaranteed to run out, and then when they said fossil fuels were also an issue because they caused climate change. Sure, you can blame everybody else for pretending that the Earth is flat and that there isn’t a major issue when there are in fact, two very major issues, but closing your eyes does not improve your survival chances. You should have learned that during the pandemic, but it looks like you didn’t. Well, you will probably get that lesson again and again, till you either learn or most of you die.

  97. Mike Johnson

    When was the last time there was a truly massive population reduction in Europe? Wouldn’t that have been the Black Death that killed off approximately 1/3 of the population? What happened afterwards? The Enlightenment. Why? They didn’t have enough people to go around to do all the jobs that needed doing so wages had to increase. This ended up becoming the start of a prosperous middle class and things ended up taking off from there.

    Fast forward to today. There is an excellent chance that all these “population reduction” mechanisms will end up having a similar effect. The idiots pushing this nonsense think they can exempt themselves from all the fallout but that isn’t going to work that way. So they have their fancy jets. Who is going to maintain them? Where are they going to get the fuel for them? The spare parts they’re going to need? The properly trained and qualified pilots to fly them? Everyone else involved in running air fields and the equipment that will require? And all that’s arguably the least important piece of the puzzle.
    No, by the time all is said and done these people will be totally revealed as those who can’t be trusted and won’t be able to hide. If nothing else, you think there might be some members of the Mossad who might wake up to what’s happening in Israel and who is to blame for the vaccine death? Do you think it would be possible to be paranoid enough?

  98. Bootsie Bonack

    (1) Bank collapses and their bailouts. Bidenomics will be rebranded as Bidenumbnuts.

    (2) Lawsuits against big pharma to ultimately be decided by SCOTUS, and they will rule against big pharma, no more Pfizer commercials and TV sponsorships, no more Pfizer.

    (3) Lawsuits that will destroy some of big pharma – some to be bailed out by the working taxpayer under the guise of National Security.

    (4) New Gulf War. Somali Pirates 12, USN 0

    (5) The US government will begin paying companies that charter complete first class services and flights, complete four star travel deals for illegal aliens from Central and South America. If a company can do all the bookings, logistics, provide room, medical, entertainment and board – they can bill the taxpayer for any amount they wish, the Biden Administration is ready to spend $500+ billion annually. Of course these new billion dollar govt contracts will go to everyone except straight white males.

  99. Russ McMeans

    Greetings Sir Greg. I’ve been away but I’m back again. I will order 1-2 of Alex’s new book. I have friends that are Christian public school teachers. Amen!🙏💕

  100. Charles

    Thank you Alex and Greg.

    This is a very disturbing interview. But was needed.

    You 2 men are very courageous for exposing what is going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Charles!!

  101. Mark in OKC

    When these political leaders praise communist China as a model to try to achieve, the words “Enemies, foreign and domestic” come to mind.

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