Uranium One Crime Spree, JFK Document Release Postponed, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 307 10.27.17)

I have said it dozens of times, and that is I thought the Clinton unprotected email servers were used to hide Hillary Clinton was taking treasonous bribes in the form of donations to a global charity fraud. It is looking like it is now being proven true with the landslide revelations about the shady Uranium One deal that transferred 20% of U.S. uranium production to the Russians.  This is, in fact, the real Russian collusion story, and former Secretary of State Clinton, not President Trump, is at the center of it all.  It is confirmed that FBI agents have proof there was widespread money laundering, bribery and kickbacks before the deal was approved by Clinton and President Obama.  This story will, no doubt, cause many to go to jail.  This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight.

The CIA and FBI have pressured the Trump Administration to hold back some of the nearly 3,000 unreleased pages from the JFK assassination for redaction. Just think, we have been told since 1963 that this murder of a sitting President was just one guy with a gun, and yet the secrecy continues.

Renowned hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is warning of a bond market meltdown. Dalio runs the world’s largest hedge fund with $160 billion under management.  Earlier this year, Alan Greenspan also was warning of severe bond market troubles because of the distinct possibility of rapidly rising interest rates.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Dr. Marc Faber, Publisher of the “Gloom, Doom and Boom Report,” will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Dr. Faber talks about the dollar, interest rates, and the stock and bond markets.

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  1. Cheryl

    “This makes Watergate look like a squirt gun fight.”

    Love this comment!

    Please keep the pressure on with this investigative reporting! This is a huge story.

    • Oracle 911

      I like it to.
      BTW, the question is not who will roll over to save his/her skin but who won’t. 🙂
      My 2 cents
      Oracle 911

    • Matt

      Greg, Love your work.
      Ask yourself one question. WHY? WHY would they go through all this trouble to spy on a political enemy? You said yourself that no outgoing president has ever gone to such lengths to defeat his successor after the fact.
      The riddle can’t be solved by looking through the lense of the body politic. Step back and look at the big picture. I believe that this all was a ploy to cover the true intent of the operation which was for TPTB to figure out what plans trump had /has in store for them. He is/was an unknown quantity that they fear. He has the power to conceive their undoing and as we have seen with the dismantling of the pedophile networks he is exercising that powet. Look for things to get more interesting my friends.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I tend to think of Trump as neither particularly good or evil, but as the embodiment of entropy. At the end of cycles, disorder and chaos reign supreme, as old constructs and systems fragment and break down. The energy and resources released then provide fertile ground for the next cycle. Such is the process of regeneration as represented by the phoenix.

    • Cannuk

      Only problem is the justice dept will treat it the same way … like a sqqquirt gun fight.

    • Dan

      It DOES NOT make Watergate look like a squirt gun fight, that resulted in the RESIGNATION of a U.S. President! And yes, Nixon WAS a crook. He resigned because he was going to be impeached because of his involvement in the Watergate break-in, a CRIME! Enough of revisionist history, I lived through it!

      • Greg Hunter

        So sorry Dan but national security was never breached and Nixon did NOT make money. This is not “revisionist history”!! It is a FACT. Compare Watergate the Clinton/Obama Treason of selling out 1/5 of U.S. uranium production to the RUSSIANS. You had to several high ranking Obama Officials selling out America buy taking bribes for handing over 20% of Americas nuclear production with the sale of Uranium One. Please NOTE: The President of the United States was told of this in his daily briefings. This is OFF THE CHARTS as the investigation took 4 years. The bribery/fraud/Russian collusion was ran by Robert Mueller the FBI director at the time and now he’s running the fake Trump/Russian collusion “investigation” (witch hunt). Why do you think the Wall Street Journal is asking him to resign from the Special Prosecuter position?????? You cannot make this up. There is much, much more but for the sake of brevity I’ll stop here!!!!!!!!!!! One other thing, and that is Bob Woodward (the MSM WaPo reporter that broke the Watergate squirt gun fight who still works at the WaPo) never chased this story. He must have know about the Clinton charity fraud. Everybody in Washington did!!!!! The entire case was set up and identified in the best-selling “Clinton Cash” book in 2014. (The book has sold out –again!!) This story is clearly orders of magnitude greater than Watergate ever thought of being, and we are just getting started!! You are wrong–period. I worked as a network investigative reporter for nine years. I know what a huge story is and this is the biggest in U.S. political history–full stop!! Again, you “lived through” a squirt gun fight. This is going to shake the country to its core.

        • Dan

          I don’t dispute that the Clintons & Obama are crooks too & probably traitors. Yet, I’ll “bet” you that they are never convicted of a single crime!

          • Greg Hunter

            I say Some of them if they do not “accidentally” die. You are not grasping how bit of a deal this is. Newt Gingrich say this is the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. I have been saying the same thing for months.

      • Gun Capital

        Dan, that was back when America had integrity. Today Watergate would be nothing but a twitter headline. A woman uses her power as a government employee to shuttle 20% of Americas nuclear arms fuel to a rival country for millions of dollars. That is the definition of treason. I’m not sure why a woman who is caught doing these things would not find her self in front of a military firing line and executed.

    • Karen Rogers

      Not releasing the JFK papers has to do with Area 51 and Roswell.

  2. Paul ...

    Even since before Hillary had Ambassador Stevens killed at Benghazi because he resisted Hillary’s demands for donations to her Charitable Fund (for a percentage of all the arms shipments they were doing together from Libya to Syria) … she has been a plague upon America! … how does such greed well up in such people for more and more worth less fiat paper? … where insatiable greed becomes their overriding “meaning of life” … I bet if Hillary was in the Garden being tempted by Satan … she would have demanded not only being the ruler of this world but of the entire universe … and if Satan didn’t agree?? … Jesus would have likely tripped over his “suicided” body on his way to meditation!!

  3. Sayonara

    Your WNW demonstrates light years beyond a blinding glimpse of the obvious that this country’s political system is irrecoverably corrupt and no one who is an architect, engineer and executioner of this 4th world corrupt system will be prosecuted no way no how. Hillary and Bill are laughing their asses off. Do really think that Jeff Sessions is going to pursue this? This man is scared of his own shadow. There is no moral or political leadership to be found any where and that is the nasty cold reality of where we are to day.
    The elite are absolutely laughing about this because they know full well the they are too big too fail, too big to jail and are eternally untouchable. We have not begun to enter in to the dark evil zone that is imminent.
    Meanwhile our citizenry are so sound asleep they have no clue what is happening too them. Very sad and pathetic.

    • William Stanley

      Paul . . . Yes, that blackout “drill” should be taken seriously, given it’s timing.

    • William Stanley

      Hello Sayonara: You are awake, though most still — yes, “sadly and pathetically” — slumber. However, I hear more alarm clocks going off all the time. I, for one, think the battle has barely begun and believe that though much pain is yet to come, the battle has, at last, been joined: the good guys are starting to fight back and will, in the end, win. Moreover, I sense that the elite, rather than laughing, are desperate.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yes William, I am also picking up a sense of desperation from the elites. In retrospect, I see that Hollywood’s attacks on Trump, during and after the election, were borne out of fear rather than ideology. Also, the five former presidents fundraising stunt for hurricane victims seemed like some kind of last stand that you might expect at the O.K. Corral.
        From a psychological perspective, I find it most interesting that the attacks on Trump seem to be projections of the accuser’s own crimes. In one case Hollywood icons attack Trump on women’s rights whilst enabling the sexual abuse to continue in their own arena, whilst Trump was remorselessly accused of being a Russian agent by Hillary, despite the Clinton’s Russian connections and the uranium deal.
        I must stress that I do not necessarily see Trump as the ‘good guy’ in all of this as he has recently concluded a massive deal to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, there seems to be a change in the air…
        I enjoyed your alarm clock analogy by the way.

        • William Stanley

          This Sceptred Isle: I, too, was deeply disappointed by Trump’s continuing support of Saudi Arabia. Or was that just a way of supporting U.S. arms manufacturers?
          I’m not sure what his ineffectual cruise missile attack on the (mostly abandoned?) Syrian airfield was supposed signify. Maybe it was just to test the effectiveness of the Russian S-400 air-defense system, or to impress the Chinese; although, it certainly didn’t impress me either as a show of strength or of resolve.
          Still, compared with the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama (and their allies in the Deep State, the MSM, and the globalists generally), Trump still looks relatively good to me, despite his several obvious faults and mistakes.

    • Jodyp

      HRC said they’re all going to jail if they lose the election.She really meant all you little people.Please let me be wrong!

    • susan

      Sayonara, You unfortunately are absolutely right. I think we all actually know they (Hillary and the others) will never be indicted and never be punished for their crimes.

    • Skurka

      … well said Sayonara !

      • zteve.0

        too old for jail …is there an age restriction for a firing squad?

    • Sayonara

      Example of the magnitude of absolute corruption is that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is leading a team very high paid power attorneys on a extravagant witch hunt to indict Trump and or his associates. Meanwhile, Mueller was the Director of the FBI 2001-2013 and allowed Hillary Clinton to act in an absolute criminal manner with regards to Uranium1, private server containing classified emails and running fraudulent charity foundation that is used for accepting bribes and money laundering. If I or any of us USAWGers committed 1/1000 of the acts that Hillary committed, we would be so deep in jail that we would never see the sun light again. Mueller’s conduct alone demonstrates that there is no fear or concern punishment for the anointed elite.

  4. Paul ...

    OH Boy! … we should all know the Deep States MO by now … creating a False Flag during a “drill” … are they actually planning to set off an EMP weapon over the US exactly when Antifa protesters will be rioting in the streets?? … keep your stock shelves full … just in case! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-26/dod-plans-solar-storm-based-national-blackout-drill-during-antifa-protests-november

    • Silence is Golden

      This is coincidental perhaps ??

    • freebrezer

      Paul – The US government (and I guess most 1st world governments) is not letting the public know that the earth’s geomagnetic shield is fading! Your link makes evident they know, but they (government) are hush about it. And realistically, there is not much they could tell the American public any way … ‘bread and circuses’ i.e. we have a populace which no longer cares … today it is food stamps and cell phones. Note – Russia has been actively telling their populace to store at least a yrs worth of food (I wish I could find the article on RT) … food for thought! The earths geomagnetic field is fading as the poles shift and the earths geomagnetic shield strength has dropped precipitously here in the last few years … thus, as it gets weaker, any moderate CME and/or Solar flares could take swaths of the electrical grid down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVgUZv9ccyQ. What amps this up (no pun intended) is the sun is going in to a new minimum – corresponds directly with earth cooling … and that correlates with plagues, crop failures, huge social upheaval etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45SpMVkorHE. These are all normal cycles but with the two converging and coupled with the majority of humanity dependent on government …. Change is coming and Be prepared!

    • freebrezer

      And a real big question that needs to be answered: How much is a bit coin worth when the electrical grid goes down?

    • freebrezer

      Paul – good update per the solar storm drill : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd8ohBdB0Ok this is definitely funcky!

  5. Paul ...

    Come on Trump … I voted for you because I thought you were going to put a stop to all the wars … now I hear we have built an operational drone base in Niger and another one is under construction and troops are being built up with 800 already permanently stationed there … isn’t Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya, N.Korea and Iran enough? … if you don’t fight Satan … he will soon have us fighting (and never winning) never ending wars until Hell freezes over at the end of time!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-26/shadow-wars-overt-war-pentagons-new-scramble-africa

    • Ray

      Perhaps you are missing the point sir…….
      The United States is doing the very work of Satan. Without doubt.
      I know that you, Greg and many other intelligent people here at USAWATCHDOG have the opposite view, and I respect everyone’s opinion , however, The United States is THE BIG AGGRESSOR on this planet, whose government lies, cheats, kills, runs drugs, is financially fraudulent, sells arms to terrorists 24/7, plans regime change and puppet governments globally…..shall I go on?
      Trump is TOTALLY ON BOARD with all of this. ALL OF THIS.
      BTW……as an Australian on the outside, I jumped for joy when Trump won in November, but now I see…..he is an utter bastard to my planet just like every other utter bastard that sits in The White House.
      There’s just NO God the Father and Jesus the Son are standing up in Heaven clapping their hands and cheering about ANY OF THAT which I have described……and if you do think that God and Jesus approve of THE FACTS that I outline, please……regale me of how you would ever arrive at such a conclusion, good sir.
      If the US under Trump is doing “God’s work”……then verily I tell ye…..the Devil hath all of ye PERFECTLY deceived.
      Best wishes remain with all here at USA Watchdog.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Paul ...

        I know Ray … it is absolutely disgusting how many innocent lives evil people will snuff out and kill for money or their deviated sexual pleasure!
        Hey FBI … get off your damn ass and start questioning James Murren about the greatest mass murder in US history!!! … and Trump you know these casino operators (instead of just lowering the flag to half mast and having a minute of silence) start asking hard questions for the American people!!! … http://www.journalofthebizarre.com/2017/10/why-did-mgm-resorts-ceo-dump-over-80-of.html

        • Paul ...

          Come on Trump … do something to satisfy the American families of the greatest mass murder in American History … the same way you do things to satisfy Netanyahu!! http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/iran-deal-netanyahu-israel-donald-trumps-likudist-campaign-against-iran/

          • Paul ...

            Like all hero’s they usually have a fatal flaw … so for all of Trump’s good qualities “his strategic mistake” was ignoring his own Generals … to do the bidding of Netanyahu … and break the Iran Deal … General Mattis and General Kelly don’t want Netanyahu running the US Military Establishment and deciding what wars the US must fight … and they grow impatient with Mueller to “get” Trump on “obstruction charges” … the best Mueller can probably do is get Trump’s son-in-law (Jared Kushner) … as for Trump … the General’s want to retain “their power” over the US Military Establishment … and will likely soon try to use the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office … and thus stop Netanyahu from having undue control over the US Military and what Wars we have to fight … Trump made a good move bringing out the JFK files just before Mueller goes after Kushner (to muddy the waters) … but Trump’s son-in-law (a good friend of Netanyahu) will “likely be indited by Mueller” and cut out of the decision making process at the White House just as the Generals want!! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-27/mueller-reportedly-ready-file-first-charges-russia-probe

  6. Pat

    Some years ago a friend told me that if I take 50 mg of chelated zinc daily I wouldn’t have to worry about a cold or the flu. So far she’s right. Considering the very low cost and inconvenience I hope that you’ll give it a try. I and many others need for you to be healthy in order to carry on your work. Blessings upon you.

  7. AndrewB

    Great WNW-U Greg! Shameful that the MSM do not report the real news – that would be a shocking wake-up call. With more and more truth media channels being blocked on a regular basis, it makes me wonder whatever happened to the anti-trust laws? Was it not the case that monopolistic corporations were legally obliged to ‘split’ – sell off parts of their enterprises to smaller competitors? If such legislation is still in place, how come we have monopolistic Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter?

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you once again for your sacrifices. I know you are a man on a mission and the battle is unceasing. However, and please forgive my pretensions in asking this of you, but please allow yourself sufficient sleep, and remember to take some time off — whether with friends and family, or just permitting yourself sufficient solitude and time for religious contemplation. BTW, another great WNW!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William. This was a big week and had to get this one out. Hillary actually went down this week. She does not know it but it’s over for her. Hope she doesn’t end up in an accident but she does have Secret Service protection. She needs it now more than ever.

      • Frederick

        JFK had secret service protection too Just sayin

        • This sceptred Isle

          they took a toilet break at the wrong time

        • Tad

          She may need more “protection.”

        • Paul ...

          Even more amazing Frederick is that it’s the Democrats who are now out in force against Hillary (even Soros) … while the Trump Administration was “acting to protect” that “nice lady”!!!

  9. John Little

    New Article:

    My REPLY;
    A A,
    Agree, but below is the fly in the ointment;

    The Economy No Longer Works for Average People. Here’s Why.
    SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 BY TIM SUTTLE Read all about it at; http://www.patheos.com/blogs/paperbacktheology/2017/09/economy-no-longer-works-average-people-heres.html#0PCuY5dpiM4hkGFf.99

    Donald J. Trump is not going to be part of the problem, as this excellent, second article concludes on the thievery of the American economy. He doesn’t let wealth get in the way of loyalty to God, country and his returning King of king’s! But use’s it to serve us the people! He’s our champion, our Robin Hood, who also was Loyal to his returning king Richard, the lion heart!

    With the return of our King of King’s, it’s not just human king Richard of England this time, as all the world shall soon see and give a knee!
    The rumble has only just begun . . ..
    “Welcome to Sherwood Forest!” Errol Flynn (“Gentleman Jim,” “Captain Blood”) stars as the famed bandit king of Sherwood Forest who romances Maid Marian and leads his Merry Men in a battle against the corrupt Prince John. Co-starring Oscar-nominee Basil Rathbone (“Romeo and Juliet”), Oscar-winner Olivia De Havilland (“Gone with the Wind,” “To Each His Own”) and Oscar-nominee Claude Rains (“Casablanca” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). Nominated for four Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and winner of three. Selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 400 best American films and listed The Adventures of Robin Hood one of the 50 Greatest Heroes of all time. Inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry.


    𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐝𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐎𝐟 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧 𝐇𝐨𝐨𝐝: Here Free!

    With cost. . ..

    Back to the old country, mother England, in the gallant days when history hung on the flight of an arrow or the slice of a sword. When feudal barons ravaged the countryside, to live in pomp and splendor. When one man alone [Not Sean Hannity!] dared challenge the might of his country’s oppressors!
    Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood forest and his stalwart band. Robbing the rich to feed the poor. Ready to fight for king for country, or for maiden fair!
    Are we going full circle here? Incredibly yes!
    So put down your sword and sit back and see how they handled it, in all it’s Technicolor splendor.
    The fight continues betwixt good and evil. Good eventually overcome’s evil and he who laughs last, laughs the loudest!

    Why the elite rage? https://www.bible.com/bible/12/PSA.2.asv

  10. Silence is Golden

    Secrecy be damned.
    When one of their own Ilk decides to pen his memoirs…someone better take notice…..ahem POTUS….are you taking note?

    This is an excellent read in light of the impending decision to release the JFK Files.
    ex CIA Agent spills beans on CIA Cover up of involvement in JFK Assassination.
    “Trained to Kill”…..apropos.
    No need to wait for the redacted documents.
    CIA Handler Maurice Bishop …aka….David Atlee Phillips….hmmm….
    ……”Maurice Bishop was indeed, as long suspected, David Atlee Phillips – the man he saw with Oswald”…2 months preceding the assassination.
    Can’t wait for the Film. Oliver Stone’s attempt was a remarkable piece.
    The next take on JFK will zero in on what everyone suspects.
    For now we have the insider telling us the granular details.

  11. JC Davis

    Greg thing about emails is one sends another receives. I always say a secret is not a secret if more then one person knows.
    Great wrap. You sure have a way with words.

  12. NH Watcher

    Recommendation: keep no more than $1000 in any one bank account, or whatever amount you are willing to lose in an upcoming “bail in.” (With no FDIC reimbursement thereafter.) Anything above $1000 in a bank should only be for monthly bills which are paid out regularly. Cash will be useful for a limited period … but as it notes on our currency “for all debts, public and private,” ultimately our money is not our own.

    • JMiller

      NH Watcher,

      Bank bail-ins only involve uninsured deposits, as well as stockholders and bondholders, that are in financial institutions considered to be systemically important. That being said, there will of course be no FDIC insurance payout to depositors since they have over the insured amount. As I have said before on this site, the main risk for most people who have money in a bank or credit union is not bail-ins. It is dollar devaluation, hyperinflation, or things that would prevent you from accessing your money such as the grid going down because of an EMP attack or a cyber attack on your bank or may be capital controls being put in place because of bank runs.

      So I can certainly understand if anyone chooses not to have any money in a bank or credit union or to just have a small amount in them to pay bills. I myself over the last couple of years have been more concerned about the dangers of having paper assets which is why I continue to acquire physical precious metals.

  13. Robert Dziok

    LBJ and CIA! It has long been established by REAL investigative journalists they are the culprits behind the JFK assassination (e.g. The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone). Why do you think JFK Jr. named his magazine GEORGE? He was telling us and the culprits the name of the CIA person (Bush) who was a main player in his father’s assassination. It was his intent to publish his investigative and documented proof of this he had in his magazine so it could not be distorted by other publications. He had his fatal plane “accident” before this could be completed. They (e.g. CIA) will do ANYTHING to keep the TRUTH hidden in this and many other issues but it comes out over time anyway from those such as real investigative journalists. Getting convictions is another matter however because of corruption etc. Americans everywhere have long since become aware of the BS propaganda perpetrated on them by Government and MSM.

  14. Kenneth Reidy

    Another informative display Greg,and thank you. You are a true patriot when it comes to exposing the real facts in a sea of deceptions. KBR

  15. Tommy

    Thanks for another great wrap-up Greg. What a week! Interesting to note that two days ago when the story hit about the HRC campaign and the DNC funding the bogus Russian dossier on Trump I flipped to CNN and MSNBC to see what they were saying about it and guess what? That’s right. One was talking about Don Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer about dirt on HRC and the other was babbling over something that I have no idea what they were talking about. But now even WaPo and NYT are on this. This isn’t going to go away. And it will tie into the Uranium One scandal seamlessly. It is truly astonishing how deep (or high) this goes into the prior administration. Right to the top.
    Keep up the great work. It is greatly appreciated.

  16. Loren

    All very interesting, and all very true. At what point does Jeff Sessions get off of his butt and actually start issuing the subpoenas and sending some of these career criminals to jail? If Sessions won’t do his job, he needs to resign or be fired as of yesterday. How much longer will he sit on his hands and accomplish nothing. Tough guy on marijuanna, though. He’s a joke.

    • Bill

      Loren: Jeff Sessions is a career politician, masquerading as an AG

  17. Chip

    Great WNW as usual Greg. I hope for you a speedy recovery… Chip

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, sorry to disagree, Hillary & Obama both are the quintessential untouchables. I say Obama too because he signed off on the uranium “deal” and very well have been given/promised some quid pro quo for signing off on it, probably a future gift after Hillary was elected President (surly that was the plan at least). But they are untouchable because the MSM will start “yawning” at the story, the American people are very stupid and ill informed and can’t be bothered from their football games to be enlightened. I don’t believe anyone will go to jail or even be charged. Special prosecutors are so common today that its just not news anymore. Simply put, the MSM will protect both of them, especially Obama their poster child. This is just not my fathers country any longer.

    • Frank D

      Spot on Arthur. Sad but true I’m afraid. If HRC goes to jail, I will eat my hat (gladly)! And Obozo and his minions (Holder, Lerner, Rice…) never will either. They all SHOULD but none will…unless we revolt nothing will happen.

    • Charles H

      They still have football games?!??

  19. Loren

    As for the JFK records, not all of the “players” are dead yet. George HW Bush is still living and the records will not be released while he is still living.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point! 41 was in Dallas.

      • freebrezer

        In addition per the JFK files, Greg you ask why black lines matter … It is simply spelled with three letters C I A … AKA CYA. One of the JFK document just released spells out how the CIA imbeded agents as journalist in our news organizations … Yish, Imagine that!! And this back in the early 60’s. Who’d of thunck! I love the definition of imbed – fix an object (agent) firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass (organization) … And I can only wounder why we are fed fake news? Hmmmm ….

    • Ross Herman

      Yes, Loren
      Daddy Bush was a main player in the 1963 assassination. And if my memory is correct papa Bush was actually arrested for conspiracy in this crime before the coverup could be established.

      By the way Greg, if they are planning a “grid down” drill it could easily be a MAJOR false flag attack by the deep-state, and blamed on a mythical EMP attact from NK.
      It would explain why the fake media has been so insistant that NK can reach the US mainland. It is sad to see the sole function of the FBI has now become to violently attack innocent civilians.

  20. Frederick

    Greg You are certainly right about it being treason No doubt about it

  21. H. Craig Bradley


    There is really nothing inherently wrong with Russia buying 20% of our uranium mines or production. Its a “free market” after all, right ? What is wrong with Uranium One was bribery. My understanding is if a cop pulls you over and you give him your divers license and a $100 Bill, then you just might be arrested for trying to bribe a police officer. Then why is the Secretary of State immune to a similar penalty when she takes money under the table?

    Obviously, we have official corruption in the Federal Government. Nothing can be done to Ms. Hillary Clinton because of all the corruption to this very day. So, what is to be gained by investigating it further unless its followed-up with a Trial ? Its a petty distraction, that’s all. Cheap entertainment.

    • This sceptred Isle

      But if Russia is this big monster out to get America, as the MSM would have it, it would seem strange to sell it Uranium.

      • Paul ...

        TSI … You have to remember one thing … years ago when Russia believed they could trust US politicians … they dismantled a large part of their nuclear weapons arsenal … they then degraded the uranium from these hydrogen bombs so it could be used in US nuclear power reactors to produce electricity … they gave “their uranium” to America in the belief they were turning “swords into plowshares” … after realizing they were dealing with “slime” … they demanded their uranium back (but it is in our nuclear power plants) … the crooks here in America had to figure a way to give the Russians their uranium back “make some money at the same time”… the result was the Uranium One Deal!! … the US neocons were furious over the Russians turning “swords into plowshares” as they need “enemies” to continue raking trillions out of the American people … the question is “just how many enemies do these USneocons need??” … besides the 8 current wars we are in Trump wants to get a few more started (N.Korea and Iran) …and now the US Military is moving troops into over fifty(50) African Nations!! … when do this wars end? … are we going to be in Afghanistan for sixty(60) years?? … and how is Trump going to pay for it all? … by eliminating the Cost of Living Adjustments for people on retirement pensions while the Fed prints more and more money to fund Everlasting WAR??

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Bradley: It’s my understanding that Uranium One did not have an export license for the yellow cake (because it is considered strategically important), yet it got exported nevertheless — because the Russians had operational control. Apparently they violated U.S. law which, admittedly, is not quite as immoral as the bribery and treason perpetrated on behalf of and by the Obama administration, which used the Clinton Foundation to help launder the money. Obama, himself, seems to be implicated. He might get a pardon, but my guess is that the Clintons are going down. Yes, it’s just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a start. In any event, the entertainment value is enormous — and encouraging.

      • Jodyp

        That’s what I told people around me after the election.Trump may not be able to turn this country around, but it’s gonna be one helluva show!

  22. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Determining that HRC is a felon will be a good start to taking a serious look at the bodies that keep turning up that were associated with the Clintons …
    Investigators Make A Gruesome Discovery While Re-Burying Vince Foster!!!

  23. rwmctrofholz

    Wow. For a guy that’s been in the industry for so long, I’d still put you in the rising star category, Greg. Great way to finish up a great weak of diverse guest. Fantastic. God Bless!!

    • rwmctrofholz



  24. dachsielady

    There are so many bombshell stories in the news these days that it is easy to become overwhelmed. One bright spot in all of this was that President Trump was actually going to release all of the JFK assassination records. Now we experience another big let-down and the President has been held back from doing that by the CIA.
    People are crying out for locking-up several people but that is not happening.

    “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.” Mathew 5:6

    I think there is a big hole in all of the reporting about the Uranium One deal.
    It seems there are several congress members who are protesting that they were not informed that there was an ongoing investigation by the FBI of the uranium / Russia matter — CYA time?

    Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States CFIUS

    This committee approved the Uranium One deal in 2010. It was made up of federal agency heads and congress members, and several members were Republicans who voted for the deal, but we are being told nothing about that. All the media focus is on Hillary Clinton and the DNC. We should have the names of the people on the CFIUS, each member’s party affiliation, and how each member voted. There were several Republicans on CFIUS who voted for the deal are the very same people who constantly work against President Trump. However all of the members of that committee are in panic mode and thinking up every little ploy they can to make their vote for the Uranium One deal look perfectly legitimate and innocent.

    I cannot even see how this CFIUS could consider selling twenty percent of USA uranium to a foreign country, much less to a foreign country such as Russia. It would seem totally out of the question to most Americans. And EVERY member of that CFIUS absolutely was aware that there were Russian uranium companies swarming their highly moneyed lobbyists all around this deal in congress so it is particularly disgusting that now that these CFIUS members are on the hot seat that they are all playing dumb.
    We need much better media reporting on the Uranium One deal, naming ALL the names and party affiliations of the people who cooperated with and voted for this outrageous treasonous deal.
    Christus vincit
    Christus regnat
    Christus imperat

  25. C spokane

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Looking forward to Sunday’s interview.

  26. Linda L.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t impress me as having enough back bone to deal with this Uranium One affair. We need someone like Trey Gowdy as acting Attorney General to get anything done. Trump needs strong support around him right now and since everything that the DNC has done in collaboration with treasonous weasels is fake, I think that President Trump should bring back General Flynn in some capacity as an advisor/consultant (who care what the liars think). Get well and thank you for your weekly wrap up.

    • AndrewB

      Linda L, Could not agree more – unfortunately there are very few Trey Gowdys in DC. We need a team of TGs! One to head Justice, one to head the FBI, one to head the CIA, and one to head the NSA – no that’s wrong, the NSA needs to be closed down.

    • Justn Observer

      Sessions has his own problems via AFTA BANK !

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Important? https://youtu.be/KA2Qi3g-VgM

  28. Diane

    Good report Greg.
    Joseph P. Farrell has interesting spectulation on the JFK and Las Vegas murders…..

    • Diane

      Greg…..a hot drink of lemon, honey, dash of cayenne pepper and cinnamon works very well for a cough. Even bronchitis.
      Get better, we need your voice.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Diane!

      • rwmctrofholz

        My recipe always called for Wild Turkey with honey and cinnamon schnapps. But your way sounds okay too.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Ditch the honey and schnapps, the pepper and/or the cinammon. Drink enough of the Wild Turkey and you won’t care if you have a cough… Best always. PM

  29. john duffy

    The “Anti-Hate” Group That Is a Hate Group

  30. Mark

    As always, I look forward to every Friday and your wrap up. I don’t watch the MSM and haven’t for 10 years now. As one gets older, there is less time available for fake news. in regard to the JFK documents… They can never be released until George H.W. Bush has passed on and probably longer than that. That’s because a past living president was involved. Remember, Bush was tied into the CIA, photos show him in Dallas. Greg, They just don’t want that officially out. All seekers of the truth will find that disappointing.

    • rwmctrofholz


      Me too. Some Thursday nights I’m tempted to ask Greg for a sneak preview. He’s as good as they come.

    • Linda L.

      Yes, they won’t release all the docs until after George H.W. Bush is gone, but most likely not until his son who was a POTUS is also gone. The Bush family history is a chilling one:

      • Aussie Clive

        I know that the whole JFK story is interesting and that we are all keen to know the truth about the assassination of a much loved President 54 years ago, however, as far as I am concerned the announcement this week of the imminent release of most of the hidden JFK files is just a distraction.
        Two Congressional committees are undertaking critical investigations into the Clintons (and Obama), the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One deal (as well as the Comey and HRC email scandal) – and this is where we should all remain focused.
        The Justice Department has authorized the FBI’s informant involved in a previous Uranium One investigation and conviction to speak to the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Oversight Committee, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in addition to select staffers (http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/10/nondisclosure_agreement_lifted_for_uranium_one_confidential_informant.html).
        I’m sure that if we crack this nut the truth about other crimes will ultimately be revealed. I still have my ‘Hillary for Jail’ T-shirt and I hope to wear it again soon..

        • Paul ...

          The reason they are having the informant testify before both the House AND Senate Committee’s is so they can find “a minor discrepancy” in his testimony to both Committee’s and therefore have an excuse “to throw out his entire testimony”!!

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t think so. That’s not the way that works and I have never heard of them doing that before either.

  31. RTW

    Don’t expect anything from the JFK papers. By the time the alphabet departments get through with them, they’ll look like a photo of a black cat in a coal mine. After all this time, they are not about to reveal any thing contradicting the original findings and this spineless congress will allow them to do it. It’s all just another distraction.

  32. Macray

    For those that have interest,
    I highly recommend Principles: Life and Work Hardcover – September 19, 2017
    by Ray Dalio (Author)


    I cheat and listen to my books instead of reading because of my long daily workout schedules. So, I highly recommend cheating!!! In my opinion, this is a great listen and provides valuable insight on how Ray Dalio strategizes.

  33. Flattop

    A commentator at OAN stated that Congresswoman Frederica Wilson received campaign contributions from the NFL.

  34. Charles Turner

    When Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp none of us had any idea of how wide and deep the swamp was. As an example. The British press this week have completely ignored the dossier and uranium 1 story, yet a few weeks ago, Melania Trumps choice of shoes on her trip to see hurricain victims were was negative front page news and lead stories on the TV. Propogand isnt just twisting stories, it is also completely supressing stories that dont fit the chosen narrative.
    I also wonder whether Trump has done a deal with the CIA and FBI not to release Kennedy files. What could he possibly be negitiating with? Could it be the deal is that they will tell the truth and say that their primary reason for pursing Russia was the fake dossier and throw Clinton and Co under the bus and in return the reputations of each agency stays intact.

  35. JQP

    … Greg, you said “why did they pay $500,000 for a 20 minute speech?” The answer is Bill Clinton totally messed up what he was supposed to say. I think everyone will recognize his mistake… anyway here is the top secret transcript of what he said…

    “20 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance”

  36. JOe

    Mr. Greg,

    Regarding the Clintons, any chance of getting Charles Ortel on again? It sure would be interesting to hear from him again. And thank you for letting Marc Faber speak as he has been tarred and feathered and then banned from the lame stream media.


  37. andyb

    At some point, the American populace will have an epiphany that clarifies the reality of American politics. Folks, there is just one true party. D’s and R’s only exist in name so that a supposed ideological debate can exist. All of the 525 are bought and paid for, more often than not by the same people. If this uni-party has an agenda, it is to serve their deep state masters, get wealthy in the process, and if it means the destruction of America, so be it. The Deep State, in turn is controlled ultimately by agents of the Red Shield who have created the greatest criminal Ponzi scheme of all time through control of almost all global central banking. How many are aware that the FED is a private corporation owned by European trillionaires and that the IRS, The Fed’s collection agent is a private corporation whose shares are held in Trust by City of London bankers for the British Crown. America, as a truly sovereign nation, has ceased to exist since the late 1880’s when it became, through treasonous legislation, a CORPORATION ultimately controlled by the same Red Shield. Be awake, be aware, and be prepared.

  38. Sue Patterson

    Another outstanding WNW, in spite of the creeping crud cold. It wasn’t significant enough to detract from the info. A President Clinton was the plan to safely sweep all the illegal activity safely away from all us deplorables. They all thought they would get away with it, but surprise, surprise, ain’t gunna happen! In the past I have been somewhat disappointed with President Trump; his personnel choices and policy decisions, but now I’m beginning to think he may be running circles around us all, in a good way. Stuff that I never thought would see the light of day, like the Uranium One scandal, is actually coming out. Oh, how I love to see the dead media eat that crow.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too Sue!!! I see feathers!!!!

      • Frederick

        Tar and feathers hopefully

    • Flattop

      Sue Patterson: Its called, ” swamp draining “

  39. turningpoints

    As Rick Wilson correctly says, “Everything Trump touches dies.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true. I disagree. So you wanted the Russia colluding criminal Hillary to run the country??? You have to be a Marxist paid troll.

      • jennifer

        So Free Beacon and Rubio paid for Fusion GPS. Then, when he dropped out, DNC and Clinton took over. Made sense for Ds to look at Trump ties to Russia since he’s done business with them for decades and the Russian mafia IS the government and the oligarchs.

        The FBI was already looking into Trump team’s contacts with Russia well before the dossier was created so the dossier didn’t get the investigation started. Far from it.

        I know you want to divert attention from Trump’s problems. But who paid for the dossier is a non story. Most important story is what Mueller investigation will conclude, who, if anyone, gets indicted, etc.

        • Greg Hunter

          Total BS Democrat talking points. “so the dossier didn’t get the investigation started. Far from it. . . .who paid for the dossier is a non story. ” Really???? Total BS!!!!!!! The FBI got phony “research” from a political opponent that they used to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and this is no big deal??? WHAT???? The Trump/Russia collusion story is O V E R. Get your head out of the sand!!! The collusion is with Hillary, Obama, Muller, Rosenstein, Lynch, Comey, Wasserman-Schultz and many more. A 4 year FBI investigation said there was extortion, bribery and money laundering. FACT!!!!! THIS IS WITH THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!!!!!!!
          By the way, you are a rotten paid troll. The people who paid you should get a refund.

          • jennifer

            Can you contact your “sources” and find out who is supposed to be paying me because I’ve never seen any money and I could sure use it.

            • Greg Hunter

              OK, so you are a free troll. Now run along and go play in the street.

          • jennifer

            This site supports kakistocracy, kleptocracy, plutocracy and dictatorship 110%. You fell for the biggest con on the planet. Life is too short to waste time here. Good-bye.

            • Greg Hunter

              You do realize the latest scandal involving the treason of the Uranium One deal involves two Presidents, two Secretaries of State, two former FBI Directors, two Attorney Generals a campaign chairman and the former head of the Democratic National Committee. This all happened in the Obama Administration and ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE DEMOCRATS!!!

              • Paul ...

                No Greg … they are Demon-rats!

  40. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Cohn is a Goldman Sucs white shoe boy and a most despicable swamp creature. He became mega wealthy through cronyism. And you can bet that he will squeeze the little people like us even more. A thirty cent gas tax increase is just the start if he has his way. Fortunately, it looks like Trump won’t let him head the criminal Fed.


    • Paul ...

      Not just Trump … but all of us should be looking for “the head” of the Fed!!

  41. Mike R

    This is all well and good regarding the further exposure of HRC. When she is put behind bars, then and only then, will I consider that we have our republic back. Until such time, the deep state gets deeper, the TPTB just get richer and stronger, and the rest of us are just living in their world as THEY want it to be.

    Trump is like any other President in that he is a small pawn in a big matrix that none of us will ever know the truth about. He certainly is quite vocal, and has the unusual advantage of being rich enough to not care whether he is effective in his pawn position. It’s a pretty advantageous position for him as a business man, as he learns more about the inner circles of the powerful, than he ever has before. His network increases 1000 fold, so it’s pretty much a no lose situation for him, unless the secret service drops their guard, and fails to protect his life. That in of itself is a permanent ‘prison’ where he can no longer go anywhere he wants at anytime, without their nearby presence 24/7.

    The point of saying all of this, is that someone like Trump knows a lot of ‘truth’s’ that will we all never know, and that’s okay by me, because in order to gain that level of all-knowing behind the scenes, Trump gave up a level of privacy and incurred a level of ‘imprisonment’ that I would never personally ever want to incur myself. So for all of us, we cannot ever expect to know all that’s out there going on, that directly or in-directly affects our lives. Additionally, don’t expect for even 1 second, that Trump is in this to ‘protect or serve’ the people. He is not for the GOP or the Democrats or the Middle Class, or any other special interest, except for Trump Inc. Once you understand that, your wishes and expectations will have a very very low bar, and you really won’t be surprised or upset by anything that Trump does. For example, given that 95% of last year’s income taxes were paid by the Top 20% of the population’s wage earners, unless you are in the Top 20% on income, you really need not expect to get any tax cut. Relatively speaking you are paying squat for US Federal Income taxes. The ONLY possible benefit of any income tax cuts, is that those same upper 20%, who are often business owners, will feel more compelled to invest more in business, and feel optimistic that spending will increase by consumers such that they need to hire more people. That however, will be offset by the pain of the massive increases in health care costs, that continue unabated. There will not also be ANY repeal of ACA during Trump’s term. Congress is going to make sure of that. Massive corporate lobby’s assure that.
    Will Trump maybe eliminate NK’s Kim ? Will he launch nukes ? Who knows ? I dont see how that helps any of us if he does.
    We actually live in quite boring times if you ask me, because we have a government that is stuck on WRONG, stuck on serving the elite, and unless you want to leave the country (which that is not easy to do, and the IRS will make you miserable for trying), you are pretty much stuck on the same old treadmill of a US citizen held hostage by the elite, taxes, corrupt government, corrupted corporations, and unlimited oppression.

  42. rwmctrofholz

    If the CIA and FBI are still using the same techniques that they were in 1963, thus the “national security risks”, then the United States has one hell of a problem.

  43. Paul from Indiana

    I was 11 years old when JFK was shot. My parents purchased a paperback copy of the Warren Report, which I read, while pretending to do my homework. Even as a young and naive junior high kid, I could not accept the Warren report. It didn’t add up. I have always believed that the JFK assassination was a mafia hit. Those of us on the conspiracy side of the deal are usually split between the mafia, the CIA, and Lyndon Johnson. To me, it has all the hallmarks of a mafia job. The clincher for me was the Jack Ruby silencing of Oswald, in broad daylight, on TV and the cops parting like the Red Sea to give him access.

    An old Japanese proverb states that one firsthand look is worth a hundred reports. I was able, finally, in September to get to Dallas and stand during a lull in traffic in Dealey Plaza, indeed, right over the “X” taped onto the street and do a 360 look, while my son photographed me (Want a copy? Ask Greg for my email). It is impossible to understand the Kennedy assassination without seeing the layout. I did not understand that the landscape is actually a rolling hill that falls away from the Texas School Book Depository building, making the shots from the far right window of the sixth floor even more challenging. “They” try to discredit the Zapruder film, but that so-called third shot, among others, came from the grassy knoll, which is why his brains went all over the trunk of the limo. Go there and see for yourself; you will understand.

    The cover-up and the gymnastics and gyrations have occurred all these years, because the truth would have caused a revolution. The country would not have stood for the mafia, the CIA, or a kingpin politician being able to pull off a crime of this nature. It was a different country with different assumptions and expectations in 1963. We are accustomed to being sold out now, possibly even expect it. It will surprise me if Hillary and Bill Clinton are ever made to answer for any of their crimes, which are legion. They are obviously corrupt., but too many stand to lose too much to do anything against them.

    Tremendous, heroic effort and production, Mr. Hunter! Many thanks and best always. PM

    • freebrezer

      PFI – unfortunately you were not able to go to the actual window where (most probably) some shots came from. I got to look through the window, this before the ‘authorities’ barricaded off the whole area and now only let you look at the 6th floor corner from behind a fence. The actual shot from the 6th floor to the X is not a very challenging shot – my take from shooting a lot … and i would guess likewise for most trained shooters – my take on visiting the building back in the early 70’s. Note – if the shot was to difficult it would be harder to pin on Oswald. Two big questions that will never be answered: 1st) where was the second shooter and 2nd) was Oswald on the 6th floor?

      • Paul ...

        I thought it was settled that Oswald was on the first floor in the cafeteria … and the second shooter on the bridge near the grassy knoll?!

        • freebrezer

          I think the FBI/CIA have muddied the water so thoroughly that no one will ever know who pulled the triggers! The deep state succeeded in their plan. It is interesting when the media carts out the expert that claims it was Oswald … My first thought – Must be a CIA implant!

  44. Jerry

    The sad thing is we’re already slaves. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

    • Jerry

      To whom it may concern, If you’re going to copy me post it right.
      Jerry 10/27/2017 •

      The sad thing is we’re already slaves. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

      I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to SERVE somebody. It might be Lucifer or it might be Jesus Christ, but either way you’re going to have to SERVE somebody. No one escapes Judgment. You either accept the atonement of Jesus Christ or pay the consequences of your choice. All you ever get when you come to earth is TIME and a CHOICE and when your time runs out the CHOICES you have made will determine where you will be when you can’t help it.

      Having died twice myself I can testify of this truth. Does it mean I’m perfect? Nope. I don’t have to be. There’s only one who is, and he paid the price for me.

      • Charles H

        Thanks, Jerry.

  45. Hatemail

    CIA and FBI want to shield George H. W. Bush.

  46. Paul from Indiana

    I believe the so-called bond market meltdown will, of necessity, be accompanied by or quickly followed by government repudiation of promises, which is another way of saying they will renege, to one degree or another, on Social Security, Medicare, pensions, various welfare programs and all the rest of the unsustainable government madness. It will be a miracle if there is not massive and acute social unrest. The end of funny money and unlimited borrowing is likely at hand. Don’t become a victim of the normalcy bias! We will see things once considered unthinkable. Best always. PM

  47. Joe

    Dang, Mr. Greg, you are seven years older than me and you look so much younger than I do. I look ancient compared to you. How do you do it???

    • Greg Hunter

      I married a good woman, and stuck with her!!

  48. John M.

    The JFK conspiracy was likely that LBJ, CIA, FBI, the big banking Establishment, foreign and domestic mobsters, and others, were all colluding to remove Kennedy from office.
    Similarly, with Uranium One and probably the Golden Showers fiction, the guilty parties probably are: the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, Loretta Lynch, the DNC and many powerful Democrats, McCain and some Republicans, and others. Basically, all the same leadership positions and departments.
    Pres. Trump is also being not-so-secretly attacked by most of the elites in his own party and by the entire MSM, but like Kennedy, the American people have a soft spot for their president and are ignoring the elite.
    I think that this suggests that the majority of our American government, the corporations, the financial structure, and the press, have something much bigger to hide than just uranium-deals and fake urination. And this has been going on for many decades.
    I think that the elite are hiding bigger acts of treason, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, organ harvesting, child sacrificing, war peddling, false flags, etc.
    I have not even mentioned the Bush’s and the implications of 9/11 and the secret cartel of that consortium of actors. That’s why the odds are high that we will have a bigger false flag, contrived war, or an economic collapse that will occupy the minds of Americans in their fear and desperation.
    However, is the corruption of our government just too big to put them all in jail?
    Or will Hillary Clinton be the sacrificial Jezebel who will be thrown to the dogs , to suffice our wrath, so that the rest of the criminal elites can be protected?
    I really want justice for all and the truth to be exposed in every criminal activity — from JFK to now.
    ” the truth will set you free” John 8:32
    But whatever happens with all of this, we should still FEAR NOT .
    “… the prince of this world cometh, and in me he hath not any thing” John 14:30

    • Corleone

      “There is no way that will lead you to the truth because the truth itself is the way.” — Eduard Meier.

  49. Gene


    Liked your comments on the JFK file. To bad you didn’t have time to realize about the mystery bullet that according to the report change directions multiple times causing multiple entry points. Sadly, this is business as usual in our corrupted country.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct Gene about the nonsensical “Mystery” bullet. Good Point!!

    • H. Craig Bradley

      The hard nosed bullet must have hit a steel post or bumper and ricocheted. Lucky shot, like the billiard ball player who hits the balls in all four corners on the initial “break”, leaving only the white que ball and the Black 8 ball. How about “Occam’s Razor” as the best explanation: A back-up (contract) shooter made sure there was no miss on that day in Dallas. The second shooter just disappeared and became a virtual phantom shooter.

    • Paul ...

      Let’s hope N. Korea doesn’t have a “mystery missile” that can change directions multiple times and deliver multiple EMP ‘s over Guam, Hawaii , Alaska, California, etc.!!

  50. Joe

    I tell you Mr. Greg, there was talk of Cohn heading the Feral Reserve. (Yes, Feral. Not a typo. The definition of feral is “in a wild state.” And the Feral Reserve is in a wild state of blundering us peons.) Luckily, Trump will not appoint Cohn to head this criminal organization.

    But the one thing I can’t figure out is why do so many of those who claim to champion free markets don’t want to get rid of the Feral Reserve? Is there anything more anti-free market than a politburo attempting to control the money supply and interest rates?

  51. rocker54

    To whom it may concern, I have my reservations that any one will go to jail.

  52. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    These people really do need to be strung up… Bushes, Clintons, Barry and Michael, etc.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” -Thomas Jefferson

    • Frederick

      The list is ALOT longer than that Stan

  53. OKGranddad

    To understand what is happening in the United States, one need only study Germany in the 1930s. The playbook is nearly identical. (With the exception of the LGBT agenda and a few other factors, that is.) The painstakingly slow erosion of personal freedom is obvious to anyone who is paying attention. It’s the time tested recipe for “frog soup”, which never bodes well for the frog… I.e. the American people. The world’s population has been completely disarmed by TPTB with the only exceptions being the Swiss and the United States. (I’m not 100% certain about this and I’ll certainly accept correction, but I believe this is accurate.) That being said, the ONLY thing that stands in the way of the “man of sin” attaining his world empire is the Stars and Stripes. Unfortunately, given the complacency of the greater percentage of the American people, I believe that the achievement of this world government may soon be a foregone conclusion. It’s fairly remarkable that in lieu of the constant exposure of corruption at every level of government and business, so many Americans remain blissfully inept regarding the manipulation of their destiny. False flag events and their preordained outcomes are a favored tool of tyrants which predate Nero’s burning of Rome. Of late, there are so many such events being perpetrated that one begins to wonder how peaceful the world might be were it not for the constant manipulation of governments. Many people seem to sense that something extremely vast and sinister is looming. The problem for America is that they are more interested in their idols than they are with real and vital issues. I believe that most will remain immersed in the “matrix” until the total police state descends on their front porch. Don’t believe it can happen? Just take a serious look at what happened in Boston following the bombing. In summary… Find Jesus while you’re still able. Recommended reading… Isaiah 26: 20-21

  54. Flattop

    If the DOJ brings charges against Hillary, will she rat out the rest of that bunch?

    • Hatemail

      That will never happen. Hillary is a protected asset bought and paid for.

  55. richard clark

    all the people in the Obama administration need to be arrested and charged and put in jail.
    If noting is done, then everyone needs to just shut up and go away, we want justice. Talking forever about the lawlessness only makes up angry. Get it done,
    Thank you for your hard work


  56. H. Craig Bradley

    The official (Party) line is one man ( lone gunman) shot Kennedy. He was an expert marksman and had the skill to do it. One and Done. No questions asked. If you think for a minute the CIA was behind this assassination, then you are a purveyor of conspiracy theories. Officialdom will then discredit you as being a “Nut” for ” going against the grain” CIA thus practices character assassination in addition to the real thing. Nothing has really changed. Spooky ?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is weird Tad. What the heck are they up to now??

      • Tad

        Next Saturday is the OU-OSU football game in Stillwater. We’ll see how how it remains that way.

    • OKGranddad

      Warr Acres is 40 miles from where I’m at. With the alleged AntiFa revolution supposedly starting on the 4th AND the Pentagon EMP drill happening in the same approximate time frame, I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open and my ears to the rail. I’m just wondering if OKC is the only place where ads like this are running. I’ve heard rumours of similar ads being run prior to other recent newsworthy events of late. People need to be circumspect. This stuff is getting pretty weird.

  57. Steve

    Greg, you do an awesome job of reporting the TRUTH, and I must say you “nailed it again in #307 “. You are a true American Patriot although you may not know it. Not many of us reading and listening to your interviews have the courage to put it all on the line, for fear of reprisals; even though I’m sure the NSA knows who we all are 🙂 May the good Lord protect you !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve. Don’t be afraid of them, that’s what they want!! “Fear Not”!

  58. Jerry

    Greg & Watchdog Friends
    HEADS UP! I’m hearing from my sources that this is a done deal.

    The Chinese and Russians have Saudi Arabia in an economic crossfire. The Saudi’s have agreed to buy weapons from the Russians while the Chinese have loaned them close to 50 billion dollars. The Saudi’s banks are on the verge of default so they will take the deal. This is the backdoor to the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark that was announced in September. How long will it take to effect the markets is anyone’s guess, but I know for a fact that the international banks are fully hydrated with Yuan for exchange.

  59. Leonardo DiSanti

    The insiders NEVER go to jail. NEVER….

    Wake up – it’s all a megascam…

    • Greg Hunter

      L D,
      I’ll take the other side of that trade. Jail time coming.

  60. Gina M Mancarella

    Well Greg, Mueller says there is a there there and here it is when the indictment list comes out on Monday ! Your people can run but they can not hide ! President Trump will be on that list. Along with Manofort, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner ! Many shoes to drop Greg. Watch the there there !

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah just like Hillary was going to be President. Before it’s all over Mueller will be on that list too.
      You do realize the latest scandal involving the treason of the Uranium One deal involves two Presidents, two Secretaries of State, two former FBI Directors, two Attorney Generals, a campaign chairman and the former head of the Democratic National Committee. This all happened in the Obama Administration and ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE DEMOCRATS!!!


      • Gina M Mancarella

        Methinks thou doth protest too much. Republicans are on the chopping block and soon to be tried, convicted and executed for high treason.

        Next election, Hillary will win because there will be noone to oppose her.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is so Kool-Aid crazy I think I am going to post it and let people see the real you. Wake up Gina. Your peeps are in big trouble. Wait until they start turning on each other to save their skin.

          • Charles H

            Absolutely, Greg. This “Gina” is in La-la Land; with blinders the size of a Mack Truck. That, or it’s only consolation is to shoot barbs of complete nonsense.

            • Greg Hunter

              “Gina” is a paid troll and I post her comments to let people know what the satanic left is thinking. You should see what I do not post.

  61. Anthony Australia

    Long live Julian Assange

  62. Buffy V.S.

    Honestly, Greg, nearly all of the members of our current Congress take “treasonous” bribes” on an almost daily basis under tge disguise of “re election campaign contributions”. Why call them treasonous? Because the are generally given by corporations or persons who want something in return, and which may not be in the best interest of the American citizen whom the Congressperson represents. America has one of the most corrupt governments around because this is allowed. But happily it looks like Mueller is on the move and will begin to clean the clocks in government that need cleaning out, and thie light of day will probably fall on the cockroaches in Congress as well, sending them scurrying away..

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