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Hello to All!

I am happy to report we are back! We suffered a vicious attack that took the site down on Monday, February 18. I do not know who is doing this or what their motive is. I suspect whoever is committing these attacks is not happy with people getting real news and analysis. We still have some work to do to get back to full strength. We are working behind the scenes to make sure everything is functioning correctly before we put up video and longer written posts. This is the second attack in the last 6 weeks. is one of several sites that have been attacked. This hurts our traffic, revenue and will undoubtedly raise the cost of running the site. Thank you for your comments and for your support.

Greg Hunter,

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  1. Henry

    Wow, I wondered what happened! Great to see the site back up. I am so computer illiterate that I have no idea how someone else can take your website down, or how you can know that’s what happened.
    On an unrelated note, I finally bought some gold and silver the other day. Now the price is dropping like a rock. No worries, though. If it continues to drop, I’ll buy more. 😉

    • Greg

      That is a good plan. It went on sale for you. Please keep in mind the Fed is printing $85 billion a month “open-ended.” What could go wrong?

  2. Richard

    I’m glad to see you are back. I was a little worried until I found your Facebook page.

    • Greg

      It was a nasty attack that was worse than the one 6 weeks ago. Thank you for your concern and support.

  3. Darren

    Glad to have you back, Greg.

    • Greg

      Happy to be back Darren. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Ed

    Good for you Greg!
    Don’t you stop reporting the real news!

    • Greg

      Thank you Ed, BC, Ugly and John. It was a nasty attack. I wish the attackers would go away.

  5. BC

    So happy you are up and running!
    I am a daily reader of yours. Missed your articles over the last few days.
    God bless you for all that you do.

  6. Ugly

    I was wondering what had happened. Sorry to hear it. Anybody that is trying to warn fellow Americans on the approaching dangers seems to be getting attacked and heavily monitored these days.

    There is a side to many Americans that have elevated their ‘hate’ mode. I cannot talk to even my neighbors about the economy, without them going back and blaming Bush and even Reagan. Americans willfully want to be in ‘sleep’ mode. I have lost hope in that 95% of folks will ever get awakened until their day comes.

    Thanks for your perserverence and postings on the truth. I will send a donation tomorrow from your address on the web.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the donation. This attack will be costly and I can use whatever you send!! That’s beautiful to me!!

  7. John

    Just shows you’re doing things right Greg. The news media used to have on some of the same guests that you do, but stopped in 2012 because they were all telling the truth & the MSM could not have that.

    Thanks for the great job Greg, it is obvious you are making a dent.

  8. Mars

    This seems to be following Eric Sprott around when he is interviewed.

    • Greg

      Good to know but it won’t stop me from booking him. Thank you for the comment and the link!

  9. Norm Ezzie

    Greg,your not alone….”with these pests”! Its obvious of what’s taking place throughout this fiber-connected world….another simple piece of advice,when you turn off your PC,unplug it!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Norm, I do and I do not run a battery either.

  10. tsuki

    Thanks be. I was getting ready to email Mr. Celente to find out news of you.

    This subscriber missed your reports.

    Too much truth. Beware. 🙂

    • Greg

      Thank you Tsuki for your concern. I am OK now that the team put humpty dumpty back together again.

  11. Nathan Hale

    Most happy to see you back. Rest assured you have an important mission.
    Watch your back.

    • Greg

      Thank you Nathan Hale. I will.

  12. Margaret O'Keefe

    I’m so glad you are back. I really value your reporting and guests, and I bet these attacks are expensive. I’ll be sending you a few bucks to help offset your costs. Hang in there.

    • Greg

      Thank you Margaret O’Keefe. I will use whatever you send to offset the expenses of the site and this attack. It was especially nasty and difficult to fix for the team.

  13. Mark Johnson

    The truth is know with time. I’ve very much enjoyed the blog site. Very informative.



    • Greg

      Thank you Mark for the kind words and the link!

  14. Don Johnson

    Hello Greg:
    Welcome back. Yes you are correct when you are maliciously attacked it is a sad commentary on our world. Know that I am continually drawing folks attention to your site

    • Greg

      Thank you for the promotion Don!!

  15. Nick Pappas

    Once again, thanks for all you do Greg! Another donation sent your way. I never subscribe to ANYTHING…but I always make an exception for you. The content you provide is second to none and worth every last penny (if pennies and dollars are worth anything anymore, that is!). It’s unfortunate that I really can’t afford more…I’d readily give it if I could!

    • Greg

      I am honored by your comment and support. Thank you for your donation. I will use it for the site.

  16. Kevin

    When you’re over the target….

    Good to see you back, watchdog!

    • Greg

      Good to be back Kevin. Thank you for checking in.

  17. UncleJoe

    I didn’t fully appreciate just how valuable usawatchdog was to me until it wasn’t there. I too, plan a donation to make sure your always here for those of us that want real news. Thank You.

    • Greg

      You are very kind Uncle Joe. Thank you for your support.

      • UncleJoe

        Too bad I can’t edit my post to spell your (you’re) correctly. 🙁

        • Greg

          Uncle Joe,
          it’s a common mistake and I’ll bet everybody makes it once in awhile. I have. If I would have caught it, I would have changed it. No worries.

  18. Allen Ols

    Hi Greg

    I thought the glitch was my. Android. Ha. Looing fwd. For next. Interview. Of. John Williams

  19. Fred Quimby

    Lost your site for a while, but found you on the twit and saw you were being hacked. Good to see you back.

    Keep it up Greg, I really appreciate your work.



    • Greg

      Thank you Fred.

  20. Craig


    As soon as this site went down, I knew it was part of the Holder attack. Sorry, I know I am a conspiracy nut, but this administration combined with the Mass media, President, GOP elite, Big Banks, etc..don’t want the American People to know the truth. They (Govt) will not ever give up power until the people throw them all out. They will continue lying to us until we implode. I really hate this dail barrage of lies about unemployment, market, etc. They are destroying american and until we the people throw them out we will continue this downward spiral. We need strong leaders and truth,or we will again reach the point when:In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Source – The Declaration of Independence

    • Greg

      Thank you Craig.

    • Sue

      No,you are not a conspiracy nut. IT IS THE TRUTH. Took me many years to become aware of the power elite and their quest for control of everything and everybody. Financial control is only one element. I bet most are not even aware that the federal reserve is not even a government entity, but was instituted and is controlled, completed made and run by bankers. The Rockefellers, Rothchilds, from way back in time put it in place. Ed Griffins’s book “the creature from Jekyl Island” is a must read. Also check out agenda 21, and 2030, and more to see where we are headed BESIDES the financial crash. Control of the air, our food with GMOS’, and there is more, a lot more. ALL connects. Wake up people.

  21. AndyB

    GREG: Happy that you are back; the question is how long? There is no question in my mind that these attacks (seemingly on all sites I have been viewing lately) are a concerted effort to destroy any deviation from, or awareness of, government propaganda. So obviously, the attackers are not the Chinese, Iranians or whomever boogeyman du jour. Most likely from the same source as provides trolls to various sites that disinform rather than educate. Interesting that they are quite transparent, never providing facts but always distractions or half truths.

    Meanwhile keep up your excellent work as long as you can.

    • Greg

      Andy B,
      Who knows?? I’ll just keep plugging away. Thank you for your support.

  22. Trap

    Although I don’t often post comments, I do read this site everyday. Cograts on your site attack Greg, it means your pissing off the right people, these dirty bastards hate truth more than anything.

    keep up the good work!

    • Greg

      Thank you Trap. I’d really prefer not to be taken down, but your point is well taken.

  23. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Good to see your back up and running.Well just as predicted in previous posts ,the FOMC must toss out some negative news to keep the status quo in balance.Bernanke and Krugman are playing a dangerous game and will be the ultimate fall guys.Although i had my doubts , i’m thinking more that Mr. Williams may be right in his timing. I’ll say this again, that the Fed has painted us in a corner and cannot allow the economy to advance nor decline and must hold this position.This is a very fragile balancing act and is quickly coming to a head IMO
    Thanks Greg/Great reporting as always

    • Greg

      Thank you Dave, Ken and Robert.

  24. Ken

    Greg, I’m glad you’re back up! You are a daily read, and I suspected that something like that may have happened to you… Like you said, there are those who want to stifle alternative news outlets who shine the light of truth in dark corners…

    I look forward to seeing more spot-lights in those dark places!


  25. Dave (archivesDave) Clumpner

    Thanx so much again for everything you’re doing.
    I can’t begin to express my appreciation and that of
    my friends I’ve forwarded your newsletters to.
    I always try to catch you on Coasttocoastam as well.
    I know Geo Noory counts you as an essential segment
    of his program.
    When u catch your breath a little, perhaps u could
    give us your take on this gold correction and how
    long you think it may possibly last.

    • Greg

      Please check out the Peter Schiff interview. He’s buying the dips. Thank you for the support and promotion.

  26. ncdirtdigger

    I’m glad to see you back up. I enjoy listening to your interviews. Perhaps if you get the chance to talk to Karl Denninger again, you could ask him to pontificate about the nature of exponential math as it relates to our financial system so that we might better comprehend the nature of our real problems.

    Best Regards,

    • Greg

      I’ll have Karl back real soon. Thank you.

  27. Joe G.

    Another excellent website I read daily similar to yours was also down on the same day, forget which one at the moment but I doubt it was a coincidence…either lew rockwell or frankenstein government

    • Greg

      Joe. G.
      One thing is for sure, I was taken down in an attack.
      Thank you for your support.

  28. Steve

    I almost took it personally that I was “Forbidden” on our site. Glad to hear and see you are getting back to where you want to be!!

    • Greg

      They should just say the site is down. I do not know why they use the word “Forbidden.” Thank you for the comment.

      • Steve

        Its okay, I have had it happen before and then realize the site is down. Just a matter of time and you were up and going at it again!! Glad you figured it out.

        • Greg

          It was a nasty and costly attack, but yes we are back. Thank you for your support.

  29. Derrick Michael Reid

    I suspect whoever is committing these attacks is not happy with people getting real news and analysis
    Greg, I was watching your video with Sprout, and was posting a messages, typical rebellion stuff, shoot a federal judge for brownie points, very very anti-totalitarian socialist fascists of our gov, and BANG you went down. Coincidence? sure
    yeah sure, you bet …..

    • Greg

      Who knows Derrick, but the site was taken down in an attack. That is for sure!
      Thank you for your support.

  30. Derrick Michael Reid

    And sure enough, when I was posting, I was the first comment for sprout, with the anti-gov sutff, hit the post button, and bang, you go off line.

    Mere coincidence? yeah sure, you bet.

  31. Derrick Michael Reid

    Needless to say, the 1st comment for sprout, never got posted ….
    mere coincidence? yeah sure …. My IPA should provide a time reference ….

    oh yeah, THE CHINESE DID IT, to KWN and Watchdog.
    mere coincidence? yeah sure … you bet

  32. Derrick Michael Reid

    If the government will do WAR GAMES, marshal law in the good ole USA, why not be able to shut down, in one go, all the Pro-Bullion News outlet in one go? They were testing their shut down protocals, and seems to have worked very well.

    I have long predicted US TANKS on wilshire blvd, before this fiat gamble is done. They can black out anything, except the official emergency news.

    Dont worry, the gov has got your back ……


  33. John Smith


    Here is why I and Eric Sprott believe you were attacked:

    “Eric warned The Doc prior to the interview that the KWN and USAWatchdog sites were maliciously attacked the day they published interviews with Sprott. There appear to be powerful interests that would prefer to keep Eric’s thoughts on precious metals out of the public at the present, as SD also sustained a confirmed co-ordinated Apache flood DOS attack during the recording of the interview.”

    The gold and silver conspiracy needs to be covered in the public. The United States has pretty much already sold most of the national wealth to the Chinese and perhaps the Russians and others a bit also. It makes me sick. Keep up the fight.

    • Greg

      You may be right John. Thank you for your support.

  34. Fran

    You must be doing something right if the powers that be are scared of you and what you reveal!! That is a good sign you are on the right track. Keep up the good work. I love getting your emails and often share them with family/friends.

  35. Kathy Kodra

    Greg, Can you explain in layman’s terms what happens when the money starts flooding back when OPEC or any of the oil producing countries such as Iran, stops using the dollar. When the dollar stops being the world’s currency, what is the progression of events to the common citizen in the U.S.?

    • Greg Hunter

      I heard an economics professor explain it thus way: “When you have a lot of something the price goes down.” If we have a lot of dollars flood back into America the price (buying power) will go down.

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