Two Year Anniversary

By Greg Hunter’s 

In the internet world, it is said the two year mark is one of the most important milestones.  My internet consultant tells me, “nobody takes you seriously until after your second anniversary.”  I put on line August 24, 2009.  I remember working for hours on an article (which I still do today) and only getting 10 readers, and sometimes less.  It has been one long slog, but a very rewarding one.  Now, my readers number in the thousands per day.  One of the things that stands out about the people who read this site is that they are very smart—just read the comments I get from folks.

I think the financial crisis the country and the world face is the big story for the next decade.  Profound changes will happen, and we all have a front row seat.  I think the mainstream media (MSM) does a poor job covering the “real” news people should know about.  This is the reason that most people are completely in the dark about what their world is going to look like and why so many are unprepared.   The very first post I put on was something I titled “The Soft Truth.”  It is basically where I chronicle the stories and questions the MSM should be asking.  Two years ago, I was talking about the $11 trillion spent by the Fed to bail out the world.  $9 trillion of the bailout was “off-balance sheet.”  Turns out, that figure was way off.  According to a recent Government Accounting Office report, the real number was $16 trillion; and according to Congressman Ron Paul, $5 trillion went to bail out foreign banks.  The MSM is still largely ignoring this story.

I think telling the “Soft Truth” is the same as a lie.  Two years ago, I closed the “Soft Truth” post by saying, “When my Dad was disgusted with someone he would say, “He doesn’t know sh*t from shinola.” My favorite poster ever hung in the Programming Office of a Beaumont TV station I worked at in my early days. It was a blowup of a Shinola Shoe Polish bottle. The caption at the bottom of the poster simply said in bold letters, “There’s a Difference.” I think people can see the difference between the “Hard and Soft Truth.” One is good and is the real thing and the other is, well, crap and people can tell the difference. Maybe that’s why Jon Stewart is the most trusted newscaster in America.”  (Click here for the original Soft Truth post.)  

The MSM is becoming irrelevant because of the truth they do not tell.  I hope can continue to capitalize on that.  I want to thank all the people who have supported the site, and I hope we see many more anniversaries together in the future.

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  1. Kevin

    Congratulations Greg. We’re glad you are here! Let’s look forward to the tens of thousands per day!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you to all for the Anniversary comments. I really appreciate the support!!!

  2. Glenn

    Happy Anniversary Greg! Continued success with USA Watchdog for many more years to come.

  3. John Bernard

    I hope you were joking about the veracity or worth of Jon Stewart, if not you have categorized most Americans as idiots. I have been reading and occasionally commenting at your site for a couple of years now. I found it by hearing you on the Brad and
    Britt radio program. I must say you have maintained your integrity and attract more thinking comments than just about any other blog one cares to read. For example Zero Hedge, which started out as a thoughtful blog regarding financial and political matters, has degenerated to the level of a 10th grade shouting match at best and a KKK meeting at worst.

    Keep up the good work as difficult as that may be.

  4. Art Barnes

    Congratulations. I believe the MSM is not relevant any longer because of the distortion they slant on issues as well their neglect of the truth. Your blog is, as I have said, a lighthouse on a rock lined foggy shore. Thany you for all that you have done and continue to do on behalf of the country. From the western front, Art B.

  5. Baja Bryan


    Congrats on the 2-Year Anniversary! You are a beacon of radiant light in a media driven world filled with soft truth lies. More people are waking up to the truth on a daily basis and I look forward to a time in the near future when you have millions of readers. Keep up the great work.

  6. JiminGA

    Your should be proud to be one of the significant contributors to the re-awakening of conservatism in America. Thanks for your talent and efforts.

  7. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Congrats on the Watchdog’s anniversary. (BTW, August 24 is my BD).

    Okay, I read your article on “The Soft Truth,” and a good one it IS. Perhaps a good description is what former KCRA anchor Stan Atkinson used to tell viewers: “All the news you NEED to know.”

    I think that’s what the LSM really is: we’ll tell you what we think you need to know, so relax and have a beer. Don’t tell the public about how bad the economy is, don’t tell them what idiots the administration is, don’t tell them about all the wars this country is involved in; just be happy, tell them everything is fine, and that the Republicans are mucking up the works. It was because of that PROPAGANDA, and that’s what it really is, PROPAGANDA, that I fled. First to cable, and then to the Internet.

    It’s really sad when in a so-called “free” society that one has to go to several news sources (including many foreign), even on the Internet, to get as complete a picture as possible. But, you “have to do what you have to do.”

    So, thank you Greg, for being one of those sources I turn to.

  8. AndyB

    Greg: re soft truth: The key to understanding our fate is to be able to properly filter the incessant propaganda we are being force fed. For example, I look upon FED policy as the “death by a 1000 cuts”; incrementally destroying the economy and the middle class; really a prelude to the endgame of totalitarian enslavement. On a parallel track is fear mongering about the terrorist straw man and the growing police state with the abrogation of the Bill of Rights. It’s out there; just logically connect the dots.

  9. markm

    Good job Greg!

    thanks for the enlightenment.


  10. Bill Sulcs

    Greg, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do, to inform and enlighten people on just what is taking place in our world and in the markets, so they may have the chance to protect themselves and their personal liberties.

  11. Jerry

    Happy anniversary Greg, You are so correct in saying the mainstream media is not telling the people the real stories that need to be told. I have a very smart friend that gets his news from those sources. He was baffled and bewildered when I told him I got mine from Greg Hunters USA Watchdog, Ron Paul, Mises Institute, etc. He responded that he didn’t like what these sights were saying, and concluded that they were conspiracy theories, not the real news. Unfortunately the mainstream media also brainwashes the public by not telling the truth (or even the story at all) and portraying these honest real news reporting journalists, Politicians, and economists as conspiracy theorists too. The sad part is, when it all comes crashing down the unprepared people will end up saying “why did this happen, it was all just supposed to be a conspiracy theory?” I thank you for your honest and accurate journalism, keep up the great work and your honest news reporting and journalism!

  12. brian

    Congrats Greg! You know you are “big time” when you become a repeat guest on C2C!

  13. james

    We enjoy your articals, more then you enjoy our comments.

  14. Larry Crawford

    True Greg, the MSM is worthless and to me purposefully misdirects the public. The “news” channel talking heads make great salaries, many of them worth millions. The media outlets pay their salaries. The media outlets are owned by the financial elite.

    “Fair and Balanced” or “Move Forward”? They say what they are paid to say. Ron Paul’s treament is a good example…he is a threat to them all.

  15. Mike

    Many people who rely on main stream media organizations to get their message out to the folks out there simply do not have any respect for anyone – including themselves.

    I believe every day many of these people who probably work very hard to perpetrate “soft truths” and/or or outright lies must ask themselves when they look in the mirror ” Is this the day I am going to be exposed as a Fraud ” ? What a way to live.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  16. Phil Fleming

    There is a reason your news is so relevant today.
    “We the people” are smarter than the “Powers that be” give us credit for. You can put anything on the news and a segment of viewers will accept it as the truth because they couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Then there is us. The people who look around at the high watermark of a raging river of lies and say, maybe there will be a flood. Most people are smart enough to see that the balance between whats happening and what’s reported is a chasm that must be bridged. There are sources like yours bringing the news “As it happens” but it’s more like “As it really happened”. We need those shinning points of information that remind us that we really arn’t crazy when things just don’t add up.
    Thanks for being one such beacon and I look forward to as many years as is necessary success for your endeavors.


  17. MasterLuke

    Happy Two Year Anniversary to!

  18. David

    Hi Greg,
    I have been reading your articles for many months now, I truly appreciate what you do. You have a unique perspective having worked for the MSM yourself for so many years. I have heard it said “there are 3 kinds of people” 1. Those who make things happen. 2.Those who watch things happen. 3. And those who wonder what happened. Please continue to tell the truth, and we will have more group 1 people.


  19. m daniel sanchez



  20. Stan H

    Two years ago the media – and those in government who have fed them their information – were talking as if the corrective actions taken by the central banks would turn around the economy. From my vantage point at the time, it appeared as being too little too late and that it was beginning to dawn on the President that he was in it over his head. Today, two years later, what we suspected then, we know today plus some things that we could not have imagined. This includes: the Federal reserve declaring its freezing interest rates at zero until 2013, the US Treasury selling the majority of its bonds to the Fed, a downgrade on America’s credit rating and the pervasive feeling within European Union that their situation is hopeless.
    Comparing the two time frames shows the direction the center of gravity of the global economy is heading – and at what rate. Thank you for culling out all the fluff that’s posted on the internet and distilling it into hard facts.

  21. cm

    Happy Anniversary!

  22. Roderick Pagnossin

    Kudos Greg,

    I only recently found your site because people I read like Jim Sinclair speak highly of you and your views.

    I just want to say Greg that my day always starts hoping to see if you have any fresh insights on the days events that seem to continually spiral out of control.

    I also want to say that you have no idea how your clarity and perception on the articles you post lifts my spirits, especially when it seems almost everyone around me seems to be ralated to ostriches.

    It semms keeping ones head in the ground provides a sense of security for many. We all know illusions have a way of biting one in the ass. I love how no matter how unpopular your stance is with the majority you care not and put those truths out there.

    Thanks buddy for being there for America in this dark time of its history. Keep doing what you do Greg and all the best to you.

  23. Capster

    Greg: I have been a long time reader of your fine blog, and it has become a mainstay within the few trusted sites that I use for my daily news source. I appreciate your obvious deep commitment to the truth, and the personal time that you invest to help your readers become aware and informed of the government and other important events. Bless you much!

  24. jacque

    I’m so glad I found your website, you are part of my daily reading. Thank you for all your hard work! Hope to be with you for many years to come!!

  25. Don Warden

    I think of Jim Sinclair when you talk about the MSM ignoring and not reporting what is taking place. For about 10 years Jim warned anyone who would listen what was going to happen. The MSM ignored him and seldom, if ever, had him as a guest. In the meantime, any clown who had something positive to say about the economy and negative about gold was given plenty of air-time. I hear no apologies from them. The ones who listened to Jim are very much better-off today.
    You are continuing in Jim’s footsteps.

  26. Mark

    Greg,I have read you for about a year now, and you have changed my thoughts on banks and their “money” (or their debt), personal wealth, and the whole monetary system we have. It’s as if you gave me the RED PILL to swallow (MATRIX reference) and NOW my eyes are open to a new world that was in front of me the whole time…but I was blind to it… You are a great instructor…Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on 2 years….and MANY more to come, for ALL our sakes…

  27. Jan

    Your anniversary and continued growth is much apprecited by your readers. The site reflects your hard work, honesty and integrity. This site will continue to grow are we all share your work with family and friends and once they start reading they too will be sharing the site with others. Word of mouth (or in this case keyboard) is the best advertising.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into bringing us the real news.

  28. Jeff C

    Congratulations Greg! is at the top of my bookmarks for daily “real” news.

    There is so much non-important trivia covered as news today by the MSM that I can no longer be bothered with them. Sites like yours are the new standard – Keep up the great work!

  29. M SMITH

    Greg, I want thank you for the hard work & time you put into what is right, the truth! I hope the next year is even bigger. Even bad news is better than lies & gov propaganda, Hitler was a master at it & our MSM is no different!
    Happy 2 & keep up serving the people with the truth, they need it!

  30. Larry W. Bryant

    == Triple Kudos ==

    I have three things to say about this milestone: (1) Greg Hunter for president!; (2) Greg Hunter for President!; and (3) Greg Hunter for president! — Larry W. Bryant (29 Aug 11)

  31. MCPieper


    I have known you for about 40 years, we went to high school together … and we roomed together in college and I often heard you banging around at 5 AM getting ready to go into the TV station to carry their equipment around the countryside. I would have laughed at you if you told me you only had 10 readers and were worried … because I knew what you do and how you go about doing it. “Build it and they will come”!

    MC Pieper
    Indianapolis, IN

    • Greg

      Thank you MC. You are a good friend!!!

  32. Sean S


    Congratulations on reaching the 2 year milestone.

    Your readership will only grow because:

    1. You talk commonsense, employ decent analysis, call it how it is, do your research before bursting into print and write intelligently and coherently; and

    2. you not have an agenda you are running, or a built in political bias, like most of the mainstream media around the Western world intent on trying to shape public opinion with their misrepresentation, spin and attempts to pass off opinion as fact; and

    3. when you see “rubbish” you expose it; and

    4. it is very evident, particularly from the responses to readers, that you know a great deal more than you will include in your articles which by necessity must be limited in length; and finally

    5. you actually bother to take the time to read and reply to people commenting on your site when appropriate to do so.

    I’m sure others here read your work for similar reasons. I am always interested on your take on events and developments you write about.

    That is not to say that we always agree with your views on every single item you may comment on. However, when you express an opinion you do not try to hold it out as fact (as others frequently do), you are always straight up and we pretty much know where you are coming from.

    Excellent work. Thanks.

    Cheers and all the best.

  33. Tbird


    You do an excellent job telling it like it is. Glad I found your site. Keep up the good work! I also grew up hearing my dad use the same phrase 🙂

  34. Peter Morris

    We really need the truth. I am reading AFTERSHOCK and one of the most important things it is telling me is that people want to believe that the dollar and American economy will recover because they have their whole lives invested in it. I write articles similar to yours and people just don’t want to hear it. My higher power is Mother Nature and she can be tough, really tough, and there are social and economic cycles where there is massive growth, then rot then crash and only those who are able to see truth and react to massive change will move forward. 95% of the population that reaches the age of 65 have little money or success investing. It is the 5% who can see adapt, survive and grow. 95% follow the liars over the cliff. So, they will never get it on time. the rest of us are trying to prepare: be in gold. silver, mining stock, agriculture, reserve food and tryin g to hang on until the lies no longer work. I am looking for solid true information that will help me and my children survive and prosper in the new order and it won’t be nice or easy. It will be very difficult and demanding, requiring a clear picture of what is coming and what must be done. Thanks, Peter

  35. Lew

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary Greg. And yes, it is a milestone in cyber space.

    You have refined the delivery of relevant information very well. I especially like the occasional contributors you post (especially Armstrong) that I would never have found on my own.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in your comment that the MSM is becoming irrelevant, to me they have been for many, many years. I am very happy seeing how the internet has grown (over the years) and become such an integral part of life. I “watch” the news very little these days, I find my information on the internet. I am typically more and better informed then any friends or coworkers.

    When you have “options”, you are forced to think through what is being said. This is much better than simply being lied to, and believing it.

    Thanks for all your work.

  36. Ken

    Congratulations Greg. But I think you were taken seriously well before the 2 year mark. That’s why your site has become so popular.



  37. BLY

    MSM is a lot like politicians, they talk a lot without saying anything. They tend to take path of least resistance, and have you noticed that most reporters now are runway models? I watch Fox and that’s about it, most of my info comes from links like yours. Keep it up, people are waking up! BLY

  38. joe


    When everything hits the fan the clueless American Idol majority out there will suddenly realize what is important and what is not. They will finally understand that the MSM IS (or believes themselves to be) the 4th branch of government and does have a liberal agenda.

    Not to be too conspiratorial, but I do have one question I have yet to figure out:

    If things get really crazy and our constitution is flushed (which the current administration is trying to do now), what makes those in power (politicians and bankers) believe that they will stay in power? In the event of a dictatorship, why have a congress or supreme court? In the event of a second “revolution,” what makes those who are causing all this believe they will come out unscathed? Last time I checked, most revolutions end up with a military dictatorship (with a “Le Generale” running the show); hence, those who have loathed the military become enemies of the state and are dealt with accordingly. That would include the tree-hugging administrations, many in congress, and especially the MSM. I can’t believe those in power are so short-sighted, so I am struggling with their angle in all this. The bankers are another matter as they are always relevant to both constitutional-based governments as well as military dictators. Thoughts or comments?

    • Greg

      If the whole system goes down then you cannot rule anythbing out. There is no telling who will end up in power. Things got so bad in the German economy in the 1930’s, Hitler seemed like a good idea. We all know what kind of a world-wide disaster that turned out to be. I pray history does not repeat.

  39. Bobby

    Congrats, and thanks for the hard work and honest narrative.

  40. Amber Madsen

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I heard you on Coast to Coast one night and have now been a regular follower. I like your commentary and the way you say things that MSM is not willing to write about! Keep up the good work!

  41. Miro Markovic

    Cogratulation, Greg!

    Your writing is very inspiring and well documented. I read not only your text but all the comments attached. Every person has something extra to say and those thoughts make me content and well informed. Current official commercial channels had lost their credibility as they are not reporting the news but falsifying them and/or spinning them the way the corporate media demands. It is more than disappointing when they treat readers/listeners/viewers like mentally retards.

  42. Peter W

    Congradulations from Canada, for we are also spoon fed from the same system. Thanks Greg.

  43. an independent voter


    I rarely post, but I read all the posts, I found this financial blog through Jim Sinclair’s website. Excellent information, and keep up the good work. As more and more Americans no longer trust or watch or read the MSM, we rely more and more on information through blogs such as yours, I’ve found such reputable blogs to be much more accountable to facts, references to back up those facts and geared towards those who are independent minded to filter through information.

  44. Jflan

    you do good job. Speaking the truth as you see it. Thanks!

  45. Oldguy

    Happy anniversary Greg…I know it took a lot of very hard work and a lot of drive and stamina. I thank Coast-To-Coast for their introduction to you and your site…(I couldn’t sleep a wink following the program). Your site became my home page after that. If only the MSM could be fixed to tell the truth and forget their agenda. The repair of our country would soon follow. Keep it up and God bless,

    • Greg

      Thank you OG! For me I think this is the best thing I will do in life. I love the Internet and the folks like you who support this site.

  46. Stanley Crawford

    Congratulations of completing your second year of operation. I per chance found your site last winter and log on to read your informative articles about your take of the state of the USA. This is my first comment on your site I have written.

    I have been telling people since Reagan was elected that his administrations nearly tripling of the deficit that had nothing to do with the collapse of the former USSR was the beginning of the end for the USA. Wasted on Pentagon programs that still can’t function as envisioned. Taking the country from #1 creditor nation to #1 debtor nation in less than eight years.

    Reagan “Freedom Fighters” Saddam Hussein, Osma Bin Laden and his supplying Al-CIAda in the 80s with weapons whose surpluses are now the IED’s killing US soldiers in their illegal occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq is despicable. If the most Felons to operate the White House had been swinging from the ends of ropes for their Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal Treason fomenting activities, then the USA would not have endured the PNAC “New Pearl Harbor”-9/11 and the farce, ever expanding War of Terror agenda.

    Reagan’s championing of deregulation spawned the S&L bailouts and every other government financial handout, culminating in the current QE situation the country finds itself in today. The EPA scandals of his time allowed the weakening of environmental protections that have allowed corporations to pollute the air, land and water with impunity today.

    Reagan’s firing of the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers was the first shot at organized labor that began the off-shoring and out-sourcing which was the backbone of the American middle class being able to attain the “American Dream”.

    If the USA had followed through on the Carter Energy Policy, then it would already be operating on a grid of mass transit using 2nd-3rd generation of alternative fuels. Leading the world in the desired “Green” technology jobs and not China.

    “Extreme Mental Cruelty” is what Reagan’s first wife accused him of after engaging in pre-martial sex resulting in his marrying a three month pregnant Nancy; that all debt-slave American citizens and those who have lost a loved one in the farce, ever expanding War of Terror can now utter this phrase too.

    Republicans and Democrats collusion over the past thirty years to enrich themselves at the expense of their constituents has resulted in the current state the country finds itself in today. Being most embarrassing that the USA has lost its world’s stature to the rising, reformulated Chinese Communist Party.

    I’m just thankful that I’m now in my downward slide in life and have no progeny who will have to endure what the future beholds for the USA, or wolrd citizen at large. Glad I didn’t choose the American “Dream” lifestyle, realizing the second word described its intent. Instead chose to travel the world assisting those less fortunate than me, collecting memories; which are the only things we can take with us after parting this world.

    I end with: How’s that “trickle down” working out for you and your family?

    • Greg

      Plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Remember, it was President Clinton that did away with Glass-Steagall in 1999. Thank you for your comment and thank you for doing gods work with the poor!! You are a good man for doing that.




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