Vax Attacks, Clapton Awakens, Red Hot Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 489 7.23.21)

The propaganda and vax attacks to scare or coerce people to take the so-called “jab” are reaching new levels of lies and threats. Make no mistake, the mainstream propaganda media and government health experts will not even tell you this is, in fact, an experimental human drug trial to test a gene therapy CV19 vaccine. They will not tell you this is so dangerous that the Vax makers have zero liability if people get killed or injured. This mRNA is a new treatment never tried before and is rolling out on a reckless scale never before seen in human history. Why is the government telling you to take this jab?  The White house, this week, said this is “becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This statement is being made while many fully vaccinated White House staff members are fighting new CV19 infections.  Of course, this is being downplayed and covered up–bad optic.  Also, new data has come out that in one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, Israel, 84% of the new cases are with fully vaccinated people. There is also no mention of natural immunity which, according to John Hopkins Dr. Marty Makary, now stands at 50%. Natural immunity gives people a near zero percent chance of getting CV19 again, according to a new study from USC’s school of medicine. Lies by omission and outright lies are coming from everywhere to get the public to take the jab. This is not about medicine.

It looks like rock legend Eric Clapton is no longer down with mass vaccinations. Clapton got fully vaxed a few months ago. He got so ill that he thought he would never play his guitar again. Now, Clapton says he will not play any venues where fans are required to be vaccinated. Is this liberals starting to wake up to the fact they have been poisoned and screwed with this “Plandemic”? You might remember that a few weeks ago, Internet data analyst Clif High said on USAW, when people figure out that they have been poisoned by the CV19 vax, they would strike back and be angry. A much higher percentage of liberals, according to Clif High, have fallen for the experimental gene therapy drug trial. He says 19 out of 20 Democrats have taken or will take the jab.

The Fed keeps telling us that inflation is going to be transitory, and things will fall in price and go back to normal soon. Nobody is buying this in the real world where people are watching their dollars fall in value and are paying more for just about everything. In simple terms, the dollar is tanking. Maybe this is why JP Morgan is the first big bank (with many to follow) that is putting high-net-worth clients into crypto currencies. Bo Polny says this is all part of a “Jubilee year which began in September of last year and ends in early September of this year.” Polny says, “Expect to see in the next four to five weeks a fall of the dollar, the world’s reserve currency. This could start as early as next week causing a run into tangible asset that include gold, silver and crypto currencies like Bitcoin. All hell is about to break loose on evil.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.9.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.” We will get his take on where we are on the economy and plan of the globalists to vax the world.

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  1. Rodster

    Greg, thanks for having Marty back on. I hope you cover a lot on the Vaxx scam and the GROWING civil unrest because of the Covid Vaxx around the world which Marty said his computer predicated. Great Britain and now France are seeing a surge in Covid related backlash. Vaccination centers in France are being destroyed or vandalized.

    And this is all good news that at least in parts of socialist Europe, people are starting to figure out that it’s all a Scam-demic.

    • Josey Wales

      Look at fake scummy blackrifle coffee. Sell outs like the rest!

    • Warren B.

      Scam-demic …. YES IT IS.
      Its also a PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION.
      How do we end the Plague of Corruption – simple- JUST SAY NO.
      For those who still need a refresher course on the Gene Altering Therapy
      Here is the Vaccine for Dummies 101 – video

      • Rodster

        They are beginning to protest in many parts of Europe, that’s a start. Let’s hope the same happens here in the US. The problem is both the Gov’t and MSM as well as the social media are running the same narrative. People are just too stupid these days to think for themselves.

        As Pat Moynihan used to call it, “the dumbing down of America”.

      • Robert Brown

        “I don’t have the strength to get up and take another shot. And my best friend my doctor won’t even say what it is I got.” Bob Dylan’s Just Like Tom Thumb Blues

        • JayJay

          I have a huge prayer list and will add you to it. Prayers coming for your recovery.
          God bless.

  2. Paul ...

    The “jab” is a big experiment … and they want us all in it!!

    • Paul ...

      Greg … You know why is it so important to the eugenicists that we all get the “jab”? … listen carefully to Dr. David Bauer in the following post at the 2:41 mark … … it is important to the evil Demons that everyone take the “jab” because: **The Jab Gets Rid Of Your God Given Immune System** … everyone who has taken the “jab” developed by these evil Demons have now destroyed their natural immunity to viruses … and those who have taken the booster “jab” have lowered their natural immunity “by six(6) times”!! … therefore … “they” (the vaccinated) can now more readily catch any Covid virus mutant that comes along (unlike the un-vaccinated who develop natural immunity “to all variants” once they get Covid (that is only as dangerous as the common cold) and develop natural immunity … these evil Demons at Big Pharma have taken away the natural God given immunity of half the American population and 88% of the Israeli population with their “jab” and now have all these “jabbed” people dependent upon Big Pharma to providing them with booster shots against every variant that comes along … meaning that …people who already took the “jab” … now must keep taking booster shots (likely every month for the rest of their lives) … and if you rebel and don’t take the booster … You Die!! … the Holocaust to come in Israel and America because of idiot Bibi and Trump (who are politicians not scientists) is going to be so horrific (these two men could be “brought up on charges before a Nuremberg Court”) … hopefully … Trump may be able to save himself (by claiming he was deceived by Fauci) … but with all the new damaging info coming out about the “jab” … he better immediately “start distancing himself” from this Holocaust now … and not try to take credit or be known as “the Father” of this deadly experimental vaccine that “will kill millions” as time go on!!

      • Paul ...

        Have no fear … we (the un-jabbed Patriots) will eventually win this battle against evil … as almost 99% of the Demon-rat “commies” have taken the “jab”… so soon … the Demon “commie” rats won’t be around any-longer to screw up our government or our lives (and they will “no longer be coming for our children to convert them” to their Satanic Marxist Pedophile Transgender beliefs)!!

        • Paul ...

          The Globalists knew they had to vaccinate everyone “fast” before anyone awakened to the “facts” (blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, sterilization, paralysis, etc., etc.) … it had to be done “At Warp Speed” (to kill the maximum number of people possible) before the gullible useless eaters finally woke up to the fact that: **It is a Death Shot**!!

        • Warren B.

          Remaining UN – Jabbed is only part of the solution.
          We must also keep our immune systems in Peak Health in order to fight off any infection or virus spread. This applies to the immuno-compromised more so.
          It requires a regime of eating good healthy food (avoid GMO), taking supplements regularly and getting Vitamin D into you (SUNSHINE), making sure your melatonin levels are adequate (plenty of sleep), avoid stress and anger.
          “Unvaccinated” doesn’t mean you are immune to catching the sars-cov2 strain (really a number of variant diseases/viruses that have been spread through sheading from past toxic vaccinations). If you are relying on your immune system (like I am) and any antibodies it has developed to ward off the numerous viruses – there is an array of prophylactics that can be taken to boost the immune system and kill off any virus as well as any mRNA that may already be in your system.
          We need to stop listening to the nonsensical propaganda and fear mongering by the Health / Government authorities and accept and take responsibility for our own health. That starts with knowing that masks are harmful…tests are using false science…. and so called Vaccines are the causative reason for infection/spread of viruses.
          Critically it is “Education” about what is front and center with this false epidemic – understanding exactly what this virus is and how it has evolved – is essential to fighting the EVIL wrongdoers.
          COVID19 is not a disease. It has not been isolated from any human and proven to be transmissible. SARS COV2 is a variant to the Lab created/manufactured SARS (97% similar) that made its presence in 2003/04. What we have seen over the last few decades is a plethora of disease – all stemming from Vaccinations – Flu Shots (H1N1) , MMR etc . All of these so called vaccines have attenuated animal viruses (from animal tissue). How do animal viruses (including mouse viruses ) end up in Humans?
          IT IS INFECTION BY INJECTION – plain and simple.
          These are all MAN- MADE – DISEASES.
          The PHARMACEUTICAL fraternity know full well (as does the Military) that Vaccines are inoculations (delivery systems) that will promote infection by injection/sheading. Sheading allows for weakened viruses to recombine and become deadly (as with SARS COV2). This is especially true for those who have deficient immune systems. Immune systems have been constantly attacked intentionally to allow for the next strain/ variant to enter and then cause havoc. The body’ s defense system is overwhelmed and in some cases (latest COVID 19 jabs) are tricked into overreacting. These can all be suppressed and rectified with readily available treatments.

          • Paul ...

            Well stated Warren … those who stupidly got the “jab” – “Must Avoid Getting Jabbed Again” – and “make sure” your (now Big Pharma compromised immune system) has plenty of Vitamin D … which is easily gotten from the Sun of God … which “can hopefully save you” from all the bad things Big Pharma put into the “Jab” (like cancer, paralysis, clots, stroke, heart attacks, etc., etc.)!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Looks like another down week for Gold.

        • Paul ...

          Your right Stan … God’s Gold (all his creations) are being destroyed by Satan’s evil spawn right now … from the humans he made in his image (by the Big Pharma Cabal) to the precious metals he created (by the Banking Cabal) … but an awakening is coming Stan … whereby “all the Cabals” from Big Pharma, the Bankers, the Main Stream Media, the Internet Censors, Military Industrialists, Big Oil, the Globalist Eugenicists, the Transgenders that are coming for our children, etc., etc. will be taken down by people “who have nothing to lose” (those who have been “jabbed”) and know they are being crucified … they can still make a difference … by sacrificing themselves (as Jesus did) … to save the world from Evil!!

        • Rachel.M.

          Yes Stan, it’s the calm before the storm!

          More about that here…

          Time to get your precious metals stocks while they are on sale.

          • Paul ...

            Exactly Rachel … it is just a matter of time (a few weeks at most) and Gold along with Silver will be breaking upward (pulling in the momentum players) … Stan obviously does not understand the monetary system (and that is why he will continue to lose his money selling Gold and Silver short) … Stan just can’t grasp how much he stands to lose in coming years “from the Fed’s exponential printing of fiat IOU’s … even though the Fed “has doubled all the money they have ever printed since their creation in 1913 in just the last 688 days” Stan has confidence in the value of the US dollar?? … I don’t know what will it take to make Stan see the light??? (perhaps the Fed doubling the amount of US dollars “again” in the next 688 days)???? … but I wouldn’t bet on it!!

            • Stan

              Paul: I was told the same thing on 2012 when Gold & Silver were both higher

      • JayJay

        Different perspective–thanks. A lot of people say they can’t feel God any longer. Strange and something to think about.

      • E.Street

        Awesome comment very informative an to the point.thank you

    • eddiemd

      I went to a VA appt in April 2021.

      They were pushing the mRNA non-stop. I asked the MD for an anti-body blood titer to determine if I had evidence of natural immunity seeing I already had the coronavirus in June 2020. He stated that the VA does not do that test.

      They don’t want to know if you have natural immunity from surviving the infection. You must take the mRNA.

      You can claim that you have allergy to PEG (polyethylene glycol) which is a component of the injection. PEG is also known as radiator coolant.

      Perhaps you can print off these studies and hand them to the “vaccine police”.

      Get it into your medical record if you can under allergies.

  3. David Larsen

    I can’t play it on my M1 iPad with the latest iOS in Safari.

    I am able to play it on my MacBook Pro with the latest Big Sur version in Safari.

    Hope that helps.



    • Linda

      What makes you believe that the demoncrates actually took the real vaccine ? I believe that most of it was maybe a B 12 shot instead!

      • Tom C

        I agree with you. They weren’t injected with the poison.

        • RTW

          They all may be lying devious “sacks of durbin” but they ain’t stupid. They all proclaimed at the beginning that they wouldn’t touch anything Trump had a hand in. They’re in the loop on what this crap really is and whatever it was they received, it isn’t what they’re putting in everyone else.

  4. Allen Freeman

    It’s a 1, 2 punch. We are under attack.
    Release a virus…punch #1.
    Release the bioweapon vaccine…punch #2.
    We may be at the end of this age.
    Thank you Greg, you are a blessing in the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Allen. Don’t give up these weasels are not that tough. “Fear Not” Jesus is with us.

      • Tom C

        Thanks for another great program, Greg.

        It seems to me that many people who were vaxed are going to die of the flu this fall and winter into the spring.

        • JayJay

          Quercetin, vitamin c, vitamin D, and Zinc. Every day…start with 5000 IU of C and work up to 10,000 IUs. Other, one a day.

          Zinc and D complement each other.

          • Rene P.

            I take all the vitamins you suggested, and I also take Vitamin K2 with the D, as it is supposed to help your body absorb it better. I’d suggest also taking turmeric and acai berry for their antioxidant properties, and black seed oil, which is good for a whole host of reasons. Oil of oregano is a natural antibiotic, so it is good to have on hand if anyone in your household gets a little fever. Taking beet root powder can increase the nitrous oxide levels in your bloodstream, which is a huge boon to your health. Just increasing that supplement alone has helped my elderly mother enormously, and she has suffered from asthma since she was a baby. And seeing as this frankenvirus is known for attacking the lungs, making it hard for the victims to breathe, increasing the oxygen levels in your blood is a big plus!

            Our family is very fortunate, in that nobody has gotten a cold or flu, (or the frankenvirus) since Jan. of 2019, when I learned about elderberry. If anyone in the family so much as gets a sniffle or scratchy throat even during allergy season, we begin taking Sambucol’s Elderberry Cold & Flu tablets, and the symptoms disappear within a day, maybe two, at most. We are doing the best we can to improve our immune systems, to guard against this attack on humanity, and leaving the rest in God’s hands.

    • Divingengineer

      Plays on an iMac with M1, no problems.

    • Dave

      They want you to vote with your dollars. They have 2 quadrillion in their pocket.. The rest of us together have maybe a 1/5th of that. The marxists are blaming the civilians for the perverts. Marxist are religious capitalists. Their god is the gold in the temple of dagon. Golden emors golden rats golden cockeroaches. Sound familiar? Seperate the religiously profane from the civil. Voting with their dollars is what they been doing since jim crow and fed reserve.

  5. David Larsen

    Okay, hope I’m not being a PITA, but after waiting a half hour and trying again, I can play this in my iPad.

    • Brookyn


      The video worked on my iPad fine. Came right on as it always does.

      It could be a number of issues, with number one: your WiFi connection. But, glad in the end, an hour later, you were able to watch “the invaluable” Greg Hunter’s Weekly Wrap-Up.

      Greg Hunter, most of his guests, and many of you regular commenters on this site, give me peace-of-mind to know that I am not the odd man out, where most of our friends (and family) have gotten “The Jab” and are doing their best to convince me/us (wife) to get ours too. We will NEVER get the Jab!



  6. Robert Coleman

    Humans have natural Immunity ( Antibodies ) capable of fighting off the FLU as well as COVID. The 2 Pfizer shots destroys those antibodies in your body. Watch the Covid 19 Vaccine Program Director Admits Injection Destroys Immune System

    • Paul ...

      RC … Your post was banned … people need to go to my post above at the 2:41 mark to hear what this Pfizer researcher effectively stated: “That the jab destroys your natural immunity to getting sick … so everyone who took the jab … will be getting sick constantly (that’s why the death numbers are rising) … and the only way people who took the jab can stay alive … is to take a “booster jab” … every month … if you miss your booster jab … “you die” … it’s as simple as that!!

      • RTW

        Big Pharma makes the Mexican drug cartels look reputable.

    • Tom C

      There will probably be a huge number of people who were vaxed dying of the Flu this fall into next Spring.

      • Paul ...

        Exactly as planned by the eugenicists to encourage even greater demand to be “jabbed”!!

  7. David Gordon Dunne

    No one gets the Virus to speak of in Africa. Malaria is so rampant there, all take the “Sunday Pill” to prevent it. That is HCQ. We take HCQ in Thailand but th Govt. and
    the same left wing MSM here scare the Thais so badly but both HCQ and Ivermectin is sold
    in all Pharmacies with my precription and they all are on back order as they sell out so fast. Sadly, no mention of it in any of the News, SM or other. Look at the hand out of Ivermectin to all Indians 7 weeks ago, BAM the curve now is near 0 cases. This all is Satan’s plans for our demise and so far, they are winning this war. The next release and the coming hacking and taking down of our grid and internet is going to seal our horrific future. The Globalists want to kill all people

    • Divingengineer

      I guess that’s what the big, panicked push was for; to get as many people as quickly as possible before they realized it was baloney.

      Now the truth is slowly leaking out despite their best efforts to suppress it and enthusiasm in getting their experimental inoculation is all but non-existent.

      Now, I fear, they will put on one big final push. I expect an attempt to make it mandatory, or at least threaten it, to see how many people that will net.
      Everyone they can CONTROL will be given a mandatory vaccine order. Want your food stamps? Show your vaccination card. Unemployment? Social Security Check? Like your government job? “We cannot send out your tax return or stimulus payment without verification of having received the vaccine”. “You must be vaccinated to enter any DMV facility to renew your driver’s license”.
      I can see them doing that.

    • yossarian

      thank you for writing from thailand. as you can imagine american news avoids talking about thailand’s success at combating covid using malaria drugs. i’ve seen reports here that the hospitals are filling up with covid patients since the delta variant. is that true?

      i have my doubts. when the press was reporting that the icu’s in new york were overflowing, with the exception of three or four public hospitals here, that wasn’t true at all. the craziest thing is that they didn’t move the covid patients to other venues where there was spare capacity. they never even used the javits center or the uss hope. if i hadn’t seen that with my own eyes, i wouldn’t have believed it.

    • JayJay

      Think of everything you can not do without and get it…from morning to bed time–I even have toothbrushes! and dental floss.
      I have a broken tooth with filling missing–MUST get that pulled.

      • Greg Hunter

        Fantastic advise! Well said.

  8. Gary Horn

    So they think it appropriate to reduce VAERS reports down to the 6k range because of many being “foreign” submissions? I wonder how they arrived at that? If it was determined by IP address, wouldn’t a significant number of submissions have gone through virtual servers (for privacy)? Unreal!

  9. Thomas Surguine

    It is simply imperative that I MUST inform ALL who are more than willing 2 listen 2 my dearest mensa brained better half, a fully qualified professor of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING @at age 25, is ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED 2 “the jab” if 4 no other reason ALONE, the “adjuvants” contained within. Needless 2 say, neither of us will suffer the jab, and/or, the horrid after effects. Expat tom….

  10. Donald Wilson

    Keep up the great work Greg. We The People support you 100%…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donald!

      • Daughter of Yahweh

        you do awesome work Greg!! Your a man that Yahweh is very proud of, we all need to stand against Satan. After all this is a test ie testaments of our faith in Our Heavenly Father.

        Just want to mention that we do have a God given immune system that works perfectly. Do virus’s really exist or is this just a ploy from big pharma to make big money and make every one sick and rely on their so called health system. Everything we need from nature was given to us to help all our ailments. Which help us and don’t come with any so called poisonous so called side affects. All Pharma is poison and witchcraft!!! With all these so called viruses, HIV, Sars, swine flu, bird flu, more to mention, it is a miracle, we are all still alive!! I’m of course being sarcastic. Yahweh Bless all of you smart and brave patriots our there!!

  11. it's NOT a vaccine

    How can anyone be “vaccinated” or “fully vaccinated” or get a “vaccine passport” when there is no vaccine and what these criminals are injecting is not a vaccine? A vaccine requires isolating a virus which has not occurred, and then introducing a mild form into a patient to promote immunity which is not what’s occurring. How does one “test positive” for a virus that has never been isolated to be able to test for? Why is the world continuing to allow these crazy evil bastards to exercise this macabre charade on us and our children? What’s next? We all are required to come up with menus for cooking baby parts for their satanic cannibalism? Resist these bastards. RESIST.

    • Daughter of Yahweh

      Oh forgot to mention that the scriptures does say that the whole world would be deceived and believe no man for he is a liar. Let no man in power deceive you!!!

      I’m just waiting for Babylon the Great Whore to fall, then our debt slavery is over, before then we all must repent and turn from our wicked ways to be forgiven of our sins, cause the cross sacrifice was to safe us from Hell, but we still will be judged on judgement day!

  12. Gary Horn

    I still say that the effects (or even existence) of variants has yet to be proven, and may be nefariously used to push for “boosters” while simultaneously covering up the likely real cause of those symptoms, namely worsening injuries in those inoculated. I’ve heard several experts speak on this.

  13. David Showers

    I wonder what the age is of those who have died from the vaccine? I suspect that it is mainly the elderly. No doubt this group consists primarily of social security recipients. Could this push for vaccinations be a subtle way of reducing our elderly population and thus reduce the burden on the social security trust fund?

    • WeKnowItAll

      go to the VAERS site and look.

    • Paul ...

      Yes David … according to the medical experts working for Pfizer … who are studying the effects of the “jab” … which just about totally destroys the immune system of the elderly when they take the “booster jab” (reducing an elderly persons immune system by “six fold”) … **Is Killing Off Old People OFF At A High Rate** … and Government politicians ( especially the “commie” Demon rat politicians) like Bribe’n “love it so much” that they are soon going to make the “jab” MANDATORY for all people over the age of 60 (to save “some money” for the Social Security Trust Fund) but the real thing they “love so much” is the millions of fiat dollars in bribes they are getting from Big Pharma to murder off all their “old people” (and let’s look beyond the US and find out how much fiat money is being given to the politicians in England , Canada and Australia by Big Pharma “to kill off their old people”)!!

      • Paul ...

        And especially New Zealand … among other nations around the world!!

      • JayJay

        But Big Pharma’s biggest clients are the elderly!! Why shut off your money supply?? Unless there will be a replacement with boosters.

    • AndrewB

      Hi David,
      “Subtle” is not a word that comes to mind. Isolating vulnerable elderly from family and friends and forcibly injecting them with deadly poison strikes me as being overtly violent – in your face – murder! Sorry for my rant, I’m sure we are on the same page where it matters, but this orchestrated cull of humankind is IMHO anything but ‘subtle’.

  14. R Williams

    IF you have been FULLY VACCINATED why are you going back to be TESTED..??? or is it more Made Up BULLSHIT…..

    • Paul ...

      R William … The fully vaccinated “Need To Go Back And Be Tested” (because the “jab” made them more susceptible to coming down “with a new virus”) as their immune systems are now not functioning because they took the “jab” … as more and more people die (because their natural God given immune system was destroyed by Big Pharma) you will be seeing “panic in the streets” and people lining up demanding a “booster” to protect them (for another month) until a new virus strain arrives killing off more people and scaring more people into getting a “booster jab” …and so on and so forth (just like what happens in an atomic bomb nuclear fission reaction) … just as the globalists planned the whole society will Explode in a Mushroom Cloud … that will bring to fruition the Globalists “New World Order” (where the Rockefeller created UN becomes the Ruler Over All World Governments … and their “Blue Helmeted Army” is already stationed on US soil) … they have a big problem though … American’s still have their guns … so Bribe’n is getting his Generals in place who will agree to forcibly knock down American citizens doors and “take their guns” … the Americans who are now so weak from the “jab” … will all be laying in bed when their doors are kicked in … they will barely have the strength to even get up out of bed to find their gun … let alone have the strength to load it and pull the trigger!!

      • Paul ...

        But I think the Globalists screwed up … they overlooked one important fact … when all the people who have been “jab” realize their God given natural immunity to viruses has been robbed away from them … they will know upon sad reflection … that their life is over … they are simply “walking dead” (dependent on a monthly booster jab to keep themselves alive) … at that point … they become “a potent force of warriors against the Globalists” (like the Japanese Kamikaze) … making them “an even more effective fighting force” than conventional Patriots who are held back somewhat to avoid getting killed!!

  15. Bruce E. Sanborn

    I look forward to your Weekly Wrapup every Friday. I don’t understand Hannity pitching for the vax😬 and I’m sure they will not tell the people the truth about this JAB,it’s certainly not in my future. Thanks for your report Greg,Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • david brownallen

      Hannity’s pitch comes from Murdoch-family influence. He couldn’t or wouldn’t say no.

    • Rodster

      Hannity always was a part of the Establishment and so was Limbaugh, his mentor.

  16. R Williams

    Greg,, do you have a Post Office Box so we can send Donations Direct to You….

  17. Mandy Logan

    Thanks for your great reporting Gregg. Over here in New Zealand the Wicked Witch has stated if we are not vaccinated by the end of the year, they will come looking for us! Same evil happening over here. We’re about to stand up en masse and fight. I can see civil war! The enemy is in full force. His time is short. Hang in there USA 🙏❤

    • Pat W. Price

      I can’t imagine you Kiwis putting up with this B.S. I bet my mates in Ahipara aren’t going along with it!

    • Chip

      Good luck Mandy. Stay strong… Chip

  18. John Lynn

    Hey Greg, next time you report on covid 19 in your weekly wrap up maybe you should put the web address for the doctor that Clif High mentioned

  19. Sheila Clark

    It’s a scary time we live in where doctors are apart of this murderous plot. Scary.

    • Free Slave

      There were doctors at Auschwitz and Dachau.
      Doctors develop biological weapons.
      Doctors are drug pushers.
      Doctors maim people for profit.
      Doctors are not saints.

      Do you know what you call a medical student who graduates at the bottom of their class? Doctor.

      • Pat W. Price

        “Trust the Science” . Mengele was “science”. Then there was tabacco company “science”. What about Fauci “science”? The left only trusts the science they have sanctioned. In todays age, we all must use “Fauci Speak” or be eliminated!!!!

      • a. bonaminio, m.d.

        have to agree here sadly. this current crop of doctors, brainwashed as well as under corporate control, many of which are also pagans, have destroyed medicine in this country. reading a big pharma funded journal article is now like flipping a coin also, it may be true, or the data may have been compromised. i am glad i retired and got out. things were much better decades ago. today its: caveat emptor.

    • Divingengineer

      We really need to dig down and determine the WHY behind all this confusing behavior.
      WHY have they lied, obfuscated, changed numbers, changed their stories?
      WHY do they need us to get this vaccine so badly?
      WHY can’t we have therapies like HCQ or Ivermectin?
      WHY can’t it be discussed in a reasonable way on big tech forums?
      WHY does it have to be con job if its so wonderful?

      I don’t believe it all about money, I believe there is some other motivation (probably in addition to making money).

      • Paul ...

        DE … It’s a culling of the herd … and they will soon be loading us into FEMA Pens (where guillotines await)… and remember these “alien-nonhuman” eugenicists (eat human flesh just like Jeffery Dahmer) … from Hillary to Podesta (our new leadership on Health Care … ) … to the Hollywood pedophiles and transgender crowd who pay for $1000 dollar per plate dinners to eat at “commie” Demon rat run Pizza Gate functions … so they can enjoy taking part in the the murder and dismemberment of the flesh from the human bodies of men, women, boys and girls … then after enjoying their human antipasto they have sex orgies in the back rooms “with babies”!

        • Cecelia Smith

          I know a few saying jao’s remark about drinking the blood of children was a ridiculous jab at Qanon nuts but I think it was moments of excited utterance.
          These demons are enraged their time is so short. And too many of us will NOT take their herd culling jab even if it means losing our jobs, families, possessions.

      • Lightning

        I believe the debt based global monetary system is collapsing and all governments ( and by proxy the banking families) fear the loss of control when the SHTF.
        Nearly all governments seem aligned in their covid actions, which was the prerequisite for the shots.
        The shots are likely linking people to the digital realm, make one identifiable, trackable, and controllable….at least the ones that survive the shots.
        Digital currencies Requiring these nanoparticle identifiers in your person are the next major attack on individual freedom .
        It’s also likely that 5G is critical to handle the enormous amount of data that would be generated. I read of people shooting the electronics in 5G towers which I inferred was to break that critical elements required for there digital influence. That may be one of the reasons they want to take the guns away.

        Depopulation, overt control and re-engineering society into their demonic kingdoms.

        They ain’t gonna make it, but lots of people are going to suffer.

        Christ is gonna win this one

  20. Eric

    Another 1789 on the horizon.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Eric,
      Just think. The aristocrats owned everything and the peasants owned nothing (“You will own nothing and be happy” Klaus Schwab, WEF). The aristocrats ate hearty meals – the peasants were reduced to gruel. The aristocrats were above the law – the peasants were in fear of the law. The aristocrats owned the army – the peasants owned only pitchforks. On paper, the peasants didn’t stand a chance.

      Then, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING changed! Aristocrats were quite literally losing their heads while the peasants cheered.

      It’s interesting how blatant injustice can fire the hearts of ordinary men and women . . .

  21. Marie+Joy

    DeSantis was mentioned as a possible Trump running mate. Dodged a bullet there.


      All you need to know about desantis …

      • Rick DeSandaneasta

        First published at 16:29 UTC on April 29th, 2021.
        All you need to know, that they don’t know, they don’t know. WHAT!

    • Mike+G

      DeSantis <—-All politicians are the same, bought and sold dumb bastards.

  22. Dan Gowin

    Send the PDF by email Greg. ??
    # Vaccine antibodies attacking Blood platelets.
    # Vaccine Caused Clotting – Study Finds The Mechanism

    # Vaccine Caused Clotting – Nature, Peer reviewed.
    More Studies coming.

  23. Montana Guy

    Christians are being forced to be genetically modified. It is a mark of a beastly system. Yet their pulpits are silent and complicit. These are the same pastors that closed their churches at government’s demand. Shame on them!

    Jesus warned us about church hirelings (John 8:11-12). Where is the outrage amongst Watchdogs toward their hirelings?

    • eddiemd

      It is summertime.

      The churches are on vacation.

      Most have been on vacation for years.

  24. Marie+Joy

    OSHA says employers who force employees to take the vaccine are not immune from liability.

  25. Mark Lanctot

    It’s called passion.

  26. Karen Luce

    Thank you for continuing to get the real news out. You are a shining beacon …God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen for all your blessings & kind comments!

  27. Marilyn Thompson

    I am unable to find today’s Greg Hunter program for today. Is he on vacation?

  28. Brian Vaci

    Greg, do not stop standing for truth. The clot shot is a mass extermination event. With this, and other factors involved, here are Deagel’s population estimates for the U.S.A.

  29. Alex Salley

    I watch WNWU every Friday. I think you are a great reporter! However, you keep saying ADVERSE EFFECTS of the vaccine are only reported 1% of the time. You then extrapolate that to mean only 1% of the DEATHS are reported, That does not follow!

  30. Steve

    Thank you Greg,for all you hard work,and your time,and for trying to help us all,very noble,dont let it get to you,because im sure thats what they want,have a great weekend

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for all your support!

  31. stanley skrzypek

    Greg Hunter is one of the Small Handful of People I watch and look forward to hearing from…without Greg and his Guests I would be scared and paranoid of the whole system even Way More than I am now…But,….Greg, is like a comforting Friend,.. that is there for me at the darkest of times with Hope and Comfort that only a True Friend could bring….
    no Grandstanding just the Facts and Truth……we need More of him and his kind….

    • Greg Hunter

      Stanley, thank you for your very kind & thoughtful comments.

  32. Jerry5

    What’s the definition of safe? Evidently not this.

    The COVID hysteria is growing by the day. Watch and see. They will be going after children before school starts in September. How do I know? I’ve read the playbook ( I posted six months ago ) and they laid out it. Meanwhile I’m being segregated by friends and relatives who say they want to distance themselves from me because I haven’t taken the jab.

    Greg I would like to take a poll. Has anyone else noticed a change in behavior from friends and relatives who have taken the jab? I’ve noticed they seem to be on an emotional edge with a hair trigger? Maybe that’s me, be I’ve noticed a definite pattern. Some doctors are saying it’s the prions in the vaccine? I don’t know but something is definitely wrong?

    • Edmund Burke

      In the UK we are calling them vacidents, people making shocking decisions whilst driving or doing DIY or working etc etc . They claim to have become foggy minded. They are also very emotional, sometimes aggressive.
      The local hospital has seen an increase in all forms of these vacidents although no one is officially suggesting a link to those vaccinated.

      The numbers are increasing so it would be wise to withdraw from the vaccinated, which is 91% of my age group apparently.
      No vaccinations in my home or my sons, or our prepper group however we are losing friends and are subjected to daily ridicule and constant propaganda from the MSM.

      Not going to be going clay pigeon shooting or practical shotgun or rifle range for a while as that’s not a great place to encounter the foggy minded.

      It’s getting lonely on this prison island .

      • Jerry5

        Thank you for your real life reporting. It’s getting interesting by the day where I live. I live in a red zone second amendment sanctuary.
        Our population is exploding because of people fleeing the blue states and large city lockdowns. I fear our area will turn into a war zone once globalist storm troopers decide to make their move. It will be interesting to see what happens since our area is so heavily armed.
        As far as where you are, I would advise preparing to hunker down for a long time, and make things as pleasant as possible. My wife and I stay outside on our deck as much as possible and avoid large crowds. I also work in our garden which tends to help me unwind.
        As far as the vaxed? I social distance with them, and treat them like they have the virus, because they do. Last week I had to give myself ivermectin after being out in public places for three days and coming down with the first signs of COVID. As Greg says “ it’s a wonder drug”. I had little cough, but other than that no other symptoms. My prayers are with you. Hang in there.

        • Robert K


          You and I are experiencing the same things. I too live in a red zone, and the mass exodus of people fleeing cities and blue areas to where I live is very noticeable. We currently do not have the infrastructure to support all the new subdivisions being built every other week, despite living in the “country”. Tons of farmland acreage is being purchased and turned into subdivisions faster than you can blink.

          Recently, my wife and I visited family friends out of state, (they’re both vaxxed), and when we returned home after visiting for a week, we felt run down, scratchy throat, mild cough, etc. Neither one of us has allergies, so that was quickly ruled out. I tapped into my vitamin supply, zinc, vitamin C, D3, and others, and did not have to crack into the ivermectin supply. My wife took slightly longer than I, to fully bounce back. We exhibited the same things as you experienced. My wife and I are both healthy, and take care of ourselves, and RARELY get sick, maybe once every 4 plus years, if that. Apparently, we were around quite a bit of folks who received the vax, that we did not know about at the time.

          I wonder if these symptoms are common for other people who have had prolonged contact with people who have been vaxxed? Or if we are an anomaly? For what it’s worth, where we visited was hot and humid. I can see exhibiting signs of a cold or illness in colder climates in close proximity with other people, but we were predominately outside most of our visit. I wonder is any other USAWD’s have experienced something similar?

        • Vic L

          My oldest son had both Pfizer jabs about 6 months ago because he works in a school setting. As of today, I have noticed no changes in his behavior ( knock on wood! ). Thankfully, my wife and youngest son heeded my advice and have not yet subjected themselves to this horrific shot. What a nightmare this all is !!!

      • Jerry5

        Thanks for your report. Hang in there.

    • Synnyck55

      My 80-year-old father has tried to talk me into the jab twice by phone and now by email, saying he is tired of my excuses and I’d better get the jab now because I’m endangering my grandchildren. I’m alarmed because he completely believes the MSM narrative. I’m also infuriated. Most of my family has been vaccinated and I feel very alone in this fight. They don’t want to be confused or bothered with facts even though they understand they’re taking a massive risk when they take the jab. They all heave a big sigh of relief when they’re still alive three days later. It boggles the mind.

      Historians are going to look back on this period with a sense of absolute horror. Germany in WW2 will become just a footnote.

      The Holocaust was just a trial run.

      • Pat W. Price

        Hang in there. I know several people in your predicament. It’s a horrible position to be in. Don’t give in.

      • Warren B.

        Get your Father to watch the link to the Video I posted in an above comment. If after that he hasn’t changed his thinking- then there is not much more to say.

      • Jerry5

        Show your grandpa this, and see what says.

        I prefer the reverse flip. When people tell me that if I cared about them I would get vaxed, I say if you cared about me you wouldn’t want me to take the risk. They then give you the dumb look and say “ what risk”? Show them the facts.

    • Alain Foster

      I’m a scientist who’s made a 35 yr career of making observations to support hypotheses which challenge conventional wisdom in the natural sciences. So I notice all the little things that even other scientists with a lot more resources and money overlook.

      I’ve noticed many changes in the behavior of people who’ve been vaccinated. So I won’t list all of them. BUT the thing that’s struck me the most is inappropriate laughter or inappropriate apathy about serious developments. In appropriate or uncharacteristic callousness.

      I mean most people are idiots and most people are inappropriately cavalier and callous about developments around them and regard these developments with an almost psychopathic glee if not apathy or disinterest.

      But in the past they’ve hidden their inappropriate behavior. They’ve kept it in check. Now they are careless about revealing or presenting it. there’ll be a little laugh or chuckle after mentioning something or hearing about something when in the past they wouldn’t have done that.

      In the past, I would have noticed that they were withholding their true feelings. Either to spare someone else embarrassment or more likely to not compromise themselves politically or bureaucratically or publicly.

      They were able to keep in check before their inappropriate disposition that they know is inappropriate. So it’s obvious to me now when they don’t do that but instead reveal their true feelings.

      Honestly it sent chills down my spine the first time I noticed it. I don’t overuse the word ‘creepy’ but this is ‘creepy’.

      • Jerry5

        It’s frightening. I can only wonder what this fall will be like? I don’t go anywhere without a metal protector.

        • Carter

          Thoughtful post Alain, good observation, we’ve seen this ourselves.
          I wonder if it is the vaccine or if people are taking on new thought forms..

    • Steve Bice

      Yes. My otherwise nice and friendly neighbor said he didn’t care if people who declined the vaccine died. Wow…

  33. chris m

    Well said about DeSantis Greg,why indeed……. Or HCQ….Then what happened to Sean hannity? btw,look up this Greg>> 45 000 died within 3 days of getting the jab, (does not include the once that died within 28 days or so,etc) …Whistleblower, an insider willing to testify in court: TOM RENZ FILES LAWSUIT FOR 45K DEATHS.
    Then: 62% of vaccinated have onset of blood clot.Dr Hoffe,’The worst is yet to come >
    Then,Mike Yaedon: The covid jab is mass murder and many needs to be arrested.

    And, never to be missed. Dr. Francis Christian,a surgeon, speaks out after being suspended by the Collage of medicine of Saskatchewan for questioning the lack of informed consent on the mRNA vaccine. He defends his actions to the heads of this college,bu citing soviet and Nazi style censorship of physicians ..Must watch
    According to Vladimir Zelenko,up to 200 000 Americans have died from the jab.look up his interview with Mercola:

  34. Michael John Corbitt

    Hi Greg,
    Another great video.I watch you every week without fail.You will be blessed for your good works.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for your blessings & support!

  35. Robert J. Gargasz

    Thank you Greg Hunter. I have republished and shared your work to many in Lorain County, Ohio and hope they pass it on to other. You are a Patriot and an inspiration. May God Bless you! Bob Gargasz

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Robert for your kind comments & blessings, I need them!

  36. Jerry5

    Every summer when our grandkids come to visit, we take them to our local silver dealer and let them pick out coins that they could like to take home with them. This time last year we paid $24.00 dollars for silver eagles. This time it was $52.00. Granted there is a retail markup in the price, but the dealer told my wife they were anticipating a shortage in silver, and that’s why the price was so high. Shortage in silver? I’m not sure what that means, but when you have a globalist in the White House anything is possible.

  37. Ranlar

    Great weekly wrapup. I have spent over 200 hours of research on the CDC and NIH websites reading hundreds of research abstracts. (I am a retired Critical Care RN) The Covid-19 virus is not what kills patients, it is the overreaction of the human immune response causing severe inflammation. This cascading effect is termed the Cytokine Storm. There are at least 100 abstracts on both websites that have proven that Vitamin D3 “quiets” the overreaction of the human immune system. Vitamin D has been shown to stabilize the patient’s “Mast Cells”, B cells, and T-cells. Serum lab levels of previous normal Vitamin D was above 20, now many abstracts state that above 50 is the target number. Americans, especially the elderly have “habitual low serum levels of Vitamin D”, and more so in dark-skinned patients. This can explain why African Americans are at a higher risk. Vitamin D3 should be taken daily before a Covid-19 exposure. (Sunlight is needed to synthesize Vitamin D, and most Americans lack sufficient exposure, that’s why supplements are needed) Most states permit patients to self-order a serum Vitamin D level without a doctor’s prescription. The cost is about $50.00. My wife and I have taken 5,000 units of D3 daily since last January and our serum Vitamin D is above 50. Patients with impaired renal (kidney) function should be closely monitored. According to many studies, patients should have periodic Vitamin D levels drawn. The studies all agree that patients should take Vitamin D3 before they become ill. There are also cardiology studies that demonstrate the benefits of vitamin D. I will link just one article from the NIH that has 124 references. The article is long, so if readers would just look at the conclusion at the end, they will get an understanding of Vitamin D3.
    Godspeed Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ranlar for posting this.

  38. Billy

    Greg, do you think that all the purveyors of the vax have actually received the vax themselves? Oh yeah, they got a shot of something but was it the same stuff the great unwashed are being given? It seems the ones who are pushing the vax the hardest were among the ones who were so outspoken about how they didn’t trust the vax when Trump was president because it was rushed, not tested, etc. But now it’s get the jab.

    • Greg Hunter

      No way and not big tech either.

  39. John B

    2Th 2:11
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  40. Robert

    Boy, I love this site for the real news. Real research real facts real people.
    I’m with you Greg I’m angry with these murderers getting away with it for now.
    The tied will change and the only place that they will be able to hide will be those underground bunkers if they haven’t been rounded up before.

    God bless you.


  41. Bill McFarlane

    What works for you, works for me …… Appreciate what you do, Greg …. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill.

  42. John B

    Greg, when you are over the target drop your bombs.

  43. Robert

    Greg I’ll add one more comment. Check this out on Bit chute.


    Cheers Robert

  44. Anne Stecher

    Thank you for all you do. I am retired and have limited funds. You do what you need to do.

  45. Hubbs

    My daughter to attend in NCSU next month. Tuition $10,383.00 for just one semester, and that outrageous amount is yet another story, but I am worried that no sooner she ponies up the tuition for her STEM classes, NCSU will pull the rug from under her and suddenly require “vaccination“ to attend classes. And will forfeit room and board. She has had PCR positive test last year August 2020 and she and I both had all the signs of symptoms of COVID last year and got over it with no treatment. I printed out Catherine Austin Fitts legal documents and told my daughter to have her certificate of positive PCR test on hand to argue for exemption of vaccine because of natural immunity.

    • Kevin

      We are in similar boat. We WILL NOT ALLOW our daughter to get this mess. We will pull her out of school if nessesary. God Bless!

    • Coal Burner

      Been through some of this, don’t bother mentioning the tests. Some of these students will slip through the cracks. Weasel around and do it. I hear that if you enroll and take something like one or two classes you can avoid the dorms, become a resident and dodge the Jab. Try to figure it out before you reveal your self.

  46. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…

    You bring to mind, the Germans in WWII….For years they murdered millions and the world tried hard to ignore it. Ignorance was their excuse.

    Here we are, once again, hoping ignorance is an excuse.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter. Good job……..It’s all Biblical.

  47. Sue Patterson

    Greg, you are a true believer and news man. This is why we love and trust you. Even when you get “animated” you never turn into a hate-spewing potty mouth. Anyone who isn’t riled by murder and lies doesn’t have a pulse.
    Your intention to remain a free site is admirable. I’ll happily wait through whatever it takes and maybe use your promo codes.
    Jesus is Lord; Jesus is real.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue. Yes, Jesus is Real.

  48. andyb

    Slightly off topic: I recently rewatched the first Bourne film. In it, Bourne indicates that he has the ability to memorize all of the license plates on cars outside the restaurant and can accurately estimate the ability of all those in the restaurant in any dangerous situation. That’s called Situational Awareness/Analysis and can be trained. Given some of the above posts that indicate that minute blod clots can already be found in Vaccinated people which eventually could lead to a vascular thrombosis and instant death, it would be wise for all to train yourselves. No phoning or texting while driving at speed. The driver in front of or next to you could suddenly drop dead. You should note that 5 Jet Blue pilots have died after getting vaccinated. None had any underlying medical problems. Pilots are probably the most medically examined group in any industry. Delta and United have reported problems in pilot staffing for flights; no reason given. I’d worry if you are a frequent flyer.

    Given the crime spikes, Situational Awareness is critical, especially at night. Before you walk to your car, scan the area; have your keys in your hand. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be safe, not sorry.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you andyb for the info.

  49. WeKnowItAll

    My Dearest Greg,
    I disagree with one thing. We did not need a run-off, that had David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, as purported winners in the Primary, because David Perdue and Doug Collins were the ACTUAL winners. The agenda, from the left, could not have that. They HAD to manipulate THAT VOTE also,, so they could be sure to get John Osoff and Richard Warnock in the Senate. Kelly Loeffler is best buddies with Stacy Abrams, and this was the plan, all along. Kelly was the place-holder. I wish that Georgia’s Primary vote was audited, also, so people would know!!!

  50. Carl

    Greg Hunter shouting from the roof tops ….Excellent report Greg
    Will share this as wide as I can as I do with all your reports.
    People need to wake up , the information is there if they
    Would just LOOK . God keep you Safe ….

  51. Catherine

    In the Book of Daniel the angel Gabriel tells Daniel that in the end of times those that see the truth will understand and those that do not understand will never see or know the truth.
    Folks we are seeing this chasm of truth vs deceit concerning Covid experience happening in real time. We see the TRUTH CALLED FACTS and understand. And in opposition those that see the same facts do not understand and will never understand the truth.
    This proves Gods angel Gabriel the messenger is speaking directly to us. God exists and all we have to do is believe in His word in the Bible. Have faith and continue to do good deeds. That’s the only way to change our world

    • Pat W. Price

      Well said. thank you

  52. John Geis

    Look who they put in charge. The BEST LIARS. Faucci and Biden have been lying for decades. Biden got through college on plagiarism. They are really good at it.
    This is the critical time for corn as it is pollinating. Hot dry weather at this time kills the pollen and results in tipback and much lower potential yields should it rain later.

  53. Da Yooper

    I used to watch the TV series “The Walking Dead” why do i have the feeling this winter I will be living through it.

    Prepare accordingly folks

    • Keith Wilson

      Well watching 28 days later and fear of the walking dead I am ready for the zombie apocalypse to hit come November. Already got 18 months of supplies and medication put away. Also made contact with a dozen people who understand what’s coming. Watching Canadian prepper and have given me more knowledge to survive the coming holocaust. Every day prepare and get yourself as much supplies as you can. See you the other side in 2022 ?

  54. Linda

    God bless you Mr. Hunter ! I finally found an honest sane man to listen to! Please stay with us as long as you can to provide us with the truth. See you on the other side!🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda for your blessings & support!

  55. Jerry5

    The big one is coming.

    Just remember the vast majority of goods coming into this country pass through docks that could be taken offline with a mouse click.
    As we’ve seen before , when supplies go down, the price goes up.

  56. Al

    You’re right Greg, Bitcoin is not viable
    Bitcoin is WAY TOO VOLATILE to be a currency, that’s a fact

    As for Socialism. I don’t think EVERYONE is getting helicopter money.

    Did anyone get the 3rd stymulus check? Under Trump when a check was announced it went out ON SCHEDULE!
    This time they dropped the ball! I called the IRS because I have not received the check yet and they told me that they are still sending checks out in groups.

    Yes, I did file my taxes on time and I’m not in any bulls)(it “watch list” . What gives?
    This is the result of a FRAUDULENT administration about to be pushed over the cliff… the high cliff.

  57. Greg

    Greg, this was a very informative weekly wrap up. Thank you!
    I have a question about blood supply. What happens to Blood assurance and the Red Cross ? Do they take and give vaxxed blood to un vaxxed people? I see huge problems for survivors who are not vaxxed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question, Greg.

    • Diana Brown

      You are so right. I have a family friend I consider family currently experiencing countless blood transfusions (cancer -chemo/radiation damage). He is not getting better as they had expected if at all in the positive he is holding his own. We must NOT take blood unless we are certain who it comes from and that the donor has NOT taken the supposed CV vaccine.

      • Bill

        For cancer (or any disease)the body must be alkaline with a pH of 7.3. Look into H202 therapy as an oxygenated body kills cancer. Go to to see what cures cancer and other disease naturally. Look up the Budwig protocol. It is cheap and works. Vitamin D3 is important to take for cancer as it makes your immune system work at its peak. 5000iu a day minimum. Just need to have levels checked periodically as too much is not good for the body. Many cancers are caused by bad bacteria. Bacteria morphs between bad and good depending on the pH of the body. The body needs more good guys (bacteria). 10 cups of cayenne pepper tea a day will shrink a brain tumor till it is gone according to Dr.Richard Shultz. It will also stop a heart attack and a stroke immediately after putting it under the tongue. Search Bill Munro on for h202 cancer cure.
        Hope this helps!
        Best wishes,

  58. Mike Low

    I got a letter from the VA telling me that it was my patriotic duty to get the jab and sonde I’ve served before I should step up and serve again. 🤨

    • iwitness02

      Hi Mike
      I got a letter from the VA too. The letter informed me that if I got the shot outside of the VA that I should send them proof of vaccination. Seems as though they are working on a list.

      • Tom C

        I received the letter and I agree that they’re compiling a list. They can KMA

  59. Rich

    Would it be great if Greg’s weekly news wrap up was put on main steam media in prime time?

    Just to see the reaction would be priceless!

  60. Carol Hudak

    I was in a bsns. several days ago, where a masked clerk, behind a plastic ‘fence’
    received my cash payment with a fork in her hand – moving the money so she did
    not have to touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Greg, I believe Our Lord has special blessings in Heaven for his brave, gutsy
    children like you. Fellow Christians, Patriots, we all know the time is very short.
    Jesus always tells us to FEAR NOT. Let’s get out there and do our part – be Bold!
    (I’m saying this to myself also, my friends.)
    God Bless and Protect You, Greg. FABULOUS REPORTING

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carol for all your support & blessings & street reporting!

  61. Gene

    A while back someone posted a website that you could go to that was run by doctors that would prescribe ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine. I need help here I lost a dear friend yesterday to this Chinese monster, and another friend of mine has come down with it. Needless to say we all worked together.

  62. Jenny

    I thank GOD u are there Greg all my support system are pushing up the daisies. I feel Im holding on by my fingertips. GOD Bless you and all the great folk u get on here. My son is pushing me to take the jabs I said No I’d rather he be mad at me. Rather than disobey My Heavenly Father. You have become like my friends, sound daft I know, but its true

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jenny. Stay strong. Don’t get the Jab.

    • MCasey

      Jenny…..Be strong! In 1976, during the swine flu, a co-worker and myself were the only hold-outs in a government office. We took a lot of mean gruff, but we held strong. Do not be a lab rat. Do not corrupt your God given human DNA for which the blood sacrifice is given. After that, there is no more sacrifice. The virus is real, but your chances against it are much better than the permanent damage from the jab/vaxx.

  63. Lisa Galli

    I had the same gut feeling when I heard about the Dr. talking about her covid death patient. Why didn’t you do something. Nothing on the treatment or the patients condition. Pretty cold, “sorry its too late”. Outside my immediate family all of my relatives have gotten the shot. Same with Church members. Thanks for keeping the truth out there.

  64. Dan Reynolds

    Greg, your voice of truth is the beacon of light which keeps us all understanding the right direction to go in. Thanks for that. I have had a brush with cancer and the good news is that they got it out of me with one removal. It was attached to mesh earlier put in me for a hernia operation. Now I have to climb out from all of the medical bills but I have hope! Having my health in place is 99.9% of what counts!
    When I get all of this under control I plan on sending in a donation to you because it is worth every penny! Be well, oh, and get colonoscopies periodically. They’re worth their weight in gold!!

  65. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a ‘Red Hot’ WNW! I need to listen to it again before adding a more considered comment.

    In the meantime, I present evidence of UK thugs in police uniform assaulting a young woman ‘Covid’ protester. Does it really take three burly policemen to restrain this person – while thumping her to the side of the head, etc., etc.???!!! Makes me sick to my stomach. They should swap their police uniforms for Nazi brown shirts. Same mentality – same thuggery!

    • AndrewB

      I just checked the video and discover that Twitter has edited out the blows to the side of the head while she was pinned down on the ground. The public are to be shielded from grim reality lest they discover in themselves the pressing need for mass civil disobedience.

  66. Hank

    Sheeple wake up. It is NOT communism, or socialism or capitalism. It is a NWO Corporatocracy controlled by the Banksters. Carroll Quigley wrote in 1966 in his book Tragedy and hope: Now the CFR has vigorously supported the debut, with all its economic and financial power, of the UN Constitution, considered a major step towards the realization of the World Government, as it has supported and still supports the Soviet communism, for the destruction of every State-form and all existing social structure.”

  67. Sally Riedel

    Dr Northrup gave out a recipe for making HCQ. Use 3 grapefruits, 3 lemons, remove rinds, put in a crockpot with a glass lid and put on low for 3 hrs. Then remove, let it cool, strain out the liquid. Then put in pint jar and place in refrigerator. It can also be stored in freezer. Use 2T am and pm each day. This is crimes against humanity plus 3 zoos are giving the CV jabs to zoo animals so its also crimes against animals. Totally disgusting.

  68. William Blais

    Thank you so much for the info. Your the best.

  69. eddiemd

    Hantavirus was the virus of choice back in 1996 when I was in the DOD virology lab in Lima Peru.

    Recent Gavi article mentions this virus as a possible next pandemic. I am sure that they have already created a modified version for bioweapon use.

    Who is Gavi? The same criminals involved in coronavirus.

    Hantavirus “vaccine” development includes DNA type ingredients which will alter your DNA.

    Bolivia Hemorrhagic Fever is another candidate for bioweapon use. It was at the forefront back in the 90s.

    Gain of function = bioweapon development….remember this. They are trying to deceive people using terminology. No one dare say bioweapon. Even Rand Paul called it gain of function.

  70. Charles DEMASTUS

    Good stuff:

    Jab Remorse
    So, Now You Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19. 40 Trillion Packages Of RNA Have Been Injected That Induce Irreversible Changes In Your Blood Vessels. Now What?

    Most Important COVID Facts
    Now that we all know that we have been and are being lied to by “science” and “media” regarding the virus and the so-called vaccines, it’s time to stop following the fraudulent science and start following common sense and natural survival instincts.
    By Lex Greene

  71. Dan

    About the Harvard VEARS Reporting Study:
    They Study concluded that less than 1% of Adverse Reactions were reported.
    It Reported that 1-13 % Injections)of Deaths were Reported.
    Thus I say that you can multiply the CDC’s Adverse Reactions by 100 to 333, but the CDC’s Deaths can only be multiplied by 8 to 100.
    This would be consistent with the 45,000 Deaths in the Doctor’s Law Suit.
    Lets take the 6000 CDC (admitted Deaths) and multiply by 8 (which would approx multiplier if 13% of the Deaths were reported), and you get 48,000 approx actual Deaths.
    Indeed, actual Deaths could be as high as 600,000, but that would be on the upper end.
    Perhaps, adding the low and the high then diving by 2 is is a good estimate. Thus, 48,000 + 600,000 and dividing by 2 is a good guess (=324,0000 Deaths from the COVID Injections)

  72. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you Greg. I had the same reaction when I read the article ( in the NYPost) about the doctor who took the young patient’s hand, while she was begging for the “vaccine”, and told her it was “too late.”

    I actually do not believe it happened. The article was despicable fear -mongering.

    I have to find a new doctor. Mine told me the “vaccine” was safe and effective, was not experimental, did not affect one’s DNA. He also got upset with me for not taking the “shot” and he abruptly cut off our Zoom interview. He also told me twice that he was glad I told him. A day later, I got a text from the health department about taking the “safe and effective” vax.

    This, all of this, is evil.

  73. AndrewB

    I just checked the video I posted about police assaulting a young woman and discover that Twitter has already edited out the blows to the side of the head while she was pinned down on the ground. The public are to be shielded from grim reality lest they discover in themselves the pressing need for mass civil disobedience.

  74. eddiemd

    Italy, France, UK, EU moving quickly to “vaccine passports”. All about totalitarian control and the oncoming antichrist system. It is here now. They are implementing it piece by piece,

    The msm is driving the narrative that the “unvaccinated” are the enemy. It does not matter if you have acquired immunity from having had the infection already. You must get the injection.

    It really is diabolical. The plan is to release something more sinister that cross reacts with the mRNA injections. What that particular microbe may be or perhaps the idea of 5G energy to activate the nanoparticles is not known by the sheeple. Ask the freemason satanists. They know the end game plan.

    Pope dope pushing for the green new world. Perhaps this is part of the end time religion along with noahide laws.

    The pope dope is the number one pusher of the “vaccine”. The false prophet.

    The pope is the pusherman.

  75. Mark Benassi

    I think you are mistaken with Laura Ingraham. She has had doctors Risch and McCullough (hope I spelled those correctly) on fairly often, both of whom have been speaking out very clearly for some time about the insane policies on the vaccine. They are probably the two most accredited and articulate critics of the vaccine and the damage that it is doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did she tell you not to take the shot? Did she tell you this was “experimental”? Did she tell you the voter fraud was real? Did she tell you you don’t need the experimental shot but Ivermectin and HCQ would save your life? Did she tell you this was mass murder by withholding treatment and the medical community and government lied to you by telling you Ivermectin and HCQ were dangerous and did not work? I rest my case.

      • Thomas Surguine

        Sir Greg….your recently posted letter is simply “out of this world”…I am 91, have NEVER seen a reply like yours, ANYWHERE, EVER!!! There are simply not enough words of praise for a total gentleman as yourself! No wonder yours is my most favored site, & your interviews with so very many of REAL PEOPLE are simply amazing, thought provoking, totally interesting…WOW! Expat tom

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Thomas!!

      • chris m

        Right Greg,Been saying from April 2020 that this suppression of curable treatments was mass murder. most that died of it since,,died at their hands.Dr Mike Yeadon specifically calls them MASS MURDERERS that need locking up..l watch first 1 & half min. edited clip from the show,then his last 3 min summation.You will be so gripped to watch the whole interview…

  76. Paul Harvey

    Tremendous Show Greg. Dr. David E. Martin has exposed to the world via the Fauci Dossier the full scale of this corruption, that the virus was a planned event and get this : He said one of the co-conspirators was quoted as saying WE NEED TO GET THE MEDIA TO HYPE THIS EVENT-THEN INVESTORS WILL REAP THE BENEFITS. Dr. Martin goes down the rabbit hole via the patent legacy to expose the real truth about Faucci and Moderna and the corporate greed. If you can get him on as a guest you will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work.

  77. Scott

    I drove from BIllings Montana to Bismarck ND last wee. You can pretty much write off the northern Great Plains for agriculture this year. Only fully irrigated fields have any production and that is heat stressed.

    RE COVID variants: to be clear, the vaccines are selecting for variants that occur naturally. The normal trend for respiratory virus is to become more communicable and less virulent over time. Interfering with that process by injecting novel selection forces like a vaccine, tips the equation in favor of increasing virulence along with transmissibility. The disease on its own will suck, messing with selection pressures in the midst of an outbreak will only make it suck more.

    RE Natural immunity: Remember, with the initial version of the virus some 80% of the public already has sufficient pre existing immunity. Today it was reported that the Pfizer vaccine only has a 39% protection against the Delta variant. Bear in mind this vaccinated group had 80% chance of immunity back in 2020. This suggests that the vaccine may be reducing the natural preexisting immunity rendering more people susceptible to the variant, exactly what many were concerned about when we started all this mess. Whether it is frank Antibody Dependent Enhancement or via some other mechanism many of the vaccinated my go the way of the lab Ferrets.

  78. Dan Gowin

    Vaccine Caused Clotting
    “..PF4, a member of the CXC family of chemokines, is the most abundant protein in platelet α-granules and is released into the local environment following platelet activation. Although characterized by its heparin-binding activity more than 50 years ago,1…..”.

    The (PF4)+(COVID-19 Anti Bodies)+(Blood Platelets) bind to form Blood Clots. Heparin induced Blood Clotting is rare in Humans. COVID-19 Anti Body or COVID-19 Vaccine induced Anti Body Blood Clotting IS NOT!

  79. wallstone

    Thank you Greg. You are a voice of sanity in a world gone mad. The pressure on you must be immense so I salute you sir for doing what you do.

  80. Evelyn L Noyes

    From a Jewish perspective, there truly is nothing new under the sun. Just as the rebellious people in the desert believed the “bad report” from the spies, we too are believing the “bad report” from those who have already lied to us!
    What’s next? Are we prepared or are we going to make things worse by being caught with our proverbial pants down and repeat the story of the people in Joseph’s time?
    Breaks my heart to see the world fall into this trap, but it is especially painful to watch my beloved brothers and sisters in Israel repeat their bad mistakes and errors in judgement yet again.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s human nature, I’m afraid. What amazes me is that people recognize the foibles and shortcomings of people in ancient times but somehow think we’re immune to it today. As you point out, all we have to do is look around us. Best always. PM


    Wow that got deleted quickly. Keep fighting for the “Truth” there Greg..

  82. Vernon

    Stand With Power.
    With the Word of God.

  83. John

    Thanks for staying strong against this kill shot. I love your intensity. I’m really shocked
    at the people who are going along with this…

  84. Dave

    Why does Trump get a pass? DeSantis is being heavily criticized from the right. Trump? Crickets. Trump spearheaded the whole vaccine effort and recommends people get vaccinated.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you did not listen to my Wrap-Up.

  85. Dan Gowin

    In my family we are allergic to Heparin. Our bodies have a immune response to a foreign agent, Heparin. For which our bodies generate Anti Body’s against the Heparin and block the Anti Clotting ability of Heparin.
    Our bodies have many ways to fight off Common Cold Virus. Corona viruses. That don’t involve Anti Bodies. The product Zicam was invented due to the Corona Virus (Common Cold) Mutations and Anti Bodies Formed. NIH own documents.

    # The Role of Zinc in Antiviral Immunity

  86. Robert K


    Great WNW as always, thank you!

    As a side note, we all know the “Delta variant” is complete B.S. and their latest quest to rule and control the masses by fear, ONCE AGAIN. To be honest, they were quite effective with their first go around of doom and gloom all of 2020, which facilitated the huge swing in mail in ballots, (Fear induced, to avoid catching C19), massive fraud, a coup on a sitting president, and the theft of an election on both national and state levels. They were already wildly successful and got away with their fear porn, (albeit fake fears), and successful “lockdowns”. Why would they not do it again? And again, and again, and again, in perpetuity?

    The media outlets are already setting the stage once again and it is starting to dominate the news everywhere you look, including social media, local news, national news, the Olympics, LinkedIn, etc. Why? Because we are getting too close to the truth, and their party is about to come to an end. They need to stoke the fears of “We’re all going to die” and play to the fears of disaster, pestilence and death. It has served their purpose once before, and this is the playbook they will continually go to time and time again, when it serves in their best interests to do so, or to reign the people back in. Remember the quote from 2008 surrounding the financial collapse? “Never let a crisis go to waste”. These words came from the mouths of obama and Rahm Emmunal, and now Emmunal is repeating them about C19 and the lockdowns.

    What is really happening that they need another massive distraction to cover up? Election fraud? millions and millions of dead people from the EUA jabs they can no longer cover up? People all over the world waking up to the bullshit that has been enacted against them? Ridiculously high inflation that is wildly underreported prompting another massive Great Depression? Be wary of many false flags in the near future. When the truth is about to be exposed, expect the calls for lockdowns and another “deadly disease”. This time, expect most everything to be blamed on the unvaxxed, a.k.a. “Domestic terrorists”.

    Stay frosty Watchdoggers

  87. Free Slave

    “tangible asset that include gold, silver and crypto currencies”

    Crypto currencies exemplify the definition of “intangible”. They are just as intangible as your phone number or IP address.

  88. Donna t

    us pattern 7220850 see who is invested in that
    also the jab will make you a ‘TRANSHUMAN”
    under us supreme court opinion you will no longer be eligible for human rights

  89. Dan Gowin

    “..measles virus (31), influenza (31, 32), HIV (33), hepatitis C virus (HCV) (34), and coxsackie virus (35), among others.”

    See Below for the Following viruses cured by Zinc.

    Human Clinical Trials

  90. MickieKnows

    Greg, I have talked to two nurses who work in hospitals and they have both told me that they handling more stroke patients than ever – all ages not just old people. How come the lamestreamers aren’t covering that?

  91. Tim


    You rock and are courageous.. It is very important to warn about these covid inoculations. A lot of world renown doctors (Tenpenny, Merritt, Bhakti, Matin, etc) back Cliff High on the mass deaths ( billions) that this death jab will cause. It will be truly horrifying. God help us.

    Take care

  92. Jim Kuzdal

    Greg, you will go down in history
    as one of the gr8 truth-tellers
    when the world needed it most!!! 👏 👍

  93. Dan

    Greg, You Tube band me early this year for talking about the election fraud and this scamdemic, and never even had a channel. I shut my TV off over 20 years ago, because I know it is all lies. I knew the magic bullet story was a lie back in 1964 when I was just a kid, but some people are still buying that BS. The population has become dumber with time and the IDIOT BOX just ads to it. The media has been spreading lies long before we all were born, sad that many can not see that. Keep up the great work, we appreciate all you do.

    Thanks from Canada

  94. iwitness02

    Watched a short interview with someone involved in the testing for covid. When asked how do they know whether is it’s covid or a variant; the reply was: We don’t know. We only test for positive on negative.
    The unbridled evil we are witnessing seems to be the beginning of Armageddon.
    In my mind, Armageddon will primarily destroy the leadership of the wicked worldwide ruling class. They are trying to convince us that we will own nothing, and be happy. To me, that is the same as telling us that they are going to steal everything in sight and there is nothing we can do about it. Well, I know someone who can do something about it. The Son of God.
    I have never seen so many “Signs of the Times.”

  95. Kyle Dornan

    God bless you!

  96. Mark Heuer

    Also Greg, you talk about Trump Advisors on this vaccine touting (that Trump does on the regular), rather than putting Trump FRONT AND CENTER on his responsibility to warn his “followers” of these deadly vaccines. How many people have to die before you and other podcasters put these deaths at Trumps feet? Is Trump a totally ignorant moron? Are you and others morons? AGAIN I SAY, YOU ARE BEING STIFF NECKED, STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR TRUMP!

    • Rich

      Trump is absolutely at fault. So are all the politicians (Republican/Democrats), media, school administrators, business’s. etc.

      Some pod casters (not including Greg) seem reluctant to mention Trumps culpability, because it destroys there Q believes that Trump is coming back to their rescue, or it hurts their income flows from people who still support Trump.

      • Mark Heuer

        Watch the last Stew Peter’s show, HE CALL’s TRUMP OUT on his continual touting of these vaccines, STRAIT UP! I hope others follow Stew Peter’s lead, too many people are dying because of Trump’s misinfo.

  97. Rich Rozmarn

    Hi Greg you have to get this out, This doctor (Charles Hoffe) is doing his own clinical on his vaccinated patents and shows 60 % of patients have permanent damage and have Cellular thrombosis. Theses people will develop pulmonary artery hypertension. This will cause right sided heart failure within 3 years.
    If he is right this will be devastating in the next three years across the world.

  98. Neil Currie

    Thanks Greg, I greatly appreciate the overview. God bless you

  99. Kyle Booth

    In the last days ridiculers will come with their ridicule. —2 Pet. 3:3.

    22 And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would endure and survive, but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened. Matthew 24:22 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

    Perhaps The Most Important Scripture For Our Time;
    As this_Satan’s system nears its end! We can expect to face ever more difficult tests of loyalty to God and his Kingdom. We will likely continue to be the target of much ridicule. This may especially happen as our Christian neutrality is tested more and more. We must strengthen our loyalty now so that we will remain loyal during the great tribulation. During the great tribulation, a change will take place regarding brothers and sisters who take the lead on earth. At some point, all anointed ones who are still on earth and martyred will be gathered to heaven to share in the incoming war of Armageddon. (Matt. 24:31; Rev. 2:26, 27) This means that the Governing as we know it, will no longer be with us on earth. However, the great crowd will remain organized. Capable brothers and sisters from among the other sheep like, will take the lead. We will need to show our loyalty by supporting these brothers and sisters by following their God-given direction. Our survival will depend on it!
    There is no question that the scripture has been fulfilled: “Jehovah has poured a spirit of deep sleep on you; He has closed your eyes, the prophets, and he has covered your heads, the visionaries.”
    I suppose it might be considered progress, that after a century of Bible research Christians have finally come to realize that not all of the chosen ones will be with Christ in heaven when Satan’s world is finally destroyed. How else could God crush Satan under our feet shortly? (Romans 16:20)
    Will there be “capable brothers” who take the lead? Yes. But…
    Jesus has always been invisibly present with his disciples. Did not Christ say where two or three are gathered in his name he will be in their midst? Is that not an invisible presence? And did not Jesus also assure us that he will be with his disciples all the days until…?
    Needless to say, no amount of whitewash and plaster can hold up to a flash flood of tyranny. Here has claimed that the Second Coming of Christ is history and comments that World War’s and the Spanish Flu pandemic were unique and fulfilled prophecy in a way that no future fulfillment is possible.
    Consider what some commentators stated about the topic of the Last Days as a response to someone who might suggest a future generation might fit the prophecy better.
    ‘That’s an interesting question, and the answer highlights the fact that we really are living in “the last days.” How? Well, part of the sign given by Jesus involves war between nations and kingdoms. But what would happen today if fulfillment of the sign required that we wait until another all-out war were to break out between the superpowers? Such a war would leave few if any survivors. So, you see, God’s purpose that there be survivors indicates that we are now very close to the end of this old system.’
    Indeed, what would happen if America goes to war with Russia and China, as the Anglo American war machine intends? No doubt weapons of mass destruction will be used. It is not even a question of “if” now, but rather “when”?
    It is as if so many have never ever even, read the Bible! Or perhaps they do not believe or trust God. What they say is true—An all-out war between the superpowers would be a nuclear war and there would be hardy any survivors. Jesus alluded to this very thing when he said “for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.”
    If the great tribulation were merely the liquidation of organized religion why would God have to intervene to cut short the days or else there would be no real survivors?

    • Lucas Doolin

      Amazing Polly did some research on weather modification. It goes back a long time. It is the second video down if interested.

  100. Eric

    Hi Greg! It’s really nice to hear you going after these filthy CRIMINALS pushing these poison vaccines! Especially when they start coming after all the kids! SICKENING and horrifying to me when I hear them talk about putting this experimental poison into the children. ALSO, I continue hearing and reading more and more about the September 2021 time frame for when this Criminal takedown really starts going hot. I haven’t heard too many people in the Truth Community talk about the fact that a couple weeks ago, US Army high command released a statement that Military Commanders all need to prepare for a MANDATORY C-19 Vaccination REQUIREMENT FOR ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL. Hmmmmmm, curious statement given that this will purge at least 30-40% of the all the military personnel who HAVEN’T taken the shot… WHY would they wanna go and do that??? ANYONE ???

  101. Aaron Laforest

    Thank you for being you Greg, your a breath of truth air!

    • Pat W. Price

      The globalists have been working to destroy our military since McNamara. This is because they want to take us down, Satan style.

  102. Steve Bice

    For those who haven’t seen this from Peter McCullough, it’s worth a watch…

    • Steve Bice

      The censorship blanket now covers anything that seeks to expose the danger of the vaccines. I knew if I posted this elsewhere it would censored, and I was not disappointed. They said it “lacked context” and warned of suspension. How can a video of a highly credentialed, extensively published physician sharing his experience with his own patient population while quoting peer-reviewed research and CDC data “lack context”? Answer: It can’t and doesn’t. Now they just make up a reason to block anything disputing the public narrative. There is no logic required…and no shame. Despicable…

  103. Sky King

    BREAKING! Russia Releases First Footage Of New S-500 Air Defence System In Action! 10,553 views Jul 23, 2021 3 hours ago
    Mobile hyper Sonic,Burger missal launchers, order me an impossible!

  104. Nick de la Gaume

    Greg, you are a sweetheart and we all love you lots and lots.

    God Bless


  105. Kyle

    We can better appreciate now why God long ago posed the question: “Who is blind except my servant, so deaf as the messenger I send? Who is so blind as the one rewarded, so blind as the servant of Jehovah?” You see many things, but you do not keep watch. You open your ears, but you do not listen.” —Isaiah 42:19-20
    Obviously, no one is as blind as the leaders of Christendom. The very thing they say is impossible is precisely what Jesus foretold—a tribulation like no other calamity that has ever occurred, a tribulation so catastrophic that only divine intervention will prevent the total extinction of the human race.
    Needless to say, rice Christians will be forced to eat their words—lots of useless rice, they’re filthy lucre, definition – shameful gain. They will be humiliated. The exalted kings of these organization’s are going to find themselves in the dungeon. They will be discredited beyond repair. What does the scripture say? “Man’s haughtiness will be brought down, and the arrogance of men will bow low. Jehovah alone will be exalted in that day.” — Isaiah 2:17
    Perhaps it is best that people have no inkling of what is going to happen. Fear can be paralyzing. No doubt that is why Jesus foretold that men will become faint with fear. Jehovah is going to rock the world. It will be terrifying.
    On the positive side, Jehovah has something quite wonderful in-store. His actual in coming, presence of Christ, will be visible—at least to those called and chosen and faithful. The parousia is the same as the manifestation and revelation of the Christ. The tribulation will be cut short on account of the chosen ones, not that they may survive, because not all will live on in the flesh as will the great crowd. The cutting short of the tribulation will allow for the final sealing which will involve Jesus revealing himself to the chosen ones. That is what the Transfiguration prefigured.
    In the post-tribulation world, Satan’s beast will come alive—as if back from the abyss of death. But then the Kingdom will have come. It will be fully operational then. There will even be earthly kings of God’s Kingdom. They will be quite capable. In fact, they shall shine as brightly as the sun in the Kingdom of God. Jesus and his people, in heaven and on a new Earth, literally, new or reupholstered, lol! They will be seen ruling the world concurrently, for a 1,000 years! The dream of Satan’s minion, Adolf Hitler’s thousand year Reich! Sorry Adolf.
    The chosen ones who will have seen Christ, will be his witnesses in the fullest sense. They will stand before the rulers of the world and give witness that they have seen Jesus. These are symbolized as the two witnesses who stand next to the Lord of the whole earth. The kings of the earth will then be gathered by demonic expressions to a place called Armageddon by becoming the adversaries and killers of the sealed sons of God. In my opinion of course. . . ..
    What say you fellow, USAWatchdog’s?
    Stay tuned.🗽

  106. eddiemd

    Pray for Hungary to hold the line against the sodomites.

    Romans chapter one speaks to the peoples and nations that openly defy the Most High God. Judgment will come.

  107. Julie A Cohick

    “Looking unto JESUS the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith WHO for the joy that was set before HIM endured the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of GOD.” Hebrews 12:2 What was the joy that was setting before JESUS that helped HIM to endure the cross ~ Us, HIS children sitting around the throne of GOD, we are HIS joy that kept HIM on the cross & HE is our joy for loving us that much !

    • Jim B

      This is life eternal, to know God and His son Jesus Christ. God will only reveal himself to the faithful and sincere. It seems thats you.🙏😀

  108. Diana Brown

    You are 100% over the target Greg. Look forward every week to plug into truthful information. I very much appreciate your passion and your thoughtful evaluation.

  109. Michael Almon

    Everyday it gets worse with these experimental vaccines. Look at this report on a woman losing both her legs AND hands from taking the bad.stunning tragedy.

  110. Simple girl

    That doctor in the article about the kids all dying of cov. in the hospital is probably fake because she was also in an article last July about face masks saying she didn’t wear a face mask and now she has covid. She is fake. It is fakenews.
    I also think the face mask and the not-a-vax have something to do with the not wanting to work.

  111. Billy and Maria dyar

    Hi Greg We moved out of california and now in Flordia…..much love

    • Paul from Indiana

      Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Get ready for your next move to flyover country. Best always. PM

  112. Donna Bartlett

    Thank you Greg for continuing to speak and share the truth! You are our favorite reporter! Glad to see that you will soon have income for all the hard and extensive work that you do! You deserve it! May God richly bless and protect you! As you say, Jesus is REAL! Thanks again!

  113. David

    Trust God. Period.

  114. Simon Sheppard

    The Old Testament is the *Old* Covenant

    42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.

    43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

    46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

    47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

    48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

    49 Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.

  115. MCasey

    Decided to stop by an Oklahoma BBQ chain …excellent food…does run a little bit higher…well over a year since I went there.

    One chopped brisket dinner with two sides and roll; one chopped brisket sandwich with two sides; two drinks; and a family order of mashed potatoes with gravy. $49.89! Drive-thru!

    Checking the receipt….$1.00 TO CHOP THE BRISKET PER EACH MEAL….THUS $2.00 JUST TO CHOP UP THE BRISKET FOR EACH OF THE CHOPPED BRISKET DINNERS! And in addition, checking the menu, it also read there is a “Temporary” $3.00 upcharge for brisket. Menu didn’t mention the $1.00 “chopping fee”. $4.00 total increase per meal.

    Then the family mashed potatoes with gravy increased from $7.49 to $11.69!! For $3 more we could have gotten another entire meal…as long as we chopped the meat ourselves. And it appeared to ALL be smaller servings.

    I asked the woman…..”not complaining, but did you always charge for chopping up the brisket for the chopped brisket meals?” She said, “no, but prices are going up so fast they needed to find ways to make more money.” And, she’s sorry about the price increase on the mashed potatoes. I didn’t ask if they also charged to ‘slice’ the beef for the sliced brisket dinner.

    I asked her about shortages and she said, “OH YES! It’s just weird stuff too, like on the beans you ordered, we can’t get the styrofoam bowls, so I had to just put them on the food tray…JUST WEIRD SHORTAGES that makes everything harder”. I told her I understood and it WILL get worse, so prepare and God bless.

    Not only that, but they put ice in my drink; and instead of the mac and cheese I ordered they gave me a side of…..wait for it…mashed potatoes and gravy! (Normally, I would never order mac and cheese, but they use real cheese….I just let it go since I didn’t discover it until I got home.)

  116. w. durwood johnson

    Give us the sponsor that you endorse and I for one (i’m sure i’m not alone) will certainly give them serious consideration.
    Rock-on Brother Greg! We appreciate you and want to make sure you can keep the lights-on for sure.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks W!

  117. Alex Mumm

    Best line of Greg’s commentary:

    Greg Hunter: ” I see people driving around in their cars with the mask on, I say, get the booster, you are not dead enough , you haven’t cut your life short enough yet.”

    People need to understand how much those face diapers deprive our body of oxygen.

    The world is not thinking clearly!!

    • Da Yooper

      The wife & I went to town for some groceries last Sunday afternoon & while driving though an intersection where the traffic lights were being rewired by one man 20 feet up in the air in a cherry picker all by himself wearing a mask. Not another soul to be seen.

      Ya cant fix stupid.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What’s new about that? Best always. PM

  118. Louis

    Another Great Report !

  119. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Dr’s that push the Vaccine are not telling the truth – I’m in my 60’s and my Dr told me she highly recommend me getting the Vaccine – I told her No. Hannity surprised me by supporting the Vaccine – DeSantis who I strongly approve of and will vote for him again – I was surprised on those comments too. Got another buddy buying from Discount Gold & Silver – Buy Gold and Silver to protect you for what is coming
    Mr. Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  120. Robert Veklotz

    Greg, you mentioned the 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill that Congress wants passed. Here’s a visual representation of what our growing debt looks like.

  121. Suzanne Powell

    Yeah, they’re trying to kill us. I agree with Clif High. I’m starting a new job with the County in a couple of weeks… I plan on reminding any busybody Karens that HIPAA is still law, while mandates are not. There are also the matter of the 5th Amendment and Nuremberg…

  122. Pat W. Price

    Greg, thank you for your research and for having all of the great guests on your program. How did pre-modern day deep state characters control information and exert tyranny on the people? They used secrete societies and controlled the print media of the day including what was in and not in the Bible. These usurpers of the truth did in fact usurp Judea. They were mainly a combination of Pharisees and Khazarians from what we know as Russia. These people have been on a multi generational and multi century quest to stamp out Christians and bring in their “King/God”, the anti-Christ. They have done this through time by controlling gold (currency) and the various monarchs and rulers. They have been the reason for the fall of the great societies before us and are now focused on America and the rest of the western world. Discussing this is not anti-Semitism as these people claim to be Semites but have no blood of Shem in their lineage. They are not Jews and they have used and persecuted the Jewish people in modern times. We have been sold a lie for much longer than a stolen election or a fake pandemic. If you read their Protocols, you can see their plan is well on the way, it’s a road map including forced inoculations. You may not leave this up and that is your choice but everything I say is true and can be easily researched. Thanks again, your work is priceless and necessary.

  123. FreeMpg

    Greg, I think you are underreporting the benefits of Ivermectin. It works across the board. Check out this article on a New York family (liberals as is the journalist) and how a hospital refused their mother Ivermectin while on her death bed. Went to court. Judge ruled in their favor. One dose of Ivermectin and their 80 yr old mother was off the ventilator the next day.

    “The Drug that Cracked COVID”

    “His [80 yr old] mother was sedated and unresponsive, as if she were in a coma, as a ventilator mechanically breathed for her. The doctors said there was little more they could do, and her chances of survival were bleak.”

  124. Charlie Patterson

    People are no longer allowed to be human – to ‘do things humans do’ -yet they will ACCEPT.
    This means they’re “too weak and tired” to Struggle. Most people are no longer interested in objective fact.
    They do not use Logic in their decision making – they would rather “Ape” a desired Icon.
    Their Chief desire is to find a ‘comfort zone’ and abide in that place where they believe there is the least amount of pain or discomfort.
    There is no longer “cause and effect” in this World – EVERYTHING is simplified for Public consumption and every Event is ‘an accident.’
    People are no longer allowed to live like humans, and they have been blocked from EVERY adult endeavor.
    People are no longer allowed to Communicate, or to ‘gather and Assemble’ to discuss Community issues, or redress grievance.
    There is No ‘Rule of Law’, and there is no “Due Process” of such Law(s). Power is 100% Arbitrary.
    The Public is ignorant of the Past and are Largely unaware of the present. They lack Energy or Purpose…
    In short: People are “No longer ‘Sustainable…” [sic]

  125. Coal Burner

    I believe the reason Biden ran up oil to the present level was to keep the oil cartels using the dollar. Trump had their attention, showing them we could run them into the ground. Biden could easily walk in and say help hold up the dollar and we will save you, Bam gasoline up over a dollar.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Good reasoning, and if that’s so, then it’s just another tax we are paying to prop up the dollar. It all ends, regardless. Best always. PM

  126. Coal Burner

    In New Mexico we have had plenty of monsoon type thunderstorms for a couple of weeks. They are spotty and move around every day. We don’t raise much grain but we raise a lot of beef. Things are turning green in lots of places and that is good for beef. I believe Texas is getting a break too. at least parts of Texas. Little piece of good news.
    Do I think food prices are going up, yes, yes, yes. A lot has already, and shelves are thinly stocked. Rumors of grocers holding back stock abound awaiting higher prices. We have ore chilies than we have people to pick them. At the same time we have tons of people illegally crossing the borders and with diseases. We have a sudden Monkey Pox outbreak in Texas. From one to two hundred almost over night. Until the border is closed there is no logic to wearing the face diapers. They are going to jam the disease into schools like they don’t care, because many don’t! No prevention attempted. Don’t take the Jab until they close the border.

  127. Coal Burner

    We can tell people until we turn blue to not take the Jab and buy real money. They won’t until it is too late.
    God be with you!

  128. Chip

    There won’t be any water for to flush your toilet when it goes really south.

  129. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    the ”casedemic” propoganda is a scam. cases of a cold virus that has a 99.9x% survival rate is meaningless. variants are also a scam. they are testing for a few base-pairs long snipet of RNA. this whole covid pandemic is a scam to control the population, kill people with a dangerous jab, and re-impose lockdowns to destroy the economy. its the great reset. we are right in the eye of the storm.

  130. Paula Davis

    Jen Psaki wants Americans to get the “jab” but won’t release the number of White House Staff that is vaxxed.
    NOTE: Psaki reported former Vice Prez Biden WILL Not mandate the vaxx for his staff!!!

    BTW, I cannot help but wonder how many of our elected / selected Gov Officials are invested in Big Pharma?

  131. John Treichler

    Greg –
    May I suggest a great guest for Covid information.
    America’s Frontline Doctors . org, Dr. Simone Gold. Board Cert ER Doc, JD.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have tried to book her but no luck. Do you know here?

    • eddiemd

      Good video to watch.

      She starts from the premise that coronavirus was a naturally occurring virus. The coronavirus is a bioweapon from the beginning. Who released it is the unanswered question.

      We discussed hydroxychloroquine over a year ago here at USAWD when Trump was advocating it early on. The medical community knew that this was effective in previous coronavirus infections. The studies were published after SARS and MERS. There was no effort to even use it. Then there was ivermectin; another potent remedy against the coronavirus.

      Add in the PCR testing. That was another scam. What happened to the seasonal influenza? We also discussed this last year. Coronavirus and influenza signs/symptoms are almost the same. There are differences mainly the loss of taste and smell in coronavirus. Otherwise basically the same.

      The coronavirus is a bioweapon. This is the starting point. The mRNA injections are part two of the bioweapon. Part three of the genocidal plan remains to be determined.

      I suspect there is an engineered virus ready to be released very soon along with the cyberwar that is planned. The goal is to take down North America to include Mexico and Canada along with the USA.

      The CCP/PLA along with the luciferian satanists have an end goal; the antichrist system. The Chinese may eventually be the military arm of the antichrist system. They hate believers.

      There is only one hope for each individual person. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the Most High God in the flesh.

  132. Lori McNeil

    Thank you Greg. I love your viewpoint and your calm and practical attitude. God bless you, from a Canadian fan.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Lori!

  133. Cindy K.

    My heart breaks for my loved ones who thought this jab was harmless & thinking it was the ticket back to normalcy : ( I am at a loss for words for what to say to them.

    Trusting in the Great Physician.

  134. Trinacria

    Wow, even the governor of Florida who seems like a decent guy slips up with the comment re the so called vaccine (not a vaccine). Does the evil left get to everyone??? Is the only decent person left in politics the Texas AG Ken Paxton??? Greg, hope right you are when you said there are weasels on both sides of the isle. These people would have been tar a feathered at the very least in past days. GEEEEESH !!! (I keep it clean).

    • Robert R Lindeman

      Trinacria, That was not a slip up.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I think there is abundant evidence (the COVID lockdowns and the 2020 elections) that politics and politicians are NOT our salvation, either temporal or eternal. The sooner we disabuse ourselves of the idea that our politics and political system are broken, the better off we will be. Best always. PM

  135. DUGTRUX

    Pure Evil? I dont know.
    But to be sure it seems something is happening , a force at work that has no regard for human rights, or individual freedom.
    If I had to guess, its like an “alien ” intelligence has taken over key elements in our society with a ‘MASTER PLAN” ( unlikely ). More likely, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” that has a plan for management of the planet. What else could be so diabolical? The bottom line is all a computer would see. Seems as some key players are in on or subscribe to what ever is happening, with the thought that they got a better idea.
    Evil ? Good? take religion out of the equation. Now what seems more likely? With God in the equation you have the ability to see what is going on.
    I look at the things being done in the world . If this was A sci fi movie Id pick “star gate” and say “the go uld have landed”
    Crazy Huh? Maybe. but there is something happening here, what it is aint exactly clear.

  136. John Treichler

    Here is another potential guest. Dr. David Martin.

    He provides proof of patents of the SARS virus and corona virus going back decades. Fauchi is hip deep in this. Watch the linked interview. I looked up the patents mentioned in his interview and they exist.
    My mind is on fire. Jesus Wept!!

    • Northern Gal

      John Treichler-
      I watched this video earlier this week. It is mind-blowing how this was done. Dr. Martin is very concise and exact. The patents don’t lie….he shows from sars/covid all the way thru to the vaccines-about 20 years….it is so evil what has been done. At about the 50 minute mark they talk about Fauci himself applying for the patent for a vaccine (2017?)and he was DENIED!!!

  137. Benjamin Golan

    My niece’s friend just received the COVID vaccine yesterday, and she is now very sick, coughing up blood, and cannot move her left arm! Unbelievable, her parents took her for the vaccine, 16 years old and may have greatly shortened her life! This occurred in Boca Raton Florida.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting Ben!

    • Rachel.M.

      That’s awful Ben, do you know which brand of vaccine she took?

  138. tim mcgraw

    Xavier Becerra is a liberal Mexican Democrat from California. Look him up on Wiki. As Attorney General of California he sued the Trump administration 62 times! This guy is a real POS. He comes from a humble upbringing and has a huge chip on his shoulder imo.

    Great WNW, Greg! Thanks!

  139. tim mcgraw

    Xavier Bacerra is a liberal Democrat from California. He comes from a humble Mexican/American background and has a chip on his shoulder in my opinion. As Attorney General of California he sued the Trump administration 62 times! Do not trust this man.
    Thanks for the great WNW, Greg.

    • Paul from Indiana

      They hate America, but somehow they all HAVE to be here. And we allow it. Best always. PM

  140. Robert R Lindeman

    Greg you hit it out of the park with this program ! God Bless you for your patriotic zeal, honesty, and love for the LORD !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert.

    • Jerry5

      I agree.

  141. Gerald Benton

    Why does the song “The Pusher” comes to mind?

  142. Doc Washburn

    Scalise Accuses Pelosi Of Attempting To Create ‘Kangaroo Court’ After Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Refusals
    62,917 viewsJul 22, 2021
    Forbes Breaking News
    In House floor debate with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) pushed back on Speaker Pelosi rejecting GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from her Select Committee on January 6.
    aLL THE kANGAROO’S are not just in Ozstralia! USofOZ too?

  143. dclinde

    Hi Greg, The more they are pushing the vaccines, the more I push back against them. I know some people like me who are addiment in refusing to get vaccinated. (Btw I did get the tetanus and shingles vaccines in January and March of this year.) I know two people who now reqret getting the vaccine (0ne got a blot clot in the arm from Moderna and the other all of a sudden started feeling bad right after getting Janssen and hasn’t returned to normal yet after a couple of months.) My mother-in-law died around May 1 last year. They did absolutely nothing to help her, just a little morphine the last few days of her life. My mother died about a month after getting her 2nd jab of Moderna. The whole thing is a complete disaster. One small correction on the WNW. Politically Eric Clapton is not a liberal guy, actually the opposite. After Clapton got his second jab, he couldn’t play guitar for two weeks he was so disabled. Last I know a potentially very appropriate advertiser. How can they get in contact with you about this? Thanks

    • Benjamin Harrison

      I had a tdap shot in april of 2021. I am freaked out that all shots might be bad. What do you think????

  144. Mike+G

    Lets face it, the eugenicists have found the perfect weapons to subjugate and kill the masses, bioweapons of viruses and jabs. Really sad to see so many gullible people in the world fall for the fear and lies, so sad. Thanks Greg for keeping us up to speed.

  145. Poochiman

    Thank you for your very important work. The last time I am aware of this type of evil was during WW2.

  146. Marie+Joy

    Military officers are being told to “Get their houses in order, NOW”. I got this from Pinball Preparedness on YouTube who got it from Roy Pertturqa (retired colonel Roy Potter) on YouTube. Roy Potter is a patriot and he says it’s happening now. Get ready.

  147. Randy Avera

    Public Health Scotland Covid-19 Deaths Within 28 Days of Vaccination…
    COVID-19 statistical report 23 June 2021
    This can be easily found through a web search. At the link click on Data Files Deaths Within 28 Days of Vaccination (about halfway down the page). Scotland keeps a running total of the deaths in the first four weeks after vaccination. That number is 5522, keeping in mind there are only 5.5 million people in Scotland. The United States population is 330 million or 60 times that of Scotland. Cypher that math, and is there any doubt that the United States doesn’t keep such records?
    Scotland United States
    Population 5.5 million 330 million
    Deaths 5522 331,320 (5522 X 330)/5.5

    Excel Spreadsheet Formulas to add columns
    =Sum(B2:B178) Phizer 1877 Deaths
    =Sum(C2:C178). Astra Zeneca 3643 Deaths
    =Sum(D2:D178). Moderna. 2 Deaths

  148. Bill

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the weekly wrap-up. Dr. Robert Malone has done two interview on Epoch.TV I highly suggest you listen to (even though it is a subscription platform you can sign up to listen to 8-10 of there videos for free). In interview I found ironic where Dr. Robert Malone says, would it be something if we found out Ivermeten was the miracle drug to beat Covid and the “vaccines” were should to be a disaster (this is a close paraphrase of what he said). I thought how ironic is that statement coming from the guy who invented the mRNA? Dr. Robert Malone’s statement got him banned for a few days…

    Based on all the information out there that many government officials deem as “misinformation” and given the fact that the US has had (at least two) major cyber attacks. I now think there will be another cyber attack (a larger one) where many governmental officials will tell us “the internet needs to shut down for 48-72 hours to remove this cyber attack for financial security and the security of man kind”, but the reality will be the internet will be shut down for 1-2 weeks or a month. The only news we will get is from the MSN via TV and radio.

    The World Economic Form has predicted this and has predicted the last 3 crisis within 15 months of the actual event occurring (the pandemic was within 6 months of their statement warning of a pandemic). While the internet is down, how much garbage would we be feed from the political elite via the MSN? Many of the alternative news sites (like yours) wouldn’t be able to get their news out. Or could folks like you get your news out another way (remember even email services would be shutdown)? Maybe you’ll want to share this info with your listeners to be prepared….. if it does happen. Food for thought, Greg.

  149. Don Seals

    Great show again Greg. Too bad Youtube is so fascist. Your selfless sincerity is a shining example. Thank you ! Small donation on the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for your kind comments & all your support!

  150. Jerry5

    Here’s the latest on death numbers.

    • JayJay

      On Ann Vandersteel’s program, the guest stopped to read an email from an informer who has an insider at VAERS–the true death last week was 45,ooo in US alone.

  151. Jerry5

    “ food “ will be the next weapon of choice in the war of depopulation.

  152. Jerry5

    Check this out.

    Add Bill Gates into the mix and it’s bad. Real bad.

  153. Jerry5

    Once again the Marxist cyber snipers are stalking me. Keep an eye on your server. God forbid we would ever have free speech in this ciuntry?
    Comrade Jerry5 out.

  154. Jerry7

    I’m posting this as a test.

    My other post have been blocked.

  155. Easyenergy

    OMG…You and David Martin are so much in sync with the BS behind this plandemic.

    EVERYBODY that listens to your podcast needs to listen to James Kunstler’s recent interview with David Martin. Don’t listen to it while you’re driving because it may well cause road rage. Very dark.


  156. Rich M

    Hello my watchdog friends. I caved and got the single dose JnJ jab despite my true lack of faith in it. I did so, because my kool-aide drinking daughters simply would not allow me to see my grandson unless I got the jab. So under protest I did. Nice knowing you folksasI highly suspect my days are now limited.
    I had the single dose shot in June. 2 days later I had a total right side seizure of sorts.. a Bell’s palsy like attack. My GF was there and watched me fall as my entire right side gave out. Luckily it passes after a couple minutes. Even the right side of my face went numb and into convulsions. I am an unusually strong man and intelligent man, who has never had any seizures or episodes in my entire life. So I am just reporting what happened to me. The brain fog is another thing. I’m an engineer and weirdly can’t seem to focus on tasks I have done for years. It’s likeI really have to focus snd conscentrate when before it was fairly simple for me. Go figure right. I am not proud that under protest I got the jab…. But what’s life worth living if I can’t even see my grandson? So I got it. And can tell you, my once strong and highly intelligent self seems to be lacking as of late. If I do conclusively find out this is indeed a death jab…. I will be on the front lines once again fighting this….corruption….. as apparently my days May now be

  157. Marie+Joy

    The jab is a bioweapon against us and anyone who tells you to get the jab is your enemy. They are going to come at us very hard.

  158. Marie+Joy

    Anyone, who tells you to get the jab, is your enemy.

  159. David Jones

    Can you mention the THREE hydroxy chloroquine factories that burned down in Illinois, Mexico and Taiwan. Also the THREE leaders that refused to accept the jab in their countries (Tanzania, Swaziland,Haiti) all ended up dead. Cathrine Austin Fitts once mentioned a depopulation plan in a Alex Jones interview a few years ago. Ask CAF about it.

  160. eddiemd

    I don’t know if people are signing off on informed consent paperwork prior to taking the mRNA injections. This should be required since it is still experimental .

    Even to suture a simple laceration requires informed consent.

    “Several major ethical issues involving human research subjects need to be studied further. The first major ethical issue to be considered is informed consent, which refers to telling potential research participants about all aspects of the research that might reasonably influence their decision to participate. A major unresolved concern is exactly how far researchers’ obligations extend to research subjects. Another concern has to do with the possibility that a person might feel pressured to agree or might not understand precisely what he or she is agreeing to. The investigators took advantage of a deprived socioeconomic situation in which the participants had experienced low levels of care. The contacts were with doctors and nurses who were seen as authority figures.”

    “The second major ethical issue is the withholding of treatment for research purposes. This is the gravest charge against the study. Patient welfare was consistently overlooked, although there have been multiple attempts to justify why penicillin treatment was withheld. ”

    Withholding of treatments…hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

    Do not take the mRNA injections under any circumstances.

  161. Skip ONeill

    Be careful with your email provider too. If they are using Amazon Web Services, they could shut down your ability to send emails if they don’t like the message. There are alternatives, but check with your ESP to make sure you are not de-platformed.

  162. John

    Love your videos, patriotism, christianity and fight, Greg! I look forward to every new article and interview!

  163. BDS

    Hi Greg,
    Great as usual! I wanted to update you and some followers on my nursing student daughter requirement to get vaccinated before going back to school/clinicals at hospital this September.
    Nothing worked! I am very well versed/educated on covid-19 and the fraud.
    I had a pre appointment phone call with the Phd. Nurse, Associate Dean. She wanted to be called Dr. as my daughter told me prior to meeting. I was going to bust the Drs. chops since I am a retired Naval Officer and have the Dr. call me Commander! My daughter didn’t like that and knowing the Associate Dean was in the drivers seat I felt the polite and professional approach was best.
    This happened last Wednesday and had the legal form the Solari Report, Notice For Employers ,Universities and other …..Vaccines, letter claiming religious exemption and the America’s Frontline Doctors, et al vs Xavier Becerra, Sec. of the US Dept. of HHS et al.
    I asked the Dr. if she would like to see the documents so without waiting moved them across the desk towards her and she looked at the Notice for employers….. and asked if that came from a credible source, she totally blew off the religious letter mentioning the Pope said the vaccine was ok to take(mind you this is a private Catholic University on Long Island) and she said she felt the Frontline Doctors had an agenda and it didn’t mean anything to her. She pushed the documents back with her fingers.
    I was pretty good at keeping calm. I went in knowing I would not be able to change her mind. I must admit, I know now I knew way more than the Dr. did on what is going on. After thinking about it when I got home, I am very surprised on a Phd. level there was so much close mindedness ( Cognitive dissonance). I even gave her the benefit of stating much of the medical terms I am not familiar with and I can’t be 100% that I am correct. I did say that I am 100% sure the probability of this whole covid situation is wrong and not right to force people to get the vaccine.
    I also said in front of my 23 old daughter to the Dr., if my daughter becomes sick and has bad reaction, I will bring her to your office and you can take care of her financially or the school will! I am retired and do not have the resources nor want to spend my retirement taking care of my daughter (I have taken care of her for long enough).
    My daughter wants this over and the pressure to get back to normal is getting to her. I may ask her to delay a semester. Whatever my request , the requirement may still stand. She is of age to make her own decision!
    For others in this predicament, the Solari report has a family financial form you can look at and see the financial havoc a bad reaction can cost a family. It is difficult in NY to find a traditional Long Term Care policy for a 23 year old (She is too young-NY has too many regulations, can be found in other states; you need to live in that state or have a second residence in that state?) but I have found a $200,000 life policy($1,200.00 yr) which can be used for a Life/Long Term Care policy if needed up to $4,000 a month for care. You can find higher amounts if needed. This added cost is in case my daughter makes the decision to take the vaccine. This is no way a parent in the USA should be doing family business especially when so much info is being suppressed!

    • Greg Hunter

      If your daughter gets the shot she is dramatically shortening her life, if she does not drop dead immediately as thousands have after getting the JAB. Please stop calling this a vaccine as if this was a debate pro and con with fully tested drug. It is NOT and that is a fact. This is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. This means this so-called jab, in fact, is an experimental gene therapy drug trial with no know long term outcome. This is NOT approved–period. When you address anyone about this DO NOT call it a vaccine. Call it an experimental human drug trial on a scale never seen before in human history. DO NOT LET YOUr DAUGHTER GET THE SHOT. Not only will she NEVER get back to “normal” her life will be destroyed and she will never be the same and only death will reverse this. If she is of age to make her own decision then the consequences fall on her, and you should make that perfectly clear. If she wants to do something stupid (in the face of all the science that says this is stupid) and she will get the stupid prize. You need to be tough on this and go along–be tough!!! Do not be “civil” this is war and the enemy wants to kill your child. Yes, it’s that serious!!! I know I am being blunt, but this is not like her wanting to go to the prom in a mini skirt as opposed to a long dress. This is life and death. Oh, and if she does live for a few years, she can count on being sterilized. That’s part of the plan.

      Your Brother in Christ

    • eddiemd

      Informed consent.

      All “vaccines” require informed consent.

      One declared as emergency authorized and still in the experimental phase require informed consent to be a part of the experiment.

      Otherwise see my posting on the allergy angle and PEG. She can declare that she has had an anaphylaxis reaction with throat constriction and inability to breathe when taking the influenza injection (which will soon be a mRNA nanoparticle injection).

      The oncoming influenza injection this fall may be the next stealth bioweapon to trigger the coronavirus cytokine storm.

      When I worked on the Navajo Rez I was told I had to take the flu shot or else. The else was wear a mask. I did neither. I worked the most remote clinics that no one else wanted to work. No problems for me. I bought some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and hung a picture of myself in the army chasing bad guys in Bolivia. Even the medicine man came and saw me.

    • JayJay

      Tell your daughter the injection creates spike proteins that destroy her natural antibody killers and from that moment, she is vulnerable to every disease that comes along.
      When her body is invaded with one, the spike proteins created will destroy organs with overkill.
      A doctor did an autopsy of a person and every organ was destroyed.

  164. Sylvia Sires

    Dear Greg, I posted a video that was taken down on several channel and found the video on I then posted it on fakebook and they blocked it with #403 Forbidden”. The message of the video is OVER THE TARGET showing why the mess we’ve all been witnessing for years! Our problem is “we don’t know who we’re really up against even though we’re told in the Bible that our enemy is not made of flesh and blood but principalities in the air which is absolutely true! This video is 5 hours long and it’s shocking showing why Christians aren’t winning with evil. It’s an ancient “WORLDS SECRET RELIGION” that every World Leader in power and all the Rich and Famous are members of and they CONTROL THE WORLD! THIS VIDEO IS SO IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP EVERYTHING & WATCH IT!! No World Leader nor rich and famous would be in these influential positions without being a member of the World Secret Religion”..FACT!

  165. Jeff Johnson

    Many people will die from this vaccine….mostly the democrats are ones getting it….oh well.

  166. Patt Hill

    Another great WNW, your passion speaks volumes! I have been wondering why you hear from the liberals, progressives, Democrats and many others that murdering an unborn baby is a woman’s right to choose. That a woman’s body is hers and she has a right to decide. Well, isn’t it the same right for those of us who choose not to take an experimental vaccine, our body our right to choose? I would like to hear some progressive explain to me why I don’t have the same right to do with my body as they believe a woman has to do with hers. If a progressive tells me that I can kill someone because I’m unvaccinated, why can’t they say the same for a woman who commits murder by abortion?

  167. Michael

    Greg, great show as always. I think when “We the People” discover that Ivermectin or HCQ could have prevented all of the political, economic, and social consternation and a lot of the death, it will change the entire health care system of this country and probably the rest of the world’s. And maybe a lot more. Stay safe in these “interesting times”.

  168. Show

    This is the mark of the beast that will soon be forced on all men women and children.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nope, you will have to accept it–Don’t.

  169. steve

    Greg, you are about half right! There is no virus. You have not accepted my challenge and interviewed David Icke. Here is another challenge. See if you can interview or watch the David Martin interview with the German’s that have filed lawsuits against this fake virus. Better yet, everybody watch the long conference with David Martin and Reiner Fuellmick that explains how there is no virus explained with the patents that have been approved and denied. Please watch the interview before it is gone!

  170. Siglius

    The therapeutic equation: your final outcome if you take the gene therapy compared to your final outcome if you do not take the shots, fortify your system, and treat with HCQ and/or ivermectin early if you get infected. The latter has much, much better numbers.

  171. JayJay

    Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order

    Last sentence: ”’We’ve been marked for elimination; pretty obvious.”’

  172. Bill

    I take 5000iu of vitamin D3 for 5 days one week and 6 days the next week (alternating)so I don’t get too much. I do this all year. It has kept me from getting the flu and cold virus for about 40 years now. I worked next to people that came to work with the flu and they would bump into me on occasion. I never got a flu symptom! When using the bathroom I would always use a paper towel to cover the door knob to open it as some people are disgusting and don’t wash their hands. I would always use the back of my hand to stop an itch on my face as there is less chance of having a virus or bacteria there. I use to go shopping in the stores without using a mask before they began making it mandatory and never got a symptom of covid even though I was living in a state where there were high levels of the disease. I have no fear of it whatsoever! Though I am not a Doctor I have studied medicine for over 15.5 years. I had a friend that got cancer and was doing research to find if there was a cure out there that is hidden due to big pharma. After beginning my research I found that I had a great interest in studying medicine and have read research from all over the planet. I quickly learned that the Rockefeller family started the AMA in the 1920’s soon after supposedly destroying Royal Rifes invention that cured most if not all disease by finding its resonance frequency and exposing it to the body. He also invented the worlds most powerful microscope that could see a virus or bacteria in real time. Hence his capability to find the exact frequency that would kill a virus or a bacteria that was causing disease. After his invention was destroyed sadly he didn’t have the money to replace it. The end of his invention was when pharmaceutical companies became powerful by selling drugs that would hide symptoms of disease and not cure the disease. The big bucks is what big pharma used to be able to get laws passed to what you see as modern medicine today. No cures to speak of but maintenance. That is how they make the big bucks as well as Doctors. I like Doctors for operations when you need them as the ones with a lot of experience can save your life in case of an accident. When you have a disease it is sometimes better to do the research yourself and see what people have done to cure disease themselves in the past when there were no doctors or to far away. I recommend too everyone I talk to. Always remember! More is not better. Start off with small portions of a protocol first to make sure it does not cause you any issues. We are all different when it comes to natural cures and what works for one may not work for you. Read all posts that people write for any particular disease first before choosing a protocol and REMEMBER to start off small! I hope this information helps even just one person as it will be worth my time writing this.
    Best wishes to all of you!

  173. Steve Bice

    Just wondering if any of you have given thought to whether exposure to spike protein shedding by the vaccinated could confer immunity to Covid-19 to the unvaccinated in the safest way possible. Could the shedding provoke an immune response that is otherwise harmless? It would be the ultimate irony…

    • Greg Hunter

      According to Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins Medical School, half of America has already got natural immunity. Nothing would happen to them.

    • Pete

      …Very interesting. Thanks for the insights Bill…. This is why the alternative financial , outside the box thinkers who understand what’s afoot recommend having a stash of cash on the side and some Constitutional silver, e.g., “old money “Mercury dimes ( 90% silver content ), and such which are easily recognized as authentic by even less case the ATM’s and banks get shut down as well…. the cash for local purchases until/or if people recognize it’s true “value” at which point people will begin accepting real MONEY for barter. I’ll leave it at that as I am pretty sure you know all of this. never the less good to know that even the inventor of mRNA is being honest. A ray of hope ….

  174. Falcon101

    I have an URGENT call for help to assist Attorneys/Lawyers, Doctors and psychologists in helping with a global lawsuit against the people responsible for this “Covid Plan” as this has become an EMERGENCY on a global scale as now they are targeting our children.
    If you are a Doctor, Lawyer or Psychologist and are NOT afraid of the people that planned and executed this global scenario, please contact Dr. Reiner Fuelmich in Germany @ IBAN: DE06 3701 0050 0989 9305 04 Or E Mail him at [email protected]
    This is now an emergency globally and the children are now their prime target, so PLEASE, if you are a confident Lawyer, Doctor or Psychologist PLEASE make this contact.THANK YOU

  175. tim patola

    PROVERBS 16:25 PROVERBS 22:3 1st CORINTHHIANS 3:16-17 1st CORINTHIANS 6:19-20 , read these scriptures and then tell me it’s OK to inject POISON into GOD’S TEMPLE , your body !

  176. chris m

    Greg, 36.8M million have got the jab in UK. Under the freedom of information act,Public Health Scotland have released figures which says 5,5500 have died within 28 days of getting the jab. 3.4 were vaccinated in Scotland. so imagine be if you count all of the UK….11 X 5500 =APPROX: 60 000 DEATHS, Not to mention the serious side effects which is always much higher than the deaths figures….
    5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland
    BY DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 18, 2021 • ( 106 COMMENTS )

    Public Health Scotland have revealed that 5,522 people have died within twenty-eight days of having a Covid-19 vaccine within the past 6 months in Scotland alone. Due to dozens of freedom of […]

    Inventor of mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone, told to hire security due to risk of being assassinated
    BY DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 18, 2021 • ( 36 COMMENTS )

    Dr Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, has claimed he has been told to hire security due to the risk of being assassinated for speaking out on the safety of the Covid-19 […]
    Scroll down the website

  177. Dale

    Learn the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free of Fear, Masks, etc.
    COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 751 studies [ ]

  178. Dale

    Learn the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free of Fear, Masks, etc.
    COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 751 studies [ ]

  179. Dale

    Since more Democrats take the jab than Republicans, I wonder if the Democrats are killing off their own voter base . . . just askin’ the question.

  180. chris m

    God bless you for not tolerating the antisemitic Israel hating propagandist Greg,most others allow it…Most globalist hates the Jewish state and most media,so it all bs..I’ve stopped listening to some because of that.

  181. Lisa Stahl

    Must read letter regarding the FAKE “vaccines” from Dr. Zev Zelenko posted on website of America’s Frontline Doctors.
    Made my eyes pop out!

  182. Alfy

    I watched your videos, and the question of what should the little guy do to get ready. all the videos I recall seeing, I think the who lot of you have never know life & death adversity. what is more important than a large pile of silver coins, a garage filled with dried foods, or a million rounds. being on very terms, and having them living near, as many family & friends who are stand up and productive. and being such a man as well. we probably have 8-12 weeks of ok times remaining. time enough to make sure those bonds with good friends and family are strong.

  183. ron martin

    Similar to John the Baptizer, you are screaming in the wilderness concerning the vaccine. I will keep screaming with you until they put me six feet under. Stand your ground Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron.

  184. Bixa Greg
    it’s a lot, slow listen, the information is thought provoking, the pieces are coming together.
    I’ve been listening to ^^ since 2016, he has an understanding many due not, he shares this info, not Ego.

  185. Gary

    You are right Greg. They are excessaries before the fact or after the fact or both at the same time.

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