Vax Causes Variants, Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Elizabeth Eads is back to update us from the front lines of medicine. Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.” Dr. Eads is witnessing the horror stories of treating the unvaxed who have been made sick by the “Fully Vaccinated.” The carnage continued after the vaxed and unvaxed got together for Thanksgiving. They showed up in her North Florida emergency rooms the next day with all sorts of trouble from the injections that Eads simply calls “bioweapons.” Eads explains, “The day after Thanksgiving and through the weekend in the ER, we saw all kinds of symptoms of unvaxed people. We saw chest pain, heart attack . . . head to toe . . . rashes, and in the first time in my 25 year career, I saw a patient come in with a ruptured left ventricle. That’s a ruptured heart muscle, and he had to immediately go to open heart surgery. That patient happened to be “Fully Vaccinated” and also had the (CV19) booster within a week before traveling. This is very concerning. We are seeing an uptick across the country with chest pain, sudden cardiac deaths. We are seeing myocarditis and pericarditis, whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, with the Covid vaccines. This rupture, we believe, was from a fully boosted patient who had the rupture because of the synthetic spike protein in the booster. This is all very concerning. There are also concerns for transmission of the spike proteins. . . . Pfizer had in their studies that there was transmission happening. That is true, it is in the documents. You can pull the FDA approval and see that there was transmission.”

So, this is transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed? Dr. Eads says, “Correct.”

Are the “Fully Vaxed” getting boosters turbocharging their shedding and increasing the spread to the unvaxed? Eads says, “Correct because we know the boosters have 100 micrograms, which equates to about a billion synthetic spike proteins being produced in the body. The initial Covid shots were 30 micrograms, then 50 micrograms, and the boosters are 100 micrograms. So, you are getting twice as much of the synthetic mRNA, and you are making twice as much of the synthetic spike protein. We are estimating it is in the billions. . . . This is very concerning. These blood clots are being caused by both the graphene oxide, which acts as a razor blade in the blood vessels. It’s slicing up blood vessels causing blood clotting, and the synthetic spike protein in the mRNA envelope that is making intraocular is circulating through the body and causing . . . myocardial heart damage. These antibodies and macrophages that are surrounding these spike proteins are actually boring through cardiac muscles cells and causing damage.”

Dr. Eads also contends, “You are setting up the patients who got the shots to have an immune deficiency and get viruses. By definition, those are the mutations. It’s the people who have been vaccinated.”

Dr. Eads also says there are elements of AIDS and HIV in some of the so-called vaccines that Dr. Eads says is really a bioweapon. Dr. Eads warns of a “huge increase of cancers across the board” as a result of the so-called vaccines. Dr. Eads also says that doctors are being incentivized to make decisions that are killing patients in hospitals. The hospitals are incentivized as well to not make sure patients get well, but to basically “murder patients” to collect government money, according to Dr. Eads’ firsthand experience.

Now, the globalist Deep State is frantically pushing a third CV19 “booster” injection. Eads’ advice, “Don’t get the booster, absolutely not, and I do not recommend a flu shot because Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) will be worsened by getting a flu shot.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25 year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, who is continuing to expose the lies being told to the public about the deadly jabs. Dr. Eads will highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 injections and tell you who is cashing in on all the pain and death. (12.4.21) (There is much more in the 54 min. interview)

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After the Interview:

You can follow Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads on Twitter or you can follow her on Telegram.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!
    Be strong, have no fear and love one another.
    Remember God loves you.

    Was sent this clip this morning and don’t know what to make of it.

    How can one family rule Canada for so long.

    • JayJay

      Don’t forget the advent message:

      • Anthony Australia

        Lots of love, luck & laughter.

        • Paul ...

          AA … “L” to the 4th dimension … will help to counter the purveyors of poisonous lies hatred bigotry and fear by our bought and paid for Main Stream Media news anchors … who allow all types of psychopathic demagogues and Big Pharma Demi-gods to prosper (by pushing their evil extermination “jab” agenda on the evening news) doing great harm to the very concept of God’s truth morality and love … doing Satan’s work over the past quarter century they have slowly destroyed our Constitutional Republic … and they won’t stop until the Deep State brings down the four white racists carved in stone … … just like they brought down the Twin Towers!!!

          • Anthony Australia

            Keep battling Pauly

    • geneva

      Could somebody please check this: …
      “The initial Covid shots were 30 micrograms, then 50 micrograms, and the boosters are 100 micrograms” …

      According to the CDC, the Pfizer dose is 30, 30, 30 and the Moderna dose is 100, 100, 50.
      I can find no 50 mcg dose nor any 100 mcg booster.

      • Paul ...

        One thing for sure … Moderna stock [MRNA] has plunged 38% since its peak in August 2021 (including a 31% two-day collapse in early November) … people are finally beginning to fight back … dumping the shares of the most egregious Big Pharma company (in terms of injecting “the most poison” into us and our children) … keep up the good work folks … boycott the stocks of all the Big Pharma murderers now sterilizing our 5 to 11 year old children (and coming for our new born babies) … “boycott every single product they make and sell” (including their “jabs”) … and put these totally evil psychopathic murderers out of business … just like we did to Monsanto for “sterilizing and taking the seeds out of our fruits and vegetables”!!!

        • Earth Angel

          As I understand it Monsatan was acquired by Bayer- who is, I believe related to IG Farben- the German company which produced the chemical warfare and zyklon b gas used by the nazi’s on the jews (and others) during ww2. Under the current paradigm things don’t really seem to get get better or worse- they just get different, eh?

          • Charles H.

            Not while politicians see their place as a lucrative bargaining chip.

          • Bob

            Zyklon B was a delousing agent. Where is the evidence it was used on people? One page will do. Thanks.

      • Danoso

        I was puzzled by that also. I wonder if she is talking about the strength/density of the shot. I pulled up this page ( for what it’s worth)
        I know they are two types of measurements .

    • B Mac

      Curious what your thoughts on the german doctor who reported on the vaccines more in-tune with a chemist, his research disputes that these vaccines are like razor blades in the blood stream and why people with faster moving blood like athletes are dropping at an increased rate.
      This Dr/Chemist was also raided and murdered by police as if that message doesn’t speak loudly on it’s own. Have you had a chance to watch it or can you agree with the logic or any of his research into this? You can check him out on Youtube Dr.Andreas Noack(R.I.P)
      If i can I will cite the video of his, it’s a bit sketch as it’s in German and the author added sub titles that appear rather fast, but you can make sense of it as you’re reading and following along.
      If you have any feedback if you even take the time to watch this, Please share your thoughts on if you can find truth to his work, as I’m not a doctor but find this has the logic to be true.

    • Cameron Bogle

      Anthony, it is/was not the wish of (Western ) Canadians that the “Drama” teacher or his father would ever be elected to any office…not even dog catcher. It is the people in Ontario and Quebec primarily who decide elections in Canada because they have a greater population than the West and hence more seats in the House of Commons. The election is basically over shortly after the polls close in the West. They vote Liberal and we vote Conservative with a smattering of fringe votes for other parties.
      Trudeau is a New World Order puppet and a WEF “Build Back Better” minion. Despicable.
      Cameron J. Bogle
      Proud Albertan and Canadian

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks for the reply Cam, I get it now. Take care!

        • Errol Karma

          Another patriotic Canadian who clearly sees Trudeau for what he is.lets add Traitor and psychopath to that long list.Clearly an increasing number of Canadians and starting to see thru the fog of deception and evil.When this chapter in human history ends Trudeau and the others like that waste of space Doug Ford PM on Ontario and that psychopath Christine Elliott will have nowhere to run from a very p…ed off damaged general populace who will have only one thing on their collective minds and that it wont be forgiveness in any way shape of form.The tide is beginning to turn and these cockroaches clearly know it .Why else would these cockroaches remove the velvet glove and replace it with the iron fist if not for a conscious awareness that things are not moving as smoothly as anticipated.Awakened collective resistance is a bitch and is not going away anytime soon. For you history buffs you will recall how Hitler and the Nazis thought they had everything in the bag up until mid /late 1941 Well by mid 1942 the tide had clearly reversed and the countdown to allied victory had begun.History seldom repeats exactly but it sure the hell often rhymes. God bless Canada and the United States of America!!!!!

          .How these individuals think they are going to just march off into the sunset and enjoy the fruits of their actions put new meaning to the word DELUSIONAL .

    • FireDog

      PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! Make safe, preventive, and curative Hydroxy-chloro-quine (HCQ) to remove COVID19 and VARIANTS from your primary and secondary autoimmune systems! DIRECTIONS: (1) remove skins from 3 organic grapefruits and 3 organic lemons, (2) put skins and 10 cups water into a pot, cover with lid, (3) ‘simmer’ over heat for THREE hours, cool, remove skins, pour HCQ into glass jars with lids, and refrigerate. (4) drink 2 Tablespoons at morning and night … feel better within hours or day. 🙂

    • Laura McDonough

      This is who is ruling the E.U. Hitler would love her: a 21st century Ms. Hitler wants to ignore Nuremberg code. When will the European men grow a spine and stand up for themselves and their citizens and quit being cowards and sissies?

  2. Joseph Rocco

    Merry Christmas to you Greg your wife and family. Truly blessed to have found you so many years ago.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joseph!! Merry Christmas!!

      • Ed

        Re Get the vax crap out of your body

        while you can.

        • AL HALL


          $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the FEDERAL GOVT and over 140 MONOPOLISTS

        • Karl Hecky

          Merry Christmas Greg and thanks for what you do.
          In one of your past interviews with Clif High did he say that carbon 60 may help to wash out the Vax? I was dumb enough to take the J&J jab back in May. Fortunately I never had any problems and I’ve not had the covid but I take C60 regularly plus vitamin D. I hope the jab will wash out of me. I’m 69.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Karl!! Merry Christmas!!!

            • JC

              By Declan LEARY

              This year (and I’m sure in others) the suggestion has been circulated that the entire Santa Claus Industrial Complex operates with insidious intent—even more insidious, that is, than the reduction of the incarnation of the Creator of the universe to a cheap commercial jubilee. Joel Berry, managing editor of satire site the Babylon Bee, proposes:

              Joel Berry
              Hot take: Letting your kids believe in Santa Claus—who doesn’t exist—is just training them to deconstruct their faith and reject God, who does exist. Discuss.


        • Julie Creighton

          Querecetin won’t help….?? Where did you hear that? Dietary bentonite will help remove the heavy metals possibly

      • James

        Hello Greg and Merry Christmas!
        Although these crazy things are happening, we can have peace in Christ — for He knows about this and He will destroy those who destroy the Earth. He is a patient and merciful God and many of those who are rich and powerful who don’t know the truth need to be informed of the Good News and the Character of God, especially the new covenant and new life in Him.
        I also wanted to let you know, for those who are in Asia and other countries, they are being blocked from seeing the link and video on your web pages. The web page shows up correctly, but without the actual video box or link to watch the video. It might be beneficial for you to type in your message part of the link (for example this video doesn’t show the link which is blocked, so if you say to type in: and then paste next to it the rest of the video code (which should be written in your text area so they can’t block that). For example, this is the code for this video (which you can find on all of your videos: first it is: (then the rest of the video code is:). ugdmvn.vnj39s of course there must be that forward slash after in order for it to work. Once they paste it, then they can get there. Or, there may be another way where it doesn’t look like a link, but it is. In other words, for example: (with a couple of space bars in between– so it doesn’t recognize it as a link) then ugdmvn.vnj39s . So it looks like this: [ ugdmvn.vnj39s ]. Maybe that might work!

      • john puleo

        Greg I have my doubts that there is a virus. That may be a hoax too ! It’s the poison from chemtrails and other stuff that reacts to 5G and it oxidizes especially in the lungs. It’s very very advanced technology designed to trick the world into thinking there’s a virus.

        • Laura McDonough

          I had my doubts that covid was real like you, but I suspected the 1918 flu virus (after several people that were dug up, who died from virus in Alaska) virus was made into a bio weapon and released in various places world wide.

    • B Mac

      Although true, and I agree with this, being from Alberta. I voted for the PCP.
      The Conservatives run by O’Foole, had pretty much the same platform as the liberals.
      One thing people need to realize is that no matter which puppet is elected, conservative or liberal, they are a puppet, period. They will play ball with whatever handler they answer to as it has always been and will be. This is the illusion of democracy and that voting for either party has any big change.
      As much as I despise Trudeau, the Eastern Canada or Quebec as a whole.. it makes no difference other than how you might sleep better at night. Prefer he wasn’t the Prime Minister, but again, it’s no different had O’Foole got the position. He supports all the same.

      • The Ogs

        Yes B Mac, my Conservative candidate in the last election was a joke. She didn’t represent my views and neither did the Conservative leader!
        I noted that my local PC candidate didn’t even mail me anything asking for my vote. Nothing.
        This from the once-proud Progressive Conservative party with a history full of tradition and high office. We need to reboot the PC party (bigtime) here in eastern Canada.

  3. Ken Reidy

    This world I was unprepared upon birth. Now all immune systems are under threat from control freeks.🐒

  4. Robert

    we are at the point of hospitalizing people because of the vaccination and not the supposedly highly deadly, highly contagious , virus ! WAKE UP WORLD !!!

  5. Jim Ledayrd

    Hi Greg and thanks for connecting the dots. I think the narrative has finally been exposed and is failing..(thanks to people like USA Watchdog) Even the Karens and those in chronic denial are now aware that Covid is a hustle; along with trans gender, supply chain, illegal immigration, inflation, school shootings, lockdowns. Bill and Klaus and the Davos boys have over-played their hand and they’re going to be exposed very soon…they can no longer hide it.

    • Paul ...

      Jim … Just like in the children’s story of Hansel & Gretel … this Witch …×469.jpg … is now “lighting the ovens” in Germany … and on Feb 1 , 2022 “German children will get tossed in” … unless … us kids (who still have a brain) can somehow outwit this Evil Witch … now preparing to cook and clot the blood of Germany’s children with the “jab”… “just like in the Hansel & Gretel fable (“that has now become a sad reality” in this New Psychopathic World Order forcibly being thrust upon mankind … by totally insane and evil people under Satan’s spell)!!

      • Paul ...

        Notice the “remarkable resemblance” between the Satanic Witch above … and the Witch in this Hansel & Gretel movie … very interesting … almost as though this movie had to be released “to forewarn the general public” (as Satanists are required to do)?? … and give us a heads up on what the Witch coming to kill our children would look like??? …

  6. Dale Whitmore

    Greg, First, WEAR your glasses! You look and sound pretty competent. My first consideration, question everything on the NET. Period. Now, Seems everything is subject to change; I hope you and Doctor E.Hads are accurate in this fearsome ‘V’
    battle. Accuracy check shows THE medical field should research without predisposing – if not overrun with the Depopulation contribution program.

  7. Jerry

    Only by the grace of God am I still here. Sadly in the past few weeks I have lost even more friends and family from the effects of the BioWar we are in. I fully expect in the coming weeks I will be helping many more friends and fellow Christians go through the grieving process I have just gone through, with the loss of loved ones from this tragedy There appears to be no way out of this tribulation short of the return of our lord Jesus Christ.

    It sickens me to watch the endless drumbeat of lies being perpetuated by the MSM and their puppeteers in Davos. I ask myself everyday, why people don’t remember we were told only a few short months ago by Fauci and the CDC that children we’re low risk from the virus and didn’t need to get vaccinated? But now here they come after them. Talk about boiling a frog in hot water? Greg these lunatics are getting ready to clamp the lid down once the star link system goes live with 5G in January. There is much more to this story than just the vaccine bioweapon. Can you say reset?

    • carter

      There is an interesting amount of deception at Trunews that requires discernment.
      ‘Snot worth the trouble.

    • JC


      Check this out. No, it’s not from a Twilight Zone episode.

      As Mark Twain famously noted: history may not always repeat, but it rhymes. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has taken the leading elements of a dark time in history and now openly advocates for their repetition. Can these people not hear themselves? This is madness.

      Mrs. von der Leyen’s husband is Heiko von der Leyen, the Director of the US biotech company Orgenesis which specializes in medical research to include cell and gene therapies.

      Mr. Heiko von der Leyen organizes the scientific experiments, and then his wife Ursula advocates for forced vaccinations for all citizens within the European Union; and the removal of the prohibitive Nuremberg Code. This would be a twisted and sick plot within a science fiction movie; however, it is very real.

      • Jerry

        That is truly frightening. Apparently the globalist have learned nothing from history. The problem is where I live there is a well armed population that is wide awake and will not be going along with their agenda.

      • Paula Davis

        Anyone know the whereabouts of Paul… ?
        I enjoy his comments & knowledge on various topics discussed here.

        • JC


          Don’t worry about Paul…

          Today is Sunday and he is probably preparing an Italian sauce with meatballs, braccioles and sausages (preferably the type with fennel seeds) It’s a time consuming process. He will be back.

          But what about eddiemd?

          • Paul ...

            JC … I always buy my sausage with fennel seeds … Foeniculum vulgare offers a wide array of health benefits from antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial , anti-viral and anti-cancer effects … which can lower the risk of heart, cancer and neurological problems due to the “jab” ( although pregnant women should eat fennel in moderation … as it is “so powerful” … that eating too much may actually kill your fetus … and put abortion clinics out of business)!! …

            • JC


              I appreciate your technique for slicing the garlic, and also that you make sure if Vinnie is in charge of doing the sauce, that he doesn’t put too many onions.


              • Paul ...

                JC … Just three(3) small onions (for the quercetin) … sausage (for the zinc) … tomato sauce (for the vitamin C and lycopene) … [notice how the evil Deep State has lately been removing the very healthy fennel seeds from our sausages] !!!

        • Paul ...

          Paula … I was just checking out the advanced technical capabilities of the Globalists newest “robot police” force as replacements for “human police” (who are throwing down their shields and joining the protesters) … we should all pray to God for salvation … here is a clip of the Globalists latest highly advanced police robot … tackling an “un-vaccinated” man … trying to escape down an escalator …

          • Paula Davis

            Paul & JC….continue on men as we need your wit & wisdom!

    • Warren B.

      Their HIDDEN agenda is to eliminate at least 3 Future Generations of human offspring. The vaccination of the Children (sterilizing) will ensure that at a minimum for the next 80 years (life expectancy is on average 85 years) there will be radically diminished births = 3 generations. By the turn of the century the human race will be a trans-humanistic form.

      • Jerry

        Warren B.
        Once again you are correct. We are in the middle of a globalist plan that was predicted to happen as far back as 1958.

        I for one, don’t give the globalist that much credit. This has lucifers dream of world domination all over it. The classic earmark of his agendas always involve child sacrifice as far back as Baal. And now it involves marking them like cattle with a injector. We are nearing the apex of a global reset. Pray.

        • Warren B.

          Those that deify the God of Light (Lucifer) belong to the secret societies which have been roaming this Earth since before Christ. The Globalists are all members of these societies…that work in secrecy under the cover of shadows. Many of the rituals that they follow include amongst many…. (as you well may know)…..sacrificial baby killings. Do not for 1 minute accept that there is any degree of separation between Lucifer and the Globalists. These obsessed humans (if you can call them that) have desires to acquire “Enlightenment” – which is achieved through numerous experiences – that is why you see these people partake in sick rituals including pedophilia, orgies and human sacrifice. They wish to become Gods …. the only way to arrive at that state is through a debauched life. In their beliefs there is no reincarnation if you do not have Enlightenment. That would explain the behavior of many of those that are members of the societies that worship Lucifer.

  8. Country Codger

    WOW!!! is all I can say.
    Fantastic!!! Can we buy tickets to see these people hang???
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  9. Valerie

    Now I’m very frightened! I’m UNvaccinated, but I work part time in assisted living. 95% of the residents and 95% of my coworkers are vaccinated, and most of them just got their boosters last month. According to this doctor, I could be at risk from these people I work around, due to vaccine shedding, etc.!!!!!
    I greatly appreciate this information.
    GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Kory and Dr. Eads both say you should be taking Ivermectin twice a week along with HCQ, zinc, NAC and other vitamins.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, I watched a video by one of the Frontline Docs and watch so many of them, I forgot which one said take one 6mg of Ivermectin one week and then flip to 1 200 mg of HCQ three times the next week and then start over again with Iver. Also, all the other vitamins like Calc/Zinc/Vit C/ Quercetin OTC or green tea. Dr. Zilenko has a one pill with all in it but sadly, the Thai FDA would and has stolen my vitamins and other stuff from the USA to Thailand. I watched the 1953 movie, War of the Worlds last night. Funny even then as you know what stopped all the invading Aliens from Mars? A virus. I pray 3 hours a day for all I love and know. You are in those prayers Greg. I workout those 3 hours so it all goes fast and get to pray too.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you David for your gift of prayer.

      • Paula Davis

        Do you know or can you find out what country is producing Ivermectin If most of our Pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China….hmmm, I’m not so sure of the safety of any drug considering what we already know.
        Greg, I truly believe Divine Intervention led me to USAWatchdog; I thank God & you for all that you do.

      • Jerry

        Ivermectin is still hard to find. The last order I got came from India and it took over a month for me to get it. Doctors are afraid to prescribe it where I live out of fear of losing their license.

        • Christopher Schulz

          My protocol was Naproxen, Melatonin, VitaminD3+Zinc.

        • Rick

          Jerry, My doctor stopped prescribing Ivermectin so I bought some at the farm supply store in liquid form. My current doctor, that I found after search for two months, Told me to take 1 ml two times a week. My doctor said it’s the same thing you buy in the pharmacy and one reason pharmacy’s aren’t getting Ivermectin is companies are stopping production. Great job Greg!!

        • Paul ...

          Here is a “Protocol” from Dr. Zandre … for those who took the “jab” and are desperately searching for ways to counteract it (before they inherit the Earth compliments of the Big Pharma psychopathic murderers and are planted six feet under) … … as for all the people who were happy their cancers went into remission … Fauci made sure “their cancers returned” after his “jab” … which should have been expected … as the “jab” was purposely designed by Fauci “to splice HIV into the spike protein” … he knew … the evil bastard knew it would destroy everyone’s T-cells … which is the very foundation God’s naturally given immune system!!!

          • Paula Davis

            Fr. Chris sadly mentioned this AM that in his 25 years of ministry he has personal knowledge of more deaths from cancer, HA, & strokes than any other time. He did not connect the dots to the “jab” being the cause. Lots of sadness yet many continue to schedule appts. to get “boosted” apparently him included.

      • Pamela

        Where do you get the Ivermectin? Doctors won’t prescribe it here, and going to the front line doctors is expensive esp if you should be taking it weekly. There are 3 of us all adults, so that can add up super fast if we have to pay out of pocket. I haven’t even been able to locate work due to not getting this shot.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up and don’t take the injections:

        • Jeff

          I bought from India Mart 1000 Ivermectin 12mg pills for $183. Ask for discount for larger order. I went to their site months ago and was unsure about safety and delivery. After other commenters here said they had good results I decided to order from them. Shipping is $33 for up to 2000 pills. I bought 1000 to share. Regular price .15 /pill.
          .135 for 1000 . .12 for 2000 Very professional. 9% charge for PayPal payments

          • Bob

            In New Zealand the customs agents spend all day looking for Ivermectin and confiscating it. The evil tooth fairy has said we can’t have it.
            We can get horse paste though. Promectin Plus for foals and ponies is a reasonable option, but it does taste funny.
            Karma will catch up with the overenthusiastic customs workers since they are probably all vaxed. Too bad for them. I don’t care. The cops too – they wear these stupid paper masks all day, they all look like little piggies they way the masks stick out like snouts.

      • Johnny

        Hi Greg, What amounts and how often on all the supplements that are advised?

    • Laura McDonough

      I would go into another line of work, you are connecting w/ many who have the jabs incl boosters. A friend does private nursing w/ elderly in homes.

  10. Loop Garoo

    The nice corporate hospitals wouldn’t do that. Yeah, right. Just like the the Illuminati would not nuke the Twin Towers.

    • cheryl

      it wasnt nuked it was set up as planned demolition so it came straight down. the support beams in the basement were cut the weekend prior, the security company for the towers was owned by 1 of the bush brothers and were seen in the towers that weekend in the basement.

      • Paul ...

        Cheryl … The same way our Government was behind the killing of 3000 on 9-11 … our Government is now behind the killing of 30,000 in 2021 … 300,000 in 2022 … 3 Million in 2024 … and 3 Billion in 2025 (as the mandated “jab” boosters are made ever more powerful and deadly each year) … the current “jab” spike proteins are simply designed to “pre-cut the beams” (our veins and arteries) … before the entire immune system is “pulled” down to the ground (using a 5G or EMP signal) … and just like the steel from the WTC was used to build a ship …all our skeletons will probably be crushed and pressed to make one additional Georgia Guide-stone … with the words .. “WE DID IT” … proudly engraved upon the fossilized stone of humanity … by the “Evil Satanic Globalist Eugenicists”!!

  11. Donald

    Thanks Trump for your ‘beautiful vaccine’!!!

    • John

      So true……………He fooled a lot of people. He also intentionally exposed Freedom to persecution. Sorry Greg but you need to stop giving any praise to Trump. Having less of an evil is no real choice.

    • Jim

      Why don’t you blame Biden? You are blaming someone that is not a doctor or scientist. He has been lied to by people that he was assured were trustworthy. He MAY be guilty of trusting the wrong people. But, he says to decide for yourself if you want to take it. However, Biden is MANDATING you take this “vaccine”. In Australia they are rounding up the unvaccinated and putting them in “camps”, is that Trumps fault too????

      • Paul ...

        Jim … Most of us dumb idiots (who are not doctors or scientists) … know that if “jabbed” people are dying of blood clots to the brain, the heart, the lungs, are shaking uncontrollably … and young strong athletes who were “jabbed” are dropping dead on the playing field … we know … there is something not kosher about the “jab” … and that it is unfit for human consumption … we dumb idiots also know that it makes little sense to re-elect Trump … who is an even “dumber idiot” for not being able to see “what is obvious” to us regular dumb idiots … who have already figured out that the “vaccine” (Is The Virus) … and that Fauci Created It and Gave It Extra Functions … like adding HIV to give It the ability to destroy our T-cells … and spiking It with other Killer Functions … to clot our blood and explode our brains, etc,. etc.)!!

        • Paul ...

          How long are our politicians going “to pretend there is no problem with the “jab” … how long are our politicians going “to pretend the “jab” is safe” to give to our children and babies?? … even if “99% of them are as dumb as Trump” … when will the 1% stand up to the Globalists … there must come a time when “just one dumb ass politician” will listen to “a real science expert” and forget about the Big Pharma bribes … and do something good for humanity … if only to save their own children from death … like listen to a researcher from a highly prestigious British Institution who has just unequivocally said to these dumb ass politicians … “that he has found concrete links between inflammation of coronary arteries and the experimental mRNA jabs” …
 … are we going to elect another dumb ass politician in 2024 who doesn’t have the brains to decipher that the “jab” is Not Safe??? (when they can easily see athletes dropping dead on the field right before their very eyes) … and yet will not stand up to represent the American people or help to save our children from certain death … or sterilization … or a maximum life span of only 60 years????

          • Gandhi

            Politicians aren’t dumb, they even exempted themselves from jab requirements and Obama care. They are not going to jeopardize their retirements. They are like chickens in the large chicken farms, they all have to squack the same or be singled out as a problem. Nuremberg trials affirmed that just “followink ooodas” is not a defense but willful ignorance is a legal gray area if enough clowns chirp the same. Clearly, no injections for them though. Funny, even an idiot can see this now. If you think they are dumb then you are the stupid one.

      • Donald

        Yes, Trump bears much of the responsibility for that, because most countries in the West follow America’s lead.

    • Marie+Joy

      Regarding Trump, I think they threatened to kill him and his.

      • Donald

        Why not apply this same excuse to Biden’s actions?

  12. Gerry

    Greg : why can’ this thing be stopped by judges and congress. I don’t understand.

    • JayJay

      Three PMs or leaders were killed because they refused the injection.

    • Fred Daake

      Judges are law school graduates. They are experts in nothing but BS. They would never understand chemistry, just as they have no understanding of the security dangers of digital election machines.

  13. SkeptiSchism

    Hopefully the tide turns and people wake up to this disaster. Thanks Mr. Hunter for bringing on such great guests. Keep up the good fight.

  14. Norlin+Gutz

    They are contending that these variants are being created by the un-vaccinated….but that just doesn’t make sense in the world that I have lived in….we have a problem in Agriculture of weed’s becoming immune to a certain herbicide….it develops an immunity or a way to deal with the specific herbicide….the same thing we observe in animal’s if you keep treating a specific disease in your herd with the same drug’s….the disease find’s a way around your drug. So I would think with Covid….you would get variant’s from people that are treating Covid with some drug or vaccine… how are we responsible for the new variant’s?…

  15. Poochiman

    I find Dr. Elisabeth Eads extremely important. Thank you for inviting her. She is a true doctor and a hero.

  16. Frank

    Hi Greg,
    I’m still sending your videos globally to go viral, great job.



    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion Frank.

  17. JOL

    I can not believe that knowing over 86 million people in America who stand for TRUMP are not doing something about all of this. We just read it, but others in the background have plans. They will not allow this to continue much longer. Thank you Greg. I read all your messages.

    • John

      A lot of those followers have taken the shots.

  18. Trinacria

    These evil clowns that want to reduce world population…well why don’t they lead by example?!

  19. Bruce McGott

    Watch “DeSantis Rip Social Media Companies, Signs Bill Blocking Big Tech From Deplatforming Conservatives” on YouTube
    In case you missed this. Is this part of the rising of the people mentioned in the Bible, of the time of the end and in the book from the early 1960’s about The fall of Babylon The Great?
    Now if I could find, it mentioned in the comments a few times here in

    • Doc

      Reread revelation with the understanding Babylon was earthly Jerusalem at the time of her destruction in 70 AD just as Christ prophesied. She and her people are the whore compared to the chaste virgin in white which is the new bride/new Jerusalem. God fulfilled all his covenant promises by redeeming a remnant and bringing salvation to the gentiles and Jews alike.

      Come Lord Jesus is simply a modern church tactic to disarm you of your power, authority, and responsibility in Christ. He is not an earthly king and he returned in 70 Ad to judge the whore who put him on the cross and his followers to death.

      Quit following a prewritten script. Stand up and take back what is ours. We are princes of Earth and our enemy is fear (ouselves). The devil has no power unless you give it to him.

      • Charles H.

        NO, Doc ,

        You are wrong that : “God fulfilled all his covenant promises by redeeming a remnant and bringing salvation to the gentiles and Jews alike.” There are still covenant promises yet to be realized for Israel – such as those bestowed in the Millennium Kingdom. How you phrase your claim is close to Replacement Theology, where the New Testament church replaces Israel: and that modern teaching is patently false.

        I doubt also that 70 ad earthly Jerusalem was Babylon. Though controversial – Babylon is generally characterized as ‘the mother of whores’ and a ‘world-system’ of commerce and power. Jerusalem never came close to being anything like that. This sounds like someone just put a label on it.

        And Jesus Christ did NOT return in 70 ad: “(he returned in 70 Ad) to judge the whore who put him on the cross and his followers to death.” This sounds entirely like Catholic doctrine – which allows Mary to be the Interceder for sinners, because her son is ‘angry HE had to go to the Cross’; so she pleads against His anger. This is pure hokey. Jesus Christ willingly obeyed God the Father to go to the Cross. No human, or devil for that matter, ‘put’ Jesus Christ to suffer on the Cross. This is completely false.

        Also – Jesus Christ has three advents, and two returns. Three Advents: earthly ministry; in the clouds Rapture; and Armeggedon war/Millenial Kingdom. The Two Returns is when HE appears for the Rapture, then Armeggedon war/Millenial Kingdom.
        What you propose has no foundation in the Holy Bible. I dare say that no church history ever confirms this event you claim.

        I would, based upon your above false claims, be careful. A chief of the priests, an exorcist of the vagabond Jews tried to claim great authority. (“We are princes of Earth and our enemy is fear (ouselves). The devil has no power unless you give it to him.”). He and his sons – “took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in-home the evil spirit was leaped upon them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” Acts 19: 13-16. Remember Sceva.

        • Paul ...

          CH .. As you say: “The devil has no power unless you give it to him” … so simply refuse the “jab” and refuse to abide by Satan’s Demon’s mandates … who are they going to send against 7 billion people who refuse to comply??? … we not only have the numbers on our side … but we have guns … and we know how to use them to take out the Fascist/Commie leadership intent on exterminating the human race!!

  20. Robert M. Lucci

    Hey can we get Dr. Betsy to get us a script for Ivermectin.

    • cheryl

      go to and get one. u will have to pay for the rx but not for the doctor visit online to get it.

  21. Kevin24

    Liz and Karen are both awesome guest.
    Hey Greg can you do some digging on these Nwremburg trials that have supposedly started?

    • Mary Clare Wareham

      Or Push Health…same deal

  22. Mike Foley

    How do all the smart doctors not know the shot is a part of an eugenics program?
    What if they do know?

  23. Marilyn Guinnane

    What help is there for those of us who have been shed on? In my case, not once but TWICE now. I’m really sick. Yes, I take Ivermectin but if I have parasites Ivermectin has taken care of that. (I agree with Carrie Made, MD and Andrew Kaufman, MD, in that Ivermectin is ONLY GOOD for getting rid of parasites). I take vitamin C, zinc, beta-glucan, and all the other recommended things, most especially NAC, but these things don’t prevent me from being shed upon. How do I know what damage has been done to me? See a dr.? Now there’s a laugh. How about admitting myself to a hospital?! HA HA HA Joke of the century. You know, we’ve all known for a long long time that MDs are a bunch of quacks who get kick backs from Big Pharma for every drug they prescribe, and those drugs often KILL. They don’t care. This country has gone completely to shit. And I sit here, sick with nowhere to turn. The first shedding I received had me bedridden for 3 mos. & 5 days, and now it’s back. If we’re truly at war, why are the enemies allowed to remain free? Why isn’t Gates and Fauci behind bars, awaiting execution for crimes against humanity?!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      According to Dr. Kory the Ivermectin doses twice a week binds to the spike protein and removes them from the body. Dr. Kory said this in his interview on USAW a month or so back.

  24. Mary

    VAERS death count is now 19,532. That makes the actual number 800,814

    • Robert

      Mary, I’ve been seeing many more people in their 40s and 50s in the obituaries. Sometimes it says they died from a short illness or suddenly.

  25. Al Day

    They’re just trying to kill all of us. We had a series of chem-trails here last week then it clouded up and rained. It was so obvious. These people are demons. Only the 2nd return will stop them.

  26. Kyle Dornan

    Does someone know which Harvard study is mentioned here? The one about the most vaccinated county having the highest transmission rates and the lowest vaccinated county having the lowest transmission rates?

    • Greg Hunter


      “Of the top 5 counties that have the highest percentageof population fully vaccinated (99.9–84.3%), the US Cent-ers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies 4of them as “High” Transmission counties. Chattahoochee(Georgia), McKinley (New Mexico), and Arecibo (PuertoRico) counties have above 90% of their population fully vac-cinated with all three being classified as “High” transmis-sion. Conversely, of the 57 counties that have been classifiedas “low” transmission counties by the CDC, 26.3% (15) havepercentage of population fully vaccinated below 20%.”

  27. R.M. Stockmann

    When even the unvaccinated, after two years into this pandemic, are
    getting Pericarditis, Myocarditis, Dermatitis, Diabetes mellitus and
    Encephalitis, Psoriasis, Dermatitis Bullous, Autoimmune disorder and
    Raynaud’s phenomenon [1], when visiting the vaccinated , its time for
    rigorous action. The following protocol [2] by dr. Kalcker called CDS
    (Dissolution of chlorine dioxide, ClO², in water (gas dissolved in
    water) , previously known as MMS (name by Jim Humble) has proven to
    work for 100% with severe COVID-19 cases in Bolivia. The protocol will
    destroy completely and entirely the contents of the shots present in
    your body and next leaves in natural ways.



    God bless Betsy Eads

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Vince!!

  29. Laura

    I’ve read that remdesivir has a 25% mortality rate. This is the first time I’ve heard 53%.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Dory said nearly the same thing about Remdesivir. Dr. Kory’s nick name for the drug was “death is near.” Kory said Remdesivir is a “ridiculous drug” that should never be used on CV19 patients.

  30. Donald Wilson

    Greg the end goal is to eliminate 2-3 billion people from the face of the earth. Bill Gates in his own words said there are to many people. Period. End of story.

  31. Robert Coleman

    One of your best interviews.
    Extremely informative and eye opening.
    Nuremberg 2.0 being instituted by over 1000 attorneys is awesome.
    Have had friends of mine in various countries all over the world who have had two jabs and even a booster – they are now complaining of loss of energy. Sent them numerous videos on the side effects and actual scientific data and yet they continued to get the jabs and the booster. As for me an original St. Louis born individual – You know the Motto of Missouri – it’s the SHOW ME State. There has been no real scientific proof that the virus is real or that the jabs will work. As for me and my wife – we are Virus Free and Jab Free – we will survive through all of this even though we live in Guangzhou China now. FYI – One of the Major Brands of Supermarket Chains in China ( BRAVO ) have closed down over 200 supermarkets in China as has WalMart in China – not enough Food to support all of the Supermarkets in China. Keep up the great reporting Greg.

    • Laura McDonough

      Eliminating 6 billion or more,they want a sustainable population of 500,000,ooo now we have close to 7.8 billion.

  32. Stan

    Great interview, Greg. Thank you

    • Charles H.

      Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Stan.

      • Paul ...

        Charles … I was thinking of giving Stan “a gold coin” for Christmas … but I decided against it … as he would likely look upon it “like a lump of coal” … so I printed up an IOU for a Million Dollars on a piece of paper from my loose leaf book (you know like the Fed does) and mailed it to the North Pole for Santa to deliver to Stan … “Fully Payable Upon Demand” (with another IOU from my loose leaf book)!!

        • Stan

          Paul: I accept US Dollars and certain derivative contracts for Christmas gifts. If you gave me a Gold coin I would immediately sell it for Dollars.

  33. Fred Daake

    Thanks for the excellent interview. I already mailed the link out to my entire massive mailing list of three people. Quality not quantity.

  34. Wanda

    Love you Greg Hunter, you are one of my all-time favorites. You always have a wealth of great info and great guest that are so informative. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. This message from Dr. Elizabeth Eads really hit home to our family as we have dealt with the exact protocols she explained. Our brother has suffered tremendously because of this death protocol. and has destroyed his health and his life as he knew it before his hospital imprisonment,
    Thanks again

    • Earth Angel

      Prayers are with you and your family Wanda. So saddened to hear that this has harmed the quality of life of your brother. I hope he can get some of the treatment protocols some doctors are saying may help rid the body of the horrible toxins from the jabs. I pray he can recover. May God watch over and comfort you and your family members, especially your brother.

  35. Warren B.

    Thanks for having Dr Eads on.
    According to this scientist the Graphene Oxide is actually Graphene Hydroxide…..He had gotten too close….by uncovering their plans. The secret of the VAX is OUT. All the attention on Graphene Oxide was misplaced. It is in FACT GRAPHENE HYDROXIDE (NANO RAZOR BLADES) now circulating in the vascular system of those that have been VAXXED.
    He explains it all in this 18 min video interview.
    Share it freely – to everyone.

    • JayJay

      That scientist/doctor is dead –was killed after making this.

    • Fred Daake

      Warren – thanks for the very interesting link. I recommend that others watch it. The young PHD bio-chemist who gave that video lecture “died” soon after he released the information. He claims that he is (was) the top European expert on carbon and how it works biochemically. In short, as you said, injecting the razor blades into your system is Russian Roulette.

  36. Keith Williams

    Time to construct gallows. Not one-sies and two-sies, we’re gonna need lot’s of the 10-stall gallows, and run them on 24 hour shifts!

    • Laura McDonough

      Need to line them up against a solid wall of concrete and have a firing squad do the executions, no need to build anything.

  37. Lawrence

    Yeah Greg. I left the hospital, as a PharmD, because they are letting people die! Dr, Eads is correct. They are not providing HCQ or IVM. Plus, I was involved in entering patients into the NC ID Database when the doctors would order the injections. Nope, I was not going to participate. If you’re sick folks don’t go to the hospital. If you can’t find a doctor to write you a script for IVM then go to and find a doctor that will. May God help us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the back up street reporting!!!

    • Bill

      Thank you Lawrence – excellent reminder about We in fact do have options, and we can fire our doctor if they are not providing us with the best advice.

  38. Keith Williams

    Thank God we have people like Dr. Eads!

  39. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg and Dr. Eads for another important message of protection for every one of us.

  40. paul lilliott

    Dr Eads is one of the phenomenal TREASURES that this insanity has brought us! SO courageous, so caring, so effective and tenacious and SO eloquent! What a beautiful soul! And her knowledge and delivery are exceptional.
    Thanks Greg for being a beacon of light and bringing us such valuable people and information.
    The first David Rockefeller, with his depopulation obsessions, and his new medical model, set off a self-expanding nightmare, based on a view of ‘disease’ as totally arbitrary and unrelated to lifestyle – and on treatment protocols that abhorred anything prophylactic or natural. A perfect model to attract those motivated by HUGE greed – and one to be taken by our flawed financial structure to the level literally of LEGAL organized crime – on a mass scale. A perfect model to turn vast numbers of we the people into credulous zombies who totally believe this paradigm – and who will violently police those who think for themselves. AND a perfect model on which to construct a completely stealth totalitarian takeover and mass kill off! This ‘crisis’ is not an isolated incident – which is why no ‘savior’ will resolve it. It is our collective souls screaming for the whole allopathic insanity to be re-examined and turned inside out – yes, keep the good, but end the ubiquitous poisoning for profit – and release the vast INCREDIBLE healing tools and healers that are being sat on. We also have learn how to separate the vital and great aspects of capitalism from the out-of-control corporate behemoth it so easily transmutes into. All this will take more than just a new Nuremburg, however vital and wonderful the work of Feuermich and Martin. But IF we do undertake a complete re-examination, what an incredible world we will start to build!

  41. r.v.

    “the chimpanzee adenovirus used by AstraZeneca… attracts the blood protein known as “platelet factor 4” to it.” “which triggers a reaction from the body’s immune system that can result in clots.” It would have been nice to know this BEFORE, not AFTER.

    During Wintertime clots and heart attacks seems to strike during this time of the year.

    • Robert

      You mean have informed consent, like the Nuremberg Code requires? How can we be informed when the FDA is placing a 55 year lock on the ingredients of these mRNA therapies? What are they hiding

    • Jeff Bertrand

      Is platelet factor 4 involved in cold agglutinin disease? I will do some more reading on this one. Is that why they are issuing warnings about cold weather? Thanks.

  42. g kaiser

    Thanks for this last video. I see the comment at 1.35 minutes, mentiones unvaxxed people.
    Is this what she wanted to say? The person with the heart problem she mentions was fully vaccinated and had his booster shot.
    Just want to make sure she did not make a mistake.

    Kind regards

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes G. Dr. Eads says vaxed and unvaxed are getting sick. The vaxed are getting sick from the shots, and then, they are shedding on the unvaxed and getting them sick too. Seems far worse for the vaxed though.

    • r.v.

      Robert agree in\formed consent. This is the biggest scam in the 21st Century happening in front of everyone.

    • r.v.

      Jeff not sure, not an md, appears wine molecule Resveratrol works the pills may rescue the Vaxxed, too bad 5 – 18 years olds can’t have any wine with resveratrol they are old enough to be murdered and too young to be saved. Saying the Cold Weather not good for clots and heart attacks the north and north east may have some problems. Resveratrol Pills:

  43. Dr. T

    This has been more than 20 years in the making. Multiple drills/simulations have been run going back to 2000 so this was well planned out in advance.

    Everything I have been warning about is accelerating and you can expect it to continue to escalate until the majority of you no longer exist. This is what happens in a society that has been dumb downed to the level you are now at.

    It’s time to stop talking about it. The genocide is now in full operation and there is nowhere for you to hide. Unless you have a survival bunker where you can endure for months if not years, y0ur time is limited but perhaps you can find a way out of the US and into a safe zone. Just stay out of other western countries , ie Europe, Canada and Australia because their fate is not much better.

    Basically, soon the west will go down and the east will rise. Don’t worry about the enemy you currently fear as the real enemy is coming from within. You were all warned but few listened and took this seriously. Now you will pay the price. The ultimate price. I know I will get attacked for this but I am just a messenger and a well informed one at that.

  44. Ed Mustafo

    When you listen to Dr. Eads talk you don’t want to miss a word. This person is an extremely intelligent individual. Great interview Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Ed!! Thanks for weighing in here!

      • Gary C

        Greg, you have done a great service to humanity by interviewing
        Dr Eads. My Cardiologist told me to get Vaxed, I will never see
        him again.

  45. Neville

    This interview was like listening to a professional witness giving damning evidence at a mass murder trial.
    GOD hears these words and he knows that the guilty verdict will be punished by HIM.
    When will people wake up and get back to our LORD GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, repent and follow HIS ways? For only by living according to GOD’S WILL ,can mankind be saved.
    Stop putting this chemical filth in to your bodies ,this chemical garbage already has a lot of support from the chemicals ingested via the so-called ”food” chain which is itself riddled with man made chemicals of the most diabolical variety.
    Take a muck donalds burger for instance ,anyone eating that crap is putting a says work of vaccinated cows meat into their bodies which work against the immune system.
    Then there are all the cola sodas also just chemical lavatory cleaner that the average citizen wolfs down by the gallon.
    Thank you Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads and the ace crime detector/journalist extraordinaire Greg Hunter

  46. Jon P

    I just received Robert F Kennedy JR’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci”.
    I’m just a few chapters into it, but so far it good!
    I wonder if you could get Mr. Kennedy on for an interview?

  47. Wayne

    Greg, I listen to your show from Canada. Do you have any information on what the mortality rate will be here in this country over the winter. I sometimes wonder if the batches given here weren’t deadly as in parts of the states or Europe

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know Wayne, but we are going to find out. One thing is for sure, the people taking Ivermectin, HCQ, NAC, Zinc and other vitamins are going to do much better than the people who aren’t.

  48. Bill

    Excellent podcast, Greg!! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  49. JC

    Funding, can’t lose that funding. The love of money above all else.

    Appearing on GB News, Dr. Aseem Malhotra related how he was contacted by a researcher from a prestigious British Institution who said that he had found concrete links between inflammation of coronary arteries and the experimental mRNA vaccines.

    Dr. Malhotra added that his colleague told him the institution decided it would be better not to publish the results, fearing it would lose its research funding.

    • JC

      More money… More money… More money…

      LONDON (AP) — One of the scientists behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is warning that the next pandemic may be more contagious and more lethal unless more money is devoted to research and preparations to fight emerging viral threats.

      • Clay Wayne

        Were gonna need more money JC-FOR WAR! FORGET THE WAR ON MAN MADE WEOPONIZED VIRUS’S! Fauci has had his day and fun, with our funds and our lung’s.
        With hypersonic weapons of massive destruction, WW3 survivor’s will be under the sea, to fight to the bitter end . . . . ..Enter;
        The Hunt for Red October\YouTube Free Movies & Shows& commercials you can skip!

  50. tim mcgraw

    What about those of us who have had Covid-19 or whatever it is? Do we have to take Ivermectin as a prophylactic? My wife and had Covid back in early 2020. We have Ivermectin on hand in case we start to get sick. We take Vitamin D, Zinc, every day.
    We also avoid the vaxxed and boostered as much as we can.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Tim, for the spike proteins that are shed by the vaxed along with the viruses the vaxed are shedding too.

    • Charles H.

      I agree with Greg Hunter. Even natural immunity can use some help. You don’t want any of this to get a foot-hold on you.

  51. R J Wolf

    Thanks Greg for another very informative interview. Dr Eads is a very brave and gutsy women and along with Karen Kingston, Dr Kory , Dr Tenpenny, just to name a few are really the true hero’s of this propaganda pandemic. I don’t know which is worse “The Military Industrial Complex” that President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address January 17,1961. or the ” Medical Industrial Complex” and how the AMA hijacked medicine in the early 1900’s with the corrupt Pharmaceutical influence of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan. Also, read the Flexner report 1910

  52. tim mcgraw

    We also have the right to self defense. When does that kick in with the doctors, nurses, and hospitals who would kill us for money?

  53. Andreas

    Please provide the link to the Nuremberg 2 trials.
    My family would like to track it since we live near Nuremberg and we have not heard anything.

    • Marie+Joy

      I think I’ll have to have Nuremberg II in my back yard because I see nothing anywhere else. Summary execution for the guilty.

    • Charles H.

      I wonder if this is a ‘Q anon’ type of controlled diversion?

  54. Jane Reynolds

    Superb interview. Thank goodness for these honest medics. God bless all patriots worldwide.

  55. tim mcgraw

    I don’t agree with any government fining people to change their behaviors. DeSantis in this instance is fining people for good reasons. In Australia and California, New Zealand, Washington State; the governments are fining people for evil reasons.
    This is why governments (people in power) are always bad.
    Get rid of bureaucrats, politicians, the Pentagon, CIA, IRS, Federal Reserve.
    Strike at the heart of the beast (the Fed). Don’t worry about the tail.

  56. Craig

    Another great interview! Thanks for all that you do Greg, you’re a beacon of light on a world of peril. God bless you and the Nuremberg movement.

  57. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  58. cheryl

    please ask if any doctor has done a full lipid panel on these vaxxed patients because im betting their cholesterol is thru the roof now. i saw an article dated 2020 doctors were recommending statins for people saying it will help them have less issues if they got cv19…..i dont believe it when they said viruses attach and get into ur body via ur cholesterol. i think these vax, given they are damaging blood vessels is making ur body naturally increase cholesterol to protect them. I pray we find out what it is doing to other organs via a full lipid panel.

  59. John

    Read all about Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates. These two are psychotic. They have killed and maimed a great number of vulnerable children. Will go down in history as the greatest genocidal killings in the history of man-kind

  60. fred bannon

    Im totaly depressed, my whole family has got the shit shot.

    • Charles H.


      Ya got to make the effort to see the glass as half-full. If you didn’t get it – then you are categorically good. And somewhere down the road you may be vindicated. It’s a ‘tough love’ world now.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, and if they haven’t had a bad reaction or death yet, you can hope they got the placebo. Just hope they don’t take any more of the sh*t. I have family members and a few friendly acquaintances who have taken it and so far-thank God- seem to be ok.

      • Jeff

        Isn’t that the plan. To have them believe the next jab will also be harmless ? And the next, and the next…..

    • Laura McDonough

      Siblings and bro inlaw got the shots incl booster recently, (living in another state) parents dec. I have cut ties w/ others also who got the shots, I have no time for stupid people or exposing myself to variants.

  61. Da Yooper

    Greg here is the text of the newspaper article I tried to send you. Your contact area has no place to attach a file. This has been planned for some time.

    Kissinger Quote from a speech to the WHO Council on Eugenics,
    February 25, 2009

    “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccination’s, it’s game over. they
    will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – ” for the greater good”.
    We can genetically modify children and sterilize them— “for the greater good”
    Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions.
    And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a win – win. We thin out the herd
    and the herd pays us for extermination services”

    • Andrew de Berry

      Unbelievable quote Da.

  62. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads. Again so brave both of you.

  63. mike w

    Dr Eads lays it all out there, unlike what controlled opposition do. They talk a good talk but are they just placating those who are seeking the truth.

    RussBrown wonders also…

  64. James Hall

    Greg, do research on distilled water, will remove toxins from the body, Dr. Eads mentioned negative particles. The distilled water will pull these out. There is a lot written on this. They make counter top water distillers for the home. Do some research on this please and share it.

  65. Russ 2

    Great interview Greg. Something is working because this morning when I checked email, I had one from you at USAWatchDog and there was another from a friend normally receives your interview links from me. I was caught up in her email blast of this interview. She listened last night and sent it to a long list — the word is getting around.

    That said, I know folks who are fully vaxx’d, have had their annual flu shot and have or are scheduled to get their booster — that’s what their family doctor recommends — it’s free. The media scare campaign has been successful, these are not stupid people, but they are definitely buying what the mainstream is selling.

    Me? I’m going with natural immunity and while I wasn’t one prior to 2020, this “pandemic”/scamdemic has succeeded in turning me into an anti-vaxxer. Omicron is a bust, media is reverting to Delta continuing as the biggest threat to western civilization. What utter BS…

    I need a new suit — funerals are on the horizon.

  66. James Flanagan

    Hello Greg! Bible answer to how bad it will get…brother James

    Psalm 76:10
    Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.
    Genesis 20:1-7
    20 And Abraham journeyed from thence toward the south country, and dwelled between Kadesh and Shur, and sojourned in Gerar.
    2 And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister: and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah.
    3 But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou hast taken; for she is a man’s wife.
    4 But Abimelech had not come near her: and he said, Lord, wilt thou slay also a righteous nation?
    5 Said he not unto me, She is my sister? and she, even she herself said, He is my brother: in the integrity of my heart and innocency of my hands have I done this.
    6 And God said unto him in a dream, Yea, I know that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore suffered I thee not to touch her.
    7 Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, know thou that thou shalt surely die, thou, and all that are thine.
    Mark 13:19
    For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be.
    Mark 13:20
    And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.
    Mark 13:23
    But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.
    Praise ye the Lord!

  67. Kathleen

    Religious exemptions — yet another way in which our fellow “Americans” break the law. Religious exemptions are NOT granted; they’re INVOKED. The individual notifies his or her employer that they are invoking their RIGHT to an exemption. Once invoked, the employer MUST accommodate unless the employer can PROVE undue hardship in carrying out the accommodation. “Undue hardship” is a very high bar–and haven’t virtually all employers managed to continue operating without having their employees injected? So how do they claim “undue hardship” NOW?? “Distancing”? Wearing nasty rags, etc.? Now they’re no longer able to accommodate? HR departments all across the fruited plain are breaking the law–to their eternal shame. (I lost my near 20-year career in HR as a result of this global crime.)

    • Charles H.


      Sorry to hear of your loss. It is never wrong to do right. It is a shame that the world has turned so hard against people facing the world honestly. Quiet, personal courage is a common heroism, that everyone should realize for themselves; and few do.

  68. STEVE

    great interview. I live up here in CANADA and the government is protecting us from the vaccinated by banning us from most indoor venues. This shedding is of interest as to how long one would shed after the booster, some say two weeks some say longer this is of interest to me. Been watching your show for some years now and appreciate the content and all you do to keep us purebloods informed. GOD BLESS

  69. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you ever so much for this and all of your interviews! Dr. Elizabeth Eads’s interview is so incredibly comprehensive with mind-blowing information. A few days ago I went to my allergist who I have been seeing for three years, for my yearly review. I was astounded by the depth of questions as to what shots ( flew, pneumonia, tetanus shots, etc. ) I have received. I told them none. The questioning was done by different people coming into the room separately. Finally, the Doctor came in and asked if I have been to any clinics or emergency rooms. My reply was no, Finally, it came to covid. I informed the Doctor I have a 50% possibility for Veinous Thrombosis and that since that is an effect of all the shots I would not be taking any shots, and that I was taking HCQ. It was strange but the man actually twitched, kind of like how a snake moves! I never saw anything like it?! He went on to ask where I get my HCQ. I replied I bounce around to different places, and he said internet, and to end the questions I just said yes. Needless to say, I feel a bit concerned about my continued monthly shots. I JUST CAN’T GET HIS TWITCH, out of my thoughts.
    God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Virginia!!

  70. Susan R

    As this collapse of humanity progresses, the infrastructure will dissolve too. There will not be enough people to keep our supermarkets open, teach our children, keep the electricity flowing. Follow the story line.

  71. john+duffy

    It’s Going To End Up Being A Hell On Earth.

  72. Gerry

    What does chlorine dioxide do? How is it used?

    • Paul ...

      Gerry … Chlorine dioxide is stronger then regular household “bleach” … now … even though bleach “Can Kill 99.99999% of all Viruses” … it can “Also Kill You” … rats exposed to only about 10 ppm (10 drops diluted in a million drops of water) for 4 hours daily … “Croaked and Died Deader Then a Door Nail”!!!!!

  73. Aldous

    Greg, where do you find such courageous people? I hope she doesn’t jump off the top floor of the hospital…..

  74. Roger

    Did you ever check out the Ebola medicine Favipiravir and the Norwegian Dr. Peter Dvergsdal?

    It is supposedly 10 times more effective than Ivermectin.

  75. Randy Avera

    Dr. Eads spoke of documents that we could give to our pharmacist regarding the use of HCQ and Ivermectin. These were documents of approval by the NIH and FDA. The interview time frame was just before mentioning getting the pharmacist’s license number.

    Can you provide a link to these documents?
    Randy Avera

    • Fran Barnes

      The dose most commonly used in clinical trials is IVM 0.2–0.6 mg/kg PO given as a single dose or as a once-daily dose for up to 5 days.
      Generally well tolerated
      GI effects (e.g., nausea, diarrhea)
      Neurological AEs have been reported when IVM has been used to treat parasitic diseases, but it is not clear whether these AEs were caused by IVM or the underlying conditions.
      Monitor for potential AEs.
      Minor CYP3A4 substrate
      P-gp substrate
      Generally given on an empty stomach with water; however, administering IVM with food increases its bioavailability.2

      • Charles H.


        The dosage at is .2mg/kg for almost everything – except filiaritis prophylactic which is a one year dose of .4mg/kg. For my weight I take about a 19 mg dose. (95kg x .2 mg/kg = 19mg): and I can tell it works because it does make me dizzy. I don’t trust the NIH. Suggesting to take THREE TIMES the base dosage seems a bit too much. If I took that amount then it would be 95kg x .6 mg = 57 mg ! I think they are trying to scare people off IVM by having them get dizzy and/or diarrhea – knowing people will try the max because they are scared. And a negative first reaction could cull a lot of people.

  76. Greg

    Just a thought. My county that I live in Ga received mostly Moderna shots. This is a 85% Republican county. Our neighboring county to the west received mostly Pfizer. This county is 60% Republican.
    Could there be a correlation with the distribution? If Moderna is deadly then they can change voter demographics!
    Just a thought!

  77. Tom Grier

    I have been buying Ivermectln horse paste locally and now sold out and Tractor Supply seems to have stopped carrying it. You can’t buy Ivermectln at a pharmacy without prescription. And I am so fear tripped over all this. The last doctor I talked to about high blood pressure won’t even discuss ivermectin or anything to do with Covid. I don’t blame her! I have bought ivermectin 6 mg at $1.00 a pill from India (Indiamart). Not here yet. And another place in Canada at over $3.00 a pill. Still waiting! Fear and loathing in ABQ!

    • Major Payne

      I got some from India. Top meds hub dot com. Good stuff.

    • Jeff

      I just bought 1000 pills at India Mart for $183 (shipping and PayPal surcharge included). Bought 1000 because I was already paying $33 for shipping.
      BTW If you buy a larger amount they discount the price per pill. The original price was .15. For 1000 .135 For 2000 .12 Just ask them if they offer a discount for larger quantities.

    • Major Payne

      Do a duckckgo search. I found a source online from India. I tried to post it here but it was blocked.

  78. Sean

    great interview Greg, as always, you ask the best questions,

  79. Roberta

    Thank you so much,Greg, for keeping us all informed. We are terrified by what can take place to us all as described by Dr Eads. We do not have access to doctors who will write a prescription for Ivermectin or HCQ. Would you be able to inform us as to how to get access? We know many people who are trying to acquire these drugs. Please advise as best you can. Many thanks. Blessings for you an your family!!

    • Twox2

      Again, go to Seven Cells, a compound pharmacy based in Stuart, FL.

      • Jeff

        Seven cells price was $199 for 20 pills. I just bought 1000 pills thru India Mart for $183 including shipping. Ask for a discount for larger orders (1000).

  80. Jr

    Alex Jones sums up the trump “really big lie” situation (the REALLY big lie is that this jab is a vaccine -IT’S NOT A VACCINE)

  81. bill

    Recently heard that Israel is very close to a vaccine that kills the corona virus. Any truth to this??

  82. Dan Reynolds

    I am NOT vaxxxxed. I was at a gathering a week and half ago. One of the guests was vaxxxed -both jabs plus a booster. We were standing in the kitchen by the coffee pot when he coughed in my direction. In very short order my eye felt like a grain of sand was in it. As the night wore on it got increasingly worse. By the next morning I couldn’t even open my eye. Blood shot and aching I went to the EMO. The doctor wasn’t too helpful but did prescribe a small bottle of Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension fluid. I’ve been administering a drop every 6 hours and the improvement is slow. Beware of vaxxxxed and boostered people. They are a walking dagger machine!!!

  83. A+Jones

    I took the jab last February before I knew what I know now. I did a search of the batch number and found some interesting information. Just do a duck-duck-go search of the make and lot number and you can see all details including a report on everyone who died.
    My batch has the worst record of any other. 3,148 people died within days of taking the jab. They knew that fact when they gave me the jab. I read a number of the reports and it seems that most were old people with some preexisting condition. These deaths were around December 2020. To give one of these jabs to old people over 70 is murder unless they are in perfect health. This is the group that they are targeting.

    • A+Jones

      Please follow the above link and inspect these reports. Go to the bottom of the page and read the “Write up”. This shows the details in summary. If you don’t think this was extermination of the elderly your brain is not working.
      Example: Write-up: Resident exhibited no adverse events during 30 minute monitoring following vaccine administration. Resident found without pulse at 1900.

    • wayne wilcox

      They need to murder these people because they know their Commie system is failing. Which demographic, as a general rule, consumes the most resources (especially health care), pays the least for them, and produces the least? Over 70. Social Security is a proven Ponzi scheme. It’s running on fumes right now, and the number of suckers paying into it is declining. Perhaps the greatest upside to the huge numbers of people walking away from the workforce is that it will collapse the Social Security Ponzi scheme once and for all.

  84. Major Payne

    If you haven’t heard this yet, Greg, check it out. Desmet describes what we are going through as similar to the “Madness of crowds” of the French Revolution, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and others.

  85. Rob Chase

    Washington State House members can only enter Capital Buildings in Olympia if they show proof of vaccination.

  86. Neil Currie

    One blockbuster interview after another, Greg. Keep ’em coming

  87. Merry Piper

    Greg: A tremendous thank you for having Dr. Eads on again. She is absolutely awesome!!!

  88. j. Garfield

    Latest data, looking good
    377,151 views Dec 5, 2021 Dr. John Campbell
    Full summary in the first few minutes of this video, it’s good news!
    Turns out the, if it bleads, it leads, talking media heads, big bad wolf, is a kitty cat.

  89. David

    The American College of Physicians, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and others, are putting up YouTube videos telling people Covid 19 vaccines are safe. Also, all the mainstream media, including Fox News, keep reporting how the “omnicrom variant” (or whatever it’s called – who makes up these stupid names?) is spreading.

    So, how many millions of people are going to keep believing this crap and keep getting the clot shot death vax and keep dying and getting paralyzed, sick, maimed, and debilitated.

    When are people going to wake up from this madness!

    • sk

      David – the supposed variants are named using letters of the Greek alphabet. Xi and Nu were omitted, because Xi sounds too similar to the Chinese leader’s name, and Nu sounds like ‘new’ and might confuse people. According to David Miller, there are no variants – there is just a shift in the reading frame. I do not know if that is the case.

  90. wayne wilcox

    Follow the timeline of what’s coming out. Video of Fauci from the 1980’s where he says children can become infected just by being in the same room as an HIV-positive person. Dr. Eads cited examples today of everything that came out of the American Mengele’s mouth in the 1980’s.

    Next, the HIV genome in the virus. Sort of interesting that Fauci was a point man on HIV, and these “vaccines” have the HIV genome in them. Then factor in that nothing gets done or funded without the American Mengele having final sign off.

    Now it’s becoming public knowledge that the American Mengele was directly involved in the murder of 85 HIV infected Black and Latino orphans in New York. They died as human guinea pigs. Notice the Woketards are curiously silent, not one peep about racism out of their mouths regarding what the American Mengele did in NY.

    Put the breadcrumbs together. Fauci on video giving what we know today as gross misinformation on HIV. Fauci murders 85 HIV positive orphans during “treatment” experiments. HIV genome present in “vaccines”. This bioweapon called “Covid” can be transmitted by sexual contact between male/female, male/male, female/female partners. Is it much of a stretch to say that Fauci very likely was the point man responsible for HIV being created by the US, then subsequently released in Africa and the US gay community (targeting gay men)?

    Now, for anyone in working in the medical field. WHEN the military takes this country back, anyone employed in the medical field needs to be presented, by a member of the US military, a personal renunciation of Communism, which they will sign and be strictly held to. Refusal to sign shall result in being immediately placed under military arrest, then brought to military tribunal to face execution. Spouses/partners, adult and minor children/grandchildren also need to be put before military tribunal as direct beneficiaries of an immediate family member’s actions against this country.

    Closing note: I have my own theory about what Karen Kingston pointed out in last week’s video, where she said there were 18 lots of 2 million doses each which have no reported adverse reactions or worse. Starting on the premise that all of these lot numbers were saline placebo, and we have not heard anything about large numbers of military personnel having adverse reactions, what is the possibility that the vaccine distribution chain was infiltrated by Patriots, who funneled placebo shots to the military, rat-screwing Communist plans to exterminate them?

  91. Tiffany Jent

    I work in an alternative health store. I can absolutely say that we have TONS of new people coming in. Rare cancers and rare autoimmune diseases! So many now that I think the word “rare” no longer applies. There are also people who are suddenly having panic attacks. They have no prior history. People are also turning from healthcare. They are looking to get off meds. They are refusing treatments and procedures. People are waking up to the fact that healthcare is expensive and does not work for them. “Fear not.. God the father is fully in control”. I am not vaxxed. But I feel that I am doing His work helping the public. Some fear me and look at me as if I am diseased! I am getting tested for natural immunity next week. Thanks Greg. I have been following you for ten years!

  92. Fred Daake

    Here are some of my own rough highlights from Chris Masterjohn’s excellent review of Bobby Kennedy’s book. I wrote highlights because his review it is expansive. You can find the link for his full review at the bottom of this message:

    I was surprised to learn that mask simulations, lock down simulations, and vaccine mandate simulations had taken place over a twenty-year period before COVID was actually released. And that there was a COVID University where 190 heads of state learned how to co-ordinate the COVID actions that eventually took place around the world. And that Fauci is the highest paid government employee getting a salary of about $470,000 per year PLUS $150,000 per year for each of his eight different patents. In addition to his government income, he owns $6.5 million in stock in the company that makes Remdesivir. And he has stock in a wide range of other pharma companies. It is also interesting that the current head of WHO is not a medical doctor and he is the first WHO leader who does not have a medical degree.

    Also, Bill Gates uses his non-profit foundation to control global pharma but he does not directly make his money from the non-profits. Gates is a major stockholder in many pharmaceutical companies and he makes money when pharma makes money.

    Dr. Chris Masterjohn Full Review Link below:

  93. marrieeiram

    Has she contacted Gov. DeSantis to tell him about Remdesivir? Does he know doctors can’t prescribe Ivermectin or HCQ in many areas around Florida still? Until we have a Gov with a big microphone to spread the news of how people are being murdered…this will continue!

  94. Linda

    Extremely interesting interview. Thank you.

  95. daisychain4

    So, did I catch the commentary correctly? This shedding is happening specifically via sexual and mammary transmission? From husbands to wives, and mothers to babies?

    • Greg Hunter

      Multiple ways. Watch it again.

  96. Nick Reynolds

    Good job, Greg. Thank you. I still say bring on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. if you can.

  97. Dave Scrimshaw

    I need someone’s help. I did not know that Remdesivir was poison when they gave it to my father Dec. 30th 2020. He later died in April 2021 of multiple infections – he was in part of the Guthrie medical system (Sayre PA and Troy PA). I would like to be part of the suit being brought in Poland.

    Anything I can do, I will do it. Thank you.

  98. Deepthinker80

    Just watched the Hulu series Dopesick and there are a lot of parallels between the vax and the way oxycontin was pushed. It took a long time with a lot of public pressure for those murderers to even get fined. Purdue pharma coined the term breakthrough pain which the solution to was to double the dose. What’s that sound like? They created so called pain expert organizations that were pushing total propaganda and calling it science. For anyone who believes the system wouldn’t allow harmful medications to be used this show based on a true story will give them a rude awakening.

  99. Jeff Bertrand

    Dear Greg,
    Greetings from Louisiana.
    I have an important message for your readers concerning hospitalization for covid.
    I have a pre-existing condition from the age of two called Still’s Disease. It is an autoimmune reaction to infection wherein the infection is usually fought off successfully but the immune system doesn’t shut down and attacks healthy cells. In my case it caused acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I have subsequently had arthritic and degenerative joint problems my entire life.

    I am a otherwise healthy and fit 60y/o male with no significant health issues. My stepdaughter caught “covid” from her fulled vaxxed father and we all ended up with the viral illness. It was very much like a nasty case of the flu. Everyone in the house recovered but me. Predictably I went into cytokine storm and had a nasty double pneumonia. Once in the hospital I was at the mercy of the treatment team. I received high dose steroids as I should have but also eight doses of remdesivir, and one dose of IL-6 blocker. I also received convalescent plasma. In short I recovered but have now apparently a case of “long covid”. I am following the FLCCC long haul covid protocol currently and hopefully I can make a full recovery.
    Here’s my message: the bill for eight days was north of 130K. Remdesivir was 5K per dose. I reviewed my bill carefully and quickly found 19.5K in fraudulent billing. I am not finished my review. There are a few other peculiar things that I will confront. Message to you and your readers is you choose: don’t pay the bill. Get your itemized bill reviewed by someone who knows what to look for such as a professional biller, a coder, or ICU nurse.

    Regarding the illness, I made a few tactical errors that I won’t make again. I had ivermectin in my hands but let some folks talk be out of it. Big damn mistake and I paid a huge price. I did manage to sneak in a bottle of NAC that I took on the sly to counter the toxic effects of remdesivir. I’m still taking that one among others.

    Thank you Greg. Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Bertrand
    [email protected]

  100. Robert

    What a terrific interview. Loaded with information. I already have friends with family members vaccinated checking the lot numbers of what they received, and seeking information as they move forward for maintaining their health. I totally enjoyed watching and listening to two brave people. Thank you both.

  101. peter tomkins


    • Laura McDonough

      Heard recently funerals up some and caskets had 35% more sales this past year. Vital statisics would show an increase in deaths by end of this year.

  102. stanley

    Am I banned?..I left a praiseful comment this morning and I never saw it?

  103. Beverly B Sanderson

    Praise God for your compassion in truth telling. What Dr. Eads said reminded me of the interview I watched of Rachel Hamm with the Pfizer Whistleblower – Melissa McXXXX who said that she saw the green metallic things under the microscope and that was the aha moment for her.

  104. Marie+Joy

    With covid, everyone has forgotten about election audits and results.

  105. Kay

    I know two Christians that were put in hospitals and given Remdesivir dying shorting afterward. One was a young lady who was only 24. She was supposed to get married in Nov. of this year. Her father posted a picture of her hand in his as she died. It looked like her hand was three times the normal size. I am sure it was full of fluids due to Remdesivir. I will never forget seeing this. I doubt her father even knows what happened. He is full of grief right now. Hard to carry on after losing his beloved Child. I surely hope there will be legal consequences for this evil.

    God bless this doctor and all she does. God bless USA Watchdog for showing us the truth.

    • Paul ...

      Kay … Two(2) plus two(2) equals four(4) … but the crazy nuts taking the “jab” learned “new math” from the commies in school … so they can’t figure things logically … like if one “jab” doesn’t make you good against the virus … take another … and another … and another … just keep doing the same thing (that doesn’t work) over and over again … and then simply take a Valium pill for your insanity (the way the Jews in Israel must be doing … they are now up to their sixth “jab”)!!

  106. Marie+Joy

    IF someone is forcing you to take the jab, get a lawyer. NOW.

  107. Marcman

    Star link G5 starts up 1st January, according to David Wilcox they can send a frequency to all smart phones and fry your brains as it activates the Nanno particles in the vaccine.
    Can you give up your phone which is their most advanced wepon on the planet.

  108. Warren B.

    Much of what Dr Eads has said is confirmed by many Doctors world- wide.
    I found this article which presents the views of another well regarded Doctor.
    He states (amongst many things) categorically that the Vaccine program is designed specifically as a depopulation tool. The Spike Protein is the TOXIN and is acting as A TROJAN HORSE. It works in a surreptitious manner ….where anticipated /expected allergic reactions occur in a small minority initially within the first 8 days with deaths in the first 2 weeks…then more long range health issues start to present after the allergic reactions.
    The endothelial [blood vessel lining] injuries were meant to follow and would never be associated with the toxic spike proteins. The mechanism of the mRNA spike protein is such that it is distributed throughout the body with it ending up in the tissue of every organ – hence the myriad of illnesses and deaths resulting from auto-immune responses to foreign material now residing in the tissue cells within the system. In effect the Doctor adds that these resultant deaths could never be linked to the Vaccine….
    “They will be too diverse, there will be too many, and they will be in too broad a timeframe for us to understand that we have been poisoned”.
    Killing off a large portion of the population without anyone suspecting they have been poisoned is how he frames it.

  109. Louis

    PRAY…PRAY…PRAY for an end to this evil political pandemic or should we say plan-demic. PRAY for an end of this plan-demic by those who are perpetrating this evil.

  110. Earth Angel

    Great interview with Dr. Eads. What a champion and warrior for human rights. So much good information! Thank you for having her back on so soon Greg. I was happy to hear her say Reiner Fuellmich now has 1000 atty.’s worldwide supporting the Nuremburg 2 trials. We can’t let malice murder on this scale slide by unchecked. I’m so glad to finally see humanity begin to WAKE UP & STAND UP to the b@st*r&s doing this. We must also haul in those doing the sky spray programs in these trials. They also are killing us, along with every other living thing on this planet. We know much of what is in the mix but they can change/add anything at any time to it. I have heard talk of future ‘airborne’ vaccines as a way to ‘mass vaccinate’ populations.. has the ‘future’ become now?.. I wonder..

  111. Jeff robbins

    Wow! If enough is taken away through deceit some men will reach a breaking point where justice by their own hands will be the only thing they will then be able to trust. I don’t see how Fauci and many others are alive in a couple years.

    • Paul ...

      The evil psychopathic Globalist leadership know they are in great peril … so they are trying to kill billions of us with their “jab” (very rapidly) … thinking it will be the only way to protect themselves … but being psychopaths … they don’t realize they are simply creating even more dedicated snipers who will specifically “target them” and take them down … the Globalist eugenicists believe in their perverted brains that we Americans will march against their armies of Nazi UN goons … but we Americans learned from the American Indians to fight from behind the trees … and not do direct battle with the Red Coats (today’s Blood Clots) … we are more interested in taking out the Globalist’s “Command and Control Positions” (CCP)!!

  112. Warren B.

    As far as the information that Pfizer/FDA/BioNTech wanted to suppress with regard the Vaccine for 55 years – well they have been ordered to release some of that and it proves that this IS and intentional GENOCIDE. Only 38 pages thus far but there are more than 500 documents to be released. This information is shocking.

    Go to page 30 and above – see the known side-effects. This data dump shows that 1000’s were killed in the FIRST month. That list of “adverse events” is breathtaking. I was exhausted reading just the first page (page 30) and I’m still on the letter A…..!!!

    Is there any wonder why they (Hospitals / MD’s/ Specialists) are having a difficult time pinpointing the potential causes of the cases presenting – there are simply too many to be definitive and to implicate the “toxic vaccine” as the culprit.

  113. Norma Jean

    Hey Greg, loved Dr. Elizabeth Eads interview . But I have a suggestion – when she mentioned a couple of medical doctors who supported her facts, she just referred to them as “Peter Breggin or Peter McCullough or Judy Mikovitz” “said this or that” (and others) but I happen to have their books or other writings and so I’m familiar that they ARE real Medical Doctors or scientists and in mentioning or quoting them I think she should include that they ARE medical professionals; (DOCTORS) and/or fellow Scientists, etc. (some listeners may not be familiar with their work and may dismiss them as not credible. (Just a thought).

  114. Kb

    How can booster have more spike proteins when we are drawing it from the same covid vaccine vial and rather than 0.5ml, we are only drawing 0.25 ml for the booster??

  115. Kb

    There is something off here with this Dr…I am a pharmacist in retail..this dr. Said the booster is twice as potent n more damaging. I am neither for or against vax, but I do give out vaccines at work to patients and I know for A Fact that we use the same covid vial to draw both boosters and original vax..the booster is 0.25 ml from the same vial of 0.5ml vial for vax 1 n 2….so how are u gonna tell me the booster has more spiked protein???? Always trust n verify. something is not right with this dr.

    • Justn Observer

      Don’t know there Kb….but some things are more potent or have more substance of a particular ingredient per volume? ie….same bottle sizes same but some are 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% and even 151% proof! lol

    • Paul ...

      Kb … Easy … some people are being given a Moderna “booster” … after a Pfizer “jab”!!

    • MC

      If you be vaxing people, then something is awry with you, obviously.

    • Earth Angel

      I think pharmeceutical patent analyist Karen Kingston stated there were about 10 or 12 different concoctions of the covid vax. Maybe that accounts for the various strengths out there. Bottom line is we (as patients ) don’t really know WHAT is in this crap or WHERE it was made & packaged. Thank heavens that many honest physicians, attorneys, researchers & independent journalists are now digging in and finding out. It is shocking beyond belief what is coming to light. People have every right to mistrust the medical tyranny that is going on.

  116. Kb

    Correction, it is NOT against the law to refuse to fill a dr”s prescription if the pharmacist have ample reason that the dr is prescribing a drug outside of the range scope of his or her practice. Maybe in this dr’s state, but this not 100% correct…she is over exaggerating.

  117. Marie+Joy has a one liner from Trump about milley. Recommend.

  118. Brooklyn


    Merry Christmas…;)

  119. James

    Good Morning Greg,

    I don’t remember if I heard it from USAwatchdog or someplace else, but I read that bentotide the volcanic clay can remove foriegn materials/metals from the body.

    I am wondering if you heard anything about that for those who have gotten 1 or both shots?

  120. Vernon Tart

    Vaccine holocaust?

  121. Pam

    This morning I got up at 911……….This is what the angels had to say.
    Number 911 carries the vibrations of number 9, and the energies of number 1 appearing twice, amplifying its own energies and also relating to the Master Number 11. Number 9 resonates with the attributes of Universal Spiritual Laws, compassion, benevolence and generosity, living life as a positive example, leadership, service to humanity and lightworking. Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions. Number 1 resonates with self-reliance, new beginnings and progress, activity and energy, inspiration, attainment, fulfilment and creating your own reality. The double 1 resonates with the karmic Master Number 11, which brings its attributes of illumination and enlightenment, inspiration, alternate consciousness, mysticism, catalyst, sensitivity, enthusiasm, creative/creativity. This makes the number 911 a powerfully spiritual vibration that breaks through the ‘old’ to create the ‘new’.
    Angel Number 911 is a highly karmic and spiritual number that encourages you to pursue your life purpose and soul mission as a lightworker. It tells of leadership and living life as a positive example in order to illuminate the way for others to follow. Angel Number 911 is a vibration of spiritual enlightenment and awareness and of reaping karmic rewards for work well done.
    Angel Number 911 indicates that the angels are telling you that a new door has opened up for you as a product of your positive thoughts, intentions and actions. Make the most of this opportunity and walk forward with confidence and surety, knowing that you are fulfilling your karmic destiny.
    Angel Number 911 suggests that your goals are almost complete, and/or that you are coming to the end of a phase or cycle in your life. It is an indication that one door is closing and another is opening. The message is to allow the ‘old’ to be released so it is able to be replaced with the ‘new’.
    Here is a little music to sooth the soul. Enjoy

    • JC


      I got up earlier than that, but didn’t turn my cell phone at until later, and guess what time is was on the screen? 9:11

      Not kidding.

  122. Tim Bitterman

    Dr. Eads agrees with and that there is “no such thing” as sars cov2, delta or omicron viruses. These viruses have never been purified or isolated anywhere in the world.
    Why then does Greg keep saying that people are “dying from covid?” Does Greg not believe the science? Or is he not mentally registering this paradox??? I notice typos when Greg lists medical terms making some of his points nonsensical? Greg, please have this paradox stated clearly? Please quit saying people are “getting covid” if there is no such thing?

    • Paul ...

      Tim … The paradox you are having trouble with … is you believe there a difference between Covid and the “Jab” … “there is no difference”: THE COVID BIO-WEAPON CREATED BY FAUCI … “IS THE JAB” !!!

      • Warren B.

        The term COVID needs to be removed from the vernacular of everyone …because it is simply perpetuating the grand HOAX ….. they have Hypnotized everyone with. The FEAR that there is a COVID Pandemic…has produced the desired effect of Mass Psychosis. COVID is their term used for a COVERUP – the illnesses that humans suffer are the direct result of intentional poisoning. By using the word COVID you are aiding and abetting the crime syndicate that is Health/ Pharma / Government……the same ones who are committing crimes against humanity….the same ones who will face justice before the people and God.

  123. j. Garfield

    Belgian’s march against vax
    69,438 views Dec 5, 2021 Live World

  124. Keith Wilson

    Well Greg I went to holy communion again last week. We had pray and asked God to help the Pfizer scientists creat a vaccine to rid the western world of the new variant of covid-19. The reverend no longer calls the sickness covid he calls it the plague. He had another go at me for not being vaccinated and putting his congregation at risk. I have decided to no longer go to church and instead spend the time reading my bible.Where does it say in the ten commandments that they shall take the pfizer jab ?

    • Paul ...

      If this Priest would simply administer the Host at “Holy Communion” (by hand to everyone’s tongue) he would do more for creating “natural herd immunity” (to all types of viruses) … rather then … putting the Host into everyone’s hand … and then promoting the Big Pharma “jab” in order to get the viruses (along with clotting agents) into his parishioners!!

    • Paul Seymour

      Keith, please do not stop receiving the Holy Eucharist. Properly received, it is the most important thing that you can do for your soul. I suggest that you find a real Catholic Church that promotes the Latin Mass. May God bless you and yours.

  125. Justn Observer

    Greg, Article on Moderna These are called Bio-chips that contain graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide and a wireless nano sensor that are inside the moderna and the J&J shots.
    Doctor Ariyana Love says she’s found evidence in Moderna’s patents that backs up Doctor Campra’s claims, and she says she’s found a lot more in addition to that.
    This was investigated by 7 credible scientists. Doctor Andreas Noach first exposed that the graphene oxide was in the shot and just recently
    he was attacked and killed in his home according to his wife. =

  126. Jerry

    Please read this report carefully.

    This was my doctor. The clinic was closed because he had been prescribing ivermectin to treat COVID. This should send chills up your spine because it demonstrates just how much power the CDC has. Where is our individual freedoms to decide with our own physicians what level of care we should receive? How far are willing to go to let the government control our life? What’s next telling us how many children we can have?

  127. Jerry

    Please read this report carefully.

    This was my doctor. The clinic was closed because he had been prescribing ivermectin to treat COVID. This should send chills up your spine because it demonstrates just how much power the CDC has. Where is our individual freedoms to decide with our own physicians what level of care we should receive? How far are willing to go to let the government control our life? What’s next telling us how many children we can have?

  128. Marie+Joy

    Fauci killed more than Mengele.

  129. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg. Dr. Elizabeth Eads articulates the case regarding medical murder very well and the case information regarding how the deaths are being caused. From my experience I can tell you that families should be aware that there are doctors, administrators, physician assistants, nurses, traveling nurses that are involved in the scheme as well. For example one way the state licensed doctors and physicians assistants setup the target patient is to misdiagnose or intentionally suppress the information about the true cause of disease in a targeted patient, the doctors, hospital, administrators run the setup this way, the targeted patient gets spun around through the medical universe in many cases years or a few decades and as the symptoms get worse for the targeted patient and the signs, symptoms get worse, say the targeted patient has liver disease, the targeted patient does not know that he has liver disease, by the time the targeted patient gets to a doctor that will make the diagnosis only when the disease is at the end stage and nothing can save the targeted patients life, look out for say a liver doctor who takes off ten pounds of fluid repeatedly and fails to replace the fluid with an equivalent amount of IV which is done out-patient and that sets off the irreversible kidney failure which drops the blood pressure so low the targeted patient falls at home and needs to be taken to the hospital to find out what has gone wrong. From that point on once the medical cabal has you in the hospital it is too late. The family members have no way to help because the information the hospital is giving out is no good. You definitely want to stay out of the hospital these days with what they are doing under the Covid Billing code. The so called vaccine is a bio weapon to reduce health, wealth and eliminate lives on a large racketeering scale of organized crime that does have profits as the incentives.

  130. Christine Bloom

    The human spirit is no longer in tune with Earth’s vibration. Vibration is closely in tune with frequency as one cannot exist without the heartbeat of the other. These parasites need humanity’s unhappiness, FEAR, confusion as food for their existence (they live off negativity of humans) so let’s not give them what they live on. Don’t .feed them and they will die.

    • Greg Hunter

      Or you can just believe in Jesus. He’s real you know!

  131. Warren B.

    If you think the world has gone mad…if you have trouble trying to convince people you know and love about the dangers related to the toxic jabs……well…the news from Dr Robert Malone is that the WORLD HAD INDEED GONE MAD = MASS HYPNOSIS.
    Although he contends they will succeed….there is a possible solution – rather than arguing the point with all the data to prove the false narrative ….it is as simple as just providing those that have been hypnotized with an even bigger issue = Loss of Freedom = TOTALITARIANISM.
    Makes a tremendous amount of sense. Lets get onto it…. good people.

    • Warren B.

      Can Sanity return to an Insane World?

      “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. An individual in a crowd is a grain of sand amid other grains of sand, which the wind stirs up at will.”

  132. Jaun Valdez

    .We have our would-be dictator Obomber, whom through the Chi-coms and Soros/Hitlery, installed the puppet Beijing Biden, into the oval office. Yes our former vice president, now the commander AND thief…Whom used a billion dollars, of taxpayers money. To get a prosecutor fired, who was onto his son Hunter’s, swindling rape of Ukraine.

    Joe Biden Brags About Getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired By Withholding Aid
    33,489 viewsOct 15, 2020 By Mona Salama
    During a Council on Foreign Relations discussion on January 23, 2018, Joe Biden bragged about how he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loans as a pressure tactic to force Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.
    “I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time,” Biden recalled.

    Bunk Man 1 year ago
    That prosecutor was fired because he had his nose up Hunters ass and was about to expose him and his crooked father.
    Timothy O’Brien 1 year ago
    Throw him in prison. Get Obama too.
    IratePirate 1 year ago
    Why is the mainstream media not covering this? [What planet you from?]
    Jason Edwards 9 months ago
    Surprised YouTube hasn’t pulled this. Glad it’s still out. People need to see the double standard Democrats accept.
    Based Army 1 year ago
    I had to search hard to find this video because YouTube censors it and puts it nowhere on the main search.
    Ari Shaffir 1 year ago
    The Smoking Gun
    xdarkwolf2255 1 year ago
    How is this a smoking gun? He said he was given an assignment to work on corruption at ukraine
    Chuck Finley 1 year ago
    @xdarkwolf2255 the prosecutor was also investigating Burisma who employed Hunter Biden.
    The newly shown Hunter Biden emails show Burisma heads thanking Hunter for being able to meet his father Joe.
    There is also golfing pics of Hunter, Joe, and an American Burisma employee that have been around online for a couple of years.
    If the Hunter emails are real it makes Joe look even more sketchy.
    I can’t passed Joe’s endorsing and helping pass the 1990s crime bill that got tons of minorities put in prison.
    Why did the Dems nominate this dipshit?
    [Perfect puppet for DeepLGBQueerState power grab!]
    Names released of 27 men killed in Chechnya for being gay
    CBS News · 5/3/2021

  133. Bill's Stilled!

    Cleverst Study Worldwide/College/Life/DIY/Sports
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    Can Act Like An Energy Bar
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    Helps Relieve Stress
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    Banana Tea
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    Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly sliced lemon? In addition to the refreshing fragrance, cutting into the yellow fruit and placing it on your bedside table has loads of extra benefits! Lemons are one of nature’s most powerful fruits. They’re filled with antibacterial and antiviral properties, as well as many nutrients. Everyone knows lemons are beneficial to us because of the high vitamin C level. If you place a piece of lemon next to your bed, it will bring loads of benefits to your health!

    • The Seer

      Over dosage of potassium will kill.
      99mg per day is sufficient
      If one gets cramps add an additional
      Single 99 mg
      Need to be careful with potassium
      Most bananas even organic the wind from
      Pesticide banana crops adjacent contaminated the organic trees and many containers bringing in the green bananas are fumigated.

    • Paul ...

      Bill … I put an avocado and banana in a blender with a little milk to make a delicious smoothy … as for the lemon by the bed … I would rather partake of its benefits by putting it in my tea or on my food!!

      • F.T.Canavan

        Just a piece Paul!
        Hey buddy, can you spare a lemon?🍋

    • MC

      Difficult to prep with bananas. But for potassium, Morton’s offers two potassium (K) products.
      ……”Lite-Salt” which is 50%Na/50%K,
      …..”Salt-substitute” which is 100%K.
      Get the latter product if you can because their Na is suspected to be from sea water.

      Look for these at your local grocery store. They often sell out because preppers are wise to it now that macro nutrient electrolytes are essential when fruit may not be available due to seasonality, breakdown in trucking/shipping trade.

      Store potassium as you would a narcotic, away from children or where adults would mistake it for table salt. Do not take more than a gram (1000mg) of potassium chloride per dose/serving. Half gram doses better. Large at once doses of it, or larger amount of sodium, can disrupt the heart. ………….. Do not take supplemental potassium when you are deficient in thiamin (vitamin B1), which would be caused by alcohol use on top of regular coffee/tea use. Potassium is also synergistic with the electrolyte Magnesium, which is also flushed by alcohol and coffee/tea. (thiamin + zinc is used to metabolize alcohol; trace amount of molybdenum to metabolize acetyl-aldehyde). One drink or one cup of coffee not as much loss of electrolytes, but most people have more than that.

      ps, everyone is taking regular zinc supplementation. After two months or so of this daily, you may run down your copper depending on how you eat. This especially if you are also taking vitamin C regularly. Copper deficiency can manifest as anemia fatigue, collagen joint problems esp in feet, and morning depression. … Learn how to balance zinc supplementation or how to take breaks from supplements, etc.

  134. Jeffrey Goodfield

    Greg, you should interview a scientist named Jet Blake. I heard him on Rouge News. He is spot on and knows the spiritual side of what is happening.

  135. Charles H.


    Though it is a little bit late in the time from release – and I’m not sure anyone checks these posts out…

    This is a short video from England – which states open-border immigration is putting an end to England; and London is already lost.

  136. JC

    Be Very Afraid of Omicron!

    By Jeffrey’Tucker

    “What kind of people are willing to give up American leadership in the world, sacrifice two years of children’s education, wreck small and medium-sized businesses, ruin health care, demoralize a whole population into paths of drug and alcohol abuse?”…

  137. Justn Observer

    Greg, More devastating reports of death and injury to children via vaxes…and Trump’s Dr. Paul Alexander turning now on Trump for not stopping his support of the jabs etc =

  138. Marie+Joy

    I know what needs to be done but I do not have the courage to do it.

  139. marq

    What if it is as simple as increasing the vitamin D3 in serum levels in the population to 50 to 150ng/mL and take these 4 cofactors to optimize your immune system; 200-400µg of K2 mk-7, 500-1000mg Mg taurate, 25-50mg Zn picolinate and 1 to2g of vitaminC/day?
    This study uses W.H.O. data sets from 20 European nations that shows an association between a nation’s population with higher levels of vitamin D in serum and lower morbidity rates of covid-19.


    Look at Table 2



    The mRNA technology is not a vaccine, it is genetic engineering.

    There are many other circumstances that also correlate higher levels of vitamin D and low morbidity rates:
    1)people with more pigmentation in their skin than caucasians need 3.5 to 5 times as much sun exposure on skin to create the same D3 as a caucasian, hence the disproportionately high morbidity rates of the African-American population as melanin in the skin reduces UVB absorption needed to make D3.
    2)Obesity causes D3 to settle in fat cells and not be used. This may be the reason for higher morbidity rates than in lean people.
    3) covid-19 morbidity rates/capita increase in the northern latitudes of the USA may be due to less sun exposure on the skin during the winter months.
    4) vitamin D has a half-life of 15 days, so by 60 days a person has only 6% of what they had if not supplementing.
    5) NY people’s lifestyle has more indoor activities and they cover their skin with more clothing than CA people, whose lifestyles are more outdoor involved. This may explain why NY has 24 times the morbidity rate of CA on a per capita basis.
    6) nursing home residents rarely go out in the sun and most are vitamin D deficient, hence, may be the high morbidity rates in these facilities.
    7)influenza cases decrease as summer approaches beginning in the lower latitudes followed by the northern latitudes. This may be due to sun exposure on the skin as people reduce clothing and are outside more so as to increase D3 production.
    8) 3 cases studies, (Iceland, Germany and the USS T Roosevelt aircraft carrier) showed that testing of the population showed that 79% of the people that tested positive for covid-19 were asymptomatic. Maybe if comprehensive blood panels are performed on this demographic and compare it to those with symptoms the difference discovered may identify and define the problem for which a solution will be easier to render.
    9)cytokine storms (cytokine release syndrom-CRS) can be caused by not enough vitamin D as there is not enough T reg cells to calm the T cells zealous response.

  140. Jerry

    Well folks,
    Here it comes.

    How will they enforce this without martial law? Major cities no problem. Rural areas big problem. Forget Ukraine. It’s a distraction.

  141. Victor Showman Shokan

    STAY TUNED USAWatchdogger’s!____ _ _ _
    National Sympony Orchestra of Bashkortostan at Grand Hall of The St Petersburg Philharmonia. LIVE!
    166 watching now Started streaming 91 minutes ago
    Baklykov. Live
    Live stream from the Grand Hall of The St Petersburg Philharmonia named after Dmitry Shostakovich.
    A truly historical event for the culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia. For the first time for 30-years history of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia, it is came to perform at one of the best scenes of the country – The Grand Hall of St Petersburg Philharmonia!
    Meanwhile, The Grand Hall of St Petersburg Philharmonia, founded in 1921, celebrates it’s 100th anniversary this year.
    7th of December, 2021
    The Grand Hall of St Petersburg Philharmonia named after Dmitry Shostakovich
    Richard Strauss “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (1896)
    Ludwig van Beethoven – Overture “Egmont” (1788)

  142. V.Shokan

    Getting Old Slipping?
    National Sympony Orchestra of Bashkortostan at Grand Hall of The St Petersburg Philharmonia. LIVE!

  143. Cameron Bogle

    Greg, really enjoyed your interview with Dr. Elizabeth Eads, what a courageous woman. You mentioned in the interview about Walmart not filling prescriptions for Ivermectin and I think it would be beneficial for you to watch a video on Rumble called :
    Monopoly: Who owns the world. This video was taken down from YouTube as it shows that ultimately Vanguard and Blackrock are major shareholders in almost every large/medium sized companies in the world including Walmart,Pfizer, Moderna, numerous Banks, Tesla, Amazon, the MSM (Fox, AT&T , etc. etc.) . They also contribute to the WEF, political campaigns, etc. – ie. total control. The further you go down the rabbit hole the more you understand. Once you unravel the spiders web you find out who ultimately owns Vanguard/Blackrock who own the world: the Banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) . This is really insidious stuff, power, depopulation, Luciferian, evil stuff. And thy will be done. That’s what’s really behind Covid and all of the measures that they have put in place to scare and destroy the middle class and make us serfs to do their bidding.

  144. Justn Observer

    Greg, Sad warning from UK funeral director =

    Will this soon be the winter story in NYC thanks to Deblasio?

    • Bob

      Recently John went to hospital “with Covid” and had to be rescued by relatives. The story is that the system tried to kill him. I haven’t found a video yet with his side of the story. Some are saying he’s a fake because he would never have gone to hospital knowing what he knows. Others say he was forced to go to hospital for Covid, possibly because they tested him when he went in for something else.

      I’m not sure. I’m waiting for his next update. OK, I’ll do a little search…

      Here they say he went to hospital. Apparently he now believes Covid is real (and nasty) , but he still believes you are better off not trusting the hospitals so he escaped. Some of the staff made him nervous.

      This is his statement after leaving hospital. He suspects they were trying to kill him – and they would have succeeded if he was the average sherson, one of the sheeple.

  145. Gregory John Morrissey

    Merry Christmas and to you and all of your follow Christians on this site
    With all that is happening we have to keep us on our final goal to be with the lord and His son in the end. How do we do this we get to know them
    From Revelation 21 versus 1 thru 8

    21 Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,”[a] for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. 2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

    6 He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. 7 Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
    This is the future
    See how the apostles spoke with Jesus Christ, we need to study this so we can learn to be the same as they were and are today
    Read the Bible and get to know the Lord our God and His Jesus in the spirit as well as in the flesh

  146. Stephen R. Waldee

    Today I watched the interview of Reiner Fuhlmich on the Trueman Show of Jorn (YT) and Reiner stated that the information — here — that claims he started the Nuremberg 2.0 trials is FALSE; and that he does NOT have 1,000 lawyers working with him (less than 100.) NO trials have been started; they have NO court lined up–and don’t even know WHAT court would be able to hear their case (maybe, he said, “a kingdom somewhere”) because the courts are at present too corrupted. So Dr. Eads has heard misinformation and he doesn’t appreciate that. Please, Greg, contact him and get him interviewed to clear this up. – SRW

    • sk

      Fuellmich (in English). Fullmich (with umlaut over the ‘u’) in German. The first name is ‘Reiner’. Please spell correctly, so readers can go to the source.

  147. Beverly

    FANTASTIC INTERVIEW!! Dr. Eads is one of the very few who is really SUPER informed. She is helping to save lives and we all owe her a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!! I would like to mention that Judy Mikovits mentioned Chlorine Dioxide. Dr. Eads says this in the interview. Chlorine Dioxide is what your body makes when you use Sodium ChloriTe with a T and activate it for 3 minutes with lemon juice, citric acid or vinegar. Dr. Jim Humble and his book about MMS(Miracle Mineral Supplement) is ALL about Sodium Chlorite and how it turns into Chlorine Dioxide when it is activated and swallowed down into your stomach. Dr. Humble says that MMS will also clean mercury out of your system. It breaks it up. Of course, it has to be done carefully. MMS will also kill malaria and AIDS. He cured people of AIDS in Africa. He was curing people in Africa all over the place, but the drug companies don’t like it and chased him out of some places. But, the MMS absolutely works. I’m using it right now. Everybody on this site needs to look up Jim Humble/MMS and get his book if you can. The guy who is going by the name of Gene Decode, is also telling all of his listeners that the #1 thing they need to do is get on MMS. So, yes, get on the Ivermectin too. But, don’t forget the MMS. Also, Garlic is a great fighter of things. I use MMS and garlic together. I’ve also done the Ivermectin for horses and had absolutely no problem. You can buy the powder form of Sodium ChloriTe and make up your own solution of MMS in your kitchen. Jim Humble tells exactly how to do it. It has to be done carefully with the right scales, but it can be done in your kitchen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Beverly!

  148. Tom Ranger

    Rumble has sold out and should no longer be trusted.

  149. Doubting Thomas


    You just don’t get it. You presume young people will have the same response to the truth that old folks have. They do not.

    They do not care that you have information about the shots not working. They will never believe the shots don’t work. Any information you present will be deemed lies. If 99% of the population are double jabbed, they will blame all deaths on the unvaxxed.

    Welcome to the brave new world

    • Keith B

      Exactly! And not just the young people; a lot of my peers who are in their 60s blame everything on the unvaccinated. We have close friends who say we are selfish and say they are disappointed in us.

  150. Keith B

    The presentation suggested that the establishment who forced the vaccines on people would be prosecuted eventually. The elite who were part of the Jeffery Epstein crimes have not been prosecuted. The trial is wrapping up and all crimes will be swept under the rug. How can we expect people like Fauci will ever be prosecuted for the vaccines?

  151. CountyGuard

    So, in effect, the vax is essentially giving everyone an “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” – Let THAT sink in!

  152. Pete

    Great job again, Greg~ Sure would love it if you included links to sources cited in your interviews. It’s more work for you, I know. But it would supercharge the difference you’re already making. Thanks for what you do.

  153. David Jones

    Read the plot line to a 1998 Tom Clancy novel called “Rainbow Six”. They have been planning this for decades.

  154. Gregory Zeigler

    I recently tried to contact her to get ahold of some Ivermectin. I was seriously ill recently. But she didn’t help one bit. I tried to contact her on telegram but no answer.

  155. Rachel Williams

    I’m wondering if someone can provide a link to the data to support Dr. Eads’ information about the dosage of the vaccines – 1st shot, 2nd shot & booster ?

  156. Christine Bloom

    Thanks, Greg, for your inclusion of Jesus in His spirit for all as. I was capitalizing on science and not in any respect knowing all there is in existence is due to science dismissing Jesus as if science should be a separation. I felt your inclusion of Jesus was in some way a negative in overstepping my analysis of another avenue to the science of energy. Jesus is the “I am”. As I write I appreciate your inclusion of Jesus, understood in all we are and what we do, however we should be able to share my thoughts with others on the level of vibration and frequency. I thank God I still have the freedom of honoring God to be able to write as I looking forward to your thoughts should you decide
    to reply. God Bless…..

  157. Regina

    Hello watchdog family.
    I am at my wits end with these vaxs. I live and work in NY. Don’t want the Vax. I follow the Flccc protocols and have been fine. I
    thought I would be safe when the judge put a stop on Biden’s mandate. Then our outgoing nyc Mayor decides to force the Vax. I can’t afford to loose my job; since others are dependent on me.

    I can’t believe I am asking but I need Dr or nurse who is wiling to assign me a card for a fee. Has to be legit lot number etc dates. My job knows that I’ve been following the pcr test requirements for the past few month.

    I can be reached at [email protected]. please help.

  158. Ruth

    When Ron DeSantis becomes president, I want you to replace Fauci.

  159. Daniel Millen

    God has scheduled this before the last judgement.

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