Vax Everyone NOW, Vax Creating Variant, CDC Tyranny

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 491 8.6.21)

What ever happened to the door knocking campaign from the Biden Administration to get the unvaxed, vaxed?  It appears to be replaced with a tyrannical panicked push to get everyone vaxed right now.  Kids, pregnant women, military and anyone unvaxed.  Get vaxed or get fired.  Legal cases are forming every day, and will religious exemptions save the day?  Pay no mind to science or constitutional rights.  Never mind the silly Nuremberg Code of 1947 that came out of the forced science experiments by Nazis doctors, they hanged by the way.  Who cares about the well documented volumes of science on natural immunity?  Half the country already has natural immunity according to top nationally recognized doctors.  So, for half the country, a CV19 vaccine is not needed.  “Get the damn vaccine” is the new narrative by evil vaxers.  According to people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, this panicked push is because the Covid scam is unraveling at high speed.

The dark Covid powers withheld cures like HCQ and Ivermectin and are still withholding them.  They are still letting people die so vax makers can continue making huge profits.  The so-called CV19 vaccine is creating the variants according to one Nobel Prize winning doctor.  Maybe this is why they are already rushing out a “booster.”  You don’t need a booster if you have natural immunity.  Natural immunity is much safer than getting an experimental mRNA gene therapy drug trial.  There is talk of the FDA approving the Jab as safe and effective when company documents and vax reporting data says they are not.  Who cares about facts and data, vax on and get that booster.

The Supreme Court ruled against the CDC and its moratorium on evictions for renters and homeowners not paying their bills.  That did not stop the all-knowing and all-powerful CDC from extending the eviction moratorium until October.  It was a tyrannical move on the Biden Administration’s part, but what’s the rule of law and the Supreme Court anyway?  A lawless economy is a dangerous economy.  Cut back on risk.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 8.6.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Lindell will talk about his ongoing efforts to fight election fraud, his dust up with FOX and his ongoing struggles with the cancel culture that just cannot keep Lindell or My Pillow down.

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  1. Rodster

    Nice rant Greg! This is becoming more and more apparent that it’s a bullsh*t platter we are being served. At least the unarmed pussified Europeans are pretesting and in some cases are rioting. I at least give them credit for that. Hopefully Americans will see thru the BS and begin to fight back against the establishment.

    Walmart recently announced that all Home Office and traveling Regional personnel will be required to get vaccinated by Oct 4th. My mgr thinks it will eventually become mandated for all employees, regardless. I told him when that day comes, i’ll quit.

    • Auntie Seize

      A FREE “all-you-can-eat sewage/sh*t buffet” would have been a better characterization. ROTFLMAO!
      When the gov offers you anything for free, you’d better tuck tail and haul ass out of there.
      And when they insist you take their offer, you’d better haul ass at warp speed.

      • OneDude

        Operation haul ass at warpspeed

    • Edmund Burke

      This “the unarmed pussified Europeans” statement is extremely harsh being as those protesting are the unvaxed, and are modern day freedom fighters. This is millions across Europe, including UK.
      What good have all your guns done you in the USA ? Other than John Lennon and a few presidents the assassinated list is very small .
      Feel free to give me a list of who has been assassinated for the good of mankind bearing in mind that any killing will have to be justified in the highest court on judgement day.

      Furthermore many of us across Europe are armed, many of us can reload, and we are allowed moderators, I would back myself to put 90% of shots in a four inch target up to 800 metres on a decent weather day, with my 270 or 308. It’s a great myth that Europeans are unarmed, we are just more careful about who has the legal guns, and in one weekend in New York or similar city your guns deaths dwarf total European incidents for an entire year.

      As a legal gun owner I have no intention of murdering any head of state puppet, as a replacement puppet would be straight away, long before the blood pool had even been cleaned up. No net benefit. Only ever tightening gun laws. The gun is not the answer otherwise somebody somewhere would have squeezed a trigger.

      “Selling your cloak and buying a sword” is one thing but unless you can slay the actual puppet masters we have to find another way.

      This site is the only way along with many many similar others all promoting truth and exposing the hypocrisy. We are stronger by spreading the message, standing together, undivided, kind of modern day disciples and not causing division by calling each other stupid names such as unarmed pussies.

      Try Sanity for Sweden, or Survival Lilly (Austria) or Politikai Hobbista (Hungary) to see what is happening across Europe. Watch what is happening in UK, Poland, France and Italy most weekends. The world is bigger than your 50 states.

      • Steve Bice

        “Feel free to give me a list of who has been assassinated for the good of mankind bearing in mind that any killing will have to be justified in the highest court on judgement day.”

        I sympathize and agree that insulting the European people is misguided and unfair. But, your statement above misses the point entirely.

        The second amendment has never been in place for the populace to seek justice outside of the rule of law. Rather, it serves as a restraint to ensure that government power is also delimited by those same boundaries.

        We live in a time where those limits are being pushed to the breaking point, and all people of good will should hope and pray that those limits hold, however tenuously. That said, history has proven it is better to have the guns than not…

    • Michael Honebrink

      Please don’t quit! Let them fire you. Then you may have legal recourse.

    • Bob

      Greg thank you for all you help you share I watch a video A manufactured illusion from Dr. David Martin and what he exposes and what you and all you guests share is Pure Truth on the Satanic Depopulation Agenda by the evil elite who want us all to die.

    • David Jones

      LIFE EXTENSION BIO-TECHNOLOGY. 28:00 “Why would the elites depopulate?” Look up Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard and the “Harvard Mice study”. If the elites have access to life extension technology thay are going to want to use it, but they have a problem. If technology like that is used by the elites it can’t be kept secret and if it leaks out to the general population the global population will go from 7 billion to 14 billion to 30 billion in no time. So does it make sense to the elites to depopulate then enslave the survivors in “smart cities” for the “Great reset”? Absolutely. Cathrine Austin Fitts hinted at this during her planet lockdown interview. It’s also interesting that Dr. Sinclairs company just signed a deal with the Joint special operations command to provide their troops with this life extension bio-technolgy.

      • AndrewB

        Hi David,
        Plausible theses. If true, then it would explain how easily seemingly all world leaders have been recruited to the cause – life extension anyone?! Please provide link to Harvard study.

    • Beligerant

      They do seem h*ll bent on pushing the jab and ignoring ALL OF THE SCIENCE AND STUDIES which doesn’t fit their conclusion. I envision it will be mandatory within another 3 months. The Europeans are rioting non stop in the street and the establishment could care less as they march ahead with their vax passports and other draconian rules.
      Those which have taken the jab seem brainwashed and now it’s the unvaxed which are stupid, selfish, reason for the variants, ruining everyone’s lives, jerks, etc.
      The election scandal was the tipping point where it became obvious those which are bought-and-sold and manipulating the system had more power than the rule of law. Now they are going full Draconian knowing they won the election and nothing stands in their way..

    • Bill

      Yes, it appears Americans must start protesting against the DEMS taking over America. Since, Trump is not in any position to do it. Real Americans must step up. I didn’t realize what a big RINO Rob Portman is, during his last year as Senator!
      When Harris gets rid of Biden with the 25th Amendment, then she will be PREZ. Then Nancy Pelocy, wijll Nejxt in Line to be PREZ!
      What a tangled Web, the DEMS weave!

    • Will

      Bingo Rod you got it, right on the money. . Greg great WNW!!!!!!

    • Bcrouch

      Don’t quit make them fire you .

  2. Robert Coleman

    Anyone pushing this Covid19 Experimental Shot should be tried and executed under the Nuremberg Code of 1947

    • MC

      On August 2nd Trump yet again touted the vax as highly effective. This memo follows the one of June 03 and the other of March 10 which were even more laudatory of the genocidal vax which is, accdg to French scientists, to precipitate a worldwide holocaust of billions.

      Every time Trump yaps that the vax is safe & effective, it emboldens CEOs of corporations, communist officers in US military and other villans to enforce vax programs. Trump is doing as much or more to push the vax than is Biden since nobody believes Biden is sentient.

      • Marilyn Guinnane

        MC — I rain blessings upon you for saying what I’ve been telling people for a year now. DJT has jumped ship. He’s PLAINLY in bed with the bad guys now, or maybe he always was. Perhaps all the ‘good’ he did was to get our loyalty, and oh brother are the Trumpers ever misguidedly loyal. What is the matter with them?! I used to be a Trump supporter, to the tune of volunteering to help re-elect him. But then he fast tracked a vaxx when none was needed, as this thing they erroneously call ‘covid’ has a 99.7% survival rate, better than the seasonal flu! Which is undoubtedly all it is! And listen, when he got whisked away in a limo to the Naval hospital, allegedly with ‘covid’ (that silly word again) last year, he miraculously recovered overnight due to a drug called Remdesevir. Then he crowed on TV about how great Remdesevir was! If we too should contract ‘covid’ we should look to Remdesevir to cure us overnight, as well! Except you know what? He didn’t partake of that drug at all because it’s been revealed that Remdesevir causes renal failure. The kidneys shutting down can kill you almost as fast as a bullet. So couple that with “take the vaccine” and, people, we have a traitor in the castle. The evidence is all over the wall, but Trumpers have forgotten how to read. You’d think he was the 2nd coming to listen to his followers defend his actions. It’s truly spooky as well as indicative of some new form of mind-control. What else has turned intelligent, thinking individuals into mindless camp followers?

        • Greg Hunter

          I feel your frustration, but you got to get the facts right. Trump used “Regenron” not Remdesevir. I do not think Trump is a traitor I thin k he’s getting very bad advise. He’s totally wrong about the injections, that is for sure.

          • Jr

            it’s clear to me that when Trump came down the escalator EXACTLY as “predicted” in the years earlier Simpsons episode Greg that he was a willing participant in the deep states agenda and that he was most likely “signed up” by Wilber Ross at GS when he was reportedly bailed out of debt – he’s admittedly a mason – apprentice is what they call an initiate -we all loved him and the world loves him and israel adores him and the deception is so great “even the elect can be deceived” – and his name means world ruler -so be cautious and ask the Lord –

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks a big leap in logic you cannot back up or source.

              • Jr

                dont think it’s a leap – do agree logic is involved – it’s evidence all available online and more that signals warning – prayer for discernment required – … Jesus warned about a deception so great “even the elect could be deceived” just sayin….I’ve quit making excuses… I’d rather have Clif High, Mike Adams, CAF, Alan Keyes or you as president than any jab pusher including djt -God Bless You and keep up the great work you are doing – you’re on my short list for potus if we ever have another election … he fell off awhile back

              • Walt Myers

                Being unable to read minds I must rely on facts upon which to draw conclusions. Fact: I gave Trump a copy of To Tame a Tyrant and a letter explaining the to MAGA America must be in control of its destiny, This demands exiting the UN, bringing monetary policy out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and into compliance with the Constitution an shedding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt that’s a result of present policy. During his four year term he didn’t mention these needs much less act on them.

          • Elias Andrinopoulos

            Agree. I am starting to have my reservations about Trump but am reserving judgement for the time being. This whole area is not in his wheelhouse and I do think he is getting some crap advice from people who only see poll numbers or just don’t want to rock the boat too much in the interests of “frying the bigger fish,” ie, getting back into the WH. The irony is if he were to backtrack and denounce the jab his support would skyrocket instantly, as the narrative around Covid and the “vaccine” (which is not a vaccine) is falling apart faster than a dirt mound in a rains storm ☔️ 😂

            • Warren B.

              Did BUSH Jnr get bad advice on 911 ….on the Terrorist Attack then the never ending WAR on TERROR….and the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION too…?
              The BUCK stops with the President as with all serving Presidents (whether in Government or in the Private sector). If FAUCI was giving advice …and it was misleading or FALSE…then his ass should have been fired. FAUCI was the appointed Guru of the COVID Taskforce – he didn’t deliver….and he still has his Job…..go figure!!!!

          • Computer Guy

            Not bad advice Greg I think he was duped.

          • Carla Garay

            I agree. Bad advice. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Mike Lindell said it was Mark Meadows who was blocking Pres Trump from getting crucial information from Sidney Powell, and it’s my understanding that Meadows is still with him.

            • Greg Hunter


          • Bcrouch

            Greg you need to interview a doctor named vladimir zelenko. Brandon on frank speech had him on he said it’s a bomb inside people waiting to explode . He did give recommendations to help combat but as you know it’s just all unknown. Thank you for your reporting and God Bless and protect you

        • Lois Petersen

          Marilyn, I understand completely what you are saying. I can’t figure out why Trump is pushing the jab either. This article came accross my path earlier this week and I saved it. What are uour thoughts on this article?

        • john+duffy

          Trump lost me when he came out and said, words to the effect, that Hillary wasn’t so bad after all and that she has been through enough. What!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            That’s politics John. He was trying to back off the Deep State but we know that did not work.

      • Mark Heuer

        I totally agree with your post. And let me just add, ANYBODY who touts this “vaccine” is an ENEMY of GOD! And it makes me sick when those people at his rallies cheer for Trump when he touts these satanic jabs.

      • Computer Guy

        I think Trump was duped, I don’t think he or anyone in his administration was in on this plot. I think Trump really believed there was a pandemic and that’s why he is touting the vaccines, he really believes this is about saving lives. Meanwhile, the evil forces with help from the lying weasel Fauci conspired to create this phony baloney pandemic. 1. Kick out Trump and use covid as a distraction to cover up the election rigging. 2. A massive money making scheme for the drug dealers.

        Someone on president Trump’s team preferably a smart person should let him now this thing was a scam.

        • Bill

          98% of the People in Washington have the same perspective. It’s hard to find someone like Steve Bannon with a Different Perspective in D.C.

          Looks like Andrew Cuomo is sliding off the Hook of Justice. If Cuomo, resigns NOW, then he doesn’t get charged with 13,000 Covid Deaths in Nursing Homes. The DOJ has folded their investigation on Cuomo. This called Democrat Justice.

          • Greg Hunter

            96% voted for Hillary in 2016. Sick!

        • Mark Heuer

          Really???? This 3D chess player who is so intelligent but is totally oblivious to the fact that these “vaccines” are killing people EVERYDAY???? Wake up and smell the coffee! Ok, so Trump had to come out with these warp speed “vaccines” to save us from permanent lockdown, i’ll buy that for a nickle, but if Trump is not part of this global scheme why does he continually tout these killer jabs????

        • JayJay

          Ridiculous–He has better entail than us…how could he NOT see that those that rejected the injection are still standing and that 70% that had the injection are dead or ill or worse..permanently damaged for life..
          I am so suspicious why, even if he pulls us out of this mess, he allowed millions to die and become sick with heart problems, clots, seizures, and worse.
          So, the new govt will bring in med beds–what the hell does that do for all those that lost friends/relatives??

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Robert Coleman — And that would include the man we elected president. You know, the one who truly won the election.

  3. it's NOT a vaccine

    “covid” has never been isolated so there is no test for it… there is no testable virus and their test is a lie. There is no “damn” vaccine and no one on the planet has been “vaccinated” because the graphene oxide with spike protein is not a vaccine… I repeat…
    IT is NOT a VACCINE – – – hey dufus md gov ..THERE IS NO “DAMN” VACCINE TO TAKE !

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      it’s NOT a vaccine — You’re right. And I wish the learned Clif High would do some research because he perpetuates the lie that “covid” exists. It does not. None of the corona viruses have ever been isolated so it’s impossible that “covid-19” exists! Ask this MD who attended MIT: We have to break with the mindset that there is this boogy-man virus called “covid”. In using that term we are simply reinforcing the narrative thrown at us by the Black Hatted Big Pharma, including that phony test for it; what’s it called? PCR? Where they stick a swab so far up your nose that it breaks through the blood brain barrier? And what is ON that swab! What’s been said runs my blood cold.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I don’t understand your reasoning. Yes, it is true that the Covid-19 virus has never been isolated, but this in no way means that it does not exist. There is empirical evidence aplenty that it exists.

        • Warren B.

          I warmly await your empirical evidence that COVID 19 actually exists.
          According to the CDC and FDA ( and the Health Authorities in Alberta Canada) Covid 19 cannot be identified ……it is the name given to a combination of Common Cold Coronavirus and a multitude of other Animal Viruses that were /are used as the template for testing (PCR) in order to substantiate the PLANDEMIC.
          COVID 19 is NOT A DISEASE.
          Until your evidence is provided I will treat (and so should others) your comment as misdirection. It is FALSE.

    • Jr

      Dr Judy Mikovits says its a monkey virus – we’re being literally “MONKEY HAMMERED”

    • Occasnltrvlr

      According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, by strict definition is IS a vaccine.

      A vaccine is a substance which induces the production of antibodies. This does that, and hence is properly called a “vaccine”.

      • Greg Hunter

        It is , in fact, “experimental” and not an approved.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Quite true, but that was not my point at all.

      • JayJay

        Technically, it may be called a vaccine—but a vaccine not for the flu which is what this virus is. A vaccine is a weakened germ of the illness one is experiencing right?? How can that be if this has NOT been isolated or identified.
        Admit it; the goal was to inject with graphene oxide, a poison.

        vaccine: a substance to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against a disease, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

        well, the disease can’t be labeled, science and CDC admit that; therefore an agent can’t be prepared; therefore, an antigen isn’t there to play this game.
        I told you the true goal.

      • Louis

        Dr. Tenpenny has repeated stated that this is not a vaccine and that we should stop calling it a vaccine since it is misleading the masses.

      • sk

        Well, in THAT case, Yersinia pestis (formerly Pasteurella pestis, colloquially the bacterium that causes Black Death) is a vaccine.

  4. Gary York

    Mr. Hunter I was listening to a doctor an there is a drug called Surman or Surman. It’s 100 year old drug. It will not cure it but it stops progression of jab. Please research this (I’m a construction worker not a researcher Mr. Hunter. God Bless you Sir, I’m so THANKFULL you are Honest an here for me to learn. Again THANK YOU SIR.

    • The Seer

      It’s Suramin made from pine needle oil and requires a prescription. Pine needle tea can be drunk. Also, Dandelion leaf and root tincture or tea is supposed to block the spike proteins. A list of options was sent to Greg. Not sure if he received it. Will also help natural immunity people when exposed to shedding and exhaling. Good preventatives.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is NOT peer reviewed proven science.

        • Rob F.

          Peer reviewed proven science?

          Peer reviewed science is insanely corrupt and is part of the reasom we are in this position.

          I am surprised you said that

          • Greg Hunter

            Then all we have left are feelings. There is lots of established science out there before it turned woke-tard.

      • The Seer

        Suramin is an approved drug.
        Naturopathic medicine has remedies from nature.
        Before the CDC FDA WHO existed tribal cultures had
        Their remedies. If a non jabbed person wants protection they may want the knowledge.
        I own a global medical distribution company.
        We are working with top international
        Scientists for ways to stay healthy through this.
        I am protecting myself with the natural alternatives.
        For those who like scripture it states all has been given to us in nature.

        • JayJay

          Greg–you need to get away from your line of thinking. Drugs are okay in some cases, but alternatives are purer. I have been on vitamins and herbs for years. I have never had a cold or flu…am 71 today and take NO prescription drugs and would not even IF I had a doctor–which I don’t.

          The Seer is the future..screw BIG PHARMA is my motto.

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s not asking too much to have real science to back up claims.

  5. FreeMpg

    Your Paul Craig Roberts’ interview was great. He often repeated himself which is what people need to make things stick. And you going over it again tonight is even better.
    Keep up the good work. All the best, brother.

    • travis moss

      it would be great to have more information about your company.

  6. Gary York


  7. Bruce


    Great updates, wish I had the “juice” to support you with $$$, your updates are well worth a subscription. I pray you are well compensated for what you do (and risk) and wanted you to know that I forward your videos to 75-80 of my close friends & fellow Patriots on a daily/weekly basis. (Who knows where they go from there!)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce for all the viral support!

  8. Robert

    Ireland also won the same type of court case and are now more free

  9. Gary

    I believe the Only Hope we have is GOD ALMIGHTY . It breaks my heart watching these people that took the jab. Thank you for being a Honest an Godly man. Thank God for your HONESTY , Sincere reporting an Truthfullness.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gary.

    • Louis

      You nailed it. To fight this evil onslaught we must pray, fast and repent!

    • Louis

      Pray, fast and repent to fight this global evil onslaught!

  10. Briss Moyle

    Graphene oxide poisoning? The evidence is that Craven1984 exists only in a computer. Interview Dr. David Martin should be interviewed.

  11. Linda Puetz

    You are my hero. I share your videos with my friends and it has changed their focus. I also copy and paste your news to legislators in southeast CT. These dummies were praising the jab for the Vets. I called them on it. They have changed their songs and suddenly I am on their email lists. Too late. They have to go.

    My company has ordered us to wear the muzzle again. It makes me sick. I have pharyngitis for the forth time since the mask BS. I do not know what to do. My money is everything, Home, gas, auto, FOOD? I do not want to wear the nasty muzzle. I gave the boss a copy to sign. I printed it off freedomradio,us. It was dropped like it was on fire. No signed. I am thinking about writing the head quarters and and asking for them to sign my release.

    This week I was hospitalized with diverticulitis. They wanted to give me the PCR test for the C19. I told them no. They gave me a song and dance about I would have to be isolated and all my care workers would have to wear hazmat. Oh well. I stuck to it. When shifts changed a nurse came in with the swab. She was giving a sugary line of monkey poop how I should have it. I said,” no. ” I told her even the inventor said the swab was not accurate. The lady lifted her high and said, ” Conspiracy theory.” LOL!

    I wait for your emails eagerly. Thank you for being you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda for sharing & for sticking to your guns.

    • Auntie Seize

      “Conspiracy theory” is a logical fallacy. It’s an ad hominem attack – attacking an opponent’s motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain.
      The opponent cannot attack your arguments, so he attacks you instead.

  12. Robert P. Maloney Jr.

    Check into pine bark extract
    pine needle tea
    grape seed extract
    for spike protein …..not sure if works a lady said it in video early on….can’t hurt

    PS Be the shepherd who looks for the sheep that are lost – not the ones safe in the pen.
    this is what you are doing, Greg.

    • travis moss

      conspiracy theory est.1963

  13. Michael Sorrell


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for all the viral promotion.

  14. Charles shackleford

    Biden must have got it

  15. Anthony Australia

    Vaxathon 😂

    Same narrative globally about this only leads me to believe The Establishment hit the switch.
    No more large scale protests, no need to bluff their way through the global economic collapse and no need to Nuke the world.

    Fritz Springmeier!

  16. Hilltop Hillbilly

    Just an anecdote. My ladys’ mom is in the the healthcare field and her brother and his wife are hardcore lefties. Her brother and her wife got the shot as well as her mom who coaxed her dad into getting it. They all went on vacation last week. The 4 of them became extremely ill with all the symptoms of covid. My lady who has not gotten the jab became ill later in the week and is now home. She sounds like she’s breathing after just being pulled out of the ocean. Very heavy. I can hear her lungs from across the room. They got back last saturday and it seems to be clearing up a little for her but she’s still in rough shape. Thankfully I haven’t had any feelings of illness yet. What I wanted to point out is that even though they were extremely sick, with all the symptoms of being infected with the virus which has been ramrodded down our throats for over a year. Every last one of them refused to get the test and blamed it on my niece who started daycare 6 months ago. My lady is convinced its covid and I’m no doctor but I’ve never seen or heard her like this and believe it is as well. She doesn’t want to get tested for a number of reasons which I fully support. I guess the point of this post is to point out that there is a certain psychosis going on with many, many people. They’ve obsessed about the virus for a year and a half and have been tested many times with no symptoms. But once they had severe symptoms, they completely refuse and try to dismiss as a bad cold because how could it be covid? They’ve had the shot! Be careful everyone, we’ve passed the point of discussion and rational thought. Some of these people are so deeply vested into their belief system that they are truly a risk to everyone and I’m not talking in the sense of the virus itself.

  17. John Nordstrom

    I was in Tractor Supply yesterday, and there was a sign on the refrigerator for animal pharmaceuticals that said ‘Ivermectin not for human use’. Americans are catching on !!! Go to Tractor Supply and get yours before they run out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John for sharing this.

  18. dlc

    Jimmy Dore got the 2 jabs on the advice of his physician since Jimmy had other health issues. After he developed alarming symptoms from the jab, which have continued since April, he went back to same physician who admitted he was treating 5 other patients for jab symptoms. One of the 5 is a NEUROSURGEON no less, another is a nurse.

    Jimmy Dore has, not only his original health condition, but now has to contend with a damaged immune system and what he described as “brain inflammation” as a result of the jab.

    For the life of me, I do not understand all the hysteria over an illness with a damn near 100% recovery rate. Are we in a dither over the fentanyl crisis, a whopping obesity crisis, hemorrhaging of illegals over the border carrying an array of diseases?

    My hometown pulls up the sidewalk at 8 p.m., all businesses closing at that time. It’s like a permanent curfew. People are not stirring out of their homes come sundown. Who would have ever dreamed you could so easily buffalo whole populations over a political illness. Yes, our health is now political, and privacy and rights be damned.

  19. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    The last interview with Dr. PCR is not on Rumble.

  20. Mike+G

    It’s a cook book. Government and tyrants lying to us? Say it isn’t so.

  21. Marie+Joy

    WE are too passive. WE should be suing the pants off these murderers. AT LEAST.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Marie & Joy — There are lawsuits backed up like freeway traffic in Los Angeles, but the wheel of law turns slowly. You don’t get a lawsuit into court overnight. But what irks me greatly is that our American politicians are going along with Big Pharma and not lifting a finger to fight for the people who elected them, who pay their salaries. Bought and paid for. My own congressman is a Republican, but what I get from him are form letters.

  22. David Gordon Dunne

    They are just as ignorant here in Thailand No one is dying of the virus but old, fat, sick
    people. If you want to go on a bus, a jet, or just travel outside your province, you must
    have the killer jab or take a 4 inch China made squab up your nose and if their bull chit test shows you have, they will sweep you away to who knows where. 12mm out of 70mm
    people here have taken it but so many are scared and don’t want it. Less than 10% of Japanese and Indians have taken it. Ivermectin was given out to all Indians 2 months ago and no cases now. Look at Africa where all there take the “Sunday pill” HCQ for malaria and guess what no cases there to speak of. This is a Globalists Gospel that for well over 100 years they have professesd for the depopulation of the world. Now, they are succeeding. So many dumb, ignorant people in the world. I have two brothers that took the killer jab and both got a stroke and a heart attack. Dumb daughter has a heart murmur now and HPB. Many friends took it and got strokes. I have some real smart friends and the stupidity they have shown here makes me feel like a SAD genius now. Greg, I love ya man. I may never get back to America again. We got run out of the country back to Thailand when OBs immigration kept me us pay more and more as after 5 times for a GC, they gave a 2 year conditional one but in 2016, we had to refile again and the Attorney said they would churn the acctount, that was us and so we left for Thailand.

  23. Dot Massy

    Melburnians take to the streets to protest state’s sixth lockdown
    56,527 viewsAug 5, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Melbourne clashing with police over the states sixth lockdown.
    The protesters rallied in Melbourne’s CBD chanting “free Victoria” – calling for the Premier to be sacked.

    Computer Guy 08/05/2021 •
    Oh and one more thing, look at what they did to sky news Australia. This was a test and they got away with it. If you don’t think fox news and the other right wing channels are next you’re sadly mistaken. They will threaten to pull Fox’s broadcast license unless they fall in line and become cnn.
    Watch for it, these people are pure evil. That’s the declaration of war on the American public.

    To Kill a Mockingbird ‘cancelled’ over so-called ‘racist white saviour narrative’
    46,500 viewsJul 7, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Andrew Bolt says a leading school in Scotland “has decided to cancel” Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird because of its so-called “racist white saviour narrative”.
    “White saviour is the white man coming to save the black. Terribly patronising. And this is not just happening in Britain. The book has been banned by some schools in the US, and a school in Canada has also pressured teachers not to teach it,” Mr Bolt said.
    “Now critics today who see everything through the eyes of race – just like the villains in To Kill a Mockingbird – yes, this is a white saviour book. A white lawyer Atticus Finch fights to save a black man unfairly accused of murder and convicted by a racist jury despite his pleas to look at the evidence.
    “And a race warrior would say how patronising and racist that the book and the famous film version has the African American spectators in that courtroom, having seen Finch fight and lose against the mob, then still stand to honour his integrity, and telling his daughter to do the same.
    “Here’s what the race warriors don’t get about any of this. This is not a film about a white man trying to save a black man. It is fundamentally about a man – just a man – and his children as well– standing against the mob.”

  24. Romero

    Here Greg, here’s what’s really going on

  25. CJ

    I’ve been trying to talk family and friends out of taking the jab, but my sister went and got the Pfizer on Tues. She has been sick since Tues evening. So sick she cannot work. In so much pain that she cannot sleep. She works for Mercy hospital and they are requiring all employees, even those who never come to the hospital to take the jab to retain employment. She works two full-time jobs from home and hasn’t been around anyone in several days. They are trying to tell her that she must have had covid before she got the injection. Not possible. You are right. The injection gave her covid. I went by there today to take her some supplies and she was crying because she feels she was bullied into taking it to keep her job. Bullied was the word she used. She tearfully told me she regrets taking it, but that she didn’t have a choice because she NEEDS to work from home. She has worked so hard to get her life together and is just starting to see the results of all her hard work and sacrifice. The Nuremberg 2 trials can’t happen soon enough. I hope people swing.

  26. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNW491.

    Talking of direct sponsors, what about My Pillow?

    Minor point, SARS-CoV-2. I think it is pronounced, “Sars Coe Vee 2”.

  27. William Betts

    I would like to point out something that Dr. Robert Malone the man that developed mRNA back in 1988 said about m RNA. I think it was patented in 2002. He said that mRNA had reached his greatest fear, ie, ADE, Antibody Dependency Enhancement. This means that the JAB is causing a disease now called Vaccine Enhanced Disease. It seems that the powers that be have stopped Dr Malone from printing anything. His last plea seems to be ” STOP THE JAB” Betts

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Minor correction: Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), causes Vaccine Associated Disease Enhancement (VADE).

  28. andyb

    There are many that are unaware that the CDC, like the FED and the IRS, is a private corporation. NOT A USG ENTITY. Since when can a private entity set policy for the American people? That’s up to the Congress. So mask and lockdown mandates emanating from the CDC have no constitional basis.

  29. GVB

    There is some very recent study material coming out regarding counter attack medicine for the injected people. First I want to state in very clear terms that below info should first be discussed with a reliable professional physician or expert in the field

    1. Acethylcystheine may reduce or eliminate graphene oxide in the body. I doubt if this product is obtainable OTC in the USA. In my country it is available (no prescription required)

    2. Bromelain is a protein absorbing enzym that could be beneficial in reducing spike proteins

    Talk to a reliable MD and demand he researches it

    Best of luck y’all

    Ps use DuckDuckGo for relevant info (Google won’t do)

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Hi there GVB — I do believe that which you recommend is the same thing as NAC, which is available in health food stores in the U.S. I’ve been taking NAC for years, top brand name, too. This may be why I’m not dead from having the suicide shot transmitted to my person by medical “professionals” who worked on my root canal. But take my very strong advice and don’t go near those who have taken the jab because ten million dollars couldn’t induce me to go through what I’ve been through all over again.

    • The Seer

      NAC supports retaining the glutathione in the body
      To help the liver cleanse. Dandelion leaf and root tea and pine needle tea known to block the spike proteins.
      I have a huge list of remedies and immune support can’t get posted here.

  30. Dan

    Cliff high has input on all this:

    Florida governor Ron Desantis has a round table with Floridas hospital CEO’s who have admitted that they are using Regeneron with great success for treating Covid, TBH has a study out probing it is working. We must spread this information.

  31. Bruce E. Sanborn

    ” You you got the vaccine, and and your OK yeah ,yeah it’s safe”? Joe Biden with a look of astonishment on his face at town hall meeting speaking to Don Lemon. What do you think was running through Lemons head when he heard that? Oohhh nnoooo😬
    Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  32. Paul ...

    Greg … Excellent analysis in your Friday wrap-up … only one thing more I would like to emphasize … that the latest Demon-rat push for “vaccination certificates” so people can have a job … or enter a store … “Has Now Become Obsolete” (from a medical perspective) … and “should be totally rejected by all who have a God given brain” … for the claim by the “commie” Demons in authority that “it’s the the un-vaccinated” that are driving new outbreaks – Is Simply False – “It Is The Vaccinated People Who Are Spreading The Mutant Virus’s” … whereas the un-vaccinated have “natural immunity” and “can’t spread the virus” … therefore … it is “The Vaccinated People Who Should Be Fired” … and “vaccinated people should be banned from stores” … those who never took the “jab” should be issued “non-vaccination certificates” … and only the “non-vaccinated” should be the ones holding jobs, traveling and shopping … as it’s the vaccinated people who are spreading mutant virus’s … they are the ones who should be restricted, rounded up and quarantined (perhaps at FEMA Camps) … the vaccinated are “all dead men walking but don’t realize it yet” … and are being given preferential treatment by the “commies” to run around and infect others so as to achieve the depopulation goals of the eugenicists!!

    • Stan

      Paul: You need to stop worrying about the vaccine and pay attention to your dwindling Gold holdings. You want to go broke? Wake up!

      • Paul ...

        Wake up Stan .. you need to stop focusing on the US dollar that is now rising … remember the Fed is creating dollars exponentially out of thin air (just like Zimbabwe did) and then simply manipulating the currency markets to make their dollar “look stronger relative to other fiat paper” (but the true deflation of the dollar that is taking place is close to 13% right now) … you need to focus your mind Stan … think about the counterparty risk involved in holding exponentially printed fiat paper IOU’s (that can never be paid back in real terms) …whereas owning physical gold coins and bars (that are not created out of thin air) eliminates such counterparty risk … you must use your God given brains Stan (and think with them) … think of what happened to the price of gold in Zimbabwe (when more and more Zimbabwe dollars were printed) … if you don’t know I’ll tell you what happened … the value of a $100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe bill has depreciated to 0.0002285 ounces of gold (about $0.40 cents US )… not even enough to buy you one Hershey’s chocolate bar (it currently takes $300 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars to buy “one” 1.55 ounce Hershey’s chocolate bar)!!

  33. Bill

    We need to really pray, Greg. We need to pray that those marxist-dems that are in power become confused or complacent in their decision making. They are wanting to vac all military personnel. Think about the damage that would do. Think about the damage they could do to the country (in addition to what already has been done). We need to really pray that God would, in His way, intervene. God Bless.

  34. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you for your superlative reporting! I consider you my barometer for all news, because it can’t get better than YOU.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Virginia for all your support!

  35. Paul ...

    To teach the murderers a lesson … boycott all Big Pharma products (and sell any shares now held in IRA’s) … make your voice loud and clear by first pushing Merck into bankruptcy … for Merck has been “the loudest opponent” of Ivermectin!!

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Paul, I am with you on this. Good on ya’.

  36. Manny

    All corporations mandating this shot are guilty of being co-conspirators with unelected bodies such as the CDC, WHO, GAVI etc… and will be destroyed by the legal system and the mob of people who lost their loved ones to the jab . Hell has no fury like a people suckered into a slow death . The whole system will come down including the globalist who are trying to engineer the damn thing !! GOD WINS !!!

  37. Paul ...

    People who got “jabbed” are suffering with paralysis, amputations, cancer, heart attacks, blood clots to the brain (causing mental fog) … … or outright strokes and yet the evil “commies” are ignoring this slaughter of the American people by Big Pharma and are now getting ready to grant approval of booster shots (to put even more spike proteins into the American peoples brains) … !!

  38. Vijay

    Doing a detox of toxins from the body will help minimize the effects of the vaccine in my humble opinion


    I wish rumble had closed captions a lot of my family are deaf. Most of them are awake but unfortunately they have stopped watching your show. I try to fill them in but I know I miss stuff.

    All the best Greg. Been a supporter since you started out.
    Mark S.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Norman for all your support. Unfortunately, Rumble doesn’t have CC.

  40. Jim Ledyard

    The dreaded “Cuomo Variant”. Dangerous for young women and fatal for the elderly.

  41. Tommy

    The panic push to get everyone take the jab and the pressure of requiring the shot to work, go into public buildings, etc. should give anyone with any sense a pause. Why is this push so intense? For the same reason the salesman would say, “don’t delay, you must order in the next 60 minutes to get this great deal”.

  42. Jerry5

    You should receive an Edward R. Morrow award for this report.
    The information you’ve presented should be shared with every social organization whether it is friends, family, church organizations etc.
    If they have any doubts they should review this study that was just released.

    The readers digest version. German physicians just did an autopsy on a man that died weeks after taking the vaccine. They found his body was full of spiked proteins. Apparently because of other health issues he had, his body over produced spike proteins from the vaccinations causing his death. In short the mRNA that creates the spike proteins overrode his natural immune system and attacked his organs. That’s scary stuff Greg. That means that everyone who has taken the jab is literally a biological ticking time bomb. They could live months without any effects based on whatever level their immune system is at, but when they are exposed to a new biological threat, their body will explode with the over production of spiked proteins from the mRNA vaccine that could cause their death.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry! You too!!

  43. Kerry Funk

    President Trump was right, these people are sick!

  44. Jeff Buck

    Greg~ you’ve been right on. Here in cincinnati, ohio, they’re making all our “health” workers get ‘jabbed’.

  45. LAE

    Ask your doctor for a IgG/IgM titer test to discover your own antibody status. It is just that simple. The nasal test has been proven to be fraudulent.

  46. Del

    Who knows if Ivermectin or HCQ works on jabbed people that now have gotten COVID?
    Will they be rushing to do study trials? I know they had a hard time doing and releasing studies that proved that Ivermectin and HCQ actually worked. It is insane..


    Lot to comment on,
    Graphine ? Yeah Im familiar with it. Space age stuff, tougher then steel. Was in early stages of development just a few years ago. Published in trade journals. Kinda weird they would be using that.
    Own your own stuff, could not have said it better. Just keep a little something aside to pay the raise in taxes THAT YOU KNOW ARE GOING TO COME. Next thing they will do will tax us out of our homes. (didnt ol Tommy J say something like that?)
    Corporate and Government lawlessness? I only can think of one thing.
    the Movie “ROLLER BALL”


  48. Herman R Stevens

    62 million American Women have Murdered 62 million American Children Through Abortion. That’s the replacement population for one whole generation of Americans , that would have been raised with American values !
    If a woman will murder her own child out of convenience , what do you think she will do to the rest of us ? 62 million murdered American children would like to know , ” what’s so special about Mother’s Day ” ?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      One small point. A child raised by a mother who would have preferred to abort them would probably not be instilled with beneficial values.

  49. Mike Johnson

    In other words taking their own spiel as being valid provides prima facilities evidence that the so called vaccine is worthless.

  50. Auntie Seize

    The phony-baloney COVID virus – which IS the seasonal flu renamed – was the pretext for the “vaccine” depopulation bioweapon. Proof: has anybody or organization actually isolated the alleged virus? NO!

  51. Arizona Viejo

    I doubt that the ‘Variants’ are the “side Effect” of the vaccine it is it’s Primary Function. The primary effect of an crispr engineered mRNA depopulation weapon — IT IS NOT BY DEFINITION A VACCINE IT IS A BIO-WEAPON. Don’t let them dominate the narrative – The truth will make you free

  52. Jay rocco

    Hi Greg always an awesome show thank you so much. May I ask these questions? Since graphite oxide is an industrial product…and poisonous to humans it has to be regulated…that means only a few specific companies could handle or sell the product. With that said: who sells or produces this compound? Who distributes this compound? And then lastly who buys this compound? Manufacturers are generally public. So this would lead to the fact that who is selling and who is buying. We could then prove who is using it In manufacturing ie the jab. Could you follow up on this please. With you being banned from social media’s I believe you are one of the few people who could bring this to light. Please consider doing this. Thank you

  53. William Wilhelm

    I find it ironic that those vaccine (drug) manufacturers haven’t mandated that their employees be vaccinated. What do they know that they aren’t saying? As far as convincing those that took the vaccine, forget it. They have been properly indoctrinated. Anger is all they have to offer.

  54. Da Yooper

    “They’er lying about everything ”

    What do you expect from people who stole the election who are frauds . You cant trust these clowns about anything if their lips are moving they are lying.

    There is something – some event coming some external something & china joe is running out of time or he wouldn’t be so desperate. Question is what is it. Why are they so desperate ?

    Covid is 2 things …..a depopulation mass genocide of the planet via a bio weapon & welfare for big pharma. They want to be on the same $$$$$ level as the Military Industrial Complex.

    For decades of my life all I heard was……… “My body my choice”
    That phrase applies now more than ever.

    top off the preps folks …..a long winter is at hand.

  55. Marie+Joy

    southernprepper1, on YouTube, says his friend’s company told employees they all had to be jabbed or they would lose their health insurance or be charged 35% more.

  56. James Foster


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for the blessings & support!

  57. Don Conrad

    Since David Martin has proven through patent history that the SARS/Covid-19 was man made, and that it was worked into a bio-weapon since 2005, is there any proof of the SARS infection having graphene-oxide in it? I know the vaccine contains it but I ask because one of the side effects is a metallic taste in the mouth. Many people I know who had covid, complained of this taste.

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch this interview with Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … So now “I see” … what these evil eugenicists are up to … they are injecting electrically conductive graphine oxide into people that currently has a “zero charge” on it (with a zero charge the graphine oxide won’t kill you) … then … when a sufficient number of people are vaccinated … the eugenicists will flood the environment with G5 waves giving the graphine oxide “a positive charge” (“which then makes it into a toxic poison which will kill you”) … and thus these evil eugenicists can kill off selected communities where-ever they desire … by directing 5G waves into specific locations … and thus they can make it look like a “viral outbreak occurred” causing many deaths … allowing them to declare Marshall Law in “strategically selected communities” all across America!!

  58. Karen Allen

    Hi Greg
    I’m in Canada. It’s weird here! Pastors have been arrested & jailed, churches burned, rights removed, we still can’t go into a store without a mask, 24/7 covid propaganda, vax passports being touted and may have become law in Quebec, etc. I don’t know who or what to trust because the story, narrative, rules etc., change so fast. Anyhow, about Patrick King….I’ve been following him,too, and I hope his version of what happened is right. I have no doubt he’s sincere, but he’s one little guy bucking a very big machine! They brought the Crown into this $1,200.00 civil matter. Clearly there are huge issues at stake! However, the Rebel news media did a piece on this yesterday, and says Pat is Wrong and is misinterpreting the meanings of some words. The Rebel is probably the largest non-msm media source we have, but some say they are controlled opposition. I don’t know. Sheila Gunn Reid, the reporter involved, is from Alberta, and would logically welcome good news like this, but she is the “debunker”. Pat gave out his contact info on one video. He said he would send copies of court documents to anyone who asks for them. I’m just sharing this because you are so careful about truth and honesty and I don’t want to see you get egg on your face. Be careful where Canada is concerned. Most people here don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on! People are waking up, but it’s a very slow process and those that took the jab are dug in very deep!

    • Clare+Doll

      It appears that there were some irregularities in the trial on the part of the defendant and you can read about them on you tube “viva frei.” Because the defendant did not subpoena
      correctly, the “admissions” were tainted. He still fought very well and achieved some successes in Alberta. Good for him. It proves one must not go down without a fight and the real fight is ahead.

  59. Murf

    Harris does not meet the “natural born citizen” clause in our Constitution to hold either the VP or the presidency. Neither of her parents were US citizens when she was born. Not conspiracy theory, just fact. You either follow the Constitution or you don’t.

    • Auntie Seize

      O’Bummer didn’t meet the requirements of the law either. But that didn’t stop him from 2 terms as prez. So, there’s the proof that there is no rule of law any longer. If the gov doesn’t follow their own laws, then why should the governed?

  60. ron martin

    Mike Adams of Natural News and Brighteon who has his own multi-million dollar lab also says emphatically that every single image we’ve seen of a covid virus is computer generated or an artist rendition and an actual virus cell has never been isolated. That means that perhaps millions have died and trillions have been spent and economies have been destroyed by fear of something that does not even exist. We all refer to sheep as herd animals who follow the leader into the abyss but we now know that humans are also herd creatures that follow blindly to their death. Don’t even try to understand why otherwise intelligent countries like the United States and Israel stand in ling to be inoculated with a proven bio weapon. Just prepare to accept death before submitting to the satanic forces trying to impose this poison to kill 90% of the world’s population.

  61. Stan

    Hey Paul: What is wrong with Gold? A few months ago you told us the price would be skyrocketing by now?

    • Self Exiled

      Just me Stan, ya know the guy who is concerned about your spiritual condition. No matter who you are. Did you get vaxed and or what is your take on this issue. Just curious: we are well aware of your economic preferences as you and Paul are always duking it out.

      • Stan

        Self Exiled – I have no position on the Vax. I didn’t get it myself. People I know who had Covid just had the sniffles.

        • Self Exiled

          Wise: my consensus also.

        • 777

          Really the sniffles, it use to be called a cold. What happened to the flu, oh yeah it is now a deadly virus, that you were suppose to stay home. But if it is so deadly shouldn’t they have advised to go to the hospital so you don’t die. Almost every normal symptom has now been replaced with the CV, then all the sleepy sheep will constantly go to get tested to give them ammunition to shut down or lockdown (prison term). Kary Mullis (PCR INVENTOR) said before he died a couple of months before this shitshow started that Fauci is a fraud and you cannot use the PCR to find a virus, cause it is impossible to find something that does not exist, those are his words.

          Again the Bible says the WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE DECEIVED!!!!!!
          We have been lied to by the ones who came to this world to kill, steal and deceive and they have been doing it for 2000 yrs. Everything is a lie, history, pharma medicine, fiat currencies. Fathers of America knew the truth and formed the only Nation Under God YAHWEH.

      • Ray

        Stan doesn’t give a shit about anything except money.
        He never contributes to discussions here on politics or comments on matters spiritual.
        The hint lies in his name……just add an “a” and do a bit of re-arranging……comes perfectly into focus.
        Canberra, Vaxxed Sheep Nation.

        • Self Exiled

          I watch the Australian struggle closely as I have two Aussie friends in Philippines. I’m in Florida now as my visa got all messes up because of covid (very long interesting story). I would of stayed but my nurse/caretaker chewed my butt royally and basically said do not mess with immigration, they have no mercy.

    • Paul ...

      You know Stan … in Greek mythology (before the days of Heracles) Perseus was the greatest of Greek hero’s as he slayed monsters … he beheaded the multi-snaked head of Medusa and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus (turning the monster to stone) … he was the son of Zeus after-all … you may be saying what does that have to do with Gold … well … as the banking monster (Cetus) now threatens the golden haired Andromeda (Gold) … Perseus ( is cutting snakes ($$$$) off (in the Medusa market) … and with the $nake head in hand … will turn the tables on the bankster sea monster … as the $nakes in Perseus hand can buy even more Gold) tripping up the sea monster (Cetus) who must grudgingly (cede-to-us) even more gold … after-all … all it takes is just one human son of God the Father (made in his image) to easily slay and cut down a huge Demon monster (even one the size of Fauci, Gates or that genetically engineered “horned and goat footed” Satan himself)!!

      • Paul ...

        I see the “commies” took down the stock chart of Perseus Mining Corp. that I posted … and has been rising as the banksters take the Gold price down (so they can cover their short positions) … look here instead … … and see how one can make $$$$ in paper gold that can be redirected into physical gold (as it is placed on the bargain table by the criminals manipulating the gold price downward) … Stan fails to realize that by gold being manipulated downward it simply gives us gold-bugs and the Central Banks of many countries around the world another golden opportunity to buy it cheap!!

  62. Visionkeeper

    Let them go ahead and put Kamala in as President…We all could use a good laugh right about now and that would do it 🙂

  63. Larry

    The problem Greg is you are preaching to the choir, and we are listening. MOST of the people in this country are ignorant and like it that way. I am afraid that their willful ignorance is going to be fatal in the coming days. As for the NOT VACCINE, I will not take it. Period end of discussion. I am prepared for the consequences of my refusal, are the powers that be prepared for my and millions of others peoples push back when the truth comes out. THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT.

  64. Chip

    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip.

  65. Lightning

    TPTB know the virus is a manufactured crisis.
    As you point out, their panic to bum rush us all into the “ vax” is actually an acknowledgement that they sense that the 50% not getting vaxxed will not get them under any circumstances.

    Now their focus is to whip up the vaccinated population to believe the reason they are getting sick is due to transmission of the virus coming from the unvaxxed . They know the vaxxed sheep are the most easily manipulated.

    I think you and PCR and all the links people have provided conclusively proved the virus is likely just flu.

    I believe the unvaxxed sickness we are or will see will largely be from the shedding of spike proteins from the vaxxed.
    So the initial virus may be a complete fabrication but the spike protein sickness coming from the vax to the unvaxxed may likely be real.

    The booster, in part, might be required to keep the vaxxed shedding at maximum levels into the winter months where everyone is indoors and in close quarters. Too few vaxxed are shedding now and the summer may be keeping transmission low ( like seasonal flu).

    Everyone should be on Ivermectin and take all your vitamins

  66. Craig J Simonson

    Jab remorse and how to help reverse.

  67. Craig J Simonson

    One man takes on highest levels of government legal authority in Canada and wins. Canadian medical officier cannot produce proof of covid 19 virus:

    • Gary C

      Patrick Kane did not win, however he stirred up a hornets nest, unfortunately the
      media in Canada gave it no coverage AT ALL except for a few internet sites.

      I clicked the link for USA Watchdog and get a add from the Alberta Government
      telling me to get vaxed.

  68. Jerry5

    People better start lining up attorneys now. The employers are going to play hardball with the unvaccinated.

    There is nothing in any of my contractional agreements with the corporations I do business with that says I have to be vaccinated. Nothing. And guess what? That apply’s to employees as well. There is nothing in the department of labor handbook either. The globalist rush to judgement has created a gapping hole for lawsuits. The moment these employers feel the heat for financial damages, they will have no choice but to back off. If you care about your freedom, now is the time to stand and fight. If nothing else we can tie them up in court for years. The courts are already overloaded.

  69. James Loughran

    Min. Sunday Test run for the Freeze… Commandments I-III… followed by IV.

  70. Jeff Martin

    Greg, this is an old story but you need to read this concerning your governor and the Red Chinese. Chinese Communist and Close Democrat Ally Advised NC Governor to Extract Blood From RNC Attendees. Roy Cooper is getting pretty cozy with the ChiComms.

  71. Robin

    Canned foods do run into issues if u have a pantry with a hot spot because behind the pantry wall is the indoor A/C unit. Which causes enough heat that on a couple shelves near it certain canned goods go bad. Might take years for them to turn. U can tell as the fans start leaking… it happens to certain types of canned food like condensed milk or dairy products. Also have to use diatomaceous earth to prevent weavels on grain prods in some peeps homes … not everyone
    Re lawlessness~ oh they past that line so many decades ago it isn’t funny

    • Lightning


      Yes, if the cans bulge or leak… pitch them. Avoid dented cans as the dent breaks the corrosion coating protecting the inside steel can from the corrosive food. When in doubt, throw it out!
      Many non corrosive foods ( for example canned meats) can easily last a decade .
      Lastly, thoroughly rinse contents long stored in cans to remove most of the iron that may have worked its way into the juice of the food. It will taste better and lower iron levels.

      The more corrosive the food ( e. g. Tomatoes, pineapple, etc… the shorter the life in cans… look for glass jars for these types of items ( like glass jar spaghetti sauce vs plastic bottle spaghetti sauce)

      Passing on for any that don’t know this already .

  72. [email protected]

    Great podcast Greg Hunter! August will be the start of much resistance to the Biden train. Ivermectin available from Mexican border farmacias. HCQ and azithromycin as well at bargain prices. No ‘script necessary. Pray.

  73. Sue Patterson

    WOW, what a Friday morning feast. I listened to PCR and you back-to-back with morning coffee.
    Early on in the quackcination rollout we saw the effort to “protect the most vulnerable” seniors and retirees. As of today about 70% of these folk are fully quackcinated. I see this directed effort as an attempt to reduce the governments liability to pay SS, pensions, Medicare, and any other senior related benefits. Most dead seniors don’t continue to get government checks, although, it seems, in many states they do continue to vote.

  74. Jeffrey Goodfield

    The Bio Weapon is the injection!

  75. Craig J Simonson

    Jab remorse, what the spike protein is doing and how to help reverse:

  76. The Ogs

    Greg I will admit I love to see you upset and agitated, which strangely always makes me feel better. I recognize that it’s not just me gaping at the madness.
    And there is no way these inoculations will ever be approved! There’s just no way.
    ‘They’ know that although it’s being talked about, it won’t happen. That is why there is such a feverish and irrational push to INJECT… as time is now running short.
    Apparently some 90% of the population here in Toronto is injected. I am very much looking forward to all the newly affordable real estate in the region in the near future…

    • Mike F.

      I live in the Toronto area also, and am also looking forward to the same. Stand firm, keep your distance from the vaxxed, and look forward to a brighter future.

  77. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    They will continue to push the COVID Shot – my daughter and her entire family had Covid – they have natural immunity and refuse to get the Shot – my Daughter is a Nurse Practitioner and might be fired – she said No Shot – Natural Immunity Works!!!!!!!
    Greg Hunter our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for all your support & for sharing the info about your family. Your daughter is a hero.

    • Marie+Joy

      Rod, I hope your daughter, and everyone, else, who suffers financially, sue their employers.

  78. john+duffy

    This is disgusting:

    The University of Pittsburgh may have inadvertently provided more evidence this week that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die so that their organs may be used for scientific research, according to the Center for Medical Progress.

  79. Fred Daake

    Good to see that you are having Mike Lindell on Saturday. He might be the greatest hero in this entire election steal. But it does not seem like it will be easy to prove the authenticity of the packet data. That seems to be the major question of those who I know.

  80. Cicero

    Love your work. However, it is NOT Iran who wants war. That’s what the Israel and the globalists want. Persia has not started a war in over 200 years.

    General Wesley Clark revealed the war plans for Iran as part of the 9/11 false flag.

    Seymour Hersh reported on Cheney’s false flag plans to start an Iran war in 2008.

    The false flag attack agenda for an Iran war is OPENLY STATED by former CIA agents.

    Why on earth would Iran want war? They don’t.
    All reports of Iranian attacks are lies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Iran admitted the attacks. Looks like both side want some sort of war. You don’t attack shipping in international waters if you want to avoid war.

    • Paul ...

      Cicero … After Israeli politicians vaccinated 80% of their population with the Kill Shot … they are going to slaughter the remaining 20% in a war with Iran?? … who is in charge in Israel anyway? … Hitler?? … the criminal politicians in Israel are acting like Hitler’s buddy “George Soros” (helping to bring “all the Israeli people” to slaughter)!!

  81. Sylvia Sires

    Greg, you don’t have eyes that can see. The deception is bigger than you could ever, ever even imagine! I posted the truth that’s in a video and you have no other choices than to watch it, then warn your viewers! Read the introduction below the video.

    • Greg Hunter

      I report what I can source. I don’t speculate no matter how plausible it appears.

    • Mark Heuer

      I watched that video about 2 or 3 months ago, excellent video! People wonder why and how all of that election fraud was not heard by our courts, this video explains why! Nothing can stop what is coming, what is written in revelations has to come to fruition, its the WORD OF GOD, so it is written, so shall it be!

  82. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. Look forward to your weekly wrap-ups, your excellent guests and your fact based constructive analysis.

  83. jon

    Thank you Greg,
    I have been buying and storing spare parts for toilet, sink repair. Ordered simple tank repair kit. Local Walmart not on shelf. Ordered it online from Walmart. Delayed shipping. When we finally got it. It was from AMAZON! We live in Nevada. It came from warehouse in Florida! This is clearly supply chain shortage. Even at a loss, a merchant will order from a competitor to service their own customers so as not to give the impression they have no inventory.

    • JayJay

      Jon, that is so odd–I visit a neighbor that has lost 30% of her lung capacity.

      She told me last time that Amazon was gonna be inside the Wmart here…maybe she heard and it’s true??

  84. Marilyn Guinnane

    First of all, when someone pressures you to take the kill-shot, say to the person, “I’m interested. Tell me what’s on the insert.” “What do you mean?” “You know, the ingredients.” Because the insert is BLANK. And that’s your ‘out’. It’s hard for me to listen to Greg today because I’m a victim of ‘shedding’ merely from having had a root canal. I’ve been sick for 3 mos. now, although I’m finally a little better. What concerns me, a ardent anti-vaxxer, is what harm has been done to my body that is irreparable. And, too, I worry that I might be shedding now myself. I wonder if I’ll become a statistic and here I had the good sense not to accept the jab. People in the medical profession should have their heads examined, but most of them took the kill-shot so, well, it’s too late. I’ve prayed to be made well. What a morbidly sick world this is, just the same. I just feel I have a total right at this juncture to say that.

  85. Steve Bice

    Re: Ivermectin and Fauci
    Funny with an uncomfortable dose of truth for Fauci…
    (My apologies if anyone has already posted…)

  86. James Cooper Barrett

    I lost my wife/soul mate to cancer so I really hope yours will be ok after taking the vax.

  87. James P Paradise

    Greg, I come here each week for the Real News and share it with my friends and family. Thank you so much!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paradise for all your support!

  88. Gene

    So since the vaccine doesn’t work, those who got it need to get a “booster”? Hasn’t it been said, “Repeating the same act while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”?

  89. Tim

    Excellent show!!!!! You hit it out of the park. You are right, about not wishing that all the left winged people get taking out by the jab. Unfortunately I find myself wishing that because I am so angry. Most of these people are the same type of people who were complicit in sending the Jewish ( and others) to the death camps in Nazi Germany. So that is why I am so angry.

    On another note, you made me laugh about the Monty Python comment!!!

    Take care

  90. Gene

    Is it possible that the governor of Maryland and other deep state lackeys aren’t getting the vaccine themselves, but rather an injection of a saline solution, in order to “prove” they’ve been vaccinated?

  91. Cindy Hodnett

    Thank you Greg! Appreciate all your hard work and always look forward to Friday’s WNW😊
    Been following Seth Keshel on Telegram for a while. His analysis of NC election is interesting. He says numbers indicate “BK” Cooper had to cheat his way in.
    No surprise there!
    Very excited for Saturday’s show and Mike Lindell’s symposium reveal next week!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cindy.

    • Paul ...

      Baby Killer Cooper … young child killer Cooper … young adult killer Cooper … adult killer Cooper and senior killer Cooper was elected “by vaccinated” Demon-rats who are now “walking dead” … does he care if all the Demon rats who voted for him will die? … no … because “dead people can still vote” … and I bet each arm of all those aborted babies he killed voted for him twice in the last election!!

  92. Max Dugan

    Time to revisit the old Pace Salsa slogan, “Git a Rope”.

  93. alfy

    I’m in the camp who thinks we are not seeing the jabbed becoming sick from a variant. but instead, these poor souls now have wrecked immune systems and are becoming very sick from being exposed to mild cold virus. If this view turns out to be true, then we are going to see many millions falling very sick this winter when the cold and flu season arrives.

  94. Dan

    Well I live in Alberta, and have never wore a mask since day one when this crap started. I have defied every BS law and rule, went into banks, and stores with very little confrontation. Started shaking hands with strangers in the beginning just to prove what I knew was BS. Have never been treated with a fine, even stood beside a cop wearing his mask last year while we waited for our coffee. I have said from day one live free and defy they can not do anything. They work for us not the other way around. Too many sheep and not enough wolves. Shut your TV off and start living or be a slave to the idiot box and their lies.

    • steve

      Dan i am the same, never Qr tracked , worn a mask or will ever take a vaccine- we have to learn to move it out of our minds as much as possible to avoid the mass physhosis that has been created, it has to much energy in peoples minds.

  95. Michael MacArthur

    Greg I don’t believe for a second the elites like L Graham were ever injected, I have come to the conclusion that there are people in this country who have “known” that this scamdemic was coming and were 100% complicit.

  96. Winder

    Notified today vax will be mandatory at United Airlines on 10/25. 29 years, poof.

  97. Lynn

    Great show Greg…!!! Just a side note if you want to pass it on, I live outside of a big city in Florida, and have a well for my water. I had my well company put a hand pump on my well head for hurricane purposes so when power goes out, I can hand pump water. After Irma and we were out of power for days, I opened my well up for all of my neighbors to come and draw water, now, a majority of my neighbors have gotten hand pumps put on. I purchased the hand pump from Harbor Freight for about $100 in 2015 and it cost me $500 to get it installed in less than 45 min…. I have used the pump at least 4 more times after Irma… But it saved my neighbors and myself in a time of need… God Bless

  98. Donald Herion

    Canada just ordered 100M Pfizer jabs alone for the next 4 years for 38M people…The European Union just ordered 2.1B doses of Pfizer alone for 450M people…booster shots now and forever will be the rule.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are murdering people and they know it. Wow some balls to do this out in the open now!! It’s not going to end well for the elites!!

  99. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, an excellent wrap-up as always.

    Bottom line for me is that Covid is a fear narrative driven by the media and guys like Fauci. How do you inoculate for mass hysteria? Fear not. Rather than being driven by a virus, this “pandemic” is fear driven by the initial nursing home deaths of patients with multiple comorbidities and hyped up by news releases that caused a panic. Fear. Fear of a virus that 99.9+% of folks survive, many without knowing they carried it.

    Far too many independent medical doctors (not associated with major medical institutions) and other professionals are coming out against the experimental “vaccines” — untested and unsafe. The human drug trials are ongoing, but unlike most human drug trials which have a limited group size with a control group, in this drug trial the goal is 100% participation. Say what?? The system is hiding the true death and injury numbers. Medicine and science are being politicized — probably bought and paid for.

    God gave me my DNA. I made a decision early this year when it became clear the mRNA vaccines would permanently modify our DNA that I wouldn’t participate; this is one of those games you can only win by not playing. I’ll take my God given gift to the grave when my time comes, but I won’t go early because I decided to go along with the pack.

    Surprisingly, there may be a religious exemption forming here.

    “It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.
    No man’s life,liberty, and property are safe while the legislature is in session.”
    ― Mark Twain

  100. Tom Grier

    John on seems to be confirming much that Clif High says in your interview with him about the potential danger of hook protein to the brain. He has a video called ZOMBIES!!!!!! and calls the vaxx zombie juice.

  101. Mark Heuer

    I live in Maryland, first of all, I do not believe that 78% of Marylander’s have taken the satanic jab, having said that, I can clearly see where this is going, the people who have been jabbed will come against the the unjabed. I remember when Governor Hogan had cancer, at the time I thought he was a decent governor and I prayed for his recovery, I didn’t realize I was praying for one of Satan’s own.
    I guess it won’t be long until the unjabed will be forcibly removed from their homes and taken to a FEMA camp. Just watched a little clip with Gov. DeSantis from Florida, although he speaks as though he is on the side of the people, I doubt that to be true. He recently gave his health secretary the power to make “vaccines” mandatory if she deemed it necessary. Anybody that thinks this evil agenda is going to end are sadly mistaken, these times are definitely the beginning of Tribulation, there is absolutely no question in my mind.

  102. Rodney

    THERE IS NO VIRUS and there is NO VARIANT, what there is a BIO WEAPON INJECTION causeing all the illnesses and deaths AS PLANNED while making everyone look the other way to a non existent virus that come and go or proliferate at their wishes dependng what area they want clear of humans this year,
    This farce will continue until WE turn around and HANG these PSYCHO’s

  103. David

    Mark 5:36 (NASB77)
    36 But Jesus, overhearing what was being spoken, •said to the synagogue official, ” Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.”

  104. Stan

    Hey Paul: After today my $1200 year end target for Gold is looking good, wouldn’t you say? Today was one of the final nails in the coffin for Gold. You have been warned.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … You’re focused too much on the fiat US dollar … the fact of the matter is the fiat US dollar does not have any intrinsic value (except for the heat it will generate when burned) … it’s current value is just what people perceive it to be (but this changes constantly as more and more of it gets printed out of thin air) … US dollars not as rare as they once were Stan … the fiat US dollar is a complete fraud (and can not logically be considered an investment that holds and preserves wealth) … the fiat US dollar is basically the biggest Ponzi scheme ever (hiding in plain sight) … in 1913 it was worth 100 cents … today it is worth less then 2 cents … not a good thing to use “to save ones wealth” …the entire financial system is in more precarious position today than ever before … it is a Two(2) quadrillion fraud … yet gold and the gold miners remain mostly invisible to most people … but some very astute market participants (Central Bankers from many countries around the world) are buying gold … as it’s current price is irresistible to them … Citigroup analysts recently wrote: “Central Bank buying might reach as high as 1,000 tons this year” … these are smart financial experts Stan (bankers like you) … but unlike you … they are moving “out of the US dollar” (and not replacing it with another fiat currency) … they know “physical gold is the most significant guardian and guarantor of protection against inflationary and other forms of financial risk … “they can see” the expanding money supply … and fiscal easing with Trillion dollar infrastructure programs to support the economy … as well as I can … and they too are expecting inflation and weakening currencies … and so are shifting into assets without counterparty risk (like physical gold) that will offer them protection from all the fiat currency printing that is now exponentially debasing their wealth!!

  105. OutsideIN

    Greg, I appreciate your voice more than I can say. I’d like to give you some information that I saw on Del Bigtree’s videos. So, here’s one more cruel and hypocritical attack on humanity. Del has had 3 women on his show that got the jab and they were severely injured by it. Their experience has been horrific. Doctors threw their hands in the air and gave up. But, a couple of them were able to get a Dr. to subscribe Ivermectin for them as a treatment. They said that it is helping; but one said, if they miss even one dose the symptoms return. SO, here’s where it’s completely criminal. They will give Ivermectin as a treatment after the person has already been injured; but NOT BEFORE!!!! Crazy train.
    Also, I want to say this again. THE COVID-19 Virus has NEVER been shown as being isolated and purified and exists seemingly only in the imagination.
    What was making people sick? There are a lot of theories. You can do the research.
    I see that you did report on the Canadian who uncovered an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ground-breaking, sea parting way for LOTS of folks to build on!!!! Thanks!

  106. David Jones

    LIFE EXTENSION BIO-TECHNOLGY. 28:00 “Why would the elites depopulate?” Look up Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard and the “Harvard Mice study”. The elites have access to life extension technology and they want to use it, but they have a problem. They can’t keep it secret and if it leaks out to the general population the global population will go from 7 billion to 14 billion to 30 billion in no time. So does it make sense to depopulate then imprison the survivors into “Smart cities”. Cathrine Austin Fitts hinted at this during her “planet lockdown” interview. It’s also interesting that Dr. Sinclairs company just signed a deal with the Joint special operations command to provide their troops with this life extension technology. All the pieces of the puzzle fit.

  107. Dot Massy

    The West is shutting down, Australia in lockdown, people are getting SICK and TIRED
    of the jab. But Russia is jumpin! From the Venice of the North Wood’s,
    St. Petersburg_Russia
    230 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago
    Friday Night Live in ST PETERSBURG, Baklykov. Live
    Live stream on Friday Night in St Petersburg, Russia. Streets, people, music, atmosphere, ambience, beauty, architecture, culture. Nevsky Prospekt, Vasilyevsky Island, Petrogradsky District, Kazan Cathedral, Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood, Palace Square, Winter Palace (Hermitage), Palace Bridge, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress.

  108. MassyDot

    The West is shutting down, Australia in lockdown, people are getting SICK and TIRED
    of the jab. But Russia is jumpin! From the Venice of the North Wood’s,
    St. Petersburg_Russia
    230 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago

  109. Dot


    Friday Night Live in ST PETERSBURG, Baklykov. Live
    Live stream on Friday Night in St Petersburg, Russia. Streets, people, music, atmosphere, ambience, beauty, architecture, culture. Nevsky Prospekt, Vasilyevsky Island, Petrogradsky District, Kazan Cathedral, Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood, Palace Square, Winter Palace (Hermitage), Palace Bridge, Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress.

  110. eddiemd

    They don’t want you to know if you have natural immunity.

    At my VA annual appt in April 2021 I requested the MD do an antibody test to determine if I had immunity being I had the coronavirus in June 2020 and recovered. He stated that the VA does not do the test. But he kept on pushing the mRNA injection.

    Get your probiotics. Make it a daily part of your diet. Talk to your health advisor about low dose aspirin daily to inhibit platelets.

    Link attached for another OTC preventive supplement.

    “Evidence supports probiotics’ role in regulating the immune system, suggesting a definitive role for probiotics in viral infections. Probiotics supplementation could reduce the severity of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality. Probiotics can inhibit cytokine storm by simultaneously boosting the innate immunity and evading the exaggeration of adaptive immunity, which is challenged to respond quickly to the viral onslaught. Probiotics-induced suppression of the inflammatory cytokine response may prevent both the severity and the occurrence of ARDS, making probiotics an attractive adjunct. Inventing effective therapy will transform the impact of the pandemic on lives as well as economies across the globe. Therefore, supplementation of probiotics in high risk and severely ill patients, and frontline health workers, might limit the infection and flatten the COVID-19 curve.”

    And a in depth review of the immune response to virus.

    A couple of weeks back I spoke about self reporting allergies into your medical records. Review that. It may be helpful to avoid getting the forced injections.

    I also recommend daily papaya in your diet. Papaya is a well known fruit that aids in digestion. Good source of vitamin C.

    A glass of guanabana juice could also be beneficial.

  111. Simple Girl

    Stop saying the Harris woman’s first name. Her first and middle names are the names of Hindu gods and therefore the names of demons.
    Last summer our own fda had a document saying that they didn’t have the virus and weren’t gonna have the virus. The spike protein or whatever is in these shots came from China.

  112. Thoma Popovic

    Greg: As a friend, you are conflating several concepts that are separate phnoena. ADE refers to a process diferent than normal antibody defense of attaching to spike protein to prevent it from entering via the ACE 2 receptor. With ADE entry is paradxically enhanced. The result is a higher viral load than without ADE. In fact the former Pfizer chief scientific advisor compared %-wise highly vaccinated countries to low ones. There were more cases of the Delta variant in the highly vaccinated, leading him to conclude that there was ADE in effect. I can’t say he’s wrong but consider the following. The Moderna “vaccine” creates a 1,000 fold higher titer of the spike protein than a natyural infection. And, the spike protein is toxic per se. It causes a inflamo-thrombolitic disease. If you use loose definition of “cases” of course you’ll get more disease. Hence, all the side effects. So, either way thye “vaccines ” are dangerous.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am quoting verbatim the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and an expert on HIV.

  113. Mario

    Did you see this???


  114. Dave

    The issue with Arizona is, as Seb Gorka says, some of the state GOP is corrupted. Gorka and Boris Epstein – both of whom worked for Trump – are following Arizona and, though they expect massive corruption to be shown, they don’t see the state GOP recalling Kelley let alone decertifying the electors. The party is corrupt from the Governor down and some in the state GOP have been slowing the audit hoping it times out.

    The corruption in the GOP is on full display with the transportation bill. 20 or so GOP Senators support it despite the fact it accomplishes 50% of AOC’s green new deal. The other 50% will be pushed through in the reconciliation. So almost half the GOP caucus is embracing Federal control of carbon emissions and new taxes in the states. The bill requires states to submit plans to reduce the emissions which have to be approved by the Feds. This is a betrayal by the GOP of red states which will have autonomy taken from them. The bill also starts the process of an additional car tax based on miles driven.

    Once the laws are enacted the GOP will never reverse them if they gain control. They didn’t reverse Obamacare – they couldn’t even partially defund PP. McConnell is playing a game. He wants the transportation bill and is manipulating things so that GOP Senators not up in 2022 are voting for it and those up in 2022 are being given a pass to say – see I voted against the transportation bill.

    The Dems are pushing forward. The invasion is continuing and the vast majority of the GOP are silent. McConnell should refuse any compromise with the Dems until the border is under control. He won’t – his donors want open borders. As MTG and Matt Gatz said on Gorka this past Monday – the invasion is not even being discussed in GOP caucus meetings.

    The Dems are going to steal the 2022 elections through lawsuits or a Presidential emergency decree. However, even if the GOP won the GOP will not reverse anything and will not move to impeach Biden. Gorka is worried about the GOP lack of spine and also worried many Republicans will sit out 2022 because of the transportation bill, the overall silence of the GOP on the invasion and the possibility there are enough GOP Senators to get a comprehensive immigration reform bill passed. Using the excuse that if they don’t meet the Dems halfway the Dems will push through a total immigration reform bill including immediate citizenship for a large chunk of the illegals.

    BTW, Senator Graham, great friend of conservative talk radio and Trump, supports the transportation bill. He is free to show his true colors now that he has a fresh six-year term ahead of him.


    Democratic and RINO Republican Party members MUST GET THE GRAPHENE OXIDE JAB!

  116. Tony Henson

    Hi Greg, I have not commented in a very long time, but I faithfully come to your site daily for years.
    I won’t go on a rant, even though I would love to.

    I’m looking at buying Ivermectin for the first time, I won’t ever take the shot!
    There are tractor supplies around and they have different forms for horses, but I’m a bit unsure what doses to take. E.G some forms are in paste.
    Does anyone know what dose I should have for my wife and I?


    • susan

      Tony, I got Ivermectin from Amazon. It is for horses. If you diligently search the internet about dosage for humans, you will find it. Don’t give up. It is there. Find it and be safe.

    • susan

      I got Ivermectin from Amazon. It is for horses. Anyone who wishes to do further study can find any information they want or need on the internet. This includes the dosage for any mammal including humans.

    • Robert K

      Tony, et al,

      Just a reminder, and here is USEFUL info if you are considering taking the ivermectin from a farm supply store. The tube is 6 grams for a 1250-pound horse. That would be .0048 grams/lb. IF you had a “170-pound horse”, you would give that stud .816 grams of the paste.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      This is a great source for information on using ivermectin:

  117. eddiemd

    This cardiologist sums it up well. Dr. McCollough.

    Skip to 18 minute mark.

    • Auntie Seize

      Exactly right. ALL roads lead to the “vaccine”.
      The alleged virus (which has never been isolated) was the pretext to scare the sheeple into taking the “vaccine” and stampede over the cliff. Beginning soon, those who “drank the Kool-Aid” are going to begin to die off. Then it will be clearly apparent what was done. That is why the push to get all the sheeple innoculated is now in panic mode all over the world. Those who got the “vaccine” but survived will be in no condition to fight back. They will probably be AFU for the rest of their sorry lives – however long that may be. Only those who did not get “the jab” will be in a position to bring the perpetrators to justice. And from the perps perspective, the less of them there are the better.

      • Warren B.

        The “URGENCY ” that Governments across the Globe have….. to achieve their respective TARGETS for inoculations …is nothing short of horrifying.
        I see it as having two elements:
        The 70% threshold is consistent in many countries and has nothing to do with herd immunity – outwardly it would appear as though the aim is to achieve a critical mass of population that would be susceptible to illness / death. There is a high degree of plausibility here that societal fragmentation would ensue given the lack of workers/ high casualties / breakdown of supply chains resulting directly from the poisonous gene therapies being administered.
        Then, after achieving the false target sets the population up for continued and endless Governmental control. Beyond that target therein lies a road map to full scale Socialism/Communism/Fascist State. Those UN Vaxxed will become fodder for the Government – they will be marked, vilified, segregated, abused and used as Political Scapegoats (to allow for harsher lockdowns = loss of freedom) then ultimately possibly rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps never to be seen again.
        The timing with respect to meeting their stated Goals is driven entirely by the Fractured Financial/Monetary System and moreover the Debt/Derivative time bomb – by 2025.
        In summary – they need to KILL off the Economy (reduce the demand and therefore by extension the Masses) to allow for a two-tiered NWO to replace it…. with a concurrent introduction of a Bretton Woods II model- removing the USD from World Reserve Currency status.
        Without reservation the Government will become more desperate to maintain the momentum and will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their end goal.

  118. Tony Henson

    O, by the way.
    I like when you comment from Missouri , Ive been there many times, growing up in Iowa,

    My dad was from Newberg, near Rolla.
    Most of my relatives live in the Ozarks.


  119. Tim Scanlon

    You will be safe from harm of the experimental shots doing this.

    Recipe of 3 supplements…

    Do this everyday…

    Start with—

    Vitamin C 5,000 mg after a few weeks, go to 10,000 mg,

    Selenium 200 mcg,

    Magnesium 500 mg.

    Research studies for that is on [email protected]


    Tim Scanlon

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this. Let’s be clear most doctors I follow recommend not taking the chance and DO NOT GET any experimental CV19 injections. If you already had the injections I hope this helps.

    • Computer Guy

      Vitamin C seems to be the magic cure for a lot of ailments.

  120. Thomas Wigand


    I’m SOOOO glad to see that you’re having Mike Lindell on. We EACH have to do our part to help spread the word about the Cyber Symposium – both before, and after to help awaken our fellow citizens about the results:

  121. Karen Luce

    Does anyone know if it is possible to differentiate between the different types of Covid-19? Or, if it’s covid-19, flu, or a cold? Thank yopuy.

  122. Karen Luce

    Does anyone know if it is possible to differentiate between the different types of Covid-19? Or, if it’s covid-19, flu, or a cold? Thank you.

    • susan

      Good question Karen!

    • JayJay

      I have this strange idea there is no covid–this has always been a cold or flu.
      I read test for the corona includes the cold or flu and other illnesses, respiratory being one.
      Now, the test at first was resulting in positives because of the threshold of cycles….but one scientist said the test was picking up any and all antibodies of corona…even some from a cold when you were six!!!!
      Makes sense to me.

  123. Kenneth Bednark

    Thank-you for your dedication to getting the truth out in this world of deception and lies. The scripture that is the basis for your closing statement can be found in 2 Timothy 1:7. It reads, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


    Democratic and RINO Republican Party members MUST GET THE GRAPHENE OXIDE JAB!
    reverse ethlyene glycol, graphen oxide within spike protein poison patented by Pfizer on 28 January 2000 with Suramin and as well as Ivermectin that caps the spike protein long enough to be excreted by the liver and kidneys that can be cleansed with Glutathion. Dr Judy Mikowitz says the Elite would not have created the eugenics extermination poison withou a tested cure for the mass culling.


    JAB reverse of ethlyene glycol, graphen oxide within spike protein poison patented by Pfizer on 28 January 2000 with Suramin and as well as Ivermectin that caps the spike protein long enough to be excreted by the liver and kidneys that can be cleansed with Glutathion. Dr Judy Mikowitz says the Elite would not have created the eugenics extermination poison withou a tested cure for the mass culling.
    Here are just a few of the patents:

  126. Elizabeth Meloney

    Here is the very good and hopeful news about natural immunity from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi in a talk delivered on July 30, 2021 at Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium.

    Many blessings!

  127. Daniel

    Hello Greg

    Here is fascist and treasonous governor Ralph Northam implemented a mandatory injection manipulating tool and testing on most of the state workers in Virginia…… See the article:

    Most Virginia state workers must be vaccinated or tested, Northam says

    Matt Jones, The Virginian-Pilot
    Thu, August 5, 2021, 2:12 PM

    These evil satan worshiping demons don’t know when to stop their treasonous tyranny; and I pray that Jesus and our Heavenly Father comes, and stomps a mud-hole in their butts and walks it dry…………

    Have a good day

  128. Da Yooper

    Greg this is important


  129. Computer Guy

    I think I’m finally starting to piece this together what happened, so here goes.

    These so called world leaders got together and came up with this phony baloney pandemic. There are many reasons why they did this, economic, control, power and money. But I think the primary reason was they wanted to fix the “mistake” the Americans made by voting in president Trump. They were angry, Trump is not part of the cabal, they had planned for Hilary to win and were perturbed that she didn’t. They underestimated Trump and his popularity and they had to fix it at all costs.

    These evil tyrants, macron, Merkel, Johnson, Biden maybe even Putin and Xi plus many more came up with a plan. The plan was to get rid of Trump and make money at the same time. Because it looked like Trump was going to win and let’s face it even with all their shenanigans Trump was going to prevail. So when the pandemic didn’t do it they rigged it.

    Back to the pandemic, they went to faucenstein and made him an offer he couldn’t resist. They asked him to create a virus and start a pandemic. That way they could bring forth there miracle cure, the vaccine. Faucenstein would get to test his mRNA vaccine on the general population and the cabal would get rid of Trump. But there were some kinks in their plans, they ramped up the fear to 1000% last year and most of the world bought it hook line and sinker. They waited until their rigging was done, Trump was out and look it’s a miracle we have the vaccine with an emergency use authorization. Now the money making portion of their plan was kicking into high gear. They figured everyone would jump at chance to take their jab because they had done a spectacular job of pushing fear and hysteria. But they didn’t count on the intelligence of roughly 50% of the population who didn’t fall for their bs and not just white republicans in red states. I’m in California and I’m not a republican and I didn’t fall for it. Then came part 2, the vaccine mandates, in other countries the government could get away with mandates but here that won’t fly so they conscripted these fascist corporations to do the dirty work for them. Now they’re desperate because Faucenstein screwed up his miracle cure and it started maiming and killing people. So they enlisted their social network pals along with Google to hide the truth. Same for why ivermectin and hcq were suppressed. They never counted on Frontline doctors to find and repurpose cheap and available drugs as treatment. They figured everyone is stupid and they would sell 7.7 billion doses of their garbage for an overhyped flu. Who knows if coronavirus even really exists it could be the flu. Their ridiculously faulty tests can’t tell the difference.

    And now they are at it again with these stupid mask mandates and the nothing burger delta variant to get those useless glorified flu shots that are more dangerous than traditional vaccines into the arms of people that don’t want it. This delta variant is about to peak in 2-3 weeks and it’s game over for these idiots. The people have realized, well at least some people( here in CA the brain dead are walking around with masks on again) that this was nothing but a scam.

    Another thing they hadn’t counted on was the vaccine turning out to be a dud on top of all the carnage it has caused.

    I think the Wuhan story is also a red herring, they used a double red herring, the stupid bat story and the escape of the virus from the Wuhan lab. I don’t believe this virus came from the Wuhan lab, I think Faucenstein dropped it there on purpose to make it look like an accident. These people are evil, godless and corrupt beyond belief, they murderers who have no regards for human life.

    What remains to be seen is what’s going to happen to these people that fell for this and took that jab. So far it seems somewhat safe but what about in a few years?

    What do you think Greg, did I nail this?

  130. James Hall

    Drink raw milk from grass fed cows and goats daily. This is the number one super food, go to the Raw Milk Institute and learn something.

  131. TZ

    Ely Lilly has an CURE …but the government wont allow it ..check out their web sight..

  132. rainer bauxdrexl

    As the PTB continue with their increasingly Draconian efforts to force the public’s compliance with their homicidal Diktats ; a small percentage of intelligent and aware Americans will willingly prepare to meet the “Slow Kill Vaccinations” with their own “immediat” devices authorized by our Founding Father’s prescient Second Amendment.

  133. Larry Rodriguez

    Mike Adams at Natural News reported that “Star Anis” ground up, with water, in you coffee maker, makes a tea. Drink it and it can STOP THE SPIKE PROTEIN!

  134. Henry Ford

    Based on the number of comments, your following is huge. Glad to see that.

    Natural immunity has always worked. Nothing humans can come up with will improve that which God has put in place.

    • Computer Guy

      You know traditional vaccines did exactly that, they primed the immune system. They introduced a dead version of the virus and your immune system would learn how to fight the virus. These new vaccines are causing the body to create the spike protein and have the immune system attack it. From the results it looks like this method to put it bluntly sucks and traditional vaccines are still better.

      Wait for the novavax vaccine, I still wouldn’t take that one yet until at least 6 months pass. Just to see if it’s as safe as older vaccines. This new experimental crap, while it may or may not kill you and is definitely not as safe as previous generation vaccines I would not take it.

  135. Sheila

    Trump has to play the game as some don’t get this. He must play the game but he has said things in Telegram that there are two medications that rid Covid-19. Yes at first I was upset but he has to play the political game as it is necessary for him to do. I felt the same way until a friend explained to me that it is more important for Trump to play their pretend game.

  136. Caroline

    Hi Greg
    I believe they are using the mandatory vax as an additional means to collapse the economy when people refuse it and get fired, thus creating an overlay on their paying people to stay home which is coming to an end. Possibly somehow also using this way to offer the jobs up to the illegals they are allowing in here. Either way we have to say NO and fight this “shot” war, or lose all freedom. Thank you for all that you do!

  137. Coal Burner

    If you live near the Mexican border you can go over there and get Ivermectin human dosages. Ten bucks for a perscription.

  138. Computer Guy

    This idea that the globalists are going to kill a majority of the population is ridiculous. This is all a money making scheme, they can’t be this stupid. If they kill off a majority of the planet who is going to make things? Look at how many people have taken the jab, it’s mostly the democrats, are there going to kill off their base? NFL, baseball, NBA, airline pilots, engineers, plumbers, farmers, teachers, nurses, doctors, carpenters, engineers, manufacturers etc…

    The world would be plunged into chaos and we would roll the clock back 1,000 years. The globalists wouldn’t have shit! Who would keep the internet running? Who would build houses? Who would make ipads? Who would produce food? Who would make clothes? Who would run hotels? We would become cavemen!

    I think if this vaccine kills it’s going to be because of Fauci’s screw up and not because they want to kill 6-7 billion people. I don’t think globalists are that dumb, I think they like having nice things, like jets, yachts, and luxury mansions. With a mass culling they would shoot themselves in the foot. That doesn’t make any sense.

    • Greg Hunter

      Computer Guy, And yet they are doing it and telling us they are doing it. Read the Georgia Guide Stones. This sort of thinking is all over the place.

      • Paul ...

        And remember that it was Bill Gates’ eugenicist father (who funded the building of the Georgia Guide-stones) … and now his eugenicist son is working overtime to “jab” everyone with the “Clot Kill Shot” … to fulfill his father’s evil psychopathic dream … of near “total extermination” of the entire human race!!

  139. Lois Petersen

    This is well worth the 13 minutes of your time regarding a doctor at the border.

  140. Coal Burner

    Another twist for Computer Guy. Remember all the hype about how contagious the Virus was. Nothing could be more contagious. Well, I believed that as I caught it right off Feb 2020. No possible way the so called” Delta Variant ” could be more contagious. There are no words to pump that up more.
    Until they close the border to stop re-contamination from happening every day , there is no need to worry about this joke.

  141. Gary York


  142. June Driskell

    Citizen Journalist Documents Empty Hospitals, Disproving Overrun Hospital Myth
    by Adan Salazar August 6th 2021, 1:45 pm
    Media reports claimed hospitals filled to brim with Covid patients.
    Film your hospital 2.0: journalist calls on others to document hospital activity in their area.
    A citizen journalist in Florida is documenting how hospitals reportedly packed to the brim with Covid patients are mysteriously empty.
    In a thread by Twitter user @drshayphd, she visits various area hospitals that media reports claim are supposedly filled with Covid patients.
    “So the Associated Press wrote an article saying that Cape Canaveral, FL hospital is bursting at the seams with Covid patients,” the journalist tweeted Monday.

  143. mike baz

    rebel news debunked the pat king claims

    • Greg Hunter

      Rebel News is full of crap just like you using the troll term “debunked.”

  144. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Great WNW! Yes, we prepared by getting our house and car and debts fixed up and paid off, but now in our late 60’s our bodies are falling apart. No fixing that.
    We fear not. The next world is better.
    We do worry about the children today in the USA. They have to wear masks at the government schools. This is child abuse.
    And the elders are abused as well in the USA in the nursing homes.
    The USA is a sick society. Today is the anniversary of President Truman dropping the nuke on Hiroshima and killing 100,000 civilians or more.
    I wonder how God judged Harry S Truman?
    What kind of country and society do we live in here in America?
    It appears to be evil in words and deed.
    Today I was told at the store by some flunky to wear a mask. I look like Albert Einstein on a bad day. I don’t shave. I don’t get haircuts. But I have to buy food.
    “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
    Take care,

    • Greg Hunter

      You are better off that 99% of people. Mike Tyson famously said, “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face.” You have set yourself up to take a punch or two or three. Smart move on you my Brother!
      Brother Greg

  145. Mary sue

    Well I guess my husband and I should just go lay down and die. We are both in our 70’s. I am over weight and my husband has brain cancer. We were told we need the vaccine to save our lives. After listening to you Gregg, there is no hope for us now. I am very depressed after listening to you. I know you are trying to inform people not to get vaccinated and that’s a good thing, but there is a group of us that your are making us feel doomed and left feeling hopeless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mary Sue,
      I report the news and try to source everything. This is not my opinion for the most part. I do give my analysis based on the facts I find. I am so sorry you got the Jab. Please Pray for Jesus to heal you and protect you.

    • JayJay

      Quercetin, vitamin d, vitamin c, and zinc. start now and every day. Can’t hurt.

  146. Libby

    Thank you for your voice of truth and reason. I so appreciate you and what you do.
    I need to view again and hope to capture all your research sources so I can print and send to my daughters.
    The youngest, a surgeon had to get vaccinated to work at the VA hospital where she loves helping the vets. She insisted that her sister get it to visit with her and children. The sad part is she really has been brainwashed by the system and believes it; so does her husband and father in law, all surgeons.
    They (2 daughters, husband, in-laws (4) all vaxxed are now vacationing at a gorgeous house on the beach with my two little grandchildren. The baby (16 months I’ve never seen)
    I’ve been banned because I refused to be vaccinated.
    Such is the state of what is happening between family and friends.
    Divide and conquer!!!

  147. A+Jones

    DID EVERYONE GET THE SAME VACCINE?? I hate to say it, but I took the two Pfizer shots. But I noticed something strange at the time that didn’t seem right. I expected in a mass vaccination program that the drug would be administered like they did in the Army. About 150 people line up and march down the line and take the jab. That is not how they did it. First, my doctor has been caring for my extended family for years and we are well acquainted with him. Senior citizen had to make an appointment one Saturday morning. The first group was at 9:30 AM and our group was at 10:30AM. We pulled in the parking lot and were not sure what to do, go in or stay in the car. We got out and walked down the sidewalk and met a man with a chart with a list of names coming our way. We asked what we should do. He asks our name and he said, “good, I was coming to find you guys. Go get in the line on the right side and wait until the line is called.” The group in the line to left were sent to the back of the building and our group went to the right front of the building. They were very careful about the paperwork and had four people in the hall handling the paperwork. We had to set until our turn. No lining up Army style to get the shot. They took us one at the time into a private room with four people. Two handled the vaccine on trays, one confirmed for the third time who I was and one to do the stick. This took about three minutes for each person. For the fourth time they asked to confirm my name and date of birth as if they wanted to make sure they had the right guy.
    At the time I was thinking, what is this all about? Why not just let people line up, roll up their sleeve and get the stick? Why two groups preselected for each line. Why all the paper verification multiple times? It didn’t smell right to me. After hearing all the recent news on the subject, I am suspicious. Reminds me of the German concentration camps with an officer tells some people to go left and the able to work people being directed to the right. Maybe they are setting me aside to work in the crematorium.
    Did anyone else have this experience? Is this not odd?

    • LizaCA

      It’s not odd because it is a drug trial. I used to work in research. It takes 6 to 10 years to determine drug safety and efficacy, longer for a new technology like mRNA gene therapy. There is no EUA or rubber stamp approval after one year that will change that fact. The missing ingredient in this vax process is TIME. That and informed consent. When a patient consents to participating in a drug trial there are many pages to read and sign. THEY know they are doing a drug trial on you, but you and everyone else as participants were not given informed consent.
      The two lines were likely due to two different doses being given. In a drug study you have a control group which gets a placebo (and therefore no adverse reaction), then one or more groups with varying doses of the drug and consequently varying adverse reactions.
      And they have a database with everyone in it.

      • A+Jones

        Thanks Liz. That answers my question. On the basis of what you said I must have gotten the placebo because about 8 hours after my shot in my right arm my right elbow filled up with fluid. It was as big as a golf ball. The next week I visited my doctor and showed it to him and said I thought it was a reaction to the Covid shot. He smiled and said I am sure the shot had nothing to do with it. You have bursitis he said with a smile. How could he be so sure it was not the shot? Wonder how many others out of 165 million got the placebo?

    • JayJay

      A jones–my friend’s ex went to get his and he was told to fill out a questionnaire and bring it back and then they made him an appointment–that I found suspicious and told my friend, they were choosing which to give him.

  148. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, Greg, for your clear, strong voice. We are keeping our shoulder to the wheel and standing fast. God Bless. God speed. Stay Strong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Lisa!
      Brother Greg

  149. travis moss

    how many churches remained opened during the entirety of 2020? No one knows for sure, but I surmise the total was less than 5%. And I doubt that I’m very far off.

    If my estimate is close to accurate, it would mean that 95% of America’s Christians are sitting under pastors that possess zero spiritual discernment, as they eagerly submit to the satanic deception that is known as the Covid narrative. And of the 5% that recognized the deception and had the courage to defy the authorities that were fomenting it, I doubt that any one particular denomination would stand out.

    Interestingly enough, it was 5% of pastors and churches in Germany that defied Adolf Hitler, according to historian Erwin Lutzer.

    The brave Christian theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who led the Pastor’s Emergency League, which became known as The Confessing Church, in opposition to the Nazi regime—and whom Hitler murdered shortly before Germany surrendered—said:

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

    This is an excerpt from a commentary from patriot pastor chuck baldwin

  150. Dave

    It is too late IMO. The GOP has completely caved on the infrastructure bill. As more comes out it is even worse than initially thought. Equity mandated for infrastructure projects – read that a a codification of affirmative action.

    The GOP got nothing. Not even money for the wall. Oh wait, they did get something, pet pork projects in their districts. Bottom line, this will not be undone. In the unlikely even the GOP takes the Senate McConnell will still be in full control. There will not be the votes to filibuster anything the Dems did. Even if there were Biden or Harris will veto it.

    The system is totally corrupt as Seb Gorka keeps saying. He is increasingly worried about 2022 as the GOP is totally compromised now and he is not seeing grass roots on the ground conservative organizing. The Dems are out-organizing the GOP. Corruption can be overcome in voting but only with a huge turnout by patriot and Seb thinks that may not happen. Partly because of the betrayal of the Senate GOP.

    Horowitz’s report just came out. Nary a peep from most. It found many FBI agents had leaked info – these were rank and file agents. . Apparently no one will be prosecuted. This puts a lie to the Hannity’s claim that only 1%of the FBI is corrupt. Gorka says it is thoroughly corrupt and needs to be dismantled.

    The only option for conservative may be to move towards a looser federation of regions in the US. Disentangle from central control. That is something Alan West who is challenging Abbot for the GOP Texas gubernatorial race seems to be calling for. He is furious at Abbot for letting the Texas invasion continue. If the Dems can get amnesty through in the reconciliation bill Texas will effectively go blue/

  151. LizaCA

    The next step, for your convenience, will be an implant in the hand or forehead. They always experiment on CA first then expand to the rest of the country. Soon it won’t be optional.

  152. Really Awake

    Great report. I think you should interview a prepper and/or a survival expert to help your viewers get ready for what trouble is ahead. Joel Skousen comes to mind. James Wesley Rawles would be a good interview. Serious Survivor (on YouTube) seems like a good guy who understands how to prepare. Don’t know how much longer he remains on YouTube before they kick him out, but he is building his own sight. Mike Adams (aka The Health Ranger) is another one who knows how and actually lives the life of a prepper. Find some new people to interview who are knowledgeable and have a long history of being prepared.

  153. Leah

    Just wondering … does anyone else think along this line as the old saying goes: “Misery loves Company”. So, I’ve been thinking that, just as ‘misery loves company’, so do the ‘Vaxxed love the vaxxed’ and are also jealous of us who are unvaxxed because they’re bodies are polluted with the toxic jabs and they are dying, while we are unpolluted and will remain living …. but the vaxxed want us to join them!!

  154. Dave

    The GOP does not fear its base. As the support for the infrastructure bill among many GOP Senators shows. It may cost the GOP the slim chance it had to retake the Senate but McConnell doesn’t care. He is taken care of no matter what.

    The Dems by contrast are fearful of their leftist base. Hence Biden extended the eviction moratorium as demanded by the squad. Schumer is hoping to pressure the Senate parliamentarian into allowing amnesty into the reconciliation bill. Likewise the Dem leftist base is demanding forgiveness of student loans which Biden is considering and which may bet into the reconciliation bill.

    Conservatives were never able to gain traction in the House or Senate. Even at the time of the Tea party. The RINOS bought off most of those elected during the Tea Party wave. It wasn’t that much of a wave as only about 40 Tea Party GOPers were elected to Congress. The large majority of the GOP House remained RINO,

    The mistake the Tea Party made was to listen to controlled conservative media. Hannity, Levin, Rush and the others who said don’t dare form a 3rd party. Controlled conservative media were pretty much doing the RINO GOPers work by keeping patriotic Tea Party folk corralled in the GOP. These same radio guys were all in on the Iraq wars which all but eliminated the remand Christian presence in Iraq. Done during the presidency of that devout Christian George Bush.

  155. Coal Miner's Daughter

    Claims carbon dioxide is destroying the planet are ‘antiscientific’
    40,125 viewsAug 6, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Geologist Ian Plimer says claims by climate alarmists that carbon dioxide is destroying the planet are “antiscientific” and “hypocritical”, arguing that the use of coal has lifted billions out of poverty.
    “It’s antiscientific, it’s anti-human and it’s hypocritical,” he told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.
    “Without coal, we have no dole – it’s really simple, it keeps the economy going.
    “We now have two nations with more than a billion people that are growing very quickly because of coal, coal has brought billions of people out of poverty, it did it in the western world in the industrialisation over a hundred years or so, it’s now doing it in East Asia.”

  156. Jeff Johnson

    Love you Greg! Keep up the good work! You are RIGHT on target! You are one of a few in the forest giving us the truth! God Bless you!


  157. Martin

    $1200 Us = $960 CN

  158. Trinacria

    Hi Greg: thank you for another great report. As an Italian, I appreciate your emotion…are you by chance part Italian?
    Observation and question: if the theory that the “inoculation” will cause numerous deaths and disease/injuries in the next 1 to 3 years is indeed correct (and I happen to believe it is) and, Israel is one of the most “inoculated” countries in the world, then will Israel as we know it come to and end if there are so few people left, not to mention the enormous burden of dealing with so many sick and dying? This will release total chaos in the middle east. What are your thoughts?

  159. Linda Copping

    I heard Dr Peter McCullough (the guy who goes on Laura Ingraham) say Nova-Vax is coming soon and not gene therapy and he would take it. Do you know if its safe or better to take? Anyone else know? Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know. Ivermectin is safe and when you are cured you have God Given natural immunity.

    • LizaCA

      Not sure why Dr. McCullough would take a vaccine. He said he already had COVID. LifeSite News had a great video the other day of Dr. McCullough giving five points we need to know about COVID and the vaccine.
      Greg, how about having Dr. McCullough as a guest?

  160. Paul ...

    Some Dilly Dally Lamb takes the “jab” and then tells millions of his sheep followers to do the same (without even doing his own research as to the side effects of the experimental graphine oxide m-RNA spike protein clot generator!! … … religious people can’t just be followers and drink the cool aid of their religious leaders who may have other motives (like protecting their tax status) … they must also use their own God given brains!! …

  161. James Haynes

    Another great show, Greg. I have been trying to wake people up around me for a long time and it’s been depressing. My father, mother, sister and her family have all vaccinated. My remaining sister who has held off is now going to succumb because NYC is going to require it to do anything. I feel like I’ve failed. Some will not even look at anything I show them. Others will acknowledge there’s problems and still took it anyway. It’s very difficult.

  162. Serge

    Hi Greg,

    I agree with you 100 % except on one single point. Nor Iranians, nor the Iranian government hate Jews. In fact, Judaism is one of the four religions protected by the Iranian constitution and Iran is home to the biggest Jewish community in the Middle East except for the state of Israel of course :
    This being said, I don’t deny that Iran has a huge problem with the creation of the state of Israel but that’s a completely different issue.

    Keep up the fine work and thank you for the information and the sourcing.µ


  163. Ted Cronan

    Where’s Mike Lindell? He disappears from Fox News, Newsmax begins manhunt | REPORT /103,389 views Aug 6, 2021 Newsmax TV
    Newsmax correspondent Mike Carter interviews Americans about Mike Lindell’s advertisements being pulled from Fox News while NewsMax’s continues to air the advertisements – Via Newsmax’s ‘National Report.’

    Joe Biden ‘doesn’t even know the population of the country he’s president of’
    220,357 viewsAug 7, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Get ready for ‘apocalyptic doomsday-laden headlines’ from the IPCC report
    80,809 views Aug 8, 2021

    ‘Greenies’ are perpetrating ‘a con’ against themselves: Bernardi
    106,112 views Aug 6, 2021 Sky News Australia

    ‘Great Reset’ will ‘dramatically increase power of government’
    131,227 views Aug 6, 2021 Sky News Australia

    ‘Black on Asian’ crime is now a symptom of ‘white supremacy’
    20,650 viewsAug 8, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Bill Gates’ CNN interview on Epstein friendship ‘opens the book’ to other ‘salacious gossip’ /151,929 viewsAug 5, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Governments’ COVID ‘scaremongering’ has allowed ‘fear to win over truth’: Alan Jones
    292,944 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia /DON’T MISS THIS ONE!;

    5,264 views Streamed live on Aug 6, 2021 The Common Sense Show

  164. Bob

    Front line doctor explains the damage spike proteins do.
    The vaccine is as bad as the virus.

  165. Skip Havely

    Greg, KEEP BANGING THE DRUM! We MUST wake people up, especially the Democrats, as you said…….. God bless you!

  166. Ira Elliott

    I live in Alberta Canada. Most of the restrictions have been lifted and the last of the restrictions will be gone August 16th. In Canada they are really pushing the vaccine passports. They have the vaccine passports in Quebec so there are many places you can’t go to without the vaccine passports. I haven’t gotten the vaccine but almost all of my family has. I worry that in a couple of years my family might all be dead from taking the shot.

  167. 777

    O- OF


  168. Patrick Stoneking

    I’m surprised the CEO of Pfizer didn’t just forge himself a vaccine passport.

  169. Kim Lehman

    Greg, I’m so saddened right now. My mother of 90 years in hospital with blood clot in leg, hemoglobin of 4 – bleed somewhere, pneumonia, and now fluid overload (cane in dehydrated). She is too weak to get out of bed now. They say stable to father of 90 has been primary caregiver, unable to lift her to give care. I am a rn off with fracture and tears in knee (cannot lift either) we started we needed rehab facility. They are denying her admission, unless she gets the jab. Inhumane and denying equal care. Said only way she will be admitted is if we quarantine her of all family for 2 weeks. Are you kidding!!!!! Evil seems to have all angles covered. Get or else. Has to be the agenda we think. I’m ashamed right now to be a nurse. Medical establishment seems bought and paid for. So sad!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      We live in pure evil times. Maybe this will help: The question is who is liable if this goes wrong? There is a school and work form. Neither applies but the concepts do. Also do your parents have natural immunity. Did they have cv19? Do not discount natural immunity and they should not either. If you give them the shjots I think you are putting their health at grave risk. So sorry. That’s all I got.

  170. Elle

    Excellent rant. Two brain cell Dems. Very funny. Helllloooo!

    I had been a lifelong Democrat until a few years back but I’m not stupid. There are NO SIDES here. The politicos now in office are NOT Dems. They are fascist pigs answering to the UN/WEF/WHO and their masters. They all need to be removed. Period.

  171. oneno

    Public Health England claims to have sequenced Sars-Cov-2 variants via technical briefing 16.

    Yet, PHE claims it has no record for the “isolated” Sars-Cov-2 virus.

    So, someone is sequencing a virus and variants without first isolating the virus and variants.

    The sequencing can then render an actual virus via CRISPR for some purpose.

    Is someone deliberately setting fires described in Fahrenheit 451 ?

    • oneno

      That first statement should be:

      Public Health England claims, via technical briefing 16, that the Sars-Cov-2 variants have been sequenced.

      If the variants have been sequenced, then likely Sars-Cov-2 has also been sequenced.

      Anyways, this is a correction so as not to point the finger at PHE for doing the sequencing of the Sars-Cov-2 virus and variants.

  172. oneno

    Dark Hourse podcast with Bret Weinstein, mRNA vaxxxine inventor, MD Dr. Robert Malone and entrepreneur Steve Kirsh.

    Robert Malone & Steve Kirsh have both had the vaxxxine. Robert Malone has also had covid. Bret is on prophylactic Ivermectin.

    All of them recommend against the vaxxxine and have the data to show why it should be stopped.

  173. sk

    I think you mean ‘N-acetylcysteine’. NAC is over the counter in the USA currently. The human body converts NAC to glutathione (which also is over the counter currently in the USA). Glutathione is a reducing agent, It counters the oxidative stress caused by graphene oxide. I have, however, NOT seen independent confirmation of the finding of graphene oxide by the Spanish research group called La Quinta Columna, I have read publications that the spike protein damages mitochondria, which also would cause oxidative stress. Possibly a double whammy?


    Hey Greg,
    I believe that corona virus D was invented in the Wuhan lab before the vaccine was released. The Communists released it in Africa and India. Biden is the super spreader, he has knowingly released this on our country. His policies on the southern boarder have caused this. I thought it was his job to serve honor and protect the people of the USA. All these Communists need to be impeached. I have three grand children who live in 3 different states, they have all three contracted Corona virus in the last week, not from each other. I am mad as hell and my wife wants to hurt people.

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