Vax Wars are Global – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, boldly predicted back in April, “We are going to start seeing a big anti-vax movement.”  He was spot on, and now says the “Vax War” is about to get more intense, and there is nowhere to hide from it.  Celente explains, “What people have to understand is this is global.  We made this forecast almost a year ago.  We said, as we were watching the Covid war, that they were going to try to end it with the vaccines.  We have had a number of covers on ‘The Trends Journal’ showing the vax wars and the vaccines right next to Biden’s head.  There are three groups that run and own the United States. . . .The Military Industrial Complex . . . The Banksters . . . and The ‘Drug Lords’ also called Big Pharma. . .We gave billions of dollars of our money to invent this ‘warped’ speed drug that has not been approved by the FDA, and it’s a gene therapy drug.  We have been writing about this constantly and how they have been saying since April that you are going to have to get a booster shoot, and by the way, you will probably need one every year.  The big issue here that most Americans are missing is this is global. . . . The drug dealers, the Banksters and the Military Industrial Complex are in charge of the world.”

Celente says the pressure will continue to be pushed and coerced upon the so-called “unvaccinated” even though it is, in fact, an experimental human drug trial.  No one will mention the fact that half the country already has natural immunity, according to Dr. Marty Makary at Johns Hopkins University.  With death and injuries from fully vaccinated people going higher by the thousands every week, there are no facts that will sway the pro-vax crowd.  Celente says, “The facts don’t count.  If you show the facts, it’s misinformation if you put out facts.  It’s a conspiracy theory when you put out facts, and in the United Soviet States of America, you are not allowed to put facts on any social media because they will ban you.  You are not allowed to say anything to disagree with the government or the (so-called) ‘health experts.’”

Celente sees a huge trend in politics emerging and explains, “There are going to be new parties:   anti-vax, anti-establishment, anti-tax and anti-immigration.  The parties that unite under that will be the winning parties.  They have to unite under that.”

Celente says, “The whole damn system is corrupt.”

Celente does not have high hopes for the election fraud being uncovered to actually do anything because the system is so corrupt.

Celente also talks about the U.S. economy and that it should have tanked long ago, and the powers keep propping it up.  He also comments on gold, silver, Bitcoin and why New York City and many other cities are not coming back.

Celente says people will have to “unite to protect liberty and freedom,” and predicts it’s going to be a long fight.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the 47 min. interview.)

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  1. Lightning

    May God bless you for your service.

    This video is incredibly powerful. It’s really worth the time to watch it. It’s a Holocost survivor detailing how the medical establishment, big business , the press and government led to the holocost…. identically to the coming Vax genocide.

    • Self Exiled

      They did not destroy the [heathen] nations
      As the LORD commanded them,
      But they mingled with the [idolatrous] nations
      And learned their ways, Psalm 106:33-34 we imported their scientists in WWII

      • PCP

        its great that you are placing the holocaust as the central pivot of all political and world events and as the template for all political action,
        not to mention seizing this chance to elevate the holocaust above current events across the planet whilst keeping its importance at the peak of all existence,
        where would we be without the holocaust to provide us with direction and a moral compass?

        • Self Exiled

          The central pivotal event, a template for all moral action world wide is the birth of Christ. Not the holocaust, as is being acted out again. We imported their scientist into our scientific community and the Bible verse states the out come.

        • Lightning

          I don’t know if you were commenting back to me or to Self Exiled, but if me, I don’t know how you can possibly come to that conclusion.
          There have been many genocides, Rwanda, and the Holocaust ( at the top of my head) both happened within a time period where there are still survivors who can provide insight into the political, social and economic environment that preceded the atrocities.
          Many people ( probably most people) do not believe it’s possible that major industries, government, the medical community and the bankers can collaborate for evil intent. People say that’s a “ conspiracy “ and those that believe it are “ conspiracy nuts”.
          This video was intended to break that false belief down with a historical example of it happening before and in the not so distant past.

          As my father was a WW2 combat vet that saw the camps first hand, the horror of the holocaust is a fact for me.

          And, as the video shows, many Christians died in those camps too. Read Deitrich Bonhoeffer if you haven’t in order to see the power of Christ in a person in incredibly difficult circumstances.

    • Tin foil hat

      I watched the video and it is frightening plausible.

    • Lightning

      Meet the people and organizations that view themselves as our masters .

      Greg’s commentary on World Economic Forum is spot on

    • Dj

      Another epic interview

  2. Russ

    Thanks Greg, saving the interview for my morning coffee. But in the meantime, here’s a really interesting read…
    “ “This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit”: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries”

    • CarolAnne Tucker

      Yes, It gets even deeper that too Russ…The Military Industrial Complex, better known as the Cabal aka EVIL & many other titles, would rather perish themselves than give up the control, money, and power they have over the people in the world. That is what this is all about. GOD have mercy on us ALL!

  3. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Personally like Gerald – the only thing that bothers me about Gerald is that he has Mannarino the back stabber on his team. Mannarino is a Snake. With that said Gerald is Right much more than he is Wrong. The number one Threat in the USA right now is the DemoRatic Party destroying the Country from Within. Schools Indoctrination centers are Brainwashing our kids. Patriots must unite like Celente says or we are Doomed. I can go on and on – Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot

    • Rodster

      Just curious, what did Mannarino do?

      • John

        “Dogs bark at what they don’t understand.” ― Heraclitus

        • Rodster

          I have NO idea what you are referring too? I asked a simple question. What did Gregory Manarrino do? I missed all the in between stuff from his time on USAW to now being despised.

          • jorma

            There was a disagreement between Manarino and Greg related to Donald Trump in some manner. Greg never discussed the details that I know.

            • Greg Hunter

              I supported President trump and Mannarino did not. It is that simple. Mannarino told me he would not come on USAW because if this difference of political views. End of story and I wish him the best. Mannarino is a smart guy with the markets.

              • Rodster

                Thank you for answering the question, Greg!

      • Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

        He talked terrible about Greg Hunter – all Lies – he has zero credibility

    • JW

      Rod. It’s a one party system. The left and the right work for the same masters. Wake the hell up.

      • Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

        I’ve been totally awake since my time in Vietnam 🇻🇳
        You need to get your facts straight before you tell me to wake up

  4. Chris

    I LOVE Gerald

  5. Roni

    I would like to know how many of the people who died of COVID were vaccinated and how many weren’t vaccinated. I would like to know how many of the NEW COVID cases are of people who were vaccinated and how many weren’t vaccinated. Have you ever noticed they don’t report those numbers? Today, in AZ, there were approximately 14,000 new cases of COVID, but no mention how many of those had been vaxxed and how many hadn’t. The same with the deaths. I want to know.

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Roni, good question.

      I wondered about this also so I looked at Isreal covid news since they vacinated the majority of their population early with the Phizer vaccine and are now experiening spread of the Delta strain.

      The vacines were orinionally said to reduce severe symptoms, reduce hospitalisations, reduce the percentage of deaths and reduce but not eliminate spread.

      Now that they have the Delta varient spreading they are reporting that their percentage of hospitalisations and deaths are less as a result of the vaccine.

      What is unresearched of course is the long term damage caused by the vaccine which as you know has recieved alot of discussion and speculation on this site.

      • Self Exiled

        Yes I noticed the manipulation of thought in this article concerning the spread of covid. Did you notice the couple kissing in the article. This came to mind.

        “The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom does and they do not even try to hide it. Woe to them! They have brought destruction upon themselves” (Isaiah 3:9)

        ”Israel today has the highest rate of bisexuality in the world and all its religious institutions have a pagan source called the Kabbalah.” I have read this and if it can be believed—-will this be the result.

        And their dead bodies will lie exposed in the open street of the great city (Jerusalem), which in a spiritual sense is called [by the symbolic and allegorical names of] Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. Revelation 11:8

        • Rachel.M.

          No S.E. I didn’t notice that they were both female. I just glanced at the pictures as I was focused on reading the content in the article.

      • Paul ...

        Rachel … Israeli politicians … in an outright bald face lie … are proclaiming that serious injury from Covid-19 are 90% less (as a result of the vaccine) … while the real data shows that out of the six million Jews already vaccinated … two million have now “caught the variant” (that produces blood clots, gangrene, hearing loss, etc.) which according to the Israeli politicians “is not serious” … and therefore they are now forcing the “jab” upon all Israeli children … … this new Israeli Prime Minister “is just as bad as Bibi” … either all these Israeli politicians are working for Iran or they own Pfizer stock … whatever the reason … the result is going to be another Holocaust upon the Jews (this time by a German company with it’s headquarters in Manhattan) … every Jew who has a thinking brain (should as a matter of self preservation) sell their Pfizer stock and boycott every product they make … this Covid virus will be stopped cold by our natural “God given” immunity!!

        • Paul ...

          NOW … The inventor of the mRNA vaccine is stating: “It’s the most-vaccinated countries in the world that are experiencing a surge in new COVID-19 cases … while the least-vaccinated countries are not … and it is worrying me quite a bit” … but does this experts words worrying the politicians? … NO! … when the scientifically uneducated politicians are asked: “Why is the fastest rise in new cases taking place among the already vaccinated”? … they simply say: “It is due to tourists from the countries that are not seeing a rise … and therefore we must double down and “jab” all the children” … seems our New World Order “scientist politicians” (who never took a biology course in mRNA vaccine theory in college) claim they are more knowledgeable then the experts (without even reading a science book) … or … could it be “they own shares in Pfizer and Moderna” and are very happy that fully vaccinated people are catching the Delta variant?? … so how long are the political scientists going to wait before ordering the “Tweet Police” to ban “the inventor of the mRNA vaccine” off the internet (as a quack and a terrorist) who must be sent to a FEMA Camp or Prison City “for re-education”??? …
          Note: [When the 15 “least vaccinated countries” don‘t seem to face any problem … it is going to get more and more painful for the uneducated politician “scientists” who own shares in Pfizer and Moderna to keep denying this problem … and mandating their people to now “jab” their children … based upon “their science” (of unbounded and immoral greed)!!

      • Clint

        I guess they don’t know vaccines have blue crab blood in them deeming them unclean for human consumption.

        • Paul ...

          Good work Clint … you found out why the Crona-19 vaccines are creating clots everywhere in the body of those foolish enough to get “jabbed” … seems the evil eugenicist scientists who developed the “jab” … purposely put horseshoe crab blood into their vaccines … which has a very powerful ability “to clot” whenever it comes in contact with the toxins produced by their spike protein (which they have made our body cells manufacturing in the millions) … these eugenicists are evil Demons to the first degree!!… now we know why some people drop dead or faint immediately and others don’t … the people who immediately faint or drop dead of a clot to the heart or brain from restricted blood flow have more toxins in their blood then the people who need to wait for the spike protein to develop the toxins weeks to months later!!

          • Paul ...

            And not only are these eugenicists depopulating the Earth of human beings (as required by their Georgia Guide-stone Commandment that is etched in Stone like our Ten Commandments) … but they are decimating the horseshoe crab population … as so much blue blood is being drawn from the crabs to be used in their COVID-19 vaccines … almost all the horseshoe crabs along the Maryland Coast are gone …used to produce all the “Clot Shots” they need to “jab” into us and our children (to kill us off without it looking like they did it)!!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Roni, I have seen data in many countries that show half of all current cases have been given the fake vaccines. Like where I live now in Thailand, they try to say those who have been given the jab and get sick are from the spooky variant and those who die now and just got the jab, the idiots say they died of the Virus and not the jab. Bait and switch on an unpredented level now. Many now like Alex Jones say he is not optimistic at all at the odds of our surviving this Tyranny now. Est. now that half of the 192,000,00 million Americans who took at least one jab will be dead in 2 years as it is already happening.

    • Steve B

      New Cases? Has a Reliable Test come out since they started administering the Vaccines? Or are they still using the worthless PCR tests? Above and beyond, has the “COVID-19 Virus” finally been isolated, and proven to exist? Are these actually people with “COVID-19”, or just more of the same old phony “false positive” tests, and/or people with the Flu, or the common cold?

      • Paul ...

        Anyone who is told to take the test … should imediately ask: “How many times are you multiplying any virus fragments found” … if it is “more then 20” … don’t take the test (as it will give a useless “false reading”) … the evil eugenicists normally set their test at between 35 to 45 “multiplications of any virus fragments they find” so they can …
        1) falsely claim you have Covid-19 … so as
        2) falsely make it look like there is an epidemic upon us … so they can
        3) falsely have governments mandate their Clot Shot … on everyone and thus
        4) achieve their Satanic Georgia- Guide-stone mandate [to kill off the human race for some “alien from the heavens” who came down to misguide humans since the time of Adam and Eve]!!

    • JOL

      I also want to know if the Democrats themselves have taken the vaccine/jabs. No mention of that. Are they just trying to kill Republicans? Who in the WH has taken the jabs? We need to know if this was planned against all of the rest who voted for TRUMP.

    • Steve Bice

      Roni: Fascinating thread…

      • Paul ...

        This thread shows us the absolute truth … that the Globalists are working for an “alien from outer space” by the name of Satan … to kill us all!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … I was thinking … if God is “all powerful” … why the hell does he allow evil Satan to roam around on Earth enticing men to do evil things and for worthless fiat paper besides (that is printed out of thin air)?? … the only thing I can figure is … Earth is a “boot camp” for God’s soldiers … “who are being trained to harden themselves morally against the forces of evil” … God “wants strong soldiers like Jesus” (who was “tempted” in the Garden with promises of unimaginable wealth if he would do Satan’s bidding) … Jesus passed the test … but obviously the Globalist eugenicists (now out to kill off 99% of the human race for Satan) have failed the test miserably … when we finally get out of this “boot camp” … we should be “very muscled up” and strong morally … and should make very fine soldier/gladiators in God’s army … likely to be called upon “to fight against an even greater evil” then our puny scrawny pushover Satan (who Gerald Celente can wack down with one hand tied behind his back)!!

    • Paul ...

      People dying of Covid = 0.0001 %
      People dying after the “Clot Shot” = 60%

  6. Charles H.


    The Devil’s playbook… same as war : divide and conquer. Sure as Cain murdered Abel – the Critical Race Theory is to stir up strife and hatred. Equality is a fable: it doesn’t exist.
    You don’t think what is happening in South Africa can’t come to America? Linked is some straight skinny:

    • Paul ...

      These Black Presidents believed that “Black Lives Mattered” … … and they are now “all dead” … the “Message” being … any White President who believes “White Lives Matter”better turn coward and mandate the “jab” at Warp Speed (and these cowards actually believe it is OK to kill 7 Billion people … as long as it saves “their lives”??) … you know …there was a time … when a man would sacrifice his life … “to save others” … just ask all our veterans of our foreign wars … and what of the “Message” brought to our world 2000 years ago by the Son of God himself ? … who knew what was coming … and taught us … we must be willing to sacrifice ourselves “to save others”… and by doing so … Save the World!!

      • Paul ...

        There are more of us then them … but we must be able to sacrifice a few pawns … to put the King pins in check … and win this game … before they sweep us off the board into a holding box … declare victory …and throw the entire Chess Set into the dust bin of history!

        • Paul ...

          The Globalists have recently declared they now have “A One World Government” (with complete control over the entire global population) … let’s tear down the stone flag these evil eugenicists “planted on American soil in Georgia” … to give the lie to these evil Demons pronouncement!!

  7. William Mitchell

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

    • it's NOT a vaccine

      coming soon: the times that fry men’s souls.

      • Paul ...

        Correct … they will burn in Hell fire … after God the Father puts their souls on trial before the Holy Spirit (Heaven’s High Court … who “will hear” every case)!!

  8. Jim Miller

    Chris Martenson, holds a PhD in Pathology from Duke University.
    Chris draws upon the 2 largest databases to show that Delta variant is not so bad. Mortality is similar to a normal flu. Extremely low. However, infection rate happens to be high.

    And the huge Israeli data base shows most Covid Delta events are occurring much more in the vaccinated. Chris shows from the data currently available that the best immunity is natural immunity.

    • Rodster

      You need to have a PHd to know this was all a fake out by the Power Structure. I was alive during the Hong Kong Flu and I went to my grandmothers funeral. We weren’t wearing mask or hiding in lockdowns or shutting down the economy in NYC. We were getting on with life. Covid 19 at its worst is basically the Hong Kong Flu II.

      The Covid death count has been doctored and manipulated just like the 2020 election.

      • Rodster

        I meant to type “you don’t need a Phd”.

        • The Ogs

          Third time lucky, friend…

        • Paul ...

          R … Each human was created by God “with a powerful brain” … but we are taught not to use the brain God gave us (by” commie” Marxist teachers in our schools who make things so boring they put kids to sleep in the classroom) … scientific research shows that the human brain takes in about 11 million bits of information every second … but we have been dumbed down to such an extent by the “commies” that we consciously process only about 50 bits per second … if we consciously processed only 100 bits of information every second we would already have Fauci and the globalists locked up!!

    • Gabe

      It would be funny as hell if all the businesses burned to the ground……..after requiring people to be vaxxed…..perhaps GOD COULD MAKE THAT HAPPEN IF WE ALL JUST PRAY REALLY HARD.

      • Paul ...

        Globalist businesses (not Mom and Pop stores)!!

        • Paul ...

          Looks like our prayers are being answered … Big Pharma stocks are all “being hammered hard today” in a global equity selloff … as concerns grow among the newly awakened about the delta variant the Big Pharma firms injected into their bodies (with their Clot Shots) … fully backed by “politicians who have deemed themselves scientists” so their drug company shares would provide them with huge profits … let’s give them big losses instead … keep selling all the Big Pharma stocks … and drive them into bankruptcy!!

          • Paul ...

            Some idiot contrarians are buying Moderna stock today (driving it up by 10%) … believing that renewed COVID-19 concerns will boost public confidence into taking the Clot Shot … now that … has to take First Prize for “dumb reasoning”!!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I watched every podcast of his on utube for over a year until they censored him for telling the TRUTH.

  9. Jim

    It’s amazing how seldom Donald “Warpspeed” Trump’s name is mentioned in these vaxx discussions…

    • Steve B

      Especially since he went right along with this whole “Pandemic”, and has been pushing the “Vaccines” since they became available….

    • Dave

      Crickets. And also Trump and family members re urging people to get vaccinated. Trump is in on it – ties to big pharma – or he is clueless.

    • Paul ...

      For four years Trump was “like a deer in the headlights” (frozen and unable to act) … he cowered and would not fire the demons all around him … he even said: “Hillary is a nice lady” … we need to elect a Bull into the White House in 2024 … some one not afraid to “gore the enemies” … that are out “to kill us and our children”!!

      • Paul ...

        Matthew 7:16 … “By their fruit we shall know them” … Trump bore no fruit to stop the eugenicists he in fact “helped them” with Warp Speed … we put Monsanto down as their “fruit” was seedless grapes and seedless watermelons … and now we need to put Big Pharma down as they are using their “jab” to make all humans “seedless” … we know Gates, Fauci and Soros by their “fruit” … polio, revolutions, blood clots, heart attacks , brain strokes, etc, etc. … “we know them” … so lets do something about it … and God tell me why their “blasphemously evil Guide-stones” saying they want to kill off 99% of the Human race … still standing on United States soil? … and why is the Criminal Globalist Organization called the UN still planted on United States soil??

      • Freebrezer

        mmmm …. Like Mitt Romney? …. Joking of course

        • Paul ...

          You know … now that Trump is away from the “Kryptonite Demons” in Washington … it seems he’s got his energy back … and is once again fighting for Truth , Justice and the American Way … and is now suing Google, Twitter and Facebook … Bravo!!

          • Paul ...

            Because of all the “Kryptonite in Washington DC … lets put DeSantis in as President in 2024 … and have Trump become the Governor of California (to bring back the rain and the crops that are so important to our economy) and that the globalist Demons are are trying to destroy with drought and fires caused by their chem-trails!!

  10. Dan Goebel

    Another great interview!

    • Steve B

      Especially since he went right along with this whole “Plandemic”, and has been pushing the “Vaccines” since they became available….

  11. Benjamin Golan

    How do you bloody win any election when the democrats/deep state control the voting machines/ballots/system? Until and only if justice is served on the voter/election fraud and the election system is razed & revamped there will be no legitimate elections.

    • Paul ...

      It’s so simple to correct the problem … they just have to use the brains God gave us … everyone with a Social Security Number and is a valid US citizen … should be sent “a pin number” before the election … that they must enter on their paper voting ballet “to make it legal” (just make sure no pin numbers issued to dead people) … then let the Demon rats and “communist” China enter all fake paper ballots they want … “without a pin number” they are not counted … and those ballots “with a pin number” can only be counted once!!

  12. Hannah Geisman

    Celente is going to have a damn stroke. I love his passion. Don’t mess with Old School Italians. He is spot on about everything. Walensky of the CDC needs to be arrested as does the individual that leads the WHO. I am not overstating this. These two individuals and many more truly are going to find themselves hung at a Nuremburg 2.0 type trial. Notice how Bill Gates vanished from the media? His wife divorced him and the world has clocked him for what he is doing so his speaking tour has been cancelled. He mouthed off too much and let too many things slip. For all we know they blackmailed him into doing what he has done and he let things slip on purpose. Don’t underestimate how many of these people have proverbial guns to their heads. They got suckered into the money, the power, the fame and now the bill has come due. In a way it makes you pity them.

    • AndrewB

      “In a way it makes you pity them (Bill Gates et al – sic).”
      Nah! I think not!

      I’ll reserve my pity for the tens of thousands (soon to be millions) injured and killed by the B&MG worldwide ‘vaccines’ initiatives. In NE Africa, local tribes took to beheading ‘health care’ team members when they realised that the only people dying of Ebola were the ones who had been ‘vaccinated’. The international ‘health care’ teams vacated the area immediately. The local Ebola outbreak ended. Go figure.

      • AndrewB

        More correctly, equatorial East Africa.

        • AndrewB

          I’ll get it right eventually! Equatorial West Africa. Doh! All this confusion even without the jab.

    • Self Exiled

      And when they are no longer useful?????? But for us—who reside in the secret shelter of the Most High—–

      so that by two unchangeable things [His promise and His oath] in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled [to Him] for refuge would have strong encouragement and indwelling strength to hold tightly to the hope set before us.

      • Self Exiled

        Hebrews 6:18 Getting old, forgot.

  13. Dan Goebel

    You may want to get Dr. David Martin on. He is perhaps, the world’s number 1 expert on Patents and he has uncovered the “Smoking Gun” by way of researching Patents on COVID.
    See link below

    • NC Gal

      I agree re- Dr. Martin. He has posted a 205-page summation of everything he has found out regarding these patents and the interlocking directorates that Fauci has been involved in (“The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier”). Anyone can download it from . If you don’t read anything but pages 10-11, it will be worth it.

      He is an inspiring and articulate speaker, and I agree with your recommendation of him being interviewed on He also says that there is NO “Delta variant.” It’s just a different snippet of the same thing, which he says is a bioweapon, funded by Fauci and others Fauci is associated with.

      • nope

        It’s not a summary if it is 205 pages

    • Pete+only

      Dan, many thanks for sharing this very informative podcast with us.
      Using patent dates as evidence could bring down big pharma, as proof that they already had the vaccines before the plandemic started, thereby voiding their shields from prosecution from all those tens of thousands of deaths and injuries caused from their vaccines.
      Phizer’s first corona patent was in the year 2000, and the fact that there has been 4000 more patents since then provides reams of information for who did what when.
      Fauchi’s involvement is also quite interesting.
      The same corona vaccines that are being pushed on us all without mercy were called biological weapons in 2005.
      This podcast is a must see for those wanting to know the movers and shakers of the big pharma world, albeit the scum of the earth.
      Greg, I hope you are had a great vacation.

  14. Jerry5

    Don’t waste your money filing a lawsuit against the vaccine company’s. According to the largest law firm handling vaccine lawsuits 91.4 % of the cases filed are dismissed by the courts.

    In other words you have a 8.6% success rate of even getting your case filed. Heck Greg it might as well be zero. The game is rigged folks. The courts are owned by the globalist.

    • Paul ...

      Don’t sue them … just stop buying the products they try to sell us … and put the “evil” Big Pharma Cabal killing us “out of business” … anyone who owns shares in these drug companies in their IRA … better sell now … before they begin to show “rotten earnings” from our massive boycott “of every product they make” in retribution for the murder of our children!! … for instance … we don’t need to buy their aspirin as we can use Willow Tree bark or the leaves or the tree’s abundant watery bark sap which is heavily charged with salicylic acid … extracts of this plant has been used as medication for centuries … Willow tree bark is known as” liu shu pi” in traditional Chinese medicine and as “vetasa” in Ayurvedic medicine … it was known to the Assyrians and Sumerians (as far back as 4000 BC) … pharmacologically the willow exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antipyretic, antidotic, antigesic, and antiseptic properties which cures headaches, fevers, joint pain, and arthritis … Willow bark tea works well for pain and fever relief … as does simply chewing on the tip of a Willow branch … and unlike Big Pharma aspirin … “the Willow tree’s aspirin doesn’t cause gastric damage”!! … and the other products Big Pharma makes can also be substituted for “with herbal equivalents”!!

  15. Nancy McDaniel

    Convention of States Article V is the ONLY SOLUTION to unite behind to restore constitutional LAW AND ORDER. Please check it out and get involved immediately.

  16. Jake

    Greg not sure if you have saw but the FDA has been saying in the next two months they are going to approve the COVID vaxxx. Scary if they do approve it. In the military not taking that shot. They can kick me out or send me to military prison.

    • Robert F

      I am with you brother.

      I have been out of work and now they are saying no job no jab,

      Not sure what I am gonna do. I am gonna be hunted down like cattle, and rounded up.

      I dont plan on going easy though.

      Either way, I have some silver, hopefully I can find some decent people to trade with

      Its gonna be hell

      I am hearing they are greatly accelerating this thing, and soon in America they will begin announcing vaccine mandates in many retail, theatres, banks, shopping markets, sporting arenas etc for all employees. No job no jab for anyone in those industries. Big banks have already announced those who refuse will work remotely and may be considered less desirable for workforce since they cant come to the office.

      Other nations have already begun forcing it on healthcare workers

      They are saying retail should be a leader in the mandate charge for other industries to then follow suit.

      I know people are saying they cant do this, but they are, and they will.

      not sure if I should be happy, or sad, because what is coming is gonna be blood shed.

      People are not gonna let their entire life be taken away over a shot.

      Its gonna be hell

  17. Dan

    Celente is correct, people are more stupid today than any time in history. I knew this COVID was a scam from day one, and defied every rule and BS law they pushed on people. I have gone about my life as I have years ago. Sad that people followed any of this BS. I stopped watching TV over 20 years ago, a stopped listening to the BS over 50 years ago. You Tube band me earlier this year for talking against their message.

  18. it's NOT a vaccine

    Greg -Proud of you for pounding the truth in the “war of the words” It’s not a vaccine. That simple truth on bumper stickers on vehicles on patriot cars might bring this idiocy to a halt. Even Gerald cant stop calling it a vax – WAKE UP GERALD – IT’S NOT A VACCINE -it’s an INOCULATION – A KILL SHOT!

    • Paul ...

      “Is Not” … is the “key” to what Americans and the world really want:
      1) They want a vaccine that “Is Not” a vaccine …
      2) They want paper fiat that “Is Not” money …
      3) They want slavery that “Is Not” freedom …
      … and on … and on … and on …
      98) They want invisible money (crypto) that “Is Not” something …
      99) And now they want invisible art that “Is Not” (
      100) Until soon man himself “Is Not” (just like the Dinosaurs)!!

      • Paul ...

        Wow!! … I can’t believe the bargain I just got … for one “invisible” Bitcoin … I was able to purchase two(2) invisible statues (for $18,000 each) … one invisible statue I purchased is of George Washington and the other invisible statue is of Thomas Jefferson … and the great thing is … I can place them on my front lawn … and Antifa can’t knock them down! … now … that’s how something that’s invisible … can be said to be “more precious then gold”!!

  19. Sandra+McIntosh

    I love Gerald’s passion….He tells it like it is and YOU Greg, ask profound questions, Awesome interview. Thank You Both.

  20. Angelo

    Great interview ,

  21. Jerry5

    We just hit a milestone. We almost added a 1000 vaccine deaths in less than a week.

    And yet the commercials promoting the vaccines still say they are safe. Last time I checked the word “safe” meant without risk. The sad part is no will know about these victims who have had their rights stripped away and their bodies buried along with these lies. This is outright genocide.

    • FC

      Jerry5, it has come to my attention the jab is given to our Deltoid Muscle and deltoid is Greek for Delta.
      Could it be the Delta Variant is the jab at work?

  22. steve

    Celente is on to it- we can educate, fight for our individual freedom do as we wish providing it does no harm to others , but the masses are of low consciousness and nothing will change except for worse conditions until they awake.

  23. elya g mason

    Gerald, will you ever grow old? You look great!!!

  24. Louis Gatto

    I love Gerald Celente -but I wish he would stop yelling… I agree with everything he says, just not the way he yells it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess Celente gets pissed when he’s watching people get murdered. So do I.

      • Louis Gatto

        Don’t get me wrong Greg, I’m as angry as the next person, including Mr. Celente, but shouting at the “choir” is, in my humble opinion, extremely counter-productive. I had to turn off your conversation with Mr. Celente, as it had became more disturbing than enlightening. And I watch your great interviews all the time.

        I have been watching and listening to Mr. Celente for many years, and this (imo) over-the-top shouting at the camera is relatively a recent affectation to his usual already impassioned repartee.

        Please pass this on to him, if you would, that this fan, at least, loves to listen is what he has to say, if he could just tone it down a bit… and please tell him this is coming from someone, (I’m 70 years old) who was brought up in the same general “neighborhood” (Brooklyn) that he comes from…and so do very much understand his anger.

        Thanks Greg for all your great work.

        • Dana+M.

          Louis, I made a decision two Celente interviews ago, that if he is the guest on USA Watchdog, I will skip watching the interview—for the same reason you cited. He is an educated adult that has the vocabulary of an uneducated gang member. I don’t need his information nearly as much as I don’t need to listen to his potty mouth. His language renders him useless in my opinion.

      • Jay

        If you’re not screaming from the rooftops like Gerald Celente, maybe you’re the problem.

        • Louis Gatto

          There’s making a point -and there’s buffoonery… if you don’t understand the difference, then maybe it’s you that is part of the problem.

        • Jim

          Alex does this too and now my wife refuses to listen to him when I put him on. Shouting at the audience is certainly turning folks away. I now have that problem myself. Personally this does not bother me at all because I know how much they want the message to get out. But it does turn people off and that should be stopped.

          • Greg Hunter

            Are you a moron? You are offended because Celente is upset they are murdering people in mass? Does murder “turn folks away”?? Let er rip Gerald!!!!!!

            • Dana McMichael

              Name calling and profanity (and/or near-profanity) do not make the point. They do not illustrate the point. They do not enhance the point. The facts make the point. Civilized people don ‘t need to scream to present the truth. Do you think anyone Celente calls out by name would be willing to hear the gospel from his mouth? If you think that a lot of people are dying because of THIS, think how many will die eternally because of sa-called Christians disqualifying themselves from sharing the gospel with the people they malign verbally.

              All we need are the facts. Celente can share the facts, then go into his bathroom and cuss and yell privately all he wants.

      • Jim

        Greg, why are you so determined to censor posts that point out the truth that it was Trump who set the Vaxx fiasco in motion?

        Trump has consistently bragged about his role in ‘Warpspeed’ and has even taken Biden to task for “being behind schedule” for not having injected more Americans with this poison.

        Stop being a Trump Waterboy!

        • Greg Hunter

          When I see you keep saying the same thing every time you post what is the point? If you don’t like the way I am running my free site, you are welcome to start your own and show us all how it is done. By all means exercise your free speech rights on your platform. Now go play in the street.


          • Dana McMichael

            “Now go play in the street”????? Greg, you openly proclaim yourself to be a Christian. Aside from your sign-off where you assure us that He has everything under control, there is little else to commend your faith to your viewers. I have been trying to point this out to you for months in personal letters; but you refuse to grow up. Your feet, and your mouth are operating in two different and conflicting worlds. I am beginning to believe that you have no faith at all…just an academic belief of Christian doctrine. The proof is in the pudding; and your pudding is missing some necessary ingredients.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are not my judge. God the Father has that covered. Why don’t you concentrate on you serving the Lord the way you are called and I will serve the way I am called. When I say go play in the street do you really think someone is actually going to “play in the street”? It called humor. Please stop with the letters judging me and my free website. I do appreciate your support.

        • Montana Guy

          My comment was censored once again. . . . (This is Greg Hunter. I deleted most MG’s comment. You were not censored. You were kicked off USAW for being a troll jerk. Go away.)

      • Photios

        I would like to correct Gerald that 2 people died in. Australia so far from covid.
        Not true.
        Two people died from the vaccine yet authorities saw fit to include them as death by covid?
        They were deaths by vaccine
        The South Australian government has announced a 72-year-old woman is believed to have died from the rare blood clotting syndrome linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    • Anthony Australia

      Italian passion at its best!

      • Photios

        he is correct that a women over 90 died of covid but but but only hours (?) after testing positive for COVID-19, and caught the virus at home from an infected family member.

      • regaleagle

        Passion is a positive and is a strictly human characteristic! Sometimes unbridled passion is the most effective way for humans to display their total commitment/involvement toward something. I look at passion as a way to communicate emotions to the nth degree.

  25. Jacque

    As a RN of 50 yrs, I would NEVER get the shots. God Bless you for spreading the info.

  26. Rachel.M.

    To Ernie, reply to your previous post where part of it is this quote ..

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    You are correct in so far as our education and our news has never mentioned these events and it is also the case regarding the injustices in many other countries around the world; but that doesn’t mean people don’t care. Most people around the world do care and don’t want any of this to occur anywhere. The few that lead all of this have a stranglehold on us all.

  27. Caroline

    Thank you gentlemen for this upload. Does anyone remember five years ago when FEMA had several hundred thousand black plastic coffin like boxes made, stacked and stored ? (you can look it up under fema camp coffins, or fema ordered and stock piled black coffins, investigated) One wonders if they did this in prep for a mass die off they were planning to perpetrate. For some reason I think these items have a link to the current situation we are in or face. I can’t prove it and don’t expect anyone else to believe it without looking it up for themselves, but my gut instinct tells me they are connected. God Bless you both! Stay well, stay safe.

    • Paul ...

      Interesting Caroline … “The Black Coffins are owned by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention who is working with Fauci)… and they knew way back in 2000 they would need coffins for millions (the way Fauci knew Trump was going to have a virus to deal with) … … so this current plandemic was being planned for a very long time … and on this “one little plot of land in Georgia” (where the Guide-stones are still standing) 500,000 black caskets were stacked (where each coffin is capable of holding two bodies) … so the CDC owned enough coffins in that little Georgia town alone “to bury one million people” … according to the Georgia Guidestones 340 similar stacks of coffins need to be set up in other towns across America … so that the entire US population could be buried (when the man who dug up dead bodies of Spanish Flu victims in Alaska finished doing “Gain of Function” research on them) … and is likely now getting ready to release his newly developed SpanishFlu-2021 virus upon the American people … in accordance with the Guidelines chiseled in stone by Satanic Demons working for Lucifer (like it is these eugenicists Ten Commandments) … tell me why these stones remain standing?? … and tell me why Fauci has not been arrested yet???

  28. Major Payne

    Vaccinations will make you free. Just like Auschwitz.

    • sk

      …and the Gulag.

  29. Suzanne Powell

    The vax is an extinction level event. We’re talking a couple billion people dying in about a year.

  30. jack mathers

    All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear. And disregards the rest

    • Pete+only

      Jack, let’s have a little bet.
      If in a year or two of taking the covid vaccine you are still healthy, and alert, you can have the privledge of laughing at me.
      If however, you are dead or severely immobilized, I will put a rose on your grave, or your bedside.

  31. AndrewB

    Lawyer group has the evidence that pandemic is a crime against humanity:


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is trying to get the word out – he would make a brilliant guest on USAW.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Greg,
      To build the case for ‘his’ Class Action Lawsuit, Reiner Fuellmich has deposed hundreds of medical professionals, doctors and scientists, and these witnesses are prepared to give evidence in a court of law. He is a heavy hitter, having successfully sued both VW and Deutsche Bank. With all the knowledge he has gained while interviewing his many witnesses, he would, IMHO, make a star guest on USAW.

      You are very busy – aside from creating content, moderating comments must take hours each day – but please try to find time to listen to the interview linked-to above. I think, if you do, you will see merit in my suggesting Dr Fuellmich as a guest.

  32. Jerry5

    I’ve posted this before, but this is who we are up against.

    In my humble opinion the war with the globalist will be fought in the state and local levels. Gerald said “why aren’t the American people marching in the streets “ ? Excuse me they did that on January 6th and you saw what happened. If you’re a patriot you’re now considered a domestic terrorist and that’s why so many people are laying low. Those that are tuned in have been preparing for years for what is coming our way. Technology has given the globalist the upper hand. Realistically I don’t see the snowflake generation laying down their iPhones and hot pockets to pick up a metal protector. Given the option they will cave easily. Vets are another story. They have a fundamental understanding of the consequences of giving in to an enemy that has no mercy.

    • Diane



  33. JW

    Nothings going to happen with all this election fraud investigation. Look around. We are surrounded by sheep half asleep. People SHOULD HAVE been literally up in arms because of this entire covid construct. They weren’t. People SHOULD BE up in arms over this poison jab push. They’re not. People SHOULD demand justice after dust once again settles on the stolen election in a few weeks. But they won’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg, I also will take your side of that bet. You look good and well rested. Glad to see you in better health.

      • Marie+Joy

        Sorry, Greg. SCOTUS, the military, congress and the people are worth sacks of cowardice and treason. Nothing will happen.

        • Marie+Joy

          worthless, dammit

      • Edwin Meyer

        Sorry Greg…You are betting on a losing horse… I’ll take that bet…You name the amount..I could use the money.

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s patriotic of you, Betting on America going down instead of trying to stop it. Want a weasel. You would have probably rolled dice for the clothes of Jesus if you were there. Go give up some place else Eddie and stay out of the way.

    • Guy Azbell

      Amen Bro. So many deceived.

    • Rodney

      We need to actually go to the Offices of these little hitlers, spewing dictates from their RAND Co Globalist Cabal, and physically drag them out and haul them up onto a lamp post swingng in the wind…
      This wont stop until we STOP THEM, and it wont be done in courts as we have a rigged justice system…
      They want to kill us, and we are too stupid to not to ”do to others as they do to us”… WHO SAID THAT??? HELLO…. jeez.

      ps.. I love how Gerald keeps so calm, he reminds me of myself talking on this tyranny .

  34. S Price

    Asymmetric warfare against the west. Vax and lockdowns more intense in Europe, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia than in rest of the world. Vax is a killshot, clotshot designed to destroy. Extreme censorship so the people aren’t awakened. CRT, white racism, white privilege, all designed to demonize to bring about white genocide. Atheistic communism vs. Christianity.

    • Self Exiled

      Philippines is 95% compliant, I can sometimes follow along on the computer what the so called experts are saying on TV word for word by reading what the CDC puts out and the WHO. I think the authorities are as; if not more intense in Asia. A teenager was shot here [in the back] because he was not wearing a mask and tried to run away. The police patrol here and enforce curfews and check your house if you are under quarantined, also check points between cities. There are check points and you now have to have a travel pass to get anywhere [past these check points], you secure at a local barrangy office. You do not hear about it much because the people here are extremely patient and enduring. 300 to 400 years of Spanish globalism and then US after the war of 1812 . Most are subservient and gracious with an undercurrent for a violent unspoken justice system beyond the scope of the law/illegal. Example: pedophiles are buried in rice fields. Oh; where did Aunt Sally go, or uncle Bob go. They went to Manila to look for work. Try to find somebody in Manila. Illilo is a city on this island that is on total lock down because of covid, no one in, no one out. Also an attorney and his wife were assassinated there two days ago as they were standing out in front of their house by a sniper, also mayors, police and politicians are subject to this justice system. There are many private cameras here and they catch it all and show the acts being committed on the news. I even have a camera on the front of my house and it discourages many would be trouble makers and it is only a two room cement block house with a tin roof. The attraction is the white who is rich, fooled them. Asia is only behind the Western world in it’s availability of injections/clot shots. I have a cousin in Thailand, same. These cultures are much more structured and therefore more subject to controls but the human spirit is not meant to be controlled; even The Most High asks only for those who are willing to trust enough to follow. That’s why the Chinese always said they could not win a land war in SE Asia and the US learned by experience in Vietnam. An underground exists and even this is organized by an unspoken understanding which we in the US never needed to develop until now and is the result of oppression. My opinion.

    • PCP

      extremely severe measures in Laos, exceeds west by yards.

  35. Marie+Joy


  36. [email protected]

    Gerald Celente was on fire! He is correct, the Arizona Audit will be a fart in the wind. Nothing will happen. Trump weaseled out 20th January 2021. Durham who?
    Just another Huber.

  37. Poochiman

    He is right. As much as I want to believe in a positive outcome, I lean towards a much darker outcome. I believe the corruption and the control is so complete, a new epoch of Neo-feudalism is here. A new dark-age which could last hundreds of years.

  38. Jeff Robbins

    Always enjoy your interviews, thanks Greg. COMMENT WAY OUT IN LEFT FIELD— It might sound like crazyvile, Everyone needs to look into the word changes in the King James Bible, some small changes in the other ones as well. Yes the books in the book case changed. There’s some lesser examples, but “corn” is the icing on the cake. It’s really freaky and I’ve lost sleep over it, but have come to grip with America is goin down. We were a nation founded on the KJ. Personally I’m writing a hand written copy, a big undertaking to say the least, a family valuable. I urge others to write some portions for themselves. If you want specific verses email me, as best i can remember. Like Genesis 42 used to say grain.

    • Guy Azbell

      Yes the KJV Bible and especially the modern basterdised versions are manipulated now, like the lion and the lamb not lion and what ever they changed it to, many questions like does cern have any bearing on these changes or maybe its a time distortion of one type or another, or a black op project ect….

  39. Virginia

    Greg, I find myself more concerned about being around the vaccinated, because they have actually received the live virus and the other concoctions with MMRA that keep replicating in their system. Is it true that Russia has its own vax that does not contain the live Covid, which means it is more like the traditional vaccine??
    According to this Bayesian analysis, a statistical tool that uses probability distributions to determine unknown parameters, there is only a 0.2% likelihood that Sars Covid-2 came from nature.
    What is it going to take to bring an end to the decline of the USA?
    Thank you a million for all you do, for keeping us informed.

  40. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg!

    Spot on, the amount of focus on the ‘vaccine’ being the solution to all this tyranny is preposterous.
    Sweeteners, guilt, threats and lies are not enough for them.
    We have only just begun.

  41. Tim Gard

    My God! I was watching this with my wife and our two grand children, two and eight years and it suddenly struck me! This drug has an effect on human DNA as some have claimed, our children could be in a position of an outright nightmare when their children are destroyed mentally or physically because they were forced to have these injections! If ‘the people’ become problematic, destroy their children!

    • Bailey


      • Paul ...

        But what do we do about the fact that these home-schooled children have been made sterile (seedless) by Big Pharma?? … they “need to pay” by boycotting every product they ever try to sell us (including the “jab”)!!

      • Robert K

        ^^^This, this 1000%! Take your kids out of the indoctrination camps, otherwise known as public schools. Rear your children the proper way, at home. Don’t designate your children’s upbringing and impressionable minds to the ill-informed, indoctrinated, woke, anti-American dolts. Their sole purpose is to poison the children’s minds and steal a generation of otherwise bright and promising futures with unmitigated trash, white guilt and shame syndrome, CRT, and an endless agenda of “social injustice”.

  42. barsoom43

    Americans will become irate when their stomachs are empty..worse, when their children’s stomachs are empty… kind of like what happened in France… you know, about 1790..
    This country was lost in Nov 2012.. Trump just gave some of us 4 more years to get ready.
    The Marxists have been trying to destroy this country for decades.. Do you think the powers behind Biden’s throne will allow this to slip through their fingers now? If you are not armed and provisioned by now, you are probably too late.

  43. tim mcgraw

    The Big Three who run our country… It is the Federal Reserve….and to be more specific; it is the New York Fed that runs the USA. A few rich men and some women put there for show at the New York Federal Reserve run our country. Period.
    The military/industrial/Big Pharma/intelligence/legislative/bureaucratic arms of the Octopus of Death and Slavery; would die, if not for the New York City (Manhattan) Federal Reserve Bank.
    You want to kill the head of the snake? Go kill the Federal Reserve Bank of NYC.
    President Andrew Jackson killed the bank in his day, though the bankers tried to kill Jackson many times. I think the bankers put his face on the $20 bill in some kind of payback cynicism.

    • Gail Kindstrom

      Big three yes. BUT everyone keeps forgetting their silent partner. The insurance companies make money off of everyone. Proof you say… NO insurance liability for the vax. They might lose so there has to be an exemption.

  44. Lori Sorensen

    Greg can you please get Kennedy Jr on. Omg, his book is coming out in August. “The Real Anthony Fauci”. It tells us all how Fauci and Gates planned and succeeded to funnel money into different funds and used that to buy off people, make vaccines that have hurt people all over the world.
    This needs to be exposed everywhere. I watch the interview on his glory ministry.
    Please help get this message out to the world.
    May God Bless you fir the incredible job you do sharing the truths.
    Thank you Lori

  45. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Gerald is right. Who cares about the majority? They are cowards. Last week a tall man walking his dog came by my yard while I was watering. He started to give me a hard time. “You shouldn’t be watering. It’s a drought. blah blah blah.”
    I told him, “Why don’t you feck off and die? Mind your own business!”
    I’m 69 and have a bad leg. This guy was younger and stronger than me, but he just kept walking. Sure, I was armed with a water hose…
    Donny: Will these guys hurt us?
    Walter: No Donny. These are nihilists. They are cowards.
    (End of “The Big Lebowski” movie).
    Fear not!

  46. David Gordon Dunne

    These Satanist Globalists have been plotting this since we became a country. They hold all the cards, the money, the money, the education, the unions, the food supply, the grid, and the media. We outnumber them as they say in their Georgia Guidestones, they want 95% of the people dead and they are marching toward that goal with very little resistance now.

  47. Marianne Spiess Cagnoli

    Here is something very interesting and frightening:

    Another reason why never to get vaccinated.

  48. Bonnie

    Hello Greg
    The interview with Michel Chossudovsky and Ricardo Delgado.
    Scroll down to this amazing interview but I think the last part of the conversation from Roberto Ricardo is the whole point of the jab. The end game for the world’s population!

    • sk

      Graphene oxide. La Quinta Columna. Please read!

  49. Michael Gilbert

    If in UK (well anywhere but relates to UK) Combatting Mis-Information pub.
    Email for free copy here [email protected]

    For Greg – worth scanning Greg as top class analysis taken from UK government and WHO official figures.

    Keep up the good work.

  50. Self Exiled

    I agree with Gerald, the modes operandi of the pharmacies is that of drug lords. That is why we are on the defensive. They have no restrictions.

    • Self Exiled

      Basically we are no longer governed by the country we live in but governed by a medical conglomerate, a world wide syndicate that is not controlled or really monitored by any one but God. All law is now dictated to us by this unidentified agency who has us in a medical emergency. As long as that emergency exists they/it are regulating all societies some more definitely than others. The governments are assisting in their own demise. The rule of all governments once established is to continue that existence but the medical governance has subverted this basic premise without any resistance from the nations that are systemically being destroyed by their own dictates. Ingenious.

  51. Loretta Pruitt

    US Navy ‘barely fit for purpose’
    20,529 viewsJul 17, 2021 Sky News Australia
    1.81M subscribers
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says two Chinese surveillance ships “prowling” outside Australia’s territorial waters to spy on Talisman Sabre 2021 could have saved themselves the bother with a report finding the US Navy is “barely fit for purpose”.

    “And the reason? Identity politics,” he said.

    Exercise Talisman Sabre is a bilateral training activity between Australia and the US, with forces from Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and the UK participating in 2021.
    “A Report on the Fighting Culture of the United States Navy Surface Fleet, released this week, was prepared by retired Marine Lieutenant General Robert Schmidle and retired Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery who conducted lengthy interviews with 77 current and retired Navy officers on the promise of anonymity if they spilled the beans,” Mr Dean said.
    “And they most certainly did.
    “One of the key issues raised by those interviewed was that today’s Navy leaders spend far more time focusing on diversity and inclusion training than they do on developing warfighting capacity and key operational skills.
    “You know the stuff we’ve talked about it on this show often enough, unconscious bias, LGBTIQ training, anti-racism, white privilege, nobody offend anybody else, don’t call women guys, all of that rubbish.”
    Mr Dean, referring to a quote in the report, said one lieutenant currently on active duty should “cheer up” personnel on the Chinese spy vessel Tianwangxing.
    “Sometimes I think we care more about whether we have enough diversity officers than if we’ll survive a fight with the Chinese navy,” the lieutenant said in the report
    US Patriot missile fires for first time in Australia
    5,779 views Jul 18, 2021

  52. markww

    Why take a shot that is programed to kill people. It is what bill gates and his private foundation have wanted for years to THIN down the planet called depopulation.

    If you research and look up the dangers and how the shot works it will kill people by the the way its programed to do once it is in your system.

    Why take a shot when there are 2 medications that kill the virus.
    Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

    • Bob

      Did you know the amino acid Lysine is even more powerful AND easier to get? It kills all viruses and even works on herpes. They sell it for cold sore relief.

      It’s cheap too. They make almost a million tons of it every year, mostly as a feed supplement for farm animals. Go get some. I’ve heard it actually kills viruses better than HCQ and Ivermectin COMBINED.

      It should be at your local vitamin shop in 1000mg capsules or similar. Being an essential amino acid it probably confers other health benefits too.

  53. Melinda Henson

    Stay focused on our HOPE and STAY:

  54. Marie+Joy

    Nothing, short of kinetic war, will end this.

    • Marie+Joy

      Change one word to guerrilla.

    • Paul ...

      It might pay to hold back on the kinetic war … let’s let Bribe’n destroy the RINO’s first … which will help to make our job easier … as we will then only have to get rid of the Demon-Crats (Demon-“Commie”Rats) that are left after they get rid our Nation of the RINO’s “as domestic terrorists” … and use the US Military to arrest them right out of Congress (unlike the Jan 6th Patriots who just held up signs and failed to arrest anyone)!! …

  55. Andrew Cox

    Gerald C. doesn’t want to say that the injections (aka vaccinations) are toxic and dangerous. He shouts a lot but he won’t openly say that it is killing people.

  56. dan

    Greg, You’re a great journalist. Why not cover funeral homes and see what increase in business they have incurred from these shots. There must be some sort of data base out there that might keep track of this. I think most of the shot victims will get sick this coming flu season. The big die off will be in 2022.

  57. Jim

    Thanks Greg for another great interview with Gerald Celente! The information you are providing is so valuable these days!

  58. TJZ


    MR. Celente, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!
    I could not agree more. God bless and thank you Greg.

  59. The Ogs

    This is all the doing of the Americans and Big Pharma.
    We have seen the American memos (from November 2019) warning about the impending illness in China.
    We have seen evidence that these pathogens were created in the lab and patented. Then the inoculations they are calling Vaccines were developed and patented. All this before people started getting sick!
    Thousands of millions of dollars of American taxpayer money has funded this pathogen research for some ~60+ years now! But when there’s a mysterious outbreak? They don’t know nuttin’ about it, oh no LoL… they are ‘baffled’.
    One tragedy (for me) here in Canada is that they are injecting their toxic inoculations into helpless and defenseless zoo animals! Appalling.
    Humans I don’t worry about so much… because they are reportedly educated, competent and smart.

  60. marc wohlbier

    Greg, Please watch, Thank You

  61. Jerry5

    If I had a spokeswoman it would be her. I couldn’t have said it any better. THE PLAN is going forward. ( and no I’m not talking about that Q b.s. ) I mean the real one.

  62. john+duffy


  63. david brownallen

    “Patriotic Duty” to take the shot.
    Biden wants the masses to die for “their country”?

  64. John

    I believe the only thing that is holding this country together are the gun owners, they are the binding factor. Once the deep state figures out a way to take away our guns, its game over. From where I sit, it looks to me that a second revolution is coming. I don’t see any other way out of this mess, they hold all the cards.


    Greg and Gerald,
    Great interview, thank you for speaking ALL THE TRUTH, especially about the evil of the pharmaceutical companies and medical community. It appears to me that most of the population are in a trance and jump at the opportunity of doing whatever the NWO directs. Gerald, I am a fellow senior citizen. When we grew up, our parents and grandparents shared information about the importance of freedom and independence and making our own decisions — never follow the crowd, walk with God your whole life and ask God to give you wisdom and direction and protection. As an adult, I have never taken a vaccine or prescription drug – – Why? because we were created in the image of God and God gave us an immune system. Honor what God has given you.

  66. John

    Criminals in jail never admit to their crimes, never.

  67. Linda

    Hey there Greg, we missed the wrap up this week.

  68. Gloria Charlier

    I love Gerald Celente!

  69. Robert

    From now on, for me, it’s General Gearld Celente.

  70. johnnyjellybean

    “keen on setting brush fires in the minds of freedom in the minds of men” I love that!

  71. Susan Page Clippert

    Please listen to this interview. It outlines a trail dating back to 1999 for weaponized biowarfare leading to Fauci, CDC, NAID, etc.

  72. Sue Patterson

    As always Greg, thanks for your hard work and great guest interviews. Mr Celente has been trapped by the same thing that happens to other well-informed people; his anger has turned into a flood of expletives. Every time you ask him a simple question he goes off into a torrent of potty mouth attacks of the physical and mental characteristics of the people involved. After a while hearing this becomes tiresome.
    People don’t understand that they are in a spiritual battle. Some want to say the politicians are in league with Satan, but they don’t seem to know what that means. Physical attacks are never effective against a spiritual force or fortress.

  73. Al


    I lived in Broward County Fl. during the hanging chad BS. I remember voting for Mr. Dumb, because the other guy was Mr. Dumber (Gore). I hated the Candidates but that’s what they gave us to vote for.

    The other two said, “oh no, you don’t belong here, you need to go to this address”.


    By the way, Gerald can dance. Have you seen his live parties he has in the courtyard? And the music is incredible!

    Thanks Greg

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, you’re still voting? Why? It’s a snare and a delusion. It makes us THINK we’re in control and/or doing something positive. Recall the definition of insanity. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        If that were true Paul, they would not be fighting the audits so hard.

        • David Jones

          Greg, There are a few doctors who get together every week and talk about the BS being shoveled on Americans about this pandemic. Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt and a few others. Can you get Dr. Lee Merritt on USAWD. Her sight is Medical Thanks for all you do.

  74. Al Olmstead

    All we need do is wait, because globalists have already killed off their own true believers, who are merely waiting to find out where and when to fall down. Vaxing cures nothing but itself.

  75. jim

    Mr. Hunter,
    CC would be great for those of us with impaired hearing.
    Thank you

  76. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, So Karan Fann AZ Senate President in an OAN interview said something like that it would be up to Congress to act on election do to and fraud found. So maybe Gerald could be right, I hope not but if all these election findings in every state are to be put in the hands of a Dem run Congress ……

  77. Al

    Keep in mind that Gerald lives in NY. He has what I call “NY head”.
    The majority know what’s going on, I’m here to tell you that!
    Total libtards where I work are starting to mention voter fraud and are getting angry at RESIDENT biden and worried as well. The surprising thing is that they may fight along with us, or at least support the fight. I never thought I’d hear what I heard from them lately.

    Gerald thinks he’s the only one fighting. NO! There are so many fighting in many ways. Gerald has been beat up by NYCommunist policies.

  78. Rick Hayle

    I think I can say that Mr. Celente expresses exactly how a large percentage of us all feel . My grandpappy said back in ’75 just before he passed that ” there’s no justice left in this world .” We are in the vortex about to go round the toilet for the last time . It’s hard to believe that half our population are totally blinded to the largest hoax perpetrated on the world in history . They have built a gigantic infrastructure all around a LIE ! It’s beyond all logic . I keep thinking about how JESUS made a whip of cords & overturned the moneychangers tables & drove them from the temple . We must put ALL our trust in HIM & pray in FAITH. BELIEVING . Book of James says unless you believe you will receive nothing. So while you are thanking HIM for what you’re asking for believe HE will do it for you . Greg , the “restrainer” is holding it all back . I believe now more than ever that the trigger will be the rapture of the church for the economies around the globe to expire & total chaos will take over . GOD ALMIGHTY has the final say . The devil is gaining momentum in the world & he & his followers can have it all after JESUS takes HIS bride out of the world.

  79. Edwin Meyer

    I have COPD, (60% lung function) Yet I was (and still am) an “essential worker in the construction industry…Only about half lung capacity and STILL I went to work every day since the onset of the Covid hoax. I did not get an extra $600 a week…I did not get an extra $300 a week…(Yes, I have been attacked simply for saying that),Now I am being attacked because I REFUSE to be injected with the poison.
    We do not want the “vaccine” for 2 very good reasons, First of all, the “vaccine” does not work…If the poison shot worked, then those having been vaccinated would no longer have to wear masks or practice social distancing. Secondly, If the “vaccine” was as safe as they falsely claim, then why is the government and the MSM working so frantically to expunge any and all SCIENTIFIC information that runs counter to the push for everyone to have these drugs in their system…. There is far FAR more to this “vaccine” than most people are inquisitive enough to even consider.

  80. Da Yooper

    ” Most people can figure this out ”

    GREG …………NO F’n way

    You know i retired to Michigan’s UP over 10 years ago . The local’s the finlanders – swedes – Norwegians who populate the UP ………LOVE socialism. They wear their masks because the local TV snews tells them to wear it THEY have NO ( zero – you cant reason with them at all ) critical thinking skills at all. If you lined these clowns up in a line you could frog march off the cliffs at Pictured Rocks & none of them would speak up at all. Worse than sheep. I have to speculate NLP ( Nero Linguistic Programming) has something to do with this to affect so many people to this affect – they are brainwashed by the local media.

  81. Linda

    I was part of a prayer group that included a Dr who works in a hospital in Mass. The Dr said they are overrun and there is a waiting list of people with heart attacks and strokes. When asked the expected cause the Dr would not comment.

  82. GrumpyTGa

    This morning I deleted my Twitter account. My one little deletion will not hurt Jack Dorsey on but but, as Arlo said,”pretty soon it’ll be a movement”. I don’t agree with much he says but, you might want to join a movement like that.
    I only use Rumble & USA Watchdog. Now looking into Gettr

  83. Bill

    Great info Greg! Here is some info you might be interested in. The info comes from TrialSite News, the WHO wants to restrict the use of Ivermecton:
    It’s pretty shocking! I’m getting to the point that we are in a truly corrupt (upside down) world and it will only get worst from here.
    Blessings to you.

    • Paul ...

      Be prepared “as the push back begins” … for Bribe’n to begin to use the US Military against the American people … our tax dollars to build F15’s, tanks and other weapons will be used “against us” … we must be strong and courageous enough to take the losses … and continue to fight the globalists for the decades it will probably take “to defeat them” (the way the Vietnamese and Afghan people did)!!

    • susan

      My Ivermectin from Amazon will be arriving tomorrow according to the tracking.

  84. Bob

    If any of my vaxed family refuse to be around me screw them that is pure evil. I can text or talk on the phone I don’t need their ignorant sheep selfs near me. Sorry these days it’s about myself and my health to hell with these people

    • Paul ...

      Bob … The depth to which “the un-wolked people” are brainwashed … is simply unbelievable … they are actually working to help the Globalists get the “Clot Shot” injected into their own family members?? … don’t they know what causes heart attacks and strokes???

  85. Mark Benassi

    The other day I had a short conversation with the owner of a restaurant we like that recently reopened and I asked him about the lunch business. I noticed that the office building across the street from our store that used to have a few hundred cars in the parking lot every day is still empty except for once every couple of weeks when a couple of dozen cars are in the lot and a catering truck for the company meeting. Meanwhile, the restaurants in our center are virtually empty for lunch. The owner of the restaurant said the local restaurant owners had had a meeting recently and discussed this problem – apparently they had just begun noticing how none of the surrounding office buildings didn’t fill up with everything supposedly reopening. If people aren’t working outside the home, they don’t go out to lunch and most restaurants depend on either lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch. I haven’t heard this discussed anywhere in the financial press but it will be a huge impact from the work at home trend that is here to stay.

  86. jim

    it astounds me that it seems to be impossible for people to quit using the word vax?
    the word used should be “experiment”

  87. swami

    A couple of things the commentators have missed so far relating to the homeless. 1. The govts in 3rd world countries turned empty buildings and shopping centers into homeless housing by hauling in plywood sheets and 2×4’s so the homeless could build small cubicles side by side, 15×15 or whatever with open air ceilings and communal bath and kitchen facilities. 2. In the tent cities entrepreneurs will spring up using a butane tank and a single burner cooking cheap meals for sale. LOOK to Asia and Mexico for plenty of examples.

  88. Alfy

    the masses are not following the main stream media. my demographic, old timers. from what I first hand see, most of us have the tv news shows turned on all day long. we have to be the largest percent of those who tune into those shows. many of us do this because the sound of younger people talking is reassuring. but do we actually follow them like mind controlled puppets, I don’t it matters if many of old timers do. we have little in the way of energy or inclination to stir up trouble. as for the rest of the population, from right to left, maybe 1% are following the main stream media. the organized criminals, they lost most of their mind control hold over the population. What little mind control they still have over the population is evaporating. This entire thing going on before us these past 5 years. Is like we are being shown an elaborate performance, as horrible as it is to see. With the ending being the world taken to the brink, and humanity being shown the pit of hell. After a while of being forced to look into that pit, then comes the rescue. I’m not reaching, this is right in front of our faces, the greatest (and most consequential) show humanity has ever seen. If not already done so, time is now to become sound within my and within soul. It will make the looking into the pit of hell a bit less horrible.

    • Alfy

      * time is now to become sound within mind and within soul.

    • Paul ...

      Hey old timers … remember “the bumper cars” we drove as kids at amusement parks … they used no gas and had no batteries … what if … as part of Briben’s infrastructure program we put solar panels in space collecting energy 24/7 and sending that energy down to Earth by microwave to power stations all the highways of our Nation “to electrify the roadways” … then we could have much lighter cars (without batteries or gas tanks) and just needed a wire from the car touching the roadway and we could “drive free of any cost” (as all our power comes from the Sun) … of course a lot of silver is going to be needed for the solar panels in space … and I’m willing do my part to provide the necessary silver “at the right price” (of about $1,000 dollars per ounce)!!

  89. GVB

    The kindest thing you Americans ever did was to tell Europe that this was global. Until a year ago or so, I had to figure that about by myself

  90. Aaron Laforest

    Great show, thank you for having Gerald on…captivating!

  91. Jill Herendeen

    OMG, I’m in love! People as furious as I am about the scamdemic & about who’s ruling the country for THEIR own benefit! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

  92. Jim Ledyard

    The United States is under attack. Bombs are old school. New warfare is covert, silent, economic. While we waste billions on tanks and aircraft carriers, Kovid has delivered an atomic knock-out blow to all free countries.

    The Davos boys are in control (as usual). btw.. when Sleepy Joe sends around his Needle-Nazi kovid door knockers…DON’T answer the door. DO NOT talk to them. If you talk to have bought yourself more trouble.

  93. Michael

    Greg / Gerald
    Some of us have been stacking for years
    How will we buy or sell precious metal when we have a CBDC.

    • Paul ...

      Michael … The same way we used paper silver certificates years ago … but we need to first set up a private National Peoples Precious Metal Bank (NPPMB) with offices all around the country … where we can deposit some silver into our own (NPPMB) precious metal bank account … then you write an IOU (or paper check) saying how much silver you will pay to buy something … and the selling party can take your silver IOU or check to a (NPPMB) bank branch “near him” and turn it in for physical silver!! … that’s the way we will beat the Banksters running their “unbacked paper con game” and put them and the Fed out of business!!

      • Paul ...

        Such a silver currency system “is better then crypto” … as we are dealing in physical metal … it has all the the benefits of crypto … as we can just like crypto “anonymously send an IOU or check payment through snail mail … or instantly … by digitally secure electronic means … between two parties … without the need of third party verification as the transaction results in physical silver collected in US silver coins “which is its own verification” and US coins can never be confiscated by the government as crypto can for nonpayment of taxes, etc., etc.!!

        • Paul ...

          Celente says if Bitcoin falls below about $25,000 … “it is likely on its way to zero” … if Binance gets in more trouble … Tether will see redemption’s accelerating … which could trigger a cascading effect that brings the entire crypto exchange down … and the DOJ and IRS are right now cracking down hard on Binance (going after the owner with full on sanctions that can lock Binance out of the global financial system and cause withdrawals to skyrocket) … eventually driving Binance to redeem the $17 Billion in US Dollar Tokens (USDT) they are sitting on … redeeming those billions … will then put a big strain on Tether (who will need to sell billions in commercial paper on very short notice) … “which will wreak absolute havoc in the crypto markets and crush crypto prices” … obviously the reason the Government is using the DOJ and the IRS against Binance … is to make crypto less of a systemic risk to the banks!!

  94. ken

    If you are interested in what is going on with this scam see the following video featuring Dr. David Martin. It is an hour and 20 minutes. Long but well worth it. It explains it all… if you can put your biases away. The guy goes all the way back to 1999, walks you through the years. You will be pleased.

    Greg should interview this guy.

    • eddoemd

      Very interesting video.

      It confirms what we have been saying here about the coronavirus bioweapon. Also the earliest information that was coming out of India that the coronavirus bioweapon has evidence of the gp120 modification which is common with HIV receptor protein.

      This points to the coronavirus as a bioweapon. As early as the late 1990s. When I was in the DOD lab in Lima Peru I don’t recall coronavirus as a targeted virus for use as a bioweapon. We were looking at Machupo, Mayaro, and hantavirus for use in bioweapon development.

      The Italian researchers early on identified specific genetic markers that were linked to the coronavirus.

      The coronavirus mRNA spike protein injection is the weapon. It remains to be determined what is to come that will activate the immune system to go into overdrive cytokine storm.

      The innocculation will be required as part of the coming “vaccine passports”. Eventually linked to your ability to buy or sell. Not the mark of the beast per se but a component of the totalitarian end time control by satan.

      Radical. They are haters of the Almighty God. Deception.

      The shadow of death.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please use a different name. We already have an eddiemd. Just use Eddie or MD or whatever you like except eddiemd.

        • Betty Donnelly

          Greg, from past comments from eddiemd, me thinks eddoemd is a typo and the i and o are next to each other on the keyboard. I’m sure the real eddie will come forth as did our own Rachel now RachelM!

        • eddiemd

          It’s me eddiemd. Typo error.

          Here is a good review on probiotics and coronavirus.

          “Evidence supports probiotics’ role in regulating the immune system, suggesting a definitive role for probiotics in viral infections. Probiotics supplementation could reduce the severity of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality. Probiotics can inhibit cytokine storm by simultaneously boosting the innate immunity and evading the exaggeration of adaptive immunity, which is challenged to respond quickly to the viral onslaught. ”

          I drink Kefir everyday. It is not harmful and is beneficial in different ways to include the attenuation of cytokine storm. The Israelis have been doing research on this. I found out about Kefir back in 1999 while in Latvia. I have been recommending it for people with refractory acid reflux/gastritis since and have been successful.

          Remember the Peyer’s Patches are the largest “organ” within the immune system.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Eddie. I do not want a troll trying to impersonate you. You are valuable here.

    • Self Exiled

      Court Rome evidence. Paid bribes for patents that should not exist, paid bribes for silence and lack of disclosure. Conspiracy, racketeering of a patent on a cure three days after the patent of the virus that was to be kept secret. Much more incriminating evidence.

  95. Coal Burner

    The “work at home trend” was an unexpected side effect. They still do not know what else is going to change, as in other unexpected consequences. Same for the “Drug Dealers”, the consequences are not known yet. New political party????????????? Alaska’s RINO Senator out and many others out. It is going to be fun, just go Galt and watch. LOL!

    Do you think the politicians really want the big Corporations to own all the housing? Rents would go up and ownership down. That is not a good plan gfor politicians. They dare nto screw with taxes for rental property owners. Like small businesses they are destroying, if they destroy the person renting one or two houses it will dump millions into the Corporate rental market and that means homeless explosion. Who making a few dollars will find it worth keeping that going when the IRS rolls in to take ti all. Screw that just sell hand ot over in taxes and go on welfare dole like Democrats. When the working quit, the rich are not getting their way.

    • Paul ...

      Vax Wars are like Gang Wars … the criminal banksters “are now taking a shot in the foot” for the criminal Drug Cabal who have shut down office buildings (keeping people working at home) … and now the big real estate loans on all these vacant office buildings can’t be paid back (requiring the criminal Fed to print even more fiat money to bail out the criminal banks … hence lowering the value of the criminals unbacked US fiat paper dollar) … which screws the Big Pharma criminals (because all he money they make selling their Clot Shots … now have less purchasing power)!!

  96. Coal Burner

    Sorry about the fat finger spelling errors.

  97. Albert Day

    Greg, I’ve been listening to Gerald Celente for many years…and I have to say, age hasn’t mellowed him at all. What a fire-brand he is.

  98. eddiemd

    Anthrax vaccination. Who was behind this moneymaker.

    Gates and Fauci Mengele and Big Pharma. Coronavirus scam injections. Part two of he bioweapon.

  99. Mike R

    There are some new stories going around about the government being ‘worried’ about the increase in cases. Conveniently they are blaming the unvaccinated. Problem is, the data shows its the VAXXED who are getting Covid, and getting it BAD. Of course the VAXXED have the Covid Protein spike injected right into them. What could possibly go wrong with that ????

    When is the government and MSM going to cough up the real story ????????????????

    Instead they are using ginned up fears and hoaxes to try to scare people into getting the JAB.

    The corruption in the US federal government runs so utterly deep, and broad, if it isn’t clear to anyone YET, that the government is in fact the enemy within, then it will never be understood.

    • Paul ...

      So true … and when confidence “in the enemy within” begins to deteriorate rapidly … their fiat paper begins to lose value exponentially … so it’s going to be better for the newly awakened to buy gold and silver (rather then chocolate bars) for protection!!

    • Mike R

      Ok, well now there is documented proof of over 44,000 deaths in the US alone, due to the Pfizer,Moderna, J&J vaxxes. This is coming into the CDC, under multiple reporting channels. Except CDC is covering it up. A lawyer representing a group of doctors, has the documented reports, and is in process of filing multiple lawsuits to get this information out there and bypassing Mainstream media for their complicity with the CDC cover up. Anyone who still believes these vaxx’s or jabs are harmless, is literally writing their own death certificate.

      How much more of this tyranny, and literal US government killing of American citizens are people gonna accept ??? Are Americans going to continue to allow themselves to be brainwashed by MSM, and Fauci, and Biden, and the rest of the terrorists that occupy the grounds of the US Capitol, and have infiltrated many of our government agencies ???

      The complacency surrounding the lockdowns, the mask mandates, these VAXX mandates, and the overall US political corruption, is literally the epitome of a frog staying in water that goes from room temp to 212 F, until it boils to death, and does not ever jump out of the pot.

  100. CarolAnne Tucker

    Oh My Greg…Gerald was amped up today wasn’t he? I can’t say that I blame him! I half expected him to cut loose with the F Bomb at one point…LOL

    • Mike R

      So When isn’t Gerald ‘amped up ???’

      I’m guessing he has 10 cups of coffee in the am, a 6 pack of Mountain Dew for lunch, and multiple large cans of Monster Energy Drink for dinner. Then he does the interview with Greg.

  101. Mike Johnson

    Gerald Celente is a good man and he tends to be right more often than he is wrong. However, I think that he is paying too much attention to mainstream sources when it comes to evaluating what the bulk of the populace thinks and is willing to do. Given that the mainstream media won’t report accurately and that there is no way to get in touch with those who have opted out of the mainstream media disinformation stream then it is hard to say exactly what is going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mike.

  102. Betty Donnelly

    Dr. Fraudci’s Brazen Covid Storm Censorship troopers
    Cruz: White House ‘in bed’ with Facebook, Big Tech over COVID misinformation
    442,604 viewsJul 18, 2021 Fox News
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slams the Biden administration for working with tech companies to unconstitutionally censor COVID content.

    Biden claims social media COVID misinformation is leading to people’s demise
    116,020 views Jul 18, 2021 Fox News
    Susan Page, Karl Rove and Harold Ford Jr. react to President Biden’s comments criticizing tech companies for not censoring COVID vaccine misinformation.
    They don’t want herd immunity, they want herd compliance.
    When they say “misinformation” what they mean is anything going against their disintegrating narrative
    “If you have an ID, you ain’t black!” -“Sleepy” Joe “Hidin” Beijing Biden❗
    The credibility of the government causes people to NOT trust the vaccine.☢
    Harris and Biden both said they would not take a ” Trump ” vaccine. Those two started it and Chris Wallace know’s, still, … he just will not say it. Chris Wallace is without a doubt, a big part of America’s current problems!
    Chris Wallace loves to kiss the rear end of politicians. He loves the party line whatever it is. Zero credibility.✅
    Gee whiz, You think FoxNews’s needs to get rid of Chris Wallace❔ YUP.💯%, Coward❗😴💤

  103. jj

    Good stuff.

  104. dclinde

    Here’s the latest from the vaccine tracker:
    Still only 49% of the population fully vaccinated.
    Reminds me of the song by Rush called ‘Half the World’.

  105. Jerry5

    This is a heads up for those who follow my post. The cyber attack frequencies are increasing.

    There are multiple freedom rally’s planned for the month of August worldwide against vaccine passports and extended lockdowns. I believe that if the globalist see to much pushback against the vaccines, they will pull the plug on the grid using a cyber attack. They’ve been game planning for this for months with cyber polygon. The delta variant is the last ditch effort to scare people into getting vaxed. If that should fail, get ready to go dark. The globalist have to stay on schedule by any means possible to set the table for the reset. Time is running out, and they know it.

  106. eddiemd

    The Olympics are shaping up to be the perfect vehicle to induce more fear amongst the peoples of the world. The propaganda media will use this is further the agenda for the mandatory “vaccine passports” and oncoming digital currencies. The antichrist system incoming.

    The Noahide laws will be the religious system. It does away with the Lord Jesus Christ. Those of us who know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Almighty God in the flesh will be targeted.

    Don’t be deceived. You will worship one God. That does not include recognition of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The pope dope is for this religion. It ties all man made religions together. It sounds good on paper but it is of satan.

  107. Marie+Joy

    Celente’s passion is inspiring. Wish all Americans were like that.

  108. Marie+Joy

    It seems to be lost on America and the world that one day/night communists will pull us out of our houses and shoot us.

  109. JT

    Why did Gerald dodge the Audits you keep bringing up. He is starting to sound like every talking head now on tv. He is basically moving on with Biden as Pres and he basically ignores it. He is part of the problem. The Election was and is the biggest thing.

  110. Marie+Joy

    IF you’ve been through menopause, have a hysterectomy. IF you don’t have ovaries, you cannot die of ovarian cancer. IF you don’t have a cervix, you cannot die of cervical cancer. Have it, now, while you have health insurance.

  111. Bible Reader

    COVID Criminals WILL Be Held Accountable, Says Atty. Dr. Fleming in Warning Against Novavax
    by Alex Newman July 16, 2021

    2:25-3:21. The Delta/Indian variant.

    Viruses only change if there is an advantage to them. The first advantage is to infect people and find a host. That was already accomplished with this gain of function with this virus. The only other reason why they change is because it’s a benefit to their survival. What we’re seeing with the Delta variant and everything else is that when we look at the genetic code inside it, the virus is actually deleting the inserts that were put in there by mankind. All the HIV and PRRE (?) inserts, this virus is cleaning itself up and changing… and so it’s trying to survive by going back to being normal.

    So, when everyone is worried about the Delta variant and think they have to run out to get vaccinated to deal with it. What you should really say is hurray for the virus. It is doing what viruses are supposed to which is to go back to normal.

    Plus: Virus & drug vaccines effects; working cures for virus & vaccines.

    • Robert F

      The delta variant could very well be the vaxxed people getting sick. Dane Wiggingtom says the data shows yes,

      Its not a variant its just more proof the vax doesnt work, and they will keep using the excuse that its the non vaxxed

      i told people months ago this would happen, they would blame it exactly like they are, and the vaxxed would likely be the ones getting sick and spreading the variant. But the drug lords will blame unvaxxed no matter what, they will lie through their teeth.

      This is how any fool would plan a takeover, keep gaslighting the ones you deem wrong think, and then turn the other side against them by claiming its their fault for why things had to be locked down. Rinse and repeat. They are now gonna use the excuse that unvaxxed are bad for business, they are unwanted, and are basically useless eaters…

      • Bob

        There are 40,000 known Covid variants in the DNA database so far. They just picked one to call Delta so it sounds scary. Actually I doubt they even picked one. They just made up a name.
        It’s all completely phony.

        There possibly isn’t even a virus, and the spike protein sequence was possibly just made up in a computer. It is a toxic protein.

        The original sequence for the PCR tests was read out over the phone from a lab in China and then the PCR testing industry had a field day. In other words they didn’t even develop the tests from a real virus themselves. Half the owners of the PCR companies know it’s all BS but they make money so why not? And with cycle thresholds of 45 you can detect ANYTHING in ANYONE.

        97% false positive rates – that’s how they drove this “pandemic”.

      • Paul ...

        According to the Globalists … Earth is like a big pot … the dumb humans in the pot are like fish who take the bait and get “jabbed” … and the smart ones who refuse the “jab” … will slowly boil like frogs … until 99% of them … are finally gone!!

        • Paul ...

          i.e. …”Boil like frogs” … as the globalists heat the planet with their “Geo-engineered cloud cover” (that keeps the heat in) like on Venus!!

    • Robert F

      I meant to say, the vaxxed are getting sick from the shots, and that is the new variant, but its gonna be blamed on unvaxxed people of course. In europe the highest nations with vaccines, have most cases of the variant

      • Bob

        They also tend to test dead people at a far higher rate than living people (i.e. all of them) – and with more PCR cycles so many normal deaths are counted as Covid deaths.

        There are lies, and there are damned lies, and then there are statistics. And way over there past all that there is Covid testing.

  112. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers.
    Serious yet amusing. Dr Judy Mikovitz explains her views on mask wearing at Q&A with David Martin:

    I will not wear it on my face
    I will not wear it any place
    I will not wear it on my ear
    I will not wear it out of fear
    I will not wear it to get in
    I will not wear it on my chin
    I will not wear your dangerous mask
    I will not wear it, kiss my ass!


    At 1:04:25


  113. Jerry5

    I find it interesting that the very same day that the VAERS reporting site was taken down, this came out.

    We are under a full frontal assault to destroy any truth about the vaccines. Biden’s cronies are working overtime trolling the internet for potential threats to the vaccine matrix.

  114. Catherine

    Celente is pretty good in his perfect description of bush. Clinton . Etc.
    major TRUTH. indeed!
    Isnt it strange how the government tried to rid the country of the Italian mafia for decades. Why? Pure jealousy. The gay fbi wanted to fk them. The presidents wanted to be the capo. The politician wasp weak men wanted their bravado which was genuine only to Italians. And the law enforcement on the streets loved their bravery toward maintaining order among themselves. The ordinary guy loved them for their ruthless courage AND masculinity and the movie business run by the mafia projected their violence and their honesty without apology.
    My Sicilian grandfather always said the government was always in it for themselves and the law enforcement was worse than the mafia because their credentials gave them the power of the law to do exactly what the mafia was doing, knowing they would not be going to jail. He also said the Catholic Church was only in it for the money. He say the Italian priests as being hypocritical beasts with girlfriends and all that came with it.
    But he also said the mafia would destroy itself when they got involved with drugs. In other words be the strong arm for the government.
    How smart how profound and how unfortunate for us that no one listened.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Catherine … When the Mafia was run by the Sicilians (who had moral values) they made sure no drugs were given to our children (no women, no children was the code they lived by) … but once Murder Incorporated over-though the Sicilian leadership … our women and children became fair game … and today … the Murder Incorporated Drug Cabal are “jabbing” our women and children with a new experimental drug “their Clot Shot” (that blows up the brain within the skull into massive bloody hemorrhage and destroys the lungs like it was hit with a shotgun blast)!!

  115. Jeff Robbins

    We had an older member of our church not even know what day it was this past Sunday, EMT’s took him out. He had gotten the vax.

  116. Bixa
    this is busting wide open FINALLY
    Lawsuit filed, over 40k deaths post inoculation in 72 hours
    undocumented and or information withheld, ie: no reporting
    Germany lawsuits filed

  117. Karl Krupt

    First published at 15:31 UTC on April 9th, 2021.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has ‘gone mad’
    328,572 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia 1.81M subscribers
    Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says French President Emmanuel Macron has “gone mad”.
    “If you look at his vaccine passport idea, it is absolutely crazy,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    “He wants to have a severe system whereby if you aren’t double vaccinated then you basically are no longer a free citizen.
    “I’m delighted to see people protesting, the way to encourage people to get the vaccination is through persuasion, not through authoritarianism and our leaders should remember that.”

  118. Karl Krupt

    Oop’sy daisy,
    [First published at 15:31 UTC on April 9th, 2021.]

  119. KarlKrupt

    OOPSY Daisy;
    First published at 15:31 UTC on April 9th, 2021

  120. Kay Kay

    Oopsy DAISY; First published at 15:31 UTC on April 9th, 2021.

  121. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lawsuit filed = Gov’t hiding 45000 deaths from jabs?

    BOMBSHELL: Government Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab – RECORD DEATHS Hidden From View; Lawsuit Filed Today
    During Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Anaheim, California this weekend, friend of MAGA INSTITUTE Attorney Thomas Renz announced that he has filed a motion to IMMEDIATELY CEASE administration of the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of MASSIVE HIDDEN DEATHS across the nation.

    Renz based his motion on sworn testimony he obtained from a whistleblower who has come forward alleging that the death rates she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Media are telling people.

    In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people .

  122. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The vast majority of Americans remain willfully ignorant of the facts. The facts are uncomfortable for them. They would rather believe in feel good fiction and propaganda from U.S. Politicians, lame stream media, the corporate military, corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys and fictional entity corporations who message out to them or program the masses to take advice about their health from fictional entities that hide behind the corporate veil of limited liability while injuring and harming the masses. If I remember correctly it is still a free will universe and the masses are free to contract bad advice, misdiagnosis, medical malpractice and pledge their allegiance to government criminals.

  123. AndrewB

    Dr Robert Malone, inventor of MRNA vaccines, speaks out . . .

  124. Jerry5

    Rumors of war.

    My sources are telling me military assets are on the move to Japan to form a NATO joint task force. It’s hard to say who’s really in control, but one thing is for sure, it ain’t Biden. Saber rattling ? Distraction? Set up? Probably all of the above. Who knows?

  125. Marie+Joy

    Apathetic Americans whine about Celente’s presentation while we’re in the middle of a genocide. Disgusting, unAmerican, and cowardly.

  126. Robert K

    A family friend who works at Delta airlines, who quit a few months ago because she was being pressured to be vaxxed, just sent over a snippet for a job they just posted. As you may imagine, they now require the poison jab for any new Delta employees. See below:

    “Where permitted by applicable law, must have received or be willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by date of hire to be considered for U.S.-based job, if not currently employed by Delta Air Lines, Inc.”

    Hmmm, how is this going to work out when pilots start dropping dead in the cockpit in mid-flight? Or the dozens of pilots who have already died after taking the poison jab, that is not being reported? If you have to travel anywhere, drive. I would not fly anywhere for at least the next five years, maybe longer.

    • Paul ...

      You got it Robert … that’s exactly what the Globalists want … pilots dropping dead of their Clot Shot “right in the cockpit in mid-flight” … so they can immediately kill off 200 to 300 people who are taking too long to die from their “jab” … and as a side benefit also kill hundreds of people on the ground “who may have refused their Clot Shot”!!
      [Note: Does anyone know if there are any Airline Insurance Companies that will pay for all the deaths created by those who willingly took the Clot Shot? … and if so … people better immediately remove those insurance companies from their IRA accounts!!

  127. donald herion

    Vaccine question…every time I see a tv ad for a drug they spend 15 secs on the benefits, and 45 secs on the negative side effects, which can include death, and a warning to see a physician before taking the drug. With the Jab ads I see 24/7, there is no warning of any side effects, even though the CDC’s VAERS reports 7000+ deaths so far, nor is there a warning to consult your physician before taking the JAB…that they themselves say is an emergency use drug only. Why has no one asked Fauzi, or others, why that is the case.

    • Gary C

      I have Atrial Fibulation, am on a blood thinner, one Cardiologist said do not get the Vaccine, three others said no problem if you are on a blood thinner.

      In Canada doctors are NOT allowed to treat Covid with Ivermectin, or Hydroxy Q, if they do they get their medical license pulled. If a doctor here questions the narrative they
      get their hospital privileges revoked.

    • Paul ...

      Good point Donald … Why is Big Pharma not warning the public about “the side affects” of their “Clot Shot” the way they do for all the other things they put into our bodies???

  128. Paul ...

    Fauci gets grilled by Ron Paul … and outright lies he did not do “gain of function research to make the Covid-19 virus more easily spreadable” … Ron Paul forgot to ask why Fauci was in Alaska digging up the dead bodies of Spanish Flu victims (removing their lungs with the deadly plague virus and bringing it back to his US lab for study) … was Fauci just interested in seeing if he could make them grow and bring them back into our world? … or was his goal “to modify them as a bio-weapon” and give them “the additional function of easy transmittableity from human to human?? … and the most important question of all Ron Paul forgot to ask was … when can we Americans expect him to release “his modified gain of function Spanish Flu” bio-weapon upon both the American public and the world???

    • Bob

      93% of “Spanish Flu” victims died of bacterial infections related to mask over-use and vaccine complications.
      The Flu didn’t do anything.

  129. jp412

    NUREMBURG 2.0? THESE PEOPLE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE This is a crucial and extremely detailed presentation over the severe issues of criminal violations on many fronts, now proceeding to the Nuremberg courts. Fleming is a PhD, MD, JD (Physicist, Nuclear Cardiologist, Attorney). He takes you thru development of the Covid19 Bioweapon, the Jab Bioweapons (no, they’re not vaccines), and the imperatives to prosecute the criminal medical doctors, scientists, funders, government bureaucrat & politicians involved. The corporate propaganda spewing news too. The last section of his presentation discusses Nuremburg Code and the Crimes Against Humanity these demons have committed.

    • Paul ...

      Yes jp412 … The “Experimental Clot Shot” is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention … and it’s good to know a team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts … led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich … “have begun legal proceedings” against the CDC … the WHO … and the Davos Group … for “Crimes Against Humanity” … … and that lair before Congress (Fauci) should be put in handcuffs and sent to prison awaiting his turn before the “New Nuremberg Trials” that must be held to rid ourselves of the entire Cabal of Eugenicist Murderers!!

  130. Lisa Stahl

    Yep. Gerald said it all. 1000% agree.

  131. Bob

    If you have Covid and get sick for a couple of weeks it doubles your chance of dying for that year. This is true for all ages. This is what the data shows. This was known well over a year ago.

    What’s your chance of dying this year? Double that if you catch Covid19 and get sick! This is why 82 year olds die of it and kids do not, unless they are so sick they would have died anyway. Actually it’s not just from catching Covid, since most people have no symptoms anyway. This virus is virtually harmless. A top epidemiologist says if they weren’t told about the virus they wouldn’t have even noticed it.

    Most people’s chance of dying this year is so small that even if it is doubled, it’s still sweet FA. But the sheep wear their masks anyway.

    We shut down the world for nothing.

    Even the inventor of the MRNA vaccine tech is being censored and called an anti-vaxxer now because he said risk/benefit analysis means we should not give it to children, and the risks are not known yet. He made vaccines for 30 years.

    He even felt the need to state that he is not suicidal. I think these guys developed the vaccine and didn’t really know where the spike protein sequence came from. They also didn’t know the spike protein is a toxin, and its a bad idea to force your body to produce it.

  132. eddiemd

    Propaganda news in Arizona. The push for the mRNA is more aggressive than ever.

    There needs to be an open rebellion by the employees. Physicians and nurses in particular. Walkouts, strikes, call ins….whatever it takes. It will spread across the nation.

    The VA is sending texts and letters to me. The mRNA injections are linked to your SSN. Whether you are a veteran or not, the .gov people know who has gotten the poison. They are corralling the sheep into the pens.

    More CNN propaganda. The time is short. Many things other than coronavirus happening at the same time.

    Isaiah 2

  133. Linda

    This stops with us. But probably not until a lot of people die. Below is a great ground breaking interview with Dr David Martin.

  134. BradDonnelly

    This Is Stricly Biblical!
    Germans are Sick of It! Why does Germany want to leave the EU and create a New UNION with Russia?
    14,258 viewsJul 16, 2021
    Wake up woke LGBQRSTV CRT AMERICA!
    WOKE, WAKE-UP TO REALITY! Your losing the narrative and the sooner the better!
    Philosophy of the left is ‘if you can’t beat them with an argument, beat them with a club’
    20,194 views Jul 20, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Caldron Pool’s Evelyn Rae says the philosophy of the left is if you can’t “beat them with an argument” then “beat them with a club” following news author J.K. Rowling received a “pipe bomb threat” over her views on gender.
    “This is nothing new, this is something we’ve seen time and time again,” Ms Rae told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “There are two sides to the coin of tolerance, one being ‘adamantly committed to free speech’ and two, ‘shut up’.”

  135. Brad Donnelly

    US financial markets heading towards historic crash
    89,294 views Jul 12, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Author Robert Kiyosaki has warned US financial markets are heading towards their worst crash ever but told Sky News “when the crash comes, it’s the best time to go shopping”.
    Mr Kiyosaki is the author of number one personal finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and believes the best time to prepare for a crash is before the crash – saying there is more money to be made from certain values while they’re down.
    “It’s not so much when it’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen, it’s what do you do after it happens,” he said.
    “The good news is that’s the best time to get rich, is during a crash.
    “I keep saying to all my friends in Australia, if David Jones raised their prices 500 per cent would you go shopping – well most idiots would, but if David Jones said ‘hey we’re giving 50 per cent off’, that’s when the people should go shopping.
    “So when the crash comes, it’s the best time to go shopping.”

  136. Jerry5

    Can we now say that the vaccine has nothing to do with the virus?

    Here we go sunshine pumpers. Please explain to me how the vaccine that is supposed to protect people from the virus is putting them in the hospital? Conspiracy is only conspiracy until it becomes a fact. Now there is ironclad proof that the vaccines ( that are loaded with graffine ) are B.S. !! Thank you Donald Trump for unleashing operation warp speed on us, before you left office. You will go down in history as the mouse that roared.

    P.S. If you haven’t purchased ivermectin yet, you might want to do so before the supplies run out.

  137. Andres

    It´s plainly clear that we are in times of the anti-Christ. Even the fake Pope Francis is siding now with the LGTB movement. The anti-Christ is coming and we need to be prepared for it.

  138. Doc Washburn

    People will ‘revolt’ if vaccines are mandated: Gov. Kemp
    825,868 views Jul 9, 2021 FoxNews
    People will ‘revolt’ if vaccines are mandated: Gov. Kemp
    825,868 views Jul 9, 2021 FoxNews
    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp discusses the Biden administration’s messaging on vaccinations, the state’s voting laws and surging crime.

    ‘You do not know what you are talking about!’ Dr. Fraudci and Paul CLASH at Senate hearing
    163,958 views Jul 20, 2021 The Hill
    Rand Paul and Dr. Fraudci clashed during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

    Glenn Greenwald: Liberal media ‘angry’ people want to listen to right-wing outlets
    104,905 views Jul 20, 2021 FoxNews
    Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald on why the press is ignoring White House ‘authoritarianism.’

    To bad the latest is, FoxNews top brass are not worried about misinformation now. They’re more worried about information now. You’ll see!
    “Trump was a 4 year sugar high for them; the bought and paid fer operation mockingbird brained press.”
    😂 that was gold.
    The ministry of truth decides what’s truth. I mean they’ve only been wrong about everything they’ve said about covid.
    Only lying tyrants who can’t defend their thoughts with logic and reason need to censor speech they don’t like.
    The current face of fascism looks like a potato, his name is Joe.
    Joe Beijing Biden is so confused and misguided that he’s losing his hair implants.
    The Left says, listen only to us. Never think for yourself. We can’t control you if you don’t COMPLY to our “Truth”. So listen up!
    It’s not the governments job nor the MainStreamMedia to tell us what we can believe or not to believe

    Larry Elder reacts to being banned from running for governor
    290,242 views Jul 21, 2021 FoxNews
    Gubernatorial candidate says he is suing California’s secretary of state over recall ballot on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

    Fox News captures ‘shocking’ footage of migrants forcing way past border
    492,808 views Jul 20, 2021 FoxNews
    ‘The Five’ slams Democrats push to add amnesty to infrastructure bill.

  139. Doc Washburn

    Hannity: Dr. Fauci was ‘visibly shaken’ during Congressional testimony
    425,013 viewsJul 21, 2021
    ‘Hannity’ host rips the NIH director’s ‘defensive’ reaction to being pressed on gain-of-function research and possibility of a Wuhan lab leak.

    San Francisco locals react to rampant shoplifting, break-ins | Fox News Digital Original
    138,430 viewsPremiered 5 hours ago
    San Francisco residents spoke with Fox News about growing safety concerns and shoplifting costing millions of dollars.

    Sen. Cruz: Fauci has become a ‘Saturday Night Live caricature’
    678,897 viewsJul 20, 2021
    Texas Senator Ted Cruz discusses potential COVID-19 restrictions being reinstated, the White House flagging misinformation on Facebook and Texas Democrats testing positive after fleeing the state.

  140. Marie+Joy

    Mitch McConnell says we’ll probably have another shutdown. Prepare as best, you can.

    • John McClain

      If they even attempt to shutdown the country and globe for nefarious, bullshit, hidden agendas again, I promise you this will be the catalyst for an all out civil war, with absolutely no mercy shown, which will be an absolute blood bath. Not neighbor against neighbor, but We The People against the diabolical, crooked, and scum of the earth politicians, media, and those who continue to purport this bullshit “pandemic” and “variants” to further push their poisonous jabs agenda.

      We must be over the target with Arizona election fraud audits, and with Georgia ramping up its game. They are TERRIFIED of the TRUTH being exposed and they being hung for treason, and crimes against humanity.

  141. Dave

    Ironically the Covid Protection Act passed while Trump was President and the Senate controlled by the GOP is causing some – lik Fox – to reign in those critical of the vaccine. Hannity did a sort of about face. Some conservative talk show hosts are insisting they never said not to get the vaccine. The reason – they may be potentially liable to be sued by people impacted in this new surge. In my area a woman lost here husband to Covid a few weeks back. She said they did not get the vaccine because of what they were hearing from, presumably, conservative media sources. The threat of individuals like her suing is causing the backtracking of some conservative media.

  142. Paul Harvey

    Hi Greg. Great show as always.
    Not sure if you heard of Dr. David E.Martin CEO of M.Cam International. His organization is world renown. He has exposed the Fraud behind COVid. He viewed over 4000 patents relating to SARS COvid and the deep state coverup. His interview last week with Dr. Reiner Fullmech ( who is himself investigating the Covid fiasco) entitled : Manufactured Illusion is MIND BOGGLING. A must view! It exposes Dr. Fauci ( Dr. Martin wrote a paper- The Fauci Dossier) the CDC, FDA, WHO, and many more who were in on the scandemic. His quote: THERE IS NOTHING NOVEL ABOUT cov19. Suggest you Google his interview and see for yourself. Incidently Dr. Martin is a Christian and man of faith. His story is very compelling. Cheers, Paul

    • Bonnie

      The great thing about David Martin is that each time he has something to say he pulls out a bit of paper to back up that what he has said is publicly noted or recorded fact.

  143. Dave

    Of note as to potential liability of media under the Covid Protection Act, Mark Levin, a shrewd lawyer, said he and his family got the vaccine (he has comorbidities). He said this a while back. And that he wore masks in stores and such. Since then he simply does not talk about vaccines and masks. Many thought that was odd but perhaps he saw potential liability. The same with Hugh Hewitt.

  144. Steve


    That by taking the jab and injecting mRNA that changes your genome, you are now patented and owned as proprietary property. Been bagged tagged and recorded. Here is the Supreme Court decision in 2013, that defines THAT you are their LEGAL PROPERTY . HOWS THAT FOR YA…

    Here is the US SUPREME COURT RULING !!!!

    SO NOW THEY OWN YOU AND YOUR GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANS… CAN YOU SPELL …. ORGAN TRANSPLANTS ? Watch the movie The Island .. predictive programming ….

    So you sold yourself for a ( not so ) free jab .. oh and maybe a free Mickey D meal…
    and you committed a felony by engaging in human trafficking and a re subject to forfeiting ALL ASSETTS.. (Pres DJT. EO sept 2018) so how’s that for ya…. THATS THE LAW!!!



  145. Marie+Joy

    Expect grid down, this winter.

    • Robert K

      There’s a commercial currently running for the 911 TV show on fox this fall. In the commercial, all the transformers blow, the grid goes down and the city goes dark and fires erupt throughout the city. Foreshadowing??

  146. Mark

    Has anybody discussed the fact that aids has an incubation period of a year and HPV has an incubation period. Time will tell if this vax has an incubation period. Think about the Georgia guide stones. They want to kill off a few billion people.

  147. Brian

    Thank you, Greg and Gerald. This was such an important discussion. Honest and hopeful at the same time.

  148. Slapmaster

    HEY GREG: …… should absolutely interview Russel Jay Gould!!!!!
    this is a link to his latest youtube channel video AMAZING FELLOW INDEED

  149. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview! My internet crashed last week and it was a battle to get it back up. Pharmaceuticals are nothing new. In fact the word comes from a Greek word in the Bible: (Strong’s Concordance #) G5331 – φαρμακεία – pharmakeia – far-mak-i’-ah – From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.

    Rev 9:21  And they did not repent of their murders, nor of their drug sorceries, nor of their whoring, nor of their thefts.

    Rev 18:23  “And the light of a lamp shall not shine in you any more at all. And the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you any more at all. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, for by your drug sorcery all the nations were led astray.

    It is a spiritual war manifested on the Earth in flesh and blood.
    Lo Iyrah!

  150. midimaniac

    What Greg forgot to say in the first paragraph where he mentioned the “vax” is a gene therapy drug,… is that it re-writes your DNA.
    Here’s the thing about DNA:
    DNA requires 75 pre-existing proteins to assemble…but all proteins are made by DNA.
    Read the last sentence again, carefully.
    DNA was created by God. There is no other explanation for this paradox.
    If you re-write your DNA you are going against God.
    Anything that goes against God is not OF God.
    Mark of the Beast anyone? It’s got my vote.

  151. NY News Time

    Absolutely good post, really i am proud of you. thanks for sharing

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