Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Internet data mining expert Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.

High predicted Trump would win in 2016, and, on election night, High also predicted Hillary Clinton would go “missing,” and both happened.  Those are just a few of the big calls High has made over the years.  High no longer sells his work to the public, but still does Internet research.  High has new data on multiple subjects.  Let’s start with new data that paints a very “Dark Agenda” with the lab created CV19 virus and the experimental “vaccines” to treat it. We start with a new term he has come up with called “Vaxxxidents.”  According to High’s data, Vaxxxidents are a coming trend for people who have taken the CV19 vaccine.  High explains, “Vaxxxidents are going to be caused by the creeping brain fog that is caused by the spike protein (in the vaccine).  Spike protein is the bio weapon.  It does not matter how it gets into your body, if it comes in through the virus or it comes in with an injection, the spike protein is the toxin. . . . You think less well over time.  The time component is going to be months and maybe 24 months.  It’s sort of like Alzheimer’s. . . . So, we are going to have accidents all the time. . . . We also have another category, and this is caused by a blood clot in the brain.  They are not calling them strokes because they don’t want to assign them as a side effect of the vaccines, but they are both. . . . Some of the more extreme cases will be characterized as ‘zombie’ types of incidents.”  (There is much more in this in the interview.)

High also says, “There is so much we don’t know about the vaccines and their side effects. . . . There are written estimates associated with Big Pharma that are say 60% or 70% of the cohort who have been maximally vaccinated and encounter Covid this coming fall and winter will die.  These are idiots that are making these estimates. . . . I do not personally think 60% to 70% of these people will die.   I do expect it will be that sort of percentage who will get very ill from encountering Covid.  This is confirmed with the amount of people showing up in hospitals that they are calling breakthroughs.”

There is no doubt that vaccinated people are going to get sick in a variety of ways.  There are increasing reports of death and adverse reactions to the CV19 vaccines.  Here is a headline that came out today (6.12.21) that backs this idea up: “SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website.”   Most people getting sick and dying are going to be Democrats according to High’s data.  High explains, “19 out of 20 Democrats have taken or plan to take the vaccine.  Whereas, basically, only one out of four non- Democrats are planning to take the vaccine or even susceptible to want to take the vaccine.  Also, nearly 75% of the non-Democrat cohort is fixed that they shall not take it.  So, as the damage starts showing up, we are going to see it is very much a political segregation that we have achieved ourselves, and we are manifesting it in a disease state.”

So, the Democrats are killing off their own voters?  High says, “Correct, and it’s more than that.  They are killing off the true believer class, the activist class.  (There is much more on this too in the interview.)

High also sees huge changes to the political and economic system, and he says, “Dollar, gold silver and Bitcoin are related, and it all revolves around the crash of the system.  This truly is a shift of the ages.  It’s a change of an operating system for all of humanity . . . . The way the fiat currencies are organized and the central banks and so on is fundamentally bankrupt.  It’s not offering anything to humanity, and it is keeping us all down.  It’s being shed.  That’s what’s happening at the moment.  This is going to bring chaos at the level of death of major empires.  There was a little bit of chaos when the British Empire died, but not a whole lot.  I am talking about the level of chaos when the Byzantine Empire died that led into the Dark Ages.”  (There is much more in the interview on where Bitcoin, gold, silver and the dollar are heading and when.)

High also make this prediction for this year and says, “By fall, the Biden Administration will be in full collapse.”

(There is much more in the interview including when or if Donald Trump will make it back into the White House.)

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High, the creator of a new product called “Pure Sleep.”  

(Program Note:  What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 76 min. interview.  Because of the length of this in-depth interview, this will be the only post until the Weekly News Wrap-Up on 6/18/21.  Yes, it’s that good, and everyone needs to take it all in.)

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After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does sell a new product called “Pure Sleep” that he created.  To buy “Pure Sleep” click here. 

(Greg Hunter and do not get any sort of compensation from Clif High.  This is being posted as a courtesy.)

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  1. Michael

    Evening, Greg! Been refreshing hoping to bring this one up. Thanks for all you do, sir!


      Fiat currency is clearly dying. Bitcoin… Cliff said the dollar is dead… but Bitcoin is only digits. I am no expert but I am pretty sure there are people out there who know how to erase digits in a nanosecond. So Cliff argues, Bitcoin is replacing say $100,000 useless pieces of paper down the road. So for that… you have a Bitcoin worth what? Nothing of Value… thin air, digits.

      Just thinking… I’d rather have gold and silver… unincumbered land, food supplies, weapons, ammunition, and an old 57 Chevy that can’t be turned off by the Globalists.

      Better yet, perhaps we should all be thinking about taking a large step back from the false narrative of “safe, futuristic” computerized AI driven digital money and SOCIETY.

      It is our country, the political class is destroying it. Seems like it’s time to turn this around, ESPECIALLY SO, now that it is being revealed they may have murdered many of us on a Biblical scale. .

      • Martin

        I totally agree with you 👍🏻

        • Thinker

          Nano is better than Bitcoin

        • Richard Miron

          Ya, that’s what I see too.

      • JC

        So Bitcoin is basically only digits, but it’s pretending to be something else.

        Some “fidgets” tried to pretend they were something else, and it didn’t work out too well for them!

      • Jay A.

        I am prepared as you are but have a 55 Chevy as my vehicle of choice if needed!

        • William Marcom

          1948 Packard here. 3speed with overdrive. Straight Eight 327.

      • Cheryl

        Also agree. Furthermore, Mr. High’s assumptions and assertions about crypto are steeped in the mind of a seasoned coder — he’s good at handling data efficiently. It ends there. For example, his notion that efficiency is “always” the driver of trade or the Universe’s objective. Not so. There are multiple drivers that influence trade, not transaction cost alone, any economist will tell you that. Another note about the multiple driver of an outcome thing… Linus Pauling took loads of vitamin C and he lived to be 92. Sounds like erroneous cause and effect statement, one that a qualified researcher would not make. Who knows what other variables were in play. My common sense response about supplements is, overuse of supplements may overload your liver.

        It seems like he would be more credible if he were to stick to his trade and limit his conjecture to what he does well. Coding and reporting.

        • Kurt

          The longevity of Linus Pauling statement is a bit of an oversimplification (doesn’t describe a holistic protocol), but it is echoed by Andrew Saul, who is on the editorial board of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Pauling was an expert on Vitamin C therapy at the very least and is worth investigating. You may also want to investigate Andrew Saul and why he is called the Megavitamin Man:

          • kat

            thanks so much for the link you included. much research i do is in the medical field and i had not run into this site yet. being in recovery i found bill w. articles on suppliments very interesting. what i found in your post is one of the main reasons i almost always read posts and often check out links they included, which has served my insatiable curiosity very well. thank you

          • AndrewB

            Hi Kurt,
            Many thanks for the link. Useful info!

      • Claudia

        Bitcoin lives in something called a “distributed ledger”. Computers all over the internet have a copy of this ledger, which they update and verify. The distributed ledger is a consensus shared of all Bitcoin transactions, wallets, etc. There is no central control, as there is in the banking system. Bitcoin can’t just be erased. People may argue (and have) that if the internet goes down, Bitcoin is gone. The situation is considerably more complicated, and subtle, than that. Did you know that you can hold Bitcoin by just having memorized the long word phrase that defines YOUR particular wallet? You don’t need electronic anything, until you decide to purchase or spend. There is a lot more that could be said, but the whole Bitcoin ecosystem cannot just be erased like “regular” digital data. FWIW, I hold gold, silver, mining stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

        • Paul ...

          Claudia … I have a Personal Stack of Silver Coins (that are “very very limited” in number) … and I have decided to sell a piece (ABIT) of my very limited Personal Stack of Silver Coins as an “electronic entry” on a distributed ledger … where computers all over the worldwide internet have a copy of this ledger … which is updated and verified in real time (as each buy and sell transaction of my ABIT tokens takes place on this “distributed ledger”) … and every person who holds one of my ABIT electronic tokens in their wallet can be assured that their purchase and transaction history on the distributed ledger “can never be destroyed” as it will be available and shared by all ABIT holders (all transactions, wallets, etc. can never be destroyed … and there will never be any central control … as this is “a private currency token” created completely outside the banking system) … so my ABIT “electronic tokens” can never be erased even if the internet goes down “as everyone has a copy of the distributed ledger” … and best of all my ABIT crypto tokens are totally outside the criminal banking system … I will be selling one of my ABIT crypto tokens for $50,000 dollars … let me know if you are interested and the amount you would like to buy … the greatest thing about my ABIT token is that it is backed by “a limited amount” of real physical one ounce silver coins that I own and keep safe in a lock box … and best of all my silver coins have “universal intrinsic value” … unlike Bitcoin which is just some “prime number” (that has “limited value” to a bunch of mathematics geeks for use in their random number or encryption codes)!!

          • Paul ...

            Clauda … I am offering a 10% discount if you buy my “un-allocated” ABIT tokens (for only $45,000 dollars each) … this will give me added flexibility to sell the silver coins held in the lock box “short” (every time Stan gives the word)!!!

          • Kevin Alexander

            You believe your post to be amusing but it only illustrates your gross lack of comprehension of cryptocurrency. YNGMI

            • Paul ...

              Kevin … So why don’t you explain to everyone what makes an electron bit inside a computer as valuable as a new car??

        • Brady Ficko

          I am very much like you . I hold the same. And I plan to exit the city. May God help us all when the pin is pulled.

      • Jeff Bartels

        the only reason the dollar ever had value is because it was backed by Gold. the only reason we backed the dollar with Gold is because we simply agreed that Gold had value. If we agree that something else has value for what ever reasoning we come up with, then it will have value. Take your pick Au, Ag, BTC, wooden nickels, or dollars.
        We each create our own reality simply by making decisions, a gift from God/Universe, all we have to do is decide.
        Note: If 2 people are marooned on a deserted island and one of them has a bag of Gold and the other has nothing, my guess is that neither one is rich until they are rescued.

        • Paul ...

          Jeff … No …No … No … that’s like assuming that everyone will agree that being sterile is as valuable as having the ability to have a child … creating reality (like having a child) makes one rich … being sterile is like having nothing … so your guess that the person having gold (a child) is not rich until they are rescued is wrong … consider this more concrete example … here are two people on the deserted island of Manhattan … … … the nurse “is not rich” as she probably already took the jab and is now sterile … the young women sitting in the chair “is rich” as she still owns something as precious as gold (the ability to have a child) [only because the Pfizer vaccine expired] … you can’t assume being rescued off the island is the determining factor as to which one is rich … … but sadly … once the young women sitting in the chair reschedules to get a new jab … she will become as sterile as the nurse … and so when the two are eventually rescued off Manhattan Island … “both” will be poor!!

          • Paul ...

            And according to Klaus Schwab both these sterile women “will be happy” … as they will own nothing!!

            • Paul ...

              Looking into her eyes as she is being jabbed … I can see “her happiness” (as she is being sterilized) … which shows “you don’t need to own gold” to be happy … you can own nothing (like electronic digits in a computer) … and still be as happy as someone who owns something (like gold)!!

        • Linda

          Not true. We didn’t just assign value to gold by choice. Gold requires work to be mined, refined, and minted. Because of the work required to coin, we can then objectively value other productive work and value against the value of gold. That’s the most efficient way to determine the value of another man’s labor, not by randomly assigning some ones and zeros across in the ether and plugging in your laptop to “virtually mine” the stuff. That is an illusion, a game. The problem is that there are tangible needs that people need to accomplish actual work to provide. The only way to value that fairly is with something equally tangible.

          • Winslow Burhoe

            Excellent comment. I suspect you are familiar with Jude Wanniski, “The Way The World Works.”

      • Paul ...

        Craig … History is repeating itself as was the case with Diocletian during the time of the Roman Empire … when confidence in the currency imploded as gold and silver was removed from their coinage … today … as in the 3rd century … people have been hoarding their money … until now … as Biden took office the CPI has jumped to almost 8% … inflation has begun to rise because people like in Diocletian times do not trust the future of their fiat money … as in Roman times … barbarians are at Gate … Diocletian tried to introduce all manner of reforms (like the stimulus plans of today) but that is exactly when Rome began to see inflation rise sharply … Roman officials in the periphery provinces began to make rules on their own (like Cuomo and other State Governors do today) … Roman politicians were taking the spoils of taxation “for themselves” (just like the $21 Trillion that recently vanished under our politicians watch) … with the collapse in confidence … with shortages in supply and with and inflation increasing … commerce began to stall … and Diocletian began to structurally arrange the government in such a manner that led toward more centralized control and put all power into his hands (sort of like the way we are using Executive Orders today to move our Republic toward Dictatorship) … as Diocletian progressively consolidated power over the Roman Senate it ended democracy (as we see unfolding today) … and Diocletian also restricted movement of the people (like with today’s Covid lock-downs … where a manufactured virus was created for political gain) … Diocletian shut down the movement of people with the aim “to centralize power” (as we see occurring in our time with the push for a One World Government) … there will always be a greater and greater need to expand government the more an economy declines … and politicians will claim that power by what ever means necessary … by looking at events around the time of Diocletian “we have a very similar crisis awaiting us” … our social system is now crashing … governments are unable to continue to borrow at an absurd zero to negative interest rate … confidence in governments is collapsing … and the “commie” system of endless borrowing has met a brick wall … the political and banking powers that be are now hoping their creation of an identity-based accounting of all fiat money (crypto currencies) will help them trace all transactions and thus increase tax revenues … that is why they have allowed the private crypto currencies to blossom … but the end-game will be the seizing of everything of real value and swapping it for government crypto … but despite all their efforts (just like in Roman times) all is collapsing around them “because confidence has imploded” … today we the people can vote … to represent us in government … but our representatives have no power (look at what happened to Trump) … we are being ruled by a Globalist Elite (entities like Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) which never stands for election … our elections are now simply symbolic … as history repeats … the outcome will be the same as it always was … they will bring us to War (to consolidate their power over the human race even more) … and they will make us their slaves (who will own nothing and be happy about it)!!

      • Lazlo

        There’s nothing wrong with precious metals, but let’s not pretend your understanding of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is sound.

        • Paul ...

          L … Why don’t you privilege us with your understanding as to why “a prime number in a computer” is worth more a 2021 Mercedes-Benz!!

  2. Stephen Woenker

    OMG !!!! You got Clif-High

    • Tom C

      Greg, what an outstanding interview!!! Thank you!

      • David

        I just tried to forward this interview and Google have shut me down

        • Coldfoot

          Try Qwant.

  3. Stephen Woenker

    This Explains why they kept JOE locked up in his basement. If he was out campaigning nobody in their right mind would’ve voted for him. That alone thought he could’ve won.

    • Carol Cassis

      Do I see a meme here with Joe gradually attracting all iron objects to him as he forgets he was already jabbed? Going to sub to Greg here too.

      • Paul ...

        You know … people getting the jab and becoming magnetic can have one benefit … upon taking an MRI scan (people are always told they should remain motionless) … so becoming magnetic with the jab … will allow you to be stuck motionless inside the MRI tube as required … however … one slight problem being magnetically frozen and trapped in-place between a table and the MRI magnet (which could be a little frightening) … is if you feel your eyes being sucked out of their sockets … and you can’t open your mouth to scream for help … because your magnetized jaw is being held tightly shut!!

  4. Robert T

    I never expected to see cliff high on Greg hunters show, what a surprise.
    A very good Surprise, he is intellegant, but his believe that he is on his 80 million life is Aaaaaaa hard to believe since i personally met the Holy Spirit (pure LOVE) God.

    • Tod Mills

      Why would you say that when Clif has been on Greg’s show many times before?

  5. wallstone

    This is going to a very good interview.

  6. Mark

    Great, now I’m looking forward to work Monday so I can listen to this interview. Hour commute each way!

  7. Richard

    what about a long term water fast for people that took the vaccine? i’ve found water fasting VERY helpful for other ailments (I AM NOT A DOCTOR DO YOU OWN RESEARCH), but wondering if that would help?

    • Penny

      Problem is the nanobots, fasting will not get rid of the bots in your body. Check out Tony Pantelleresco, he has videos on how to get rid of the bots.

      • Paul ...

        What if Bill Gates and Fauci who are looking for immortality for themselves (as they kill the rest of us off)… put some of these 24,000 year old animal cells into their “experimental” jab along with jelly fish genes … just to see … how it affects us human guinea pigs lifespans … they recently found a 24,000-year-old animal … alive, well and ready to reproduce … and I bet many moral scientists are dying (refusing) to clone it with human DNA!! …

  8. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant, thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony for all your support!

      • Chris

        Mike Yeadon’s last interview done with Del Bigtree,He accused his peers & govt of officials/advisors,of Mass Murder by deliberate suppressing treatments that would have saved many lives fact,it would have been over in months..

        • Jon

          There is no doubt that fauci banned hydroxy chloroqine and other treatments. He is directly responsible for 50k plus deaths. Fauci needs gitmo!

      • Chris

        Meant: Mike Yeadon’s last interview done with Del Bigtree,He accused his peers & govt of officials/advisors,of Mass Murder by deliberately suppressing treatments that would have saved many lives fact,it would have been over in months..

        • Greg Hunter

          Will there be another Nuremberg and hanging that came with it?

          • Jon

            I do believe there will indeed be a 2.0. These gov stooges caused 50k plus deaths due to their naked profiteering. These dirtbags need to be arrested today!

          • Dee Pat

            If you listened to Steve Bannon’s podcast this past week (or watched it on Rumble), he featured interviews with Yeadon to discuss the pandemic and the vax. He also interviewed an international attorney who goes after big corporations, and who is preparing a lawsuit, much like the Nuremberg trials. Very interesting. Please give it a listen.

          • Chuckfxl

            Nope, probably wont be another hanging because they would in all likelihood have to hang the hangman along with the rest.

      • Melvin thiess

        Mr.hunter I respect you a lot, can some one show me where the virus has been isolated . the who and cdc world wide have not shown any evidence of it being purified. Most of the people believe this was leaked from a lab, I for one think they have taken the flu and turned it into covid19. These people love power and would do nothing to harm themselves. Hitler said it best the greater the lie the more people can believe it.

      • Kelly Orfield

        Dear Greg,
        I have watched you for years now–I love your spirit, personality and professionalism; I am a total FAN of Greg Hunter!
        Have you thought of hosting JUAN O’ SAVIN for an interview?
        He is extremely interesting and seems very connected (to our real POTUS too!). He is prolific in his interviews–but unfortunately, there are seemingly NO REAL JOURNALISTS who have interviewed him (ask him probing, next-level questions, challenge his assumptions, press him on sources, etc.,…).
        You are one of the VERY BEST TRUE JOURNALISTS in existence today, Greg. I believe that God has his hand on your life and will soon reward you for taking the harder path–the path of TRUTH, JUSTICE, HONESTY & INTEGRITY.
        Please, if you are lead, write back–I would love to support (and befriend) you on a higher level. I have an incredible “rags-to-riches” story in Christ, you may find inspiring, btw…
        God Bless my Brother in Christ!
        Kelly O.
        [email protected]

    • Anthony Bulluck

      Anthony Australia, thank you for providing this very informative link of Eric Clapton’s interview. I was especially moved by Mr. Clapton’s down to earthiness and am happy to learn that his concerns are as typical as mine or anybody else I’ve known in my +65 years of living.

  9. Jerry5

    I think Cliff is right. The side effects of mRNA are beginning to surface.

    I personally think the goal of the globalist is much bigger than population reduction. I see 5G and the star link satellite system as the creation of the global cloud, and the mRNA based nanotechnology is being used to link you with it. The mRNA is literally turning your body into a living transmitter. Thus the magnetic properties from the jab. I have spent hours pouring over data at the World Economic Forum website, and it is clear to me that the global reset will be using all of the components I just listed. They literally want to create a centralized global government to control all of humanity in order to save the planet from global warming. Thousands of corporations and over 189 countries have signed off on it under Agenda 21. It’s all happening right in front of you in measured steps. When they are ready to pull the trigger on the reset, the global economy will collapse, and the internet and the current grid will be taken down and switched over to a quantum system linked with star link.

    • Chris

      Hi Greg,Doubt it because I truly believe the global control we see now is getting even worse,and looks like a carbon copy of Revelation 13 ..we are almost there Greg. This is clearly leading the world into the mark 666 bar-codes, microchip in the right hand etc…
      Just look at the parallel prophecies over Jerusalem & Israel.Jesus has to return there to save a third of the Jews when they all attack Israel.

    • Chris

      Correction:Hi Greg,Doubt it because I truly believe the global control we see now is getting even worse,and looks like a carbon copy of Revelation 13 ..we are almost there Greg. This is clearly leading the world into the mark 666 bar-codes, microchip in the right hand etc…
      Just look at the parallel prophecies over Jerusalem & Israel.Jesus has to return there to save a third of the Jews when they all attack Israel.
      Zech 12 :10 WE READ ABOUT THEIR SALVATION IN THAT VERSE HERE. ZECH (Read also chapter 14 )
      Then in Ezekiel 38-39 The Gog & magog war:
      Ezekiel 38: 16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

      17 Thus saith the Lord God; Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?

      18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face.

      Ezek 39:22 So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward.

      23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.

      24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.

      25 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name;

      26 After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.

      27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations;

      28 Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.
      Ezek 39
      19 For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;

      20 So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.

      21 And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.
      22 And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.

      23 Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.
      Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.

    • Jerry5

      For those that missed it, here is what star link looks like.–QCU8HK-1apRIy2XvnD_OX_iLTdVpVfrbwBL2AQBAbo

      Looks like a giant motherboard doesn’t it? Now you know why Bill Gates is involved. Microsoft is the world leader in digitization.

    • Jerry5

      It’s all planned.

      • Paul ...

        J5 … These evil Demon rats are killing us by “lethal injection” … for having committed “no crime” … other then … living as God intended when he said: “produce and multiply” … which to the eugenicists consider “a heinous crime” … requiring “the removal of the balls and breasts” of our young children who can’t yet conceive … and requiring immediate death for everyone old enough to procreate and conceive another human!! … such is the Satanic beliefs they hold in their “Warped” and likely on “Speed” psychopathic minds!!

        • Paul ...

          Please be aware … all you the young women and men out there who took the experimental jab” … You Are Now Infertile!! … you can’t sue Big Pharma for what they have done to you (taking away your birth right) … but “you can” sure as hell boycott all the products they sell … and force them into bankruptcy!!

      • sc0tty

        Guys, if you haven’t seen Fall of the Cabal do yourself a favor – it will answer all your questions these ladies did a superb job. Over 80 mil views so far.

        The Fall of the Cabal (2020:
        The Fall of the Cabal Sequel (2021 – WIP):

  10. Jacob John Kawika Moore

    Greg what a great interview!!!!! Hopefully you saw my email. Erin Marie is a woman whom I believe would come on this show as she was one of the first Whistle Blowers out there about Covid 19 in New York. I have messaged her and I am waiting for a reply but I have kept in contact with her in the past and she has done other interviews with people I follow. Thanks for all that you do Greg!!!

  11. Pearl White

    As for C60 I have been using it for several years now. Right now I have a newer one, which is C60 /with Hemp Oil. I used to have Floaters in my eyes that drove me up the wall. After using it the Floaters have substantially diminished, and are barely noticeable anymore. I use it every day and many things have changed for me.

    • FRED Singer


      • William M

        Clif recommends the company Purple Power for the purest C60. I use it daily. They are selling on Amazon as well as their own website. Discounts are offered frequently. FYI
        I’ve been following Clif for about 12 years. He has an excellent Bitchute Channel. His old YouTube channel is seldom updated due to YouTube censorship.

    • Diana

      Hi Pearl, Where do you buy your C-60 w/hemp oil and how long did you take it before you noticed the floaters diminishing? Thanks, I know what you mean about floaters driving you nuts!

    • Mark Heuer

      Pearl, where can I buy C60 with hemp oil? Thanks.

    • Christian

      I had wanted to possibly recommend this to my mom. Can you tell me more?
      Would really appreciate it.

      I’m wondering how this is different than using Zeolite. I understand it does something similar for removing what the liver cannot.

      • Paul ...

        C … “Carbon 60” (C60) is a “free radical sponge” (that neutralizes free-radicals in the body and it’s power never diminishes) … it protects the body from aging while supporting faster healing, increased energy levels,and a healthy inflammatory response … those who idiotically took the jab should look into taking it … as it is not only non-toxic but increased the lifespan of rats by 90% … so it could be of tremendous benefit to those idiot Demon-rats who took the jab (and now find out they have only 2 years to live) … it also improves cognition (thinking ability) something all the rats need (not just Bribe’n who is trying to make the world “Carbon free”) … remember “it is the free radicals in the body that ages us” … imagine … taking C60 and living for many hundreds of years (like Noah)!! … obviously … any government that has to pay Social Security to people who are now on the verge of living “almost forever” … needs help from people like Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma who can come up with a diabolical plan “to kill off most of the human race” … and they must implement the plan rapidly and worldwide (at warp speed) … before the human population wakes up!!!

        • Paul ...

          And … at a minimum … if they can’t kill all of us (as outlined on their Georgia Guide-Stones )… they definitely need to rapidly “sterilize everyone” … at Warp Speed!!

  12. Mr Mike S

    Clif knows so much because he’s merged so many critical discipkines in his now long life compared to average Joe (not Jsnip4 Joe!). Speed reading at wild rates…computer science geek …natural anti cancer creator, ” free energy entrepreneur” and on and on and on. Clif’s life is a like an ongoing bestseller no one wants to put down!

    • Gene

      I agree, Mr. Mike. Specialization implies ignorance.

  13. Daniel

    WOW !!!
    You got Cliff High!!!
    Love this guy! Been trying to find the latest video from him, and YOU GOT IT!!!!!

    • Wonka Foster

      I check his channel everyday for a new vid I wish he’d post on his BitChute when he has interviews on another channel. He had a good one last week on the YT channel “The Gentlemen of Crypto”

  14. mike


  15. Jan Levine

    Take vitamin D3 along with K2. Get you levels checked every 6 months. Optimal Vit D listen to video but Dr s I know say optimal is 60-80 (video says more)<<500. If it is not, in addition to vitamin D take 1000 mcg vitamin B12 pill per day. The shots of B12 are not better than the pills.”

    • William M

      Clif used to recommend 40 nano , now says 90 is best. See his Bitchute Channel.

  16. john massey

    Well done Greg another high bar broken and I think it’s all believable..great interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!

  17. Collin

    Why the NWO Loves Bitcoin “Bitcoin IS the global digital currency (reset) we’ve been hearing about. It is the FedCoin / digital dollar. That’s why it was dropped anonymously. Why the hell do you think all of these FED member Banks & Wall Street are integrating it into every area of their systems/framework? You thought BTC was Banker Kryptonite?? Why do you think the big tech companies are now moving their excess “cash” positions into it?” You Bitcoin people need to pull your head out ! Bitcoin is worse than paper money in all ways! You cant touch it you cant hide it you cant use it without a computer Ect .Ect. It’s the bankers wet dream – The mark of the beast cashless society. The answer is gold and silver coins marked in purity and weight with no face value circulating as money And it would be just as covenant as paper money is today. You will have a debt card just like today. The only gold in the bank is what you choose to store there ! Paper and electronic currency doesn’t solve the problem ! It leaves the door wide open for the banks to create all the out of thin air debt as they like ! Just like what we have today ! So wake up ! It’s time to shake the bitcoin allusion Its a get rich quick scheme and the bankers dream. We only trade in gold and Silver coin with only a purity and weight ! This way the coins don’t disappear from circulation when they devalue there bank notes ! Or better yet outlaw paper notes. That’s why we don’t put a dollar amount on the coins ! They ALWAYS print print print! Then we will go back to the days when a Silver Dime will buy a double scoop ice cream and a Silver Quarter will buy a gallon of Gas or MORE ! And the prices would stabilize A Silver 1964 Quarter Today buys over $5.00 and a Silver 1964 Dime buys over $2.00

    • Pat

      The HUGE hole in your argument is there are only 21 million Bitcoin to ever be mined, plus it is decentralized. The inherent scarcity and the fact the bankers don’t control, make it ultimately valuable. It has been trashed by banksters since inception for these reasons but with their monetary schemes coming to an end, even they see the value and are rushing to get a piece of the pie.

    • Nick Reynolds

      Don’t be another Jamie Diamond-like idiot, Collin. Learn about Bitcoin, and not just BTC. It’s not the real Bitcoin. It’s OK as a store of value for the billionaires. But it won’t be used for buying coffee. Some other crypto will. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. The main thing to understand about cryptos is whether the crypto is centralized (controlled by the government or central bank) or de-centralized (not controlled by humans, but by a computer program that is open for anyone to look at and understand if they know how to read C++, and running on computers all over the world). Stop making ridiculous comments about Bitcoin until you, at least, know that distinction. As an alternative to centrally controlled fiat, it is the revolution that will free the people from control by the ultra-rich, such as Rockefeller, who own the banks.

      • Jon

        Amen. Bitcoin is a concept that alludes alot of people. I am into privacy coins now(bitcoin is not private) monero and pirate chain are my favs…

  18. Joshua Porter

    This was the most interesting Clif High interview you have done, Greg. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree that the CCP has attacked us, and just about everything else that Clif discussed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JP!

      • Lucy Brenton

        HI Greg!

        This is amazing content and I can’t believe I haven’t found you before. I saw part of your interview on The Dollar Vigilante. I have searched all over your site and haven’t found the link to the complete interview. What am I missing? Would you please drop a link here?


  19. Fred Daake

    Cliff High essentially said that silver has a potential that is six times greater than Bitcoin. You would get a return of 36 times your investment on silver and and a return of six times on Bitcoin. On this basis I would not buy bitcoin because silver has a better history of reliability as well as a substantially better ROI. .

    PRICE Potential Multiplication
    Silver – $28 $1,0000 36
    Bitcoin – $35,000 $200,000 06

    • AndrewB

      Hi Fred,
      Great observation – so succinctly illustrated.

      Clif is a very interesting guy and I have faith in his ‘predictive linguistics’ system, however, I always keep in mind that he once worked for Bill Gates’ Microsoft in a very senior capacity. Also, his faith in software systems – his life’s work and natural forte – is bound to inform AND to prejudice his perception of crypto currency. A currency that can be turned off, just like the internet.

      • Dindu

        Yes, he was a mercenary software troubleshooter. For everyone. Not just Gates. // On a sad note, my director of operations announced his retirement after 40+ years. Loved by all, very good man. Late Friday, it was announced that he has passed away. My company has been pushing the Xav… Not for me, wondering if I am going to be the “Last man standing”.

    • Guy Azbell

      I really miss you on govtube, your one of the few sites that tells it like it is, all of this has been known to those with eyes to see and ears to hear I am glad a few peaple are finally figuring it out, been prepping for years I knew all this would eventually happen since the early 70,s its been breathtaking to see it all finally coming together, keep the faith Greg God richly bless you.

  20. barsoom43

    My wife got both shots.. I’m keeping an eye on her.. I wont get any- I don’t trust the government and according to Mr High, with good reason..
    Here is a public service link… If your employer is threatening you and your job regarding this experimental vax, go here and print this card..

    • Greg Hunter

      Or you can print some of the forms located here from

    • Hudiburgh

      My sister is a realtor. At her job they all got this notice about two weeks a go, JUST SAYING. I removed the name, was just a first name. I don’t know the current situation:

      “Asking for your prayers today. One of our beloved Team Members is in a coma after receiving the COVID vaccine.
      Her name is _____, and she is one of the most wonderful, happy people I know. She is well respected by all who know her, and always brings a smile to the faces of everyone in the room.
      Please pray for her recovery, and for the well-being and comfort of her children.”

      • Paul ...

        H … This is when it really hurts (not when Big Pharma kills off Demons) but when they kill off wonderful happy people who always bring a smile to the faces of everyone who knows them!!

    • William M

      My son’s 35 year old wife got the jab in January, then they attempted to have a third child…Twice. Both times resulted in miscarriages. Fortunately I have two healthy grandchildren from them. My son refused the jab.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for the reporting William. This is so sad and evil!!!

  21. Country Codger

    Greg, it was absolutely phenomenal. I’m really getting a big head here. My cycles are in agreement with Bo and Clif. Fantastic.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • The Walrus

      What is it you cycles are saying Country Codger?

      • Country Codger

        Hello Walrus,
        The height of this cycle will diminish on June 14th and the cycle will subside but not dissipate as it normally would on July 14th. I am factoring in persistence all the way into the next cycle which will crank up in early October. Persistence is not something that i have been factoring in until the cycle of late 2020 and early 2021. I talk about all of this here:
        I got shut out because of something until the 39 minute mark but finally made it back. After a great deal more research we have to be wary of the next cycle in the fall and winter. It is going to be rough in my opinion.

        • regaleagle

          CC……I listened to the entire episode with great interest. Thank you very much. I believe that the more information we can all share together will translate to more understanding of God’s Word and Plan for us in the coming days.

  22. Whiskey

    If you hitch your wagon to the devil there will eventually be hell to pay.
    Understand that they will never stop.
    Everything is your responsibility.
    Keep organizing.
    Keep training.
    Never give up your guns.

    • Dindu

      No One is Coming to Save YOU!

  23. Nancy Wilson

    Wow! I can’t believe how fast the time went listening to this. So much good info and he answered a lot of questions I’ve had about our currency going forward. Wow! Thanks, Greg, for this interview!

  24. Curtis

    Greg, when I saw the word Vaxxxidents, my first thought was Clif High. Thank you for bringing him on! P.S. PURE SLEEP REALLY WORKS!

  25. Mike R

    That is just SO SO CLASSIC, and exactly what i personally told many of my own close friends, that the democrats themselves, would become victim to their own wretched VAX shots (jabs that are in no way, shape, or form even remotely close to any level of providing immunity to covid19 or any of its variants). Way to go Cliff baby ! Smack them DEMS upside the head with some TRUTH !!! I love what Cliff has to say most of the time, but not all the time, bc I think he is a whack job ROYALE, but he is a fun one for some good ole fashioned verbal butt kicking of all the libtards. He must drive people like Stan, and whats her face, who used to blow left wing chow on here every other week.

  26. Jeffrey Staples

    Congrats on breaking your paradigm and allowing your followers to experience something really special with Clif High. Lucky for us, he is one of only a few very precious resources that we need in these trying times.

  27. Foxx Drake

    Trump returning. Doubt it. Still, this has been the rumor ever since election night went stolen.

    • Bill Wilson

      The Supreme Court did not stand up for Trump the First Time. Why would they now? Since the People are the Power, someone must organize the People and Push the Issues!

    • Christian

      Yes. very much agree.

      So thrilled with this interview.

      Great stuff on Bitchute for those who wish to follow him.

    • Rodney

      Trump did whatever he did — and you can like it or not. But who can forgive him for mentioning Dr. Zelenko’s Hydroxychloroquine (+Zinc) protocol and then dropping it and backing Fauci and the Warp Speed killer vaccine—which Trump is STILL supporting.

      Nor can we forgive him for signing the Corona Executive Order which allowed governors to become dictators (since most state constitutions forbid such actions without a Presidential Executive Order) and Trump never undid that order.

      Trump killed the economy and now the vaccine HE supported is killing people.

      As a side note: don’t forget he let Deep State Rudy file lawsuits with technical errors so that judges could throw out challenges to the election results—and, in any case, those lawsuits never included the necessary smoking guns.

  28. john

    After watching an interview of R F K Jr. with Mike Adams , it appears to Jr. that their was a clear case of collusion between Gates and Fauci for worldwide vaccination therapy, in which the both of these immoral egomaniacs would gain greatly financially, with no care of the consequences to those vaccinated. It’s criminal that we do not have a true investigative body in congress, because these two would potentially be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity. Really looking forward to R F K’s book about this subject that is due out shortly. Another fine investigative interview Greg, so thankful for USA Watchdog.

  29. J

    I vividly remember getting the Alta Report years ago, that went into detail of the (presumed Sun’s) Corona causing serious bodily injury, and it really scared me bad. So in response I was shopping for welder goggles so the Sun wouldnt burn my eyes, and special clothing to keep UV light from my skin. And it is too funny that Corona had a double meaning, we all – including Cliff – presumed it was the Sun. A virus pathogen wasnt even on the radar at the time.

  30. Frank & Stein

    Totally Believable

  31. Jay

    I just wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a massive die off of those who took the vaccine. I’ve already seen a number of people who had both doses die from liver failure and even more from clots. I think lots of them will die before they ever get exposed to the Covid.

    • Tom C

      I knew someone who had liver problems and he managed them for years. He was doing fine. A few months after both jabs he went downhill fast and died.

  32. Clint Young

    The problem with the COVID Vaccine kill off is that it will place the USA in a very weakened position that may invite foreign attack. I figure all those that took the COVID Vaccine will die when the matching activator virus is released. This all could come down in the next 3 or 4 months. If so, there will be no more elections. That will be a mute point.

    • Mandy Logan

      Cliffs been around for years. Hes tried & tested and not found wanting!

  33. Tom Wigand

    Greg, thank you for (once again) introducing me to information that I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Mr. High before this – hadn’t heard of him – which is surprising to me, as he appears to have had a following for some time.

    As I watched the word POLYMATH came to mind — Mr. High certainly appears to qualify.

    All I can say from this interview as a first impression is: over the last several years I’ve got my guard up about any new information or opinion source, they have to prove themselves. Like all of us, I’ve been burned too many times by folks who I thought were “white hats.”

    That said, Mr. High has passed first muster – I want to see and hear more from him. One can choose to trust him, or not, but there is no doubt that he provides much food for thought.

  34. pbd

    Clif always has interesting things to say. My 2 cents – re. Covid and shots:
    Executive summary: Hypoactive delirium symptoms may be a pro-drome for more serious dementia in long-Covid patients and/or persons that have gotten the Covid-shot(s). Hypoactive delirium is where the person is underactive, sleepy and slow to respond (see Delirium and Mental Confusion: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention ( The non-clinical symptom of “brain fog” that denotes difficulty concentrating, thinking and/or retaining information may be a subset of symptoms on the milder end of the spectrum of hypoactive delirium.

    Background: The acute near-term phase of Covid disease and taking the Covid shots can be similar – and are probably linked to the host response to the toxic effects of the spike protein (from the Covid virus and/or the Covid shots). Many no doubt have seen the scary videos of Covid victims keeling over in China or the “vaccinated” after the Covid-shot passing-out. A known side effect of ACE-2 inhibitors is dizziness. ACE-2 inhibitors are used to treat high blood pressure (i.e. act by lowering a patient’s blood pressure) – anyone can see that logically an overdose for example of an ACE-2 inhibitor could cause abnormally low blood pressure which could result in dizziness or the patient passing-out.

    The Covid spike protein (from the virus or the shots) is known to bind the ACE-2 receptor (inhibit/block the ACE-2 receptor). This explains the acute phase symptoms in some people that get Covid or the Covid shots, i.e. toxic levels of spike protein bind ACE-2 receptors causing a significant (dangerous) drop in blood pressure – that causes dizziness or passing-out.

    Evidence is emerging that longer term effects of Covid disease (see Network medicine links SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection to brain microvascular injury and neuroinflammation in dementia-like cognitive impairment | Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy | Full Text ( is hypoactive delirium symptoms – that (I think) may be a pro-drome for longer term serious maybe even fatal dementia. It is logical to surmise that if the hypoactive delirium and risk of dementia are linked to the longer term toxic effects of the spike protein – then the Covid-shots could result in the same, similar or even worse downstream patient outcomes.

    This logically leads to the concept that if Covid is a bioweapon (there is ample evidence that it is a non-naturally occurring virus that is the result of genetic engineering gain-function weaponization of a coronavirus by one or more countries that do this work in specialized BSL-4/military laboratories), then the Covid-shots are maybe (at best) acting like a bioweapon that has a similar mechanism of action that is linked at least in part to the toxic effects of the Covid spike protein (again either from Covid 19 virus, or the Covid-shots).

    There is evidence that the spike protein (either from the Covid virus or the Covid-shots) causes ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) reactions – that is hypothesized to be linked to the production of non-neutralizing antibodies against the spike protein that essentially create human-medical-time-bombs – that react very adversely when challenged with Covid virus or Covid-shots or exposure otherwise to spike protein (see In Country After Country, Epidemic Exploded with Vaccination Program ( & Certain antibodies may cause the dangerous part of COVID-19 disease ( This potentially explains the massive spike in cases and/or deaths that have been seen since deploying the Covid-shots particularly ex-US, e.g. India, Brazil, Columbia etc. where the adverse event reporting is (perhaps) more reliable (whistleblowers have come forward in the U.S. indicating that hospitals are affirmatively suppressing Covid-shot adverse event reporting). In the U.S. it is well known now that the PCR testing system has been used incorrectly and intentionally to misrepresent Covid incidence (both over and under representation) depending on the political objective and incentivized financial gains for hospitals. The fact that Covid-shots appear to be linked in the same, similar or worse way to ADE that is seen for Covid disease, means that it is reasonable to speculate that long-term sequalae from Covid-shots with regard to longer term effects such as hypoactive delirium and irreversible or fatal dementia maybe the same, similar or even worse than what is seen to be emerging for long-Covid disease.

    Conclusion: The take-away is that folks need to be on the look-out for symptoms in family, friends and colleagues related to hypoactive delirium/dementia and be prepared to help at least with conciliatory and palliative care. The risk is that the vaxed (in particular) will potentially have compromised mental faculties right when their cognitive dissonance is failing to shield them from registering and processing the truth about the Covid-shot and they most likely will have massive dislocation of expectations – until then the coerced will no-doubt call folks that have been fortunate enough to question propaganda narratives and do the research – tinfoil-hat-conspiracy quacks or worse depending on their programing be dangerous weaponized useful-idiot thugs mobilized by DS propaganda to attack the awakened (not woke).

    Rantish speculation: The ongoing deployment of Covid-shots may ultimately create a DS engineered zombie-apocalypse that will justify their version of a final solution and/or at least solidify a permanent authoritarian prison-planet Orwellian police state – whether it will happen is another matter – the DS may have badly miscalculated the push back that will be coming.

    Best of luck all.

    • AndrewB

      Re your last paragraph: Martin Armstrong predicts that the c-19 agenda will not succeed because ‘they’ have overreached.

      • Paul ...

        If Cliff could come back from the dead “3 times” (2 more times then Jesus) using C60 … why not try using C60 … to cure the C19 “jab”!!

        • Paul ...

          When Cliff showed us his arm … we could all see he was building body mass … and if we just go by the numbers … C60 is more then “three times” greater then C19!!

    • sk

      pbd! Your post is superb!!! Thank you!!! Those deaths in nursing homes – I suspect that they were instances of ADE (pathogenic priming) in reverse order from that usually described for ADE. The old folks had had mild Covid19 cases and then were challenged with the “vaccine” and died. Dr. Cahill (of Ireland) has stated that it is possible, at autopsy, to distinguish viral infection from ADE. In viral infection the inflammation is confined to the upper part of the lung, whereas in ADE, the inflammation is uniform throughout the lungs. What is your opinion? I assume you are a M.D. or, more likely, a M.D./PhD.

  35. Elder Son

    “The Virus” has to survive. If “The Virus” dies, then so too does the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine”.

    It’s a natural “The Virus”!

    No! It’s a Chinese “The Virus”!

    Either way, “The Virus” is alive. If “The Virus” is alive, then the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine” must be true.

    That is the game.

    Look! They cured the flu!

    • Ray

      Cliff High in the beginning of this interview (and many others elsewhere around the world) state that this virus originated in America.
      If Americans in coming months begin beying for Xi & the entire CCP to be sent to the gallows, I’ll have no problem, as long as they FACE UP TO REALITY, and demand an equal measure of Democrat / Republican politicians, with all their hangers on like Fauci (through in Gates as well) to swing from long, tight ropes along with them.
      This “China dirty, America clean” BS needs to be called out, confronted and stopped if the people of this planet are to have any chance of making it another 20 years into the future.
      Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Tom C

        Good post, Ray.

      • Michael

        No doubt that the same globalist scumbags that took over this nation in 1913 also infiltrated China and have a firm grip there. Communism was their creation and preferred form of social control.

        I love what Trump did – hugely helping expose the media and “Republican” party, calling bs on the climate hoax, critical race marxism, etc, and waking up the Fox News viewers to the stupidity of following the Neocons’ plan for the Middle East (Oded Yinon Plan), etc, BUT he’s lost me with his shilling for the kill shot.

        “In the course of my researches, I found that references to the name of Rothschild in official documents and books of memoirs were as common as they are rare in contemporary textbooks” – Count Corti, The Rise of the House of Rothschild

        • sk

          I have read that Klaus Schwab’s wife is a Rothschild. Whether or not that is so I don’t know. Ties that bind….

      • JC


        How strange. Regarding your comment, I clicked on “reply,” and an ad appeared in the
        the Chinese language. Hmm…

        Anyway, regarding “China dirty, America clean” BS, yes, it is too simplistic, but there are a lot of stupid people out there. The old Hollywood westerns kept it simple too, they were all about “American cowboys/soldiers good, Indians bad.”

        it’s difficult to make sense of things since we have limited “real” facts and information about serious matters, perhaps due to corruption, espionage, blackmail, murders, ‘suicides’ and who knows what else. It’s a complex puzzle for sure.

        Oh, look at this, add another to the Clinton body count! An ‘apparent’ suicide, but of course.

        Reporter Who Broke Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story And Received ‘Significant’ Death Threats Found Dead…

      • Mark Heuer

        Excellent post! And just to add, God doesn’t like hypocrites!

    • Calvin Budge

      Elder Son,
      Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation’
      Sky News host Sharri Markson says exclusive footage she revealed which proves live bats were kept at the Wuhan Institute of Virology shows much of what the world has been told about the origin of the pandemic was “Chinese disinformation”.
      Ms Markson told Fox News Tucker Carlson that Beijing’s disinformation was then “propagated” by many who were “compromised”.
      “It shows that much of what we’ve been told about the origin of the pandemic from the very beginning was Chinese disinformation which was then propagated by many people who had been working in conjunction with the Wuhan Institute of Virology who are compromised, who had extreme conflicts of interest,” she said.
      Ms Markson scorched the WHO team which visited Wuhan earlier this year to investigate the origin of the pandemic.
      “People like Peter Daszak insisted that it was a conspiracy theory – he used the term in a tweet from December 2020 – that it was a conspiracy theory to say that there were bats in the lab,” she said.
      “He’s an official WHO, World Health Organization, investigator who went into Wuhan to supposedly investigate the origins of the virus earlier this year and it was completely false.
      “This new footage shows that there were bets being kept in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and it’s something Peter Daszak has had to admit, has had to correct just this month.
      “There’s so much that he didn’t and the WHO team didn’t ask when they went into Wuhan.”
      Ms Markson said the WHO team failed to even ask what happened to a colossal database of coronaviruses at the lab.
      “They didn’t ask if there were bats at the laboratory, they didn’t ask where the virus database was, this is such a crucial thing, the virus database with some 15,000 or 17,000 bat samples suddenly disappeared from the internet in September 2019 just prior to the outbreak of COVID-19,” she said.
      “People like Peter Daszak who went into to supposedly investigate this were riddled with conflicts.
      “Anthony Fauci, as well, should not be advising the president on the origin of coronavirus given it was his organization that funneled money through a sub grant, through to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
      “He can issue all the denials that he likes. The scientific papers say that they were funded with NIH.”

      • Calvin Budge

        Oop’s, not Bets but Bats!

        • Nancy Burwash

          The Truth About The Origin of COVID and the Lab Leak Theory
          Jun 16, 2021 Doctor Mike Hansen
          The Origin of COVID and the Lab Leak Theory
          Jon Stewart was just on late night with Stephen Colbert, and his take on the lab leak theory of COVID surprised the audience. Of course, how COVID originated is important because the answer can aid in the prevention of future pandemics. But there was something that Jon Stewart said that I think is over-the-top.

          S Fincher 3 hours ago
          “…scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”.
          – Cool Math Guy in Jurassic Park

  36. Carla hayes

    I enjoyed the interview,I wish I would I would have heard alittle more about gold,but over all it was great! Thank you cliff and Greg! I hope he comes back on soon.

  37. Paul ...

    So let me get this straight … as more and more people get vaccinated with the virus … they are allowing these vaccinated people (with the virus in them) to take off their masks?? … so they can cough and sneeze on us who refuse the vaccine??? … perhaps all the people who got vaccinated … should be quarantined at FEMA Centers until they die of the vaccine in about 2 years time!! … the government has already paid for all the black coffins!!!


    if the vaccine was created on Trump’s watch, then he was part of it.

    • Chip

      BINGO! I never understood why he didn’t fire Fausti… Chip

      • Paul ...

        And I never understood why he would call Hillary “a nice lady” … encouraging “this nice lady” has dire consequences … look at the recently suicided 45-year-old Christopher Sign … the reporter who broke the story about former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting in secret … … the moral of the story is “you can’t be nice to evil” … you need to grab them by the horns and take them down (this is not Jericho where you can simply blow your horn … although there are many double jointed Demons “recently out of the closet” who think they can)!!

    • Mark Heuer

      I was a huge Trump supporter, but his continual boasting of these wicked vaccines should throw up enormous RED FLAGS to ALL! Also, Trump was bailed out by Rothschild and in late 2015 Trump met with Henry Kissenger (Rothschild’s #1) for an entire day. THEY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

      • Jon

        I hear you, but what was Trump to do? Just sit on his hands and hope virus went away? He acted. As a non scientist, he was forced to rely on the good faith of the creators. It seems like to only way out at the time. He should start attenuating his enthusiasm for this disaster. He is our only shot. God bless you!

        • Mark Heuer

          I can give Trump a pass in the beginning of this hoax, but his continual support of these vaccines should awaken people. Trump is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION! Trump will be back, but it won’t be a good thing, be careful what you wish for. God Bless to you also.

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t think so Mark. They would not have worked so hard to remove him if that were true. I think Big Pharma duped him and he cannot admit it.

            • Mark Heuer

              It was a very good performance and that is all it was.
              There is only One that is infallible and I surely am not the One, so I pray that your correct Greg, but I do not believe that is the case.

        • Jr

          he is not my only shot Jon – presidents only take orders anyway as he’s obviously done – no, your only shot is Jesus – minus that, the shot that proceeds from the barrel (as mao said) …you know the rest – Trump is not a real leader – a real leader takes action like Putin or Kennedy -Trump is a talker – Alex Jones is real leader like him or not and I’d vote for him 100X over Trump – but a real leader wouldnt get into a position where his hands are tied by the massa – he’d take on the massa – that’s why they usually die at the alamo or like braveheart (William Wallace) because all the talkers are really cowards and wont act when the chips are down – it took a boy with guts and faith to take down goliath – Washinton had 3% of the population -AI is betting we dont have that now – it’s hard to think AI isnt right as with every squeeze of the snake wrapped around us all we do is talk – would that we had a couple eric rudolphs in this time to at least act.

      • JC

        Mark H,

        You are correct. Think of it this way. There are competing crime families, same as in The Godfather.

        They make “deals” with each other to keep the peace, instead of “going to the mattresses.”

        • Mark Heuer

          Yes I agree with you JC. This is why none of these corrupt politicians in high offices never see the inside of a jail, such a crime in itself. But their time is short, God wins in the end, of which I take great comfort in.

    • Paul ...

      Not so funny for the Demon-rats … but Trump gets the last laugh … as the Demon-rats who stole the election “get justice at Warp Speed” … now it seems … there is going be a lot lot less Demon-crats around in 2024 (likely the ratio will be 85% Republicans to 15% Demon-rats) as the people who seemed to use their God give brains were mostly Republican … which means … in the next election it will be a lot harder for the Demons to manufacture votes for Bribe’n !!

      • Paul ...

        And adding Washington DC and Puerto Rico as “new” State’s to the Union … is not going to help the Demon-rats one bit … especially as people leave both California and New York in droves … which “will reduce” their electoral votes!!

  39. Sue Robinson

    Just finished watching. Oh Wow. Waited all day for this baby. I was not disappointed. I plan to watch it several more times so I can glean as much as possible from this great interview.

    • Gunny HiWay

      Notice that he just folded his tent and moved out.
      Leaving about 100 Patriots to rot in DC jails for “trespassing”.
      Trump is a deep state shill and we all got fooled.
      Carry On,
      E-7 Ret.

      • Jon


      • Freebrezer

        A interesting thought (I wish I knew who to credit for this – it was sent to me. But something to ponder) – “Why did Trump push the vaccine and warp speed? I’ll tell you why, because without OP warp speed, (they) would have kept you and the world in lock down for years while developing a vaccine. Also while we’re in lock in, the NWO, great reset and other agendas ( UN 2030) would have taken place by now and humanity as we know it would have been enslaved. But because he did what he did, we’re out of lock downs and people have started to question the vaccines and the people are waking up in masses”!!!

      • Mark Heuer

        So much for the motto of not leaving anyone behind.
        And Trump being the commander and chief has NO EXCUSE!

        • Charles H.

          Don’t be hasty. You have to serve – to know. No military background: you don’t know.

          • Mark Heuer

            WRONG! I have 3 years active duty and 3 years inactive duty. So be quiet on things that you have no clue about!

  40. Peter Erikson

    Our evil Gov takes away our options and pressures us to VAX in the Cities Especially. So here we go. — up the Vit D from 5000 units to. 10,000. units a day , take. 5000. mg of neutralized vit C a day and find C60 and titrate up a dose on that to see if you tolerate it. What else to Decrease the Damage from the vaccine ? .( anybody ). ….. If we keep up our physical health and supplement and sleep enough. we Still get Very Sick in fall and Winter when we get exposed to Covid and our Immune system has as a Cytokine Storm? How do we Contreol the Cytokine Storm. — Get Hydroxyclorequine (sp) folks… I guess. How do we Mitigate our Bad Immune system reaction. ( or Over-reaction ). to the Virus? That is what we need to focus on. Whats the answer? Just Hydroxy. and. what else. How can we purchase the Hydroxycloriquine Legally in this messed up country. Very frustrated with Criminals in medical political and legal circles. Where were our Best scientists when we needed them. This Guy is so knowledgeable on the subject — even if he’s wrong we all should have heard a debate on this before being forced to Vax in the cities. – No access to Hydroxycloroquinte or ibermectum is criminal.. I asked my primary care doctor for Hydroxy. so I could protect myself and take more time to consider to vax or not.. Dr wrote a scolding downputing email back to me about how that would be inappropriate for me to have that . Useless Imbeciles with Medial license. What Now? Anyway , Thank you for this Interview and sharing Info Greg.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Peter,
      You can get a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine from America’s Frontline Doctors:
      Hope this helps.

      • Susan

        Other options are to look at places like Co-ops and Tractor Supply or Rural King if your provider wont prescribe stuff like that to you…these places sell it for animals (hint hint), but of course the disclaimer to check with your doctor blah blah blah. You make your own decisions on this, just saying its available at these “other” fine retail establishments.

    • sk

      Check out quercetin/zinc if hydroxychloroquin/ivermectin cannot be obtained.

    • Freebrezer

      Peter – you can not have a cytokine storm if your Vit D levels are high – I believe either Chris Martenson or MedCram had this … sorry, I did not want to dog down the episode/referrence.

    • Margie Nieuwkerk

      Ivermectin. Check Peak prosperity or Bret Weinstein/Darkhorse videos re Ivermectin

    • Bill Wilson

      The lady that sells the Paleo Valley Vitamins, made a infomercial, saying that most Vitamin- C Manufacturers make their Vitamin-C from only “Ascorbic Acid”(Outer Shell of Real Vitamin C)! Nowadays, most Corn (85%) grown in the USA is GMO. So, she says, GMO Corn is Fake Vitamin-C, as “Ascorbic Acid.” Doesn’t sound good to me!

      Therefore, she saids the Ascorbic Acid she uses on her Whole Vitamin C is Non-GMO
      Her Real Whole Vitamin-C includes Bioflavonoids, Rose Hips and Acerola, in addition to the Non-GMO Ascorbic Outer Shell!

      • Freebrezer

        I am sorry, but the lady is selling BS! Ascorbic acid is Ascorbic acid per the chemical formula – C6H8O6, or chemical speak – (5R)-[(1S)-1,2-Dihydroxyethyl]-3,4-dihydroxyfuran-2(5H)-one. In it’s pure state, there is no way of knowing where it came from … either organic means or non-organic means. Per an outer shell???? sounds well like a snake oil pitch to me.

  41. Anita

    Very interesting. All I have to say is, but God has said…

    • Greg Hunter

      “God’s word will not come back void.”

  42. E. M.

    Thanks for this interview, it was an interesting conversation. Makes sense as to why the Military is being purged right now.

  43. Richard Miron

    Cliff High always talks so intelligently and with such confidence.

  44. tim mcgraw

    I thought Ciif High was living in a cave in western Oregon. Does he still believe the sun is a a ball of copper flying through space?
    I will watch the interview with a huge grain of salt.
    Clif’s ears are kind of a tell. He doesn’t look healthy. Hope he’s okay. Oregon isn’t the best place to be.

    • Bill Wilson

      Sounds like he is curing himself of Cancer. If true, Good for him!

  45. Allen Macri

    So pleased when my mentors cross paths, like when you’ve had Celente and Dane Wiggington on and now, Clif High. I follow Clif religiously, as I do your programs , Greg, and thanks for turning me on to your mentors. I think this is how the Age of Enlightenment will succeed. Just wish I could help you out financially. Maybe, someday. Btw, I’m one of those Dems, who voted for Trump and feel he/we got cheated, but I’m one from the JFK/RFK days. Too bad we weren’t allowed to find out what today would have been like with them, and MLK, Jr, too. Maybe, there’s a press secretary job awaiting you in the next Trump administration.

  46. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for a brilliant, thought provoking, interview with CH.

    An urgent message (warning) from Doctor Roger Hodkinson:
    Please be patient – Bitchute videos take a few moments to fire up.

  47. tim mcgraw

    Right off Clif says an experienced aircraft mechanic installed a part upside down and backwards. I was an aircraft mechanic for 25 years. I do not know of ANY aircraft part that could be installed upside down and backwards to cause a plane crash. This did happen in the past and the FAA and engineers made the parts so that they could NOT be installed upside down and backwards.
    Good-bye Clif.

  48. david nichols

    greg this spongiform talk came from u.k. mad cow disease

    • sk

      There is an outbreak of a prion disease in the Acadian Peninsula, New Brunswick province, Canada. About forty affected individuals. So far the etiology is not known…..

  49. Bill Wilson

    Thanks Greg, Cliff is very interesting. He developed several extraordinary ways to predict the future! So, I am interested in seeing, how many of his predictions are practical. Since Cliff is new to me, I will listen to your interview with Cliff, at least 3 more times. Thanks again, Greg.

    • Bill Wilson

      Before coming to the interview tonight. I spotted a story on the 117 Hospital workers, that filed a lawsuit against Houston Methodist hospital against taking the Vaccine, because the workers claimed the vaccine was Dangerous.
      Today, a Federal Judge ruled in favor of the Houston Methodist Hospital. The Judge said the Hospital Workers claims were False and Irrelevant!
      My question is : Doesn’t this Judge’s ruling go against People’s Rights under the Constitution? What is wrong with this Federal Judge?

      • andyb

        I want everyone to take note of the fact that even though all sorts of organizations and institutions are mandating vaccination for the ability to work, teh Biden Admin has exempted all federal workers from any such rules. A big “tell” folks that when the rest of us are dead or disabled, the Federal Gov will still be intact.

      • Chip

        the entire judiciary has been compromised. there is no justice to be had in the USSA… Chip

      • Mark Heuer

        These corrupt judges make me just as angry as Fauci, Gates, and most of our politicians. I only see one way to overcome what is taking place, but I am not at LIBERTY to say.

  50. Robert Olin

    I’ve been a big Clif High fan for several years now. I believe the Wild & Crazy Bix Weir turned me onto him. Live in the same neck of the woods.
    Thanks Greg and Clif.

  51. Mandy Logan

    EXCELLENT interview Gregg! Blessings from New Zealand 🖤

  52. Roy madison

    I told my liberal buddy that Biden \harris will be out after two years and then trump will be reinstated for the rest of the term and then be re-elected in 2024 for a total of 10 years. boy did that idea piss him off. I love pissing him off on political matters.

  53. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr High, a lot of analysis and a lot of revisiting will be needed to even grasp some of the analysis.
    Thank you for allowing us to think.

    • JC

      Your boy Boris says…

      Cases are now at their highest level since February, although hospitalizations and deaths have remained in check and more than 40% of the adult population are fully vaccinated. Johnson said the next phase of reopening will be delayed by four weeks to July 19.

      At a press briefing, Johnson said he is “confident that we won’t need more than four weeks” as millions more people get fully vaccinated against the virus, which could save thousands of lives, the Associated Press reported.

      If millions get vaccinated it could save thousands of lives? Huh? I don’t get it.

      • Paul ...

        JC … If they vaccinate a Billion people … I conservatively figure about 500 Million of them will die from the jab … and the other 500 Million will become sterile!!

  54. Paula D

    Always love to see ‘Uncle Cliffy’ and seeing him here was a treat. Thanks for having this interview Greg Hunter. The two of you together was definitely a great interview.

  55. Rob

    What an absolutely AWESOME show with Clif tonite. Covered ALL the bases and filled in some blanks that didn’t seem to fit. They do now!

    In total agreement with Cliff regarding the three possible outcomes, may we humans have the wisdom and courage to choose the highest path for good.

    “There is nothing more powerful than the truth, yet oft times, nothing more strange!”

  56. regaleagle

    Obviously Clif High is very intelligent and has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. BUT…….it is also obvious from this interview that not one single word concerning God Almighty as the creator or even a hint of that acknowledgement passed Clif’s lips. On the contrary……..what he described was a future without God in the center…….with humans controlling their own existence or demise. And possibly other life forms like “aliens” on this Earth for us to contend with. The only “aliens” I believe in are the demons, fallen angels, Satin worshippers, and captured souls that have bargained away their opportunity for eternal life. In summary…….I just cannot go against God’s Holy Word and therefore cannot believe all that Clif High believes or states……even if I hope he may be correct in some of his forecasts for us.

    • Hudiburgh

      regaleagle, I sure did like your comment. Re Clif High not real familiar but he always seems interesting. Re God, yes, but I just take what knowledge Clif High has to offer that I’m not familiar with and appreciate his effort. But I often feel a burden to speak out on something religious too but the time or platform often doesn’t seem right. My burden is that I truly know exactly what the mark of the beast is. People now are frequently speculating from vaccines to microchips to tattoo’s, on and on, it’s none of those. When events reach a certain point, where it’s clear and I can discreetly point out THAT’S IT and then tell exactly how it will develop, then I’ll be more open. If I spoke out now, it would see so far-fetched and many would think, “You’re full of it.” Don’t know how I will achieve it yet, but my goal is to move to a very rural area because I know when that mark of the beast hits, it not be a good thing to still be in the cities. Thank you for your comment!

    • Jr

      great on the materium – lacking the creator God and his son and their spirit on the spiritum; when cliff refers to “the universe” and how it rewards good (karma) substitute
      God and he’ll be tolerable and pray that God will open his eyes – his spirit experiences appear to be on the dark side to date. We have a whole group of religions who reject Jesus.

  57. Paul ...

    Clif says: “Bitcoin will be going to between one million $1,000,000.00 and two million $2,000,000.00 dollars … sounds good … but remember you need to pay $38,000 for one Bitcoin … now … say instead you put that same $38,000 dollars into physical silver (at $28 dollars per ounce) … you could buy 1,357 one once silver coins … and as Clif also said: “Silver will go to $1000 dollars per ounce” …so let’s do the math … 1,357 x $1,000 = One million three hundred and fifty-seven Thousand dollars ($1,357,000) … isn’t that just what Bitcoin is supposed to do? … so why not hold tried and true “real physical silver” … instead of … some “new fangled digital wampum”??

    • Greg Hunter

      Good advice Paul. Silver is simply lass risky as an investment.


      One can’t invest in silver but you can buy and hold it. Good investments grow. In ten years an ounce of silver won’t become two.

      You might be able to buy 1000 silver coins. Dealer premiums … For $38000. Or a Bitcoin.

      Where will you store the 62.5 lbs of silver by the way? Or if you need to flee quickly?

      When silver costs a thousand per ounce how much will bread cost per loaf?

      Alternatively, Bitcoin could easily go to two million without all that much change in bread prices. Because no Bitcoin is used up in production of the bread. Silver used up in production of both.

      When silver goes up in price you’ll be able to get perhaps what you get now. Has intrinsic value.

      What you really need is ready access to food water and safe shelter under all circumstances. Then silver for you becomes pointless, Bitcoin too, except as money for simplifying barter to let your life skills add enrichment to others lost on dead end paths.

      But I’m too truthy so this comment cannot ever see light …

      • Jon

        Hold both like me. Cant hurt. Silver and bitcoin are both anti banker plays.

      • Paul ... … Have you even once considered … in your rose colored imaginary crypto dream world … what is going happen to the price of Bitcoin … during the coming Bitcoin Crypto Wars between the US and China???

  58. Glendon G Hamner

    Cliff was right about bitcoin. I give him that. I thought he was crazy with his old bitcoin predictions. His precious metals predictions have not yet come about. Information on silver scarcity is opaque. I do not believe there is any silver shortages in the 1000 oz bar category. If there was, we would be seeing price rise parabolically. Cliff was out there for awhile when he was hanging out with Bix Weir and JSnip4, both losers. Lots of Cliff’s information must be taken with a grain of salt. Its for entertainment purposes only.

    • Rick Ackerman

      The silver shortage is real, as my commentary at Rick’s Picks two weeks ago tried to make clear. I reported that a friend from the hedge fund world who has stepped up silver purchases since January was given a minimum three-week delivery time when he tried to order a hundred 1000-0z bars from Monex in late May. Before then it had taken Monex no longer than four days to fill an order of that size and ship it out to him. They told him the size of the order made no difference — that even if he had reduced it to 20 bars, it would still take at least three weeks for delivery.

      • JC

        Good to hear from you Rick!

        • Paul ...

          Thanks for commenting Rick … it was nice to have an expert and someone in the know make a comment here … other experts in the know like for instance Bill Holter, John Williams, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.. … should similarly join in here on Greg’s “Thinking Hour” comment forum … and better educate us ordinary people with their knowledge of current events every once in awhile also!!

          • Paul ...

            Rick … I see the banksters are trying to manipulate the silver price lower so they can get out of their huge short positions before the BIS deadline about three weeks from now … perhaps that’s the reason they can’t deliver silver in any amount!!

            • Paul ...

              I also see they are manipulating the price of lumber and copper downward (before the Fed speaks) … likely so the Fed can say: “We don’t expect inflation to be permanent” … and thus … the Fed won’t be forced to do a premature tightening of monetary policy that would derail the equity market rally … they can’t afford to let the stock market fall … as it would destroy investor confidence and the economy they are now trying to stimulate!!

              • Paul ...

                Fed surprises … but by doing so … confirms inflation is a problem … will gold now finally rise like in the 1970’s (until the Fed gets rates up to 15%)??

                • Paul ...

                  Looks like gold just successfully tested 1800 … … hopefully that’s now out of the way … come on gold … make your run to new all time highs!!

                  • JC


                    Bad day for gold. Good day for the dollar. What if Stan is right?

                  • Greg Hunter

                    He’s not. Look at the money printing. Forrest Gump, “Then one day it was over, just like that.”

  59. Frenchpooch

    Clif is a lot of fun. I hang on just about every-word he speaks. Thank you for having him as a guest.

  60. regaleagle

    Unlike Mr. High……my faith lies in Jesus Christ as the savior of the human race, as we were made in His image. God Almighty is the ruler of this universe and will use whatever means or methods He chooses to ultimately bring Man in concert and under His domain. Possibly Clif High could be a person God uses to unveil some dark truths to the public that might give millions some hope and faith in the human race. In this way, many might also come to the realization that we are incapable of self determination without God’s plan of redemption for us. Amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Regal eagle,
      I agree but God uses people and even unbelievers in Jesus sometimes. The Bible says “God’s word mdoe not come back void” no matter who is doing the internet data mining.

  61. JC

    I just started watching, Clif is speaking of “accidents” which immediately brought to mind this film. Add in an alien invasion using robots, perfect.

    See trailer here of “The Earth Dies Screaming.”

  62. Hilltop Hillbilly

    Sometimes I feel like Gregs’ podcasts are just a infomercials for xanax. Then I remember, nah our world is just this messed up.

  63. Mike F.

    You hit a home run with this, Greg! Clif’s predictions are nearly all true, with his only errors being in the timing of his calls. In this case, however, I believe he’s hit the bull’s eye! Trump’s return might be in doubt only because the Supreme Court may be compromised beyond repair. If that is the case, what would take the place of a failed Biden Administration? Would all their laws and decisions made during their time in power be declared null and void? It would cause a constitutional crisis until a solution were found, and the the many culprits (ie: the Deep State) dealt with. Love Clif’s input, and I hope to see you interview him again soon! Great work, Greg! Congratulations!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Mike, the only viable long-term solution is separation, either legal, codified separation or de facto separation (balkanization). True social progress can only occur with the former. The Lefty Libs think the 2-state solution (with that coming out of Israel’s hide) is so wonderful for the Middle East, but they won’t hear of it here. Hmmmm Best always. PM

  64. Gunny HiWay

    Hi Greg,
    Wow, What an awesome treat!
    Thank you very much for this much appreciated and info filled interview.
    Best regards,

  65. J

    Over the past 3 months I have spent hundreds of hours researching these novel injections and listening to leading doctors, microbiologists, immunologists, vaccine specialists, clinical pathologists, molecular biologists, other specialists and general physicians explain what the mRNA technology is and does, what the spike proteins are, why they can be so devastating with the use of this technology, and how both the clotting and bleeding disorders occur, and much more. Also, how Covid viruses and influenza viruses work on a cellular level, how immunity develops, and the overall dangers of this mRNA technology. The dangers are far more serious than most people can imagine.
    And then there are now thousands of cases of transmissions (similar to shedding) that are being reported, whereby “something” is being transmitted from those who are vaccinated to those who are not vaccinated …through touch and through body fluids; saliva, nasal, urine, feces, breath….causing similar conditions in the unvaccinated… such as bleeding disorders, blood clotting and other ailments. These doctors do not yet know if it is spike proteins, nano particles or something else that is being transmitted. And unfortunately, there is no way of knowing yet how long this transmission may last.

    Cliff seemed to say that one shot is not as bad as two shoots. That statement is misleading. Yes, a double dose of poison, you could say, is worse than a single dose of poison, unless of course the single dose is enough to kill you. Regarding these vaccines, one dose is enough to kill you, according to these expert doctors. Most doctors, (that is, these censored doctors that are speaking the truth about these shots) have lowered the life expectancy for all individuals who have been vaccinated….from approximately NOW to 24 months and possibly to 10 years! And if they do live for 10 years it will likely be accompanied by many immunological disorders.
    Both Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny have said that the “vaccines” contain 1 billion packets of the gene for the spike protein. Yes, one billion! Dr Sherri Tenpenny is one of the leading expert on vaccines. Dr. Bhakdi is one of Germany’s leading Immunologists/ Microbiologists. Now do you know why 2 vaccines where administered by Pfizer and Moderna? According to Dr. Tenpenny…for absolutely NO scientific reason! It was simply because they could, she said!! Under EUA there was nothing stopping them. And so they administered two!! Let that sink in. And they were also able to make 2 times the amount by offering a second injection. So, that’s 2 billion packages of the gene for making the spike protein! The long term damages are absolutely awful. And yes, the spike protein is a pathogen or poison, according to these doctors.

    There are some errors in CH’s description of how the mechanisms work…I would like to dissect them here, but it will take too much of my time to do right now. Instead, I will post resources so that people can do their own homework and discover the facts for themselves, first hand.

    It is very important that people wake up and educate themselves on these shots as one’s very survival really does depends on it. I will post here some resources shortly…

    • J

      Additionally, a great resource is… Dr. Simone Gold is both an attorney and doctor (like Dr. Reiner Fuellmich), and both of these doctors are doing great work on the freedom front, along with the other doctors above. This site is a great resource for news, videos, and more…including finding a doctor that will prescribe prophylaxis medications to prevent Covid.

      Add to the list of doctors above…Dr. Vernon Coleman from Britain, Dr. Larry Palevsky, who appears on “Critical Thinking” with Dr. Tenpenny, live on Thursdays. Both live and past episodes are accessible at; and Dr. Christiane Northrup,, appears on “Critical Thinking” with Dr. P and Dr. T on the last Thursday of each month on “Critical Thinking” with “the 5 Docs”, ie, the 3 just mentioned, plus Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Carrie Madej. You can participate, live, via Zoom and ask questions and make comments here.

      • J

        Another good resource…
        Association of Physicians and Surgeons, (or org). They represent private physicians who are against big government interfering in medicine. Dr. Lee Merritt had served as President of this Association at one point. ( Rand Paul happens to be is a member.)

  66. MikeB

    Fantastic, Fantastic Greg,
    best interview that you have ever done………
    Pat yourself on the back mate.

    and loved that you asked about silver !
    Best wishes from New Zealand

  67. Albert Radziunas

    Greg great interview. I watch you and I follow a cliff and have much respect for your interviews opinions acknowledge.
    Keep up the good work.

  68. Andrew Middleton

    Well done Greg on an excellent interview of Cliff – well done to both Cliff and Greg

  69. Jane Reynolds

    Clif High and Greg thank you very much. I always follow Clif. God bless you both.

  70. Auntie Seize

    Can anybody tell me how to download the interview directly, either the video or preferably the audio (mp3 or m4a), onto my computer?
    This was trivial on youtube (using youtube-dl), but I haven’t a clue how to do it on rumble. Where is, or how can I get, the URL for this video?

  71. Luke

    Clif lost me at “….after I died 3 times….”!!!
    As a physician, I think Clif is a flake but he does have Great financial and political foresight.
    A good guest nevertheless.
    And I never expected to see him interviewed by Greg Hunter!!!
    Well done Greg 🙂

    • Boz From Oz

      Yes he also lost me with I’ve died 3 times. Whether he correct or not, it’s certainly something I don’t intend to have injected in my body. Common sense days this whole vaccine hurry up has not been truly tested.

    • Boz From Oz

      Yes he also lost me with I’ve died 3 times. Whether hes correct or not, it’s certainly something I don’t intend to have injected in my body. Common sense says this whole vaccine hurry up has not been truly tested.

    • Greg

      As a physician what is your opinion on Cliffs options to counter act the COVID jab? Since you were on the frontline which jab did you take?

  72. Jerry5

    Here is the next round of fear mongering being injected into the public.

    According to comrade Fauci the unvaccinated will be most vulnerable to the delta variant strain. I fully anticipate once the G7 meeting is complete the globalist will go full throttle on mandating the vaccine.
    Are you paying attention to the commercials on television? They are targeting children getting vaccinated. The Rockefeller foundation has a plan in place that will be rolled out for the fall enrollment. Stay awake.

    • Jerry5

      Take a look at this new slick video put out by the Rockefeller Foundation.

      Data collection is at the heart of their plan. How might they accomplish that? Charting who is vaccinated and who is not. How do they achieve that? That’s right. Vaccination ID. Are you getting the picture yet? Step by step under the guise of caring, they are herding us like animals into a barn, to tagged and bagged.

      The one point I disagree with Cliff on is about the public waking up.
      I live in a predominately red state area, and yet a significant number of people have willingly took the jab, no questions ask. Here is my COVID intelligence test I always ask with my super smart friends who want me to take the jab..
      1. Was the pandemic planned or a freak of nature?
      2. If it was planned, what’s the purpose?
      3. Before the pandemic would you willing take an experimental
      4. Did your physician discuss with you the potential side effects of taking this drug, and how it would interact with your current medications?
      5. Has anyone discussed with you the long term side effects of taking this drug?

      These are my top five questions. Do you want to know the answers? Here they are.
      1. The CDC said it was safe.
      2. My physician told me it was safe.
      3. My pastor or church leader took it.
      ALL NONSENSE! Greg there is a long standing belief in the medical industry. Insurance companies get sued for their mistakes. Doctors bury theirs.

      • regaleagle

        The Great Dr. Mengele Fauci and his Nazi “Lockstep” paid propogandists that are ALL fully culpable for mass murder throughout the entire world…….biggest story since Jesus Christ, Huh?

    • William Richard James Nicholson

      Rockerfellers are no longer effective . The Globalists & the CCP used to have a working relationship with very little friction as they had an agenda that was thought 2B mutually agreeable . That has rapidly changed since CCP released the event of panic . Controlled panic was envisioned by Rockerfellers & their associates , since then they’d have a handle to direct the situation. CCP event has derailed that alliance & the bright bulbs that thought they would control many events have lost that ability. Confusion & chaos has increased to a point that even the bright bulbs are at a loss as what to do. I know the situation & the players enough to know that Only Creator God Knows The Details of This coming Event Horizon ……. Be Ready , Heavy Rolls Anticipated & Only The Prepared Will Survive The Storm ………… cordially , NavyBlueSmoke

      • Jerry5

        Well William,
        I’m not sure where you get your information from but “ Lockstep” and “Event 201” were both Rockefeller sponsored programs. The Rockefeller’s are tied at the hip with The World Economic Forum. As far as Q’s big plan, don’t hold your breath.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What’s television? Best always. PM

    • eddiemd

      They are targeting the young people (teens) with a combination rap/green new deal/pro injection commercial being played on radio and television.

      I am wondering if minors need parental consent to get the injection. I suspect that this fall there will be mass inoculations done in public schools without need for consent or children will e required to get the injection to even attend schools and day cares.

      The ruling by the federal judge yesterday against the hospital employees shows where this is going.

      The DOD has not yet made it mandatory but they make life as difficult as possible for military people and their families to leave bases and move around. Cancelling leaves.

      You will not be able to buy, sell, or work. Totalitarian dystopia under control of the antichrist system. No mention of Biblical prophecy by Clif which is occurring daily before our eyes. No mention of what is to come in the MENA where everything starts. Don’t want people paying attention to Israel. He should have provided his linguistic assessment to Israel; the apple of God’s eye. They will always be the people chosen by El Elyon. Granted we are grafted in but the children of Israel will always remain the children of Israel. There is a remnant.

      The Almighty God is sovereign, omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent, immanent. He is in control. We have nothing to fear. There is no sting of death or anything else.

      • Steve Bice

        “They will always be the people chosen by El Elyon. Granted we are grafted in but the children of Israel will always remain the children of Israel. There is a remnant.”

        Glad to see you address this. In the exchange where you and Greg differed on whether Israel was a people or a country, the original poster’s underlying point was lost in my view. The post reeked of “replacement theology”… which I believe is what Greg was reacting to, rather than the people/country dichotomy. My two cents…

  73. Roger Stamper

    wow tks for post

  74. William Richard James Nicholson

    I am NavyBlueSmoke & I say that President Donald John Trump is The Current President ! No True Military or Patriot Citizen argues with this Obvious Point. Stand Steady , Have Faith , There Is No Future for Commie Socialist Marxism within the boundaries of The United States ! All necessary steps have already been taken to assure the transition. We Are Winning & Potus Trump is a large part of that !

    • Mark Heuer

      Can’t you see that Trump is part of this NWO agenda? Trump speaks with a fork tongue, he is still boasting about these wicked vaccines, can such a man with his reported high IQ be so ignorant of these wicked vaccines? Can’t you see what is staring right at you?
      Our only Savior will be The Almighty and His Holy Son.

    • Jerry5

      I like you’re enthusiasm but name one person Trump had convicted while he was in office? It sounds like to me you’ve bought into Simon Parks B.S. FYI thousands of people are dying from the mRNA. If there’s a divine plan what are they waiting for?

      • Mark Heuer

        Right Jerry5! Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people who will die in the next two or three years, and Trump is still boasting about these vaccines. But he is this 3D chess player with a high IQ? People need to wake up, there is nobody in politics that are coming to save us, not to say there aren’t a few good politicians fighting for truth and good, but there are two few and far between, most are either paid off or blackmailed. For the latest example, look at that Federal Judge who ruled against those workers in that Methodist Hospital who refused to take that killer jab.

  75. Jon K

    Get HCQ and other alternative treatments through

    It is a $90 prescription fee. Small price to have treatments or prophylactics available for you and your family.

  76. TJZ

    Great interview! Cliff High always provides interesting relevant information to make a person think.
    Thank you Greg and God bless.

  77. Mark Farnsworth

    Big fan of Cliff High for many years now! Did I misunderstand or did he say it didn’t matter if you got the virus or you got the injection you still got the spike protein? Was he inferring that you are basically doomed either way? My understanding is if you got the actual virus and survived you now had natural antibodies! I also thought that the injection was a spike protein “shell” and it tricked your body into reproducing the spike?
    Any clarification would be helpful
    Great interview, Great Questions, we really do appreciate all you do to keep us informed Greg!

    • Bible Reader

      The spike protein of the coronavirus and that the drug vaccines produce causes the damage to the body.

      Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease

      April 30, 2021

      LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.

      The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level. The findings help explain COVID-19’s wide variety of seemingly unconnected complications, and could open the door for new research into more effective therapies….

      Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’
      Wednesday, June 02, 2021 by: News Editors

      …“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.”

      “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin,” Bridle said on the show, which is not easily found in a Google search but went viral on the internet this weekend….

      • Bible Reader

        In Vivo. 2020 Sep-Oct; 34(5): 3023–3026.
        Published online 2020 Sep 3. doi: 10.21873/invivo.12134
        PMCID: PMC7652439
        PMID: 32871846

        Ivermectin Docks to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Receptor-binding Domain Attached to ACE2

        Background/Aim: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). One drug that has attracted interest is the antiparasitic compound ivermectin, a macrocyclic lactone derived from the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis. We carried out a docking study to determine if ivermectin might be able to attach to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain bound with ACE2.

        Materials and Methods: We used the program AutoDock Vina Extended to perform the docking study.

        Results: Ivermectin docked in the region of leucine 91 of the spike and histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor. The binding energy of ivermectin to the spike-ACE2 complex was -18 kcal/mol and binding constant was 5.8 e-08.

        Conclusion: The ivermectin docking we identified may interfere with the attachment of the spike to the human cell membrane. Clinical trials now underway should determine whether ivermectin is an effective treatment for SARS-Cov2 infection….

  78. andrea van de Kleut

    so we could conclude that persons now ( with bitcoin) could be the nation “saviours or able to help/hurt countries? persons with several bitcoin can excersize their strength through the ownership of crypto value.? OR persons now can and will be each their own sovereign “nation” (one person) , ? this will be interesting ,

  79. Diana Brown

    You are quite right Greg, the information Mr. High relays to us is very useful. I would agree with the #3 senario’s as to how #45 returns to us in a formal capacity. Its his #3, as Trump has never left. The question as to why this “show” is necessary is, in my opinion, an underestimation of the general public ability to understand and assimilate the fraud. In my part of the world everyone knows the USA was attacked on 11/3/2020. What we dont understand is the apparent unwillingness of anyone (including our military) to take immediate and forceful action.

  80. william lesieur

    Clif is a treasure. He got me on C60 several years ago. I have graduated to a 70% concentration that is derived from ‘Noble Shungite’ in nano form from Karelia, Russia. It is superior to lab grown stuff. It is not heat or light sensitive thus stable. I’ve saved some lives with it-no joke. I trust Clif’s prognostication above all else. Thank you Clif for doing this interview and Greg for seeking him out. Greg, you’re on your game.

  81. Juli Barbato

    YES! This is the Clif I fell in (platonic) love with more than a decade ago! Clear, logical, accessible to those of us who are not geniuses (close, but no banana for me, lol). Greg, how you contained yourself is admirable! I wish the interview had gone on for another hour. May we please have a part 2? Thank you both!

    Fellow and sister Greg fans: Please also go to Rumble to thumb up this fabulous interview. Many thumbs-up might help get Greg a little gelt, which he so deserves.

  82. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia – USA….

    We live in a secular, humanistic society. When events from the Bible parallel current events……it’s a human thing.

    I thouroghly enjoy Mr. High. Exciting, informative interview, if you listen through a Biblical filter.

    Medical nightmares, Biden collapse, economic collapse, chaos in July, military intervention domestically, war with China….

    Thank you for sharing. I must encourage my children to watch……)

  83. Jerry5

    This is the number one reason most people will loose the battle with the globalist.

    I’m not sure who owns the farms where you farm, but according to one of my friends who does seed development, the vast majority of the farms he does work for are corporate owned. People who rely on the big box stores for food, are about to be in a world of hurt. These stores will soon be asking to see your vaccine ID in order to enter.

    I have countered by buying meat and produce from our local independent farmers. Most of the meat they sell, they raise themselves from their own farms. It’s the same for vegetables. The quality and price is much more superior than what the box stores offer. I would advise your readers to do the same. The meat supplier I use I ran across years ago when I was looking for someone to butcher deer meat. The prices are at least 30% below what Walmart charges, and the meat makes Walmart’s look like dog food.

    • JC


      That is the problem, little by little, step by step, everything is becoming “corporate owned.” Many of the brand names that we know, once independent companies, have become part of the corporate conglomerate.

  84. Michele Anderson

    Dear Greg,

    This is one of the most important video interviews you have done. Up there with Dr. Mark Skidmore’s interview, but absolutely more impactful.
    Your work is a service to humanity. I hope this video is shared by all who see it.
    God bless you Greg. And God bless Cliff High.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michele for all your blessings & support.

  85. Jeff

    Thank you Greg. I have always just read your monolog and pasted on the videos. Today I watch the video ! This subject is too important. I also sent it to all my love ones. God bless

  86. Jerry5

    Here is your puppet president getting lost at the G7 meeting.

    Notice how everyone one was laughing? The jokes on us.

    • JC


      Very “presidential” footwear, don’t you think?

  87. Barry Nicholson

    How can anyone look at what is going on and not rest the diaster at TRUMPs feet. Think about it…Trump had 4 years to make things better/arrest the deep state/lock Hillary up/validate Obama being illegal/put Snowden in charge of removing the NSA spying/Julian Assange freedom…remove whatever…He had the Power and he DID not do what was required….He is part of the Billionaires club protecting his fellow Billionaires and while he did grass roots work just to make it look like he was being a Patriot ….how did that benefit you or me? He lied about the economy as the stock market has nothing to do with most people…He knew China did this and did nothing….HE IS PART OF THE EVIL ….
    No one gets into power without selling their soul to the Banking Cartel…..

    • Dave

      Trump was either a plant or inept when it comes to his appointments and especially the 3 SCOTUS appointments. He should have fired Sessions after Sessi0ns recused himself. He did not. He should have fired Faucci. He did not. If he had fired Faucci things might have turned out differently. Appointing Ray as FBI diretor? Ray has been a disaster.

      The grrea tax cut was a giveaway to large corporations. Many in the middle class, including myself, saw their tax bills increase under the GOP plan. Remember Kudlow. This tax cut will result in 4 or 5 percent growth. It never came close. For one quarter only growth his 4% but overall it was in the low 2 range and not all that much better than under Obama.

      Oh yea, huge tax cut and huge spending increase. That is what Trump and the GOP deliverd and that is voodoo economics.

    • eddiemd

      If you have not realized it yet, Trump is not and was not the great white hope.

      He gave you a 4 year time period to repent. If you have not done that yet then you failed to recognize where we are currently at along the timeline of history.

      If you would have preferred Hillary over the same period?

      The USA was given a short reprieve from the coming indignation. You still have time to repent.

    • Jerry5

      Here you go.

  88. bob smith

    Cliff is correct about much, but C60 is actually dangerous as per research study on rats. Most C60 is actually rancid and toxic.

    Oh, and Bo Poney claimed Trump would remain in White House = FAIL

    I’m sure you won’t allow this post Greg, just like you didn’t allow my previous one = kind like the social media you complain about.

  89. david brownallen

    The assumed Biden administration collapse in September via election irregularities or fraud and the subsequent rulings by the legal authorities (SCOTUS?), guarantees financial and economic reverberations.

    A smattering of highly anticipated economic, political, and geostrategic-related events guarantees prolonged chaos.

    President Trump has a vexing decision as to reassuming the presidency during an economic maelstrom or severe transition that one assumes the Fed would control.

  90. CFS

    Thank you for having Clif High. He is very informative. Zinc also needed, in addition to vitamin D3.

  91. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    I’m buying Physical Silver weekly have been for years – with some Gold as protection against what is coming or upon us now. As Greg says be debt free – have the title of your car – pay it off!!! New Tires and mechanically ready at all times. Stock Up on essentials to get you thru a minimum of 60 days!!! Also have enough cash on hand – 60 days minimum before it crashes

  92. Pat

    Thanks for the Clif High interview. I feel blessed to have been following his advice on how to harden my body against covid-19 since late 2019!

  93. Leslie

    Can you please ask Mr High if taking activated charcoal or consuming diatomaceous earth will help remove toxins or spike proteins from vaccination? Thank you for what you do Greg glad your in our team. GOD bless!

  94. ken

    Nice show,,,

    “… with the lab created CV19 virus and the experimental “vaccines” to treat it.” From the write up.

    The fictional virus was never isolated to a single virus and then proven to cause the disease they call covid. The genome given was created by a computer. No one has laid eyes on the virus,,, there is no actual genome from an actual virus.

    So,,, How can one change a virus with additional functions when they have never ever isolated or seen the original?

    Secondly: How can one create a vaccine without the actual genome? Note, this explains why the manufactures say their therapy concoction will not prevent the disease nor its transmission. (Which everyone inexplicably ignores)

    Thirdly: How can this be called a bio weapon when ‘it’ has a better than 99.8% survival rate with most never knowing they had it? The injection is likely the bio weapon. Note: The 24 month time for the spike proteins to do their job is now nearing.

    Fourthly: Why would anyone create a bio weapon that could mutate and conceivably kill the creators themselves? Way to much risk! Whereas the injections can be easily controlled.

    The only answer that makes even a little sense is they intend to destroy the economies,,, reduce populations,,, and rebuild a world to their liking, create a new world religion with them as gods or at least agents of God to be worshiped and obeyed.

    The G7 has just announced they’re continuing ‘stimulus’, creating as much currency as they want. (Magic Money Tree) Say what you want but everyone, including even the naive, know this will destroy the currency and soon after that, everything else goes.


  95. Mark

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for bringing Clif on again!!! And God bless you Clif!!! I am glad to see you looking so healthy and well after having nearly succumbed to the ravages of cancer!!
    Now with respect to “Predictive Linguistics” it should be noted that the Scriptures, as the greatest and most comprehensive collection of writings with respect to THE GREATEST EVENT IN ALL HISTORY, HAVE WITH AN EXACTNESS OF ACCURACY and FINENESS OF DETAIL, PREDICTED THE BIRTH, DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND LIKEWISE “PREDICTED” IN DETAIL THE COMING GLORY WHICH IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED and which is based on a “RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD” which has come into being through JESUS CHRIST’S OWN FAITH as a result of His taking upon Himself the JUDGMENT FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD IN HIS BODY OF FLESH THROUGH THE SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF SO THAT IN RESURRECTION HE COULD RECEIVE THE PROMISE OF THE SPIRIT (which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life-giving Spirit), so that ANY AND ALL who BELIEVE ON HIM for THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being THROUGH HIS FAITH, (or His faith-fulness) RECEIVES THE SPIRIT OF HIS SON IN THEIR HEARTS WHICH CRIES “ABBA, FATHER” and is immersed in THAT SAME SPIRIT INTO HIS ONE BODY of which we are MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER IN HIM with our spirits now “made life”and joined to the Lord as one spirit, and our bodies of flesh, though dead because of sin which dwells in their members, having now become the very members of Christ!!!!
    As always Greg and to all who come to read and post who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning HIS SON, may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be RICHLY WITH YOUR SPIRIT , for “GOD HAS NOT GIVEN TO US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER AND OF LOVE AND OF A SOBER MIND” AND “FEAR NOT!!!!! (GOD THE FATHER AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST ARE FIRMLY IN CONTROL)

  96. JaneJane

    All of my Chinese neighbors, here in the U.S., always cover up in the sun to the point of even wearing gloves in the summer. I wear short pants all year round, and am even out in the winter in shorts as long as I can stand it. I used to dress like an old Italian lady, and was pretty covered, but I was always tired. Now I am not.

  97. Blaine monaco

    From the beginning of this I was in New Orleans. As the people I worked for would not leave the house and have msm on every Telly. I would be outside laying in the sun. On grass. Thank you for the validation of my crazy behaviors. Just yesterday I was out in the sun playing basketball and I was the only one not wearing a shirt. We are so blessed to have this wonderful body and it can over come anything given proper nutrition and information……

  98. Jim Hall

    Why would anyone give this vaccine to a child? It’s obvious that they have an agenda to vaccinate everyone that they possibly can. I see the looks all the time from people who don’t want to know what is happening because it’s upsetting to hear. I have a son that took the vaccine and he watched CNN incessantly until Biden was cheated into office. He is completely indoctrinated has and truly believes that Biden won. The same boy voted for Ross Perot. This shows the level and effectiveness of the indoctrination. He comments that I didn’t hold the same opinions earlier. Of course I didn’t, my eyes hadn’t been opened. I believed that Oswald shot President Kennedy. I was for George Bush. I have lived through the assassinations of the 1960s. I saw the Vietnam War exposed. I saw Ruby Ridge, the Branch Dividian slaughter, Oklahoma City and the 911 fiasco. How obtuse would you have to be to not be awakened by all of this. They have cried wolf so many times that I don’t believe anything that they say. I dismiss it out of hand. Our government is a totally corrupt criminal organization. It’s only interested in furthering its own power and stealing as much as possible. The democrats and republicans are both completely corrupt and should be prosecuted. President Trump supported the vaccine, signed off on FASAB 56, kept the Patriot Act and more. I know that he is aware that 911 is fraudulent, no one with his level of expertise in construction would believe the absurd explanation that we were told. I believe that once in office he was told the truth about many things such as the true level of off balance sheet debt that the United States has and he realized that his plan to reorganize the debt was totally destroyed. The levels of debt are multiples of the stated figures. He did not start any new wars and for this alone I support him whole heartedly. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    • Jon

      Amen. Trump is one man. He has opened many eyes and created some momentum. Up to us to take it and run with it.

  99. Paul Harvey

    Greg , you hit a home run grand slam with this interview. I remember your last interview with Clif several years ago and his $600 Silver call. Plus his other insightful topics like the Trump election call . What blew me away was his UDP analysis and the fact Trump also won the 2016 by a MASSIVE landslide. But what worries me is that the Military must have known about the shenanigans of 2016 and allowed it to happen again!!! Are they complicit???? Clif’s analysis of the 2020 election lines up with Mike Mindell’s latest movie “Absolutely 9-0″. In that movie Mike had a guest who was a forensic data analyst ( high level computer specialist) who showed ” in real time” votes being stolen from Trump and given to Biden. Clif High is right on the mark. If the Military,CIA and FBI and other Intelligence Agencies knew of this GOD help us. GOD IS WATCHING so keep the faith!!

    • Mark Heuer

      Paul Harvey, great name! I use to love listening to his broadcast, too bad he is not with us today, would really love to hear a broadcast by Paul on this covid hoax and this past election.

  100. Jennifer

    This video is fantastic but the progress bar is non existent and I cannot get to the point where I left off. There is no provision so I have to listen to it all over again to get to where I paused it.

    Please help.

  101. wayne plant

    Talking about bitcoin being the future , noway, the goverement is using it to track every one you have and can steal it at anytime, it will not work.

    • Jon

      Bitcoin is old news. There are whats called privacy coins. Monero and pirate chain..untraceable.

  102. Kevin Osborne

    Rats, he’s sold out of Pure Sleep.

  103. Julia

    That was a wonderful interview! It is my understanding the Military has never recognized Biden as President and President Trump is still acting as President. I am with options 2/3 with the Military. Someone has to take control so the People can make decisions. On Covid19- my Doctor said Vit D was the cure. You can order a Vit D test yourself. Chapel Hill should be shut down along with some other Universities. Dr Tennpenny and Dr Merritt have said they believed the shot was a population control bioweapon.
    Thank you Mr Hunter for the great interviews! They are unbelievably helpful.


    • Jon

      Dr. Tennpenny is amazing! Brave smart woman!

  104. Joe

    Wow. A lot of information. But I don’t understand how Cliff comes to his conclusions. By examining UDP packets? Can someone explain how that works?

    • DD

      I’m just so glad they’re using humans on this Covid BS than animals
      Animal experiments need to STOP . There are plenty of humans who will volunteer if asked .
      It’s not right animals are used at the behest of scum humans
      I am happy to hear the vaccine makes people infertile too.
      Too many scum humans on this planet

    • Joe

      Does anyone know who the UDP packet analysis works? (Or whatever Cliff High uses?) I would like to try it at the local level (my city) to uncover the corruption and prove the corruption I already suspect.

  105. Greg

    Greg, Wow! What a great interview! Definitely my favorite of all time. What an interesting conversation and man. I like this because Cliff is so honest about his ideas and in his own way makes a great contribution to man kind.
    Thanks again Greg! You knocked it out of the park!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg!

  106. Tal Salsa

    Mr. High is eloquent, but has no true understanding of what money IS (or is not).

    His claim that Bitcoin is “sound money” is ridiculous.
    Bitcoin is NOT a money (Austrian School Regression Theorem proves this), never can be money, and has never been used as money, not even once.

    A bitcoin is a digital jeton. It is not even fiat money.
    I go into great length on this topic in my articles and lectures.

  107. Cathy

    OMG….I LOVE Clif High…
    I pick door #3…Military says “stolen election” TRUMP was always president. He is back in power…..(ATLAS SHRUGS IS REAL. ) PRAY this happens.
    God in Heaven runs the show…but this guy Clif High is one of his revealers.
    Great interview Greg..
    Thank YOU>

  108. Dusty Dude

    What an epic interview! I’ve listened to it twice ( so far). Well done!!!
    Been following Clif for the last few years.
    Been taking vitamins C, D, zink and chaga for over a year now. No jab for this old Dusty Dude….
    Thank you Greg for this incredible interview and for all your hard work. You are the best!

  109. Anthony Ulfig

    Cliff High is actually genius level and far smarter than most people. I have followed him for a decade and you have to pay attention to everything he has to say. Some people on this planet are truly gifted and cliff is definitely one of those people. What is taking place right now is a Georgia guide stone free mason satanic global takedown of the world we once knew. If we do not get divine intervention on this we are doomed.

  110. Joe

    Cliff High used to be on George Noory’s radio show a long time ago. Greg, do you know why Noory stopped interviewing him? To make matter’s worse I kept hearing George say Cliff Pie in the interviews so I could never find Cliff on the Internet.

  111. Southern Girl

    WOWWWWW!!! What an interview. Smashing success!!! I will have to go through it again to catch all the information I never even thought or heard about. Am soooo glad I did not take the jab, but saddened all of my siblings except one did. And these are no stupid uneducated people….just not critical thinkers. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  112. Rodney

    Now we see why Holliwood was making all these predictive ZOMBIE films..

  113. Anthony Ulfig

    Another thing to note about trump and biden.
    Go onto YouTube and any videos posted of biden overwhelmingly are unliked and the comments are either turned off or if they are not almost 100% are people who hate Biden. When trump was still on Facebook he had 26 million followers and biden had like 1.6 million followers. This would confirm cliff saying 20% maybe voted biden.

  114. Proff Chaos

    Nonsense. You mean to tell me that we weren’t able to operate efficiently pre-2008? Better yet, 1969? We’ve been able to conduct world trade in “global complexity” terms without the need for “crypto”systems. I think you would be amazed with what we can do with a pencil and a solar powered calculator. smh.

  115. Brian

    Excellent interview! Clif often meanders a bit in his solo shows, but the questions were direct and substantive enough to keep Clif on a roll for extended woo chat.

  116. AaronML

    Woketard….that’s the best lol

  117. Elder Son

    It is all pretty simple…

    Repurpose the flu.

    BTW, I am on my 17th exposure to a PCR tested positive Corona-Cooties person since The Great Reset scamdemic. Ya know, the mostest contagious and dangerous virus eva!

  118. Bill

    Ok, so Clif takes something like 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D a day which, I guess, is based on his weight. How does that translate to mg/ml of blood for others? My usual multivitamins with minerals has only 1000 IUs of Vit. D. I do usually spend a lot of time outdoors, though.

    • Bill Wilson

      My Doctor at the VA, tells me to take a 5,000 IU, every two days. I made the mistake of taking 5,000 IU every day, I started to feel sort of groggy. So, I changed back to 5,000 IU’s

  119. Mikhail Kalashnikov

    #ExtricateYourself from the system. BOTH SIDES OF THE LEDGER.

  120. Jon

    Thank you Greg! We love you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jon for all your support!


    I loved the interview. I have always loved listening to Cliff. That being said, Cliff does not know our very Big God. He is picking up on some of the results of the coming move of God, but unable to give God the Glory for what will be happening because he is incapable at this point. I pray that that will change soon, because God wants and deserves the Glory.

  122. David

    Cliff is NOT a born-again Christian…why did you put him on? He is describing the set-up for the Antichrist. “Getting rid of the evil people -” sure, to be replaced by the REALLY evil one.

    • Greg Hunter

      God uses people even it they do not realize it. “God’s word will not come back void” no matter who is doing the internet mining.

  123. Marvin

    Listening to Cliff is like getting an information injection. There is so much stuff to absorb in this interview I feel like a dry sponge that was just dropped in a bucket of water. The information on Vitamin D and Vitamin C alone is exceptional. I take more than the RDA of both but apparently not enough. Cliff’s point about the coming push back against forced vaccinations or simply authoritarian over reach is a serious matter which I think he is understating.

    I have real concern about so called cyber terrorists, either acting independently or as the proxy agent of some state sponsor, disabling the power grid. This concern is generally ignored or is misunderstood by most average citizens. However, I content that it should be a priority as recent events have demonstrated.

    The ransomware attack on the Pioneer Pipeline should be enough to illustrate the potential risk. The so Solar Winds hack attack on systems using the very security software designed to protect them should be a clear warning about how creative and inventive hackers can be.

    I contend that everyone should be taking steps now to prepare for the day when the power goes off and stays off.

  124. james timms

    My name is james, I listen to you frequently, and though I am not one to participate in
    social media forums and the like, I do enjoy the truth tellers on alternative media such as your own. Thank you for your diligence! I am currently putting together and update to send out to my group of Bible students, trust me, we are not traditional church!!! The update I am currently working on involves the study of and GRAPHENE, and it’s miraculous uses within the superconductor industries. Makes no sense? Not until you understand the enormous use in the application of nanoparticulate graphene that can be reproduced within the human body as a transmitter/receiver system in microscopic ultrafast nano-optics essentially allowing for lightspeed transfer of data within the human body. Not just speculation, but scientifically proven evidence. Your guest, Cliff High is very very close to expressing this information, but he is a bit short in understanding their efforts of creating human 2.0? My email is [email protected], my phone #325-656-3928. If possible, have Cliff High contact me, and I will share with you and him, how all of this comes into play with the “mark of the beast” and separation of “the wheat” and “the tares”. It is now! I am including a couple of articles that you might share with him. Prayers & Blessings!
    “the ambassador of the mystery of the gospel”
    In a nano-optics breakthrough, Haifa researchers observe sound-light pulses in two-dimensional materials for the first time
    Edible Graphene Is Here, And Electronics In Your Food Are Coming


    Scientists Use Graphene to Create Edible Electronics

    Hal Turner Radio Show – Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs

    Diamagnetism – Wikipedia

    Quantum oscillations (experimental technique) – Wikipedia

    THE 666 construct within the human vessel/avatar.
    Graphene is an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.

    Graphene – Wikipedia

    The following video announces the end of this generation/generated template/model/image of humanity or human 2.0 as referenced by Yeshua in Matthew 24:34.
    Prophecy is being fulfilled now!!!
    I DO NOT!!! Agree with everything that Rick Wiles says, but he has an inside track
    on “The Global Brain”/”beast system”.

  125. Werner

    would be really nice to have closed captions.

    without them I can’t listen.

  126. Doug

    Great interview to say the least Greg. Thank you for posting this. I have not listened to anything else that Clif has posted but will so now. One thing he mentioned lots was Vitamin D from the sun. Maybe you could mention to him us nudists. When I lived in Canada I was a member of AANR, American Association for Nude Recreation. Years ago they had 50.000 members. But since I moved to Panama and practice the lifestyle everyday I am no longer a member but it would maybe be a good source or pool of people he could find info from weather the nudist community has been spared from the Chinese virus.. Thank you and listen to the WNW every week without fail

  127. JC


    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: BBC Just Admits 50% of Deaths Include Vaccinated People!

    • Mark Heuer

      If they are admitting to 50%, its probably more like 90%.

  128. allan smith

    You can find Clif on Bitchute under clif_high. enjoy

  129. Jim Furr

    YEAH GREG!!!!!!!!
    Good interview : ) : ) : )

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim!

  130. Jim Ledyard

    We already have a population with Kovid Dementia. Everyone knew a YEAR AGO that Fauci gave $3.4 million to Wuhan Labs Inc. By the time CNN, NBC and Screw Tube were done gas-lighting, people were apologizing and begging forgiveness for even thinking kovid was a hoax.

  131. JC

    Some good news!

    CNN Dying – Ratings Crash To All Time Low…

    • Paul ...

      Good … boycott them all … and definitely put Big Pharma out of business!!

    • Charles H.

      The Dems will underwrite them.

  132. Harvey Ackermann

    I have not had the jab but a high power small magnet will stick to my upper arm. I wonder why this is happening. Possibly the material dispensed via chem trails may be the answer. Strontium is highly magnetic and said to be a constituent in chem trails. Note that I am not a tin foil hat kind of guy. I am an electrical engineer with decades of experience with specialized materials and microelectronics.

    • Paul ...

      Do you think perhaps the globalists are magnetizing us with the jab … so we will act as collectors of the radioactive Strontium 90 they put into the atmosphere with Fukushima … and thus … give us all cancer … and depopulate the world according to plan??

  133. Joseph Sullivan

    Bitcoin will NEVER be a “currency” let alone a reserve currency. Bitcoin DOES NOT have a STANDING ARMY or the ability to issue BONDS. Does anyone really believe that Sovereign States will peacefully give up that asset that gives them SO MUCH CONTROL simply because some bratty, millennial, geeks want them to do so? Bitcoin/ Crypto WILL never be a “storage of value” simply because you can PULL THE PLUG as OPPOSED to GOLD OR SILVER that you HOLD on your person! So when PUSH COMES TO SHOVE they will simply say bitcoin/crypto will be DECLARED CONTERFIET. They will kick in these geek, bitcoin, boys, door and take them to JAIL! They will cry like babies. Like the school bully that took their lunch money, bitcoin and crypto will be kick to the CURB! The ONLY chance they have is if they can BRIBE the FED and the DEEP STATE, but I doubt it.

  134. Don McFate

    A 4th way to solve the election mess: Become a state national and join your state assembly. Reconstruct your lawful state government and reestablish our Judicial courts. Reconstruction was NOT done after the Civil War. The power of the people has been usurped by corporations pretending to be our government. Those corporations are The United States and The United States of America. Look them up on Dunn and Bradstreet!,

  135. Todd


    Clif is definitely right about C60.

    We did a video back in 2018 on how to make (mix) your own C60 and have it posted on YouTube. It has nearly 80K videos. If you would like to share the video:

    • Paul ...

      Todd … with the price of C60 as high as $350 dollars for a few ounce bottle … it would pay to make your own … but … some people may still find making it themselves too complicated … perhaps … people should just let their toast get slightly burnt more in the toaster each morning … then drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle some garlic powder on it to hide the burnt flavor (instead of scraping the burnt toast to get rid of the C60) … it could yield similar benefits with less effort and “at a greatly reduced cost”!!

      • Paul ...

        Another benefit of C60 I forgot to mention is C60 prevents cells from turning into fat cells (in both mice and humans) … thus it may be effective in helping to prevent weight gain !!

      • Paul ...

        You know … I was making a tuna sandwich “on toasted rye” this evening … and I made the toast “extra dark” to produce C60 … but I kept thinking … was I eating enough C60 from the “extra dark” to slightly burnt bread I was making to give me an extra long life?? … as I was unsure of the amount of burnt toast I had to eat … to provide the required C60 … I remembered how the Bible spoke of man preparing “burnt food” for the immortal God’s …
        See: Leviticus 6: 8-13 …
        8) Effectively says: “The food must remain on the hearth with a fire kept burning on it all night until morning” … [now that is some “really burnt food” the God’s ate] !!
        12) Says it again: “The fire must be be kept burning … it must not go out … and the fat must be burnt” … [so it not burnt toast the God’s ate … they ate burnt meat and burnt fat to provide a lot of C60] !!
        Additionally it says: “The burnt meat was sent up to God twice a day … in the morning and in the evening” … [so it seems … instead of (or in addition to) me making burnt toast to eat … I should be burning my meat (and the fat) in my broiler almost to ashes to get the right amount of C60 in my diet] !! … you would have to be God to eat that stuff!!!

  136. Gregory Luze

    Man, I love Cliff High. Thanks for having him on. His voice is mesmerizing and always puts me to sleep so I have to listen to any of his podcasts twice. The guy is such a font of information.

  137. Computer Guy


    Can you please try to get Dr. Pierre Kory on your show. This was a great interview and ever since those treasonous murderers at YouTube removed your show you’ve been hitting it out of the park. Keep up the great work, we love you and god bless you.

  138. Catherine

    If you remember back in 1976 there was a Spanish influenza scare in which a untested vaccination first of its kind called the flu vaccine was suggested for anyone over 65. Fear was drummed up by President Ford as well as media. President Ford got the shot on TV to encourage people to take the shot. Well my 75 year old grandma took the shot believing in the governments desire to help the public avoid the Spanish flu (an uncle of hers actually died of the Spanish flu in 1918)
    In two years she lost her ability to read and didn’t know how to count change. In 3 years she was hallucinating and the next year she died.
    Of course Ford became a bumbling idiot people thought was funny. But who really knows.
    All I am saying is that I believe the flu shots were tested on the public for decades leading up to this vaccine. BTW. My mother took the flu shot in 1997 and the next day had tremors that eventually turned into a form of Parkinson’s called Dewey Bodies. She suffered for 15 years before dying a horrific death.
    I of course will never get a Covid vaccine and never even got a flu shot. I don’t expect to live forever but I am damn sure not going to get a form of dementia from the governments great concern for our safety.

    • Paul ...

      One cool intelligent cat who understands Government and the Medical Establishment!!

  139. Don Conrad

    Hi. Great interview. I am trying to help my priest who is writing religious exemption for students at Valparaiso University in Indiana. V.U. is forcing all students to get the “jab” to start fall classes and will not honor the religious exemption. Does anyone have a legal website I can point him to which might help the fight? I gave him C.A. Fitts exemption site put it looks like it was censored. Does anyone know about her site? I appreciate any help and lets keep up the fight. God Bless. Don Conrad

    • Greg Hunter

      Don I think you will find this very helpful:

      This is the from you want to hand to the school and you may want to brush up on the Nuremberg code of 1947. The federal government says it will NOT require vaccines for it’s employees or contractors. The reason is it is illegal to force an experimental drug trial on people. This is for schools: There is an entire section of links that help to back up this form at the end.

      Make them sign it. Make them properly inform you and your child. This is mad medical Mengele and I think a crime and breaking the Nuremberg code of 1947.


    • The Seer

      Jacobsen v Massachusetts
      Supreme Court ruled against forced
      Vaccines plus Nuremberg recognized

      • Paul ...

        Let’s not put all our eggs in one Nuremberg Code basket … we need to prepare now for the day when the Demon rats say: “The vaccine is not experimental anymore”!! … that’s when … the “Guarantee of Life and Liberty” under the Constitution of the United States of America becomes our savior from the jab … so legal arguments “should not be solely focused” upon the Nuremberg Code … but based upon “our more universal legal rights” under the US Constitution!!

  140. leo

    brain fog eh ? like mad cow disease? my brother took both jabs he is 71 and his wife found him in her closet trying on one of her blouses and she screamed Gary what the hell are you doing he said Im going to work, he is not a cross dresser so is that what we are talking about here.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Leo … the Big Pharma bastards put “Mad Cow like” Corona spike prions into their jab … in order to dumb us Americans down so we will all be exactly like the “Vice and Crime Puppet” Bribe’n (who gets off on smelling women’s hair and clothing) along with being impotent and completely sterilized!!

  141. Brick Stonehead

    I was wondering what Cliff High would say about everything that has happened and is likely to happen. Is it REALLY likely to happen ? Cliff provides insight that is not available anyplace else.

  142. Robert Kaplan

    How great it is to have your own platform for real news uncensored.
    Not able to do this on Youtube. You are right Greg this is a good interview.
    Cheers to both of you. God bless.

  143. The Ogs

    Excellent, Greg – very interesting and not over-long at all. This guy Clif might be a lot more than he seems? Because data-mining will take you only so far, point you in directions but then a guy must be pretty well connected. And Clif knows stuff for sure.
    Entertaining! Clif’s an entertaining guy and you let him talk, so thanks again.
    It’s a very great comfort to me, to recognize that you and your guests and even other commenters are all seeing the truly crazy stuff I’m seeing, some of it beyond description…

  144. james

    I’m really glad to follow you here Greg. Excellent interview. I Very much appreciate the effort. God bless .

  145. ottie mendez

    Greg, where can I listen to the full interview?

  146. Joe

    hey Greg,
    heard you mention the name Peyseur in passing, i think that subject deserves all the light you can shine on it as i find much ignorance surrounds it

  147. Andres

    Greetings from a Spaniard viewer, Greg. Here we have now the Socialist Pedro Sanchez that is as Globalist and evil as your current leaders; in fact, Sanchez is going to meet with Biden soon, if I am not mistaken. Thanks for all the work you do. Best wishes and God bless you.

  148. Lord Nasdaq

    What another great show, brother Greg. Thoroughly enjoyed the informative conversation between you and Clif High.

    I knew Harvard or Chapel Hill would be involved in the creation of new strain (hence 19) of the Corona Virus.
    Plenty of sun today for me in Davidson – 6 hours of mowing and lots of fresh Vitamin C via garden watermelon and South Carolina peaches, spinach, and popcorn. Downed two Vitamin D3 tablets with V8 as well during lunch break at 4:00pm.

    Nutrition professors at WCU in early 90’s taught us of the importance of fresh foods or nutrient dense to fight cancer and viruses. If a bird can eat so can you! Most of my lunches and some dinners are fresh foods only.
    And yes sunlight helps with vitamin D levels to fight infections, and helps with calcium absorption as well. I mow with no sunscreen for full absorption. Helps with my beautiful tanned Southern skin. Sunlight also help lower cholesterol levels.
    Oh yes all viruses replicate. Everyone with any medical knowledge knows viruses are RNA based — well until Zuckerburg, Gates, and Chapel Hill helped with a little DNA.
    Who got the Fauci Ouchie? I’ll pray for yall.

    Bought another kilo of silver on Saturday.
    FOMC has got to raise federal funds rate and securities, bonds, and Reits will suffer.
    Inflation is here. It’s been here and started with ObammaCare. Each welfare creation leads to increased spending via paper money. The New (Failed!) Deal from FDR and Failed Society by LBJ, along with Clinton’s Welfare MOM (You were told Soccer MOM back then) child tax credits all lead to dollar destruction. Biden’s speeches about basically increasing child tax credits on April 27th, and over a week ago kill the markets momentum at some point. So not buying now and going on break.

    Purchased some ADA (a platform) and HBAR (a public ledger) as cryptocurrency play and both are much more ecologically sound. Bitcoin is a preservation of wealth like precious metals. Ethereum will be like My Space (see FB) and DOGE was created as a joke. But yes Bitcoin and Ethereum use a ton of electrical power. Transactions much slower compared to HBAR.

    But I spent much more buying another kilo of Valcambi Cast Poured with Assay betting on global fiat currency debacle leading us into SDR’s as explained by James Rickards – another great writer and guest on your show.

    Long NNDM, NIO, RBLX, CTT, GILT, and U and still holding others like CPB and CAG all purchased late last year and during mid May ^Vix spikes. But on vacation now.
    Have long put option on FUN for October 2021 monthly just for fun. ha ha

    Another home-run from USAWatchdog!
    God bless, Greg Hunter.

  149. dclinde

    I have been a big believer in vitamin D for years. When the pandemic started, I saw Dr. Shiva’s protocol (vitamins A, C, D plus iodine drops) to stay healthy in the open letter he wrote to President Trump. I thought this makes perfect sense so I started on the protocol as well as my family and my sister did too. Admittedly this is a small sample of 5 people but none of have gotten the Wuhan virus. My sister is a physician’s assistant and was exposed to the virus several times. Recently my sister said that she knows a traveling radiologist that was exposed to the virus. An elderly man who was in the process of dying from the virus coughed right into the face of this radiologist. The radiologist thought to herself for certain she was going to contract the virus but she never did. My sister asked me “Guess what?” I said the radiologist was taking vitamin D. My sister said “Bingo! You’re right.”

  150. Lady Au Stackers United

    El Salvador adopts BTC as its legal currency. China passes into law if ANY country uses sanctions against them then China has the right to RETALIATE in any way Chinese government chooses regardless of international push back. China has for decades encouraged its citizens to buy gold and silver for personal purchasing power protection. And on a personal note, I can’t drive across into British Columbia, Canada because I will need written proof of the “Kill Shot” and my home state is Alaska. Remote viewer Major Ed Dames US Army retired, always talked about what he and other remote viewers consistently came up with was The Kill Shot. They could not determine exactly the nature of the phrase going back 5 to 10 years when they first came up with the phrase but perhaps Covid jabs are The Kill Shot. My “Woke-Tard” friends in WA state think getting “fully vaxxed” is the greatest thing since sliced bread. My mother got the J&J jab early March in Colorado and 3 months later she is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and she is not overweight – coincidence result of the CV19 VAX? Perhaps or maybe not. My politically conservative friends are on the same page: Don’t get the Covid Vax. Don’t take The Kill Shot!

  151. russell

    just visited Clif High’s pure sleep website.
    they are out of inventory.
    good job watchdoggers!

  152. eddiemd

    El Sal is the first country to go bitcoin. This is a test bed. I cannot see how it will work. The poor cannot pay for bitcoins. They will have to go full digital with some type of implant and/or nanoparticle tattoo.

    I wonder how MS-13 and Calle 18 are going to operate without cash.

    Coming to America in force. 180,000 stops at the border in May alone. Part of the CCP/PLA plans to infiltrate the USA. I wonder what types of training they have received…i.e targeting the grid, water, communications, military bases, etc

    China moving into the neighborhood. Quickly. Panama, Nicaragua, El Sal…They can organize the gangsters and send them north…they are already doing this. Another army inside the wire…MS-13 and Calle 18. Trump was correct on these issues. Bad guys inbound.

    • eddiemd

      And here is the good news. The Lord Jesus Christ saves to the uttermost.

    • Paul ...

      Ed-md … Bitcoin is not going to stop MS-13 and Calle 18 … they can operate without cash … they will simply switch from paper cash to physical gold and silver … as for the weight of the metal … they will just have to make it a part of their business model (the guns they sell and cocaine they sell have weight … so now the money they use will also have weight) … no big deal!!
      Note: This is probably one reason Rick Ackermen’s friend finds he has such a long wait time getting delivery of 1000 oz bars (huge demand from the Drug and Gun running Cartels)!!

      • eddiemd

        They can barter for guns and drugs.

        In the 90s I spent several months in Honduras mainly in Tegucigalpa. It was a dangerous city then before Hurricane Mitch.

        I would see young kids sleeping in the streets huffing paint and glue all the time. Same in San Pedro Sula.

        I am sure the same occurs in El Sal, Guatemala, and Mexico. A lot of these kids eventually became gang members. They had no choice. It meant survival.

        Brain damaged orphans with nothing and no one. Owned by Satan. Children 6 to 12 years old sleeping in the streets. The only person who can save them is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  153. Josepch

    If I remember right this guy is an atheist. So he doesn’t take God into account when it comes to anything.

  154. Truth Liberty Justice

    Stop calling it a vaccine! Use the term Experimental jab or any variation thereof, do not write another article stating it is a vaccine, it is not!

    • Paul ...

      Correct TLJ … the experimental “vaccine” is in reality an evil diabolical and lethal: “Kill Shot Sterilizing Mad Cow Blood Clotting Skin and Brain Melting Magnetizing Pac-Man Cell Eating Heart and Organ Failure Jab” purposely developed by Big Pharma and promoted by Demon “commies” in Big Government to jab people at Warp Speed (so they won’t live more then 2 years and save Social Security) … as for us taking C60 (we will live 90% longer lives and be happy about it)!!

  155. Daniel Pete

    I think part of the Biden payoff to the CCP , is letting them mine rare earth minerals in Alaska – where it has been determined has a vast wealth of such minerals . Why do you think Trump lifted research and development bans for such projects ? New Tech will be in need of these rare earth minerals.

  156. Charlie Patterson

    Clif High has higher expertise in more fields than anyone alive!
    Academics run away when they see him on their Horizon because it is an Event they cannot Fathom…
    He holds 3 Patents that speak for themselves!
    If you read Boscovich you might get a glimpse into that Mansion.
    He is the Da Vinci of his Time…

  157. Andy

    An exceptional interview Greg, great call getting Clif on. Truly delivering information that is not available elsewhere. Thank you

  158. Bob

    Well well well, it looks like George Bush was involved with the idea of lockdowns and shutdowns.

    It is ironic therefore that liberals are the biggest fans of lockdowns and travel bans.

    At least the vax cures liberalism. Maybe don’t want to stop *everyone* taking it?

    • Paul ...

      Once all the Demon-rat liberal commies are either dead or sterilized … the jabs will automatically stop (just like fermentation eventually stops) … and America will be like a very fine wine!!

      • Paul ...

        Red wine!!

  159. Jay rocco

    Clif always brings huge comments. Please Greg keep Clif on once a month if possible in these trying times. Thank you again

  160. Self Exiled

    What happens to a person who has been vaccinated that gets caught in an EMP blast? If they are magnetically charged, and have nano particles that can transmit I would think their would be a significant amount of pain or death.

    • Robert K

      That is an excellent point! Something I never thought about until you just brought it up…

      I would imagine humans who took the poison jab would stop functioning, just like any electronic device would be fried, so too would they. Definitely frightening.

    • Paul ...

      SE … With all those iron particles injected into us … I bet those microwave beams they shoot at people for crowd control … will work a lot better … as the sparks begin jumping all over our body like mini-lightening bolts (just like when you put metal in a microwave oven) … and then heats up and begins to boil the water in your cells!!

  161. USA I I

    What happens to the usefullness and liquidity of crypto (emphasis on ‘cry’) when the electricity gets switched off? Paper currency still works at the grocery checkout during a system failure while card payers are left standing there with a cartful and no place to go. Experienced this here in the first world many times.

  162. Mark Lanctot

    Cliff mentioned C60 in regards to personal health. I would be extremely interested in further information.

    Love you Greg,

    • Paul ...

      Mark … It increases your lifespan by 90%!!

  163. Bill the Cat Guy

    A few years ago he predicted that evidence that the earth by settled by space aliens would be found in Antarctica and, while not saying it, it would disprove the Bible. Of course it never happened but it did spread a satanic lie. I think he gets at least of his predictions from demons so I don’t think it’s a good idea to listen to him. Or to anyone who claims to have spirit guides. Like jsnip4 or Bix Weir.

    • Paul ...

      Cliff is not spreading a Satanic lie … it is “clearly written” right in the Bible (scriptures in Genesis 6 refer to fallen angels interbreeding with human women to produce half-demon giants)!! … not so sure they were so perverted that they had actual intercourse with monkeys … but artificial insemination was more then likely … by these beings from heaven who had the same scientific knowledge we have today (to create human/animal hybrids) … the one in charge back locked away the geneticists for creating such monsters and then threw a huge asteroid at Earth creating a Biblical flood (also spoken of in the Bible) that killed off off the all mutant DNA experiments created by the alien geneticists lead by Satan!!
      Note: I think the reason the Catholic Church worships Satan is because they figure man is only here today because Satan genetically engineered us from monkeys … but Satan’s purpose “was not so altruistic” … he was trying to create “slaves” to mine gold … for “no pay” (but a few bananas) … and be happy about it … the same way Klaus Schwab and the other “Satanic Demon”s like Gates and Fauci are genetically engineering us today and want to now make us into silicon based cyber borgs!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … if you think about it … the aliens primary purpose for coming down to Earth was to mine “Gold” … doing some genetic engineering on some indigenous monkeys “to help them mine the gold” was of secondary importance to them … so why was “Gold” so valuable to these aliens (and us gold-bugs)? … did they use Gold “as a power source” to run all their electronic equipment?? … could very well be …… and “what else” made it so extremely valuable???

        • Paul ...

          Now tell me you crypto addicts … what would you rather have to trade … an electronic bit inside a computer … or a Gold “nano-wire battery” that never needs to be replaced and can hold a charge indefinitely (no more need to start up your car so your battery won’t go dead) … now … just use your mind and imagine this … what if the aliens who were logical and scientific (not saying how moral they were) now placed “an electron emitter” like titanium tritide (TiT 2) into their Gold batteries? … such a battery “will not only charge itself automatically … but will never have to be replaced” … so … that physical “Gold” that Stan sells short and makes so worthless in his comments … can give mankind batteries that never die, charge themselves and never need to be replaced … now what dollar value?? would you assign to such Gold … would people value it for what they now pay to own a “bit” inside a computer ($38,000) .. or much more???

  164. Bill the Cat Guy

    I mean to say, “earth WAS settled”

  165. Donald Mcleod

    The Military needs to restore the Republic now.

  166. eddiemd

    We have been talking about the CCP/PLA student infiltration for months at USAWD. From a posting at Steve Quayle website.

    I would say that the CAP canal in Arizona is at the top of their list for cyberwarfare or commando strike.

    Don’t forget the container ship weapons systems.

  167. eddiemd

    I would like to see Cliff do an analysis of Israel and Iran.

    This is the center of the Biblical prophecy. Trouble approaching.

  168. eddiemd

    Controlled narrative having problems.

    Traitor Joe and Putin. No joint press conference afterwards which is the norm.

    I would like to see the Russians record the talks and play it back. Putin and Lavrov sitting down with Bribe’em and Blink’em.

    We were still using this in the 1980s. I am sure that they are still in the arsenal. Probably updated.

    Our enemies have them also. Russians, CCP/PLA…could be moved across the border or through shipping very easily.

    Makes for a good false flag weapon in the right city.

  169. Jim

    Thanks for Operation Warpspeed, Trump!

  170. al

    Greg, I cut my teeth on this technology.


    1- DARPA/DOD invented the IP Protocol based on the UDP frame Structure in the 1970s and they ABSOLUTELY KNEW WHAT THEY INVENTED, an electronic information transfer mechanism FOR COVERT MESSAGING! There was no need for packet monitoring at the time. They had to use oscilloscopes to figure out what problems were occurring. I DID THE SAME THING AS AN ELECTRONICS ENGINEER when testing router interfaces !!!

    Mr. High makes it sound like the DOD/DARPA accidentally invented a Frankenstein.. Oh please… Nothing could be further from that statement! FAKE TECH!!!

    2- The UDP he is referring to is the IP Protocol Packet and its timestamp and physical location information IS NOT FOUND IN THE in the UDP packet. That is created by analysis software in real time at the time of the packet capture session!!! FAKE TECH!

    3- How is Mr. High getting this information now? He quit making the reports based on information he got from “web scraping” because he said, and I quote, “the blue chickens are screwing up the Internet data”…. Give me a break Greg, this guy is crazier than Fauci the Fraud Quack!


    Clif is a typical self-taught software engineer who speaks eloquently therefore thinks he knows everything. DON’T GET SUCKERED!!!
    I don’t disagree with him on the stolen election or the fact that we’re in a universal shift, but he’s a flim-flam artist so I take everything he says with a grain of salt. FAKE TECH!!!

    He gets his political information from BitChute, Brighteon and other competing platforms listening to people like Mel-K, or X22, or SGT Report… WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT !!!
    OH GIVE ME A BREAK! He said NOTHING new here and made a lot of FAKE TECH COMMENTS.

    • Rachel

      I agree with your logic here Al

    • Diane

      Thanks Al…I agree!!!!!

  171. Lady Au Stackers United

    Very creepy post Eddie re El Salvadorians implants. Yes very poor country, no bank accounts therefore Cryptos via Smart phones. Wasn’t this tried in some country in Africa too? About Covid shots in British Columbia, Canada: A.M. Radio broadcast news reports BC citizens who have not received the 2nd shot may now take even if it does not match the first Namebrand they initially got. Say what! Remember when the shots were first offered and the advice was don’t mix but stay with Moderna-Moderna or Astazenica-Astrazenica. But hey, good news! Now our friends up north can now MIX & MATCH their Kill Shot! Wowee, what a deal! Just like take-out order for food. Or here in WA state, nonessential Gov Inslee is offering Lotto tickets, tuition reductions, and even 10% discounts on groceries at your favorite supermarket. What a great deal on the latter, can buy $20 dollars of groceries and get a whopping $2 dollars off if I take The Kill Shot. Let’s see, hmmm that’s $2 dollars for the eventual extermination of our lives. Nahhhh’ I’ll pass, no thanks.

  172. Occasnltrvlr

    Stilllll waiting for that GCE….

  173. Wonka Foster

    Love me some Clif High. Since they didn’t mention it, to watch more of Clif his BitChute channel is “Clif_High”

  174. Karrl A

    Unfortunately, I am late to viewing this video. I have gone through all the posts and I failed to find one, not even one, that connects the UDP discussion with what Mike Lindell is/has been doing. And Lindell just recently decided to move up his incredible event to…..JULY!

    You need to get Mike Lindell on here ASAP!! People need to know what he is doing and what is coming like a freight train. Mike has all the irrefutable UDP data! that shows the votes being manipulated from China. If Clif is correct about the military knowing that the election was stolen…..this event in July will force the military’s hand.

    • Paul ...

      Karrl … all you need to know is that UDP is a connection-less protocol …
      every device that is connected to the internet has a unique address (an IP address) … which simply consists of numbers and decimals enabling devices connected to the internet to find other devices to send and receive data (commonly known as routing) … without a unique address there would be no internet … but the SS (Surveillance State) has the ability to monitor every IP address on the internet … using a connection-less protocol (called UDP)!!

      • Paul ...

        The way this ties in with the election fraud re-count … seems to suggest we have some White Hats within the SS “who are working with us” to reveal the connections the voting machines had with “commies” in foreign countries using the UDP connection-less protocol … which by the way … can also track crypto currency!!

  175. Jim Furr

    You need to be carful who you have on your program.
    I knew Clif was not Christian and you have sent many
    viewers to his site just by promoting him to your audience.
    Have you seen his anti-Christ message today?
    -Jim >

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Clif is not a brother. I also know “God’s word will not come back void” no matter is who is doing the Internet data mining. I try to put people on with good analysis and information. Clif certainly delivered and who knows how God can use anyone. It was worthy the risk for the information delivered.

    • eddiemd

      The prophets of Egypt and the prophets of Baal sometimes got it right. Even the witch of Endor. These antichrist spirits are still in the world.

      Remember that there will be many false prophets in the end times. Not just church going but also non believers. Watch TBN sometime and you will recognize the false teachers and prophets.

      At some point the Restrainer will be removed. Then Satan will be given great powers to deceive many.

      Test the spirits. Know what the Holy Scripture says. The Word of God is your guide to wisdom, knowledge, and discernment. The Holy Spirit will guide your steps.

      In other words…remain on the highway of holiness. Be obedient. Repent. Keep a clean heart before the Lord.

      Praise and worship the Holy One of Israel. He will never forsake you.

      Remember that Solomon asked for one thing…to have the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Discernment.

      You are correct. This bitchute video shows delusions. Evidence of being given over to foolishness.

  176. Gary


    Exactly what was said.

    • Mike R

      Spooky. This could be mostly Democrats. Trump must already know that.

      Does Pelosi drive ? Or Schumer ? or Schiff ?

  177. james


  178. FreeMpg

    One thing Cliff discounts is the fact the military may have been captured, at least the Joint Chiefs of Staff seem to have been.

    PS: Would you consider interviewing John E Hoover? He was the lead program manager on the Oracle map project and is now analyzing CDC data as an expert witness along with Dr Judy Mikovits in Larry Klayman’s citizens’ grand jury hearing.

    Turns out 2019-20 was the worst flu season in US history according to the CDC. COVID allegedly disappeared flu according to Fauci. Hoover and Mikovits’ hypothesis? A variant of the reconstituted Spanish Flu with gain of function got loose.

    “Citizens’ Grand Jury – Fauci Indictment Prosecutor Larry Klayman Presents Expert Witness Testimony”–wXD3zf6w?t=2320

  179. Josie

    Your body can not and will not survive these shots. What these shots do to your body cannot be reversed it was planned that way!

    • Mike R

      Evidence ?

  180. Calvin Budge

    Psychiatrist condemned after discussing fantasies of shooting white people in lecture
    154,163 views•Jun 7, 2021 Sky News Australia
    A New York City-based psychiatrist who held a lecture at Yale where she shared her fantasies about shooting white people has claimed her comments have been taken out of context.
    Dr Aruna Khilanani has been criticised over the weekend after audio of her April 6 lecture at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Centre emerged online.
    The title of the lecture was “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind”, and, within it, Dr Khilanani said she fantasised about “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person” that got in her way.
    “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favour,” she said.
    Dr Khilanani, who said she is of Indian descent, is not officially affiliated with Yale University.
    In a statement she told the New York Times the comments were not meant to be taken literally.
    “My speaking metaphorically about my own anger was a method for people to reflect on negative feelings. To normalise negative feelings. Because if you don’t, it will turn into a violent action,” she said.
    The university decided to keep the lecture up on its website but restrict its access to the Yale community only.
    Yale said the university “found the tone and content antithetical to the values of the school”, but the faculty has a commitment to free speech.
    “In deciding whether to post the video, we weighed our grave concern about the extreme hostility, imagery of violence, and profanity expressed by the speaker against our commitment to freedom of expression,” a university spokesperson said.

    • Paul ...

      CB … The psychopathic mind of “a white person” named Madonna .. fantasized about blowing up Trump in the White House … and if she got away with it (like the psychopathic “white people” who blew up the World Trade Center) would simply wash her bloody hands (like the “white” psychopath Pontius Pilate did) … and walk away guiltless … what we all need to understand is … some white people (mostly Demon rats) can be evil (look at Hillary) … but blaming that bad behavior “on the color of a persons skin” is psychotic … just as it is psychotic to blame a black skin color for peoples bad behavior (it is more a genetic DNA disorder) … however … currently it seems like “we are all psychopaths” as we currently blame an entire race (white or black people) for the actions of a few (and are happy about doing it)!!

  181. John

    Wow, just noticed that Bill O’Reilly also is saying that the Biden administration will collapse in the fall. O’Reilly says, “you mark my words, you write them down.”

  182. Ken L

    Thanks Greg for bringing us Cliff. Appreciate it.

  183. regaleagle

    One last comment…….Where would we be without Greg Hunter? We need more Greg Hunters to help the silent majority to become emboldened and educated for this time in history…….to FEAR NOT!! And Greg will make sure we hear the rest of the story. AMEN.

  184. Max Meister

    We are tied up to our office desk day in and day out. We have little change to catch sunlight and to move our body. That makes sick indeed.
    And they don’t leave us an option. Either you work in IT or you don’t work or your job will be automated soon anyway.

  185. Jerry5

    This is the most chilling video I have ever seen concerning the pandemic.–wXD3zf6w

    According to this information what we are dealing with is not covid19
    as we’ve been told, but a form of influenza incubated from corpses frozen in permafrost in Alaska that had the Spanish flu of 1918 in them. As bizarre as this sounds the data presented seems to validate this hypothesis. Now why all deaths had to be tagged with COVID. It’s a coverup for what the real virus is. Most doctors have never seen strains of Spanish flu, so they don’t have a clue of what the spiked protein really looks like. This is insane!

    • Paul ...

      Jerry5 … WOW!! … THIS IS EXPLOSIVE!!! … good work Jerry … what is being revealed is that the Evil Rotten Insane Immoral Psychopathic Frankenstein Monster Fauci went to Alaska “and dug up the dead bodies of people who died of the Spanish Flu” … to get the Spanish Flu Virus out of their lungs … and then this Spanish Flu Virus was released upon the American people back during the 2008-9 banking crisis … consequently influenza deaths began rising and rising in America … by 2019 the influenza deaths were getting so high that Fauci “must have panicked” (fearing that he would be blamed for releasing the Spanish Flu Virus that was causing all the influenza deaths in America … so to probably throw us of the track he ran to China and released “a very mild” Corona virus (that according to statistics is hardly killing people in Asia) … he then declared a pandemic was released from a China lab … so now … “all the people dying of influenza in America” (because of the Spanish Flu Virus he dug up in Alaska and released) could be lumped in with any people who tested positive for Covid-19 and subsequently died … this way all the influenza deaths “he created” could be attributed to the release of Covid-19 virus from China … and thus… he could tell Trump to call it “The China Virus” … of course the Military Industrial Complex probably just loved “having a good excuse to blame China” for attacking us with a bio-weapon … so they could justifiably bring us to war with China … this all smacks of another “planned false flag attack upon America” by warmongering criminal neocons within (just like they did 9-11 … and killed thousands of Americans to bring us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., etc.) … these neocon traitors have gone to far … they must all be rounded up … and executed for treason!!!!

  186. ID

    Excellent interveiw Greg well done. With respect to the FBI annoucing their ability to hack Bit coin wallets as well as their Encro chat app trap. It is now obvious that ALL cryptos have electronic backdoors. Physical precious metals will have to play an important role in the new paradigm.

  187. Carl Chadwick

    Whenever anyone mentions “iron oxide nanoparticle” with this injection into mankind, then perhaps we should take note that WE WERE WARNED!:
    Daniel 2:43 “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”
    Daniel 2:44 “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” (KJV)

  188. Robert K

    21 hours ago on FEMA’s official twitter account, they posted on August 11th at approximately 2:20 p.m. E.S.T. they will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts… The timing is interesting, considering election fraud audits are taking place…

    Unrelated, and has not been vetted, but allegedly, Jack Posobiec tweeted out that Trudeau was overheard telling staffers he expects Heels Up harris to be president by the end of 2022, per WH official attending the G7.

    • Paul ...

      Many are lining up HOH (head over heels) for HUH to become President!!

  189. Robert K has been down, and has been for a while. When you try to access their site, it is a white screen with an 403 error code and “Forbidden” message… I guess this is what happens when you report the truth about election fraud, huh?

  190. eddiemd

    The entire Traitor Joe cabinet and high level placements are Obama people. The USA is doomed unless the military takes back the government. There is no other way. We have been taken over by domestic enemies with the aid of the CCP/PLA. The current leadership is delusional and deceived. They have been given over to a reprobate mind to worship the creation rather than the Creator El Elyon, Dios Altisimo, Highest God.

    Samantha Power. High level Obama operative. Marxist. In charge of the cover CIA organization USAID.

    This NYT writer is another CIA writer. Cultural Marxist.

    They are haters of God. They will be very surprised when the weapons of indignation are released and the wrath of God is upon them. They will cry for mercy but they will not be heard.

    Ezekiel 8:18
    18 Therefore I will deal with them in anger; I will not look on them with pity or spare them. Although they shout in my ears, I will not listen to them.”

    The day of the Lord. Coming soon.

    Isaiah 66:14-16
    When you see this, your heart shall rejoice,
    And your bones shall flourish like grass;
    The hand of the Lord shall be known to His servants,
    And His indignation to His enemies.
    For behold, the Lord will come with fire
    And with His chariots, like a whirlwind,
    To render His anger with fury,
    And His rebuke with flames of fire.
    For by fire and by His sword
    The Lord will judge all flesh;
    And the slain of the Lord shall be many.

  191. eddiemd

    NATO now confronting China. NATO should have been disbanded years ago.

    Trump was correct on making the nations of NATO pay their fair share. NATO/USA is the military arm of the NWO/WEF antichrist system. Rome will be the main site of the religious arm. Financial…somewhere in the EU or who knows where. The Pergamos throne of Satan was reconstructed in Berlin.

    Indignation coming upon the USA. Everything will be destroyed very quickly. By what and by whom remains to be determined.

    Isaiah 40:3-5
    The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
    “Prepare the way of the Lord;
    Make straight in the desert
    A highway for our God.
    Every valley shall be exalted
    And every mountain and hill brought low;
    The crooked places shall be made straight
    And the rough places smooth;
    The glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
    And all flesh shall see it together;
    For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

    The same call of John the Baptist. Today is the same call. He is coming again. Prepare the way.

  192. Chuckfxl

    I can always buy Bitcoin with gold or silver. I’ll stay with precious metals thank you!

  193. Nancy Alden

    I could not get this to play – is it being censored?

    • Greg Hunter

      My tech people say there is not a problem on USAW or Rumble. They think it is tech censorship through your ISP. Also if you are using an ad blocker or have a outdated browser that too can cause problems. Unplug your modem for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and reload. Let me know if that works.

  194. eddiemd

    F-22 scramble. Unknown reasons.

    Remember a couple years back when Hawaii was under imminent incoming missile attack.

    No doubt CCP/PLA subs on constant patrol in and around the islands. Probably off the coast of San Diego, San Fran, and Bremerton WA.

    “Ames is the home of NASA’s large research and development divisions in Advanced Supercomputing,[8] Human Factors,[9] and Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Systems[10]). ”

    Close to Silicon Valley…this whole region crawling with CCP/PLA spies. Hey, FBI, can you verify this for us?

  195. Geena Gador

    Hi Greg. Have you ever had Ice Age Farmer on your show?

    Here is his latest video:

  196. Merry Piper

    Interesting hand sign at the end of your guest’s commentary.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think that is from the original Star Trek TV show. Spock used that hand sign.

    • Bill

      That hand sign was part of Spock’s culture. That hand sign started being used in the original Star Trek series in 1966-67. Spock used that hand sign, when he was saying goodbye to friends.

  197. RedOpal

    I haven’t finished the video yet Greg, really interesting eh?

    If you are going to get into vitamin D you should read the following book…

    The book suggests if you are going to take large amounts of Vitamin D, you should take it with Vitamin A and Vitamin K2; i.e Vit D, VitA and Vit K2 as a group.



    Greg did you see the healthy Danish soccer plater collapse on the field Saturday during the Euro championships. The player plays in England and received 2 doses of J&J shots. Poor guy died on the field. The docs hit him with the electronic paddles and brought him back.

    NOT ONE WORD that the vaccine might be the cause.

  199. Nancy Alden

    Thanks for your kind reply. Sorry to say it did not help. What can we do about this unwarranted censorship?

    • Greg Hunter


      Try Changing browsers. Internet explorer is no longer updated and is a huge problem. Browsers with ad blockers also a problem.


  200. J.P. Morgunstun

    Exclusive: Full Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin
    456,065 views•Jun 14, 2021 NBC News
    In an NBC News worldwide exclusive, senior international correspondent Keir Simmons sits down with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow for a one-on-one interview, just a day ahead of the critical summit with President Biden.

    Susan Rice Accidentally Proved [Soros&Son’sBarack] Obama (Not Trump) Is Guilty of Dereliction of Duty

  201. Jerry5

    When I read this plan to get us all injected I still can’t believe it.

    DIVOC is COVID spelled backwards. Evidently the central planners didn’t think we were intelligent enough to figure that one out. It is apparent from what I’m hearing that the G7 have already signed off on covid19 ID passports to travel anywhere throughout the world. As this program continues to be rolled out in local jurisdictions be prepared to have the federal government cut off funds for any city or county government who does not capitulate. That includes schools.

    Greg as a side note, my wife’s best friend who’s been going through cancer treatments the past several years got COVID the other day. She did not take the jab. She received ivermectin from her daughter who is a nurse, and started feeling better within 48 hours. It begs the question with those type of results why they trying to shove these vaccinations down our throat? I think you know the answer.

  202. Norlin Gutz

    Gregg, I thought your audience would like to know what’s going on out in the midwest here as we are experiencing one of the worst droughts than many of our old timers say they’ve ever seen. We are in the NW part of Iowa and we have never seen our crops suffering this bad, this early in the season. We enjoyed a very good crop last year on limited rain as our sub soil (which can retain 11″ of water) really saved us last year, so we came into this season needing a recharge. It hasn’t come and we have had 90+ temps for the last 10 days. We are expecting near 100 degrees later this week so crop prospects are looking really dire. Whether this is a normal weather cycle or a man made seeding plan, we are in a major test of our faith as we struggle through this.

  203. Rich Rozmarn

    GREAT INTERVIEW GREG, thanks for all that you do. Check this out, cases of an increase of 394% (p=0.00001) (Fig. 2). Vaccination associated lymphadenopathy was attributed to 77.8% of lymphadenopathy cases of all causes in the current period (119 lymphadenopaties were attributed to the vaccine.

  204. Jerry5

    This is a heads up to you and your readers. A false flag attack may be the making.

    The last time that our military tried this the Russians knocked the destroyer out with an EMP weapon mounted on a Russian fighter jet.
    The news media covered it up to spar Obama humiliation in the news.
    Once again the globalist are trying to provoke war, as a cover to install the new world order. I’m hoping Putin doesn’t take the bait.

    • eddiemd

      90 Tomahawk cruise missiles on that ship alone. Apparently that are nuclear capable.

      I don’t believe that Russia will take too kindly to this. They are probably locked on for quick dispatch if there is any indication of a launch.

      Potential surprise attack. Short time window to respond.

      That means 4 ships in the Black Sea.

      Dangerous times. False flag.

  205. Rick

    Arrests……..Speedy Trials……….Convictions?…………..Hangings!
    Then I will believe things are improving.

    • Greg Hunter

      Right “Rick” !! You keep doing your part by complaining and posting anonymously. Stay hidden and keep out of the way.

  206. D EarthObserver

    This is just a passing thought, I wonder how Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance Theory fits into Clif High’s work? Especially the “QWERTY” keyboard experiment. Something to ponder.

  207. Paul ...

    Seems … we are finally beginning to challenge the growing “commie authoritarianism” found at all levels of our government … starting at the local level … we are now restoring control back to the People … over recent years “the commies” in Federal, State and Corporate Bureaucracies have grabbed unprecedented powers (never before witnessed in American history) in flagrant violation of the US Constitution … we are now finally standing up to this “commie ruling elite” who have used the Covid-19 health scare as a pretext … to usurp and violate our Fundamental Constitutional Protections!! …

  208. Country Codger

    Hi Greg. It is fantastic that Clif generated so many comments.

    Please sir, look at the photos of Putin at the meeting with Biden and go back in the archives a few weeks or months and look at how his face has changed. His face looks much “puffier” than I ever remember. This is a very active man who exercises daily and also does his workouts every day. You think it is because of some ailmen? I think it is possible he is suffering from some unknown condition? There are just a couple of years difference in our ages and I am just wondering if he is having some kind of “therapy”. Also, notice the direction of his eyes in numerous photos. They are toward the floor or toward the ceiling. I don’t blame him for being exasperated in having to deal with sleepy Joe but this is a man of a great deal of concentration in all of his meetings.
    Maybe I am just crazy but I have never seen him like this. He is not someone I would call a friend but he is/or was a worthy adversary.


  209. Not So Free

    Dynamite interview. I finally got to watch it.
    Only one comment; For vitamin D supplements use D3, not D2.
    D2 is synthetic.. D3 is natural.

  210. Marie+Joy

    At some point, China and Russia will invade. We are too weak to miss this opportunity and the slaughter of Americans will commence.

    • Tin foil hat

      That may happen in 10-20 years after the collapse but not right after. If I were running things in Russia or China, I would focus on strengthening the “One belt & road” commence which likely will be the backbone to back the new global reserve currency – Europe, Eurasia, China, South America, S.E. Asia, maybe Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

      I would definitely leave America alone and as far away from the new system as possible in order to whelm/isolate the usual chaos post collapse.

  211. Jerry5

    I can’t emphasize enough for people to start making final preps.
    Anytime law enforcement issues a warning I would take it seriously.

    The dates are unimportant, but I can tell you this, the event will be much sooner than most of us think. Today I was told by my phone carrier that they were sending me an iPhone for free to be used with 5G that will be turned on in my area on July 1. Why is that important? I have been using a flip phone for years so I couldn’t be tracked. Two weeks ago they sent me a letter telling me I had until January 2022 to continue using it, at which point it would be turned off. What’s changed ? What’s the rush? It’s just like the jab. Anytime someone starts a hard sell on you, you feel like you’re being hustled at a used car lot. I’ll tell you what’s changed. The globalist are chomping at the bit to get everyone vaxed by July 4th to start the next phase of the reset rollout, and there are to many people ( thanks to your efforts Greg ) waking up. They’ve tried the soft sell approach, and now they’re going to use the more direct approach by turning the grid off.
    How will that help? It’s an end around approach over state and local jurisdictions that have no power over the power corporations. No pun intended. Heat index’s of over 100 degrees can be a huge motivator for people who refuse to cooperate. But guess what? The feds are here to help. As long as you roll up your sleeve.

    • eddiemd

      Arizona is in trouble.

      We have the audit just about done in Maricopa County.

      As I mentioned before last week, the CAP canal provides 80% of the populations water and relies heavily on the grid for the pumphouses to move the water. No doubt that this is a cyberwarfare target.

      In addition we have several military bases of strategic importance. Luke AFB in Maricopa County, Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Marana AAF between Tucson/Phoenix, Fort Huachuca, Yuma MCAS, and Navajo Depot along I-40.

      Fort Huachuca sits on the border. It is the center for MI, drone operations, cyberwarfare defense for the Army. It is a vulnerable target. I wonder if they have an Iron Dome like defense.

      This base is a very short distance from the Mexico/Arizona border.

  212. Marie+Joy

    There is an online rumor the oil and gas industry plans to replace all vaxxed employees within 2 – 3 years because all those vaxxed employees will be dead. I don’t know if it’s true but it makes sense. Oil and gas employees need to be trained before they are functional.

  213. James Hall

    I like Cliff, but bitcoin is not as safe as gold or silver, for one gold cannot be destroyed easily. You can remove from the sea after 300 years and is perfectly in tack. Bitcoin is similar to a stock. Buying and selling with it is not stable, lets say I sell my car on a Friday for 10k was asking 12, but took 10, but on Saturday bitcoin dropped 20%, now I’m really out and need to convert to cash, but will have to wait for it to go back up. On the other hand I could go buy a car for 10k with bitcoin and then the next day it rockets up, so I’ll be thinking I should of waited. So there is no real store of value it’s purely a play and the biggest ponzi scheme in history. If you take 5 silver quarters and compare the value from 1964 to today you can still buy roughly the same amount of a product. Example 5-6 gallons of gas. I remember back than in South Carolina it was around 20 cents a gallon and even in the teens. Five silver quarters today are worth 5-6 gallons of gas
    roughly. Bitcoin can become unusable if there’s no power, also you can lose it. I learned about it when it was under a dollar, was going to buy at 45 dollars, but no smart phone which you needed at the time. Not really worried, my investments are in auto parts mainly and the return is respectful and safe. You buy gold and silver and keep until the end or if needed to sell for insurance. Bitcoin is purely a play. Hold X percent and trade the rest.

  214. Anne Stecher

    Excellent show!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anne for all your support!

  215. Roy

    Great job.

  216. P


    This rare and honest politician says it all (Read the subtitles carefully)

  217. David Jones


  218. Louis Methot

    Hi there,
    Would it be possible to get a full transcript of that one on one 76 min interview with Clif High (Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High)? That would be very useful for all of us to know what is coming and prepare. I’m stuck in Peru and the connection is very bad.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Louis. I don’t have the resources or the time.

      • Elle

        I would be happy to transcribe the video into text for you Greg. If that will work for you to distribute to others please let me know. I will begin it immediately upon permission to do so, send to you and you can post it for downloading.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t want to do that Elle, but thanks for the kind offer. I want people to watch the video on USAW or Rumble. Please do not do this.

      • Beefy-Beef-Kabobs!

        hey Greg Hunter i have a very BIG REQUEST: can you interview Russel Jay Gould the postmaster guy…he has a youtube channel and did a documentary called “Last Flag Standing” his story is very fascinating and seems to be quite a hero these days!

  219. squodgy

    With Mr. High’s undisputed expertise with information extraction, would it be cheeky to ask him to compile a full list of the ‘Establishment’ together with their various locations.
    As and when the sheep lock on to the reality, providing these snippets might be welcomed.

  220. Elle

    What is even weirder about TPTsB killing off their own constituency and the bad guys that support them (ANTIFA) is that the shaming blaming contingent of VEGAN dieters who also took the blue pill honestly ‘believe’ that not eating meat will save the planet from the farce of ‘climate change’. The punchline? There is NO vitamin D in a vegan diet. Just as there is no vitamin B. Unless one eats artificially fortified foods, of which there are few and usually in dairy, one can only get these vitamins from meats/fish. There is one veg that contains any vitamin D, mushrooms.

    Of course, it’s unlikely we’d get rid of OAC who promotes the ‘cow-fart-vegan’ diet. Like her masters she pushes a meat free diet but doesn’t eat one. And I’d bet she didn’t take the gene therapy either.

  221. Louis

    “By fall, the Biden Administration will be in full collapse.” I am just speechless. Such a BOLD prediction and I don’t believe it will happen.

  222. Elle

    PROOF of premeditated murder of humanity–coming out now 7/21/2021.
    Clif High is, hopefully, correct.

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