Voter Fraud Exposed in PA, Same Voter Fraud Everywhere, Happy Thanksgiving

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 459 11.26.2020)

Voter fraud was on display Thursday at a hearing put on by the Pennsylvania State Legislature.  The hearing was given to legislators responsible for allocating the state’s 20 Electoral College votes for President of the United States.  Massive voter fraud was alleged by Rudy Giuliani, who is spearheading the President’s election legal team.  Giuliani highlighted dozens of people who witnessed fraud on many levels.  One expert testified Biden had nearly 600,000 votes dumped on his side of the ledger, while Trump vote dumps were 3,200.  All states have at least one illegal thing in common and that is mail-in ballots that were fraudulently counted and used.  The Trump team says it will prove in court the President won on election night by a landslide, and fraud stole the election from him in several states.

Half the ballots cast in the 2020 election in Nevada were mail-in ballots.  The Trump election team says one huge flaw is the signatures were not verified and, in many cases, not even signed.  This makes them invalid and unconstitutional.  This is a huge problem in all contested states in the 2020 election.  Just this one illegal voting flaw is enough to turn the election back to Trump’s favor in all contested states.  There were many other forms of election fraud as well, according to people suing for the President and “We the People.”

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks.  Greg Hunter has a message and will talk about that and many other stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Analyst Bo Polny of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will give us an update and what to expect for 2021.

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  1. Robert

    Late Wednesday Sydney Powell did file the 104 page civil law suit in Georgia.

    • Better Chetter

      S. Powell requested prayer too, for all connected to DT – saying demonic forces were harassing them on all sides.

      I did my part, sending prayer to all, and I sensed some frequency jamming in my prayer state – so the spiritual warfare that Catherine Austin Fitts noted in her prior talks is a real thing. Fortunately, God is stronger, though working on a timeline that most get impatient of … blessing to all USA WD’ers.

      • Donna Storm

        I definitely believe that. Satan has been apparent in what drives the democratic cult for quite awhile now. They all need our prayers. I do not know how Donald Trump has stood the satanic attacks and oppression for the last 4 years!

  2. Paul ...

    Happy Thanksgiving All … as Trump grabs that turkey Bribe’n and gets ready to bake him in the SCOTUS oven …

    • JC

      Is that a “regular” chicken?

      • Paul ...

        “Chicken Little” Bribe’n will tell us the Corona Sky is falling to put us intoa panic mode lock down … so as to help the Demon-rats set up their new United Commie States of America!!

        • Paul ...

          Very soon now … we will be able to take off the masks that have been hiding “the fowl smell” of these demonrat turkey’s … hey Gina … it was a “women Judge” who blocked the State of Pennsylvania from “taking any further steps” to complete the certification of the “commie” Joe Bribe’n … her decision was logically based upon the fact that the State’s changes to mail-in balloting procedures were very likely illegal!!

    • Fred Daake

      The Sidney Powell GA filing is a legal masterpiece. Everyone who is interested in litigation strategy should download a copy and keep it in their personal library.

      It seems me that the Chinese/Libyan connection to the election fraud will be tough to prove – but the Trump lawyers are the best in the country and I am only an amateur. All of this legal activity will cost $millions and is paid for by private donations and volunteers. It is too bad that we don’t have a trustworthy and reliable justice department to do the investigation and provide that information to the public.

  3. Major Payne

    The owners of the main stream media need to be incarcerated. They are the greatest threat to the American Republic. Their talking heads, too. That includes you, too, Tucker Carlson. The cherry on top would be putting Kamala Harris behind bars. As for Biden just put him in a nursing home where we won’t hear from him again. Wednesday was a great day for Trump supporters and America.

    • Impale Communists

      There should be street justice, if they aren’t brought to justice by the criminal justice system.

    • Brian Blommer

      Right on, Brother. I believe their methods of propaganda are far beyond our currrent comprehension.

    • Stephen Haskell

      Not sure I would impugn Tucker Major, but agree with the rest completely. At the end of the day the MSM will be seen as the biggest enemy this country has ever faced. It’s insidious. The media in conjunction with big tech exerts a tremendous control over this country. We see ordinary people losing their jobs for speaking out. At this point the only resolution I see is the election being overturned and Trump declaring martial law and having the military persecute those who have committed treason. Look, the FBI knew for years the Biden’s were corrupt, and they did nothing. They knew the Russian thing was a hoax and they remained silent. The FBI is corrupt, we can not turn to them.

      • RoberT

        The FBI originated in corruption. It was built by “The Director,” J. Edgar Hoover, as a blackmail operation to dig up “dirt” on politicians and other public figures. It worked very well, enabling Hoover to expand the FBI into his own fiefdom.
        Hoover avoided going after organized crime syndicates as they were extremely difficult to get into and convictions were near-impossible to obtain. The FBI built its – Hoover’s – reputation upon relatively minor crooks, who were much simpler to convict and imprison. Only after the FBI had gained a great crime-stopping reputation did it go after criminal organizations, which commonly took years to build cases against.

  4. McGillacutty Lucill

    Global Elites Agenda To Control YOUR LIFE And The Economy!
    9,716 views•Nov 25, 2020
    Important reading, comments shocking!

    • Paul ...

      America … the land of the free and home of the brave?? … I see more brave people in England and Germany protesting to be free of their masks … not here!! … as long as Americans are promised “happiness” by the commies” … they are willing to give up their life , their liberty and their property!!

  5. Elena Merina

    How & Why Germans Bought Hitler’s Pitch
    2,018,019 views•Sep 27, 2017
    Who’s bought you?

  6. Rachel

    Hi Greg, You are not just a religious guy but a spiritual guy as well so you will doubt yourself and question what is the ‘right’ thing to do from time to time. Jesus will guide your conscience if you pray regularly and have time to yourself to unwind. We ( your readers) know that you are honest and do your best and we trust you. If you did make a mistake you would let us know when you realize it and nobody here would hold it against you for we are all better of for having been a part of this ongoing conversation where we are all learning and growing collectively as a group from you and your guests and each other. There is always somebody who knows more than you and I, always somebody who is cleverer than you and I, but that shouldn’t stop you or I or anyone else from discussing what they know because someone else will benefit from it somehow. And remember we are your friends and anyone who is not should move on to a blog that suits them better. Please continue for as long as you want to and toss any negative thoughts away. When you listen to Bo, his conviction should help yours. He is formidable.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rachel. Good words of wisdom!

    • Mario

      Good comment Rachel!


      • Rachel

        Thanks Mario,
        Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Marie+Joy

    When future elections happen, democrats will be much better, at their voter fraud/treason.
    The only way to stop this is to jail them, or hang them, for their treason.
    Both are acceptable to me.

  8. LucillMcGillacutty

    How & Why Germans Bought Hitler’s Pitch
    2,018,019 views•Sep 27, 2017
    National Big Government Socialism

  9. Jim G

    Do you have any idea what would happen if the Biden win was overturned? I wouldn’t be so optimistic that it might occur because the response will not be something you will want to experience. That you can bet on.

    It really makes no difference as the country has already passed the point of no return and the fuses have all been lit. Between the election, the pandemic and the total economic disaster that is worsening by the day, the US is heading into the abyss.

    This has all been planned well in advance and there is little you can do about it. Actually, there is nothing you can do about it. As I’ve said before it’s head they win and tails you lose and they own the coin. Game over.

    • Mike

      Nothing you can do about it? I disagree. America is waking up and these scumbags are getting very nervous. Only one thing left for them to play and that is a False Flag event Of biblical Proportions. Beware my American friends. They will not stop until America is destroyed or they are destroyed.

    • Coalburner

      Jim, we are going to have to face these evil people sooner or later. Now while I am not too old is good. Do it now and the pain will be less, sooner not later. Send them to my little town in New Mexico. The Tree of Liberty is in dire need of watering.

      • Francis Bondi

        It’s a tall old tree Coal. Hopefully law and justice will prevail. If not, For Whom the Bell Tolls, not thee, but for Justice.
        Now back to the tree. It’s a grand ole tree!

      • notyourpatsy

        Coalburner, What THEY don’t realize is LOTS of us old guys don’t have much time left anyway. Seeing as how we spent the better part of our lives working to pay THEIR salaries throughTAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, well, we are not going quietly. Ah, the good old days back when I lived in Mesilla! One place I actually miss and think about often. My old place backed up to the orchard not far from the canal and gin. Wait ’til spring young man the Republic is going to be reborn!

        • Paul ...

          The Republic is being reborn “right now” … as more and more people are standing against the “commie” criminals who fraudulently stole the presidential election … under Article II, Section 1.2 of the US Constitution … when there is election fraud … State Legislature’s have the “sole authority” to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the Electoral College … too bad Demon-rats … you tore down George Washington’s statue … but you didn’t trash the Constitution fast enough!!

    • Freebrezer

      what you tolerate, you promote

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for the surprise Thursday wrap up!

    Brave men and women give first-hand evidence to hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. IMHO, everyone should do them the honour of listening to their testimony. The full hearing lasts 3 hrs 38 mins – and never a dull moment! Proceedings start at +5 minutes.
    What better way to spend Thanksgiving than to witness honest people defending truth, the Constitution, and democracy.

    • AndrewB

      P.S. Don’t worry if Giuliani’s microphone is low at the start – it gets adjusted.

    • Paul Anthony

      Matthew 19:26 – But Jesus beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Luke 1:37 – For with God nothing shall be impossible.

    • Fred Daake

      Just one minor correction to your statement. There is no Biden “win” and there is nothing to”overturn”.

      Unless and until each Legislature selects electors, there will be no President after January 20, 2021. Biden is no more a President-Elect than me or you.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Fred,
        Was your reply addressed to my comment? I did not intimate a ‘Biden win’. The hearing was about major irregularities (fraud) in the conduct of the 3rd Nov election and subsequent vote count.

  11. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Great summary Greg. Thank you too for expressing your concern over getting things right. We are all having to ask the Holy Spirit to counsel us right now. May you and yours enjoy the very happiest of Thanksgiving Days! Andrew

  12. Self+Exiled

    ”Walk and Trust.” Thank You for the reminder.

  13. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for your bravery and your analysis.
    AOC has assured us that she has a list those on that list will be destroyed.How can people vote for this?
    Many people,no matter who is president,will need lawyers.
    From across the pond where elections are a total fraud , Happy Thanksgiving ,give thanks to God.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART:
      Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s “Trump Accountability Project” is an enemies list; every good Communist has one.

      • notyourpatsy

        JC, Being ON that list IS a badge of Honor if You are truly a Patriot! I posted before that I’m ‘on’ every list THEY have and don’t care because I’m also on GOD’s ‘list’! I don’t fear anyone I fear, out of RESPECT, Our Lord Jesus Christ and GOD the Father! Angels cover their faces when they speak GOD’s name, so I’ve read.
        Mr Hunter, as others previously posted, your UWDogger family of posters here have nothing but the utmost admiration for the tireless work you do on behalf of the American people. We are forever in your debt for your reporting skills. Don’t ever feel like you can’t correct yourself ‘on air’, because in doing so it strengthens our resolve that you are telling it like it is! For many of us your forum is the ONLY one worth reading, watching and posting to! THANK YOU and your family for your time.

  14. MCasey

    It is obvious votes were manipulated in favor of Biden and I have anxiously awaited Sidney Powell’s filing in reference to Dominion. However, after reading it, I’m a little concerned because with one exception, everything Sidney Powell brought out is standard operating procedure for an imaging and data extraction system.

    But, you would have to be nuts to use it as a voting system….unless your goal is to cheat. For which it is then perfect. Nevertheless, the argument can be made it’s just poorly designed (for security)….excuses not unheard of when dealing with vendors.

    I have written RFPs and functioned as a project manager to implement an imaging and data extraction system; and subsequently directed its operation. Government tax returns.

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “Information about scanned ballots can be tracked inside the “ImageCast Central” software application.”

    Yes, for example, if there’s a document jam, it’s a great way to find your place; or just for quality control.

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “After all of the ballots loaded into the scanner’s feed tray have been through the scanner, the “ImageCast Central” operator will remove the ballots from the tray then have the option to either “Accept Batch” or “Discard Batch”.

    Yes, for example, if the batch is supposed to have 100 documents and the counter reads, “98”, you hit “Discard Batch” and rescan. (If the problem repeats, you manually recount the documents to see if you, in fact, do have 100.)

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “[the] customer determines the thresholds of which the oval needs to be covered by a mark in order to qualify as a valid vote.”

    Yes, the integrity of the data captured can be ‘adjusted’ dependent on the level of error tolerance. On tax forms, “blank fields” are usually accepted as “zero filled”.

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “If a ballot has a marginal mark which did not meet the specific thresholds set by the customer, then the ballot is considered a “problem ballot” and may be set aside into a folder named “NotCastImages”.

    Yes, for example, if the software can’t determine if it’s a “2” or a “7”; or a “5” or a “3”; the document image will spin off into a file folder for human eyes to view and manually key the appropriate data.

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “It is possible for an administrator of the “ImageCast Central” workstation to view and delete any individual ballot scans from the “NotCastImages” folder.”

    Yes, for example, a sales tax form could have been erroneously placed into a batch of income tax forms and will need to be deleted. And to maintain the “100 count”, a new income tax form may be inserted in its place.

    Powell stated the User Manual reads, “Through creatively tweaking the oval coverage threshold settings it should be possible to set thresholds in such a way that a non-trivial amount of ballots are marked “problem ballots” and sent to the “NotCastImages” folder. It is possible for an administrator of the ImageCast Central work station to view all images of scanned ballots which were deemed “problem ballots”…….. “It is possible for an administrator of the “ImageCast Central” workstation to view and delete any individual ballot scans from the “NotCastImages” folder…”


    Especially, if the “creative tweaking” kicks out “non-trivial amount of ballots” marked for President Trump as “problem ballots” to be viewed and deleted. Image actually printing that in the User Manual!

    Sidney Powell is a hero….Hopefully, this goes in her/our favor.

    (I might also add….but not mentioned in her filing….that a “Transaction ID” is generated and written to the data file record; and also imprinted onto the document, so the source document can always be associated to the data file record.)

    • notyourpatsy

      MCasey, Thank you for your educational post for those of us laymen here who lack your tech knowledge. I’m sure we all learned from it.

  15. neville

    When we the world witnessed mass murder committed by the cia ,secret service and elements of the army who are qualified in the installation of devices which could blow
    up thick steel and turn that thick steel into liquid steel using nanothermite to do the job.
    I watched on that vile cnn news broadcast and it was on many other tv stations probably all of them primed that something big was going to happen the rest is all in the history books and guess what THE TRUTH was excluded from the official narrative and indeed from from all the msm filthy tabloids .
    Now when we get something like that taking place in a country renowned for lying and getting its population to think of their lies as the new norm…..Turning to the elections.The 2016 election itself was subject to the blame game that it was rigged and the the president elect used Russia to influence the elections ….What a load of rubbish to come from the discredited demonocrats…..They had 4 years to prepare their fraud and vote rigging and to get the legal system on board to sanction their publicly performed heist of the 2020 election ….what a load of barefaced liars the usa will get as the new leaders.They are also the ones who developed the C19 virus and are currently holding the entire world to ransom with it.
    Yesterday the cancellation of the Pebble Project was announced killing its wealth creating ,jobs creating and security creating ability all gone up ship creek also on a pack of lies

    • notyourpatsy

      Neville, Welcome to the family, your post is spot on! That Pebble Project was going to be ‘a future’ for many families, and with the stroke of a pen it’s tossed into the dust bin. WE THE PEOPLE will have to sort this out ourselves. In the coming Spring be ready to aid your fellow countrymen.

  16. BDS

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    I am in agreement with a comment made by Sydney Powel; “The fraud was so blatant they may have wanted to be caught “. We will need some time to figure out different possibilities of a desired outcome by the cabal/deep state players. If we don’t challenge the fraud they win; if We the People win the challenge what will the reaction be. I wonder what the opposition’s future desired outcome is in the making? As they say, never let a crisis go to waste! Some possibilities of outcomes new elections , riots, destruction or rewrite Constitution with loopholes for future political attacks on our freedoms?

  17. Jeannette+Rowden

    Great coverage of the voter fraud situation. And with a bit of humor: “anyone with two neurons touching together know that this is a fraud.” So funny. Thanks.

  18. robert+heartland

    Thank You Greg. This is what I call real journalism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!!

  19. Patt Hill

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Greg! Very powerful message from you, it speaks truth to volume. Never doubt yourself concerning this coup attempt to remove President Trump. America is at a crossroads and what we do here will determine our future. Keep fighting the good fight! God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Patt!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!!

      • JC

        Government is doing it’s best to make it an Unhappy Thanksgiving!

        Meanwhile, the Governor of Vermont has instructed teachers to interrogate children and find out if their families got together for Thanksgiving. This is EXACTLY what East Germany was all about. Children were told to inform the government about anything their parents said or did. Welcome to absolutely the Bonfire of our Liberties. This violates the 5th Amendment of the children for if they say yes, they are then thrown in quarantine for 2 weeks and their liberty is restrained. That is a constitutional violation and lawyers should file a civil rights suit forthwith.

  20. Jerry

    That all sounds good, but how do you defeat a global organization that controls the vast majority of our congress ?“build-back-better

    So they prove voter fraud, then what? Even if the case goes to the Supreme Court, and the vote lands back in congress for a decision, three quarters of the republicans are bought off by the deep state. Just remember, Donald Trump was voted for President because he was an outsider. What makes you think, they will support him now?
    Short of an armed rebellion there is no way to straighten this mess out. There’s to much corruption, and the whole system is rotten to the core. This country is under God’s condemnation because it has become evil, with idolatry worship, pedophilia, child trafficking and blatant sexual perversion at the highest levels. When the final judgement comes, it will be swift. Get your spiritual house in order because without the Holy Ghost in your life daily you will not survive what is coming. This isn’t about politics. It’s about Lucifer fulfilling his dream of world domination. If you have any knowledge of the scriptures at all, you know how this ends. Be thankful there is a Devine plan to save us all. And no I’m not talking about Q.

    • Jerry

      Like I said. This fight is not about politics.
      Listen to what Lin Wood had to say.

      • JC

        Jerry, let’s hope for The Great Awakening. This is a copy of my comment that is further down…

        President Donald J. Trump’s attorney L. Lin Wood is quoted as saying there is the potential of a Great Awakening. This is Nostradamus’ Great Scandal that I have been writing about for the last thirteen-years. In sequence, he mentions Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s laptop, satanic worship and pedophilia.

      • MCasey

        Jerry…in reference to your Lin Wood video:

        (Synopsis of The Marshall Report)

        This is not an election to be lost or won. This is a coup; perpetrated by both foreign and domestic enemies of the United States.

        Listen to the video below: ‘Sen Graham asks Judge Kavanaugh about Military Tribunals and the Law of Armed Conflict’. It was fair warning.

        Then consider the following if you participated in any way in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government via “Election Fraud”. If so, contact your attorney immediately.

        1. Civilians can be tried in a Military Tribunal in times of war. The US Congress declared a “War on Terror” three (3) days after 9/11. The war declaration has never been rescinded; we are still under the Patriot Act; as well as under a state of emergency.

        2. The Law of Armed Conflict is an alternate body of law which covers sedition and treason during times of war. Election Fraud to overthrow the U.S. Constitutional government is sedition and treason.

        3. Civilians can be prosecuted as “Enemy Combatants” in Military Tribunals if found to be helping the enemy whether foreign or domestic. See published list of terrorist organizations.

        4. Civilians and corrupt officials and traitors inside the US Government risk being classified as enemy combatants and face execution if found guilty of high crimes by Military Tribunals. Foreign governments, assisting deep state operatives to overthrow our government, are in and of itself an act of war.

        5. Former members of the military can be recalled to service and tried before Military Tribunals for crimes they have committed in violation of The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

        6. Numerous crimes in the UCMJ carry the death penalty, including aiding the enemy, mutiny or sedition, spying for the enemy and espionage.

        7. The Media Cartel, including Facebook and Twitter, is the war propaganda arm of the enemy; aiding and abetting the enemy.

        “Any person who aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly; shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct.”

        “A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.”

        And if Biden’s team accepts federal monies from the GSA while knowingly involved in this coup, Biden and anyone associated with the transition are co-conspirators.

        Guantanamo Bay began extensive renovations under the Trump administration which committed to more than $200 million in new construction for Guantanamo Bay in 2018 and 2019, to include a new 848-troop barracks, according to

        Five (5) days ago, on November 20, 2020, the Supreme Court released new “circuit assignments”; putting crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan into conservative justices’ jurisdiction. Of the 13 circuits, 10 were assigned to conservative justices including the District of Columbia Circuit and Federal Circuit. These circuits are where the most high-profile cases are carried out.

        Seven (7) days ago, on November 18, 2020, Christopher C. Miller directed U.S. Special Operations Command to report directly to him, putting it on par with the service branches. He said the move comes in recognition of the nation’s increasing reliance on its “covert forces”. Special operations forces are particularly suited to “unconventional warfare”.

        Speaking of coups and the deep state, the announcement’s reference to President John F. Kennedy was appropriate:

        Cohen-Watnick said that Miller’s action in underlining the importance of Special Operations Command was “following the vision of John F. Kennedy, who predicted the rise of Special Operations 60 years ago.”

        “Now, under the leadership of President Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy’s prescient view of Special Operations forces,” Cohen-Watnick said.

        btw….2,500+ troops are returning from Afghanistan by January 15th, five (5) days before the inauguration …they will be needed.

        The traps are set. Be listening for The Presidential Emergency Alert System (EAS) which allows the president to address the American people within 10 minutes during a national emergency.

        Ref: The Marshall Report

        • notyourpatsy

          MCasey, The EAS will only operate if the airwaves (towers) remain powered up. In any case all of us need to be actively paying attention to troop movements within our states. Report anything you see going on here for the rest of us. As far as sooocooom goes, been there, served there. Nothing further….

        • Jerry

          I think you are spot on. I can’t go into details, but I have a contact in the military that told me yesterday that he was on a fast track to complete training in two weeks that normally takes six months. The big question is why? I think you know the answer. There are days I wish I could tell myself I’m wearing a tin foil hat, and then I read something like this.

          The globalist are going to shove agenda 2030 down our throats whether we like it or nit, and apparently the only thing standing in their way is Donald Trump.
          I have received information from some of my sources that mandatory testing and vaccinations will start within weeks. It posses some tough questions. Should I take the vaccination or have my financial resources cut off? Lucky for me I have prepared accordingly and have a backup plan. But what will other people do that haven’t prepared? Especially facing the dead of winter? This is going to get real, and those that have fiddled the extra time away we’ve been given to prepare are going to have the sass knocked out of them. Get your spiritual house in order.

        • Madi

          Thank you so much for your comment. I will read the whole article.
          The coup has been planned for many years. 2016 was an “anomaly” to the cabal which is compromised republican and Democrats.
          The whole world is watching if we can take back our Republic.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, Correct, and fear not the Lord Our GOD for with Him comes Salvation. Spring will herald the day of the Patriot and the saving of Our Republic.

      • wayne hardin

        And fear not the Lord Our GOD ???????????
        I think you meant fear not man . or what they can do to you .
        Any body living a life doing what God said not to do .
        Would be real smart to fear the lord since he has said what would happen
        to them if they live such a life,
        All fear does not come from satan / although that is what most preach.

  21. R J Wolf jr

    Greg, 2020 has been a very interesting and emotionally challenging year for the American Patriots. To say the least!! Is this the modern version of 1776? You could say that! Are the Patriots going to win? YES! With God on their side, without a doubt! Being a veteran I can’t tell you how thrilling and exciting it was to so see the “tens of thousands” of people showing up to attend President Trump’s rallies . The huge boat and 93 mile auto parade.
    And these are only the ones the press and media chose to cover. Fifty eight plus thousand people showing up for a Trump rally in Butler, PA helling “we love you”! If that doesn’t get you choked up, I don’t know what will! Butler, PA is not a big town!
    This political election chaos has been along time brewing. Apparently, the voter fraud has been imbedded in our election process for years. YEARS!! It took this election to bring the fraud out of the shadows into the open for the American people to see it. As a Constitutional Republic as a nation, I’m confident we will learn from this experience and after the ‘Healing’ be a better nation. The world is watching!! It is our Heritage to lead!! I would be absolutely thrilled to see a nine to zero Supreme Court ruling on President Trump being the next Commander in Chief.
    President Trump has got to kick some “political xss’ . People have got go to jail for all this collusion, fraud and political circus the American people experimented the first four years as well, even if Obama and Clinton and the rest of the deep state, Republicans as well as Democrats have to wear some bracelets. The American people have waited long enough for justice to be served. If this doesn’t happen the President will loose all credibility. Of course, this must take place in a Constitutional Courtroom. Miner details!?
    Finally, you my friend, Greg Hunter, have been nothing but outstanding ‘all year’. Your steadfast and Spot on reporting and commentaries have, I’m sure been a breath of fresh air for your 200,000 plus subscribers. You’ve earned every one of them, the hard way, and I’m proud to be one of them!!!! So Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Greg. In two months hopefully the United States will be a renewed Constitutional Republic again, only better. So buckle your seat belt, it’s going to be a wild ‘E’ ticket ride!!

    • notyourpatsy

      RJ, I’ve posted earlier this year, that if P’Trump does corral all of the traitors and bring them to justice for the American people, his name will supersede that of George Washington in the history of Our Republic! Let’s be prepared for what’s coming and stand together against the evil.

  22. Rick Hartman

    Thank you greg for what you do my wife and I look foreword to the awesome work you do every week.May God bless you and your family and God Bless America.

  23. Jethro Bodiene

    I jus cain’t weight for a’Bo to geeve uss an UP date !
    Lawd have mercy !
    Dis boy es reel smarrt !
    I jvs LUV BO !
    BUT…he a’ain’t gett’n NONE of ah my LOOT !

    • toto da dog

      Jethy, goes back ta Bevarly Hells and counts you toes, lota toe head fraud!

  24. Stan

    Hey Paul: In celebration of Thanksgiving and the ongoing Gold market crash where my leveraged shorts are exploding in value, my friends and I are enjoying a bottle of Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru. I have atop notch chef preparing the Thanksgiving dinner where I will have several guests from the NY Fed JPM and one special guest from the Comex. We’ll be sharing info on the best trades for 2021. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers.

    • JC

      Stan, Happy Thanksgiving,

      How about a group photo of this historic event?
      You can email it to Greg or mail the photo to:

      USAWatchdog LLC
      P.O. Box 38184
      Greensboro, NC 27438-8184

      • Stan

        JC: For security purposes many of my guests would not want their pictures taken.

    • Paul ...

      No invitation for me Stan??

      • Stan

        Paul: We are planning a New Years bash. I’ll invite you as long as you dress properly and not like a schlepper.

        • Paul ...

          Sounds good Stan … suit and tie OK? … can I bring my girl?

          • Stan

            Paul: Suit and tie is fine, but must be a quality suit like a Hickey Freeman. You can bring your woman as long as she has a nice body.

    • sk

      Does Bentley drink this……………Leroy Crud……uh……Cru ?

  25. JC


    We the great unwashed, are supposed to be denied family contact for today as well as Christmas. Governor Cuomo invited his mother and thought he could sneak that one past everyone. Only when people became outraged was he forced to revoke that invitation. This just shows the arrogance of these people because they know this is all simply politics to change the economy to Communism 3.0 where the elite keep their toys and wealth while we are stripped of our future.

    • Rodster

      Twitter has banned Martin Armstrong for exposing the truth and he’s had to cancel his World Economic Conference in Singapore and Germany because of the Covid nonsense.

    • notyourpatsy

      JC, Easy enough to overrun his castle and share the spoils LOL! Commie cumo had the audacity to spend billions of TAXPAYER money to build a bridge then name it after his demoncrat father! First sign to be ripped down when he dies.

  26. Country Codger

    Ditto to you, too.
    Lo Iyrah!!

  27. L Leidy

    Don’t worry about asking Jesus if you are doing the right thing and covering everything possible, because you would not be doing what you are doing if it were not for him, we are the tools in his toolbox, he is the craftsman and Jesus has only the best tools.
    God Bless

  28. Paul ...

    Breaking News: SCOTUS tells baby and old people killer Cuomo “the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten” … demon-rat Cuomo’s dictatorial orders to allow for the killing of defenseless babies and old people (or to bar people from attending religious services) … is an evil “commie” strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of life and religious liberty !!

    • Paul ...

      This Commie Dictator×420.jpg?itok=0_yX7CEC … Cuomo effectively says the US Constitution “is irrelevant” along with the Supreme Court and this Demon-rat “actor” continues to try and tell us that “selectively locking down the population” (in red zones, orange zones, yellow zones, etc.) is not a violation of the United States Constitution!! …

    • Paul ...

      Allow two bit commie politicians like Cuomo and eugenicists like Gates to get away with micro-managing our lives with one harebrained edict after another and it won’t be long before they take away our freedom to have sex (because it violates social distancing rules, etc.) … prevent sex by edict or by sterilizing vaccines and within 100 years all humans will be gone just as they want!!

      • Paul ...

        The insane psychopathic demonrats tell us “to value nature” … “save the trees” … “stop eating meat to save the cows”… yet they kill human babies (62 million unborn children killed so far) … these demons who sell baby organs have no regard for human life (and want you dead by 75) … and still they get voted into office at election time by non-thinking millennials (who are considered non-essential by the demonrats) … they sell their souls for free MMT money … one day when when they reach the last four seconds of their life … they may say to themselves (if they even awake by then)… “was selling my soul for a handful of fiat paper dollars worth it”??

  29. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  30. JC

    Crazy times, God help us.

    The Right Side of The Deep State seems to be getting ready for a war with Iran.

    Therefore, the only options become, Joe Biden COVID-19 Lockdowns and The Big Brother State or Donald Trump, Israel, Iran, and World War III. None of these choices will work out for anybody. Total war plays into the Globalists desire to thin out the population.

  31. SilverHawk

    Well, I can now change my response to covid cure and prevention from “I think Turmeric can cure covid” to I now know Turmeric WILL cure covid. Saw a study on line that proved turmeric aids the white blood cells in attacking covid. The curcumine prevents the covid from docking onto cells so the virus can live and multiply. So take my advice (like you always should) and take Turmeric every day. I’ve been taking it now for 4 years, and haven’t got sick from anything. God is good. And lastly, the Economist World in 2021 has me real worried. That A-bomb on wheel #2. Remember that nuke from Ellsworth AFB is still missing along with flight MH370. Attempt #2 on Charleston? And I think they mixed up the 4 wheels on the slot machine, if they represent the 4 quarters of the year. Wheel 2 is stopped. So this might be really the first wheel, since the far left wheel stops first on normal slot machines. Then wheel 3, then 1, then 4. I got that from matching up the 2 question mark wheels, along with the 2 covid wheels. Anyway, things will get worse. If I were Trump, I’d be saying, See Ya. Want no part of whats to come. Its getting closer to the point where the people will have to fix government.

    • notyourpatsy

      Silverhawk, Been using tumeric for over 30 years, never get ‘the common cold’. Nothing else seems to slow me down either health wise, so it can’t hurt to use it.
      brokeen aarroow possibly going to fly in me idfissreal i ran to start the big one.
      Going to be a Patriotic spring in april if WE THE PEOPLE must restore OUR Republic to 1776 standards. I’m in, GOD’s in, who else is standing with us?

      • SilverHawk

        30 years! Wow. Yeah, I discovered turmeric, 6 hours before pneumonia almost took my life. 2 days later totally healthy again. Great for arthritis and cancer, too. I won’t miss a day without it. Just like Doc Oz says, #1 must have supplement.

        • notyourpatsy

          Silverhawk, You can grow your own tumeric. I’ve grown it for at least 20 years, along with asparagus, ginseng, and 25 other kinds of vegetables. Tomatoes are so pedestrian to me I hardly bother as I have plenty of ‘volunteers’ popping up each spring. Sometimes they’re beefsteak, sometimes cherry, but always good.
          Glad you got better and know to use botanicals instead of pharma’ crap.

  32. Paul ...

    Powell “releases the Kraken evidence” upon Michigan and Georgia … to the utter dismay of Tucker and the rest of the Main Stream Media … Powell also claims the election fraud was “organized and conducted” with the help of traitors in Silicon Valley Big Tech Companies … along with traitors in the Social and Fake News Media”!! …

  33. iwitness02

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Still praying for Truth and Justice.
    Still praying for President Trump.
    Still praying for the end of the evil in this world.

  34. Bob Clayton

    We all doubt ourselves at times Greg,we are humans not machine,we have to analyse things to come to conclusions.God has his plan and we are all part of it.When fighting a war the first mission is to work out what you are up against before you can direct operations accordingly,the opposition have played their hand and exposed themselves for who and what they are.Better times are ahead and never despair,nil desperandum is the order of the hour.
    I do not know if you are aware of this,in Manchester,England where I live students are staging a protest against the fees they are paying for accommodation with lots of facilities unavailable and at one point were fenced in,anyway it has come to light that approx 3 weeks ago 7,000 Chinese students were flown into Manchester via charter flights from China.1 in 7 students is now Chinese in Manchester,this area has been in top tier lockdown for weeks but tptb just break the rules when they feel like it.
    Take Care and never doubt yourself again you are doing Gods work,all the best Bob.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all here!!!

    • notyourpatsy

      Bob, And you and your Countrymen LET them disembark on British soil?, after the hurt they caused YOUR Country economically and personally?!!! You guys have your own issues with that foul leadership ruining the World! Maybe all countries can depose their leaders at the same time next spring for the betterment of mankind?

  35. JC

    Since Donald J. Trump’s Primary victories and his election to the Presidency, I have failed to see how he has engendered so much hate. The facts just do not support the vitriol. Trump has been in the public eye since the 1980s; in the intervening twenty-five years, we have never heard that Trump was a bigot or the countless other things that he has been called.

    I find him guilty of the same bad taste that I see displayed by most people with money, but he is certainly not another Adolf Hitler.

    The elevated level of hysteria for the last four years is straight from the movie Invasion of The Body Snatchers.

    Like the state villain in George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, the Mainstream Media turned Donald J. Trump into Emmanuel Goldstein. It is as if this contrived Communist dialogue appeared on cue.

    • notyourpatsy

      JC, As if on cue, commienewsbscorpcnbc is about to air a six part series starting this sunday. 2 of the hit pieces are focused on P’Trump and rudy! The other 4 are ‘also rans’ to make cover for this soros clintoian funded bs smear job.

  36. Paul ...

    To Apple shareholders: Does this take the stain off your conscience? … now that Apple is shifting their Mac-book and iPad production from the “blood stained slave-gang camps in China” to slave camps in Vietnam?? … … or is it time to sell the stock of traitorous companies (who put American workers out of a job and move their manufacturing facilities overseas)?? … and put the fiat money proceeds into gold and silver for even greater gains … and a clearer conscience!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Remember in September all the Gold Bugs websites proclaiming $2500 Gold by the end of the year? And remember I was predicting a Gold crash? Well, who was right? Get ready for $1600 Gold in the very near future.

      • Paul ...

        Stan … look at the following gold chart … … at the bottom of the chart there are 3 green and one orange square … remember how you sold gold short at $1200 (the 1st green square) … remember how you sold gold short at $1300 (the 2nd green square) … remember how you sold gold short at $1500 (the 3rd green square) … and now you are foolishly selling gold short again at $1800 (the orange square) … it’s time to wake up Stan from your strong dollar dream state … in a few weeks … as soon as the election uncertainty is resolved … the Fed will again be massively printing trillions more fiat dollars … making the price of gold rise in nominal dollar terms … the same way a Bentley costs more today then it did back in 1980!!

        • Paul ...

          In addition Stan … look at the little chart to the right in this graphic … … notice how the price of gold keeps pace with the creation of fiat dollars by the Fed … the little downturn we are having in gold right now “hardly even registers on the chart” … gold’s price in nominal terms will eventually catch up to the exponential money printing the Fed is doing … and when it does … gold will be in excess of $3200 dollars per ounce … and silver (at a ratio of 40) will be in excess of $80 dollars per ounce (at the true ratio “of about 10” silver will be $320 dollars per ounce … so if you are looking to make money instead of losing all the time buy some silver at $23 dollars per oz (hold on until it reaches $320 and you will make yourself about 14 times your money) … we can discuss this more at the New Years Dinner you invited me to (by the why where will it be held? … do we need to wear masks?? … and will Cuomo allow a big gathering (seeing as how he limited Thanksgiving to 10 people)??? … or are the “elites” exempt from all the phony “lock-down rules”????

          • wayne hardin

            Do we need to wear masks??
            Will you go if you do ???????????

            • wayne hardin

              PS Say silver goes to 10 thousand .
              If 10 thousand is worth nothing would you not be better off keeping the silver .

              • Paul ...

                Yes Wayne … why would anyone sell something that is very precious (for some paper IOU’s printed up by a Criminal Cabal)? … as for Stan’s New Years Party … my invitation will most likely get lost in the mail (like those postcards Greg never received) … actually getting an invitation to go would sort of be like Little Red Riding Hood arriving to party at Grandma’s house and asking “what’s for dinner” … and seeing many big smiling teeth!!

  37. JC

    President Donald J. Trump’s attorney L. Lin Wood is quoted as saying there is the potential of a Great Awakening. This is Nostradamus’ Great Scandal that I have been writing about for the last thirteen-years. In sequence, he mentions Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s laptop, satanic worship and pedophilia.

  38. Paul ...

    Panic hits the crypto world … … as fears grow that the banksters are planning to introduce new regulation governing fiat crypto-currency (that is not made by them)!!

    • Paul ...

      But this bitcoin downturn is likely to be temporary for those who believe in “commie-nism” … where they will be happy … but own nothing (but electrons) …

    • Paul ...

      Remember the “Powers That Be” have determined that “people will own nothing” … meaning any individual control of wealth must go … this includes bitcoins … and if people refuse to turn in their bitcoins for worthless government crypto … their bitcoin accounts will be frozen, confiscated and espionage charges filed against the holdouts … thus … it is better to own hidden (non-electronic) physical gold “outside the system” if you want to preserve your wealth!!

      • Paul ...

        If we want liberty to survive in America … we must win the battle to restore honest money … thus we should be avoiding electronic bitcoin and buying “physical” gold, silver and copper coins that won’t disappear when the internet goes down (when you will need money in hand “the most”)!!

  39. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Greg Hunter

      You too Brother William.

  40. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Greg,
    Happy and very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Also, please reach out to Sidney Powell to interview. Interviewing Sidney Kraken on Steroids would become an instant Greg classic!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob!!

  41. Thomas Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    That we’re seeing some viable offense — based upon volumes of factual evidence — gives us much to be thankful for.

    Looking ahead — regarding a Gateway Pundit story about the DOJ — allow me to share an email I sent to acquaintances this morning — the final sentences about a second Trump term providing a hopeful scenario:

    As the saying goes: “PERSONNEL IS POLICY”

    This helps confirm where the AG Bill Barr is really at — he who said that Epstein actually committed suicide; that the Durham report would be out in May 2020, then August 2020, then not before the election (and so never?) …

    Who has been MIA — as has been his department (now run by the individual named below) that is supposed to ensure election integrity. NO federal marshals seizing of Dominion machines for evidence (leave aside the server story — we don’t know who actually got them or if they’re seized to be able to hide / destroy evidence, such as they’ve done with the DNC server; Anthony Weiner’s laptop and Hunter Biden’s laptop). NO sequestering of paper ballots and other evidence. NO questioning of witnesses (if there had been certainly some of Giuliani’s witnesses would have mentioned also being questioned by the FBI / DOJ).

    Some opined that “Q” was actually a CIA (or similar) psyops campaign to mislead actual patriots, and lull them into complacency as “the Plan” was going to bring the Deep State to justice.

    The Q “trust Sessions” / “trust Huber” / “trust Wray” / 50k sealed indictments and so on would appear to support that thesis.

    In a second Trump term, I want to hear: “Attorney General Sidney Kraken-Powell just announced the appointment of multiple special prosecutors, each tasked with specific avenues of inquiry. In other story, the unexplained resignation of multiple Supreme Court justices has opened an opportunity for President Trump to nominate a generational-long Conservative majority …”

  42. Farley Gunther

    Will the New York Times Data Help Trump Win the Pennsylvania Case?
    300,776 views•Premiered Nov 25, 2020
    Zooming In with Simone Gao_
    New Data From Statistical Analysis Points to Anomaly in Montgomery County, PA.
    On Thursday November 5th at 9:09am a large batch of 90,022 mail/absentee votes get added that has over 95% support for Biden, but total votes to go up by only 9,534, implying that in-person votes actually went down by 80,488. On its own, this is a very strange irregularity, as ballots cannot disappear, and in-person ballots cannot become mail ballots. Something is wrong in the reported data, the only question is what.

  43. Paul Anthony

    Happy Thanks Giving To you and yours Greg. I am thankful for you and USAWatchdog!

    God Bless,

    Paul Anthony

  44. Mohammad

    This is the person that should get a lot of attention on your site to support, she is heading in the right direction:


  45. Roger Falmouth

    Judge blocks certification of Pennsylvania election results; Trump grants Flynn full pardon | NTD Evening News—11/25/2020
    705,567 views•Streamed live 18 hours ago

    01:12 Pennsylvania’s Public Hearing on Election
    05:17 Pennsylvania Senate Public Hearing on Election Issues
    07:25 Crowd Gathers outside Pennsylvania Hearing
    08:25 PA Judge Blocks Election Certification
    09:16 Trump Grants Flynn Full Pardon
    10:52 Security Concerns During GA Recount
    12:45 Meeting with Secretary of State Canceled
    14:00 Thousands in Georgia Lied about Address
    15:21 Lawsuit to Block WI Vote Certification
    16:04 MI Poll Watcher: Republicans Mistreated
    20:40 Cybersecurity Expert Warns about Dominion
    23:22 Election Result Reporting Error in Arizona
    24:30 GOP Files New election Petition in Arizona
    26:03 Nevada Judge to Hear Trump Camp Evidence
    27:35 Biden Laptop Repairman Gets Death Threats
    30:29 Attorney Says Fraud of Tax Dollars in CA
    32:36 LA officials: Data Doesn’t Back Virus Bans
    35:09 Economic, Health Effects of Lockdowns
    39:12 China’s Xi Jinping Congratulates Biden
    40:05 Professor Praises Virus’s Economic Effects
    41:53 UK Firms to Face Fines if DEFY Huawei Ban
    42:42 Canada Telecom Giant Pulls Huawei From 5G
    43:19 1ST Chinese Commercial Bank Goes Bankrupt
    48:02 UK Considers Withdrawing Judges From HK
    49:33 French Lawmakers Pass Controversial Bill
    51:32 UK Lockdown: Restaurants Offer Meal Kits
    53:08 Car Crashes into German Chancellery
    53:48 Restaurant Bears out Pandemic with Pandas
    56:18 Mysterious Metal Monolith Found in Utah

    • notyourpatsy

      Roger, The last one, mysterious monolith found in utah, is incorrect. It’s actually been in plain sight in nyc since JFK WAS MURDERED. It’s named the uu nn nwo hq on American soil all along. P’Trump first thing demolish that bldg for the American people on july 4th 2021!

  46. Need To Know

    TMC DUMONT – Motorcycle with an Airplane Engine
    6,993,046 views•Dec 14, 2018
    This is the TMC DUMONT, which is a concept art motorcycle, designed and built by Retired F1 driver and designer Tarso Marques.

    • notyourpatsy

      NTK, Wrong forum the motorcycle forums a few pages down. America has had the BossHog/Hoss with a V8 engine for 40 yrs now?! And being driven on roads since then, and it’s art too!

      • Stan

        notyourpatsy: Dude, still waiting for your contact info for the wager.

        • notyourpatsy

          Stan, Happy Thanksgiving trader. You got the wrong guy, Math Guy I think is who offered you a bet, not I. I recall it was YOU send Mr Hunter $200k and MG would do the same. whoever wins gets the $400k. Go reread the threads to find it. It’s not my bet to lose. Bsides you never jumped off any bridge back when you lost that bet LOL!

    • iwitness02

      I would love to ride it! Appeals to my imagination.
      I was an aircraft engine mechanic in the Navy, and
      love airplanes and motorcycles.

  47. Paul in Oz

    Symbolic that the advances being made by the deep state have been arrested in Gettysburg …. it will be very hard, and there will continue to be bloodshed, but once again the republic will be saved …. this is not another 4 year election … Remember this great speech which in years to come will be recognized as a call to saving the republic …

    • Paul ...

      Trump’s “Gettysburg Address” … very powerful!!

    • Mich_i_ gun

      Wow, Oz Paul.
      Something supernatural, must be keeping the Trumpster on course. For what can any mere mortal man continue on, with what seems like all the evil forces of heaven and Earth against him? This isn’t Hollywood and Donald Trump, is not James Bond. At least I don’t think so and yes, even Hillary is clawing her way back into the fake Biden presidency, elect of course. Another James bond film character? What isn’t fake are some woman’s lust for power. Or is it security?
      I do feel for Hill, Bill an all. The guy’s like a younger brother, you just gotta accept. You love him, but you can’t help smackin him, now an then. With all the news, I couldn’t help thinking of Hillary, or is it Gina’s evil twin, Klebb!
      So I revisited, to confirm my suspicion’s;
      Tatiana and Klebb (Number 3) have a chat
      Two suspicion’s in one, both confirmed!

  48. Trinacria

    Thanks for a great report. We must:
    1. Overturn the oh so obvious fraud and Mr. Trump rightfully gets second term.
    2. As demonrats already showing hand about going after Trump and supporters and calls to destroy republicans; the Democratic Party simply must be vanquished at this point.
    3. Trump must Id deep state people and fire them.
    4. John Roberts must be impeached.
    Enough is enough!

  49. al

    Happy Thanksgiving All!
    The prime turkey, Buffoon Biden, lost and now it’s being proven at the local level… THIS IS BEFORE IT GOES TO THE SUPREME COURT !
    Stick a fork in it. I honestly don’t think it’s going to go to the Supreme Court, too many witnesses, powerful proof.

    Georgia was asked for the full list ballot handlers, each was contacted and read the riot act where they would go to Prison for National Security and Federal felonies! “You are being served… fess up or get locked up.”
    This is going on with all the problematic States.

    It’s over, stick a fork in this Joe-lection fraud much like stick a fork in the DEAD Marxist Enemy Media that is aiding and abiding TREASON !!!!

    Giuliani MUST put these people in prison or they will be back. There HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY !!! No more pussyfooting around!

    • notyourpatsy

      AL, And to your family as well. There will be accountability come spring by WE THE PEOPLE. THEY are outnumbered and we will turn the laws against their actions. S of F’da bch, nice area, I spent way too much time in A’ic bch area eons ago. Can’t wait for the UWDoggers convention after WE THE PEOPLE restore Our Republic! Fun times to meet up and enjoy one another’s company. I’m looking forward to it!

  50. Buzzby Doogle

    Trump should ‘continue legal fight’ because there is ‘industrial scale fraud’
    80,417 views •Nov 26, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Eminent law professor David Flint says President Donald Trump should continue his legal fight for as long as he can because not only is there industrial scale voter fraud at hand, but also the question of unequal protection of voters.

    “It’s not just fraud, and the fraud is not just self-evident, it would be self-evident to a rookie journalist,” Professor Flint told Sky News host Alan Jones.
    “I can’t understand why journalists are throwing around the word ‘unsubstantiated’ when they didn’t in relation to the many charges made against President Trump.”

    Professor Flint said there is “not only fraud – which is on an industrial scale” but there is also the question of “unequal protection, and that is that voters are being treated differently”.
    “There’s been a lot of unlawful changes to the electoral laws, the power to change the laws is vested in the state legislators and it’s often forgotten that they have a primary role,” he said.
    “But governors and secretaries of state have tried to change the laws, it’s ineffective.”

  51. Sky King

    Terrifying Moments as Engine Explodes at 33,000ft | Uncontained Failure |
    Southwest Airlines 1380 3,535,672 views•Feb 8, 2019

    • notyourpatsy

      SK, Oh, for a minute there I thought maybe they had served peanuts and there was one liberal on a plane load of 200! Continue on as before nothing to see here. general aviation is soo screwed in the coming years. Time to hangup the headset…

  52. john+duffy

    One of the most popular tv shows 60 years ago nailed everything happening today:

    • Self+Exiled

      When I was six to eight years old I use to listen to Fulteen Shene. Lay on the floor and listen to his logical Godly approach to issues of life. My parents use to ask me why do you like this show; we had just gotten the TV and I cannot remember my answer at the time. I had never encounter anyone who spoke with such authority of intellect; even today there seems to be no comparison. I have read the authors he references. Thank You.

  53. Mark Gunderson

    I appreciated your comments about praying in the shower. I too have been struggling with where we are at. I like Bo Pony he helps with his unyealding believe.
    Truth be told we are at a cross roads. It is clear where our future is going if we let this stand. That is why we must fight it with every breath we have left. Besides our allies are the finest people on earth.
    Please don’t dought your self,your honor and grace always shine though. Peace to you and your family,you have helped mine more then you could ever know. Happy Thanksgiving. Mark

  54. Rodster

    Greg, Happy Thanksgiving !

  55. Mohammad


    Here is the bottom line, here is what everyone should get a grasp of.


    Do you want an example? The satanist Cuomo who fined the jewish synagogue for a wedding said this about the Supreme Court ruling:

    “Cuomo Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Churches ‘Irrelevant’….”

    So even if the fraud gets to Supreme Court and they rule in favor of Trump, THEY WILL IGNORE IT.

    It is boiling down to the military might claiming this country from those communists the same way George Washington claimed this country MILITARILY….(not by sissy courts)….and transformed a shattered states into United States.

    Anything shy from that is A FAILURE.


    • notyourpatsy

      Mohammad, This is why I keep pointing out that, each state militia must control it’s own borders in the spring. If assistance is needed near a border, all state militias that border it should reinforce the state’s militia that is under attack by communist forces. This is going to be won state by state. Pretty much the 4 corners are Patriot strong, it’s the weak states full of liberal commie sympathizers that will suffer for longer. We are’nt going to help those states, so if you’re in one leave now!

  56. Anthony Bonaminio, M.D.

    just a note on something interesting i just learned about:
    1. an executive order signed in early 2019 is entitled ‘the presidential transition act of 2020′ [keep in mind the hunter laptop and bubolinski testomony].

    2. that act states to receive fed funds and security clearances, the pres. elect, vp elect, staff and cabinet officers must disclose all potential conflicts of interest, ties to any foreign business, foreign agent or entity, etc. jailtime for those not reporting, and perjury charges arein addition for misrepresenting are on the form

    2. the lady running the gsa who was threatened sent the letter out to the campaign past day or 2. below some instructory text, the mid left side of the page has the typed summary of the EO; to the right of the EO midpage, is a colorful small copy of the flag of the european union [ukraine, romania] and just below that is a small logo of one of george soros’ largest political ngo [thought to be involved in many voter fraud issues].
    [saw it with my own eyes on todays redpill78 rumble video, he is credible and refers to himself as the corruption detector]. is this real. awaiting one other confirmation.

    3. why hasn’t harris given up her senate seat. newsome can appoint a dem to fill seat until 2022 election. she was listed as a contact for the chinese scam energy company, by whistleblower bobulinski. doesn’t she have important transition work to do?

    4. what is poor old joe gonna do. he will have to disclose ties to: china, ukraine, romania, iraq, and khasakstan [maybe more, per rudy giulliani’s recent video on his rudy G’s common sense website].

    5. wonder now if staff/cabinet folks withdraw. then i will know this was a setup by trump to trap biden et. al.

    greg is right, and hopeful. things are coming together and people are waking up. we should be hopeful. it is indeed uncanny that these things are occurring. maybe trump does know ‘everything’ like some say. [ie, trump, flynn, powell , lin wood and others].

    thank you greg for a really great, hopeful, informative, and interesting wrap up.
    with kind regards.

  57. Louis Gatto

    You’re doing good Greg…and this is your finest moment!

    Thank you,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Louis.

  58. Paul ...

    We did not vote for these Commie Fascist Rats (CFR) who stole our election!! …

  59. notyourpatsy

    Mike R, Great educational post on oil, ng, solar in the previous thread. Hope folks got to read it as it was well written. It’s as important as owning pm’s imo.

  60. notyourpatsy

    Beverly, Ok, I won’t assume Mormon in any future posts. I do agree that prior to 2008 lds storehouses provided for the local communities without regard for religious membership.
    Rommmney is’nt exactly a poster child for you folks. Why has’nt the Mormon leadership denounced the way he’s been a traitor to fellow Americans?
    Since I learned to read at a young age, and owned my own Bible since age 8, I have’nt felt the need to attend a 501c3 building. That’s for those who need to be ‘seen’ attending service for various reasons, none of which Jesus Christ said one had to do. I observe the Sabbath and enjoy the day of Bible study alone, or with like minded Christians of all stations in life, rich or poor.

  61. notyourpatsy

    Jerry, How sure are you that’s the donald’s ‘body double’ playing golf these days? I did notice on tv last week, when ‘he’ was being driven past supporters ‘he’ looked out the window and (uncharacteristically) waved frantically at them smiling the whole time. NOT the dour donald that is often seen on tv these days. If ‘he’ is bunkered in then we all should be too!

  62. notyourpatsy

    Wayne, Like Mario posted in the previous thread, “Let the Lord Our GOD seek vengeance on the evil doers”. We only have to protect our family and Christian neighbors from persecution. Keep your powder dry until spring.

    • wayne hardin

      I know the vengeance is the Lords .
      What i am talking about is having to kill anybody for any reason .
      I don’t want to but it is looking like i will have to .
      That is what i am pissed about . Not that i am about to start killing people .
      I would rather people get a brain and know how blessed they are to live in a
      country that gives them the most freedom of any country that has ever been on
      earth . And if they had enough sense to look around the world at any other place
      it should be as plain as the nose on their face .
      That is the reason i say they are demon filled nothing else explains such ignorance .

      • notyourpatsy

        Wayne, No need to kill anyone if it comes down to it. You can disable them easier and walk away to live to fight another day. All casualities slow the enemy down, dead or not. Which is why it’s not the caliber it’s the shot placement. I repeat, the 10 Commandments are rules to live by for Christians. When we are dealing with non Christians, ie, Satan’s army, we can use whatever is necessary to protect ourselves and family and other in danger Christians IMO. We won’t get pleasure in doing harm, but neither should we be the victims of Satan’s crimes anymore.

        • wayne hardin

          OK i will be sure to shoot them in the leg while they are trying to kill me . NOT
          One between the eyes is what they will receive .
          And they want be trying to kill anyone else .

          • Tin foil hat

            The motto is “don’t stop shooting until they stop moving.” Come to think of it, it’s almost like the fighters in UFC, they don’t stop punching when their opponents are down.

  63. ivan

    Jerome Corsi Supreme Court Disallows Statistical Anomalous States Trump Wins in House

  64. Ping Pong
    Australian government expresses ‘extreme disappointment’ with Chinese tariffs on wine 27/11/2020|
    US. OZ. Diplomacy China

  65. PongPing

    ‘Who knew’ common sense would become the ‘code word for the resistance’ 245K views• 1 day ago Sky News Australia

    Powell Lawsuit in Michigan Alleges ‘Dominion Computer Fraud’ and ‘Illegal Conduct’ by Election Workers
    Similar lawsuit also released in Georgia, yet to be filed
    BY MIMI NGUYEN LY November 26, 2020


    •Nov 26, 2020





    Sky News Australia

    1.01M subscribers


    Sky News host Paul Murray says China has found another way to punish Australia for simply wanting to know how COVID-19 got out of control and killed a million people.

    It comes amid reports almost $700 million worth of Australian coal is being held at Chinese ports due to alleged problems with environmental standards.

    “There is going to be what is called economic coercion, and that is what’s happening right now,” Mr Murray said.

    “They eventually pick off industry after industry after industry until there’s a breaking point.”

    Mr Murray said China is seeking to “punish us” because Australia wanted “answers about a pandemic that’s killed a million people and destroyed economies right around the world”.

    “We don’t want handcuffs for President Xi or any other Chinese officials,” he said.

    “(But China) knew there was a problem in Wuhan, but the international flights – they kept going.”

  66. Derek Sinclair

    That hearing gave me the same hope for a victory against this total fraud as when YouTube banned me the other week for using “Biden” and “Fraud” in every comment I was writing. I wonder how many 100s of thousands these fascists have banned in past couple of weeks?

    • notyourpatsy

      Derek, This is why I intentionally mispell werds in my posts, so as to avoid that happening to them. I have 40 years of work background that I can’t post in public, but every now and then I post a tidbit because I’m so po’ed that I want to let folks know that I am posting from personal knowledge/experience in mil/govt service.

  67. Jerry

    Do not read this, unless you are awake and spiritually prepared.

  68. Kelven Mays

    I check out everything and the
    NOVEMBER 25, 2020
    Campaign 2020
    Pennsylvania Republican Hearing on 2020 Election at
    is corrupted and only the introduction to the over three-hour presentation is able to be heard. Sounds like media manipulation to me!

  69. Jerry

    Please tell me I’m having a nightmare. First HR 6666 and now this.

    Firing squads?

    • JC

      Not the first time I’m telling you, it’s not a nightmare…

      At the signpost up ahead, your next stop…
      The Twilight Zone…

      Cue in dissonant music… da da da da da da da da…

    • Paul ...

      Is Bill Gates going to be put in charge of the lethal injections for all Americans??

  70. Judy

    Sigh. Livin’ the dream, eh Greg? Dream on….
    Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States on January 20, 2021. The nightmare is finally over for those of us Americans who are not under the enchantment of a lying, immoral, racist con-man.
    Wake up to the fact that nearly ALL of us Americans are immigrants -some just more recent than others. Time to let go of your your white supremacist/xenophobic stance, hidden under a very thin veneer of religious (not spiritual) affiliation. Jesus would likely be a Democrat if he was an American, Greg.

    • JC

      Judy, are you Gina’s alter ego?

      • Judy

        No I’m not.

    • Brian

      Sorry Judy. Jesus does not support pedophiles, child sex traffickers, Satan worshippers, adulterers, fornicators, liars, and narcissists, so He could NEVER be a democrat. Satan could, and is, along with every demon from Hell. The Good News is Jesus extends His love and forgiveness to YOU. Humble yourself, repent, and ask Him to forgive you.

      • Judy

        Dear Brian,
        What makes you think that I am not a Christian? Because I cheer for the side that does not separate immigrant families,? Or the side that upholds govt regulations which were designed to save the environment from being damaged by greedy corporations? Or who hopes and prays for low-cost or cost healthcare for EVERYONE, not just Presidents and members of the House and Senate? Or who hates to see starving and needy people not fed or sheltered or protected from violence? Dear Brian, please decide which principles YOU hold onto which make YOU a Christian, not just in name only.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize that The Obama Administration did just that with cages? You and not a christian if you fote for the party of abortion and organ harvest from live infants:

          • Judy

            I am certainly not pro-abortion, as I’ve witnessed firsthand the deep emotional and psychological scarring it leaves on the women who have them. But it is ultimately the woman’s choice if she is not married, and the man and woman together if they are married. It is not the business of the government to get involved in such a decision.. Life begins not at conception but at birth with the first breath, just as it did for both Adam and Eve when God breathed life into them (Genesis 2:7). Fetal heart cells will begin to beat in a petri dish; that doesn’t make them a human being….the breath of God does.

            • Greg Hunter

              If you are voting for Democratic you do indeed support abortion and up until and after birth. You are kidding yourself with this petri dish crap. It is NOT a woman’s choice to kill her babies with the God of the Bible.

            • wayne hardin

              She made her choose when she opened her legs .
              And now she is murdering the result of her choose .
              If she does not ask forgiveness she will indeed burn .
              If it is growing it is alive and if you stop it from growing you are a killer

              PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              And even if she was raped it is still murder because it is still alive .

              • Judy

                Dear Wayne, I wish you well. Please stop criticizing others if you want to go to heaven. Look at your own shortcomings and repent/try again. . It’s that simple. Really.

          • Judy

            Greg, have you any evidence that Obama ever put kids on those cages? Any evidence at all? I’ll make a bet with you if you want to play this game. But I’m pretty sure that only Mr. Trump has had the character foul enough to do such a thing…I’d put money on it.

  71. Judy

    You erased my comment? That’s pathetic. And cowardly.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not erase your comment. It is you living the Fraud dream it you think this is going to stand.

    • Francis Bondi

      Judy, Judy, Judy,
      I wouldn’t blame Greg. It’s his new Al Gore rithem, Algorithm. One false move and your work disappears, trouble is you don’t know if it’ll reappear. The reason for all the double comments. And it it’s been rejected, its a mark against you. Why it might be a good idea to tweak your name once in a while.
      It seems Greg ratcheted it down a bit lately, it was so atrocious. I was ready to give up commenting.
      Sometimes I think the intell guys got a back door on the AlGoreRithum. Other than that, move along. Nothing to see anymore, not! A lot of supports been here for the Trumpster. Lots and lots of comments
      I’m sure the president chimes in once and awhile.
      Mr. President, ask Greg for an interview. I’m sure hell make an appointment for you. Count on more than an hour Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        What are you doing? You know I run a free site and did not start it to catch crap from people like you.

        • wayne hardin

          Greg .
          What they are doing is showing their ignorance .
          And if they voted for sleepy they are way to far gone for help .
          Pay them NO mind and keep on telling the truth .
          They have a advanced stage of stupid which can not be cured .

        • Francis Bondi

          Greg I should have read Judy’s comment first. Sorry but I think were all wondering whats going on with the Algorithm. Most here figure you cant read everything or you wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep. So sorry for my speculating.

  72. Self+Exiled

    Situation Update – Nov. 26th – Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

  73. Self+Exiled

    CONFIRMED: Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD with Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick in preparation for mass ARRESTS of treasonous deep state actors

  74. Self+Exiled

    Obama-era Hatchet-Man Appointed by DOJ to ‘Prosecute’ Election Crime: Conservatives Beware! Here comes the cover-up…

  75. Self+Exiled

    Nov. 26th – Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

  76. Self+Exiled

    Massive Armada Of IRGC Boats Mobilize In Gulf Amid Rumors Israeli Strike Imminent

  77. Stan

    Hey Paul: Time is running out. Convert your Gold to Dollars asap. You have been warned.

  78. Kelven Mays

    November 27,2020.
    I reported problems with the c-span Hearing on election fraud and then the site is back up in a reasonable time of about two hours!

    This is worth a listen and then make your own opinion!


  79. jim

    I find it amusing when a “post modernist” makes an appeal to science. Science is a method for discovering objective truth and Post Modernists don’t believe in truth but everything, to them, is an opinion.

  80. robert+heartland

    Trump caught the Democrats with their hands in the cooky jar!

  81. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg and a belated Happy Thanksgiving. Great News wrap-up.

    Just to show how spot on you are wrt Georgia, check out Sydney Powell’s civil case against “ BRIAN KEMP, in his official capacity as Governor of Georgia, BRAD RAFFENSPERGER, in his official capacity as Secretary of State and Chair of the Georgia State Election Board, DAVID J. WORLEY, in his official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board, REBECCA N.SULLIVAN, in her official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board, MATTHEW MASHBURN, in his official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board, and ANH LE, in her official capacity as a member of the Georgia State Election Board”

    It’s going to get butt ugly in Georgia, because as you read the civil complaint it’s apparent that criminal violations are described. If Powell is successful in her allegations, it opens the defendants up to the same charges in criminal court. Do they really want to go down that road?

  82. Kathy

    Great wrap up. Mt 28:18 was a great way to end it.

  83. Charles Turner

    Has Supreme Court Justice John Roberts been compromised? Ever since his name was linked to Epstein, none of his decisions seem to be remotely conservative.

    • notyourpatsy

      Charles, Like I posted in previous threads….All of the 3 letter govt agencies build files on ‘important’ people in order to be able to blackmail them later on in their ‘careers’. We, the peon taxpayers of America, have never had them in OUR service! they ALL work for the liberal commie side of this Country. Roberts and a few of the others have no chance in being conservative if they want to continue their lives. Yes, it’s THAT kind of blackmail, deep dark evil sh!t!

      Someone needs to get Sidney Powell a Wonder Woman outfit because she IS taking on EVIL!

  84. Hjalmar Bergman

    Election data could overturn 3 states: analyst; Sidney Powell: 30 claims could void Georgia results
    201,888 views•Streamed live 3 hours ago

  85. SkeptiSchism

    That was a good wrap up, thanks! And Happy Holidays!

  86. Hugh Bowman
    Liars and traitor’s!

  87. Vernon Locke

    Media ‘wilfully misleads’ public on Trump’s voter fraud claims
    421,218 views•Nov 27, 2020 Sky News Australia

    For the media to relentlessly insist President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud or irregularity are baseless shows they are “wilfully misleading the public”, says Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens.
    “There’s also this insistence that Trump is losing court case after court case, that’s not true,” Ms Cousens told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.
    “According to Rudy Giuliani they only actually have about three cases on the go.
    “The most important point here is that the media is insisting and insisting that Pennsylvania certified its votes and so has Michigan and so is these other states – so that’s it that’s final.
    “That’s not the case, votes can be decertified by a court order.”
    Ms Cousens said the “buck stops with the legislature”.
    “There are legs on this yet, and I am fascinated to see what happens,” she said.


    815 views•Streamed live 3 hours ago The Common Sense Show

  89. Freedom of Information

    Pennsylvania GOP seeks to reclaim power to appoint electors; 5 ways Biden crushed vote norms | NTD 512,171 views•Streamed live 10 hours ago
    NTD Evening News- 11/27/2020
    06:50 MI Complaint: Vote Counts ‘Not Normal’
    10:33 Third Circuit Throws Out PA Lawsuit
    11:18 1.2M PA Votes Could Be Fraudulent: Expert
    13:43 Pennsylvania GOP Seeks to Appoint Electors
    14:44 5 Ways Biden Allegedly Crushed Vote Norms
    18:05 Questionable Votes Exceed Margin: Analyst
    21:25 Dominion Employee Worked for China Telecom
    23:15 Why GA’s Audit Did Not Expose Problems
    26:16 GOP Flips 3rd House Seat in California
    Michael Tagawa 7 hours ago
    I am getting so tired of Democrat lies and how it is pushed by the mainstream media and high tech. NTD is now one of my go to networks for news.

  90. Dave Beavers

    U.S. Big Tech Has a Big China Problem

  91. John Q. Puplicrat

    I was Interrogated and Detained by Chinese Special Police – NO BS
    48,871 views•Nov 27, 2020
    Glenn Vastine
    15 hours ago
    I’m convinced the Chinese military only exist to monitor their own citizens. They’re too incompetent to do anything else but hassle people without guns. Worlds largest prison.

  92. Duncan Renaldo

    VIDEO: Pennsylvania Poll Watcher Claims 47 Missing USB Drives Uploaded Up To 120,000 Illegal Votes
    by Andrew White | National File November 27th 2020, 2:38 pm
    “As a forensic computer scientist, my interest is in the data—where did it go?”

  93. Don Ho

    Breaking! Sweden Fears Covid 19 Vaccines After Children Develop Narcolepsy
    45,614 view Nov 27, 2020

  94. Felix Lietner

    Dave Hayes-Information Warfare, Buckle Up The [DeepState] Will Unleash Their Fury When Their [E] Agenda Fails
    Trump had the red wave and did the [DS] cheat in the election to steal it away from him. Dave says that Trump will most likely get re-elected and the [DS] will then turn all their assets on the people to make them pay for what they have done, not listen to them. The [DS] most likely will bring down communications, including email. Buckle Up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  95. RichM

    If any of you know me, I was on board with DJT even before 2016…. way back in 2008, then 2012, although I liked Ron Paul as well, but what a disappointment McCan (God Rest His Soul) and the loser Romney ended up being.

    So, I reading some doubting thomas’s and disparaging comments and people who are letting fear dictate their emotions… some even wanting to hide and expressing fear about what the “losers on the streets” might do. I want to remind you all, they are losers and nothing more. Remember who we are folks. We are the red blooded, well armed protectors of what’s left of our Republic. Please do not cave like our supposed representatives in the GOP party. Behind closed doors, most of them are high fiving the DEMS as they think they will soon get back their sweet elitist deals again. So, we have one task to do and support and that is to assure the election was fair and we KNOW where the real votes are. Some say DJT was robbed out of 7M – 14M votes. I believe this to be true. I will not stand for it.

    So, if Guilliani and Syney Powell can prove turn this election into Trumps favor…. who cares about the punks on the street. Do not fear them, they are nothing. We need to support a fair election no matter what or we have no more country. It is the only honest thing to do else we are doome. All things are in God’s hands, but he expects us to make our stand for truth. We cannot wait for another election or even the mid-terms.

    As I also hear comments from some saying…. don’t worry, the DEMS will mess up so bad we will take back the House and Senate in mid-terms. Do you not think the DEMS and RINO’s already know this as well and won’t try to stack the deck again? Do you not think they will cheat and stack the deck so even if the mid-terms do not favor them, that they will not already have all the power grab in place by then? Or if they do not make that grab… then who will the lame red wave GOP’s be? A bunch of insiders still.

    I mean they are trying to pull off the biggest fraud in USA history and if we let it pass, they will be emboldened all the more. They literally think of the people as serbs and nothing more. Look at Romney for crying out loud. What a disappointing pompous ***** he turned out to be…. and all the Utaha’ns… who are traditionally about the most conservative folks totally got duped by him. This is it folks. It has to be done. We cannot be afraid of what might happen in the streets from a bunch of George Soro’s funded punks. Remember, we are the ones who are prepped, and even armed. There is nothing to fear. I will protect the true results of the election.

  96. wayne hardin

    The usa has a lot to answer for but slavery will not be one of them .
    You say why ?????
    Because we have repented of it and made it against the law.
    There seems the be a lot of so called preachers that don’t believe in forgiveness ‘
    Not only that but they want people that had nothing to do with the sin to pay for it.
    God doesn’t remember sin when it is repented of / which means turning away and
    not doing it anymore .
    I have never seen so many so called smart people so blind / and like the bible says
    the blind leading the blind will fall into a ditch .
    And i do believe the ditch will be on FIRE> Them be the FACTS ………..

    • wayne hardin

      What did God say to preach ???????????
      I do believe he said to preach the gospel .
      It seems that that is the only thing not being preached.
      He also said they would preach mans commandments and not Gods .
      There fore he said very few would make it .
      People better wake up the door is closing fast .

  97. tim+mcgraw

    I appreciate your interviews and information, Greg. What is the quote? “Prayer from the righteous is powerful.” Well, it’s something like that. I’m not a big fan of Trump, but I watched the election night results in real time out here in California. I saw Biden’s press conference. I saw Trump’s press conference (at 2:20 AM Eastern Time). What a contrast. I saw the vote counting stop when Trump was winning easily. As a fairly neutral observer, it was obvious voter fraud on a huge scale. What comes next is the question.

  98. Peter

    It’s looking like the election in PA will be declared unconstitutional as a judge has
    blocked the certification and said as much. The same fraud in PA went on in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada at minimum. Hopefully the supreme court rules to invalidate illegal absentee ballots.

  99. Truth seeker


    You are providing great information to the public. But, what happened with Dr. Janda? He had been giving you and your listeners correct information about Hammer/Scorecard, and you dumped him for Kevin Shipp- whom I do not trust! Sidney Powell does talk about the Hammer/Scorecard system, as well as General Mcinerny! In fact, he was interviewed today along with now freed General Flynn! The hammer/scorecard system was alive and well during the 2020 election! Perhaps you can make amends with Dr. Janda and have him on again!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hammer is a fraud and it was not used as a hacking tool, Dominion gave access and taught Dems how to cheat the totals. I have no idea what scorecard is but it was not needed either. Powell did not bring up Hammer during the big press conference with Giuliani two weeks ago, and she has not mentioned it in any court filings. I am not putting on people pushing a hoax.

      • wayne hardin

        Greg did you have to pay janda to come on ??????????
        Un like you he hides behind a pay wall .
        And unlike you he has probably got more money than he can spend .
        You give your info for free and look to God to supply .
        As far as hammer goes / it really doesn’t matter what the name is .
        They have used what ever you want to call it to steal .
        Just keep on telling the truth about the evil that is happening .
        Even if you didn’t pay him there are probably a few that saw him on your show .
        And went over and joined his sight where they have to PAY .

  100. Paul Anthony

    thanks Greg and Bo

    love your channel my wife and i watch every interview!

    thank you, happy Holidays and God bless ❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  101. Don Ho

    Thousands of ‘hostages in Iran’ held for rejecting elements of Sharia law: Iranian journalist
    13,936 views•Nov 28, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad says “there are many people right now who are hostages” in Iran for rejecting elements of Sharia law.
    “I’m giving voice to 15,000 people who got killed in Iran protesting last November,” she said.
    “I’m giving voice to the women inside Iran who are actually brave and powerful women who practice their civil disobedience in the streets, removing their Hijab and saying we don’t want to be forced to wear the veil.
    “I’m giving voice to the mothers whose sons and daughters got killed in Iran protests.”
    Commenting on her personal experiences Ms Alinejad said, “they took my brother hostage to keep me silent”.
    “If the American government … is really looking for stability in the region, then they cannot just go and negotiate with the most unstable government in the world.”

  102. Ho dON

    Former U.S. national security expert H.R. McMaster says the Chinese Communist Party will try to ‘lure’ Joe Biden | 60 Minutes Australia 61,881 views•Nov 23, 2020
    Sorry H, he’s already been lured and compromised by China and will be soon
    de-balled by Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein and Harris. The four horsewoman of the Apocalyptical destruction of the middle class!

  103. Collister

    Intelligence Battalion is, “KRAKEN!”

  104. Fatima+message

    Humility can put one in doubt now and then. You’ve always been on the right track as far as I’m concerned. Hang in there. On this little old ball in this vast universe, there is a spiritual battle going on. Our Lord, out of his love for all, is still in His Mercy mode. In this chastisement He is conducting, He is trying to expose the evil ones so that they might repent, turn around, and ask for His forgiveness. But, when the evil hits a certain point, when it gets violent, His mode will switch from Mercy to Justice. He has told us so, “if they don’t accept My Mercy, they will face My Justice.”
    As you have said, let us be joyful and eternally thankful for every second of His Love for us. When in doubt ask for humility. Thanksgiving will spring from that.

    Thank you for all you do for us! You stand out and take the incoming for us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fatima for the kind words!

  105. tim+mcgraw

    Hi Greg, You do a great job on your website. You and the Ron Paul Liberty Report are my two favorite sites. Don’t doubt yourself too much. A little humility is good. Lack of conviction can lead to ruin.
    If Jesus were riding on the back of an ass into Jerusalem tomorrow would the locals spread palm leaves before Him? Would Jesus be wearing a mask? Would his followers social distance? Would Jesus be carrying a packet of “vaccines” to save us all?
    I doubt it. We have souls that live in the spiritual world. These bodies are dross.

  106. Paul ...

    So the man who was going to bring back reason and common sense to Americans (by rejecting lock-downs and the economic destruction of our Nation) is gone … now … all we are left with “is fear” … and the “commie” Demonrats calling for our silent, obedient consent!!

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